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                                                                  Prof. Noodles

                                                                                                                                                                                                It is common to use the word chemical reaction they know the outcome of reactions but what  happens there is unknown, they are familiar with the process rearrangement of the molecular structure of a substance, pressured to change its physical or nuclear reaction, or more number of  substances are changed into other chemical substances, some slowly some spontaneous or non-spontaneous, after get in touch with energy some sort or heat. There is great possibility that  caused by sound tones, because each individual atom according its complex structure fall in type group of sound in lower octave tones, when other elements by different tones reach by, either they reject or grab the note by parallel harmony values, because atoms give suggestions to other atoms by sound tones, people call this chemical bound I call it musical bound  "tone reaction"  Same principle in structure of cells, uniting binding force is composer phosphate tone that is C/C #, and the DNA is a cord of symphony private to the individual body composition. Some principle is adapted all in the Universe, all make sound tone music, Pulsars stars atoms, and the cosmos revolves on musical notes.  Some situations they molecules attaching each other, to complete into larger molecule, other instances molecules break apart to smaller molecules, some release energy heat and light or radiation, others get into rusting or burning and breaking bonds, other occasions yield substances  in different properties or compositions, and even many other form of chemical or tone reaction.

Universe has a great secret,73 % of Dark-Energy in space, can produce energy to combine with every  moving object to increase the speed, DE already expanding all Universe, this is a supernatural force, to  understand it is invisible force , when get start to activate function as electromagnetic matter, it is explained in one of my articles (Cornerstone of the Universe)

Atoms contain activity of two energy Matters, D.E and D.M combination of opposing values being the equilibrium point like mechanical oscillation produce random vibration that is low octave sound frequencies by color division that shown in Quantum effect. Collections of atoms that are gathered as clusters to combine a molecule are in line to radiate this sound clusters. All plants animal cells and all form of material produce this individual collection variety low octave frequencies. If this molecules are cooked in a pot or on fire it loses the line contour or weakens the effect of sounds.

1939 (Seymon Kirklian) sound that if apple fruit is connected to a weak outside electrical circuit in dark it radiates more light than same situation cooked apple. He did not figure out what was going. In my opinion that difference is the damage that done by cooking the molecules and sound cluster ordinance is affected by radiating less low octave sound frequencies, uneven frictions waves are effected in harmony tones that also effect Quantum light sound properties.

Inside the soil there is no chemical signals but “Tone reaction” atoms can communicate by low or high octave sound frequency that realized by scientist in (covalent bonding) also all living things like bacteria and microbes all sorts of living things do not communicate by chemical signals but with tone reaction tone waves, atoms are not biological living forms but other type of living things that can communicate with each other by sound, change their character and personality under stress that we call it fusion. Without importing any particles from outside cable of electron contain multiple particles of helix some of them immerse into atoms space and connected to some of bubbles from multiple clusters of proton and with new particles they change into different formalities of atoms elements can live 12 billion years, when they strip with all rest of the particles inside, they start to radiate and transform into their original two energy forms where they came from Dark-Energy and Dark Matter, because all planets, moons and stars are made of atoms all this body forms are other non-biological living things.

By communication in between atoms into their surrounding elements that is available they form eons precious stones and other semi-precious kinds plus many form of rocks inside deep molten temperature, other combinations of atoms combining with metals they form over 4.700 form of minerals they all have their own personality and characters, of course they don’t go to Starbucks to buy some Coffey but still communicate with center core of the Earth that is two king of dense cluster of Dark-matter that I have been mentioning in my other subjects also moving force field of Dark-Energy has effect in all communicating living forms in the ground and in the Universe, you can find this article same blog subheading “Universal Language” if you watch by powerful magnifiers you will see the beauty and colors of sand gravel and rock minerals that all have their own personality character, of course they can’t move by themselves in reality the whole Earth moving for them to keep in action and other power effects gradually move all matter from one place to another. All matter that exist in the ground our biological life need all existing material to keep us running to cope with our daily needs.

In my research I noticed in other lands where the soil contains other variety of minerals or gems and metals or rocks people have privet certain similarity in their characters together than in other land that the combination in the soil is different, the characteristic of the soil bacteria’s and other living things in the soil with other minerals and rocks the y are different than others. Same effect you can see in plants, several time I tried to grow tomatoes and cucumbers from Lebanon to California, they raised all right but not in similar look or shape also the taste was different, inside soil particles and living funguses bacteria’s and microbes effected the natural growth that I experienced from other countries were not similar. Variances in shape taste and color was different.

Some flowers have the shape of phonograph amplifies echo of the cluster sound variations of collective atom clusters in pollen and pedals of the flowers, insects bees and humming birds sense those random vibration. Rotten fruit give different sound tones and insects react according this wave coating, not by smell but by low octave sound variations that are produced collectively by atomic clusters as "tone reaction" in the molecules crust.

Inside all atoms comparison to the protons exist vast space, for example when we enlarged billions trillions times an atom in our mind making an atom as large as 10 floor building, protons still will look as big as an one sand dust in the fifth floor and electrons as one particle of white sugar dust, circling up from the top of the building down to the ground level spinning around, by other subject I explained that from great numbers from inside electron cable helix braze separating singular helixes go in and join with one or two parts from Dark-Matter pomegranate cluster pips from the proton to form a new particle and act doing its part in that great emptiness it releases sound notes frequencies that echo in the round ballroom that covered by the electrons all around, the sound might seemed as emergency sirens with difference that coming sound have its vibration divisions by great precision accuracy relating declaring the forms that included inside the atom hall, some might that the sound that a metallic wire can produce when tightened and hit to it by a scratch like the Spanish guitar, even the violin wiring does make sound notes. By the way if the violin is not playing by anyone and equal value of “A” sound tone reaches the violin from far away and the wood of violin sense the sound tone value note the wire in same extension position of the same value ”A” sound note start to be happy and start to vibrate on its one and start to produce same sound on the violin you might thing that someone pinched the wire, but no, everything done by itself atoms that consist the wire they start to vibrate making beautiful sound “A” Entire Universe make sounds in low octave sound frequencies because stars are made of atoms.

It is true, when atoms are lined up like marbles can by pushing each other can make clicking sound but I am explaining the sound that trapped in causal loop echoing 10 second intervals from underneath the electrons from atom hall and sounds that go harmonious with the sound of another atom standing beside the element attracting between oppositely-charged ions or built repulsive force between atoms. All those  connections are done equally by characterized sharing of pairs between atoms on the basic of low octave sound frequencies that are released from atoms and electron cables transform their circulation helix field forms to get share and attracted or get opposed to their neighbor element according to the principle of atom groups it can make Ionic or covalent bonds in reality they should act more differently if gravity is in control, like all electrons have negative charge electronegativity should act in same manner but this elements have different action according to changes in fusion principles. We cannot compare atoms or electrons with nanotechnology or winding toys, they though plenty but are supernatural forms can endure to continue 12 billion years in operation, inside human brain the jolts that electron contain can be used only insignificant portions by our brain to deliver messages pictures emotions and feelings one individual electron on atom have more competences than our entire brain, the logical conclusion I feel from the details that Universal communication has supernatural and supreme intelligence than ourselves and are guided repeatedly in procession in every field of activity. Secret pattern that are done on flowers fruits and trees all are based by the regulation of electrons to develop secret geometry designs, electrons contain zaps that contain wisdom and knowledge to create all beautifully patterns appearances when you look into roses or all variety flowers that arranged with beautiful colors.

When atoms get regroup to combine being building blocks, clusters of variety of atoms electron cables listen the masses of nitrogen, Hydrogen, cobalt and carbon and other elements amino acids, atoms by sound notes harmonize in sound variations to combine into molecules or protein in the body of the living human, animal, or plant cell. Some clusters are for example liquid like water that is polar covalent bond, or metal ionic bonds, electrons can disconnect this bonds by sound variations according the need to the molecules, in only one atom electron can be found thousands time more knowledge than the best computer is available and this knowledge get in used to inform atoms and amino acids to shape up combine to form DNA or other molecules, protein and everything a body needs to form, some call this unknown force as Mother nature.


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