Friday, September 9, 2011


                                                     D N A
                                                                 By Greg Krikor Kaprielian

I never feel lonely for the reason that trillion billions of atoms are functioning inside my body, forming 100 trillion individual cells.

Probably you have seen on large plates scattered sand start to move and take form of geometric shapes by low or high octaves sound frequency vibrations that forms reshape when level of wave tones elevated, in same principle each human body has own personal harmony individuality sound frequency, each cell of the body repeat this sound code waves By DNA procedures that atoms regulate by covalent bonding principles, your finger print show your geometric sound frequency code by certain marking that belong to your inner personality sound tone harmony also marking inside your eyes, I will explain later in this article. White cells attack all other noises that are released by alien microbe sounds and bacteria’s.

Many researches sometimes have the belief that in logical sense they can reach into conclusion and give great effort to pioneer to into molecular biology discoveries. One of this class pioneers was English lady Rosalind Franklin also called ((Dark lady of DNA) who was born in a Jewish family and lived from July 1920 – April 16 1958 and received Nobel prize. At that time she did not know that human DNA can stretch-out to 10 billion miles long. She was studying in X-ray diffraction images that make her discover contributed crystallography in helix molecular structure that leads her DNA and RNA. As you know DNA and RNA already exist since biological life existed but it counts the success when we as humans discover their existence.

Some of the houses or apartment i lived, some of them were very special. They remind me Windows seven different opening, so special. They remind me seven outlooks in life, good experiences. Widest window possibilities observing the word involvement I had liked to share it with you. In my life continuously what I experienced I will share it with you seven windows for me there are seven senses, I see, feel, hear, smell, touch,think and there is possibility of supernatural gifts once awhile people might get. To share ideas with skeptical person, especially for new ideas might need challenge to explain. First window, wonderful experience 1968, one of my hobbies was playing the violin, once when my violin box placed in my closet. Safe and quiet; It was a copy of Antonio Stradivarius made in Germany. Corner of my bedroom all of a sudden, I heard, pitch sound note like someone plucking or drawing a bow of the string once "A", coming from my violin through the closet. Went up to check my violin to see what happened. Everything looks fine, all of a sudden, holding it I heard the same tone pitches from my violin, plus with vibration, in conclusion. Someone was calling his friend using horn, of his car. Down in the street a cars horn sound had the same value of ton note, and whenever sound of the horn range, same echo same note vibrations triggering same sound "A" Sound on my violin. In the field of sound you can find l magnetic properties that can activate other location, low octave sound frequencies contain vibration waves that can transfer energy from on point to other locations, all in different levels of sound variations, Sound flow can carry along geometrical vibration that can deliver structural manifestation for everything, in plant life and all other form of living cells to complete proteins function forming DNA. So geometrical structures can be delivered far distances through sound to function in other far away functions. and variety of sound values. Sound waves is very complex subject not perfected by scientist 100 % Same value notes trigger vibrations on mass of objects that, starched on same note values by quantitative beats in tension structural densities with same range vibrations persistence produce great earthquakes. Why I am telling this, at the end of story conclusion we will find out the full detail only for now like to mention, that all Atoms or elements produce sound or musical frequency waves  electrons contain regulation pattern directives, all matters in the Universe have the same principal, by my theory Gabriel there is no chemical reaction, but Tone reaction. All elements reject or pull other elements by frequencies patterns

Everything is made of Atoms plants and flowers are included. All atoms produce low octave individual, Hydrogen produces C to C# notes in lower octave 324.8 all other atoms in different variation notes, Oxygen F or F# Phosphorus C or C# Some plants grow better when listen to good classical music sound is part of all atom communications, so trees plants animals and our neurons all activated by Universal sound. When plants grow the communal atoms in the plant cell produces collectively sound frequencies joint mixture of different tones variations. Electrons can communicate and direct commands to cells and DNA to collectible build up, the direction is located in the force electrons all directive principles by supernatural force it holds instruction for life and printing directive of new cells, all atoms are other form of living things and they are part of complete Universal body of widespread communication order in harmony to low octave. Electron are different kind of electrical jolts diverse circuit force energy, inside human brains communicate by electrical impulses across the synapse like library memory banks go through axon terminals transmitting information`s vesicles with neurotransmitters by electrical jolts, this circuit carry information motion pictures data about smell temperature feeling and register emotions, everything humans can see and feel can be registered in those sparks electrical jolts recordings in full detail and transform information’s to other locations that have the capability to registering ascribe by same principles pattern jolts impulses electrons have the ability of all those capacities
 sound frequency. There is other higher intelligence in human body that also our brains are not aware of it.

Already it is proven that sound pulses can travel in higher velocities than light and don’t stop it travels into infinity whereabouts. This explain that sound is unique force where, sound carry intelligent formation constructional data structure patterns to make other atoms respond by obeying the configuration procedures including of formation DNA RNA plant and cell growth. Sound force or energy can generate light, figuring out that our planet Earth by its core release sound frequency force that initiate gravity, in same fashion small test have been shown that sound also can disturbs or contradicts Earth’s gravity making small object to levitate or manipulate in air. Other tests called “Sonic boiler” have shown sound can boil water, inside entire Universe sound carry energy inside by personality tone pattern characteristic naturally vibrates by themselves, some call it “resonant frequency” As I explained in my Blocks individual have their own personality sound harmony frequencies as all atoms, cells, bacteria’s, viruses have their own personality sound values, certain variation of sound frequency tones can eliminate viruses. So atoms release sound, all matter generate sound, making everything in their surroundings to be naturally in vibration activity.

I mentioned in my other pages, atoms are formed by two supernatural forces, Dark-Matter as protons and Dark-Energy as electrons, especially in water molecules atoms have more easy excess to direct or activate other atoms to participate connecting into other molecules having extensions to operate as cells with DNA formations, entire living organs and beings are operating under directive of two supernatural forces, DNA formations also show the supernatural data that were received patterns to keep data, a single gram of DNA can store up to 215 petabytes 215 million gigabytes of information digital data that can remain stored for hundred thousand of years, also is always clear that individual atoms keep data as long as they live that is 12 billion years, extension data are released into DNA Fountain to release during time DNA sequencing that modern technology can replicate DNA patterns according to their data patterns. Origin of life and knowledge is based inside atoms that are extended into DNA to form living things.

Vortex motion
Dark Matter is the centre of matter, but it is not solid matter, it is only pure energy that can shrink to smaller bubbles to fit inside an atom as proton that still can divide to smaller invisible portion to join with smaller portion force from electron to form particles inside atom. Dark Matter can expand large to gulp a galaxy; everything inside Universe is affected by Dark Matter including biological life stars and planets. Let`s consider the heliocentric model of solar system, where our sun similar to a comet swing through space 70.000 Km/hr inside the Milky way Galaxy. In my perspective all movement including deep space is not at random, Dark Matter is in control to effect every move in spiral motion, rational shift of the solar system is not aimlessly, that’s why now scientist are calling this motion a Vortex. It is very clear the effect of Dark Matter, Vortex motion is everywhere, as we see the Milky Way Galaxy it surge in Vortex motion, same with solar system, On Earth have you seen a sunflower rank seed how is line up? Or any flower plants trees, how does a water flow express when falling? How about life of the string of DNA everything no matter how large or tiny they all are effected by Vortex motion that is generated from Dark Matter. 

Till now the scientist always refer the key to life by chemical building blocks they done many tests in terms of complexity in prim or dial soup giving electrical charged environment to close minerals and amino acids, hoping that chemicals will generate life. In my theory Dark-Energy helix contains jolts information data information flow that is part of atoms electrons. Second energy flow comes from Dark-Matter that atoms contain in their center as protons, this also characterize as gravity and data, both together are characterized by two-way flow of information to direct DNA building blocks in term of complexity. This two energy forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter contain life and intelligence.

Energy from Amino Acids

Very tiny portions from two universal forces are presented into constructing one atom, this two powers release guidance to adapt their surrounding and apply all pattern principles into nearby other atoms to form new formations, singular atom release frequencies to clusters to work together to form a chain that are called amino-acid sequence to make proteins synthesis a process that mRNA molecules rely as messengers into RNA carrying frequency that are released through wavelengths from DNA into organelles or ribosome’s, inside variety of amino acid each one characterizes a given protein. Sound frequencies construct sequence to fulfill protein structure chains of genomes always adding new membrane protein structure and extracellular structures.
Who or what force is guiding the primary structures sub units, if you look into amino acid charts 4 structures the primary secondary tertiary and Quaternary all contain alpha helix formations of amino acid sub units.

Who is guiding orders of protein structure formation? Let`s make a review into amino acid groups with hydrophobic chain.

Group A. is positive contains Arginia R (Arg) Histidina H (His) and Lysine K (Lys)                     Group A. is negative contains Aspartic D (Asp) Glutamic E (Glu)                                                Group B. Serin S (ser) Threonin T (Thr) Asperagin N (Asp) Glutamin P (Gln)                             Group C. Cytein C (ys) Selenocystein U (sel) Clycine G (Gly) Prolin P (pro)                               Group D. Alanin A (Ala) Isoleucin I (Le) Leucine L (Leu) Methonin M (met) Phenylanin F (phe)     Tryptophan T (Trp) Tyrosin Y (Tyr) Valin (val)

All helix form activities are guided by atom frequency wavelengths that are released from individual atom to present orders of protein structures through patterns to apply in amino acid subunits, Alpha helix and beta sheet, the spin amino acids contain specially A group positive and negative formation makes collects new clusters of atom to form other protein segment structures and other new membrane, amino acids join with other formation of protein segments by their pipeptide bonds to connect one group to other until they form new biological cells. In my perspectives atoms are other form of living things and they work day and night to construct patterns that they receive from their surrounding directives that are connected from Universal intelligence wisdom send by Dark Energy and Dark Matter that each atom already contains part of that energy in them.

New DNA type “i-motif”

Beside the basic kind of DNA where opposite strands recognize each other, researchers found also new type of DNA “i-motif” that has four-stranded knot where structure cytesin can also bind to each other that are totally different from double helix form, “i-motif” can remain inactive and any moment switch their genes to activity. Their existence purpose remains mystery but of course it is for very essential unknown purpose.

Electrons have helix stimuli they have intelligence because they are part of Dark-Energy force and control the growth of the cells chain reaction all molecule variation is monitored by this stimuli and given new directives to DNA to operate when to grow to reproduce or divide, many varieties of cells are in the body like hair bones heart kidney and many, each group can be penetrated and analyzed to reprint reproduce according principle structures that knowledge is printed in atoms and supervise the diversities, a heart muscle cell should be located certain place in the chest and not inside the brain, starting forming human body potentials this atom intelligence directives guiding the growth, some of the variety cells can’t be found in the beginning process but transform new forms and go to grow in the right place of the growing fertilized egg to be an infant. In my other blogs universal sound frequencies I been explaining how sound effects to distinct other form of molecules and diseases. All this forms are based in tone reaction in my other blogs.  

Whenever there is the basic scheme patterns like seed of a plant or a cell of living organ, electron stimuli helixes joined to proton sound frequency waves they copy the detailed structure to duplicate and produce more of the collection according to DNA patterns in very hot surroundings or even in cold atmospheres, like over 800 meters or 2600 feet below West Antarctica Ice Mass we can find growing colonies of microbes, Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy contain life forms, cell production in living forms are big community that completes and units to greater tone pattern low octave sound frequency waves in harmony with the Universe.

The activity in growth of same bacteria and microbes on Earth might be different dwelling from their counterparts on Earth; yes they need oxygen and the rest of amino acids molecules to grow. The directives that I introduced in my module electron stimuli directives will drive slightly different, all ideologies of directive sound wave tones on DNA that are on the rampage from elements sound waves that might be different action than progression on Earth.

Neutron Stars own “Parking-Garage” effect.

Invisible life forms are everywhere inside the Universe, life existed before we existed, all atoms contain life force in non biological form, beside biological life forms atoms stars planets including planet Earth contain mysterious entities that inhabit earth`s atmosphere. Original life energy has basic developing course of action, considering human cells with neutron stars we see structural similarities as scientist also conform, saying visible turbulence network parallel sheets that are connected to each other by helical ramps through topological defects that is similar inside neutron stars, in biophysics nuclear Astrophysics call it “Parking-garage” structure. So both biological function to t geometrical consideration, in other word, dense matter inside neutron star`s crust show the formation of developments that resembles biological membranes, because life principle work in same procedure no matter where is activated, so life is everywhere inside the Universe using life force material or biological cells or any other form of entities that yet is not familiar to us, basic portion of life energy is included inside each atom that sitting down motionless, in reality is functioning light speed electrons with from the source of Dark Energy and by sound frequency wavelengths from proton core that is based on Dark-Matter energy.

Testing strong vibrations sound frequencies releasing to a pile of sand you can see it takes to figures shape in geometrical forms; same process is done in low octave sound frequencies in patterns of growing cell structure. Electrons cables contain stimuli of helix's that give and take with proton gravitational standards and develop structural forms.

What do you see around you? Intelligence, intelligence is everywhere, inside biological cells plant cells in bacteria`s microbes viruses, why it is so? Because everything is made of atoms, planets stars and Galaxies are made of atoms also, each atom contains communication process to release contact frequencies release by two invisible intelligent forces that atom contain Dark Energy and Dark Matter. It is very strange I feel sometimes how single individual or a group of entertainers sing on the stage or present a show bringing very big number of people to listen them, in same approach atoms can release frequencies where entire body 7 Quadrillion atoms can be entertained by group of atoms or a single atom.  

Atoms have two variety of intelligence as I described in my article “Our SUN” in the same article also atoms contain two different form of life, stimuli can transport information’s and coordination directives as I described in article “Neurons” Stimuli have directive effect on DNA pattern human immune system to act according to their surroundings, protons that are Dark-Matter have gravitational magnetic covalent bonding plans and electron helix's comprehend memory patterns and video see hear sensing and all type human proficient that already we use, in case of any infection electron helix receive the instability and takes time until DNA give new preparation to defense against infection be able to confront the new microbial variety hormones, this combat preparedness is by new production of sound frequency mechanism waves that white cells will be more capable to distinguish foreign sound s that ate not harmony to the immune system of the body penetrated, every new infection also even pandemics or plagues is the responsibility to prepare for combat by human immune system that are supervised by electrons helix stimuli tuning up the human cells to be more adaptable to distinguish enemy sound wave tunes released from their hormones. Till now science can`t clarify how complex is human eye. We have major 7 colors’ of light but human eyes observe millions of wider range of color shades. The cones in our eyes contains hues that can detect differentiate different wave frequency tones, sound and tone cane elevate in recordings of our cells discern millions of variety of colors. Stimuli from electrons can register these details and conforms data to neurons for safekeeping.

There is a thread like part in DNA that counts the number of copies of new cells, each time new cell develops that thread shortened a little until it reaches its limitation. DNA stretches to regulate copying new cells, electrons contain stimuli that contain all variety of codes to assemble directives they order the transposase to move transposons code, this assignments are given through directives of stimuli to DNA for mobile machinery that are considered “H smar 1” some scientist consider this as basis for printing codes in DNA that originated from “Marine” ancestor transposase.
Consciousness in plants

Definition in alternative hypotheses with plant conscious conception the proof already is present, some plants can catch insects and great information is bedded internally hidden followed by geneticist sequence having the capacity to transmit across generations, definition consciousness in plant shown by transition data in molecule cell and bio-electrical signaling by sound frequency wave lings to produce food. The basic data relies inside intelligence of atoms that control all activities inside the plant cell; in other environments such as biological living cell atoms react accordingly what a biological cell need, same with other form of animals fish birds insects and so on. Most important new outlook I have where atoms are other form of living thing and react inside metals and rocks according to the procedure that relied as patterns inside each individual of atoms.
Copying process are given to develop order codes and there is confusion why transposase are directing everything to develop in right standard but avoiding to make themselves shorter and shorter not regular sizes for their own mobile machinery, this proposition is great mystery, as I compare to biblical account Universal sound theory directives was send to all human complex existence to adjust production variety and limits interval of their life spans, all this analysis by logic it shows Universal sound language changed the development quality dimension, according to the bible people use to live one thousand years or so that extension reach into their limitation, same way someday it can be returned into new scale transposons codes that will make human live longer.

Each atom has own sound vibration tone frequency same with clusters of atoms, molecules release combination of complex code tune wavelengths plus genes release much more complex variations of sound they represent the individual person or animals personality harmony sound, all new cells are formed containing personality harmony of individuality, some bacteria’s live inside other bodies try to adapts sound harmony to reside in other living forms, white cells can penetrate foreign sound frequencies inside the body and attack to eliminate the intruders. All activities are formed by immune system of the person but male and female genes are regulated differently to regulate variations the way they switched forming different patterns, plus T-cell genes from certain person might carry individuality harmony stays with the T cell no matter what other body contains their portion as body parts, individuality harmony like finger prints stay or keep with the previous body sound harmony individuality frequency wavelengths, they persist their sort of sound variation in T-cell genes. Basic pattern of individuality always remains to enclose the former person.


Atoms communicate with sound frequencies, cluster of atoms unite into harmony sound dialogs to release messages. Inside the human body trillion of trillions of atom clusters have to reach into a conclusion to release harmonious into unilateral message by excepting vowel gradation of echo vowel harmony, according to individuality of DNA atom clusters in vowel harmony progressive or regressive harmony, so atoms already contain multi number synonymous expressive communication lines that we call it language or tone reactions. Atoms keep constant harmony sound frequencies to be connected dialog with DNA of individual person where they represent part of it. In other words, atoms contain many form levels of languages and they feel in control to use what level of communication vowel gradation to use inside the brain, human brain will be recognize atom thought only when atoms are communicating the individuality harmony of integrated way. In my perspective all languages that are on this planet plus all communication activity signals between fish, insects, birds, animals and all sort of thousands variety of human languages and dialog, atoms can interpret all sort of languages that are based in multi layers domains.

It exist a compound that is called Glycan helps our skin cells to communicate each other, first atoms communicate to each other then cells have similar activities with other cells same with DNA and RNA.  Atoms can declare their lifespan, each chromosome contains telomere protective cap thread shape and size and every time cells will produce new cells their telomere Lifespan will length will be shorter than the parent cell, major order is given by atoms principle how cells should behave and apply certain lifespan, there was a time before 5.000 years ago when Universal life force mandate allowed people to have 1.000 years lifespan, gradually that was changes, it is possibility to find very rare people who can live about 130 years or so in our time, also some vital proteins and hormones might extend life span of telomere about 20 years or so, no matter what basic principle stays under the mandate how long a healthy person might live and others in complicated health circumstances make them live shorter.

In Genesis 11:1-9 biblical verses explain that 5000 years ago people spoke a single language, as Adam and Eve were speaking, fragmentation of human languages started in the city of Babel as soon God commanded confusion of tongues. (Purpose from God was to spread people on planet earth but Babylonians build a large city and try to live only around its vicinity) when confusion of tongues happening the activity was to generate atom clusters of certain groups to use different level of modeling  subcategories of languages from their level domains to particular domain that already exist and are printed inside atom clusters, assimilation of sound vowels became adjacent to some nearby people were able to understand integrating way to specific grammatical suffixes with progressive and regressive harmony, each word trigger assimilation in a vowel, all data are already print out different diagrams in schematically in different diagrams, atoms clusters release sound, hearing some other language you might realize how musical sound vowels play big part in their expressions with grammatical assimilation that are controlled by atom clusters according to individuality sound harmony of the person.

Who triggers DNA to bind strands and separate?

 In my perspective, water molecules contain hydrogen atoms that have two life energy forces Dark-Energy and Matter, they direct all activities in formation of DNA, atoms contain electrons that can release temperature raising into their surroundings, hydrogen atoms control that release when pulmonary chain reaction is in process, sound frequencies from hydrogen atoms create a vibration to divide the double strand they call it polymerase that is an enzyme to collect all needed molecules to copy transcription process of RNA echoing sound vibration to form to copy DNA blueprint, the bond that target sequences in each DNA strand are molecules guided by hydrogen atom directives to replicate the process using sound frequency and same time raising temperature to cluster the atom molecules into enzymes packs to be used as glue binds, making DNA into first second third and 30 cycles many DNA strands will be separated and reassembled into new nucleodiester bond to replicate transcription RNA. Before DNA becomes the blueprint function of its genes already hydrogen atoms carry all patterns to guide DNA to complete its DNA blue print during transcription by sound frequency wavelengths and temperature variations using polymerase enzymes to copy DNA separates strands or to bind together.


Dark Matter is regulating gene expression

In my prospective atoms contain two major invisible intelligent life forces, in our genomes Dark Matter I call it Dynamic Matter has the capacity to contain basic genetic code of every sort of microorganism to regulate gene expression according the basic variety of protein coding, Dynamic Matter releases genetic sequences for nearby atoms to participate forming molecules in vast amount of genetic code to form cell formations, when other genetic pattern exist such as microbes viruses animals plants and other form of living things, Dynamic Matter influences to regulate gene expressions in different forms living things, because basing life formality patterns are contained inside Dynamic Matter invisible force fields. Some Scientist believe that genetic codes in our genomes contain Dark Matter, in reality each singular atom of any sort contain Dark Matter but to influence regulating gene expressions happen when certain formality of genomic sequences by codes s to activate expressions biological genetic material.

Let’s consider a few birds from four thousand kinds of birds, they all sing according to their variety, they all make nest according to their variety, mocking birds can imitate their surrounding sounds including car alarms, some birds sing romancing melodies to invite a mate, some can sing thousands of notes, some can release two pitches of notes at same time, some conclude that birds learn from their parents to sing or make nests and so on, in reality Dynamic energy express to the brain of the birds genetic code and regulating expressions, is you grow up a singing bird isolate from its kind, you will notice they will react exactly as other bird of same kind, because Dynamic Energy will guide by genetic sequences making know them what to do how to react, same with all other insects microbial living things plants and animals.

 Some might have experiences, disturbing stories because of receiving organ transplants.

Many times I explained single atoms have two supernatural forces Dark Energy and Dark Matter, atoms form our cells inside the body with DNA and RNA and many other protein forms, atoms contain memory everything happening inside and outside your body, whatever you see feel hear or taste, atoms themselves keep private data for 12 billion years. All characteristic taste and personality also is patterned through the atoms inside every organ you possess. If someday you needed a organ transplant, it will be better you consider that you are going to adapt some memories and data from the donor, if the donor is dead still the information that was kept in certain organ that you will borrow also contains memories of the dead person. There have been cases where a organ receiver sow half awake vision who killed the individual body that the organ was donated, in very clear memory who the killer was. A heart transplant recipient noticed how his personality was changed becoming very near to the personality of the heart donor was. Another case organ transplant receiver from a suicide victim, after a short life receiver had suicide in almost same pattern, other individual that receive organ transplant had memories how car accident victims experienced before death. In all cases recipients somehow adapted characteristics from the donor’s personality as when they alive, here are enough experiences that justified that atoms effect on personality characteristics, when body organs transplant into other individuals their behavior with memory qualities pass into the new individual data recollection that are based individually in each portion of an atom procedure collectively in organ forms that was available to be donor to recipients, same with blood transfusions, so atoms can deliver memories through all-embracing organ structure. I have a theory in my blogs “Atoms are other form of living things” of course there are more other complex approaches where memories and personality building form of the individual is in pattern by his or her coming offspring through DNA and RNA patterns, not only for the next generation but passed down through generations.

As far as I know I am the first person who presented theory of Atoms are other form of living things, so any time atoms from deceased person either 6000 years ago or less, someone from Pharaohs’ family might reach by food or drink into a modern person biological cells and upload data from the former individual also by transplant of foreign body parts, do not be surprised if all of the sudden the receiver start to talk in different accent or having a new characteristic change, in my theory atoms upload data all the time from their surroundings much higher grade best computer system and keep for 12.billion years as far as atoms live. One thing for sure atoms exist also the power they have undeniably exist same with their intelligence communication capacity that effect inside each biological cell to direct DNA and RNA plus all other protein and vitamin formations, atom does not present a different soul into other bodies but only present knowledge of all uploading data that they preserve till someday atoms die and return their complete data to Universal force fields of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter.

Reincarnation by scientific approach

Dalai Lama stated “it will be difficult for science to disapprove reincarnation” concept, but I will try. As I described foreign donor body parts are capable to carry memory into new body. All atoms carry information of their surroundings video sound precise data, some atoms that were left other humans mixing into nature flow either with water system or plant life as particles somehow they can be collected through nutrient vegetation or in liquid drinks into different person, later on some communication can go on between new arrival atoms and the old ones, new guest might transport some memories about former person where he was residing earlier in life. All the so called new data that individuals might receive to except as logical standpoint, having no other choice they reach into the philosophy of reincarnation, some great men such as Plato Socrates believed this sort of philosophies, by sensing certain memory about other people life they concluded that soul of other people are residing in them, many continue to except that have the consciousness of others inside them the word reincarnation means literally “entering the flesh again” I had the chance to get important notes from local resident who also is a great researcher, Karekin Darakjian from Sweida Jabal Druze where great number of Druze live and they believe transmigration, Druze also believe their soul is united with cosmic mind.
I was 22 years old while setting diamante in “Burj” downtown “Sook al Syaghin” Jewelry market Fakkhuri Bld. In Lebanon, a very old man approached politely to my workshop introducing himself in Arabic language with high vocabulary, then offering very large book to me about reincarnation, for a price. I told him that don’t believe that philosophy, after conversing half an hour in question and answer explaining to me that men and animals they soul literary enter to other flesh with their consciousness at the time they born into cycle of existence up to certain numbers of years. At last I suggested to him a point; I said I will be willing to buy the book from you on one condition, if you can answer my last question with logical sense. Then I said “As you remember every year we having more souls coming to life ether animals or cattle of chickens I mean all sort of life are multiplying day after day, If I will except your cycle that souls transform from the dead into new living this number should stay constant always remaining same number not increase of numbers, so how come?” he answered “Yes souls enter to other flash, but there are other extra souls also come from heaven and Universe to live through animals insects and so on” I told him “I am sorry I will not be able to except your book, because it does not make any logical sense to me, plus I can’t go through  imagination that has no limit to conclude” we shake hands with smile and left.

As concluding reincarnation, atoms communicate with each other, they contain Universal intelligent by two Universal life forces Dynamic Energy and Matter that some call it cosmic mind, men don’t have a separate soul that can inform you what happening around you if you close your eyes, but brain neurons release stimuli to communicate and transport data only into atomic communication circuit that will not be recognized from biological cells. 

Many scientists were explaining that bees communicate by dancing several vibrating moods to explain dancing, for me all that fancy figure dancing leads nowhere, this is not reasonable or logical. Earlier I explained that atoms release sound tones in low octave frequencies and plants are made of atoms, certain melodious tuneful buildup sound tones in flowers gen, pollens contain also low octave frequency clusters or gadgets, main condensed sound gadgets are collected with pollen like broadcasting continuously pattern of their individual plants or flowers essence. When individual bee sense and collects the pollen of certain flower and return to their  hive resounding those small transistor like music tones to home, as soon the bees inside the hive wobble out this pollens by vibrating and circling around it dribs this so called transistor gadget`s, sister bees pick a few and directed to the major sound spring center of flower because they fallow the sound orientations comparing to the so called transistor sound clusters that are carrying until they find the location with no difficulty, later repeating same process to their sister bees performed a moment ago.

White blood cells against bacterial objects
Biological life forms have individual personality sound wavelengths that entire body cells harmonized tuned to that complex sound frequency procedures tone reaction. If entire body has sound melody like classical music any bacteria in the body will be predictable by their different form of sound frequency, tone sound of bacteria will be resembled as static different that entire body harmony, right away though the white cell can’t recognize far of bacteria, inside all that crowded red flow blood white cell can be aware of strange foreign sound frequency as static sound, right away it will go toward that unfamiliar frequency to eliminate the intruder.

Type of Blood cells

Blood contains life energy especially in red blood cells, it is so complex to understand totally why red blood cells have four types blood groups that inherit from single gene that release personality harmony individuality of the person, as all atoms and molecules communicate with sound frequencies same with blood cells, many times i mentioned cells release millions of notes in one short nanosecond measures that are code details of the mechanism of cells with their DNA RNA personality harmony, like variety of keyboard layouts such as treble clef bass clef and so in one tiny nanoseconds that also contains pause in chromatic scale, you can tell difference distinctive chromatic scales with ledger lines in Latino music Japanese Armenian German Indian and African, same differences can be found with sound music with Blood type A, B, AB, O groups, some describe that red blood types have singular antigen sticking up from the surface of red blood cell. The result to recognize Antibodies latch of foreign substances I believe so that I am the first person who described that sound music variation codes that are released by unique molecules representing their individuality, white blood cells always echo with red blood cells the individuality harmony sound frequency, inside the body any foreign object that does not mimic diverse sound that is keeping their exotic personality release, it seems as static sound where white blood cells will make a distinction and will attack the intruder plus human individuality represented by sound tone force from immune system amplifiers to fight against antibodies, red-blood- cell antigens have their own alternate blood types that represent personality tone keyboard layout sound harmony personality in chromic scale in each complex nanosecond code variations.

Bacteria have mechanisms.

Water molecules have memory and directives to other atoms and cells, water molecules are collective of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, each atom is combined by Dynamic energy as electrons and Dynamic-matter as protons, they contain wisdom and energy of life, atoms can live 12 billion years and can change their personality into other form of atoms by fusion and always communicate with sound sequences wavelengths. Bacterial forms contain nucleus of DNA or RNA patterns, water molecules direct activity to process other cells within the bacteria by sound sequences wavelengths, by H20 signaling bacteria generates protein structures a composition mechanism to form pellets, like a human pushed out hair they grow by force of 150 pn, this pellets have signaling pathways to inform core of the bacteria signaling about their neighborhood molecules atomic cluster that also release sound frequency wavelengths, after a while they shrink back as they retract back, that will make body of bacteria go forward, continuously bacteria process new pellets an reverse the progression make bacterial move forward. Microbial geochemistry is based on sound sequences that contain data as neurons do, if we divide one second into 0.0001 nanoseconds messaging their formation by sound wavelength, divided spaces and tones in nanoseconds can release very complex data that is not understood by humans but our cells specially neurons synapses communicate with this type signaling between atom and cells through bio sensors harbor DnV mechanical geochemistry.

On average we have 80 Lb of muscles and 35 Lb of fat adding on top 43 Lb of organs, all together 60 of the body is water additional 40% of other chemical elements, average person has about 100 trillion cells that die and replaced by new ones. Besides white cells in every second our body produces 2 million red blood cells. Entire body cells produce same tone of sound frequency wavelengths additionally 4.5 Lb of other microorganism’s bacteria’s mimic that sound to live inside human body to live in this so called large hotel, this process can help immune system, other microorganisms live out of the body inside the human skins on human hair and so on.

Living cells

There is more than one standard version of living cell, life capacity is flown with different theory models, let’s consider three cell basic three models. 1) Eukaryotic cell with complex Organelles for unique performance inside the cell, it has nucleus that contains DNA with Chromatin that are divided as chromosomes when separated to form new cells together with Chromatin, cells contain nucleolus structures that prepare Ribosome and their job is synthesizing proteins filled with enzymes plus you have liposome that function as garbage disposal facility, inside the cell also exists respiration  mitochondrion that makes ATB molecules, most unnoticeable part is played by Cytoskeleton  microfilament  that are hallow tubes and release sound, they orchestrate the personality sound harmony within the cell, entire cell is like a city with factories their constitution security transportation and secured wall all around the cell function, after cell divide still round shape is restored.
Second category are Prokaryotic that have nucleus membrane but without any nucleus one single cell form such as bacteria`s, other group is Eukaryotic plant cells with nucleus membrane-enclosed organelles, Viruses are different form of life form they can be stopped all their activity and restart when the environment is suitable, no matter what form of cell is operating it contains supernatural intelligent guidance that are released from Hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water molecules that direct all basic pattern according to the blue print that is already designed with DNA, earlier all patterns are enclosed in possibility memo of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter all DNA RNA have to copy genetic material, So life already exist in the atoms the rest is transformation some of the data to other collective molecules to perform according their basic starting part from a plant or biological form or bacteria, atoms embracing all other life form activities.    .

So all biological system mechanism inside all sort of brains and plants animals works according to directives from sound frequency tone reaction wavelengths the same electrical sound tone circuits that atoms and planets stars and galaxies work with but they individually have different complex lining in tone elevation and complex composition millions of notes done in split of a second that I call it tone reaction.

Same sound frequency determine the cancerous cell development inside the cell lockups intermingling because foreign to the harmony of the individuality sound, malignant cells sound clusters, raise sound tones as variety of different regulation of inharmonious sound frequencies. Some Dogs can sense these sound clusters tones, supposedly if the cancer cells were chemical reaction of smell no way that it could penetrate all the walls of the cells and smoke like clouds to travel around the dogs nose, but sound frequencies can and the dogs will sense the malignant, if it is a trained dog it will give its warning signal to humans, This prove that DNA order is collected and combined by sound procedure frequency order from electrons and helix lines of electrons same with amino acid lines order to gather sound harmonious atoms to develop molecules, Human body need only 40 type of amino acid groups to develop a healthy cell, whenever loose foreign chart amino acid penetrate to cell construction the balance is disturbed, DNA`s combination processes, also dangerous and irregular cells yield inharmonious sound frequencies that damage to the harmony of body individuality blend. 100 Variation of amino acids 50% helix turn from right to left, 50 % from left to right, only ones that turn to right 4/5 varieties are used to developments of human and animal cells, all others are damaging in human body and give genetic complications from left to right 4/5 varieties are used to developments of human and animal cells, all others are damaging in human body and give genetic complications, all biological molecules have chemical reaction I call it tone reaction produce two type of amino acids micro-images opposite to each other, there is also amino acids in space but all are right handed molecules, one from left to right the other from right to left, all living biological form contain same type of amino acids from left to right 4/5 varieties are used to developments of human and animal cells, all others are damaging in human body and give genetic complications, all biological molecules have chemical reaction I call it tone reaction produce two type of amino acids micro-images opposite to each other, there is also amino acids in space but all are right handed molecules, one from left to right the other from right to left, all living biological form contain same type of amino acids because amino acids are statistics of processes that are embedded in order of electrons inserts and instead being constructive it will be bad information coding, in other word we are what we consume, humans have 46 chromosome but potatoes have 48, we are surrounded by many other microbial and lately with many artificial coated synthetic molecules will disturb our healthy order in the body because they are wrong sound of low octave sound frequencies damaging to the body, all artificial wrong tones are to pastes hide and kill insects and fungus will be embedded in us when we consume those chemicals probable our body start to produce also pastes ides and genetically we will disjunctive, insecticide’s will direct our cells producing cancer cell and then grow in tumors in our body. Everything that is not natural and artificial will damage the harmony of body sound frequencies inside the person when God said let us create men like us; we can see how human brain and our Universe have similar look by their network. 


The sound that atoms release are Universal laws, rhythmic sound vibrations collectively by molecules release trillion of sound tones, you can find always intelligent, intentions, attraction with balance and harmony, always advanced mathematics guide their work, in human brain trillion of neurons and synapses made of atoms collectively sound trillion X trillion X trillions of separate sound notes, all together complete harmony melody out of our reach to receive and evaluates, human science is too far behind in that expansions also there is no precise gear’s to analyze everything.  We hear less than 1% of acoustic spectrum. The low octave sound frequencies released from protons and electrons have their personalized patterns to communicate by sound waves, for example metallic groups stay attached in metallic bonding, nonmetallic keep covalent bonding’s also there is ionic bonding’s that also are nonmetals. Human body is made of atoms that are borne billion years earlier than you, the atoms you are made of already originals atoms are gone after first 7 years and refilled by other atoms and always they renew to new ones, almost 99 % of atoms have hallow space inside them so you are made with almost emptiness, together organized to effect of all atom bonding directives come by sound note waves in levels that are foreign to us. Also we can see 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum surrounding us. 99% of human body Hydrogen Oxygen and carbon atoms, a person who weight 150 pound might have about 1127 atoms, twenty zeroes following number eleven, because 99.99 %of atoms are hallow, almost 99% of the individual is empty.  

Japanese Puffer fish

Biological cells are made of from clusters of atoms; atoms direct their environments especially inside biological cells releasing intelligent activities by sound frequency wavelengths, a plant can`t see or think but atoms can see and direct all movements where to grow a leaf and or flower or grow movements into certain directions. Regarding birds insects fish and other biological living things that have many supernatural wisdom, it impress me Japanese puffer fish where atoms can guide the brain of this fish to calculate mathematical perfection to express how inside atoms is to have energy points and how they look like, Japanese Puffer using only his fins continuously plough the sands breaking it up to make deep impression on the sand without sleep all week 24 hours a day before storm might damage his masterpiece, if some shells appear while working he removes them and decorate the ridges of his construction, I feel he distributes such as atom particles are spread inside the atoms, fisherman believe the puffer fish doing all this work to impress a female puffer fish it might be true but also same time atoms are directing to express the shape of an atom how it looks when we can`t see it with our own eyes. I believe atoms can express through brain neurons to make living things to express in unusual capacities as you see with the example of Japanese Puffer.


Some humans can born as twins, sometimes person might have two sets of DNA in their body that come from fraternal twin, it is called tetra-gametic chimer-ism, it happens when two zygotes to join together merging as one human body with two different DNA forms that can be found  two different cell lines in their organism. These genetic differences can be shown by people who have two different colored eyes; others might have different sex chromosomes. It is too common some have intercourse with different people, during intercourse every male leave his DNA sperms with the female, some of genetic DNA cells remain definitely tied inside the woman to be part of her genetic organism. Some other DNA that resides in the female body attached to males body and he carry allied DNA into his body, mainly all DNA carry sound individuality personality frequencies with them and can reside many fixed variety of different DNA inside the individual and could effect on the individual personality. 

After many revisions inquiry brings in my conclusion that entire Universe is guided by Sound frequency wavelengths vibrations, mathematical or mechanical power inside Universe has life force and can accommodate with perpetual motion intelligence in complex similar to binary codes combinations tones, as I described Dark Energy and Dark Matter determines intelligence life force with their differences of frequency and vibration, all cyclic patterns are guides by this two energies to guide scalar waves. Nonstop cyclic pattern of scalar waves generates portions of elements to grab into Universal quantum flow gravitational lensing by Dark Matter vibration flow and Dark Energy oscillation inertia field. Some call this activity pastiki phasing (process of light flashing similar to energy patterns) Entire universe controlled by this two forces of D.E and D.M directing light sound and vibrations controlling largest galaxies until to smaller volumes of matter including atoms and particles, all elements participate to submit directives from Universal sound patterns to shape or form into molecules and evolving any mass volumes that exist inside the Universe. Some conclude that Gravity started to form all matter in my perspectives sound frequency waves from D.E and D.M control everything including gravitational wavelengths implementation of atoms, putting together DNA and all other biological living forms and other living things, atoms are not biological life forms they are other form of living things, atoms contain two distinct life energy arrangements D.E and D.M. hidden parallel forces release vibration frequency rate by all cycle of creation intelligence pattern scalar waves that geometrically form all matter.

According to scientific researches men live on this planet from 60.000 to 200.00 years ago, according to biblical interpretations that don’t match from one religious group to other group men lived starting about 6.000 years ago. Some group say God created men in 6 days but those days are symbol days that meant 6 periods of time that each day can be considered 1000 or 7000 or 10.000 years. Scientist perspective used to trace his origins that men came from several other groups of prehistoric people and later they reveal that the DNA hidden inside mitochondria can disclose that all men came from one Eve 135.000 years ago. X and Y chromosomes tell detailed building can conceal block complication that during time it might get overfed in details of chromosome every time they duplicate DNA by X and Y chromosomes. I approach this subject considering all details no pre-conclusion.

Atom frequencies that are released from the proton represent invisible supernatural force of Dark-Matter that represent dark side of the Universe controlling one string of DNA, second invisible supernatural energy is released from electrons that represent bright side of the Universe that is Dark-Energy, I call them Dynamic Energy and Dynamic matter, this second force forms second string of DNA, two forces together direct atoms to complete the DNA, this two forces also direct to different spin form of amino acids. Patterns that are previously set inside the cell atoms recognize their structure and join forces with their frequency wavelengths to copy the activity of building new cells; cluster of atoms collectively may try to construct extreme new form of cells that might be supernatural, let’s give a look into world’s toughest creature that is macroscopic bear-shape animal called tardigrades that is meaning (slow stepper) it is the world’s most resilient animal that can endure hot and cold environments, can stand in temperatures  1K  (-458 0 F) to 420K (300 0F) it can thrive 30 years with no food or water, it has Anhydrobiosis abilities and also can be solid dry and later come back to life, they can survive desiccation.

Already supernatural life force exist in different realm of the Universe, somehow some hands reached into our planet to transform life, atoms are the intermediary other form of living things to participate to be used inside the building of cells and also informing everything going on inside the body with the Universal knowledge Dynamic Energy and Matter that are represented by light and dark.

Atoms contain characteristic behaviors because they are living thing that contains life, atoms contains small portions of Universals supernatural Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter we call it electrons and protons. Human behavior is generated from 7 Octillion atoms, by wavelengths atom clusters reflect their emotions, including other form of livings plants animals they also through atom clusters that release same emotional behaviors.  From starting point of living, person contains personality sound harmony melody frequencies that the individual will keep entire life, all new cells will echo same frequency in entire constantly regeneration old body remains in the sense of sound harmony individuality will remain in the person till death, also some atoms that were part of the cells will keep this melody personality code for future use. Pupil inside the eye remains the same all lifetime same cells but other parts of the body regenerate refresh into new ones by destruction of 100 million old cells where same number of cells will be created in one minute. More or less, longest living cells are the fat cells that live 25 years then the heart cells gradually the muscle cells 15 years bone cells 10 years, red blood cells 4 months lifetime and gradually other form of cells they live shorter time period, one thing for sure each cell forms of atoms contain the personality of the individuality sound harmony code during their lifetime.

Human body that is made of atoms is connected with the entire Universe because our body contains same products of elements that stars are originated in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” you might find additional information. Average human are 92% made of Oxygen Carbon and Hydrogen, mostly human body contains about 50 trillion cells if you add after 50. 12 zeroes, each cell operates as great machine factory respecting all law of physics and chemistry because water molecules that contain life force in their Oxygen and hydrogen atoms they direct the process to make DNA register their data to produce making proteins food process prepare new building blogs, cells have own personal communication flow that is constant state of transition plus they receive outside communication reaching to the brain they can send messages and apply new orders how much to except food how many times to multiply and when cells have to suicide, 7% of our body contain atoms that can be found in the chart of periodical chart so our body might contain 0.5% metals that in my perspective also contain other form of non-biological life energy. 60% of body is water molecules that direct to give sound frequency tone pulses to DNA codes that all together can be overextended into kilometers containing data that connects to every living source of that contains life because same life force that water molecules contain all life form existence that were available on Earth and entire Universe. In my other article “Atoms are other forms living things” you can give a look. Human being contain 7 octillion Acids that is 93% of your body weight if a person is overweight the number will jump higher, 7 0ctillion is 7 billion times 7 billion billions, every month entire skin renews. During one year also almost 100 % of atoms are replaces leaving out of our body and bringing new other collections of water and other atom elements to be complete our body, almost in 5 years every atom that was included in our human form body was left out and new atoms took its place in building materials that we contain in all sort of cells bones muscles brain cells you name it everything was renewed by other atoms, usually cells die but atoms live 12 billion years, after atoms disassemble as Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy they return to their original life form energy position that never die but recycled to new hydrogen atoms that during time will go into fusion process to change their characters to other form of atoms.

Accumulation of all computerized knowledge of the entire world all together, to compare with total data  intelligence with one water molecule, water molecules surpass with intelligence data because each hydrogen atom is portion from combination of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that is part of entire Universal force field that contains life. Some go to describe complex molecules that forms biological chemical soup that produced breathing organisms, in reality water molecules are in charge to function nucleotides together, all elements that exist is also done by Universal sound frequency communicative tone reaction that are complex information codes in witch atoms communicate with sound wavelengths that is known so little we call it fusion tone reaction, three chemicals that needed to start life biology are in same direct formation as amino acid linings are formed as knots grouping sugar then phosphate groups plus all elements needed oxygen nitrogen hydrogen, all together come together by directives from water molecule sound tone variation codes to be molded as RNA molecules continue to shape also proteins so all function properly, everything sent from water molecules are guided by code wavelength that other cluster of atoms comprehend and take shapes in collective formation. Atoms already have the habit formation army procedures lining formations to apply any new directives to obey and react to new measures. All this complex particle is called chemical soup that living cells need. To organize specks to function properly continuously forming cells copying new one DNA come in action that also are formations complex linings guided by water molecules, after cells are produced in big numbers each cell is connected to entire individuality sound harmony tones to be portion of the entire source flow that has to be guided as moving and living as individual being.

                                                            Human Breeding

Usually many know much about this subject. Productive humans have to bring next generation like other living things. During their lifetime one couple might have several dozens of children but why a male need ability count of 250 million sperms, which are released during one ejaculation, average male can produces 525 billion sperms cells over lifetime. Average females’ also 2 million egg follicles and structures for reproduction but majority of these follicles close up and only 450 will be released for purpose of fertilization as mature eggs. First of all one of sperm and one of egg should meet to create a baby together, Philosophers and religion come with their prospective thoughts saying why male should have 525 billion of holly sperms to be wasted. Especially when each single sperm contains 37.5 MB of DNA information in its head, as soon the ejaculation happen it drops in 1.587 GB of data to female egg. I will try to answer them, in my Blogs in many posts I explained about Universal language Sound frequencies how all atoms planets stars and Galaxies and atom clusters molecules communicate to each other with sound frequency wavelengths I call it “Tone reaction” Also mentioning that each organic and individual human being encloses personal sound harmony personality harmony of sound wavelengths that each cell of his body recognizes that tone, by this metamorphoses white cells reach comparing personal harmony sound to other static sound released by viruses and microscopic microbial sounds clusters, white cells will attack on the intruders by sound corroborations. Always there is this expression that everything happened by itself without miracles, or we have to except there are miracles. In lifetime male can produce 525 billion sperm cells, about 250 million sperm during each ejaculation, the hard to reason by logic when each individual sperm has 37.5 MB of DNA data to transfer each sperm can carry 1.500 terabytes to female egg follicles. In my perspective it is a miracle when supernatural to portions of Dark Matter and Dark Energy that form an atom release mystical information’s into human cells and DNA.

Bright eggs

Sound frequency consistency directs all living cells, during fertilization a sperm makes into female egg a releases flash of light is produced from the egg, this is the moment when billion of zinc atoms are released from the embryo conception, depending how successfully fertilization occurred it is shown by its brightness, using microscope cameras in 2014 technicians were able to sense the light that zinc atoms were releasing, hopefully the time will come when they can also register the sound of frequencies that embryo releases as well.

By purpose of fertilization great numbers of human sperm rush in to meet female egg, all sperms have bright light that is generated by zinc atoms, as we know all atoms contain tremendous sparks of light energy in electrons flow where some very tiny neurons stimuli might be separated to find out the spot where female egg sound frequencies are located, we are talking about atoms in reality two supernatural forces that combine to form the atom Dynamic energy and Dynamic matter they are the ones that communicate in between atom clusters as soon male sperm reach into female egg and go into the egg wall more light sparks that are released by zinc atom that makes the egg bright, at that moment entire wall of the eggs shut down all the pores to prevent any other sperm to enter at the moment where embryo start to form, in my perspective moment of conception is generated starting sound frequencies released from sperm atom clusters from each core of atom cores or protons (Dark Matter), reaching into electron force field of electrons (Dark Energy) to meet same functional group of atom clusters of female egg, as soon they meet bright sparks are produced, this is the moment of successfully fertilization that follows other memories from atom clusters from the male joining into female cluster data to organize formations of DNA and procedure in formation of new cells that will be provided data from Dynamic Energy and Matter. 

Personality harmony of a sperm during ejaculation personality sound start to activate to construct, all activities are done according to sound frequency wavelengths, sound will modify DNA by vibrations sound will levitate molecules, sound will give pin point additional warm spots into atomic clusters, sound will release light from electrons, also sound will eliminate unfriendly molecules or viruses from the formation of the fetus. As soon cells start to multiply to develop, all babies will stay with female state, after 5 sometimes 6 weeks later water molecules will direct by sound wavelengths if the baby should be male, all of a sudden male chromosomes are activated to form develop as male, otherwise all babies are female in their starting point of developing.

As soon first cell formed with sperm and female egg, Dynamic Energy and Matter supervise the growth through vibrations from water by hydrogen and oxygen atoms that will collect 7 Quadrillion atoms to create complete masterpiece human form as middle weight of human form that contains at least 37.2 trillion cells. From beginning one individual has to produce 200 different types of cells, when a baby is completed they carry 300 individual bone structures as they grow some of their bones fuse or connected together where the total number bones as they grow up as adult to complete into 206 bones. When reading the bible I noticed Luke 12:7 says “Indeed the very hairs of your head are all numbered” I don`t surprise about that when people can count 100.000 hair follicles on their head. All cells have memory pattern of entire personality consciousness and history life of the individual person where they were part of it completing number of 100 billion skin cells, many of these cells die and released from the complete body but the memories drive out with the released atoms and remain inside atoms untouched as long atoms live 12 billion years. The heart on average exert 115.200 beats everyday 1.6 gallons of blood through 42 billion blood vessels carry all sound frequencies to entire body and all cells mimic same frequency wavelengths as one sound tone that represent the individuality harmony that supervise from 100 billion neurons that operate 60 million thought signals every day by its receptors, the brain conduct all the work of 30 trillion red cells, supervise 23.040 breaths per day, as soon we stop counting we will be gone. Like one large high grade manufacturing factory the body works diligently with many other complex supernatural high standard capacity and only supernatural wisdom from Universe through atoms that contain small portions from Dark Energy and Dark Matter release sound frequency wavelengths through atoms exertion, especially from H2molecules. Probably we might think we have one voice, in reality there are many voices inside one.

Now when human come together for breeding each male and female each contain their own personalize sound tone harmony of sounds in their cells and complete body, to be decided new born baby two different sound harmony have to choose what sperm contains the sound that is attractive to pick, each sperm cell contains own personal membrane protein clusters that also contains own personality sound harmony, eventually two join in individual sound variation harmony duet frequencies have to choose which sperm have to do that job to proceed e fusion with oolemma into female egg for fertilization. Both person who having the intercourse unknowingly their personality sound harmony variation tone frequencies will choose from various ions and proteins to pick by sound variation for right capacitation to the right spermatozoa, after ejaculation of sperms during first 12 hours male inner sound harmony will encourage sperms to develop more vigorous hyper activation motility to force certain sperms to be more vigorous by continuing nonlinear flagellar motion by right tone sound, but female egg also have its priority of sound harmony to fend directing certain individual sperm that feels sound harmony, capacitation in human reaction in intercourse reaches into spermatozoa competition by sound frequency to bring right sperm to bind to the zona pellucida,over 250 million sperm struggle to reach the target no one knows who will be victorious before reaching into the target. Male individual has own habits and females have their own their individual sound harmony fights to help the right sperm to reach the goal, female probably will allow the right sperm to sound of the egg and probably certain percentage of personality habits will be allowed to effect during conception on new forming individual, female try to programmed the child but only to certain level male also will effect by the mentality of sperm that also is unknown who knows who will come out in all that 300 million individuals, fetus can receive factors by two parents plus environmental factors flourish,  scarcity can also effect for example During Armenian Genocide by Turks in 1915 many continue their life in starvation their generation memorize in their DNA to consume more food and get overweight to be ready for similar environments, I know a female that does not like certain kind of foods during pregnancy every day she consume type of food she hated when her female baby born and grow up she had preferences just the kind of food that her mother did not prefer Personality belong to newly formed fetus nobody knows what will be the new form personality but DNA shape development can have certain level in shape health and ability but not in habits or personality of the baby. So choosing the right person in 300 million sperms that also might be mixed with new personality egg in conception no one say I choose the one that I indicated, in conclusion Universal sound frequency does its effect, before conception any sperm is nor have the special conquest yet so individual sperm is not a person yet is not a holy individual that contains life, all individual atoms contain life but are not biological individuals our body contains unknown numbers of trillion times of trillion times of atoms. All the other sperms that are wasted are not complete individual beings yet they are considered as any individual cell of the body.Unfortunately in our age of technology many chemicals that are not really proven that are harmful for common uses inside homes as disinfection can be significantly harmful in human reproduction and damage our health, best way to avoid as much possible products that contain quaternary ammonium compounds, everything that was not natural several thousand years ago is all around us worldwide, so best approach is to avoid all toxic products.


                                                 DNA under Universal command

Atoms communicate in sound frequency theoretical principles, two major forces atoms have D.E and D.M direct everything in surrounding. Water molecules feel more informal to express Universal sound procedures into Neurons and DNA regulative creations. Basically all law of Universe pattern inside each atom specifically with force of life, all living animals and insects are regulated by Universal theoretical principles all data comes into new created livings, let’s consider a few advance aerodynamic capacities on hummingbird, it hovers by flapping its wings 50 to 200 times per second it can stand on certain  location in the air go backward upside or down, in flight air rushing sound detected by females, color of feathers give expression about itself, to declare courtship male bird have to ascend 27m/s by 30 meters diving on interested female without touching her this action release a high-pitched sound, if any human pilot is in same position he or she will be in state of g-force accelerating causing loss of consciousness. Capabilities humming birds have deliberate and assembled by advance technology that resides inside atom frequency directives, hummingbirds metabolic can go into close degree of hibernation if the food is short. Courtship capacities were not gathered by the birds willing to progress but other grand intelligence put those patterns through Universal sound frequency wavelengths that atoms have. No matter how capable an animal bird fish or human is all have to respect Universal theoretical capacities that obligate. Hummingbirds can fly fast? Larger and faster birds can stop them, they have certain cycle time to endure living, their surrounding should supply nourishment to survive to live and any disaster can stop their life. Humans are unknowingly governed by Universal powerful theories too, are they trying to go into space? Or live under the Oceans? They have limited time to continue their life that is assigned for them by Universal frequencies and atoms regulate everything to be according to Universal theories and principles. Probably other living beings might have more capabilities in different potentials but all have to obey directly or indirectly to Universal frequency directives, is not only one time control process while seeds of plants copy their cells to grow into complete forms of plants and trees further with intelligent directives by water molecules that contain intelligence of two energy forces inside atoms Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter supervise existing of cells to continue process on and on. Universal language continuously is operative to direct all life beings, not only atom release data directives but also collect all data from surrounding other particles and elements nearby. In my other post I described “Atoms are other form of living things” so water molecules as well contain memory and transport into other atoms, in other post also I described electrons contain intelligence and wisdom and collect data from other atoms including Hydrogen and oxygen atoms , electrons are materialized Dynamic energy that also might appear as a lightning, there are potential that an lightning traveling through many water molecules and delivering energy on the surface of our planet and in case strike into a human or animal body lightning might re-establish new performance of DNA inside the biological livings. During centuries some lightning might happened to change or improve quality of life and wisdom inside the habitats of this planet.

Atoms have regulations by two supernatural forces D.E and D.M very delicate complex coding to apply during fusion multiple levels of regulations for each higher realm to function, for example when atoms combine as a cluster they direct amino acids to form knots and molecules to form a living biological cell that also have higher realm of atom structure, atoms have surface electron walls that cells have outer walls, center core cell membrane nucleus, atoms and cells both have including many other particles that operate to function as other form of living thing but the basic is the atom and its two supernatural forces, if you reach far away space inside Universe you will expertise pattern of galaxies connected and based such as neuron and entire brain contour configurations or other biological orb formation or a shape of a Eye. Entire acquaintances to direct formations are base from same beginning directives as we see inside atom.

Acknowledged about living cells are very limited, beside biological cells there are also supernatural life forms are condensation of pure energy, atoms are other form of living things, Angels are other form of extraordinary living force forms that lack of human feelings and compassions, beside that also exist many other forms of living process, one of this group is an pure energy form bacteria’s that consume electrons that exist inside the entire Universe they are everywhere, life is an energy force field that still need to be analyzed, anyhow life existed before life became active in us, as soon two portions from invisible energy forces materialized they form atoms or anything other electric life forms, already I believe this two forces contain life force energy that can transform into other living things including biological life forms, principles of DNA is guides by invisible pure life energy to make growing cells of biological cells or plant cells to progress according to basic originality of patterns that sperms and plant seeds carry that are based on personality sound frequency originality wavelengths. Human brain neurons can come into communication through water molecules that if allowed to be translated this Universal pure power energy brainpower to be anticipated by biological living cells.

Universe is storehouse of life and energy that can communicate by two forces that are responsible for the sequence recognition by codes, D.E and D.M form atoms, single atoms in their part connection with each other’s also big volumes of atoms as planets and stars, Biological livings don’t receive into their consciousness Universal interconnection but water molecules do inside our body without informing our brain, sometimes this secret line is exposed between DNA and other DNA in other places through water molecules that exist all around and inside our planet, this sort of communication is called telepathic abilities, in reality it is just messaging circuits between water molecules across. Is there a global and Universal connection? Yes but it is not connected into our consciousness. Day and night our DNA is communicating with water molecules that contain Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms each are formed by two major powerful force fields Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

DNA and RNA have personality characteristics of the individual

In my lifetime I met all sort of so called friends, some did not harm with emotions or approaches other tried to put me down with words to offend me hoping that they will stay in higher position comparing to me according to their expressions, some tried to tease or make fun of every weak point I expressed or mentioned leaving me choice either to forgive them or have grudge to them, many years later in life I came into conclusion that all people are created by God and allowed their parents to bring out Child to this world that will participate in communities as good or bad people. My perspective is each person in formed by trillion times trillions of atoms amino acids, all atom clusters and cells have own personal characteristics that combine with the complete body personality to react behaving whatever they see is the best or more successful or fun to express themselves in every incident in their society not caring are they hurting others or helping to enjoy their life as true human beings, then i concluded that if one scum tried to heart me, one way I can ignore him saying so what? Then try to not go down into that low creature level to compete, this will make me analyze about how disgraceful a person can be if following his or her low grade selfishness to control in lower grade of fame and pride. Many times I presented the idea that each individual has own personality sound frequency wavelengths harmony that control their entire body to approach and react to their surrounding, sometimes reaction of atoms will be static by irregular combination by atoms that joined into wrong type of amino acids that spin opposite to DNA sound harmony making static sound that do not understand love empathy sympathy with compassion, those people are failure in friendship communities, this is my regard for static personalities where after they realize their wrongdoing their DNA RNA will complete analyze that something is wrong with their approach regarding to other people, realizing having no respect on themselves and others. I will never go mad on them because I consider them helpless failures especially for those who are not trying to help themselves in healthy sound harmony for their body to reject faulty atom clusters, those that accept their shortcoming their personality sound harmony will work automatically rejecting faulty cluster atoms out of their body to purify themselves. They all are collections of good marbles or bad marbles same with atoms good collection of atoms in amino acid lines necklaces and bad static irregular lines of amino acids that are dysfunctional. As a jeweler for 48 years I appreciate beautiful art work of gorgeous Necklaces. 
By the way let me mention also, this harmonious sound that people have is like a symphonic classical composition as I explained in my post “Dream” all of a sudden this people receive attitudes or expression that make them feel close to their heart because it is close to their personality sound harmony. You will notice these groups close as a religious group or nationalistic groups and also you will notice separate group that have certain way of life and habits and addictions bringing other  to likes and dislikes, I met people who gather and sing religious hymns, people who associates them they have to sound expressions same behaviors to make them feel having near sound tone harmony frequencies, on the other hand you will meet nationalistic groups that have expressions that thrill other individuals with their own sound harmony wavelengths, or discrimination's to different races or communities, they need to find people with same choice, they all feel free to gather or spend time together, same with other multiple different groups in society that have other live through civilization or with other communities..

                                                          Ingredient of life

Ingredients of life (CHNOPS) is already everywhere on planet Earth, Carbon hydrogen Nitrogen oxygen Phosphorus and Sulfur, DNA and RNA need acid based affect to bond carbons with amino acids fats plus lipids everything with nucleobases particles, using organic carbon plus carbon dioxide monoxide salts carbonic acids, someone or some intelligent guidance is needed to implementing or collaborating atoms to successfully form vitamins and many variety of molecules to form a cell, also this completed life cells on their own creates disequilibria that must have negative entropy plus isotope fractionation and atmospheric disequilibrium to continue life. Best element for life to be connected is C 12 carbon 12, as I described in my Posts atoms are other form of living things hydrogen atoms are combination of, 1) invisible force field of Dark-Energy life force field that when materialized becomes electrons that can be unlimited fragmented to go into big quantities of helix stimuli later by separated go inside atoms, 2) invisible containing life force field of invisible Dark-Matter Bubbles that act as clusters connecting into helixes that enter into atoms to join forming new particles to change atomic characteristics becoming other form of elements that we call fusion. Two hydrogen one oxygen combination molecules as H2O has capacity to release w wavelengths that will direct elements nearby to form or join into life essentials as some call it chemical elements, operational definition is released sound frequency tone wavelengths from water molecules to feed on negative entropy, all basic statistics are arrayed by orders to knot amino acids with all sort of required molecules to collect compounds forming new cells. When new elements are collected to form cells carbon 13 is neglected because they are radioactive also amino acids that spin from right to left are collected (100 varieties of amino acids 50% spin from right to left 50% spin from left to right, water molecules use only 40 % from the group that spins right to left) there is complex orderly supervision to collect elements that are essential for life, organized implementing successful collaboration, this intelligent directives are released from water molecules frequency that is some sort of perfect harmony individual humming of individual life form that its DNA is formed. Water molecules transport delicate complex sound perfection to echo into the small group of molecules that will form a living cell, as soon orderly personality sound harmony is stopped releasing harmony wavelengths their life process is intermittent, but still all data of individuality wavelength remain inside memory pattern of water molecules, atoms live 12 billion years and keep all data of that happened all their surroundings. Life already existed inside Universe long time before Earth was existed, later on somehow life entered to our planet, one thing I believe atoms are other forms of living things same with planets and stars.

Gut bacteria at work.

Atoms are the ingredients of life, middle range humans are formed by 7 Octillion atoms that hold memory and life energy with intelligence patterns, first arrivals in our stomach are atoms that embark and later disembarks leaving great effects to our body, their molecular formation present bacteria inside the stomach, it is verified by worldwide community of scientist that water contain memory patterns, same with other elements that carry in into our stomach, each cluster of atom contains own harmony sound frequency that will add brain to process information, as I presented earlier, the human brain contains own self harmony sound frequency, new arrival atom clusters, either have to adapt new territorial sound harmony or reject that will revolt pressuring new control over your mood creating static sound, disharmonious comparing to harmonious body tone wavelengths, as the brain is in communication with our stomach gut bacteria’s that will effect brain function share out with new behavioral feelings happiness or anxiety, healthy memory or unfortunately sometimes with stress. All personality behavior is capacity of function in atoms majority group of revolt effect moods or minority happiness will regulate emotional response in the person, atom bacterial formation can impress on behavioral dysfunctions, most of the time new arrival atoms formations of bacteria`s except new sound harmony mimicking same vibration echo harmony of the individuality if the person has healthy functional sound harmony capability to take in control the entire body, or let down into disorderly functions under the new arrival mobster disorder, that is all type of illness or bad health conditions. More or less entire community we are living in has similarity the way inside our body operates, defeating harmful elements rebuilding damages territories making improvements distributing policeman or white blood cells to stop the criminal viruses and bacteria’s and so on.   

Within neuron cells there are also DNA long twine that can store and release over 70 petabytes of data that can be stored inside DNA one dozen of thousand years, hydrogen within water molecules contain unimaginably billions times more data because they contain two supernatural dynamics energy and matter but to unlock data from hydrogen we have no power over it. Imagine all the collective water molecules contain inside the brain all the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms collectively how much data they can store in their jurisdiction or release any moment they want to, plus atoms can store all that data during atom life time 12 billion years and after atom decompose the dynamic energy continue to store that data for eternity.

 Every atom leaves our body contains data of memory in, my other post “What is Water H20?” you will find additional data. Somehow we all are part of the entire Universe force field that existed to develop all matter stars and planets that are made of atoms in same material we are made of, we as humans have our position to stand by same with plants and other animals insects and fish also many other life forms, why we are here? It should be a reason we like it or not we are going through the process to participate sharing in time period that we are in same with all other galaxies inside our Universe that we are part of it. 

In my perspective as explained in other posts Atoms are other form of living things based from same life source of Original Dark-Energy and matter magnetic interactions that govern electricity  that is based on opposite directives with double helix also can be seen in same principle with DNA also with 50% opposite flows by amino acids all life forms invisible electromagnetic flows and matter forms up to living cells are directed in same principle of sound frequency wavelength pulsates facing double helix oppositions, between the invisible life force elements and biological life form cells is the main pure spreader that is contained inside water molecules having major ordinances Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms combined by water molecule clusters that direct all DNA directives in all sort of biological life forms Persistence current. All life is controlled by Universal sound magnetic wavelength pulsate interactions that controlled of invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

There are Prokaryote Eukaryote Animal plant and Biological human cells that contains life forms, humans collect non biological life sources are in need of other non-biological life energy that contains the originality of life, human cells sends signals in sound frequency tone wave scale to atoms this tones are the communication means in covalent of atoms, cells depend only on certain atoms and group of amino acid according to harmony tone of its DNA in 100 variety of amino acid 50% has right to left spin and other 50% left to right spin. Human cell use only right to left spin amino acid groups same like spin direction of our Earth but only 40% of that group variety, regarding construction of building blocks also DNA collects certain kind of metals or atoms to make exist in our system, if we consider periodical table of atoms human use certain elements this are in number form of elements, (1 3 6 7 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 34 35 38 42 53 82) complex activities in formalities resources are based only with certain collections of elements if other form of elements invade human harmony genetic code instruction it complicates health activities. Earlier I mentioned big number of human cells it is also important to consider that each human cells contain 1014 trillion atoms (One hundred trillions they all have their own circuit s in communication sound tone waves and principles. Water molecules make tis connection into Human cells through DNA, they belongs or feel at home to environment of our Solar system realm, if we entangle our DNA to make overextended it can reach as far as kilometers that reach to farthest Oord belt in our Solar system and returning distance, somehow there might be possibilities that our DNA sound frequency have some connection into complete form of Solar system individuality realm and Solar system also contain data that connects to every living source in the entire Universe that contains complete force field of “Universal language” in my other post

Recently communications cellular apoptosis computer wirings Wi-Fi eliminates cabling has signals that connects internet from anywhere by certain signals, also studies show that this energy contains radiation that is generated by wireless routes, many articles already published that human brain can be effected by magnetic flux Ac current, regular computers contain about 200 milligauss down to 2 milligause, comparing 400 MHZ that travels 150 million times longer than 635 nm that is can be flowing in DNA wavelength signals replication directives, everything is operated by frequency sound flux proliferation by atoms molecule of atoms cells that are big number of atom clusters and molecules they all release sound variances waves to communicate, for example when people are living in wild nature and men reach their territories build houses streets shopping halls and sewer systems they invade living environments of wild animals habitats, same procedures we are disturbing communicative nature of forest insects and animals. Many test show that growth of seeds plants and communication of bees plant life insects and humans life are disturbed by Wi-Fi signal routes affecting on our environment also usages are growing in time, I came to this conclusion when I sensed in my “Dream part one” article in my blog. All atoms release coded complex sound notes variation tones, thousands of notes in one millisecond, as soon Wi-Fi joins in this sound wave flow some of the complex frequencies will be jammed that comparatively is much weaker nm, DNA replications that are sound waves are disturbed through flux frequency proliferation, also it is noticeable Wi-Fi signals generating radiation by their wireless routes, all this negative effect on all, Regarding DNA as we all know cells are made of atoms, that complete by genome codes 64 letters, this alphabetical form are called “codons” any positioning changes of procedures can make major different version block accumulating of cells, In my perspectives atoms release sound codes to DNA to make the duplicating process but there is another sequence from atoms that guides the DNA genetic code, this is very close to the introduction of UW team discovery that some codons are “Duons” introduction was that they have two meanings, one related to gene control instructions appears to help stabilized certain beneficial features of protein and how they are made “Duons” in my perspectives unseen guidance come from electron helix stimuli that guides Codons and duons in sequences that cells can be moved to manufacture new molecular combinations to do the task making new cells and hormones. The human genome is just materialized information from invisible sequences simultaneously released from electrons to storage in DNA for biological functions, everything works perfectly in human genome combinations except that when some material molecules that reach into the cells are wrong strings of amino acids that should not be used in cell blog structures it will disturbing the harmony causing diseases, as we know most microbes and viruses and bacteria’s contain or use unacceptable wrong procedures of amino acids that disturb the harmony of healthy gene.

From where insect get capability to adapt environment to cope their problems? How humans receive creativity Phenomena?

I was wondering to see many insect it hot desert, they survive and continue to live in harsh environment, late afternoon the tenebrionid and Namib Desert beetles and many other sort of insects climb high on sand from side of the dunes where the wind blows up humility, they stand tilt raising back side of their body and levering their head downward, water vapors build up and falls drop of water into their mouth, they collect lot of water to keep them for next day, other insects lizards and chameleons they know where everyone collecting water and come to grab those watery fed insects. All rest of insect and other sort of animals know how to endure to adapt intensive heat and survive. Insects are formed by billion of atoms as amino acids with DNA intelligence that comes from each atom that contains Dark Energy and Matter, these two forces of cleverness effect into their neurological process. No one else communicate with insect what to do because they have all the right guidance to adapt by atoms inside their cells. Same with the animals that live in so cold environments their DNA prepare themselves to be adapted in freezing territories, how to find food how to survive, if necessary how to lower their activity into hibernation state. Same with plant life atoms control their process, when to grow when to die, how to prepare next generation seeds into harvest. The entire living guidelines are synchronized together between animal’s plants birds with Nature under the supervision of general intelligence coming from atoms that we call Mother Nature. So looking in the street all the beautiful buildings and cars, atoms helped men to form this objects as atoms also form the cells of human body. Humans have more valuable superior creativity phenomenon by something that not easy to be explained, they have intangible cognitive creativity in many fields such as metabolism also Art sociology composing musical compositions linguistic, philosophies, logistic that involves many definitions and concepts, theology too, it is surprising to see how in Amazon jungles or deserted land many private cultures nomads also try mentally satisfy themselves to worship something a higher energy that is unknown to them that is guiding all Nature, they seek some sort of religion that atoms release the higher general intelligence all around them.

Unsuspectingly some living insect such as butterflies migrate long distances to return into certain spots to release the outcome of farming plant activities releasing sound frequencies into ground sending to invisible window that transform messages into the core of this planet. Same activities we see with whales. Sound travels four times faster in sea because atoms are more condensed side by side, where in the air atoms are more scattered lightly. There are much type of whales that release sounds as music also as clicks pulsed calls and whistles that travels thousands of miles in repeated patterns, some whales use this capability for mating calls, once a while all whales far from each other synchronize themselves facing down to the core of the planet releasing complex sound musical whistles clicks and pulses to the ground level of the Ocean, I suspect that it might be messages of the activities in the Ocean into the core of the planet where I believe it might have intelligence as different of invisible life form.

Humans inhale and exhale, to release sound humans have to send air flow out of their body to release sound and music, but whales are different, they release air from their lungs through U-Fold channel that vibrate collecting into laryngeal sacks, the sound process that is formed without exhaling air, that sound from whales are released from blowhole in repeated phase patterns that contains complex messages that atoms recognizes, two forces in atoms Dark Energy and Dark Matter can identify in general intelligence valuable process.

God communicated to people through atoms

My main topic with this blogs is to reconcile (not religion) God and science, harmony with this taught that atoms can release wisdom, understanding, knowledge and many other values, it makes me remember the circumstances where ancient Israelite individuals suddenly receiving certain privileges to be skilled in very high quality workmanship, capabilities right in a solitary moment to be high quality skilled professional craftsmen.
Moses was very educated in Egypt but people following him were uneducated with background from slavery and shepherding in Egypt, God asked Moses to build tremendous Tabernacle that were totally unfamiliar that need also jewelry skills, making a tent of covenant with many art works including breast piece of judgment with 12 variety of semi precious and precious stones that had to be engraved names on each stone then set on gold plate. In the book of bible Exodus 31: 2-6 “See I have chosen Bezalel the son of Uri the son of Hur of the tribe of Judah, I will sill him with the spirit of God giving him wisdom and knowledge of every kind of craftsmanship for working with gold silver and copper, for cutting and setting stones....” I worked 55 years in setting stones, first on copper then silver, gold, plutonium and other metals, by experience I know how much practice for skill is requires to do a perfect masterpiece. In conclusion I except by logical sense that as atoms are active in human cells to direct all activities by releasing wisdom knowledge to make cells to perform releasing wave ling frequency sound tone reaction in complex codes that also can make entire body to perform in certain order to perform a task, Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter inside atoms are invisible supernatural life energy forces that are a very unnoticeable tiny portion from Entire Universe that formed the cosmos.  

                                                               GOOSE BUMPS

Entire biological body contains own frequency wavelength that release own sound tone and also receive all other sound neighboring frequencies, share connector is the skin with outside flow plus hairs are sensitive projections receive outside frequencies and notify into body cells all the way to brain consciousness, probably you have felt in your life Goose Bumps that is “Pilomotor reflex” when we feel great sudden fear or any stronger emotions our skin texture of grasped muscle poultry tiny bumps reflexes, hears that leave out of skin get more tight follicle push from skin cells to get more crisis exposures data to inform the body, contact wavelengths of the body work more hastily to collect more information from outside, that makes the skin texture plucked as goose bumps. Most other biological animals communicate with skin hear expose's data, probably you seen how cats react with fluffy hear goose bump reflexes getting ready to attack nearby intruders. In the month of February cats get extra sensitive in this pilomotor reflexes.

                                  DNA IN THE UNIVERSE WITH STARS AND PLANETS

Earlier I described that two major components of atoms are. One, from Dark-Energy materialized electromagnetism electrons that are cables that contain unlimited helix spiral coils of energy that also contain life, some helix get separated from coil electrons and go in the space of atom to be joined mixed with the other component inside atoms that are. Second. Dark-Matter invisible cluster bubbles inside bubbles that can expand or condense into proton core that also are unlimited bubbles and they contain life energy. Bothe force field of D.E and D.M in large volume range or disjointed distinct least particle form all think and act in unity as one individual intelligent divinity. Inside atom according to combine each type of energy and volume they form small particle in atoms or neutron bosons or the rest of the group all in balancing harmony to cooperate to form new fusions, this two separated forces don’t need anything else from outside to conclude fusion except exceed temperature and pressure, they can balance the formality process inside the vacuumed atoms. Life that atoms and major components carry is not biological life that we have but different source of force field, after they materialize and our cells collects all component matter to form into human cell process molecules they all together be connected into biological life form, in same principle atoms inside stars and planet individually are other type of biological life forms together as planet and stars they also combined represent other form of living things that is too early for our advancement to compromise. Like DNA Universal electromagnetic forces and Matter D.E and D.M regulate all forms of atoms and stars, as life forms that are known on Earth inside biological cells Atoms contain D.E and D.M they form mechanism to develop molecules amino acids and all components a cell need to develop completing an animal or beings all biological life form that contain unlimited atoms, combining they form one living thing that can also contain patterns to copy themselves, so one living form or animal contain trillion of lively atoms of different life sort. Same in the universe, on other form of non-biological living thing as star or planet combine by trillion by trillion by trillion atoms collecting into one living planet or star. Everything we see and hear is developed by a force that sees and hears and has great intelligence containing the entire Universe of ours that belong to existing main grand intelligence in the entire Universe. Anyone who challenges saying “where is God, there is no God” person who existing cannot be standing and talking if there was no God!

Scientist are Appraising the Cancer.

This reminds me a story. Blind Men in dark are appraising an elephant.
We heard many perspectives and theories about cancer to learn what it is, each one feels a different part of the elephant and all are in complete disagreement. One of them is shouting “Cancer is a fungus” No it happens from Viruses, no from Carcinogens’, no from acids, someone is describing something else so on and on. We all are talking about the same thing but from different boundary. This is my Blogs so I feel free to present my perspectives. In this DNA post I described humans and all individual living things have their own harmony sound frequency complex tone reaction tune elevated by the language and sound of atoms that we are made of, each cell of us contain same melody complex musical sound wavelengths, each other microbes bacteria’s and viruses in our body have their own personal tone frequencies, white blood cells can distinguish the static sound of an virus and rush into the great number of blood cell flow to grab that foreign static sound screech from the virus to eliminate it. Other bacteria’s that have own sound harmony have the capacity to mimic the sound frequency of the living body they are residing in specially inside the gut, so the white blood cells don’t categorize some bacteria’s as intruders, in my post “ What is Water?” I described water molecules guide new form of cells according to their originality make up according to DNA and RNA, if any static come to confuse the harmony of sound growth of the cell get disturbed into foreign form of growth in the body, as fungus and yeast that are foreign on living plant cells, fungus variety disturbs the growth of complete orderly cells into anaerobes fungus cells that don`t like oxygen, any disturbance with individuality self harmony can effect on immune system that lose their balance, including diabetics, cancer, tumors and many other form of sicknesses. In my case I am holding the trunk of the elephant that is releasing sound, inside universe everything is connected with complex sound harmony wavelengths, two invisible supernatural forces Dark Energy and Matter direct every movement and action through sound tone guidance to be form or suspend as we see in the Nature.

All atoms release frequencies to communicate, collectively atoms release combination sound frequencies as molecules, plants do the same growing unique leaves and fruits and they all have individuality characteristics to form essential oils that react according to individuality formulas by certain frequency wavelengths that range in different levels. Already each living form of insect bacteria viruses fish birds and mammals including humans have their own personality sound harmony complex codes, any time we consume food our body receives vegetation or meat that contain different levels of MHz and Hz. Our body range from 62 to 78 MHz any moment consuming food or spices in descending our Hz range that makes us feel down affecting our frequency range. For example drinking coffee after 3 seconds it effects bringing us to 58 MHZ, sometimes our minds can bring us down by thinking about negative thoughts into 12 MHz, we have to do our best to keep our minds in positive thoughts to stay higher levels of MHz there are many herbs and foods that contain higher levels, peppermints start from 78 MHz and there are higher range other plants like German chamomile lavender Frankincense many other, rose goes up to 320 MHz, considering wavelengths of each MHz they all differ in individuality wavelength ranging as humans protect to keep their individuality harmony sound frequency codes each wavelength line contains codes that still are nor familiar to us completely. Visible spectrum are familiar to us but each emission scale penetrating each line wavelength that consist contain codes variety of nanometer frequency tone reaction sound Allocations that still not familiar to us that might explain two separate MHz in same range can explain different personality, all wavelength release and atoms absorbs quantum energy, some wavelengths released by symmetrical and Asymmetrical stretching others  have scissoring bending, they all contain codes, wavelengths have no limits they express languages codes by rocking twisting and wagging, when atoms release frequencies is recognizable by other atoms when releasing periodical motion, it is recognizable. As soon atom is mixed being portion from a molecule and all other atoms are releasing other frequencies together then atom has constant transitions in rotational motion, MHz and Hz is observed by other atoms by frequency wavelengths that contain also personality complex codding’s through oscillator vibration, individual person can compare other molecules with his or her personality sound frequency individuality code and receiving other levels of MHz and Hz effects individuality activity.  

                                                               HUMAN DNA IN SPACE

Dark-Matter cluster is atom protons. They have intelligence, same with Electrons that are Dark-Energy helixes, they also contain intelligence, both direct to whirl DNA procedures activities to develop cells, right category of amino acids that human cells select are balanced by this directives to form healthy cells, any time human body reach space their harmony formation start to fail, astronauts become weaker in their brain activities, bones muscles structures and rest of their physique. Contrasting development happen to microbes and fungus in space because Earth’s core harmony effect get weaker and wrong type of amino acids grow and develop faster microbes cells and insects. Human body contains sound harmony that is part of Earths frequency sound frequency tone waves, outside Earths environment they cannot cope their longevity in space. 

In my perspective each living creature has own frequency complex sound tone wavelengths that can be measures by MHz starting smallest atoms viruses to bacteria plants insect all sort of animals fish and human beings. Each cluster of atoms forming one cell of plant or human cells contain special complex variation of frequencies, humans personality sound harmony range about 70 MHz, it might be increased by plant oils such as Frankincense or rose oil but it can decreased frequencies by cup of coffee or according emotional effect or according what they are consuming, because other group of clusters of atoms might elevate or reduce MHZ levels but harmony complex sound tone remains the same only its velocity fluctuates, all plants and atom combination clusters cells have their own complete sound harmony starting from bacteria level MHz about 60 MHz up to complex plants and plant oil into 350 MHz, Myrrh come close to that category. So everything is based by sound frequency effect starting from atoms to all sort of living things Nature Earth moon planets stars and galaxies, I call this communication Universal language or tone reaction.

Inside livings creators personality sound complex frequency arithmetic coding wavelengths that are like melody instead of playing 2 hour long melody with many notes abbreviating all that notes in fracture of a second timing, any song or melody reaches your heart that melody might be close to your personality complex chart in elevating notes, some might be mellow or soft music others Sophisticated or refined, Intense or passionate Contemporary or modern style, other music’s might matches your taste of sound harmony. No matter what group you in they divide into 1) Empathizing or sympathizing with personality that can get alone with others the 2) group is Systemizing that always tries to stay away, not collaborating, sound code of individuality can be noticed not only Humans but also in behavior of animals in dogs cats sheep birds you name it all fall in this two categories because of their complex personality sound harmony they retain.
One appreciative person might pray or feel great full for all individual atoms he gained to complete the body with all complex constructional formations of the cells with life force, it is a miracle growing as baby inside the womb, we are livings are surrounded with all other elements as provision to continue life having ability to continue with new generation, probably we need protection to continue our life from greedy selfish inhuman power seeking scum bags who don’t appreciate life of others and themselves worshiping wealth God Money. Unfortunately still many don’t appreciate true value of life.

Atoms are studying themselves.

In my logical conclusion atom contains two living forces supernatural energy of Dynamic Energy and Matter (Dark Energy and Matter) each atoms live over 12 billion years, depending what level are in periodical level by fusion they change their characteristics that is atoms have own personal temperaments, atoms communicate releasing sound tones that collectively clusters of atoms release, altogether complex sound melody, atoms collect together to form amino acids and participate in DNA completions and participate to complete biological cell forms, atoms transform their characterizing into other form of animals insect fish birds viruses and bacteria, from looking above on this matter atoms participate in completions of biological life forms adding characteristic to them atoms study living life forms, also atoms study themselves how will they react in large volumes, cluster of atoms collect data of the outcome of their work, the basic center of information collection still will be Dynamic Energy and Matter that form atoms.

This is my perspective conclusion about human and animal behavior. I believe each atom of different element has dissimilar characteristic diverse personality, when atoms combine with different variety of atoms depending various quantity range sort, they combine to cluster form to muddle up their singular sound wave ling combining frequency, swiveling into delicate complex coding of harmony, big mass of planets and galaxies they have their own combination of harmony sounds according to their collection assemblage of atom cluster formations that complete unique personality.
Same with people according atom cluster formations inside their biological cells collaborate with personality harmony when connecting atoms to form new clusters into a cell, echo sound of personality harmony guides the atoms to combine according to personality to supervise a complex coding in DNA and RNA directives, it seems complicated complex coding communications in between atoms and atom clusters, it will be more complex coding to see some animals insects and birds communicate with their brain cells with each other by atom cluster in their brains.
Let’s consider Arctic Emperor penguins that live in polar regions, female penguin lay her eggs deliver to her mate that keep on top of his feet covering on top with feathers of his stomach, she leaves to feed in Ocean sometimes several weeks, when she returns releases certain sound that for us it is very similar sound pitch into thousand of other penguins, her mate recognizes her complex coding sound and answers back, she can pin point to meet to reach into the chick to feed, so subsequently they take turns foraging at sea. More amazing situation when it get too cold wind reach into the thousand of penguins, the ones that are outside edge revolve slowly walk inside the group and new ones from center come to rotate outside edge to keep the colony protected. Basic knowledge and characteristic is based inside each atom that directs biological cells plant cells and all rest of other living things because life exists inside each individual atom that are combination of Dynamic Energy (electrons) and Dynamic Matter (protons)  


My logic is based on data from past how experiences by people using herbs gave them advantages seeing some herbs are effective regarding certain illnesses they preferred certain herbs and spices helping their immune system telling each other during history and it is used till our time, they did not have chemical and medical advanced tools to analyze. Atoms release sound frequencies collectively atoms form a particular sequence sound frequencies as flowers and plants form also dehydrating up herbs and spices can continue releasing their unique specialized sound frequencies that can heal immune system of living cells and also each can help into certain organ or system of the living being. Entire life form on our planet was in harmonious order to direct disorderly health into natural biomedical healing prominence. All herbs spices Fruits Vegetables each have their own responsibility to help living beings to continue in healthy environment mixing with water molecules they connect everything with “Universal language” harmony with amino acids molecular weight of proteins how and what quantity of Glutelins should be formed with all variety of proteins and carbohydrates that also have big number of classifications textiles making natural medicines, taking regular sugar into sugar into hydruxyalehydes or hydroxyketones changing stages of starch cellulose carbohydrates to the point that sugar becomes alcohol, DNA uses cluster sounds from herbs and spices seasonings fragrances to fulfill activity progress of cells, for example as I described in other places bees collect all variety of pollens nectars that are releasing strong aroma sound frequencies, inside row honey, any time if turmeric or ginger spices and other strong tone reaction aroma sound frequencies mixed together they can give better results if used properly, all aromas are based in sound frequency directives by their group of variety clusters that contain releasing sound harmony waves into positive formula for healthy cells.   
Let’s consider saffron, it contains 150 impulsive aroma yielding compounds plus with other nonaggressive compounds lively compounds, grad Iranian saffron are the strongest best quality and most expansive called “Sargul” some of its compounds are carotenoids with lycopene Zeaxanthin and various B carotene, yellow color is from its crocin. Prior to use properly you can worm water not boiling point put some saffron in the water a few minutes, do not boil and cook for long periods its effective sound tone frequencies will dissolve and become ineffective via oxidative cleavage that saffron contains a bitter glycoside picrocrocin flavor. For centuries people noticed many herb as ginger turmeric and saffron can alleviate symptoms of major depressions, some are declaring that it can prevent cancer others are informing benefit from saffron against premenstrual syndromes others are experiencing by this herb how protecting from direct light. As I described tear drops contain delicate messages about emotional expressions, as soon tears are released from same location still they express different feeling in emotion at the time individual felt, as soon outside light penetrate through tears to deliver the eye like a microscope will receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages all suspended in salt water, under microscope tear drops reveal happy fact cluster of water molecules, one thing is common between saffron and human eye they both naturally, saffron contains in (systematic name:2,6,6-trimethyleyclobexa-1,3-dieno-1-carboxalehyde) this is a carbohydrate that are release via oxidative cleavage a glycoside a terpene aldehyde saffron, both inside human eye and saffron enclose “carotenoids” all stimuli signals released from cells through DNA construe to other cells through molecular sounds that are released from variety of molecules that help orderly functions into immunity cells all herbs and spices play major form progress of cell activities in organized manner, DNA through water molecules direct changes in chemical or protein classification changing sugar into many other forms of Protein Histone Globumins Globulins and Prolamins. As I described retina of the eye contains carotenoids that can observe in human when eye covered by tear secretor lubricant outside light will penetrate tear responds by carotenoids sensitive vibrations, based inside iris that surrounds main center pupil of the eye culinary mussel adjust flow of colors enter the retina, that will translate emotions from outside light lubricant to penetrate tear responds that are private pattern neurotransmitter in color collecting data to electronic pulse form to circulate reaction, receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages from cells through water molecule declination data form, to copy all form of emotions and depictions, Saffron is reach in this sound frequency tone wave and we can use this advantages from saffron aroma and all the rest of herbs and spices using all variety of healthy plants fruits in suitable way.

All variety of herbs fruits tastes and chemical compounds contain assortment of clusters of atoms that release their own personal combination complete sound tone individuality, entering to human body atom cluster collectively release wavelengths that effect into personality or characteristics of the individual, for example certain narcotics can leave big effect on the person also magic mushrooms can alter personality effecting on emotions or curiosity sometime it might move a person to be creative in art work broad imaginations and value specially rapid effect can be seen with mushrooms and many variety of plants, directly or indirectly it can effect on human emotions and characteristics, there are instances where combination of several different cluster groups of plants or fruits that might generate new form of directives to the body personality, plus cluster sound frequencies from the soil stepping on each on their own territories they living in certain geographical location can effect on personality variety, cluster combinations stimulate its dwellers first while growing the plant from ground and producing its fruit by certain combination frequencies that have suburban varieties, for example Middle Easter’s might have certain deferment characteristics than European or Africans or Asians. After consuming magic mushrooms it will be rapid noticeable hallucinogenic warp on feeling emotions of the individual personality that might stay with him for a long time and other instances it might stay with the individual personality for good. Probably after living so many years in America and consume same food as American Indians were using long time ago someday we might be more close to American Indian characteristics than European, so every sort of atom cluster molecules either in forward or backward amino spin categories effect on personality harmony to make genes more perceptive to sound tone wavelengths of the body having active immune system or negative suppressed suppressing state so diseases might be able to take over on healthy conditions, brain will seek something that can`t explain so more appetite continuously to eat, or balance to lead into diabetes and overweight, sometimes other section in the body will be effected such as heart disease chronic diseases and cancer, there was a time when man-made chemicals did not exist and plants nourished right nutrition’s, now everything is turned over, all category effected food nourishment are in dangerous task, so the food you eat will determine your health conditions.


                                             JOURNEY OF CONCEPTION

                           (Also you can consider my other subject in this blogs "Water")

In other post I reminded dark-Matter are the core of every atom planets stars and black hole, somehow our mind can harvest stimuli from electrons as described as action potential and resting potential process in neuron membrane, it allow positively charged ions negatively charged ions out the charge reaches +40mv, Electrons have great enrollment in chemical reaction but I call it “Tone reaction” Electrochemical signals and neurotransmitter interference of electrons pulses to direct the harmony of the process, because electrons are full of principle physique direction. There is potassium and calcium ions go through the synapses pipes that are round, like a tunnel have small opening on the side walls wall of the channel, they are voltage gates, this potassium channels K+ in diffusion change and sodium ions into the center pipe axons the movement and pressure changes the pore releases potassium and calcium ions into synaptic cleft, generate electrical values, when all electric charges inside the walls are positive it called action potential they move rapidly. Later when K+ moves out of the potassium channel sodium ions get in through sodium channels in, the circuit inside change into negative, and outside into positive. When potassium go in it is called re polarization and Ca2 sodium ions out, it affects synaptic strength and calcium levels are detected. Later when potassium goes out of open gates it is called depolarization reversing electrical charge, so inside the data transferring tube the axon can be negative and outside positive, or reverse positive inside and negative outside. Beside this communications elements also communicate lover octave musical frequencies. In my perspective our brain function somehow harvest from electrons stimuli or come connected to floating Dark-Matter bubbles somehow reach into the bubble, either element can be gradually by sound prerequisites purpose element can reverse its structure proton of atom come out or get in touch from open air to be connected for use, prepared to be deposited every female egg-producing genital glands, brain sends Dark-Matter all the way down to suspensory ligament of ovary (tissue that holds the ovary in place) then dark-Matter move into ovary and take in the female egg to prepare in reproductive tract, as soon the time comes for egg to move to its proper place for ejaculation to meet sperm that can take 3 to 7 hours to reach its target by following sound frequency waves to Dark-Matter sound frequency sound directives already female egg is comfort inside the Dark-Matter bubble that is invisible, as soon fertilization done and chromosomes are created and journey to the journey of conception completed in 3 days the uterus begins still it stay in Dark-Matter bubble that help to reach and connected by fallopian tube, same principle male sperms somehow to be connected to stimuli from electrons to adapt helix shape sperms that move like helix and go to reach into Dark-Matter bubble for conception, always listen to sound waves that work in same principle as covalent bonding and direct itself toward D.M bubble directly. In my other post “Electron” I described my perspective same principles with title “sexy atoms” how atoms change their temperament character as personality to become other form of atoms. 


Sperm came from Greek word A spermatozoon, plural is spermatozoa, sperms need warm environment to survive. How do sperms contain genetic information? How they are manufactured or copied data? This is my perspective of this operation. I explained earlier all human being and life forms contain personal sound frequency complex wavelengths, starting from atoms they contain low and high complex frequencies that are complete data of their individuality form releasing wavelengths that also contain spectra lines, when atoms are gathered with other molecules as clusters sometimes also containing other atoms in that clusters already amino acids contain great variety of atoms this sum of cluster form to declare their own personality form of their containing details by abbreviation hertz or Hz frequencies, until now we just realized what each atom contains data in their spectra lines (resulting from emission a absorption of light) as soon many atoms be collected as molecules adding complex forms of DNA RNA and many other vitamins plus many variety of atoms in orderly forms that are water molecules hydrogen oxygen helium carbon bismuth beryllium lithium boron and many other elements all together mixing their compels function in certain variation sounds into unique melody that is harmony for that certain living plant with pollen that also are sperms, in the case of pollen water molecules receiving sounds from pollen help to direct the sperm by H2O molecule sound frequencies without water participation everything that contains in biological form can be freeze to no activity. All human or any animal together cells wiggle a composition wavelength as individuality personality harmony sounds, split of a second short portion of propagation velocity can obtain different amplitude and each continuation line visible lights amplitude in tallyho starting 400-750 nm wavelengths this sound forms an hologram its own holographic principles, all plants flowers viruses bacteria’s and other living things carry or release their own personality HZ where each not in split of second portion wavelengths contains additional genetic mitochondrial DNA that also are complex sound formations indicating with Y or X chromosomes data plants that have no seed also contain sperms including funguses pollen and algae also all other living things inside or on top of soil. Complete sound harmony are copy of other cells with echo variations into nucleus of sperms ahead of them acrosome release sounds frequencies to be hard by female egg that also responds her position, head of sperm by guidance from nucleus sperm guide mitochondrion that follows the head by tiny neck, data is transformed into plasma membranes of sperm to be directed into coming sound frequencies from female egg. This entire process of sperm becomes routed moving form as haploid cell as the male gamete, copy process is done by water molecules copying individual data of living things by sound frequencies transforming data into other collections by sperm activity. Hydrogen atoms and all other atoms are made by dark matter and dark energy that contains life, hydrogen atom combining with oxygen as H2O always participate involvement with new cells.

During lifetime if a female had intercourse with different males all different DNA will be inside her body that release genetically distinct effect on the female cells absorbs many other sorts of certain neurological diseases that stay with the female body. This process happens at least by two methods, one when sperms go into female body they transformed into plasma membranes where rapidloid cells as male gamete copy process, some sperms will flow into other sections of the female body and attaches into other sections of female body; staying there in time they join DNA data to female cells. Second method as the body sound frequencies from foreign DNA releases sound wavelengths by echo neurons investigate strange sounds collecting into their data base that will be harbored male “Michrochimerism” inside the female brain that received through sound frequencies from other sections of female body. By these two methods of the body females absorb and retain DNA from all other men that they have sexual intercourse during lifetime where male DNA will remain in female cells as long they live. My other post “Atoms are other form of living things” Every combination cluster formations in sequence of atoms have their other form of characteristic personalities, genetically distinct male DNA`s are complete personality harmony of individuality theory traits that complete, male DNA formalities that remain inside woman will harbor male “Microchemerism” and slightly effect on female characteristics because all other distinctiveness is effect from atom cluster wavelengths inside the body.    

Tiny invisible dense dark-Matter bubbles can be expanded force fields, they surround all elements including humans and all sort of living things as pericutaneous space inside Dark-Matter  bubbles as the space immediately outside your body, also entire universe group and individual planets stars galaxies are in extrapersonal space the territories that is out of or reach inside Universe, invisible Dark-matter owns all matter including cells and living beings from their starting point of growth, they gulp mass forms as they do our solar system planets stars and galaxies, regarding human form surrounding bubbles can be felt if the individual collapses inside water mass, sometimes bubble sound wave light can appear, some call this effect “Sonoluminescence”at that moment buddle in certain shape divides into smaller portion of bubbles and this effect gives some glow by movement inside universal quantum field that we can notice by inertia.

In my other posts I explained entire Universe Galaxies stars planets moons and atoms are all completed by to energy forces that contain life, they are Dark-matter and Dark-Energy, this force field individual invisible particles are so small that many clusters of dark-matter forms tiny center of atom ac proton, same small fractions are formed invisible electrons with billions of helixes and other smaller sparks, dark matter bubbles can expand as large that can gulp a blue whale or elephant or human being and none of them will realize that they are embedded in this force field, Dark-matter can shrink to hold smaller lifeforms such as insects bacteria’s or viruses, all life forms are directed by this two energies D.E and D.M Each life form lives as long invisible energy allows them to continue in life energy, when someone go into moment of death by DE interruption it might restart life by D.M energy force, other times both energy fields stop to obstruct and let the individual being to totally death statuses, two life energy forms I call them Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic Matter control all life procedures all creation existence of atoms stars and Galaxies, they contain qualities such as intelligence life power faithfulness righteous justice wisdom and love is not one of the qualities but this energy force is love.

               Why Dogs align their bodies before they let their waste out.

My perspective include this principle of Dark-Matter bubble contain all animals insects and birds according to their sizes only with some variances on men for example Dark-Matter acumen guidance do not interfere right away for choices human do giving room for human decisions by their consciousness to express their freedom of choice but with fish, birds and animals is more limited, for example when dogs feel that will go to toilet my dog “Noodles” she use to spin then align her body to let it go its waste, before noon facing to the west but afternoon they shift after spinning around their position into East, it is not their mind that figures the magnetic field of our planets axes but Dark-Matter that is portion from Earth`s core make the attuned directives to the position correlated connection with Earth`s fluctuation with its axes, dog have to adjust their position to magnetic field around that Dark-Matter arrange their behavior. These arrangements are included in traveling of individual bubbles that include the birds inside each bubble to direct their migration behaviors, same with butterflies and other insects. Already entire force field guidance human and animal cells receive from surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles and concealed Dark-Matter bubbles inside atoms as protons.

                                                     How about Salmons?

Like all living animals sea fish and birds are imbedded in their own invisible field of Dark-Matter bubble, this magnetic field will direct all migratory species to exact location according the direction of intelligent force of Dark-Energy, probably you questioned yourself how salmons remember where they were born, after swimming hundreds of miles and get hectic with their own challenges in the Ocean it comes the time where they remember the river from where they came down to sea, after finding the river they swim upstream all the way back the right area where they were hatched and repeat the process for coming generations of salmons, they don’t print any memory in their fish eggs because that is the responsibility of Dark-Matter bubble for coming generation life span complication arrangement Dark Matter can verify the spot location of the river like a person knows the marks of his or her hands, yes all atoms that are molecules are located in certain terrains they all discharge sound molecules of atoms by cluster group their sound is a pattern to be recognized and recognize by Dark-Matter that in turn makes the fish DNA to identify the spot of molecules that are emancipating low or high octave sound frequency waves that was familiar to their DNA from the beginning of their existence in life.

                            COLLECTIONS OF FACTS

Atoms have covalent bonding principles neutral group of two or more atoms combine to make a molecule, some intelligence lay this value principles inside atoms to communicate in language of high and low Metallicity than included many variety form of characterizations though it can be seen regularly around us minerals in our planet and in the Universe molecular bonding included gaseous particles either single non-bonded atoms and other forms of homonuclear single atom bonding with oxygen or water also all single ionic bonds that also are single molecules except in solid metallic bonding does not form molecules by the great density of solid block of the metal combinational, on Earth we have many minerals that make up crust mantle the sea and oceans and Air all is based on molecule components of matter, starting point to develop, regarding developments for atoms to combine in covalent bonding they apply principles of tone reaction sound frequency tone waves by communicating held together scientist call it chemical bonds, all molecular bonds adapt to control distinguishing from ions by balancing their electrical charges that is supervised by electron helix separated neutrinos with their neighbor atoms,, some can explain great details in quantum physics, polyatomic ions and more important to using terms of organic chemistry, biochemistry the word molecules are used that are building block of living organisms, after molecules are formed by unidentified intelligence living cells by super molecules all class forms of molecules has been considered  if there are any definable molecules or about their repeating units all has been considered to class of characterize groups then it is used properly, DNA adopts to use variety of molecules in their building block forms that also conducted with mysterious great intelligence, unseen intelligence is adopted transforming from atomic principle order covalent bonding communication into DNA directives to control and manufacture cells with all supervisions that realized in biology field, all communications are the result of sound vibrational codes that are released from atoms in combining to molecules also considering their transition density of molecular before site into building block projects inside the cell, regarding organic substances as components in biochemistry and other living forms all directed by this mysterious great intelligence.   

On many occasions philosophers and religious people try to convince others that certain soul energy exists in men. Recently it might be also some researches in scientific field might agree on that not by all scientists. Using bio-electrographic cameras similar to Seymon Kirlian aura demonstration, some concluded that moment of death unusual energy leaves the body. Professor Kirlian took pictures in dark registering that all mass including plants and lifeforms release light around their mass especially when Kirlian added lower voltage on fruits before taking pictures, by same range of electrical connections unripe fruits ripe fruits and rotten fruits they all showed different level intensity of radiation or aura around their body, by their aura you can tell what sort of developed condition fruit is developed. Regarding some staggering photographic energy aura demonstrations that a soul leave the person probably in blue aura, people start to mislaid those men have a ghost soul or other worldly entities. In principle of Seymon Kirlian aura principle any plant cell is unripe ripe or rotten they all show aura patterns in different colors or range, same with human cells, when cells are guided by complete of harmony of individuality wavelengths all cells participate echoing that tone reaction of individuality range, as soon moment of death take place regularity flow stops, showing different aura range because atoms combined in molecules they release their own harmony melody that Kirlian aura still register in different demonstration, continuously atoms release their own sound frequencies, by combining with other cluster atom molecules they release new form collective aura flares, nonstop this process continue changing their levels in aura variations. When person dies though it might show that brain waves are shot down but still water memory molecules and atoms communicating inside neurons and entire brain, circuit of memory flow expands on the dead body in wider range and register everything, in some instances if person return to life by unexplainable instances they might recall everything that was happening on their dead body, because brain stimuli signals was still working and registering, stimuli circuits are not soul of the body but memory of molecules that continuously gathering all activities of the person. In my “What is water” post you might find additional perspectives.

Individuality Sound harmony form works as immune system to seek to destroy alien sounds living other species as microbes all foreign invaders, constantly white cells compare all sound variations that are released from cluster atom molecules that are harmful to the body and white cells reach to the foreign sound to find the bad guys to annihilate all defects and mutant cells that contain wrong spin group amino cells. It is in the memory bank of cells major sound tone of individuality always tune in with the body blood flow to keep its capacity to distinguish foreign sounds tone waves.

During embryonic progress until 7the week will not be found any Y Chromosomes inside the body of a child that belongs to males so all babies remain female until Dark-matter bubble that holding the embryonic cells to expand, right away water molecules release sound frequency new code complex tones, DNA will be activated programing to manufacture different form of cells also creating new Y Chromosome to be included with 210 other types of human cells, that later on will be copied in production, in beginning all embryonic form are female for 5 weeks but additional Y Chromosomes will make the body grow as male. 

As I explained in my other blogs all life forms contain sound communications through cells, some call it smell at the same time it is sound frequencies that contain coded tones, music you hear can contain emotional happy or sad mood that is understood Universal sound tone in between life forms and atoms are more complicated but transfer data into other cells, every animal or human being contains own personality sound harmony to distinguish other life cells if intruded into the body, if an individual loose his or her sniffing capacity or become enable to distinguish smell that explain that inability to identify to identify making comparison to personality sound harmony in sound tone wave lings some call this loss of smell disorder “olfactory dysfunction” of course it might happen from old age or toxic environment that we are living in, any individual that reached into this stage that cannot sense smell should consider that this will be an link or early warning about loos balanced of tone reaction that govern the entire body life order.

Smell is tone reaction, atoms can communicate with other atoms by sound frequency tone wavelengths, same with some animals can sense to interpret smell that is tone reactions for example dogs and bees and so on, three hundred years ago is someone tried to describe that cells contain DNA that like open book contain its pass generation with all details no one would believe it, now we do, same approach tone reaction rhythmic complicated wavelengths contain delicate data that transformed by atoms or clusters of atoms from planta trees or other living forms that still is not clear for us fully.

As we consider amino acids they are like bead necklaces that are not locked, they all spin on their own, as seed of a plant that contains genes or any dried vires they all take life forms starting to grow activity and produce similar cells fluctuations, water molecules direct forming protein to make amino acids together for biological function, regarding formations of DNA RNA replications are also released by signals from water molecules to copy genomes through signals from water molecules, it is a complex stimuli electrostatic mechanism that direct virus cells, tone reactions are released in vibrational subtleties, observing water freeze as snow how they take symmetrical patterns that have geometrically appropriate figures to form crystal shapes snowflakes, same with viruses they take icosahedral symmetrical forms while assembling, we also see symmetrical-based classification in clouds and all other living forms because of water molecule directives to replicate new molecules in same order. Forming RNA and DNA genetic data is released by complex sound tone wavelengths or tone frequencies from water molecules, in the case oversees, additionally structures protective proteins plus lipids that are protective shells to protect viruses, as I described in my other post “Atoms are non-biological other form of living things” and closest living existence between atoms and living organism is the viruses, any time genetic mutation happen is results of variety atom new clusters have in static sound effect mechanism or signals on new forming complex molecules genomes in elasticity of organism replications.  

                                                     GMO and MONSANTO 

Modern Civilization use progressive scientific technologies to alter biochemical gene sequences to stimulate changes in function of genes in plants, not configuring that it might lead into public “GMO” allergies toxicity plus nutritional abnormalities, After great big number of civilized countries worldwide complained and banned GMO products, still in 2014 you can find in US 30.000 genetically modified food products in most of grocery stores. Some countries that banned use of GMO food product for, still buy certain GMOs for other purposes.Genetically modified organism (GMO) is not natural because they contain pesticides. Of course marketers probably call their product most likely contains insecticides algaecide or herbicides in reality they all fit in one word that is GMO contains also pesticides, already people are using so many artificial sweeteners that are toxic with carcinogenic, all the medicine that contain many form of unnatural chemicals, tobacco and the rest of the gang of smoking with many harmful drinks. Conclusion in their approach is yes there are some health risks but you will not die by using GMO right away, but it makes your life scheduled to keep shorter.

The reason technology still using GMO changing coding of enzymes to change their function of a single gene in products such as Corn Tomatoes Rice Potatoes Cotton Peas and many other varieties to keep longer endurance before decomposing, most of other products packages sitting in grocery stores are modified food products such as soy sauce tempeh miso aspartame alfalfa sugar beets US papaya and others, genome editing change the harmony that naturally have been used by humans for centuries this abnormalities multiplying harmful mutations, it can give alergenicity in food toxicity plus giving side effects also premature death, specially if abnormal poisonous chemical are used to dust the crops, Monsanto comes to finish the crime with more massive effect mixing poison into our food, is it a criminal standard? No if they have defenders in high places, as much people use this products they will need more medical attention and have to spend great wealth to rehabilitated making big investors very happy. In my perspective as shown in my post “What is water” Universal harmony that directed human Gens DNA harmony can be damaged by chemicals that our cells don’t need also modification going out from Universal harmony that configure our cell frequency harmony into order, surrounding nutrition that is available around us Nature provided for a purpose each plant or tree has balancing responsibility to participating for improvement of life function, all this will change potentially by abnormality nutritional and toxicity that will damage our health. Starting from basic point, directives of water molecules memory principle codes, by sound frequency wavelength tones form DNA and collected only right group of amino acids to form molecules that are vital to form vitamins and so on to complete living cells, all that is disturbed by this new scientific advanced technology and the rich and powerful is in control leaving our DNA vulnerable in shooting range targets. 

                                                            AURA HALOS

Collectively all atoms in human body forms together a personalized field of energy flow water molecules already have communicating activity in human body as the volume grows the entire body forms a current of light emission on the complete intensity glow around the body that is considered “Aura” Long time ago an Armenian scientist and photographer Kirlian discovered “Kirlian effect” when additional electric charge is added on any vegetable fruit and photographed in the dark it show additional glow on the fruit, if the fruit already starting to get rotten there will be less glow, already many know that intensity of the glow is shown by GDV high voltage fields that release light emission, human body reflects aura that is stronger in the morning and fade gradually till evening, house pets can be connected to this housekeeper feelings emotions with this aura because animals also have same halos similar aura fields, all activity is registered in this aura glow that indicated presence of disease or health disorder  declaration state of the individuality, if the person has cancer a dog can sense that. The flow on entire body starts underneath the heart go out back of the person go up and spin back into same location this halos flow also can be separated to concentrate on certain body parts slightly more or less intensely, DNA is already activated by personality harmony energy sound field and Aura halos field is continuation of individuality energy field assertion. 

                                        FROM WHERE ANIMALS RECEIVE BEHAVIOR?

All living things are made of Atoms that contain two kind of intelligent behavioral living energy, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, in other notes I mentioned atoms are living things, they are 99.9999% empty inside the living force inside them is invisible, everything inside atoms still is under investigation and with the total intelligence studies of human achievements still that tiny world is unreachable to us to comprehend fully. One thing is sure we see behavioral activity between animal’s migration social network how active they are in touch and learn from each other sometimes new behaviors, this qualification are given to animals, flocks of birds, fish and many other living things, by other intelligent edicts guiding them for common practices.

In my perspective atoms are also other form of living things that live 12 billion years after they born inside the stars during time and circumstances change behavior or personality by fusion without borrowing other particles from outside electro walls, also they can attract to each other as called covalent bond, if one atom is bond to another atom attract to each other and stay together we call this wedding a molecule or compound, if two or more atoms form together as one group we call it chemical bond (I call it tone reaction) because by sound pulses they grab each other oppositely-charged ions. In case both atoms use or shared equally they form a covalent bond and also be considered nonpopular.

All atoms can communicate release frequency sound codes and getting supplementary codes from other atoms they decode the information, only intelligent living forms can do that if if atoms are other form of living things that can live 12 billion years have personality distinctive changes every time they go through fusion by adapting new characteristics, collectively stars planets and moons are collectively great numbers of atoms that combine their communication, men plants insects all have characteristics because of their combinational DNA regulative connections in their formalities, they all behave different, during fishing I spent some time with my crickets, some are very bold to try to get out of their bottle earlier than other crickets each have their own constant behavioral syndromes of personality, they displayed either bold or shy tendencies some really connect into their shelter space other try new territories, same with more precocious fish than others, all variety of fish have certain firm behavior and each individual fish have own personality, similar categorical other living things or insect have same tendencies including cockroaches ants and other, some birds are more bold to come near human to get feed others stay long distance if you want to know what I meant try to feed some pigeons inside a parking lot where a hamburger store is nearby. These tendencies make their group to have more survival positions in life. The complex connectional forms that DNA complex completions are operated with harmony sound individuality, which affects their behavioral standards. Atoms have life force as I described in my other post “Atoms are other form of living thing” also atoms contain behavioral personality displays, their constant personalities react when forming ionizing semi-precious or precious stone inside mantle depending temperature range and variety of other atoms or chemicals nearby their effect produce certain formality of stones.

In other notes I mentioned that electron cables have many helixes that have qualifications in audio recording also emotions and history and personality, in my notes neuron I described how this stimuli transform this behavioral details from one neuron to the next one, this bring to my conclusion that electrons can see act behavior and direct same energy in a powerful way having positive definitive influence on bigger volume compounds animals to behave just like atoms. Attract to each other or oppose or learn new thing in behavior, transfer knowledge between them, atoms always guiding each other and other living forms guiding them for common practices. Nice to be compare my other subject "What is water?"

Stimuli on electrons can provide details by sound frequency tone waves as corresponds the Bible, when Abel was killed and God said to Cain, Genesis 4:10 “… Listen, your brothers blood is crying out to me from the ground” my perspective that atoms in our body and blood also neurons in the brain can send detailed information`s by Universal language all over their environment’s.

Many scientist took pictures of frozen waters in different parts of the world and different purity content and realize that the pictures make totally different frame geometrical patterns, they also introduces sound in melodies and different emotional expressions and feeling ward expressions it effected on the molecular structure the pattern turned into irregularity when they gave the sound of heavy music, it is very clear that vibrational sound can be effected on molecular structure, the reason that is visible because water is liquid form simply a physical substance and can be noticed easily comparing to hard metal structure in reality all atoms can feel same way of emotional concept and effected in geometrical pattern. I have explained in other chapters the fundamental building block is Dark-Matter and can order geometrical patterns, inside all atoms include protons that are Dark-Matter, by lower octave sound frequency waves transmitted vibrations, they monitor their surrounding other elements that also have protons and sound echo pulsation is repeated by other protons giving same guidance, always keep in harmony by Universal language sound field, so if we see in water droplets variations of fundamental geometrical patterns all are done by directives from protons or Dark-Matter that effects the molecular structure, under same principle they also graft in DNA processes.

There is similarity to the bee or ant colony and our Earth population, big swarm of birds, fish, grasshoppers, bats all are separate individual living things, somehow they are connected to each other by some sound frequency harmony, same with many atoms inside our complex they all contain life forms in protons and electrons collectively they complete one person or being, in this order our entire planet all collective people together they represent one life form of this Earth, different location of Earth population represent other chunks of the body, same similarities are in each galaxy.


Cancer starts inside confusion of unclear messages that are not understood received from brain, usually cells should contain 40 % amino acids that spin certain direction, it is available in the soil of land 100 variety of amino acids 50 % spins left to right 50 % from right to left, human body need only 40 % certain category of amino acids, when some opposite form of amino acids reside inside cells sound frequency wavelengths messages coming from brain will be misunderstood by human cells, entire group of cells in body belong to individual sound harmony balancing tone when it disturbed defensive mechanism also production of cells go into chaos confusion this the point where cancer cells show up, produced new strange cancer cells go into locations where sound frequency variety is week locations that they can be camouflage there they settle down to start tumor.

Big pharmaceuticals organizations stand to build big investments to corporate, building big hospitals chemical companies and training employees and doctors as investment. Pharmaceuticals are presenting three methods to cure cancer that can bring great wealth to their corporations. First one is surgery that can release cancer tumors from body but individual cancer cells stay untouchable, migrating malignant cells move into other locations to fabric colonies process of new tumors. Their second method is chemo-therapy that will illuminate cancer cells and also destroy human immune system but some chemical bottles will cost to patients thousands of dollars. Third stage is radio therapy that can confuse cells more and later they will produce more cancer cells.

It is proved that many variety of nutrition’s and spices herbs can fight cancer but that studies always are neglected by pharmaceuticals because it will not bring any income to their corporations anything they introduce should be something that it is manufactured in there chemical plants so they can charge it.

Some came into conclusions that cancel cell is effect of some fungi in human cells, usually fungus always have white color same with cancer growth, usually human immune system fight back all foreign activities in human body by special defensive system, natural medicine.

Now worldwide there can be one in every three persons that might have cancer one million in USA and 7 million people die other parts of the world, usually those who have cancer they might live three to five years but there has been exceptions when people try to find what is their personal genetic tool barrier because origin of cancer also might be genetic nature that personality harmony balancing was troubled molecular structure in cells was disturbed by wrong type of amino acids that humans take by manufactured feign chemicals in as nourishments that can trigger malignant cancer cell growth. Many tried to find introduce Natural medicine and always they were stopped to continue their assignments people like Ren`e Caisso and many others worldwide by pharmaceutical organizations and FDA, of course I don’t represent any authority do decide what to but as logical perspective I go alone with Natural medicine keeping human immune defensive system unharmed.

There are big list of people who tried to introduce natural medicine but they were stopped by pharmaceutical corporations, one of them is a Greek doctor in Canada another one in Italy Simonicini`s therapy express solution Iodine Teintur 7 % solutions for skin cancer and the rest of the body with sodium by carbonates, some other suggestions are ISCADOR M 50 mg Mistletoz therapy B 17 vitamins might help. In my perspective cancer is effect of opposite amino acid spinning groups inside the cells that introduced by chemicals in food plus radio signals that disturbs human individual harmony sound that are send from neuron cells personality wavelengths tones into trillion of cells in human body, these messages come and penetrate each cell membrane crossing into cell pores reaching into deep inside  Nucleus membrane passing from nuclear pores then from chromatin reaching into nuclear membrane, the cell has to operate according to commands sound frequencies coming from neurons in brain and nuclear has to program giving command to DNA after cooperating with Nucleolus, when chaos sound command sounds disturb communication between brain neurons and body cells. New form of uncontrolled new form of cancer cell appears.


Earlier I declared that DNA is programmed by Tone reaction, cells released sound that contain cancer by low octave sound frequencies, several feet`s away dogs can sense the tone and inform if they are trained the information autoimmune disorder or defective genes, so human DNA is Biological internet or can release sound from cells. All atoms release sound also plants that are made of amino acids all molecules like flowers, pollens release low octave sound frequencies, we don’t sense them but animals and insect can. When the dog rolled over on the grass lawn to scratch his/hers back hug the Flore and tumble, gives the feeling that the dog hugging own motherly love, I notice sense the connection of dogs sense in electrical pulse by low octave sound frequencies connecting to amino acids in the ground soil and plants that also have sound cluster frequencies, it feels like dog is hugging the mother, in every opportunity when they meet healthy loans not too wet dogs jump to the chance rubbing their back that close feeling can be generated with formula of every dog sense. Dogs don’t act same emotion inside the house; sometimes they do similar expressions but nothing like the one on the grass lawn.

  Lower the sound tone octave goes down becomes more distinctive individuality tone by other Atoms and insects and some animals, also our brain barrier that comprehend the language of sound
Interrogating atom movement sound exists in very low tones. and vibration principles exist naturally elements use supreme principle force available for them to stand in line by electrical current and magnetic field properties it`s the fact reaction in every change of heat applying sensitive mathematical orders and different forms develop determined same principles blueprints detailed implicated instructions go with elements in the nature of light and sound vibrations that is shown in atomic spectra in quantum theory. Electromagnetic filaments travel all around us, penetration through our mind and can familiar our thoughts, electron`s on Atoms of our cells, are part of that process.
Personality sound of harmony is pattern in all individuals that is in control in the entire body starting from born narrow By personal DNA then also in the brain neurons that transfer this sound signals by helix stimuli that are separated from electron cables on atoms, this incentives carry from each neuron to the other audio and visual messages that can include all emotional aspects that we feel and experience. All personality sound harmony is different but still some other personality sound can be close to our mood for our moment of calibration. For example we all like composers but some individual composition can be more close to our current mood, Mozart`s and Beethoven compositions are very close to me.

Every individual has own personalized sound harmony tones different than any other living biological form as we see how white cells can find other foreign living microbes and particles that release from their clusters foreign sounds, in same exemplary illustration large plate with scattered sand take geometrical forms if sound frequencies are released into sand particles on the metallic plate, in same order human personalized sound harmony characteristic arrangement composed distinguish finger print profile eye color and patterns, remarkable consistencies will be seen also in individual veins that will form during their growth that will be different than others, Centre of sound harmony inside human brain will release brain waves that will command to all cells to adapt personalized sound harmony tone waves and that will effect on individual heart beat pattern mood of personality and every tiny detail of the individuality is continuous patterns from the brain that make every individual unique that contain continues messages in electrical stimuli throughout the entire body in sound frequency tone waves that is the complete characteristic personality of the individual harmony of sound.


The brain need all this multiple neurons to send code information to all cells of the body and to recollect back massages from entire body, all messages are in codes plus they contain personality harmony sound frequencies, once a while confusions might arise inside cells in distinguishing harmony personality sound waves so the brain send a stronger signal to tune up the entire body to conform the sound variation of its individuality by a strong “SNEEZE” this sound like a tuning bell renovate the right harmony all cells will conform to the personality sound frequency waves and adapt accordingly to fight against nearby strange other alien sounds.

This sound will make the entire body in tune specially the stomach get confused from other sounds that entre in by new variety of food from outside and has to always verify its personality harmony sound waves to compare and conform its original sound waves. Coughing and sneezing make great sound wave release about individuality harmony of the person in the future science might distinguish sound frequency of individuality harmony by just analyzing marking the eye or finger print marks that will show how its vibrational process is in joining sound wave always indication its form with vibrational tone high and low octave sound frequencies, all cells reverberate and participate by releasing same harmony of sound codes to go harmony with body individuality harmonious sound.

According to bible and many other religious teachings was mentioned that there are supernatural being’s forces, different than humans that are invisible sometime revealed to effect on human life, some call it good others bad angels. In my other post I explained what they might be “Angels” Many centuries ago when human intellectuals knew nothing about DNA still in stories about mediums, fortune tellers, when witches receive a request to harm certain individual according old practice witches ask a piece of the cloth or hair of the person that she will tense up a curse to damage that person, this give me the idea that spiritual being’s or bad angels needed DNA gene data about the correct individual to damage or harm with the curse. Old cultures consider without knowing DNA data, when modern physics was not available yet. Also in the bible there was recording to avoid drinking from water pines or rivers where dead animals exist in the water to avoid bad bacteria or microbes that they were not familiar to that historical medicine man. (Leviticus 11:32) and entire chapter.


As I explained all cells are supervise by Electron stimuli developing DNA to supervise protection and duplications of new cells not neurons the regular cells can reproduce 40 to 60 times till the person dies, starting the birth of a baby that born perfect without any microbes in the body, first second of released infant born already receives big number of bacteria’s from mom, if the baby born caesarean don’t receive bacteria’s or viruses during birth and because of that children might have other complications while growing such as allergies and obesity, so all children developing potentials differentiation of body also receive microbes and versus in the first few years, regular cell of humans can hide some microbes also inside their cells till they grow of cells 10 times more versus and microbes they will have in their body some good and some bad microbes, 90 % of cells in our body carry their own microbial DNA`s, on top of that viruses are so tiny that can hide inside microbes, also in the body you have many tiny other creatures like bacteria, fungi and protozoans that are single cell organisms they also grow families and die using your body as their home, free food and shelter, if those pest don’t behave orderly they make you sick and send you to hospital.

Viruses have complex genome some have functional immune system others borrow immune system and genes from bacteria. Viruses look unlived round solid particles stay like that for many years, as soon they are in liquid living environment they stirred to be functional, they reproduce the type that live inside bacteria as predators and are called “Phage” or bacteriophage. Flu Viruses can adapt and change their defense mechanism according to the fighting tactics with white cells environments and can personalize the harmony sound frequency of the body becoming capable to handle disadvantages, so either they borrow or steel genes they have immune system and are living things.

Why do we have those pests in pour body? The Earth we living on is a large laboratory full of many big number of other living things, inside the oceans and water there are more bacteria microbes than on lands. Our body is made of collective atoms that have two life systems, containing energies Dark-Energy electrons cable helixes and Dark-Matter tiny cluster bubbles protons, released stimuli from helix can sense and see everything in all potentials, for example our brain cells send information’s like sound video and emotions to the next neurons and to the center view department so we can renew and visualize things that happened earlier and decide to take action and record our plans sending through this stimuli to other portions in our brain. All atoms contain pattern to control activities of our cells and DNA`s in our body, activities in the body are recorded by stimuli’s to collect records how strange and damaging can be in the body if process of our blood cells or sound harmony of the individual is misusing its advantages, all the process as a laboratory are collected and analyzed to prepare the person into more capabilities to handle strange activities by microbes and bacteria’s also by versus, funguses and others, electron train cells against foreign activities, some bacteria’s mimic same sound frequency waves of individual harmony that white cells cannot distinguish the enemy, all together it is a battle ground preparation training for the entire body because during their lifetime they always will face new enemies. For example if you are used to drink many microbes with the cup of water in New York during time your body will be trained to fight and take into control many big number of microbes and bacteria’s in that cup. When you go to San Francisco to drink a cup of water you will consume many big numbers of microbes that are totally new to you, same thing you will experience any part on this world, everywhere the variety of microbes will be different. For example the water in New York can ferment better pizza than in San Francisco; certain microbes can develop ferment sour bread dough that can give better result in San Francisco than New York. In the soil there are many funguses that are essential to life and plants in certain level if the level go out of control soil worms control the balance, the wine you drinking have to be fermented also the cheese, so microbes bacteria’s and other living tiny creatures they all have their responsibilities on this world but when we meet them we should be prepared and healthy to face and keep them in control and familiar knowing how to handle them, it is portion of balancing this nature we live in and call it our home.

                                                                          WHO ARE YOU?

You are a living form that is dying slowly about every seven years all cells are not dying at once but gradually recycling into new cell your body particles leave your figure and new atoms come and join you by the food and water you consume, the cells you hade when you were born don’t exists any more they are gone, new atom clusters and amino acids came in took over all old information’s and input from other cells into DNA record, all the memories from old brain cells patterns printed in the new neurons by circulation of electric circuit stimuli all your old memory feelings videos emotions frame of mind and tune harmony developing in new brain cells. All cells are made of atoms trillion ant trillion and billions of them they complete you as one individual. According to my viewpoints they are some sort of other forms of living things, bee or ant nest contain many big numbers of individuals but all the colony operate as one individual living being, also large group of bird flocks migrate as one individual but all are separate individuals, if one duck get weak and land down to rest two other ducks go with him and watch for a while, if the bird can overcome its injury all together fly again but if can’t make it back for several hours if the birds can’t make it two volunteers ducks go up and continue the journey to meet the main flock can’t continue the migration, many other living group work together as one individual. One thing surprises me whatever you see on in me it is 99.9999 % emptiness, why?

Two most powerful possessions exist inside Universe is First and grand power invisible Dynamic-Energy, portions of this force works as electrons with many helixes, second one invisible Dynamic Matter that are contained small portions of clusters as core of atoms. Every core of atom contains knowledge inspirations strength and life force that obtain all info up-to-the-second around atoms, this force from core can penetrate our DNA and our consciousness with hydrogen atoms, that water molecules contain inside our brain and once a while permits some of that inspirations knowledge way of thinking and life to our neurons to infiltrate with that data flow so we can also penetrate into personality variances and knowledge. 

I already explained about atoms that are made in stars also explain how stars develop, describing that atoms are hallow 99.9999 % empty in the med center as core exist protons in my perspective they are many clusters of Dark-Matter bubbles that have intelligence and radiate sound to direct gravitational activity with other atom that is called covalent bonding, outside part of atoms there are spinning electrical force that are cables of many helix electron lining that can be separated and some go in the atoms to change the personality of atoms by joining to some Dark-Matter bubbles and combine new particles in fusion process to change hydrogen atoms into helium atom and synthesis into other over 100 type of atoms, without borrowing any particles from outside surroundings. You are done in your mom’s belly complete with 46 chromosomes, but atoms that your mom used to cultivate you are made in the belly of other stars. Before you born still in the watery amniotic fluid and Sac there will be no any microbes in the baby’s cells pure complete without any infection, as soon water breaks and baby get in touch outside of Amniotic Sac receive many variety of microbes bacteria’s and viruses starting from first second, babies white cells will learn to fight and defend the body but the microbes and bacteria will hide inside the cells and viruses will hide inside the bacteria’s also many other living stuffs will live using our body as reservation guesthouses.

There was a time when humans were perfect in sense that the body was 100% capable to eliminate all microbes, viruses and other pests in the body, if by chance humans have sagacity to eliminate all harmful matter in the body will reach the into complete perfection? NO

Scientist already discovered that our brain receives binaural beats from Universe, when we sleep this binaural sound beats become more effective in our brain to inner peace or melancholy by what message codes are delivered into our body, same messages are also received by other animals and fish or birds. The binaural beats we receive can bring codes or messages, if someday the codes come to our brain reprogramming to develop DNA`s that have to live continuously without getting old, there are additional in my other titles DNA and also in Neuron activity. All our nature living things receive coded messages by binaural coded beats to bring into activation, everything we know and remember is also registered in electrons helix stimuli that continue to stay all lifetime of an atom 12 billion years, also they can transform this knowledge into new born atoms that will be produced in the belly of other stars everything will be collected to the main group of two life form energy and matter life forms Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that I call them Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter.

                                                             TAPEWORMS AND THE REST

Medical field don’t see any benefit in parasite activities with human it is more harmful than beneficial because their task of activities are went disorder, there was harmony in between sound cluster atoms coming from plant complex to the surroundings through food to humans, that complex system went chaos, tiny animals and parasites hade a assignment overseeing farming production they went disturbed and start harming humans because sound harmony was disturbed in our environment. So all this parasite became danger to humans and animals such as 12 m Tapeworms that have powerful suckers and revolving teeth also Beef tape worms that can divide into small portions, then you have Filarial worm transported and injected by mosquito, Echhinoroccus worms that hide in blood stream and hook over in the lung and liver and grow crysts, also there is Ascaris giant red worms 40 centimeters long lives in small intestines has a mouth with 3 lips, 25% of world populations are infected  and killed 20.000 people every year, then you have Hookworm that live in the gut also there is Schistosoma mansoni that is effected into 230 million people, second largest groups in death after malaria. In my perspective mosquitoes flies and all this harmful parasites had a task to handle in proper way there responsibilities somehow went into dysfunctional process start harming the populations and animals.

There are less than 5000 varieties of annelids or soil worms live underground and active day and night, when is raining and the ground become too wet soil worms move up and mate, they get on the surface because also the become confused in sensing the vibration tones that were natural for them to concentrate their position inside the ground rain make them feel panic and uncomfortable, they have no problem, they breathe through their skins that also can distinguish light and vibrations of other molecules and fungus in the soil, if their environment is soaked with water they can’t penetrate the sound frequency of other sound clusters that are released from atom cluster groups that are groups of nourishment or other objects.

 Everything we required to continue our life was already prepared for us before we existed, The invisible Creator has possibilities as energy electrons beside their electrical belongings they have life form directives and complex energies that are part of Dark-Energy, still unknown to us, as organized force field they act to be called Mother –Nature, joining a second force that are in the center of all elements, protons that are portion of Dark-Matter also have determination in knowledge and patterned directives, this joining two forces apply all the detailed presiders that concludes in their pattern to regulate all happenings for the advantage of all plants animals Humans and even elements or atoms to combine into regulations of entire Universal communication in low octave sound frequencies. Only this last one hundred years humans study limited improvements about scientific values, as mush scientist learn they realize that they know nothing comparing the great knowledge that administrate the Universe, someday may be they will understand what is the mystery of Missing-Matter that are not only. In my conclusions.

Mother energy is directive patterns that are regulated by unseen force that flow with electrons that contain intelligence storage system code in every atom that our cells are built and they regulate all formalities of construction of DNA contain information’s to compose molecules duplicate 1 trillion complex coded instruction manual about the individual if anything goes wrong it can fix the error additional special enzyme to correct and replicate in the proper way and many other possibilities even acting as instinct inside the limited animal disposition action. All this spontaneous generation and intelligence code are contained in all electron force fields from their origin state of Dark-Energy, when small portions separate from larger flow of electromagnetism that also id Dark-Energy keep some of the intelligence patterns and store in the helixes that stimuli always can copy or transfer detailed knowledge, we can see similarity activity in human and all living form brains passing into the tunnel of synapse. As a mentioned before inside human body exist personality sound frequency waves that harmonize the activity of the person, sound frequencies also are low octave similarity in electric currant that can complete a magnetic field to direct the growth of the cells, if the individual have strong signal frequencies to generate force field around rejected cells that are directed to wrong process by molecules to develop tumor clusters, the immune sound field will fight if the personality field is strong to create field of sound block to fight the buildup, somehow excessive gravity through additional magnetic field can fight unordinary molecule constructions in the body, it’s all connected to sound frequency electric fields of directing instructions that are imbedded in electrons that contain intelligent storage system. In my theory the two sections in human brain have a separation section is located in between the left and right brain inaugural where the Binaural beat brain wave meet in the opening between two brains, and sub conscious is further up where the two brains joins, as much right and left parietal lobes are different in asymmetrical values as much the function is more successful. These invisible explosion of vibration waves echo in entire brain and by sound frequencies review recent activities of all cells activity balance to adjust the production of melatonin imposing through small portion in the brain that operates as gland to adjust the volume of melatonin hormones that could be gathered from food such as meat, grains and vegetables the new measures so the body control all cycles activity to sleep or stay awake, the whole body will be in control also against all health issues to extend life time. Binaural beat tune up the brain but artificial cellular levels might interfere in that balance to direct to sicknesses. Also misdirecting all life forms functional directives by Nature unknown sound frequency harmonies.

Inside living bodies are personality patterns from harmony low octave sound variation frequency waves, develop cells in orderly pattern in all living cells, the body tones harmonize with new variation of sound expansions, each side of sugar phosphate backbone DNA helix coil strand that contain collective atoms that have intelligence, because atoms are combined and processed from two intelligent forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, each of these activate through the process of production to cultivate molecules by low octave sound frequencies evolving Adenine Thymine Guanine and Cytosine then combining together as DNA, this two strands can order to connect the four molecules sequencing of DNA like can make covalent or any moment can turn into non covalent to separate the sugar phosphate back bone taking half side of details to go and combine into other half comb sugar phosphate helix coils. Same process of sound guided construction graft in bones when a child tiny bone start to grow, like inside wall of a room, grinding removing layers from inside infringement, and building adding new particles from outside the wall making bigger, that`s how tiny bone by sound frequencies from DNA order the cells to be destroyed and break into particles to be non-covalent cells, then ordering from outside of the bone to reconstruct to join by covalent process, with all details of blood moving veins and condense procedures and make build circulation system and sensing and transforming communicate with the brain. All process are done by inordinate intelligence that comes from electrons and Protons, that are combined from Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, small portions  mixture of these two energy and Matter complete the form atom.

All variety fruits nuts and seeds have their own personality patterned sound cluster waves, sometimes our own personality sound tones feel attracted to certain sound clusters when our harmony starts to familiarized to other sound frequency waves, for example nobody knows how the Hops taste like but beer brews start to use Hoppies brews people start to get familiarized to the “taste” in my other notes taste is also tone reaction sound frequencies and person might become addictive to Hops tasty tone reaction.

There are neurons in other parts of your body like inside your palms and more than that inside your stomach, every time you consume food neurons in your stomach can absorb and analyze your food up close by stimuli that are released from electrons and registering the sound frequency of new products entering into your body to not harm your own individual personality tone harmony that we all have in our DNA special patterns clusters that release low octave sound frequency, then stimuli return into stomach neuron cell and inform the new cluster forms that are in the stomach. Accordingly certain acid solutions the body releases to contain and eliminate strange sound clusters and make the new invaders combine into new sound harmony of our body. In case we ate some harmful food neurons in stomach sound the alarming sound warning if it is dysfunction then our health will be damaged. Also some animal’s stomachs contain neurons for instance dogs and cats and many other animals.

Most neurons are inside the scull as brain inside the person, also neurons in second big quantity exists inside the Gut of any individuals in stomach intestines and colon the entire digestive system, also neurons can be found inside the palms.

In the stomach there are 100 million neurons and 5000 million nerve cells. Neuron are in about 20 types, in the stomach you have nerves, muscles, cell tissues, sub mucosa, mucosa, lumen. As the process in our brain neurons release stimuli from electron cables to register details and return as mechanical sensing to pattern the details in neuron library same process is done by neurons in stomach and Gut. They don’t communicate in chemical reaction but in my theory Tone reaction that I explained in other chapters, the Autonomous micro circuits are stimuli release from electron cables and transported the details to nerve’s system of the body that go through the back spinel up to the brain, every secretion full details about enzymes and development of hormones is in the reach of stimuli to penetrate and inform the process, variety of system in mixing digestive system behavior of the stomach, does it feel hungry? Or is it satisfied? Sometimes the message is sent to the brain but the brain don’t answer back saying yes it is enough, still signals go to the neuron system matrix in the Gut and signals sent to the head brain in full details, those transactions are not conveyed fully to the conch’s alert conclusion of the person but basic information that stomach is hungry or full or whatever you ate must come out as vomit if stomach neurons realize have harmful contents delivered to the Gut.  


When scientist consider about complex origins right away go into DNA and organic complex process the ones we find in nature about living organics, in reality there are more complex combinations in atoms to be prepared and coexist in greater numbers than anything else, elements communicate act according to environments each category showing personalities colors of quantum patterns in principle spectrum lights also according to quantity dimensions, after all this expressions scientist call atoms deaf and mute some, substances without any life, though all life forms need atoms to operate.

Another subject in my note “Neurons” you might find additional information where you can find. Beside being forgetting there is also something called smart or stupid, I explained my perspective that each human being or any other biological living form has own sound harmony tone wavelengths that guide all its cells to perform harmoniously, bacteria’s and viruses also have their private tune of sound wavelengths where white blood cells hear and attack foreign sound conductors inside blood flow. Any form of static sound by extraneous viruses or bacteria’s can affect human thinking. Considering green algae also have own personal sound tone wavelengths, unfortunately algae virus inside human brain releases disturbing static sound that interrupts the harmony of individuality making the brain stupid also effecting reasoning functions also human optical dispensation, Sound harmony has a major role in each individual personality harmony that is connected to its DNA comprehensiveness.

we know that we are made of atoms studying atoms is just studying ourselves and entire matter in our Universe. First basic improvement in all understanding is to analyze what complex atoms are and how day formed. In my article “SUN” and “Hydrogen atoms” I gave many descriptions in that subject.

In my other chapters I explained why and how?  Electrons are millions helixes cables made from Dark-Energy that contains intelligence, plus life force, same with protons clusters that are made from Dark-Matter, that contains intelligence plus life force.

There are other form of bacteria on earth that don’t need sunlight to live and use inorganic molecules such as hydrogen sulfide and cyanide, hydrogen, phosphorus oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and monoxide, nitrogen ammonia, intelligent patterns guide surroundings through electrons electrical pulses stimuli and protons gravity and low octave sound frequency waves. this gases provide food to bacteria’s  in deep oceans by hydrothermal vents in the deep oceans, some can survive by only receiving hydrogen sulfide and methane combined with oxygen as sulfur that smells like rotten eggs.

Each times our planet releases from deep mantle gases rising from pockets of magma to the surface of planet Earth, from hot temperatures gases get cooled or frozen “quenching” supplying need of living basics to life forms, all electrons in elements and protons direct the procedures on atoms to combine into clusters in the spin of amino acid regulatory flow that already working in bonding procedures and develop molecules and DNA`s  according to complex organic environments or copy the directives coming from DNA.

Animals communicate with low octave sound frequencies and their brain analyses the sound and explain what it intended. We can see today elephants visit formal family bones for many years, notice kindness in dolphins even some compassion and empathy in mice and rodents, all animals have some sort of good behavioral sensing they also can communicate in Universal sound frequency waves vibrations by in brains.
 In the Bible Adam was perfect Man and he communicated with animals in Sound-Tone reaction by vibrations, understanding them certainly, he also creates sound in same levels animals could get responded, Adams brain work 100%, different than our brains that function about 2%, other instances in the Bible was mentioned King Solomon received supernatural gift from God or Universal sound message, accordingly Solomon he started to understand and talk to animals and have infrastructures with them in low octave sound frequencies that already animals communicate in that manner and understand fully the process. As a gift god willing to give same present to some people who are worthy and know how to ask him. The original basic communication in the Universe by stars, Galaxies, pulsars, planets, black Hole, all elements, and in our brain neuron activities also all animals, plants, insects, bacteria’s, cells and atoms are based on low octave sound frequencies, only Humans have additional or secondary language, even that language is divided to thousand other variety of languages but the basic is all levels octave sound frequencies, chemical reactions in smell also is tone-reaction in diversity complex cluster, activities in our body cells blood circulation DNA and bone construction hairs skin and smell all directed in tone reaction frequency methods.

There is a system some use for Muscle-Testing  for allergies. They call it "Kinesiology" Like holding left arm  certain food or bread or any fruit and screech right arm holding out on sideway asking another person to push the hold arm down using same weight to compare in other tests. Then try same exercise same weight on holdout arm by holding in the other hand different variety food, if individual is allergic to the food he is holding  will feel weaker and hold out hand will go down but if holding left arm food that is not allergic individual hand will stay holding straight on the same weight. In my theory any food that give wrong low octave frequency to the body sound allergic feelings will differentiate the individual it will make difference in capability of the person, like it is shown in allergy muscle testing. Always low octave sound frequencies will make tuned up the individual energy of muscles and thinking capability and operating all the system of the body harmoniously. Every second trillion of neutrinos come and pass every second through our body we don’t even feel it, all this neutrinos are Brocken helix electrons that com to Earth collect all data and go in the middle of the Earth and join to Dark-Energy clouds and neutrinos also return to beginning state as D.E. The sound harmony of individual being operates normal activity unless when the body is uptight positions folding the arms or toss the legs, the flow of the frequencies in the brain activate causes limited circulation and the thinking rational might be effected ,until the person is down relax and comfortable sound frequencies in brain act more tunefully. Sound harmony also can be found in the seeds of fruits. 
Ripe Avocado can be prepared as guacamole can be left longer in the refrigerator if the seed kept in the dish to mash avocadoes, if there is not kept with the mash it get spoiled much faster. Seed of avocadoes release low octave sound frequencies that order the mash to behave and harmonize to the sound of the seed and kept fresh longer.

                                                New hope for Trimethylaminuria Diagnosis

 There is disorder of fish malodor syndrome by abnormal metabolic characterized effect of dietary-derived tertiary amine. In my logic this is low octave sound frequency of individual harmony pattern of the person that differentiate other harmonious sound of personality with other persons, like pattern of finger tips or eye nerves image typescripts, this personality individualityis registerd as small but I call it Tone-reaction, inside the body there are Amines or organic compounds collective group of amino-acids sound cluster frequencies can be found in the urine or sweat and other personal secretions feel like aroma of rotten fish, this groups are also alkyl or ayle trimethylamine and aniline, all atoms have low octave sound frequencies collectively as groups or cluster of atoms are connected as body amune system preparing them, in my calculations and discoveries’ best fruit or that can destroy most effect of sound clusters is found in pineapple fruit. My recommendation to weaken this smell that is low octave sound frequencies is a new hope for this disorders and that can be tried Eating fresh pineapple fruit that can disassemble most sound cluster frequencies or make the effect less noticeable, give a try it don’t cost much.
Our brains now work 2% remaining senses that can translate the Universal language is dysfunctional. Animals can sense if a tsunami coming or if earthquake will hit the ground soon we have those abilities too. But temporarily that state remains inoperative.

Electromagnetic waves carry music from radio station to your room, from the radio to your ears they are not strangers to music its part of their structure very familiar to the flow other wave fields are ultraviolet light radio waves X-rays infrared waves cosmic rays and light. Electric and magnetic fields also are waves travel to reach us as far billions light years

                                                      Chicken came first or the egg?

Biggest part of our Universe contains Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Galaxies stars and planets surround part of it because D.E and D.M are the building block of Energy. By Greg Kaprielian Theory Krikor ” DE+DM=H “  E=Mc2 by Albert Einstein. The result is. D.E+D.M=Hydrogen,  Conversely D.E give other reactions when get in touch with E. or when energy get in touch with thing for sure. D.E has qualities of guidance based with geometrical principles Harmony, vibrational sound, and very low velocity can control all atomic structures gravity radiations. And all elements combine in the Universe (dynamic) Dark-Matter can be found all over the Universe. Even, deep in our Earth. All atoms are condensed D.M, covered with shell of electrons Dark-Energy like shells rotating, neutrons surrounding the D.M. Like an egg down in the middle of this existence. Something is guiding all bodies to stay orderly a great invisible engineer is at work. Scientist has discovered. Human cell, and jellyfish, create beam of light. I am not surprised, because, cells are made of Atoms, surrounded by Electrons. Also scientist has discovered. By NASA, probe, explosion on the Sun, noticeable with the explosion big invisible bubble. D.M is one million miles wide. This proofs that Dark-Matter exist, in the Sun, as well Dark-Energy. This two energies and matters, exist also on Earth, they influence in every particle, of matters exist on Earth, in all living things, Cells, plants, birds, fish, by Atoms in everything, this two gismo energies are included, all matters and living cells, when birds or fish migrate, D.E and D.M has big part in it. Protons are tiny grain of Dark-Matter the Electrons are made of D.E.   

In the first stage of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter are large volumes separated to small portions to form to be joined as elements close together just as larger group of atoms and bond together as cells, side by side to complete plant or tree is uniting together to be connected as Family group and all participate together as one living being, same similarities you can see in large flock of birds or small fish unite synchronize as one individual mass. The tiny fish that is located all the way in the back of the group separated by millions of other fish, right away sense as soon the guiding fish in the front change direction motion the last fish sense it at the same split of second, same with the millions of tiny birds having flight in the air. Regarding join functioning growth in the trees and plants it is done slowly but all electrons and atoms cooperate directives as large brain and body to be directed in their growth by stimuli in the electrons.

The invisible Engineer

All life living on Earth, are regulated under fundamental codebook a vital force called DNA major findings about DNA. Some might be objective where it will lead us promises are good; mankind has very bad experiences like the invention of black powder to use for good of men only? That might cloud our judgment body. Nature is in round order. Geometry high definition of ingenuity in agriculture plantation, in animal kingdom, sea life, bacteria viruses birds, and insects, unknowingly, everything they need is supplied, for continuation of their lifecycle. There are many, protective arrangements for the living on this planet, that they were not been aware of it. Like the ozone layer, the protection shield recycles arrangement. The phosphate is essential and responsible for the life in the cells that is combination of, Oxygen- have F or F# combine with Phosphorus that sound C, or C# create ATP molecules and so on. Cells bond together by tone reaction  (chemical reaction) that give overtures. Same tone frequency principles exist in Universe electromagnetic forces spread and rule by supernatural energy, the inventive art and composing high quality musical capabilities humans have. We look with respect to the invisible engineer who have fascinating artistic beauty testimonials, we experience on animals and nature. Offers humans, to possess artistic qualifications. How about music, birds sing free, man can sing, we`ll all matter in Universe communicate by music or beat of frequencies, still we can hear it from the Sun, planets, pulsars, Black holes and all stars

Modern science is trying to use high intensity pulses of microwaves and radio frequency using electrodes to effect other people or go into their thoughts by giving instruction or effect their emotions similar to psychotropic field, they are using frequency segments to send messages to one individual or sending into mass of people by discoveries from electronically engineers’ generating wave form patterns to effect other persons mind making them feel like hallucinations. This signals can effect also on smart bombs rockets and other machinery that are used in warfare, in other subjects I already described the entire Universe function by “Language of the Universe” Universal sound” titles. In my conclusion our minds work by releasing message stimuli that can see and keep all audio feelings impressions everything we sense and feel and transport everything to other locations by neutrinos and many other form of electrodes.

Life is contained in several levels. First level is in invisible stat contained by Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter, This Grand power that entire Universe is made off of is unexplained to scientist that’s why they use the term DARK-Energy and Matter and invisible spiritual beings as angels. Second level of life contained in atoms that also are different form of living than ours, still they communicate to each other go to fusion changing their characters and personality, stars and planets also fall in this group in giant mass formations. Third level of life is collection or combination of elements first by amino acids second combining to ions to form gems and mining materials and rocks or stones, they have their regulations in forming and connecting to complete certain shares or amalgams. Fourth levels are microbe’s viruses and bacteria’s, other forms funguses’ and algae and so on. Latest forms are more familiar to us plants then insect bird’s animals and lastly Humans.


Atoms can communicate by low and high sound frequencies. Change their personality characters by fusion, obeys directive physics principles and live 12 billion years. We can recite their character but they have much other proficiency since 14 billion years or so that with the knowledge we have are not adequate to analyze their full progress in physics. They have great supervisory on DNA structural regulatory we ignore atoms or not they exist and they are living things other method than ours. No matter what level life organism is still all atoms to bolt combine amino acids and molecules they apply to handle principles in flexibility to continue process to volubility, sound waves can make them communicate to recognize every protein or prepare environs to evolve biological forms latch onto molecules, all this operation is still in research by scientist to diagnose the mechanism how they work?

The cell to reproduce itself. In 2011 the scientist will be cataloged less than 15% of the alive species those days that are 86 % of us will be unknown for them, when 8.7 million species still will be unknown to them, not mentioning 20 times more that number that will extinct become fossils before year 2000. All variety of prints are registered in electromagnetic forms of electrons, they are like computer chips developed by Grand Creator. And electrons are part of his (Grand-Energy) Even the instinct technology in the brains of animals is because of electromagnetism of electrons that
electromagnetism of electrons that give guidance by tones musical frequencies to all animals and insects, also give behavioral regularity pattern of custom, and individuality

Big –eyed Dragonfly eyes have thousands of tiny lenses, also many other type of insects they can pick slightest movement. Some insects have suction griping capabilities on their foot, qualified with adhesion possibilities, with many about 50.000 tubes with adhesive glue in very smooth flats ends and they can hold walk on very flat surfaces, anytime remove portions by portions and remove the leg to the next step.

Some Crickets have unusual, their ears are not in the head but on both front legs, the eardrums are located on the legs and they can push their leg into tiny holes on the tree cracks and check for sound the eardrums vibrate and send the sound to the brain in their heads, this eardrums are called tympanum on both legs, when they make chirping sounds, males and females distinguish the sound, opposite sex crickets move to the call message, otherwise males ignore male sound calls. By moving the front legs crickets adjust better where the chirping coming from, some crickets make opening holes on the leave and amplify the sound system to send chirpings to further distances.

The idea to make needles in medical fields insects been using for many years before humans knew anything about it, to use it as stings with the bees or fangs with the spiders, some have very special stingers and continues to pump venom even after separated from the insects body. And even the isolated sting vibrates low octave tone sound to locate the position so other bees come to attack and give more shots to the enemy

Some Damselfly Nymph has no lungs breath from tail like flaps or its gills. The oxygen dissolved touches the gills passes the skin into the body. Same principles with the soil worms, they don’t have lungs, no eyes no ears no nose to smell no hands to touch or sense and they do all this by their skins.

Now I can evaluate that before humans exist all thing were prepared for our benefit accommodation for General public to feel relax and enjoy life in beautiful recycled garden and be part of nature. One important task human had to know not to be selfish greedy, enjoy all the provision share with his community make environment as peaceful as possible, study nature and enjoy other cultures having common principles with other languages and races share the lands and knowledge doing many other things that bring harmony in between friends. Humans will have permission several thousand years to accomplish their task, appreciate beauty that is prepared for them. Unfortunately they might choose self-destruct destroying Earth. With all this beauty because they like to satisfy their greed more than anything else, how far they can go? They will let us know. Self-protection mood will destroy the Earth. Bad standard will arise saying to another Nation we have the right to own nuclear warheads to use against you. You don’t. And ascent competitions between other Nations this wrong principle will lead the Nations into self-destruction. Before leading to those disasters already nations are building other tensions to invade lands and destroy others daily, beside that ambition some very rich people are harming many other families to grab and steel their belongings using the low rights to their benefits. Collecting billons. Leaving many families poor and hungry not able to find even one dollar to by food for their children. The billionaire, millionaire cannot use his billions to buy million hamburgers to consume. Keeps money in a safe place harming the needy? That’s the order we live in. Greed and bad habits rule in this beautiful Natural system and this going is not a good going

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