Sunday, September 4, 2011

DARK-MATTER Bubbles, Living Atoms, other Phenomenas.

                           DARK-MATTER, BUBBLES

Dark matter is not any matter but invisible life force energy that can`t be sensed through so called by our advance tools, no matter how sensitive tools can be still particles of Dark matter can’t be seen because they are supernatural intelligent force same with dark energy. When this forces materialize to combine as an atom, each contain portions from Dark Matter as core and a portion of Dark Energy electrons. Inside nuclear fusion energy machine can be seen Ghostly lightning sparking waves inside a nuclear reactor, similar the waves seen in ionosphere. Still there are many unknown energy forces that is not clear to the scientists

Examining the Universe it seems great unknown energy is in order to make everything else in order. One large scale force has been noticed that is releasing great gravitational effect, already there are many unseen other frequencies such as radiation, infrared, radio waves, gamma rays and many other form of invisible forces that release effect absorption on other exposed matter where most effect can be seen from invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that form each individual atom and entire galaxies in the Universe.

In my Blogs you will see, Dark Matter and Dark Energy they both are invisible supernatural intelligent life force that can’t be measured unless in a Femtoseconds (millionth of billionth of a second time) they can transform portions from their force into electron and proton to form atoms. These two forces that complete the existence of the Universe will always remain elusive.

Usually any hard to notice connection transforming power or data we call it filament but there might be other unseen connection that  might controlling between ordinary matter that are totally invisible, so unnoticeable that calling them filaments might not apply. Two forms of energies fall in these categories, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter and they are pure Universal life form energies with supernatural intelligence and power. In my Blogs (Cornerstone of the Universe) I explained how these forces created the Entire Universe. Because it is very hard to penetrate an invisible force Dark-Matter and its pair Dark-Energy, they both are connected team have entire Universe in their control how great and powerful they are, both are invisible except Dark-Matter does not interact with light, it can be condensed thousand times of lead and same time can be in any instant weightless and volumes, Dark-Matter can direct and make gravity generated by its sound frequency into any section in the entire Universe where Dark-Energy already is spread, so gravity is not generated from Dark-Matter but the directive frequency sound from Dark-Matter counter the energy from Dark-Energy also directing galaxies, influencing all activities inside the Universe, those power do not belong to Dark-Matter but he can use as long it is allowable to Dark-Matter from Dark-Energy. This both energies have most grand wisdom also force of life, they give into each individual atom that are very tiny portions from this two energies. Atoms contain characteristics that transform into the mass they complete as matter, including all personalities are released according to what different of cluster of atoms are included inside the person. In other word entire the Universe we are a test ground to collect what effect might give according the combinations of variety of atom clusters but mostly water is the main connections to release all results from the human body into the Universal two superhuman energies Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Inside atoms each portion of Dark-Matter that represent a proton have density so condense not the pressure from surrounding but by itself  it contains pressure higher than in a neutron star.

Dark Matter is regulating gene expression

In my prospective atoms contain two major invisible intelligent life forces, in our genomes Dark Matter I call it Dynamic Matter has the capacity to contain basic genetic code of every sort of microorganism to regulate gene expression according the basic variety of protein coding, Dynamic Matter releases genetic sequences for nearby atoms to participate forming molecules in vast amount of genetic code to form cell formations, when other genetic pattern exist such as microbes viruses animals plants and other form of living things, Dynamic Matter influences to regulate gene expressions in different forms living things, because basing life formality patterns are contained inside Dynamic Matter invisible force fields. Some Scientist believe that genetic codes in our genomes contain Dark Matter, in reality each singular atom of any sort contain Dark Matter but to influence regulating gene expressions happen when certain formality of genomic sequences by codes s to activate expressions biological genetic material.

Scientist calls it Dark Matter because it is dark in their mind how to visualize Dark-Matter. Dark Matter is invisible force that is everywhere, we are experiencing extreme heat, Astronomers know the invisible stuff dominates our universe and tugs gravitational on regular matter, but they do not know what it is made of. Dark Matter has no gravitational property but it can generate frequencies to matter to get connected into Universal force fields that we call it gravity. Sound frequency from Dark Matter makes all other matter to be wrench connected into Universal force fields, so Dark Matter does not generate gravity but makes Universal force field twist into directed direction accordingly to directives from Dark Matter. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not trying to start a Dark-Matter religion.  

Let’s consider a few birds from four thousand kinds of birds, they all sing according to their variety, they all make nest according to their variety, mocking birds can imitate their surrounding sounds including car alarms, some birds sing romancing melodies to invite a mate, some can sing thousands of notes, some can release two pitches of notes at same time, some conclude that birds learn from their parents to sing or make nests and so on, in reality Dynamic energy express to the brain of the birds genetic code and regulating expressions, is you grow up a singing bird isolate from its kind, you will notice they will react exactly as other bird of same kind, because Dynamic Energy will guide by genetic sequences making know them what to do how to react, same with all other insects microbial living things plants and animals.

 Scientist try to explain dark matter by quantum field theory describing exchange of vector boson starting smallest subatomic particles to the largest scales of matter. The main question stand out, why the Universe accelerating? In my blogs Cornerstone of the Universe, I explained, two major supernatural forces, two big positive and negative forces that don’t cancel each other, one as Dynamic Pure Energy (that need no space) that created Dynamic matter (that need space, a non zero energy) accelerating orderly because it needs space, so vacuum expectation (VEV) value has nothing to do with it.
Dark-Matter is invisible matter without any particles such as normal visible matter, it is unknown supernatural force field, they are not any subatomic particles unless when tiny portion of invisible energy of Dark-Matter (proton) bond into small portion of Dark-Energy (Electron) it forms atoms also additional severance of this two basic energies form additional neutrons and many form of particles inside atoms, all stars and planets are formed by unification of this two Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter partition to form visible matter. In invisible state, Dark-Matter proof its existence by invisible gravitational field inside the Universe, as I explained in other sections in my Blogs Dark-matter is invisible bubbles inside other bubbles, they are very tiny smaller than atom particles force fields and they are also in all other larger shapes of forces as big as they can gulp entire galaxy to direct inside Universe, its effect might vary as we see milky way Galaxy spherical field that stars and planet inside are directed by Dark-Matter force field, each star and planet are also suppressed by same force, as proof anytime two galaxies merge we see each star don`t collide with drop in individual stars, they all keep their conventional distant, Dark-Matter can have unlimited power to condense or spread in no time and it is not regulated by any scientific theoretical principles. Singular separated energy portions of Dark-Matter guzzle each living biological cells also each living thing animal’s insect’s birds and humans. Men are already swig by Dark-Matter before they are born to come to life. These perspectives are my own. The energy that Man call God, is two supernatural energy that make everything to exist inside the Universe Dark-Energy and Dark Matter as I explained in my other post, Reconcile God and science.

 Universe contains 27% of Dark-Matter according to scientist discoveries and is not cosmic kinks. Noticing some lights band into different direction when reaching a designated zone, figuring out that there is invisible matter of some sort or energy, because they don’t know exactly what it is call it Dark-Matter, even dough it might be more proper to call it DYNAMIC-MATTER. Some scientist refer that all matter that are made like atoms are part of D.M (Dark-Matter) in my logical outlook all protons that are in Atoms are D.M, in other section of my notes HYDROGEN are described how the function in Atom, also described article SUN how the act as a shield or umbrella in the Sun, Dark-Matter is major part of, title BLACK HOLE, also in title the EARTH and Jupiter it show all the core of planets and Stars are Dark-Matter. In religious views how D.M represent the Gods representative. Everything God created represents some sort of different life forms. Dark-Matter can be condensed or scattered depending surrounding pressure, when it is scattered in unperturbed space it can be react as weakly interacting hypothetical particles or WIMPs though they are invisible sound signal frequencies they generate interactions to weak force or gravity. Variation of sound command can go to different levels; from far away in the middle of milky Galaxy we might receive signals from them as much as 110 GeV to 130 GeV. Dark-Matter is invisible and inactive only after being close to D.E become visible, start to operate when adjacent to Electromagnetism or Dark-Energy that is 10^42 times stronger than Dark-Matter by active spin of electrons. Scientist might consider WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, in my perspective entire Dark-Matter particles in any state are combination of one force field connected and have intelligence however invisible, opposite to this energy is Dark-Energy covering entire Universe react as electromagnetism and electrons have one individual own intelligence and personality, yet invisible. Dark-Matter in (SVSY) doesn’t show much, at Higgs. Boson Super symmetry too shy because it is invisible force gets materialized only by trace to electron helix energy. Tests might show in the future that as soon atoms dismantle Dark-Matter return to invisible state, only particles that still have combination mixture between D.E and D.M show on the scale.

To detect Dark-Matter (D.M) astronomers giving great effort, Albert Einstein explained that in the universe there are where light bends some unseen distortion allows light to be lenses, I believe anytime if light is distorted that show other invisible matter or invisible force field giving effect on flowing light, in our modern times already astronomers sense this objectives and they drew a map of effected area of the universe that D.M might be spread, another prove about D.M spin force of galaxies that are home of millions of stars, it was believed that pushing force of moving force is from core of the galaxies, recently they found out motion of stars in central position inside galaxies and the stars far realm of the galaxy all are moving in the same speed motions, that explain that gravitational regulations till now we adopting don’t calculate same theoretical values, this is where I described gravity motion revision in my post of “Gravity “that D.M direct all matter or atoms by sound frequency wavelength tone codes to be connected into time warping loop wave or into quantum entanglement flow gear in my other posts. Dark-Matter are not made of hypothetical particles all tiny objects, D.M is invisible weightless force field bubbles that can expand its force or contract with no matter substances but by for fields that is based on sound wavelengths codes, directing and accelerating the entire universe is based by sound frequency that connect all elements into Dark-Energy vacuum warping field of fluctuation invisible structure, my question is when we are standing on this planet that comparing to universe its piece of dust grain, individually we are a piece of dust of grain comparably to this planet, yet we boldly stand up and call this most two powerful respectfully power sources dark-energy dark-matter, instead of having decency to call them Dynamic Energy and Dynamic matter that entire Universe contain their power. Yes it is very uncivilized.

My perception enigmatic Dark Matter don’t have certain precise mass, it can enlarge expand or shrink to condense not as matter but as force field invisible bubble that contains many other smaller bubbles inside its bubbles like Russian nesting dolls “Matryoshka” during atomic explosion Dark Matter expand to the point where it releases all inside energy as hot temperatures to lurk throughout Universe, electron portion of atoms that is Dark Energy it releases only electromagnetic charges only Dark Energy releases radiation.

There are many researching organizations to experiment to detect Dark Matter like the Axon Dark Matter, LUX-ZEPLIN, Super Cryogenic Dark Matter and many others. Main confusion is that most of them guessing Dark Matter are particles probably there expectation will be ineffective because Dark Matter is invisible field and can be divided into smaller force fields as invisible bubbles, it does not measured with other theoretical principles, for example electron particles are neutrinos and helix flows they are small portion energy of electron seem as particles but are energy field portions, Dark matter so called particles are more complex than electrons.

In cosmic abstract relationship there are so many mathematical complexities that till now is beyond our grapping head of thinking, using imagination with logic thousands years ago Greek concluded about atoms, though I don’t back up any of this thoughts some physicist still id free world to express everyone their thoughts, some physicists now we are trying to analyze relativity quantum mechanics. Without certain theoretical proof some also lurk about dark matter, not that it looks dark but because is not understood adding that dark matter are particles called weakly interacting massive particles WIMPs also comes with vanilla version adding that are two varieties of D.M an idea called asymmetric dark matter, if two varieties are similar they destroy each other as antimatter counterparts, if they are different kind of dark matter they stay combined together. Also this group explaining that dark matter builds up inside stars causing the pulsar to collapse into black holes. As I described in my other posts dark Matter doesn’t have any particles, two years ago I mentioned invisible dark matter are bubbles inside bubbles they can shrink million times dense or expend million times large, spread in the Universe have memory and intelligent and are not under any theoretical patterns rules. Inside every star and planet dark matter is the core center; every star contains as pulsar in the center that is made of dark matter having dark energy spinning around the core. Tiny portions of this dark matter combine in center of atoms having portions from invisible dark energy spinning as electron, those are my logical imaginary perspectives, if other physicists have the freedom expressing about string knots theory, wormholes, dancing with gravity, whimper eternal relationship, abstract cosmic, God particle and life and the big one Big bang, I feel some encouragement to add my perspectives as well. As soon core of an atom starts inflammation expands breaking circuit of electrons, electrons and protons convert into one large lump and friction of this two forces dark energy and dark matter release great temperatures that we call it nuclear bomb explosion.

Until now still invisible Dark-Energy that is source of electromagnetic energy and invisible Dark-Matter that do not absorb or release light form energies both are considered elusive invisible phenomena, observing far distance galaxies and between their spaces in between we can use probably telescopes that can detect radio, infrared, X-Rays and by regular visible telescopes, sometimes watching all this variances we can note some other unseen forces through spectrum's in between galaxies that don’t show, signal ranges slightly indication possible other hints that show hypothetical patterns but Dark-Matter on its own do not adapt or regulated under any form of theoretical patterns, Dark Matter can direct elements through sound frequency wavelengths to connect atom cores that are portion from Dark Matter connecting into Quantum entanglements or quantum flow gear that is in the force field of dark Energy, I will describe in other chapters. Dark Matter contains life energy and intelligence; it is energy in invisible bubbles and has no gravity but can direct elements to be connected by sound frequency wavelengths into vacuumed energy time warping or Quantum entanglement.

Unknown Dark Matter

 Though no one can locate but 23 % of the Universe is Dark-Matter neither can be locate unknown 73% of Dark-Energy inside the Universe. Some fantasize that D.M and D.E are ghostly subatomic particles, Dark-Energy is pure energy and Dark-Matter is transformation of Dark-Energy into Dark-Matter invisible bubbles that will be used the basic block of atom that serves as proton, any combination of this two energy and mater to form atoms their small portions forces that are separate combine to consist atomic particles, this two pure invisible forces have intelligence pure form of life energy and power. Entire Universe is in control of Dark-Energy force field activity movements of galaxies to decelerating or accelerating expansion any moment it can inflating the Universe. By watching the far stars, scientist are observing billion years of history of the Universe by method of standard candle quantitative Gage to register red shift velocity distances of stars and galaxies, light that were traveling since billion of light years ago we just are observing their movement which happened billion years ago..

6-10 billion light years away from Earth you may find nothingness without any matter mass or space dust , large space cavity about 1 billion light-years across completely empty, both situation with Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter are invisible force field that contain all the force field to create new bodies in space energy that create matter. You may find additional information in my post “Our Sun”

Many scientist think there might be a particle out there called a dark photon, which could carry a new force that would explain dark matter, that is invisible substance that makes up more than 80% of the Universe`s mass (stars planets and atoms) the other 20% of atoms are made of Dark-Energy as electrons. Hungarian team led by physicist Attilla Krasznahorkay did some studies firing protons at thin targets of lithium-7, a collision that created unstable beryllium-8 nuclei, which then decayed into pairs of electrons and positrons. This theory of fifth element is too close to my category of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy.

After many tests scientists still can`t say they found definitely Dark-Matter, it never detected directly, by test noticing gamma rays in galaxies when reach to hit territories that contain invisible forces such as dark matter as soon gamma rays collide into this invisible energy they glow releasing some sort of fractions in lights, naturally there should be a reason probably center of galaxies contain more condenses invisible dark matter where is more noticeable collision of gamma rays into dark matter where outer parts of galaxies contained scattered invisible bubbles of dark matter where the collision gamma rays defuses less glowing.

                                                      SPECTRA LINES

Usually people believe that because atoms are solid matter they don’t feel or sense as nonliving things, one of my post reveal that “Atoms are other form of living things” Atoms have identity temperament. Let’s consider some of qualifications of atoms. By tone reaction frequencies they release wavelengths to apply theoretical procedures considering with their other element neighbors. They apply fusion process precisely as we can expect from their chemical groups. They can endure their process for 12 billion years. Though our ears can’t hear then the release communications by Hertz Hz cycle per seconds, abbreviations for Hz. Atoms are made of two supernatural energy forces by dark energy that transforms into electromagnetism and electrons that are unlimited numbers of helixes in electrons changing orbitals that release photon energy, second force is dark matter that are invisible bubbly force fields that can extend or contrast where clusters of this bubbles form protons inside atoms. Each individual or group going into atomic empty space to connected by portion from proton clusters they produce mass of new particles inside atom and obey time changing process of atom to fusion into other elements some protons release sound frequency wavelengths and photons declare new changing combination emitting new absorption energy, this process involves sound wavelengths and Hz cycles per second tone reactions that have always same descriptions according to their stages of maturity. Atoms release their characteristic lines or spectra lines into open surroundings. Certain wavelength corresponding colors are the effect that in split of seconds wavelengths have stop and go process that effects as code where colors or frequency abbreviations are is interrupted in very split of second distances inside each cycle, I believe that wavelengths sound and color are one combinational energy force that are released from atoms as characteristic spectra lines plus they contain coding messages that are collected from their regions to send into Universal center of communication of 73% of dark energy and 24% of dark matter intelligent life center. Lines of atomic spectra show different colors each chemical group displays same color spectra lines other elements demonstration different lines. In my other post I explained entire Universe is one energy warping as invisible one big energy Ocean of quantum flow metric hologram controlled by dark energy also realm of gravity field of fluctuation that is ignited by sound frequencies of dark matter to direct individual atoms stars and galaxies to entangle into quantum harmony oscillations. As soon atoms release spectra line frequencies they pass into the Ocean that entire Universe is immersed quantum describes in color code of elements structure, we can only sense the spectra lines in colors but additionally they contain much more complex codes full of data that still we as humans don’t have the technology to analyze their details. It is clear we can explain atomic and molecular characteristics from far away stars and planets observing their spectra lines, but we can’t describe yet how atoms are communicating with each other with the rest of planets stars and galaxies.

This is the reason when a great sound frequency code directives sent into large galaxies it can effect connecting distance realm of elements connecting into universal cirrus extraterrestrial field that is in different speed of oscillation range, in space this contrast generate quantifiable effect in light flows passing by, somehow space time or quantum entanglement engender gravitational effect that is originated by sound frequency directives from Dark-Matter, we can only notice from far distances only visible distortions that sound tone wavelengths are creating certain lensing effect on traveling light realms across the far surrounding in the form of large bubbles that is the form of invisible energy of Dark-Matter.

Watching scientists keen on Universe noticing existence of two different elements in the entire Cosmos, together they combine to formed stars and galaxies, only 4% is existing matter as galaxies, combination of this two force and matter exist, one part of radiant energy about 74 % of D.E with anonymous light with radiation and electromagnetism flow and second elements there exist in cosmos some undetected forces hides all over Universe thinking it binds all stars and galaxies that is estimated by 22% of D.M, considering this two element force and matter they came to supposition using expressions Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter together they can combine with electromagnetism with matter to form matter atoms stars and Galaxies. Later on to analyses why continuously space is expanding making galaxies further apart and what can be found further away in the darker areas of the Cosmos still are in advance follow up by modern science discoveries. In my perspective in other post I described how “Gravity” works how “Cornerstone of the Universe” formed and how “Atoms” and “Stars” are formed.

Still great confusion exist about existing of Dark Energy and Matter but tools observations of cosmic microwave background radiation shows that this forces DE and DM exists tools by (microwave Anisotropy probe) in my post “cornerstone of the Universe” I described that DM is transformational energy from DE that is 72% of the Universe, DM is 23% of the Universe, only small 5% of the Universe is normal matter stars and galaxies that are combination materialized energy from DE and DM. We already recognize qualification of DM it does not absorb electromagnetic radiation that is released from DE. Entire Universe with all intrinsic empty space is full of DE energy that is unseen, no matter how far objects accelerating by showing red shift still all vacuum empty space contain Dark-Energy filling all the gap inside the Universe, theoretical configuration of Einstein to interact gravity does not add up to explain cosmological constant, so we are very sure regarding vacuumed energy density of empty space that shows in a process considering overriding factor shows Dark-Energy exists same with Dark-Matter.

Dark-Matter is protons in the core of atoms and in the core of all Universal large body objects like planets stars moons pulsars and black holes, Dark-Matter is invisible condensed force field made of bubbles in bubbles, smallest portion to fit inside atom also is large number of bubbles as cluster in tiny center of all elements, it releases low or high octave sound frequencies that cannot be heard by our ears and give directives to other protons to activate covalent bonding their connection to inertia force field of Dark-Energy and travel connecting through rail force fields that are all around the Universe and this action effect as gravity in process.

 Hastily Dynamic-Energy was called Dark-Energy. Dynamic-Matter was called Dark-Matter in reality it is not dark at all, D.M is invisible cluster of bubbles inside other as energy bubbles that can expand as large as Galaxy and condensed to form cluster bubbles to fit in atom as proton. Or condense in other form of energy bubbles that repel temperature and can effect through sound frequency tone wavelength to direct atoms and other elements by warping loop to be connect into fluctuation field energy that some call it Quantum entanglement flow, subsequent effect of this field also creates friction between D.E that is the force of vacuum energy warping materializing with D.M conservational friction, Dark-Matter can be seen as infrared wavelengths rare shine around galaxies, as we know D.M has grand large bubbles that comprise in its entire Galaxy.

Two most powerful possessions exist inside Universe is First and grand power invisible Dynamic-Energy, portions of this force works as electrons with many helixes, second one invisible Dynamic Matter that are contained small portions of clusters as core of atoms. Every core of atom contains knowledge inspirations strength and life force that obtain all info up-to-the-second around atoms, this force from core can penetrate our DNA and our consciousness with hydrogen atoms, that water molecules contain inside our brain and once a while permits some of that inspirations knowledge way of thinking and life to our neurons to infiltrate with that data flow so we can also penetrate into personality variances and knowledge.

So many sophisticated tools now can identify unusual locations inside the Universe that are not normal matter, for example inside the Dragonfly galaxy that is located near coma constellation, it is near the size of Milky way galaxy with a few stars, it will not be possible for a few stars to hold together in so long space in between, this might bring by some scientist into conclusion that entire Dragonfly galaxy contains a few stars that is “Normal matter” and the rest is dark matter, as I described on many occasions combination of invisible force of dark energy as electrons combing wit invisible dark matter energy form a hydrogen atom and entire stars are formations by this two major energy forces D.M and D.E presented as “Normal matter” the rest of the Universe and beyond is spread energy of dark energy and dark matter as invisible force energy that is not made with any “Matter”                       

                            Distinctive line between Dark Energy and Dark Matter

In my studies I came at conclusions that electrons contain big number of helix thread that also can divide into smaller portions to ensure many Weyl for other properties, stimuli neutrino and other particles electrons are small portions from electromagnetism field to combine with proton clusters bubbles to form an atom, also electromagnetism derive from Dark-Energy field that exist in entire Universe, some effective portions can be noticed similar in solar winds. Each invisible particle of Weyl can change electromagnetic post expending into a bubble of Dark Matter in same principle of matter and antimatter, Weyl that transforms into bubbles of Dark Matter react totally as new invisible subatomic particles that can expand or shrink in super extraterrestrial levels, follow up of this transformed Weyl clusters are collected inside electrons spinning gage to form Hydrogen atoms. So the separation line between DE and DM is transformation of Weyl into bubbles, origin of everything, everything was created by Dynamic Energy science name it Dark Energy. New form Weyls as DM can either collide to interact with other elements or particles as well it can slip past all particles because bubble form of energy that can react totally different range of theoretical presumed standards that we valued till now. New Weyl bubbles that are now Dark matter communicate because they contain life force energy intelligence and are part of the great volume inside Universe contained inside every atom as core and inside every planet and star as core that also communicate in low and high frequency wavelengths in Universal language that’s how core of an atom communicate with their neighboring atoms binding together also untying Dark Matter bubbles from its cluster position meet detached other Weyl from electrons combining into new particles inside atoms to form new characteristic adding more liveried combination they go into fusion forming hydrogen atom into helium and so on. Dark-Energy is more abbreviate than other locations it is a steady force field that contains intelligence  supernatural life force being dynamism power about DE ability I call this Energy Dynamic Energy some people give title God the most powerful force in entire Universe. Dark-Energy is scattered mixing in massive area in the Universe assorted with clouds this can be seen in smaller portion in solar winds  and large areas like Magellanic clouds located about 200.000 light years away located one side of Milky Galaxy, large and small magellanic cloud as ribbon of gas form spin half way around Milky way.

One of the proof of that can be found 250.000 light years away over the Galaxies NGC 470 and 474, invisible Dark Matter bubble shapes are surrounding this Galaxies like alternative shell ripples in a point, some areas show also tidal tails, in my other subjects blogs “DNA” I explained Dark-Matter bubbles can join with other bubbles and expand or inflate larger than Galaxies, in smallest portions starting to combine clusters of bubbles to fit Centre of an atom as proton, then can be separated and swell into basketball sizes to hold babies inside the womb, if twins more bubbles are introduced, after birth invisible Dark-Matter bubbles keep surrounding the person until the moment or a little while of death of the individual. All living things on Earth contained in individual Dark-Matter bubbles, all animals warms lizards plants insects birds bacteria’s viruses and microbes, they all are inserted inside individuality Dark-Matter Bubbles.  

Connecting protons to spinning electron cables of helixes that are from Dark-Energy spins create atoms that collectively forms into normal matter everything we see stars and planets and matter. Dark-Energy existed over 14 billion years ago because is very grand power I give the name Dynamic-Energy; it was discovered by humans 1998 this force field is mysterious enormous powerful Energy field. Both Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter contain intelligence and provide life to all their created body forms, in my other notes I have explained this theories. Many years ago humans did not realize that solid corals are life forms now they do, in my other theories atoms are living things that can live 12 billion years and hear and express by sound frequencies and collect data by electron helix stimuli the way process done in human brains transporting data emotion and memory to other neuron cells, all plants express collectively combining cluster atoms enchaining their personality sound variations .

Dark-Matter in principle are bubble cluster from small point as bubble clusters inside atom as proton and larger and larger ones bubble clusters as big as Galaxies in the Universe, some principle bubbles can be seen by infrared imaging, scientist call them hierarchal bubble structure, it will be noticeable by collective groups of dust cosmic bubble forms in the universe some very big and some smaller formations.

Starting from small living cells to larger living animals and all sort of living things, starting from tiny elements to larger matter planets stars and galaxies embraced totally inside Dark-Matter bubbles, for example as I conclude Bubble Nebula is a good example, in the same grip manner entire Galaxies are grasp by Dark-Matter bubbles.

                                                                              Bubble Nebula  

Calculating the entire Universe, normal matters as stars and galaxies are 4.9 % of the Universe. Dark-Matter 26.8 % and the largest force field electromagnetism Dark-Energy is 68.3% of total Universe

Considering how atoms go through cycle fusion without borrowing any particles from their neighbors it explain that electron helixes can be separated and go into space of atoms and combine with separated bubbles of Dark-Matter from core to form a new particle and so on until all form of other atoms transform from hydrogen atom to higher chart of groups of atoms with multiple nucleuses and other great number of new particles. Many researchers are seeking to grasp Dark-Matter bubbles that are invisible and have values beyond the standard models to pin point its existences can be shown when Dark-Matter invisible bubbles reveal itself by gravity, in my perspectives D.M releases unusual effect by sound frequency tone waves to be connected into Quantum universal time pinpoint force that is spread inside entire Universe and every mass is imbedded in that cosmos force field.

My new theory DE+DM=H

Theories of some astronomers about creating stars elucidated that remnant from nova explosions leave particles and great amount of big volumes of hydrogen then gravity collects all the remnant to form a new star, my perspective totally is different, starting stage of star there is 0% of hydrogen invisible Dark matter is gathered to a entirety, as soon Dark-Energy meets they engagement forming nonstop hydrogen atoms, that’s how star to form, I believe that not only single stars but also big number of galaxy clusters reside in a expanse where great amount of Dark-Matter exists, starting point fluctuations form where denser or heavier volume of Dark-Matter resides, as soon Dark-Energy meet them they start forming stars and galaxies, it is not surprising when we observing galaxies already are in areas where Dark-Matter is more heftier inside Universe, this is where I present my “Kaprielian” theory DE+DM=H D (Dark-Energy + Dark-Matter = Hydrogen atoms)

                                           Earth’s protective invisible shield

Inside Earth core is two different condensed state of Dark Matter, deeper core is million tomes more condensed than lead upper portion core is 15 times more condensed than lead in liquid form of invisible Dark-Matter bubbles and so on they can pact to contract or enlarge and get larger than our planet, this larger D.M bubbles are touching each other, center portions of bubbles are inside their neighboring bubble but together forming like tire of automobile, all together D.M forming doughnut- shaped connected bubbles of D.M this forms can be sensed over the Earth by special instruments 40.000 kilometers above Earth, on their toper part or outside surrounding there is another  larger size bubbles of D.M in same formality like the smaller doughnut shape they also of touching bubbles combining into larger doughnut shape bubbles, this two round tire shape bubbles are above our planet as invisible shield, large two form bubble doughnuts contain smaller D.M bubbles that speed over the outer peel side and spin in speed of 160.000kilometers per second on upper atmosphere, two doughnuts together protect Earth from electronic bombardment’s from space, on top of this two doughnuts there is also a cloud of Dark Energy that always stay near D.M scientist call this phenomena (plasmaspheric hiss) on top of this two doughnut shaped bubbles Earth also have a cloud that is Dark Energy, always no matter what planet or star have combination of volume in D.E and D.M that do not separate always are near by working together inside atoms or as planets two groups relate to each other in every task that any volume of mass completes combining together sometimes rejecting each other sometimes pulling each, they are located outside outer atmosphere of the Earth all the way inside planet`s core. Same two forces form all other planets stars and galaxies in the entire Universe.

Dark matter is hiding inside every atom as core and are called proton still scientist are working on Alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS) to find Dark-Matter in the universe watching cosmic-ray particles that come and collide with Dark-Matter bubble clusters, scientist call DM WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, one thing for sure Dark-Matter cannot be seen by telescopes because are invisible and light cannot penetrate through it except Dark-Energy, in my other chapter article about (Our Sun) I been explaining how react Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy to form hydrogen atoms and function as a star. Dark matter are mostly intangible, scientist try to look far inside universe to search dark matter they already are her with us inside atoms surrounded by electron short cables of unlimited helix coils, we contain as building blocks elements, we are made of atoms.


Dark Matter have intelligence to direct into composing super symmetric capabilities to form joining with electron helix into new particles inside atoms also is capable by low octave sound frequency waves vibrations to command always active in developing to super symmetric particles inside atoms and into surrounding in principles of covalent bonds, new physics we know trying hard to collect information in standard model to explain new physics, that will stay new for time being. All equations that describe shattering atoms make more close to understanding that the word decay is the process sending particles into their original form Energy-Matter, D.E and D.M.

Dark-Energy is invisible force can be convert into electromagnetism and the small form of electrons, Dark-Energy has immortality constancy. Another interaction invisible Dark-Matter, that can emerge to protons, combining together, Dark-Energy and Matter form hydrogen atoms. Separately D.E and D.M Electrons are cables with unlimited numbers of helixes that can be separated to go through inside atoms separately to combine from protons cluster detached numbers of Dark-Matter bubbles and form new particles, atoms can live 12 billion years they are the combination of two living forms D.E and D.M atoms become new form of living thing that can communicate covalent bonding by sound wave frequency tones and can change its character into other forms of atoms or personalities by fusion, when atom die the two major component energy and matter return to its original form of invisible state and never dies. In the future they can combine into new atoms cycle.

 Some scientist brings idea of double-disk Dark-Matter model. A new type of dark matter that forms “dark atoms” may clump into flat disks around galaxies, physicists suggest in a new theory called the double-disk dark matter model. Novel twist on an intriguing concept, that is very complicated and I don’t agree with that high elusions.

 Some scientist brings idea of double-disk Dark-Matter model. A new type of dark matter that forms “dark atoms” may clump into flat disks around galaxies, physicists suggest in a new theory called the double-disk dark matter model. Novel twist on an intriguing concept, that is very complicated and I don’t agree with that high elusions.

In my perspective as I explained on many occasions Dark-Matter can band coming facing toward D.M by sound frequency waves before the light reach to D.M the gravitational sensing is pushing back by sound waves and light react to move connecting to ocean of force field quantum that governs the entire Universe. It is true that the effect shows that light is not passing through D.M and is bending light, the principle of “scaffolding” that D.M react with other matter like planets stars and galaxies, all cluster concentration react to low octave sound frequencies released from D.M to direct the energy communication of galaxies tone reaction to be connected to ocean force field of the universe that is made of Dark-Energy. Same principle applied to all matter before reaching to direction of Black holes. In my perspective center core of black hole is concentrated pure Dark-Matter. Center of all Galaxies are spread Dark-Matter and core of every atom and planets moons and stars are condensed Dark-Matter also rest of all volume form of star groups.

Some Physicists communities declare Universe comprises 27% of Dark-Matter, 5% normal mater as stars and galaxies will be left 68% Dark-Energy. They still looking by WIMPS, It is logical to admit that that Dark-Matter like Dark-Energy is invisible not are seen, all agree that Dark-Matter that create gravity also control spinning galaxies except in my perspective Dark-Matter releases sound frequency tone wavelengths to invite all surrounding mass to be connected into Universal wide-ranging energy field Ocean directives from sound frequency sound tone wavelengths to be connected into Universal quantum flow time zone field. Cooperatively, two major forces that exist inside Cosmos, that I like to title them invisible Dynamic-Energy and Invisible Dynamic-Matter control everything, this force is in so grand scale and powerful that their title should also be grand designating award, this two forces and matter first start to forming new hydrogen atoms collectively forming stars planets moons and Galaxies. Grand force of the Universe exists covering entire Universe. Astronomers name them Dark Matter and Dark Energy, till now many were discerning that Dark Matter that is inside galaxies holding into each other, in reality there is no visible matter that can grasp into each other to upswing as Universal objects holding each other, galaxies are not flying apart nor the stars inside the Galaxies bonding each other in their appropriate orbit forms. Repeatedly I mentioned my belief that entire Universe is immersed inside space-time field of quantum energy that is in rheostat of Dynamic-Energy in Grand fabric of space-time. Dynamic-Matter releases sound frequencies from atoms planets galaxies influencing the orbit of every matter esoteric open range field directing elements to be connected into the field of fabric of Space-time to be relocated, entire Universe is one body holding all collections of Matter inside Cosmos. The force field that I mentioning is invisible let’s say Quantum particles but really they are portions of that energy force realm that control all elements so called forces gravitational movement or journey in space to idealized springs or harmonic oscillators that are attached each other inside zone field of the entire Universe, they have nothing to do with Galactic-scale electric field nor negative or positive charges. Electrostatic forces are different than opposite charge distributions, gravitational connection into quantum zone fabric field is totally different sort of bond periphery revitalizing propel gravitational electro field charges. Unknown energy specimen relating force surrounds all galaxies and penetrates into each atoms core hooked on quantum flow gear communicate with Dynamic-Matter atomic cores to bind all matter elements within spec time. From side to side in vacuumed Universe all object move or fall in same speed directive command either it is thousand tone of solid iron or 1 gram of feather they together obey same directives from sound frequency sound tone wavelengths to be connected into Universal quantum flow time zone field.

Inside every star or planet and moon center core is Dark-Matter surrounded by some Dark-Energy clouds, in case of stars center is dark matter surrounded by dark energy on top of that flow is also dark matter, for example after flare corona burst we can see dark matter cool sections that don’t contain hotness of the Sun. after supernovae explosion the middle section of any star remains as pulsar or other bright forms, there is possibility that any moment dark matter can mount the pulsar and later into new star formation you can say dark matter depowered the pulsar in reality all stars are twisted by this two energy and invisible matter including atoms.

In my perceptions Dark-Matter is an invisible bubble inside other bubbles that can expand energy walls and shrink to invisible dense energy lumps. Some intellectuals disagreeing that Dark-Matter is particles “Macros” also they presenting Dark-Matter as large chunks, that can shrink into dense atomic nuclei. They were accepting that 85% of solid matter inside universe is made from Dark-Matter, if Dark Matter is large chunks then how their distributed portions reach to fit inside atoms as core. In my outline I described in many occasions Dark Matter also is energy that can expand or get in dense state by pressures from spinning electrons that cover into their realm, every atom forms are balanced knobs of this two invisible forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that is my epigraphically theoretical conclusion principle as outline in all matter or elements planets stars Galaxies and so on.

According to my perspectives there is an neutron star or pulsar depends the two energy variation of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy, during an supernova massive explosion particle atomic molecules give an complex image, first they travel fast away from center and doing so right away they return reverse their bounce traveling back into center point of supernovae, this reverse bounce happen by sound frequency wavelengths into certain realm of circle point around the explosion, Dark-Matter commanding all particles to rebounded into extraterrestrial field like bubble interior, this sort of multiple bubble invisible structures can be seen by their effect into their surroundings, for example this sort of  bubble like interiors has been seen less than 400 years ago explosion of supernovae Lassiopeie supernova explosion, after this sort of explosion not that pulsar or neutron star forms but already they are inside every planet star or moon that appears after the explosion.

Probably you might think that my scheme is too complicated. You have all the right to see that way, collective cosmological theories making Universe a complex reality, after many others explores we can at a guess confidently realize that other invisible forces that guiding the entire Universe has more complexities for us to figure out, I am trying to say that collective cosmological theories were not able to measure by their scales complex physics, in reality it raises more questions than answers, what is the force that push all this gravitational waves in universe the way they behave and accelerate, that meant we need more advance tools to scale other invisible fields to scale accurately to get a little closer to reality. In my perspective two energy forces create each atoms planets stars, inside every mass this two forces reflect data to their environment ant all inside Universe, one of my post describe this two forces during existence in title “Cornerstone of the Universe”

                                                  TOROIDAL BUBBLES

It is human nature or we have the custom to be attracted into round forms seeing football Basketball tennis Golf you name it, round shape make us feel familiar like the star or the planet we live on so on. 
Dark Matter is invisible force bubbles much smaller than microscopic structures that can be attached into curved space time this tiny bubbles can be expanded into blue whale size or pack itself into condensed stage astronomic scale or any moment it can be stabilized into million times more dense than lead but still having shape of superfluid vacuum theory, surrounding objects or elements have no any disorder effect to its activities. Science might figure out this activities approaching by BEC theoretical physics and quantum theories, atom virtual particles that are connected joints with helix electrons and Dark-Matter portion protons to form particles of atoms, linked portion Dark-Matters have relativistic to all matter forms, also to all in SVT manifestation of all gravity starting connectives into space time model gravity scales is part of this force.
On Earth invisible Dark-Matter is visible by its effect on other objects by bubbles, either by looking into drop of water sitting on flat spot or by soap bubbles can be found everywhere that counteracts the buoyance force everywhere, watching its effect similar to flexible bracelet rings or by Toroidal Bubble vortex that are released by marine mammals like Beluga, Dolphins, Humpback whales release, this mammals do not create toroidal vortex that spins poloidally, somehow they know how to get connected by sound frequency into its stabilizing term into underwater vortex rings, those mammals know how to blow air combined penetrating into connections of sound waves to be attached into Toroidal bubbles, the force that complete toroidal vortex ring that look like the shape of smoke rings it is already available all around in nature and space we and all space time is completely immersed into outnumbered stabilizing vortex field of Dark Matter that are expanded bubble velocity ocean.
Building block of Toroidal bubble ring is collection of many other smaller dark-Matter bubbles that attached to air molecules or gas substances despite holding gravity into certain time period then they decrease their size getting separated from the vortex ring diameter total volume but still keep invisible bubble forms with outnumbered dark-Matter bubble coordination

In my other post (Our Sun) and other posts I described that dark matter bubbles are bubbles inside bubbles they can be expanded billion times larger or condense in the same rate to very small space as we see inside as core of atoms that are great number of invisible dark matter bubbles. If you can observe NASA flares about the Sun on July 19 2012 you can notice large blobs inside blobs that are holding all sun particles like magnetic field liners bordering or shaping looping rain of elements are sliding on top of bubble border back down to surface of the Sun, as you watch you will notice that flares are looping or sliding back down by variety of different invisible bubble surfaces that are inside other bubbles. Later Dark-Matter bubbles and Dark Energy electromagnetic flows also return into the suns inner layers.

                                                             HADRON COLLIDER

Large Hadron collider doing many tests by smashing atoms, in my perspective Dark-Matter is liquid form invisible condense liquid matter, light and heat could not pass through it they are protons and core of all planets stars. Protons are liquid form clusters of bubbles, gluons are the effect force between them and electrons, some particles flying off the collision point in correlated direction because ATOMS are other form of LIVING things, after the collision they find a hot soup of particles made of quark-gluon-plasma, and each flight particles can go into other directions. For many years scientist were discussing about the quark connections to each other by a wire or gluon, that is not stressed now and telling nothing about it, in my perspective Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter are the main gradient’s or you can call it constituent’s in atoms, and they have intelligence and are other sort of living forms and combine into living Atom.

While Higgs Boson is searching to find what accomplished our Universe, searching for gluons winos photinos all the super symmetrical group that are very tiny particles that have to be discover, still have hope to find rare particles as B-s (“B-sub-S”) 105 “Free paramotess” physicist still don’t have complete number of particles, such as Higgs or Higgino gluons bason vice versa W particles that have winos, now already know some about gluons gravitons fermions quarks electron neutrinos bosons

Many underground detectors are operative like LUX. XENON-1 ton LX and others to concentrate plus LHC gamma-rays telescopes are busy to detect Dark-Matter dynamic phenomena. So far no any mark, still it is a mystery, though there is certainly sensible gravitational effect. Large Hadron collider is collecting many astroparticle experiments. Perhaps they are assuming that Dark-Matter is a granulated concentration as a dynamic phenomenon. So far after colliding atoms in the test only particles are registering that have material or strong energy values, Dark-Matter individual bubbles are separated from proton cluster bubbles to be connected to electron helixes parts to form a particle combination of particles inside atoms. It seems that Dark-Matter is invisible and pass through this sensitive registrations without leaving any marks when proton Bubbles or Dark-Matter is not attached with helixes as particle, who knows Dark-Matter might be sound frequency condensed energy circuits spinning keeping sound inside the spinning bubble and if they are puffed in the Universe they are the ones that generating humming sound, there might be many assumptions so far we are not to the conclusion, in my other chapter in this blog “Gravity” I explained how gravitational forces are generated when sound from protons or Dark-Matter directs elements to hang on to portion location or new location by connecting themselves to quantum time location inside our Universe, gravitational effect on other matters are only sound directives to other mass body to adapt their location inside space time, also in my other article “Black holes” I have additional information regarding gravity.

In my perceptive many particles that are register in Higgs probably don’t include in the atom but are combined after acceleration collision in Higgs Boson, these explosions can develop at the moment new particles that don’t exist but form in last second.

Still many researched followed about Neutralinos Gluinos gravitations unparticle chemeleon particles. Scientist want to know more about atoms, researches are going regarding Dark-Matter, one thing is left out they are not considering that Dark-Matter have intelligence it is invisible and capable to transform from condensed to more impenetrable mass, have gravity directive sound frequency waves and communication with other atoms, only Dark-Energy can go through in some degree indentation space.

Also scientist want to know more about the unparticle to consider mass-bearings range spin interactions, how far their spin distance can be go. Plus they want to know about radioactive uranium decays finding geoneutrions having confidence in that the radioactive decade is causing to generate driving motion of tectonic plate, not considering the assertive scrub between Dark-Energy around Dark-Matter core in the center core of our Earth. In my notes “Gravity” I have some points regarding this matter.

In other notes I mentioned that Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy is other sort of living vitality circuits, revealing in my notes under the title “Cornerstone of the Universe” is explained all existing matter elements contain life that we are unaware of it. Dark Matter is based by energy regulation of all super symmetry structures, all atoms are made of protons clusters that are from materialized Dark-Matter bubbles with life containing energy, and all electron cables are helixes and released from electromagnetism that are materialized from Dark-Energy.

Some scientist already use this word super symmetry  (or SUSY) as theory describing are collections from fermions  that carry boson forces that are called super partners with same quantum properties, in my perspectives supper-symmetry is released guidance to from Dark-Matter that serve as building block to prepare all matter by combining to (D.E) inside integer helix spins to form atoms. Every time atom smashers speed elements almost close to speed of light in acceleration collision course destroying atoms, of course they can’t kill D.E and D.M but try to miscarry there purposes that was originated to combine that matter elements. Before the collision how it was operating still will remain is unknown and many particle registrations in hadron collider might be combined during the collision, so all messages will remain unclear.  

Also scientist experiments involve necleon rare decay, of course protons and neutrons will be change their performance, sooner or later these particles will be stopped from their activities but not before they dispatch all their input data in right core for continuous memorandum, in my notes black hole I been explaining how all elements and their particles return and transform to their preexistence invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter state.

 I explained that protons don’t have standard stable mass they can be changed into different physique that can vary into relaxed form or more extreme condensed form, like the stage when forms into pulsar cores and defocus into other heavy gravitational stage like black hole, so reduced Dark-Matter protons can be 15 times more dense than lead and go to 126 times than that impenetrable mass and beyond into unknown capabilities. The new elementary particle they found in Higgs boson it contains 126 times the mass of proton sometimes this particle is referred as the “God particle” protons are Dark-Matter they are very tiny bubbles that contain outnumber tinnier bubble clusters, if the volume go larger still it condenses in larger bubbles and larger ones, they can reach volumes bigger than galaxies and divide into thousand clusters to form one proton.

Dark-Matter is unknown to scientist, cosmologist awaiting further clarifications, some are noticing from its light-bending characteristics even scientist can calculate dark-Matter clumps, for my understanding Dark-Matter is like Mercury metal without the coloring, invisible and having 15 times more mass than Lead, light and heat do not penetrate in, it is pure proton made as tiny bubbles gathered in larger and greater bubbles 23% of the Universe and is the only mass substance available. It has supernatural mind of its own and is a marvelous living thing of totally different kind and part of the living Universe, we can see it from the living planet of our own Earth. Still people only expect living from other planets should be only in one sort category of bald head and two large eyes, beside that anything is rejected by humanoids.

Dark-Matter can be tightly packed or weak in densely packed having shape-shifter according to low octave sound tone waves procedures from other variable mass such as solar or galactic cores. Recently some Dark-Matter bubbles cluster particles have been collected in the international space station but everything kept secret. There are Gamma-ray and neutrino telescopes that trying to collect data about this elusive particles in chok areas that might be Dark-Matter. Like I suspect that bock-globules is one of these condense points

Two major forces exist inside Cosmos, that I like to title them invisible Dynamic-Energy and Invisible Dynamic-Matter control everything, this force is in so grand scale and powerful that their title should also be grand designating award, this two forces and matter first start to forming new hydrogen atoms collectively forming stars planets moons and Galaxies. Grand force of the Universe exists covering entire Universe. Astronomers name them Dark Matter and Dark Energy, till now many were discerning that Dark Matter that is inside galaxies holding into each other, in reality there is no visible matter that can grasp into each other to upswing as Universal objects holding each other, galaxies are not flying apart nor the stars inside the Galaxies bonding each other in their appropriate orbit forms. Repeatedly I mentioned my belief that entire Universe is immersed inside space-time field of quantum energy that is in rheostat of Dynamic-Energy in Grand fabric of space-time. Dynamic-Matter releases sound frequencies from atoms planets galaxies influencing the orbit of every matter esoteric open range field directing elements to be connected into the field of fabric of Space-time to be relocated, entire Universe is one body holding all collections of Matter inside Cosmos. The force field that I mentioning is invisible let’s say Quantum particles but really they are portions of that energy force realm that control all elements so called forces gravitational movement or journey in space to idealized springs or harmonic oscillators that are attached each other inside zone field of the entire Universe, they have nothing to do with Galactic-scale electric field nor negative or positive charges. Electrostatic forces are different than opposite charge distributions, gravitational connection into quantum zone fabric field is totally different sort of bond periphery revitalizing propel gravitational electro field charges. Unknown energy specimen relating force surrounds all galaxies and penetrates into each atoms core hooked on quantum flow gear communicate with Dynamic-Matter atomic cores to bind all matter elements within spec time.

Dark-Matter is protons; inside atoms is big number of smaller proton clusters or individual bubbles, particles radius is 0.84087 Femtometers .  Smaller measurements are considered billionth of a meter that is fathometer, also protons individually separated from their clusters are much smaller also protons are considered 4% smaller than recently accepted by scientists. Electrons are bundles of helix varying length and once a while some are released in fusion to go in and join to individual proton bubbles. Electrons are smaller than protons 1/1836.

There are many other perspectives regarding Dark-Matter, some consider it as particles that are donut-shaped small electromagnetic fields calling them Anapole, others consider them as Majorana particles that have magnetic gravitational dipoles properties and also they connect it to electromagnetism, in my perspectives electromagnetic properties only belong to Dark-Energy that can be in small sections as electrons and much smaller as neutrinos. Dark-Matter are bubbles in bubbles cluster particles that are watery form and can be condensed or relegated to disseminate, they are invisible and collectively they can recuperate as big as galaxies, all atoms contain Dark-Matter as protons, all stars planets and moons or large objects have Dark-Matter as core. Main energy they have releasing low octave sound frequencies to harmonize other protons to be connected or change their positions by covalent bonding principles or to be connected to the greatest invisible oceans in the universal.

                                               THE GREATEST OCEANS IN THE UNIVERSE

Entire Universe is in harmony conformation. Energy-Matter combination prepared the field of existence every matter. Since 70 years there was confusion regarding Dark-Matter even calling it “Dark” because can’t be seen. Latest observation from observatories like Hubble NAOJ` s telescopes and WM Keck observatory also by Gemini observatory they came to evidences regarding Dark-Matter filaments. Also found data came from the Subaru CFHT WM KECK and Gemini North telescopes that are located in Hawaii.

One of the observation show that between all galaxies slowly funneling Matter into clusters, invisible Dark can’t be seen but the effect is noticeable.

Second point gravitational effect can be observed from Earth between far away objects, surprisingly if light travels into these locations of Dark-Matter filaments, light start to bend in large effect, invisible field forcing the light to go into other direction like a wall banding the flow of coming light.

Third point, scientist categorized models of clusters in Universe that can be fitted in lensing features after the experts prepared two-dimensional map of clusters later comparing with 3D, considering measured with spectrometers by data from the most modern observatories that earlier I mentioned.

In my prospective I call Dark-Matter filament Oceans because they are like liquid and invisible structural form, 15 times more dense than lead, when they are spread are more invisible but inside rotational field of electron they turn into more condense form of protons to form big numbers of pips similar to the shape of very tiny version of pomegranate ( in my other title How stars are formed you can find also how atoms are formed) they are great field of energy and only they can be packed in tight stage if electrons have a spin circle rotation around them, so in the Universe Dark-Matter exist in many separate locations as invisible ocean’s that are bib bubbles that contain smaller and smaller form of bubbles that can go smaller to fit inside the Atom but still entire realm of Dark Matter is one individual energy and contains intelligence that allow to pack portion of their intelligence inside every atom (in another title of my Blog you can find the subject ATOMS ARE LIVING THINGS) 60 light-years-across you can find Wolf-Rayet Bubble that is a Large Dark-Matter bubble fitting inside many stars and planets and stellar wind giving th shape of large Bubble.

Core Earth have unknown qualifications that still are not familiar to us. In my logic the core is made of Dark-Matter and releases low octave sound frequency code tone waves to all elements and they apply the commendation to be directed joining to invisible forces connecting themselves to unseen force source field in same principle as bond reaction, some might speculated hypothetical fifth force version of magnetism that does not weaken with distance, the reason is elements they are driving their mass according to surroundings inertia force field bonding, still scientist is looking forward by probe down  many sets of detectors deep in the ground at various of places for analysis to conclude if there are any “Unparticles” from lower mantle and from Universe. The Fundamental force of Nature like in any planet or stars core is Dark-Matter.

All  atoms stars and Galaxies are imbedded inside Dark-Matter

By my perspective atoms take any size collectively and separately, they gulp bacteria’s viruses till to larger mammals till blue whales and keep slightly larger bubble what they gulp, living forms including humans do not feel or sense that they are imbedded with binary codes inside Dark Matter bubble, same situation goes  meteors planets moons stars and galaxies, probably you have noticed our solar system and galaxies are mostly speeded in flat shape, all are spinning but somehow are gulp in an invisible large bubble with scalar waves operating higher or lower tones frequency vibrations are guiding their formality cycles or patterns. Dark Matter controls galaxy oscillation that is imbedded in large Dark Matter that is adjusting all perpetual motions, because there is guided by mathematical formulas it seems that some non-biological living energy with intelligence that have regulatory galaxy flow patterns.

Humans always will be inside their fictional limitation bubble and don’t look to adjacent subtle reality, they can`t come out of it. We might be surrounded by elusive realm field of Dark-Matter sprinkled spread bubbles all around us, like the flow of air in liquid soap forms very easy to collected in bubble form all sizes, everywhere can be found invisible bubble form regulation to be adjusted by other matter to be stimulated by their environs we can’t see but the effect occurs all around us and in the entire Universe.
Let’s consider about an individual cell that can`t talk to us but collective billion and trillion cells when complete a body can stand up and act as a actuality and all other beings except this body as lives, same principle lies with protons and Atoms, each proton is other form of life that we don’t understand, collective trillion times trillions times trillions continue trillion times collection of protons as combination of Dark-Matter come to comprehensive body of bubble D.M, it can think act and decide to react in the center of our Earth as core of the Earth. Same exploit we see in swarm of birds, Fish, and fungus in the wild, jointly they represent something lively achievement

Earth has central core section that is complete dense invisible Dark-Matter more condense than atoms but invisible, it can move like water on its own waves of electric currents, some clouds of Dark-Energy always is circling close by, that stretch of opposite magnetic indifference activate Dark-Matter sloshes into grabbing more low octave sound frequencies that is everywhere to gush in for protection, this effect produce magnetism by making all protons that are in other atoms close by to move toward the center core section center by magnetic Pole, these will create a magnetic field, by the way in other occasions I mentioned many times that Protons are very tiny portions of Dark-Matter gurgles, so center core communicate to all surrounding protons, this action is done by just producing sounds from the core all other element they move accordingly trying to effort to go to that direction even when they are not moving. The result is creating electric currents or generate magnetic field. Beside the surrounding mass of Earth`s core Dark-Matter has more powerful force field of communication to elsewhere in the Cosmos that can manipulate giving new orders to Dark-Matter bubbles to change duration of their locations to increase the rate of movements.

Astronomers know that in our Universe some light are not passing through certain locations that there are no visible objects or dusty clouds and they are suspecting mass of invisible Dark-Matter or D.M. Lately they discovered 7 billion light-years away small invisible dwarf galaxy that reflects no light, scientist considering as Dark-Matter. The mass weight is 190 million times mass of our Sun.
According to the scientist fundamental nature of D.M remains mysterious that’s why they call it Dark in reality it is supernatural great, has importance filling in the Cosmos it will be very decent to call it Glorious –Matter and the other force Glorious-Energy, in my theory Dark-Matter are the stars in Universe they are holding in certain amount of Dark-Energy that are spinning inside on portion of Dark-Matter separating into core, but scientist evaluations they searching dark matter as a leftover particles from super nova explosions or by cosmic collisions, some are visualizing that Galaxies are residing inside Dark-Matter and looking leftover cocoon in the dust. Till now D.E never detected but they felt the effect how it cannot interact with normal matter and it does not reflect light, only they notice D.M Gravitationally. Some scientists add that D.M dominates the Universe because 98% of all matters are from Dark-Matter. Scientist has expectations from looking into clump of D.M to act according what scientist will be enjoying seeing it, unfortunately some astronomers watching that D.M is not behaving the way they guessing, But D.M clumps was abandoned by Galaxies. Still scientist are hopeful using gravitational technique by Einstein general theory of relativity, observing how mass bends in space, watching if any light can travel along in a curved path around any Dark-Matter bubble, hoping that they are like big clumps that you see when boiling slowly a thick soup, in reality as much closer they are observing D.M it is getting more complicated because the reality still too far away or may be it is too close to see, like may be D.M is the core of our Earth or is inside the Atom under different name “Protons” Someday it will be cleared out hopefully. Basic matter of all matters is D.E and atoms and planets and stars are matter

Atoms are combination of two invisible energy matters D.E and D.M. Portion of Dark-Energy that serves to be an electron is one cable but collective force field with big number of helix lines that can be separated and act individually in action joining or mixing with opposite force of protons that are portions of Dark-Matter only they have mass, they look like very tiny fruit of pomegranate tight clusters of specks, one ball of proton surrounded by one cable of electron that whiz around to develop one hydrogen Atom that have no neutron, Every time by lost helix that lost control from the electron cable fall in an join to eight pips from the pomegranate proton develop into new neutron, other numbers, I am not sure how they combine. Other numbers of particles of helix joining other numbers of pips form other particles inside the atom, this new formed group’s act according to subatomic values give different effects six flavors settled in quarks form inside atoms, they are called. Up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom. Those quarks divided also into two as their beginning material energy force D.E and D.M that is two groups, like D.M protons contain two “up” flavored quarks. But negative D.E electrons divided portions of helix neutron quarks carry two “downs and one “up and one “down” Always more portion balanced particles have mass, electron parts have almost no mass. Those portions are evaluated and registered in Large Hadron collider (LHC) but the result is when they are shattered not when they are operative because when they are broken nothing will show except gravitationally registrations, at atoms destructive event most electrons that are descent of Dark-Energy vaporize because shattered neutrinos also annihilate by it returning to original form of Dark-Energy. So for me we don’t have real standard model to penetrate and divide portions and particles of six flavors inside Atom mechanism their operative method is interrupted by a smash.

Dark-Matter is protons; inside atoms is big number of smaller proton clusters or individual bubbles, particles radius is 0.84087 Femtometers .  Smaller measurements are considered billionth of a meter that is fathometer, also protons individually separated from their clusters are much smaller also protons are considered 4% smaller than recently accepted by scientists. Electrons are bundles of helix varying length and once a while some are released in fusion to go in and join to individual proton bubbles and electrons are 1/1836 times smaller.

In logical opinion Dark-Matter is invisible bubble clusters as dense they get than mass get tighter, regular standard form is 15 times dense than lead but it can be expended to thin nothingness or go compressed that lead thousand time, in condensed form it has liquid procedure it is non-biological living energetic thing, scientist are trying many experiments by WIMP bouncing off an atomic nucleus of xenon still unordinary Dark-Matter that is invisible also impenetrable and same time can pass from side to side other elements resembling wind, all interactive massive particles contain balanced forms of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. I wonder what the scientist find when it is invisible and can react inversely because it is other form of living thing so no theoretical models can apply on these Matter in any models Dark-Matter nor Dark-Energy both invisible forces with all experiments they can defined by leaving background radiation or nothing at all, can be impassable if it reacts to be compressed because these two are supernatural actualities.

                                                    LIVING CRYSTALS

Theoretical principles sometimes do not adopt all formalities. I explained many times low and high octave sound frequencies tone pulses direct the entire Universe generated from invisible extraterrestrial supreme force field of Dark-Energy as entire axis of Cosmos this wavelengths are exaggerated by invisible force field bubbles of Dark-matter. The pulses cosmos generate that reaches Earth are based on 786.000 vibration pulses per millisecond, in addition this wavelengths can travel faster than light and all individual pulses in that group have their own strength variations that are complex codes where atoms can recognize. Having all this perspective with the formation of stones specially mechanism when crystal grows or forms inside molten heat it surprises me to know that Quartz crystals keep in energy flow of vibration pulses that embraces in continuum interchanges, though quartz crystals are made of liquid but this concealments vibration that is imitated from originality of the Universe tones are based on same vibration of 786.000 pulses per millisecond wavelengths, this security is lockup in quartz crystal originality form, any moment if quarts go through pressure in water they release from its viscoelastic properties low electric current that do not discharge its entire microbalance field, of course some changes occur in its film deposits but still return into original property measurement in liquid molecules when pressure release from crystals mass. My conclusion is as any cat star or blue star stone or inclusions dimensional impurities of diamonds that keep because other element in that lump disturbed the harmony of sound frequency variations, formations of the stones were based on effect of sound frequency directives inside the mantle but later Universal vibrations that are based with 786.000 pulses leave the stone formation lumps except quartz crystal keep continuously that flow, harmony sound tone mechanism pulses keep quartz crystal in copy form activity of the Universal grand number of pulses in each milliseconds inside quartz stones, in reality it’s a miracle because life energy supplementary are displayed in crystals continuum interchange formations that atoms are other forms of living things. 

                                           FROM WHERE ANIMALS RECEIVE BEHAVIOR?

                                          (Also you can find some answers in my blogs "Water"

All living things are made of Atoms that contain two kind of intelligent behavioral living energy, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, in other notes I mentioned atoms are living things, they are 99.9999% empty inside the living force inside them is invisible, everything inside atoms still is under investigation and with the total intelligence studies of human achievements still that tiny world is unreachable to us to comprehend fully. One thing is sure we see behavioral activity between animal’s migration social network how active they are in touch and learn from each other sometimes new behaviors, this qualification are given to animals, flocks of birds, fish and many other living things, by other intelligent edicts guiding them for common practices.

In my perspective atoms are also other form of living things that live 12 billion years after they born inside the stars during time and circumstances change behavior or personality by fusion without borrowing other particles from outside electron walls, also they can attract to each other as called covalent bond, if one atom is bond to another atom attract to each other and stay together we call this wedding a molecule or compound, if two or more atoms form together as one group we call it chemical bond (I call it tone reaction) because by sound pulses they grab each other oppositely-charged ions. In case both atoms use or shared equally they form a covalent bond and also be considered non-popular.

Behavior is responsive method in life forms same with atoms they behave according to their environments, receiving heat or cold like humans atoms too are sensitive look what happens to water molecules when get warm, any circumstantial environment we push on atoms we know what will be their perceptive chemistry environment, water molecules contain memory feelings also sentimental to sound variations tone reactions frequencies waves, inside human brain water with salt and potassium release spark stimuli that carry conscious feelings thoughts images and videos from one neuron synapses to other neurons, and by my perspective water molecules direct DNA patterns to reform cells intellectually so DNA can direct the collection of atoms and vitamins to be collected to form a new cell that individually they act as a government or city that contain intellectual thoughts. Yes atoms too have sentient living non biological living things or force fields, individually atoms and cluster of molecules also are living as planets stars and galaxies, in reality the entire universe is a living force field as I explain in my Blog “Cornerstone of the Universe.

In other notes I mentioned that electron cables have many helix's that have qualifications in audio recording also emotions and history and personality, in my notes neuron I described how this stimuli transform this behavioral details from one neuron to the next one, this bring to my conclusion that electrons can see decisive act behavior and direct same energy in a powerful way having positive influence on bigger volume compounds animals to behave just like atoms. Attract to each other or oppose or learn new thing in behavior, transfer knowledge between them, atoms always guiding each other and other living forms guiding them for common practices.

                                                           LINE SPECTUM

Line spectrums also prove that atoms are living things. Hydrogen are in pure first stage of an atom of periodical element chart, clusters of Dark-matter invisible bubbles form protons inside atoms, they release sound frequency tone reaction of wavelengths that contain personality portrayal of its content. Any moment wavelength released contain also light source colors primarily emitting position stage of protons how much combinations in (Z) and (N) in different numbers, always new particles already are forming with electron bound distributed helix forming new particles inside atom. Their range or stage of activity also changes by spectrum emission lines spectra’s displaying their progressive spectra characteristics, combination of DM and DE structure mixture receipt stage bound declaring how many nucleus are present, spectrum of incandescent solids reflect in wavelengths but as soon additional temperatures added on atoms their reflection also more clearly presence of line spectrum are shown, regular performance of wavelength degenerate secret characteristic of formation of DM and DE in extremely complex patterns, going over regulate wavelength submission decelerating electrons give and take into protons tenets as more collision process done by additional temperatures that release complete data inside formation of all excluded particles wave collision between DM and DE release emission lines data of characteristic stages inside atoms, so released wavelengths by absorption line atomic spectra with division lights blue green blue green blue violet and so on to carry this lines of spectrum to far distances. Watching all-star light we can analyses what sort of metals they possess by light line spectrum that are released from stars.
Light wavelengths that contain sound frequencies declare in spectral emission lines to define their characteristics in a sort of primarily emitting radiation beam that travel continues range in space to participate communication to entire cosmos that is one super power of metrics hologram, entire communication invisible structure of the Universe is in control of Dark-Energy that I call this grand power Dynamic-Energy that controls the entire Universe. Activity of atoms declare their super power mechanism full of life force, life forms inside atoms existed much earlier than life energy in us, before atoms contain life there was life energy before any matter was existed. Very positive standpoint I declare that atoms are living things they communicate show their characteristics and form into new personalities as it was planned for them by Grand Energy that created the Universe. 


Scientist call it WIMP (weakly interacting massive particles) considering that this particles have own antimatter partner particles, adding that when they meet they annihilate each other to be destroyed releasing one pair of daughter electron particles positron in the process but still astrophysical source have no definite verification regarding this theories an indication that they have something new. In addition AMS experiments at Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and also many other location they have detectors around the world to find more details about D.M.

Inside the Universe flowing particles sometimes indicate they are shedding on vast great globule areas that have no any matter structure just particles are entailing interval invisible walls, some sort of invisible force seems like gravity put it seems anti-gravity bubble that pushing away flow of particles, this sort of hallo positions in the Universe definitely is mass of invisible Dark-Matter bubble force field, they do not grab matter to direct sound frequency directives all other matter to be entanglement Universal quantum gravity fluctuation. 

According to my lookout Dark-Matter bubbles are living energy forces they are proton bubbles inside bubbles that can expand and when surrounded by electron shrink still keeping bubble form clusters. Dark-Energy also is living form of energy that also is electromagnetisms and electrons in small volume, Dark matter have no antimatter potentials only the electrons have by reversing their spin by sound tone command, electrons cables can be divided to outnumbers of helix coils and mix with singular or croup counterpart cluster of proton bubbles to form particles inside atoms, in reverse antimatter reaction they too can detonate to new route’s. Watching the Sun`s flares that are sometimes colossal magnetic loops by watching forcefully you might find sum round invisible form that emanating to the surface of the Sun with some plasma and other materials forming arc solar loop of rain fire, I personally conclude the large ball with the flare might be Dark-Matter bubbles and return back in the Sun, gradually also some Dark-Energy electromagnetism is mixed with the plunging rain fire,
time will explain and new data will clear out all this misperceptions, my approach is just logical presumption’s still scientist approach are not yet definite time will verify the reality.

Dark-Matter furthermore is individual life form scattered distributed in universe as protons cores inside stars, planets, moons, moreover also inside atoms in the Universe as protons he can communicate wherever proton exists and dispose new procedures plans. Actually when Dark-Matter is in disjointed sight as Black Hole or scattered dig bubbles in universe as Dark-Matter that contains 23%of the matter in the Universe, even scattered state hi is one individual though he can divide as cells in the Universe he is specific supernatural force field operate in harmony with other supernatural energy form Dark-Energy. On Earth once a while portions Dark-Energy separates from Earths core as UFO. He is combining linking with Dark-Energy as shown once a while with light on UFO. He is a unit of living force move as vehicle but not a spaceship thou it can travel in space it’s a living form force field matter force, can thing act plan judge show emotions or hate but till now we have no definite prove that he attack on civilians, doesn’t mean that he cannot but did not. Other chapter I described that these force represents Jesus.

                                                                 HOW DOES A STAR BORN?   

My study about Black-Hole explained how Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Atoms became degenerated turning back to invisible D-E and invisible D-M big cloud bubbles. Dark-Energy that also is electron cables are accelerated as electromagnetism through space. In the vast Cosmos when traveling Dark-Energy dynamism wavelengths hit into big mass of Dark-Matter it penetrates almost to the center of magnetism force take control and surrounds the opening, inside it might resembles as indescribable large pomegranate fruit shape sphere with bubble D-M each several thousand million miles big. Electrons circle in the big bubbles circling in the sphere center portion photosphere will be created by separating big mass of bubbles of D-M from the center core. Electrons are trapped in extreme and cannot leave the surrounding layers of D-M bubbles, so D-E circles around the core like a pulsar, rubbing to each other two matters produce hydrogen as I mentioned in my “Krikor” theory (D.E + DM= H ) (Dark-Matter + Dark-Energy = Hydrogen) Under the surface of star photosphere many bubbles of Dark-Matter push each other to not allowing heat to penetrate by making a fence similar to order like inside the pomegranate fruit orderly raw of kernels or pips, but each bubble pips several thousand miles wide holding and pushing each other tight clustering together several layers. Inside the sphere inner part of convective zone. If you look into a pulsar it show that the look of a star inside, when outside body is removed from the star the look inside part is a pulsar without the outside  crust.D-M do not penetrate heat or light that’s why 2 million 0 F lowers down to 6.0000 F until heat reaches to the surface. Flair explosions on the star are leave 50.000 miles dark spots darkest patches because Dark-Matter bubbles come to the openings and block the exit and looks cooler than 6.0000 F because D.M don’t penetrate heat and light, but sometimes can be changed, cooled down elements scatter around the surface of star as a skin covering but that portions have nothing to do with protecting release of Dark-Energy to scatter just lays on surface of the star (observation by NASA`s solar system probe also reported that even big invisible bubbles jets out of our Sun) in my view they are Dark-Matter or D.E that might leave out if the dark spot hole is not big enough to cover the exit hole so they are gone out. This filtration of D.M allows small level of heat and light on the surface of the star, deep inside the star pressure builds up and more by fusion even more variety of elements are produced, Life cycle of the star continues as long it can produce basic hydrogen first then to fusion to new elements if not it goes to be a red giant.

Feb 15 2012 article in the Journal nature back up my theory by felix Aharonian of the Dublin instate for advance studies in Ireland, Aharonian said “Pulsar at the center of the crab Nebula researchers of veritas telescope array have discovered of high-Energy gamma rays coming from this object, energy came NOT FROM THE PULSAR BUT FROM THE WIND said Aharonian. My viewpoint this Electromagnetic field Dark-Energy don’t need from other force to be transferred. It goes like wind flows it is Dark-Energy and same Electromagnetism is D.E. This is backing my theory.
System probes, invisible large bubbles, filled with a turbulent sea of magnetic bubbles. Field lines are broken up into self-contained structure, disconnected from the solar magnetic field. Because magnetic properties do not affect D.M. Similarity in my theory, Dark-Matter, like a round bubble spread faceless all around our Universe. Available in space and stars and planets, as exist also on   Earth innocently some call it UFO, inoffensively adding green aliens in it. By my expression I call them also UFO, but they mean something else, Dark-Matter which shoves large quantities of stellar material to space. Atoms enclosed with variety elements, by gravity concealment all over. This also prove, that in the stars, exist big body collection mass of D.M, and DE. Collectively, by different magnetic combinations, they grab each other, Electrons penetrate DM and form a new hydrogen Atoms, D.E acting as electron surrounds a portion of D.M, making new element. This process has to continue, inside a star so it can shine to exist. Otherwise, the star develops into a red giant. DE will go further from D.M. Big hollowness will grow, in the star.

Dark Matter can shrink or spread by means of great numbers of invisible bubbles that will halt light to penetrate, sometimes they will excessively conceals stars or clusters of stars, if Dark Energy composition  absence only Dark-Matter core remains star remaining plus if other Dark-Matter bubbles add on this volume it will appear that something gobbled it from our side, sometimes clusters of stars might vanishing, in reality they keep same position only composition of Dark-Energy is missing from its lump that was an star.

                                                       Round Lightings

D.M floats in the planet Earth. Nearby Dark-Energy, that is greatest powerful Electrical structure. In 2006 large meteors were observed over brisbane.3 individual fireballs were the journal society magazine. Dr. Hugest has put forward a theory, linking the object, presumed to be the ball, lighting-to the fireball .One of the 3 fire balls, have momentarily triggered an electrical connection, between the upper atmosphere and ground providing energy, for ball lightning. 30 diameter Jump over some rocks, and follow the path of a metal fence, for "some minutes" a witness rancher said, a fireball had passed overhead. Dr. John Abrahamson, from University of Canterbury N Z, he championed same idea 10 years ago that ball lightning, consisted, of vaporized mineral elements raised out of the soil, by a conventional lightning idea, later tested with success by some Brazilian researcher`s. Watching the world on TV by news, familiarities told by people, witnessed ball lightings. In India, on the mountains, and whenever, the light bolls, on the soil when lighting touch, some realized, the electricity charge, the way regular lightning leave affect. My theory, they are collective mass of DE, combined with ground electricity, for a while then detached. There are some of these round lightings could attach to Dark-Matter, by notch saturation, and give effect of UFO lights.

                                   Round rocks Oamaru New Zealand

Nature has much symmetry. Some of which, you can see and some are invisible. Unseen energies having principle mold shape pattern. Guide to form objects. Especially, when there is pressure and heat, surrounded by certain chemicals and elements. The frequencies in elements call each other by suggestions low tone octave pulses, these reactions combine other elements clays to combine into a ball. For example in New Zealand, we find round stones slipped to seashore, during many years. The process involving molten lava. Round rock balls are formed by carbonate of lime crystals. In certain environment that attracted minerals. Some are developed with molten clay. Largest sizes are 1600 by 1363.To smaller sizes 73 by110, most of them are in the range of, 550 by 412. The process of their development started about 60 million years ago. Under heated molten lava, one thing is very especially noticeable unknown force, formed, and developed this spherical formation of natural round rocks to shape balls, most of these round rock balls, are formed, inner coast. During time passes, they roll into the beach. It is big possibility that dark matter and D.E also had part of action in developing the spherical rocks.

By NOAO discovered on mars planet they noticed, dark sand dunes in Chasmal Boreal, north polar. These dark dunes are barchans dunes. Also commonly found on earth. Crescent shaped round with slip face. Some force formed them. 1981 after digging the ground i found rocks in Pasadena, shaped of fish, human head and a pumpkin, and some odd shapes. In addition Indian color marks existed on the, one and half feet fish shape rock. Consider and reported to natural history museum expert. After analyzing, He said it is made naturally. Also gave me the name of the location, where this type of stones is found. Probably someone found before me and berried, long time ago. Star news of Pasadena published my picture in a half page report, also details about this subject, since that times, enthusiasm about rocks research and discoveries stimulated. Bought some literature materials for exploration

                                     Other strange phenomena`s on Earth

There is order in every production on Earth on behavior of animals, plants insects in every living organ and mammals, same orderly principles apply on every group of elements, when they combine to be a collective mater like a precious stone such like ruby sapphire or Chrystal or diamond. In the Universe according, to some discoveries scientist found out 74% of Dark-Energy 22 % Dark-Matter, and 4% planets and stars and Galaxies, in Universe. Atoms are made of DE and DM so 100% existence produced of the Universe by same energy and matter saturation. Krikor. DE + DM = Hydrogen. Let`s check our backyard.

                                                    RADIATION BELT ZONES AROUND EARTH

Lately we just starting to realize to observe more detailed in astroparticle particles and other finite things that was not possible before to measure their existence, for example extraterrestrial particles that was recorded in Antarctica. Already I described earlier that all matter element forms center is clusters of bubbles of Dark-Matter as proton, surrounded by unlimited helix coils joined as cable of electron that is Dark-Energy spinning on protons to form an atom. Same principle is found in larger scale in center Earths core surrounded by D.E we just realized that same principle ordinance Earth is surrounded by two Radiation belts inner and outer mode, same dust rings contain other planets like dust rings glow that are called Zodiac lights, dust ring on Venus orbit is from one end to other end about 137 million miles, this show similarity dusty ring on our planet, in same principle form of atoms and core Earth always clouds of Dark-Energy spins surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles, there is activity all around galaxies stars and planets movement by Dark-Energy, also in vacuumed space movements of electromagnetic solar winds, if the moving force contain more particle of dust it will be easy to notice, less dust that solar wind will be hard to noticed because the dust material will be Finite, in my conclusion all particles planets moons stars and galaxies are operational in this same theory principle, if we cannot prove now in the future we might have more sensitive tools to observe the action, meanwhile according to my calculations if Van Allen radiation belts are Dark-Energy that transformed into electromagnetism that can give possibilities for the radiation belt around Earth to travel close to speed of light because light particles are condensed helix coils or in electron cable lines that can also travel in speed of light, that gives the possibilities to accelerate to near speed of light, any moment when new directives are given by covalent bonding principles that Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter communicate it can be acquired to be achieved faster accelerations, as I explained earlier, such as Earth Neptune Uranus Saturn Neptune all planets in our solar system and beyond including all stars contain this principle spinning though they are magnetically durable locked in energy but they have principal directives in all electromagnetism radiation belt surroundings and pulsars neutron stars and black holes some consider it quasars they all contain this force in expanded most potent flow surrounding its cores.

                                  From where the energy power of radiation belt comes from?

AS I described Earths core is made of Dark-Matter surrounded by cloud volumes of Dark-Energy. In my UFO subject I described how Dark-Matter group of bubble are separated from core and leave the surface of our planet in the forms of UFO so called spaceships and in other forms, in the same domains, we can experience their ejection on land in Russia by mysterious phenomena holes inside condensed forest where equipment’s to drill cannot be moved in also there is no dirt’s nearby that were moved from holes that go in unknown deep stages or some call it bottomless, There was a bottomless hole happening 1997 also in Utah USA called Mel`s hole (from Art Bell) surrounding built bricks inside like a wall, but somehow it is covered and disappeared. There are other locations worldwide and also in the oceans. Some portions of Dark-Energy leaves to surround core of Earth released from greater electromagnetism volume and take shapes of ball of lightning, we can observe them every year section of 250 kilometers long section of Mekong river at Phon Phisait town of Amphoe-phon Phisai, the lightning glowing reddish sparkles diverse balls are close to the size of a basketball in numbers about tens of thousands every night close to Buddhist rains in lake October, probably many years ago Buddhist felt this strange phenomena and built their temple close by, you might find many experiences farmers in Australia and India sow round ball lightning’s floating over their lands. So after this Ampho-Phone thousands of balls raise the ground they all gradually disappear after raising hundred meters up without any explosion or any effect, their energy does not vanish or dissolve but scatter in larger volume of less concentration forms, continue to raise up till they reach Radiation belt zones of our planet in separate two rings forms, joining with other portions of cosmic background radiation zones before them. Similar to this phenomena there are other locations on Earth`s southern people are observing Noctilucent clouds and Aurora, of course there is a difference between this bright deluxe filaments of sunlight-reflections and Aurora inside atmosphere, some predict that nitrogen molecules in sky is mixing with high ground sunlight producing this flashing phenomena in my perspectives are also Dark-Energy balls that are scattered to give luxurious effect of rippling Noctilucent flashing lush that can be found in south pole.
                                                                                    Old wood

Old wood trunks for millions of years turn into stones, first the wood acts as sponge absorbs all other particles by slowly moving solutions into the opening cell walls gradually filled by chemicals and minerals, like silica (silicon dioxide) atoms are combined with electrons (Dark-Energy) D.E. And invisible protons (Dark-Matter) electrons control and guide every element exist, give different feedback to chemical changes, in reality the musical tone gambits stay where they were, what is going where still is in effect by tone reaction to lay the new blocks according formal propositions, it works like a DNA symphony. By information facts, was collected by the precision data of electrons. Previously those electrons were part of the old block, knows what goes where? first follow up the disintegrated process, following through, then give order and guide to the silica reconstruct exactly where it spouse to be, keeping all the details, suggestions and guidance of D.E, that were available data. The look stays the same.

                                                                            Amino acid

Electrons are data order and information, work like a computer chip, have multiple programing to provide according to circumstances, individually and collectively it operate in human cells, giving regulatory guidance to operate in a correct way, even before the cells develop to a basic structure, they collect only right kind of amino acids, that have the right circulation, electrons on atoms combined groups in variety of different kind order, like a bead set, if other designated combination are selected they go under name of other category of amino acids some chemical combination elements. In my logician expression I call it (Tone reaction) Because each variety of elements have their own musical note values when they sense the neighboring note pulse, either they unite or force against each other. Electrons have great influence in this order certain atoms allowed to join and like a neck les beads others refused by the regulation presider`s coming from electrons combine into amino- acid, at that time electrons decide according their rows of individuality order the beads to turn from right to left or from left to right variety of amino acid group 100 types, 50 turn right 50 left, and electrons pick only one type turning to right, 40 kinds revolving amino acids to be used in a cell of human being provide what supply go in and go out. That means we have about 100 symphony overtures of amino acid recitals 50 % Jazz 50 % classical. Wrong intake of amino acids to the body will give cancer. This pattern of command projected by electrical charges, vibrations and sounds, explicable only by atoms, Provide molecules to process vitamin, everything needed to the cell for construction, and development. It is a city by its own government, private defense, factories, generators water pluming arrangement and recycling facilities, and a head quarter located with perfect regulations and message service all in the cell, and any time can duplicate itself.

                                                                         Living Atoms

When I look at the coral plants it doesn`t show that they are alive, or watching the wood no life signs just plain matter, but there is life in there circulation some sort reaction going on. How about Atoms? From beginning development, for all kind off living forms Electrons contain life pattern development arrangement as a DNA, work continuously, 12 billion years, according their surroundings and environment. They collectively settle in the DNA, and organize all the building plan ant print in the DNA. Part of electron gather in the membrane of the cell and collect cytoplasm, develop in the cell, cellular power plants. Regulate pair of chromosomes by sound notes and vibrations, same vibrational system electrons collect by magnetic and sound regulations, developing amino acids to combine as, Adenine Thymine Cytosine Guanine and pack and connect this developed parts combining in sugar phosphate. Guiding continually what the next process should be. All other electrons in the body collectively force the cells to apply what they should do. Cells have to receive orders and commands, trillion billion trillions of electrons are available to supervise, they go with the flow of growth regulation, and dying cell removal, trash collecting clean up in the body. In a child bone development, inside portions proteins are demolished by wave vibration and sound command by electrons and outside layer add up with new construction to bigger volume to hold the weight of the new body. Humans start with one cell, then multiply, add up 100 billion trillion times larger. Grow 6 billion times heavier, altogether orderly organized and supervised. On Earth we have many form of life being. Wood plants fish mammals fungus corals bacteria`s and viruses, the last one can stay inactive like object for long time, possibilities are it might be found other form of life. Living organisms are made of atoms and there is life activities in molecules because of tone sound communications in atoms and molecules, there are a06 elements known but only92 are naturally made but the rest that are artificially made also carry electrons but added pressure by fusion to have more particles in certain atom. There are 21 important elements humans need to continue their life and stay healthy, so without this energy that elements hold humans cannot be survived, though atoms live 12 billion years and communicate but they are totally different form of life especially electrons that have personality and effect on other form of life I am the first Logician who admits that Atoms are living entity, different grace of living stuffs. 

Hydrogen are perfect atoms made of pure Dark-Energy electron cable spinning over Pure Dark-Matter protons that are cluster of bubbles that can be abbreviated or spread out mass size into larger space volumes. Before going into fusion Hydrogen remains perfect completing DE and DM, both of this energy and matter forces are from one origin Dark-Energy as I am describing in subject “Cornerstone of the Universe” All atoms communicate in low or high octave sound frequency wave tone codes to control covalent bonding but 2 hydrogen will be more active functioning form when join with one Oxygen atoms into water H2O and more so by molecules adapting other molecules of water join frequency field to communicate as I described in chapters of “Universal sound” and “Universal sound in fire-reaction and Quantum” in my Blogs. All atoms individually and by combinational clusters of atoms release sound resourcefulness on their own initiative, entire plants have their own personal harmony sound cluster with their slight variance of sound of flowers and fruits, also after fruits are ripen can be distinguished by their sound cluster diversities where insect like fruit flies can sense, particularly bees can hear their sound of flowers and reach to pick its nectars or pollens, Hydrogen molecules working as Gods organization work 12 billion years nonstop, as soon weather change into cold environment you can record pattern change of water molecules in freezing environments into crystal patterns snow flakes bloom just like a plant growing to take shape according to its codding directives, why? Because they are ALIVE they are other form of living thing. My enlightenments regarding Mother Nature is. First connection of life force intelligence energy field is originated by Dark-Energy, some portions of this force field transformed into Dark-Matter intelligent power field, next linking of this two Force power forces reach to individual slight pieces that complete Hydrogen atoms, third linking get by combination molecule of H2O, next the form of water molecules to communicate and release their sound frequency codes in their environment using intelligence instructions of DE and DM, their consequence has been seen as power of Mother Nature.

In the Universe can be found big dusting clouds almost all are individual hydrogen atoms and other cosmic sprinkling materials. Most delicate part of hydrogen atoms are the Dark-Energy, electrons have similarities as very small version human hair. To visualize DE electrons a single human hair. By enlargement of single hair cables we see outnumber multiple hair cells, in turn each cell contains multiple Protofibril line of helix of single keratin cables that are connected each other by (disulfide bridges) that are hydrogen bound. In another word a hair is a cable included thousands of other cables in cables. Everything God created contain life, Electrons contain life. Comparing electrons with hair. Electrons go in little spin action but straight if not surrounding a proton, they are neutrinos. But move forward as single helix going forward as millions of helix electrons the way amino acid helix roles. On spin position on the core of protons as filament cables electrons can be separated into antiparticle threads or filaments according to the need. Still spin as electron.

This field of higher ionized energy also has similarity like the electric defense field on top of Ozone layer on the Earth Van Allen belts by the ionosphere and magnetosphere. Anything go straight to it will be damaged but in case going sideways through the field can be safer, this principle system is used by NASA experts scientist. Same manner of field distribution spin is activated electrons around a proton cluster of hydrogen atom but much faster spin action.

The circulating electron cable energy sequences leave one opening capacity of outer electron shell for bonding pattern to another atom. Only one holding covalent bonds, Oxygen electron filament is divided into two and while they spin on their own core have the capacity to hold in two covalent bonds. Holding bond with two hydrogen atoms they become water molecule. Nitrogen electrons are separated into three filaments strings and have three bonding patterns. Carbon have four bonding pattern. Phosphorus five bonding patterns, and so on. This method give tendency to stick atoms together not by a glue but opening layer of series filaments grabbing other atom filaments, when energy come and pass beyond other field wall portion and spin. Bothe atom electron pulling continuously pulling each other tight in bonding patterns.

When divided portion of electron dustings go in center of atom and join into the core, separating a section from the proton core some smidgens, creates equal energy bond of neutron. This fusion starts when cable electron divides into two filaments, as many of electron Twines go in and evolve with another portion of proton new particles form in the core. Intense heat environment like inside the Sun, developing process of hydrogen and fusion into other element process goes in great speed production.

When atoms bonding they be collected as molecules, molecules are sugar and cellulose or bones, all are collected or held together in covalent bonds, most participant atoms in this are hydrogen carbon nitrogen oxygen sulfur and phosphorus, most number atoms in Universe is Hydrogen.

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