Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hell.Religion.Respect. Who is God?


                                                  ADDICTIONS AND HABITS

                                                  MAN CREATED RELIGION

God created Men and he cares about them giving everything free to men, Man created religions stealing everything from other men. Officially there are 4.200 religions today. Each individual fortunately believes they born inside the true religion. What does human history telling us? Hysterical contradictory beliefs through religion has been separating human race for 5000 years and going on in hysterical pace. Announcing the word proclaiming peace by murdering torturing innocent people, even if they using barbarism to bring other Nations into Genocide’s they considering that doing a favor to their god. Napoleon Bonaparte said “Religious wars basically people killing each other over who has the better imaginary friend”

Inside the human logic exist expectations, choose the truth realities, by human limitations prospective, nothing guarantee that comparisons and experiences after research, to overcome all unknowns, they realize, that there is a supreme power greater than him, try to figure out what is it? They are trying to explain supreme conviction. After  all researches and finding response for our questions, still facing more inquiries unexplained, feel like endless handicap dealings. Except we explain how hope to reach the conclusion, how worship something powerful, even the sun. Some figure out this obligation, moreover where religion create establishments of this loads, with insurance, if introduced promises by the church fail, with no way for people to prove it. Should have no chance to complain and demand loses. House of worships, holly grounds, castles, gather people to worship, even TV evangelizing. Many people receive Spirituality fulfillment and satisfaction contentment. Organizers likewise receive gain for the discourse.

Usually every nation has certain taste of character or individuality, personality, temperament and certain type of religion or philosophy suits their environment and they can adopt more easily than other religions of way of life, someday we will find out what triggers that intelligence, perhaps the soil they living on can give them variety of character, so they adopt the faith that talks to their heart or feel more comfortable to its teachings.

Antagonism ideas rise when one person liberty in conscience conflict with other person belief, in reality the faith group that associating with analyze and interpret how your believe should be using same holly books to contradict other church groups and the representative leader try to be your conscience  saying “We understand God what he meant” the question is do you have liberty conscience or the group faith conscience teaching you how many times you should pray every day how many times you should go to church what positions you should have and the worst part, how you should react to other faiths. The reason that are unfair expressions and oppositions because somewhere something is wrong on top of that atheist and science people also can come and represent their con-science on top of your conscience and conflict will start. 
What is the purpose of all this madness? The reason is madness has no any rational purpose.

One clear standpoint shows for certainty, when all religions are teaching peace why their followers still can’t achieve peace? Some label them self name "religion of peace" and then they kill many in the name of religion. In case they don’t find an issue to fight the main conflict remains to continue the flame all saying “My religion is more accurate better than yours, God is only with us” so the peace vanishes disappears like you witness all around the planet. After thoughtful inquiries to clear up backgrounds of their faith after explaining realism still many grab their cognitive dissonance or their core beliefs as having their own reputation to be in danger, after clearing out by proof evidence in contrast to their faith, they will do no any changes what they believe. 
Usually people do not see their beliefs or opinions, only leaders in faith tell them how to look on matters how to behave regarding others, all of a sudden they will feel confused, after that many harms done to others by faithful’s that can’t be fixed, especially each faith group rejects other sinful religious group.
Actuality, you don’t need religion to have morals, as you can read in the news once a while how some religious individuals commit immoral acts, watching anyone that can’t determine right from wrong, it seems the person has lack in empathy not religion, plus as persistent a representative is in certain faith groups insist, not only they stress the laws of their faith books to judge others but continue condemnation others, they take position of Godly authority doing what their God has to do, they enjoy doing it by their own hands, this sort of groups organize Nations to go and assassin other groups that have different faiths, morals and good standards are already are good motif it in characteristics of any individual but watching greed and competitions in other individuals good values are disappeared.

Some Biblical publications consider verse in James 1:27 “Worship” others “religion” they both have same meaning both are devotion. Basic needs of Human society it essential. There are 45 thousand Christian different groups only.   Some people are in poverty, starvation, rage, much conflict between nations, many struggles to get basic needs and there is lack of Global security. Of course moral direction is essential by spiritual guidance, Are religions qualified to provide moral standards or Solutions to human complications? Main principles are written “John 13:34, 35” (love for one another) Isa 2:4 (peaceful tools) because the true devotion sooner or later will clarify as it was mentioned in John 4:23, 24. Many declare the name of their religion but don’t adopt any principle of good behavior as their religion teaches, for example many will say we are Christians followers of Christ, do they follow standards of Jesus with clean morality? How about taxes entertainments politics and so on, by having only the name don’t make them Christians similarity also in rest of religions no one wants to be confused by having or excepting the truth if they do that they will damaged their illusion, as long they keep their illusions might think that whatever they did it were confused so they are not guilty whatever they ensured.

Almost all religions state they have spirituality, certainty spirituality and religions are two different things to classify that all religions are based on rules under authority first to god then those that proclaim that they are representing God so their rules are as much valuable as much Gods rule, if you break the rules you will be punished and thrown into hell fire when you die, some religions are in haste, they kill others who don’t respect their religious rule not weighting for the sinner to get old to die and God so God can give judgments. On the other hand spirituality is based on love, fear of other faiths don’t scare them at all. Spiritual person look around and learn the wisdom of God that he gives sunshine, food and water to all populations and animals, bountifully giving everything freely, spiritual person becomes one with the nature helpful with all the needy and helpless people and animals. Opposite to this unity religion separates people including the same group that proclaim using same so called holly books as rule. Spiritual always act according expecting what others want to do to you, do for them, they just don’t say or rehearse wards without applying it, spiritual person acts on it but religious one repeats the punishments over and over again hurting everyone, so religion and spirituality can’t go together unless religion go under harmony of spiritually by expression of love without fear.

As Soren Kierkegard once said “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn`t true, the other is to refuse to accept what is true” I remember a story about a stubborn man walking with another man, together they witnessed something black jumping over dead deer carcass, the stubborn said it is goat the other man said no it is an eagle. They both argued, the goat theory person said let’s throw a rock to see if it flies it is Eagle if not it is a goat, the stubborn said I don’t care even if it really flies it must be definitely a goat,                     

                                      FAITH IN MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS

Many religious writing reveal that Satan seeks to be worshiped as God, in simple calculation 1) God is love all men and women are Gods creation and children, life generating force engendered from Almighty God who dearly care about his creations, God supplies all necessities of life to make life enjoyable, any moment God can limit life range of a person or any second he can stop a person from life energy, every second one lives is a gift from God. Second perception 2) Satan cuckolded into some of worlds philosophical religious minded leader who seek power and wealth to control others, convincing many that God met with them (Satan or true God not clear) and have an assignment from God to kill innocent people who don’t have same beliefs of philosophies like their faith, by creating conflicts creating massacres Genocides many killings of other innocent people, if they do so they will be rewarded in heaven for killing Gods creations Gods family his children’s on Earth. What logic? Number One or Number two? If someone is with Number 3 (Atheist) or other group standards we all together should respect life as a great gift to respect and appreciate. 

 Many respectful people tried to clarify the mind of other people to make them awaken do decide on the truth of this matter. Nikola Tesla is one of the great intellectual scientists that gave right suggestion about the value of human life, saying “everyone should consider his bods as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, as a marvelous work of art of indescribable beauty and mastery beyond human conception and so delicate and frail that word of breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it” Animals kill other life to get nourishment, men kill animals and people for entertainment and fun to show his power.

Non-Christian faiths also have great tensions in their Nations, already their authorities teaches public that they have the best true religions and clerics are represented from Almighty, when most of their spiritual representing clerics have no high education know nothing about science politics biology, all of a sudden clerics in their worship gathering announces “This is what Almighty wants us to do..” all of a sudden great public go to streets break shops and windows to complain authorities or other religions or faiths, this power have been quietly reining in their clerics bringing on Nations great concerns that preachers could use their influence to stir up trouble and inflame sectarian divisions, we already see this movements worldwide in many countries but this is just the beginning, at a time of more high tension are expected if basic system is not adjusted and left everything the way it is to start bigger crises.

President of Israel Reuven Rivlin mentioned “The Nazis … used the Armenian Genocide as something that gave them permission to bring the Holocaust into reality” Jews have their own personal permission to deal with all that are considered Gentiles according to their religious books Gentiles have less human value standards, this is another permission licenses that is given to some people, another permission licenses carry Muslims to deal with all who worship more than one Gods “Kafirs” or Gavurs”1915 all who did not convert into Islam like they were murdered because the killers had so called permissions to kill in the name of God. Ottoman Osmania Turks with young Islam Jews that organized the massacre population of Turkish Armenian innocent citizens in Genocide killing I.5 million all Armenian that did not convert into Islam, some Armenians who convert they survived the Armenian Genocide, but some of them later on they return to their original religions. Many allies who respect those licensees or permission of murdering others are quiet and deny the Armenian Genocide. Israel sends keep denying these massacres because they were done by so called permissions.

Last 6 thousand years what did Satan teach as religion? Doesn’t matter what his followers pretend that believe something else. As Miguel D. Stated “Capitalism is religion. Banks are churches. Bankers are priest. Wealth is heaven. Poverty is hell. Rich people are saints. Poor people are sinners. Commodities are blessing. MONEY IS GOD” (of course some other religions instead of churches have other names for their gatherings to worship as well)

Most clergies representatives probably might think that their faith encouraging intention is only to glorify their faith, in result many of their followers might understand diverse, considering themselves powerful in supremacism exceptionalism and racism, considering themselves above all other races and naming other that might have some sort of faith calling them without faith because is not matching into their faith sequels. That will conclude them racism considering that murdering and Genocide, some Nations might think that killing other races is permissive because they worth as cattle less than humans or other sort of animals even insects.

Most Religions are off tract, something should be done to recognize and appreciate what truth really meant, care the fact without stretching and shrinking the truth, just keeping it simple and understanding. Root of the problem lays on human inconsistency or dissonance, after some perspectives fit inside human brain as idea or belief will always be protected inside the brain as defensive mechanism whatever others represent different values or thoughts that contradict their own personal beliefs sound alarm inside their brains. First they sense mental stress or discomfort, later on try to humiliate or outbreak by expressing other negative thoughts that new beliefs are respecting. Considering new way of standards or other values as enemy thoughts or tendencies, right away they challenge holding cognitive dissonance or feel that way starting to attack because they feel that others are attacking into their own perfect understanding trying to disturb their communication with their own faith and God. 

Many groups analyze religion and presented their own personal assembly understanding that what is truth, without considering what unlawful ungodly suffering their religion’s brought to other Nations or enforcing others with their religions even sometimes killing other people because they don’t agree in their faith, deprived of understanding some details about the Creator is different than understanding absolute truth, Optimal authenticity about God, life and the Universe. All try to insisting others, what kind of peace and truth you can call if you will implement religion without his or her free choice; same with science and atheist no one can accomplish truth by forcing others into their methodical, Scientism or faith. All we see most of these categories bash each other all in their community put down the other groups, then having accomplishment that they reach their triumph.

Doctrines and philosophies can converse nice people into supremacy, after they reach their high spots their heads knock-back by pride and greed till it becomes too heavy on their shoulders their arrogance will feel too heavy on them, they start to harm others. No matter how much loud, religious groups shout yell scream saying “We are peace lovers we seek peace to all Nations” as long they have a book to follow that commands to get read of others that is not in their religious fence, either they have to leave their faith and keep the book closed , on other hand they will find many ways to get rid of all other that don’t fit inside that book principles working hard to get rid of other people who don’t think like them, believing doing a favor to their God, please do not misunderstand me, if you will except principles from god to apply in your life that is based on love and peace no objections, but still do not give you the right to kill other believing doing a favor to your God, Your God must be powerful enough to eliminate the wicked and does not need your help eliminating the wicked he has all Angelic and all Nature power to do so, but when you come and use a principle from the book giving right to crime killing Gods creations, we might mislead ourselves, devoted who are, people attached into their faith books who proclaimed death to unbelievers, not only death also if there are other faiths that use the same holly books as their guidance but have certain different approaches still they also fall in enemy lists to be demolished, many so called leaders have no sense to understand what does the word peace meant and never understand what is peace or peacefulness meant.

Usually people have the expectancy that in religious or spiritual environments contain leaders representatives that have honesty with principles, all fear God forgiving and forget, no one has selfish gains or pride, according what I felt, most successful ones are the ones that are very capable in policy diplomacy and have great qualifications to be extreme sneaky. Only sneakiness makes people successful in big communities.

Usually scientist might think that they are protective good angels, different than other harmful religions, when scientist prepared for the first nuclear test, many came over some also some civilians with picnic baskets to look at the explosion, they all get radiation up close and suffered until to death. Later scientist build larger nuclear bombs and used on people, so the main issue is, whatever religions could not do to destroy the entire Human race science made it available to destroy the entire world over and over several times by just with push of a button, not considering other weapons also biological and chemical arsenals. Unfortunately most authority to take decisions are in the hands of some few who never punished for their faults and crimes no judiciary are considered for their actions and have the authority to repeat faults and mistakes as possible as they can where tiny humans have no authorities on them so they keep financial and political unlimited freedom without any judgments and punishments.

It`s human nature, to develop addiction in every line of work, entertainment, harmful use of illegal and, legal drugs. Some try to satisfy their compulsion, in all many different ways. Some compulsions are less harmful than others; in the end they are uncontrollable, after tasting power they will be irresistible overwhelming and harmful because the addicted individual will not have the power, to control him or hers. Although, the most poisonous human addiction mistake is, continuous authority position, on other people, when enjoying having that power. Most individuals are willing to sacrifice, all other things giving, all their times, and attention, to sacrifice, just to stay in power, and authority. Because it satisfying, so good no matter what expense is, it worth it. Nothing can replace, the consummation addiction of ruling, on others, one more benefit, they feel big and great. Besides, for them others look in their eyes continually tiny and insignificant. Oh that`s great! Give big satisfaction to addicted individuals. As long no one questions for their bad behavior, or for poor performance.

All age of people can follow some type of religion, representatives there contradict each other and other religions, each faithful can feel different perspectives, though all going same establishment are the same time the temple or worship place is for some it is a university for other a high school and for some a kindergarten, sitting side by side it worth other thoughts principles for other people. One time a priest came home and ask his other shirt to change, his wife say you were teaching at sermon that if one has two shirts should give the other to a poor person that has no shirts, that’s what I did gave your shirt to a poor man, the priest goes very upset to his wife saying to her everything I teach and comment does not meant that we have to apply it concerns other people not for us. Holly books can be diverted to the taste of individuality temperament , probably not on open but inside the life of individual, same religion can meant different things to behave and articulated.

It is basic theory religions` can’t unite and no faith group can gives authority to other religions to rule over them, they never unite unless temporary when they pretend that are united, as French writer  Voltaire Quoted “When it comes to money, everybody is of the same religion”    

Where does Religion stand in human welfare? Religions are fighting to show and prove how peaceful they are and disturbing spiritual human beings from their human experience to live peacefully to enjoy their normal life, planning wars and competitions.
The inter domination competition religious have tension against each other beliefs to protect their nations, but this struggle is damaging worldwide peace and security, their intention is to unite members of their race or their community but it backfiring on peace of security, political delicate are using this indifference's to collect more electorates, candidates are searching in this investments quantities, being close to larger assemblies, and the accomplishment is no more religion but political.

Some nations insist their governing procedures to other nations and governments for example some introduce and explain democracy to others and they don’t apply any, they say they will help the poor, the entire world spend in 2012 about 1730 billion dollars for war, instead is they spent 140 billion on poor they could eliminate poverty, still main effort is to show others how many times they are capable to destroy the entire world over and over a few dozen times. Trying to help the multi billionaires that feel very poor to invest their money to produce more weaponry making more money but still these rich individuals feel very poor and want more. Religions back up the world governments as long they get piece of the action.


What messages religions announce “Do as we say or go to Hell” Governments announce “Do as we say or go to Jail” Church carrying Many symbols to represent peace when they are not participating in politics and then continue to react different than to be peaceful. Because of religions standpoint many became atheist and unbelievers say “There is no God” so they don’t exist? Humans and all matter exist because there is God.

Any so called governments or group or block gang, forces his own religion to be enforced toward a certain idol or God, that explains that their God has no power to enforce his will on certain people and need the help of followers. Some took the position of God to act vengeance personally considering them God. That what explains every time when people take Gods vengeance judgments to their own illicit hand?

Why it is almost impossible to reconcile Science with God or religion or faith. Environment of religion have routine expressions any field of education or outlook doesn’t matter all followers should accept their religious leadership; certain routine expressions should be heard any foreign statistics as scientific expressions or overly depending on scientific theories will start explosion. The other group of some educated society when talking about Scientific issue suddenly expression of creator or God shows up even words as religion faith or church and temple or a religious place, all of a sudden everything looks ugly like thoughtless and make the listener outrage, according my observance both educated men religious and scientific intellectuals somewhat alarm them. I recognized that in most educated scientific communities any approach of morality downgrade or any wrong entertainment or addiction is not that ugly than talking about God or religion, some even jump on you to humiliate and rebuke and offend you because you are not sitting in the same chair with them, hopping that will be protection from old fashion senseless philosophies considering incomprehensible, other science mentality persons hearing there friends humiliating by uncivilized approach of their expressions they stay quiet and consider these type of manner part of scientific culture, satisfied by the flow. Probable because religious environment were so harsh to scientist back in history who knows? And the religious society act almost same outlook toward science as perplexing. The unhealthy outcome by those both opposite communities backlash each other and totally terminating their reason all subjects are in this opposition standard, all the logical standpoints with reasoning’s are put aside and defensive and offensive action suddenly is underway. Some try to impress their standpoints in civilized science by Swearing or cursing that is uncivilized religion, cursing takes the individual to satanic pagan convictions that is another so called faith.

Suppose someday scientist says everything you know about Black Hole is wrong, how will they react? Or someone someday if proves and say here it is there are Aliens in heaven, or there are living things? How the religious will react? Until now all we see they both are in defending themselves and offending the other party and closing their entire mind to listen what the other one have to say. So both prejudging the other group and both come and say WE ARE NOT PREJUDICE, if actually that`s the case let`s open our minds just for a moment to analyze each other’s viewpoint, then we can choose our standards and decisions as we desire. If science is God we have to respect the knowledge that possesses, If There is a creator he must direct and progress science and scientific principles to shape everything, our stand will be healthy by always heeding what is available?

Humans are made with perfect bodies, in the figure dimension, every part of the body is located perfectly where it should be and function and growth process is impeccable. Genesis 2:6 mentions in old Paradise “a Mist would go up from the Earth and it watered the entire surface of the ground” These system found in Antarctic Hydrothermal energy generated in Earth`s crust, nourished old Paradise that was located all around in the bottom of Persian Gulf before the flood. Human body the whole figure is Art form in every sense, food intake, digestion system, brain function, seeing in color, imagination Art creating new things, most valuable merchandise value significance potentials they have qualities most exquisite one Love. Number of people done assets to human welfare contributing their time and money to help specific needy one, number of friends serve their talents for the benefits of others uses their inventions and ingenuity to benefit Humans, in their system, woman are allowed to live with men sleep in the same bed with men educate children and cook for the household share and participate in the household more than the masculine men, but because the clergy have their own interpretation regarding flattering communication to mate, considering man doing regular need and considering woman like acting a crime, all this decisions by single religious men that have their own secret morality, always putting down woman instead of complimenting, I feel sorry for their misinterpretations regarding woman. It is true the bible mentioned that woman fall in sin before man, but any punishment is not forever, always mercy and overcoming imperfections and forgiveness is Godly contributions to all men feminine or masculine.

I surprise when people are so unyielding that science and religions are mutually limited, because consequently they are complications to go out of regular rotary behavioral philosophies to defend in religion and science. If my own personal viewpoint move to express regarding the idea believing that it might be intelligent design, that approach will offend science. Other side of the coin if my reasoning demand theory evidence to support the ideas and that outcome be different than religious acceptance teaching philosophies, it will offence their faith and their representation toward the book they represent, it might happen by science informed decisions and later the theory might be changed by new input, or giving conflict historical arguments against a so called holly book, occasionally in that book you might not find anything that conflict your opinions but the teaching of certain faith oppose the hint you have encounter. Both side’s science and spiritual when they hate and argue each other just for representational name just hate it anyway, in my viewpoint at that state science also will be considered a religion. Probably different convictions will be interrupted from contest that whose faith is more “REAL and the TRUTH” after disputed, they might go back later to same race urging because they cannot stop arguing to win the prize. No one in any religion can boldly announce that their members are all good persons, same with scientist. God almighty or the creator force of all Matter, energy and life, He never debate with science and technology, science and theories is in Almighty principle pattern and he formed this scientific coded while creating everything, the only arguments and complains about science came from religions not from God, religious representatives don’t trust other faith representatives but all declare that personally they represent God, religions don’t allow anyone to represent them but all of them very boldly say they  represent God Almighty, every small advancement or victory they have to say God is with us, but in big loss and damages their country feel and suffer they say nothing about it, where did their God Go? That proves God is not with them. No matter what religion or how many people or organizations represent themselves as Gods mediators, go in between us and our creator, more they push us away from God. There is only one mediator between us and God.  I grow up in Christian family some of my neighbors were Muslim, I realize when someone don’t push or insist his beliefs superior than others having common respect to faiths, no conflict ion arise, during Ramadan at school I did not eat at front of my school mates to not stumble them, I respected them they respected me.

 Mutual respects have to allow how the others evaluate spiritual matters. No matter what a religion teach their representatives have to at least allow what others felt toward their teaching, try to reason if any question arises what will be the solution is? For example in Muslim school my question rejected by sheikh regarding the point that Muhammad married 6 years old Aisha. In Sahih Al Bukhari volume 7 Aisha book 62 number 64 65 and 88. Later on some add to this question that Muhammad was 54 years old when he asked from the girl’s father Abu Bakr that gave 6 year old girl to marriage, later others explain that when she was 9 she was consummated. This sort of marriages is continuing till our time. As a father I myself can’t allow my 6 years old daughter to send into marriage, unless probably if someone tech me or convince totally change my way of thinking that woman’s are a possession that can be given to other male for their use whatever they willing for. As you notice woman in Islam world have less custody or control inside the house or other ruler ship, they are just a possession that can be given away by a male to other male. Some Islam countries are not allowed for woman to drive and so on. 

Both religion of Christianity and Muslims fundamentally originated from Hebrew writings, they have almost same basic stories, regarding interpretations Jewish faith and Muslims faiths they both are attached into one God one superior being that also is the Almighty creator. This is where the conflict starts, Christian faith presents Jesus as son of the God as the bible presented that God created Jesus without having a wife God created Jesus as his Engineer to create other thing inside the Universe, anyone create by God can be called Gods children, this is where Muslims get offended considering a curse calling God has a son. On top of that thought some Christians consider Mariam as mediator and using Name of virgin Mariam in their prayers (Jesus never called her Mother because he already preexisted in heaven before transforming into Mariam’s wombs) after Jesus birth Mariam could not be considered a virgin after child birth plus later on Jesus had brothers and sisters by natural father Joseph, no more as virgin, by prayer some faithful ask from Holly Mariam to cosign between God and humans, this approach add more intensity in their conflict, anyone knows that neither me or you did not forced others to worship God the way we wanted in their deity, everyone is free to except whatever he or she thinks is logical bat thing about that sometimes their children’s are obligatory to believe like their parents. Regarding Christian faith some also explain about holy spirit the power of God that can be poured on individuals like water baptism to fill individual with power, Christian church presented Holy spirit as individual person that the bible say nothing about that, so in conclusion some Christian churches present God Jesus and Holly spirit as trinity God, three gods in one God, this is where Muslims get offended considering it cursed to call God trinity and because it labeled as cursed presentation somehow the permit themselves to bring to eliminate or kill those who call god in different conclusions that what their sheik teaches by using his Quran. Not considering that if God permitting other religious groups to live and only God has the right to allow anyone to live or die, somehow some people are taking that they doing a favor to Almighty hesitantly before Gods final judgment’s in their own personal hand to murder, even if that might be considered crime by Almighty who created all human race, all people no matter what religions they have are Gods creations or children’s. Opposition philosophies are the main reason human race are falling into conflict with other considering themselves as Almighty to the point that they killing other if don’t except their own personal religion, like the Armenian Genocide in 1915 Turkey, Armenian Christians were massacred unless they adopt Muslim religion. On the other hand scientist is not trying to interfere with religion because it does not interest them at all.

I grow up in Muslim and Christian neighborhoods in Lebanon went to orthodox school then into born again Christian school then into a Muslim school, later on living many other countries I relies that almost every country that Muslims are minority they obsessed with the system of minority rights, in other countries where Muslim is majority almost there are no minority rights. In case Muslims immigrate into Christian countries they do their best insisting local people to be motivate religiously be respectfully regarding Muslim’s faith and customs and many conflict might start because other faith cannot apply other faith requirements, in reality same Christian church representatives can’t force their members to apply their faith completely how anyone can force others to apply new faith customs? I Lebanon 1973 a young Muslim man was killed, their parents brought out 3 very high loud amplifiers stacking on their balcony in a tight 18 feet wide streets gather with buildings, in that tight neighborhood playing Muslim faith ceremonies day and night to the entire neighborhood for one week. During Muslim Ramadan conflict could start if anyone eats at daytime, in Muslim majority territories all women has to wear in according to Muslim beliefs.

Noticing what religion gave to their public is certain way of thinking that is separate from all other religions plus most of so called faithful followers by religion thoughts can’t distinguish facts from imaginary fictions their faith includes many imaginary happening in history and also might happen in the future far from reality, so they have to ponder more to imagine best happenings individually will happen to them if they are closer to their faith following every thought their religious guides is introducing to them, grow up I realize that in World war one Christians killed Christians Muslims kill Muslim’s And Jews adapted all sort of religions and then killed many under Zionism directives, rest with all other religions they killed each other. As long fantastical religious imaginary is continuing no one will satisfy saying this is enough the will go deeper into their passionate teaching to control each other mixed with nationalism with greed pride to gaining wealth shouting “We are the champions” to become stronger superpowers nonstop t continue to harm other faiths and races believing that their imaginary fictions will accomplish their dreams. Meanwhile imaginary teaching of Santa will continue with all rest of all hard to believe thoughts aimed to destroying this beautiful planet Earth.

So science education classified the word intelligent design a religious belief rather than a scientific theory, talking about scientific matter that is not proven yet by theory is in the same values where considering Intelligent Design, these opposite reaction can also be considered new science religion. In our times Science and politics also became a religion many feel to be atheist not only for religion but skeptics for science and politics also.  Because even theories might fail by stronger other proves. Great wall prevent communication between  Politics Science and Religion. 

On the other hand specific people have corrupt ruthless approach when following a project to accomplish something for their advantage or benefit, doesn`t matter if is damaging to others. in particular situation; some people enjoy deed wicked or evil toward their fellow Humans having no limit to their ruthless standard, even though deep inside they have quality of love, somehow they are capable to lock down all their good qualities and act as debauched evil for a private determination achievement, If the wrongdoer has great power no one can even mention the bad ruthless act, and the protection excuse power of money or physical power make the crime disregarded, also many of his associates knowingly ignored the evil deed.

There are many varieties of faithful’s in our world. Faith and violence are mismatched they don’t go together. For barbarian, to be faithful is punishing eliminating everything that his or her spiritual leader suggests. Barbarian likes to kill others for faith thinking that they doing a favor to their God, then they will try to call themselves a civilized person feeling very proud what they have done.

So called fanatic religious devotee might get upset seeing non-believers of his personal faith consume alcohol, they get so upset and stand up to kill the man, doing so they don’t blame themselves for destroying other families yet drinking the blood of other human to prevent to not drink alcohol because that what their faith teaches. Kill other nation that has different faiths also other who are atheists’ making many wars killing many families take their lands then gratified saying God gave us all this, yes there are many gods, God of this system is also a God who asked Jesus to worship him instead of the true God, yes Satan rewards his followers who worship him having hateful standards to other people kill destroy in barbaric deficiencies damage their environments, after all this crimes the faithful  followers expect from other civilized nations to considered them as cultured descent respectful nations.

Here comes the religion with all helpful promises, from God and personal good deeds by fellow worshipers, atheists also come to help the human race. Still not enough to help the debouched people, the world is in great need when various poor nations can`t survive. What is the problem? What is the solution? What human being can do to help fellow humans?

1793 in France adopted a metric standard to measure official unit of length, later all the world accepted the standard and even other countries that use other measurements compare and acknowledge. Religion in our time have different standard of their measurement to analyses their faith and behavioral patterns how to deal with people, what can be the result of wrongdoings, what is good and what is bad, who have the last word. All sort of religions have many varieties of standards and don’t relate with the rest even when using the same holly books but with different portrayal. The Principal standard association measures don’t tranquil the agreements, among other religions, between same religions amid atheist amid the rest of the Blogs.
The bible mentions about last days or judgment day. Clergy take advantage of this expressions and use to create attention for their own personal benefit giving directive for people to be more generous for religion leaders and obey them, rather than obey God, for example in the bible 2 Peter 3:11-13 is mentioned about eradication of this world. Many verses in the bible are not considered literally but figuratively, the world expression her refers to bad people or societies living over the world today and creating violence. The heavens are represented in the bible by higher authorities that will be removed eradicated exchanged by new ruler ship authorities that please God that`s what it means, how do we know that? Because the Earth is Jewel creation of God very valuable and very dear to the great Artist God, in Ecclesiastes 1:4 it mentions “Generation is going and a generation is coming. But the Earth is standing even to time indefinite” If any verse is considered opposite to other expressions in the Bible it will be contradiction to teaching of the author, all verses should be harmonious to the same thought.

Religion teaches, to go to heaven people have to contribute to the church to be protected from God, other church groups other religions have their own standard to be revived in their own principles. All those variety of principles are not excepted considered false not accurate, competition adjustment with other faith is big challenge to eliminate other teaching is continuous task all over the world each church wont to sustain in their faith, That comes first and then comes also after that considering Gods viewpoints. People don’t know the difference between God, religion, faith, church, and interpretations in confusion pot of beliefs.

                                         For whom the VENGEANCE belongs?

Almost all religions except that the whole world population is children of Almighty, part of his creations some obedient some rebellion some even don’t have any faith of the Creator, all the rest so called faithful ones, each group pilled around some faith and give all their attentions and zeal to defend the faith they received from their parents or some from somewhere else. Some leaders teach very gently stressing on love some teach hatefully fight against other faiths, each has own version to explain and act to be faithful, all prophesize that the true God is with them ONLY and only they have known the gateways to heaven. Sometimes they put aside the main issue that all Nations are Gods creations. Almost all religions teach that God has a judgment day and everyone who came and lived on our planet will be judged according to their deeds, according to their works, regarding (they loved the darkness rather than the light, for their works were wicked, or they made manifest as having been worked in harmony with God) taken portions from John 3: 19-21

Religions might have their own personal dark sides and bright side. And might use only ideas that support their own mightiness for example Romans 12:19 “Do not avenge yourselves beloved, but yield place to the wrath” for it is written “Vengeance is mine says the Lord” also written in Old testament Deuteronomy 32:35-36

The excuse religious might say “We have law book of God in our hands, by Gods messenger who wrote for us, so we know what the law is and we have the authority to judge anyone”

According to the Bible, God will judge first then execute judgments. Even when first couple disobeyed, and high rank angel rebel against God, Almighty did not execute his judgment right away gave time for other angelic being to observe the settlement and procedures of defected mistakes, so all will know that who has the right to final decisions.           

Activity of world religions they have no patience for Gods judgment and they do not allow Almighty to have his own Vengeance against bad people. (Like in a courthouse the audience says “we are the judge and the executioners. Honorary Judge step aside we are the authority her not you! Vengeance belongs to us not to you” Some people under the name of religion they are the executers for vengeance and judgments, leaving no place for Almighty to react as authority. Because God created men he only has the last conclusive judgments not the people with personal interests.

Governments jump in and declare they have the solution. But still human race have no standard measurements that are accepted by all, result of the peace and harmony on the Earth is in the news everywhere, and continuing the way thing are going. How the Nations are using the standard measurement? You can ask attorney, an advocate learn to defend the harmed person, but sponsors his client ruthless criminal guilty one, do his best to defend him knowingly to protect the wicked, harming the stressed harmed individual. As long as the world use indecisive principle standard, how to measure, world even do not have a ruler unit to measure and bring prosperity for all human race, still racist out of control. No basic standard principle.


There is complexities of how science works and how thing should be explained its too exclusive  There is no single Christian representative, or a church on the Earth, who can represent all the Christian groups, that the rest of churches to allow him represent combination other Christian churches, all disagree. There is complete willingness if all others choose him, but he chooses nobody else. Today, in U.S. alone, exist over 1400, Christian divisions of faith. They use the same bible, with both Hebrew and Greek scriptures. India has over million other gods, all the other religions have other divided sects, and every individual have, his or her own opinion. Some take advantage to receive more respect and authority in all religions they teach, God is with us with our nation only to our faith only, this false security received by nanny and take a firm stand, a few generation latter what happened, God forget them? Their nation is in need of protection from God, no one helping them. Everything people teach is based on a holly book, but the ones who are interpreting according their own interest they hold great authority, for example. Christians using same book the bible. Contradictions they found not in the book. To single out they argue by opposing methods of interpretation of the bible, and naming other Christians, wrong, false prophets. Most representatives split by differ in opinions after receiving communions they disunion with remaining Christians. While Churches against separation with Government loos the chance of losing part of their position in ruler ship. But enjoy in separation of faith in the same religion by divisions. Fortunately can get new title names for their church buildings. Boldly taking initiative, explanation others from the scriptures, by sentences that harmonies with the thoughts forcing everyone to listen. They can`t reach even their associates, disapprove procedures explanations of scriptures by Jesus`s other factions. The bible is written in a way that every person comprehend according to his or her taste of personality, grasp verify different than other readers. It’s a fact the Bible not disagree with scientist. Bible never said that the Earth is the center of the Universe. Religious made it up don’t know where. Too many whistle blowers all around, names and reputations that counts. In the bible mentioned the Earth stand on nothing, and is sphere round shape.


      The representatives of the bible, religion leaders in history argued with scientist that the earth is not sphere shape planet, even when the bible agrees it is. Because the religious hade wrong interpretation, scientist thought the bible is wrong. Bible, explains that humans are imperfect they can be wrong, for religions this is unacceptable, even when it is written in the bible. Religion leader`s stress up saying we are wright you are wrong. Whoever holding the book in the hand assume, they represent God, they are  the mouth of God, because they read and explain people the scripters, people have to forward, with their generous contributions and obedience, religions believe that, they possess the right to be in authority on you, how far they can go? Why not even probably they can judge you, even when they have no qualifications doing so, and then try to punish you, cut you out from communicating, and band you to see your relatives. You may not be permitted to merry. Don`t forget that, Churches, they were in power to rule over people, even in our days, still are in some communities. One moment saying God is love he forgives, if they choose to stand politically against that individual, they bring out verses to back them and give damaging judgment on the individual, all of a sudden forgetting the verse where it said God forgives. God is love. Of course, there have been exceptions, some religious were honest like Isaac Newton, he explained issues without fear, not for his own selfish gains, and he used his logic and understanding with honesty. He tried his best, to grasp and reason from the scriptures.


The church enjoys all the protection from the authorities, the government, fire department, paramedic, health department, agriculture, and from other ministries and department, that help the citizens. Knowing these realities, some priest can say to church members. Do you have a heritance? Please save it for the lord, write it to the church. If your members need paramedic or fire department help, will they expect the priest? Coming for their help? No. On many occasions Jesus guides and teaches people, “respect your authorities” your government. Governments are not faultless, but God aloud those representatives to rule. All I hear from most of the preachers, always talking 90% politics, putting the government, and the representatives down. Rebuking, and proving wrong. The philosophy here is, if they can accuse the officials that mean, they are wright, they know better. Expecting respect and obedient from their followers, this is the message, to please religion; it will be very satisfying to get the preacher in the mood of authority satisfaction addiction. Science is still a myth, that is to bring together the best and most accurate information, whatever is available to explain how everything start to exist.

Some students of science get offended to use the name God in their conversation and show it with their anger in approach educated students into something else in their approach. Coming into agreement to oppose in producing chemical weapons but continue to manufacture plenty, disagree to use of atomic nuclear bombs but produce many new ones, Science and religions and Government are against Genocide but put their best protection in atomic bombs that is Destruction of mess Genocide.  It seems everything is fine but potentially this system is a ticking bomb economically and many other reasons that we all know, major forces are guiding all procedures are the activity all around to divide then distract also deceive. That’s what I see dominant on the news and TV and in movies. Everything is presented with sweet sugary taste called entertainment.

For many years, science and church, contradict each other, by representatives, when, Copernican model, was the issue of contradiction, from the church was not, according to, the written word, the bible, same stand church take, regarding Ptolemaic Universe. Because church believed that location   of the Earth is center of the Universe, they wanted to be the black hole. Bible doesn`t teach that, but   the religious does, wanted to be the center of everything. They are wright even when they are wrong.   Believing, God is with them. The authority rod in religion hands is so important to satisfy their habits.

                                                            Not the same

There is difference between. Religion –Religious -and God, the religious want to show that he is more holly than others, represent God, other beliefs always wrong no matter what. Even when they are wrong, they are always right. Confidently he knows (if I do a mistake, keep it secret to stay holly in the eye of the followers) If I do wrong I know and do it knowingly, but secretly. Religion a way of authority, to make people submit, willingly or not, religion always need to polish the thoughts or ideas to make it seem logical, knowing what the sheep needs, that doesn't cost the religion to supply, if cost nothing, why not give it to them, make sure faithful ones believe that you represent God, he speaks through your religion, tell people promises they will receive after death, nobody can come and complain after death. So promise as much you can, take us much you can, People who shepherd the flock, give them privileges up to heaven, they work for your religion, sincerely probably even freely. There are many religions claim that God wrote the book they represent, they accept him, his every toughs written in it, how sure are day? Good as to apply every word written to live by it? For Example every individual when read Bible, make his own conclusions, different recite than others. Probably God make totally different view than us. Man is not mature enough to think like God, Billions trillions Infinite years old, Everlasting Creator.

                             The Author of the bible says

Read the bible daily. In the dark Ages some Christian member of their churches skilled and burned alive, the reason, they were reading the bible. First burn them for a while, then distinguish the fires, waiting to make them suffer longer, not allowing them to die right away, after a while, they restart the fire again to continue the torture, till Christian brothers and sisters die, as worse criminals, because, Christians hade in their position sections from the Bible. Big crime was Reading Gods Word, and the defender of God`s word is the church believe it or Not. Because today Government has great authority to enforce the laws Church behave by not using extreme old methods, to torcher people, still some issues remain unsettled. Arguments continue who`s faith is better and more real?

                                                          Gentiles and Infidels

Starting point of three religions is based on Hebrew religion, Christianity except the Hebrew Scriptures plus new testaments, Islam has basic Hebrew with additional scriptures from Prophet Muhammad as Quran, but the basic of these three religions are from same beginning source of basic Hebrew writing. Why sometimes there are tensions in these three beliefs that can effect on people to stand against each other? As we know Islam and Hebrew faith followed from descendants of Abrahams boys Ismael and Isaak they both have sematic origin, they all try to show that love peace and humanity, but why sometimes conflict starts in this two three faiths. Hebrew religion teach True God is with them and all the rest are Gentile, saying there is nothing wrong to consider other nations as Gentiles that is taken from French word “Gentille” that means a clan or tribe, some Israelis claim that word stand for heritage, also using the word “Goy” that describe other as outsiders, saying nothing wrong with that unless when Jews after circumcision consider themselves a holly nation respecting the Holly books, considering all others that have different faith also those who not respect Zionism. Calling everyone a Gentile or a nation, nothing wrong with that but considering one group as holly and chosen, can make other nations disparage, people might categorized into pejorative term or taking them down, bringing them up into racial supremacy. So anyone not following Jewish path or don’t claim that name on themselves those nations will fall in standard of “Gentile” or “Goy” try this expression on any human being “You are nobody I am somebody” how will they feel about it? Uncomplimentary standpoint will be reasons to start conflicts that we see all around us all over this planet earth.
Similar to these terms peaceful Muslims descendant from Abraham also apply circumcision they also respect the teaching of their holly book Quran, as my ancestors were Christians and survivors from Armenian Genocide in Turkey felt restricted sense because they rejected faith of Islam doctrine law promulgated, Turks felt Armenians are not following the Islam path, all other nations fall in this category and Turks might in the future handle or grab all “Kafir“ people who will not adapt Islam. By force 2 million Armenians pretended converted into Islam and survived later, those who rejected Islam and Qurans teachings were labeled as unbelievers “Infidels” “Kafir” in Arabic “kafara”. In Arabic language Shukr or Shukran is Thank you, Kafr is opposite to Thanks. One thing Turks did not understand that in Quran 57:20 it says those who have disbelieved and denied verses, those are the companions of hell-fire.  “Kafara” stands also for (to cover up) while Turks till our days denying hiding out the truth about Armenian Genocide, any truth should be respected, not teaching in their schools bring them into this standpoint. Unfortunately some Nations mentioning other genocides showing details what Americans did to native Indians also about all other countries where nations massacre other nations, bringing over these details make them think that they have the authority as permit license to commit other genocides.

Do not get the wrong idea. I am not an atheist, Christians are not angels, I noticed most of those holly books have been used in opposition faith armory ammunition to continue revenge and hate considering other by pejorative terms and it will continue until world population realize where the problem is, as long religion force others to adapt their own faith by force, fighting force will continue bringing human race into war famine and calamity. 

                                                                   Where is the Hell

In the Hebrew scriptures, some refer as the(old testaments) never mentions, that life after death is a torchers state, several statement exist, that they will go there with sorrow or sadness, but never mentioned, they will be torched there in hell. Old Bible teaches that (Hebrew writings) 

Sarkis, one of my friends, passed away. At the funeral the priest mentioned, that all dead people will wait to the sound of the trumpet, and then all will hear and resurrected, for judgment day, they will sleep, waiting until the last day. Later on at the burial, the priest adds. Sarkis was a holly man, now he is in Heaven in the Bosom of God. When Sarkis went to the ground, I was confused, to look at him, toward heavens or, down under, or look at him, up in the sky. After the burial, we gathered, in the deceased home for lunch, the same priest was there, i went to him, with a smile, ^can i ask you a question, he replied *of course, my son. I said ^at the funeral you mentioned that Sarkis is a holly man. The priest stopped me with a hand movement, he look around to be sure that nobody else is hearing us, and he added ,^my son, i gave that kind of expression, just for comforting the relatives. Probably he went to Hell, who knows, only God knows (probably, the priest get the idea that i hate Sarkis or know something bad about his moral standards) ^and said to priest, not that, my confusion was, you gave totally two different outcomes. One, now Sarkis is in heaven, and same time, he is sleeping laid down waiting for resurrection, which is the wright stopover? He answer,*my son don`t take everything with specifics, if you take information`s so deep, you will have confusions. I did not continue the conversation, left him with a smile (in reality the only headache I had was the priest confusing interpretations of the Bible) Hell is a touchy subject. for some its fear tactic, scare them and, rule over people, and it is working, when people get older, to have insurance in heaven, they take the chance to be more generous to religion, pay more contributions, making so called nonprofit organizations, very  profitable, and make religious leaders flourish. Most people know give a try,  give a shot, take a chance, probably go heaven.   
        In JAILL  Let`s analyze for a moment, when you are disobedient to the government, and break the low of the authority. Who takes you to jail rebelling criminals? Or low biding officers of the low? Government will provide officers to secure you in jail, to reprove, because of your disobedience to the low. The Police want to teach you your faults, so you can respect the law burning in hell teachers. Try to explain their members that you disobey teaching of God, you should be punished forever. Criminal Satan and his bad Angels will punish you, because you disobey God, Satan also disobeys God, wants you to disobey God. So bad angels should be contented with you, not punish you, they should be happy for you breaking Gods low, caring, protecting you are in the same opposing club. Not clear to me, are they Satan and his gang paid by God for torturing people in hell? The Bible teaches, wage of sin is death. When God created Adam, said to him, if you disobey, you will go back, from where you came from, from soil (ground) dirt (amino acids) Collection of elements you came from. There you going back, if Adam was already created somewhere else, and brought to Earth, can he be called created? I don’t think so. Adam created only once, to be called a new creation of God. Another point, how come so called chosen, can enjoy watching people burn in hell daily for entertainment hanging cross by God of love. According the Bible God of love, do not enjoy torturing people forever. Even in our judiciary system it is a crime, to tie down a cat, or any animal or people, and burn it, not killing, but torturing the poor soul. How barbaric would it be, yet those so called holly people are misleading the love of God, to barbarism? Then carrying the sign, up John 3:16, so God loved the world so much. They really believe that they represent a loving God? The only representation they can provide is representing their confusing interpretation some say religious organizations are scam doing many unlawful things usually they keep the doings in secrets hardly they admit their sins but like to hear about every other persons sins elsewhere.


Sometimes people that had near death experiences tell stories about going to heaven or to Hell or flying around on their body while in operation room and observe medical staff working over his or her body; after they wake up from this experience they tell even some full facts that are detailed happenings that occurred during their surgery procedures. All this have logical explanations including the tunnel of light experience that they observed.

As I explained before in brain function of all sort of living things, animals and humans is a circuit of orderly wiring of neurons synapse cablings, synaptic vesicle, neurotransmitter that are released information’s by electrical jolts or signals that can carry detailed pictures sound pictures emotional feelings and collect in the analyzing zone of the brain to make all details available to the individual, some of the transmission sections are synaptic that don’t touch, even in that instances electrical stimuli jump in the openings by synapse neurotransmitter released (serotins) in short tense always information’s are carried out through electrical signals that are similar to electricity but different life force supernatural data flow of power that include in electron helix cable, those energy fields can register all their surrounding everywhere they pass by, they contain memory banks they are not noticed invisible force flow that even can leave the body connecting to inertia disturbance and sometimes by original personality sound frequencies are recalled familiar energy flow back to the complete body form individuality brain function, the entire brain works as super computer, it can visualize with emotions and feelings, and the brain composition set can provide action of happening that was done only in the stage studio of the brain without any noticeable disturbance, only the person might vibrate on his eye lid and can see a long story that happened in a few seconds because those electrical stimuli move very fast the signals travel very fast but later the brain in analyzing zones interpret the details to be understood to our system, the individual have heard so many stories about heaven and hell that had very strong impressions on the person, the brain can provide sometimes supernatural high class art projections in our brain studio. Regarding out of body experiences as I mentioned those electrical signals or stimuli can leave the body sometimes for short distances sometimes even 2 blocks away and return bringing and registering what they registered in their memory banks.  Sometimes even our pets see similar scary or happy dreams that`s normal.

 Hell in scientific sense.

You can find a large section of hot layers mantle outer and inner core of our planet, while we are walking over the crust of this planet feeling the atmosphere the extensive hot environment is hidden under the crust, some suppose that core of this planet is 1.800 degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius hotter than the Sun or difference of (10.800 F0) estimated of the surface of the Sun is 6.000 C. Same expert suppose that inner core of this planet might be 2.700 degrees F0 between the inner core and the mantle and the mantle to stimulate, techniques are used to direct X-rays into the core or bursting different variety of light energy to hit the core, as a obstacle lights will bend as “Signature” showing diffuse ring on pinpointing target. So according to scientific conclusion hell or hottest place on Earth is inside mantle and deeper levels.

For 24 years Russian scientist dig on and off the Kola Super deep Borehole that is located in Murmansk Oblast Russia, this project had to Holt exploration in 1994 because of temperatures of 356 degrees Fahrenheit when they reached 12.262 meters deep, the project officially met its end in 2005. During excavation 4.3 miles down scientist found single microscopic fossils organism sample microfossils represented about 24 ancient species that lived 2.7 Billion years ago, also they found water that completed from hydrogen and oxygen by rock minerals itself. Most disturbing experience they received from 25 second Audio from deep hole that they listened to that might be disturbing to some, after that some named this Kola Super deep Bore hole Door to Hell. So the sound resembles into the sound of millions of people male and female uproar in tense torture similarity outcry. I believe that atoms also can release sound frequency wavelengths especially together in great numbers inside tense heat and pressure, in my other post I explained atoms are other form of living things that live 12 billion years. Regarding Men to be tortured in Hell, it was symbolic expressions, because blood and body transform into ashes in fire. Almighty said those will sin will die, also to Adam God say the day you will eat the fruit that I forbid “you will die” because it show revolt from Adams part. Satan always tried to confuse Men that though they die their spirit live; also their spirit might burn eternally in Hell. For 6.000 years Satan gave continues effort to mislead men and try to make Men believe that God is a liar by bringing a philosophy the Men do not die. One more confusing belief that millions of people been torturing in the bottom of our planet, it does not makes any difference.

In my perspective biological cells can`t endure inside hot levels of fiery environment, in my post “Atoms are other form of living things” by logical sense I explained how atoms have characteristics intelligence communicative capacities and memory bank. Also in my other post “Neurons” I explained atoms release meticulousness stimuli sparks that leap in very lower lever of electrical sparks that transport audio and exactness video with detailed high class precision with on special details that I stand with that though trillion times trillion clusters of atoms that complete a biological person their atomic memory don’t contain their collective human consciousness but only detailed memory recordings. All characters human have are expressions from their collective atomic wavelengths as I explained in my post “Friend”

Core of the Earth core, in my post “Earth” I tried to explain in logical sense Core of the earth is made in different density of invisible intelligent Dark-matter inner layer is most density stage adding each layer less dens than the original pure form inside the center, there are seven layers of Dark-Matter. The last layer is still seven times more dense then lead but it is in like liquid form, Dynamic-Energy spins over core of the Earth and creates tension heat by chafing, result heat tension will be hotter than the Sun`s surface, center core always is in cool state because heat and light don’t penetrate into Dark-Matter density.

Atoms can live twelve billion of our planetary year, all atoms that were sometimes completing portion of any biological living things atoms still keep their memory details, atoms that somehow trapped with minerals sinking into soil with water moister down into mantle of the planet, on this planet you can find many other possibilities not mentioning Mariana trench seductions of soil down into mantle, same way there are many other ways where water molecules carry multiple clusters of atoms down into the mantle of the planet, Atoms stay inside the mantle for twelve billion years. This is the real “Hell” state consciously where people don’t be tortured in but their memory stay inactive package state for billion for years, this is the Hell I distinguish with, beside that there are no any Hell states that can to tortured people by their sub-consciousness state. Any moment Almighty has the possibility to recall that atomic stimuli memories of the individual and make him live again by creating biological or energy form of body and refill all their memory adding to it their consciousness..

                                                        BIBLE TEACHES

The Bible can be pulled into many directions to interpret. Recently new small information`s was discovered in Jordan 70 metallic books. These metallic book codices are in form of riddles that is more confusing. Margaret Barker confirms that a sealed book is mentioned in the Bible. My viewpoints if that book already exist all solutions permanently should be solved in complete knowledge that we are expecting it will start to be written after Armageddon war that will be between God Almighty joined with faithful angels and Jesus Christ. Against Satan and his rebellion angels ruled over volunteered world power nations with all their super powered weapons.s the book of Revelations where Jesus is opening the seals, explaining the meaning regarding symbolic Horseman already is taking place, by ware disasters famine death pastilence and so on. This book will give more confusions than already what we have Incomplete number 66 books that were written in the bible did not bring complete solutions in Human problems. The book that was prophesied that will come will not be more complex but easier to understand to follow and apply it, to get the best and everlasting solutions

What does the Bible teach (Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10) “the dead are conscious of nothing at all” Temporary the information field, data belong to the individual, is in some sort of compact disk, registered and saved, until the proper time, when God. By collection of Atoms recreate the individual in a new form. Connect his old memory and feelings, of the personality. When relative of Jesus died, in (john 11:11) Jesus compared death to sleep. Because, every thought and personality, individual have is recorded and registered in the, information field of protons and electrons of atoms, humans are made off atoms, and they are connected to a bigger form of ordinances, unknown field of communication. God who created men, even using other Atoms and amino acids, can reassemble man. Giving some look and personality, even his memory, to the individual, in Gods mind, no matter how individual was lost, their fingerprint complete details are registered in Atoms. That`s the portion of Gods registration, his complete detailed memory. Human heart always exist the desire to live forever, God gave this sense to human (Eccl 3:11)

Faithfull Job said in the Bible book of Job 14:14-15” If an able-bodied man dies can he live again? All the days of my compulsory service I shall wait. Until my relief comes” (the Creator will answer to you)” You will call, and I myself shall answer you. For the work of your hands you will have a longing” because death was never natural for men it was punishment and death newer will be Natural!

Hebrew Bible, word, spirit, mentioned as [ru`ach] Psalms 104:29 . In The Greek language, this word spirit mentioned [pneu`ma]" the body without spirit is dead" some also use this word [ru`ach] as a <force> or life-force, in my opinion similar to, Dynamic Dark-Energy electromagnetic subtleties, in reality only philosophy express that spirit is invisible living thing in reality spirit is a living breathing creator that I will explain next.

Hebrew word Nefash or Ru`ach literally means a “Breathing creature” as we call it “living soul” mentioned in Genesis 2:7 also Genesis 7:22 Isaiah 42:5 Psalms 146:3,4 “Do not put your trust in princes. Nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation. His spirit goes out he returns to the ground; on that very day his thoughts perish” Because the spirit can’t think having a consciousness as human doo, spirit is just human the human creature made of ground dust collectives from amino acids that exist inside the ground soil. Prime visible evidence of a person that is living is taking in breath of oxygen or inhaling in and out, after dying person don’t go somewhere else to live. It reminds me the story of Jesus Lazarus, after was dead four days he resurrected by Gods force, Lazarus did not go somewhere else or paradise to live. No one believed that Almighty will give power to Jesus to resurrect his friend. Beside Jesus there was not one person who believed that Lazarus can be revived, live again, reading this chapter you will not find Jesus telling to Lazarus’s relatives (listen to me my friends do not grief about Lazarus he is in paradise having better things that milk and honey, he is a good pleasurable state. Neither Lazarus complained after resurrected saying listen my Lord Jesus I was having good time in paradise why did you bring me back to Earth to suffer with pain and hard life) Dead people are in state of sleep no one can come back to life, unless God with his power resurrect him after Judgement day, many have same approach in our times almost everyone don’t believe that there will be resurrection from death to life many people will live again. 
now let`s go to the word Hell. Hebrew language, this word was used as [she`ohl] as grave, or pit, where they put the diseased individuals, in the entrpetations of Hebrew religion never exist the idea of eternal burning state. As explained in Bible (proverbs 27:20) In the Greek language [she`ole] is truly translated as [hai`des] both expressions used as, the common grave of mankind. In the Book of Johns Revelation (20:11-15) explaining the judgment day, "And the sea gave up those dead in it, and death and (Ha`des) gave up those in them, and they were judged individually according to their deeds, and death and Hades were hurled into the lake of fire. This means the second death, the lake of fire".

As you noticed, the word (cemetery) is not mentioned here, what will happen to the people who are buried in the cemetery? (The word, "hades" it means, cemetery tombs) Where the confusion started? Lake of fire, two situations thrown in it to not exist again, those two states are, first one "death" second one "hades" or cemeteries, will be thrown into lake of fire. Humans, whose names are not written in the book of life, existence of those sort of people names also will be thrown in the lake of fire, to never be, exist those sort of people, but will not be around again thrown in second death. Those names will be not prevailing ever. Bible cannot teach immortality of a soul of individual when teaching that wage of the sin is death that will be two different opposing outcomes. Interpretations can bring deadly damage, those analyzers put down a holly name, as a barbaric vicious unloving God, and they are the representatives

Let`s pull out the nail, main issue of arguments, the word "Gehenna" In the time of Jesus on earth, there was a location, in old Jerusalem, where they throw trash, of the city. They also throw fire to keep the odors demolished, in Hebrew language ("Geh hin nom" means "valley of Hinnom") that valley (Geh) was a property, belongs to Hinnom family, used for sanitation purposes. Others peoples call it < Jehennem >

Today, bad people are not thrown in that location. Jesus mentioned "Gehenna" as a symbol of complete destruction. Many occasions Jesus speak with parables, that`s his way of expressing, using examples, to be more impressive and make the audience grab the meaning. Manny occasions Jesus spoke parables, that`s the approach of his teaching. People who are the bad guys in the story, cannot object wright away (By stories or even jokes you can say more Sirius effects, than you can say in regular comments) Where in this parable, every character in the story, stands or represents, in conclusion they ponder about the story, and grasp the meaning. Listeners they have to figure out where they stand in the story. People who heard they have to go ponder about it and analyze the story.


The parable of Jesus, the rich men, and the poor beggar Lazarus with full of ulcers, and dogs would come and lick his ulcers, is not a reward for faithful, to go to heaven, and because a person is rich, and he or she used to deck himself with purple and linen, enjoying himself from day to day with magnificence, and he invites his friend and relatives to a feast, is not a sinful reason for the person to go to hell. Lazarus was desiring to be filled with the dropping from the table of the rich man. Feeding daily from trash cans of other people, and dogs are cleaning his wounds, was that a requirement for Christians?  At that time, how about today anything like that is not expected from faithful individuals, to prove that they have faith. These story is just a parable. Please show me one individual all over the world, that, can sit in a comfortable chair, enjoying happy, can have fun, watching people tormented, burning in hell. Feels comfortable? In the parable, Lazarus, doesn`t complain, the views do not bother him, is that possible? I don`t think so, how about when that tormented rich man, while he was burning ask for, a dip of water from the tip of Lazarus finger, to cool his tongs, is that make any good? personally i don`t enjoy this kind of heaven, where the hell is so close by, listening all day tormenting screams, smelly burns, and terrible awful sight. What is the meaning of this parable, of  Jesus? Where do we stand individually? In this parable, let`s look for it. Get the sense of it. All the subjects and stories Jesus talk, were regarding spiritual matters, so was this parable, spiritual matter.

In the days of Jesus there were two classes of spiritual people, in sense. One class has the possibilities of all the advantages, good educational comprehension to read and receive daily, the word of God, capable reading to feast the Biblical information`s, especially only in the temples, existed spiritual food, in big quantity, nourishment, and the excess knowledge. Whatever rich class (priest) shares his leftovers to the second class people, who have no means of education and possibilities to read the Bible, poorly in need spiritual nourishment,  this helpless Lazarus character image personalities were seeking help from pagan Nations, as it was describe dogs were leaking his feet for recovery, on one time Jesus used this phrase calling pagan nations as dogs in the sense that they have no theoretical moral standards as example (Jesus called not  in Matthew 15:22-28 a Canaanite woman a dog, not for insult, also it’s a phrase people in Middle East use Doggy as way of expression to phrase that the first right goes to the householder and next to the doggies in the house)In the parable example this spiritually poor class was seeking healing solutions moreover from pagan nations.

 like Lazarus class (ordinary people). All of a sudden situation changed. Lazarus class was sitting on the bosom of Abraham (a high position). In Greek language the word resurrection literally means “Standing up again” But Abraham is not resurrected yet, Jesus will be the first resurrection, but yet, but he was there and available to bring uneducated spiritually, bring them on his bosom. He gather all the people who had the need of spiritual nourishment in a sense, they sat on his bosom, fisherman`s, he fed them with knowledge by preaching the divine Gods word, understanding their need in spirituality. This change of position feeding the regular people, Put high authority religious teachers mad, they felt like grinding their teeth, very upset, before religious knew everything, now they know nothing, feel like a dead person in spirituality. Jesus and his disciples knew everything. Like there were in heaven, the religion felt in firry torment. Whether pretending that asking for a drop of knowledge, from the fingers of Lazarus. Even on many occasions religious came asking questions from Jesus but their intentions were treacherous tried to get rid of Jesus and his message. They killed Jesus. The message they could not. Today confusion about hell rules by some Christians. That`s not the massage of Jesus. Still today some are trying to kill the massage of love of Jesus.  

Human free will and thoughts have their own conclusions, for example in Jeremiah 7:31 mentions how ancient Jews throw their children in fire as pagan worship ceremony deed, to Baal “…in the valley of Hinnom, in order to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire a thing that I had not commanded and that had NOT come UP INTO MY HEART” “it never even crossed my mind, to throw children in the fire” also Ezekiel 16:20-21 “slaughter their children”

So at this we come to the conclusion to except interpretations as No 1 (That there is a fiery Scorching blazing Hell. People burn and fire torchers everlastingly, people who hear this might get more fear and pay more money to the church and excepting that God is not Love do not forgive and people in heaven will enjoy their neighbor’s to burn daily to entertain the heaven public in their restaurant’s balconies by watching the nightmare everlastingly. 2nd outlook God is forgiving He is God of love and his principle. Romans 6:23 “wage of sin is death not everlasting torcher” Hell is the commonplace cemetery, illustrative fiery hell is only stressing the Openion that death and bad people and cemetery will exist no more. We can accept only one way of understanding not confusing two interpretations.


So there is no Hell? Yes there is Hell, let’s take a tour to the hell. It has been on so many occasions people who are intoxicated by religious. Filled with pride and greed mental attitude of most people have is to prove they are better than others more important, if they don’t have wealth or education to compete try to go philosophical competition trying to stress that he is chosen one will go to heaven you will go to hell, that makes him a more important person than others, most of the competition humans have leaves other humans in sorrow and sadness.  Kathleen Taylor from Oxford University mentioned during Hay literary festival in Wales that Religious Fundamentalism could soon be treated as mental illness, other forms of ideological beliefs potentially harmful to society as a form of mental illness. Probably you heard many thoughts from people went imagining how hell, is seeing in their imagination or misinterpretations expressions from religious books and concluding different conclusions some also dream visiting Hell and came back to tell the story about it, collection too many courtesies by others, our visit to hell will be in logical sense. Let’s go to Hell for a moment, they said it is a hot place, inside our planet there are hot spots large mass of molten mantle rocks from 1.6000F to 9.0000F some areas on top of Earth’s core there are tremendous levels oh heat up to 8.7000F to 10.3400F some estimate that it might reach into 360. Gigapascals. Other hot location nearby is the Sun, it has 7.0000F to 11.0000F some estimate that heat inside the Sun might reach up to 142 Kelvin adding 32 Zeros.
Human cells cannot endure in this sort of tremendous heat range, Atoms can stay in very heat environment, our body is made of atoms that can survive to endure in this environments, in my post “Atoms are other sort of living things” I explained that two major elements of atoms are dark-Energy and Dark-matter energy fields that contain intelligent capacities, atoms specially water molecules supervise all activities of biological cells process, atoms release directives and receive data from human cells in stimuli electric sparks same jolts that neurons send through synapses into other neurons inside the human brain, One thing people are confused that as soon entire brain dysfunction by death all circuit activity between neurons halt consciences’ by death inactivity of message instabilities environments, I explained in my post “Neuron activity” that when entire brain functions in supervision of individuality sound harmony wavelengths the entire brain neurons all together analyses consciousness’, otherwise human brain cant analyze comprehensive conclusion into assumed summarize consciousness. Still some confuse others saying that men has immortal soul that continue living after death, if that is so close your eyes and ask your immortal soul what is happening around you, he will tell you nothing because nothing can tell you nothing, in simple calculations if you have no eyes you can’t see no ears can’t hear no brain you can’t think, God told men you will return from where you came from, soil that contains atoms and amino acids, that’s exactly you will return to the ground into soil atomic elements. Same theory goes for cars, if your car has electrical circuit in battery and don’t have a lamp it can’t produces light, energy inside you and inside your car cant operate if there is no body forms of matter to be activated through circuit field force. Humans as complete form can’t remain or stay in tremendous heat surroundings. Biological humans don’t have invisible soul imagination to be kept as prisoner inside hell atmosphere as I explained earlier in this post humans had to breathe to be activated as living things if their breath stops sooner or later their life activity tilt stops.  

My post “Angels” show how Angels are very tiny energy fields that also contain intelligence, mentioning their number 333.333 million of bad Angels are rejected by God because they rebelled Gods Theocratic order in New Testament book of Hebrews 1:7 mentions that Angels are like flame of fire. Mentioning in Psalms 104:4 Gods ministers are a consuming fire, as we see it refers by figurative expression, Angels can be kept in Hell of fire not referred to humans because fire definition is total destruction, in many occasions’ the bible express symbolic things including fire. Rev 19: 12 mentions Gods eyes as fiery flame, also in 2 Thessalonians 8 mentions fire as totally extermination judgement. On this planet Earth any moment where ideological beliefs potentially harmfully to society that also might be considered a hell where humans society are living making this planet into mentally disorderly state all harming and killing each other in the name of God. 

According to religious philosophers if you are not member of their church or faith you are going into hell or death, if that is the case there are thousand major regions only one group is going to heaven to rest are hard-pressed into hell, to this certain teacher of its faith that once a while can be caught up with immoral acts is representative of Almighty and this religious officer has the responsibility to send you either to hell or Heaven, what look does the hell has is all based on imaginary observations, does the hell is exothermic or it is endothermic? Is the hell expanding by new souls and ever time new group comes in temperatures are increasing to make all torched in the right hell like temperature, or as new souls are brought in temperatures staying same level and decreasing because the room of hell is widening? Some are introducing more sex life in heaven, some are just locating you in the lap’s bosom of God, I will not explain barbaric events some describe that going on inside hell, as soon they get your attention either scaring you or filling with great enjoyment luxury life you might have. Who knows you have to listen to all this confusions till you get mix-ups with one of them and share your participation paying your share of contributions so they will allow you to go into heaven. If you don’t go after your death you will not be in position to come back to argue about it, because your reasoning and consciousness can`t operate without your brain cannot operate, so principle stays in the same method, promise to control him or her, more hope promises you give more advantages you will obtain. If there really is a reward from Almighty that will not be through imperfect men who are already big sinners, the mediator according to the bible is only Christ Jesus. Some groups that declared in ancient times that they represent Almighty already were proven that they were not because they morally desired to do Satan’s commands rather than Gods.

Religious groups are not satisfied to scare others about hell fire and torture and so on though they might live immoral life secretly; still they enjoy frightening others with end of this world weekly. Creator of this grand beauty planet has no mood destroying this beautifully made planet, but I don’t mind if God someday eliminating those of purveyors alarming fear, Seekers of power, unsatisfying Greed money loving so called faithful communities.
No matter how deep a person goes into religion stuff looses peace and harmony with Nature and Humanity.



Religion today collect, great wealth, and authority, when I listen their programs on TV, some of the conversations most of their speech is about politics. Complains, and complains. Jesus`s teaching is love your enemies, religion teaching teach other ways. Bible teaches respect to authorities, which is your government, especially your president; their authority came from God, because God anointed them to reach into that position, allowing them to ruler ship. Beside complains what respect you see religion give, to the president. Some even hesitate to call, with his title, Mr. President, and just give his name, or give him a tiny title (Mr.) Why most religion don’t respect authorities? Well, nobody wont`s to give his throne, to someone else. Religion is a big field of position and authority, forceful ruler ship privileges; anyone can enjoy being in that throne, and wealth. Let`s always compare with Jesus, who became as a server, provider, washing the feet of his disciples. He didn`t own a castle, or a limousine not even a donkey, everything else. Jesus was rich in faith love to unknown friend, and the needy in spiritually.

Do you want to understand God? Read the Bible, and then compare what religion teaches. They read certain portions of the Bible and stress on certain outlook. There are other verses contradict that conclusions. Always remember, God who created the atoms, the Earth, has a special plan for you. Protons in the atoms, electrons around the, nucleus, is Gods energy and power. You are part of the true God, you are his creation. Like a Great artists when he cherish his creation as Grand creator. Cherish his artistic miracle creation. That’s you. God is LOVE, you know what to expect of him. And you should find out someday, when you look for it. What God expect. Of you, we all should work on that. Isaiah 55:6-7.  

Once a while I hear from people and religious representative fear God obey and worship him, kill unfaithful people rule on other Nations under the name of God, Jesus described that there are major two Gods one is God of this system that asked Jesus to worship him, Luke 3:6 “I will give you all this authority and the glory of them, because it has been delivered to me… so worship me..all will be yours” so when some declare that they worship God always question in my mind arise which one? God of this system Satan Or the true Almighty God?

We are in a time period where man has been allowed to be tested by Satan to show that there will be some men that respect the truth love Universal power righteousness and wisdom, Job chapter 2 Satan challenged true God that all people will curse god and disobey him. Unaware first investigation came on Faithful Job he went through that trial and show obedience, all human races have to show on your own where they stand regarding truth and righteousness and they will show by their daily life and by their friendship with other human beings. In my post “Friend you might find additional details regarding this subject.

                                                HOW OLD IS THE HISTORY OF CREATION?

Moses wrote beginning 5 books of the bible, hearing stories from one person to the other; collection all the stories that was told before him verbally for thousands of years. When human being try to explain a story, or effects that happened always the benefit gain of the story goes to a certain position, Human beings have a way of interpreting values, always pull to a certain direction, different than the Grand Creator. Isaiah 55:8-9 "For the thoughts of you people are not my thoughts, nor are my ways your ways," is the utterance of Jehovah. "For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so my ways are higher than you ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts" Let`s review the creation of man. Genesis 1:26 And God went on to say "Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, and let them have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the domestic animals and all the Earth and every moving animal that is moving upon the Earth. And God proceeded to create the MAN IN HIS IMAGE, IN GODS IMAGE HE CREATED THEM, MALE AND FEMALE, and GOD CREATED THEM.

                                                                  WHEN DID ADAM BORN?

According to some Bible scholars story of Adam and eve to 1975 made the total of 6000 years. Some explain that God created the Earth and creative existence on the Earth in 6 days, and those days refer as the Bible say for god one day is like thousand years, He is not under the regulation of 24 hours day and 365 days of a year, God created in six days and the seventh day he stop from his recreational work, others explain no each day was 7000 years because 6000 years past and humans did not see Gods exertion creations again, and some say humans did not enter to Gods millennial years (1000 years in the end of human ruler ship) each one has a different interpretation because dose days did not fulfilled in our times according to prophesies. People count creation after eve was born and because it was mentioned Adam lived about 1000 years, they go according 1000 years that we know, but these years might symbolize longer period of times.

My view point when Adam was created he was lonely by not having a woman. There were many sort of animal, when God introduced Adam a woman, Adam expressed with great expectation said “this is AT LAST” in Genesis 3:23 that explains that for many lonely years probably even for centuries perhaps millions of years Adam was alone with the animals, what was his main Job? Adams occupation was to study the animals and give names according to their behavioral character according to Genesis 3:20 it is not easy to study a animal in a short period of time, even Adam was perfect but he had to go alone and see the animal behavior for their entire lifetime their personality, for example we know watching a dog and comparing to a cat how their character personality habitat varies. To study millions kind of animal take many years of hard research and effort to understand all varieties, their intelligence, Adam had super acumen over the animals to study them, and his creator having more super intellect than Adam was watching him how he is going to fulfill his task this assignment had a great importance for God and he was expecting that Adam was able to fulfill that obligation, comparing those scientist in our days how long time they need to study a specimen? Sometime their all entire lifetime study animal and however they don’t know everything about that variety. In gods ruler ship order to study characters and personalities, even later when God choose 12 behavioral representatives to introduce his people he choose 12 different personalities, same when Jesus choose apostles he choose 12 different personalities or characters. One of the apostles, Judas was deceitful that is also a variety character of men. My approach is that Adam need many centuries of times to study this animals much more varieties that we have today because most of them are instinct. Plus he had to name bird`s insects fish and plants and trees all living sorts.

Satan did not bother Adam all this years, it is not mentioned any competition, until the day came when Adam had a wife, there was chance that other humans might born and live all over the Earth and God was going to be the one that all will receive praise people will worship Almighty. At that time Satan, one of Gods Angels, by pride he went through competition to power of ruler ship to be worshiped.
Religion busies contradictions and with one big unknown adversary the devil. But now another opponent rises, new rivals show up, Science, Astronomy Geology biology chemistry physics  you name it, on top of that Mathematics, all crossing the boundaries of religion to make it false. What they going to say or how they going to defend themselves, One keep smiling, second tell God knows better he is with us (though it was proven never God was never with them) only formula is let`s say God belongs to nobody. All people belong to their creator, no exceptions.

Let`s analyze atom. Two greatest invisible forces, are D.E and D.M, when combine, produce hydrogen atom. Protons are D.M, one proton grain contain hundreds of particles, collected as one particle in one atom. One electron invisible grain is combination of million, considered as one particle. When they join, the electron particle revolves over the proton, combine, as one body of single hydrogen. Result of my theory is. (Krikor) theory D.E + D.M = H (one hydrogen) scientist approve the existence of D.E+D.M in the universe, 96 %, is available. But I don’t Know, from where E, energy brought or came from. By Albert

Einstein E=Mc2 Theory he considered was the weakest energy in the Universe, Gravity. But In my theory, invisible Dark-Energy turn into visible Electromagnetism and the small particle of that energy is electron, every time smaller particles of proton and electrons loose and combine, produced atom Hydrogen, and the rest of the particle and Antiparticle groups. All form of particles that have negative charge is produced from Electrons and they belong to Dark-Energy or electromagnetism. All particles that have positive values belong to Dark-Matter and protons are part of DM, when equal electrical fusions join them in the atom, from subatomic hadron particle. Neutron will be created with no charge of electricity. All element and other particles are produced from DE and DM like Baryon Quarks Photon Mesons Hadrons Leptons Fermions Hyperons Nucleons and many others.

                                                              GODS ORGANIZATION

 Hydrogen in the stars, with more pressure and heat and gravity, hydrogen, by fusion change the form into helium and so on, to develop other forms of elements. Transition Elements-d, to Inner Transition Elements-f, Electron on Atoms contain data principles, to verify over surrounding elements, bringing amino acid connections, regulating the cell order, directing the pattern order in DNA, control management in human brain, and connecting all the data to God in heavens. This energy is part of electromagnetic energy in the heavens. Dynamic Dark-Energy can live circulate spin over protons for over 12 billion years. They are different forms of life Electrons live register as chip of computers, collect information, permit Gods principles on other matter. And keep record on everything surrounding them, what force they significance.

                                                                              WHO IS GOD?

This dynamic -Energy created Dynamic-Matter, D-M. Let`s compare God of Universe with us. There is in the universe 73% Dark-Energy 23% Dark-Matter, (scientist use the word dark because it is unseen, invisible, they can sense the effect of those forces) total of this forces are 96% of the universe. plus exist 4% of the Universe stars planets and Galaxies, and because atoms are made of protons (made of Dark-Matter) and Electrons, made of (Dark-Energy) it gives the sum of 100% of the Universe is made of D.E and D.M. Beforehand the establishment or in the beginning there was something in nothing. God represents, Greatest Force in the Universe, it`s very suitable to call, the CREATOR. In the beginning, there was only one force Dynamic Dark-Energy representing God. It will be more suitable to call, Dynamic Energy (but I am not in authority, to change the cod). God was the only existing being force, Dynamic-Energy, Electromagnetic force. By great qualities WISDOM POWERE RIGHTEOUSNESS and the 4th. One is not his quality but his personality. GOD IS “LOVE” after how many years God was lonely? Unknown, by Unknown date, God created first, a great power Dynamic-Matter D-M, Jesus a force he is and representing  Dynamic-Matter. In the beginning of creation God took a portion of his Energy and combine into a portion of Dark-Matter giving electromagnetic Energy into Body of Matter Jesus to become a Living Dynamic Dark-Matter. So Jesus had beginning, Almighty had no beginning always been existed. Afterward everything existed, from then after, was done with the participation of the great engineer, Jesus, using the power of his creator. God considered Jesus to be the engineer, to participate in creating, by using the wisdom giving to him the power and Energy of God. As. Likewise he was not God, but a God, as a title. Almighty gave Jesus the highest position, and highest name, exist in heaven as reward. Afterward God in heaven had the conversation with Jesus "let us make man in our image, male and female, how we can explain that.

We all are made of Atoms. Force Electrons, represented by God. Force Protons, represented by. Jesus Christ, these two Grande particles are the tiniest portions of Gods Power, in us in big collections they are part of us. We are CREATED to the IMAGE. That Energy combines in all the Universe and we are part of it. Angels are made of Protons, Humans and elements are made of Protons and Electrons. We are made of, Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Same with atoms, we are made of atoms.

You are temple of God

As I described in my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” God is amalgamation of two supernatural form of force fields Dynamic Energy and Matter D.E D.M, each portion of atom contain portion from this two invisible force fields, 100% of your body is made of atoms, each individuals contain trillion billion of atoms to complete form their biological cells and organs that work altogether under supervision of DNA that also are guided by supernatural wisdom, only our brain have own way of thinking with individuality personality of our own, by freedom of sensing or ignoring our consciousness, so your body is great collection of Gods force field, as a result of all atoms combine to form a person, that’s why the bible mentions about us in 1 Corinthians 3:16 “Do you not know that you yourselves are God`s temple and that the spirit of God dwells in you” regarding those who kill other people for sake of religion or world domination this is the standpoint of God regarding such behavior at 1 Corinthians 3:17 “If anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him; for the temple of God is holy, and you are that temple” the difference is that in this temple you have freedom of choice either rebelling of respecting God`s order, but the complete construction you temporary are using that makes you stand up as a human being, is Gods force of collective atoms as Gods temple. We have to realize main point of our existence that is described in 1 Corinthians 6:19 “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? Also you do not belong to yourselves” As I understand every atom temporary you borrow to complete don’t belong to you, and most important Holy Spirit stands for Gods active force that makes active each atom to operate to complete your body. So when the bible mentions God created men in his image is that your entire body each atoms contain Gods supernatural force fields.

                                             WHAT IS?  Difference between GOD and JESUS

What is the difference between, Jehovah GOD and Jesus in authority? Jehovah GOD is not created, always been existed, has no beginning, no ending, he is the spring of power and Energy, it pours from Him continually Electromagnetism everlasting, he is made of love. Jesus Christ is the first created being, greatest creation, Dynamic-Matter, and the only creation of God. Everything else was created through him; Jesus has to ask power from his father in heaven, every time when he was creating something new. According the bible Jesus was created as the invisible image of God, in ancient times of this writings by Greeks (Image) meant (Icon) When Jesus asked whose image on the coin? That means image on a coin is not identity but image representation. 1 Timothy chapter 2:5 declares “There are one God and one Mediator between God and men, Christ Jesus” see also Hebrews 7:26 His position.

When ALMIGHTY created Dynamic-Matter, He took a portion of D.M, and add a portion of D.E, himself on the portion of D.M, Jesus was created. After that everything was created through Jesus. The Universe is 100 % DE and D.M together, because Galaxies also are made of DE and D.M.


Jesus left his Universal position that represented Dynamic-Matter to come to earth in form of new born baby child grow as a man up close watch life hood of humans, main mission of Jesus was to redeem the human race from Adams sins, Adam and Eve they join into rebellion force of Satan and except Satan as god by not trusting their creator, from perfect manhood Adam fell into imperfection also all his offspring became imperfect, Jesus has to be sacrificed to redeem human race Jesus has to buy with his body the right of parenthood to be representing Adam saving Adams offspring from sin, under the principle of eye for an eye body for body life for life., Most difficult thing for Jesus was the point where he has represent himself to sacrificial death, if we compare with suicidal death, that was going to be more easy than what Jesus presented himself into the hands to get verdict of supernatural ruler Satan to be badly treated by Satan`s followers and Jesus did not know how far the harmed ill-treated will be . Jesus knew that his standpoint is totally opposite to satanic plan of ruling the Earth. Jesus had to presented himself showing how obedient he is to his creator, knowing that the task will more challenging than suicide, hoping his creator Almighty the strongest Universal force Dynamic -Energy himself will resurrect him from death. That was the faithful true result and great accomplishment for Jesus and also to Entire human race, but most important was to praise the originator of the Grand creator in Heaven. 

Before, Lazarus was raised from death. In book of John 11:41, Jesus already prayed to his Heavenly   Father, and asks help of power, or Holly spirit so he can be able to do one of the greatest miracles. He gave thanks, to His Father, for providing Jesus, the Force to raise Lazarus, from the dead. Another occasion when Jesus walking with a crowd (Matthew 19:20-22) a woman touch Jesus garment he said (who was it that touched me?) Like a battery, became low (Someone touch me, for I perceived that power went out of me) of course later Jesus could ask for more, of that power. As long he has to be used, according to his Fathers will. Jesus revealed that he was always, very reverent to use that force, because he have to ask again. Regarding with new supply from his heavenly father, who can provide, when is needed and how must be used. Jesus could not supply this, his own. That’s why Jesus asks before using the force. Whenever if according to Gods will. Jesus announced that he and his God are one, in the same sense he continues that also Jesus is one with his disciples by taught because they all together agree with Gods purpose. The purpose is one. The faith is one. The truth is one.

Some complicate John 10:30 saying Jesus and God are one. Because in John 17:22 Explained about the disciples " in order that they may be one, just as we are one" Jesus meant one. During persecution on Earth Jesus was mocked, slapped on his face, beaten up, spit on his face and died. None of this could happen to Almighty and never did and when Jesus died he did not resurrected himself, lf his heavenly father raise him from death, for God`s sake we should know the difference, later on Almighty gave him the greatest name in the Universe as reward, always the greatest give rewards to the subordinate. Unified with believe. Still, people give wrong interpretations about the Bible and God. Representing All Mighty helpless, when someone swears to their God, or disrespect the book of their religion, they worry that there God can do nothing about it, helpless, they give a hand to defend and protect the reputation of their God (GOD Almighty, cannot protect himself and interact to punishing the wrong doer?) What do they mean?

All mighty has the capacity or ability, to send right people to explain what are his thought, his will, because he created men and gave everything they need. What God expect from people? This is where taking advantage spiritual business men jump in for explaining, the way, one side scarring people with fear, other side showing hope and protection, if they obey the preacher, because once a while he is commenting from the holly book, if they contribute that religion and pay contributions, God will protect them (the only ones who are getting material protections are the religion leaders) God is not in need of your contribution so he can survive, but he wants you to help your fellow friend in need. But what theory humans apply, steel cheat others, make more money with every means, even if it damage others, you get wealthy and in high position than others, and protected. Some governments have retirement`s security arrangements for the elderly, giving many other protections, medical service, fire stations police protection. When they die the possession received by the governments, if there might be or not other official beneficiary. What do the religious suggest, write your will to the church, no matter how big service your government give to you. We like to inherit your money, we represent God. We will talk nice about you; we will send you first class to Heaven. Some people give a try, who wins? I don’t know.

Politic don`t exist In Gods Ruler ship, exemplary Jesus did not involve with politics, but religious are involved in politics talk, fight back to representatives of Governments (Jesus said be respectful to higher authorities, not that they were holly men, but because they were allowed from god to be rulers and have positions by God) so they get up there, in position, some have been even elected as candidates. That’s fine, nothing wrong with that. But if you are a follower of Jesus, apply what Jesus teaches.

GOD is love, he can make arrangements for all kind of people, for all nations can get rewarded if they show good stand, pure in heart and helpful to fellow human. The times when Jesus was preaching his disciple brought to his attention about a Jehonadabs sons of Rechap. They were only obedient to one command of their ancestor grandfather. Do not drink wine. They were not listening to the faith Jesus asking them to perceive. Disciples were expecting that Jesus might blame the tribe, and judge them, that were not the case; highly even God of Jesus appreciated Jehonadab sons. Because they were faithful and obedient to their Ancestor grandfather, Jer35:13-17. Jesus respected their faithful stand, also, obedience come first. Other religion they have to answer to God sooner or later.

                                       Why does God permit lawlessness and wickedness?

Almighty created everything on principle of love forgiving loving others as themselves. Unfortunately some came stressing or teaching that their own personal god like to kill and massacre and acted accordingly massacring raping torturing others that they are nod buying their own faith. When almighty created entire Universe plus many spiritual angels that had their own personality thoughts and later on creating men that also carry their own personality temperaments or characters, everything god gave was good, one thing God could not give was bad thoughts or lawlessness and wickedness, in case if circumstances are completed to be always surrounded by perfect environment without experiencing any lawlessness, to explain an individual in that perfect good habitat talking about lawlessness they will never grasp what bad thing is or lie or crime, evil taught s are not part from Almighty, as soon one of the high positioned angel by selfish seek authority on his own desire to criminalize, Satan became the creator of lawlessness Almighty did not interfere right away till the Universal issue can be settled down, What was truth? Satan wanted to be called God and others should worship him, which was wickedness, to turn the point Satan invented the lie (really God didn’t want you to eat the forbidden fruit? No you will not die, you will be like God) as the representative of Universal constitution, Almighty allowed for temporary time so entire living beings universal or on Earth can witness what lie and lawlessness can take along loving races to misery? As a constitution to explain only one side of the picture will not complete to do or don’t. According to Proverbs 6:16 there are six things that God hates also seven things that God detests all sort of lawlessness. It seems already we still are in this time period where this issue should be resolved to be proved what bad lies and lawlessness can bring to mankind, Almighty is not interfering yet not because he can’t but because the issue must be 100% clear to all.

Human race is in this period where Satan rules. All this great powers and governments that Satan could give to Jesus still under Satan have controlled authority temporarily on entire planet Earth. Nations are greedy in their disbursements caring their own homeless and poor people but yet they spend great money to go and massacre other nations, only Satan can enjoy this sort of adventures. Almighty considers each person as individuality that will give account someday for his or her deeds. As James 1:13-15 explains. Each one will be drawn out and enticed by his or her desire, which action will follow into committing sin.

How about millions of people that die naturally by old age or by other methods or crimes, can they be restored back to life? For Almighty this process is similar restoring shattered glass bottle back into original shape, as surrounding complex aspects we are surrounded by intelligent high wisdom atoms everywhere forming matter and living things, every progress of growing plant and animals are totally supernatural miracle. Same capacity everything that scan be existed is in the hands of Almighty, when individual die all its building block, growing of cells is based by command from DNA that is directed by DM inside atoms core to copy new cells, all data of individuality is patterned information inside atoms, to restore the former individual is just simple process inside the hands of Almighty, they can recreated with former memories and characteristics after follow up of new behaviors under the principal constitution of The Universal intelligent power. The bible mentions intelligent will cover the planet the way oceans cover the seas. Habakkuk 2:14 “For the Earth will fill with the knowledge of the glory of the Almighty as the waters cover the sea. Our brain now operates only 2 % capacity at that time we will think 100 % our mind will handle also the job of will operate as cellular phones being a perfect human beings. 


Still religious leaders pronounce if you don’t have the faith I will teaching you, you cannot be in heaven or in Gods coming Government without Churches help (will not allow you to be there) Otherwise you will be lost in Hell, are they worried and afraid about you? No (preacher`s income and ruler ship mightiness might be lost) Minus one member. There should be awakening in the societies, so people are free from bondage of religion, I seen on TV even sometime sheep can be pushed around in the field, by trained puppies, according to shepherd`s command, if religion give moral counsel, good behavior teachings by voluntary approach that’s fine. It will be great, otherwise if the intentions are dishonest and riches. People should find out their objectives. And protect them as a group society.

Similarly in history, some other religions came into position, they had big victories some of the times, and big defeats in other times because of religion. When wining was in there position they declared openly, God was with them, other shunned occasions all were very quiet. They all had their turns to be in power and ruler ship on people, some still are in power. Their opinions are appreciated by political representatives, when religion give a hand to calm down all the people, or push over into suggestive directions to handle matters in more smooth reactions, religion will be reworded in certain ways.

Any power exist today on Earth, is because God allow them to be there. You will object that some are from Satan? As long God is allowing the group or certain societies to be in power that means that they were allowed for their positions. It does not mean that God asking you to join the group, you should make your own research and healthy judgments. There are group of religions that are healthy and help people. Also others who are damaging the cultures and societies, they were both allowed by God because he thinks different than us, and waiting to see outcome how people will react, in the End. How cultures were developing and mix, you are in a big laboratory to bring your share of participation.

God Gave assignment to Adam inside the Paradise Garden to give names to Animals according to their character and personalities how they react in certain surrounding and difficulties, how do they react in happiness or in sad environment, how do male and female act toward each other, How they take care of their children? Many things regarding their behavioral life, Adam had to study up close with one advantage; he was perfect his mind use to work 100 %. Satan as supervise angel has to follow Adam to see how he is doing his job. Human beings have complicated qualifications more than animals they have also emotions happy occasions and sad instances many details and specifics are involved with human`s daily activities. First Adam was studied by Satan all the details how Adam reacts when lonely, than it was to be compared to see how hi is going to react with a female, later must be studied he`s reactions in community also with his offspring’s, this details also are considered and registered all reactions by Almighty. Before existence of Adam Almighty analyzing his creation stars galaxies and planets also moons, all the movement`s and coincident striking stars to each other or explosions of Supernova`s, calculation about speed of stars their birth and death of stars to control all activities of Atoms and all other invisible force energies and Matters details that even is not familiar to us. Meanwhile Angels were born much earlier than Humans How many million or billion years ahead time from our forefather’s is unknown, comparison of humans angels are more close to robots they don’t have as much emotions as human`s no freedom to choose. As soon they had chance to choose to live on their own with freedom of choice even knowing what it was they give a try to go down on earth and take human forms and marry to have children considering human life better form of existence

One thing Almighty is not capable to do; He does not lie and cannot lie. When Satan lied he was called father of lie because that lying act was created by Satan. All activities by Satan and his Gang with Immoral bad greedy men are registered to consideration that what outcomes can be twisted from bad habits and addictions, all sorts of crimes, human behavior is listed registered by God in all groupings and diversities, when people push each other deprive disinherit others rights and belongings, all human feeling are taken to consideration. If suffered individual was injured his health or even die, all the recollections of the person is recorded by electrons on atoms all details that even the individual was not aware Atoms and electrons are other form of life and we are collection of this living things. By example lets spouse this human being was a glass bottle and falling down shattered to million pieces what happened the bottle was lost but is someone have the capacity to collect all the sandy dust of that bottle and reformed and created same bottle and restored, what was lost? NOTHING, same things can happen to individuals giving even improved sentiments but meanwhile we are studied and I got the feeling that somebody watching me and all my reactions involvements good or bad, helpful or damaging? Creativeness or demolishes? I was watched.

During 6 thousand years known history, men tried all kind of governments; they invented always new presiders, some hade total controls others partial, always improving their advantages with all means to be in total ruler ship, Tribe leaders, prince, ruler ships, kingdoms, barbaric Imperialism, socialism, Democracy, feminine touch ruler ships, religion government, till now people don’t agree any form of Government, because poor people distress to pay taxes, but the rich ones disagree consider impossible proposition, but still they have to pay taxes, some find easy to pay for religions, somehow they get reminded in a nice way regularly, with many promises from God, that they will receive in 1000 folds. One day or in the heaven, where money doesn`t have any value or benefits.

Religions allowed by God. Individuals who came as prophets or messengers from God, and they said they are send by God. That was true or false, as long it was allowed from God for them to preach their massages, we have to allow also, Almighty god have the mightiness to interferer if necessary, if there is the need to do so, no matter what nations are involved. God has the capability to stop anything any organization in a second. In the some way he has the capability to make the heart to stop working.

Let`s be fare, we don’t know 100 % where we going after death, this must make us unaware how everything works, if there are million answers we know, Billion times of that we don’t know. This must make us humble to search, having open minds to compare and valuate everything. I consider other people big advantage, if they have working brains, because they have different outlooks into matters from different prospective. Complete humans each represent a cell of God: I did not say they are, I just said they “represent” a cell of God, because they have different outlooks to matters. Noticed some who are perfect in some kind of situations still they are inexperience and know nothing in other activities or situations. We can get expert in certain matters, but know nothing about some other important values. Because, a very wide viewpoint where we watching. And sometimes we watch from other end of the telescopes. History stories will explain you what happened in the human warfare`s, because of religion many times repeatedly. Same Issues regarding world powers, and mistreated communities.


According to the bible numbers also represent symbols. Like number 7 it means perfect, number 10 it means complete, number 6 it means imperfect, Humans when they were created their number was 7, and then they fall into number six category, to imperfection short of perfection. Number 666 is three times stressed the word imperfection, writing on their foreheads symbolize there thinking will be imperfect. Writing on their hands it symbolizes their participation in business dealing, will be imperfect, lower quality of God`s love, wisdom, righteousness and power. Already most humankind they have this 666 on their foreheads and on hands today symbolically in all their dealings with other humans.


 To consider opposition to Christ, first antagonism should know properly identifying who is Christ? Let us figure out what can be an anti-Christ. Hebrew equivalent identity is Jesus (Yah-shuh) means Jehovah is the Savior. Christ it means Messiah the anointed one from God. Anointed for assignment, opposing his messianic role and followers who teach falsely are also considered as antipathies Anti-Christ. Bible mentions Jesus words in Matt 12:30 “He that is not on my side is against me” oppressive, like Anti-Me. Anti-Christ has a double meaning, we considered the first aspect, second one (false representatives) so many organizations and religions they claim that represent Christ, some religions misleadingly God, (false Christ`s) promising others that they are the savior individual or organization. Jesus mentioned about wolves that will show up with sheep skins as his antagonisms. Anti-Christ knows very well who is Jesus and perceptively stand against impious him.

Possibilities might be a religious or political anti-Christ`s, to my knowledge all false religions started back in old Babylon consider, full of blasphemous thoughts against gods teachings, the word woman is symbolized in the Bible as organization. Bible mentions this thought in book of revelation 17:3-8 “Mystery Babylon the great” because this Babylon represent something else not the old one, it represents all false teachings and “contradictions” against the truth. Today almost all religions “contradict” other religions that speak from same holly book they read. Jesus never involved with politics, where do stand his supporters that should follow him. Today religion is assorted variegated with politics Jesus replies in Matt: 12:30 “He that is not on my side is against me and he that do not gather with me scatters.” Some religious people might think that they are in the boat with Jesus. Those religions are convinced that they are sheep likes, but Jesus will call them goats because of their actions and false teachings running like goats up and down confused unsettle with all around in their teachings, and always new ideas in politics. False religion help political and commercial rulers of the world more than following Christ, they were after schemes for world domination. New powers arise like Communism in the same goals also atheism, all together supported League of Nations and the UN.  

Politically also are many views opposing to God, believing in by tricks can began more power, no matter how many will suffer. Beginning history of man one spiritual creation of God family member of Satan became Anti-God; Ruler ship was stolen from God. Scientific discoveries nuclear bombs, ware fares inventions all together join the fight opposing Gods ruler ship, even though some people hopping that a political representative will come and solve all their problems and take care of them, not having faith on Christ, having hope on technology. Still some nations say no we believe in Jesus, USA legislative bodies open their sessions by official prayer by a Clergyman to give blessings upon the deliberations. Religion friend ship with politics is noticeable. Regarding Jesus outlook to the issue mentioned in James 4:4 When clergy exposes themselves more than ever as being Anti-God and Anti-Kingdom of Jesus, usually religions give descriptions about this subjects to people, let me guest are they willing to explain about their shortcoming? NO WAY. Just leave the people in confusion to hide the guilty one.

Year 66 Israelis considered Roman Empire as anti-God, when Jesus forgive sins of people and said he can rebuilt the temple in 3 days, Jewish religious considered Jesus anti-God. After year 70 CE and on some Christians considered Jews as Anti-Christ, Jews considered there opposes anti-Semitic, anti-Jew, till our days this Antisemitism is always issue. all this are confusions thoughts, even today some people were suspicious about American former President, because three names he had contain 6 words 666, President Reagan and many other Died in peace. Some religions gave names to divergent other religion leaders as Anti-Christ, there are many false accusation`s regarding, Anti-Christ. Some wait for God and Magog to represent themselves as Anti-Christ, Those are only Symbolic names accompanied by “Rosh Meshech and Tubal, Persia, Cush and Put, Gomer, Ethiopia, Togarmah, all are ancient names that will overtake by new Gog`s Modern organization. Mentioned in Ezek. 38: 1- to Ezek. 40 is the old symbolic names they represent powers all over the world that are against Gods-Kingdom

1952 may 19-23. Baptist representative theologian Dr. Rutenber said “Clergy and the Laity are alike disturbed at the seeming irrelevance of the Church” “dynamism of Anti-Christ, The church at large is waiting for a word from God” ”but that actually Christians are asleep”

The times of Jerusalem destructions Christian Jews that obeyed Jesus`s instruction. “When you see Jerusalem surrounded run to the mountains” year 66 Jerusalem city get sieged by Romans they attack and did opening to the city walls very convenient to go in, suddenly they retreat for no any reason. Remembering Jesus`s command followers flee to NEUTRAL two cities close by to Jerusalem Pella and Scythopolis and take refuge. According to Josephus historian, Year 70 Romans came back siege Jerusalem again and killed one million Jews and took one hundred thousand in slaves and sold all around the Empire. Christian Jews were saved unharmed. In conclusion, Anti-God is Satan and all followers of Satan that don’t agree with the Truth and are friends to the Enemy of God and Christ, are Anti-Christ

                                                           My opinion or viewpoint

What went wrong? My opinion differs from opinion of other people. I am different than you, is that make me labeled as crazy? I will not explain what happened in history where uncountable folks were massacre under the name of religion to ethnic cleansing, killing the parents and taking the children, and even raping the children all under the political excuse that they love God and doing his will, spiritually they are so clean, of course, even now, there is willingness doing the same crimes today, but the world is watching up close, and they don’t want to be condemned. The reason or starting point is not the religion but people behind it, it is rooted in human veins, greed and power for authority position, selfishness love of money and immorality, to satisfy all this addictions, the only means is whatever they doing till now. So religion is a tool to be used to go up into high positions, political arena also can be used as another ground, banking Markets, everything that holds power and authority active greed will take advantage to get more power. That`s the picture of the world today.

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