Friday, September 2, 2011

The Earth and Jupiter



I love it when a plan comes together. Every time planet Earth spins or rotates on itself it makes my day. A day on planet Earth is 23 hours 56 minutes and four seconds.

Earth is moving on its axes 40.000 Km in 24 hours. We have to wait 365.2421n days so our planet can make full circle spin around the Sun, Solar System altogether going fast 250 Km/sec inside the Milky Way Galaxy that also is moving one direction 1670 Km/hr. All galaxies are moving, Milky way galaxy is traveling 2.1 million Km/hr inside the Universe.

Inertia is the related force on Earth. Gravity on Earth hinders Inertia prolongation process. Researching scientist acknowledge that. Heat and pressure dimensions underground. Linked group chemicals in certain types of pressure, create varieties of stones. Definite energies controlled by unknown Matters or forces. Controlled accumulating process combines with certain Element. We know that iron and lead, are the heaviest element. There is invisible Matter that has no weight. Most condense particle D.M. Located in central of portion, Earth`s core. They are bubbles many repeating units of D.M. Dense negative Dark-Matter invisible Matter surrounded by Dark-Energy. In my theory the core of the Earth is soft but more denser than lead or iron Dark-Matter or collection of protons, their magnetic values can change and it is unpredictable. A large cloud of Dark-Energy circle around the core and generating electromagnetic field, some call it Dynamo theory. D.E Electrons circle D.M Protons around every 27 days and 43 minutes, like heart pulse imitating echoing the heart pulse of our Sun. some notice the core is soft as semi-liquid material, yes the core is softer than liquid its invisible dense Dark-Matter, core cannot retain because D.M don't have internal structure, the radioactive effect is produced by grinding D.M to D.E continuously and the movement of D.E cloud move effects the convection process, this effect give also sound wave Anomalies that can follow to earthquakes. Pushing lithosphere plate’ moves. Most of flow of magma is result of opposite magnetic reaction between D.E and D.M with wave Anomalies inside the Earth scientist say are elements mixed Nickel and silicone covering the core. That`s the earth`s gravity. The core pools 30 % D.M. On top 24 % irons. 15 % of Silicon also they have frequencies low octave of 258. 14 % Magnesium. 5 % sulfur they also have G tones and can go up to G# But in my theory "Krikor" Earths core is clusters of great bubbles Dark-Matter surrounded by Dark-Energy clouds that give effect of water they produce vibration frequencies of sound that give command to near by elements to be directed into trajectory rotation of our planet, same operations go with other planets and stars. Soon transitions is given in the entire Universe some consider it as invisible energy some call it gravity but all vibrations have principle of electrons to spiral state in Galaxies, in our solar system and also in DNA all spin spiral by angular momentum.
Earth contains . 7% Nickel. Over 1% Calcium. 1.5 % Aluminum. 1 % other things; In the Mantle portions of Dark-Energy can penetrate and divides portions of D.M, Every individual portion of D.M by gravity are connected to Earth`s surface crust and the movement of D.M beneath effect Lithospheric plates movements on the surface of the Earth. Earth has 12.756 Km. Wide and 12.714 Km Height.

Some Scientists are searching to find missing noble gas Xenon paradox and because is not found in Earth’s atmosphere they hoping will exist in the core of the planet in inner compressed 360 Gigapascals, also some are considering that core solid condensations and liquid outer core with 6.000 kelvin or 10.340 Fahrenheit, in my perspective, Dark-Matter bubbles that are large complex weightless collections of protons are invisible matter like liquid, can be condensed to level of 15 times more than lead and continue to abbreviate more, also they can blow-out split into proton clusters to be portion of hydrogen atoms, diffuse form of mass of dark-Matter give effect of liquid body, I will try to explain this perspectives in this chapter.

Other scientist declare that earth`s inner core is 7.7 million times higher than atmospheric pressure at sea level, outside core contains temperature of 10.000 F0 almost as surface of the Sun. core of the planet has 760 mile radius, many believe it`s made of iron-nickel alloy. I conclude and believe that dark matter center is encircled by dark energy flow just like a large atom its friction generate great temperature 6.000C

Like Jupiter Planet Earth is experiencing Westward drift

By X-Ray scientist register information about core of the planet that the surface of the core has formation of liquid gyre similar to atmosphere`s jet stream moving westward, some call this Rossby waves. To my perspective, every planet all form of stars and galaxy including black holes has center core of Dark Matter, Dark matter is invisible power force that cane divide into smaller than any particle including light has intelligence life force and is supernatural energy similar to Dark-Energy, Dark-Matter can change density on any moment and is not regulated by any theoretical principles. Core of our planet Earth contains different density layers of Dark-Matter, most inner center has the most condensed layer, every layer coverage contains less pack reduced density, all together seven layers, starting from center the sixth layer is more condense than lead, the seventh layer resembles into water but still is compressed similar to iron. Regular water can`t endure under tremendous temperature of central Earth, Dark Matter does not generate gravity, it directs all matter to be connected to Universal cosmic web that is controlled by supernatural Dark-Energy, so Dark Matter gears mass to be connected to Universal Ocean of force field the result that we call planetary waves. Geomagnetic field that will created can protect Earth`s living things by repelled.

Opposite to Earth`s rotation, surface of core planet Earth`s dynamic of outer core surface where liquid form of Dark-Matter have slow drift toward Westward 10.5 miles per year, liquid formation rotation will result in every descending formation as we see on sow blades, liquid rotating waves into westward dragging.


                                               Surface of the core of planet Earth

Center core of our Earth is pure Dark-Matter bubbles it don’t have a great volume mass but it is very condensed diameter portion of invisible weightless matter like liquid characteristics. Earths inner and outer cores rotate opposite directions, the focal concentrated Dark-Matter is in center, D.M has capabilities to change its density going from liquid to solid, core in center spins on certain direction but less density liquid form of Dark-Matter spin opposite direction together they combine as the core of our Earth same principle relates to all stars and moons in our Universe. Invisible Dark Matter can expand into much larger bubble balls that can pass through all sort of matter. On top of the core several other bubbles exist where Earth`s visible matter is sunken, there are several larger ones that complete submerging all either molten lava and other matter, I believe that inside the edges of dark matter bubbles also flow Dark Energy and they cause according to bubble expansion as a force to move molten lava agitate slowly as a jet stream blend of molten lava spinning to stir up tension, Dark Energy release heat by its electrons flow to blend into the jet stream to move accordingly.

7 layers of core of planet Earth.

This picture is the top layer of planets Earth’s core, you can see only four layers, similar to sow blade falling pressure go into more volume layers. Upper lane number seven is the less dense portion of Dark-Matter; pressure received from top makes the mass to move to bear leftward. Lower level of Dark matter are more condensed but the top pressure don`t reach into next level or the third on as number seven, only slight effect reaches to renovate lower layers, there are seven layers of Dark-Matter, only the top one has the effect of liquid and still is more condensed than lead other layers have gradually tighter and more supernatural tight density as lower they pervade. Seven layers of Dark-Matter curvature into right and left makes our planet to be connected into space time showing pressurized gravitational waves. Seven layers of Dark- matter releases 7 formula belt layers on outer atmosphere surrounding Earth, once a while scientist discover more protection fields one by one like radiation belt bow sharks and so on.

The deference between my approach and others is.

They say. Outer layer of core is liquid, They don`t mention what sort of liquid, my perspective is it is Dark Matter less condensed the lower layers of core where surface core Dark Matter gives the effect as it is liquid but not water.

They say surface water of core stay on the core. My approach is liquid water has no chance to stay liquid in 10.800 0F or 6.000 degrees Celsius, it could vaporized and vanished. My approaches are Dark Matter, even in liquid form does not penetrate heat and light.

They say 10.000 0F temperature that is more hot than the Sun are generated from radioactive decay over the core that is 1.516 miles across similar to the size of our moon. My approach is Core of Earth is Dark Matter like proton of atom on top Dark Energy spin surrounding the core like electrons spin over proton. This create fraction to generate heat as was mentioned by scientific field.

They say inner core is made of solid Iron. My approach is, Earth`s core completely is Dark Matter, it has 7 layers on top of layers, from most condensed form of Dark Matter to lesser dense state of Dark Matter till surface liquid form. This seven layers generate geomagnetic field of magnetosphere that are more than one layers to interact and protect our planet from Sun`s deadly rays and solar winds.

They says Core of the planet spins in speed of two-thirds of second faster, without explain why is that so? My approach is core takes the lead to spin planet Earth, same leading effect we experience with liquid up and down with wavering flaps that directives on plate tectonics that we notice in continental drift. By logical imaginations I came into these conclusions. Dark Matter core has no gravity but can direct by frequency wavelengths all other matter to be connected into Ocean force of string theory inside the Universe that is composed of small vibration strings that are so tiny to register. Or as others name it fabric of space time.

Similarity on Earth`s core surface and surface of planet Jupiter.

The best surface view of planet Earth`s core have similarity to the surface of planet Jupiter, as I explained core of planet Earth is pure layers of Dark Matter, supernatural thick layer is in the center adding other layers that goes gradually thinner layers but still the top layer that is number 7th layer has the condensation of 15 times more thicker than lead. Considering Earth`s core most flat invisible layers have flat standpoint that give similarity to the top picture of sow blade, all top pressure on that blade realm on push the flow into leftward but the landing force move to rightward, on the other hand Equatorial zone of planet Earth North and South equatorial zone are positioned to compel into opposite stance, going upper position till polar regions temperate and belt zones have less plate form Dark-Matter to grab weight heaviness load of the planet, activity of Earth`s core and surface of planet Jupiter create enormous magnetic field, in my perspective all planets and stars have same principle of core that is 7 layers of condensed Dark-Matter. Inside atoms each portion of Dark-Matter that represent a proton have density so condense not the pressure from surrounding but by itself  it contains pressure higher than in a neutron star.

 This layers have variety of gravitational connection with the solar system and Milky way galaxy, top layer of the core has wavy flow up and down exploit bursting water jet, this process effect to the surface of our planet, by the way I am a legal resident and a citizen of planet earth, the waves of core surface gravity effect make some portion of land on the Planet more gravitational pull than other areas, plus some extreme flow generate beam gravitational flow effect to make sink holes, not all sink hales are operate this process because there are some underground caves that pull down weight to cave in as well.

On top of this core is a volume of Dark-Energy spinning around the core in same principle inside the Sun process as explained in article “Our Sun” in my blog. The friction between D.E and D.M creates same nearby temperatures like our Sun, our Earth core surrounding D.M tension creates over 10.800 (F0) but inside the core is no any heat or warmth. Spinning reactions of Dark-Energy does melt all Iron when met heat (8.700 F0) liquefies and wobbles around the D.E surrounding realm. Always Earth magnetic gravitation are released by sound command into surrounding all elements nearby to be attached by covalent bonding principle to unseen and not felt D.E Universal  field that I don’t know what can be called.

Most of science observers conclude that center of Earth`s core is solid iron alloy, in my perspective where we have to gather all iron other spheres to form other planets, as I explained in my other posts invisible Dark Matter bubbles that is Earths core that is approximately the size of the moon that is condensed 15 times more dense than lead and some other times much dense than that, also dark matter bubbles can be spread loose and expend to larger bubbles this effect give as liquid form, Earths center dense weightless dark matter core rotates in an Eastern direction much faster than earth`s surface spinning speed, surface of hard core Dark Matter spread portion that is like liquid form mixed with Dynamic energy spins into westwards slower pace comparing to core, this grating release dynamism's frequencies toward all objects elements surrounding the core in effect of gravitational magnetic force. Principle of all stars and planets contains Dark-Matter in their center as well of all atoms contain dark-Matter protons in their core.

Dark-matter is supernatural invisible force field; it has intelligence and life energy, each atom contain portion from Dark-Energy as proton and portion from supernatural Dark-Energy as electrons, Dark-Matter has gravitational influence to its surroundings, it is very cold because it does not allow light and heat to go through giving effect that it absorbs energy, Dark-Matter is weightless but any moment out of nowhere it can reach very heavy weight, pertinent available force in the Universe is Dark-Energy, Dark-Matter can initiate this energy of relevant gravity to the environment oblige by assistance from Dark-Energy reaching nearby and distant objects.

As more sensitive instrument are prepared to check deep levels of Earth, they realize that mantle is hot solution about 10.4 terawatts in disorderly arrangement, according my research if you go slightly deeper than mantle you will find core that also have disordered arrangement surface, core is made liquid form of Dark-Matter that is more dense than lead and can be changed its density from dispersed loose cloudy state into incredible hard density billions time more than lead. Dark-Matter masses in  the 10 -11  eV ballpark..

By curtain sensitive radio wave measurements scientist noticed that mysteriously there are some light around the core that raging fire brimstone they call it “Burning stone” this is very close to my perspective where I explained Dark-energy is spinning around Dark-matter core and chafing resisting two forces together D.E and D.M that produces light flare-ups. To explain logically scientist went adding the effect of sulfur with copper that dwells on the core which giving hellish pit raging fire, additionally scientist can prove that inside mantle there are quantities of copper and sulfur “bulk silicate Earth, concluding that core of this planets mysterious light is effect of bursting sulfur, I am sure this is only perspective opposing my perspective, I am very hopeful that they will reach someday to configuration that Earths center mysterious light is the effect of two forces Dark-Energy and Matter.

Planet Earth`s heat generator.

On top of the last block of Dark Matter core there is a large jet stream of Dark Energy that wrapped like waves that rises its amplitude yearly about 25 miles on core or as scientist call it “tangent cylinder” This loosely defined geometric structure is wide starting from inner north pole to south encircles the core, it doesn’t cover the core completely but gradually like a pealed orange skin it will during westward current. Some scientist calculate of this wave has 7.730 0C or 13.940 0F Dark Energy I call it Dynamic Energy force grinding over force of Dynamic Matter generates heat that we feel inside planet Earth as magnetic field, some birds insects fish can sense Earth`s magnetic field to use for navigate.

Probably you have been read many articles about our Earth, underneath the crust 1800 miles inside beneath Earth`s lower mantle you can find the core. I am the first science logician who is introducing that center of the Earth is composed of Dark-Matter in liquid form its mass is 15 times more condense than lead having potentials to million time more condense according to its environmental surrounding forces of Dark-Energy, I don’t agree with viewpoint that Earth`s core is iron, it is pure Dark-Matter bubble clusters, very cold site because Dark-Matter does not allow any heat to penetrate into deep inside the bubbles, on top of core is great mass of Earth`s lower mantle combined pressure as much as 230.000 up to 1.3 times more pressure of deep Ocean lower mantle is composed of melted rocks and metals range of temperature about 2.800 degree or less. All gravitational activities is raised by sound frequencies coming from Dark-Matter core and surface of core can be changed by sharp movements up and down that generating sound frequency tone waves to command all surrounding elements in covalent bonding principle to regulate gravity on Earth, you will find some areas more stronger or less according to wave movements of Dark-Matter that also are protons.

 I consider that Earth`s core is a cold environment center mass of invisible Dark-matter where heat do not penetrate in, certain level of Dark-Energy ambiances spins on the core, that is in high temperature levels most metals can be melted down inside the molten lava except certain formula of metals combined in right measurements for example combination of Hafnium + nitrogen + carbon certain amount formula can tolerate 4.400 Kelvins or 7.400 degree Fahrenheit, still many other formulas might be assembled in the future, definitely nothing can come close to capacity power of Dark-Matter to repel temperature. Missing element inside the core of planet Earth or any other planet or star is not a element at all, core is made if invisible Dynamic Matter or as you know “Dark Matter”


It is not comprehended how scientist expect the core of this planet to be block of iron in instance temperature? In my perspective core of this planet is made of condensed Dark-Matter that through it heat can`t penetrate. Scientist analyzes the seismic signatures that are released between core into the lower mantle boundaries and can `t figure out what causes it? They gave a name to it ultra velocity zones (UVZ) over the core-mantle boundary surface, Dark-Matter core has different condensed levels, its top level has liquid formations as dipper level goes the core show more condense levels that is more dense that iron and lead, that`s why by radio imaging waves observe register iron form density, it is invisible supernatural living force field with intelligence qualification, Dark-Matter release velocity directives by frequencies to its surrounding lower and upper mantle up to 1.800 miles upward to the surface of our planet to communicate by invisible giant magnetic bridge into the solar system and other formations of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy that also is supernatural living force, they both pour intelligence into atoms and through atoms into all other form of living things.

There is another realm of separation in between upper and lower mantle is located as transition zone that range from 250 to 410 miles entire sector is embedded Dark-Matter in liquid form, some scientist prospect that it is ringwoodite of great volume of water that is observed in clay like material that traps water in and is called ringwoodite reservoir.  In my perspective water in great heat that doesn't remain in liquid form but as steam and flee upward but Dark-matter can remain in liquid form.

Many are dreaming to be in space, we as humans already are in space on spaceship Earth inside the Universe, Many are trying to divide lands, conquer other lands the Earth is already one sphere ball of a Land it cannot be divided, unfortunately humans don’t have the awareness in new kind of total unity, enslaved by personal selfish greed and pride, still Earth remains in total unity if you watch the animals and birds, many are blocking the wisdom that created us.

Length of the day has been changed through millennial, recently scientist figure it out that length of the day might be changed during time by geomagnetic jerks, in my viewpoint Earths core has intelligence and can give new previsions according to balancing of our planets environment according convenient procedures, magnetic field dimensions might be change by new frequency sound wave tones that stable elements inertia Quantum gravity dimensional form loops, that will explain that our Earth is not stable.

In my perspective Dark-Matte give sound directives to surrounding elements, the concept of all planets stars and moons in galaxies release sound variation waves from their own Dark-Matter, sound tones according to their periodicity mass frequencies peculiar characteristics, harmony to its Ptolemaic system. All spherical objects in galaxies have their own root to go onward according to connection covalent bonding to inertia’ root to go acceleration the way helix move but in very large scale spinning and going forward at the same time according to its s sound wavelength with comparison to other surrounding mass spectrum frequency levels where inclined rendering to Universal quantum inertia field connection accretions.

Similar to our Oceans large liquid space entire Universe is embedded in some sort of quantum realm invisible force field than is stable unless certain tone sound frequencies are released by Dark-Matter core of all planets, moons and stars that activate to change the positions of elements in covalent bond principle that look like gravity but it is not it is just connection to inertia into flow of quantum realm. There are other theories or perspectives by scientist such as particle physics and particle accelerator, but I will stay with my perspective sound tone wave codes can generate connection between atoms personal field connecting into quantum realm inertia force field, in other instances I also call it invisible vast Ocean of our Universe, all stars, Galaxies with stars, planets moons also smaller object and dust share harmoniously the space field they all are connected under supervision Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

According to NASA/WMAP Universe is 13.77 billion years old by measuring temperature fluctuation. In my imaginational point of view every atom is permitted to locate a position inside our Universe and by sound frequency directives the get connected to other new locations, expansion of the cosmos make the universe locate new special spectral locations that are not permanent, as soon cosmic acceleration take new spectral position on the far ends of the Universe all elements in our Universe radially be directed to locate themselves into new unstable locations hat also later will be variable all this movements prospect are consider as gravitational mechanism. Somehow cosmic acceleration and all local points are connected to exchange positions by new code of low octave sound frequency tone waves radially reaching into special locations.

Earth`s surface is 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen, before 80 years ago Oxygen was 40%, there are also 1% of  trace gases on the surface the temperature’s average is 590 F Clouds circulations are guided by the core Dark-Matter bubbles gravity sound tone regulation, but evaporation's are progressed by heat. Molten areas are almost 10.000 F. Internal heat is produced by grinding with Dark-Energy clouds on the Dark-Matter core like we see on Jupiter surface. On top of core it can be found iron and nickel in big quantity. According my viewpoint, in every star, planets and moons the center part is made of Dark-Matter as its core. Planets do not split, because Dark-Matter core continuously retain all Matter attached to the adjacent sphere range. Only obliterations may occur like with the stars Supernova. Still core Dark-Matter rests and Dark-Energy spins as Pulsar. Always to form a planet the heavy material should be in the center as core, some scientist give  a model that small particles clump together then others come and join the group until it gets larger and bigger to form a proton planet, in my theory formation of planet need much more heavier metals in center as core and that matter is provided by Dark-Matter that is 15 times more condense than lead, even before particles to gather Dark-Matter collects by gravitational energy to pull all unstable  surrounding objects, yes metallicity is important but Dark-Matter is more effective.

Probably you might ask how I knew about all this layers beneath the Earth. Earth can be register certain layers how much condense they are or their temperatures and main tool for that is Radio waves that can record the density of its layers, drilling Earth 12 kilometer by Russian engineers was clogged because that point material seems half melted like liquid plastic form that Russian could not continue the process. Scientist gave this pulses of radio waves from troposphere or surface of the earth inside the ground, showing on the other side of our planet there was something like round ball in the center core that made radio waves to not penetrate, when they went into other location same penetration seemed in the round core of the planet, so penetration show range of distance on the other side of the planet like an eclipse radio wave section, other deep locations the radio waves could send data reflection signals of their condensation in layers. This is the main reason scientist suspect that core of this planet is very hard iron form but there is Dark-Matter invisible force field of bubbles that can change their density starting 15 times more condenser that lead to many times more dense. Without any radio data reflection process some fantasize about hallow Earth.

Some believe about “Hallow Earth hypotheses” comparing to my perspectives I believe Earths center core is invisible but 15% more condensed than lead that is made of Dark-Matter bubbles same force that resides in all center as protons, being a large energy field of Dark-Matter surrounded by force of Dark-Energy this central section of our planet consist with its own pulsar. Some call Earths core as molten core but core Dark-Matter repels all temperatures and remains only in cold variations as we see on the surface of the sun after flares that show dark spots on the surface of the sun. Centre bubbles of Dark-Matter have no any gravitational wavelengths but it can send directives to all elements portions of mass of our planet to connected into quantum entanglement flow or into Universal extraterrestrial field, D.M also send sound frequencies that effect gravity varies throughout Earth. D.M bubble core center point of Earth though it is invisible and don’t contain any gravitational values but has weightlessness releasing only sound frequency tone wavelengths, all effect in Eastward rotation of the sphere 1670 Km per hour, rotational momentum angular momentum moment of momentum are directed by same frequencies released by D.M between surface and core of the Earth it contains half-radius half-weight=mg/2 and on top at the surface we walk we have varied gravity according to tone reaction of frequencies sent by core to the surface of the Earth. Russian scientist tried to go down deep into the ground reaching closest to molten 356 0 F

Some scientist from Harvard believe that there is another older earth beneath our Earth, by studies they believe there may be an ancient earth inside this Earth covered in depth of the mantle, by studying an isotope ratio about noble gases from the depth of mantle, in their theory it shows differences in isotope ratio of noble gases in different parts of the earth. Still studies are going, this will bring into conclusion that some parts of this planet might be older than other portions of Planet earth.

Some are mentioning about openings on north pole and Antarctic that is mentioned in you Dennis 4706 this openings probably can be closed and opened by large amount of Ice that is not declared officially by big governments yet. In my perspectives Dark-Matter is intelligent life force that can move on its own time maneuvering similar to UFO but there are no any walking Aliens inside but great intelligence that contains life force as I am describing in my other post UFO.

“Entrances” inside Planet earth all the way into the core

Additional to the hollow Earth hypotheses some discoverers are considering to large blob-like structures on top of the planets core located 2.896 or 1.800 miles below the surface of planet earth. The height of the two humongous structures is about 100 times taller than the Mount Everest. One thing is surprising after some calculations it seems this two-blob like structures are made of totally different form of material than its surrounding and rest of other material we know on the planet, plus they have cavities that are called entrances that have connections over the planet surfaces or under the sea, entrances to go in all the way in. In my perspectives I already mentioned Dark-Matter is center core of our planet with different layers in density, by radio waves and frequency waves their effect to register their presence is totally unpredictable, because invisible Dark-Matter is not valid to register as the smallest particle of atoms do and they don’t adapt any theoretical principles as the rest of all elements that we know, it is totally different mass, Dark-Matter core has continuation comprised mass that continue through the mantle all the way close to the surface of the planet Earth. Sometimes we can experience large opening holes anywhere on the planet that confuses the scientists.

Origin of all magnetism is extreme low octave sound vibration and extreme high octave sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter, all cores of stars, planets, moons and black holes are protons or Dark-Matter bubbles. The entire Universe is bedded inside energy field of quantum flux. Any sound command pulses released other elements and particles submit to take action connecting them to the surrounding field rail that indicate quantum flux provides, so protons inside atoms perceive sound frequency waves and attach to the unexplained quantum flux force field that is all around and in the Universe. All the effect of counterclockwise-rotation is some effect coming from quantum flux. In my perspective this is the origin of magnetism in stars and everywhere in the Universe.

Separate than gravitational forces other are universal quantum two other forces that govern the entire Universe, suppose you warm a small pot of water and ad some floating particles like coffee and milk you will notice how the center of the liquid starts to spin like the milky way galaxy, same invisible energy field direct the spin of amino acids depending their variety kind of atoms in certain order ordination conferment put the amino acid into a code that apply in the group of spinning from right to left other facing variety code order put the amino acid to spin from left to right, all particles apply principles that still not familiar to us gradually hopefully in million years we might clasp the real intelligence that exist all around us. Core of the earth is pure Dark-Matter that has cold temperatures invisible density variations it can be found all over the universe some scatter and inflated form some anomalous spots like black globules particularly dense, almost in all my posts you can find comments about Dark-Matter and haw they are existence basic to all matter in atoms as protons in all planets and stars as core also in black hole center range. Also I have mentioned that female egg is secured inside D.M for developing a child not separating during all his adulthood until old age and death, this topic you can find in my “DNA” post.

Core Earth have unknown qualifications that still are not familiar to us. In my logic the core is made of Dark-Matter and releases low octave sound frequency code tone waves to all elements and they apply the commendation to be directed joining to invisible forces connecting themselves to unseen force source field in same principle as bond reaction, some might speculated hypothetical fifth force version of magnetism that does not weaken with distance, the reason is elements they are driving their mass according to surroundings inertia force field bonding, still scientist is looking forward by probe down  many sets of detectors deep in the ground at various of places for analysis to conclude if there are any “Unparticles” from lower mantle and from Universe. The Fundamental force of Nature like in any planet or stars core is Dark-Matter. Earth has duration cycle year, now that cycle is faster reaching 24.832 years. Also every year our planet is orbiting faster around the Sun proportionately spinning rotation is faster than before on its axis at the same time Earth is traveling at about 220 kilometers per second across milky galaxy.

Some scientist visualize that Earth completed by process called percolation that molten iron went through solid silicate layers inside Earth till to its center but all planets don’t carry same material like our Earth and most important stars are totally different form of machination process, to conclude that process of any sphere form with gravity should adapt same principle either it’s a solid form planet or Gas planet or burning star they all should be formed on same basic principle that I brought out that all center planets and stars have core of Dark-Matter that has 15 times more density that lead and its condensed density range can go into modifications to be less concentration  or more extreme impenetrable variations.

It is already proven existence of gravity in the universe, in my perspective Dark-Matter is the source of low octave sound frequency tones that are released from core of planets, stars and moons, those are sequence consignments that reach as far as another sound command is facing other magnetic field that also are directed from other locations that direct all atoms protons into get into connection to Universal quantum force that are rail fields to all directions, there is a hidden magnetic portal magnetic field connected or diffused between Earth and Sun distance of 93 million miles away, protons in principle of bonding process are directed giving, if Earth`s sequences directives flow toward the Sun and Suns core Dark-Matter sequences send Bow shocks to release into elements and Solar winds they face with Earth as portals, depending the volume of the Dark-Matter volume that portal can form travel longer and further to Earth, if Earth` Dark-Matter volume was (But it isn`t) bigger volume than the Sun the meeting point was going to be closer to Sun, as you see is other way around the magnetic field meets close to Earth, Hidden magnetic portal field around Earth is mingling according to balance volume to its core mass of Dark-Matter limit go toward Earth they meet (NASA calls them X-Points)the point where portals edge are formed.

The Blob

Earth contains many other forms of energies people are unaware of it, in the course of scientific progress adding more precise accurate measurements Man will be able to notice other force procedures that exist. For example in 2913 noticing from space coast of United States scientist realize enormous entity at west of Seattle Washington inside the Pacific Ocean, noticeable for two years it was wide amounts of infrared radiation it stretch over a million square miles that is 300 feet deep, it is called “The Blob” all waters that embedded in this sector was damaging all marine life, some are explaining that this Blob was caused by freak ridge of high pressure, other give further perspectives. As I described the two major forces of the Universe my perspective is Dark Matter expended bubble that separated from the core of this planet in very tiny spot and enlarged as spread in Pacific Ocean, in my earthquake section I described that any moment Dark Matter and Dark Energy loose section come close by dark Energy release bright light that is noticeable before earthquakes, some scientist believe that friction of crust generated those several form of light either round or column and many other light forms, but as you see this light are released much earlier than earthquakes.

There might be possibility that any heat control or any or wind blow are also connected by major energy force and matter on Earth for example intense El Niño or El Niña might be controlled by two forces conflictions, there has been worm climate or cooler spots developing in equatorial Pacific Ocean but those circumstance is proliferation by concentrated frequency outcomes by two forces energy and Matter D.E in warmer instabilities and D.M in serener notch equilibrium. 

                                    RADIATION BELT AND BOW SHOCK

All atoms combined represent field of gravity like bow shock of solar system or in galactic forms each planet or star contains radiation belt move very hard to notice, regarding Earth`s encircling belts you will find doughnut-shaped rings similar to black hole accretion disk around our planet this flow is generated by two poise forces, as I described in other articles core of the earth is made of positive energy Dark-Matter in variety of condense form inside the core D.M is hundred times more condensed than surrounding form of D.M that has the form of liquid they generate sound frequencies spontaneous way in physical process that always follow to guide all elements in our planet in covalent bonding sound frequency regulatory, sending into planet and its surrounding, wherever Dark-Matter exist her is surrounding balancing procedure by Dark-Energy that have negative energy doughnut shape radiation belt ring positive ions of high-Energy electrons that are Dark-Energy and they travel almost close to speed of light, this rings are two or more that surround the planet reaching from 1.000 to 50.000 kilometers overhead Earth`s atmosphere. Sun is 93 million miles away too far from this radiation belt but sun also have his own radiation belt that is also Dark-Energy mixed with high electron particle positive ions, as I described earlier in article “our Sun” center of Sun is pure Dark-Matter surrounded by spin of Dark-Energy that also is surrounded by grand volume of Dark-Matter as the sphere of the star. In same process those rings also have 3 levels in radiation belts, the belt that surrounds our planet the middle ring is not very clear to only briefly might appear once a while in many years, always radiation belt contains negative ions as Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter always contain positive force field. Earth follows in fast orbit 108.000 Km/h. Our planet spin 940 million Kilometer during each orbit, during entire trip, when Earth is far from Sun it is called “Aphelion” in early July, when Earth is closest to Sun during “perihelion” some that happens every January energetic positive ions can be exchange with Sun`s radiation belts move, entire our solar system is connected by their radiation belt move process, in 365.242199 one solar day all radiation belts adjusted according to Bow shock of rest of solar system and our Galactic bow shock measures, so still we don’t have very sensible tools to penetrate other force field that like a hallow surrounds planets our solar system like a magnetic field that is Dark-Matter invisible bubbles they keep their boundary with all type of Matter stars and planets and other matter that floats in the Universe, our sensing tools almost cant register what surrounding us continuously regarding interstellar space we sense almost not much, transition zones contain many other forms of energy boundary regions the way our planets has also other planets our star and our solar system, let’s not forget also our galaxy also depended to this transition zones and also all the rest of 500 billion galaxies with their own private interstellar space that is under control of Dark-Energy quantum time spot permission stand.

Movements of planet Earth

Earth has more other rotation process that was familiar, every year Earth rotate around the Sun in 365 days 5 hours and 48 minutes, Daily planet Earth rotations on its axes in 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds as (sidereal day) considering 24 hours a day will be considered as (solar day) beside the spinning movement Earth has also a wobbling motion of the Earth`s axis, that is called (1) processional or wobbling motion, (2) second one is Elliptical change as the Earth orbits around the Sun, the round loop the makes Earth too far from the Sun is called Aphelion, the closest distance in loop of the planet is called Perihelion. To be eccentric sometimes the loop is not on same similar rail trail, this situation is called (change of eccentricity) (3) third one is Tilt change of rotation axis that will effect orbiting. Minimum tilt is 22.1 degrees. Present Tilt is 23.5 degrees. Med tilt is 24.5 degrees. Core of the planet effects on axes angels to bend. (4) fourth movements of the planet is Perihelion change orbit around the Sun. as we know entire solar system travels fast inside the Milky way while the planets spinning over the Sun, going forward and keeping same similar loop might not work precisely, it might make slight differences in orbit loops because our planet control on its personality behavior. (5) fifth one is orbital inclination of Earth, a motion where the orbiting line stay slightly behind while the solar system is going forward, to catch back the speedometer speed the Earth make adjustments in following time to reach same synchronized speed with the Sun. In my Blogs I mentioned several times that all atoms planets stars and Galaxies are other form of living things, including planet Earth.

Entire Universe adapting same gravitational methods with frequency vibration cycle patterns that steaming from Dark Matter to signal elements to grab magnetic signals by holding into Universal quantum flow of zone field to travel with inertia energy that is inside entire Universe, dense knots of space-time are everywhere to let elements grab that flow to travel only if Dark-Matter direct other dark matter bubbles inside atoms core that also are portion of dark matter to connect into gravitational leasing into fabric of space-time. Earth`s core that is two different dense volume inner and outer layer as core that also is Dark Matter releases magnetic signals into mantle Ionosphere Magnetosphere Crust surface and Oceans, all together as one planet to be conducted by Earths core receiving magnetic signals make our planet harmonized inside solar system.


Electrons are sum of multiple clusters in great numbers of smaller electron fields that can be separated into helix later on they can form smaller energy portions of Weyl Fermions forming massless particles, as soon Weyl are separate from elections carrying charge as well, and they go randomly faster than electrons 1.000 times faster. Electrons spin one certain spin direction as soon certain coding sound frequencies get trace they spin opposite direction to transform atom into anti matter, any moment electron hit into other mass they can’t overcome obstacles but Weyl can go around every obstacles before touching foreign object they escape with intelligence behavior traveling through or around obstacles, there is a scientific field called “Weyltronics” random movement cannot generate opposite force as electrons do to complete changing from matter into anti matter, Weyl activities can be observed only inside wonder-material graphic or inside crystals because they don’t have mass but crystals can help to make patterns visible.

Ghost particles

Inside solar system, scientist are calling far away a Ninth planet a Ghost planet, that is another story.

Reading many materials from scientific physicist’s sources I feel that only person is presenting the core of the Earth and all atoms are Dark-matter invisible bubble clusters. This core is surrounded by intense Dark-Energy force spins or core that release heat and energy by contractions, in between many atoms and plasma are dismantled from their mass going into smaller particles almost close to process of event horizon of black hole, this portions similar to Weyl that can is recognized in Weyltronics scientific field, Weyl can be detected inside wonder-material graphic like inside crystals, Weyl travels 1000 times faster   than electrons they have no mass, they can’t maneuver obstacles and hitting material graphic ions inside crystals show their existence. In Grand Sasso National laberatory, located 1.5 Km below Apennine Mountains some physicists are trying to give a glimpse inside our planets center using Borexino neutrino detector, underground laboratory in Italy uses 2.200 sensors that interact inside 200 tons of a special oil, this underground sphere shape. In 2014 they recorded arriving 2.600 electronvolts Tev of energy that is hundred times more protons inside LHC, they called this tinniest particles Ghost particles. In 2.056 days data they pinpointed 24 geoneutrinos from Earth`s mantle that might coming from radioactive processes generating heat inside our planet, those are nuclear reaction decay of unstable atoms, describing it ghostly because they are so tiny 500.000 times lighter than electrons and they have no charge and rarely interact with other particles, as soon they strike an atom they flash a light that’s how they sense the prof of their existence. This approach come so close to my perspective when I mentioned about friction between Dark-Energy over core Dark Matter, 70 % of Earths heat is generated from radioactivity that are releases between D.E and D.M , I stand behind my theory that Earths core is made of Dark-Matter that have diversity levels of density surrounded by Dark-Energy clouds.

All sound frequencies from stars and planets travel in the entire Universe by low and high octave sound wave tones and frequencies simultaneously middling intersect each other still interfere sounds but they keep their own personality distinct canons though their waves modulate each other. Most scientist agree that space is empty yet there are many gravitational  energy fields, Our entire Universe contain other form of energy fields that still have to be discovered Our scientist did not reach yet to their conclusive discoveries yet, as I described formerly Universe is like a vast Ocean though vacuum but still full of energy field of other phenomena, some scientist give the name a luminiferous ether, some give the name EM-Field  or G-Field still we are in the beginning to analyze the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe, modulated by unknown forces that keep the entire Universe in balanced movement regulation and principles the way atoms complete their task encircling planets stars and galaxies do their chores. Of course some scientist has more supporters than others regarding their theories, but reality do not tolerate sooner or later will be proved the truth of the matter. If everything done by gravitational attraction to pull everything nonstop ultimately everything will ruin inward by extreme density compression, this is the reason my perspective that in gravitational process there is also limitation and borderline of attraction in static university some connect that to accretion but very close by elements will lose their connection their connection to accretion sooner or later, electrons obey standard principles with sound frequency of protons that is Dark-Matter.

Bow shocks face as a shield against on rushing solar winds in small, short, yearn and stained pulses, this reminds me Binaural beats we receive from the Universe that are also great volume of sound fields of electron diffusion signals according to Dark-Matter magnetosphere’ portals. This process is studied by (MMS) it will be sent four spacecraft that will circle the Earth to study portals, as I described in my perspective we can see the volume of Dark-Matter in other planets, moons and stars, also asteroids have ring systems around them by effect of gravity is sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter core all elements take commendation to act connecting covalent bounding that are re energized by same harmony sound echo ( like the example I used in other articles A string note on violin starts to vibrate and make sound when outside note A reach to the violin that have same value tone condensate twitch. Same process I explained in Black hole gravity and in title our Sun.

In my presentation core of Earth is pure Dark-Matter invisible liquidly dense matter, its density range unpredictably can be changed its concentrations. Surrounding core also we have Dark-Energy electromagnetism flow, grating the core by D.E poignant surface effects on D.M releasing Earthly sounds similar to whoops following after echo like other whoops also string of chirps with chatter sounds, this sounds contain other formality of codes that can be implicit to other planets and stars, there are many other forms of sounds that still are not familiar to us that can travel in vacuum space. Secondary similar mechanism can also be found by spinning electromagnetism clouds on Earths twin Radiation belts that is surrounding our planet, those energies also somehow get friction with loose expanded Dark-matter around the Earth, plus with other loose elements, this frictions also release whistle like whoops followed by string of chirps that we call it Earthly sounds, those sounds are very unnoticeable range than our human hearing that is between 10KHz to 20KHz. Surrounding twin Radiations on Earth can be noticed by special textures of sounds in A I KHz, outer belt show more inconsistency than inner radiation belt, collective elements are less abbreviated in that range, sometimes they producing radiation other times sound melodies, in my other article Universal sound I explaining that entire Universe and language of atoms is based on tone reaction codes to far complex for us to recognize in our times.

Regarding melt down of all ice on the planet is almost impossible but we should be worry to recover, till now there is about 7 billion in population, Human consumption rate of energy is about 20 Terra Watt (TW). 2100 Earth s population might grow to 15 billion to double. Regarding Earth its interior also produces about 30TW. Hopefully trigger happy countries don’t push the nuke buttons, at normal rate if we don’t have any surprises volcano activity from Yellowstone Park flow from earth's entire ice of the planet will not totally melt down, planets interior is about 45TW. Out of that 70%, about 31TW, is in form of earthquakes. Earth`s surface ground already is 10% plus 20% or about 9TW flows out in volcanic activity it will need more heat just to melt down 16000 cubic kilo meter ice in arctic, both polar with Antarctic will remain always some ice in long run.

                                               RADIATION BELT ZONES AROUND EARTH

Lately we just starting to realize to observe more detailed in astroparticle particles and other finite things that was not possible before to measure their existence, for example extraterrestrial particles that was recorded in Antarctica. Already I described earlier that all matter element forms center is clusters of bubbles of Dark-Matter as proton, surrounded by unlimited helix coils joined as cable of electron that is Dark-Energy spinning on protons to form an atom. Same principle is found in larger scale in center Earths core surrounded by D.E we just realized that same principle ordinance Earth is surrounded by two Radiation belts inner and outer mode, same dust rings contain other planets like dust rings glow that are called Zodiac lights, dust ring on Venus orbit is from one end to other end about 137 million miles, this show similarity dusty ring on our planet, in same principle form of atoms and core Earth always clouds of Dark-Energy spins surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles, there is activity all around galaxies stars and planets movement by Dark-Energy, also in vacuumed space movements of electromagnetic solar winds, if the moving force contain more particle of dust it will be easy to notice, less dust that solar wind will be hard to noticed because the dust material will be Finite, in my conclusion all particles planets moons stars and galaxies are operational in this same theory principle, if we cannot prove now in the future we might have more sensitive tools to observe the action.

Dark Matter invisible can condense or expend enlarge extend to guzzle into larger form to gulp entire planet Earth or the Sun or extend to immerse entire galaxies inside the bubble. Always the edge of the bubble surrounding are collected invisible Dark-Energy cloud flows, that’s why we always have invisible protective enigmatic force field that covers our planet Earth that operate by flow of D.M operated on low-frequency electromagnetism, electrons are materialized from Dark-Energy that are always in close range with Dark-Matter invisible bubbles. According to NASA enigmatic force field protecting the Earth is called “Ultraelativisttic” and another level force field. NASA launched two probes the Van Allen probe MIT that detected particles that was never detected before, the floating energy almost close to speed of light shielding Earth from solar blows and harmful radioactive rays and other harmful cosmic beams,, this bubble shields are called Earth`s magnetosphere, some scientists that were supposing this energy was released from Earth`s magnetic field, they changed their perspectives when Earth`s magnetic dropped once 30% and still the barrier stood in same protective level, so the force is not part of Earth`s magnetic field effect, this phenomena known “Plasmaspheric hiss” Just recently scientist discovered this force fields it might be many other things that still it have to be discovered, one thing for sure This planet is created by supernatural intelligence to make planet Earth qualified very convenient for humankind and other form of living things.

There are many forms of invisible spinning belts adjusted according to Bow shock of rest of solar system and our Galactic bow shock measures recently realizing to the influence they show on planets in Solar system. There is great possibility effect that Jupiter`s Red spot might be also Dynamic energy or Dark-Energy that active moving all dust particles in longevity storm like Radiation belt Bow shocks that can spin on different height on hemisphere similar to Radiation belts inner and outer mode that is weaker on our planet hemisphere, same dust rings contain other planets like dust rings glow that are called Zodiac lights, dust ring on Venus orbit. The one Jupiter has is stronger storm because the spin of Dark-Energy is moving 225 miles per hour that is only the dust particles otherwise the invisible Dark Energy moving in great speed inside the Red Spot storm of Bow shock that is touching the surface of the planet Jupiter Red Spot that is 24.000 Km across, about 40 Km deep and almost 12.000 Km vertically. Dark-Energy can and there is no limitation to its maneuvering power and direction in all levels of planets stars and galaxies, meanwhile according to my calculations if Van Allen radiation belts are Dark-Energy that transformed into electromagnetism that can give possibilities for the radiation belt around Earth to travel close to speed of light because light particles are condensed helix coils or in electron cable lines that can also travel in speed of light, that gives the possibilities to accelerate to near speed of light, any moment when new directives are given by covalent bonding principles that Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter communicate it can be acquired to be achieved faster accelerations, as I explained earlier, such as Earth Neptune Uranus Saturn Neptune all planets in our solar system and beyond including all stars contain this principle spinning though they are magnetically durable locked in energy but they have principal directives in all electromagnetism radiation belt surroundings and pulsars neutron stars and black holes some consider it quasars they all contain this force in expanded most potent flow surrounding its cores.

                                                         VAN ALLEN RADIATION BELT

Van Allen is a large doughnut shape energy force shield surrounding planet Earth, range of effect starts 1000 miles up of Earth’s surface, some machinery building block components, robots or tools can pass through Van Allen radiation field because radiation don’t effect as humans get influenced by radiation, so astronauts need special gear to surround their space exploration capsules to endure through Van Allen radiation belt that Apollo 11 did not have, I wonder how this superhuman passed through Van Allen radiation belt and return to bass back into Earth without harming themselves? (Huh) humans can travel up to 230 miles up in Earth’s orbit where Van Allen does not reach Earth

                   From where the energy power of Van Allen radiation belt comes from?

AS I described Earths core is made of Dark-Matter surrounded by cloud volumes of Dark-Energy. In my UFO subject I described how Dark-Matter group of bubble are separated from core and leave the surface of our planet in the forms of UFO so called spaceships and in other forms, in the same domains, we can experience their ejection on land in Russia by mysterious phenomena holes inside condensed forest where equipment’s to drill cannot be moved in also there is no dirt’s nearby that were moved from holes that go in unknown deep stages or some call it bottomless, There was a bottomless hole happening 1997 also in Utah USA called Mel`s hole (from Art Bell) surrounding built bricks inside like a wall 16 miles deep, but somehow it is covered and disappeared. There are other locations worldwide and also in the oceans. Some portions of Dark-Energy leaves to surround core of Earth released from greater electromagnetism volume and take shapes of ball of lightning, we can observe them every year section of 250 kilometers long section of Mekong river at Phon Phisait town of Amphoe-phon Phisai, the lightning glowing reddish sparkles diverse balls are close to the size of a basketball in numbers about tens of thousands every night close to Buddhist rains in lake October, probably many years ago Buddhist felt this strange phenomena and built their temple close by, you might find many experiences farmers in Australia and India sow round ball lightning’s floating over their lands. So after this Ampho-Phone thousands of balls raise the ground they all gradually disappear after raising hundred meters up without any explosion or any effect, their energy does not vanish or dissolve but scatter in larger volume of less concentration forms, continue to raise up till they reach Radiation belt zones of our planet in separate two rings forms, joining with other portions of cosmic background radiation zones before them. Similar to this phenomena there are other locations on Earth`s southern people are observing Noctilucent clouds and Aurora, of course there is a difference between this bright deluxe filaments of sunlight-reflections and Aurora inside atmosphere, some predict that nitrogen molecules in sky is mixing with high ground sunlight producing this flashing phenomena in my perspectives are also Dark-Energy balls that are scattered to give luxurious effect of rippling Noctilucent flashing lush that can be found in south pole. Dark Matter invisible force that are released from core of the Earth sound frequency wavelength reaction to spread Dark Matter invisible bubbles on top of ionosphere to activate continuous flow of smaller portions D.M bubbles combined with interaction plasma to maintain radiation belt that forms strong protection magnetic field around our planet.

Before reaching outer electron or radiation belt 8.000 miles above our planet Earth contains personal Zebra stripes in magnetic field. This is also generated by core Dark-Matter and reach to mix with Dark-Energy electron distinctions measurements that divide wall of energy by stripes that are result of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter tangle force temporal resolution energy fields that contain sound frequency wave tone codes so our planet can affirm its location ordinance drift inside the Universe, solar wind just can join into this flow but major force is from competing process of Earth’s core magnetic field defector shield that might have appearance as zebra stripes. The continuous message waves connect Earths position in our solar system and in the Milky Galaxy to inform with cosmoses quantum lot location.


There are many unknown energy forces that should be discovered, already we heard about consequent zero point energy absolute energy vacuum energy electromagnetism energy Dark Matter energy field quantum field fermionic field gauge filed Higgs field and many similar other theories and energy fields. I like to consider also Matu force field, all biological livings have some sort of energy field that have stimuli circling energy size of small about car size sphere roll leave back of the person go up pass over the head go down to emerge the body under the heart section and continue circling same flow repeating the movement till someday the person dies, in my “DNA” post I mentioned that every living creature including insects and animals and human beings have their own Expansion enlarged  Dark-Matter bubbles that entrenches the living being, collectively entire atoms of a person are connected with personality harmony sound tone frequency wavelength that are contained in their own private Dark Matter bubble, (Matu) force is free of electrons leaves out from the bubble and be connected or touched the Universal language of atoms and Universe go back into the body encircling inside the person inner realm. I have a post considering “Atoms are other form of living things” is very clear that not only atoms communicate and change their characteristic being orderly like army soldiers on line they can live 12 billion years and apply all principles that is expected from their characteristics. Same manner all-stars planets and galaxies have own life form personalities birds group of bird big swarms cloud wavelength of birds act as one person. It might be possibility that bird flocks are congregated to be guided by wave motion but also it might be possibility the expended D.M is embedding the entire flock to propagate change flying directives by sound frequency tuning, as a living force D.M have transmitting complex tunes wavelengths, as the bird flock get larger they are more united coherent but more difficult to be guided when flock is dampen, all atoms are connected to communicate with Universal language also they continue link transmitting information, if atoms are in clusters or part of a biological or other living thing on Earth. Atoms molecules cells all are collective of two energies DE D.M portions to form all elements all particles and complete human beings, they all contain life force that is originated by D.E and D.M. Human beings have(Matu) flow also our planet has its own (Matu) ripples flow magnetic field lines not exactly the same but similar to aurora inclinations, some scientist have been noticing calling it field of plasma structure that made of layers of positive ions (D.M is positive DE is negative) this flow come out from our planet like human(Matue) and go back into Earth in range of ionosphere top of Earth’s atmosphere, this maneuvering also back up my theories that Our planet Earth also is another other form of living thing as atom contain two major force fields D.E and D.M all stars and Earth is collection of this atoms plus center of all mass of matter is made of pure D.M and surrounded by DE energy fields, in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I described that all life energy started from this energy flow.

                                                    PERIHELION and APHELION

Earth travels very fast with the entire solar system total objects inside Milky Way galaxy, meanwhile all planets and moons while travel speeding into certain direction still at the same time they also travel to orbit around Sun, Earth orbits around Sun average of 93 million miles away, sometime it get slightly closer to Sun reaching 91 million miles that is called Perihelion from Greek word “Peri” (close) “Hellion” (Sun) other times Earths circular orbit get furthest up to 95 million miles away from the Sun that is called by Greek letter Aphelion “Apo”(Away) “Hellion” (Sun) If Perihelion was closer to Sun we all be cooked by great heat, if Aphelion was farther Earth was totally going to be freeze so we are supernaturally adjusted by perfect position from Suns circular orbit that we can survive, for example planet Mercury I orbits around the sun 28 million miles Perihelion and Aphelion 44 million miles away from Sun that is catastrophic hot. Certain measurement was needed calculating distances between planets, scientist on track use Astronomical units (AU) one unite between Sun and Earth is one AU that is 93 million miles.


By standard principle everything is made combination of invisible Dark-Matter (-) 30.000 amperes or more, that can distributed into proton clusters that can shrink or puff, second one invisible Dark-Energy (+) that can release electrons, they two gale around inside the Earth’s core inside mantle Earth’s crust and everywhere around, sometimes this two forces meet by their polarity differences inside clouds we call this electrostatic discharges lightning. So far there are several types of lightning’s; first three are shown by flashes inside a cloud to itself (intra-cloud) second one between two clouds (CC) then in between clouds and the ground (CG) all this lightning are produced by aggregation between Dark-Matter energy Field and Dark Energy force field by discharging opposite polarities. Earth can produce about 1.4 Billion flashes each year 70% of it on ground territories the rest on watery areas followed by sound of thunderstorms. Fourth types of lightning are ball lightning that I explained in another post (Dark-Matter Bubbles) that also is caused by electronic field those circuits continuously for a while without any discharge.

The fifth types of lightning is Dark-Lightning that show no flash light happens always in same height levels in the higher certain altitudes in strength of about million times stronger than regular flash that travels into all direction except hitting the ground releasing great amount of gamma and rays X-Rays this force is made of ionized radioactive instance energy, sometimes Airlines meet or go through this sort of radioactive lightning’s that can effect harmful insinuations, comparison to flash 1000 lightning only one Dark-Lighting might occurs. As we observe integral-cloud lightning’s the collective charges that maneuver in certain regions also it is questionable how cloud to Earth aggregation follow one starting from clouds the other released from the ground travel same direction tunnel to meet in opposite go through starting point to reach with opposite charges to strike in same point where they meet showing that there is intelligence behind their activity, regarding cloud to another cloud also greater mass of water molecules release their electrons charges according to volumes of their accumulation electrostatic energy and before discharging communicate with the other cloud atmosphere. Probably there might be other form of lightnings that still not known to us.

There are many variety of lightning including ball lightning that effect only limited a few meter square territory, also there are other energy burst that are not lightning but other sort of burst that are the effect of Dark-Energy overloads, This is unusual lighting are not vertical but horizontal where entire large scale of surface of the area is effected killing over hundreds of deer’s and some group of cattle elsewhere.

Lightning also happens on planet Jupiter, once a while Jupiter releases some moister and also very rare but available some clouds can be shown out of nowhere Jovian lightning can be noticed near poles but it is very rare to see near equator of Jupiter, all planets and stars contain two different charge of electricity and sometimes electrical charges repel each other as lightning.

So far discharge of lightning is considered only flow strike of electrostatic energy, in reality there might be so many other hidden phenomena’s involve with lightning, one thing for sure some powerful gamma-rays flashes that can be seen electrical discharges after thunderstorms leaving trace of positrons, adding on this phenomena of dark-lightning accelerated positrons are produced as astrophysical plasma that water molecules are releasing data of memory in open field to release communication through electron diffusion gegions, portals that are released from deep core of this planet embraces all data from scattered cloud formation, portals also contain tons of magnetically charged particles that lightning might disassemble toil into gamma ray flashes with positrons that can be seen after each thunderstorm. In conclusion a lightning is generated to be activated by Dark-Matter core of this planet communicating with scattered water molecules cloud path leading to exchanging diffusion of data with the atmosphere of the planet Earth. It is a fact that this sort of portals released from earth sometimes reach far to 93 million miles reaching the Sun`s atmosphere as well, magnetic field is everywhere to connect into X-Points electron diffusion, center of all energy activity is between Dark-matter Bubbles and Dark-Energy starting formation of atoms to planets stars and galaxies.


When a portion of D.M leaves the inner core, moving around and meets D.E give effect of seismic behavior to lithosphere deformation and activities of the plats fault behavior is started from magnetic disturbances. D.M as a core and D.E as a floating bubbles of energy connected to a complex system of reservoirs, in the mantle they build up pre-seismic pressure, pushing the lithosphere and even stratosphere, from the bottom moving up, under its magnitude pressures on the plates, this performance computing seismic rupture, and Earthquakes we experience on Earth surprisingly these occur even at our solar system edge, sometime Dark-Matter stay same position with interference of Dark-Energy inside stratosphere signals by guiding energy to magma churning or flow to eruption starting from deep Asthenospere. Always is active, because D.E and D.M are continuously in action. Dark-Matter have control over protons behavior by low octave sound frequencies, Dark-Energy have its own effect on the matter surrounding the core, each have variation on all mass on Earth mantle stratosphere lithosphere, plate and layer sediment, Dark-Matter inner core control the level where the plates should be, sending messages to protons to go toward in by activating seduction descending plates by tumultuous magnetic activity from Dark-Matter bubbles that each have personal magnetic activity and values inside the core cluster of D.M bubbles sideways or opposite action to up-welling mantle to push the crust plate upward forming new crust, convection current don’t push or pull the tectonic on their own flow for making even Fast-spreading Ridge, every accompanying activity is connected to  individual force field  bubble activity to surface. Both D.E and D.M variation balance changes move the material on Earth`s lithosphere movements and each have different electrical disturbance reflecting waves effect over Basalt or uppermost mantle or the crust and over the plate, also they regulate the gyration of the Earth by applying signals from the Sun. Excess moving metals by mining over surface or movements of large metallic objects like traffic of cars airplanes boats can affect all these balance of the D.E and D.M variations to activate imbalances to eruption in hypocenters. According my viewpoint convective currents are in balanced variation by D.E and D.M to pull or push tectonic have nothing to by their own ability, relation movements are done with D.E and D.M comparative variations the hypocenter is the deep location point where energy sanction matches are done we consider as fault where rapture begins then the vibration and sound are transferred to Epicenter crust depending what direction the repelling spurt blow was originated in Hypocenter. On the surface we can analyze each wave that has distinct proliferation physiognomies from type of wave’s primary or secondary waves either body waves or surface waves. All over the world have different gravity force levels by infer meter can be measured, regarding turbulence airplanes experience is not because of air mixed freely or dense location but it happens by “gravity waves” released from earth and in directives in open become “gravitational waves"

Starting point inside the core of the Earth is created by two forces, centre core is 7 layers of different density of Dark-Matter, most condensed section in the inner core, gradually less density section reach to outer core where it forms as liquid appearance but still invisible and 15 times more condensed than lead. This core is encircled by Dark-Energy invisible force field that chafing with Dark Matter core rasping generates tremendous heat. Some evaluating this heat 7.230 0 F gradually the heat is spread into the mantle that is 84% of our Planets volume that have average thickness of 1,793 miles. In all this activity core remains cool not effected by heat because heat and light do not penetrate Dark-Matter, from surface of friction section of two forces So gradually temperatures in layers spreads from top of outer core into stiffer mantle then to Athenosphere to rigid mantle, upper layers of mantle is mostly composed of silicate rock and minerals, when gets cooled down until reaching to Ocean crust that is Basaltic and reaching to Continental crust that is Granitic, though heat cools down still some flow reach out by volcanoes and seismic activity, still gravitational wave guides the movement of the mantle, my experience as a Jeweler, melted object give equally to outer presser when spinning, one tiny point don’t show extra presser then the rest they all mass divide equally to surface. Wavelength of mantle current reaches 10.000 kilometers with amplitudes of two kilometers, why then some portions of within mantle wavelength current push outward Earth’s surface bobs with more pressure release lands upward and some areas with less pressure making land and mountains sink down as we see in activities of tectonic plates and activity with single territories? Personally I believe that Dark-Energy controls from core every portion of matter by sending directives into clump of atoms to be connected into Universal gravitational expansion flow harmoniously, that’s why we experiencing separate patterns in every section of our planet.

Earthquakes are not only result of tectonic activities, as we experiencing many earthquakes like Okhotsk quake can occur inside lower mantle over 600 Km deep magma layers where there is no any hard mass tectonics, passing through shallow mantle transition regions or basaltic magma can’t reach to lower mantle in solid form, that explains earthquakes are the product of clashing two invisible forces of Dark Energy and Dark mater releasing light just before the impact, same process is done in very hot and soft layers of magma layers. These two forces are connected with universal sound frequency cod wavelengths that are connected to entire Cosmos, though they are separate forces but united in resonating process to exist.

Directive frequencies from core of Earth is not always in same levels, no matter how unnoticeable to humans they have code messages to the surface, beside all sort of waves there are also micro seismic S waves that can be also generated by water waves that are pounding at ocean Flores very faint 0.05 to 0.5 Hz Similar waves also happen through P waves primary wave micro seismic that can be released through major hurricanes, this category that also faint waves range. Before an earthquake occurs sometimes P waves are recorded by very sensitive scales, this makes clear that core of this Planet already can released stronger or weaker Hz frequencies, no matter how faint they might be still faint wave travel to accomplish their purposes especially when atoms communicate in lower faint Hz frequency range, the sound that planet earth releases are coded messages to entire mass of this planets magma, moreover either into deep or upper crust, plus from lower to upper mantle structure to guide all movement on the surface lands, entire sea and Ocean seashores respect to that sound that core is releasing continuously.

Directive frequencies are released from core of our planet to guide not only Tectonic plates but also every lump portion of Astenosphere that is top portion of magma that is more worm tacky fluid underneath the tectonic plates, fraction of two forces of magma and Astenosphere create rocks depending their pressure to form dense or less dense rocks. One thing by X-ray images shows that certain locations like South Eastern USA have formed by many thick regions of dense rocks but other areas show rocks that are less dense. More or less all this variations and movement of tacky fluid Astenosphere with molten magma that are effected by core frequency variation might have difference in earthquake activities.

Exactly what is an earthquake?

During time each group of Dark-matter from core of this planet as Directive frequencies move each tectonic plate locate into individual directions, before an earthquake start Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter reach into friction zone, over land experts explain the movements of gravity waves but inside water it earthquake waves gives totally different effect, one experienced diver that encountered 5.9 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines told about inside underwater quake the following “ I felt like there was huge propeller of a big boat turning around directly above us we heard underwater the trembling of rocks under the ground and felt a shock wave, it hurt our ears, feeling heavy breathing and sudden changes in pressure” then explained “The sea bed pumped up and down immediately followed by a strong shaking of the ground and the small rocks falling” he added “ Team dive leader aborted the dive and no untoward incident happened”

According to this explanation of this courageous diver who has all the important precise details of his surrounding I conclude that two invisible energy clashing to each other and releasing force so several locations up down right and left including the pressure that surrounds everything nearby. Friction waves could generate a whirlpool pulling everything down or any direction because of these forces hitting each other.

Datum varieties

Planet Earth was described as round ball or balloon shape but is not. It has uneven shape worldwide, some territory lands are lower than the sea level some higher levels, same thing under the sea and Oceans land soils has uneven surface, the reason I explained earlier, center core of this planet has 7 layers of different density of Dark-Matter, most condensed section in the inner core, every spot of the core releases different levels influencing frequency codes to effect into Earths Astenosphere layer sediments then over the tectonic plates, that’s why some areas receive stronger directives from the core some less. Scientist trying to measure the surface by mathematical calculations data about Latitude and Longitude, same positions has been using Google and Smartphone’s, because surface is uneven, since 1984 geologist has been using calculative circle “Datum” WGS84 (World Geodetic system) forming invisible mathematical models to consider Earths accurate land surface position, that might not be suitable for other countries, lines that might affect length or deepness of their positions territories that differs from surrounding continents as local Datum and compare with other Global Datum is not 100% accurate because plate tectonics are moving all the time so they need new mathematical models, meanwhile local Datum are used as NAD83 for North American territories WGS84 for global and many others according to their geographic positions. For me one thing is clear that activity of the core of this planet made the ups and down variations of plate tectonics, core activity frequency wavelengths been in process for 4.5 billion years.

Dark-Matter core releases unusual humming’s as micro seismic signals that some confuse saying it might be from mid-Ocean ridges are generating seismic waves or are from Ocean waves, in reality those hums are constant and released by core of the Earth in very low frequency tone waves that is the language of the Universe all stars and planets participate communication inside our Galaxy, atoms also communicate in same principles of sound tone waves that is too faint for us to feel, once a while all whales without seeing miles away other whales in same synchronized moment face to the floor of the Ocean and answer back to core Earth by very law frequency sounds conversations, answering back to all ripple micro seismic signals that Earth previously had released, rest of animals butterflies and birds all understand this signals and apply precision in their participation to communicate with mother nature especially summertime. From planets core D.M starts to release more communication frequencies passing through from deepest layers it seems that giving a wobble inside Earths rotational axis. D.M is alive and intelligent force field it does not release anything going on up to nature, during this month’s April to October to the surface of the Earth, human expectation is to see seasonal slashing that might trigger by saturation of the lands or by solar tidal forces that nudge nucleation process suspecting that sensitive stress takes to perturbation, in my perspective D.M don’t need any other help, anytime it will hit an earthquake.

In my perspective all geological activities are stimulated by Dart-Matter bubbles that releases wavelengths to all nearby atoms to be connected into gravity fluctuation of energy warping, as many division parts core dark matter splits that many separate lithosphere plate will be detached, all constant state of changes is combined with rigid separation of D.M, though they are parted still D.M bubbles touch each other, mantle has its own density and weight, when divided lithosphere slide along of their boundaries or collide into each other their weight has no any effect to sink into deep mantle otherwise mount Everest could not stay up that far, mass and weight of any lithosphere plate has no personal choosing where to go eventually how much high or how low plate tectonics form is the effect is effected by Dark-Matter cores wavelengths, anytime if core bubbles form any new separation from the main mass planet Earth will introduce to us into new plate tectonic. Nearby planets in our solar system have no separated lithosphere plate but any moment if its core Dark-Matter Splits we will notice new plate tectonics on their lithosphere as well.

Crustal Deformation Sensor.

To prove my theory using a new device called “Crustal Deformation Sensor” that is a monitoring equipment, when earth`s crust in certain areas creep into one direction, sideways or lit-up or down. In my perspective, if the complete crustal body is moving one direction it should not contain individual solo movements in separate action in the same crustal deformation. According to measurements by radio waves on surface of Earth`s center core they noticing sharp cones of liquid forms that are up and down, as I explained in my Post “Gravity” core of our planet is Dark Matter that releases separate frequencies according to their form to the crust and surface of the planet Earth, gravity of Earth mass are operated in different strength according what the frequencies are released to atoms to cooperate and take action, that`s why some location on the planet has stronger or weaker gravity characteristics, according my perspective we can monitor on same geological crust being deformed into one direction other points are different rushing locations, separate than whole entire crust, when certain geological areas by sound frequencies are under influence from Dark Matter all of the moment from nowhere Dark Energy com and meet the target trembling the entire section with earthquake, force friction between Dark Energy and Matter.

Adding to this approach, watching the solar system we can notice all movements of planets are not the same, that show Sun is not totally guiding the movements of the planets, for example almost all other planet Earth rotates from West to East anti clockwise but Venus and Uranus have their own way of guidance’s, Venus rotates antic o’clock that takes 243 Earth day to spin but it takes 225 Earth days to rotate around the Sun. Regarding planet Uranus it has totally unique position it virtually spinning on its side with an angle of 98 degrees where its moons follow Uranus’s rotational directives on same angle. In my perspective I believe that entire Universe is carried out in some sort of invisible Ocean field where all transport motions in Universe go through space-time through the invisible some sort of liquid that scientist call it “Super fluid” I mentioned about invisible Ocean long time ago connecting into force field of invisible Dynamic Matter that scientist call it Dark-matter. So regarding gravity that universe is embedded in some sort of invisible Ocean field has separate sections of flow line that effect or give different results such as happening with planet Venus and Uranus that are guided through warp space-time individual gravity field.

 Seismology labels two type of waves that are released before any earthquake are called “S” waves and “P” waves, in my calculation “P” waves are released energy from Dark-Energy “S” waves are directive command from core of Dark-matter into section where this conflict of powers will damage by shaking. As soon Dark-matter releases command into atoms that are in certain geological smidgeon point section, Dark-Energy right away sends P waves to keep location in certain conformation line, as soon atoms obey directive command from D.M by S waves to warp into quantum entanglement flow right away P waves from Dark-Energy push back as fluctuation, S wave take first step to make atoms move right away P waves push back S push P push back that will create damaging shaking the ground as far this process continues until S waves stop sending sound frequency tone reactions, some seismologist contemplate that crust is so hard it pushes other rocks to adjust their positions that’s why earthquake happen, but don’t be surprised same earthquakes happen in soft mantle soft location of melting lava. Because p waves can approach faster some scientist might make an early warning system and inform population in advanced technology calling into radio stations and smart phones.

I recognize earthquakes that are from effect of Dark Matter that are released in low octave sound frequencies to certain locations as X point in the hard crust or deeper in the mantle soft locations, as soon DM frequency spectrum grab element in certain location later on Dark energy comes to divergence this build up that creates earthquakes, repeated process in other times on same locations form special characteristic forming quake fault line, in my perspective all pre earthquakes are based with release of frequencies from Earth`s core that is large volume of invisible Dark matter same invisible force field that atoms core contain, as soon low octave frequencies are pin pointed into that will give effect of slow precursors spectra wavelengths we will not sense it but some ants will gathering into D.M signal X spectrum locations, other animals and insects will sense it too before earthquake strikes, everything is based on complex tone reaction in the language atoms can understand I call this communication Universal language, core of this planet like a large bell waves directive sound wavelength echoes that are complex comment to all atoms, in my other post “atoms are other form of living things” you will find additional information.


All activities of plates when to push each other or plates moving apart embankment effect comes from directives from Dynamic Matter that results geological form of diking or controlled holding one plate and others, clusters in center earth that is the core of the planet are condensed energy dense invisible bubble group that act distinctly or give different messages to each one to its own plate on the surface its obstacle barriers are not seen but we can notice excavated materials then released magnitude energy by calculating the results. Any weaker or stronger earthquake is the result of frequency directives from Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) hold plate frame as obstacles barrier to stay firm till they are released..

Much potentials came from US Array component of the Earths cope project that shows seismic activity in unusual places, temblors been found also across the US intraplate or middle of tectonic sections that are not near fault lines. Many explanations going on regarding earth`s layers there is a section called ferropericlase strength that raises pressure by great strength to upper boundaries, changing from so hot temperatures flowing than rising into cooling position that sinking lands in slow-motion, some areas down welling’s later up-welling’s that effect rock mantle movement rate that results tremors and seismic movements, others add details that upper mantle from tectonic or lithosphere sections contain abundant of minerals. In my perspective if pressure in mantle uncontrollably burst out without limit all hot mantles can come out to surface, I believe there is invisible regulator force in motions in pressure and flow inside our planet that brings into my theory that Dark-Matter core releasing sound frequency tone reaction that will be controller direct all element to stay into certain length in their movement or flow to settle in their border line suppository, as we see the effect later on D.M interfered by invisible force field of Dark-Energy to generate frictions as I described earlier. So earthquakes can take anywhere inside soft mantle or edge of tectonic plates or in the middle safe sections of tectonic plates. Most people are convinced that tension between two plates starts tension boundaries to strike after build up pressure that cant slip fault collide, letting less stuck tension when two plates smoothly pass each other side by side or other changes, What is the major power that moving the plates or controlling their movements, in conclusion all movements or directives comes deep from core of Earth frequency tone reaction core of the Earth contains large formations of Dark Matter bubbles where each portion might give different range of thoroughfare into ferropericlase and later on into plates that settle according to code to bring into range of arithmetic gravity as fluctuation that we call it Earthquake.

Basalt structures 

According to my perspective best example regarding sound wave frequency directives we see after active flow of lava cools down where contained great volume of columnar or six angled columnar basalt structure racket side by side, almost same size structures art work laying side by side, starting point is volcanic basalt that are influenced from center core of the earth as I described earlier by Dark-matter frequencies to be formed at surface embedded in a finger grained matrix. D.M directs their structural flow starting from upwelling mantle exactly same way light radiations forms this basalt's after cooling down reflect the flow of inner gravity push composition to row as lines of six column shape art of rock folding bars side by side, combination of materials inside basalt react more properly into D.M directives when composition basalt contain  20% Quarts this asphalt is aphanitic igneous rock also it contains iron oxide iron-titanium oxide that makes its mass more magnetic especially it contains magnetite ilmenite ulvospinel olivine pyroxene pigeonite and many other elements mineral textures. Dark-Matter affects all directives of elements but somehow basalt that contains quarts elements and is 10% feldpathold by volume leaves effect of gradational beam colon structures that have six cornered sedimentary layers, this is the exact shape of beams that Dark-matter direct into the surface of the planet passing through decompression melting of the mantle very similar to light beams structural shape, of course all basalt don’t carry same structural shapes as we see with pillow vesicular or columnar basalt as we see in Yellowstone, it depends what mineral contents embedded. We can’t see frequency code tone radiation flow of Dark-Matter but we can notice effective flow on volcanic basalt. In my other posts I explained that core of every planet or mass there is a core of invisible Dark-Matter core, the effect that I explained inside earth Dark-Matter directive rays that go through mantles up to the surface works in the same procedures or system on our Moon Venus Mars Jupiter including asteroid vista and other asteroids and stars.

                                      Earths personal Planetrics logarithmic scales

Any great changes on the crust either fracking or mining or large volume of oil is removed from locations on Earth likely to develop unsettle harmony balance that previously supervised by Dark-Matter directives, for 5 billion years Dark-matter supervise location of every atom over the planet all that is dislocated by modern travel and mining, seismologist agreed that new strike areas where fracking is taking place new earthquakes follow, magnitude of earthquakes are given by numbers, for example magnitude 5 on established by (Charles Richter) magnitude scale point is magnified 33 times stronger releasing energy more powerful than 4 points intensity scale, considering 6 point magnitude scale that energy released will be multiplying complete force on 5 point scale 33 times stronger, on top of that how long will take (duration) is additional modified mercali intensity, if you continue multiplication comparison 8 or 9 point scale the number might reach 1000 times more powerful energy released. Each Richter scale also is based by 10 logarithmic scales 5.6 5.7 5.8 so on to define magnitudes like radio logarithm showing amplitude of seismic waves that seismometer divide fixed measurements in magnitude, to compare seismic moments and moment magnitude scales, Entire planet Earth has its own vibration fields any small or larger other movement plus sea waves adds other frequency seismic waves that we don’t feel but entire vibrations of the planet register that variances or register by Earth`s “Planetics logarithmic scale” that are collected by core of Dark-matter in the Center of the planet.

Atoms and planets stars are too different in their sizes but have similar outlook with round shape, planet Earth and the moon or other planets have very small opening in the bottom and top where the axes endings are located, same with atoms no matter how fast electrons spin around the core they have a point in the center top and bottom part that electron don’t pass over it, it is a window for core Dark-Matter to pass whenever it expanding in excess size or volume so don’t feel captive in the core spot. Inside the star is full of diluted Dark-Matter but there is a tunnel of opening in the north and south center point of Axes spot. Standing up on North or South pole you will weigh less than when standing on Equator.

                                                   What generates Earthquakes?

Dark-Matter core releases unusual humming’s as micro seismic signals that some confuse saying it might be from mid-Ocean ridges are generating seismic waves or are from Ocean waves, in reality those hums are constant and released by core of the Earth in very low frequency tone waves that is the language of the Universe all stars and planets participate communication inside our Galaxy, atoms also communicate in same principles of sound tone waves that is too faint for us to feel, once a while all whales without seeing miles away other whales in same synchronized moment face to the floor of the Ocean and answer back to core Earth by very law frequency sounds conversations, answering back to all ripple micro seismic signals that Earth previously had released, rest of animals butterflies and birds all understand this signals and apply precision in their participation to communicate with mother nature.


                                           Who moves or effect on global warming?

I believe that all weather activities might be effect and directives of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that can control hiatas pause changing climate in a certain way that many climate skeptics might be confused, also this two energy matter fields can effect on so called natural cycles of temperature, who sends and percolates El-Ninio or opposite reaction La Nina that suck the heat to nowhere, invisible forces guides Pacific decadal oscillation plus Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation and can affect any moment on changes that drowned heat, it is not only the Sun but also invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter the winds to churn the water and send the rain wherever they wish, though we call all this Natural cycle of temperature in reality other main energies govern all procedures.

                          Who moves the plate Tectonics? The Sea and Air flows?

In my perspective all planets stars and moons have hallow section in the center that is invisible Dark-Matter though they are 15 times more condensed that lead but still invisible force, sometimes we can witness very large rocks in south pacific near New Zealand floating rocks 300 miles in length and 30 miles in width, some guess that they are created from underwater volcanoes effecting on pores in the rock to make them float to sit two feet above the surface of the waves, in my conclusion South new Zealand floating rocks have center hallow sections that contain invisible Dark-matter.

Pattern of Macquary Ride in New Zealand Ocean flow stands out, as Dark-Matter directs Oceanic waves by sound frequency wavelengths to command all territorial element to be guided accordingly same activity force have been seen with weather flow in meteorological conditions plus all activities with plate tectonics continent-sized chunks in Earth`s crust if caused by sound guidance from Dark-Matter, D.M makes sound tones to that portion of tectonic plate to grab universal idealized spring sole harmony or quantum entanglement to drift slowly has been directed, no matter how dense or how thinner plates they are all been guided to push other tectonics land masses to collide, this plate tectonics have no mechanism push powers unless sound frequency entanglement in process, sometimes we experience thin seafloors push thicker larger mass like Himalayan mountains unceasingly, usually any grand mass of soil pushed each other edge it reaches a point where they stop and reverse but not in plate Tectonic processes, another point of view I present that any plate tectonic that collide with the other they all should raise on the other theoretically they will not shoved under edge all the way to the mantle, colliding masses should drift into mountains but as we see in Mariana trench that plate is sinking into mantle is because the effect of Dark-Matter sound tone wavelength tones that direct atoms to grab other force field flows to be moved accordingly, so in my conclusion flow Oceanic Meteorological and plate Titanic flows all are directed by Dark-Matter Earths core sound wavelengths and always is in constant operational state. Alongside the idea that all earthquakes have fixed separating faults linings there might be many other new not characterized faults that will be noted after they rapture, why earth faults are continuously moving? Because Dark-Matter directives are continuously affected everywhere, in soft magma in hard crust up and down or sideways, faults are the consequence flow directives from Dark-Matter.

Any location on planet Earth in any moment directives of core can affect the gravity of planet’s surface to make stronger or weaker, for example some areas in Canada have weaker gravity point on the surface, scientist trying to explain that underlying mantle rocks are slowly flowing downward like raft in a rapids that’s why certain territories having less or missing gravity. If I go along with that perspective I might expect same results in Mariana Trench that is East of the Mariana island inside Pacific ocean where the land is caving in into the mantle but the result is not matching. So core of the Earth is the control on surface gravity of the planet and any moment it can take new directives of changes with the results to be missing gravity or stronger ones. 

 Gravitational and magnetic pulses of the core that complete 760 miles in diameter Center of the Earth is liquid Dark-Matter generate scrabbling always between opposite gravitational of meted iron that spin mixed with Dark-Energy clouds around the core in 6000 F0 but the core stay cool because heat and light do not penetrate Dark-Matter, this fluctuation in speed generates acoustics waves that core always commend to other molecules all around the Earth and it is same acoustic waves that we experience in regular earthquakes, the principle is based on core communication low and high frequency of waves pulses sound that effect as acoustic variations. 

There are other forms of Earthquakes for example Frost quakes. Certain time of the year temperature might drop in great scales and all surrounding water freezes by sudden very low temperatures, not only lakes or rivers expand by freezing but also the soils and rocks that contain liquids, this phenomena is considered as cryoseism or as frost quake that suddenly can generate bursts of large booms as earthquake sound, according to scientist cryoseism earthquakes are considered a true action in cold terrains that might occurs.

Till now geologist has been gathering many perspectives regarding data about inner planet Earth, after they realize principle of plate Titanic’s pushing each other to releasing geological pressure and releasing earthquakes, then they see that earthquakes also happening in deep molten areas where “Mantle” rocks are soft by heat in the range 1.6000 F to 9.0000 F, in the range of 1.800 miles wide. Still earthquakes are active in soft complex form. In my perspectives all the slow movements of “slabs” (Tectonics that are forming into abduction zone) and “Plumes“ (mantle hot spots flows are guided from deep mantle up to crust surface, are also guided by Dark-Matter gravitational pulses and all available “Piles” (Piles that lie opposite to each other like the one under Africa and another in equator) are also results of this D.M pulses, the way I put this together all form plate tectonics and hot materials either they are slip-sliding or sinking no matter how deep they spreading all geochemically are the result of gravity pulls all mater no matter what range of temperatures are connected to directives of 700 miles in radius core Earth’s gravitational pulse and they move into certain locations the way are guided and main center core of earth is impenetrable composition 15 times more than lead that is liquid form of Dark-Matter and heat does not penetrate into that zone giving the effect as solid core.

Dark-Matter changes its size density and volume, it is unpredictable, it has intelligence supervision on all other mass matters because entire Universe is spread Dark-Matter, all in one harmonious rheostat. Considering Yellowstone Park, some scientist estimated that eruption occurred every 640.000 years, calculating that we might be either overdue 60.000 years or eruptions’ happen every 700.000 years, regarding the magma position separately chamber underneath the Yellowstone is three times larger than what they predict, sometimes we might not be definite calculating volcanoes eruptions because during time gravitational flow can take another root in the speedy movements of our planet inside Milky Galaxy.

There is always expectation that earthquakes might happen only where wedges are laid down, in my perspective as presented earthquakes tremors occurs by vibrations that orchestrate by two different sort of energy and matter forces, as soon they meet bashing each other between section fault line also this might occurs also when there are no any fault line division sections, there has been recorded many new earthquakes where there has not been occurred before and this proves that earthquakes are orchestrated by two energy forces striking each other any new territorial locations on surface of the Earth and beneath soft mantle areas that has no hard rocks pressure to fraction, some might suspect that new locations of new earthquakes might be the result finding new resources of gas drilling or heavy equipment racking are the result but still have not been proven yet. Entire Earth all sections of surface plates all matter substances is in control movements of this two energy fields vibration that controls entire our planet same with other separate planets and stars all are guided by this two energy forces D.E and D.M.

Gravity is produced when sound frequency wavelengths from Dark-Matter core are released toward certain areas where all elements in that zone be directed to grab Quantum entanglement and move giving effect of gravitational flow, sometimes this directives can be measured only in certain beam like portions of land or water, for example this sort of activities can be seen by underwater wave, Toward Tasmania there is always forming underwater waves to be specific this location is in Macquarie Ridge that is located on New Zealand coast, gravitational wavelengths have their starting point also their dividing invisible walls that can collect to grab time warping loop that is the main entire force of our cosmos that holds everything to move or control by gravity field fluctuation as we see in Tasman underwater wave that hold certain volume continuously forming to operate only in certain location and for certain intelligence activity that we might know someday.

Core of this planet is invisible Dark-Matter force field, they release high and lower range signals all around the planet, some of this signals go beyond the atmosphere of the planet into other planets and our star releasing signals of communiqué in between other cores of planets and stars that also are made of Dark-Matter, it covers intelligence in other form of dynamism makeup that also encloses life in different sense than ours, this signals release from core are like portals open and close several times, by force of this activity it grabs some particles to send with the flow, between star on Earth there are real bound of boundaries and synchronize pour of portals that will not be interrupted, strong beam of portals are the wavelength directives that Dark-Matter releases to other planets and galaxies, some other less powered portals Earths core releases to penetrate the chemistry of the soil and register what was moved from one location into other sites. 

In my perspective any sound frequency from core that is released by Dark-Matter bubbles direct great volume of land or water to certain direction, that’s how earthquakes occurs, sometimes the movement is horizontal other times diagonal, certain effects that we see earth moving up and down, all this effect are done with same principle that I am describing, earthquake faults that are previously build is because of constant flow sound frequency from Dark matter that forming this local forms to be separated or push each other, in my earthquake post all action is according to this form of activities.

All slow movement drives of titanic happens when Dark Matter bubbles that are groups of separated 15 lumps of Dark Matter bubbles, each direct all certain mass that is responsible for certain tectonic plate, sound frequency of 15 Dark-Matter bubbles direct spreading transformed boundaries on surface of our planet. If drive of certain group that direct certain tectonic have to go no matter how hard it is climb over the other tectonic to move great volume up as mountain, for gravitational movement that is not a hard work very easy to accomplish, opening a basin under Ocean and keep water separate from mantle, no problem, so all gravitational spreading over the surface is directives coming from core of the earth that are combination of large bubbles in bubbles of Dark-Matter.

According to my notes collection solid core of the Earth is condensed form of Dark-Matter that is 15 times more condensed than lead it is surrounded by dispersed bubbles of invisible Dark-Matter bubbles show liquid form as liquid form, stabilization of continental drift effect on Lithosphere Asthenosphere crust have formed by gravitational tumultuous activity plate is connected into clusters of core Dark-Matter independently each group holding into different plate continent crust section, my perspective is continental drift happen by flow of energy released by D.E and D.M also activities in sebduction zone, convection cell are circulated by same flow that effect to slab pull also by ridge push, continents origin before 4.569 years, my different factor regarding D.M center core was already first completed then starting to grab other loose particles floating in space as planet formed by before completion of Earths full growth gravitational energy was already available by core Dark-matter with small flow of Dark-Energy to bring into ordinance all continent`s origin in crust formations.


Not mentioning Yellowstone super volcanic caldera that someday will be erupting violently into world’s atmosphere.If you don’t have expensive filters you can make your own that cost you almost nothing. Better than nothing.

Use 128 FL OZ plastic bottles about 10.5 inches in height exact size is not important, (I use Lipton Tea plastic bottles) Use two hoses of Vinyl Tubes about 0.8 inches wide or less than 20 mm. First one about 15 inch long, starting from the edge to 3.5 inch long drill tiny holes by heating a nail or screw driver by heating the edge on the stow and pushing in the side wall of the tube around the pipe or you can drill by small size drill to make the holes. Measuring from bottom up 7.5 inches up drill on the plastic bottle a hole that can fit this tube to pass throe hardly, push the holed side to into bottom of bottle, later on depending the user how strong can inhale the air you can adjust pulling pipe higher or lower or volume of the water, top side of tube add a plastic band that can hold a round form napkin to stop dust from outside volcanoes ashes that are hard abrasive that also are corrosive, unfortunately someday our entire planet can emerge in this sort of magma dust composition as emergency anytime in near future.

Second. Use about 17 inch long pipe, make perfect matching hole in the center of the cap. Push through in force about 2.5 inches, the other side will be used to inhale clean air. Fill the bottle about 5.5 inches full water, cover the cap and pull in air through the pipe that will bring in from other pipe in the bottle water and clean all solid particles pulverized rock fragments that are like sharp needles from ash plume that is harmful to breathe, later on do not drink the filtered water to drink that will be corrosive. 

Is there any way to predict volcanoes? I believe entire earth’s crust are tectonic collection that combine into geological pressure, always there is room to skip pressure by continental crust through lithosphere in taking and giving into ocean crust, this form as own distance level from core of the Earth, as entire earth warms in temperature in lithosphere asthenosphere lithosphere might discern unexpected more number of volcanic activities that indicates earths lithosphere is stressing in to sink more pressure into upper mantle. Upper mantle is slightly harder than lower mantle and will release more pressure into lithosphere might reveal more numbers of volcanoes. All intriguing pattern of worldwide volcanoes might indicate pressure on Yellowstone also is increasing.

                                                  EARTHQUAKE ILLUMINATION

I already explained the effect that starts between the friction of forces covalent bonding of Dark-Matter gravitational charge and electron charge friction in between Dark-Energy, this is the effect that Earthquake lights during and before Earthquakes unexplained illuminations appear in the sky in variety of colors in forms depending volume of elements in vicinity of the Earthquake, that’s why flickers glows during and before an Earthquake. As far as I remember I was the first who described this phenomenon that friction of two forces D.E and D.M generate Earthquake followed by illumination in different color varieties.

This is my theory, all forms of matter contain electrical forces, as soon changes occur in their arrangement as soon other forces go in between reaching to form friction or separating mass that already are made of atoms engender mechanisms, either separating matter groups or to release static charges from D.E and D.M that are releases glowing orbs or electrostatic charges as we see before an earthquake and also if we make by force to sudden cracks in rocks or any other granule form, in this experiments light are raptures. Same principle apply prior to Earthquakes to occur mechanism sudden change in electrostatic charge inconsistencies, D.E and D.M are negative and positive electromagnetic sources that all elements contain atoms are combination of this two forces, pre-Earthquake lights are changing in balance by frictions of this two forces. Also very rare we fell Supersonic roar Earthquakes that release sound roars very deep in the ground or shallow on same faults that releases great sound like the ones happen in Kamchatka Russia. It is surprising when supersonic earthquake take place so deep under crust location is called asthenosphere area where hard crust don’t scrap each other, this area is made of all soft molten lava, seismological experts usually bond the perspective that earthquake happen when two faults push each other till pressure released or move the pressure elsewhere, as you see in logical sense deep under crust there are no hard material crust to react as explained but in my theory resistance electromagnetism of Dark-Energy and Dark Matter fraction opposing forces released similar Supersonic earthquakes, it is very rare but it follows in asthenosphere territories below the hard crust surface of the Earth.

In my gravitational perspective in gravity post I explained that center core of Earth that contains Dark-Matter that releases frequencies sound pulse directives to all elements that are surrounding the core, all atoms obey the instructions in covalent bonding principles as I explained atoms communicate, so in big volume of elements as hot rock of mantle magma churning layers later all cooled down tectonic plates apply the directives to smash together or go to fascinating flow, all super continental Pangaea either diverging away or slowly smash together all happens by control of Earth`s core, D.E that also surround the core with D.M variation balance changes move the material on Earth`s lithosphere movements and each have different electrical disturbance reflecting waves starting they regulate the gyration of the Earth by applying signals oddities that also can release seismic rupture build up pre-seismic pressure that is driving forces of the plates converging or diverging the layers tectonics are regulated, otherwise any moment Yellowstone section can cave in, activities you can notice in Hawaii are totally serrate movements than rest of the tectonic plates mountains rise gradually by volcanic mantle layer flow, then when the time come they cave in and fall back under the ocean, always the shape covering outermost lithosphere stays as outermost skin of the planet, always tectonic plates cover the entire hot lava mantle, some might rise in momentum but later the command order make the flow to keep safe in lithosphere, when we notice plates of Central Africa diverging from Central Pacific all are done by directive commands from core of the Earth low and high pitch octave sound frequency pulse waves. Divergent zones all molten mass slashing are done for a purpose balancing the sphere of our planet.

Earth’s magnetic field process already started like our Sun. Maelstroms black holes whirlpools in Atlantic oceans plus many sinkholes sinking large lands forests, I see similarity effect the way Sun changing gravitational flow that starting to be released from the new coronal hole and flow of the magnetic gravitational stream embedding from other location going in the crust of the sun, in my perspective we will be expecting more whirlpools in Oceans and more sinking arrivals to pull down fields worldwide. Belize blue hole is a good example dry lands sink 375 feet in Ocean 20.000 years ago. There are many unseen magnetic geomagnetic streams. On North grounds if you discharge glass of water slowly it flows down clockwise but if you try same approach on south of the globe water falls down counter-clockwise, after Earth poles reverse this process on Earth also will be reversed.

Some other scientist connect turbulence in motion on core that is the reason to amplifying cause of Earth`s magnetic field, using the word “dervish tourneur” and some scientist use this word in sodium with two rotating concentric metal spheres, because there is a dance of spinning round and round in Turkey they adapted this name, to make it clear let me explain the word dervish is an individual who takes the life as it goes no planning or preparation of sufficiency in life, it is a way of nomad living, also the word “Tariqah” is used for same expression, in Arabic language the meant road way of life dervish, regarding scientific use to express rotation of Earth amplified turbulence molten on core is helping to magnetic field, this is not exactly what I believe but it is very close to my perspective that is Dark-Matter is the core of the Earth, central part of core is very condensed as Dark-Matter has the possibility to be summarized into million times dense, upper layers of core also is Dark matter but more lenient having some ups and downs in leveraged stages giving look as water rising and descending producing sound echoes frequencies to direct all surrounding elements on top of the core, I call this process “Tone reaction waves” all the way up to surface of our planet, released turbulence's is the effect of Dark-Matter and not by motion turbulence's not by dynamo action especially some planets spin much smaller than ours still they have strong gravitational strength.  

As I described on several occasions before an Earthquake some underground low octave sound frequencies will be heard inaudible range, sound already is projected from core of the Earth that is Dark-Matter bubbles but this sound is higher than the rest underground signal sound frequency waves different variation in rhythmic codes that raise and attach or contacts mass of atoms that also they start to release different codes in covalent bonding this build up sound invites searching Dark-Energy frequencies and meet to the specific trajectories location either that is intersection of volcanoes lava or surface ground location, this new sound frequency that introduces different sound tones show that new tones dissimilar from harmonic sound are impending earthquake over lithosphere or volcanic eruption. Sound of rumble is already shafting between D.E and D.M friction energy that is disturbed from entire flow of universal Ocean inertia balancing sphere on Earth.

Comparing to sun that has complete sphere but Earth rather is oblate spheroid not complete round domain. It has 3950 miles polar radius and 3963 equatorial radius, because marina trench is behind in schedule middle portion circle to cave in immersing rate to keep earth in complete sphere that’s why middle section is larger than the polar radius, the speed of the Earth has something to do with its shape that should be perfect sphere and is not and Earth travels 67.000 Mph in orbital speed.

As I described in my other subject “Our Sun” in the same Blogs, how invisible Dark Energy and Matter released first from the surface of the Sun followed by neon with other elements released as flares following their path to be injected out from the surface of the Sun, same principle is done on Earth before any Earthquake, first invisible Dark Energy and Matter released from the surface of the Earth crashing each other energy fields then effect of the electromagnetisms consistencies resist each other inflammations to create gravitational earthquakes, it is the same principle in slower and weaker motion on Earth the way happen stronger motions flares happening over the Sun.


Atoms planets and stars and other universal mass objects have same basic comprehensive two energy forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. Center core have great volume of Dark-Matter invisible force bubble fields that can contrast or it can expand not applying any theoretical forms that we are acquainted to, just considering the core of planet Earth it seems that core has several levels or legions of abbreviating stages. First outer layer of outer core is expanded bubble form energy of Dark-matter that give the effect just like water having higher and lower wave like forms, this position is 15 times more dense than lead. Second portion, inner level of the core, can be found thicker or more condensed collection of Dark-Matter bubbles making more difficult to penetrate heat or light. Third deeper portion of the core has higher dense retrenchments. Fourth level also has most dense abbreviated stage that is million times more summarized heavier than leads density; I believe that core of atoms that are protons are collection of tiny Dark-Matter invisible bubble force fields. In any moment Dark-Matter that also has intelligent control and life force can change density to expand making the entire core or certain levels of it to expand so large that can embed entire galaxy in it or take form of a star, as soon Dark-Energy that is surrounding the inner core section making frictions with Dark-Matter it can produces Hydrogen atoms, in this approach in any moment by decisions from intelligent conclusion from Dark-Matter core any planet can be transform into a star. In my other post “Our Sun” I have been explaining inner form of the Star.

Submissiveness of my perspectives than the earthquake experts is the following. They believe that only pressure build ups on fault lines confrontation displacements release shock waves. In my approached two energy forces of D.E and D.M conflict clash release this earthquakes, Earth travels over 66.600 miles per hour together with invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, sometimes Dark-Matter takes separate directives and concentrate on specific locations energize sound frequency covalent codes in certain location, sometimes this buildups happen inside Earth`s mantle where there is smooth flow magma, in this locations there are no hard material engagement to conflict hard mass, this show that my perspective is more reasonable. Of course there are locations in depth mantle present some olivine rocks with other crystal structures that are called “spinel” still those buildups are not in solid centered foundations to push each other like crust overland. So earthquakes can happen in any level of depth inside the Earth also on top of liquid core confronting Dark-Energy activities, because Dark-Matter is not smelted with other solid atoms the antagonizing moment don’t register as earthquakes, also deep conflict between D.E and D.M will not release any aftershocks whatsoever.

Earth travels 67.000 miles per hour, 196.960.000 square miles of our planet that weight 6 sex-trillion tones contain also invisible flow of D.E and D.M that react and directed on their own related flow between well bonded atomic mass, they don’t obtain any hitches to travel anywhere possible to meet on crust or in mantle or on core of the Earth everywhere beneath Earth, this proves my perspective that earthquakes are not done only by fault line buildups but only by effect of Dark-Matter frequency release sound tone waves that echoes also by atoms that receive the tones on certain specific location, then aster some time Dark-Energy meet that disturbances and conflict the pounding rhythms with opposite magnetism arenas. At that point earthquakes activate.


Until now there was expectation that largest fault lines of thin crust is on top of Yellowstone park, then they discovered 1600 kilometer East of Japan Tamu Massif volcano is 2000 meters beneath pacific Ocean that is “Dormant” inactive or sleeping for a million years, the one in pacific Ocean plateaus is 400 miles wide by 650 miles in length, it is 2.5 miles tall, so can we call it died out or “extinct” in my perspective Tamu massif is not lurking or waiting any moment is gravity wave directives flow into certain spot and all of a sudden Dark-Energy flow reach that pinpoint of Dark-Matters gravitational waves, any moment that are released from Earth`s core field can face with intense smash making supply of magma move into that location and react volcano pours so concentrated geographical volcano point or magma build ups all are done by energy flow of D.M and D.E tinkle of low or high octave sound frequency wave tones corresponding tinkle. Much slops remains in our days by former volcanoes or Fault lines are not unavoidably, they present future earthquakes unless trigger transpires from core of our Earth.     


Other sections in my posts I mentioned atoms are living things same with Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy that makes our Earth an living collective by atoms and other forms of life, if you ever noticed constantly faults that are opened by earthquakes later is filled permeability by frustrated fault sections it has dynamic curative perspectives, this show how Dark-Matter core directs to not keep any opening for long otherwise the planet will be ruined its complete form that’s why we always see though opening in some sections of fault later it heals and closed. In my reasoning all are controlled communications low octave sound frequency tone waves by Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy.

 Our planet resembles to an orange, one slice of it is the United States and the whole slice is connected by gravitational command to Dark-Bubble-Matter inside the core of the Earth, if a hurricane becomes active in Atlantic sending crushing waves through the coastline; hurricane on ocean can create waves that can give little push by considerable hit to the seafloor and US. landscape coastline, in the beginning it might sense like a seismic waves through entire the length of US, also the entire land is included in energy field sound frequency of the core shards of individual grabbing portion of Dark-Matter, the signals will be unique quadrilateral large rigid waves on seismometers across the US large tectonics and connected Dark-Matter also will feel the changes with the solid terrestrial connections this rumbling seismological weak seismic waves, because the entire state is in communicative covalent bonding field D.M directives that rumbles will be effective because the collision is on one tectonic body that is connected to one large Dark-Matter core under the lithosphere that maneuvers the entire continent. 

To describe in conclusion, Dark-Matter is in first portion of inside core section that is the tightest most condensed portion, on top of that it is surrounded also by other portions of Dark-Matter that are less condensed than the first but still dense, like cabbage head it has many layers of other portions of dark-mater fills around the second portion that is less abbreviate on top of that another layer group of D.M, last layer of crust D.M show quality as invisible water but still it is 15 times more dense than lead, on top of Dark-Matter you have spinning force of Dark-Energy clouds that also has sections of separate portions of layers like the cabbage on layers as electromagnetic waves its traveling without any stirring any elements through mantle section and top of the mantle reaching up to the surface of the planet and beyond going higher and higher layers around our planet.

Some Animals and insects can sense coming earthquakes before several months or less, when Dark-Matter command reflexologies go to meet sediment layers Dark-Energy flow also travel to that concentrated plates though it takes time until they meet to encounter. Red wood ants for example sense the released low octave sound frequencies of Dark-Matter and pinpoint where the fault be reached the protons inside atoms in that local district will receive new order of releasing their own low or high octave sound frequencies, elements will release their own covalent bonding tone making a vein of disturbance off balance in sound waves tension signals all lining intersection where later the opposite electromagnetism dark-Energy field will come and meet the disturbance . Ants will attract to this sound to its conveyor-belt before earthquake strikes, if the magnitude is tiny so will be the low octave sound tones and ants might ignore the happening but if the signal is strong red wood ants knolls according scale line, before it occurs, some scientist think that those ants probably have chemo receptors and cases from beneath are released underneath the ground and ants sensing the chemical emissions, in my concept ants communicate in sound tones frequency waves I call it “Tone reaction”

Magma of our planet Earth has electron thin wall of Dark-Energy fast spinning cloud under the crust, this location is about 30 Km deep some area much thinner than that, as soon core of this planet that is Dark-matter invisible bubbles that releases tone reaction to surface of the planet by S waves that generate gravitational affluence's on certain sites on the planet, after that right away spinning P waves release portion of helixes to reach on the same sites, as soon two different forces reach together they generate opposite influence S waves direct atoms to entangle Quantum flow oscillation right away P waves reach to oppose the connection pushing arithmetic holograms fluctuation that is opposite directive flow into atoms in that locations push the ground to be connected into, S waves direct atoms to push on certain direction P waves push back by high beams to opposite direction one pushes other pushes back this make ground to shake, P waves also move air and light current to be moved on Earthquake locations usually most over 7 seismological waves are released from the magma up to surface or inside the crust of this planet. Seismological perspective goes through many changes still they are in that journey to make many other changes about Earthquakes.

Flying birds know all about this but keep quiet about it by not telling us. Inside the storm clouds in atmosphere the gravitational waves generate more turbulence mixing with invisible inertia dark-Energy, the only similarity waves noticeable are the waves on oceans that show more energy by the shore. One thing we have to get familiarized that airplane rippled turbulence are generated by turbulent gravity and gravitational waves that are generated from core of our Earth.

Pressure over Divergent plate, convergent plates and Transform plate boundary all had done by Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy measuring balance variations. Either side to side waves or Rayleigh waves that energy rolls the ground up and down by reasoning only low octave sound frequency waves can vibrate for that outcome, like water in the ocean land will go up and down from surface moving to all directions. 60 million years ago under heathen molten lava unknown force formed and developed this spherical formation of natural round rocks meeting with carbonate of lime crystals in certain environment inner coast during time they roll into the beach (D.E+D.M) that attracted minerals combination of element forming round rocks that could be found in Oamaru New Zealand seashore largest sizes 1600 by smaller sizes 73 by 110 in. My opinion is result of Dark-Matter and D.E. Some scientist can use tools by tracking the subtle changes in gravity, but as I explained before that other two magnetic differences take action magma feeding or flowing gravity force in  Earth`s mantle layer, always pushing seismic behavior that starts from Dark-Matter tone guidance to position with interference of Dark-Energy result is fluctuations in magma and even churning in pressure collected reservoirs

The core of the Earth is Dark-Matter surrounded by clouds of Dark-Energy each have their intelligence, all atoms contain portion of D.E as electrons also D.M as protons, this both elements have principle directives we see in combinations of all gems that accumulate at unspeakable pressure in the mantle by two forces of Matter and Energy. Over 100 miles deep in the mantle Earth`s deep inner layers amass other ions and elements crushing overlying substances into gems and rocks first in liquefy state then by temperatures change into hard matter all the minerals that are familiar to us. Earth’s crust is pure Dark-Matter that is 15 times more dense than lead and has soggy properties, also in other parts of our Universe inside pulsars and stars also in black holes the density of Dark-Matter can be multiplied terrifying unexplainable density, on the other side also it can be spread divide and be clusters of bubbles and is the basic element or cornerstone in all matter joined by Dark-Energy. We can penetrate constant convections in Earth`s tectonic plates material that rising through surface of our planet by volcanic hot spots and also by constant mid-Ocean ridges, earthquake waves vibrations in the mantle start by two force resistances of D.E and D.M that come and push other objects to be moved to other directions, all planets, stars, moons, pulsars, black holes and asteroids have a liquid form invisible impenetrable Dark-Matter, none of them contain metallic core at the center, as soon D.M get close to rocky crust elements and atoms the gravitational properties compose layering the surrounding as mantle typical rock layering add up by collecting other particles over time, when Dark-Matter left the asteroid shaped remains with odd sculpted interior that remains inside the core section stays hollow, the principle someday scientist might find, any chunk might be solid inside but any larger of asteroid because Dark-Matter collected all these particles around him almost all asteroids are hallow inside D.M is the core like all planets and stars and can be scattered as proton size elements, also protons can divide to multiple unknown big number of clusters of bubbles of Dark-Matter, according my calculations almost all rock layering asteroids that also composed of the mineral olivine all asteroids are hollow inside or still full of Dark-Matter according my calculations.

In my perspective atoms first step of developing is hydrogen that release certain sound of low octave sound frequency vibrations the waves that released from hydrogen are basic commands to its surrounding that we can feel by covalent bonding, those directive sound will be changed when hydrogen fusion into helium and so on each time new form of directives will be released, those basic commands in the mantle hydraulic compression and high temperature powerful magma depths they force by tone reactions some with stronger electrical conductivity than other elements in combining variations of other sound frequencies that make gather other forms of ions and rock crystals and so on, some can dissolve faster than others all this effect in conductivity of depth in the mantle. The results will be developed silicate in magma everything is in melting point can join with C02 + H20 carbonated silicate, if water do not touch crystals they stay clear otherwise it will be cracked, all stones that are formed should be get cooled slowly before rising of magma, inside imperfection linings in stone can tell the energy field action passing by through the cluster elements and after getting cold the markings patterns stay.

Milky Way has taking new patterns.

Inside Milky Way galaxy our solar system rapidity inside space can bring into other field of energy that previously was not there, new location energy field might be in high velocity. Some scientist experiencing changes in our solar probably something effecting to solar system. In earlier times like two thousand years ago planet earth had stronger gravity force it is getting gradually weaker. First important body of the solar system is the Sun that has more mass than entire solar system going into major changes. Since last one hundred years gradually Sun`s magnetic field is rising 230%, because the Sun is the conductor in solar system team it can effect on each other mass in its surroundings.

Moon, recently is growing an atmosphere 6.000 kilometers deep layers of Natrium gas that previously was not there.

Mercury, lately we see strange magnetic field increasing and noticing a polar ice on Mercury.

Venus, its Aurora brightness is increased 2500% times stronger, since last 40 years its substantive global atmosphere is changing.

Mars, changes in global warming, huge storm that was there disappeared, same with its polar icecaps.

Jupiter, lately we see 200% increase in its brightness with additional plasma clouds, spinning belts on Jupiter starting to change color, radiations hotspots have discolored and later all of a sudden reappear again, same with its cloud thickness change its density frequently.

Saturn, major changes are happening last 30 years with its equatorial jet stream, great X-Ray surge from its equator locations.

Uranus, getting brighter stronger with global clouds, formerly it had very calm atmosphere, now it is changed into tensely atmosphere.

Neptune, changing its atmospheric brightness 40%

Pluto, changing its atmospheric pressure increasing 300% doesn’t matter if it’s close or far from the Sun.

Earth, of course we are walking on planet Earth and notice much more closely its geographical changes. Definitely Earth’s Axes has changed and keeps changing, landslides floods extreme heat in some locations natural disasters hurricanes mudslides typhoons stronger tidal waves, we see extreme weather changing increase of erupting volcanoes since last 100 years 500% increase, last 100 years we see 400% increase earthquakes activities, but magnetic field is decreasing continuously. All this planetary changes will effect also on population.

All this actions started after the Sun started to increase glowing plasma and recently Sun is generating 1000% magnetic field. Probably this flow will take more substantial effect in near future.

Our solar system is in inner extend of Oort cloud that guzzling the entire our solar system and control the balance of our Sun with its eight planets and their moons with all smaller objects in asteroid belt Kuiper belt trans-Neptunian objects all are inside the Oort cloud this clusters that I mentioned spin inside Oord called orbit of Sedna that is outside the solar system we know our Sun and eight planets that are inner solar system but we are only part of our solar system that includes everything inside Oort clouds belt. When the time come and gravitational changes should be done all connected solar system planets and our Sun is attached they all flip their magnetic field. Some planets like us have hard crust for example Mercury Mars Venus they have hard metallic or rocky hard material surface and are called terrestrial planets. Other Catha gory of planets are Gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn they are mainly composed of helium and hydrogen. Other Catha gory planets in our group are melting point substances as water or ice, ammonia and methane they are called ice giants. Other smaller floating objects that have individual gravity depending how much atoms or Dark-Matter they have that are protons, also this smaller objects are connected in their region group as smaller objects and spin with their flow inside asteroid belts or Kuiper belt or inside Oord, plus on their own controlled by Dark-Energy flow interstellar wind that travel in between all heavenly bodies.

All individual planets have ecliptic plane in their center realm that all are not seen or register, but all together our solar system and our entire Universe have its own personal ecliptic plane, when the proper time come in their spin as part of the Milky Galaxy that carry 200 billion stars that also have their own ecliptic plane altogether the entire Milky Galaxy have its own ecliptic plane, as soon time comes for gravitational magnetic field reverse in entire Galaxy or in the entire solar system they all obey the command of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that contain intelligence to act according to time procedures.

All planets and moons are formed more or less close to similar structure of basic D.E and D.M regarding the composition of matter surrounding planets either gas or other form of liquids or rocks or ground soil and dust, the center core of D.M surrounding certain force of D.M all planets and moons can have earthquakes volcanic activities or tornadoes larger or weaker form in short time or in long time periods every month or every million earth years basically they operate in the same formality, because universal intelligence force supervise all activities by universal sound frequency wavelengths, if anyone asked me  mathematical data about what I said it is only based on hypothesis or on logical guess, modestly we still  are too far from grand volume knowledge that surrounds us all the way into farthest brink of Universe.

Also there is possibility that these extreme large dark areas on our Sun might be the starting point of our Sun`s poles be reverses, it shows that already the north of our Sun started to change the sign and soon the south pole of the Sun will follow so both pole will reverse. Our group of solar system is not only our star with 8 planets, all this group are hiding inside the Oort cloud circle like a hula hoop it spins around far away from our planetary group it develops own proper gravitational field, our group of stars spin peculiar behavior inside the orbit of Sedna, planet Pluto collect portion of gravitational field from Oort as another hula hoop spins and delivers the field force into our star and planetary group, still Pluto stay attached to Oort, unseen magnetic energy activated by low octave sound frequency waves ripples starting from Oort into inside solar system giving command to induce to sun to generate electrical current that will be connected to entire realm domain inside Oort circle space, this amperage flows change transition like the vibrations we can see on large plate of metal, during entire heliosphere so consider as large hula hoop Oort loop as current sheet it goes none side up then go down making the opposite side of hula hoop down making very wavy dip on side then the opposite side all transitions from one side to another is delivered by Pluto in entire orbit of Sedna, inner solar system follows Our Suns amperage flows in surrounding region this will follow Suns both poles to reverse then our Earth and entire solar system, it might give great damage on the surface of our Earth in coming October or November 2013  I am unaware what might be, weather disasters or oceans swiping large areas of land? I don’t know.

According my theme subject that is reconciling God and Science, this might be the great day that all religions are expecting, the bible mentions the day and the hour nobody knows but it does not say the month and the year nobody knows. The generation that lived 1914 were the great corner or turning point in human history with many wars and earthquakes, if we consider the wars all the period of times from first century to 1913 and add the numbers people killed and loss’s in damage, and compare with 1914 that was 7 times more disaster than all previous years, 2 world war was 4 times stronger than the first one and until now we still in those hateful merciless destruction till now. Bible mentions in Matthew 24:33 “Truly I say to you that these generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur” it will be 100 years from 1914 to 2014 human life capacity is around that period “100” years.

                                               SEA FOAMS

After big storm over oceans and sea it can be found some accumulations swept ashore, some foamy substance they are called sea foam, can be found scattered piles behind rocks, have the shape of wiggling blanket in yellow and white foams, they are algal blooms from sewer and other plant life proteins that are dissolved in water mostly carbohydrates, when waves reach the shore it blends and mixes this material with air bubbles and forms into sea foam looks like it swept ashore, some areas it has reddish-brown hue color, one time great area in Scotland Aberdeen was swamped, in this type of foams that reach ashore can effect birdlife and even young turtles.

                                                     BLOOD RAIN 

It has been rare coincidences where rain water had peculiar red tingle, after analyzing some sample from collected red colored rainwater composition it showed it contained certain green microalgae that also is called Haematococcus pluvalis that can form into red color, sometimes global winds can carry by current certain volume of algae’s into far other distances, in my perspective water molecules have grand complex memory that can effect on the environment, H2O has structural hologram values that can release patterns to nearby other molecules in the same theoretical principle that water regulate on DNA procedures


There are two different types of pole shift; first one is Terrestrial kind where land masses move their locations into new positions up to several miles away. Second types are magnetic pole shift, South Pole becomes North Pole and north becomes South Pole and they exchange places. Melting rocks leaving lava after they get cooled to solid state, solidarity on them show at that time where was north and south polarity, sometimes continental drift can confuse scientist at that time where they cast lava, according to scientist last polar exchange happened 780.000 years ago.

Core Of our Earth is Dark-Matter it is 15 times more condensed than lead gives the effect like liquid form it is invisible dense Matter. D.M or Dark-Matter collection core is not exactly a spherical shape but more like apricot shape it revolves slowly to the lower portion side of apricot shape shrinks in and from other side it expends, it is made of separate divisions of portions pushing each other and change positions very slowly and each portion of this D.M is connected by magnetic field to crust lithosphere to plate tectonics so one side of the crust shrinks in other side expands. All mining`s and moving different elements from the surface to different locations can make a difference. There is seduction zone on the skin of cores peach shape two lining on one side different reaction from opposite side D.E core, one section is connected to surface of the Earth East of Philippines Pacific plate that lays from north to south Marianas that is 240 Km. Wide in Pacific Ocean in depth of 3200 m, every time two portions of peach shape core cave in trench downslope on the skin connected to two plates effect on Mariana Trough, West Mariana Ark ridge start to trend downslope 2.5 inch every year, lower portions of Earth that is called Zero-age are only 2500 m deep, one side of crust going under the other moving along liquid this seduction sediments activity of Magellan zone generate active Hydrothermal system on opposite side even volcanoes. This process is called Convergent boundaries when one crust is destroyed by going beneath the other. Other side of the Earth it gives controversy effect. If you hold two round balls side by side and spin the balls spreading circle direction, background of the balls go in direction contrivers system that’s how Core Dark-Matter bubble circling effect the surface moving plates
Humans always will be inside their fictional limitation bubble and don’t look to adjacent subtle reality, they can`t come out of it. Let’s consider an individual cell that can`t talk to us but collective billion and trillion cells when complete a body can stand up and act as a actuality and all other beings except this body as lives, same principle lies with protons and Atoms, each proton is other form of life that we don’t understand, collective trillion times trillions times trillions continue trillion times collection of protons as combination of Dark-Matter come to comprehensive body of bubble D.M, it can think act and decide to react in the center of our Earth as core of the Earth. Same exploit we see in swarm of birds, Fish, and fungus in the wild, jointly they represent something lively achievement.
Opposite of peach shape core other side of linings also active and connected to surface crust of mid Atlantic Ocean ridges some call them magma stripes like zebra lines some collections of volcanic basalt that behave like magnets like the orientation of the Earth`s magnet field, other parallel linings contain reversed to normal magnet lining shoving that alternating periods existed, for example if we melt some iron and pour it to the floor and cools down it contain magnetic alignment showing where north is located because north side of this metal contains north magnetism and southern side contain negative. This action is called divergent boundaries when new crust is generated when plates pull away from each other. Same principle this Magma striping that was produced show where was North at the time they produced, we find generations of opposite magma ocean ridges magnetic field contain position showing north to north and others showing reversal, showing north as south also the amount that those stripping show by their width that this is occurring once every 300 thousand years adding 2.5 inches every year. In my viewpoint if D.M core flip to opposite side how fast is unknown the Earth also will change its position North to South, Already the magnetic field in the North is moving 0.2 degrees per year. Earth`s core has density have 15 times more than the density of lead because it is Dark-Matter, core have divided parts of bubbles but combined, each section move they move sections of lithosphere that are 60 miles thick surface but divided accordingly to D.E separate portions of plate Tectonics. As I mentioned there are First Divergent Boundaries. Second Convergent boundaries when crust is diving under another plate like Mariana ark ridge. Third one is Trans formal boundaries; they don’t go under each other or further from each other but slide horizontally pass each other. Fourth one is plate boundary zones with broad belts and boundaries are not well defined unknown plate interaction. All this are under control of D.E. According to Biblical accounts it is promised to us that worldwide flood will never be seen again I believe in that. In my other topic Cornerstone of the Universe I will explain this subject I hope that this transaction can take gradually when it will be happening you will know same time when I know hopefully. Still rainbow is with us as a bond that flood never will happen worldwide, still some people are suspecting that during magnetic field reverse there will be no Gravity on Earth for a while, and everything might float there will be nothing to grab for support. If that is the case we have many examples and theories that contradict that, as example. From Oregon George Poinar an expert, reports about preserved in amber, inside “Vampire” parasite fossil from 20 million years ago, By calculating that magnetic field reverse was happening every 30.000 or 40.000 years that means that there was life before that dates and in 20 million years it already occurred 66.666 times, if everything floated for a while on every time at least there will be no water now on Earth and no any “Vampire” parasite entombed in amber fossils no any animals that fly away to Universe will be found, So you are on safe ground definitely the Earth`s magnetic field reverses flips in very slow speed withouth causing any great catastropes, probable during couple hundred years or so to compleet the move, otherwise our planet was destroyed long time ago. Earth has central core section that is complete dense invisible Dark-Matter more condense than atoms but invisible, it can move like water on its own waves of electric currents, some clouds of Dark-Energy always is circling close by, that stretch of opposite magnetic indifference activate Dark-Matter sloshes into grabbing more low octave sound frequencies that is everywhere to gush in for protection, this effect produce magnetism by making all protons that are in other atoms close by to move toward the center core section center by magnetic Pole, these will create a magnetic field, by the way in other occasions I mentioned many times that Protons are very tiny portions of Dark-Matter gurgles, so center core communicate to all surrounding protons, this action is done by just producing sounds from the core all other element they move accordingly trying to effort to go to that direction even when they are not moving. The result is creating electric currents or generate magnetic field. Beside the surrounding mass of Earth`s core Dark-Matter has more powerful force field of communication to elsewhere in the Cosmos that can manipulate giving new orders to Dark-Matter bubbles to change duration of their locations to increase the rate of movements.Already United States is moving south 10 meters a day, gradually North Pole will be South Pole. 

Center Earth`s core that is made of protons is 15 times more dense than lead and invisible, collection are 15 portion shards of large Dark-Matter bubbles that propagates and maneuvers surface plate tectonics, as soon core portions extends lithosphere sections , on surface move large rigid and miner plates in harmonize directions to center core shards. Large plate tectonics are. Eurasian. North American. Pacific. South America. African. Australian. The small plate tectonics are Arabian. Philippine. Scotia. Caribbean. Cocos. Nolzzca. Juan. De fuca. They move starting 2 cm. per year and some move up to 10 cm a year. Probably you have tried on piece of paper dropping some small iron metals and underneath the paper moving a magnet. How the magnet effects by trajectories on top spreading`s.
On our moon also are noticed effect of (Graben) Dark-Matter core activity is extending some crust areas on the moon and seduction zone shrinking crust in some areas. This also explains that crust of the moon are connected to more than one Dark-Matter bubbles that are in action very slowly effecting surface lands. All geological activities are connected to grabbing of individual Dark-Matter bubbles propagates and maneuvers surface plate tectonics of the moon as well.

From Earth once a while bubbles of Dark-Matter, always sphere shape floats, even though it is invisible leave the core and circles on the mantle slowly. Under pressure hot atoms intense area to react. Energy D.E and D.M join in the action by overpowering the particles giving directive by lower octave sound frequency pulse to atoms to combine into other form of material mixing with ion and other varieties of elements in hot and pressure environment inside mantle area new type of stones and rocks develop, area with Aluminum can develop into rubies or sapphire stones, opposite fraction of these both D.E and D.M energies can shape the facets and formalities on the stones, appears by influencing of two tensions, any slight volume increase of deficient elements chemical constituents make difference on the combination because every atom give variety of low octave sound frequencies and they can repel or reject neighboring elements, scientist call this process chemical reaction I call it in my “Gabriel” theory Tone-reaction, this sounds make the difference to combine, So every piece of stone is time freeze moment and can tell how they were formed. The pattern of sound tone proposal is clear in every development of amino acids molecules even in DNA, all function by sound command. Earth also have very slow heart beat according the circulation of D.E on Earths core synchronize by the echoing tone frequency, like heartbeat of our Sun.

When settings adjustment dynamics of our planet might change rotation variations that is controlled from Earths core, as the core totally responsible for shift mass of north and South Pole axels, as soon differences happen with pole shift it may also affect the rotation speed of our Planet, 24 hours scale might not was the procedure for many centuries ago same from now on it might gradually get slower rotation if pole like one or two milliseconds or more. Each core of the planets inside the solar system and all the moons together with our Sun have synchronized procedures that each center core of Dynamic Matter communicate with each other to keep indicated speed with the Milky way galaxy. Another location can surprise us as unexplained phenomena, in Tulsa Oklahoma a place is called “The center of the Universe” it is a circle stage like stone brick area, when you stand in the center and make a loud noise, surprisingly the noise will return echoed sound back several times louder, only ones that inside that round middle portion of the floor, people standing out of the circle will hear nothing. This reminds me expended invisible Dark energy bubbles that can block surrounding activities.


Paranormal Phenomena’s

Gravitational level on Earth’s surface is not the same as other geographic location; Armenia has more gravitational pulls from ground that Sahara Desert, all atoms receive directives from core of the Earth to be activated in gravity realm by electrical current. Logically all surface of our planet should have same level of pull, it does not, that explain that by unstable elevation of sound frequency effect the gravity variation pull in different levels in other spots on the planet. Beside that electrical current energy to whirl making a hurricane happens according to flow of frequency directives from the core of this planet. Where do you think Hurricanes are triggered or where is their starting point? All hurricanes activated in Atlantic Ocean start from Sahara desert in Africa by electrical current the force field already show effect an wide range of circle on the ground in the Sahara that can be seen from far distances by plane a big natural circle shape form in Africa.

 Core of our planet that is Dynamic Matter (Dark-Matter) control all mass on the surface of planet earth, some locations more intensely than other some locations more slightly, to proof my point I like to mention a mysterious hill in USA located in 1016 County line road Westville Indiana that can be reached from 6 or 20 highway County line passing over a bridge that takes you to tall road north into a Hill. People notice strange phenomena in 1939 with a school bus also in 1940 with other experiences. If you drive to step down road leave your car in neutral gear position you can push your car up hill, some conclude that hill contain great gravity force to pull other matter upward, what I conclude that center core of our planet release directives of other levels to surface of planet Earth. Some sense of certain geographical regions, some people with philosophers connecting these locations as divine connections. In my other post I described atoms are other form of living things, we are made of atoms that are effected by gravity and other unseen levels of energy, our body might feel unnatural sense of tickling’s sometimes because atoms sense other active other energy, let me introduce to you certain land-dwelling spots where some consider this locations spiritual energy awakening divine connection, some see strange dreams and visions, others sense paranormal frequency phenomena’s. In Australia there is this large rock mountain plateau Uluru where people walk around it to sense energy, Aborigines call it Tiukurpa (dream time) and believe that the location is hollow. In Bulgaria the sanctuary Belintash “Cross forest” also Rila-Bulgaria, another location Bosnia pyramids structures that are thousand years older than Egyptian pyramids, this is located in Shlyonk Poland that has underground rooms close by blue lake with no mud free of algae fungus bacteria or any other microorganisms, some call it “Living waters” people take bath in it believing that it can heal illnesses. Another location is Machu Picchu in Peru, Stonehenge megalithic monument. like Stonehenge ther is another oldest observatory since 7.300 years in Armenia with 223 stones also in “Yedali Kepee. In Armenian language it is called Qarahunge Qar=Rock Hunge= punch some 11th millennium BCE of them with observatory holes inside the rock some rocks have drawing of eagle forms. Barat-Albania. Socotra. Peak Kailash in Tibet. The Easter Island where large statue heads show over the ground and their entire body is in the ground near by53 stone houses and no population lives there. Atoms effect on personalities in certain landmarks and because we are made 100% of atoms they can effect on our personality characteristics. Atoms carry theoretical wisdom to communicate to hold each other in geometrical procedures and directives because atoms enclose by two major force-field energy invisible Dynamic Energy and Matter.  


Sound frequencies that are released from the core of the Earth as “Chorus” phenomena is familiar to small birds, in another chapter I explained inside the brain of animals electrons can transfer knowledge in data by stimuli inside the brain same communications are used thorough sound frequencies in the Universe between stars and planets and atoms, Earth`s core contain intelligence force by Dark-Matter, early in the morning the changes happening is declared by the core, birds hear those sound frequency vibrations and mimicking same variation of “Chorus” melody that we can realize as sound and enjoy hearing every morning although universe is in space of virtual vacuum but sound can travel in the form of Electromagnetic vibrations, human ears cannot hear unless sound reaches 20-20.000 cycles per second then it can be clear to the range of human hearing, but all stars and planets and moons communicate with electromagnetic vibrations. 

Since 1991 sea marine life expert that detected 3000 miles of Pacific Ocean unexplained sounds, there were times where acoustic sound was released in loud Bloop sometimes in ultra-law frequencies, scientist give the name to this unknown sounds “Upsweep” in my other posts of Universal sound I explained how expert can interpreted cricket sound declare measurement of temperatures of their surrounding same manner Humpbacks and sperm whales also dolphins and other fish release sound declarations inside water to communicate, plus it was seen that there are moments where all whales synchronize without seeing each other and face to Ocean floor and all together at same moment start to release ultra-low octave sound frequencies wavelengths that reach to center Earth`s core in return Earths core that I except in my perspective that Earths core is pure of Dark-Matter that has intelligence also can release ultra-low frequencies answer in continuous command to all living marine also to land animals of all sort of living beings especially to all atoms, in my post “atoms are other form of living things” atoms can communicate in low octave sound frequencies also, in my perspective all detected “Upsweep” are communication in between Earths, in my two other post “Universal Sound” and “Language of the Universe” you might find some other perspectives regarding this subject. Lately, by using sensitive instruments scientist recorded weird sounds that are released from powerful auroras, whenever it is too cold the vast cloud that coming from the sun contains intent layers of particles that reach to be friction with planet’s atmosphere that also contain trapped layers of particles.

How does Sun sounds like?

On planet Earth sounds travels by vibration in the open space that is full of elements of Oxygen hydrogen nitrogen water molecules and many other atoms in the air we breathe but in space it is vacuum state that will not help sound travel as we feel on this planet. Inside space light can travel and many other rays also energies beside that frequency sound wavelengths travel with no problem. Human hearing is limited and can hear only between 20-20.000 Hz. Sun frequencies go higher and also lower than our capability of hearing in vibrational tone reactions. NASA was able to record deep vibration sound of the sun that is like human humming voice “AUM” or “AAUUMMMmmm” Ancient Hindu religion customs are used same local voices in their ceremonies 6 BC years ago until now. Some connect their knowledge introducing same sound humming that Hindus sense Universal consciousness and they heard it with that connection, this is different than my perspective, I believe that there are supernatural beings as we call them Angels that is my other post “Angels” they can communicate with people and mimicked the sound of sun to certain people who repeat it in certain ceremonies, because Angels can travel inside Universe and can hear all other sounds that rest of the planets stars release sounds to communicate with each other as I described in my other posts.

According to some Geophysicists Earths geomagnetic reverse or Earth’s magnetic north and south flip-flop happens every 780.000 years otherwise might happen earlier, many can anticipate giving their opinions. In my perspective gravity adopts environmental quantum tone reaction to apply every move that is commanded by Universal Ocean field to apply delivered command to every element, let me give you an example, take two magnetic coin shape metals, bringing close to each other facing “A” side down to other piece “B” side it grab, flopping one piece also into “A” side two metals reject each other, now take a larger flat metal and make tiny holes surrounding many set into round metal magnet all Facing “A” side up, also leave empty round portion in the middle so former coin side can fit in and put inside large coin “B” side up, as soon you bring close the old other piece into this combination large coin it will come close but keep a slight distance it will not grab totally. This large coin have tiny different, like this opposite gravitational commands universe is a large ocean of geomagnetic field and any element by sound frequencies can grab to be directed by this gravity quantum force that all elements stars planets and galaxies already use this same possibilities, core of the earth can generate sound tones to surface of our planet surface of the Earth by self-perpetuating will adapt new geomagnetic reversal systematic switch , they will move with no objections orderly without any complex catastrophe reaction  balancing by energy that invisible microscopic structures as gravity field fluctuation, by sound frequency level to repel or oscillation varies between vacuum energy warping that is spread everywhere inside the Universe, sound frequencies effect on each individual element because they contain tiny portion of D.E and D.M they have to obey inside cirus extraterrestrial pitch, quantum particles by guidance of universal language that is control tone of complex data govern all matter inside the Universe, stars or planets moons come by certain distant of other sphere and keep their distance accordingly. All activities in geometrical reverse or steady, inner and outer core direct surface of our planet without any struggle easy by releasing sound tone that will spark gravitational objectives by each individual element that are combined.

Recently NASA Radiation belt storm Probes mission (RBSP) instrumentation captured event of magnetosphere emit radio waves-Phenomena nickname “Chorus”

In another subject according to my perception I represented my viewpoint that Black Hole releases sound frequencies to dismantle atoms by reverse fusion, sound frequencies activate process in gravity and in repelling force field barrier, the protection earth assemble in its surrounding is by sound wave or radio waves in Earth`s magnetosphere sending “Chorus” gravity influences for coming energetic charges particles with atoms by sound wave procedures that earth releases they avoid collision to earth, the sound waves acts energy directive to rearrange their heading of geomagnetic storm in negative and positive wave forms as we notice these warning effect by aurora borealis and in the south aurora austral-is, floating plasma star wind particles redirected by sound to avoid collision to Earth and by sound all stars and planets are directed by Universal sound procedures that I mentioned in other notes.  

The center core of Our earth is made of pure Dark-Matter that contains intelligence to release sound measures and elements will analyses that into movement directive to be connected to inertia field and move accordingly as gravity effect, for many years scientist sense the sounds coming from deep Earth as oscillations waves called “Hum” involved in patches of rock moving up and down, during time those oscillation form change into coarsely ring figure waves, course rumbles was below limits of human hearing sequence that is called (Earth`s Hum) but lately starting December 2011 this effe3ct changed and getting stronger in January 2012 and continuing into human level of hearing mysterious sounds. Some scientist call it “Tweeks” or “Sferics” or “Whisters” many people experienced January 2012 people experienced in Scotland, Manitoba Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, UK. Ireland, Brazil, Costa Rica. 2012 February, Lebanon, Missoula Montana, adding on that big numbers of black fish birds falling dead from sky, some black bird invasions, turtle’s dolphins dying without any logical reasons. Unexplained bright lights in the sky. Unusual numbers of hurricanes solar wind and earthquakes and unusual explosions and tornadoes on the surface of the Sun. So we experiencing strange sounds from Arizona to England, we use to notice a source of radio waves frequencies coming from center of the Earth, Sun also generates sound waves that help to guide surrounding planet to synchronize in the flow of Solar system gravity arrangement of rotation though they all are moving fast forward direction still rotate under guidance of some sort of energy that I call it Universal sound frequencies harmony spinning directive. Any matter in Universe is naturally in trajectory guidance of spinning directive all-stars planets moons and even DNA on Earth. So in my clarification Trajectory motion of gravity or any movement is connection to inertia that is guided by Universal sound frequency harmony that is connected by vibration sound frequencies all around in the Universe as one body of mass. There is some connection between sound and vibration gravity in other word Quantum can have gravity in different realm of activity by low octave sound frequencies, color sound gravity are ale related in some sort of field levels by other unknown energy fields to bring everything to harmony the way universe operate.


Jovian bow shocks release strange sound tones in supersonic that are codes. Sometimes whistles can be detected from volcano lightning by electric chorus. Probable we can’t hear with our ears all that pops crackers and whistles but sound tones in lower and higher frequencies are traveling as message codes between planets and stars I already described in my other post “Atoms are other form of living things” so atoms planets stars and Galaxies all communicate, recently some of earths sensible instruments are registering wonderful noises between Earth and Jupiter, there is Jovian chorus sound tones by Jupiter’s radiation belts by frequencies through ion Acoustic waves that are communication between Jupiter and its moons in Jovian electron Cyclotron emission, planets radiation belts solar winds generates sound strange delicate sound frequencies, lightning discharges on earth travels so far away with frequency sound waves that not reachable to our regular senses. Core of our planet (Dark-Matter) unceasingly send sound tone constant chorus waves to Earth’s magnetosphere to adjust its magnetic field adjusting to solar system flow of ordinance also to be synchronize into universal sound directives, Dark-Energy that adjacent the core of the Earth also release energetic sound tones striking the atmosphere just what aurora does but from inside Earth out to the atmospheres, D.E also auroras can register intense radio emission frequencies from 100 up to 500 KHz range.

 Schumann Resonance

Stars and planets are other form of living things same with atoms and they interconnect by electromagnetic communication with each other by sound frequencies, also each planet has own particular frequency range, for example planet Earth releases to its ionosphere 7.83 Hz for many centuries but all of a sudden this cycle might change into higher levels as soon Earth`s magnetic field start to shifting, human DNA received memory that is center of all inhabitants activities and all other living things are adjusted to this frequency in global consciousness because human brain is connected into commonly brain frequency waves of 7.38 Hz same with inhabitants’ of animals worldwide, this low frequencies similar to heart beat rhythms Alpha range of the planet 7.8 Hz is called Schumann Resonance, these delicate can be change any moment into more faster alert beta frequencies, from 7.83 might start to appear up to 50 Hz or higher alert beta this is unknown range of Hz that is unpredictable and no one knows the conclusion.

                                                     MORE THAN TWO POLES?

Earlier I described that Earth`s core is made of invisible liquid form Dark-Matter, inside elements protons are clusters of dark-Matter as core that is, collectively they can form larger group as core of planets and stars, in my earthquake subject brought out that earth’s core contains major 13 chamber like separated bubbles groups conjoining having capacity broadening or shrinking to have more density starting point from 15 times more dense than lead to become millions times harder than lead, they can release sound frequency directives to all surrounding elements that complete energy flow snap of two magnetic poles one in North and the other in the south in any moment if relatively balancing bubbles that change their condensed proposition stretching out destined bubble chambers dark matter can separate into two directive groups across hemisphere that can give result as two south poles and two north poles, also overall Earth’s magnetic polarity from center core bubbles can release up to 13 relocating north poles separation attraction that indirectly can also produces repetitions magnetic patterns by breaking up to 13 south interaction poles, meanwhile we were used seeing only two poles north and south when all this division bubbles were connected together forming one pole, magnetic anomaly that Earth releases by sound frequency codes to all surrounding element to echo inertia balancing attachment fractures in pole magnetic field is made of sound tones, if we measure any shock wave that are released from a large earthquake it travels all around our planet and then wave returns to original starting point as shock wave, in case at the same time another earthquake have taking place somewhere else on earth two separate shock waves reach and hit each other shock wave as a bell, all activities in singularity tone results that traffic is made onward sound that explain originated force relate that starting point advance was also made of sound that is shown back and forth from center of earthquake shock waves traveling in starting point tone reaction back and forth, relocating magnetic poles according to planets inertia rotation is already in great harmony with changing shift of neighboring Sun and entire solar system. Currently we see four poles position on our compass one of new graduated north magnetic pole is traveling rushing toward Siberia, almost every 66 thousand years North and South pole occurs on Earth, I consider that Dark-Matter have individuality personality and wisdom more capable than complete entire human race though we believe that life can be existing only in biological forms but our Universe is full of life and we are just have a temporary extension of that force so everything will be done orderly and in unimaginable intelligence precision, in my other post I already describe “Water molecules” “Atoms are living things” Nicola Tesla once said “My brain is only a receiver in the Universe; there is a core from which we obtain knowledge strength inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secret of the core, I know it exists”

I agree with Tesla in my other post (Cornerstone of the Universe) already describing that core that contains in all sorts of atoms as protons and in all planets stars so on. I penetrated by my thought the existence of this knowledge and I owe my strength inspiration and knowledge through this source the core of Dynamic-Matter that science calls it Dark-Matter. Plus this power of Matter has Grand higher source of Authority in life that is Dynamic-Energy.


Inside the Cosmos there are many different variations of sounds, recently and last hundred year scientist were able to detect weak signals of other sound coming from space that has cosmic background radiation also the Big bang theory sound plus variations of radio signals and recently we are sensing sounds 6 times stronger than anything is or other sounds from space it is called “The Space Roar” totally unknown to Physics cosmologists. Entire Universe is based on high concentrated energy mechanism and human sensor tools still are not equipped to analyses all this flows in cosmos, this sound frequencies also back up my perspectives that gravity is controlled by harmonious force field directives connected to time that is organized by “Universal Sound” in my other blogs.

NASA`s Cassini spacecraft in Nov 27. 2012 show polar storm show vast hexagon-shaped storms, in my perspective those figures can be obtain only by mechanism effect of low octave sound frequencies coming beneath the planet of Saturn that was gigantic swirling hurricane. Low octave sounds waves or vibrations can be heard by special instruments, already we can hear the pulses from Black holes and pulsars in our Universe, Also our Sun`s rowdy participation has its own effect on solar system. In my perspective as I explained on many occasions Dark-Matter can band coming facing toward D.M by sound frequency waves before the light reach to D.M the gravitational lensing is pushing back by sound waves and light react to move connecting to ocean of force field quantum that governs the entire Universe. It is true that the effect shows that light is not passing through D.M and is bending light, the principle of “scaffolding” that D.M react with other matter like planets stars and galaxies, all cluster concentration react to low octave sound frequencies released from D.M to direct the energy communication of galaxies tone reaction to be connected to ocean force field of the universe that is made of Dark-Energy. Same principle applied to all matter before reaching to direction of Black holes. In my perspective center core of black hole is concentrated pure Dark-Matter.

                                                           METEORITES.   ASTEROIDS.

In our Solar system all planets are connected with our Sun, sometimes we experience comets other times meteors or asteroids, their content are specimens extraterrestrial material we experience passing close to us and sometimes falling into Earth or to other planets in our Solar system, they come from different directions and velocities, some come from Kuiper belt or from Orion arm from milky way or from other belts, when passing by us, can give friction of the atmosphere showing meteor shower other times they hit the ground. All this activity it might meant nothing to most of people in reality our Universe all Matter and energy fields are connected to each other, that might have a signal or procedure that gives to our planet, nothing in our Universe move without intelligence guidance from D.E D.M They contain in their friction lights codes directives to our planet, Our solar system is one tiny spot, under control of milky way galaxy and then under control of entire Universal sound frequency waves vibration instructions, central guidance to our solar system comes from the Black hole some release jets of light that are blasted opposite direction in and out of black hole one of pointed jets is blasted pointing to Earth, center black spot of Black Hole is condensed Dark-Matter that releases guidance geometrical guidance to all matter including our solar system. In the Universe there are many flying shrapnel, those materials are called asteroids, when they get inside Earth`s atmosphere it will be called meteorite, later on Earth`s surface it will be called meteors. Asteroids can travel 40.000 miles per hour or faster, entering earth`s atmosphere they collect Kinetic energy of motion, because they are hollow they explode like the one in Russian Urals Chelyabinsk region and also before that in Tunguska.

                                              JOSHUA ASKED GOD TO MAKE THE SUN STAND STILL

In my other theories I explain that we are emerged in unlimited space of inertia force field, gravity functions by commands from Dark-Matter to all atoms, explained my theory of “Gravity” to activate grabbing direction to inertia force field the way atoms operate in covalent bonding with other atoms all protons are also made of Dark-Matter bubble clusters have intelligence and be directed by whole field Dark-Matter field energy, explained in my theory of “Black Hole “Dark-Energy also contains own procedures of directing matter and serve as electromagnetic force field of inertia has own intelligence as I am explained in topic “Cornerstone of our Universe” in my theory perceptive this two forces can eliminate and make the activity stop the inertia stop gravity stop the entire solar system and no continuations of inertia will continue by the force that rules in intelligence in the entire Universe all the spinning forces are guided through this two energy fields Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy.

So when Joshua prayed and asked Almighty to have longer time of shining sunlight or stand still, that exactly what happened, Universal two power energy and Matter stop all activities of spinning in our entire solar system and stop all gravity directives to stop still, yes it is not in our power to do something like that, Joshua didn’t also but asked or prayed for it, Almighty can act in great power he created science and theories and principles, even some people are not obedient to him temporary as long they will be allowed to live but all energy forces are obedient to Almighty, in the same order Dec. 21. 2012

                                                                            DEC 21. 2012

Galaxy alignment do not release excess power to overcome the directives of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, instead the Universe is under command of grand creator and will behave according to regulation harmonious procedure to not demolish what God created and his project to make the earth habitable always stays, and Promises of almighty swore in the times of Noah Gen 9:11 “I established my covenant with you (By rainbow sign), that never again shall all flash be cut off by the waters of a flood, and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the Earth” Almighty is in authority to do anything except one thing he cannot do permanent! HE CANNOT LIE. Mentioned in Numbers 23:19

For human being this force field changes is very powerful. Power of Almighty make billion of galaxies move and unknown trillion and trillion of stars spin orderly is very simple thing to make our solar system behave. There is a limited time for humans to change their behaviors to be loving and merciful, if they are not improve the environment their time will be over, but the meek ones will inherit the Earth.

To my Mayan calendar designer. Earths axel shift already started in 20th century 26 degrees, every 25.920 year cycle that happens on earth, there are no dimensions only earth position gradually will change and we will not notice it the way already shift changed 26 degrees, when I am in my room and which side is the North don’t bother me at all, north and south my good companies always will be with me and I never have the habit to stand in the center of Milky galaxy watching how our Earth stand out all I know Earth will spin harmoniously the way always done only this time upside down. Human beings already made everything upside down probably this will make everything stand out upright.

                                Why our Earth and Moon are made from the same material?

As I described in my perspective asteroid belts contain many variety of substantial properties, and usually each asteroid belt have similarity possessions, whatever the material was inside the nearby super nova wracked detonation during an blast lump impact that formed the cluster of the belt. Scientist collected statistics from Earth and our moon same isotopic oxygen identical composition, it show angular velocity exact composition. In My theory it was mentioned that Dark-Matter Bubble is the starting core point to grab most material from the asteroid belt and combine to a sphere shape ball according to its gravitational interaction by releasing low octave sound frequencies waves creating energetics flow of the covalent bonding of all elements that were circling inside the belt volume, so in  my approach the two volume of Dark-Matter that start grabbing the asteroid material they combined different spheres according to their volume and gravitational interaction, that’s why finishing point of the moon produce 1/6 Th. That of moon having only 1.2% of Earth`s mass. 1.2 %. Moon surface is almost 14.6 million square miles. The new created Earth and Sun kept the belt that asteroid belt was circling only the separated parts were combined into Earth and Moon globes. So the theory of catastrophic collision or planetary wrack between two domains and dividing into Earth and Moon inappropriately don’t fit in my theory.

                                                                   THE MOON

Our neighbor planet the moon has 3.474.8 diameters that are 1.2% of the Earths mass, Earth weights 81 % heavier, 100 pounds on Earth weighs 17 pounds on the moon so if you can jump on feet on Earth that tells you can jump 6 feet on the moon. Moon has synchronous rotation with Earth always showing same face on hiding the other face from Earth, it has gravitational influence on ocean tides and lengthening of the day.

Scientist use star quarks to study interior of the stars and planets, geologist know what effect seismic waves give hitting certain objects or matter but they never considered that some of the hard objects that their scales are registering is not hard iron but it is Dark-Matter condensed energy fields. That’s why they declare that core of the Earth is hard iron in reality it is Dark-Matter in several level of hardening intensities. 1969 Apollo mission for test by 2.5 tone lunar module experimentally crashed onto the Moon’s surface, moon start to alarm like a ranging bell for over an hour making give the impression that it is hallow inside the moon, as I described in my posts Dark-Matter has intelligence theological ordinance and releases sound frequency waves to communicate with other Dark-matter spaces in other location, as I described the core of the earth has several levels of condense variation starting the deepest core and less density surrounding the other crust then the other surrounding crust and so on. Similar results was given by Acoustics star quakes showing inner hardest form of crust (They are calling it again IRON) then on top of that outer crust a rigid outer mantle with semi-rigid inner mantle around the core, coming into conclusion of 300 miles across wrapped in molten iron having another surrounding wrapped molten iron 56 miles thick tapped with 93 miles layers of partial molten material, on thing I don’t understand in the end they mentioning that core of the moon is very cold. Dark-matter is very cold because it doesn’t let heat and light to penetrate its invisible bubble energy, Geologist have tested extreme hard Dark-matter unknowingly categorized iron effect, so it is very easy for them characterize  as hard iron. In reality Dark-matter is 15 times more condensed than lead and also it can go much more abbreviated levels as we see in black holes. In my perspective moon is hollow? Yes we can hear its bell sound ringing acoustic waves, Center of moon also look emptiness but is made of very condensed hard invisible Dark-Matter bubbles, as all other planets and stars are formed having Dark-matter core in their Center.

Mysterious giant black cubes inside the moon and over the Sun

As technology getting more advanced to penetrate in scientific range, knowledge is having more expansion. Knowledge is getting bigger like the Universe. Recently NASA`s Grail mission registering entire continent of the Moon, Grail recordings show giant rectangle-shaped solid shell giant square structure beneath moon’s surface layer 29 miles deep, that is composed of Uranium 236 Titanium Mica Neptunium 237 those elements don’t exist on other locations inside the moon except only in giant square hidden structure under the moon, this structure is large almost 2/5 th the size of the Moon. Of course also it shows a hallow space in the center of the Moon.

This is not the first time where giant black cube was mentioned in our solar system, on many occasions Heliospheric observatory observing mysterious giant black cubes over the Sun`s vicinity, it was spotted by NASA SOHO EIT 284 in 2011 also in 1995 also in May 5 2012 the Giant black cube might be made from the same material that is hidden inside the moon that have to be explained, because it is too much complex and unimaginable from reality NASA is not reporting additional inquire about spotted Giant black cube that is playing hide and seek with us.

Additional to this information amateur astronomer Keith Bradenshaur of Alta Sierra Ca. swears he spotted enormous black cube near the Moon.

Some believe in great anomaly that the moon is a artificial structure with hollow place and have a large triangular doorway entrance on the dark side of the moon or the side that always don’t look into planet Earth, some inform that on December 21 1968 Apollo 8 mission took 2908 pictures of the surface of moon it detected extreme large triangular entrance, still there is no large conformation about it.

Does Earth have other moons? Yes. One of them is called 3753 Cruithne that makes 364 days irregular per cycle. It is very small size with independent odd orbit with higher velocity that speeds to go out as far as mars and Jupiter, it has a theoretical point in space called lagrangian point between the Earth and the Sun… you have other Ceres-sized asteroids such as asteroid 243 Ida 2010 TK 7 2006 RH 120 Eros that is a few meters across also many other comets, almost they are synchronized with our Solar system. Asteroid 2016 H03 is Earth`s constant companion, has a diameter between 120 to 300, closest distant to Earth remains 9 million miles.


Jupiter has similarities with the core of our Earth.

Jupiter have mass 318 times of the Earth`s, it is so big that almost it does not orbit around the Sun, but our Earths core have similarities with surface of neighboring fifth planet from the Sun. On Jupiter we find Great red spot in the light colored bands called Zones and dark ones called belts. In my concept this dusty GRS is a cloud of Dark-Energy bubble mixed with dust: have oval shape approx. 12.000 by 25.000 km. twice larger than the Earth. The high velocity latitude winds in opposite direction in adjacent bands because of contrasting magnetic field between D.E and D.M. The twisters that can be seen on are Dark-Energy  clouds like the ones seen on Mars planet 70 miles wide and 12 miles long some call it dust devil twister. Similar twisters on Jupiter do not produce energy by nuclear fusion nor by chemical reaction but by other movement causes convection deep within Jupiter invisible surface of Dark-Matter surface. That is the core of the planet generating 20.000 k. same principle applies on the core of our planet that produced by rubbing D.E and D.M that rasping generates heat and produces hydrogen. Dark-Energy cloud revolves around Earth`s mantle. Universe matter communicate by low octave sound frequency tones all Stars take direction beat regulation from Black hole and Pulsar in our galaxy. Sun gives rhythmic guidance to the Earth synchronized D.E clouds circle around core according the tone of the Sun 27 days and 43 minutes echo variation. Earth and Jupiter have same intensity magnetic field or flux dropouts, according to atmosphere sub storm activities in the magnetic intensity.

As we see different hurricane and wind activities, it is more visible by extreme cyclones over planet Jupiter. NASA sent probe Juno that launched to explore Jupiter in 2011 extraordinary data came when scientist realize that cyclones belts starting surface of planet to beneath 3.000 kilometer deep having the center large cyclone as main flow, beside that there are eight other smaller cyclones in the North and other five cyclones in the South, so far they did not merge into each other. In my perspective each cyclone is individual separated flow of Dark-Energy that pulls energy to stabilize swing oscillating gravitational field because on planet Jupiter gravitational field isn’t the same across North and South hemispheres


Flux transfer events (FTEs)

On many occasions I mentioned that the Sun is connected with the entire solar system and directs all planets and objects with magnetic sensitive rope like flow to connect each movement of the planets, it’s a communication some sort that is called “Umbilical cord that has twisted helical structure seems as magnetic field that also is called ”Flux transfer events” (FTEs) Mission of Cassini spacecraft that will end in 2017 already detecting this flux rope connection or events between Sun and Saturn Sun and Jupiter, as planets have farther distances from the Sun it is more difficult to detect, one thing for sure this rope like gravitational structures are 8300 Km wide in length and go all the way to reach the other planets inside the solar system including Earth`s magnetosphere. Hopefully in future they might discover that the Sun also is connected with the centre of Milky Way Galaxy, in my other post “Gravity” I introduced that gravity also is the effect of sound frequency wavelengths that make each particle to be connected into universal time warping loop or fluctuation of vacuum energy warping.

Earth`s heartbeat.

Similar to Sun`s heartbeat every 27 days and 43 minutes Earth also have an heartbeat like the rest of all planets and stars. It was monotone vibration frequency released from Earths core considered as heartbeat rhythm in 7.8 Hz frequency is an Alpha/Theta state that was called Schuman Resonance, this is a global electromagnetic resonance that is directed by Dark-Matter core`s dense knot into space-time gravitational lensing, everything was going in regular rhythmic order but in 2014 all of a sudden spike in activity changed went up to 8.5 and later all of a sudden into 16.5 Hz This prove that any moment Earth`s heart beat can be changed into more excessive force or mild spike activity changed by vibration frequencies.

Of course there are many other differences between Earth and Jupiter as well, for example Jupiter is made of metallic hydrogen with some helium its mass is 318 time larger than the mass of our planet Earth that means it`s mass is larger than entire mass of total planets in our solar system, Earth has one moon Jupiter has 63 moons, they don’t crash each other, one of the moons is Ganymede that is largest moon in our solar system, most of galaxies loose flying objects meteors fall over Jupiter because of its size and position in rotation in solar system, Jupiter spins so fast that it can rotate in less than 10 hours. The name of our planet Earth that meant ground did not derived or named from any god or goddesses but Jupiter was named after gods of Roman mythology, no matter what names people give to planets all of them moving respectfully under Universal supernatural guidance with great precision and accuracy, their movements derive with grand respect to the Grand creator that I refer in my post “Reconciling God and religion”                 

Planet X

Before 1781 we thought solar system is combined with only 6 planets then we discovered Uranus adding to 7 later on Neptune together with Pluto bringing solar system group to 9 but still some dont consider Pluto planet. Recently scientist are suspecting that another planet that made of hydrogen and helium almost in the size of Neptune 4.6 billion miles away that might circling far away from the Sun between 20 to 100 billion miles distance to make a spin around the sun or solar system, we have some evidence but if we have definite proof that will be called 9th Planet X and give it a new name, long time ago Uranus was called Planet X.

Many other historian and philosophers connect this subject with Sumerians old history about Annunaki and planet of Nebiru, their race visited on Earth and lived in so called imaginary city of Atlantis, connecting with biblical history those other races came to planet Earth and had intercourse with humans developing Nephilim’s of giants. According to the Bible rebellion Angels against Gods theocratic ruler ship came to materialized taking form as men and lived on this planet only to time of the great flood where Angels lost their capability to stay as human and they returned to their old spiritual form and their generation of Nephilim’s were totally destroyed. I have a post explains this subject “Angels”

                                                               The eye of Sahara

Similar activity can be found on Earth where Dark-Energy spins in smaller realm of circle over the surface of the planet Earth same fashion like on Jupiter in milder version, for example similar massive circular marks can be found in northern Africa North of Mauritania desert circles about 25 miles across and it is called “The eye of Sahara” Because both energy fields Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter are invisible we cants see it only feeling their result on matter. Same effect can be seen over weather and air flow on our planet Earth.

In our solar system all planets and moons can effect in subtle motion of Sun, Jupiter alone can slow Suns stellar wobble or causes 13 m/s or 29 miles per hour amplitude wobble inside the sun, as I described in my post “Gravity” how Dark-Matter core release sound frequency directives to move elements to be connected into grabbing Universal extraterrestrial field quantum entanglement flow, depending how large or small planets mass can cause different stellar wobbles in the Sun. Like Earth Jupiter’s core also is surrounded by flow of Dark-Energy having also other separate portion of D.M to spin on the surface of the planet. Jupiter’s red spots are very high upon the surface at least 10 miles or higher dust that can be seen contains ultraviolet light that is released by dark energy, by mixing this light with acetylenes gases and ammonia that is abundant on Jupiter it will show a large red spots having underneath heavier dusty particle collections that will show gray color, dark matter and dark energy are life containing force that exist before universe be existent.

                          PLANET EARTH IS LIVING THING   MATU FORCE

There are many unknown energy forces that should be discovered, already we heard about consequent zero point energy absolute energy vacuum energy electromagnetism energy Dark Matter energy field quantum field fermionic field gauge filed Higgs field and many similar other theories and energy fields. I like to consider also Matu force field, all biological livings have some sort of energy field that have stimuli circling energy size of small about car size sphere roll leave back of the person go up pass over the head go down to emerge the body under the heart section and continue circling same flow repeating the movement till someday the person dies, in my “DNA” post I mentioned that every living creature including insects and animals and human beings have their own Expansion enlarged  Dark-Matter bubbles that entrenches the living being, collectively entire atoms of a person are connected with personality harmony sound tone frequency wavelength that are contained in their own private Dark Matter bubble, (Matu) force is free of electrons leaves out from the bubble and be connected or touched the Universal language of atoms and Universe go back into the body encircling inside the person inner realm. I have a post considering “Atoms are other form of living things” is very clear that not only atoms communicate and change their characteristic being orderly like army soldiers on line they can live 12 billion years and apply all principles that is expected from their characteristics. Same manner all-stars planets and galaxies have own life form personalities birds group of bird big swarms cloud wavelength of birds act as one person. Atoms molecules cells all are collective of two energies DE D.M portions to form all elements all particles and complete human beings, they all contain life force that is originated by D.E and D.M. Human beings have(Matu) flow also our planet has its own (Matu) ripples flow magnetic field lines not exactly the same but similar to aurora inclinations, some scientist have been noticing calling it field of plasma structure that made of layers of positive ions (D.M is positive DE is negative) this flow come out from our planet like human(Matue) and go back into Earth in range of ionosphere top of Earth’s atmosphere, this maneuvering also back up my theories that Our planet Earth also is another other form of living thing as atom contain two major force fields DE and D.M all stars and Earth is collection of this atoms plus center of all mass of matter is made of pure D.M and surrounded by D.E energy fields, in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I described that all life energy started from this energy flow.

Portion of Dark-energy resides on its surface as red spot, it will not dissolve keep continue to operate looking like mysterious vortex, by my conclusions all planets have same composition activities on their core Dark-Matter that have spinning Dark-Energy residing flow that always surrounding its core also on some occasions some planets have additional separate energy flows on top of planet surfaces.

All planets and moons have inside their core one or more groups of Dark-Matter bubble groups that are connected to the surface plates, For example Jupiter’s moon Europa has separate active tectonic icy forms plates that can gradually go under or on top of each other one plate can sunk under the other, as soon core density of Dark-Matter cluster readjust their positions connection plates to individual group also move around on surfaces.    

Latest dramatic transformation on Jupiter are done by guidelines in low octave sound frequency waves from Our Sun excess bustle in the middle section, comparing to Jupiter less current atmospheric changes we might experience soon on Earth because our solar system is directed by signals from the Sun. Beside aurora we have many other things that can`t be seen.

There are many other things on our Earth that cannot be seen by our naked eyes but it can be detected by advance cameras looking to our sky some can register streams of high energy field particles that are released from our Sun through geomagnetic storm hit on our atmosphere some we already sense by aurora lights and also we can add on that faintly red arcs that glow in red cooler less than 400 miles long stretched as wavelength red light arcs in ionosphere and higher latitudes.

If you look into a pulsar it show that the look of a star inside, when outside body is removed from the star the look inside part is a pulsar without the outside covering part, so all stars and have activity as pulsar deep core, regarding planets they have slowly version on the core as we can observe on Jupiter surface activities GRS clouds. Planets have slow moving Dark-Energy clouds circling on center core that is made of numbers of large Bubbles of Dark-Matter.

From starting activation of star electromagnetism spin over core center of star like a pulsar, we can see some similarity on Saturn`s monster storm blaster, Dark Energy is the original force of electromagnetism when flow forward as force and can produce light and X-ray when smash to other energy Dark-Matter, that are oceans of proton bubbles they can produce radio waves and low octave sound frequencies waves to command the bonding motion of all elements seem like gravity, in reality elements are connecting themselves into universal field of inertia field that quantum energy operated in the entire Universe according to the command of Dark-Matter.  

                                                                ARMAGEDDON ASTEROIDS                                                

Let’s consider an Asteroid; one of the closest encounters was done by a Falcon. In 2003 Japanese scientist send a spaceship satellite under the name of Hayabusa that literally it means “Peregrin Falcon” to get close to asteroid Itokawa that was traveling in great speed 1/3 miles long, the mission was to reach the speed of the Asteroids land or touch only for a moment and grab some particle maters from the surface and leave the asteroid and bring the material to Earth, also the sensitive instrument had to register data internal structure  topography, color composition, density and history, they were successful. Registering data inside configuration noticing that it was combined of tiny grains of asteroid material with pile of small rocks loose mixed of solid lumps small asteroids, interestingly it was also hallow inside yes empty space like the one we found on Earth South Pacific 2012 (Aug 9) by New Zealand royal Navy, a floating pumice 300 miles (482 km) miles length and 30 miles (48 km) in width an island of rock hallow inside, Lieutenant Tim Oscar said “The weirdest thing I`ve seen 18 years at sea” usually asteroids are oldest rock or metallic structures left from star explosions of course all asteroids are not build same directive, but everything I observe is in the same principle, Hallow inside by invisible some force fields that might be Dark-Matter. In other articles I mentioned Dark-Matter has intelligence qualities same with Dark-Energy, in subject Cornerstone of the universe will explain that.

In case someday an Asteroid 800 trillion Terajoules or larger one hit the earth will bring the end of the world? One time Earth met an asteroid of large size and probably destroyed the dinosaurs. After all the intelligent procedures around us the wisdom and guidance for planets and galaxies to revolve in harmonious measures and accuracy still many don’t see the wisdom behind all this activities. One time dinosaurs were needed to flatten the landscapes living fields and plant life compress Earth’s surface, after their mission was accomplished it was not going to be convenient to keep together with coming new forms of life like Humans, so they had to go, the unseen intelligence that some call it Mother Nature has to plan for an Asteroid to visit Earth and do the Job. Everything in Universe is connected and act accordingly in perfection, and everything is pre planned for human benefits and continuation of life, though we don’t respect each other, in case we worry about it or do planning’s we cannot depend on some move actors to deliver us from us from other planets Aliens and Asteroids even every week they saving all humanity from all kind of dangers continuously on TV or in Cinema theaters. Asteroids are small comparing to planets some are large as dwarf planets about 600 miles. Armageddon will not take place or allowed to happen because everything is under control of grand intelligence arrangements.

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