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Atoms are living things. Tone reaction is chemical reaction

           PRECIOUS STONES      by G.K            6- 8- 2011

Atoms can communicate by sound frequencies. Change their personality characters by fusion, obeys directive physics principles and live 12 billion years. Atoms show inner calculative process always having some sort of action continuous activity with precise measurement and mathematical preciseness that take thinking with intelligence conclusions. Dark matter is not any matter but invisible life force energy that can`t be sensed through so called by our advance tools, no matter how sensitive tools can be still particles of Dark matter can’t be seen because they are supernatural intelligent force same with dark energy. When this forces materialize to combine as an atom, each contain portions from Dark Matter as core and a portion of Dark Energy as electrons. Inside nuclear fusion energy machine can be seen Ghostly lightning sparking waves inside a nuclear reactor, similar the waves seen in ionosphere. Still there are many unknown energy forces that is not clear to the scientists.

 Still many are confused that from where life, intelligence, geometrical principles law of gravity theoretical physics quantum theories came from to construct atoms and many other objects came from, living beings without collective atoms and regulation form of amino acids can’t stand up, meanwhile scientific community except that Universe is collected by invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter somehow there might be planned that everything designed are from basic start by this two collection energy and matter D.E and D.M. Starting basic form of life and other matter inside Universe have not starting point from Earth, humans always have the habit to focus that starting point of everything beginning of how universe started without any proof relying on human wisdom and so called Big bang theory, so center of everything always is on Earth or inside human mind. All agree that no any matter can travel faster than that light yet they teach that by so called Big bang matter traveled trillion light years in a split of second, Hmmm. Anything I disagree you will find in my other posts what is my perspectives regarding individual subject. Many bring out that human body is so complicated, believe me each atom is also very complex specially when atoms can change their categories into other atom forms without borrowing any particles from their neighbors, everything they need is already packed inside atoms, as soon surrounded by more temperatures and pressure change by fusion to other form of atoms adding nucleus and other particles by combining separated electron helixes with disjointed Dark-Matter bubbles clusters from the core, there is principle wisdom and theoretical knowledge inside every atom, because every element contains very tiny section from Universal wisdom from Dark-Energy and Matter that also contains other form of origin starting power force of life.

What do you see around you? Intelligence, intelligence is everywhere, inside biological cells plant cells in bacteria`s microbes viruses, why it is so? Because everything is made of atoms, planets stars and Galaxies are made of atoms also, each atom contains communication process to release contact frequencies release by two invisible intelligent forces that atom contain Dark Energy and Dark Matter. It is very strange I feel sometimes how single individual or a group of entertainers sing on the stage or present a show bringing very big number of people to listen them, in same approach atoms can release frequencies where entire body 7 Quadrillion atoms can be entertained by group of atoms or a single atom.  

We are made by collections of atoms our cells are living thing as they die the element  group that was in certain cell still individual atoms and amino acids remain complete, all atoms have their own characteristic principles, Starting with hydrogen in their beginning stage only two parts complete hydrogen atoms, electrons that might multiple unknown mass of individual helix's originated from Dark-Energy and second part proton that might also be large individual number of Dark-Matter bubble clusters that can be detached expand or condense into unknown density forms that might be thousands times more abbreviate than lead, When hydrogen atom develop into hill um by process of fusion, hydrogen do not borrow any spare parts from other atoms, on its own some portions of parts of electrons are separated to go inside the vacuum space of atom to join with split individual proton bubbles to form new particles in fusion process, only thing hydrogen need to activate its change of personality might be excess heat or pressure to activate fusion process, portion of parts are so many to divide electrons and protons that can form over 100 different other elements that we know.

Atoms contain holly force.

Each atom can live 12 billion years and they contain portions from Universal supernatural forces, first. Electrons come from Dynamic-Energy known as Dark-Energy and second protons come from Dynamic-Matter known as Dark-Matter. These two supernatural energies using their own volition power unity are the bases of Universal life form force that guides the entire universe, we as humans contain Quadrillion of atoms in our body that also are holy force that physically spontaneously shapes reality. Everything we do with emotion happens by surrounding data from nearby atoms or something we heard or felt other expressions from others our Quadrillion atoms echo that emotions and we feel, instinctively applying in our moods after DNA reach emotional patterns from our surroundings, try to avoid hearing bad news and information that stress you with sadness, Entire Quadrillions of atoms have characteristics and you should be the conductor to harmonies intake news and information that either sadden or make you happy. Enjoy the holly supernatural force in you even when you don`t feel direct connections with the Universal holly supernatural force field, still you have impulsively control by Quadrillion atoms in you.

Vortex movement.

Dark Matter is the center of matter, but it is not solid matter, it is only pure energy that can shrink to smaller bubbles to fit inside an atom as proton that still can divide to smaller invisible portion to join with smaller portion force from electron to form particles inside atom. Dark Matter can expand large to gulp a galaxy; everything inside Universe is affected by Dark Matter including biological life stars and planets. Let`s consider the heliocentric model of solar system, where our sun similar to a comet swing through space 70.000 Km/hr inside the Milky way Galaxy. In my perspective all movement including deep space is not at random, Dark Matter is in control to effect every move in spiral motion, rational shift of the solar system is not aimlessly, that’s why now scientist are calling this motion a Vortex. It is very clear the effect of Dark Matter, Vortex motion is everywhere, as we see the Milky Way Galaxy it surge in Vortex motion, same with solar system, On Earth have you seen a sunflower rank seed how is line up? Or any flower plants trees, how does a water flow express when falling? How about life of the string of DNA everything no matter how large or tiny they all are effected by Vortex motion that is generated from Dark Matter.

Anatomy of atoms are based with D.E and D.M framework each portion of D.E and D.M can be disjointed smaller sections to form composition element, bringing into new subatomic groups by fusion  to arrange into new characteristic without shopping building materials. Later on when atoms rearrange as soon they meet other characteristic atoms that occurs into new chemical reaction, new compounds that are bring into being will be constituent elements, same elements or identical atoms can grab each other in no gravity space if there are no any water molecules in between. Metaphysical apprehension is sound partaking frequency tone waves that atoms discharge and receive atoms know when to react with chemical philosophical oppositions or binding together smoothly. Framework of atoms are always under perfection principles and theoretical directives that are controlled by parted portion parts from Universal language energy and matter that are Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter each atom shares as we know under the name of protons and electrons.

Life energy has individual distributions in time.

Atom life form is fastest Hz Hertz. Though atom look sturdy, it`s electrons continually travel in speed of light spinning around proton. Hertz=Cycles/per seconds, similar slow range activities can be found on other living beings. Brain process information perception in large animals, compare to other smaller are too slow, because they function in different range of Hertz cycle per second. Insects have faster activities, many big variety bacteria lifespan in ground soil also are too fast in Hz. Bacterium born and die all in around 12 hours, some in much shorter period of lifetime, bacterium divide in every 12 minutes, have you notice how difficult is to kill a fly? Well we are moving in small motion comparative of fly Hz perception. Fly is 4 times faster than us, according to their surroundings fly see and act 250 Hz to react much quicker than our 60 Hz. As a animal or insect is too small Hz is high, as the animal go larger Hz goes slower, comparing to human 60 Hz dogs are slightly faster than us by 60 Hz, Turtles have 15 Hz, of course there are some exceptions such as snails and so on. Atom as living thing and all other living things they have their own pattern to follow in procedures of time perception in Hertz Cycle per second.

Atoms have all sort of comprehension through two energy forces the contain Dark Energy and Dark Matter (D.E D.M), when the environments is right they persist forming basalt with enormous Crystals or other type of gems minerals that are separated from the rest of molten lava crystal formalities of every sort, it’s a fact some intelligence force is guiding formalizing all sort of gems and crystals, atoms supervise by sound frequency wavelengths. All this activities are not familiar to us; the activities are prepared by these two supernatural forces to complete crystals in lower layers of Earth`s crust, for example, 300 meters deep you can find crystal cave of Giants that is called Naica Mine crystal cave of Giants in Mexico, you can find gypsum that are crystallized half million years ago, largest ones weight 55 tones that are 39 ft in length inside 136 0F with 99% of humidity. Atoms are other form of living things, other form of life prolong 12 billion years of life activity inside atoms that supervise all formations of stones and minerals inside pressured molten lava. Once a while we can experience high concentration of olivine and other minerals are released from molten lava up to the surface of the lands.

Neutron Stars own “Parking-Garage” effect.

Invisible life forms are everywhere inside the Universe, life existed before we existed, all atoms contain life force in non biological form, beside biological life forms atoms stars planets including planet Earth contain mysterious entities that inhabit earth`s atmosphere. Original life energy has basic developing course of action, considering human cells with neutron stars we see structural similarities as scientist also conform, saying visible turbulence network parallel sheets that are connected to each other by helical ramps through topological defects that is similar inside neutron stars, in biophysics nuclear Astrophysics call it “Parking-garage” structure. So both biological function to t geometrical consideration, in other word, dense matter inside neutron star`s crust show the formation of developments that resembles biological membranes, because life principle work in same procedure no matter where is activated, so life is everywhere inside the Universe using life force material or biological cells or any other form of entities that yet is not familiar to us, basic portion of life energy is included inside each atom that sitting down motionless, in reality is functioning light speed electrons with from the source of Dark Energy and by sound frequency wavelengths from proton core that is based on Dark-Matter energy. Inside atoms each portion of Dark-Matter that represent a proton have density so condense not the pressure from surrounding but by itself  it contains pressure higher than in a neutron star.

Rocky materials that live

By electron-microscopes living cells of corals can be seen, beside corals there are other living things that cannot be pin point but we see the mass is growing moving its location in long time periods, to demonstrate an amazing geological phenomena growing rocks in Romania that can grow and move to other locations referred as “Trovants” they have the ability to move like snails but million times more slowly than snails, they have spherical shapes of sand that exist since 6 million years ago, 6-8 millimeters almost identical to each other they grow end up as long as 6-10 meters, they grow every time come contact with water, they consist of a stone core with an outer shell sand mass similar shape of individual cell, atoms are other form of living things they contain life energy principles sometimes using certain directives also on sands rocks to direct into growing constructions, of course the operation is not exactly like biological cells but by principle theory Romanian living rocs that consist by living atoms are able to change their locations grow into maturity and spread new growing rocks to continue procedure.  

Scientist revealed a new potential a type of Perovskites which can reportedly change its shape when light come over this crystalline material, this object can convert sunlight into electricity in slow response, it have organic photostrictive coefficient material shape change, with this example I see living atoms activity in theoretical growth and directives because atoms are other form of living things.

Consciousness in plants

Definition in alternative hypotheses with plant conscious conception the proof already is present, some plants can catch insects and great information is bedded internally hidden followed by geneticist sequence having the capacity to transmit across generations, definition consciousness in plant shown by transition data in molecule cell and bio-electrical signaling by sound frequency wave lings to produce food. The basic data relies inside intelligence of atoms that control all activities inside the plant cell; in other environments such as biological living cell atoms react accordingly what a biological cell need, same with other form of animals fish birds insects and so on. Most important new outlook I have where atoms are other form of living thing and react inside metals and rocks according to the procedure that relied as patterns inside each individual of atoms.

Atoms obey and apply principles in communication with other atoms by sound frequencies that respect connections in covalent bonding keep memory data around their surrounding they are sensitive by heat or cold as we see the effect of water molecules, some elements are more sensitive than others, recently we noticed also that in certain environments noticeable changes have been happened, wisp of metals crippled some sensitive machinery when start to develop growth on their own into some metal strands some zinc cadmium and tin metals inside electronic equipment’s grow metal strands on their own procedure’s, metals have their own way of thinking to communicate with other elements in low octave sound frequency tone waves, in my 34 posts, please be patient with me for my limited vocabulary but I will try to explain in logical perspective how atoms are alive and are other forms as non-biological living things that can continue to be active 12 billion years.

Considering capability of messaging that atoms use through frequency wavelengths sound reaction tones, atoms communicate with complex supernatural precision code patterns that make each other to cooperate to form symmetrical shapes, for example water molecules collectively shape snow flake clusters profiles that is are unique according to their cluster variation collections in each group, each flake has different form in the cluster formation, this is trendy by codes that contain intelligence, in my perspective I proof that atoms contain intelligence otherwise they cannot regulate codes to apply it on new constructional bases, not only in snowflakes water molecules give their directives into DNA patterns to start forming cells of plants, in the seed that is laying down without any activity, as soon water molecules come close kernels start to slurp water molecules that will give directives to the seed to start copy cells and grow with program that water molecules adapt geometrically directing the plant to grow according to pattern codes that is in pattern of seeds. Same activity according to biological cells are given by water molecules to make cell activity to accomplish into their purpose by code variations from water molecules into DNA complexities, great intelligence reside in this code process that are released from Dark-Energy starting electrons that contains first stage of life energy and second form of life energy comes from Dark-Matter as of protons that contain second force of life, all existing mass almost contain emptiness inside their atoms are combination of two forces D.E and D.M that form everything around and inside us. Life force made possible for mater substances and living things that we sharing to get involved directly and indirectly in this process of unknown life forces.

All living things on planet Earth have all sort of their necessities to function as living forms. All scattered minerals and variety of atoms will be used as building component materials, most of crystals show energy but in reality atoms are the main force of energy that coalesce to activate entire course of action  accomplishment to make cells live to exploit their surroundings.

Collective Atoms silhouette minerals and crystals such as mineral fluorite that glows when heated to certain temperatures that are releases thermo luminescent glow that is generated by atom principles. Other minerals such as Labradorites show phenomenenon called labradorescence, they don`t reflect exterior light on surface but only their light bounces inside the rock. Some other minerals such as Calcite brittestars contain crystals into their skeletons that can help animal’s insect to be used as lenses to focus light in their nerve bundles in catch sight of function. Limpet aquatic snails their cell collective collect nanofibers geothite minerals laced on their teeth that will make them able to chew hardest materials in sea. All living forms of animals choose or collect every sort of minerals they need, atoms help them to perceive to choose the right form and volume of all elements they need. There are great variety of minerals that can be used for in many ways by biological living creatures this minerals are collective of other form of living things we call them atoms. As a Jeweler diamond setter, besides platinum copper silver and other variety of metals most of my lifetime I worked with go gold, sometimes inhaling gold particles, gold doesn’t corrode, thin plates of gold can protect us from solar rays and radiations, we use all sort of metals for different use, also for centuries men used minerals as colors for painting such as azure, malachite and many others. Forty types true amino acids regulation choose only eminence minerals and atom clusters to prepare healthy cells, but of course nowadays manufacturing system is using other types of static sound frequency amino acids to eliminate health, their guidance is declining as a dropping rock out of control to the abyss.

Energy from atoms

Before atom contain energy, great force field energy formed each atom, it is astonishing fact to consider through astound knowledge how 7 Quadrillion atoms formed to make up the human body, atoms contain intelligence of D.E and D.M plus how to reflect by sound frequency wavelengths pattern into their neighborhood atoms to react edifice living cells, atom patterns only assemble right group of atoms such as carbon oxygen nitrogen and some other elements of atoms to complete the fundamental ingredients of living things adding to it some energy from atoms Dark Energy and Dark Matter that is life itself, plus directive activities from atoms are released into higher levels to complete printing patterns of DNA RNA and complete living form. The entire Universe contains small tiny packages of Dark Energy and Dark Matter that form all sort of matter inside the Universe including all sort of energy forms, we as human contain some atoms from stars but it does make no any changes because all atoms inside the Universe are small portions from grand Creator Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter, atoms are representative close part of each cells we contain, all activities inside the cells and neurons are registered to inform that Grand Creator in heavens atoms that are on planet Earth or any other galaxy stars planets they all complete the Grand Creator, atoms are other life forms that contain supernatural universal life force and intelligence, so we are small element from the Universe that complete the Universe.

Atoms reminds me the collective “Hive”

Atoms have individualism as collective achieving perfection, all their way of thinking is connected into Universal circuit of knowledge, as round particles atoms don`t have human forms but collectively they form a human being and other form of living things plants and other. Entire Universe contains atoms in each star and galaxies, they all apply same principal values in the East West North or South side of the Universe, all atoms reminds me fictional alien cybernetic organisms group that appear in Star trek like collective Borg drone. Of course atoms are other form of living forms guided by energy force. In an episode one of the Borg that call himself Third of five where Forge gave him the Hugh been tried to be separated through individualism. Atoms remain to have mind called the collective or “Hive” that’s how each atom operates collectively to “achieve perfection”

Usually atoms stand motionless but electrons spin in speed of light, many new particles form by joining individual portions from electrons and protons inside the atoms from outside remain tranquil at rest. Eventually as soon clusters of atoms go through high heat temperature to degree of melting down each variety of elements melt according to their procedures. , by principles with melted atoms, like gold or silver when melted atoms are poured in liquid all portions turn into round formation beads but you can see formation of round beds different than round silver beads, without heat mercury atoms remain in liquid formation. Glisten metals can form into liquid in room temperature 19 0C in. case hot sulfuric acid poured on at 29.8 0C Gallium-Ga alloys (mixed product of aluminum and zinc that can make DIY mirror with a glass) they form tiny round beads, in case potassium dicromate or hydrogen peroxide solutions added on Gallium melts it starts to move by vibration frequencies, it starts to boil and bubble. This explains that chemical reactions are tone reaction, frequencies released from formations of atoms according their characteristic class and they react in tiny motion because atoms also are very tiny formalities, this is additional proof that atoms are other form of living things.

Energy from Amino Acids

Very tiny portions from two universal forces are presented into constructing one atom, this two powers release guidance to adapt their surrounding and apply all pattern principles into nearby other atoms to form new formations, singular atom release frequencies to clusters to work together to form a chain that are called amino-acid sequence to make proteins synthesis a process that mRNA molecules rely as messengers into RNA carrying frequency that are released through wavelengths from DNA into organelles or ribosome’s, inside variety of amino acid each one characterizes a given protein. Sound frequencies construct sequence to fulfill protein structure chains of genomes always adding new membrane protein structure and extracellular structures.
Who or what force is guiding the primary structures sub units, if you look into amino acid charts 4 structures the primary secondary tertiary and Quaternary all contain alpha helix formations of amino acid sub units.

Who is guiding orders of protein structure formation? Let`s make a review into amino acid groups with hydrophobic chain.

Group A. is positive contains Arginia R (Arg) Histidina H (His) and Lysine K (Lys)                    Group A. is negative contains Aspartic D (Asp) Glutamic E (Glu)                                                Group B. Serin S (ser) Threonin T (Thr) Asperagin N (Asp) Glutamin P (Gln)                             Group C. Cytein C (ys) Selenocystein U (sel) Clycine G (Gly) Prolin P (pro)                              Group D. Alanin A (Ala) Isoleucin I (Le) Leucine L (Leu) Methonin M (met) Phenylanin F (phe)     Tryptophan T (Trp) Tyrosin Y (Tyr) Valin (val)

All helix form activities are guided by atom frequency wavelengths that are released from individual atom to present orders of protein structures through patterns to apply in amino acid sub units, Alpha helix and beta sheet, the spin amino acids contain specially A group positive and negative formation makes collects new clusters of atom to form other protein segment structures and other new membrane, amino acids join with other formation of protein segments by their pi peptide bonds to connect one group to other until they form new biological cells. In my perspectives atoms are other form of living things and they work day and night to construct patterns that they receive from their surrounding directives that are connected from Universal intelligence wisdom send by Dark Energy and Dark Matter that each atom already contains part of that energy in them..

In my perspective all atoms as other form of living things communicate with each other because they contain two major energy forces that release continuously vibrations, one of them is the proton that is portion force from invisible Dark-Matter and the second on electrons that are portion from invisible Dark-Energy, combined generating frequency wavelengths command to their surroundings to put together or construct ions inside mantle plants and seeds on the ground biological cells, as soon major opponent of DNA cell is identified neighboring atoms release wavelengths to direct assemble according to recognized patterns, so sound tones wavelengths fabricate constructions in cells and in stones build up including precious or semi precious stones, everything we see around us also in the entire universe is result of two major energy forces, not only atoms fabricate their surrounding but each individual atom activated by two forces electrons and protons split portions of energies to construct new particle to transform by fusion into other form of element. Result of atomic activity makes all things to happen result of existence of atoms is this two major force field is D.E and D.M

 Atoms have regulations by two supernatural forces D.E and D.M very delicate complex coding to apply during fusion multiple levels of regulations for each higher realm to function, for example when atoms combine as a cluster they direct amino acids to form knots and molecules to form a living biological cell that also have higher realm of atom structure, atoms have surface electron walls that cells have outer walls, center core cell membrane nucleus, atoms and cells both have including many other particles that operate to function as other form of living thing but the basic is the atom and its two supernatural forces, if you reach far away space inside Universe you will expertise pattern of galaxies connected and based such as neuron and entire brain contour configurations or other biological orb formation or a shape of a Eye. Entire acquaintances to direct formations are base from same beginning directives as we see inside atom.

Additional prove of that can be shown with organ transplanted. Some might have experiences disturbing stories because of receiving organ transplants.

Many times I explained single atoms have two supernatural forces Dark Energy and Dark Matter, atoms form our cells inside the body with DNA and RNA and many other protein forms, atoms contain memory everything happening inside and outside your body, whatever you see feel hear or taste, atoms themselves keep private data for 12 billion years. All characteristic taste and personality also is patterned through the atoms inside every organ you possess. If someday you needed a organ transplant, it will be better you consider that you are going to adapt some memories and data from the donor, if the donor is dead still the information that was kept in certain organ that you will borrow also contains memories of the dead person. There have been cases where a organ receiver sow half awake vision who killed the individual body that the organ was donated, in very clear memory who the killer was. A heart transplant recipient noticed how his personality was changed becoming very near to the personality of the heart donor was. Another case organ transplant receiver from a suicide victim, after a short life receiver had suicide in almost same pattern, other individual that receive organ transplant had memories how car accident victims experienced before death. In all cases recipients somehow adapted characteristics from the donor’s personality as when they alive, here are enough experiences that justified that atoms effect on personality characteristics, when body organs transplant into other individuals their behavior with memory qualities pass into the new individual data recollection that are based individually in each portion of an atom procedure collectively in organ forms that was available to be donor to recipients, so atoms can deliver memories through all-embracing organ structure including through blood transfusion. I have a theory in my blogs “Atoms are other form of living things” of course there are more other complex approaches where memories and personality building form of the individual is in pattern by his or her coming offspring through DNA and RNA patterns, not only for the next generation but passed down through generations.

Atoms contain characteristic behaviors because they are living thing that contains life, atoms contains small portions of Universals supernatural Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter we call it electrons and protons. Human behavior is generated from 7 Octillion atoms, by wavelengths atom clusters reflect their emotions, including other form of livings plants animals they also through atom clusters that release same emotional behaviors

This is the effect of sound pitch on sand particles released from first octave piano notes of each different note.Take a solid hard seed of a plant that don`t contain any activity, as soon some water molecules are absorbed in the seed you will notice the seed starting to live, water molecules are transforming inactive cells into living plant or trees. 

Atoms release intelligent sound pitch patterns that effect on other molecules and resonance of organisms, sound has frequency wavelengths that direct other elements to be connected to arithmetic gravity as fluctuation where everything inside the universe is embedded into vacuumed energy warping that are released from Dark-Energy throughout the cosmos, in my other post “Neurons” mentioning  that each individual has complex personality sound harmony that combined atoms release after becoming one large family group cluster that direct DNA and RNA through personalized sound frequencies.

Intelligent sound pitch from atoms are engender from two supernatural forces that atoms combine, repeating patterns are arranged by this two dynamic forces Energy and matter, atoms follow repeating patterns to form state of matter such as crystals and other rocks, organize symmetrical formations are arranged to categorize depending their chemical clusters of atoms in their group, not on their own, unless if additional force or heat as well of microwave fields effect are pressed to be produced oscillations as ytterbium new properties of atoms to defined intervals. Atoms keep their symmetry formation into repeating patterns because every group has its own theoretical regulations, all precise orderly fashion proof that atoms obey intelligent orderly behavior to show they are alive, physics is alive entire Universe is alive.

Atoms are portions from entire Universal energy that contain small portions from intelligence supernatural behavior, each atom releases own personal tone reaction code in musical frequency waves that organize itself with its surrounding either to form amino acid or join to be form in volume of mass organized matter or become able by itself to transform periodically by fusion reaction to other form of atom, musical notes in unlimited scale law, entire Universe is one Dynamic-Energy control fluctuation of vacuum energy warping that we call it quantum entanglement, it is based on theory of everything, complex sound tones control all atoms as chain musical instrument and atoms control all DNA and every living process by the two forces atoms contain Dynamic -Energy and Dynamic-Matter.

It was reached by our ancestors that only biological form of life can be existed; now we have evidence about other electric bacteria’s that can be nourished with pure energy, starting two types we know so far, Geobacte and Shewanella, they are so strange some considering them as Alien electric life forms, life forms and life energy existed inside Universe before we did on this planet, everything based on intelligent energy force flow that reached us to make us other form of biological living thing, now probably it might be easy for us to comprehend that atoms also are other forms of living things that can endure living up to 12 billion years.

Life force exist in entire Universe, we can observe intelligent designer that proof by theoretical wisdom everywhere, by sumber system in all galaxies stars and planets vortex based mathematics proof everything contain geometrical patterns that is resulting into angles 9 every time we bisect circles the results stay same, that is regular polygons and entire circle converging singularity come to conclusion of 360 degrees in any circle, all this pattern existed before we did inside the Universe. All basic theories show the power of divine symmetry that composed all forms of mass galaxies arranged by complex rules and regulations in geometrical patterns including 12 billion years life form atoms and us as biological living forms.

Tones reactions that atoms unconfined are millions of sound complex note tones wavelengths releasing  
comprehensive a message to other atoms the procedure that DNA is resolved by millions of messages to cells using same sound tone wavelengths, clusters of atoms release also inside hot mantle continuously atoms communicate to form ions in symmetrical formative shapes because atoms contain life force this is the principal that crystals are formed in patterns, you can watch all variety of precious or semi-precious stones in Brut forms thy all apply principle formations according to their volume, if you look into mass of Brut or rough diamonds by magnification you will see same method of geometrical crystal formalities that they adapt in their ionized formation of crystals, all variety of atoms adapt their own symmetrical identity according to nearby variety r chemistry formalities by tone reaction of clusters of atoms that collectively are in same lump they also release same crystal forms no matter what sections from this planet is found because basic principle is in sound variation tone frequencies that D.E and D.M retains, except in other sections on this planet gravity sound tone variations that are released from core of the planet can make slight difference in their formation, so people can realize from what or which section mining was that material released, also in certain location of this planet life form of bacterial,  collective atom formalities make proper distinctive procedures, people can tell from where that dust came from because atoms register and effect on all collective matter nearby with their sound variation tone reaction formative principle, I have studied many form of stones they all apply their unique symmetrical cluster formation the way snow flake patterns trend by codes that water memory complex molecules release, so in my conclusion atoms are other forms of non-biological living things because they contain basic beginning energy of life that is part of protons that are Dark-Matter and electrons that are portions from Dark-Energy, I except this communicate tone with complex supernatural precision code patterns that make each other to cooperate to form symmetrical shapes, so formation life principle is in every living form of atom and atoms can live 12 billion years. Any strong pressure in great heat environment can make atom covalent bonding more reachable to adapt their principle formations of matter.

In my perspective each living creature has own frequency complex sound tone wavelengths that can be measures by MHz starting smallest atoms viruses to bacteria plants insect all sort of animals fish and human beings. Each cluster of atoms forming one cell of plant or human cells contain special complex variation of frequencies, humans personality sound harmony range about 70 MHz, it might be increased by plant oils such as Frankincense or rose oil but it can decreased frequencies by cup of coffee or according emotional effect or according what they are consuming, because other group of clusters of atoms might elevate or reduce MHZ levels but harmony complex sound tone remains the same only its velocity fluctuates, all plants and atom combination clusters cells have their own complete sound harmony starting from bacteria level MHz about 60 MHz up to complex plants and plant oil into 350 MHz, Myrrh come close to that category. So everything is based by sound frequency effect starting from atoms to all sort of living things Nature Earth moon planets stars and galaxies, I call this communication Universal language or tone reaction.

Inside the mantle any formalities obey directives from Dark-Energy and Dark-matter plus atom molecules release sound frequencies that bring together into structural of composition clusters of atoms grouping, sound frequencies from atoms covalent bounding bring elements into symmetrical shapes or pattern formations starting from minimum sizes of cluster keeping same orderly physique into larger formalities of stones and rocks. During very hot and pressure environments flow of energy are patterned inside the stone, for example tiger eye color stone radiating energy by intensely accelerator hot sparks creating unique microscopic features behind reflecting light formations, light and sound frequency wavelengths paths discharge fractals that are different from other stones, atom clusters leaves internal structures or tube characteristics, in the lump of crystal atoms any variations of group quantity effects to the formation factors, each stone will carry own personality sound harmony variation effect leaving different internal dimension discharging fractals or effect, escaping rays striking atom clusters will receive other form of reflection sound frequencies from atoms that will effect with intriguing of gems, brilliant flash will leave polymer figures into all directions from its center point out, as soon crystal stone it reaches slightly cooler environment, external and internal flows all of a sudden freeze formation keeping the shape of flows as they were in freeze formation, if during internal structure were contained different formation of atom clusters that give different effect in harmony sound formation it remains effect in individuality of stone formations, there is no stones are rarely perfect or 100% flawless, most contain scratches or impurity inclusions, each stone can be formed in its own personality sound harmony keeping its own environmental factors that will leave effects of inclusions impurities will form if small portion of different groups atoms were in the projection formation that dis harmonized color zoning composition, that’s why there are no any stone that can have similar crystal layers like other always it will contain slight variation formalities optical inclusions in structural composition, sometimes air bubbles liquid hydrocarbon saline carbon dioxide or gasses might appear in cavities, other variety of stones might contain solid inclusions for example green mica Lapis Lazuli also sometimes in other group of stones, in crystals and diamonds can be found also inclusions as calcite stones have needle inside their erection by the minerals that were left by flow acceleration of heat. Opals contain reformatory water content that reflect rainbow colors topaz and beryl also can contain liquid bubbling, chemical composition in metals can make a diamond blue green pink yellow you name it they all have very difficult to notice inclusions that are like fingerprints in dimensional impurities and color fractures of clouds feather forms nasty internal cracks. Probably you have seen some amber stones that contain insects that were swallowed by flowing amber long time ago fossilized hardened as resin, shape formality of insect remained in all those years. Same manner that flow energy inside crystals and other stones keep their formalization by acceleration of energy bursting line up, it show figures fracture paths blemishes with all inclusions they carry, sometime in the formation of stones crystals release radiations that also effect on environmental factors. Other inclusions are called phantom inclusion that caused their structural composition environmental factors, for example if you adding on a thread melting candle, every time dipping in the melted candle and raising up to cool additional layer add up the don’t show differences, as soon you dip in other melted lump and take out you will notice different color layer adding on the surface of the candle, same crystal grows in molten heat like this candle, gems grow on with additional surface layers adding on previous surface layers, so host crystal grows adding layers of phantom inclusions. In my perspective all this activities that are only small portion of the process in mantle formations creating of stones is the effect of sound frequency directives that living atoms produce by tone reaction and adopt the variety of environmental compounds to shape ions to form gems and other stones. Definitely atoms don’t live as biological living things but they have more complex formations and capabilities that we humans have, atoms are other forms of energy living things and are part from Universal structure that reached us and residing with us in us and to indirectly guiding us with all other mass form that this planet contains. Recently Russian scientist were capable to store 360 TB of data into round tiny plate of Quartz glass that are giant store house for information can withstands 10000C All sort of atoms individually and as clusters can store data. One of type of crystals can be used in combustion process for example so called crystal 1.695 X some name it “Gods crystal” that was found in desert contains most powerful than standard gasoline as burning fuel not noticing that it might have more other important use for it, frequencies keep water state to solid state that contain big data from past, considering water molecules also can store information water has great memory capability in each drop, The universal energy in the Universe that make everything to exist also living things on this planet is capable to hear and see as the biblical related words in book of Psalms 94:9 “The One who made the ear, cannot hear? The One who formed the eye, can he not see?

Living cells

There is more than one standard version of living cell, life capacity is flown with different theory models, let’s consider three cell basic three models. 1) Eukaryotic cell with complex Organelles for unique performance inside the cell, it has nucleus that contains DNA with Chromatin that are divided as chromosomes when separated to form new cells together with Chromatin, cells contain nucleolus structures that prepare Ribosome and their job is synthesizing proteins filled with enzymes plus you have liposome that function as garbage disposal facility, inside the cell also exists respiration  mitochondrion that makes ATB molecules, most unnoticeable part is played by Cytoskeleton  microfilament  that are hallow tubes and release sound, they orchestrate the personality sound harmony within the cell, entire cell is like a city with factories their constitution security transportation and secured wall all around the cell function, after cell divide still round shape is restored.
Second category are Prokaryotic that have nucleus membrane but without any nucleus one single cell form such as bacteria`s, other group is Eukaryotic plant cells with nucleus membrane-enclosed organelles, Viruses are different form of life form they can be stopped all their activity and restart when the environment is suitable, no matter what form of cell is operating it contains supernatural intelligent guidance that are released from Hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water molecules that direct all basic pattern according to the blue print that is already designed with DNA, earlier all patterns are enclosed in possibility memo of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter all DNA RNA have to copy genetic material, So life already exist in the atoms the rest is transformation some of the data to other collective molecules to perform according their basic starting part from a plant or biological form or bacteria, atoms embracing all other life form activities.    

                                                           LIVING CRYSTALS

Theoretical principles sometimes do not adopt all formalities. I explained many times low and high octave sound frequencies tone pulses direct the entire Universe generated from invisible extraterrestrial supreme force field of Dark-Energy as entire axis of Cosmos this wavelengths are exaggerated by invisible force field bubbles of Dark-matter. The pulses cosmos generate that reaches Earth are based on 786.000 vibration pulses per millisecond, in addition this wavelengths can travel faster than light and all individual pulses in that group have their own strength variations that are complex codes where atoms can recognize. Having all this perspective with the formation of stones specially mechanism when crystal grows or forms inside molten heat it surprises me to know that Quartz crystals keep in energy flow of vibration pulses that embraces in continuum interchanges, though quartz crystals are made of liquid but this concealment vibration that is imitated from originality of the Universe tones are based on same vibration of 786.000 pulses per millisecond wavelengths, this security is lockup in quartz crystal originality form, any moment if quarts go through pressure in water they release from its viscoelastic properties low electric current that do not discharge its entire micro-balance field, of course some changes occur in its film deposits but still return into original property measurement in liquid molecules when pressure release from crystals mass. My conclusion is as any cat star or blue star stone or inclusions dimensional impurities of diamonds that keep because other element in that lump disturbed the harmony of sound frequency variations, formations of the stones were based on effect of sound frequency directives inside the mantle but later Universal vibrations that are based with 786.000 pulses leave the stone formation lumps except quartz crystal keep continuously that flow, harmony sound tone mechanism pulses keep quartz crystal in copy form activity of the Universal grand number of pulses in each milliseconds inside quartz stones, in reality it’s a miracle because life energy supplementary are displayed in crystals continuum interchange formations that atoms are other forms of living things.

Pink diamonds

Earlier I mentioned that crystals are liquid form but their vibration keeps them solid lattice, any moment diamond start to form in extreme hot condition with great pressure, carbon atoms crystallizes as ions, Dark energy as light pass through the mass of carbon with absorption intensity of light beams to compete photoionisation process that sometimes line up impurities certain molecular structure, after diamond form is completed certain formalities multiple defect optical formations, allow certain quantum entanglements wavelengths filter into absorption and allow other various light with color to trespass in orderly physique formalities, that’s how ions dis-harmonized color zoning by viscoelastic composition, as soon the diamond get cooled down, it freeze its composition symmetrical shapes continue to release same light process, by this quality defects pink diamonds are unique, so not that seismic shocks form the pink diamonds but wavelengths of Dark Energy passing through the crystalline defects of the structure in the lattice as strong electrical current, when stone form its electrical discharge continue In low current field, in other formalities same force of D.E passes through chemical impurities of diamonds that contain boron that diamond forms into blue diamond, if boron chemical is in small quantity the diamond become “Bleublanc” white blue diamond’s that is more expensive, there are many other color of diamonds such as  green, yellow, with less impurity large pink diamonds are most expensive.   

In my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I explained my perspective that Two forces in Universe Dark-Energy and Matter form all atoms inside every atom exist portion from that supernatural Dynamic forces also life and intelligence atoms contain principal personality theoretical and geometrical principles all participate in low and high sound frequency tone waves, inside participation fusion regulation after verifying nearby other elements construction in ions and new form of stones take shape according chemical varieties what sort of sound waves have to be produced atoms know they become operationally active in great temperatures atoms start sending found tones to make other atoms to be connected into certain sound tone regulation to form semi-precious or rare stones also all form of other stones and ions, sound has its own law of echoing parallel vibrating wavelengths in this tones atoms obey all command in orderly method as Universal sound regulation pattern allows and each nearby atom participate in precise regulation patterns to form new cluster connecting themselves into new combination chemical forms, as soon temperature slows down and stone stop to forming progress but still inside every individual the knowledge in progress pattern are kept without making any proclamation still they contain every detailed theoretical directives until the opportune time arise that is being in great temperatures and pressure and then they continue their activity to take new form of chemical elements combination forming new material either metallic or stones ionic and sand particles, ruby stars or other semi-precious or precious stone are freeze form of how that energy flow was moving during process it is convenient to study formation blocks that was result of energy flow from D.E and D.M electrical antagonism collective renovation stone forms how all atoms applied each their standpoint in clusters of chemical material collection by Universal theoretical sound regulating theories, when they freeze constant activity it shows inside every stones their demonstrative formalities, rubies need only certain chemicals same with emeralds diamonds also have own carbon priorities if nearby available certain other elements diamond also will add variety of other colors in their bulk.

Progress in remake erection atoms are so small that can’t be detected inside atoms by fusion and outside atoms by covalent bonding and regrouping for example in space where there is no gravity atoms can solder together if they keep touching each other if there is no water molecules in between, specimen of Millerite help to grow from inside out crystalline hairs that can grow from this original rock just like a plant, you can find small portion of specimen of Millerite in Royal Ontario museum, atoms obey command cooperate with each other and be connected to other unseen electrical flows according to coordination variety of connections like we see in amino acids, 50% of amino acids beads spin from right to left others combination of atoms spin from left to right, all commands they apply are based on theoretical principles that they obey.

Consider putting metals touching each other on natural environment two sums of metal stay separate because humidity and other floating gas elements are in between two pieces but if you put two pieces of same type metals touching each other in space or vacuum environment in short time elements by covalent bonding communicate with neighboring similar atoms get jammed together like soldered together in metal based construction, this prove that atoms can communicate and take action to join with their race or same kind lastingly.

Atoms communicate

Humans are made of 100% of atoms; atoms communicate in complex sound tone frequencies variances also they listen into sound coming from other atoms, the most difficult stage to compromise is the connection between regular atoms to molecular cells and into conscious mind of living biological living forms. As soon an atom or a molecule releases tiny amplitude frequency spectrum that carry complex multi million of notes in one nanosecond also with many gap formations, the sound longitude travels as mechanical wave that expands wavelengths into wider in Subdivision rule, considering an isosceles triangle as far sound generalization distance changes between A an BC sound wave transport region wave goes wider leaving gap formation transmission of sound, boundaries behavior also effect with billion of neurons while sound traveling it changes reflection refraction and diffraction, pattern of wavelength hit into other coming sound wavelengths from trillion of atoms, already human mind remains in control by major personality sound harmony longitudinal wave and its intensity remains as obstacle that coming into its sound rhythmic path by multi trillion other sounds inside the brain.
Sound is a longitudinal waves and sound with million of notes and pauses in each nanoseconds travels through any medium leaving ranges of waves on top condensation high pressure and compression effect, lover range of flow leaving Rarefaction low pressure and dilation, as sounds are released from point A isosceles triangle into B and C form longer altitude, as long the points B and C go further from A the wavelength goes wider nanosecond focal points that becomes a regular second with multi-million sounds that we as humans can comprehend as neurons, still to be connected into our logical conscious that is something totally complex process.

As I described in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” Entire Universe belongs to Dynamic Energy and Matter, this to invisible supernatural forces join to create all atoms and stars, because each atom contains portion energy of Dynamic energy and Matter Entire Universe is combined to be in command of or influence to be organize, starting the entire galaxies to atoms and the smallest particle inside atoms, so every happening is in the domination of this two superpowers. Every move we or our surrounding matter make release registered data to entire universe because by frequency wavelengths, entire Universe atoms are connected together into supernatural force field wavelengths of D.E and D.M.

Some animals and fish can receive better than humans by special receptors that are in their instinct, for examples deer by its antenna can receive far distant sound variations, owls with their spherical faces can collect sound maneuvering their faces to pin into focal point, sound can travel in different speed through various materials. Inside the brain any metallic element result duration v(m/s) intensity frequency decibel scale range (Hz) Inside the brain most neurons release echo in harmony sound individuality but foreign elements obstacle inside the brain that do not belong effect wave patterns inside biological cells, this material disturbs the harmony sound and damage the brain in many ways. 

Japanese Puffer fish  

Biological cells are made of from clusters of atoms; atoms direct their environments especially inside biological cells releasing intelligent activities by sound frequency wavelengths, a plant can`t see or think but atoms can see and direct all movements where to grow a leaf and or flower or grow movements into certain directions. Regarding birds insects fish and other biological living things that have many supernatural wisdom, it impress me Japanese puffer fish where atoms can guide the brain of this fish to calculate mathematical perfection to express how inside atoms is to have energy points and how they look like, Japanese Puffer using only his fins continuously plough the sands breaking it up to make deep impression on the sand without sleep all week 24 hours a day before storm might damage his masterpiece, if some shells appear while working he removes them and decorate the ridges of his construction, I feel he distributes such as atom particles are spread inside the atoms and how electrons spin over proton of atoms. Fisherman believe the puffer fish doing all this work to impress a female puffer fish it might be true but also same time atoms are directing to express the shape of an atom how it looks when we can`t see it with our own eyes. I believe atoms can express through brain neurons to make living things to express in unusual capacities as you see with the example of Japanese Puffer fish.

Atoms are active by sound tones communication by covalent bonding they interact pull or push each other according to guided theoretical principle by embedded two forces, Dark Matter protons as core and Dark Energy as electrons anything nearby have to be checked and responded, is visiting substances are mass in origin core react to that if the coming visitors are light particles or photons electrons will interact, sometimes they also can form new structures as ions matrix this force that atoms carry help inside hot molten lava to bring new crystal structures to form stone as semi-precious or precious, but for atoms they are all exquisite to be considered and manufactured day and night inside molten lava.Inside Universe hydrogen might have forms but on Earth Hydrogen is familiar as isotopes as in three forms, simple Hydrogen atom then deuterium and at last tritium. Anytime normal hydrogen mixed with deuterium it forms heavy water. All individual atoms have their personal pitch in musical sound tone wavelengths. By quantum mechanics variation hydrogen is connected with other sounds by pitch ‘A’ and 424 Hz that follows by classical formula for pi that hydrogen atoms ensure, all atoms communicate with each other by sound that will help the process of fusion, according to their sound other atoms know what theoretical principles they have to expect from their neighboring atoms, knowing for example how copper will react or iron and all the periodicity atomic radices.

Atoms are surrounded by electron helix stimuli electrons can be divided detached to smaller form of helix energy that also contain active electrical signals, inside computers electric helix function just as pulses but if connected into biological sensing cells helix deliver messages in tone frequencies that DNA need to be directed to form water molecules are best adequate means or main intelligent force in cells to regulated by DNA, all atoms can transform messages in sound form tones to be activated into fusion directives, as we know water molecules have memory qualification and water molecules are basic activity that contains into two major forces inside universe Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that any element contains, hydrogen atom is composed by this two form energy and matter as explained in my other posts atoms contain portion of this basic forces of Universal D.E and D.M Electron helix contain memory metaphysical energy sufficiently releasing consciousness that can be transferred only through connection in complex information-processing system especially with brain cells that contain biological properties so all atoms are other form of living thing the entire Universe contain life in all planets and stars and galaxies through every single element. All atoms are interconnected because all atoms contain this two life forces of the Universe D.E and D.M by sound frequency tone waves they all relate data to grab by sound tone waves into each other but only water molecules have easy connection of data into insect plants human animal and other form of biological forms as if enough collective cells are joined as complete complex system form Universal consciousness can be expanded through this cells, Universe contains all form of time energy and matter, there is supernatural intellectual guides that formed into all Ecosystem elements, they contain information-theoretical great measures, but our human brain can be connected with complex quadrillion synapses and neurons and other form of elements to cells inside our brain collectively get connected into water molecule, intelligence self-recognition personal sound harmony and adapt knowledge to postulate their own personal consciousness initiative comparison with expanded consciousness with water molecules that range the major capacity of human brain. Basic of all characters and all knowledge already is printed in two section atom data in protons and electrons, atoms can live 12 billion years and contain the starting force of life that is part of complex intelligence supernatural force of the Universe. All stone forms inside the ground that complete with ions to be categorized as precious or semi-precious stone contain individuality character by combination of living atoms categorized in group of chemicals.

Ancient people had more clear senses to feel their surroundings noticing unusual other matter than rocks like Quartz crystals some believed that such stones might have healing and enhance physical emotional balance with electromagnetically, because they subtle energetic wavelength charges. Custom of healing beliefs continued during history by Ancient Egyptians Greeks Romans India Chinese Japanese Armenians Mayans Aztecs and Incas and many other races. In modern times by electronic sensitive instruments we can register vibration frequencies. According to the book of stones there are many details about quartz crystals, some people believed that holding or wearing stones as jewelry might protect them hopping that beside electromagnetic frequencies in our energy field near by hoping that Quartz or other crystals might shift frequencies to stimulate brain function or protect them from bad influences, each individual atom has own level of MHz, collectively atom molecules and mass can release wider and stronger resonance stronger vibration field special ions joining sodium chloride structures, other cases connecting atoms of silicon oxygen silicon oxygen continuously. Crystal structure has continue activity construct a wisdom to form framework to create, connecting atoms by themselves form a variety of matter including crystal structure Si04 Silicon-Oxygen tetrahedra where each oxygen is shared or holding together two tetrahedra forming Si0other chemicals nearby can effect in their structure forming  Rose quartz or Smokey Milky or other variety of Quartz beside agate onyx chalcedony jasper tiger eye aventurine amethyst citrine rock crystal Prestolite carnelian dumortierite quartz. Atoms attach themselves by sound frequency slow fusion process by communicating into each other MHz Modern experts use crytallography recording how crystals fused together into single solid, in case of lump of metals crystals can form polycrystals that contain metals rocks and other substances, inner atomic form of Oxygen input vibrations that effect surrounding crystal structure.

Some people believe that they can benefit from MHz of quartz stones and other crystals might give them healing. Can we benefit by wearing or keeping quartz crystals under our pillow? Inside their body each human being has own harmony ton wavelength sound frequencies MHz in biological genetic values of MHz Atoms are other form of living things and their communicative field varies in different source of universal language, still the land people live on or walk on the soil chemical varieties grown plants and trees fruit consumption effect their not their health but their temperament habits they accumulate, how fast they get furious what sort of religions can make more sense to them what sort of family life they want to live? All this effect can be received by variety of atoms that I am explaining in my rest of posts. Living atoms have characteristic values that effect on all nearby biological living things. So I believe that individually semi or expensive precious don’t effect as much as combination chemical elements over the ground they are residing which enhance physical emotional or spiritual balances the sort of religions they prefer, chemicals inside ground might affect elusive energetic changes. Probably we hesitate to except that atoms can contain so much supernatural complex behaviors, just because or mind is limited comparing to intelligence of grand Universe, yet many other things might be too early to comprehend by human wisdom. Most rare crystals are Shungite that are two billion years old it could be found in Onega region Russia only in Karelia, some call this region Gzar poter, Shungite crystals have black color 98% carbon it contains fullerenes, some believe Shungite crystals might have metaphysical properties with strong healing power, it is unclear that they formed on this planet, Any crystal that contains higher MHz can boost human activities overpowering stress including many fruits and plants that contain higher frequencies MHz than humans.

To study stone forms is less complicated than studying how metals and atoms formed. There are over 100 kinds of metals, and many kinds of chemicals. Over 2000 different minerals are known today. All rocks consist by single mineral; marble and limestone are composed of single mineral. Calcite in the mantle when D.E, Dark-Energy and D.M, Dark-Matter substances. Come close by repelling each other by opposite electrical charges. Especially, when surrounded by, extensive heat and pressure. Different types of stones develop, or precious stones are formed. Let`s consider diamonds, for example.

Greeks gave the name "Adamas" means "untamable" that means hard. It`s a mineral. Also Greek used the word "crystallos" literally it means “frozen ice” first time Rene`-Just Haug noticed a shattered large calcite crystal fragments have also identical shapes, no matter how smaller the fragments are they reflect same interior structure, they consist in arrangement systematic lattice-like pattern. Formed code variety standard stipulation forms like trigons or hexagons or more angled facets. Every different crystal is effected according it`s atomic energy or electrons, they order in the process development force blowing shaping the facets and internal structures of atomic arrangement. Some call it chemical reaction, in my opinion, electrons have qualifications, they are like computer chips information and apply surrounding atoms and neighboring electrons combine and join electromagnetic field to apply the principles printed in their values, like a DNA principal regulation, and electrons follow this guidance precisely fully.

 Diamond, found cubic crystal system, the usual form is octahedral. And rarely found as cubes. Some are fabulous termed "adamantine" blue is most expansible but now pink diamonds rule. Also found, white, yellow, green, black, red, brown. Diamonds are graphite. Like quartz. Composition carbon different in arrangement of atoms, graphite is the softest and the diamonds, hardest than diamonds are Q carbon that can be processed by short pulse of laser light into carbon concentrating process minuscule synthetic diamond and will be harder than real diamonds.

During formation of diamonds necessary pressure is essential, to give the diamonds certain values of (S-G) specific gravity or condense hardness, to be formed, scientist have a comprehensive knowledge of the material it needs to develop it is essential, to be exist in the environment, carbon. Plus extreme hot temperature, but the most important element, is the unknown force. when condense carbon atoms activate to control the cubic crystal system. Usually the form is octahedral, (two, four sides pyramid base to base) also is found some misshapen forms triangles. Also elongated forms and dodecahedra 12 facets shapes icositetrahedron 24 kite shaped facets and so on. Sometimes (brute) rough stones are so smooth, on the surface, they do not require polishing, but they have tightly knit extremely hard structures the stones are so transparent like glass. Some people call them "glassies" some of the stones have other important factors. They don`t need polishing.

Planet Earth has capability to form quasicrystal materials inside mantle, all the sand we observe on surface of the planet is formed in high temperature in great pressure combining elements to form molecules and according to the surrounding atoms come together in principal of covalent bonding to join molecules ionized to develop rocks and crystals to be arranged in predicable repetitive pattern. Any time if this rocks are shattered you can see its original form in smaller particles same order of developments, we still find new forms of unexpected patterns that atoms make their principle regulations forming through their frequency sound wave tones to combine and create all other forms of glassines lapidary stone structures, basically all facets that can be observed on molecule rocks are left by flow of Dark-energy force field passing through molecules of elements that are trying to regulate their forms in covalent bonding of matter that already has its connection regulatory by Dark–Matter gravitational flow. Every pile of certain elementary group joining in pressure and temperatures give collective combination blend ions in peculiar stone or rock assortment, combination force field released from protons inside atoms that are dark-Matter combining in friction of electro force of helixes that are carried in cables of electron force to form new molecules joins to form typical rock form according to their environmental combination principles always atomic sound tones frequencies force to direct the collective procedures. Enticement functioning to produce this rock forms don’t exist inside stars or supernova explosions only in this privet environments this molecules form by atoms that developed in other stars and supernova explosions. Planet Earth is peculiar to develop packed with its unexpected crystal patterns in precious gems unique and semi-precious stones with the rest of all forms of structures.

My hobby as a gemologist, 45 years in precious stone business, make me think how come natural uncut stones, have facet cut structure, what power or energy force on the stones shaped molded, in that facet cut development. I think about it all the time, doing many researches, looking for answers, some of my studies show that the stones structure. When you look by electro magnifying instruments the stones also have standard computational geometrical symmetry structure, internal atomic arrangement like patterns in very small way. Almost all diamonds found from ground. Have facets on the face flat cuts. The weaknesses with the bonds between the atoms, are formed to certain directions, some spots have harder areas to cut by the lapidary or to shape the rough diamond into a very best weight and shape. It has specific cleavage planes. It should have, something, or geometrical energy, force to apply on them, with principal, special facets, on the diamonds, exist some; force shaped up those facets. That energy is, D.E, Dark-Energy. It is a force with principal development. Similar to DNA, but in a different sort, living cells carry building designs to develop the cells. All the cells are made of combination of different elements, they carry electrons. Electrons supervise on the atoms to be protected, atoms regulated under unknown instructions to behave regulations. Electrons are materialized from invisible Dynamic Dark-Energy. Exist over 73 % of the Universe; they also exist in the ground on Earth. When electromagnetic forces  principle responsibility to form Stars Galaxies planets and all matter, even inside the Earth. Collaborating to reproduce atoms and move to fusion it is required  Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. The atoms contain electrons in the mantel, when stones develop electrons give great forceful orders according to chemical compound of material, automatic instructions is already regulated like DNA, (regulating geometrical plans according to chemical combinations) But somewhat have certain development, values and force on other atoms. When they are formed area of different group elements. By regulation principle, Atoms, and particles, contain orderly, building blocks, they follow, and obey. Geometrical structure orders of developing, to be in that certain group, of structure of stones. For example to create ruby or sapphire it is important to develop the stone where exist aluminum. Other family types of stones have also, same reflector positions or other combination properties to different stone edifice. Most precious stones shine. Diamonds light reflected from its surface around 17%. Starting point from inside reflection is around 80 %. They can sharpen some diamonds or as, sharp razors, or knives, the modern way they use also lasers. Some minerals have more qualifications than others, some crystals can release electrical charges but Perovskite mineral can grab sunlight or light photons and convert into electricity collectively Perovskite molecules act structure to react into light prospect and can be used as solar cells.

How to cut and polish the diamonds? First crush industrial diamonds by heavy blows of a hammer down into powder. Collect the powder take a round rotating disk of iron, before, scratch lines from inside out. Then rub the diamond powders, mixed in a little olive oil, filling the scratched engraftment, when disk starts to rotate very fast brushing with powder diamonds. We touch, with a holder claw, because it get very hot unbearable to hold. The powdered diamond cut the diamond to be cut, by rubbing friction and flattened into facets by the rub on the scratched powder area, to cut and flattened into facets. They can cut diamond sharp like a knife or even razors, modern cutters use also lasers. Diamonds can go unaffected in great heat and fire. Some are expansive because are clear and with good color, diamond have 7 colors some have inclusions. Some modern cutters make groove underneath both end of baguette diamond and hold underneath by very sharp edge of gold; they call it invisible setting, stones laid down like tiles in the bathroom, no metals on top to hold.

 In the stones inclusions develop in the mantle magma. Great temperature molten state, when mixed some chemicals with impurities. And when suddenly loose the temperature fast, more inclusions appear. Biggest mines South Africa in Johannesburg, town of Kimberly diamond found, they are called Kimberlitic, because of location. Not that stones have special properties. If people of the world divide free. All the diamond that merchant poses is on hand, each individual of about 7 billion people can receive probably about 500 carats in weight or more of diamonds. But nobody wants to lose the business, even though for 100 years all the money from Africa went out, leaving almost nothing for the people who live there. Meteors, falling from sky contain, powdered, diamonds, in big quantities. Most precious diamonds are white blue, in 1977. I worked 3 years in Australia, they are very popular in opals, but recently they found pink diamond mines, highest qualities and most expansible in the world. 10 years worked in Middle East Lebanon. Largest stones I handle there setting biggest diamond 32 carats, cleanest emerald 53 carats, for high quality Jewelers Nejib Tabbah in 1972, they know me by name Gabrielian, win some prizes for high quality settings. Since 1990 I am citizen of USA and I am very grateful to live in America.

All diamonds are not developed on this planet Earth as we notice in some of fallen by meteors, since beginning of last century men collected over 600 tons of conventional diamonds worldwide without knowing about other form of diamond that is called Carbonado diamonds as Brazilians call them black carbonado diamonds, this variety can be found in Central African territories and Brazil, black diamonds contain more hydrogen and nitrogen with carbon that also is available In other stars, some figure out that by supernovae explosions this black diamonds have been formed and later on reach into our planet Earth. Over our planet there are over 600 tons of diamonds, each tone is 1000 kilograms each kilogram contains 1000 grams, there are 5 carats in each gram and each carats has 100 weight points, if we distribute to each person of 7 billion people we might hand out over 500 carats of diamond to each person, but diamond stocks keep the diamond to keep the value up.

Naturally occurring inorganic material, with a fixed structure and composition are classified  minerals according to their symmetry. There are seven types, some people call them cubic, the shapes, or symmetry they develop, happened, because of certain law of physics. Apply for different specific chemistry elements, D.E guiding them, crystal material have, specific internal structure that dictates its external shape. When they develop, in the mentor, differences according atomic structure or by mineral combination It`s mind boggling, only a supernatural, Dynamic Dark-Energy, can force to apply. The growth of crystals is influenced with, several groups of variety principles, solution itself or change in temperature and pressure naturally if the rocks and chemicals are moving in liquid composition. Colors and patterns differ because of many variety of minerals contain impurities, periodic deposition and rhythmic combinations. When slightly cold water, move in process. Get in touch with hot compositions, deformed crystals appear. Developing a bad, imperfect stone, as a goldsmith i did many repairs. For example, emerald stone can`t be put in fire to be soldered but garnets are possible all stone were developed in extreme hot environment. Now it cannot go through fire process. What is missing? Pressure combined with heat gravity, Dark-Energy. Sometime, even, Dark-matter combination with fresh loose minerals. “Electrons control Matter” Tone-Reaction (Low octave sound frequencies connecting to inertia gravity) control Mass.

Atomic forms contain Universal intelligence because they contain life force of Dark Energy and Matter, usually water have three state of matter as solid liquid and gas, inside in Oaq Ridje National Lab (ORNL) they discovered that by extreme pressure in small spaces liquid can go into fourth stage of matter as it is called “Tunneling” where it shows inside beryl stones also in Aquamarine Emerald all variety of colors blue or green Beryl can be processed with quantum tunneling, their tiny particles combine when five atoms across the function hold one molecule of water, each water molecule break bonds of their neighbors water molecules, tunneling into new state of matter. Also is important to mention that quarts are liquid forms but their high intensity frequency course circuit level keeps themselves as solid matter. Beryl opals emeralds can’t take intensive heat in jewelry set in gold; they can’t solder two metallic pieces together except with modern laser tools, it seems strange, garnet stone can go through extensive fire heat as diamonds can.

Though we have life and call ourselves being’s enchantingly still we can`t make perfect classification defining life. Some consider life only is metabolism included other say as long they have self-sustaining system bionic a biogenic or with organic compound plus many minor advantages needed by special properties or ecological properties to get compartmentalization if they need adaptations like photosynthesis and much different variety of chemicals to complete chemo-synthesis like plants restore energy to continue to live.

In my DNA post I referred that the energy directives force behind DNA is electron stimuli that direct to molecules and inline metabolism to cell dimensions to use energy and store for some time all genetic order are developed behind what we see in DNA, for example human are in Eukayata group with animals plants fungi are different form of life still they have relationship in metabolism genetics they, then we have Archaea group with bacteria and so on, they all need each other’s adaptations. So scientist try to see in complex chemical system particular reaction trajectories that can be directed to oscillation and chaotic behavior, all cells have molecular memory in DNA let’s not forget what started this DNA to be completed, in my perspective it is stimuli in electrons and low octave sound frequencies tone waves released from protons inside atoms.

Let me ask some questions, if living molecules thrown in fire or extreme cold do they effect to continue their life? How about metals? They change forms. Can atoms sustain their existence to stay same developed order? Yes they can. Do they store energy? Yes they can so do elements have self-sustaining system? Yes they do. So atoms continue to keep their form by energy force that is non-retractable trajectories and they have memory to adapt proper magnetic covalent bonding in variety order of other elements, they release sound frequencies, they can change their temperament to become other form of atoms by fusions and apply principles that apply to their variety character, I see intelligence in their behavior and undeniably they are different life forms that are included not by molecular organic compounds but by energy fields that still are not in our considerate capability form. So when question arise what is life? Still we are too far in defining life. In my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” might enhance some light to this subject as well”

The sound that atoms release rhythmic sound vibrations collectively by molecules release trillion of sound tones, in human brain trillion of neurons and synapses made of atoms collectively sound trillion X trillion X trillions of separate sound notes, all together complete harmony melody out of our reach to receive and evaluates, human science is too far behind in that expansions also there is no precise gear’s to analyze everything. The low octave sound frequencies released from protons and electrons have their personalized patterns to communicate by sound waves, for example metallic groups stay attached in metallic bonding, nonmetallic keep covalent bonding’s also there is ionic bonding’s that also are nonmetals. So effect of all atom bonding directives come by sound note waves in levels that are foreign to us.

Crystals are assembled to one of this seven symmetry types. Or facet shapes they are.

1- So metric               2- Tetragonal              3-ortorhombic        4-monoclinic         5-triclinic                   dodecahedron,           pyramid bases,         prism and base prism and bases,       prism and bases,           cube octahedron.       Pyramid prism        two pyramids.             Prism and bases           Prism and Bases

6-Hexagonal               7-Rhombohedron                                                                                                             and Prism                 and Prism


Minerals are called ore deposits. Their diversity shares a common characteristic. Atoms combine with regular and periodic way. Invisible Dark-Matter force binding  together with Dark-Energy.  because inside all atom, exist predicaments cloud bubble core we call it protons, in reality they are made of Dark-Matter clusters, they can be a group of particles, but still be called one proton. When, structure of the stones are developing, in the mantle, with supply of essential, elements, Dark-Energy opposition gravity, makes the matter into a molded state of a shape, forcing the rock to take a shape, according to its composition that is necessary to adopt the symmetry crystal principle, of the element, that is printed like a DNA in regulating memory of electrons, that is also a cloud of multiple particles, but their shape is considered as one electron, they are made of Dark-Energy.

Crystals are rich information. Explain about their composition, when we study them, they are multifaceted faces of crystals symmetry even when they are shattered, small portions parts, show individual types of their shapes. The cryptocrystalline, made of minerals that are made up of tiny crystals. Visible only through a microscope, the grains of quartz or a crystal arranged by their size, relative to one another, have the same look of their symmetry. They are supernatural, very strange. Amethyst, Citrin, rose Quarts and, rock crystals. Contain more Dark-Energy. They are, Pyro electric and Piezoelectric. They reproduce electricity. More strangely, when they are under great pressure or strain, deep under water, because c they produce, electricity. Group of quarts can produced current, and have been used by deep sea divers. Who use dept. measuring instrument. Because whenever pressure, generated on those stones Quartz crystals, they start to energize the sparks. This stones are also been used to light, gas, the gas cooker or lighter. Some use quartz to analogue clocks. Scientists are developing tiny computer chip. Producing vibrations, it give effect, called piezoelectric also is been used in watches. Quarts are out of ordinary.

It is very clear. That unknown energy, electrical energy combines, with these crystals. Be part of this piece; they leave some effect of their own. All crystals in hot mantle according to its atomic energy by chemical attraction receive electron blows orderly pattern, to be form an orderly pattern shaping itself electromagnetic forms called facets, when they cool down the shape stay the way it developed, atoms can contain radiation,. We are surrounded, they are in us and we are part of, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. Everything assembles, and produces by combinations within Atoms, coexist infrequent force effect. Not only they have affected us, but they are part of us. All variety of stones, rocks, sands, matter, and the planet, Entire Universe, every principle and order is based in Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. We see this effect on every existing matter, everywhere. Even in the Universe, and in all precious stones, and gems and all matters.

                                        ATOMS FORM TO MINERALS BY COMMUNICATIONS

How do minerals rocks form in the mantle? There are many metamorphism studies, usually they conclude solutions that chemical elements atoms come close to each other by pressure also atoms have the tendency to react with each other to form compound, I described in many chapters atoms communicate in low and high octave sound frequency tone waves that we call covalent bonding, same principle biological life forms react in between living cells and molecules same principle non biological clusters of atoms and amino acids react to each other, all atoms contain sound releasing communication pulses I call it “Tone reaction” elements apply principle character according to their surrounding other elements following the laws of thermodynamics and in high temperature pressure or during cooling or evaporating liquids they combine with their surrounding bounding also producing new crystals. The hard shape paternal does not form only because there is pressure as we can observe how minerals solution of saturated calcic dripstones get connected also by covalent bindings to other calcite precipitation rocks as we experience in caves, all this operation are done in slow and fast or former potentials growths by Tone reaction, mineral formation react by covalent bonding tone reaction to bring together the building blocks compositions in hornblende crystals with lava flow they combine the mineral precipitation line of open space from solutions of copper deposit as we see inside malachite stones growth deposits. Similar formalities can be seen also in slices in tourmaline crystals, all the zonation growth are by communication in tone reaction allowing other elements to come by and take their position in the building block. During new formations they adapt regarding availability more silica magnesium iron calcium or Aluminum plus many other minerals solutes of calcite and many forms of 3000 known minerals, that we are familiar to only 20 kinds, combining other oxidation and acids they produce two forms of Mafic and felsic minerals

Material for construction that was used or that group of mineral formation, they are several classified group that have, according to their own principle patterns rendering how much chemical composition they have in elements like diamonds carbon sulfur zing gold, in Halides elements they should have iodine halogen chlorine bromine sodium chloride, in Sulfured elements can be seen iron sulfide lead sulfide and sulfur, also there are many other compounds such as calcite gypsum silicates and feldspar quarts, So the way living biological cells obey principles in DNA that are also directed by stimuli in electrons and sound frequencies from protons of atoms as I described in my other topic “DNA” similar perspectives I have in atoms that receive directives from electron helixes and proton clusters inside atoms to obey principles in developments by tone reaction principle.

Atoms are non-biological living things they communicate in covalent bonding obey principles live 12 billion years, when time comes to die they don’t but disassemble into two form of energy Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter during that process they release radiation that during times transform into former invisible form D.E and D.M forms as I explaining in my “Black Hole” article in the same blog.

So all biological system mechanism inside all sort of brains and plants animals works according to directives from sound frequency tone reaction wavelengths the same electrical sound tone circuits that atoms and planets stars and galaxies work with but they individually have different complex lining in tone elevation and complex composition millions of notes done in split of a second that I call it tone reaction.

Basically All atoms all form of gravitational or magnetic interaction including electricity operate by two basic forces Dark-Energy and Matter, electrons have possibility of two double helix that are directed into opposite direction as is conducted with gravity it is called Perpetual motion holder (PMH) Atoms contain Persistent screwing current that go through one another, inside atoms separated particle energy of separated Dark-Energy and Matter combine to form new particles inside atoms by double helix or opposite energy field portions of D.E and D.M in fusion they form new type of elements., basic form of life in plants and biological cells also combine by two helixes regarding amino acids that contain two group of amino acids 50% spinning from right into left and other half turn in opposite direction same with spinning of DNA interaction that is based on magnetic values, all biological life forms and other form of life that atoms contain are based by two opposite helix pulsates directed by sound wavelengths double helixes structure, the entire Universe is based by this sound force of natural altering current.

When you have chance to observe color stones you will notice some have shapes like flowers others have certain geometrical shapes that reminds you to a plant or branch, sometimes they show flower both or bacteria choices similar to living beings. For example Kasolite retain yellow flower facet forms, Liberthenite from Chili show green flower forms linarite in blue flower forms, some have hair like forms. Most stone Brut have facet surface shapes as someone put lot of hard work to beautify the rock. After considering many stone Brut you might realize that intelligent forms are completed with beautiful colors or transparent facets, while they were in process some guidance was given to cluster of atoms according to variety of chemicals they geometrically combined to take shape, there was great flow of directive unseen influences that effected their comprehensive forms, time has pass the effect of passing through directives left like frozen in time or time stands still explaining frequency wavelengths effect in their formation that contained codes according to their chemical varieties. Plus there are other stones that formed in different surroundings with minerals of heat or pressure, other without pressure or heat, somehow the effect of tone reaction left in their tiny portions as frozen in times after completion they kept their formation shapes as it was. To form granite that is an igneous rock it needs minerals such as Mica Quarts and feldspar, Limestone. Marble. Quartz Porcelain and Travertine they all formed in different variety of environment but still with same principle theoretical directives from atoms that directed the construction collecting by sound frequency wavelength to construct their body of matter. All formation of stones proof that great force pass by through their chemical formalities and shaped up to build clusters in geometrical formations, just by looking at the achievements we see time stands still when forming the body by atoms internal directive frequency wavelengths by code communications in sound tone reaction

Atoms are studying themselves.

In my logical conclusion atom contains two living forces supernatural energy of Dynamic Energy and Matter (Dark Energy and Matter) each atoms live over 12 billion years, depending what level are in periodical level by fusion they change their characteristics that is atoms have own personal temperaments, atoms communicate releasing sound tones that collectively clusters of atoms release, altogether complex sound melody, atoms collect together to form amino acids and participate in DNA completions and participate to complete biological cell forms, atoms transform their characterizing into other form of animals insect fish birds viruses and bacteria, from looking above on this matter atoms participate in completions of biological life forms adding characteristic to them atoms study living life forms, also atoms study themselves how will they react in large volumes, cluster of atoms collect data of the outcome of their work, the basic center of information collection still will be Dynamic Energy and Matter that form atoms.

Atoms are other form of living things that can live 12 billion Earth years. Atoms can see by big number of eyes through helix's while spinning over protons. Also they can see inside atoms including all rest of particles, same activity to watch continues inside biological cells watching all DNA activities in each millisecond, imagine entire planet Earths 7.3 billion population watching you all around you also watching your each cell with tiniest details, 100 % of your body is made of atoms, our body contains trillion times trillion times trillion atoms. Surveillance of Atoms are nonstop, every millisecond during all your lifetime, your heart brain every part of your body to collect data all activities going on in your entire body. It reminds me at that song “I always feel like somebody`s watching me”  


                                                   Cern Large Hadron Collider. 

Cern large Hadron Collider trying to bring out facts by breaking down the elements to see what is holding them together to figure out building block of atoms, in other posts I described great numbers of invisible particles as helixes contained inside each electrons that are portion energy form from Dark-Energy spinning around great numbers of cluster invisible Dark-matter as core of the atom, separating portion energy helix from electrons combining with individual or cluster of invisible proton particles form together other new particles inside atoms that change their level by fusion to transform into other elements, atoms think and figure many sort of characteristics during their 12 billion years of lifetimes. In my post “Atoms are other forms of living things” I described two forces that are combination inside atoms Dark-Matter and Energy contain life energy force intelligence, all mental capacities that we own are from this basic two energies including our consciousness, individual atoms contain all intelligence we have plus atoms can transform from one level of hydrogen characteristic into other levels of temperaments as we see in periodical chart, it might be very strange when atoms are smashed inside Cern large Hadron Collider beside individual block particles atoms release electrical sparks that contain emotions thoughts feelings life energy, probably some observers might get in touch into this energy stimuli incentives that can bring some people into hallucination or apparitions it might bring into connection between human consciousness and atomic way of thinking that might look scary, all this capacities show Aliens we were suspecting are nothing but atoms that are living things, it surprises me that also some considering this sort of communication with colliding atoms emotions considering or resembling them into action of Hindu gods, Sheva “Destructive energy” Vishnu “Preserver energy” Brahma “recreational force”, all this with three pair of arms goddess. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hoping mentioned that Cern Large Hadron collider could cause great danger to our planet. In my perspectives I believe that smashing atoms is a crime killing other forms of intelligent living things, Cern Large Hadron collider can`t trigger Big bang that never ever happened and it never will happen, energy that atoms contains are extraterrestrial supernatural intelligence of creation and they don’t operate randomly uncontrollable outbursts, we as humans obtain intelligence from same source of Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-matter,

Still some scientist speculating that CERN large Hadron collider might open gate or door to heaven penetrating into multi-dimensional portals (passageways to different dimensional plane) During test at CERN they believe that accelerating protons 99 9 % speed of light can burst atoms into particles and into subatomic fine fractures as gravitons, in conclusion they believe that loose gravitons might escape into parallel universe or parallel of everything including you and me. I mentioned earlier that crystals are liquid formations the reason they stay solid is the effect nonstop overlaying sound waves. Cern also believe that the reason atoms inside our body don’t get loose to separate it holds everything together by gluons that are overlaying sound waves. In my perspective in other posts I call it tone reaction. In this new descriptions that still are viewpoints right away, besides Brahmas “Recreational force” many other sort of religious philosophers jump in adapting CERN Hadron Collider new discoveries trying to convince others about hell fire that is in the inner part of this planet also mentioning about keys of the belly of the Earth mentioning from the bible expressions such as belly of the Earth, this sort of expressions are say a way to use or express in historical times, new discoveries at CERN mentioned about strange fear scary sounds that are released from atom collisions, I believe atoms are non-biological other form of living things. In case if we try to believe that this scientist were able to reach supernatural dimensions or penetrate strategical position Jacobs dream stairs opening doorway gateway to heaven or descending into demonic world, some American Indians in Arizona believe that mount Sedona is the spot to get connected into portals or into hyperdimenssional space travel, other mention about Devils triangle. Judgment is not reserved into authority of imperfect men that are controlled by greed and selfish desire seeking fame and power.

                                                           WITCH HUNT

Experiments will continue in LHC will increase the luminosity by factor 10 times with stronger collisions that LHC to study new phenomena’s. Radioactive decays collisions in 2011-2012 LHC produced 1.2 million, using heavier ions of lead LHC will produce collision energy 15 million Higgs boson per year in 2015 LHC some call it witch hunt. Many big nations worldwide also are trying to imitate this process, for instance China might build new design Qinhuanggdao it will be twice bigger up to 7 times bigger than LHC to operate in stronger force of collisions luminosity, all nations trying to go stronger collision  they will not reach into capacity power than an nuclear explosion, according to human experiences none of the great nuclear or hydrogen bomb explosion did not introduces humans into other dimensions where this LHC sort of test trying to reach. In my perspective no matter what category of atoms are they all combine by invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter as I introduced in post (D.E D.M D.F)

                                                       COLLECTIONS OF FACTS

Atoms have covalent bonding principles neutral group of two or more atoms combine to make a molecule, some intelligence lay this value principles inside atoms to communicate in language of high and low Metallic than included many variety form of characterizations though it can be seen regularly around us minerals in our planet and in the Universe molecular bonding included gaseous particles either single non-bonded atoms and other forms of homo nuclear single atom bonding with oxygen or water also all single ionic bonds that also are single molecules except in solid metallic bonding does not form molecules by the great density of solid block of the metal combination, on Earth we have many minerals that make up crust mantle the sea and oceans and Air all is based on molecule components of matter, starting point to develop, regarding developments for atoms to combine in covalent bonding they apply principles of tone reaction sound frequency tone waves by communicating held together scientist call it chemical bonds, all molecular bonds adapt to control distinguishing from ions by balancing their electrical charges that is supervised by electron helix separated neutrinos with their neighbor atoms,, some can explain great details in quantum physics, polyatomic ions and more important to using terms of organic chemistry, biochemistry the word molecules are used that are building block of living organisms, after molecules are formed by unidentified intelligence living cells by super molecules all class forms of molecules has been considered  if there are any definable molecules or about their repeating units all has been considered to class of characterize groups then it is used properly, DNA adopts to use variety of molecules in their building block forms that also conducted with mysterious great intelligence, unseen intelligence is adopted transforming from atomic principle order covalent bonding communication into DNA directives to control and manufacture cells with all supervisions that realized in biology field, all communications are the result of sound vibration codes that are released from atoms in combining to molecules also considering their transition density of molecular before site into building block projects inside the cell, regarding organic substances as components in biochemistry and other living forms all directed by this mysterious great intelligence.    

When million years old Zircon found producing radiations, This approve that decay of elements Atoms are approaching to be recycled level, there is electrons in gems, they are regulated by some force to be continued to exist, and they can breaking apart, the constructed Atoms now breaking to smaller and gradually more smaller particles until they reach to invisible state, the last stop is to go back, being to be Dark-Matter, and Dark-Energy. That`s why it was radiating. Radiation humans produced, in nuclear bomb, portions of radiation still limited, it doesn`t involve all mass of the Uranium atoms, only small % of ten kilogram is decimated. In reality if all atoms were destroyed, the effect more devastating.

                                  GEMS       Mohs scale

1 TALK  2 Gypsum  3 Cal lite  4 Fluorite  5 Apatite  6 Orthoclase  7 Quartz   8 Topaz           9  Corundum (sapphire, ruby)  10 Diamonds

Gems have different composition, even when, they are all, minerals. They have different.   1-Composition  Variety of other materials  minerals  Chemicals  elements. 2- Crystals shapes. Like cubic original or amorphous. And so on. 3- Hardness like diamond is the hardest  10 Amber the softest  1,08    4- Gravity, specific .S,G.  Spessartine, 4,16   Gypsum 2,32   5- Refractive, index, R,I. like diamond are, 2,42. Obsidian, 1,48 - 1,51  light reflects.


This mineral is a silicate of zirconium. Form in tetragonal crystal was found a very crystalline structure. That has been broken down. Probably over in million years, and the form, without character or shape (amorphous body) it means not crystallized. Some call this low zircon, Were noticed producing radiation coming from particles of Uranium, trapped in the zircon these explains even during formation of this zircon, when electrons as DE was trapped in the body zircon. When zircons thrown in hot charcoal. Produce, beautiful blue color, this zircons are called "starlight" during the Crusades they use to call zircon as Jargon some call “Hyacinth” some mistakenly called hessonite garnet as Hyacinth, in Arabic jacinth. Brown zircon crystals produced in tetragonal system, some suggest that artificial zircons or other crystal artificial stones produce some kind of radiation. Damaging the cells of the body probably it will take a while, so people really except the reality. The way people kept explaining, damaging cordless phone situation. That can damage the human brain, even long time ago Aristotle gave warning, wearing zircon can miscarriage a birth. Zircons are popular even today look like Diamonds, on the wading ring the most expensive part is the center stone, so nobody will notice that the center stone is a large Zircon, in the future when we get rich we change the center into a diamond.

              Chemical reaction Tone reaction

Scientist analyzed atoms figuratively calling names giving like colors or spices giving names to particles inside the Atoms, some particles are called Red down quarks, others Green up quarks others Blue down quarks. Other particles called group particles Hyperons Baryons Hadrons Nucleons bosons, then you have Antiparticles Fermions, Other group is called Mesons Hadrons Leptons also antiparticles of Bosons and Fermions and Photons as boson particles, each have different group of charge and mass. In my theory always Protons that are chunk of Dark-Matter contain Positive energy, portions of this matter join and combine with electrons helix negative force that are hunk of Dark-Energy. Uneven portions and quantity of opposite volume portions combine inside Atoms and form variety of particles inside Atoms. In my theory electron cables that contain big numbers of helix strands, they might be able to separate breakdown to smaller filaments, shorter ones can be serve as neutrinos. Always they carry some energy of Dark-Energy in their helix whirl. Those two energies produce electromagnetic force, only in combination to form nucleuses two forces are in balance of no charge.

Scientist give the name for a process called chemical reaction, in my theory that is called Tone-reaction what happening in that course they don’t know but the result are recorded and they know what`s the outcome will be theoretically, same explanation about fire process, its familiar that wood in fire can scorch but what processes are taking place is not explainable, the reason scientist are not yet that familiar in atomic and electromagnetic process until now. ALL atoms produce note sound values in lower octaves, for example if you pull a cord metal like the strings of a guitar and hit the cord you get a sound, the note produced according the variety of element and how strong you pull the cord, because all elements have their own variety of  frequencies sounds in lower octaves. Hydrogen have C note or if more thence C# Oxygen F or F#  Sulfur G or G# They react with each other by Tone-Reactions. All activities done in human cell they call it chemical reaction also in brain in DNA in plants and variety of living things, even give the same form of reaction when stones are formed in the mantel all are chemical reactions. What is chemical process? By scientist researches, we know that 73 % of the Universe is Dynamic Dark-Energy, in steady state it is energy field but in moving action it forms to electromagnetism, if it is divided to very tiny portions it forms into cable of electrons with many helix lines, when helix line are broken they form into light and neutrinos, later neutrinos melt down to original form of invisible Dynamic Dark-Energy. In Universe 23 % is Dynamic Dark-Matter that are large bubbles each 2 billion miles in diameter combination of smaller and smaller bubbles to be fit into atom as clusters of proton they are similar to mercury metal without the color and have density 15 times more than lead heat and light do not penetrate into Dark-Matter.In the universe left 4%  are the elements as stars and Planets and Galaxies are made by the combination of part of this 2 matter and energy as mass elements. Big bang or tiny bang theory cannot create D.E or D.M. Energy that existed is electromagnetism that cannot be fit in tight pin dash point, to make bang, but by mixing combination of Dark-Matter it can produce atoms. Dark-Energy + Dark-Matter = Hydrogen Atom. DE+DM=H (Hydrogen) in Krikor Theory Electromagnetism. Atoms are made part of spikes Dark-Energy, and also portions of this energy are Electrons they can be divided into smaller splinters into million cosmic strings of helix. Protons in the Atoms are portions of Dark-Matter splinters that can be divided into over 200 more smaller fragment`s. when D.E and D.M are invisible when approach to each other they materialize by opposing gravitational marginal electric reaction charge, small portion of D.M are used as proton in the Atom, single proton of a hydrogen. Dark-Energy materialize into electrons they go in proton by a spike electric notch of saturation reaction into protons, function like small pulsars, but because the distance is so limited they make many circles and bring proton into constricted situation, continuing this position for over 12 billion years always first and the only process is hydrogen. In extreme heat like in the sun can start reaction of fusion, every time a smaller spike of the electron separated infiltrated into nuclei of hydrogen, in the nuclei will be division two portions of protons the electrons also be divided into two because electrons are information principle data, they adjust themselves and also elements around them they hold the balance of principle in every fusion process to be developed as schedule according intensity of heat and magnetism and pressure regulation basic data in the electrons develop accordingly, hydrogen form into helium and so on, most intense heat can fusion atoms into more complicated elements. How super natural is electromagnetism or D.E or electrons they all are same Energy, deference is in their quantity  and volume, and some portions of D.E are the spikes rope like twisted helix loops in cable  of electrons , they also flow in Plasma to guide  DNA information filaments. Some people call it Mother Nature in reality is in all data of electrons and protons. According to the structural atom, they have different octave sound tone  variation notes values, wave frequencies, they distinguish their neighbors, either repel or reject it.

                     Are Atoms living things?

There are many forms of life beings, like human cells, plants, bacteria, viruses, insects, fungus, and corals, much form of living exist, some are not familiar to us, we know only 15% of the living things in the oceans. 8.7 million Other species still unfamiliar to us. Living organisms are made of atoms and there is life activities in molecules because of tone sound communications in atoms and molecules, there are in Periodic table 106 elements known elements or more but only 92 are naturally made but the rest that are artificially made also carry electrons but added pressure by fusion to have more particles in certain atom. There are 21 important elements humans need to continue their life and stay healthy, so without this energy that elements hold humans cannot be survived, though atoms live 12 billion years and communicate but they are totally different form of life especially electrons that have personality and effect on other form of life.  
When I look into a tree, looks wood matter inactive but I notice in trees guidance and programming, starting the ground bacterial and chemical balance up to the air to breath, seed of the plants are programmed to react according all changes and development process, there is guidance some sort and all plants they prepare different variety of chemicals do lot of hard work to prepare this variety of chemicals that they don’t need, result product can be advantage to humans or animals and insects by important uses. Many verities on the ground even in marine sediments and subsurface living microbes  in high-temperatures that during ages they produce methane by nutrient in the ground flowing by water, even using hydrogen and carbon dioxide as food, even in very hot sediments exist many life forms because atoms contain life especially in electron cables mixed with helix energy and connect to each other guiding in DNA growth in other molecules and even microbes, all atoms and molecules are directed by low octave sound frequencies under the principle of covalent bonds. 

                                                                     Covalent bonds.

 Atoms have characterized associated jointed in action or relations to bond when developing to be partners in molecule formations, they do it in very organized procedure and regulations and they have patterned categories to bond. Between proton clusters and electrons are great gap some neutrons spin in different layers of circuit’s in that emptiness and obey to variety of low octave sound frequencies Instructive development, according to their instructed forms electrons give command to share or attract sometimes even show repulsive force to other atoms. Most of the time they share by strict regulations and principles in Covalent bonding, they have many variations regulations and interactions, there are Valence bond theory and other covalent bond varieties agnostic interactions. Three-center two-electron bonds and others. Though scientist call it as they call everything chemical bonding reaction. But someday they will recognize that all this bonding’s are done by sound tones as I mentioned before “Tone-Reaction” All this activities show that wisdom and knowledge and ac curacies are adapted by certain kind of programming that atoms apply in communicating in low octave sound frequency tones, many varieties of covalent bonding still exist like metallic, non-covalent, covalent, Hydrogen, and many others, all this participation activity bring us more close to realize that atoms are living things. Regarding Dark- Matter still experiments will be recorded by scientist.

Dark-Matter is alive has personality can change methods of principle theoretically it is not always cold can be excepting hot changes because is a living thing can adjust and transform into matter and invisible qualities to form variety of environments cooperating with Dark-Energy that also is existing energy, the entire Universe is their home their portions of individuality is patterned in every atom stand still like the Queens`s guard at Buckingham palace and move as soon the time change. All regulations in principle theories of physics can be modified or reformed accordingly contingent Matter and Energy directives.

Dark matter is hiding inside every atom as core and are called proton still scientist are working on Alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS) to find Dark-Matter in the universe watching cosmic-ray particles that come and collide with Dark-Matter bubble clusters, scientist call DM WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, one thing for sure Dark-Matter cannot be seen by telescopes because are invisible and light cannot penetrate through it except Dark-Energy, in my other chapter article about (Our Sun) I been explaining how react Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy to form hydrogen atoms and function as a star.

                                FROM WHERE ANIMALS RECEIVE BEHAVIOR?

All living things are made of Atoms that contain two kind of intelligent behavioral living energy, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, in other notes I mentioned atoms are living things, they are 99.9999% empty inside the living force inside them is invisible, everything inside atoms still is under investigation and with the total intelligence studies of human achievements still that tiny world is unreachable to us to comprehend fully. One thing is sure we see behavioral activity between animal’s migration social network how active they are in touch and learn from each other sometimes new behaviors, this ultimate qualification are given to animals, flocks of birds, fish and many other living things, by other intelligent edicts guiding them for common practices.

In my perspective atoms are also other form of living things that live 12 billion years after they born inside the stars during time and circumstances change behavior or personality by fusion without borrowing other particles from outside electron walls, also they can attract to each other as called covalent bond, if one atom is bond to another atom attract to each other and stay together we call this wedding a molecule or compound, if two or more atoms form together as one group we call it chemical bond (I call it tone reaction) because by sound pulses they grab each other oppositely-charged ions. In case both atoms use or shared equally they form a covalent bond and also be considered non popular.

In other notes I mentioned that electron cables have many helixes that have qualifications in audio recording also emotions and history and personality, in my notes neuron I described how this stimuli transform this behavioral details from one neuron to the next one, this bring to my conclusion that electrons can see act behavior and direct same energy in a powerful way having positive influence on bigger volume compounds animals to behave just like atoms. Attract to each other or oppose or learn new thing in behavior, transfer knowledge between them, atoms always guiding each other and other living forms guiding them for common practices.

The principle order of electrons have values of information pattern they can register new information or release former information’s that are embedded in electric charge circuits that contain registered data to apply the endorsement comes from electron variation sound infrastructures frequencies, electrons contain other sorts of life forms from their basic starting electromagnetism Dark-Energy, some call this unfamiliar force on Earth that makes unidentified order they call it Mother Nature, in my imperfect human approach I link all this to the energy force that is design in all electrons that we are collection of this forces and retain protons in order for 12 billion years, that’s the lifespan of the Atoms. Some metals like mercury can show how sensitive they are when you touch the metal it moves and show activities, all metals can sense emotions and feeling but because they contain hard structure it don’t show, softest of atom like hydrogen and oxygen combined to water when it touched show waves and transfer information data from one side to another then in return direction the water mass informs what it sensed, considering several activities, we can realize that water have memory because the electrons of hydrogen and oxygen and all sort of atoms are circuits of structure of information banks.

Electron information data control the order of amino-acids DNA structural construction and all activities that surround in us and around us, many confuse with the word Mother Nature, electrons provide that missing unknown force though it is very small but it is everywhere and it is storage of big information center connected into Universal low octave sound harmony. So wherever the water molecules been they remember the environment and have memories of images in every drop. Even when same water vaporize into heavens to form clouds and when gets too cold and take the shape of snowflakes six folded symmetrical hexagon crystal lattice always same peculiar shape but deference in form of branches sprout basal facets, the memory in the water electrons make adjustments to form new detailed developments slightly different than rest of the snow flak the shape vary according what there is in their former environment. Probable before that water molecule was section in a strawberry plant or cactus tree or anywhere but the memory is registered pattern on the electron force field, electrons are living thing but much complicated and different the way we accept what life form means.

                                                          LINE SPECTRUM

Line spectrum also prove that atoms are living things. Hydrogen are in pure first stage of an atom of periodical element chart, clusters of Dark-matter invisible bubbles form protons inside atoms, they release sound frequency tone reaction of wavelengths that contain personality portrayal of its content. Any moment wavelength released contain also light source colors primarily emitting position stage of protons how much combinations in (Z) and (N) in different numbers, always new particles already are forming with electron bound distributed helix forming new particles inside atom. Their range or stage of activity also changes by spectrum emission lines spectra’s displaying their progressive spectra characteristics, combination of D.M and D.E structure mixture receipt stage bound declaring how many nucleus are present, spectrum of incandescent solids reflect in wavelengths but as soon additional temperatures added on atoms their reflection also more clearly presence of line spectrum are shown, regular performance of wavelength degenerate secret characteristic of formation of D.M and DE in extremely complex patterns, going over regulate wavelength submission decelerating electrons give and take into protons tenets as more collision process done by additional temperatures that release complete data inside formation of all excluded particles wave collision between D.M and DE release emission lines data of characteristic stages inside atoms, so released wavelengths by absorption line atomic spectra with division lights blue green blue green blue violet and so on to carry this lines of spectrum to far distances. Watching all-star light we can analyses what sort of metals they possess by light line spectrum that are released from stars.

Light wavelengths that contain sound frequencies declare in spectral emission lines to define their characteristics in a sort of primarily emitting radiation beam that travel continues range in space to participate communication to entire cosmos that is one super power of metrics hologram, entire communication invisible structure of the Universe is in control of Dark-Energy that I call this grand power Dynamic-Energy that controls the entire Universe. Activity of atoms declare their super power mechanism full of life force, life forms inside atoms existed much earlier than life energy in us, before atoms contain life there was life energy before any matter was existed. Very positive standpoint I declare that atoms are living things they communicate show their characteristics and form into new personalities as it was planned for them by Grand Energy that created the Universe. 

Koren Helmet. Or. God helmet.

Many tried test to find out how to control the human mind. Controversial invention regarding death and Gods deity spirituality activities inside the mind and how to control the human mind Dr. Michael persinges and Stanley Karen invented a helmet calling it Koren helmet, they asked many volunteers to test the helmet in laboratory environment connected into electrical circuits. The participants experiences hallucination near death experiences based on each individual personal faith or beliefs, some felt tunnel of light reaching into God like figure, 20 or so people have felt they reached into presence of Jesus others felt demonic presences, other personal biases and other beliefs felt the presence of their religious so called representative in heaven or thought that they reach to contact the life giver.

Adding together on this thought in 1966 CIA spent big money to control perception and the mind in a program called MKULTRA where two classified documents refer to chemical means of affecting a personal mind. Later on in 2007 when Dr. Persinger gave a talk at Lauentian University suggested that human mind is capable of interfacing with Earth`s magnetic field, this thought bring close into my theoretical perception where in many occasions my perspective is atoms are other form of living things, every cluster of atom groups effect their personality harmony form a individuality circle that can communicate with other group of atoms by pictures audio and delicate acoustic data with each other additionally atoms also can be connected with atmospheric and inner realm of our planet additionally with the entire Universe. Before our body formed with living cells already atoms that form the cells were living for billions of years ago where they came together to complete each cell, do we feel sorry when one dies? Already their atoms are continuing to live.


Earlier I described that two major components of atoms are. One, from Dark-Energy materialized electromagnetism electrons that are cables that contain unlimited helix spiral coils of energy that also contain life, some helix get separated from coil electrons and go in the space of atom to be joined mixed with the other component inside atoms that are. Second. Dark-Matter invisible cluster bubbles inside bubbles that can expand or condense into proton core that also are unlimited bubbles and they contain life energy. Both force field of D.E and D.M in large volume range or disjointed distinct least particle form all think and act in unity as one individual intelligent divinity. Inside atom according to combine each type of energy and volume they form small particle in atoms or neutron bosons or the rest of the group all in balancing harmony to cooperate to form new fusions, this two separated forces don’t need anything else from outside to conclude fusion except exceed temperature and pressure, they can balance the formality process inside the vacuumed atoms. Life that atoms and major components carry is not biological life that we have but different source of force field, after they materialize and our cells collects all component matter to form into human cell process molecules they all together be connected into biological life form, in same principle atoms inside stars and planet individually are other type of biological life forms together as planet and stars they also combined represent other form of living things that is too early for our advancement to compromise. Like DNA Universal electromagnetic forces and Matter D.E and D.M regulate all forms of atoms and stars, as life forms that are known on Earth inside biological cells Atoms contain D.E and D.M they form mechanism to develop molecules amino acids and all components a cell need to develop completing an animal or beings all biological life form that contain unlimited atoms, combining they form one living thing that can also contain patterns to copy themselves, so one living form or animal contain trillion of lively atoms of different life sort. Same in the universe, on other form of non-biological living thing as star or planet combine by trillion by trillion by trillion atoms collecting into one living planet or star. Everything we see and hear is developed by a force that sees and hears and has great intelligence containing the entire Universe of ours that belong to existing main grand intelligence in the entire Universe. Anyone who challenges saying “where is God, there is no God” person who existing cannot be standing and talking if there was no God!

Electron information data control the order of amino-acids DNA structural construction and all activities that surround in us and around us, many confuse with the word Mother Nature, electrons provide that missing unknown force though it is very small but it is everywhere and it is storage of big information center connected into Universal low octave sound harmony. So wherever the water molecules been they remember the environment and have memories of images in every drop. Even when same water vaporize into heavens to form clouds and when gets too cold and take the shape of snowflakes six folded symmetrical hexagon crystal lattice always same peculiar shape but deference in form of branches sprout basal facets, the memory in the water electrons make adjustments to form new detailed developments slightly different than rest of the snow flakes the shape vary according what there is in their former environment. Probable before that water molecule was section in a strawberry plant or cactus tree or anywhere but the memory is registered pattern on the electron force field, electrons are living thing but much complicated and different the way we accept what life form mean.

Schumann Resonance

Stars and planets are other form of living things same with atoms and they interconnect by electromagnetic communication with each other by sound frequencies, also each planet has own particular frequency range, for example planet Earth releases to its ionosphere 7.83 Hz for many centuries but all of a sudden this cycle might change into higher levels as soon Earth`s magnetic field start to shifting, human DNA received memory that is center of all inhabitants activities and all other living things are adjusted to this frequency in global consciousness because human brain is connected into commonly brain frequency waves of 7.38 Hz same with inhabitants’ of animals worldwide, this low frequencies similar to heart beat rhythms Alpha range of the planet 7.8 Hz is called Schumann Resonance, these delicate can be change any moment into more faster alert beta frequencies, from 7.83 might start to appear up to 50 Hz or higher alert beta this is unknown range of Hz that is unpredictable and no one knows the conclusion.

All atoms can communicate release frequency sound codes and getting supplementary codes from other atoms they decode the information, only intelligent living forms can do that if if atoms are other form of living things that can live 12 billion years have personality distinctive changes every time they go through fusion by adapting new characteristics, collectively stars planets and moons are collectively great numbers of atoms that combine their communication, men plants insects all have characteristics because of their combination DNA regulative connections in their formalities, they all behave different, during fishing I spent some time with my crickets, some are very bold to try to get out of their bottle earlier than other crickets each have their own constant behavioral syndromes of personality, they displayed either bold or shy tendencies some really connect into their shelter space other try new territories, same with more precocious fish than others, all variety of fish have certain firm behavior and each individual fish have own personality, similar categorical other living things or insect have same tendencies including cockroaches ants and other, some birds are more bold to come near human to get feed others stay long distance if you want to know what I meant try to feed some pigeons inside a parking lot where a hamburger store is nearby. These tendencies make their group to have more survival positions in life. The complex connection forms that DNA complex completions are operated with harmony sound individuality, which affects their behavioral standards. Atoms have life force also atoms contain behavioral personality displays, their constant personalities react when forming ionizing semi-precious or precious stone inside mantle depending temperature range and variety of other atoms or chemicals nearby their effect produce certain formality of stones. 

                               EARTH IS A LIVING THING   MATU FORCE

There are many unknown energy forces that should be discovered, already we heard about consequent zero point energy absolute energy vacuum energy electromagnetism energy Dark Matter energy field quantum field fermionic field gauge filed Higgs field and many similar other theories and energy fields. I like to consider also Matu force field, all biological livings have some sort of energy field that have stimuli circling energy size of small about car size sphere roll leave back of the person go up pass over the head go down to emerge the body under the heart section and continue circling same flow repeating the movement till someday the person dies, in my “DNA” post I mentioned that every living creature including insects and animals and human beings have their own Expansion enlarged  Dark-Matter bubbles that entrenches the living being, collectively entire atoms of a person are connected with personality harmony sound tone frequency wavelength that are contained in their own private Dark Matter bubble, (Matu) force is free of electrons leaves out from the bubble and be connected or touched the Universal language of atoms and Universe go back into the body encircling inside the person inner realm. I have a post considering “Atoms are other form of living things” is very clear that not only atoms communicate and change their characteristic being orderly like army soldiers on line they can live 12 billion years and apply all principles that is expected from their characteristics. Same manner all-stars planets and galaxies have own life form personalities birds group of bird big swarms cloud wavelength of birds act as one person. Atoms molecules cells all are collective of two energies D.E D.M portions to form all elements all particles and complete human beings, they all contain life force that is originated by DE and D.M. Human beings have(Matu) flow also our planet has its own (Matu) ripples flow magnetic field lines not exactly the same but similar to aurora inclinations, some scientist have been noticing calling it field of plasm structure that made of layers of positive ions (D.M is positive DE is negative) this flow come out from our planet like human(Matue) and go back into Earth in range of ionosphere top of Earth’s atmosphere, this maneuvering also back up my theories that Our planet Earth also is another other form of living thing as atom contain two major force fields D.E and D.M all stars and Earth is collection of this atoms plus center of all mass of matter is made of pure D.M and surrounded by D.E energy fields, in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I described that all life energy started from this energy flow.

Humans always will be inside their fictional limitation bubble and don’t look to adjacent subtle reality, they can`t come out of it. Let’s consider an individual cell that can`t talk to us but collective billion and trillion cells when complete a body can stand up and act as a actuality and all other beings except this body as lives, same principle lies with protons and Atoms, each proton is other form of life that we don’t understand, collective trillion times trillions times trillions continue trillion times collection of protons as combination of Dark-Matter come to comprehensive body of bubble D.M, it can think act and decide to react in the center of our Earth as core of the Earth. Same exploit we see in swarm of birds, Fish, and fungus in the wild, jointly they represent something lively achievement.

                           Rock Forms

Rocks form in the Earth`s crust when certain elements combine with heat and pressure, inside the Earth are three main layers. The outer crust like the chicken egg, it has thickness average 18 miles, under the oceans is about 3 miles, this is the zone where earthquakes develop, under it semi fluid upper mantle and lower mantle, about 2900 miles deep, it does not fractures but flows it is flexible. Under the lower mantle you find the outer and inner core about 3500 miles wide ball, skin covered by iron nickel and silicon, it has a heart beat very slow because Dark-Energy is revolving around the core, and generates Earth`s magnetic field, it`s made of Dark-Matter inner core. It is invisible condense matter, impenetrable by light or heat, nothing can pierce beside Dark-Energy, infiltrates very limited way. The stones are developed in the hot magma. Dark-Energy electrons circle around the core. The atoms also have adjoining electrons they control by principle instruction, on variety of materials to bring the molten to a standard combination of structure in atomic and chemical arrangement, to combine into variety of gems and rocks and sand. Solid rocks rise to the surface, erupting volcanoes fasten the process. Magma mainly made by a substance called peridotite, they are combination of olivine and pyroxene. Because the molten magma move slowly rises to the surface and form large masses they are called plutons. Later the movement brings the soft smelted portions to a state that molten rock narrows down to smaller intrusions or dikes, gradually start to cool down and the melted rocks be a solid state, during planetary movements or earthquakes they come to surface to be exposed, start erosion by cold and water and head variations, plus wind. If there are cracks on the rock and water fills in that openings and freezes at night the expansion of ice in the crack can expend and breaker the rock gradually, plus river activities, some rocks sit in sedimentary rack like clay or shale and also can be found in sediments deposited on the continental shelf, some of this rocks can go back under into molten magma by pressure of another plate pushing down into another plate. Sand grains are made of tiny particles of silicon dioxide. The real name is quartz, when stained by golden soluble iron give reflection of golden color, if other various related elements mix, sand can take appearance of varying scopes of color, like in Hawaii you can find volcanic dark color sand.

Flint is also mineral, found in nodular form; it is impure form of cryptocrystalline chalcedony. Ancient time man used to make arrowheads. In Australia Opals are collected, Opals have three dimensional lattice, it don’t have regular pattern of crystals always need a little water to not crack, because heat can make it too dry, Hydrophane opals show color only when they touch water or oil.

Moonstones, is a monoclining crystal system, close to cat`s eye quality, there are layers in the stone it show that electron frequencies had spiral spin effect on the stone when it was forming in the heat of the mantel with great pressure

Because crystal forming is the same principle of rock forming difference is the surrounding materials or the elements, rock crystal fall in this group also Quarts is made of silicon dioxide collective vast quantity mineral on the Earth, on the sandy beaches, in many colors, yellow white, pink, black, colorless and purple.

When silicon and oxygen mix, it forms into silicon dioxide. Mainstream mineral compounds    enclose these elements in wavering amounts.

                                                     Moeraki Boulders

Many form of animals fish and insect and variety of algae were instinct till our times. Lately you can find some sort of round hallow rocks in south island of New Zealand that are surf in clusters, they are spherical boulders some call it round nodules, lately there have been discovered in England shores some rolling green balls in big numbers as clusters that are called cladophora, also in Japan that are called Marumo, this green algae might come by big group of clusters to the shore if weather change into warmer temperatures, they are filamentous green algae they have no roots so do not attach into sea floor or any rocks, keep rolling underneath water like balls that keep them round, it is possible to find this Aegagropilious living rare species as green algae balls on many seashores on Earth, in my perspective change of Natural circumstance it might be also possible when hoarded in ground for long time it can transformed into petrification procedure like wooden material. During ages larger form of Aeragropilous were living on southern New Zealand territories, some disorder change bring them to instinct and surrounded by mud they might be petrified, having less mass material in the center in time they formed into hallow Moeraki Boulders, there are many other names of round ball shapes that were found some call them cannonballs Blueberries Sand stone cores Apache tears and Thunder eggs.Moreover when atoms collectively form living molecules and cells or they individually stay unaccompanied inside their realm contains life energy and intelligent by combination of D.E and D.M, when atoms form combination clusters of amino acids to participate a biological formation, life force that exist inside atoms help by water molecule directives to combine in activities forming DNA and manufacturing biological living forms according to their principal graph also in plants and trees.

Atoms have different level activity process in life. Original form is invisible D.E and D.M well ahead materialized combination transport them to hydrogen element with life capacities by combination two formulate D.E and D.M this first position make hydrogen atom more capable and direct to pass life dimensions through water molecules into their surrounding by forming amino acids to covey DNA flow gravitational wavelengths with originality data of seed or basic form of the cell that they working on, second and incessant level of atoms transportation is going into fusion in greater temperature and pressure like the environment inside a star to format Helium and so on no matter what tense explosions they go through sill balance their lively existence to keep personality of type of they possess grouping Periodic table elements going into many levels, atoms apply theories with their dynamic layouts using same laws according environments to oxidation release isotopes divide electrons and protons to form new particles, how to react according other chemical elements always use sound communication, they are the only important resources for living cells to operate knowing about it or by ignoring we need their properties to continue trend visualization, after 12 billions of years inevitably or if they reach in early age separation of D.E and D.M by going through Black hole. Both state of atoms solid state or combination collective construct inside vegetal cells or biological livings or compact stone metal form, atoms keep their own particular life form existences.

                                                               Moqui Marbles

Let’s consider another rock from Utah it’s called Moqui marble, you can find them in certain are litter ground round iron coated concentrations in the form of spheres, chocolate colored, some call them “Martian Blueberries” As I described atoms by sound frequencies check their surrounding nearby other elements when iron deposits nearby iron atoms like to be concentrated or cloaked other elements, water molecules also play their part to direct neighboring atom traffic plus using tiny microbial life forms mixing into carbon dioxide that can add boosts into formations of carbonated spheres, microbes that participate are in tube shapes like the ones we experiences with Martian meteorites. Formations of stones rocks are guided by life energy that atoms contain, atoms are other form of living things either are solitary or they are mixed to be part of other organism or they are in mass of petrified lump they continuously 12 billion years linger to live, during activities forming Moqui Marbles collecting deposits of atoms to form cloaked in iron by means of their neighborhood covalent atom force to complete siderite crystals, they always are in process of activities but too tiny to grasp, similar iron oxides can be seen in Navajo Sand stones in Arizona.

Millions of years ago Planet Earth had different environments and different group of living things in many Ocean bed locations but most of them between South America and Africa, deep seafloor of Pacific Ocean sea, many topography show nearby plate along tectonics are vast numbers of round iron metal lumps of manganese nodules sizes starting from softballs up to sizes of bowling balls that are crystallized by layer of layers of manganese iron littered in vast bed of metal balls also you can find many metal lumps in pancake shapes, million years ago no one knows that sort of deep sea creatures some round fungus shapes that were capturing magnesium and iron to form of round manganese nodules, one thing for certain this round forms also contain many living things they are embedded microbes, still there is no connection between geologist and biologist how this microbes did their home inside the nodules, stiffness of rocks are one level higher from atomic rock formation into biological formations that later on are crystallized.

                             Wearing GEMS

From old history some people believed that there is strange sense of power seemed gems possess, or supernatural powers gems can endow, some gems can bring protection or luck, others misfortunes, probably illness or dangers. People who traveled in those days do a good study what talismans to carry with them for protection, some even carried on their body to have protection all the time, The Russian family of czar were carrying big amounts of diamond and jewelry when they were executed, some bullets did not penetrated their body because bullet rounds hit into the gems.

Determination if the stone is genuine. They give (RI) test, all shiny stones have invisible rays wavelength of ultraviolet light, so the gems have the quality to absorb receiving short rays, later emits the rays in longer visible wavelengths and sparkles, especially rubies and emeralds glow like burning red coal, but the diamonds give like cosmetic color, this light sense is called fluorescence, if the stone have inclusions it effects of the flow of the light, sometimes they have cavities gas bubble, artificial stones lack of this signs

When you wearing a diamond ring, there are many openings in the prongs joining pieces of the design, food particles can hide inside and when you are doing same process in different food, lot of bacteria going to join into the feast. People don’t have the habit to take rings off, when washing the hand or mixing the salad because are afraid to losing the ring, but if you make a root in choosing a designated small bag or plastic, regularly put in that location before washing or mixing food. Excessive cologne or chemicals can damage opals turquoise and pearls. Pearls if are very dry can crack need limited humidity to be preserved. Colder living areas where you have to wear a glows, consider if the ring can go in with the finger in the gloves before wearing it. Do not keep thermometers with your jewelry, because by accident when thermometer breaks and mercury pours out touching the gold pieces, penetrate in the metal, no matter how much the polisher work on the gold, effected area don’t shine again. Once every three months, boil some water and a little detergent with your jewelry for seven minutes (I don’t recommend for emeralds opals pearls turquoise) most crystal look stones are fine to boil ask your jeweler (in case by accident you forget the jewelry in boiling pot and the water dried and the pieces are very hot do not add water on it hold the fire away from the fire leave it to cool by itself 20 minutes then add water do in the right way. Then rinse in cold water, always keep a strainer beneath the jewelry, if a loose stone fell down it will be in the strainer. After rinsing and drying with some napkin, take a sharp needle and touch the stones on the jewelry, from the side of the stone and wiggle, if stones are loose it shows take to a Jeweler for repair do not wear that piece before restoration.

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