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Atoms can communicate by low and high sound frequencies. Change their personality characters by fusion, obeys directive physics principles and live 12 billion years. We can recite their character but they have much other proficiency since 14 billion years or so that with the knowledge we have are not adequate to analyze their full progress in physics.

In cosmic abstract relationship there are so many mathematical complexities that till now is beyond our grapping head of thinking, using imagination with logic thousands years ago Greek concluded about atoms, though I don’t back up any of this thoughts some physicist still id free world to express everyone their thoughts, some physicists now we are trying to analyze relativity quantum mechanics. Without certain theoretical proof some also lurk about dark matter, not that it looks dark but because is not understood adding that dark matter are particles called weakly interacting massive particles WIMPs also comes with vanilla version adding that are two varieties of D.M an idea called asymmetric dark matter, if two varieties are similar they destroy each other as antimatter counterparts, if they are different kind of dark matter they stay combined together. Also this group explaining that dark matter builds up inside stars causing the pulsar to collapse into black holes. As I described in my other posts dark Matter doesn’t have any particles, two years ago I mentioned invisible dark matter are bubbles inside bubbles they can shrink million times dense or expend million times large, spread in the Universe have memory and intelligent and are not under any theoretical patterns rules. Inside every star and planet dark matter is the core center; every star contains as pulsar in the center that is made of dark matter having dark energy spinning around the core. Tiny portions of this dark matter combine in center of atoms having portions from invisible dark energy spinning as electron, those are my logical imaginary perspectives, if other physicists have the freedom expressing about string knots theory, wormholes, dancing with gravity, whimper eternal relationship, abstract cosmic, God particle and life and the big one Big bang, I feel some encouragement to add my perspectives as well. As soon core of an atom starts inflammation expands breaking circuit of electrons, electrons and protons convert into one large lump and friction of this two forces dark energy and dark matter release great temperatures that we call it nuclear bomb explosion. Inside atoms each portion of Dark-Matter that represent a proton have density so condense not the pressure from surrounding but by itself  it contains pressure higher than in a neutron star.

According to discoveries that science introduced so far is complex knot that contradicts itself. Many names have been given into atom individual particles, so far standard Model explains all the veracity of atoms as all particles can decay some faster than the others such as B meson can in friction of nanosecond, hopefully particles will reach into a point that is my perspective where all particles don’t decay because, they will reach into a point that particle will reach into a smallest portion that is not particle but energy like nuclear energy force, where they will return into their original energy formula form, electrons as invisible Dark-Energy and protons as invisible Dark-matter, so far according to standard model cannot explain all the features of the Universe in theory of everything. Scientist with Higgs Boson are describing, there are six quarks inside an atom (up down charm strange top bottom) also there are six Leptons (Electrons muons tau and their corresponding neutrinos, some particles have carry force (gluons photons Z and W bosons and the higgs boson, regarding the meson energy down quark and a bottom antiquark that can decay in 0.0015 nanoseconds. In my perspective atoms are combinations from two force fields Invisible Dark-Energy and invisible Dark-matter atoms, any calculated portions from each force combining to the other complete a new particle as soon they are released out of an atom by slump detonation those particles decay into their originality state, I believe  Dark-Energy and Matter never decay.

Atoms are made of from two supernatural invisible forces, as we see entire Universe is made of Dark Energy + Dark Matter and less than 5% real matter such as Galaxies and so on. Dark Matter can change its compactness density from unexplained bulk dense condition into loose imperceptible strewn state almost like clouds, though invisible it is, no matter what state Dark Matter appearance form they don`t contain any particles. In my perspective profile of atom form when very tiny portion of Dark Energy force materialize into electrons and grab very tiny portion from invisible Dark Matter, that materialize into proton, this two forces together form a Hydrogen atom. These two portions of electron and proton can allocate into many smaller portions of portions energy to go in with to bond particles, by fusion every time a reforms new particles to form neutrons, every time proton divide in such procedures it transform into new atoms as we can add in periodical table, atoms don’t divide such as biological cells but in their vast emptiness the form into additional structure of particles, because atoms are other form of living thing, six variety of quarks are complex mixture scheme of Dark Matter and Energy, any moment proton split ration can be condensed into heaviest element, Other section of this blogs I tried to explain in logical sense that every center core of any planet or stat is located great volume of Dark Matter, same with each individual atom in my theory D.E + D.M = H (Dark-Energy plus Dark Matter equal hydrogen atom)

Energy from atoms

Before atom contain energy, great force field energy formed each atom, it is astonishing fact to consider through astound knowledge how 7 Quadrillion atoms formed to make up the human body, atoms contain intelligence of D.E and D.M plus how to reflect by sound frequency wavelengths pattern into their neighborhood atoms to react edifice living cells, atom patterns only assemble right group of atoms such as carbon oxygen nitrogen and some other elements of atoms to complete the fundamental ingredients of living things adding to it some energy from atoms Dark Energy and Dark Matter that is life itself, plus directive activities from atoms are released into higher levels to complete printing patterns of DNA RNA and complete living form. The entire Universe contains small tiny packages of Dark Energy and Dark Matter that form all sort of matter inside the Universe including all sort of energy forms, we as human contain some atoms from stars but it does make no any changes because all atoms inside the Universe are small portions from grand Creator Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter, atoms are representative close part of each cells we contain, all activities inside the cells and neurons are registered to inform that Grand Creator in heavens atoms that are on planet Earth or any other galaxy stars planets they all complete the Grand Creator, atoms are other life forms that contain supernatural universal life force and intelligence, so we are small element from the Universe that complete the Universe.

Atoms contain holly force.

Each atom can live 12 billion years and they contain portions from Universal supernatural forces, first. Electrons come from Dynamic-Energy known as Dark-Energy and second protons come from Dynamic-Matter known as Dark-Matter. These two supernatural energies using their own volition power unity are the bases of Universal life form force that guides the entire universe, we as humans contain Quadrillion of atoms in our body that also are holy force that physically spontaneously shapes reality. Everything we do with emotion happens by surrounding data from nearby atoms or something we heard or felt other expressions from others our Quadrillion atoms echo that emotions and we feel, instinctively applying in our moods after DNA reach emotional patterns from our surroundings, try to avoid hearing bad news and information that stress you with sadness, Entire Quadrillions of atoms have characteristics and you should be the conductor to harmonies intake news and information that either sadden or make you happy. Enjoy the holly supernatural force in you even when you don`t feel direct connections with the Universal holly supernatural force field, still you have impulsively control by Quadrillion atoms in you..

Everything you see in the Universe has same basic principle. May were considering Big bang story as reality but it failed, in our times can be observed new stars are forming inside molecular clouds or stellar nurseries without getting any help from big bang, same with atoms they can be developed in vacuumed space, in many location in this blogs I described all atoms combine two energy forces Invisible Dark-Energy and Invisible Dark-Matter, atom will form into material mass when electron spins on protons that are invisible clusters force field bubbles that are Dark-Matter, together D.E and D.M form one atom, you have heard about gravitational lensing that cover large distances between distance source to observers, lights are capable of bending, same sources in gravitational sound frequency directives create a gravitational lensing in very tiny realm connecting electron to spin over Dark-matter bubbles to complete matter state as element, atoms are forms of tiny gravitational lensing in limited short distance range circle spin continuously, all electromagnetic energy forms like electrons and lights can be produced from Dark-Energy. Entire galaxies stars and planets are directed by same sound frequency tone wavelengths to be connected into the plank constant or quantum entanglement flow that is formulation of holographic principle. Everything in universe applies same theoretical physical constant principle first by two invisible forces converting or forming into matter as atoms.

                                                             SPECTRA LINES

Usually people believe that because atoms are solid matter they don’t feel or sense as nonliving things, one of my post reveal that “Atoms are other form of living things” Atoms have identity temperament. Let’s consider some of qualifications of atoms. By tone reaction frequencies they release wavelengths to apply theoretical procedures considering with their other element neighbors. They apply fusion process precisely as we can expect from their chemical groups. They can endure their process for 12 billion years. Though our ears can’t hear then the release communications by Hertz Hz cycle per seconds, abbreviations for Hz. Atoms are made of two supernatural energy forces by dark energy that transforms into electromagnetism and electrons that are unlimited numbers of helixes in electrons changing orbitals that release photon energy, second force is dark matter that are invisible bubbly force fields that can extend or contrast where clusters of this bubbles form protons inside atoms. Each individual or group going into atomic empty space to connected by portion from proton clusters they produce mass of new particles inside atom and obey time changing process of atom to fusion into other elements some protons release sound frequency wavelengths and photons declare new changing combination emitting new absorption energy, this process involves sound wavelengths and Hz cycles per second tone reactions that have always same descriptions according to their stages of maturity. Atoms release their characteristic lines or spectra lines into open surroundings. Certain wavelength corresponding colors are the effect that in split of seconds wavelengths have stop and go process that effects as code where colors or frequency abbreviations are is interrupted in very split of second distances inside each cycle, I believe that wavelengths sound and color are one combinational energy force that are released from atoms as characteristic spectra lines plus they contain coding messages that are collected from their regions to send into Universal center of communication of 73% of dark energy and 24% of dark matter intelligent life center. Lines of atomic spectra show different colors each chemical group displays same color spectra lines other elements demonstration different lines. In my other post I explained entire Universe is one energy warping as invisible one big energy Ocean of quantum flow metric hologram controlled by dark energy also realm of gravity field of fluctuation that is ignited by sound frequencies of dark matter to direct individual atoms stars and galaxies to entangle into quantum harmony oscillations. As soon atoms release spectra line frequencies they pass into the Ocean that entire Universe is immersed quantum describes in color code of elements structure, we can only sense the spectra lines in colors but additionally they contain much more complex codes full of data that still we as humans don’t have the technology to analyze their details. It is clear we can explain atomic and molecular characteristics from far away stars and planets observing their spectra lines, but we can’t describe yet how atoms are communicating with each other with the rest of planets stars and galaxies.

Dark-Matter or Dark-Energy is only a theory and has not been proven  completely since 70 years as premature equation but the scientist go inside the atoms jump over parallel Universes and swim inside wormholes to check around all based on logic not by equations. Thousand years ago when Greek introduced Atom, they could not see it by magnification. This last 5 hundred years people did not know what is radio television waves or MRI Gamma ray sand many other effects we know now. Only by logic we can grasp the values that tools are not available yet to analyze. Matter exist may billion years ago our so called   advance civilization don’t look that advance yet so first we ponder to consider in logical sense to have ambition to go after knowing more by more advance sensitive tools to analyze our surroundings Atoms are combination of two invisible energy matters D.E when steady state that is Dark-Energy 73% energy field in the universe can turn into electromagnetism when in moving action later small portion monofilament’s of these cable force field can be used as electrons when electrons divide they release 100 million helix spiral light lines after helix destructed it turns into neutrinos later returning into its original form of Dar-Energy. Meeting with another matter force individually electrons in action joining or surrounding with opposite force of D.M protons that are portions of Dark-Matter combine into hydrogen atom in my “Krikor” theory D.E+D.M= H  only D.M have mass, Dark-Matter exist 23% of the Universe each are billion miles wide bubbles, invisible but very condense 15 times more than lead, if those bubble divided into trillion and trillion times smaller they always keep their bubbly shape kernels clusters, even when become small portion to develop into proton, similar shape of very tiny fruit of pomegranate tight clusters of specks, one ball of proton surrounded by one cable of electron that whiz around to develop one hydrogen Atom that have no neutron, Every time by lost numbers of helix that lost control from the electron cable fall in an join to eight pips from the pomegranate proton develop into new neutron, certain balanced force electrolyzes of these two matters keep a nucleus in balance of no charge other numbers, Other numbers of particles of helix joining other numbers of pips form other particles inside the atom, this new formed particle group’s act according to subatomic values give different effects six flavors settled in quarks form inside atoms, they are called. Up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom. Those quarks divided also into two as their beginning material energy force D.E and D.M that is balanced always in two groups, like D.M protons contain two “up” flavored quarks. But negative D.E electrons divided portions of helix neutron quarks carry two “downs and one “up and one “down” Always more portion balanced particles have mass, electron parts have almost no mass. Those portions are evaluated and registered in Large Hadron collider (LHC) but the result is when they are shattered not when they are operative because when they are broken nothing will show except gravitationally registrations, at atoms destructive event most electrons that are descent of Dark-Energy vaporize because shattered neutrinos also annihilate by it returning to original form of Dark-Energy that is invisible force field. So for me we don’t have real standard model to penetrate and divide portions and particles of six flavors inside Atom mechanism their operative method is interrupted by a smash.  Atom is the same sphere round ball in all categories nothing comes from outside to changed character, by fusion using Dark-Energies smaller portions of electron helix coils renovated particles to add portions from center core Proton clusters of Dark-Matter combining into new particles inside atom at the main time separating helixes from electrons to spin additional divided portions of electrons giving new principles of transformed bonding or covalent bonding.

Hydrogen atoms are developed inside the stars you can read the article our Sun in this blogs where I explain  my theories that Sun is made of combination Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. Inside generating greater, turbulence spins Dark-Matter electromagnetism rotating around the core of Dark-Matter while also, revolving reel on itself creating tremendous turbulences. Motion is like rapping a cigar roll. That’s how hydrogen atoms are formed, all hydrogen in the Universe is formed by this precession after that fusion forms, nothing from outside comes to change the personality of atom to other element except heat and pressure provisions supplied when electron cables lose some of their helix to send into space of atom inside to mix with some of cores from Dark-Matter proton clusters and combine into new particles, their variation showing electric field effect depending how much of D.E or D.M is combined into the new formality particles.

Scientist analyzed atoms figuratively calling names giving like colors or spices giving names to particles inside the Atoms, some particles are called Red down quarks, others Green up quarks others Blue down quarks. Other particles called group particles Hyperons Baryons Hadrons Nucleons bosons, then you have Antiparticles Fermions, Other group is called Mesons Hadrons Leptons also antiparticles of Bosons and Fermions and Photons as boson particles, each have different group of charge and mass. In my theory always Protons that are chunk of Dark-Matter contain Positive energy, portions of this matter join and combine with electrons helix negative force that are hunk of Dark-Energy. Uneven portions and quantity of opposite volume portions combine inside Atoms and form variety of particles inside Atoms. In my theory electron cables that contain big numbers of helix strands, they might be able to separate breakdown to smaller filaments, shorter ones can be serve as neutrinos. Always they carry some energy of Dark-Energy in their helix whirl. Those two energies produce electromagnetic force, only in combination to form nucleuses two forces are in balance of no charge.

Atoms produce peculiar low octave sound frequencies according to their periodical table and the total mass multiplies the tone, each atom has its describing statement in sound pattern, its age the exploiting permutation laying measures inside will take declaring its serial number by sound variation patterns assumed by other atoms in bonding process, each have also personality eccentricity that is stated by electrons to the surrounding demesne. Atoms have big space inside and echoes travel in low octave sound frequencies, let`s suppose that we are enlarging figure design of an atom into trillion times trillions continuously until that size of atom reaches into eleven floor building in height sphere shape, electrons are circling starting from ground level up to eleventh floor sphere circling down back to the ground level, after multiplying the size of proton according to the expansion to the size of the picture, proton will look the size of grain of sand, similar to sand shape size pomegranate fruit with many clusters of coronel bubbles that all are made of tiny Dark-Matter bubbles, comparing to protons even in this new measures mass of electron comparison to proton will be 1/1836 times smaller mass than  hydrogen proton, though hydrogen has the largest size condense Dark-Matter in all atoms. Inside an atom is 99.9 % empty and hallows space around the protons underneath the sphere of electron.

Atoms are empty space 99.999999% with very tiny particles of protons and electrons, if we remove emptiness volume from all atoms of the entire Nations of the Earth total remaining volume of particles will complete fit in size of one cherry space. That’s why already it is recorded in the bible Isaiah 40:15 “Look! The nations are like a drop from a bucket. And as the film of dust on the scales they are regarded…”

Atoms and planets stars are too different in their sizes but have similar outlook with round shape, planet Earth and the moon or other planets have very small opening in the bottom and top where the axes endings are located, same with atoms no matter how fast electrons spin around the core they have a point in the center top and bottom part that electron don’t pass over it, it is a window for core Dark-Matter to pass whenever it expanding in excess size or volume so don’t feel captive in the core spot. Inside the star is full of diluted Dark-Matter but there is a tunnel of opening in the north and south center point of Axes spot.

Let`s consider a cluster of atom melted down with many variety of elements, then becoming a piece of metal, each element generating certain variation of low octave sound frequency in dissimilar note tones, cluster of gadgets that have their own melody, besides each atom has its own exploiting permutation laying measures of describing statement, so the sound are produced to combination in each millisecond or 1040 seconds or in one micro second condensing millions of notes of sound variations, then arrangements changing in variations into another group doublet, Triplets, Quartets, Sextets, and continuing in steps thousand levels, each have declarations in sound notes by variation musical notes that we first we can`t hear it, we don’t understand it without interpretations, even though our mind function in this level between cells to cell through synapse stimulus flash sound signals predispositions, somehow this information’s are translated to animals as we call it instinct, electrons carry knowledge that guide all sequencer regulations in atomic behavior to bond or repel transform in certain milieus to fusion, all steps relay program to controvert or consent. All directives are connected to Universal sound frequency harmony of communication by vibration and sound.

Lets consider putting metals touching each other on natural environment two sums of metal stay separate because humidity and other floating gas elements are in between two pieces but if you put two pieces of same type metals touching each other in space or vacuum environment in short time elements by covalent bonding communicate with neighboring similar atoms get jammed together like soldered together in metal based construction, this prove that atoms can communicate and take action to join with their race or same kind lastingly.

Atoms are active by sound tones communication by covalent bonding they interact pull or push each other according to guided theoretical principle by imbedded two forces, Dark Matter protons as core and Dark Energy as electrons anything nearby have to be checked and responded, is visiting substances are mass in origin core react to that if the coming visitors are light particles or photons electrons will interact, sometimes they also can form new structures as ions matrix this force that atoms carry help inside hot molten lava to bring new crystal structures to form stone as semi-precious or precious, but for atoms they are all exquisite to be considered and manufactured day and night inside molten lava.

My perception, Dark Matter don’t have certain precise mass, it can enlarge expand or shrink to condense not as matter but as force field invisible bubble that contains many other smaller bubbles inside its bubbles like Russian nesting dolls “Matryoshka” during atomic explosion Dark Matter expand to the point where it releases all inside energy as hot temperatures and radiation, electron portion of atoms that is Dark Energy it releases only electromagnetic charges only Dark Energy releases radiation.

Protons are made of Dark-Matter, they are invisible have no precise shape or form. In massive volume they complete as a big bubble, fill up 23 % of the Universe D.M. Single particle of a Proton in the Atom can be also divided into over 1000 cluster kernels. By fusion first level for Atom to develop is hydrogen, combining one element of proton and one element of electron. The greatest volume of all atoms is hydrogen, it’s the first step production of elements by D.E and D.M is constant force, uniformly affecting the Universe and propelling its runaway expansion, pushing space apart. Invisible D.E produce Electrons, they are very small compare to protons 1/1836 that of the spin around the proton. Entire electrons cable do not smash to proton center, only few helix or single ones distract the circulation loose by a hit knock out from rest of electron cable separated filament go in to mix into single or numbers of proton pips. Marginal electric reaction from electron, burst into new specks of protons, add up more quantity of particles transform atom to other element. Electrons tightness pull surrounding protons produce frequencies of element combination individuality sound tones, by sound tone atom know who is his neighbor by covalent bond characterization joining together, also scientist use valence bon theory and ionic bonds. (According to S. Alexjander. Hydrogen sound tone is C to C # in a lower octave 324.8) Unfamiliar to our ears. First developed Atoms are hydrogen and without neutrons. After hydrogen completed, if fusion occurs inside tension of a star, one fraction of the electron go in the circle of electron and join into a fraction of the proton, proton surrounds the electron fraction inside an combines a neutron, when inside the hydrogen atom will exist one particle of proton one particle of neutron surrounded by two electrons, this condition is called Deuterium, when two Deuterium join together, or the process of hydrogen divides and produce new separate portions of neutron and electron and proton new pieces, like two pips protons two neutrons two electrons combination by fusion, atom will be called Helium. By fusion Hydrogen gain more spikes of particles, develop into helium. I heard a scientific joke once "Neutron drinking a glass of beer ask the bar tender how much? The answer was no charge" Neutron contains mixed equal electrical values of proton and electron balancing definition charge into (No charge) like the definition anode cathode as Diodes principle returning current forward and reverse direction continuously. Electrons are negative charge protons positive, neutrons are equal balance of D.E in the center and protons surround the fixed electron like taking the position of electron inside the spin of electron to form a new neutron. In reality D.M and D.E mixture provide new Quarks. All other atoms have more neutrons, number raises. Last stage proses, H, turn into carbon or iron by fusion. Heat does not penetrate in protons, except D.E or electrons; they can infiltrate only a coating level deep, only in certain notch of saturation. That’s how these two forces develop H, Atoms. Protons have unaffected degree of temperature, unchangeable in volume no matter what environment in, greatest volume of all atoms are hydrogen, because the proton still not divided to splinters Electrons are made of Dark-Energy (will be more proper to call Dynamic-Energy) they are invisible strings flow of energy represents 73 % of the Universe D.E. In massive volume like filament cloud, transparent clear Electrical structure D.E can piece hypothetical as cosmic strings; condensed qualification of electromagnetic forces. Small sequences can keep always dividing series without reaching to last splinters, at last can continue dividing to form light waves. The biggest task participates in Atoms and developing to large stars. Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter combine, each delivering, one particle of proton and one electron, hydrogen atoms form, Krikor theory DE+DM= H when more fraction of splinters get involved, in nuclei, the numbers add, by fusion, as the atomic numbers change and multiply, required number series electrons arrangement divide and add up circling on nuclei. Like a thread. Rope like twisted loop D.E flows in Plasma. They are like DNA (musical compositions concerts) information filaments. Plasma in Universe, are production of limited joined materialization D.E saturation with D.M. By percentage contain more Dark-Energy; contain electric current sequences, like a thread. Rope like, twisted loop D.E flows and saturated, they carry "blue print" of atoms particles and all value of chemical reaction principles musical tone-reaction by "Gabriel" determine physical characteristics or traits just like DNA Electrons are also contained in plasma. Plasma also act like DNA information filaments Solar wind, gravity and other gases are wave flares, leftover fusion specs from stars and supernova explosions. And by Black Hole disintegration of Atoms I will explain later on.

Atoms communicate with each other and with connection with entire quantum space time field using low and high octave sound frequencies that are ripples waves to be connected to entire realm of Universal Dark-Energy realm usually on average every sound pitch atoms release are D notes almost 20 octaves, to be understood to us it is a not highest sharp point on regular pianos note, sound that are released by atoms are not regular sounds it contains codding informative message pitch that are implicit by other atoms, anytime atoms be collectively in larger form of mass their sound pitch variation change according to their cluster form and whatever they contain in their lump. In other post I will explain how atoms are other form of living things.

All normal particles are thought to have antimatter partner with the same mass but by opposite charge, where matter and antimatter meet. Already function change by Anode cathode, exist in nucleus but when greater opposite charges D.M with D.E particles they change position with electrons to annihilate each other. Antimatter divided, particle proton. They are spread around the Earth by connecting some sort of low gravity values generated by the core of Earth which is pure Dark-Matter. Electrons stay on the core like pulsar and keep surrounding continuously Interactions mislead balances, Anti proton held with proton with portion of electron, called the positron. Particles of protons change position with electrons to a Zener voltage. My concept, egg layer can be break at ease from inside out, there is enough stress build inside, D.E is surrounding D.M, has to work more intensely to retain shielded the positive magnetism. Forcefully surrounding proton center point, where D.M grain is located. Electron must work harder to keep pressure in the empty space, between proton and electron where the magnetic force statute, D.M can feel differences when combinations of alpha particles develops, new compositional structure in the proton. Stable the opposition gravity by D.E forces, to condense gravity of D.M stay this position continuously for billions of years. Theories of scientist might be changed. Other scientist say (the field of quantum mechanics all fundamental forces are carried by particles, for instance. light is made up of massless particles called photons carry D.E ), Ruling force in the Universe is electromagnetic forces, they are D.E. Still some scientist elucidating creation started in Universe by gravity (the graviton is the theoretical particle that would carry the force of gravity, scientists have yet to detect gravitons which are tricky to find because they interact so weakly with matter)

Dark-Matter can be condensed or scattered depending surrounding pressure, when it is scattered in unperturbed space it can be react as weakly interacting hypothetical particles or WIMPs though they are invisible sound signal frequencies they generate interactions to weak force or gravity. Variation of sound command can go to different levels; from far away in the middle of milky Galaxy we might receive signals from them as much as 110 GeV to 130 GeV. Dark-Matter is invisible and inactive only after being close to D.E become visible, start to operate when adjacent to Electromagnetism or Dark-Energy that is 10^42 times stronger than Dark-Matter by active spin of electrons. Scientist might consider WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, in my perspective entire Dark-Matter particles in any state are combination of one force field connected and have intelligence however invisible, opposite to this energy is Dark-Energy covering entire Universe react as electromagnetism and electrons have one individual own intelligence and personality, yet invisible. Matching Antimatter particle for example, hydrogen atom by mixing antiprotons with positrons Antielectrons-in a vacuum chamber. But the frequencies coming from pulsars, Black holes Dark-Matter and other stars have great influence on gravity by connecting to the frequencies of individual elements. I will discuss it later.

Till now all findings about Universe and about atoms are inconclusive, some of the factors are that comparing our milky galaxy to the cosmos is billions times trillions and keep continuing repeating several days calculating that times our galaxy is smaller than Universe, now let’s compare planet Earth to milky galaxy how many times is smaller, we go same calculations, how about our body how many times is smaller than planet earth, let’s go again in same calculations, now haw about how many cells do we have how many atoms in one of our cells and how vast vacuumed atoms contain comparing to two substances they compete protons and electrons tiny structures and great emptiness inside atom, as you see we need more wide angle comparisons and calculations to figure out where we are standing in this vast complex environment, looking hopeful we can go step by step into wisdom harmony wavelengths  in communicational capacities of atoms.

                                                             COVALENT BONDS

 Atoms have characterized associated jointed in action or relations to bond when developing to be partners in molecule formations, they do it in very organized procedure and regulations and they have patterned categories to bond. Between proton clusters and electrons are great gap some neutrons spin in different layers of circuit’s in that emptiness and obey to variety of low octave sound frequencies Instructive development, according to their instructed forms electrons give command to share or attract sometimes even show repulsive force to other atoms. Most of the time they share by strict regulations and principles in Covalent bonding, they have many variations regulations and interactions, there are Valence bond theory and other covalent bond varieties agnostic interactions. Three-center two-electron bonds and others. Though scientist call it as they call everything chemical bonding reaction. But someday they will recognize that all this bonding’s are done by sound tones as I mentioned before “Tone-Reaction” All this activities show that wisdom and knowledge and accuracies are adapted by certain kind of programing that atoms apply in communicating in low octave sound frequency tones, many varieties of covalent bonding still exist like metallic, non-covalent, covalent, Hydrogen, and many others, all this participations activity bring us more close to realize that atoms are living things

                                                        HOW DOES A STAR BORN?

My study about Black-Hole explained how Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Atoms became degenerated turning back to invisible D.E and invisible D.M big cloud bubbles. Dark-Energy that also is electron cables are accelerated as electromagnetism through space. In the vast Cosmos when traveling Dark-Energy dynamism wavelengths hit into big mass of Dark-Matter it penetrates almost to the center of magnetism force take control and surrounds the opening, inside it might resembles as indescribable large pomegranate fruit shape sphere with bubble D.M each several thousand million miles big. Electrons circle in the big bubbles circling in the sphere center portion photosphere will be created by separating big mass of bubbles of D.M from the center core. Electrons are trapped in extreme and cannot leave the surrounding layers of D.M bubbles, so D.E circles around the core like a pulsar, rubbing to each other two matters produce hydrogen as I mentioned in my “Krikor” theory (D.E=D.M=H) (Dark-Matter+Dark-Energy =Hydrogen) Under the surface of star photosphere many bubbles of Dark-Matter push each other to not allowing heat to penetrate by making a fence similar to order like inside the pomegranate fruit orderly raw of kernels or pips, but each bubble pips several thousand miles wide holding and pushing each other tight clustering together several layers. Inside the sphere inner part of convective zone. D.M do not penetrate heat or light that’s why 2 million  F, lowers down to 6.0000 F until heat reaches to the surface. Flair explosions on the star are leave 50.000 miles dark spots darkest patches because Dark-Matter bubbles come to the openings and block the exit and looks cooler than 6.0000 F because D.M don’t penetrate heat and light, cooled down elements scatter around the surface of star as a skin covering but that portions have nothing to do with protecting release of Dark-Energy to scatter just lays on surface of the star (observation by NASA`s solar system probe also reported that even big invisible bubbles jets out of our Sun) in my view they are Dark-Matter or D.E that might leave out if the dark spot hole is not big enough to cover the exit hole so they are gone out. This filtration of D.M allows small level of heat and light on the surface of the star, deep inside the star pressure builds up and more by fusion even more variety of elements are produced, Life cycle of the star continues as long it can produce basic hydrogen first then to fusion to new elements if not it goes to be a red giant. We see far away stars twinkle, because till their light reaches us it pass through wafting atmosphere for us to see.


European Organization for Nuclear research project ALEPH 27 kilometers in circumference accelerating until reaches the speed of light, if the wall of the half foot magnetic tube get worm, there might be possibilities that some electrons might miss the collision point and get out to the air. In CERN they combine. Diligently doing many test. But those Atoms in acceleration collisions that are breaking down are valuable precious gems, I will explain later people want to know much about it. DE and DM representation combine into the cells of invisible Gods force complete 100% of the Universe. Atoms are life forms. NASA /Glen Benson Send AMs-02 ALPHA magnetic spectrometer instrument or probably ALPHA (Anti- hydrogen laser physics apparatus) can shed more light on the subject. But first they have to deal with the most capable one who created all those matters, D.E and D.M. There is no 4th matter in the Neutron many say that there are 3 quarks in neutron. In my theory only two D.E+D.M = H Atoms Produce all other particles (Kathodos) or cathode in Greek language is descent or way down. There is always opposite electrical charges between D.E negative and D.M positive. When spark of electron go into center of atom, concentrate its spin into concentrated position on itself stay like a planet or star and rotate faster, and a portion of the proton separate and surround the round electron recombining, and current flow negative charge direction change to anode cathode equilibrium between D.E and D.M current definition and eliminate the flow outside neutron particle to keep no charge label. As a logician my Krikor logic theory is. D.E+D.M=H (Dynamic, Dark Energy + Dark Matter = Hydrogen, my second theory is (Sound tone reaction) Not chemical reaction.

Many tests are done in large Hadron collider, but they never take into consideration of Dark-Matter Bubbles being protons and yet some area of Dark-Matter is more condense and can have over 100 times more mass than the remained parts of protons.

We can add new element astatine on periodic table. Uranium has 92 protons and 92 electrons, in my perspective electrons are one large cable of millions of helix flows all connected and later the cable can be detached into many individual electrons then into helix neutrinos. Astatine has 85 protons and 85 electrons, proton of hydrogen is big number of bubbles clusters that can be parted also electron cables are big number of helix that can detached as neutrons. If one electron removed from astatine in forms into ion or charged particle, life time of astatine is only 8.1 hours to decay.

Scientist want to know more about atoms, researches are going regarding Dark-Matter, one thing is left out they are not considering that Dark-Matter have intelligence it is invisible and capable to transform from condensed to more impenetrable mass, have gravity directive sound frequency waves and communication with other atoms, only Dark-Energy can go through in some degree indentation space.

Also scientist want to know more about the unparticle to consider mass-bearings range spin interactions, how far their spin distance can be go. Plus they want to know about radioactive uranium decays finding geoneutrions having confidence in that the radioactive decade is causing to generate driving motion of tectonic plate, not considering the assertive scrub between Dark-Energy around Dark-Matter core in the center core of our Earth. In my notes “Gravity” I have some points regarding this matter.

Also scientist experiments involve nucleon rare decay, of course protons and neutrons will be change their performance, sooner or later these particles will be stopped from their activities but not before they dispatch all their input data in right core for continuous memorandum, in my notes black hole I been explaining how all elements and their particles return and transform to their preexistence invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter state.

 I explained that protons don’t have standard stable mass they can be changed into different physique that can vary into relaxed form or more extreme condensed form, like the stage when forms into pulsar cores and defocus into other heavy gravitational stage like black hole, so reduced Dark-Matter protons can be 15 times more dense than lead and go to 126 times than that impenetrable mass and beyond into unknown capabilities. The new elementary particle they found in Higgs boson it contains 126 times the mass of proton sometimes this particle is referred as the “God particle” protons are Dark-Matter they are very tiny bubbles that contain outnumber tinnier bubble clusters, if the volume go larger still it condenses in larger bubbles and larger ones, they can reach volumes bigger than galaxies and divide into thousand clusters to form one proton.

While Higgs Boson is searching to find what accomplished our Universe, searching for gluons winos photinos all the super symmetrical group that are very tiny particles that have to be discover, still have hope to find rare particles as B-s (“B-sub-S”) 105 “Free paramotess” physicist still don’t have complete number of particles, such as Higgs or Higgino gluons bason vice versa W particles that have winos, now already know some about gluons gravitons fermions quarks electron neutrinos bosons

In my perceptive many particles that are register in Higgs acceleration collisions probably don’t include in the atom but are combined after the blast in Higgs Boson, these explosions can develop at the moment new particles that don’t exist but form in last second.

Still many researched followed about Neutralinos Gluinos gravitations unparticle chemeleon particles.

Dark-Matter can be tightly packed or weak in densely packed having shape-shifter according to low octave sound tone waves procedures from other variable mass such as solar or galactic cores. Recently some Dark-Matter bubbles cluster particles have been collected in the international space station but everything kept secret. There are Gamma-ray and neutrino telescopes that trying to collect data about this elusive particles in chok areas that might be Dark-Matter. Like I suspect that bock-globules is one of these condense points


In Cosmos, also in our milky Galaxy are dust clouds are mostly 75% hydrogen and 25 %helium including some atoms molecules ions electrons and iron. There is ordinary hydrogen in Universe, but the more massive type is deuterium (from a Greek word for second) or hydrogen 2, by microwaves scientist find out that 20% of hydrogen in Universe is hydrogen form 2. Later iatrochemistry explained that dust clouds can contain also silicates carbon atoms ice and other compounds altogether about thirteen varieties of atoms manage to be formed in the thin near vacuumed matter of space in complex molecules and other more complex groupings. In my theory Dark-Energy (Electromagnetism or electrons D.E) + Dark-Matter (Protons) = Hydrogen. “D.E + D.M =H” Hydrogen to be composed in our Universe by 75% can be done by joining electromagnetism spectrum to Dark-Matter it combines to hydrogen atoms. Dark-Matter is   spreader in Universe 23 % most as big bubbles. We can always see change in heliosheath area that is not smooth and it is filled with magnetic bubbles that also agree my theory. Obviously no need for Big or tiny Bang for creating hydrogen. Most interesting exists in our Galaxy. Universe solar wind is are called Heliopause. Other moving clouds dust or Galactic wind are Interstellar medium or {ISM} they are dilute that can travel up to 52.000 MPH. most the dust in milky way is interstellar gas. When big solar wind rising escalating from Our Sun traveling is stopped by force of termination shock interstellar medium or (stellar winds) that also contain magnetic force and protons or Dark-Matter even Dark-Energy that the whole Universe is filled of that Matters, they also can produce by collaborating "D.E + D.M =H"  Probably there are other force fields in the Universe that we are not aware of it,   mainly in our solar system exist large heliospher that resembles to a ballerina skirt. According to two voyager probes in June 2011 they registered in situ heliosphere measurements that in these area of heliosheath are thought to be filled with magnetic bubbles “a foamy zone” each about IAU wide. That also back up my theory of Dark-Matter collection. Is there Matter in Universe we cannot see? We calculate the pull that each galaxy in a cluster are moving relative to each other, also all the dust particles and galactic winds, we come to conclusion that some gravitational power pulling and holding clusters together, to keep the clusters in peculiar place. Some astronomers call this energy matter “the mystery of the missing matter”

                                                                     BOW SHOCK

My conclusion, by logical perspective similar to our Oceans I see the entire Galaxy is like a other energy force field Ocean that I have to call it inertia field scientist noticed recently Bow shocks in between magnetosphere that is an ambium or deflection angle against Galaxies and stars to collide as typically interstellar boundary force wave boundary against stellar winds that energy field considered as bow shock. The entire Universe is guided by this energy to stop any flow that exceeds the harmony; all movements are permissive except the excess movements in planetary and galactic over supersonic unusual flows are stopped by this inertia field, for example we don’t see Bow shock around our solar system, in case our solar system starts unusual movements from its harmonious flow boundaries right away we can meet probable opposite flow against our solar system to collide our solar system this stagnation point will reform from the energy field of inertia until then we will not see any deflection angle against our solar system.

We can have this test by firing a bullet from a gun, we are emerged also in this inertia field that can make moving object to continue their trip and keep their force if there is no gravitational interferences that can slow down the inertia and also inertia will keep this supersonic angle that continue upstream and build detached shock to reentry into old harmonious balance of flow, in vacuumed universe moving object will continue nonstop and gradually might get more speed whatever the inertia force field ocean permits in the magnetosphere. All atmospheric reentry that can be materialized or visible force out of nowhere in our Universe as Bow shock.

Bow shocks face as a shield against on rushing solar winds in small, short, yearn and stained pulses, this reminds me Binaural beats we receive from the Universe that are also great volume of sound fields of electron diffusion signals according to Dark-Matter magnetospheres’ portals. This process is studied by (MMS) it will be sent four spacecraft that will circle the Earth to study portals, as I described in my perspective we can see the volume of Dark-Matter in other planets, moons and stars, gravity is sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter core all elements take commendation to act connecting covalent bounding that are reenergized by same harmony sound echo ( like the example I used in other articles A string note on violin starts to vibrate and make sound when outside note A reach to the violin that have same value tone condensate twitch. Same process I explained in Black hole gravity and in title our Sun.

                                                                   Radiation Belts.

All atoms combined represent field of gravity like bow shock of solar system or in galactic forms each planet or star contains radiation belt move very hard to notice, regarding Earth`s encircling belts you will find doughnut-shaped rings similar to black hole accretion disk around our planet this flow is generated by two poise forces, as I described in other articles core of the earth is made of positive energy Dark-Matter in variety of condense form inside the core D.M is hundred times more condensed than surrounding form of D.M that has the form of liquid they generate sound frequencies spontaneous way in physical process that always follow to guide all elements in our planet in covalent bonding sound frequency regulatory, sending into planet and its surrounding, wherever Dark-Matter exist her is surrounding balancing procedure by Dark-Energy that have negative energy doughnut shape radiation belt ring positive ions of high-Energy electrons that are Dark-Energy and they travel almost close to speed of light, this rings are two or more that surround the planet reaching from 1.000 to 50.000 kilometers overhead Earth`s atmosphere. Sun is 93 million miles away too far from this radiation belt but sun also have his own radiation belt that is also Dark-Energy mixed with high electron particle positive ions, as I described earlier in article “our Sun” center of Sun is pure Dark-Matter surrounded by spin of Dark-Energy that also is surrounded by grand volume of Dark-Matter as the sphere of the star. In same process those rings also have 3 levels in radiation belts, the belt that surrounds our planet the middle ring is not very clear to only briefly might appear once a while in many years, always radiation belt contains negative ions as Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter always contain positive force field. Earth follows in fast orbit 108.000 Km/h. Our planet spin 940 million Kilometer during each orbit, during entire trip, when Earth is far from Sun it is called “Aphelion” in early July, when Earth is closest to Sun during “perihelion” some that happens every January energetic positive ions can be exchange with Sun`s radiation belts move, entire our solar system is connected by their radiation belt move process, in 365.242199 one solar day all radiation belts adjusted according to Bow shock of rest of solar system and our Galactic bow shock measures



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