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                                                                             You are part of UFO


                                                                          Gabriel Logician Jabrael

UFO`s are invisible dense bubbles of dark matter or D.M, invisible colorless it look like liquid similar to mercury but it is 15 times more dense than lead. Scientist is pending to know more explanations  so limited in this fields. D.E they   don`t have regular size but are Bubbles inside other shape of bubbles. Largest ones couple billion miles wide divided smaller parts are as small as group of clusters to fit inside atom as protons,  but without any color, the core of all planets are D.E but are  regulated or effected by magnetic field very dense mass we call it Dark-Matter. Once a while they disconnect portions separated from center of the earth`s core that is also big ball of Dark-Matter, it can give opposite forced messages to other elements by low octave sound frequencies that result in covalent bonding can attract and even becoming dismounting before reaching into surface of the Earth. Because all basic centers of atoms are protons that are made of Dark-Matter Bubbles they communicate, all atoms communicate to each other by covalent bonding by tone vibrations. UFO moving around as a large ball of sphere shape portions going in the mantle by scratching or scraping Atoms that can detach and add on the surface of D.M like rhodium effect any slenderest fast move can leave aside the dust like other atoms that sitting on bubble of D.M. Core of the Earth is big mass of positive D.M like principle of Atoms that are described in other chapters of my notes, they provide the gravity of our planet this system of D.M core also is center of all planets moons stars, Black Hole is pure D.M. Protons inside atoms and electrons communicate with other atoms by low octave sound frequencies in the principle of covalent bonds joining with other atoms, some show and act as hurricanes. Same similarity of Jupiter also operates down on the surface of our Earth. On planet Jupiter dark zones we find dust like clouds that storm and move around that planet, this is like solar wind attracted hydrogen atoms ions helium silicate carbon or even iron and other dust form similar to interstellar medium, but controlled and guided by Dark-Energy or Negative D.E having opposite form of electricity the cloud travels contrasting to Jupiter circulation. Same system is maneuvering in deep Earth`s core as soon portion of D.M separated from the big mass some small portions of D.E can be joining these new figure. The figure of D.M can appear like shape of a UFO attached smaller portions of electron D.E that can penetrate certain level in D.M and can surface according to opposition reaction not stable. D.E has electric qualities because they are first ruff stage of electrons, so they have electric generative power giving effect that the so called D.M or (UFO) spaceship has lights. As soon this mass comes out under water or under the soil or they are already in the clouds in the sky can maneuver any direction fast, by connection to other forces in Cosmos. Sometimes people notice this UFO`s hanging somewhere and have a metallic color`s or shape that is surrounded by other atom dust particles like rhodium effect, as soon the UFO make a fast move to other direction those shallow thin element particles dropped down and all remained its location nothing because that D.M is already invisible giving effect that is invisible or went somewhere else so fast. Everything we see around us have some sort of life in a different form, like Atoms they live 12 billion years they generate into other form of elements and apply order principle and act according to their behavioral pre organized directions. Same with electron helix they preside amino-acid form order also supervise DNA regulation and developments, Sound regulation and communication in atoms all this and many other theories are explained in my other topping information`s. D.M. Dark-Energy in stable condition change the activity when moving it form electromagnetisms, smaller portions of these energy is cables of electrons that are big collections of helix filaments long and short, smaller portions turn into neutrinos. Electron are different kind of energy electrical zaps, diverse circuit force energy, like we see inside human brains communicate by electrical impulses across the synapse similar to library memory banks go through axon terminals transmitting information`s vesicles with neurotransmitters by electrical stimuli, this circuit carry information motion pictures data about smell temperature feeling and register emotions, everything humans can see and feel can be registered in those sparks electrical flickers recordings in full detail and transform information’s to other locations that have the capability to registering ascribe by same principles pattern spurs impulses electrons have the ability of all those capacities. D.E have own sound presides to act and move in principle order like Atoms and planets and stars, Probably you recall, only UFO`s are Aliens from other planets killing humans you can see that only in movies not in real life because are misinterpreted to confuse the public they never attack on humans till now. Are there living other beings or Aliens on Earth? Check my other title Angels.
UFO`s are Dark-Matter bubbles, they exist in every Core of Planets Moons Stars, they don’t contain Aliens and they are in peace with us till now. Because they are, part of us. There are many other form of life forms that are not familiar to us, Just 90% of living thing on earth in the oceans are not recorded by humans and are unknown. Same with atoms that can live 12 billion years, can communicate apply physics principle, gradually by fusion mature to other form of elements and die; they are different form of living things. Same with Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, God is life form everything he created contains some sort of living procedures, Like the cells in animal act different and collection of those cells as animal act different, same with single birds in heaven can act solo or with the swarm maneuvering collectively probabilities act different . Same thing is with Protons or Dark-Matter that we call it UFO. Dark-Matter in entire Universe has communication some sort together in Universal language that is low octave sound frequencies waves it is a field of sound.

If there are real flying orbs or spacecraft’s that aliens are traveling by and we proof their existence, then we cannot continue naming them unidentified flying Objects (UFO) after identifying them, according to progress of big nations flying spacecraft’s I will not surprise if some nations made similar crafts that are been used by air force. In history or many ages people witnessed UFO`s at the times when modern technology did not existed, so what they were UFO`s?

In modern times there man made similar shaped manufactured disk shaped flying machines that can be categorized as flying saucers, in this post I will explain that Dark-Matter energy force has intelligence geometrical forms that can travel or maneuver similar to UFO`s. many news TV programs and books bring this subject of UFO`s. It is reality scary phenomena’s keep people depressed not to stand up to represent their values and kept controlled by other. The media manipulate and control public with such subjects and many bias people take advantage to show blurry pictures about UFO to keep everything inaction using wealth or financial control to fear the public, there is no any major civil aeronautics legal group that can present. To give an example there was a country where fear of revolution was possibility, what the government did, suppose a person need 1000 $ to make a normal living a month, the regular average wage was set 700 $ and gave the public opportunity to steel from factories about 300 $ a month, this phenomenon kept the public always in fear from their government not standing up for revolution, Same is the news media where bias people control the news and always manipulate audience showing them nudity competitions and fear filling up human brain with trash to not reason in logic and reasoning’s, probably you raised sometimes certain questions, why news media is focusing about certain nonsense news when there are more important matters to inform.

There are supernatural UFO forces that travel on our planet and in our solar system that can appear or disappear any moments that are not man made, they can be in big numbers or isolated move anywhere.In any volume, anytime round bubble forms of Dark-Matter can leave center core of Earth`s planet and reach into the surface, cervical spins opposite to clockwise spin excavating out of the ground without registering into any seismographs sensors, the affect might be seen symmetrically cavities round, different shapes also might ejected from ground very quiet, like soundless volcano eruption that we never experiencing, only effect we can see next day a giant hole or crater cavities on the ground or in the bottom of the sea, if humanly we tried to use boring machines to give similar effect it can’t be done especially in one night. There is no any expectations when or where they will show out but mostly they might be seen in northern sectors lover portions from North Pole.

Once a while Dark-Matter bubbles might release from the complete lump and leave center core position up to the surface Earth, on its way it can decompose entire structure of the soil and untangle collective molecules of the soil elements and raise popping up in dense forest under sea or Oceans and in some Russian forests leaving unravel elements to go underground through left over tunnel. Areas that has been noticed this tunnels with no ending does not have roads leading to these locations to carry equipment’s to drill them, by the way you will not find any dirt nearby that could come from the tunneling. After Dark-Matter released up later on this bubble portions can forms also into shape of UFO vehicle that contains no Aliens but it contains intelligent and life not in human form but in strange phenomena force mound that can change its shape or volume and also its density, also it can be broken into so small portions that later might be used as proton clusters inside atoms.

My perception, Dark Matter don’t have certain precise mass, it can enlarge expand or shrink to condense not as matter but as force field invisible bubble that contains many other smaller bubbles inside its bubbles like Russian nesting dolls “Matryoshka” during atomic explosion Dark Matter expand to the point where it releases all inside energy as hot temperatures and radiation, electron portion of atoms that is Dark Energy it releases only electromagnetic charges only Dark Energy releases radiation.
                                                            ALIENS AND UFO`S

Human reasoning can put forward the idea that in this entire Universe only we are the living creatures will not be realistic, observing atoms that can live 12 billion years and change their character personalities by fusion to become other form of elements, observing how atoms communicate by low octave sound frequencies tone waves still they are not convinced that atoms are living things because they don’t carry cells and are not biological livelihoods, though all life forms need element to complete molecules to create cells and organs. During centuries people were interested about Aliens, revealed in old portrayals oil paintings you might find similar to UFO design or figures, always we hear all round Earth and on moon also in nearby space we can detect similar unexplained spaceships and there is great global effort to uncover the reality or the truth of this story. Is there Aliens? Already the personality of characters fit in envisioned by Earthlings that this creatures have big eyes tiny noses all civilized cultures conform without having a proof, there have been found skeletons of elongated sculls, there was and still can be found some cultures that rapped the scull of children in molded shapes and brain scull grow elongated in long years. Some cultures found a system to make their neck longer by adding round large rings to force the neck to elongate during time of grow. The conclusion people have is that only Aliens can navigate spaceships drown are operated only by humans Aliens don’t have drones, intelligence only exists in biological two legged creatures, so everything is based according to expectations up to knowledge that is available till now.

Regarding the UFO flight that I observed in many research videos and pictures I realized that so called UFO space ships are directed to certain direction all of a sudden move there location many miles far either left or right or other direction than in sharp turn continue where they were heading, there is no visible jets around so called spacecraft. I have a theory about Gravity you might find in this blog under subheading “Gravity” All matter follow principles according to universal tone reaction that controls gravity, atoms use this energy in covalent bonding principles to be connected procedures of sound frequencies to be connected to other dot location in space like tiny warm holes to be connected and change their position spot, researches will be continued regarding UFO and Aliens, there are also thought about Angles and spiritual creatures that might be energy force beings, this opinions are rejected because they have religious stances. Regarding spaceship dishes, main dish appetizers are orders, focused on how humans are abducted torched, directors film producers already day and night thinking how spicy they can present these ideas with great violence happenings in theaters and TV? There is great demand to this fare banquets.

Before was any beginning always life force existed. Life force that is Dark-Energy generated Dark-Matter, both this forces contain life their combination formed atoms and space the entire Universe as I explaining in my other subject Cornerstone of the Universe in this same blogs. Consequently this two Dynamic forces contain knowledge wisdom to comprehend the whole lot in perfection about location each planet or stars in the entire Universe also govern the entire action changes of all atoms in their fusion process and have control all movements in gravitational forms and process. UFO that we observe are portions from bigger portions of Dark-Matter bubbles that contain perfect knowledge and wisdom and can effect by great force not only to destroy but also to create by combining thru Dark-Energy. Noticing supernatural energies limited humans thinking mislaid many imaginary assumption and philosophies.

Stories about hot fire Hell frights interests religious communities, UFO`s interests educated people to fears of Aliens, always conclusion is they will come to Earth no matter how powerful Aliens might be Earthlings will win the fight, 4th of July. Star wars you name it titles without end making human kind more anticipated thrilled to meet Aliens to win and claim victory like the rest of movie fellow human being making more interesting potentials, you will go into the theater or rent a video and have some very scary moments with the Aliens and UFO`s, film producer and actors will enjoy the money you provided because you were having fun to be scared, further Alien stories will be great prospect for army factories to build more dominant weapons to provide great profits to rich people who don’t need any money but they feel more needy to grow bigger in fortunes.

Am I saying there are no Aliens? No UFO`s. No we still don’t have the true perspectives on hand, probably they will not challenge our expectations they might be something totally diverse purpose or more explanations’ are needed, probably you already came into a conclusion regarding UFO, still I need better quality more inclusive clarification not from theaters and TV but from physics and scientific feedback responses to have the comprehensive depiction about UFO and Aliens.

                                               UFO CONTAINS ALIEN BEINGS?

I respect all to have their perspectives in life sometimes it might be opposing to each other but always people have the decency to talk listen what other have to say and later on all are free to keep the suppositions in complex matters like UFO and Aliens that make them feel comfortable. In my other blog already I described in the article “Angels” that supernatural force field beings created or existed billion years before man came to exist, this other form of non-biological living beings also were capable to reshape or transform themselves into human forms as was mentioned in the bible before the flood, new human angels were only male form biological beings that can intercourse with woman of the world and have fertility to new generations of new giant creatures capable, In scientific technology Angels had fullness in more advance knowledge than human beings, to manufacture machinery. They are also capable to analysis field animals that we witness once a while in open fields, it seems cattle were cut with precision tools without leaving any blood trace over the ground. These angels that survived from the flood by returning into their invisible force field forms still have to be prepared against great battle that waiting for them from Almighty in near future. In my perspective rebellion Angels can manufacture flying weapons and tools in higher technology to be prepared t the great war that is called Armageddon that will be between rebelling Angel forces and faithful Angels that are under command of Highest position supernatural being Micah, who is Jesus Christ. In my conclusion flying instruments that are different productions from human made flying machines might be angelic force field half invisible material that are supernatural war machines. Already there exist other forms of materials that are foreign to human advance technology as I will explain next.
The center core of Our earth is made of pure Dark-Matter that contains intelligence to release sound measures and elements will analyses that into movement directive to be connected to inertia field and move accordingly as gravity effect, for many years scientist sense the sounds coming from deep Earth as oscillations waves called “Hum” involved in patches of rock moving up and down, during time those oscillation form change into coarsely ring figure waves, course rumbles was below limits of human hearing sequence that is called (Earth`s Hum) but lately starting December 2011 this effe 3ct changed and getting stronger in January 2012 and continuing into human level of hearing mysterious sounds. Some scientist call it “Tweeks” or “Sferics” or “Whisters” many people experienced January 2012 people experienced in Scotland, Manitoba Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, UK. Ireland, Brazil, Costa Rica. 2012 February, Lebanon, Missoula Montana, adding on that big numbers of black fish birds falling dead from sky, some black bird invasions, turtle’s dolphins dying without any logical reasons. Unexplained bright lights in the sky. Unusual numbers of hurricanes solar wind and earthquakes and unusual explosions and tornadoes on the surface of the Sun. So we experiencing strange sounds from Arizona to England, we use to notice a source of radio waves frequencies coming from Centre of the Earth, Sun also generates sound waves that help to guide surrounding planet to synchronize in the flow of Solar system gravity arrangement of rotation though they all are moving fast forward direction still rotate under guidance of some sort of energy that I call it Universal sound frequencies harmony spinning directive. Any matter in Universe is naturally in trajectory guidance of spinning directive all-stars planets moons and even DNA on Earth. So in my clarification Trajectory motion of gravity or any movement is connection to inertia that is guided by Universal sound frequency harmony that is connected by vibration sound frequencies all around in the Universe as one body of mass.

Dark-Matter can be condensed or scattered depending surrounding pressure, when it is scattered in unperturbed space it can be react as weakly interacting hypothetical particles or WIMPs though they are invisible sound signal frequencies they generate interactions to weak force or gravity. Variation of sound command can go to different levels; from far away in the middle of milky Galaxy we might receive signals from them as much as 110 GeV to 130 GeV. Dark-Matter is invisible and inactive only after being close to D.E become visible, start to operate when adjacent to Electromagnetism or Dark-Energy that is 10^42 times stronger than Dark-Matter by active spin of electrons. Scientist might consider WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, in my perspective entire Dark-Matter particles in any state are combination of one force field connected and have intelligence however invisible, opposite to this energy is Dark-Energy covering entire Universe react as electromagnetism and electrons have one individual own intelligence and personality, yet invisible.

Dark-Matter furthermore is individual life form scattered distributed in universe as protons cores inside stars, planets, moons, moreover also inside atoms in the Universe as protons he can communicate wherever proton exists and dispose new procedures plans. Actually when Dark-Matter is in disjointed sight as Black Hole or scattered dig bubbles in universe as Dark-Matter that contains 23%of the matter in the Universe, even scattered state hi is one individual though he can divide as cells in the Universe he is specific supernatural force field operate in harmony with other supernatural energy form Dark-Energy. On Earth once a while portions Dark-Energy separates from Earths core as UFO. He is combining linking with Dark-Energy as shown once a while with light on UFO. He is a unit of living force move as vehicle but not a spaceship thou it can travel in space it’s a living form force field matter force, can thing act plan judge show emotions or hate but till now we have no definite prove that he attack on civilians, doesn’t mean that he cannot but did not. Other chapter I described that these force represents invisible personality force of Jesus.

Dark-Matter has intelligence capabilities can pull to him everything as gravity all its surrounding or in any moment can disconnect separate itself all quality of its gravity to non-existence. So Dark-Matter is pile of proton cluster gadgets in the center of atoms operating as protons, individual kernels of protons can join to individual helix coming from cable of electrons to make other particles in atoms, in great volume Dark-Matter bubbles serves as core of every planet and moon and Stars, larger bubbles of Dark-Matter can control all galaxies, and Black Hole is a dismantling process of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy process, every part of existing matter contains different size of volume Dark-Matter.

Dark-Matter cooperates with The Nature and animals. Once a year all whales in Pacific Ocean go to the deep Oceanic and produce mysterious humming sound, all at the same time whales from California to Japan making humming sounds, that are not understood to humans because tones are lower octave sound frequencies that are sent by the whales in synchronize rhythm to the center of the Earth`s core. Proton collection that is big bubbles of Dark-Matter core receive information’s, all the details whales have collected all year around and what they pending in return, all are part of their composition delicate communicational frequencies. Same principle is used by butterflies in Mexico and other immigrating animals.

Center core of the Earth is collection of Dark-Matter bubbles in very condense state that completes the inner core less than 4000 miles wide some areas even less because the shape is not typical but they are not as a whole sphere shape, in these quota Dark-Matter is extreme condense state they are separate portion bubbles that are connected to surface Plate Tectonics movements. Over the inner core we find surrounding outer core that is like liquid waves from 1700 miles up to over 3100 miles have no distinctive shape. The outer core is mixed Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy in volume of hydrogen loose atoms, this volume can elevate divided portions into mantle up to thermosphere and create oxides and other rocks and all type of stones, these mixture of Dark-Matter bubbles jumble with dark-Energy clouds can give the effect of UFO` when are released from outer Earth`s mechanical properties lithosphere, Dark-Energy that are electrons give the effect of spreading light textures lights guided by its magnetic properties and procedures, usually go out from main magnetic centers of the Earth like the devils triangle east USA, also east of Japan and wet of Catalina island, there is no any obstruction location on Earth for UFO` to come up, because they can minimize the separation particles skimming through land resources, even they use hydrothermal system either seduction zones or other field reserves. Humans always will be inside their fictional limitation bubble and don’t look to adjacent subtle reality, they can`t come out of it. Let’s consider an individual cell that can`t talk to us but collective billion and trillion cells when complete a body can stand up and act as a actuality and all other beings except this body as lives, same principle lies with protons and Atoms, each proton is other form of life that we don’t understand, collective trillion times trillions times trillions continue trillion times collection of protons as combination of Dark-Matter come to comprehensive body of bubble D.M, it can think act and decide to react in the center of our Earth as core of the Earth. Same exploit we see in swarm of birds, Fish, and fungus in the wild, jointly they represent something lively achievement. Same with Dark-Matter center core of our Earth, also the parts that are separated smaller version bubbles, they have sort of intelligible competences some sort to maneuvering and performance the way UFO`s substitute in our time they are not extraterrestrials but just extension of our existence.

Some insisting the idea that core of Earth’s mantle is an ultra-terrestrial civilization center. Flying spaceships, or walking around Aliens and so on. Many deep-sea sonars and radio wave indications reveal certain noticeable fact that there are unusual activities down there. I offered my perspective that Dark-Matter is a force field that contains supernatural intelligence, if small portions of that energy communicate with other portions in different locations that will give an effect of civilization especially when entire Universe is spread or scattered portions of Dark-Matter, the energy center of all atoms is made of Dark-Matter also the particles of atoms contain same life force energy, mentioned in my post “Atoms are other form of living things, Astrophysicists are registering all signals in 100 thousand of galaxies and could not find any other form of Aliens, expecting only life form in limitation figures not by energy track in the star track. Major center of life force is by Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, we exist because they exist to form us, when atoms communicate that show the energy force in them are communicating in low and high frequency sound tone reaction wavelength pulses that contain millions of notes in every second that explain data to be reached into communicational field of the Universe. To bring all quantum particles in harmony into Cosmoses perfection flow.

Center Earth`s core that is made of 15 large protons shards of large Dark-Matter bubbles that are connected stirred magnetic individual propagates and maneuvers surface plate tectonics slowly as soon core portions gravity extends lithosphere sections , on surface move large rigid and miner plates in harmonize directions to center core shards. Large plate tectonics are. Eurasian. North American. Pacific. South America. African. Australian. The small plate tectonics are Arabian. Philippine. Scotia. Caribbean. Cocos. Nolzzca. Juan. De fuca. They move starting 2 cm. per year and some move up to 10 cm a year. There are intricate measures of this liquid part outer core material that float in the ambiances like in the mantle upper mantle and crust.
Dark-Matter have control over protons behavior by low octave sound frequencies, Dark-Energy have its own effect on the matter surrounding the core, each have variation on all mass on Earth mantle asthenosphere lithosphere, plate and layer sediment, Dark-Matter inner core control the level where the plates should be, sending messages to protons to go toward in by activating seduction descending plates in, or opposite action to upwelling mantle to push the crust plate upward forming new crust, convection current don’t push or pull the tectonic on their own flow for making even Fast-spreading Ridge. Both D.E and D.M variation balance changes move the material on Earth`s lithosphere movements and each have different effect over Basalt or uppermost mantle or the crust and over the plate, also they regulate the gyration of the Earth by applying signals from the Sun. Excess moving metals by mining over surface or movements of large metallic objects like traffic of cars airplanes boats can affect all these balance of the D.E and D.M variations to activate imbalances to erupt in hypocenters. According my viewpoint convective currents are in balanced variation by D.E and D.M to pull or push tectonic have nothing to by their own ability, relation movements are done with D.E and D.M comparative variations the hypocenter is the deep location point where energy sanction matches are done we consider as fault where rapture begins then the vibration and sound are transferred to Epicenter crust depending what direction the repelling spurt blow was originated in Hypocenter. On the surface we can analyze each wave that has distinct proliferation physiognomies from type of wave’s primary or secondary waves either body waves or surface waves. Pressure over Divergent plate, convergent plates and Transform plate boundary all had done by Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy measuring balance variations. Either side to side waves or Rayleigh waves that energy rolls the ground up and down by reasoning only low octave sound frequency waves can vibrate for that outcome, like water in the ocean land will go up and down from surface moving to all directions.

Couple miles west from USA California La. Santa Monica shore in Pacific Ocean there is unusual very large construction glance of colons at the floor of the Ocean, sever miles further deep in the Ocean there are also very large about 4 miles wide round shapes on the floor that left a trace 40 miles snake form lines leaving the effect that the round bubbles moved their location during time, similar sphere shape form exists also on the moon the side that don’t face to planet Earth. They might be Dark-matter bubbles that also have intelligent life force but not life form humanoids.

                                             LARGE CUBIC OVER THE SUN

Recently was seen on our Sun by NASA//SOHO EVT 284 large cubic 3 dimensional object floating around the Sun, This giant black cube orbiting around the Sun, first time it was seen  06/28/2011 another time 07/23/2011 05:30 last time it was seen Dec 21.2012

This story if has any relativity with the Bible revelation 21: 1-4, 7, 9-11, 18-21, 27, about new heavenly Jerusalem, in these verses you will find the measurements of this cubits, 1200 furlongs that is (1500) miles (each side of the cubits each edge) is 1500 miles, much larger than our earth, for example each side of our earth, diameter of earth is about 7920 miles, these new Jerusalem according the bible is 7920000 feet each side.

If we calculate biblical New Jerusalem cubit city it will be 12.000X12000 furlongs it will make 144 million square cubits on each side is 864 million square furlongs. One furlong is 220 yards or (660) feet 12.000 Furlongs X 660 feet = 79200.000 feet. The story mentioned in the bible book of revelation, city lies foursquare 12.000 Furlongs its length and breadth and height are equal.

In my perspective does it have any similarities with this biblical instance or not? We will wait and see.

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