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                                                  Greg Kaprielian and familly

In 1991 I was in bed asleep in my home in Pasadena with  facing  the ceiling when I experienced something that seemed to be a cross between dream and reality. I felt what seemed to be lightning hit my forehead.  It descended as one line then flashed and divided into two branches. I saw sparks. I stood up and everything seemed normal. I didn't feel any pain or burning in my head. It was a very strange experience I'd never had before but I decided to try to go back to sleep, but something odd happened.  I heard  strange chorale music that was unlike any music I had ever heard before.  It was perfect. I have some musical knowledge and training. In 1968 I played violin in a conservatory in Beirut, but the music I heard as I was trying to sleep that night was unlike any music I had ever heard.

I heard the sound of a piano playing and I was able to distinguish each and every note that was playing. Each note stood out separately from the whole. Normally when music is played all the notes meld together and it is impossible to separate or single them out as it's being listened to; but during that experience thousands of notes of chorus were playing all at once and I was able to single each one out individually.  I could hear a  heavenly melody  playing in low notes and very low octaves, but I could still hear and differentiate the notes as if they were regular humanly reachable octaves.

 Most of the notes were C/C# and E and I could single them out from the many hundreds of thousands of notes. It was incredible. I jumped out of my bed to find out where the music was coming from. I woke up my wife and asked her if she heard any music.  She said "No", so I tried to go back to sleep,  but I heard that same beautiful un-ordinary heavenly music in my mind again. I jumped out of bed again and began walking around, trying to see if I could track the sound and see where it was coming from. I thought maybe what I was hearing was coming from a neighbor's radio playing.

I had this experience five times but the latter experiences were while I was awake. I would hear chorus music like angelic quires in my mind continually. The only way that I could describe it would be to give you the following example.  Imagine if each and every single delicious flavor you ever tasted in your life could be all combined into one flavor combination and experienced in a single bite. How would you feel?

Another example would be if you could imagine every good song you have ever heard and every positive emotion those songs have ever made you feel, and  condensed them into one choir. It was a supernatural experience, this was my only institution.  I believe that what I experienced was that I was in tune with the sending and receiving of messages between my cells in my body. I believe that the overtures I heard were propositions being made between cells.

The morning after I had this initial experience where I heard that strange music playing by angelic quires, I noticed changes in the way that I could see things. I like to watch scientific shows on television and I felt that I could see the images of planets more vividly on the television screen. I was able to visualize planets clearly in my mind, most specifically, Mars.  I began to visualize planets in my mind so vividly; it felt like I was there. I could even visualize some other planets not seen on TV, all sort of intensified visuals in my meditations.

Another thing I noticed was that I began thinking about unanswerable questions  that I had always wanted to know the answers to.  I would wonder how the Black Hole operates and I would hear that music again. My speculation is that the brain communicates by use of electrical impulses, much like a computer, but the brain communicates in lower octaves.  One thing I have learned through studying science is that everything is made up of atoms and that atoms give off a frequency. I believe that all famous composers of the past were capable of producing good music because they were able to tune into their brain cells and the atoms that those cells were made up of and they were able to hone in on the frequencies those atoms made.

I decided to try logical answers the questions I found I'd begun asking myself. I began with the question; How does Earth`s gravity work?  I thought about this for several days, possibly for about a month or so then I came to the conclusion that the frequencies that atoms generate are much like  orders being given by way of musical tones to other atoms to move closer together, gravity is guided by sophisticated invisible energy activating through low octave sound tone frequencies, the vibration elevate the gear sound tune levels by octave variations and sound harmony that all elements can concentrated to act accordingly the procedures of new commands, to program covalent bond regulations of atoms, these supernatural energy field directs the entire Universe by sound elevation harmony, I call it "The Universal Language"  I believe that this is also how magnet or gravity.  I came to the conclusion that all cosmos work in musical composition and unity.  I found out that the lightning I imagined came as one beam and divided into two, Universe has its own language by low octave sound frequencies by two flows of sound waves come to us from Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy from each side of our brain, one to the left, other to the right it is called Binaural beats tones, I will explain in title "Mother nature "Later I began thinking of question after question. I tried to ignore these questions by thinking about other things but it just wasn't  possible.  As a logician was able to find the answer to how Earth`s gravity works, but how can a matter be weightless? I am still working on that one, but I think I found the road to it.

There are other questions like; how does the Sun operate? What are UFO's?  I know the answers now. I was also able to figure out who and what God is.

Discoveries I found by logical conclusions, and I will explain in other heading pages in my notes.

I found out that Earths core is made of invisible Dark-Matter many times more dance than lead. Inside every star and planet the core is dark-Matter. Every star contains a Pulsar the core Dark-Matter and spinning force is Electromagnetism that is made of Dark-Energy, center of all moons planets are Dark-Matter. Hydrogen is made of Dark-Energy electrons and Dark-Matter protons. D.E + D.M = H  other discoveries, Electrons are abundant helix collected in cable, some of helix can be separated go in the atom connect to portion of Proton and develop new particle that is maneuvered by low octave sound frequencies and pattern of bonds regulated also by sound tones, all atoms release type of sound notes and fusion into other elements, electrons also contain additional properties that can record pictures in there memory and even feeling and transfer information’s long distances activity in our brain electrical flow of jolts already doing this work in great numbers. This force flow that is similar to electricity but they are different but can regulate developments of amino-acids and DNA regulation growths, this force is doing the job of Mother Nature. I found out that Dark-Matter are large Bubbles Billion times larger than our Sun, they are collection clusters of other bubbles and each bubble contains smaller clusters of bubbles like a pomegranate fruit, gradually the size goes down until to fit inside a hydrogen atom that already is clusters of Dark-Matter bubbles. Black Holes are dismantling elements separating Dark-Matter in and reviving pushing up Dark-Energy away, this two forces have supernatural living qualification and can create new Matter that also include some sort of life. I found what is UFO`s, How universe started? There is no Big Bang but there is Big-Inning. What are Angels, God, is there a Hell? How animals use their instinct, how insects communicate, what is Gravity. What is the language of the Universe? Who is Jesus? What is the new covenant? How atoms develop? There is no chemical reaction but Tone reaction. There is no smell but low octave sound frequencies. In conclusion. How can I reconcile God and science?

I will try to explain about the music symmetry that experienced in my vision. Fundamentals symmetry symphonic movements that is known in tone verses principles in building sections are notes in each phrase length and they have matched elements of pitch rhythmic matching corresponds to areas in the inner rhythms of the melody but if the in scale symmetry fractals that are divided equally maximum into 12 parts are repeatedly added by several thousand notes at the same time with each permutation like inside scale on C that exists C. D. F#. G#.  A# . C the difficulty to compromise when instead of one note having several thousand notes that also have their own harmonious structural symmetry and changes during the melody, impossible to follow, somehow I was able to distinguish every tone differentiations and their symmetrical scales. All fractals were been understood harmonious pleasing during algorithm proportionality lovely in balance. The sound that atoms release rhythmic sound vibrations collectively by molecules release trillion of sound tones, in human brain trillion of neurons and synapses made of atoms collectively sound trillion X trillion X trillions of separate sound notes, all together complete harmony melody out of our reach to receive and evaluates, human science is too far behind in that expansions also there is no precise gear’s to analyze everything. Sound notes matched rhythms that are vibrational frequency waves coming from all atoms and cluster of human personality sound variations coming tremendous scale variations that will determining if cadence are is closed or opened, the tonic Key provides the closure in every melody and that key notes variations control the entire melody by symmetric phrase structure, talented composers can differentiate the variations pause indication of the musical determining punctuation. My understanding in this symphonic movement was that there is symmetry in every variation of sound that have connection to atomic bonds, there are many variety of symmetry like Translation, The low octave sound frequencies released from protons and electrons have their personalized patterns to communicate by sound waves, for example metallic groups stay attached in metallic bonding, nonmetallic keep covalent bonding’s also there is ionic bonding’s that also are nonmetals. So effect of all atom bonding directives come by sound note waves in levels that are foreign to us. Non-Isometric, Helical, retroflection, Glide symmetry that can be controlled and divided in mathematical model and Quantum, Generalization symmetry even in biology and chemistry. So in conclusion sound variation and symmetrical procedures have common patterns. In composition taste effects the differences of each human or animal sound personality variation, even in bacteria or viruses and all plants and flower pollen's, everything is sound cluster molecules with variety harmonic cadences or rhythms either symmetrical or Asymmetrical mostly balanced and constant with stable pitch employed quiet effectively. People who have from same culture or race have sound symmetry close by but each individual personal sound harmony is singular type do not match exactly with other person, group of animals have certain other levels of sound symmetry that belong only to that type of animals or insects, each group are in different octave sound frequencies and variation harmony.

Dark Matter is regulating genetic sequence expressions

In my prospective atoms contain two major invisible intelligent life forces, in our genomes Dark Matter I call it Dynamic Matter has the capacity to contain basic genetic code of every sort of microorganism to regulate gene expression according the basic variety of protein coding, Dynamic Matter releases genetic sequences for nearby atoms to participate forming molecules in vast amount of genetic code to form cell formations, when other genetic pattern exist such as microbes viruses animals plants and other form of living things, Dynamic Matter influences to regulate gene expressions in different forms living things, because basing life formality patterns are contained inside Dynamic Matter invisible force fields. Some Scientist believe that genetic codes in our genomes contain Dark Matter, in reality each singular atom of any sort contain Dark Matter but to influence regulating gene expressions happen when certain formality of genomic sequences by codes s to activate expressions biological genetic material.

Let’s consider a few birds from four thousand kinds of birds, they all sing according to their variety, they all make nest according to their variety, mocking birds can imitate their surrounding sounds including car alarms, some birds sing romancing melodies to invite a mate, some can sing thousands of notes, some can release two pitches of notes at same time, some conclude that birds learn from their parents to sing or make nests and so on, in reality Dynamic energy express to the brain of the birds genetic code and regulating expressions, is you grow up a singing bird isolate from its kind, you will notice they will react exactly as other bird of same kind, because Dynamic Energy will guide by genetic sequences making know them what to do how to react, same with all other insects microbial living things plants and animals.

Insects and other animals feel sound different than ordinary people, also one in twenty people feel taste or colors when listening to musical sound notes. I consider musical sound can release complex code tunes that atoms can understand, already atoms communicate with each other in sound frequency wavelengths, that`s why I call smell and sound tone reaction, people who feel colors with musical sound notes as synesthesia, only small portion of human brain is operative the entire brain has many other levels that is dysfunctional still or at rest that has the capacity to communicate with brain sound waves to others or sense things that is not available now in our daily activities.

118 elements communicate by sound tone waves several thousand notes in certain facing variances in short gaps that complete respectively instants as codes, entire Universe communicate as mentioned in my other blogs in “Universal sound” and “Language of the Universe” communication in atoms starts covalent bonding’s so musical rhythms frequencies can react to bring functional magnetic energies make codes to resonance imaging inside our brains as tomography (PET) all communication between neurons are send by stimuli through synapses carrying resonance imaging (FMRI) entire human body functions under personal individuality harmony resonance to direct all cells and blood circulations all carrying its personality individuality sound harmony, white cells can sense in blood flow before reaching to other microbes by just analyzing or noticing that other sound forms are in the flow than own personality sound harmony and attack on foreign sound waves to destroy hidden intruders inside the blood. Human connection to music is appreciation expression so natural way of communication in low and high octave frequency wave capacities to express and receive directions.

How to communicate by sending messages in code and receiving signals is in capacity of atoms, same principle deviations are also modified by living cells and insects and all living beings, termite’s mounds that are located far distances from each other have no telephones or telegrams but still termites use natural ability using telegrams to long distance termites to communicate. In Africa Savanna there are termites called “Macrotermes natensis” they are farmer’s agriculture fungus in their huge mounds, solders in the surrounding opening of the mounds, listen to sound frequencies, as soon sense ground sound tones they also start to bang their head to the ground to vibrating tones over ten punch a seconds, allowing for in one second wave some bangs are closer or far distances they all meant codes in message communications, by head-banging noggins into the ground solder ants send message to rest of the mound population, right away the entire mound start to head-banging noggins to send code messages far area other termites, messages will be in clear expressions either notices, shortage, weather or anything else, so termites communication principle is modified principle that elements have and cell adapted that processes of communication codes by themselves to send signals by “Tone reactions” in more complex instances all elements communicate by stimuli and protons communicate by low or high octave sound tone frequency waves that generate pulses over one thousand single pulses distributed in one second time to describe code and messages to other atoms. This is the exact feeling I sense in my dream.

Probably what I dreamed was lucid dream, all my conscious brain was in relaxed form only body ordinance function was in operate form, I sensed beside that small portion of my conscious brain was aware that I was dreaming that is lucid dream when part of my mind is aware that I was dreaming. I believe that there is atom language of communication and water molecules transport from higher dimensions from Universal crystal sound wiggles into human neurons translating code variations, because I had partially awareness I could sense all complex wiggling harmony sound or musical variation that is the language of atoms, since then I believe that each individual has its own personalized sound harmony wavelengths as each atom and planet or stars have, same with entire Universe, invisible life energy that living persons have is transported into cells in sound frequency complex tone wavelengths, all the musical sound that I was experiencing was universal wiggling’s that was similar to ringing crystal wineglasses with the differences that as humans we hear all that sound, but for me in my lucid dream experience sound tones that consisted in one note intervals where I was able to penetrate the sound of complex thousands of other notes that were in that one sound tone code, dividing probably ten thousand sound notes in one split of second ripple tone. So each note stood for me as harmonic complex overture, they were not fading sound notes, each code was a comprehensive patter that left different message by its personalized crystal ringing tones, this language I name it Tone reaction that atoms use as conversation codes, atoms enjoy doing so as long they live, 12 billion earth years.

Human capacity of hearing musical notes are in 7 octave symmetrical variation, that why they mad a piano that contain seven octaves each have seven notes starting from AD to A7 52 white keys and 36 black, total 88 keys. The name piano is an Italian word pianoforte indicate soft and loud, pianos have at the bottom additionally 2 sometimes 3 pedals to reverberate the notes another one to bring the strings to strike with less vigor or less kinetic energy to release the sound slightly softer. In case of insects or large whales they can analyze other higher or lower sound note symmetrical variations but atoms stars and planets they can release more complex levels symmetry sound variations release it and receive it to recognize. To realize notes variation I recommend if you can go to You Tube look for The second movement of Franz Schubert piano trio in E flat major performed by Atlantis Trio accompanied by a graphic score, where you will see how different note lines and variations are used, yet this is only sound in biological sensing levels to recognize the notes. In that Trio you will notice only 3 instruments are playing, as it is proven each atom can release sound frequency wavelengths and each variety of atom release different sound notes imagine when all trillion and trillion of atoms inside your scull all together each as different instrument playing different sounds that are coded messages, then compare to the graphic score from Franz Schubert’s Trio, it will not be any comparability because first they are very feeble to hear, second, level of atoms symmetrical variations are incomparable higher and lower variations that we don’t give and take.


Healthy brain might be impressed by classical music, already inside the brain atoms and atom clusters communicate rhythm with musical mysterious entity, sound and musical tone frequency wavelengths that have values and data where atoms are delivering to each, so tiny atoms have their own autonomous realm, human and animal cells have their own, stars planets and Galaxies with entire Universe have their own separate dimension of music where all matter and energy to comprehend with Euclidean space time that independently inhabits inside the universe by autonomous realm that is spread with intelligence and life energy other musical sound can open the door into floating ethereal medium that we already are emerged in but can’t communicate with the force of entire Universe, because music is everywhere in the universe and Dark Energy and Matter they created music to communicate with between atoms Angels and humans, in my post “Angels” you can see some additional points. For human logic and comprehension it will be impenetrable to comprehend complex music that is eludes in tiny nanoseconds second an entire overture with million times of more notes but each of our individual cell can recognize own personality individuality of the body and fight with all other static sound of music the way white blood cells operate, they attack on all other foreign sound musical vibration that enters the body where all other bacteria and viruses are tracked, in blood vessels foreign objects release their own personal sound statistics frequencies, unless if an bacterial can mimic the personality sound and resides in the body of the individual. Personality sound wave ling is like audible classical music in very fast density charge that each overture covers in portion limit of a nanosecond that will be inaccessible to human conscience, we can’t cope to comprehend all that delicate complex musical flow, but listening to Mozart or Beethoven symphony we get in touch with the personality of the composer, some of them seems close giving us hologram projected it seems like part of our character or taste, some it will be a little difficult to comprehend, in my case listening to heavy metal music me feel tortured I believe supernatural wisdom that oversees on entire Universe is based on 4D space time, classical music is mysterious entity that communicate to reality not only with planets stars and galaxies but also with each individual atom inside the Universe because each atom contains portion energy from Dynamic Energy as electron and portion from invisible Dynamic Matter as proton.

Atom s and cluster of atoms together release tone frequencies have complex sound tone messages to other atoms can recognize the activities done and the order they headed for, entire brain works with sound tone activities to understand plan react into new happy or sad moves, some researchers report that dopamine chemicals are released that for me it is great number of atom cluster tunes to send other neurons to react into new sort of moods by collecting memories concluding conclusions that is small part of the entire activities that brain, neurons cooperating with atom clusters release to complete lively activity we need to function as a person. As soon sound activities are increased for example when a musician playing a musical instrument, centre of the two hemisphere right and left side that is called callosum, symmetrically increase in the size of the brains, in conclusion entire brain maneuver by sound frequency tone wavelengths, each tiny course of action inside the neurons to cooperate with each other, in my expression I called this activity sound harmony that each individual carry which will complete individual character and behavior additionally to entire body statistics function that will continue until old age.

Let’s not underestimate the intelligence's of Universal power that are transform by frequencies wavelengths from atom into biological cells, it flow continuously as circuit of knowledge, this flow continue at night time while still we are sleeping, so please don’t underestimate dreams, they are sometimes coherent communications between Universal knowledge and our own wisdom. Let me introduce to you one example where Dmitri Mendeleev experienced and he said “I saw in a dream a table where all elements fell into place as required”

There is limitation capacity for humans to identify several notes at the same second, but atoms and neurons can recognize great number of notes in a nanosecond, also taking into consideration gaps valuation n between notes that also have its own message inside the complex assertion message that sound releases, humans sing each note at a time, there are exception when exceptional person might perform polyphonic overtone. singing two notes at the same time, but neurons and atom molecules can release million of notes in space of one nanosecond, counting the sound tones an all gap silences in between notes with evaluation of their values that is represented as complex code or transformed affirmations.

Subsequently sound tones can transport messages the way is tone enhance activities wavelengths through synapses passing through by electrical sound secretions that I call it tone reaction, many years ago if someone said that human Genes contain DNA that contains many big volume of data and someday we will be able to read it, probably people laugh at us and call us crazy, now same action of transportation is done in great data through stimuli spark signal in the brain between neurons synaptic neurotransmission, atoms release and use tone reaction signals to communicate individually and by cluster groups, all human plant and other living thing cells contain atoms that continuously release communication sound frequency tone wavelengths in multifarious rational functions, each individual life form by individual cell and by collection of entire body represents own sound harmony personality variances like a classical theme composition, billions of note sound in very short moment or a second, water molecules are very active in this sort of communication with human cells as we see water molecules contain great memory patterns that show in snowflakes in my other post “What is Water?” this communications I call it Universal language, our own genes response to sounds that are more familiar tone variations, some great composers were able to pick some of their inners sound harmony and put it as notes in their compositions that we all enjoy listening into their compositions, some of the composers might make us more reachable with their harmony sound variations to enjoy their melodies underling the effects than others that are little far off from our sound harmonies as entire humans are personalize, all cells and genes are harmonized to reflect same sound harmony to cooperate to function by sound through neurotransmission signals that all cells receive from the harmony tone reaction of the individuality tone reaction. White cells reach to find in crowd of large amount of plasma with red blood to reach static sounds, that other bacteria’s or viruses release that are not harmonious to individuality sound frequency wavelengths. So all cells of human beings release same melody code inside the body except some bacteria’s that mimics the individuality sound harmony, you can find about it in my post “Neurons” In my other post “Atoms are other form of living things” I will explain entire Universe and our planet are in enhanced music activity in tone reaction frequency vibrations.

Sound waves that are released from clusters of atoms have rippling sound wave I call it tone reaction like radical water ripples, this commands allow to operate covalent bonds between atoms, atoms release musical hum tone waves that other elements can understand as signal messages memory formation are transported as brainwaves to control anatomical changes inside the brain, atoms can verify all character class of frequencies to comprehend and encode coming messages from the entire circuit of the brain in sound wave tone frequencies, probably you experienced seeing how soft dust particles take geometrical forms on square plate by producing sound vibration to the plate, sound creates geometric shapes by quality exploit on the other hand designed form of physique can release sound frequency according to its form by racket of cluster atoms in molecules, no matter where you turn you will find geometrical calculations in sound. Any formation of solid matter have its recognizable effect sound and release by the atom cluster that can give descriptions through sound wave frequency waves to other locations.

All sound waves have classification variations pulsates, our brains can receive sound waves by mechanical vibrations and process details, it can amplify vibrations using the fluid that are in the vesicles and carry info to nervy system electrical pulses to travel through synapses to neurons. For a certain level of low sound frequencies, lower than that is the Universal sound frequencies waves vibrations atoms use to communicate in covalent bonding much higher process than our neuron communication, so Universal language do not allow our brain to understand because our mind do not have function 100% complete process.

In my perspective each living creature has own frequency complex sound tone wavelengths that can be measures by MHz starting smallest atoms viruses to bacteria plants insect all sort of animals fish and human beings. Each cluster of atoms forming one cell of plant or human cells contain special complex variation of frequencies, humans personality sound harmony range about 70 MHz, it might be increased by plant oils such as Frankincense or rose oil but it can decreased frequencies by cup of coffee or according emotional effect or according what they are consuming, because other group of clusters of atoms might elevate or reduce MHz levels but harmony complex sound tone remains the same only its velocity fluctuates, all plants and atom combination clusters cells have their own complete sound harmony starting from bacteria level MHz about 60 MHz up to complex plants and plant oil into 350 MHz, Myrrh come close to that category. So everything is based by sound frequency effect starting from atoms to all sort of living things Nature Earth moon planets stars and galaxies, I call this communication Universal language or tone reaction

We can differentiate musical sound when it is clear for us, only in certain octave levels, lower or higher octaves are not unstated, regarding the vibration pitch is also in limited sound pressure and sound waves are grasped. Any cosmic frequency primary sound tones propagation has it`s detailed language, sinusoidal tone vibration divisions inside sonic event if the pitches are thousands times multiplied in between period length packed in same periodicities sonic event by shorter divisions without expending the sonic event, because regular sounds are usually limited for us, but for atomic communication low octave frequencies are enormous cosmic incredible sound regulations is scattered by expanding spherical bubbles just like Dark-Matter Bubbles and in distance the bubbles go larger and larger synchronizing to unseen energy flow of inertia, Major two energies in Universe D.E and D.M have their own way of communicating, Dark-Energy with electrons and Dark-Matter with protons, sinusoidal energy is understood only by Universal sound graphic representation harmony of adjacent colliding sound waves, the vibration change the gear of distribution drift of sound energy to great multi directional railing in limited tiny period length that is carried by inertia unseen scattered flow to transfer the details precisely to other locations, of course we also can listen to music only in certain levels by reflection air molecules around the sound compression of air molecules that expends around in spherically forms, So sound pressure have also separate levels for humans physics order prepared only for us and elements have their own atomic cosmic level vibration activities to communicate, each coming from tinniest or larger sonic concentration axis sound source but the principle always the same.

Traveling of stimuli released from electrons that contain detailed information’s about our thoughts can be directed to other human brains and develop information to the other persons stimuli and return back from other brains to the sender, inside humans taste are preferences of communications, that’s why they want to use the cellular phones, it is already in human brain those capabilities exist but because they use only small parentage of the brain they can’t function far communications without a tool of cellphone, in reality some scientist are testing distant communications using Telepathic electronic two way communication outside their ideological boundaries and far away, in the test some are presented to see first time pictures after seeing it they send the image far away to another person in sealed room, incitement by telepathic electronic stimulus signals they been describing what was the picture that they received in their brain. I heard some call this Blue Beam project but I am not sure the details.

In humans personality is pattern in individuality sound complex, some have minor musical vocabularies that give them melancholy mood include more sound notes that make them sad; feel in darkness unpredictable always in instability. Others have more major notes that give more happiness usually feel enthusiastic and so on. Usually every generation experiences affect the sound individuality of the next generation in their personality sound acoustic discrepancy that is connected to surrounding nature and intrinsic environment by repetition and variation. Like I met Armenians who survived from Genocide in Turkey, they really used to sing all the time sad songs and always enjoy listening to sadness lyrics, hardly enjoy happy songs, next generation where I born people use to listen more revolutionary songs by always heeding from parents and grandparents what happened to them, my children they enjoy listening like everybody else in USA.

 Harmony Hz 432

In my 34 posts repeatedly mentioned that everything is controlled by sound frequencies, atoms planets stars galaxies and so on all bodies inside Universe are directed by sound frequencies they communicate with each other. Our Sun releases from 20-20.000 Hertz sound same as ancient Hindu religions in Asia since 6 BC in Tibetan bowl instruments from Nepal release accordance with A=432 Hz tuning, they use same tone sound in their ceremony similar to our Sun`s humming pitch frequency “AAAUUMMMM” Sun`s fundamental pitch is 432 Hz. Invisible other energy forces that exist could help some people to penetrate into far distance communication with the Universe, as I explained in my post “Angels” also men can communicate with brain synapses stimuli through other energies that I explained in my post “neurons” also men are made 100% by atoms as I described in my post “Atoms are other forms of living things”

First clever person mentioned on earth as great musician was mentioned in Genesis 4:21 from generation of Cain, Jubal “His brother’s name was Jubal. He was the founder of all those who played the harp and the pipe” or flute, some historical discoveries have been found that flutes that are made at the beginning construction times of sphinx structures, flutes made in precise measurement of 432 Hz tuning, so did Jubal by sensing in his brain synapse stimuli with his surrounding with nature, our planet also releases sound frequencies where some limited number of people can hear Earths fundamental pitch same with whales and many varieties an animals insects and birds.

Sound frequencies carry mathematical complex relationship that still is hidden from us completely, as we see in assembling of snowflakes how they release different pitch that integrate overall different shapes of flakes according to water molecules H2O memory as I described in my post “what is water”

Pythagoras a Greek philosopher lived in 570-405 BC created a instrument and called it monochord to complete harmonic ratios excepting pitch sound as 432 Hz. Many grand musicians like Mozart and European composers follow same adjustment ratios, later on Johann Heirich Schreiber invented a device called Tonometer that consist 54 tuning forks to form 440 Hz probably you have seen individual musical forks where violinist adjust or tune their violin by listening first the sound of tuning forks. I had one with 550 Hz.

During time composers realize that 432 Hz is more enjoyable and comforting for relaxation or calming effect while listening musical recordings. In some Middle Eastern countries some use lower interval Hz, as I played with “Jeuness Musical” in Lebanon, my teacher from Poland Mr. Vozniak mentioned me if playing in lower pitch tones, I will lose my control balancing with classical standard tuning. One of the cello player in the group owned high rise Hotel Carlton in Beirut at the sea shore, every, every Thursday night Lebanese conservatory did reversals at one of the Hall, new guest honors every week, invited consulate embassies of different country with their families and high ranking employees, great feast was already set on one side by great chefs from Europe decorated one side of the hall with all variety of gourmet dinner and drinks. Guest of honors listened to our plays, after that we went individually introduced ourselves and get equated with the guest. I was at cloud 9 in those days. Music sounded me different, if I try my best to express my emotions I never could.

Dark-Matter that I call it Dynamic-Matter is included as tiny portion of invisible bubbles inside every atom as proton; this energy contains life intelligence and communicates also with other atoms by complex communication interval, also with entire Universe that contains spread form of Dynamic-Matter and Dynamic Energy that I mentioned in my Post “Cornerstone”

Atoms communicate

Humans are made of 100% of atoms; atoms communicate in complex sound tone frequencies variances also they listen into sound coming from other atoms, the most difficult stage to compromise is the connection between regular atoms to molecular cells and into conscious mind of living biological living forms. As soon an atom or a molecule releases tiny amplitude frequency spectrum that carry complex multi million of notes in one nanosecond also with many gap formations, the sound longitude travels as mechanical wave that expands wavelengths into wider in Subdivision rule, considering an isosceles triangle as far sound generalization distance changes between A an BC sound wave transport region wave goes wider leaving gap formation transmission of sound, boundaries behavior also effect with billion of neurons while sound traveling it changes reflection refraction and diffraction, pattern of wavelength hit into other coming sound wavelengths from trillion of atoms, already human mind remains in control by major personality sound harmony longitudinal wave and its intensity remains as obstacle that coming into its sound rhythmic path by multi trillion other sounds inside the brain.

Sound is a longitudinal waves and sound with million of notes and pauses in each nanoseconds travels through any medium leaving ranges of waves on top condensation high pressure and compression effect, lover range of flow leaving Rarefaction low pressure and dilation, as sounds are released from point A isosceles triangle into B and C form longer altitude, as long the points B and C go further from A the wavelength goes wider nanosecond focal points that becomes a regular second with multi-million sounds that we as humans can comprehend as neurons, still to be connected into our logical conscious that is something totally complex process.

Some animals and fish can receive better than humans by special receptors that are in their instinct, for examples deer by its antenna can receive far distant sound variations, owls with their spherical faces can collect sound maneuvering their faces to pin into focal point, sound can travel in different speed through various materials. Inside the brain any metallic element result duration v(m/s) intensity frequency decibel scale range (Hz) Inside the brain most neurons release echo in harmony sound individuality but foreign elements obstacle inside the brain that do not belong effect wave patterns inside biological cells, this material disturbs the harmony sound and damage the brain in many ways.

Universal language is like piano complex equal temperament in Universal schematic vibrating wavelengths.

First let`s consider Piano tuning.

Piano technicians recommend that piano be tuned twice a year; inside piano you have 3 cords for each individual note that later might lose their tight standard being different pitches. acoustic sound align the interval notes, for piano tuning technicians use a felt mute a rubber mute some temperament strip and papps, every time hit the key you will receive sound frequencies from 3 strings, pianos contain 52 white and 36 black keys bringing the number into 88 keys, to make piano tuning hobbyists and experts use a level or hammer mute to touch the two cords with a silencer and hit the note so only one cord release the note, the tuning professional adjusts twisting the cord harder or loose to have be released the right tone, after that the other two are silenced to adjust the third and then third is adjusted by silencing the other two so 3 cords match same harmony sound notes, then they do same process with each other note. Human sense can reach to compromise only 88 keys. Let me try to simplify.

Universal language sound frequencies are extended in many level of lower cords, and many levels of high pitch in Hz frequencies, Universal sound communication have more complex schematic vibration wavelengths, in each not that piano have same sound atoms contain not only 3 strings but billion, on piano lower note AO have 27.500 frequency Hz to reach half level up into AO # it should release 29.135 Hz All the numbers in between some atom frequencies might release between the note AO to AO# there are many numbers, when each atom releases individual sound frequencies to same key note their differences might register into codes of schematic vibrating conclusions. Inside a human cell you have millions of atoms all release sound variation differences, though they complete equal temperament of certain note sound but have very tiny differences in Hz scientific note frequencies that represent codes to guide DNA to form cells or send messages to neurons, everything inside the biological form activities, in plants, insects, viruses bacteria and also inside the matter formation atoms they all are guided by sound frequency directive to react and apply directives by sound wavelengths that are received by other atoms and cells. I am not considering only 88 notes on the piano but million levels of keyboard chords and each note contain many complex codes that carry messages into atoms and into the Universe to combine into Universal sound language activities that are not familiar to us.

When we conclude all variation of frequencies completing all note keys each one containing individual code by schematics of vibrating like string sounds but still slight changes scientific frequency Hz all sounds implementation is a message code, combined with F (frequency) T (time) V (velocity of propagation change) also combining with variety of rays such as Cosmetic Gamma and X-rays combining also with micro waves radio waves plus long electrical oscillation joining sound and million type of sounds frequencies with Ultraviolet and infrared wavelength it can deliver code patters as we can see with colors red contain 700 nm going down to yellow 600 nm between green and blue it registers 500 nm down to violet color 400 nm, comparable frequency in color diagrams are code messages adding all other combination of Universal frequency wavelengths can deliver most complex codes to anywhere inside the Universe. This flow of codes transport messages between atoms inside all the cells inside the human body effecting all other form of living things including all solid matter where atoms communicate with each other.



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