Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Friends



                                         Friends. look for the most valuable friend in your life

Civilizations, provide orderly communities, individually and group associates to help human  society to well being of the persons, receiving basic needs, the idea as a principle is excellent, human heart is pure clean, when they born, somewhere in the heart is located a tiny box called conscious, this box have no cover, you can`t open or close its always closed, it have tiny, many little opening holes, some shape of triangles, others round ,some square, and some  in a star shape, others rectangular, like the toys children play .every thought that enters the heart, should penetrate and go through this hole . Many thoughts are rejected, when the shape or the size doesn`t match, the heart box have the freedom to decide, how wide the passage walls should be, all the disciplinary suggestions, principles regulation that are good. Can be collected in the heart, if they didn`t go through, probably the bad influences, hate greed violence jealousy already penetrated in, whatever this certain box of consciousness allowed to go through the ideas that have visa to go in, the respectful pass ways, now whatever type of awareness that heart has. That what the person represent. The world is full of good thoughts and bad thoughts the individual will decide, he or she wants to be a good or bad person. Humans have their own gravity they are like breathing magnet, whatever you interest into your life time or fascinated of something that will enchant in harmony with your primary beliefs.

In our life times we have memories instant happenings in our lifetime that we experienced many years ago, those are portraits in our wall picture portfolio monuments or decorations on the figurative wall in our castle fort in our mind as moving sculpture peace portrait with emotions and feelings stays there in our memory art gallery always waiting for us in our private exclusives museum, every time we evaluate a memory, we should conclude results and lessons we momentary remember through, many years later when we remember the same incidences in our lifetimes same instance’s might give us different outlook versions to go through this subjects and look from different viewpoints or angles we might see that incident entirely different sensitivity, depends how much more mature we are to analyze those circumstances, or our egos are in different perspectives or have different more or less heaviness mass, or we became powerful bottleneck  stiff-neck, stubborn or unrestrained or restricted access regarding to learn different perspectives seeing matters in different angles. In the biblical stories 1 Kings 12: 11 son of King Solomon before making his people revolt regarding the yokes people were suffering for paying high taxes he said “My father chastised you with whips but I for my part shall disciplines you with menaces “so how we are looking into matters with emotional feelings or revenging attitude?  Regarding our lifetime experiences. Depends we are in good or bad mood.  

Knowing a person is like music, what appeals us to them is their song melody expressions words. Through those lyrics we will analyze their personality sound frequencies and character, usually they mention their center topic drive and the same similar emotional lyrics you will hear from same individuals. We have to figure out can this individual be our friend? Last generations that did not divorce easily, they had the custom to repair or fix thing if they don’t work even fixing emotional indifference's, in our day people are more willing to exchange and buy a new one spending too much time to figure it out the new individuality. So inside every individual brain you can find harmony sound frequency of individuality and to be tune up with new friend is very important to understand the harmony tone of the other melody that will meet us and combine into our sound melody tone harmony.

Some of this thoughts are extreme dangerous. They are addictions, greed, hate with revenge, so on, imagine, someone who possess bad mindful emotions in his or her mind all the time what can they give to the community, nothing good. 

                                      How do you discern your friends and other people?

Someone might say “I don’t like that person” Why? “Because he or she is different than me” I lived in a community where their philosophy was if you put down other people always expressing in negative countenance that might place themselves in higher position than others. Other communities more or less teach the same, regarding community variances, race faith education background, some have preferences in certain lifestyle of living. In reality the way we might feel friendly with others will contribute how will effect on our happiness contentment in life atmosphere. So what sort of distinctive behavior you expect others to have in their characteristic? That you might feel comfortable with them?
This is my elucidation. Picture somebody you hate in your life and all of a sudden let’s consider that all of a sudden he or she start to reflect exactly the way you consider like in your character everything you do precisely he or she start to do and think just like you, will you be comfortable with that? Addition to that let`s consider that all of a sudden entire population of men and woman start to have exact personality character that you have prefers same life style and preferences, will you be comfortable with that? If all persons will have your viewpoints how you can feel your distinctiveness?
Selection classes of people can give their opinions, first group, those who believe God created everything might say “God gave freedom of choice to each individual to express their individuality personality and taste in their surroundings, if all have same characteristics then there will be no variety to compare characteristics ups and down in emotional and happiness behaviors comparing to see what other methods can be considered in certain occasions, second group might say “we are different than others and you must except that” third group might add “I only rely on my personality preferences” probably in this regard there might be more other perspectives also.
One thing for certain if all humans forced to have same molding characteristics same behavior same taste, they will not be considered free human beings but as robots or machines, some people in high position expect other to apply their command s just like robot machines, that’s why the joy and freedom of choice is lacking in human behavior regarding happiness and contentment.

When I watch people around me I reason saying “I can’t change this individual the way I want to, his or her characteristics controls personality attitude, not me and I have should respect that, otherwise he will be another me, I don’t want to see that” So this attitude makes me respect others expect the way they are different than me and others, God created them in different temperament, considering Gods creation, hydrogen atoms have certain characteristics later by fusion they change their characteristic into other element and later into another one more than 100 different other distinctive elements they all bring their participation to share in this colorful assortment of entire Universe. This standpoint makes me realize that I don’t own this planet and entire cosmos, all I have is my life and that is also temporary, it is given to me as a gift that I should appreciate and respect other life forms surrounding me.

Prepare to be a good friend

In this society where we live, it might be expected of us certain effects where people can get alone with us to feel happy, that is we have to be prepared before going into the environment. Obviously if you will preparing to go out of the house, beforehand you should know how cold or how warm is out there to wear your clothes accordingly, how about if you preparing to go different location environment going to nature to swim in the sea, you have to know what you need to be prepared doing so. Likewise to live in society and be happy and satisfied we have to prepare how to reach our other people for good relationship especially how to find real friends and happiness. Many have wrong expectancy’ hoping getting happiness is to be rich, or having authority power and wealth, many became disappointed by hostilities to get more money, falling into family dispute, keeping all the time a greedy attitude. So before unification with any crowd we should have requirements or necessity balance attitude will not make us fall into loneliness decline relationships moving us into wrong entertaining ourselves into toxic habits and loosing good health, let me assure you to gain normal life in this society is very complicated. First we have to be a good friend to find a good friend who appreciates good things in life that can makes us happy. I seen older couples and I am one of them that in marriage life no matter how older we go (I call it how mature we go) still husband and wife trust and depend on each other satisfied relationship that keeps us happy, having a desire in long term relationship. To be prepared is to do homework how we have to express ourselves and how to look in others the qualities they enjoy to have long term mature relationship that always look forward into happiness, that’s why I will share it with you how contribute to personality differences that we have to choose changing our temperament and finding good quality integrity in others. Otherwise we might fall into loneliness unhappy relationships, if we already failed in this that will not be a life sentence for us still we have good choices that we can make for good happy long term relationships, Good balanced relationship is similar holding a spring, if you hold it very tight flexibility will be pressured and it will jump out, if you hold your relationship insecurely it will be leap out or work out slackly, if you hold in balanced care giving what it should be given properly, relationship will bound, respectfully true relationship is very important to prepare ourselves and react properly to reach into a happy life.

                                                         WHO IS MY FRIEND?

Friends are like sound instruments notes they like to meet sounds that harmonize to their rhythm regularities I can introduce to you as effective experiences there is a proper word for that is Empathy. All persons like to have some sort of insurance in case they face unsettled happenings or difficulties in their lifetime they want someone else to be ready for their need someone who can understand have the capacity to respond, there are times when only effective approach can solve the problems emotionally, most of the time it is hard to find someone that really understand another person’s feeling, once someone had a car accident and brake his legs people came and asked the injured person “how do you feel” How do you feel ? He replied “is there any among you who had car accident in the past and broke his legs? They said yes there is someone here, the hurt person answered “only that can sense how I feel” So interaction between two people or same backgrounds probably give close feelings with another person, as a human being we all need affection or effective response in our need from another person, we need someone who knows how to react in the proper way to approach to take the perspective to help and know how not taking advantage of the situation but to approach in emotional regulation sensing their emotions also it need great skill to know how much emotional response can be given because every person might have certain measure of anticipation to receive assistance to be comfort sometimes it will be too hard to except great help from someone that we were not predicting any empathy from them. Any how people are so tangled with their selfish pride seeking their good times for best entertainment, fame and wealth that will not leave any room to care about another person. Only very few people had the dignity to car about another fellow human beings it is very small number of people but it can be found like the example of Good Samaritan that Jesus told in a parable story. Luke 10:25-37.(One traveler became victim from robs, beaten on the road thrown down the ground from his donkey all his clothes and belongings was robbed and left injured almost half dead. Famous rich man passed by sow the victim and did not help, famous clergy religious men pass by and ignore the wounded and pass away. At those days Jews were not good state with Samaritans nation there was too much oppression in between, no way that they could help each other in a time of need. This Samaritans noticing the victim that is a Jewish men he responds to cleaned the injured wounds give some food and medicine, carry the wounded men to a hotel paid money to the hotel and told he will return in several days any extra expenses also hi is willing to supply. This person helped someone else that could be prejudice to him, he consider the needy as human who need affection and help, he did not consider other persons nationality, only a noble man can appreciate and act properly to show affection and empathy.
What do people seek? Admiration praise respect and appreciation in everything.

As a jeweler for many years I had the chance to associate with high quality designers with gold and other skills also in other trade of works, some painters writers and many other skilful workers, watching them zeal fully struggling to bring out their best, considering how they give their all time attention with hard work, one thing brought into my attention they contribute with all this work just expecting that someday somehow someone might appreciate them.  
All my lifetime I met people who are fishing for complements that somehow gives me the feeling that they are addicted to receive praise, some are confused not knowing what to expect complement or compliment, in case they feel disappointed seeing others being quiet they might ask “you liked it, or isn`t this good? You are saying nothing about it” real friend or associates they have to be alert to complement every time they see something good, because it is a need in personal life of all living things.

Every person will feel that they are important being, any one loose this acknowledgement might don’t feel the need to exist in life, remaining insecure always with little confidence, that will make them uncertain about their own abilities to do anything. On the other hand some go extreme into narcissistic personality, so they expect from other to recognize their own importance in the environment, instead of doing good work they try to gain advantage being inflated always showing their importance, telling stories what they achieve to gain recognition from others, always talk-talk about themselves, saying nonsense how in small things they were successful, they make others in shade. Seeking rule of esteem to collect praise with complement must have a logical border line, some went mentally ill regulated , seeing how money has value they continuously try t collect make bigger and bigger wealth to keep other having no other choice but just force others to have constant admiration and praise about themselves by having inflated sense of their own importance, it might lead the narcissistic to go harming many just to reach to their goals, trying to get advantage doesn’t matter to be creep flunky crawler sycophant or acting obsequiously toady toward others by flattering others to collect complements from all. In my perspective complement looks like harmfully force but it might be used with great skill to appreciate other skills and all other good things inside our friends and in inner personality of us.

 Friend number one         

Let`s visit one of the friends of the community. I took along with me one of my friend David who is not as faithful like me, visiting a religion representative in his home. He was enjoying life in his swimming pool Sunday afternoon after his discourse. We don`t know what church he serves, a preacher or a priest or a pastor. Mexicans say "kien sabe" who knows. The cleric was in his swimming suit. We said to him  "hi your holiness, how are you? "thank you, my sons, welcome to my humble home" (in my mind i said, it looks more like a palace than a humble home) "thank you your holiness, sorry we are interrupting your bath. Please, we are here to find out, if you explain us, how you are helpful to all the people who are in stress, and look to all kinds of needs materially and emotionally.-"you came exactly the right place my sons; by chance do you have some cold drinks with you? "her have a cold soda your holiness-"thank you, may you get thousand folds of soda in heaven my son. " Thank you. -"listen to me my sons I help my community every Sunday, by giving sermons from the Bible providing them, faith hope salvation, bringing them closer to their creator, i will do my generous work till i get raptured to the heaven. "but your highness in return you get lot of contributions for discourses -"yes they give freely, so i can us to my expenses, all the miracles i am doing on stage with different actors, sorry i mean people. You think that cost nothing? Cost me on TV my sons a lot. "Do you pay taxes? my friend asked. "we running nonprofit organization, why we should, give taxes? my friend added, "sooner or later the government might tax the church -"if they do that we ask our members to vote the opposite parties. "But you are already doing that,-"well whoever pay to the lord we back them with our services either they Christian or not, by the way you both look strong guys, can you pull that iron table to the shade, while you are here? (So we did) "thank you my sons. my friend said asks "reverent ,in the church teachings we heard,  people go to hell, good ones go to heaven right away , and Jesus teaches dead people will stay dead in the memorial tums till the judgment day for resurrection, which one is the true answer reverent answer " I don`t know. "I have another question pastor, Bible teach men on Earth for six thousand years science teach men living on Earth much more than that, which one is right? reverent answers " I don`t know  my friend added. " I am sorry if bothering you with all this questions ? (preacher said)"no my sons ask go ahead ask, if you do not ask questions, how you will learn? Last question "if all Christians except same Jesus same Bible, why they don`t have one individual representative as a protocol. "I don`t know (we had no more questions) preacher continues. "By the way do you know? I do weddings come to me for your happy occasions, by the way if any loved ones pass away come to me I also do funeral service i serve my community. Teaching comforting making them aware how to please God so they can go directly to the heaven this is your moment my sons, i pray for their forgiveness from all their sins using their pictures and contributions, praying over them (all of a sudden one angry man approach us . The priest said to us "my sons, you look capable men with good manners, by chance do you carry 50 dollars with you? so I can pay to my Gardner please? Because I am in my swimming suit, no money with me (so we did) he said "whatever you give to the lord you will receive thousand fold (I was so happy can you imagine ? I just make 50 thousand dollars profit in a second) "thank you your holiness the Gardener, said him that the balance for two months was 100$ I said "here, i have 50$ more, here you go, and I pet on the  shoulder of the gardener, and he left ,happy.

When we look back at the preacher something was wrong, probably he was having some kind of cramp in his legs he was not able to swim was drowning, I shouted very loud "give me your hand give me your hand, the minister was rejecting me, doesn`t want to hear me I shouted again, no use, he was emerging in the water dying, but refusing to give his hand, my friend David said to me in a very calm manner. "Listen to me calm down listen it is not thoughtful to ask a religious shepherd his hands, it is very impolite to say to him, GIVE ME, you should always say, TAKE  my hands ,or TAKE my money don`t use the word GIVE, use the word TAKE. And i did by shouting; TAKE my hands stretching to him. Right away he grabs my hands with great power I pulled him out of water. He was very thankful. Later he asks us to carry him inside his home to put him on the sofa, we did, and again he was very thankful with many up building comments with blessings. We left the palace; my friend said wish he gets Raptured earlier. Believe me he will do us and many people like us a big favor sooner is better, and he also added” listen even when those people repeatedly telling same thing over and over hypnotized themselves believing that they will be reworded by Jesus. Last moment Jesus might tell some of them who are selfish “ I don’t know you” because they are after easy going living luxury lives making big money without helping the poor, seeking only their glory and fame and recognition. All this sort of people will get fair judgment`s. That will be a special favor to me for me it was so joyful  very happy occasion, I always will call him friend number one. So we left to get ready, prepare to visit friend number two, for the next morning. Two emotions love and respect Is not possible to demand, someone seeking these positions should earn, it don’t come by forcing to, unless working hard effort to make clear to gain by showing proving that they earn it by their capabilities and emotional good feelings according their personality values.
Many people have great hope on friend number one, religions, they will continue to support them as long as they want to consider religion, friend Number ONE.

                                                        FRIEND NUMBER TWO

The next day, 1 o’clock in the morning we went to see our friend number two. Both David and I dressed in warm clothes, including gloves, hats and scarves so we wouldn’t be too cold waiting in line for hours outside before our friend number two’s store would open. He had extremely big sales waiting for us, half off on everything, from clothing to electronics. 

As we were waiting, we tried not to listen to the bad language and swearing of others who were getting impatient. I was only trying to imagine how amazing I would look in my new winter coat in front of my co-workers who I knew, hated me. I would look great in front of them, even though, after spending all the money, they would still hate me. So what? We were mentally preparing ourselves on how we were going to push other people out of our way to get into the store first and try not to be trampled under others feet. How we could we could tackle others so that we could be ahead, even if we were to hurt them, who cares? My friend, “Mr. Shopping” was inside waiting for me, he is my friend number two.

I’ve read many articles that this store and many like them were purchasing their merchandises overseas and taking millions of jobs away from the United States even though unemployment was so high and still rising. These stores owned by major companies and corporations were spending millions on advertising and pretty packaging to lure us in. They would charge us interest on our monthly credit card statements after making our purchases from our friendly local store. It seems those skilled in these sorts of actions win and the rest of us have to suffer. Anyways, these stores were still my “Friend Number 2.”

We pay  unbelievable high prices because we rarely have the fair prices and need to wait long periods of time before anything goes on clearance. I wonder how many people will get trampled, stepped over or injured today over a sale item because others are even more aggressive to snag the last coveted sale item. They do this because they are desperate to snatch that last bargain priced item. They lose their control, only thinking selfishly. I don’t have any control. All the control is in the hands of my “Friend Number 2.” He chooses when something will be on sale or not, sends us the coupons or not, and informs us when there are sales or not. 

Once in a newspaper article, I read that this particular store I was waiting in line for today purchases their average item for a couple of dollars, but marks it up for at least $50. Also, the boxes these items are shipped in are filled with certain chemical preservative packets in order to protect the items from insects, though they cause harm to humans when breathed in. The sad thing is, any signs of damage won’t show for years to come and so we can’t prove it or sue anyone for any damages caused to our health. I still love my “Friend Number 2.”

Imagine how much more friendly, these stores are during the holidays; nice music playing, beautiful decorations throughout the store, sale signs everywhere, gifts with purchases, etc… everyone is shopping away. We can see others are buying things they don’t even need; we are purchasing things we can’t afford and in turn not purchasing things we need to buy for our families and home. Are we in the Twilight zone? No, we are with our wonderful, “Friend Number 2.”

Suddenly my friend David taps me on my shoulder. He says he needs to go to the nearest restroom, which is two blocks away, “please hold my golden spot in line” he says. I reply, “Don’t worry, what friends are for?”

I then go back to my imaginary world, thinking, when I purchase this $400 stunning black coat for $200 instead, I’ll wear it every chance I get, in the cold and or rain. My co-worker James will be so jealous.  Susan, my other co-worker will want to hang out more with me rather than James. Maybe, we will become close, get engaged and someday get married. How about my boss noticing my new coat? He probably won’t consider giving me a raise now, he might think if I can afford to look this good, he must pay me enough already.

I wish I already owned my new coat out here in this freezing cold. Maybe I can wear it next time there’s such a big sale. We apparently need to wait until winter for summer clothes to be on sale and wait until summer for winter clothes to be on sale.

My friend David finally returns letting me know that the restroom was closed for repairs. He didn’t tell me what, but he told me he handled his need to use the restroom another creative way. All of a sudden David is hugging a girlfriend of his, named Mary. After a brief conversation with each other, Mary expresses to David and how she feels about our “Friend Number 2.” As her eyes light up, she says “I love this store! I can’t wait to get in and start having fun with my “Friend Number 2.” I’ve already circled all the items in my catalogue which, I’ve been stalking all year long, waiting for them to go on sale. I already have 4 closets full of beautiful clothes, I don’t really need more dresses, belts or handbags, but I want them. They will make me look so good.”

But what will happen to me if shopping related violence gets stronger this year? Like hitting pushing each other`s in shopping aisles because people getting more depressed every time, why not probably even some using pepper-sprayed guns? Even the muggers seem to be more desperate some might use   weapons? Dough it’s a very small number but day after day some people getting crazier. What revived those difficulties and I wonder how can my friend number two help out this problems

Other day my friend told me that my friend number to will track my phone and other shoppers cell signals to have more marketing data about me, how wonderful, month after month shopping retails will be more adventures than Indiana Jones, lovely save more discounts and more rewords.

There is a great force behind friend number two; pushing consumers like water volume flow into river current stream dragging with all influences all civilization into certain way of thinking either in entertainment or pushing into certain preferences that will make them spend more money making big firms wealthier. Before black Friday comes before thanksgiving or any other celebrations or holidays, many skilled professionals sit down plan hardly to see how they can effect publics to push them into more spending, many consumers all of a sudden find themselves in shopping flow discerning that they planned to go bargain hunting, in reality they are answering into duck calling`s from friend number two reading many posters or previous advertisements, this activities from number two will consequence into other situations, for example river flow always shape up into S shape patterns the reason when water flow make fractures into right side of the bank some sand or soils with rocks will be loose and go into left bank verges and form some new edges boundaries of land which that new build up will move flow of water curbs back into a new curve S shapes. New “Boundaries” will affect in family spending sometimes taking more important things out leaving no money to use for that necessity that will back fire into other health and family overheads, it will damage other important things but it will be too late to cope. This reaction also will start another “Boundary” that might damage other overheads.

It seems coupon phenomenon are getting more confusions misunderstandings grabbing people tight to shop on certain times in stores friend number two. Not allowing us to go season shopping to other locations. Some are planning for these occasions with tricky game tactics, and people are the game parts. As much my friend number two get more reach probably loves me more let`s hope. Friend number two always will be my special friend with many specialties all the time.

My friend and I are willing to go and introduce to you other so called friend in the community, most of them one by one you already know, for example the Government, politics and policies in elections and newspaper we can hear too much about governments, and they can find the possibilities and promises to scratch and shrink the truth by the media, there are many generous greedy people that are willing to change the procedures to their own benefits and willing to spend lot of money. What happens when different cultures meet? Many arguments and discomfort incidents might trigger when someone from another country staying with us for a while, of course he or she have to respect the regulations of visiting country, any government that wants to oblige the visitors can explain to its citizens to overlooked just for a moment of the stranger and explain the situation according the burden of the incident if they are not too serious, when fellow men feel with the person that has lived a life in a different environment, considering other regulations he experienced, all of a sudden we are telling him you break the law of our land, or we are forcing other countries to have our way of governing politics right away, saying take it or leave it, is that possible? I don’t think so, because a few generations should learn and demonstrates new formality of government for many years to other sort of governments, till they can change of regulation Government to better systems pleasing all communities, in reality governments cannot please everyone, all individuals see more easy to please themselves, but some improvement might be accomplished.

Medical field prescription manipulation and getting advantage to making more money, medicine expert know what are the harmful in human consumption diets that can make cancer, still they ignore that and say they working for treatment, like giving the patient a glass of water filled with poison and work hard to provide treatment on the patient that drank the poison. Organizations that are based to help people and collect groups later on who gets the benefits?, Entertainments, to keep attached to their screen pay huge money for people doing almost nothing, teaching people to appreciate a person that can dance or sing and praise them as the most important character than the person who invented your door locks or the refrigerators or anything for your daily benefits. Entertainment companies can decide where to spend or not, collect all political advertisement benefits, focus and stress one side of the story that sometimes even wants to cover the crimes done by them to other civilizations reporting only for the benefit whoever pays to the staff, collect all production benefits still people pay for cable to watch them, personality characters are affected by the programs they show. This new morality affected even on schools, well educated person might use narcotics learning in school environment 1/3 of college students. Learn how to drink excessively alcohol as entertainment, and morality standards is out of hand. Lawyers build a system that can help the guilty to be victorious, get advantage of all the divorce cases and all opposition conflicts make them very advantageous and more profitable. All they stand for the welfare and provide friendship to the human race, but you personally know the outcome and result of their association character, day after day people getting more uncivilized the way the express or drive their car, in business dealings, human race started to put aside all humanitarian respect and stand, just to get more advantage of the other. The community can make great improvement for the in behavioral direction in life to be polite or respectful or educated especially if studies having knowledge from scholastic fields to have normal way of life, all former ways are interchanged in our times under the name of entertainments, video games.  I pads, I phones movies, I am not saying all are wrong but they increased the rotations to make people think different than before, everything should be applied according to famous people, excessive drugs, liquors, new habits to have twisted pleasures is effecting the new generations making them feel that living in a dream world, keeping them far from daily way of reality life, once a while they getting into a habit to feel themselves going to dream world, all new twisted form of happiness, excessive  entertainment is damaging new generations, in governmental representatives it brings to a point that you can’t trust any or high officer, always there is a chance that suddenly you are going to hear a scandals. Harmonious decency is lost and always in suspicion and their saga just keep getting stranger. All this involvements will damage human friendship. Every one calls the other crazy because he or she is different trying to change the other personality doing nothing about his character or shortcomings and damaging influences on others.

Some have main concern and certain smartness in choosing friends without knowing what to expect from a friend, something upright and up building? Or damaging our expectations? What do you expect from a doctor? Healing or destroying your health? If companies selling you food that is harmful are they giving you right warning to avoid greedy companies that manufacture poisons? What you expect from lawyers recover justice or to destroy? How about Government’s freedom or unfair control? If government save fourth part of their spending from defense and give the poor, there will not be left any person that will be called poor. Are your leaders considering your welfare? What you expect from Universities teaching knowledge and consciousness or terminating awareness? How about the press announcing misleading information’s, Banks are helping or destroying the economies? And at last what do you expect from religions how they present morals? My intention is to bring into reconciliation God and science; I did not say “religion and science” because for foundation it is impossible to bring religion`s together with each other to take the second step to reconcile with science. But God stands behind all Justice Knowledge freedom moral love health and stability we can see everything he gave for humans’ life is free.
One thing for certain no matter what race is your background may be your language differ from others but you express in the same approach how to cry or lough or show fear, your face muscles react in the same manner in expressions.

On the other hand Nature gave us everything we need, water, air, soil, vegetation’s and animals. Everything we need something that only a true friend can provide and how are we treating back to our friend? As long as people become more insensible regarding being friendly to our real friends that much human race will pollute more their environment and human and the society will be effected going to uncivilized no matter what kind of ruler ship they cope with, as I brought it in the beginning some will come and say we represent God, all the benefits you getting from him plus all the benefits you will get in heaven from God depends how much you reward us or contribute us and use naïve people to donate what they have because in the original nature of humans exist to seek real friendship it is a need to accomplish, So unfortunately we are surrounded by people who have character pull us into their storm of unfriendliness, but on the other side the nature attract us to peace and harmony, basic advantages that we seek in other person is real friendship we appreciate, probable we cannot teach others but might make them think about their circumstances, So what is your opinions, I am right or you might be right or there might be something else? The truth of the complete story!  

 Entire friendly establishments that could be beneficial for human’s best interest, is other way around, Banks. Are they working for men’s benefit or their own? Same with Pharmaceuticals, Religion, Armaments, Media news, Politics, Education, all this links mostly follow their own self-interest not about communities to be men’s best friend.

                                                   WHO IS OUR COMPANION OR FRIEND?

We use to visit Syria once a year with all family. When I was 4 years old in Jebel Druze were visiting the fields of harvest with my grandfather, we visited field where they separating grains from scraps using 2 feet by 2 feet square board hundreds of nails sticking underneath that face the grain on the soil a donkey was pulling the wood sheet turning in circle around the hay stag, the farmer allowed us me and my grandfather sat on top of the blog and spin about an hour while my grandpa was singing. Later went together to watery area standing to the edge of a deep pound he was watching the sheep in the field flocks and grains in the field he get emotional remembering his old Zeytun in Turkey and start to cry, I noticed tears coming from my Grandpa for no reason and I get very upset, so went backward a few steps run toward him and pushed him into the cliff to the water, he felt inside deep water and hardly swimming came out all wet. Because I put my grandpa in water I start to cry also hand in hand we return to my aunt Trfanda home. When our family noticed us me very dry but my Grandpa still soaking water from his “Sharval” (A pant that has extra hanging section in between legs old Middle Eastern use to wear) so they came and wondering what happened and get full details from my grandpa.

We did a review about false companions but still seeking for true friendship, there is a story in the Bible by comparison to that story we can see the calamity and problems of our world, in the story of Faithful Job, his name it means “object of hostility”. Year 1957 my aunt Trfanda Darakjian live in civilized city of Suwayda, Jebel Druze or Jebel Arab, married to Karekin having a wool coloring small manufacturing professional in making carpets in downtown Sweida alsa was very respected in his community, his home was always open to Syrian Armenian soldiers that usually came from other suburbs, when they were serving in that Southern territories, so in return soldiers took my aunts family to places to visit where other are not permitted using army jeeps, on those days almost few had personal cars. I was born and raised in Beirut Lebanon, as a young kid with my family visited to my Aunts family Suwayda in East of Israel also some villages in Southern Syria traveling by army jeeps on unpaved roads to Shahba and Qanawat, first we experienced a wedding feast prepared by the villagers “Mansaf” poured oil on rice and participated laying on the ground large 6 feet wide metallic plate of pilaf, one large cooked lamb in the center, First men allowed to sit on the ground surrounding the plate and all eat by hand, second term serving comes to young boys, after they finished, all ages of females continue the leftovers in plate all by hand, so we knowing their custom, before they started we asked for exception to be separated because we were not used to their custom, so they were kind to separate for us a portion and we used our own spoons. All were watching and laughing for our misbehavior. When visiting with Armenian soldiers to very far towns. Some town have no water pluming they had a large pit of muddy water, lift up water by buckets of muddy water put aside for several hours the muddy substances sink down and upper layers water was used to drink the colorful water, of course now there must be great civilization improvements to the erea. Most important part of the trip that our soldier friends already knew and even some residents there insisted a site that was the cemetery of from the Bible figures Faithful Job, also we see the caved in house where the wind killing all Jobs children’s. Later that day we visited the tomb of Job, sighting momentous stone wall 7 feet up from the ground is a side tiny hole, where only a child can fit in with difficulty, soldiers ask me to go in and check inside, I excepted the majorities request they wanted to know maintaining strongly, so they helped me up to crawl in push me into the opening, engaging inside noticed small room about 4 feet wide 5 feet’s long and 4.5 feet high, observed very superb marble stone on the left side, shape of tomb vault rubbing the surface by my hands felt smooth very dark green flat stone, it was very dark inside did not have any lightings, probably there were Snakes or scorpions laying on the ground but I was so extraordinary that did not carry about anything else, there was nothing else to see except vault laying and emptiness on the right, I exit the tomb, coming out of the foundational for me it felt like new birth leaving the vault grave. Remembering this connection in my older age I realized that was astonishing involvement and must share with others.


This is up close picture from that time, my parents,Avedis and Koharig Kaprielian, my sister Mary on the other side, in the middle my cousin Nawal Darakjian.

Greg kaprielian scratching his head in nearby sight of Biblical figure Faithful Jobs cemetery in Southern Syria, with my parents standing side by side and Grandfather Ohannes Kaprielian from Eastern Turkey city of Zeytun standing with my Aunt Trfanda Darakjian, her daughter top center of the colon with me, on the other end my sister Mary Kaprielian, pictures of those location is in Southern Syria, colleens are made by Romans or Greek Builders.

                               1959 in Lebanon. Me, my father Avedis and my sister Mary.

Probably you heard about story of Job. From a wealthy respectful life all of a sudden Satan came to test him killing all his children taking all his stock and hitting him with sickness making him helpless, Job was living in Middle East his story take takes place about 1600 B.C.E. Job was suffering in great pain (Job 2:7) struck in all his body with malignant boils from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. Somehow Job represents the whole human race that is suffering now and full of problems today, in chapter 2:11".. They did not recognize him" In human suffering and the challenges that people have is similar to Job Satan know by challenged all people will reject God, nobody will be with on the side of God. Job 2: 4-5 " ...  Satan answerd "Skim for skim! All that people have they will give to save their will curse you to your face" So the lesson about friendship was not only between Job and God but between all human race and God. Some friends came to ease and comfort Job, those friend also represent communities and organizations that are available for humankind to give same comfort and help to people like Jobs friends. First one was Eliiphas the Temanite, for me he represents all religions figuring from his discussion. Second so called friend was Bildad the Shuhite, had dialog as represents all community leaders and Governments, third friend was Zophar the Naamathite, he exemplifies the financial, medical, also general markets shopping moles, food products, goods and merchandise systems. Those tree organization work to make human pain and suffering less hurting to help Man. These 3 companion friends instead of helping and sympathizing with Job (Or human race) they blame and damage the feeling s of Job, even the wife of Job said to him “Do you still persist in your integrity? Curse God and die” Job 2:9 after listening to his companions pronouncing God wicked, like the first companion groups religions describe God vicious monster torturing man with burning everlastingly torchers in Hell fire. (You can have additional details in my other title about religion, Where is the Hell?)

Human free will and thoughts have their own conclusions, for example in Jeremiah 7:31 mentions how ancient Jews throw their children in fire as pagan worship ceremony deed, to Baal “…in the valley of Hinnom, in order to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire a thing that I had not commanded and that had NOT come UP INTO MY HEART” “it never even crossed my mind, to throw children in the fire” also Ezekiel 16:20-21 “slaughter their children”

So called Bible academics description and clarifications brought to the supposition that burning in fire is a way of Gods righteous way of punishment, labeling him as criminal, Not a God of Love

 Second companion friendly groups for suffering mankind are the Governments, consider killing of one man a crime making long trials, but killing some soldiers and hundred thousands of innocent children and old people is just some political process. When these heroes of the action get old and start using dippers, then they will start to feel and understand that they don’t have any friends. Third group companions so called friends are Merchandising companies produce if contains harmful substances they don’t mind, they reword some authority leaders to close their eyes and let it go harmful substances to be sold freely even in nutrition food, allowing unsafe vaccinations and selling harmful medicines that destroying new generations giving side effects and sicknesses all markets principle is to find out ways to make more money praising fashion and new life is priority, teaching under the name of entertainments also giving many bad descriptions about God, those rich people after making great wealth leave the country so they don’t pay taxes to their formal countries. In the first story after listening to his companions Job became depressed. Having so many friends now he had none. Today human society have a problem issue, companions of Job bring out the same main issue that all humans in this times have similar problems that Job had, they have to overcome it or to get real solutions Job 35:2 brought out, saying “You have said my righteousness is more than Gods” same is today people say I know better than God; I am better than God is doing nothing, lacking the patience to listen or learn from God. Reality is the false companions are not able to help ordinary people to be their friend. How about the Almighty is he your friend? Is that possible? Yes for example James chapter 2:23 say “Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness and he was called THE FRIEND OF GOD” after Jobs 4th friend Elihu had conversations, later also God talk to Job in chapter 40 and 41 and in chapter 42 Job answers to God, in conclusion God also became friend with Job and rewords double blessing same numbers of children he had and in coming paradise after the other children resurrected they all be double in numbers Job 42: 12-16 Job lived a satisfied life having God as his best friend, possibilities is open to everyone.

During lifetime anyone can decide if has a true friend by their attitude, of course we should not hesitate to go into conclusion from one encounter, our friend might had a bad day or any negative experience somewhere else, but during time we can add all their feelings toward us to make a conclusion. A good friend shows support during difficulties, do we? Whatever good qualities we are expecting from them we have to show it as well. Are they honest and respectful? Are they considerate you emotions and feelings? Or right away start to counsel us to give spontaneous advice every time we misstep, because some might take advantage to stress our faults to reach loftiness to control us, a good friend first love us regardless our flows before giving advice first they encourage us some of the good thing we had, any moment where we had overloading ourselves with too much work and very busy agenda, we might not have calm behavior or the patience to listen to understand others,
  gravity in between two friends is to listen good hear each other intensively, to find out what sort of good approach is the best way to help us, yes by intensively listening what happened to us. This will make them dependable and we consider them thoughtful or considerate, anytime we have difficulty we will feel free to share our difficulties by communicating, always expecting good things from them and always we like to always have their company, their friendship will makes us happy as good friends. If we don’t have a good friend like this lets try we be a friend like this to other to be a good example as real friend.

World powers according to the Bible

During history of time many different nations and races came to exist, each Nation had almost certain type of characteristics, what was they seek in life? What were their priorities, how did they respect their elders and follow men? Each time in history certain Nations come that belong into their time of life, the bible mentions that some nations had higher and more valuable of mind, variety of people reside on Earth during history, the word of God characterizes describing this nation by precious ore less precious metals, symbolically where in time we stand in comparison of valuable people in time?
Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon Empire ruled as king from 605 BC till 562, God gave the king a dream as a message to explain what sort of big power government will come after him in the history of mankind, no one knew the meaning of the dream to mention. Daniel explained in book of Daniel 2:31-35 that the interpretation may be given to him about the immense image that the king has seen in his dream.

The large bright head of the statue represents the Empire of Old Babylon way of life including the king Nebuchadnezzar, the life style and characteristic was represented with precious good metal gold. By Darius Babylonian Empire began to fade after Medo-Persian Empire arrived to conquest Babylon. The following Nation in time will come by a nation represented as the breast and its arms made of silver. Silver portion is represented by Grecian Empire by Alexander the great, he intended to make Babylon his capital. Other nations came into the world seen as powerful force but they could not be called as World Empire. Prophetically next most powerful Empire was Roman conquest, its belly and its thighs were of copper, as Democracy started in Rome after Rome glory fade its political way of governing continue by other two powerful nations England and America, yes its legs were of iron but its feet that refer into later times that is in our modern time legs were partly of iron and partly of molded clay. As you see big government exist in our modern times that have power as iron but somehow they are very week to manage all populations, they can’t control manage addiction crimes greed and so on. AS you see comparing to the head of bright gold we in the later times of history been resembled or characterized into iron and clay mixture. No matter what material world powers represent they cannot bring true peace and security, political representatives will enjoy their activities till somehow expose any moment by opposing party, how about religious representatives that stand to be exemplary for moral values,  their lifestyle show something else, life they are living in our days is like iron mixed with molded clay.

This historical image of Government will be demolished according to the bible Daniels 2:34. A stone was not by hands it will strike the image on its feet of iron and molded clay and crushes the statue image. Altogether the whole statue will be crushed to become like the chaff from the summer threshing floor, and the wind will carry them away until no trace at all remains, the stone that represents new theocratic form of government or ruler ship will rise not only for 1000 years but to remain forever.


Unfortunately there is another approach in friendship diversity that is called Schadenfreude Schaden Damage or harm Freude (Joy) or (Harm-Joy) English equivalent is “To gloat” Human civilization activities we witness many competitions in social comparison theory, all other people continuously are on stage showing their qualifications and advantages in life, every time individual feel failure or extreme disappointments at the same time seeing others in success that give apparent static in emotions, as soon seeing someone else failed no matter who she or he is, To gloat is kind of sadistic feeling the side fail and success are on opposite side of Si-So, that is elevating individual emotion goes high up level to pick up comfort and pleasure, as a friend we expect that other friends feel with our pain, they do if they really care for us but sometime that control snaps out to insensitive empathy. Watching sport games sometimes audience really anticipate for their team to come out victorious, any frailer suffering arrival team misfortune gives pleasure and joy to those that are guided by schadenfreude, it was mentions that during similar games audiences beat up their competition team and their fan audience on many occasions big fighting ongoing competition games, beating each other . Same with some TV programs I watch on cooking channels, when there is game to find out who will be the winner good cook. As soon they announce the name of frailer misfortune cook you will see the winner cooks face a big smile and joy, in similar amusement programs many form of competition games can be revealed, unfortunately in human behavior its normal almost everywhere as controlled by social comparison theory where people enjoy seeing others to suffer when bad things happen to them, the good news I also experienced to see minority of people that can’t enjoy watching other peoples misfortune or suffering somehow they overcome this schadenfreude emotional reaction.

In my “DNA” and “Neuron” posts I mentioned that all living things have their own personality sound complex frequency arithmetic coding wavelengths that are like melody instead of playing 2 hour long melody with many notes abbreviating all that notes in fracture of a second timing, any song or melody reaches your heart that melody might be close to your personality complex chart in elevating notes, some might be mellow or soft music others Sophisticated or refined, Intense or passionate Contemporary or modern style, other music’s might matches your taste of sound harmony. No matter what group you in they divide into 1) Empathizing or sympathizing with personality that can get alone with others the 2) group is Systemizing that always tries to stay away, not collaborating, sound code of individuality can be noticed not only Humans but also in behavior of animals in dogs cats sheep birds you name it all fall in this two categories because of their complex personality sound harmony they retain.


Individual are modifiable configurations or system that can be regulated or attuned to change into any programing diversity of individuality personality, either be in good social character attitude by shaping their behavior or preferred standpoint mood, like improving accumulate responsibilities, or rebel and go downgrade to limitations even to dysfunction very similar to computers, humans also can be upgraded their brans function first by sensing seeking the need awareness trying to imitate or learn the new presentations, by studying to gather knowledge accumulating the need to function better as a friend.

During pregnancy babies in the womb start to grow continually, while starting to receiving sounds and vibrations surrounding environment, beside the low octave sound frequencies from atomic structure that is complete part of infant’s body tone process. Human mind take responsibility of commands by sound frequency sound signals that pass through the synapse by electrical stimuli flashes. Inside a computer humans can make the programing what they aspire to, but inside the brain the priority preferences to seek the best in certain realm of activity is left to the preferences of the individual mind seeking careers, their outlook on doing and not-doing preferences what having and not-having. First it doesn`t know exactly what to choose then it conclude to certain level of preferences if they failed become reluctant and miserable, if they succeed feel pride and accomplishment overcoming the difficulties and some have unwillingness to try new things to change their presentation’s.

The reason I had the encouragement to approach this thoughts was the result of human behavior differences in families during growing up cultures in families and traveling to other countries mixing into other cultures and behavioral changes. I observed by the effect of music and class of entertainment how it effects on the new generations that will be totally different variations in action attitude from their parents in the house they grow up in same household but different musical listening different styles from the radio appliances and TV. Parents and children come to the conclusion that the other one is acting strangely, even crazy. Every baby have unseen emotional preferences and habits to adapt, they love to choose programs improving themselves to upgrade and have better qualifications. Lifestyle and entertainments have great effect on personalities because our mind functions by musical tone pulses that are much complicated when operated in low octave sound frequencies that are thousand variations in very short micro seconds tones, Songs musical feelings rhythms make great differences on the brain and personality character temperament. Someday people will except that and take action, it will be understood that excessive violent entertainments will overflow like a volcanoes damaging their surroundings, we have many examples like the one in Colorado Batman movie, Human mind is a printer everything an individual watch or think indirectly get to move to directive action. Entertainment is programmer of cultures; some make big money but what influence it might give is no limitations by society.

                                              SPICES AND HERBS YOU FELL IN TO

God has great power, one thing in his capacity is impossible that he can’t do He don’t lie and is not afraid of hiding anything for lie, on the other hand opposing Satan has one defense mechanism principle that is based on lies. Everything bad going on in history of men is recorded and considered as collective data by true God to be kept as information documents so in other everlasting no ending life this harboring offence’s do not repeat having the right to judge why Satan’s way of approach to rule is harming humanity and angelic realm in heaven.
Activities of human toward their fellow friend still been recorded by God since men rebelled against Almighty. By choosing Satan’s way of government men choose selfish tendencies greed and lust, rebelling to be under respectful authority that was based under constitution of love ruling only on animals and not on each other.
Almighty has the power to rule and direct entire Universe moving all object in galaxies orderly, considering of only Milky Way galaxy by just travelling in light speed take thousands of years to reach to the other end also there are as far as we can observe there exists 500 billion of Galaxies in the Universe. All this weight and pressure is handled by Almighty (Jesus said my heavenly Father always work so do I) regarding humans their temperament of characters sometime give weight and pressure on others. As Almighty maneuvers the entire Galaxies similarly He is maneuvering entire world population to see and observe how neighbors will effect in the mood of their fellow humans individually and in groups to see their interest orientation, what values they will search to find in their social role choosing or rejecting expressive role in their life.

Inside atom exist two portion intelligence life energy that are portion from Almighty by invisible Dark Energy as electrons and invisible Dark Matter as proton core, everything happening around atoms are recorded to be connected to entire universal sound frequency wavelengths in control of almighty God. All collections of atoms as molecules and DNA inside cell structure of biological humans can collect intelligence data by non-biological life force especially by H20 molecules that already is proven by many researchers that water molecules contains memory and intelligence in emotional values, biggest volume in operating human brain contains water and indirectly yet we are not to the point how all this miracles around and in us is operating plus all entire Universal complex activities.

In my experience I believe that every other person I met in my life as a neighbor or friend in school or work someone they affected on my emotions that implemented on my personality character, after considering behavior of other people I tried to resemble them as variety of spices herbs and sometimes disgusting odors not mentioning poisoning attitudes in their characters, other occasions I met people with good fragrances in their characteristics, so I resembled them into nice bouquets, with limited human capacity if I can evaluate those differences Almighty also is taking evaluating all personality effect on each individuals noticing how they will react to each other, what directions they will take in their emotional thinking, all this communicative implementation regarding their temperaments are recorded by atoms water molecules to assemblage characteristic that is mixed good with bad in human cultures, Almighty have only Good approach, but this human nature with Satanic conflict against good will register informative role and their effeteness as spices herbs effect in the taste of food. Creation of the Universe atoms stars planets Galaxies and creation of men has a purpose by Almighty, still we have limitations to follow up all intelligence that exist around us, by patience and persistence we might get answer for everything that we did not know today, always there is room to learn and to improve, meanwhile we have to endure all variety of tastes surrounding us with all this herbs and spices, they exist for a purpose and we have to endure and learn experiences.

Who are good or bad people

In modern time people have the means to travel foreign countries where every trait he knows does not match with other way of quality life and behavior. They have different sort of faith, different religions, it comes a moment where a bad person can`t keep conceal emotional characteristics and it burst out to harm other Coulter considering them as enemies. In same distinctive circumstances good people behave different, no matter how different others are good people consider other people valuable giving always to others certain viewpoint of respect to others, a good person considers peace more valuable than their outlook attribute in life, no matter what always keeping RESPECT to other people..

After Universe was created and all form of matters existed in all detailed registered in Almighties Video album (Stimuli) for record keeping and watching, activities of spinning all-stars, planets, pulsars and black hole, all accomplishments of insects and humans and everything else existed belongs to the recollection of the Almighty. Any moment God can and is capable to reform the time and co-existence of happening and materialize the beings or matters and refill their emotions and memories to the subject and make it happen again with very simple easy thought, of course this is almost impossible for us but not for the capability of Almighty.

                                        FROM WHERE ANIMALS RECEIVE BEHAVIOR?

All living things are made of Atoms that contain two kind of intelligent behavioral living energy, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, in other notes I mentioned atoms are living things, they are 99.9999% empty inside the living force inside them is invisible, everything inside atoms still is under investigation and with the total intelligence studies of human achievements still that tiny world is unreachable to us to comprehend fully. One thing is sure we see behavioral activity between animal’s migration social network how active they are in touch and learn from each other sometimes new behaviors, this qualification are given to animals, flocks of birds, fish and many other living things, by other intelligent edicts guiding them for common practices.

In my perspective atoms are also other form of living things that live 12 billion years after they born inside the stars during time and circumstances change behavior or personality by fusion without borrowing other particles from outside electro walls, also they can attract to each other as called covalent bond, if one atom is bond to another atom attract to each other and stay together we call this wedding a molecule or compound, if two or more atoms form together as one group we call it chemical bond (I call it tone reaction) because by sound pulses they grab each other oppositely-charged ions. In case both atoms use or shared equally they form a covalent bond and also be considered nonpopular.

Invisible portion of Dark-Matter energy, that is the core of an atom has living personality character, each proton cluster bubbles contain their own characteristics, collective forms of atoms ranging their personality popularity number of characteristic effect on individuality insect mammals or any living form, some have stereotype dangerous characteristic behaviors that effect to entire body that they are majority part in that living thing or body. Probably came to your mind why there are so many galaxies stars and planets inside the Universe, we people on this Earth and all other sorts of living things have been studied by supernatural force as some call God. In the future after all calculating results had been collected all rest of planets might be developed and presented by all other form of living things with variety of characteristic regulation to be habitable, there should be a reason to their existence, Grand Dynamic power in the Universe is Dynamic-Energy others call it Dark-Energy that has life force supernatural intelligence eternal energy that entire Universe is in his power. We humans are encoded culturally also genetically to perform what is expected of us to see any good in our behavior we are reprogrammed with limited freedom of choice to confirmation personality behavior; only our moral logic if there is any can explain the importance of time existence life epigenetics that we contain in respectful manner. Our personality harmony will reflect what sort of music we will play or listen to, what morality we should have and it will be full of greed and pride that stay in control or humble attitude. We are observed by supernatural force field.

Atoms are very complex terrestrial forms that can communicate in tone reaction by high and low octave sound code reaction atoms function in very complex form, but still some will try to smashing them into tiniest pieces to study their formation ignoring that most major energy portions of atoms are invisible force of Energy and invisible Matter. In the beginning LHC test were very limited superconducting punches, then they went into 6.5 Tev or MJ, than is the energy in each beam of a single proton when they punch each other almost range of speed of light, by two counter-circulating force that releases beams, that for me it is not single but clusters of bubbles of Dark-Matter, forceful punches atoms against each other release energy from protons electrons as partons quarks gluons and no one can describe how they look while in active utility inside atoms, only they sense the expurgated particles, during time LHC became upgraded accelerated from 450 Gev to 7 Tev, now they going to try 40 Tev by sending in speed multiple bunches of atoms that each one 115 billion protons inside each bunch, bunches up to 2808 bunch collision rate of 40 MHz, inside collider are used 96 tones of superfluid helium holding magnets that contain copper-clad niobium-titanium, bunch crossing intervals of 75ns that in collision it can release light of LHC reach 10 34 cm 34 cm-2 s -1 [37] also they are planning to upgrade this heat and luminosity to higher levels that that can melt tone of copper in no time. It looks so strange when many are afraid of something worst might happen as starting a black hole or opening a gate to parallel Universes. Studying atoms I realize that each atom contains intelligence of two forces Dark-Energy and Matter, they contain life energy plus all other physiognomies temperament that we as humans can possess, same with insects other animals and other living things, they borrow their dispositions from atoms, in my perspectives Angels are as tiny as atoms they communicate with us with mental stimuli sparks flow to express themselves the way all atoms planets stars and galaxies communicate as entire living form cosmos by Universal language. WLHC will never have the capacity to start a black hole or opening gates to parallel universes, unusual images that some experienced while working nearby LHC is the painful stress that atoms are releasing during bunch crossing intervals and collision that are released by beams that are multiple stimuli sparks of emotions released from atoms.

Atoms contain characteristic behaviors because they are living thing that contains life, atoms contains small portions of Universals supernatural Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter we call it electrons and protons. Human behavior is generated from 7 Octillion atoms, by wavelengths atom clusters reflect their emotions, including other form of livings plants animals they also through atom clusters that release same emotional behaviors

This is my perspective conclusion about human and animal behavior. I believe each atom of different element has dissimilar characteristic diverse personality, when atoms combine with different variety of atoms depending various quantity range sort, they combine to cluster form to muddle up their singular sound wave ling combining frequency, swiveling into delicate complex coding of harmony, big mass of planets and galaxies they have their own combination of harmony sounds according to their collection assemblage of atom cluster formations that complete unique personality.
Same with people according atom cluster formations inside their biological cells collaborate with personality harmony when connecting atoms to form new clusters into a cell, echo sound of personality harmony guides the atoms to combine according to personality to supervise a complex coding in DNA and RNA directives, it seems complicated complex coding communications in between atoms and atom clusters, it will be more complex coding to see some animals insects and birds communicate with their brain cells with each other by atom cluster in their brains.
Let’s consider Arctic Emperor penguins that live in polar regions, female penguin lay her eggs deliver to her mate that keep on top of his feet covering on top with feathers of his stomach, she leaves to feed in Ocean sometimes several weeks, when she returns releases certain sound that for us it is very similar sound pitch into thousand of other penguins, her mate recognizes her complex coding sound and answers back, she can pin point to meet to reach into the chick to feed, so subsequently they take turns foraging at sea. More amazing situation when it get too cold wind reach into the thousand of penguins, the ones that are outside edge revolve slowly walk inside the group and new ones from center come to rotate outside edge to keep the colony protected. Basic knowledge and characteristic is based inside each atom that directs biological cells plant cells and all rest of other living things because life exists inside each individual atom that are combination of Dynamic Energy (electrons) and Dynamic Matter (protons).


Atoms contain two supernatural forces that distribute and join in certain portion to form new particles in atoms; these two forces are Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Each contain life energy and intelligence that is connected to entire Universe, naturally they also contain behavioral characteristic temperament, as cluster of water molecules remember forms to penetrate in the shape of snowflakes. DNA receive directives from water molecule clusters that is released from combined atoms flowing with other instructions including intelligence characteristic behavior to make all cells of the body release through their personality consciousness. Major fountain of all energy is release by two forces from all atoms. As humans and all living creatures existed all receive individuality characters including insects birds fish and plants, High level of life is existing in the Universe, somehow that life energy was connected from atoms into biological animals and human through low and high octave sound frequency wavelengths. Behavioral variation also contains flow of disparity in characters, basically the creator has all sort of this characters that are pattern inside atoms and atom clusters, as any human receive his own individuality personality that is a pattern in his or her individuality harmony of sound wavelengths as I described in post “DNA” so each person work on personal temperament adding certain approaches strongly or passing lightly until propagate into certain mold of characteristic pattern that was fully-fledged while he was growing, basic starting point of all animals plants and living thing on earth is through atoms two basic energies also the entire Universe contains characteristics in stars planets galaxies all floating mass and invisible forces of Dark-Energy and Dark-matter containing intelligence life energy with temperament.

According to the Bible writings Almighty are not shy excepting animal behavioral characteristic as his own energy force temperament. For example in book of Ezekiel chapter one starting verses 4 and on describing appearance of four living creatures, verses 10 describe a human face Lion Bull and Eagle face. Of course they also can be Angel representatives from God, continuing the verses also add other appearances showing power of God, especially in verse 16 the structure appearance look like glowing crystallite, the structure looked through a wheel within a wheel, my perspective I consider it an atom through atom going into all direction altogether characteristic temperaments is carried out to DNA, electrons on atom exactly spin like wheel within wheels carrying portion from Universal wisdom intelligence to other life form.

While growing up there was a time when I hated other people who have different characteristic than mine, now I understand that basic temperament are all from atoms that is portions from Universal two forces on Earth, all other form of characters also the ones that make me feel strange basically are from the same fountain though some add other personality blurry particles in their own character that makes unnaturally disgusting. I have to reconciled with strange friends that make me uncomfortable with their behavior by understanding their basic starting point of temperament, so what do you see in a tiger, a gentle animal? How about a lion a snake turtle dog cat grasshopper virus bacteria butterfly, there are    billions variety of characters and believe me the real number of atoms exist no one knows that many temperament there is all coming from same fountain source, in all this you are free to choose to have a cat or a dog, you are free to add on your characteristic good quality behaviors or revenge or greedy money scam greed to hate revenge or trying to control others, basically character you have is preliminary credence in temperament but you are going to operate just you operating a car to care of it, let’s not blame God for patterning us with temperaments but Almighty will have all the right to blame others depending how they treating their personality and personality of other, basically our goal should be to be a to complete yourself by effort developing to be a good friend.

In my lifetime I met all sort of so called friends, some did not harm with emotions or approaches other tried to put me down with words to offend me hoping that they will stay in higher position comparing to me according to their expressions, some tried to tease or make fun of every weak point I expressed or mentioned leaving me choice either to forgive them or have grudge to them, many years later in life I came into conclusion that all people are created by God and allowed their parents to bring out Childs to this world that will participate in communities as good or bad people. My perspective is each person in formed by trillion times trillions of atoms amino acids, all atom clusters and cells have own personal characteristics that combine with the complete body personality to react behaving whatever they see is the best or more successful or fun to express themselves in every incident in their society not caring are they hurting others or helping to enjoy their life as true human beings, then i concluded that if one scum tried to heart me, one way I can ignore him saying so what? Then try to not go down into that low creature level to compete, this will make me analyze about how disgraceful a person can be if following his or her low grade selfishness to control in lower grade of fame and pride. Many times I presented the idea that each individual has own personality sound frequency wavelengths harmony that control their entire body to approach and react to their surrounding, sometimes reaction of atoms will be static by irregular combination by atoms that joined into wrong type of amino acids that spin opposite to DNA sound harmony making static sound that do not understand love empathy sympathy with compassion, those people are failure in friendship communities, this is my regard for static personalities where after they realize their wrongdoing their DNA RNA will complete analyze that something is wrong with their approach regarding to other people, realizing having no respect on themselves and others. I will never go mad on them because I consider them helpless failures especially for those who are not trying to help themselves in healthy sound harmony for their body to reject faulty atom clusters, those that accept their shortcoming their personality sound harmony will work automatically rejecting faulty cluster atoms out of their body to purify themselves. They all are collections of good marbles or bad marbles same with atoms good collection of atoms in amino acid lines necklaces and bad static irregular lines of amino acids that are dysfunctional. As a jeweler for 48 years I appreciate beautiful art work of gorgeous Necklaces.

By the way let me mention also, this harmonious sound that people have is like a symphonic classical composition as I explained in my post “Dream” all of a sudden this people receive attitudes or expression that make them feel close to their heart because it is close to their personality sound harmony. You will notice these groups close as a religious group or nationalistic groups and also you will notice separate group that have certain way of life and habits and addictions bringing other  to likes and dislikes, I met people who gather and sing religious hymns, people who associates them they have to sound expressions same behaviors to make them feel having near sound tone harmony frequencies, on the other hand you will meet nationalistic groups that have expressions that thrill other individuals with their own sound harmony wavelengths, or discrimination's to different races or communities, they need to find people with same choice, they all feel free to gather or spend time together, same with other multiple different groups in society that have other live through civilization or with other communities.

In other notes I mentioned that electron cables have many helixes that have qualifications in audio recording also emotions and history and personality, in my notes neuron I described how this stimuli transform this behavioral details from one neuron to the next one, this bring to my conclusion that electrons can see act behavior and direct same energy in a powerful way having positive influence on bigger volume compounds animals to behave just like atoms. Attract to each other or oppose or learn new thing in behavior, transfer knowledge between them, atoms always guiding each other and other living forms guiding them for common practices.

Captivating how people mature I realize that individual personality taste cultivate and Temperament sequence ripen until the age 20 after that almost it stays the same level of character no matter how old a person get, 80 years old personality keeps almost the same taste of character and mentality as when they were 20 years old. Once they ask a Italian poet his age, by the way he is 82 years old and he answered “ 4 times I restarted my development age so I am 2 years old” because over 20 he did not count and started his life from beginning.

Inside memory bank of each individual exist an award museum that only the individual goes in to memory bank and look at the trophies and sweet memories titles happy occasions it is a very personal environment no one can go into that museum, during time the individual visiting memory medals see that those trophies explain other perspectives also that never was clear formerly each time looking into the trophies they explain other emotions and feeling, during mature developing surroundings people look into difficulties and successes from more extensive angle same happening that left certain effect on individuals become more wider interpretation of understanding by just looking into same happening or trophy so during time titles inside hidden museum gives a better more overview clear summary, many things can be gained in life, losing also is gain if we grasp the experience why and how it happened so don’t allow to repeated same mistakes in life, if we learn from mistakes it will be also big gain. Inside the personal museum door that say “Do not enter” all bad memories and difficulties bad memory portraits are in that galleria, some go in so often to that personal corridor. Naturally our brain reverses all memories that hurts us emotionally and erases during time but if we continuously go in that horror gallery and re memorize that agonizing episodes the memory bank cannot delete those unfortunate reminiscences they will stay with us.

Probably we have certain weaknesses that are harming others to be our friends, or other people have certain approaches that are harmful. Sometime we work very hard to be connected into harmony with other characteristics but unfortunately it does not work, or at least they harm us grabbing or paralyzing our peace and security throwing in roller-coaster. The arrogant person will harm you also many other damaging characteristic people like the demand er the envious the twister the gossip the victim the manipulator the judgmental, harmful temperamental people gradually distract our peace with others drain our zeal and happiness sometimes without making us realize how they burden us evacuating real friendship sentiments that we try to collect daily, all of a sudden all affection is unfilled, love is lost.   

          Pinocchio Wonders Where Modern Civilization and Humanity Are Heading

There is a lesson for modern civilization in examining the adventures of a wooden puppet that a carpenter formed him by the name of Pinocchio. The Adventures of Pinocchio began with a curious wooden puppet that received first golden opportunity when fairy gave him life to become a young boy that was curious about the world around him. He wanted to fit in and be like others and he hoped to find the best that life had to offer him along the way. He was eagerly anticipating having more fun, entertainment, popularity and whatever else the World might have to offer him.  Pinocchio met a circus master that wanted to throw wooden Pinocchio into fire, circus master regretting his fault to the puppet then the second golden opportunity was when circus master gave him a few golden coins. On the way home he met a fox that was pretending limb together with a cat that pretending blind they convinced that by planting this coins trees will grow money trees and they trapped him steeling his money and run away, the fairy helped Pinocchio one more time helping him to understand every time Pinocchio lye his nose will grow longer, later on some enticed Pinocchio introducing to land of toys where he could go to experience the best life imaginable. He could experience freedom and pleasures in toy village to the full in a magical amusement park where he wouldn’t be bombarded with restrictions and rules. This was such a thrilling concept for Pinocchio to hear of this perfect place called Cogan. The picture he was shown of the fictional land appeared to be so entertaining that he never for a moment worried that anything could possible go wrong. Pinocchio saw no reason to be suspicious of such an amazing invitation. He had no idea the hidden misfortunes and misery that awaited him there.

Anyone who is familiar with the story of Pinocchio knows that this seemingly perfect fun filled world was a trap where procedures were in place to transform all the people that attended this supposedly entertaining heaven of freedom into slaves. This amusement park was like a machine that took  and each individual inside that park was going to be vending goods to make the purchaser transform into slaves, all boys and girls associating with him eating candies pies and cakes play pools having fun on rollercoasters, following all new fashions, gradually were going to transform into more hear bodies all around their body including new fluffy donkey tails, transformation must continue with longer ears their minds way of thinking will be changed losing their speech get humiliated, absolutely their transformation irreversibly will lead into worst stage bringing them to be a donkey.

Pinocchio had some sort of consciousness that was Jiminy cricket which keep warning the danger, but the entertaining fun was so great that he could see nothing else inside fun forever land. Probably we think that we are smarter than Pinocchio. In modern time most societies are lost in anarchy of pleasures inside land of surprises toys entertainment Fictional land, in human society main goal is to have a great name to be popular famous not seeing that some intellectuals are planning on him to transform behavior of individuals into absolute irreversible mental attitude that will benefit only the overpowering rich organizations, almost all communities today are somehow getting fun with TV Movies Video games and they have not to go somewhere far into a anarchy pleasure amusement park, that entertaining center can follow into your bedroom, modern society are burdened with credit cards and easy loans not thinking where that will lead them, basic teaching is a name of fame so everyone will recognize you calling the individual “Star” or a politician, just be a famous individual by sacrificing your time, the modern civilization promises fame to many, with many offers to make all happy and yet the purchaser transform into slaves making them mass brainwashing society, many famous person can’t walk in the street with public they are surrounded by many limitation to fell freedom, other people are stuck with bad addictions corruptions and feel free till they are detained  leading them into crimes and all the way into jail, powerful entertainment will lead to consequence that will be so strong that our cricket will have no any voice to be considered, there are many big scams of continuous planning to bring people into calamity suffering to enslavement. One thing puzzles me I never imagined that some could invite people from all over the World into desert to bring all their all their money whit their own will and spend while  fancy  thoughts guiding them  enjoying it to spend lot of money hoping to be an millionaire after losing all they got leave the location to return another time again repeating other time, if someone person can’t travel that far, lottery tickets are sold just in the corner of the block, every week 100 million losses, they don’t announce the losers but the person that gone astray had a no win ticket already knows who the looser was, and checking machine apologizes “sorry not a winner” once a while one or two win, yet those who think that found the fountain of wealth can`t adjust the new lifestyle, I heard about one winner from Canada that had done rhodium to his testicles gold plating and that caused his death, many others  loose it in different way, there is great effort from luxury entertaining investment representatives are studying all sort of personalities and how to grab their curiosity attention and control for the advantage of greedy power seeking sick disturbed communities.
People that seek power and authority like International mafia big bankers Elites Religious leaders hurting the common people all together have limited time to live each are busy with their routine daily involvements; no one is surprised what’s going on. When asked what surprised him most about humanity the Dalai Lama answered “Man sacrificed his health in order to make money, then he sacrificed money to recuperate his health. And then he is anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die and then dies having never really lived”

Third golden opportunity Pinocchio had when hearing from neighbors about his maker carpenter Cappeto was searching Pinocchio went to the sea where swallowed by a whale. Pinocchio went to rescue him with in humiliating downgraded circumstances in the form as donkey, successful he find Cappeto and saved him, as a reward the fairy gave Pinocchio the best golden opportunity by transforming this puppet into a real boy. This lesson show us when humans and friends are in great need, they can show appreciation to their maker or any individual that is enslaved by this system and do everything to show appreciation by helping them, that attitude count as greatest opportunity helping humanity that are in need anyone can show or ignore depends what sort of person he or she is during their lifetime, a wooden puppet was successful, how about us?

Friendship can be very challenging for some people considering the environment we are living in today. Many people are influenced by media politics movies theatres school in working places video games on TV, the programs they see on television when men and women engaging in unethical manipulative and violent ways while enjoying entertainment. There may be times there one may feel guilty about how they have treated people in their life, but once they sit down to watch television, and seeing these unethical manipulative and violent scenes they may calm down decide they don`t feel so guilty after all, it seems they are perfect angels compared to what they see on TV. Every time individual consciousness declares warning inside individuals emotions whatever we watching in the media and gives the sense that nothing wrong. Whatever way we spending our free time will effect on possibilities to find real friend and support ourselves to be good friends to others. 

Biblical enlightenment shown 12 dimensions of personality varieties for example Jesus’s apostles, 12 tribes of Israel and so on. First human being Adam had a brain that functions 100% of capabilities. That means Adams was an Artisan at the same complete Guardian with all sections, perfect Idealist anytime he wanted and complete Rational he could go different level of incitement personalities according to environment and situations, just like using filtration’s on a picture he could view by different viewpoints into matters. His thinking possibilities could go to different levels or groups or all group together at the same time in imaginary intensities, stay any level in his mind research through that sort of filtration of thoughts for a while then go back to different level of characters, one by one after compare come into a conclusion and return with all the good values and decide accordingly. Adams main task in the Paradise was to absorb the personality differences on animals insect and birds, later on giving them a proper name according to their character as recorded in Genesis 2: 19-18. “Now Almighty forming from the (Amino-acids) in the ground every wild beast of the field and every flying creatures of the heavens, and the (Creator) began bringing them to Adam to see what he would call each one, and whatever Adam was calling it that was its name” of course this progress was not taken in short period of times because Adam spouse to study the character of that soul creature to give the proper name go with that character. Most important also Adam giving his wife a name in Genesis 2: 23 Then the man said” This is at last bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. This one will be called woman, because from man this one was taken” Adam called his wife Eve in Genesis 30:20. Like us Adam start to breath about 2.000 gallons of Air each day but received more oxygen than we do, only in this last 100 years oxygen levels went down 40 percent in air density, also Earth’s gravity pull is getting weaker and weaker so human weight is getting about one gram less in every 100 kilograms in every 100 years or so less, people start to weigh less than people were living long time ago.

I have strange perspectives regarding human temperaments’. In my DNA post already described that each individual has own personality sound harmony tone wavelength that contain in split of second millions of sound tone variation frequencies that is personalized to that individual, all cells of that body recognize the sound that are genome wide data that releases from DNA as sound frequencies describing all details about the person, characteristic of the person is pattern in that sound wavelengths by cluster of atoms combination harmony procedures. For example from the bible of gnosis chapter 12 God choose Abram saying in 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you…..” and God gave assignment to Abram to go south of the land and live inside tents. There is no any recording what good Abram had except his personality sound harmony frequencies that God can sense. Second proof that Abram should proof was his obedient, by going into test how much extend he can go to proof that he respects and believes about God to the degree to sacrifice his son, after the great test God said to Abram in genesis 22:12 “Do not harm the boy and do not do anything at all to him for now I do know that you are God-fearing because you have not withheld your son, your only one from me” as you notice sound harmony was there but also by action the individual should proof that what is his or her temperament.

Jacob that was called by his new name Israel had one daughter and 12 sons of. Two sons oh his had bad characteristics and they show it when their sister Dinah was defiled by son of the king Hamor described in genesis 34, they were willing in marriage alliances and peace settlement willingness to pay high bride price gift, those people were willing to be circumcised according Israel’s beliefs so marriage can take place, Jacob sons Simeon and Levie Dinah`s brothers killed every man of the king, they took their flocks all their possessions and captured their children and wives, plundering everything else genesis 34:25-29  Other character that had bad sound harmony wavelengths was from other 12 disciples of Jesus Judah. When Jesus was choosing his 12 different characteristic of students he knew that will be defective having bad personality sound harmony wavelengths, Jesus needed a man like that to be defective so Jesus can give his body to buy value of first human by a sacrificial death to give his blood as ransom to all mankind hold position of fatherhood of mankind, first perfect human on Earth Adam failed to be the father of humankind Jesus re-bought that right to be father of all mankind. How about Judahs position did he had pre-condemnation?  In any production unqualified productions must and should be eliminated. Sound frequency individuality release sound tone wavelengths that produce static that are not harmonized sound tone frequencies, if they will be allowed to live they will damage their environments, we have to except  the result what do we want make him live and damage everyone or they be eliminated? People with this class have uncontrolled addictions with pride greed immoral life and hate to everything including hateful disrespect toward the Almighty God. If we study history of mankind we will see those harmful people by their thrilled invading powers and wealth’s, after they get old and die human society will get rid of them but other people with same addiction will pop out to harm their environments worldwide. Human race show by their works their characteristics.

   After human race fallen to imperfections all habits were limited only according individual taste of characters, during history many psychologist add their opinion’s regarding human behavior and came to a conclusion about human varieties in characters, I am not an psychologist but have some logic and give attention to their suggestions also regarding basic dimensions of personalities. All important statistics about human that lived on the Earth their personality behaviors plus behaviors of all animals insects and living things are recorded by invisible supernatural energy fields in the electrons and conveyed to Universal condense energy field of Dynamic-Energy, scientist call this force Dark-Energy , all info’s are kept in lasting record prosperity.

According to the biblical input Genesis 11:1-9 all people used to speak the same language. People wanted to build Tower of Babel, they completed to 300 ft, height considering it reached the heavens, God confuse their language so they will not understand other new formed languages, how that really happened? It does not explain. In my logical sense humans have personality sound frequency harmony order; God is the creator of DNA and knows what trigger individuality sound harmony and expressive flow, through new directive in just momentum the entire group divided into new form of expressions with new languages that might be close to 3000 dialects of new tongue. Watching people in foreign languages I noticed not only the language but also characteristics might have differences that are connected to individuality sound harmony. One thing for sure they are equivalent if one of them get elevated position in wealth and power more than their surrounding, they might feel above the rest of other people bringing to a point where they can do anything bad to others considering others as property that can be sold, used and harmed in any means where the person in power feels free to do to others, dialect has nothing to do with people to distinguish themselves, but reaching to great wealth power capture them to greed and uncontrolled loose manner, we see it in high grade powerful people in all culture.

Regarding our enrolments in friendship arrangements to have common peace with everyone it will be very wise to consider even before marriage, it will be better to find out what kind of personality a person has, probably some even never thought about it, also what kind of personality your future mate have, it doesn’t mean that you will have no problems living with your mate, probably by comparison less problem so you can get alone easy. There are many books to explain those differences in the bookstores it will be incitement to do some research. For example let`s consider four major personalities, that are known each group also have four varieties but main four are Artisans class, then Guardians, Idealist, and Rational. Each can handle their thinking differently regarding their positioning, self-perception the way they act, in public what class of language dialect is used? Moral standards and intelligence all should be considered to match up to both individual mates. Some psychologist giving symbolic mascot names or symbols to this personalities for characterizing example considering “Artisans” is Fox (clever and sneaky) symbols of “Guardians” is Beavers (hard working to plan a dam or barriers to protect) symbols of “Idealist” is Dog (men’s best friend, love their owners more than themselves and expressive and having alert sense) symbols of “Rationale “is Owl (when nothing can be seen they can see in the dark by their mental calculations far away, things that others can`t see) owl symbols also can be seen in educational panels. Studying human behavioral qualifications must be already written in the configuration of the maker of human beings that is Almighty, he only knows as producing company his merchandise qualifications and its enduring measures and levels knowing how far they can go. First step for individual is to find out what character personality he or she belongs, in my case after some researches I found out that I belong to personality of Artisan Composer. 40 years working as diamante setter in jewelry and gemologist, with many hobbies, study religions, playing chess and violin, but not all together at the same time. Let`s see the first group.

What did I experienced from many schools I attend is important accomplishment if more so I was able to find the need in our community to organize and overcome all fallout that keep our community tight. First question our community asked “who is he from what family, is he a member in our church? Does he jump and twist curbs the way we do?” Our experiences can be shared in a humble and thoughtful way anytime if sense of self ego is neglected from other personal priorities, all graduate and older members have great experiences in their life, why we don’t share with each other openly so new generations might be encourage to do right and discourage to have the wrong effort harming our community.


(Artisans) are artistic in making crafts they are promoter good performers, don’t like a dull moment having parties entertaining others, even Composers this abilities is programs in the brain that contain concrete particulars the way their brain operates according to these qualifications to introduce melodies using instrumental musical sounds. Experts divide this artesian category into four groups, Performer, Composer, Promoter, and Crafter. I apologize for my bold expression in my viewpoint I see those groups only categories of their focusing in line of their activities or concentrations relishing achievement. Starting from developing fetus they enclose possibilities to interchange their abilities to these major fields of expansions in Artistic habits but still the music and sound frequencies add on their mood or stress doing their task express in revealing situations, they like to pinpointing teasing and joking everyone else even with people that are strangers, being expressive sometimes even being unorthodox something that will surprise many and make themselves heard so listeners be more involved or attentive what they hear, always something totally new. Living with an Artisan is like driving speeding Rollo cost ride full of action life will be ups and downs, sometimes or once while can have some temper, they do not plan for rainy days, like to gamble, life for them means fast ride, like many different hobbies and fishing all sort of sports life. Main purpose they seek in their life is to entertain or grasp the attention of many by being effective promoter, some of them who have talent of their hand work focus on craftier firms, giving all their precision and focus in small details to art-craft practice using best equipment even inventing new ones to fit the mechanism of their craft in model making but sometimes they try to mold their mate personality into their own character. Most of the times even from their young age they try to gain attention of their surroundings to entertaining, planning to have right approach how to make interesting preformation’s, some give so deep emotional feelings to conclude and express their feelings being a good composer because sometimes they can hardly sense there inner mind sound variations of atoms tone frequencies and transfer into their surrounding by composing music. Most thing they appreciate seeking always pleasures, cheerfulness during their conversation using some sarcasm noticing week points in others and mentioning openly, to avoid clashes very serious thoughts can be delivered in a clever way with a little humor otherwise no one can mention it on open they always think and act regarding present time how to get best entertainment and attention that going in their surroundings. Main goal is to make impressions that people remember them. For me Artesian based on 3 major groups, first regular medium type. Then to other groups of one is expressive in their reflective thoughts and the other group comparing to other group is shy in discernments, they give contrasting expressions either shy or bold to introspective perception, I might be wrong but in my viewpoint I consider all Artisans into 3 group divisions of personalities. Medium standard group, then two other variations higher and lower, measurements in expressions.

They use their imaginative creativity in any direction that will make them single out expect their talents are respected by everyone, take all their bold chances not afraid what to express daring to say anything they want, usually most serious people are the ones that talk funniness, because very serious things you can express more easily if there are presented by some humor of course always know how to turn the curb when tension grow up being flexible according to mentality environments or feelings. Enthusiastically charming, or eager to start attention in entertainment they desire and have polite craving for it don’t feel satisfy until deliver the mood by inspiration that think and feel with all their influence showing the main compelling reason to enjoy generosity or kindness willingly, aspiring always in dazzling way. Alluring their family life always being very good charismatic friend to their mate, trying to be a savior for all their needs, in difficult time absorbing the argument always take the part of mediator to overcome the conflict ions



(Guardians) Self-image that guardians show is basic to their social role earning values explaining what they are interested with, works or actions that they might be successful according to their habits might be dependable Inspectors, Supervisors, generous qualified providers and protectors. So they are divided into four category groups, Inspector, Supervisor, Protector, and Provider. Have good patients but worry too much about future, express in traditional reasonable conservative authoritative but try logistical in administrating, dependable respectful and socializer but domineering to provide and protect that’s why they can be good inspectors have talent in material gains, then again they are decent have the sense of gratefulness nevertheless don’t feel done complete accomplishment in the past, and always think about it always trying to make good decision making participating in social activities like to go impressive places, museums, they like to see their dates to be punctual even when they personally keep others waiting for them, in marriage life they can be good helpmates good entertaining parents having preservative leadership. Main interest in their life is material but do not lose their moral to accomplish it, usually work in trade of commerce like buying selling always trying to think about. While looking to anything first they see the negative version of any matter so do not trust and see what chances to take then by suspicion take their decision in buying or selling, have so much patient in dealing and continuing conversations to take best advantage in business showing indifference about the outcome so do not jump on the deal right away, do not feel sorry for the past and don’t blame themselves for what happened and focus concentrate present actions by impassiveness always see entries all around but compare with formal experiences they had before in similar instances. By working their best feel trustworthy giving their attention and time, giving their best to the society and community generously. Feel them proud and suitable to be respected. Also in my viewpoint I regard Guardians by medium standard character open expressive and the other is shy secluded introverts. Guardians also 3 character types.


(Idealists) They use different realm of their brains capacities. They like to teach or give counsel having sense of advocate, according to experts they also fall in four group categories, Logistics, Tactics, Diplomacy, and Strategy. Believe in logically with the Openion that everyone is alike equally, that’s why don’t like discrimination. They are dogmatic as unbending oversensitive and agnostics, sometimes it can keep them behind by negative feelings stop doing what they would, they like and enjoy poetry because enjoying certain fascination about good and evil that is raised. They like symbolic viewpoints with the mind`s eye always like to consider imaginations concept of eternity, feel sensitive tender devoted, in this sense they can be skilled in diplomacy use or think in metaphorical language, optimistic, adaptable, charming, accepting, but always guesses, adjusted, idealistic, trusting, responsive, trusting and sentimental. When working with hands they can do good paintings ceramics sculpting, if practiced in cooking and even musical instruments; in young age if starting in a hobby they can be quite skilled, interested in humanitarian and morals issues. Sometimes approach others in a naïve attitude, usually trust others very easy. Regarding future aspect, they guise and think from spiritual angle most of the time ready to self-sacrifice, because they are unselfish always think for the good of others, Idealists have rare temperament they obligate secrets always private feelings that make them concealed with their thoughts, but still they give all their attention to keep their relationship alive, seeking for perfect love making challenging to fulfill, but never give up, know to recite good poetry to share their skills in romantic relationship mature in the art of familiarity, very caring have forceful with self-esteem, reverentially considerate self-respect, very dependable, self-confidence with wise outlooks leading as great promoters. Also in my conclusion I consider Idealist into by two addition types making the total of three, the other are bold and expressive Idealist dimension verses seclude introverts shy Idealists comparing into the main type making the Idealist into 3 types.  Medium standard group, then two other variations higher and lower, measurements in expressions.


(Rational) They don’t mix emotions or feelings with their work, that’s why they might give good qualifications to be Inventors, Field marshals, Masterminds and good Architect. According psychologist Rationale also divide into four categories are, Inventor, Architect, Field marshal and Mastermind. Most of scientist comes from this category those who are interested in technology and developing. Rationales have their own preferred mood seeking their styles that aspire to achievements, they feel different and separate themselves from Guardians because they seek only security, always definite in their precise decisions using the right words, also they are practical planner with discipline, good skill in science in technology systems, by deep certain logicality, inevitability but always skepticism about future, always having doctrine of relativism in their formal experiences, bringing always ideas or thoughts that has connections to their work, though very busy but always ready to bring breaks to unquestionably avoiding mistakes, certain in completing or finalizing their innovative inventions, in their research they are always independent and unyielding always calm to reason until perfecting their accomplishment, being pragmatic and even visionary based on proved knowledge, respecting their work with admiration. In family life regarding associate mate, always look to be friend with a lovely brain, we can call them mind mate, like to discuss about many topics there plans and pursues either in politics or ethics, economic, sometimes even religion, it is necessity that their mates should go alone with conversations in abstract topics otherwise Rational don’t feel fulfillment. Regarding their goal as a parent they teach and expect from their children to be self-reliant, their children must be individuates or distinct, work hard to make their child distinguish from other children, so they are idealistic leaders in their communities. Some Parents poster about their child in back of their car is get honorary students, for rational parent, which is already a must not exceptional, that their children in normal measures should always be successful and different than the rest of the children. Comparing to major type of Rationale same categories exist in same dimensions the secluded introverts contrasting the expressive making the total of this group into 3. Medium standard group, then two other variations higher and lower, measurements in expressions.

Some believe that having a mate from same Nationality or same faith might help, yes it has its own advantages to have similar backgrounds and traditions, food recopies and environments make people molded into pattern of characters that are routine, in some Nations man that are more dominating woman from same Nation expect to see in man more dominant qualities, otherwise fell something missing and wrong, to tie the knot from same faith has lot of advantages having same backgrounds, of course in all  faith groups are people with all variety of temperament. Likewise, also prominence to find characters that should match, choosing individuals that can fit into their personality alignment.

Regarding beliefs, almost all religions have a basic introduction like the companies that sell certain merchandise also coming accessories beside the main introduction. First you have to except that only your following devotion is the right path, exemplary accessories conviction representatives are the representative of God, for example using certain holly book, their faith of should be the only source, with all the other gadgets, additional things that go with it, sometimes even belonging to same Christian faith but dissimilar Churches take contrary actions and ask different demands from their followers, same in most other religions as well having many diversities and dissections, similar diverse clashes exist in other Nationalities even same churches are divided by political disinterests, some have their own standards in beliefs also with other religions, also equivalents against faith groups from some keen Science crowds, all have their own protocol scheme arrangements to subordinate, you have to go into their secluded worshiping or adoring location to contribute be a member either for wedding or death gatherings, you have to except only leaders authority, always obedient and respectful ,if you and your mate do so obeying all their regulations, otherwise self-contradictory oppositions may arise in the future. Same methodology in Muslim faith religion do not allow to change your fait to other religions no one has the free will to do so, they have their holly book Quran and sharia law, same with Jewish regulations, then some other groups are the atheists individuals or some resilient scientist, some of them have complex to speak about God, no matter what group you meet always couple should accept their future realities of faith before they join together as mates, otherwise their friendship will fall into conflicting deep Pitt. I consider characters are imbedded inside men, let`s consider an orange, for example when you step on the orange what do you get out of it “orange juice” if you peal out gently and eat it what it tastes? like Lime? or lemon? Grapefruit ? or “orange juice” no matter how you treat an orange to find out what`s in it you will conclude the same result of character that is hidden inside. Bible book of Galatians 5:22 resembles good qualities or personalities as fruit of the spirits naming them “Fruitage of the spirit is LOVE Joy Peace, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness, Self-Control” Against such things there is no law. Humans can work out producing good qualities if have love toward the others and show with drove characters or personalities.

Our brain receives directions from Universal sound and we are unaware of it. Universal language releases humming sound, in low octave sound frequencies, one section sound beats coming from Dark-Matter. The second section coming from Dark-Energy they both come and reach into our brain, right brain is made accordingly to be sensitive to the sound coming from Dark-Matter and left brain is sensitive to Dark-Energy, both get into our brain from left and right ears these sounds will be called binaural beats low octave sound frequencies that will enter into human right side ears into the human brain, two side wave tones that almost feel similar but they are not the same tone variation, this coordination works in all living animals and insects also in atoms, protons receive beats from Dark-Matter field from Universe and electrons receive sound beat orders from Dark-Energy. Almighty that created everything and gave life in different proceeded to all existing matter, because he is living form and everything is created contains life, also he follows all the presiders of his creations. Any moment we can receive translational language if sound get adjusted by other octave variation from the message center. Back in history some faithful men and women received directions from heaven by sound beats variations. This two variety of sound travel everywhere and in the entire Universe continuously, human brain detect this two concept together for commendable directives, if they receive and use it properly with humility they will have clean sensitive conches they will act lovingly to produce good kind of symbolic fruits of the spirit like love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Faith, Kindness, Self-Control, Conches-ness, Sweetness, Long suffering, Faith, Mildness. Human conches need to be complete by neurons center to collect all data sparks flowing through synapses of human cannot operate unless the cells are active, all details of information travels in the brain and outside the body and return are stimuli that are released from electrons that are wheels inside wheels have all eyes around them, that means that they can see in great measure capacity all directions seeing inside human cells and molecules and transport information to human conches and sub-conches centers. Humans have to obey the directives coming through Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter Binaural beats tones, not rebel against it. Of course good or bad people will act without even noticing it, but their reaction will show in their personality character. People brain can be reprogram change their behavioral standard, some sense kind to others with sympathy but it can change if the brain reprograms them by hate and revenge, all of a sudden their empathy can triggers into apathy don’t care about other beings, sometime we all experiences about bad people also we might hear about some few very young persons don’t feel sympathy to other sometimes they can commit crime, in my perspective extreme authority seeking people or greedy persons are categorize in the same level of indifference toward other people welfare, apathy will guide them, priority always stay regulatory in selfish prosperity, only toward themselves, as soon that happens there will be no room for sympathy in their mind toward the poor and the needy, empathy will vanish from their common sense.
Lebanese Bourj Hammoud Territory I was raised, with Armenian  people who are second generation that were survived from Armenian Genocide in Turkey, we were citizens 4 thousand years of Turkey even before name Turks were invented, Mongols came into western Armenia then they declared themselves as Turks. In Nor Marash I grow up, culturally people were programmed that only rich are valuable beings, they should have rich parents or parents have authority, I had chance to have more education if could find sponsor that always were ready for celebration parties, in my hometown limited education cost money that our parents could not effort in that country. Almost all people there had the same background almost same genetic inheritances, we always behaved to be ready against barbarism, kind of sad music we listened were suffering experience that our nation went through in massacres, probably you don’t know what it is but in every century you will meet same sort of people who commit barbarism thinking that they are pleasing their God, doing him a favor so they be candidate to go to heaven and have excessive sexual life with pleasure in heaven under their Gods provisions. In my community if two people watching someone passing by ask the other “do you like that passerby?” The answer might be swearing “what a terrible looking guy”, well another question “why do you know him or did he do anything bad to you before?” “No we never met I don’t like his form” I grow up in this community that people thought if you put down other you might look higher. People go alone with other people only if they go to same church be in same party groups use same swearing attitude and be same political organization and hate all other faiths and beliefs, on the drinking table they give same toss and swear to the enemy, that’s how they bring their portion of pure Nationality awareness. Religion community teach us to participate donation to clergy and the church, immoral or criminals were welcome all have to do contribute to church. Moral education we learned from our parents, my mom had strong commitment in morality she was grown up in strict rules in a German orphanage south Lebanon in “chimlan” my father was different he always ready to party and spend time with other people. Social cultural teaching effected my mind program being to different comparison character between my mom and Dad I tried to be flexible always depending in my logical senses, by traveling to other countries I pressure myself to be more adaptive efficient stereotyped individuality. I believe our brain can be programmed if we can logically notice the advantages to program ourselves.


Astrology started by ancient Arabs and Eastern Nations, watching the sky they categorize group of stars into similarity shapes or figures giving names to the cluster stars believing that stars have supernatural powers that can effect on new born child timing if the period of that clusters match to the time. This figuration is the result of several generations of people born recorded their date of instinctive, what month and day were born in the record, after many years what kind of personality the person had what trade? Was registered, probable he became a doctor or soldier or a leader all written down, whenever a child born on a certain date of the month and day, comparing previous records the concluded this man will become a doctor, because Doctor Hakim 33 years ago born at this month and became our doctor Hakim, another date show a butcher powerful Jazzar, another on different date pinpoint to a soldier. Even if there are any truth in this chart, position of stars in our galaxy went to major change in locations that the period of those ancient calculations in our Milky Galaxy, even the months and the days are messed up, still some believe coincident happenings might fit in their life and continue horoscope activities, beside that modern terminology prove that children born twins same day, might have totally different personality or characters. Some point out that Ancient intelligence people sometimes organized very clever calculations and art that was not possible with ancient knowledge, concluding that other Alien energy force organisms of different kind, those invisible life forms came and help them giving views and technology techniques, In my other chapters title (Angels) you can find that those Aliens are nothing but Spiritual beings of different kind that the Bible calls them Angels. Now our main concern is human categories, how to evaluate groupings and classify to differentiate them?  

Many philosophers’ psychologists and almost all religions describe 12 or more character personalities. The Bible brings out major 12 character like 12 tribes of Israel, later 12 disciples of Jesus those are representatives  Temperaments , regarding the modern philosophies they consider 16 variety of personalities in 4 key major characters multiplied by four categories, Artisans, Guardian, Idealist, and Rational, each have 4 divisions that will make 16 characters. The way I see it 4 major characters each have two additional self- image partitions that can be whichever adaptable like flexible or Over confident in their stand also one type can be reserved or introverts like stay quiet and shy person contrasting other group of talkative expressive some call them extravert. In my calculations 4 major type adding 2 extreme emotional groups’ each 4 types that are quiet and bold total characters reach into 12. By my viewpoint there are major 12 personalities and some other that come close to that tune or change dimensions frequently going further auxiliary changing their character personality or and come back to basic, depending their mood and environments, also I noticed that some of people have a little bit of everything of the major four characters, the reason of these additions because, some characters have concrete and intellectual temperaments that contain implementation of characters encompass each other personality values, as a conclusion the number brings into 12 different behaviors that can give and take conducts or Temperament, when reviewing some Artisan and Guardian characters, others have Artisan and Rational at the same time, others might have Idealist and Guardian identical similarities but not totally same identical period, so the character upgrading either have good possibilities or contrary downgrading character temperament can happen in society, either participating with new habits or addictions or continuously listening different lyric songs. Any type of music have typical inabilities or possibility moods to direct taught about certain intelligence drive upgrading or downgrading attitudes of character and personalities, already the synapse in the brain carry low octave sound frequencies stimuli that are sound tones not registered to our sensible tools already effected by sounds, this additional process artificial music can also make their own impressions on human minds. When human started life in the Paradise according to Biblical surroundings, there was no Airplanes or automobile sounds, neither helicopter sounds, but only natural air breeze water fall sound, birds were singing animals making certain sounds and at night insect or crickets making certain sounds, all this nature sound can make good impression to the brain harmony, to have relaxing mood and better behavioral temperament. Neither rent nor bills, smog’s, bad chemicals, you can name it. All the style was different background.

Regarding the Earth gravity underneath us has variety effect, Earth’s matter particle variety abbreviated buildups influence also on humans behavior even on all living things, in some situations even whole Nation individuals can be close by in their characters with each other and we see that how they can adopt certain faiths more easily than other beliefs, because of their taste in their behavioral personalities. Doing some research also noticing that elements in the topsoil where people live also has some other diversities in gravity of the soil that are other different dynamism tenets that are unknown make that living race diverse, unconnected to other race, surrounding land make them behave different from people who live on other lands, even their variety or color of skins face lively look, color of hair height with behavioral differences belong to that territory. The food that was grown in that land also make behavioral differences, for example cucumber grown in Middle East have smooth skin, bringing same seed of that plant growing in California, the new product with same kind of seed cucumbers after growing look different with spiky sharp bumps on the skin, but various people when immigrating to other countries their genetic look don’t changes in short time, because many ages left strong prints in their genetic structure, sway effective impressions, generations after generations. So people might look different but 12 characters remains as standard in my terminology.

Most characters can fascinate each other to attract each other’s character, by listening to their expressions and watching how they react, occasionally even feel romantic or desire attraction to each other. Some of these characters have interests in the other personalities and sometimes completely contradictory standpoint in relationship. Perhaps in the beginning of their relation only craving and hankering was in control later on when everything calm down the disinterests in character show their personality conflictions, each one push-out self-contradictory goals by many explanations that don’t feet in the other persons taste and character, opposing argument will continue until separation and sometimes even beyond parting. So it will be a better choice if all characters join to their individual personality individuality style like Artisans together, Guardians with Guardians, same with Idealists and Rationales at least having some common background of taste similarity personalities. On the other hand Artisans and Guardians can get alone very good likewise Rationales and Idealist can get alone very good, but sometimes Idealists Artisans and Rationales can`t deal with Guardians because of these 3 types have individuality indifferences that conflict with Guardians. Most important the individual that knows his or her character and personality of the mate knows what to expect in their reaction if formerly considered and collected all the facts about issues that might fight to his personality, also about their interests and desirable activities to bring into common agreement to lighting up emotional friendship and relationships. Unfortunately we are living in a society sometime hearing relatives and friends are killing each other, some parents killing their children, today even in modern society is very hard to find true friends because people are changing from bad to worse, as it is mentioned in 2 Timothy 3: 16 “But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be (Their characters will be) lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanders, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, head strong, puffed up (or with pride) lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having a form of godly devotion, but proving false to its power, and from these turn away “ the question is it possible to find true friend ?

                            WHAT IS CONSCIENCE ? WHO IS OUR BEST TRUE FRIEND?

In the beginning of these chapter I introduced that in our society there are no distinct friend in our civilization considering the religion, medical fields, marketing entertainment, low firms and many other departments cannot provide true friends, because each are seeking their own personal gains, but always possibilities exists, should be possible that a true friend might be introduced. Probably you had many challenges in life before, but the biggest one is to find the right or true friend that likes to see you so often. In the beginning of human creation God showed his presence to Adam and Eve once a day having conversation and association, mentioned in Genesis 3: 8-11 Adam and Eve were just starting to learn and adapt best qualities of basic principles of friendship from their lord by associating with him, collecting all the goodies rich moral standards like into a big balloon, all of a sudden Satan the creator God of lies, enemy of all friendship principles brought a needle like quality to pinch into this friendship balloon and bursts out, that needle was selfishness pride, make this true friendship fail, man became disobedient and excepted new friendship from Satan that was introducing first false religion breaking through friendship with god after receiving many gift, like their life the Paradise garden beautiful animals and enjoyments, they felt very sorry and ashamed felt bad in his look, Adam and Eve personally felt ugly bad everything about their personality even felt naked, blaming themselves understanding the desolation, melancholy mood rule in all about themselves, felt miserable. In the field of sound you can find l magnetic properties that can activate other location, low octave sound frequencies contain vibrational waves that can transfer energy from on point to other locations, all in different levels of sound variations and variety of sound values, so the brain have a logical command energy harmonious field, in case something goes wrong according DNA harmonious principle it activates different field of gravity that give discomfort to entire body I call that mature conscious. (Left and right side of the brain have separated by walls on the bottom part of the mind, when two frequencies reach the brain one in 315 Hz the other side 324 Hz tones vibration come in between this opening and vibrate, our couches stimuli are located in these opening and in these space Binaural beats come into activation, people use Monaural beats consequent to conjunction, coming into same juxtaposition by two different variation frequencies similar to Binaural Beat. Isochoric tones emit regular intervals continuation of pulses)
Adam and Eve were faultless with perfect conscience that contained capacity to declare and effect Judicial capacity, intimate body conscience felt the guilt, all of a sudden they realize that were wrong, they did not know how to face their shame of guilt, their conscience had the painful sense or force to make them realize their fault and guilt, so they felt naked and had no clean conscience to friendly clean unfold appearance to God. Even after Human rebellion. Almighty the first fashion designs couture in the Universe, cloth them garments from skin of animals I Genesis 3:21. Almighty continue to express how he feels about humans, Gods formal friends.

Usually for some to get the point what life meant to them it need for them to reach to the point where they are dying in old age grasping the value of life, at that point in death bed many feel sorry saying why I did not spend more time with my friends? Why I did not expressed all my feelings to my friends? And spend too much time day and long evenings working on material gains considering priority more than my friends? Long time ago I could be a happier person I feel sorry because I did not think about that when I was young, this is the point when every minute the person confronting to live more it will be considered a great challenge, comparing to younger years when days and years were passing by not even thinking about it as a challenge, probable the person might regret why all his or her life lived to what others expected of him to gratify, usually most people are selfish but in this world you have to please your boss or your superior sometimes more than your rights, people might feel sorry that did not had the courage at their lifetime to live for themselves. This is the moment when collective memories are settled down to have the right conclusion to do the right things in life but already it is too late.

We can try to show best friendly approaches to others, that don’t mean that all will appreciate and be nice to you, keep trying, real friend is are pure in heart peaceable, conscious of their spiritual needs, they are mild tempered, love righteousness, guide their fellow friend to success, never be wrathful always forgive, merciful, like Jesus teach followers the modern prayer, people use that as recite reading don’t follow, not interested to know what they meant. Bible mentions in Matthew 6 and 7 chapters plus Matthew 6:12 “That you want men to do to you. You also must likewise do to them; in fact, is what the Law and the prophets meant” So the main key in friendship or finding right mate is to learn and adapt best moral standards from Almighty Creator the approach to other beings that are busy in the same effort, to accomplish gathering same good qualities best protection will be always keep away from sharp needle and the rest of sharp damaging weapons that kill friendship qualification such as selfishness and pride and the rest that was mentioned in second Timothy 3:16 that we read before. Human beings know the measures or possibilities to find real friendship if they are liberated of their selfish arrogance pride and return to basic clean conscience integrity clean morals, and respect evaluating other people valuable the way we are, we cannot be there right away but keep in the right course to complete the task of true friendship. Like Job, humankind need uplifting from stress and willing to try anything to feel better from sufferings of evil to endure by patience by the help of a real friend. Bible book of James 5: 11 mentions “You have heard of the endurance of Job and seen the outcome” Job received deliverance from stress by tender affection and mercy.
We can depend on God as great protector friend and he  promises  Ezekiel 38: 23 " So I will display my greatness and my holiness and make myself known in the eyes of many nations. Then they shall know that a am Lord"

So what is the guideline aim objective by our behavioral attitude? I find a perfect standard in human behavior mentioned in the Bible by Jesus sermon on the mountain. 

Many famous people mention the value of the message by Jesus. Former president Harry S. Truman said “I do not believe there is a problem in this country or the world today which could not be settled if approached through the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount. Also India’s  preeminent leader Mahatma Gandhi said… “"The message of Jesus as I understand it," said Gandhi, "is contained in the Sermon on the Mount unadulterated and taken as a whole... If then I had to face only the Sermon on the Mount and my own interpretation of it, I should not hesitate to say, 'Oh, yes, I am a Christian.' But negatively I can tell you that in my humble opinion, what passes as Christianity is a negation of the Sermon on the Mount... I am speaking of the Christian belief, of Christianity as it is understood in the west. (He liked teaching of Jesus but did not like some followers that did not apply Jesus teachings)

Jesus explained in Matthew 4 and 5. Every expression is condensed truth about right attitude regarding man to Man, explain not only the crime adding on that accountability principle of misconduct takes place speaking about how bad is jealousy. Grudge. Resentment and hat rate anger that lead to crime, the biggest problem human authorities cannot grasp handle before reaching to crime activity considering principle and working to apply it will make us successful to understand loving your friend and all human beings.

What is expected from us as a friend? Luke 6:38 gives as best approach “Practice giving and people will give to you. They will pour into your laps a measure pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. For with measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you in return”

9 Outstanding characteristics

Watching the world we liken many Nations some are more advanced technology and unity than others, certain characteristics that individuals have support to the advancement of their Nation helping each other, I believe “atoms are non-biological living things” or beings as mentioned in my blogs, each individual contains many atoms from many galaxies, cluster of atoms release their personality or temperament that represent certain way of thinking that we meet in our communities so atoms effect to human characteristics or personalities, as atoms release energy sound frequency tone wavelengths so do people that 100% completely are made of atoms, to mention some personalities that is very helpful to people are, we have 12 different characteristic in this might be found 9 outstanding individuals that are helpful to their communities. (1) The Initiator, people who we can depend on (2)The catalyst, enthusiasm communicator gifted individual (3)The Healer, skilled optimistic mediator (4)The Nurturer, responsible person appreciates justice truth and love (5) The Game Changer, intelligent individual that don’t appreciate monotone work also might have some spiritual or philosophical way of thinking (6)The Protector (7) The Equalizer as Novelizer, with never betraying leadership merciful with good prestige (8) The Explorer, love for Nature having good mood to investigate Nature with all its blessings. (9) The Finalizer is unselfish generously charitable individual sympathetic to others also looking for solution to help everyone. Anyone you meet in your community is the individual who is expressing according to inner composition of cluster of atoms and their temperaments, lets except it they can’t be you, you can’t be them.

Every Nations have certain individuals in their communities that stand out where others notice and honoring by giving recognitions, I am aloud to talk only my Nations Armenians where they recognize and praise helpful people who are doing great works, after this individual Pass away and met God the Almighty in Heavens, unfortunately only after that this hard and honest workers will be recognized to be considered after his or her death.

                                                   THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE

Before you existed or all people existed, values that we see around us and inside the Universe already existed before us long time ago. Most part of atoms are 99.99999 % emptiness, two forms of energies Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy as electrons and protons combine to form an atom. Since life existed in energy form long time ago it reached to us through special arrangements as atoms receive life in non-biological other form of living things, atoms have personality temperaments or characteristics communication and principles to perform according to surrounding effect precisely with great intelligence power and wisdom, all great values of indulgent was already existing we only received by some arrangement to be a living thing that have supernatural qualities and life.
There was never a big bang grand creator always existed with life energy and power, other matter and energy developed by Dark-Energy I rather call this grand force field Dynamic-Energy that is the source of life intelligent wisdom power and righteousness, his qualities can be expressed with one word “Love” most grand supernatural force that existed everlastingly and has no beginning, always existed everlastingly. When the time came long time ago probably more than 16 billion years ago, Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) created Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) invisible force fields, giving to this new force energy creation a beginning transporting same supernatural life wisdom and good qualities that he has giving also intelligence temperament qualities, every matter existed inside Universe are based on this two energy forms that complete entire Universe, scientist estimate that there is 72% of Dark-Energy and 23% of Dark-Matter 5% real matter forms as Galaxies and other forms of visible matter in our Universe.  Starting with atoms formed combining small portion of this two energies D.E and D.M most of it is vacuum emptiness but completed to exist supernatural forces. Every value of characteristic capacity we humans received the source that generate all qualities is inside the Universe in great volume life and intelligence long time ago until now, life we received because there was already in great power inside Universe, same with other valuable qualifications already were existed out there unknown years ago we just received it lately. Already D.E and D.M contain all this capacity energies in their invisible formation in unknown time moments. Atoms contain small portions of this intelligence life force, probably you have noticed how water molecules show variety of crystalized shapes or formation with snow forms that contain intelligence memory. Watch the clouds always composed in different formations as a grand artist drawing on a canvass, clouds contain precise characteristic formation, different atoms react different in their temperature environment and in chemical circumstances, we know what to expect from each group of atoms what to do plus atoms can change their personality characteristic to form into different variety of atoms by fusion.
Consequently starting point of life originated from non-biological Dynamic-Energy then Dynamic-Matter received same treasure qualities, this two forces made matter to exist, atoms that form mass galaxies also contain this original intelligence life forces, we as biological living creatures contain big numbers of atoms that register our emotions and categorize our orientation self-image interest values intellect social role and language all our implementation are collected later on into one large memory bank inside the Universe by this two grand life force control. We humans and insects animals birds fish and all living creatures indirectly participate to send data about our emotions same with other forms of living things atoms. There is so Grand power inside universe that formed humans (scientist rather call this supernatural treasure Dark-Energy) humans can be reformed any time after death if Grand Creator wants us to recreate them just like in the hands of ceramist or model potter forming clays giving each different characteristic in face formalities, Grand creator can give men variety temperament characteristics bringing into an environment to see how they react then all happening will observed to registered precisely by atoms, In other post Angels I described how atoms are Gods organization that have wheels inside wheels and they can see with many eyes all around inside and outside of atoms and everywhere.

We all are in training examination how we will react to others weaknesses, Supernatural force or being is observing us how individually we are behaving in our society, are we puffed up by a few advantages having over other people or we come to conclusion that there is a greater superpower that created us, during lifetime each individual will make own conclusion about nature habitat, considering others respectfully, uncomplaining shortcomings of friends and humanity, trying to be similar to our merciful creator toward humans, This is the perspective  one intelligent man King Solomon, as it was mentioned in book of Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 “The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard is; Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole obligation of men. For the true God will judge every deed, including every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad”

In my perspective I believe that we are very imperfect living beings that have limited time to live as humans, we been observed day and night to be considered and rewarded for our behavior that we have as freedom of choice but later on we all have to answer for our behavior. If individually we are considered as loving characteristic group helping our fellow human beings and animals we will be rewarded even we die, just like a shattered glass bottle how it can meted down to reform into originality form additionally as a reward Grand Creator will reprint original behavior characteristic into new life in better environment as an individual who analyze life the way a blind man searches his or her environments and had that right conclusions about moral values and realizing how precious is life acting accordingly by rewards from the source of life Grand Creator. By the way original life that spring from the source of life is eternal, life we receive now is disrupted by imperfection, when everything restored life that we will be receiving as gift will be eternal life.  

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