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ISRAEL and New covenant


 According to the bible, Jesus on Earth he represented himself, and as a messenger from Almighty. In the Beginning of human creation God was talking to him, let`s make man in our image. That was  most important for his disciples that they should know? At his last supper Jesus has to makes a new covenant. Because old agreement is not in effect, between GOD and Abraham was, rejected by the ancient nation of Israel, by not applying the low testimony, by that, covenant was also excluded by. All mighty GOD, sending the Italian army Under commander general Titus laid siege to city of Jerusalem, people were reduced to eating their own children 70 CE demolishes Jerusalem. Killing  about one million and taking into slavery, about 100.000 according to Jewish historian Josephus. Starting that date on, the official documents are lost; 

                                                   New   Covenant  

 No Israeli could verify what tribe of the 12 they are. Now, some say they found a solution to verify. They could represent, previously under the new covenant, year 33 CE. Jesus pick 12 new representatives (spiritual Israelis) faithful`s, convey all meek ones from all nations, Jews, Arabs, Arabs, French, all nations in the new agreement of official representative from the same 12 tribes, they chosen by Jesus. New Covenant night supper Jesus presented himself by bread and vine to his followers, so they can eat his body, and drink his blood. Luke 22:14-20 figuratively speaking. (If this suggestion, assumption immaturely, gives the false idea of cannibalism, nothing like that) what significant meaning or values that represents. To all humankind before God presented  himself only the God of Israel by the promise he made to Abraham, who was living close to Armenia and was not a Jew. We except or deny the body of Crist that is Dynamic-Matter, scientist calls it “Dark-Matter” we are made of Trillion billions of Atoms and they contain Protons that is Dark-Matter. Same with the wine that Jesus offered representing as his blood or life’s Power that comes from Almighty Grand Creator even if we refuse we are made of Atoms that are surrounded by life sustaining energy electrons that is the Dynamic-Energy is part of gods existence in us “Dark-Energy” D.E and D.M are the universal energy power for life to exists. First the Almighty God, second Jesus Christ. God delivered his people out of Egypt under the guidance of Moses. All these deeds endeavors change under new approach by Jesus new covenant that was also under arrangement, from his father. The task was, collecting  all nations, as one people, under new covenant arrangement. That’s the Truth for additional enlightents you can consider "Cornerstone of the Universe" in the same Blogs..

Unending supply of Energy in Universe, Dynamic DE flows as organization of GOD. That`s  represent life giving blood nourishment to all the Universe all elements need to be exist. By act of drinking in a sense (figuratively speaking) the Vine from the same cup of Jesus Disciples were going to be under new oath of acceptance, one God, one Mediator Jesus, represented by bread (figuratively speaking) by acts 15:28 ,29  (Drinking blood is forbidden by the low of God. It is a big Sin) How possible to introduced it, real blood?


This two are human names used in ancient time but in prophetical sense they will assault on Gods people in the last days, location of these origin will come from north of Israel as mentioned in the bible. Book of Ezekiel, 38:2- 18, and Ezekiel, 39:4,6. Book of Genesis 10:2 was mentioned that sons of Tubal and Japeth was called Magog, Torkoma Nations that came through these were ancient Armenians Cimmerians Russians and others, during history the bible recalls about kingdom of the north other nations took part in this positions and always change to other world power nations as the king of the North. I as an Armenian don’t feel any obligation to attack Israel, same with Russians

Israeli nation was the nation of God? Yes! They were. But they refused God as their Grand creator, the constitution in between was lost, and Jesus wrote same day of the Passover memorial night a new covenant procedure including in all nations that obey God not only Israelis, Abraham was not a Israeli Jew, he was from north of Iraq, from his decent came First Arabs then Israelis, by Abrahams Two sons.

God protected his people, sometimes hi punished them to bring to their senses, for example always God sends prophets and representatives to guide people, and all were rejected. 607 BCE God allow Israelis to be drowned as slaves to Babylon. Later after they rejected Jesus as their King in the year 70 AC. Nation of Israel was desolated by Italian Army. One million perished and 99 thousand sold as slaves. In the Bible, God regards his people as the pupil of his eyeball mentioned in Psalms 17:8 “Keep me the pupil of the eye ball; in the shadow of your wings may you conceal me” When God promises something he definitely applies. Book of Deuteronomy mentions that God protect his people Deut. 32: 9- 10 “To take care of him, to safeguard him as the pupil of his eye” Israelis still say they are Gods people, History can verify many instances that can be considered.

Considering Israeli people and their background since 70 Common Era, after destruction of Jerusalem by Romans they lived almost all over the world, in our times some Mongols converted to Jewish religion and became Khazar Jews that are Genome of European Jews many mixed with European countries, In Turkey big number of Khazar converted to Islam, after centuries they convert back to Hebrew religion and mixed marriage with Jews, in our times some Jews also became Christian groups. So various group of Jews you see in Jerusalem and in Israel today are groups that were diverse solely by religion and carry almost every kind genomes of the word, origin of 12 tribes are gone many years ago with the world.

According to some evangelizing groups they describe that assault will come from far distance by Gog; from the land of Magog, great nations will come with their tanks and army everything they possess. With all their nukes, Submarines, Carriers, Navy, they cannot fit in the location of modern Magedo field camp in Israel. Designated all nations will come like Russian China Turkey Armenia Libya Syria Iran Lebanon and many others will fit in that small site. This explanation is not logical to me as a logician. Even though it`s true there are many descriptions or locations in the bible regarding physical sites that means this approach regarding the land or location “Gog and Magog” But it should have a worldwide prophecy with a different meaning. King of the North will come with a burst of anger against God released by adversary rebellions against the rule of god. But as you see Gods rule did not started yet on Earth. We can comprehend logically. Bible is a figurative book. Magog is related to a future time in the history still not happened, so Magog will be a hostile to Gods people. Symbolically Gods people do not refer only to Israel but to all Gods faithful people worldwide,  before only decendants of Abraham were Gods people, but after Jesus came it was time for a new covenant between God and Israel that will be also included  all nations and the nations that were mentioned will come for battle, like Russians and Armenians can be reformed by any other nation the way their share was changed all the time during the human history, the position and name of king of the North always changed during history, it’s a worldwide issue not something going to happen in tiny location in Israel. It`s only a big attention now pinpointing the war that will include worldwide races. The dispute has symbolic significance. The location of this conflict will take place in the four corners of the Earth, Gog and Magogs are many nations that are misled by Satan, they consider faithful ones worldwide people as houses without protections mentioned Ezekiel 38:11-12 and continuation of the prophecy is continues until chapter 39 and continuing.

I have seen several times by Israeli young men holding signs that say the world owes us, probably having their mind some suffering by Nazis plus by many European countries where Jews have disagreement and were put out of their countries, for example Jews were expelled from Spain to protect Spanish kingdom from bankruptcy by the Sephardi’s, to give one point that usually starts discomfort between Christians and Jews is the convictions by Jews that all other Nations are Gentiles and Gentiles have less value than normal human being. This ethnic background standard started long time in history and I can divide that standpoint by two aspects.

 In logical sense Almighty is a loving God because he created best things for entire human race, he gives rain and sunlight to nourish our entire planets living things, God is love the main power of life, God gave life, in any moment he only has the authority to remove life force from anyone he displeases, this is the danger when some come and kill other saying this is the will of God, taking a position that they can do what God can`t, unfortunately many so called prophets declare the know God and wrote what God says sorry to say they mixed their own opinions with predigest messages against their neighboring Nations, Just consider how Hebrews describe, Kill everyone that don`t have same faith they have, Eye for an eye. Kill your enemies and their children and all their live stocks. On the other hand Jesus and his disciples introducing Gods messages saying “Love your enemies as yourself, are they talking about the same God? After many writing are gathered during history, the guys with their nationality authorities choose what letters is the holly writings is presentation from God and what doesn’t, always nationality interest remain in control. Jews say only Hebrew is the chosen race from God, Jesus said people from any nation can be chosen from God if he applies principle of love of enemies. By Israelis the conclusion is their Nation should be the chosen race and they will rule on all other Nation slaves. Same opinions stand with Muslims and other Nations. Jews boast about their achievements in history never mentioning slavery life in Middle East Egypt Babylon Assyria Roman invasion in year 70 in Jerusalem where one million Jews were killed and 99 thousand sold as slaves in Europe and so on, The revenge Jews have against other Nations is because they started first by calling themselves the chosen race and same philosophy still going on.

During history, by enslavement's Israelis lived in many other counties, last 2000 years Jews lived in Europe and everywhere. Because of so called persecutions they receive Jews expect  that the entire World population owes them everything but Jews owe nobody nothing, unfortunately the condition they fell evacuation old Jerusalem city is caused by Israelite's who disregarded Gods commands or helpful directive thought that are mentioned in the old Testaments, Jews stand up to rebel God, Young Turks that are Jews planning crimes to massacre Armenians in 1915 or other Genocides we experience in history will not change anything with additional crimes that all people around Israel are experiencing including the conflict-ions that European Nation are experiencing. What is the force that makes Israelite's look down to other Nation?

Primary standpoint originated from the Old Testament, in general sense all non-Jews that don’t have Hebrew faiths are Gentiles, Jews do not mention that Abel Noah as the bible mentions Ge 12:1-4 the father of Nations Abraham, Isaac and Ismael did not have 10 commandments and the Old Testaments as their way of faith, “You are a chosen race Ex 19:5,6 Jews back up teaching that any nation or individuals who refuse to recognize and obey their God will be devoted into destruction Ps 9:17 Jer 10:25 Isa 34:1, 2 There are many atheist Jews but Jews don’t consider them as Gentiles and consider them in their inheritance for coming new world order under ruler ship of “holly” nation that they expect. Jews extended other uncircumcised nations that were circumcised according to their custom were also received approval by God as Jews writing described in their Old Testament.

Jews wrote the Old Testament saying God told them to write as it was. Condition to have faith according to their Old Testament they should have moral life to be part of so called holy nation that are not Gentiles. If that should be considered as standard having moral clean life is important to not be called Gentiles. Are happy with these conclusions?

1 Samuel 15:3-

I always accepted super power energy that created life and entire Universe the Almighty God and his laws as supernatural wisdom; unfortunately many did not have the patience to listen into his commands. I did many research about religions especially the Bible`s Hebrew and Christian pages. I met many verses that were not easy to swallow but continue to do more research and more studies to reach into proper conclusion. For example the book of 1 Samuel 15 mentions in verse 3 God directing to Saul and Israelite's “Now go and strike down the Amalekites (One of Pagan Nations in Middle East) and devote them to destruction along with all that they have. You must not have compassion to them; you are to put them to death, man as well as woman, child as well as infant, bull as well as sheep, camel as well as donkey”

Saul rejected the word of God, Samuel Gods prophet found out their rebelliousness, in verse 14- 15 that Israelite's kept the best from the spoil, when an individual rejects the word of God no matter what is the command all will be considered as idolatry, because it refused God and opposite to the Almighty and his command s stand Devil Satan and people will choose idolatry as soon they against God.

In my post “Atoms are other form of living things” and in my other post “DNA” i mentioned atoms reflect their characteristics on other cells, especially some cluster of atoms that are combined in unorganized fashion are the one who release bad individuality habits and awful characteristic behavior, especially sowing greed, fame, selfish standpoint to hate humanity and his creator.   

Many Israelite's’ took in the genetic values of disordered molecules, some individuals inside nations have disorderly characteristic values, by Nature that will make them rebellious to God by misleading themselves and others to reach into idolaters, Old Nations that were to be swept by clean worshipers left to exist, in certain locations on the world there are people with disorderly molecules the give them characteristics to join improperly with their animals, it is very ugly and disgusting some of this people still practice to intercourse with their animals till in our days. How about the children and infants what will happen to their genetic complexity when they grow up? It will be exactly as their parents. Let me give you another example, how you will consider the doctor who decide to amputate one of your infected arm or leg? You will consider him inhumane enemy or someone without love. When I read the Bible, I always approach with great patience because there includes supernatural wisdom is enclosed. 

Jeremiah 32:30-35 ancient Jews offended their originating God by turning their backs, Jews focused on material interest idols that include loose immoral life, they throw their children in fire for Baal (Throwing their children into war) and so on, Old Israelite's were rejected by God as whole entire Nation sending them into Babylon as slaves 605 BCE sending Entire Israel into Europe as slaves in 70 AD and so on. Psalms 78:59-62 God handed Nation of Israel to the sward, because they lived very detestable sinful life. What kind of morality life Jews are living now? Jews should not complain other so called Gentiles because they rejected them after finding out that only Jews were holy, in reality their God of Israel rejected them and that is widely proven statement, only approach should be having peace with neighbors after putting aside prejudice habits, valuing other life forms, we are living in 21th century to enslave other people as belonging by the force of economical wealth, that’s why continuous conflict will go on, as described in Leviticus 25:44, in the beginning God allow Adam to rule only over the animals fish and birds, never on his other fellow human beings, if this issue is not settle down we continuously will experience wars millions of people homeless massacres and Genocides that still some denied that are such things by ignoring it, excepting only if damage done for themselves not cases of other Nations sufferings, yes human standpoint is very unfortunate and hopeless by the many conflicts and opposite philosophies adapting as standard.

During history on many occasions Israelis were invaded to be live with other nations as slaves, so habitually they adopted different cultures, after king Solomon’s reign starting from two tribes were at separated many other different groups of Jews were introduced to other cultures continuously, from modern times to backward Jews mixed with other nations such as Turks Karaite Ashkenazi Rabbinic and non-rabbinical crypto Jews from Spain that were hidden Zionism khazars Judaism, some believe something others don’t, for example Samaritans perform the Passover sacrifice when others Jews don’t. One thing Jews were nominal because of reading the Torah they always gathered to meet and organize themselves, Jews have many different teaching that is not accepted by all regarding the writings and other teachings still comparatively to other nations who were not that much organized. Daring part was Jew always believed that they are Gods people even when their God so many times throw them in the hands of other nations to be served and persecuted as slaves, still as soon they revived considered other nations as Gentiles that bring those nation less human in degree of animal class, so whatever they do to this people is acceptable because they are not human beings.

Biblical history mentions that in so many occasions some Jews went to worship Baal pagan gods that were worshiping Satan some throw their children alive to Baal’s fire as sacrifice, Jeremiah19:5 ..burn their sons in the fire as whole burn offerings to Baal…” in northern California one of this places in North of San Francisco Is the Bohemian Grow where most powerful men in the world gather, this is one of the locations that  exist for special worshiping locations for Satan, all political members that are under control of illuminati’s also serve Satanic representative individuals in this organization they too participate in their ceremonies closest to that group are the Ashkenazi Jews most of them worship Satan, their connection into spiritual world gives them schizophrenia, During history Abraham lived with Nomad cultures, later on Jews lived in Egyptian cultures, Moses adopted Egyptian culture and Jethro his father in law from nomadic desert country, after Israel go into promised they met many other tribes and kingdoms that left some cultural effect on them, later on Assyrians Babylonians Medians Greeks Romans Arabs and Europeans left great effect on Israeli culture, later on in all this Jews in Turkey felt very interrelated to Turkish culture specially Turks also had the costume to be circumcised worshipped one God, modern times we see that old historical invaders on Israel long times ago now are getting punished, in modern activities we see one by one their culture Art effects of Assyrians Babylonian and Christians are getting desolated in the Middle East also north of Africa planed in orderly Precisions and still this action has a long way to go in Egypt Italy Europe and other countries that hurt Israel long time ago as revenge. Armenians that had nothing to do with in harming Israel was executed by organizes Young Jewish Turks in 1915 in Turkey. President of Israel Reuven Rivlin mentioned “The Nazis … used the Armenian Genocide as something that gave them permission to bring the Holocaust into reality” Jews have their own personal permission to deal with all that are considered Gentiles according to their religious books Gentiles have less human value standards, this is another permission licenses that is given to some people, another permission licenses carry Muslims to deal with all who worship more than one Gods.

Hebrews and Islam’s have same Genetic line from Abraham, together they circumcise themselves to be Holly, comparing to them Armenians and other Nations are gentiles or in rejection group, so denying Armenian Genocides is acceptable by so called people who call themselves Holly Nation. Many invaders in history came to rule on the entire world they failed, any government representative did not respect their authority their entire population was massacred, human pride can boost on certain high level where after that their arrogance head becomes so heavy and falls downcast, Genghis Khan Napoleon Julius Cesar Napoleon Hitler and many they all tried, when the time times 2 cubic inch of soil will cover their greedy eye to see nothing but as long they are alive will continue about thousand year of domination New world Order, the ways procedures are going on, all I see new confusing disorder Word on the horizon, Many popular men and woman are chosen who can give good impression on people to have political positions helping them to be elected to serve to international Mafia organization, though they will be called leaders in reality they only will corporate spokesman’s, whatever command they receive it will be committed no matter what it violates, these political prostitutes men and woman who don’t care about their national interests as much as their own personal wealth are used to apply command s from so called higher authorities that don’t represent their countries, they are called leaders who have positions to rule on others in reality Satan is ruling over them they are just tools to be used, Jesus expressed that god of this system is Satan for now Satan and demons are the powerful authority on this planet ,unfortunately we are in it this mess where rich war company supplies are gaining billions of dollars making armor machines where some of them can’t be used because of malfunctions, so great amounts that can help welfare of big number of people going in vain for nothing, where rich are robbing the middling class that can give work to the poor and isolating the poor to go in panic killing each other brother to brother, sitting on a planet that filled with atomic bombs and arsenals, organizers with their families are sitting on big explosive capacity, our planet became unsafe unhealthy to live to all animals and humans. Still in all this mass rich are seeking to find out to know in the future how much richer they can be?

Many are invited for new discoveries like use of psychic power they call it remote viewing that is a field that randomly used between humans and spiritual bad angels some considers this viewing just as schizophrenia. I mentioned in post "Angels" number of bad Angels are 333 million strong on in our solar system and on this planet. University spiritual superpowers of bad angels on Earth give out small potentials to convince people to use this sort of powers, in reality angels will use some people for their own coming warfare against Gods kingdom in great Armageddon war. In conclusion it is demonic jamboree. personally I don’t risk myself to be in that University of demons that is open to public to mislead many, to make people to be used under demonic influences.

Ancient Israelis believed from Moses that a greater one will come to help Israeli nation to free them from world powers referring to Messiah, after repeatedly Israel rejected their so called true worship and rebelled against their own God, All the international power Israel collected by activities of Illuminate’s have no any connection with Hebrew scripture, so accomplishment they succeeded are not based of Messiahs involvement’s but by God of this system that is Satan and his organizations, In 1982 space Crewe from notices small 2 explosion light in Indian Ocean that look like testing of atomic explosion, Israel at least has 80 atomic bombs that has no assistance from Messiah. Almost in every country Zionist Jews have representatives under variety of societies, which will gain more power to Israel. Anyone talk about this are called anti-Semitic but they reserve all that right to call entire nations that are not Jewish calling them “Gentile” (Lower class then Humans that are in position to be used in any formality, just like cattle or any other animal) for example in Ottoman Turkish era Turks pretended to convert to Islam religion to accomplish their task being in the army and developing fifth column to build new world disorder, the word fifth column was from Spanish civil war in 1930 the involved activist guerillas controlled by intellectuals either in open or secretly to bring all wealth and power into international mafia organization. The most important figure of Turkey was also free mason ethnic Jew a Donmeh Mustafa kemal Ataturk his real name was Moshe-Samuel Yahuda ( you also “ M-Kemal. BlogSpot .com” after Turkey economically was broke Illuminati org help Turkey so stand up financially through Kemal to follow Future Israeli accomplishments. Together Turks and secret Jewish societies accomplished the Armenian Genocide, still naïvely many Naïve Armenian serve in these organizations. Still Ataturk stays in highest position in Turkey, until now all convert Jewish Turks have honoring positions and statues in Turkey. It seems if so called Messiah comes today Jews are in position to invade and destroy all their neighbors, who needs the Messiah? They have all the weapons and all the wealth they need.

                                                            SACRED SECRETS OF GOD

This is very sensitive matter, a prophecy was declared to take place in the future, according to Hebrew writings. When Men released themselves from authority of God Almighty talking to the snake that represent dragon Satan, God said in genesis chapter 3:15 “And I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise in the heel” Figuratively the word “Zera” is seed in Hebrew and Arabic it. In Greek language it is “Sperma” Bothe represent coming posterity or offspring that will enclose enmity between arrivals two category generations. This hostility will continue to the end of this system (I did not use end of the world) one category will observe Gods commandments the other that is seeds of that will seek their own pride fame wealthy material greed treasures.

Satan already had position of administrator in Paradise, Gods plans involve to let first couple to bring forth children in the right time. Satan though was the superintendent but had to ask permission when God will permit the process to bring children. Satan did not waited for that consent. Plus there was another issue in the heavenly non biol0gical heavenly living ordinance where Satan also was their overseer, the issue was “Does Almighty God has the right way of leadership over His entire creations?” it was under question mark, Satan was hasting to represent the right leadership, Satan was the source to bring out questions to put Gods leadership in question. This Universal issue was to be shown or proven who was doing error and is accountability.

Satan also wanted to test humans to prove that every individuals that declare worshiping God not by love but only pleasing his or her greedy self-interest, if they suffer they will rebel against God, this challenging issue between God and Satan come into my attention in Job chapter 2 starting verse one, also 2:4- Satan`s challenge was to terminate integrity of all humans conveying to a point where they will Curse God.

For the creator allowing for Satan` offspring to show on Earth making all human race suffer falling into a miserable life humans will grieve in pain experiencing many killing wars genocides so that all heavenly angels can witness that if Satan rules human race will suffer that we are witnessing according to bible since 6000 years, on the other hand Grand creator is God of love and somehow he will interfere, though men will die but God is capable to restore human life in perfection with all his mental good personality as reward for his sufferings, after the judicial result is presented showing that there is no other perfect way than ruler ship of Almighty, now still in our times all dogmatic news that we hear, all banking system manipulations, all the troubles that greedy man full of pride addictions keep men to suffer, all happening’s has been noticed every case and instances registered as document to be revised by Almighty in the Judgment day. There are many expressions in the bible by Almighty that he will not forget and reward all decent people who suffers till this Universal issue proclamations come into its end that still going on in our days. There is only one true theocratic ruler ship where man doesn’t rule where love stands for ruling constitution.

So Satan became the first mate of Eve during testing her and opens the way to bring forth Satan’s Offspring , later on same day Adam had to chance in intercourse with Eve and made possible developing Woman’s seed or offspring’s, Eve carried two different offspring’s and twin boys born in the future representing two seeds or offspring’s, in future other Spiritual angels also took forms of men they continued to have relation with daughters of men to bring forth mighty Nephilim, however angels did not had the prefectural possibilities as Satan to bring normal humanoids, Nephelims could not bring forth children. Only Cain’s line of offspring bring forth Satan’s Generation on Earth.
Bothe boys were born, many other details were not described, It doesn`t say how old were Abel and Cain when they were representing sacrifice to God, 25 years old or 250 years old it is not mentioned 
probably Cain and Abel were already have their own wife and children but the rest of the stories do not fill in the tiny rode history texts.

In my outlook it does not meant that every person born from Cain’s offspring is also Satan`s offspring but some of this race will carry the genetic code of Satan and they will make known by their attitude in the future, for example from Cain generations came faithful men also like Enoch, Metushael, Lamech and great musician Jubal who was a good player with Harp and pipe. Genesis 4:20

Genesis 3:15 describes that Satan will have his own offspring, men and women physically look like all other human beings except their personality character will be based on doing bad things, there will be enmity between people who like to do good things and against people who like to do bad things, for result bad will continue to harm every step good people like to take opposing peace and tranquility. Regarding their judgment for their crimes, Satan deceived Eve when she was lonely; she ate the forbidden fruit when she was not with Adam. Later Eve presented the fruit to Adam and he also participated eating the fruit, Adam and eve felt guilty and naked as soon God visited them in time of breezy part of the day. The Judgments they received first to Satan then to Eve and then to Adam. Story of Genesis was told verbally until Moses recorded details on writings, beginning chapters are some conclusions that happen in Genesis 2:4 starts” This is the history of ..” First human parents had the first two generation people Gain represents the Satan’s offspring that was left unharmed and live till old age, second child was child was Cain, two boys, till this two boys grow up Adam and Eve had many children, their children’s had many children that in the beginning only for time period when they were close to perfection could be allowed to marry to their brothers and sisters. Probably Cain and Abel were still single for long time it does not mentions, but there are statements about them how Serpents living offspring assassinated his brother that was from woman’s offspring as faithful men that appreciates God’s gifts and love and they were always ready to give their best offering to God as appreciation for their true standpoint and love. (Moses collected the former history from representative Family heads history of Jews, they carried bars or rods that was engraved details from back history, several of different rods describe summarized certain details as history that was told from generations from the symbol marks or letters scratched on that individual rods, for example if you read Genesis 4:1 again that detailed engraved design or inscriptions are repeated same story of Eve getting pregnant from different perspective. Moses writes all details the way they write in Egypt Pharaonic Hierogiglypth patterns was described origination chapters of the Bible he knew to write. Older nation of Jews had letters similar to Nabatean to Arabic and Phoenician Alphabet; Phoenician also invented two forms of numbers that are used in Arabic language and Western cultures. During history Jewish writing was also changed in Babylon captivity the Hebrew letters that is known in our days was, in Sinai desert when Moses brought two tablets at those days Jews knew nothing about scribe Babylonian letters on clay was used since 4000 years)

Watching ancient Egypt scripts I noticed in hieroglyphs and demotic some form of humans that represent ancient Egyptian gods that have animal heads, I was confused very much, now I figure it out that Old Egyptians were expecting in future the governing class will have figurative Animalistic characters, creating new wars famine destroying humankind all the rest you see on the news in modern times, only people in authorities have certain approach toward their fellow humans beings. Probably if we call a bad person an animal most likely an animal might be offended saying “we only take life to consume our munch, you people comply to kill each other for fun and for no reason than to concur others trying to satisfy your selfish greed and fame that is impossible to gratify”

Satan’s offspring pass through flood probable by one of Noah’s sons. Ham son of Noah expressed his character in Genesis 9:20-24 that he was different then Shem and Japheth. All during centuries from same nations found two different offspring of Satan`s offspring and woman`s offspring all thorough history till our days we know according Genesis 8:21 “The inclination of the heart of man is bad”  

Fight between two seeds or offspring’s will be continuously through the history of mankind, Satan`s offspring’s will bite or harm the offspring’s of the women from their Heel (under the ankle behind the instep) also figuratively is used as (Foot) We all know a hit like that is not deadly, continuously Satan’s seed will bit and harm the advancement of the woman`s offspring`s but that will not be deadly, on the other hand the strike Satan’s seed will get will be deadly crush getting right into its Head Genesis 3:15 “And I shall put enmity between your seed (or offspring) and her seed. He (offspring people of the woman) will bruise you in the head and you will bruise him in the heel. This continuous warfare has been going on since the history of mankind, up till now Satan’s offspring did not receive the bruise on the head nevertheless they will at the fitting time.

According to the Bible numerous many Faithful men received the title of that seed generation, Abraham that was not a Jew was one of the representatives of that seed according Geneses 22 16-18 Greater than Moses will come in the future Hebrews 3: 2-4. Hebrew 32:2-3 (Jesus) “He counted worthy of more glory” after sacrificial death of Jesus and his word in the whole group of the Faithful ones that represented the seed including Abraham, Elijah can find the one that is greater according to Jesus Mathew 11:11-15 “Truly I say to you people. Among those born of women there has not been raised up a greater than John the Baptist. But a person that is a lesser one in the Kingdom of the heavens is greater than he is” All faithful men and women died before the death and resurrection of Jesus will receive only everlasting life on Earth to be princess over the  many faithful men and women that will survive Armageddon battle on Earth.

                                            WHO ARE THE TWO WITNESSES

Human race still in great court session to figure out if God is guilty or Satan, Satan tried to reach position of God to ask the entire world to consider Satan as God, Satan questioned Jesus offering to rule on entire Earth if Jesus did obeisance to Satan (Dragon)accepting Satan as God. Beside Jesus Job Mosses Elijah and many other faithful men and woman’s proved Satan as liar and rejected him. One third of heavenly angelic family take side with Satan, entire word powers Governments that were under authority of Satan rejected the Almighty. Six thousand years pass still court session coming into conclusion, before the verdict two witnesses should represent human healthy conscience representing or showing evidence that was guilty harming the entire mankind, by two witnessing testimonies all confirmations during in all centuries what suffering human race went through will be presented as evidence. Somehow the Satan’s followers (The wild beast) thought that this two witnessed were absolutely dead for a long time and have no any competence to bring their case. New guidelines were instituted as Rev 13:16-18 mentioned al people carrying obedience sign of Satan marked on people’s right hand or on their foreheads 666 imperfection of obedience to God Almighty. Two witnesses rejected Satan’s authority. Who were this two (Symbolized) witnesses that was mentioned in Rev 11:3-5-7-10-13 it was mentioned her that their corpses were not laid in a cemetery after symbolic two symbolic witnesses will be resurrected. Number of witnesses if many thousands still court will be satisfied by two witnesses so number two is symbolic also. Let’s consider some of spiritually famous men.

There were exemplary provident men that almighty declared them as his friends; one of them was Enoch who lived before the flood. Enoch did not die? Genesis 3:24 “Enoch kept walking with the true God. Then he was no more, for God took him” some use this expression when a loved one die they say “God tool him or her” Moses died but his body was not found, Book of Jude 1:9 “Michael the archangel had a difference with the Devil” Satan wanted to keep Moses in grave Michael refused. Third faithful witness was “Elijah ascended to the heavens in the windstorm” by fiery chariot, in 2 Kings 2:11 many other faithfully men and women died but only Jesus Christ was the first resurrection that succeeds all future years. For example John the Baptist had biggest chance to participate being in heavenly position with Jesus but because Jesus was not yet dying and resurrected the way was not opened yet for other faithful men to be resurrected into heavenly realm Jesus said in Matthew 11:11 “Truly I say to you, among those born of women, there has not been raised up anyone greater than John the Baptist, but lesser person in the kingdom of heavens is greater than he is” same words also recorded in Luke 7:29 to double witnessing expressions that was received by the disciples. During Transfiguration of Jesus Moses and Elijah mentioned in Matthew 17:1-13 Jesus anticipating by two Angels expressing that Elijah and Moses were good example, living up to Gods sovereignty, always excepting biblical principles providential Theocratic directions in their lifetime. Yet both of them were not dead and resurrected, still Jesus did not opened the door of kingdom of the heaven. So all representative faithful men and women by this exemplary figuratively Angels as two faithful man in Transfiguration with Jesus, again the greatest model in faithfulness is Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Before ending of this rotten system, Two Witnesses should be in their highly grade positon to adapt to comprehend the true healthy perfect consciousness representing or showing evidence that who was guilty harming the entire mankind, by two witnessing testimonies all confirmations during in all centuries, what sort of suffering human race went through will be presented as evidence. Those men and women lived this last 2000 years sensing all atrocities that came from Satan and his worshipers with selfish greedy for power addicted individuals that harmed mankind teaching bad competitions bad teaching bad immoral life by all advanced possibilities, always stressing that God is the one bringing all sort of misfortunes, examples of Job story in the bible, Job thought that is coming from God, in reality it was coming from Satan. Conscience representing or showing evidence that was guilty harming the entire mankind, by two witnessing testimonies all confirmations during in all centuries what suffering human race went through will be presented as evidence, two chapters from Job. Satan’s follower can bring fire from heavens calamities plagues shut down heavens from rain turn water extremely on with pouring rain other times turning water on and off, capable turning water into blood sometimes they bring real blood from millions of innocent people. Two witnesses will be able to bring fire and plagues  just by declaring Gods message and Almighty will use at that time to destroy the guilty to save the poor mankind who have love for true sovereignty just like the good examples Jesus showed and explained how to be close to God. Almighty created men giving everything freely, Satan created religions slaving entire human race.

According to Greek scriptures the Anti-Christ is the one who is against the truth or the message Jesus gave. Anti-Christ is not one person they are a group of representative, they lived in all period of times not only in one century but many centuries, it’s a secret organization that live all times of human history, in any church or group of people there will be a group that represents one type of seed and the other different type enmity between “Your seed and Her seed” seed are always more than one. The good seed that will come generation after generation is not one individual, also bad seed Anti-Christ generation after generation represents many big groups of people. Anti-Christ represents the bad seed the enemy of God. God  have true love for mankind with his representative Jesus Christ. 

The opposes of gods commandments that are never been a burden but for the benefit of all humanity, still opposing seed will continue enmity against the rightful owners of the Earth will suffer from their damaging heels, but soon the oppressor will find themselves in bruise in the head according to Biblical prophesies that I consider “Sacred secret of God”

“And I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise in the heel” Starting written of Hebrew history, many occasions God refused the Israeli Nation as his people when they left His commandments, God allowed the first famous building temple built by King Solomon to be tear down, 604 B.C allowed the entire Israeli Nation to be slaves into Babel. Many continuous years they suffered from their neighbors, God allowed happening in Year 70 A.D. One million Jews were killed 99 thousand were sold as slaves. Same incidents we sow in Hitler’s ruler ship in Germany. This proves that they lost their protection so many times, in our days Jews have the greatest power in the Middle East by worldly means of superpower, not godly miracle arrangements.

Jews always believed that they have the first privilege to exist before any other nation disregarding how mighty God think about moral values that matters most. For the creator moral values come first before any other name designations. No matter what nation it is Almighty can remove that entire nation out of the picture in any second, for example when nation of Israel disregarded to be respectful to Gods moral standards and values, in Exodus chapter 32 explains after people considered that Moses taking long time on the mountain they proposed to have another god statue of a holly calf that represent wealth richness. In a second Mighty God changed his standpoint toward Israel saying to Moses in book of Exodus chapter 32:10 “So now let me, and I will exterminate them in my burning anger, and let me make a great nation from you instead” Any moment God can give similar judgement to any other nation worldwide.

 In the end of  time new revolutionary systems will be activated, international laws will be manipulated, if a Nation has no right to invade other countries new terrorist groups will be trained and supervised secretively to destroy enemy governments, to my understanding in this world there are no any terrorists but only carving tools always protected in the hands that are sculpturing to form new world disorder.

The world power that will come with the symbol of “666” and Gog-Magog is not a nation nor religious group but a community a big family that for centuries had effect on many nations in revolutions scams disturbing many nations in financial misery, they are not a government but lease many governments by inducement using them for their scam, support mass murder and corporate greed, they also represent the generation starting from times of Adam that will oppose Gods Kingdom, they will be always busy in bad criminal planning, they worship the devil through money and wealth, because of their greed they think that own the world and can do whatever they plan, so they will convert almost into all variety of religions be Allies to most powerful nations and plan for destruction of all nations bringing famines sicknesses and poor community, they will not respect the rights of their own nation neither their God excepting only wealth power with greed, they will bring the entire world to a war it will be called Armageddon.

All the world economic markets and banks are controlled by Rothschild and other many close families like intimate Rockefellers and many others, many other political groups world conspirator organizations and financial dynasties, political establishments in every field worldwide like Bilderberg group, they have representatives also in other religious cultures that are also Encouraged by their ruler ship as you see in Northern Africa up to Turkey, to complete their task of new order worldwide global development, when the time comes through religious power all the Christian nations led out of Africa, always we hear from their representatives what is the approach to rule worldwide, when they say emboldened by West in reality is the international mafia is guiding their decisions. In 20th Century there was a struggle tactics to rule the Earth by East or West by assigning leaders that back up their interests, but as historical proof Socialism was presented by Lenin and Leon Trotsky both were Jews and Illuminate’s. U.N. Bld. Was contributed by Rockefeller and if you research you might find the whole picture of control worldwide, So two group of people will clatter someday, the king of the north the Illuminati’s are most powerful seed, their opposes have no power to stand against them, it will come the time when another unknown Universal power will involve and exploit true judgments worldwide

By the way the symbol star on Israeli flag is accepted by Illuminati members as their own symbolic representative star it was already existed in Pagan worship that was star of Ramphan that belong to Moloch (Satan) later on it was introduced as Israeli national star flag. Paganism is represented on Israeli flag that is opposite to pure worship according to Torah  What will happen to all enemies of the Jews?

 Considering verse from bible Zechariah 14:12 “And this is the scourged with which Jehovah will scourge all the people who wage war against Jerusalem. Their flesh will rot away while they stand on their feet, their eyes will rot away in their sockets, and their tongues will rot away in their mouths” Modern Jerusalem is not home for Jews, many Arabs and other Nations live in Jerusalem. This has symbolic interpretation regarding safeguard of true spiritual Jews or Gods chosen people that Almighty except them as his people, During history 605 BCE and 70Ac also in many other historical times, Jews in Israel and Jerusalem met their annihilation as Zachariah 14:12 mentions, it happened to Jews, History indication First group of young Jews 99.000 of them sold into slavery in Italy after destruction of Jerusalem 70AD were mixed with European nation two thousand years, Second group that call themselves Jews came from northern territories of black sea called western Turkish steppe Empire were called Khazar Khanate or Khazaria, they are pure Mongols that excepted Hebrew region, don’t have any drop of Jewish blood in their veins, I agree that some very few true Jews were survived not as  Nation but as individuals that have true meaning what Gods people have to be, also there are many from other nations that spiritually are chosen ones as Gods people,  as it was declared in the bible Romans 2: 29 “But he is a Jew who is one on the inside, and his circumcision is that of the heart by spirit and not by written code. That person`s praise comes from God not from people” by the way of life they live and exploit what sort of people they are, by loving their neighbors and applying word of God in their life. Jerusalem represents a circumstance position or standard that Gods chosen individually spiritual Jews declare by the way they react regarding their neighbor not by group as a Nation, taking their stand spiritual in Jerusalem environment (not in modern Jerusalem that is spiritually a Babylon) faithfully they come from many other Nations to be chosen by God.

Group of covenants

According to Hebrew writings first covenant between Almighty and Noah, then with Abraham, then with Israel, then with Moses and so on. All the covenants between Almighty and nation of Israel came into halt because Jews did not keep their promises to keep Theocratic principles including the Ten Commandments. After that Almighty also did not value formal commandments between him and Nation of Israel, sending so called holy nation into slavery to Babylon and Rome and so on. Most important covenant Almighty made with Jewish representatives was in Nisan 14 through Jesus and his disciples. So Covenant between Almighty and Israeli representative continue under new low of love, love your enemies. Unfortunately Nation of Israel stood up to make a different covenant between their nation and Moloch as they were doing formally by sacrificing their children into statue fire of Moloch that represents Lucifer or Satan. All the propositions that Satan presented to Jesus world power and authority that Satan offered to Jesus where Jesus refused, Jews under new covenant between their Jewish Nation and Lucifer to rule on entire World population was accepted by this two parties Jews and Satan in this new arrangement of secret covenant, so as a result Jews control of all banking, media governments, as a result also we see project EnDGame-Global extermination. We see the capability of HAARP on global scale on tectonic warfare with their (EISCAT) NWO Project is a doctrine, NASA “Blue beam can capture our planets crenta control consciousness of populations with HAARP by global scale. At G8 L`Aquila 2010 Medvedev unveiled NWO coin international currency. Almost many powerful nations their representative s are puppets for NWO or directly Jewish, Vladimir Putin is a Jew. Zionist are Sepherdim meaning the real Jews, and then there are similar groups as Ashkenazi’s, khazars that are a Mongolian Turko-Fion tribe still call themselves Jews. Illuminati’s have major 5 families that own the World Bank’s control 100 trillion and 400 billion $ addition with worldwide properties. Unfortunately the 5 families also have their own personal interests that oppose each other. The Bible prophesy talk about 7 superpower that will come during time and they came and gone, also the prophecy mentions that it will come the last superpower collected from 10 horns of entire by uniting world governmental powers and will stay over entire planet Earth to rule for one hour, then the end will come through Armageddon war between Almighty and his Angels against Satan with rebelling Angels using all Weaponry of entire world power government against Jesus and his Heavenly spiritual army that will start by a tiny rock that represents Gods Kingdom and it will gulp the entire planet demolishing all Satan’s followers and protecting all the faithful ones. How long the NWO will rule on the planet? Relatively one hour.

Revelation 17:12 “The ten (symbolic number for complete) horns (authority) that you saw mean ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom (UN collective representatives by NWO), but they do receive authority as kings for one hour with the beast (Satan)” some bible scholars explain that one hour simply means the Judgment will happen rapidly. Book of Psalms mentions 90:4 “For a thousand years are in your eyes just as yesterday when it past. Just as a watch during the night” Another verse from 2 Peter 3:8 “However, do not let this escape your notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years, and a thousand year as one day” let’s do small calculation, if 1000 years divided by one days or 24 hours it will bring biblical historical one hour into 41 years and 0.666 years, almost two generation time, exactly the ending of this ruler ship NWO will renounce, as book of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 mentions “Whenever it is that they are saying “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them” 3.333 million Satanic bad Angels are guiding entire authorities worldwide, they always agreed to disagree, history wars is result of that, already its proven all individual world power representative has own selfish greed to satisfy themselves a greed, that newer be satisfied, bad Angels are ruling through human individuals doing every bad thing to humanity. Matthew 12:25 and 36 “.. If Satan expels Satan, he has become divided against himself; how then will his kingdom stand?” so I suspect that NWO will take control to rule on entire world over forty one years that already started before year 2000, UN is already established but did not yet fully control the entire World. I can’t pin point what year the Illuminati already is in control ruling on entire planet under the authority of Lucifer Satan. Additional information about World power can be collected from (

                           KING SOLOMON`S TEMPLE AND NEW JERUSALEM

On many occasions I noticed some articles people trying to explain about Temple of pure worship to have pure devotion toward God. According to the Hebrew scriptures the most important object in the Holy and Most Holy the Ark was the Ark of the covenant that was built in the desert, later on king David collected gold and silver his son Solomon gathered architects and workers Hiram’s was one of them bringing timber from cider trees in Lebanon king Hiram supplied it along with skilled workers like another Hiram who was expert in construction, 30.000 men were working taking changes shifts with 10.000 workers a month, with additional 80.000 tree cutters for this project to build large temple that stood about 500 years. Construction started year (1034 B.C.E) in inauguration 22.000 cattle and 120.000 was offered. Temple totally was destroyed by Babylonians in (607 B.C.E) In the days of sons of Solomon Rehoboam in 993 B.C.E king of Egypt Shishak robed the treasures from the temple (1Ki 14:25-26) temple was repaired 859 B.C.E in 761-746 king Ahaz of Judia sent treasures from the temple to Assyrian king Tigrath-pileser. Starting year (716-662 B.C.E) started time of vandalism and disorder, from that days on or from Babylonians destruction Ark of Covenant was no more, probably was rebuilt new ones but no convincing information about location of the Ark, one thing for sure the God that Jews were worshiping he rejected them as a Nation also God does not want to be represented my material object for worshiping, probably that was the reason that totally Solomon’s temple was destroyed after Jews rejected his pure worship, otherwise God has the power to defend something that he wants to. Temple went again for repairs in the time of Zarubbabel in 537 B.C.E not close to Solomon’s constructional level or originality. Many times it was repaired and damaged later on was rebuilt. In yet he is trying to behave in civilized manner, when he is secluded he can use his real free habit munching in much more action than driving his horse. Later on the altar was defiled by king Antiochus Epiphanes in (168 B.C.E)

Last construction of the temple started by Herod that took 46 years to build, Jesus mentioned about it in (30 C.E) when still work was going on but this temple also was totally demolished in year (70 C.E)by Roman army.

Previously, prophet Ezekiel, 14 years after destruction of Solomon temple, he mentioned in (593 B.C.E) by seeing a vision about new temple that will be constructed very late in the future. Explaining full details how large it will be in (Ezekiel 40:4 to 43:10+) if you read the information of sizes how large the temple will be how big volume of rivers will get out from spring of water from the temple that will be filled with fish (Ezekiel 47:1-12) in our modern times such class extra giant temple cannot be built by any Engineering competences because it was referred into symbolic or figurative place. By logic Jesus referred to spiritual temple that will be located as spiritual figurative temple in heaven, having heavenly new figurative Jerusalem and heavenly new figurative temple where man cannot defile. As Ezekiel foretold new temple represented pure worship. Rev 21:2 “I also saw the holy city New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God ..) also Rev 3:12 if Israelis read the ten commandments they will notice it says Exodus 20:4 “You must not make for yourself a carved image or a form…you must not bow down to them nor be enticed to serve them..I am a God who requires exclusive devotion…)

This is why many nations are confuse don’t know exactly the meaning of worshiper or how to use building for worship, God is spiritual and expect spirituality in worshiping. Today there are many religions and Jesus predicted that in the last days more new faiths will be represented by many philosophical viewpoints also non-believers.


 According to old Testaments God of Israel promised Jews a land filled with milk and honey in Canaanites lands starting from south of Lebanon to Egypt, from East the Ammonites (Modern Jordan) to the west Mediterranean sea. After destruction of Sodom and camorra south of dead sea territories Abraham`s nephew lot became drunk by his two daughters had incestuous relations, older daughter had a sun named Moab, younger daughter had a sun named Ben-Amin father of Jordan capital Amman, this generation or tribe have Semitic same root line closely related to Israel. Older times Ammonites worshiped pagan gods Milcom and Molech. King Solomon disobeyed marrying Naamah from Ammons tribe directed Israelites into false warship and they became idolater, 1 Kings 11 1-8


7 tribal allotments were the Canaanites that were descendants from old Phoenicians, they were residing west of Jordan River valley and their main worshiping pagan god was Baal their most sacred CenterPoint was in Lebanon`s Baalbek. Name Baal meant “Lord” “Master” “Wealth” “Lord of Good fortune” only superior to Baal was his father “El” God of Israel promised land of Canaanites if they wipe out up all false pagan worship of Baal, the days of Joshua after Israelis went invading the promise land, later on they adopted Baal worship for themselves misguiding the purpose being there. Jeroboam son of Nebat took wife Jezabel from Sidonia’s that introduced wider range of Baal worship building large monuments in Samaria, Jews were throwing their live children as sacrifices into the fiery arm of Baal while trumpets played loud sounds to cover children’s cry. Story of Elijah mentions about 450 Baal prophets that attending to challenge Elijah at Mount Carmel, after Baal worshipers failed the test still Baal worshiping was prevalent and also were commanded to Israelites. God of Ancient Israelis condemned praying to Baal and yet Israelis continued to do so, God of Israel punished them sending Assyrian to invade Israel, In modern times  all nations that damage Israelis are getting demolished by unknown organizations destroying the statues and Art temples and churches by provision and direction of secret societies, Israel never adopted complete obedience to the word of their faith, later on their God send Babylonians to invade Judah for 100 years, many other nations came to punish Israelis but nothing changed. Year 70 AD total destruction came over Israelis by Roman army, according to Jewish historian Josephus Romans destroyed Jerusalem killing one million and slaving 100 thousand as prisoners. Did Israelis go into pure worship? Not completely, most powerful wealthy Elites are now warlords in control of great wealth, many books explain their activities in history by Zionism families, what are they worshiping now? Did they following a pure worship? One of their centers is Bohemian Grow where they worship satanic rituals gathering many people who are under authority god of this system that Jesus refused to do obeisance to Satan. Yet in Mont Rio California that located 20601 Bohemian Ave inside 2.700 acre campground most prominent leaders of the world gather in this encampment location front of a man made pond, behind stage you will find hallow owl statue made from concrete over steel supporters established 1878. Since 1929 owl shrine served in cremation ceremonies, God of this system rules by warlords through this Satanic rituals exaltations to lord of Fortune “El” is the father as Satan, Baals are the representatives that rule over the Earth under Satanic command adulation from people. As whole group they represent inferior level from high supreme pure worship that Jesus explained to Jews. He was rejected because Jesus did not complete their personality expectations, All provisions they received from Almighty was not satisfactory for Israelis personality expectations back in history as same now is not appreciated as you can see in their moral life and idolatry.  

Somehow Jews have revenge from the population of this planet. By their God Nation of Judah allowed being slaves for Egypt Assyria Babylon Persia Syria and many other tribes and Nations, last 1.5 thousand years Jews were also slaves in Europe. Now they found best master to be serving for wealth money and still hope that by New World order they will rule on entire Planet Earth. No matter what God including Beelzebub or Murdoch they have to serve it doesn't matter as long they have power and wealth. A promise that was given to Israelites by the true God is not in order, the contract is not in power because Israelis are not applying Gods instruct commands. Power of Israelis is based on politics and illuminati rich protections not from the true God but from Satan. Regarding DNA Palestinians have more Judah`s DNA than the Jews. As you see modern Israel is more powerful that its neighbors, comparing power of Israel Palestinians have only 1% of the power of Israelis and yet Israel can`t quiet down the Palestinians. Two races come from Abraham Ishmael and Isaac, have own sort of faith or religions they both plan to spread their perspectives to rule this planet. In case the conflict is about who will invade a town doesn’t end there, after that they have more and more gains to accomplish and it never ends.


Regarding all the confusions explanations from all sources regarding “666” MARK OF THE BEAST is always one religion group attacking the other groups to blame, in Rev 13 this stories are noted, most of religious scholars consider this mark literal like a picture or frame tattoo or RFID (Radio frequency identification device) chip. Many people already are scared of this 666 microchips outcome that has nothing to do with the mark of the beast, tis chip will help doctors to follow and reach to right information’s regarding your health and medicine and another chip to follow your financial state potentials that already all banks know what do you really own in bank accounts.

Noticing what religion gave to their public is certain way of thinking that is separate from all other religions plus most of so called faithful followers by religion thoughts can’t distinguish facts from imaginary fictions their faith includes many imaginary happening in history and also might happen in the future far from reality, so they have to ponder more to imagine best happenings individually will happen to them if they are closer to their faith following every thought their religious guides is introducing to them, grow up I realize that in World war one Christians killed Christians Muslims kill Muslim’s And Jews adapted all sort of religions and then killed many under Zionism directives, rest with all other religions they killed each other. As long fantastical religious imaginary is continuing no one will satisfy saying this is enough the will go deeper into their passionate teaching to control each other mixed with nationalism with greed pride to gaining wealth shouting “We are the champions” to become stronger superpowers nonstop t continue to harm other faiths and races believing that their imaginary fictions will accomplish their dreams. Meanwhile imaginary teaching of Santa will continue with all rest of all hard to believe thoughts aimed to destroying this beautiful planet Earth.

Regarding new world order that many presidents and officials keep reminding us, my perspective by question is. Please show me any country on this world or any city, town block, any place as sample that exist real order tranquility and peace as an example to implement your approach introduction as New world order can fallow accordingly. In my other post under subheading Angels I describe in what power and authority the entire world already halts. According to the bible number 7 is perfection one number short from that number from 7 is number 6 that is imperfection multiplied imperfections tree times is 666, already all the world is in control of people who are guided by Satan and they are his representative already almost the entire world is in control of 666 in their thinking emotions entertainment politics and religion, chips devices has nothing to do with it. World power already is guided by new world order that don’t contain any order in the NEW WORLD DISORDER.

According to the Bible Number seven stands for perfection, Number six for imperfection belongs to Men. 66, Gods accuser Satan the adversary activities stand with number 666, Lucifer Satan’s Number stands half of human 66 that will bring to 33, all dependent representative ministers of Satan also they have numbers lesser than the Devil, starting 32 to lower numbers, every continent every big nations have one of those ministers that rule certain sections of the planet Earth, each have their own private numbers. For example in the Bible God`s Angel was late to help Daniel, the book of Daniel mentions why, saying 10:13 “But the prince of the royal realm of Persia was standing in opposition to me for twenty-one days, and look Michael one of the foremost princes came to help me and I, for my part remained there beside the king of Persia” Prince of royal realm represented by Satan has number 21, and that minister called number 21 defended the territory for 21 days, as all ministers of morning star are not united other representative number oppose the number 21 until new royal realm number was respected, all representatives give different titles to Satan calling him great Dragon, Lucifer as phosphorus (Morning Star) (illuminati) Jezebel Beelzebul, Baal-Zebul ,Murdoch, if Satan’s ministers be united it will be less wars and conflict on the planet, but as we see they don`t agree in united way. Worship for Murdoch is continuing to this day, Number 32 is the highest in Free Mason group and we know number 33 belongs to Murdoch the adversary Satan, the enemy of true God. New World Order stand opposite to true God, when the time comes when Michael from the Universal kingdom try to reach our planet to eliminate Satan and his following ministers will declare that aliens are attacking our planet and they will use all stocked nuclear warheads to defend themselves striking rocket on Gods kingdom vast army around our planet.

The new World International mafia already using all resources to damage the human race by entire bank system is in their control all the media news provoked according their directions in politics they make candidate to reach into positions then command them what to do almost most of politicians have no personal opinion in decisions if they have they can’t express it but only according the pay they receive. Medicines pharmaceuticals and all ornaments commodities also in their position, on top of that educational systems but the most dangerous is the plane scale to go into all variety of religions learn the philosophies and develop higher control in religion organization they have secretly representable that guide humans to rebel each other in the same religion same nation reading same holy book principles at the point where religion is not accepted by everyone, this is why we will see political backfires and continuous revolutions worldwide, is someone believes there is God they are teaching them God says go and kill other religion followers. If others don’t believe in god and like fame and luxury teaching them go and kill others and keep everything for yourselves and so on. Doing my calculations I expect that capital of new world order might be city of Chicago in USA, why not All Capon was there and mafia born in that city, this location is close to water has many underground system, a city beneath the city, and why not new secretary of UN might be Barak Hussein Obama inside capital of New world order, Chicago.

President of Israel reuven Rivlin mentioned “The Nazis … used the Armenian Genocide as something that gave them permission to bring the Holocaust into reality” Jews have their own personal permission to deal with all that are considered Gentiles according to their religious books Gentiles have less human value standards, this is another permission licenses that is given to some people, another permission licenses carry Muslims to deal with all who worship more than one Gods “Kafirs” or Gavurs”1915 all who did not convert into Islam like they were murdered because the killers had so called permissions to kill in the name of God. Ottoman Osmania Turks with young Islam Jews that organized the massacre population of Turkish Armenian innocent citizens in Genocide killing I.5 million all Armenian that did not convert into Islam, some Armenians who convert they survived the Armenian Genocide, but some of them later on they return to their original religions. Many allies who respect those licensees or permission of murdering others are quiet and deny the Armenian Genocide. Israel sends keep denying these massacres because they were done by so called permissions.

Armenian Genocide was accomplished through manipulation by Jews using Barbarian Ottoman Empire Turks as a tool to massacre Armenians, for Jews Armenians “Goy” "Gentiles" were no human beings as Jewish superior chosen race. In the future Zionist Jews will use other barbaric nations to eliminate the Entire world population directly or indirectly, by using or hiring fanatic criminal fighter trained to kill they will wipe out Middle East to have vacant land punishing all Nations that during history damaged Israeli progress, they will destroy all historic monuments arising cultures of old enemies, if you as neutral individual don’t believe that, just wait and see what will be happen to your race in future, all non-Jewish race will follow to criminal annihilation process by same criminal minds all over the world. Left over by only holly chosen Jewish race in the new world order. I call it New World Disorder.

They preaching to deliver “New world order” all they delivered “New world disorder” and turmoil. Jesus already mentioned about his assignment, long time ago Jesus asking his disciple John to write 1 John 5:19 saying “We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one” (that is Satan and his organizations) Though New world order representatives are alienated from true God but substituted by another god at odds to tree letters (G=Gold  O=Oil  D=Diamonds or Drugs of the World) that is controlled by power from Satan the Devil that is a slanderer against the true God.

Once was presented in bible that there will be a chosen race and God cooperated with this race long time ago as was promised to Abraham, all people living in that history time neighboring countries did not have any law principle toward their fellow neighbors, some massacre their children to Pagan statues, live children were thrown into burning fire as sacrifice in their pagan worships. Abraham become the chosen one and apply fear of God truthfully, but as you read the history and religious documents coming race did never accomplish their standpoint to God as a nation they never reach the goal as holly Nation to apply all standards written in their book of law and God left his chosen people to be massacred and destroyed in many occasions, unfortunately when still some believe that they are still the chosen race, mislead themselves in viewpoint that all other races are inferior and they mean nothing to God also for the chosen race, no importance more than price of cattle or other substance. Let me give an example, if we ask a father who has 5 children, can we have one of your child? What will be the answer? God created all human beings they all are equal human values, when there is no race of holly Nation with standards by applying fully theocratic standards in law and forgiving Nation that respects all nations morally important, what nation can call them that are the best chosen race. If there is such an Nation they will consider only their Massacres and holocaust great sorrow, similar thing happening to other nation Genocide means nothing to them to take into consideration, Keeping themselves as chosen race will give them permission to population control Globalism and demolishing races from 7.3 billion worldwide populations planning to bring down 500 million under one government one language one authority and religion. Spread over all types of harmful chemical to massacre nations that worth as much as cattle. In reality this type of standpoint explain that they do not know the true God, in case they believe to have a God that tells that is only the temporary God of this system, and sooner or later the chosen one confusion will be unconfined,

History shows, many instances human race including Jews went to search into demonic religion, they worship the Satan and his rebellion Angels. According to the book Genesis 5:4 a new race developed into offspring of Nephilims that became the violent hybrid sons, they were the children of materialized Angels that in flood were destroyed, rebelling Angels stay with no gender, no males or females, since then those who worship Satan fell more relaxed to not put difference in sexual characteristics, gradually Illuminati group that worship the Satan will force their governments that they control to not put gender differences using public bathrooms in schools and so on. The power seeking satanic influences to their followers, they think same as violent hybrid sons of rebellion Angels did, guiding all Nations into wars to massacre each other, planning Genocides, pretending that nothing wrong with that.

I can guarantee one thing. Any race or individual who has uncontrolled pride evil, hysterical ego, unrestrained nationality pride, definitely when the time comes he or she will be decaying going rotting into original form of dust, Planet Earth will guarantee that, because no one owns the planet Earth, Everyone belongs to Earth.

Meanwhile as individuals almost each person is considering themselves more important and other lives less, then almost all Nations considering themselves better than others, selfishness rules, is a problem? Believe me no one will notice to take into consideration.  For the time being while waiting to find the true God already in the vicinity they instituted another God that is eagerly pursuing “Corporate Greed”

No matter what religion or Race individual has. Money seeking big lords enjoys their fame power authority and madly seeks for more always pretending that their goal is love always stance for peace and harmony, But if reality picture how you look is different still a individual can declare that is seeking for peace? Any human being no matter what religion they possesses, if they sharply oppose all other beliefs plus consider yourself superior above to all other races because you born in certain superior chosen unique human group miraculously your is soul different than inferior nations no matter if still living a greedy immoral corrupting life still a chosen from God, any so called humans with discriminating attitude how they can have peace with other Nations? That will be very dishonorable for any God who can accept such individual as chosen ones. 

                                                      Gentiles and Infidels

Starting point of three religions is based on Hebrew religion, Christianity except the Hebrew Scriptures plus new testaments, Islam has basic Hebrew with additional scriptures from Prophet Muhammad as Quran, but the basic of these three religions are from same beginning source of basic Hebrew writing. Why sometimes there are tensions in these three beliefs that can effect on people to stand against each other? As we know Islam and Hebrew faith followed from descendants of Abrahams boys Ismael and Isaak they both have sematic origin, they all try to show that love peace and humanity, but why sometimes conflict starts in this two three faiths. Hebrew religion teach True God is with them and all the rest are Gentile, saying there is nothing wrong to consider other nations as Gentiles that is taken from French word “Gentille” that means a clan or tribe, some Israelis claim that word stand for heritage, also using the word “Goy” that describe other as outsiders, saying nothing wrong with that unless when Jews after circumcision consider themselves a holly nation respecting the Holly books, considering all others that have different faith also those who not respect Zionism. Calling everyone a Gentile or a nation, nothing wrong with that but considering one group as holly and chosen, can make other nations disparage, people might categorized into pejorative term or taking them down, bringing them up into racial supremacy. So anyone not following Jewish path or don’t claim that name on themselves those nations will fall in standard of “Gentile” or “Goy” try this expression on any human being “You are nobody I am somebody” how will they feel about it? Uncomplimentary standpoint will be reasons to start conflicts that we see all around us all over this planet earth.

There was an article in Revelation Secrets of Zion. Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." — Menachem Begin - Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983

History records some Jews in ancient times had practice Adoring Baal Pagan religions, some still continue with similar Tophet blood labeled deities and rituals, you can check and compare and conclude your own Openion in this matter in topic, Jewish ritual murders revisited: the hidden cult [Full. HD], also best research you can do about is “Kalergi plan” a new type of genocide.

Similar to these terms peaceful Muslims descendant from Abraham also apply circumcision they also respect the teaching of their holly book Quran, as my ancestors were Christians and survivors from Armenian Genocide in Turkey felt restricted sense because they rejected faith of Islam doctrine law promulgated, Turks felt Armenians are not following the Islam path, all other nations fall in this category and Turks might in the future handle or grab all “Kafir“ people who will not adapt Islam. By force 2 million Armenians pretended converted into Islam and survived later, those who rejected Islam and Qurans teachings were labeled as unbelievers “Infidels” “Kafir” in Arabic “kafara”. In Arabic language Shukr or Shukran is Thank you, Kafr is opposite to Thanks. One thing Turks did not understand that in Quran 57:20 it says those who have disbelieved and denied verses, those are the companions of hell fire.  “Kafara” stands also for (to cover up) while Turks till our days denying hiding out the truth about Armenian Genocide, any truth should be respected, not teaching in their schools bring them into this standpoint. Unfortunately some Nations mentioning other genocides showing details what Americans did to native Indians also about all other countries where nations massacre other nations, bringing over these details make them think that they have the authority as permit license to commit other genocides.

Do not get the wrong idea. I am not an atheist, Christians are not holly angels, I noticed most of those holly books have been used in opposition faith armory ammunition to continue revenge and hate considering other by pejorative terms and it will continue until world population realize where the problem is, as long religion force others to adapt their own faith by force, fighting force will continue bringing human race into war famine and calamity. Planet earth can provide food and shelter for 140 billion of people, now it can`t provide food for 7.3 billion population. On one occasion Mahatma Gandhi has said "earth provides enough to satisfy every mans needs but not every man`s GREED" unfortunately now the planet Earth can`t satisfy 1% of Greedy population that control the planet. Another comment Mahatma Gandhi made “7 things that will destroy us, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principle” I just described you luxury life of Greedy 1% of extreme rich population who control this planet by bribes and strife, it will be wise to figure out where they are leading entire Planet`s populations.

                                                              ARMAGEDDON WAR

Today there is big fear in all Nations to get prepare for Escalate Nuclear arms race, in reality nobody need those capacities nuclear warheads. Some invisible force guiding the nations to have even more arsenal ballistic missiles evens H bombs and many other varieties. Satan is escalating to produce more because Satan have a big war against Almighty`s angels that will come against all rebelling spiritual angels to put them in abyss. So Satan`s massage to all nation by starting more suspicions to escalate to protect themselves by more stockpiling plutonium and more thermo nuclear arm race. According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, Russia might have 3100 nuclear warheads and other variety of H bomb`s and others, USA 5700 nuclear warheads and many other destructive weapons. Israel that have the smallest landscape have 300 nuclear warheads and capable to eliminate the whole world. No one needs those stock piles plus all together nations possess chemical and biological piles of weapons.

Gradually the World powers are getting more lethal as military technologies progress, they don’t need so many ballistic missiles to fight with each other in other word they don’t need thousands of matches to light up gasoline flow when they can do it with only one match lighting. Satan and his organizations have to prepare themselves against Gods Kingdom that will reveal in the heavens, Head of the Angels Michael with his angelic force will come to clear satanic power all over the Earth, indirectly Satan is preparing world powers to prepare more lethal power to defend from the Universal powers, that’s why we might experience executive orders will be signed to prepare explorations to improve economy security thinking that they will try to unlock the mysteries of space while they manufacture more lethal explosives to defend space security. The only make up stories to be prepared against UFO is only to defend themselves from Angelic force of Michael, by the way name of Michael means “Who is like God?” 1) Almighty planned to fill the Earth with Humans, he knows when it is full, yet some men trying to took over Gods authority to reduce world population into 500 million according to “New World order” I call it “New World Disorder” 2) Almighty will bring theocratic pure ruler ship of Gods Kingdom, men under Satanic guidance will continue the misery selfish greedy Nationalistic world of power to be continued under demonic influences. Though the Word forces will to their effort to study and research Universal great unknown that what is behind what? They neglect to compromise what is the force that is guiding them to bad conclusion that will suffer the mankind, for 6000 years men were making their fellow being to be suffered in war and famine with enormous misery and they will continue doing so, while the leaders enjoying life in great luxury and entertainments’

Satan plan is prepare to manufacture those tools, he can make people use whenever he wants by going in the minds of people. There might be probability that, according to the bible, when Gods angelic army approach the Earth against Satan, (in my personal Opinion I might be wrong they might come like a Comet all the world together sending missiles with warheads thinking it’s a comet) I don’t have any details, main thing Satan will use the words all power against Gods angels. After they fail Satan will go to his second plan to use all the biological and chemical weapons to destroy humankind. If he can accomplish that Satan will prove that the purpose of God to create the Earth and human life is failed no more life on earth saying God has failed. But Satan will not succeed he will be fails some people will live and stay alive and survive the Armageddon. By the way everything now I described was the Armageddon war. Between great Michael and Gods angels, against Satan and his angelic gang, joined by involuntary human world powers. This was the Armageddon war. All opposing gods arrangement will be demolished, small numbers of people will live on the Earth. Under heavenly new government, that’s the new heavens. The earth will be cleaned up new society of pure character individuals will live on Earth forever, that’s the new Earth The new world will be the same world but new authority. The answer of their prayers will be accomplished asking Jesus Let your kingdom come. Here it will be present.

Unlimited warheads are already manufactured worldwide that can destroy entire surface of our Planet Earth 100 times over and over again, in the beginning the manufacturers thought they will prepare themselves if other country attack on them they will punish the intruder, so they kept piling all sort of weapons thousands time more than they need. The invisible enemy of God Satan put these thoughts inside the minds of manufacture to prepare unlimited nuclear weapon in case Gods kingdom by Angels come to eliminate the bad people and bad forces that are the army of Satan, for example under the name “in case asteroid impacting the Earth” scientist are preparing developing a plan to blow asteroids with nuclear weapons by 8.8-tne“Hammer” (Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission For Emergency Response) to eliminate successful detection of “NEO” (Near-Earth Objects) as indirect purpose of all the nuclear weapons that are available will be used by Satan to attack Angels of Gods Kingdom that soon will be arrived. There have been instances where nuclear warheads have been triggered to launch on their own but somehow stopped as they do in test, experts blame UFO activity test, in reality it is Satan and his bad Angels test to be sure how to operate when needed. Creator of the Heavens and the Universe has supreme wisdom and power to overcome all this buildups to eliminate the bad and restore peace on the Earth as it was planned from the beginning.

DYNAMIC Dark-Matter is Jesus Christ, First creation by his Father. Figuratively presented bread Jesus. They have to give oath to accept existence of Jesus. As they except existence of their own  body, already in their body exist D.E and DM    but the importance is to accept by oath that they are portion of the Creator, and fragment of life giving blood provided by Almighty God. Always searching what is just and truth. Keeping hope and faith to search the clean pure truth to exist continue to except benefits through this Energy and Matter. People will accept or not, they made of atoms, elements are made of combination of Dynamic D.E and D.M. planets, Stars and Galaxies, that’s the truth. Sooner or later the world will be filled by the knowledge of God that is missing in human family, all  answers and the complete picture of the flawless truth.

We all are in training examination how we will react to others weaknesses, Supernatural force or being is observing us how individually we are behaving in our society, are we puffed up by a few advantages having over other people or we come to conclusion that there is a greater superpower that created us, during lifetime each individual will make own conclusion about nature habitat, considering others respectfully, uncomplaining shortcomings of friends and humanity, trying to be similar to our merciful creator toward humans, This is the perspective  one intelligent man King Solomon, as it was mentioned in book of Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 “The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard is; Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole obligation of men. For the true God will judge every deed, including every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad” My consciousness tells me, every creature that has life is a divine creation, life created all good things, otherwise why life created everything that lives?

Israelis might say we are applying what our holly book is saying, destroying our enemies man woman children, Entire world is in uncontrolled competition to arm themselves with deadliest weapons, is Israel that believe that are the chosen people have to act just like all other Nations by imitating them? What does God also says, in other verses in the bible? Book of Isaiah chapter 2: ending part of verse 4 “they will beat their swards into plowshare and their spears into pruning shears. Nations will not lift up sward against nations. Nor will they learn war anymore” according to the word of Bible other nations have to exist and share planet Earth, Earth will not belong only to Israelite's according to Gods word.  

No matter how deep a person goes into religion stuff looses peace and harmony with Nature and Humanity.

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