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Collection Dark-Energy Dark-Matter

                        Collection INFO, DE, DM



 Examining the Universe it seems great unknown energy is in order to make everything else in order. One large scale force has been noticed that is releasing great gravitational effect, already there are many unseen other frequencies such as radiation, infrared, radio waves, gamma rays and many other form of invisible forces that release effect absorption on other exposed matter where most effect can be seen from invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that form each individual atom and entire galaxies in the Universe.

Usually any hard to notice connection transforming power or data we call it filament but there might be other unseen connection that  might controlling between ordinary matter that are totally invisible, so unnoticeable that calling them filaments might not apply. Two forms of energies fall in these categories, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter and they are pure Universal life form energies with supernatural intelligence and power. In my Blogs (Cornerstone of the Universe) I explained how these forces created the Entire Universe.

Watching the Universe every star and entire galaxies have procedures how and where they are guided, the, it is not necessary for us precisely the force that effect their movement but there are flow of energies that infiltrate their activities, it is not only by altered gravitational forces, because many stream of stars and galaxies are moving into many different directions, invisible forces that created the stars and galaxies have a purpose why they been formed and continue to exist moving into harmonious realm of delicate precision, in human intelligence can only call Universe supernatural, same with the forces that created the Universe. Atoms we can see to study focusing our intelligence into atoms after they are eliminated.
By scientists Strangelet is a theoretical configuration of basic particles called <up>  <down> and <strange> quarks strangelet could range from the size of subatomic particles to a big as star. Greeks use the expression (Catodos) that’s ups and down we use it in electric. My opinion particle of electron connected to particle of D.M proton, in nucleus, and surrounded by electron. To provide Function of anode and cathode system, works in Atoms. Gk-gravitational anti matter are Protons or Negative. My prospective is, D.M protons and D.E electrons deterring, the protons made one particle of Dark-Matter DM. There are no neutrons in the Hydrogen atom, it exist only in the rest of elements. One particle of proton can allocated about 300 smaller specks. Electrons are made cable of Dark-Energy D.E. One particle of electron can be at odds into millions particles, almost invisible, continuously react against each other respond by gravity force. In a title how Hydrogen are made? it is explained this theory, how electrons work around protons to develop a Atom. Up and down works out Function Anode and Cathode can be changed between. Atoms, frequencies give order to rectifying properties of atoms by covalent bond principle to join or repel each other, when atom take subjugation of the low octave sound commands circulation direction of each change backward and foreword to regulatory suppression When equal balance of anode cathode circuit charges inside the nucleus changes as well, condensed electromagnetic qualifications in the electron cables let loose single or outnumber helix filaments to go inside the atom, to link portions of proton bubble pips, new particles are conventional overleaf elements variety differentiation by the sound frequencies arrangements to be precise by Tone-Reaction orders. The outcome variety changes categorize new personalities of elements that we can accentuate in periodic table. D.M and D.E. Hydrogen atoms form into anti hydrogen by mixing antiprotons with positrons this occurs when. Portion of magnetic field of electron go in the proton unit get trapped in, this particle of electron continuously force opposition, that can annihilate the atom, by a slit lost in balance. D.E, D.M, combinations repel incision portions, then link together to bring out neutrons and even new diverse particles. When summarize electrons lose their density, D.E will release superfluous light particles and gamma rays from its structure, D.E can be break into gravity radio waves and many other things by function with D.M.  When proper direction spinning that is guided by low octave sound frequency pulses tones, receive rejecting sound tones electrons start to change into opposite spin direction  Anti matter is produced. Dark-Matter can be condensed or scattered depending surrounding pressure, when it is scattered in unperturbed space it can be react as weakly interacting hypothetical particles or WIMPs though they are invisible sound signal frequencies they generate interactions to weak force or gravity. Variation of sound command can go to different levels; from far away in the middle of milky Galaxy we might receive signals from them as much as 110 GeV to 130 GeV. Dark-Matter is invisible and inactive only after being close to D.E become visible, start to operate when adjacent to Electromagnetism or Dark-Energy that is 10^42 times stronger than Dark-Matter by active spin of electrons. Scientist might consider WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, in my perspective entire Dark-Matter particles in any state are combination of one force field connected and have intelligence however invisible, opposite to this energy is Dark-Energy covering entire Universe react as electromagnetism and electrons have one individual own intelligence and personality, yet invisible. Dark Matter have intelligence to direct into composing super symmetric capabilities to form joining with electron helix into new particles inside atoms also is capable by low octave sound frequency waves vibrations to command always active in developing to super symmetric particles inside atoms and into surrounding in principles of covalent bonds, new physics we know trying hard to collect information in standard model to explain new physics, that will stay new for time being. All equations that describe shattering atoms make more close to understanding that the word decay is the process sending particles into their original form Energy-Matter, D.E and D.M.

Watching scientists keen on Universe noticing existence of two different elements in the entire Cosmos, together they combine to formed stars and galaxies, only 4% is existing matter as galaxies, combination of this two force and matter exist, one part of radiant energy about 74 % of D.E with anonymous light with radiation and electromagnetism flow and second elements there exist in cosmos some undetected forces hides all over Universe thinking it binds all stars and galaxies that is estimated by 22% of D.M, considering this two element force and matter they came to supposition using expressions Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter together they can combine with electromagnetism with matter to form matter atoms stars and Galaxies. Later on to analyses why continuously space is expanding making galaxies further apart and what can be found further away in the darker areas of the Cosmos still are in advance follow up by modern science discoveries. In my perspective in other post I described how “Gravity” works how “Cornerstone of the Universe” formed and how “Atoms” and “Stars” are formed. 

Quantifying existing forces 1-Stronginteraction 2-Electromagnetism 3-Weak interaction and 4-Gravity, still scientist trying to conclude gathering info on other forces to detect to see how some unseen forces are influencing on gravitational forces inside the Universe, as long unknown is up there it will be hard to determent, for example adding “Lambada cold” on top of Big bang theory do not add up on Dark-Matter theory, as far as we know nothing can travel faster than light, if that will be our conclusion then how can matter hurdle in split of second billion years of light speed to form other Galaxies? That’s not possible. Other experts consider that Dark-Matter are unstable particles, on top of that atom smasher brings out Exotic particles DS 3* Anti quark as a meson made of quarks and antiquarks, I believe major forces behind all is invisible Dark-Energy that transformed a portion of its sum into invisible Dark-Matter, collectively combination of D.E and D.M forms all the rest of fundamental forces in Nature and entire Cosmos, you might find additional some of my concepts in posts.

How grand power is Dark-Matter? I call it “Dynamic-Matter” just consider our milky way Galaxy measure  range is from 100 to 120 light-years cross in distance with complete united form of gravitational distribution by Dark-Matter. Beside our own galaxies also other swarming galaxies that range distances tens of millions of light-years are connected into each other in gravitational distant objects pull to interact Dark-Matter because all atoms and matter contain dark-Matter protons entire matter of planets and all elements are portion part of micro particle part of Dark-Matter.

Dark matter is hiding inside every atom as core and are called proton still scientist are working on Alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS) to find Dark-Matter in the universe watching cosmic-ray particles that come and collide with Dark-Matter bubble clusters, scientist call DM WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, one thing for sure Dark-Matter cannot be seen by telescopes because are invisible and light cannot penetrate through it except Dark-Energy, in my other chapter article about (Our Sun) I been explaining how react Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy to form hydrogen atoms and function as a star.

Formerly science thought that everything in the universe is made of atoms and particles that expectations are changed. Till now science don’t know much about mysterious Dark-Matter they are noticeable only when they interact or distortion light to control how much to distribute lights, or by its gravitational pull with other stars and Galaxies also by the effect of rotational curves by all other mass objects in velocity orbiting in constant, large Galaxies produce great light and to reach us passing from scattered Dark-Matter we receive less effect of their great lensing realm, its motion is not stable still some scientist viewed Dark-Matter as whims axon and machos, the funny part is Dark Matter has no form or particles it is an invisible force though has positive charge and can be materialize when connected with invisible Dark-Energy that has negative charge to form an atom it can pass through any mass without making any effect they are bubbles that nan be condensed or spread abridged. In my other articles same blog I mentioned that they are inside every atom as proton cluster bubbles and dividing potions be connected stifle with separated helix from cable electrons to form other particles atom need to fusion into other form of elements or atoms, also in article gravity I mentioned that Dark-Matter in the universe surrounds each Galaxy as hallow all stars have their own belts and galaxies have their own Dark-Matter belts as hallow keeps the galaxy to not be expended but galaxies from each other do in acceleration that is in control of Dark-Energy.

Dark exotic Matter I call it Dynamic-Matter scientist also refer as WIMPs still is not detected as any particle and it never will because it is invisible intelligent life force, mixing with greater or Grand invisible intelligent force contain also life force, combining together they introduced and formed Matter. Universe existed by the force of life as I introduced in my article “Cornerstone of the Universe” in this blog, where I explained that Dark-Matter had a starting time in the beginning but Dark-Energy always has been existed to backward in eternity. As Einstein tried to explain cosmological constant, I see it Dark-Energy is in control of entire Universe making room for new space repulsive acceleration and in control of quantum time allowing for other objects to stay or spin and move under control of Dark-Matter by communicational frequency permissions that all Galaxies have to obey and govern respectfully in order by great intelligence that we see in action, you can read additional comments in my other article “Black holes”

Considering how atoms go through cycle fusion without borrowing any particles from their neighbors it explain that electron helixes can be separated and go into space of atoms and combine with separated bubbles of Dark-Matter from core to form a new particle and so on until all form of other atoms transform from hydrogen atom to higher chart of groups of atoms with multiple nucleuses and other great number of new particles. Many researchers are seeking to grasp Dark-Matter bubbles that are invisible and have values beyond the standard models to pin point its existences can be shown when Dark-Matter invisible bubbles reveal itself by gravity, in my perspectives D.M releases unusual effect by sound frequency tone waves to be connected into Quantum universal time pinpoint force that is spread inside entire Universe and every mass is imbedded in that cosmos force field. 

                                 ALL MASS IS IMBEDDED INSIDE DARK MATTER

Invisible material to form mass comes from Dark Matter that are bubbles inside bubbles they glob everything in their invisible bubbles, in spread form they act as one body and in disjointed small portions they individually, collective atoms in our body though are individual forms each contain portion of Dark Matter bubble as core and collectively they generate realm of larger bubble that clinch all our body in other expression individually react with other atoms, we and all other form of living person or animal insects plants bacterial live in their own form size inside bubbles, every larger mass like our entire planet  fits inside large Dark Matter bubble, same with the solar system is imbedded in a larger Dark Matter bubble also entire galaxies are entrenched inside much larger invisible bubble of searing Dark Matter. According some scientist they assume that “Local Bubbles “exist around solar system some call it “Local hot Bubble” thinking that they are remains from super nova explosions others scientists assume that bubble are scraps from solar winds that take up gas material, one thing for sure Gas and solar wind or particles don’t combine to form as one Bubble and endure to keep their shape distract, always keep their form, one thing I am very positive about Large bubbles are not hot because they made of Dark Matter and repel heat and light.

By my perspective atoms take any size collectively and separately, they gulp bacteria’s viruses till to larger mammals till blue whales and keep slightly larger bubble what they gulp, living forms including humans do not feel or sense that they are imbedded with binary codes inside Dark Matter bubble, same situation goes  meteors planets moons stars and galaxies, probably you have noticed our solar system and galaxies are mostly speeded in flat shape, all are spinning but somehow are gulp in an invisible large bubble with scalar waves operating higher or lower tones frequency vibrations are guiding their formality cycles or patterns. Dark Matter controls galaxy oscillation that is imbedded in large Dark Matter that is adjusting all perpetual motions, because there is guided by mathematical formulas it seems that some non-biological living energy with intelligence that have regulatory galaxy flow patterns.

Dark matter is hiding inside every atom as core and are called proton still scientist are working on Alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS) to find Dark-Matter in the universe watching cosmic-ray particles that come and collide with Dark-Matter bubble clusters, scientist call DM WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, one thing for sure Dark-Matter cannot be seen by telescopes because are invisible and light cannot penetrate through it except Dark-Energy, in my other chapter article about (Our Sun) I been explaining how react Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy to form hydrogen atoms and function as a star.

In logical opinion Dark-Matter is invisible bubble clusters as dense they get than mass get tighter, regular standard form is 15 times dense than lead but it can be expended to thin nothingness or go compressed that lead thousand time, in condensed form it has liquid procedure it is non-biological living energetic thing, scientist are trying many experiments by WIMP bouncing off an atomic nucleus of xenon still unordinary Dark-Matter that is invisible also impenetrable and same time can pass from side to side other elements resembling wind, all interactive massive particles contain balanced forms of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. I wonder what the scientist find when it is invisible and can react inversely because it is other form of living thing so no theoretical models can apply on these Matter in any models Dark-Matter nor Dark-Energy both invisible forces with all experiments they can defined by leaving background radiation or nothing at all, can be impassable if it reacts to be compressed because these two are supernatural actualities.

Atoms have their own sagacity, indulgent, conforming, and achieving printed guidelines. D.E electrons contain other energy forces beside electricity have more capabilities that we understand. They apply according variety of elements, and chemical arrangement. Atoms cells of different kind. Acquainted about animal life, plant life, should be unrevealed life forms. Atom are of them, elements product energy, enrolling order, clever some sort, they can operate over 10 billion years, like cells, intelligent life form. Atoms communicate by sound. All cosmos, Black holes, Pulsars, all stars and elements produce frequencies music in different octave hard for us to receive. Dynamic Dark-Matter and Dynamic Dark -Energy measures, a balanced Universal Body of God. Humans are created on Earth by collection of element, by Amino acids, combining with other Matter. D.E control aptitude over all formalities and principle construction, amino acid edifice form of directives, D.E or electrons are Atomic DNA

                                                                            THE SUN

In Cosmos, also in our milky Galaxy are dust clouds are mostly 75% hydrogen and 25 %helium including some atoms molecules ions electrons and iron. There is ordinary hydrogen in Universe and scattered everywhere, but the more massive type is deuterium (from a Greek word for second) or hydrogen 2, by microwaves scientist find out that 20% of hydrogen in Universe is hydrogen form 2. Later iatrochemistry explained that dust clouds can contain also silicates carbon atoms ice and other compounds altogether about thirteen varieties of atoms manage to be formed in the thin near vacuumed matter of space in complex molecules and other more complex groupings. All stars and matters in Universe are made of Atoms, First start are hydrogen Atoms. It is proved that in thin space exist large amount they are existed without the help of Big bang. In the Universe there are great collection bubbles of Dark-Matter look like inside of the pomegranate fruit orderly raw of kernels or pips, but each bubble pips several thousand miles wide holding and pushing each other tight clustering together several layers. Once a while in great speed Dark-Energy come and bang to this huge bubbles and penetrate almost to the center and starts to spin inside the large cluster dividing core section as radioactive zone covering crust section.   
Let`s consider Our Sun, the surface temperature is only 6.000 0 F. Deep inside the sun radioactive zone temperature rises from 2 million 0 F until 27 million0 F center core of our Sun like all other stars is big mass of Dark-Matter bubbles that are same matter as black-Hole and protons same fabric in different quantities. Large cloud of Dark-Energy that are also same material as electromagnetism and electrons are circling on the core, like the effect of pulsar, this oppressive rotation grating produce great temperature. On top of the active D.E clouds are surrounded again By Dark-Matter large bubbles crowded and pushing each other to join into the core and Dark-Energy repelling the rest to surface this also give grinding effect, 50.000 miles deep under chromosphere. Whenever D.E and D.M rub to each other they mix electron surrounding small portions of protons that reproduce new hydrogen Atoms then by fusion produce different elements and so on till the level of production level of hydrogen start to weaken and Sun might go into red Giant process. Meanwhile D.E breaks down to electromagnetic radiation, the gas and anomalies produce can be seen on the surface blast of plasma through pattern as granulation flare released mixed with gas. These process releases 6 million tons per second, like 200 trillion tons per year, they come from 60.000 miles deep from convection zone also shoots out beam of particles and light. Under the surface of Sun photosphere many bubbles of Dark-Matter push each other to not allowing heat to penetrate by making a fence similar to order like inside the pomegranate fruit orderly raw of kernels or pips, but each bubble pips several thousand miles wide holding and pushing each other tight clustering together several layers inside the sphere inner part of convective zone. D.M do not penetrate heat or light that’s why 2 million 0 F. lowers down to 6.0000 F

Flair explosions on the Sun are leave 50.000 miles dark spots darkest patches because Dark-Matter bubbles come to the openings and block the exit and looks cooler than 6.0000 F because D.M don’t penetrate heat and light, (observation by NASA`s solar system probe also reported that even big invisible bubbles jets out of the Sun) in my view they are Dark-Matter or D.M that might leave out if the dark spot hole is not big enough to cover the exit hole so they are gone out. Once a while also leave`s out small portions of Dark-Energy or electrons and leave out our Sun in hurricane form. This filtration of D.M allows small level of heat and light on the surface of the Sun and that`s right convenient level for us. Later in time Sun or any star do not show solar-liked oscillation they loose their brightness turning into Red Giant. The material mass that are collected in radioactive zone around the Dark-Matter core creating  empty distant find slowing down the oppressive rotation and grating taking all the mass further from the center, that will give Dark-Energy to rotate more freely till the chromosphere goes further away from the center core of Dark-Matter, creating a large Red-Giant. When the mass collapse with energy of Dark-Energy to the center point, it creates Super nova explosion, remaining some Dark-Energy spinning over Core of Dark-Matter as  Pulsar.

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