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Scientifically I will make you feel so close to God if you give me a chance.

My label for this blogs is reconciling God and science; probably I will the first who will introduce to you showing how close or how far God is from you in a scientific approach. First, scientifically the method is. Atoms are studying themselves. In my logical conclusion atom contains two living forces supernatural energy of Dynamic Energy and Matter (Dark Energy and Matter) each atoms live over 12 billion years, depending what level are in periodical level by fusion they change their characteristics that is atoms have own personal temperaments, atoms communicate releasing sound tones that collectively clusters of atoms release, altogether complex sound melody, atoms collect together to form amino acids and participate in DNA completions and participate to complete biological cell forms, atoms transform their characterizing into other form of animals insect fish birds viruses and bacteria, from looking above on this matter atoms participate in completions of biological life forms adding characteristic to them atoms study liivng life forms, also atoms study themselves how will they react in large volumes, cluster of atoms collect data of the outcome of their work, the basic center of information collection still will be Dynamic Energy and Matter that form atoms.
In God way of approach Almighty is the Grand creator of the entire Universe and all individual atoms, his force field surrounds on each individual atom as electron that are invisible living force field, second force field is gods engineer construct of matter that is Jesus Christ, how far are they from us? As apostle Paul describes in Acts 17: 24-27 He (God) is not far off from each one of us. In scientifically method every cell of our body is concluded by trillion of atoms, each atom contains existence force from Almighty and his engineer Jesus Christ, nonstop atoms work as portions from force of Almighty and Jesus Christ John 5:17 mentions My father is always working and so am I.

God’s Universal organization

The entire Universe contains Zero net total energy. Before beginning of the Universe or familiar matter us planets stars and galaxies, in advance everlastingly extraordinary supernatural pure energy previously existed that we call it God. Nobody can create any God because everlastingly by exists to everlasting. When the time came before the beginning started first Dark-Matter was produced by Dark-Energy and they become two most powerful supernatural energy forces that existed until now to form all Galaxies and rest of everything inside the Universe, the entire Cosmos. Original Dark energy always existed as pure zero total gravitational energy that had no mass as zero net total energy, and created entire Universe out of nothing. Any moment this particular energy that we call him Almighty, can produce tremendous force that combine into matter. Additional notes you may find in my blogs pot as "Cornerstone"

Almighty has distributed his grand power to entire universe creating atoms that stands as his organization in the entire universe each atom contains power wisdom love righteousness and life, atoms have intelligence to communicate and live 12 billion years until they return into their original forms of two invisible forces of Dark Energy and matter. Somehow many years ago Almighty showed prophet Ezekiel mentioned at Ezekiel 1:16 displaying through inaugural atom way of observation into other atom through Ezekiel’s mind synapses stimuli helixes that can travel out of the skull, this observation is not a riddle but reality, Ezekiel watched in this complex sparkling scrutinized view of individual atom that has wheel within wheels (Atomic electrons that spin fast around protons like wheels) each wheel contained circled with multiple numbers of eyes, that explain that electrons can see their surrounding also inside atoms, spinning electrons can send information to other atoms where other electrons of atoms can receive their information to send into other atoms. Hydrogen atoms can be moved anywhere Almighty wants them to move lift up or down. Our body and any other object mass is collection of atoms that is collection of Gods energy making everything else to exist.

So how close you are for God? Gods force is inside each atom you have. Gods force is making you somebody otherwise we are nobody, Almighty gave us life and breath plus everything that sustained of life, if you fell that closeness to Almighty you will not be disappointed, not only god is close to us but he is us except our free consciences and personality that we should work to bring in harmony with Gods thoughts and Gods personality, God is love, what are we?

You are temple of God

As I described in my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” God is amalgamation of two supernatural form of force fields Dynamic Energy and Matter D.E D.M, each portion of atom contain portion from this two invisible force fields, 100% of your body is made of atoms, each individuals contain trillion billion of atoms to complete form their biological cells and organs that work altogether under supervision of DNA that also are guided by supernatural wisdom, only our brain have own way of thinking with individuality personality of our own, by freedom of sensing or ignoring our consciousness, so your body is great collection of Gods force field, as a result of all atoms combine to form a person, that’s why the bible mentions about us in 1 Corinthians 3:16 “Do you not know that you yourselves are God`s temple and that the spirit of God dwells in you” regarding those who kill other people for sake of religion or world domination this is the standpoint of God regarding such behavior at 1 Corinthians 3:17 “If anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him; for the temple of God is holy, and you are that temple” the difference is that in this temple you have freedom of choice either rebelling of respecting God`s order, but the complete construction you temporary are using that makes you stand up as a human being, is Gods force of collective atoms as Gods temple. We have to realize main point of our existence that is described in 1 Corinthians 6:19 “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? Also you do not belong to yourselves” As I understand every atom temporary you borrow to complete don’t belong to you, and most important Holy Spirit stands for Gods active force that makes active each atom to operate to complete your body. So when the bible mentions God created men in his image is that your entire body each atoms contain Gods supernatural force fields.

Atoms contain holly force.

Each atom can live 12 billion years and they contain portions from Universal supernatural forces, first. Electrons come from Dynamic-Energy known as Dark-Energy and second protons come from Dynamic-Matter known as Dark-Matter. These two supernatural energies using their own volition power unity are the bases of Universal life form force that guides the entire universe, we as humans contain Quadrillion of atoms in our body that also are holy force that physically spontaneously shapes reality. Everything we do with emotion happens by surrounding data from nearby atoms or something we heard or felt other expressions from others our Quadrillion atoms echo that emotions and we feel, instinctively applying in our moods after DNA reach emotional patterns from our surroundings, try to avoid hearing bad news and information that stress you with sadness, Entire Quadrillions of atoms have characteristics and you should be the conductor to harmonies intake news and information that either sadden or make you happy. Enjoy the holly supernatural force in you even when you don`t feel direct connections with the Universal holly supernatural force field, still you have impulsively control by Quadrillion atoms in you.


Why it is almost impossible to reconcile Science with God or religion or faith. Environment of religion have routine expressions any field of education or outlook doesn’t matter all followers should accept their religious leadership; certain routine expressions should be heard any foreign statistics as scientific expressions or overly depending on scientific theories will start explosion. The other group of some educated society when talking about Scientific issue suddenly expression of creator or God shows up even words as religion faith or church and temple or a religious place, all of a sudden everything looks ugly like thoughtless and make the listener outrage, according my observance both educated men religious and scientific intellectuals somewhat alarm them. I recognized that in most educated scientific communities any approach of morality downgrade or any wrong entertainment or addiction is not that ugly than talking about God or religion, some even jump on you to humiliate and rebuke and offend you because you are not sitting in the same chair with them, hopping that will be protection from old fashion senseless philosophies considering incomprehensible, other science mentality persons hearing there friends humiliating by uncivilized approach of their expressions they stay quiet and consider these type of manner part of scientific culture, satisfied by the flow. Probable because religious environment were so harsh to scientist back in history who knows? And the religious society act almost same outlook toward science as perplexing. The unhealthy outcome by those both opposite communities backlash each other and totally terminating their reason all subjects are in this opposition standard, all the logical standpoints with reasoning’s are put aside and defensive and offensive action suddenly is underway.

God is an invisible Universal force field or entity, we can`t see God but we can see his majestic work of creations inside the Universe and on planet Earth. Depending how people enter prate or react in variety of devotions to behave or react as human beings each group of religions call him in different names and some except him with same name but depending their interpretations about God with same name give disrespect to other religious groups, for example Christians excepting Jesus as God oppose other Christians, it is the same with other religious groups by not excepting other groups with the same principle holy books. Almighty has the possibility to introduce him and remind people how to behave toward other men but people ignored the counsel?

Almighty assigned many prophets including Ezekiel to express Gods standpoint in this matter. Meaning the name Ezekiel “God strengths” in the first chapter he express four creatures in symbolic vision that has 4 faces Eagle`s Lion`s Bull`s and Man`s face, showing the strength and force capacity including man`s wisdom and intelligence. Then Ezekiel expresses the look of an atom how like wheels electrons spin over protons. Reasoning studying reading the scroll book of Ezekiel, we will have great sense of knowledge that is tasty like honey. Chapter 2:8 expresses by not reading or talking about Gods law people will remain rebellious, at that time all this counsel was given to house of ancient Israel but when Israelite's rejected God repeatedly ignore Gods counsel refuse to listen, so Almighty collected his people from all other Nation under the supervision of Christ Jesus.
Verses 3:15 God called Ezekiel from Tel-abib to assign him as a watchman 3:17 to warn the wicked to repent, Ezekiel in chapter 4 expresses things that will happen to Israel on the city of Jerusalem, in 5:7 the reason God wanted to punish Israel was “... because you (Israelite) were more troublesome than the Nations all around you, you did not walk in my statues or carry out my judicial decisions but, instead, you followed the judicial decisions of the Nations all around you” 5:8 “.. Here I am against you...” because of your detestable practices” at 5:17 Almighty send famine pestilence and sward against Israelite, continues the calamities in chapter 6 to 8 God will provide protection to small remnant.

What sort of detestable things Israel was doing at that time?

Ezekiel chapter 8:9- 70 elders were secretly worshiping pagan images and idols with perfumed cloud of incense ascending” saying Almighty can’t see us, House of Israel was worshiping god of Tam`muz, Sun worshiping, the images that representing different gods such as god of war, greed, gluttony, wealth, prejudice, reproduction, fornication. Those times Almighty arranged a group of people that will supervise protecting class of people that hate badness under the supervision of Watchman class. During this time there was also minority of people who were not happy with life standard of Israeli Elders. Ezekiel 9:4 “Go through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who are sighing and groaning over all detestable things that are being done in the city” 

Probably you find out what personality or way of thinking God has, later on I will review the main points.

Almighty made an arrangement at old times to protect those people who were sighing and groaning over the detestable things and made arrangement to mark on their foreheads on people who were suffering yet they were respecting God and his commandments. In modern times Almighty did not change his personality still stand behind every command that he declared through the prophets.
What is the purpose of having male and female forms? To intercourse in proper way to have offspring to supply their special needs to their Child to be trained and be diligent mature person to that can provide his family and teach gods principles to their generations. Everything existed on this planet including man has purpose.

In modern times entertainment fields teach immoral life forms greed, violence, hate, nationality, using also so called religions that pretending they know Almighty’s way of thinking going to massacre other nations thinking that they doing a big favor to God, most people are doing all other obsessions under the name of Art and entertainment that are detestable to God. Nationality organizations are teaching their population to kill produce big amount of war equipment after making political conflict ions between other to sell weapons and make possibilities to big wars so people can kill each other make many to suffer, at that time weapon dealer nations look into their prophets to rejoice.

Though the sign on their foreheads has same effect as old cultural slave marks where people were sold and bought and the owner put belonging ownership marks on slave’s foreheads. At that former time of Ezekiel they did not notice any sufferer signs on foreheads neither you can see any person in our times that have a suffering affliction sign on their foreheads because it was a symbolic sign that stand expressing the mentality of the individual who fully accepts himself or herself a belonging to God.

The Watchman class has understanding about Gods purpose, invisible marks that suffering people will have will be their standpoint regarding Gods principles in their life and feel not only their anguish but also suffering of other people worldwide that never met but hear the calamity that are going through, this is the way of thinking Almighty has. The other god that oppose the true God temporary is the ruler of this world, as soon the judgment time comes all things will be return into main objective that Almighty planed for mankind a peaceful paradise without suffering and death.

In my perspective as I explained in other posts each atoms are made by combination of two forces Dark-Energy that is energy of Grand creator also by Dark-Matter that is portion from great engineer of Gods creations, this two forces complete each atom that are included in every cell that humans are formed, in my post (atoms are other form of living thing) also in my post (reconciling God and science) is explained we contain force portions from Grand creator that generates life and all the good benefits we own as human beings. Entire Universe is directed by Grand creator, we can see his intelligent existence by his supernatural complex Universe that existed from unknown back history that is not explainable to our limited minds to understand.

 For many years we expected that out of nothing can`t produce something, the during time science explained that strange virtual particles that are not seen by us can combine into new existence of matter, sometimes squeezing of certain particles can produce a mass, still our sophisticated tools cant penetrate to explain nothingness, as we go deeper into squint of nothingness, that doesn’t meant everything to grasp inside nothingness with our modern tools, also it don’t conclude that there are, unexplained fluctuation can be existence in nothingness as pure energy without any virtual particles, some might consider as paradoxical absurdities or philosophical theories, no matter how deep we go one thing for sure by logical conclusion from nothing came out something that existed, there was nothing now we have something, material existence of the Universe with great volume of supernatural forces of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter that contains knowledge wisdom power love and life force. Many call this Energy “GOD ALMIGHTY”

Suppose someday scientist says everything you know about Black Hole is wrong, how will they react? Or someone someday if proves and say here it is there are Aliens in heaven, or there are living things? How the religious will react? Until now all we see they both are in defending themselves and offending the other party and closing their entire mind to listen what the other one have to say. So both prejudging the other group and both come and say WE ARE NOT PREJUDICE, if actually that`s the case let`s open our minds just for a moment to analyze each other’s viewpoint, then we can choose our standards and decisions as we desire. If science is God we have to respect the knowledge that possesses, If There is a creator he must direct and progress science and scientific principles to shape everything, our stand will be healthy by always heeding what is available?

The word Dark-Energy or Dark-Matter do not fit suitable for greatest powers and energies in the Universe, expression Dynamic is more proper instead of the word Dark. Scientist use this term, because they don’t comprehend it, and gave a name without understanding what it is, how proper that can be naming approximately without knowing entirely. Before the beginning there was always something that was not created and always existed, because some fanatic believe about God it does not mean that everyone who use the name god or believes in God is less comprehensive person.

Many people have their own personal God`s.  I estimated the variety of God`s people consider the number exceeds millions, all believe that God is supernatural, human awareness regarding understanding God, considering to manage with wisdom that is bigger than human comprehension, the Word or name God are so many, but only one can be True God. Power of God is so great that if we like to bring to mind God to Might or greatness, Entire Universe can`t represent Gods Glory Mightiness Grand position that stand over all science all theories and time. God is very superior than human imagination limited human mind can`t complete how life existed how universe and time existed, why we are created, what happens to us after death. 

  God communicated to people through atoms

My main topic with this blogs is to reconcile (not religion) God and science, harmony with this taught that atoms can release wisdom, understanding, knowledge and many other values, earlier I mentioned atoms are other form of life and atom clusters together might influence human characteristic from the soil ground they step on or the food they consume depends where that vegetation have been grown, nutrition contains variety of atoms and soil effect that effect on human behavior. Sometimes directly supernatural force the we call God might effect on human wisdom and understanding, it makes me remember the circumstances where ancient Israelite individuals suddenly receiving certain privileges to be skilled in very high quality workmanship, capabilities right in a solitary moment to be high quality skilled professional craftsmen.

Moses was very educated in Egypt but people following him were uneducated with background from slavery and shepherding in Egypt, God asked Moses to build tremendous Tabernacle that were totally unfamiliar that need also jewelry skills, making a tent of covenant with many art works including breast piece of judgment with 12 variety of semi precious and precious stones that had to be engraved names on each stone then set on gold plate. In the book of bible Exodus 31: 2-6 “See I have chosen Bezalel the son of Uri the son of Hur of the tribe of Judah, I will sill him with the spirit of God giving him wisdom and knowledge of every kind of craftsmanship for working with gold silver and copper, for cutting and setting stones....” I worked 55 years in setting stones, first on copper then silver, gold, plutonium and other metals, by experience I know how much practice for skill is requires to do a perfect masterpiece. In conclusion I except by logical sense that as atoms are active in human cells to direct all activities by releasing wisdom knowledge to make cells to perform releasing wave ling frequency sound tone reaction in complex codes that also can make entire body to perform in certain order to perform a task, Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter inside atoms are invisible supernatural life energy forces that are a very unnoticeable tiny portion from Entire Universe that formed the cosmos. Any moment supernatural power that created us can get contact to us inside our biological cells neurons entire our mind to think and God gave us a free will to see how we are going to feel to consider good and bad reactions in our community, how we are going to solve the matter? ; by love or hate? One thing for sure no matter what sort of society you meet, solitary tribes in the Amazon jungles or somewhere else, they all need to have some sort of religion or faith on supernatural god, by deity worship they feel some sort of satisfaction about their spiritual needs. There are several thousand of religions, all can’t be true and some have faith on science that always renews itself showing old theories might be wrong, some tell they believe atheism.

In human history many tribes tried to grasp fame and power for themselves and their Nations using many tools to accomplish that, best tool that gave great consequence and has been used till now is the name God, of course God has nothing to do with their selfish gain but those entities used religions positioning name God in the center of their discussion so whatever has been said have been promise by God, anytime their representative say something guarantees to followers God spoke with me this is what you should do to go to heaven. Not any single faithful customer who died can come back to complain “Hey I did not go to Heaven, you were lying to me!” so business goes smoothly. Every attribute and suggestion representative teaches saying go kill, do not have any mercy, conquer other lands, those who don’t have our religions have no right to live. This teaching do not match with a loving God who gave everything to humans, free water free products free lights, loving God created everything with love all nations and tribes are his beautiful loving children. People who are very busy with their entertainment and fun have no time to analyze with all this teachings, as soon they come close to end their life start having limited interest to know where they are heading spending some wealth to religious staff to guaranty insurance to go into a nice location after life probably into heaven where everything they like will be there.

By looking into heaven we see uncountable galaxies stars and planets, like all matter in the Universe matter is made of uncountable atoms same as Earth, in my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I explained that Gods supernatural power exist in every atom as a life force, he created men in his own image, the way Universe is scattered by billions of Galaxies and trillions by trillions of stars and planets, similar small form of that Universe can be seen in our insignificant brain. Gods brain fills the entire Cosmos, every portion of mass or material of stars and Galaxies contains portions of that grand power as entire Universe, in other posts “Language of the Universe” and “Universal sound” “Atoms are other form of living things” and other post I described that all elements communicate with each other collectively they represent part of the great energy force that we call God. 

Many religious followers describe and except that God Almighty created their great grandparents on Earth long time ago, after accepting that the refuse to acknowledge that God created men as human being not with Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or any other faith, Almighty did not create you as a Muslim or Christian. Almighty created you as a righteous human being with fear of God and having respect to other human being and life with clean conscience to not kill others especially Gods other creations or other men that are considered also Gods children, best approach is before representing any religion let`s try to be real human beings with healthy consciousness. God did not teach to kill other men but so called religious representative pressured out their followers to kill other men. God Created you as pure human being with love and dignity respecting your fellow men no matter what language they speak or what color or shape them have.
The only being existed eternally was Almighty God, invisible Dynamic Dark-Energy, covering 73% of the Universe. God always existed alone. Eventually time came to create invisible Dynamic-Dark-Matter. God took part portion of himself D.E. Combined into portion of D.M creating a Dynamic Dark-Matter call him Jesus who had a beginning, that’s why he cannot be called Almighty God gave Jesus some of his invisible Dynamic-Dark-Energy. Other Elements also were prepared under the ingenuity of Jesus as engineer, God is a life form everything in Universe existed contain some form of life if contains Dark-Energy, Supply the Energy and qualification of life, sense of feeling, emotions, to be born and die and born again. Many form of life; it doesn’t mean aliens Plasma in Universe contain life some sort. Atoms have Electrons The one created everything. God has shared the power of life with his creations give advances and he directs The Universe as the greatest director maestro. Give proposals by pulses and musical notes, the music tones are also patterned in all elements in the Universe, when atoms sense a sound, the printed principles act accordingly to act tone reaction. God said to Jesus “let us make man in our image” Referring to human brain it resembles to the Universe, legs arms bones all are used to carry and serve the brain to move around, they all accomplishing the brain necessities, stars atoms connect by frequencies and tones, neurons in our brain communicate by electronic pulses, God is invisible force unseen in the whole Universe, in his image we are the person in our brain, even though all humans are living in the same world, but individually we are excluded in our private worlds in our brains. Humans received many gifts from God plus creativity of art and discovery capabilities gave to humans, most affluent gift man have from his Creator is godly qualities. Love, Righteousness, Wisdom and Power. As a logician, will try to give you different prospective I like to share my opinions with you. Person to person

 Some Christian religions consider God in three individuality forms as trinity that was never mentioned in the bible except it was added on sentence about trinity many centuries later after the bible was written by the apostles, in some instances was mentioned about God about his qualities, humans have some personality qualifications that has small portion of this precious gifts. Sometimes we can witness great values also in animals such as dog that has great affection being a true friend, that’s why dogs are called men’s best friend, so all these good qualities we or animals have received are just small portions gifts given from God. As it was mentioned in the book of Revelation 4:5 about seven spirits of God, also it is mentioned about four living creatures that represented as power of Almighties capacity in sensing Love, Wisdom, Righteousness and Power, inside humans similar qualities are portion of their consciousness but with almighty this qualities are living creatures that sense extreme paraphernalia regarding each qualification in Wisdom Righteousness Power and Love. Almighty God is the source of life that gives to all his creation starting atoms cells until funguses that have more close association with biological animal cells than plant cells, there is life in plants fish animals birds and humans including many other living forms that are invisible like angels, God have all this variety of consciousness sensing in his realm but still he is one single individual with all form of personality resourcefulness informational capacity. Everything living animals or humans sense in their entire lifetime is recorded in water molecules there are cells of Almighty collection working like neuron cells in human body but this atom cells are part of entire cosmos intelligent brain that function as on individual brain. Four living creatures also are mentioned in Hebrew testaments, also you will find similar expressions written by prophet Ezekiel starting first chapter and 5:14 sounds these angels were releasing by sound of rushing waters that I am introducing water molecule capacities in my other subject “Water” in this blogs. Sound communication is one of the means of communication between atoms and Almighty.

Yet God has a goal purpose to human life forms communication. God was watching sense men were created every step they take and acted to reward them, far from the cosmos he watched into far away local groups clusters of galaxies then into milky Galaxy then into our in between 100 billion stars and planets he watched the Earth through the clouds and all this small things and sow Abraham how he was treating his human friends, how much Abraham appreciating God, and Almighty declared in a proud way Abraham is my friend, that is greatest privilege any human can have. I believe already God does not to go that far to observe humans his thinking functional force is already embedded in each atom core as Dark-Matter and each spinning electron that is Dark-Energy (more details can be explained in my other subject “Cornerstone of the Universe”) “Atoms are other forms of living thing” also in my Blogs.

Satan, formerly a high ranking angel, in Isaiah 14:12 was called “Lucifer” after tried to seek t God position to be worshiped, by rebelling against true God to invite first human couple to look down Gods theocracy, after that name of Lucifer became Satan he called God a liar inviting opportunity for the first couple to be like a god, Satan tried governing systems to guide human race into complete peace and security if humans look forward to Satan’s greed to seek competition fame and power. The true God allow time to make appear where was Satan is guiding human race? Also after the outcome revealed rest of the heavenly angels will also find the result of Satan’s rebellion that was wrong, as we see since 6000 years humans were guided by Satan in all sort of governmental arrangement and ruler ship guided by greed fame selfish attitudes, many presented government such as kingdom rules democratic communism you name it all sort of government where the basic is to divide and reach into gain harming many. Some people might add “we are not seeking Gods position of fame, we like to be celebrities or make other people jealous about our name and fame, that makes us feel satisfied” No matter what sort of fame or legend name people are seeking is inviting attention on themselves, all glory and fame belongs only to thru God, personally we only are receivers good things from God, if we come into logical conclusion only individual who has prominence right is the trustworthy Almighty who gave all sort of good thing to men and also has the plan to resurrect all the individuals who suffer into new way of pleasant system in the future after the court decision of Universal judgments is declared and that is very close, so called god that the world is worshiping now is nothing but Satan, true God soon will take his stand to clear everything bad including so called god of this system Satan and all his demons and human associates’ for good. One thing makes me mad to see people blame the True God, not the Satan who is creating selfishness in men greed and seeking power to kill children all people, still some cockroach minded people guided by their god Satan planning Genocides, on top of that they blaming the true God, “why god is killing people, why earthquakes tsunamis and many other disasters?” if you read the first chapter of the book Job you will find out that Satan is also capable to control supernatural forces including weather earthquakes and bringing fire from heaven. True God is presented by one utterance “LOVE”

Bible writing started by Moses that were been told verbally much more earliest time periods, Muslim religion writings basic historical details are taken from the bible same with Christian writings, during time great stress was left over this writings to personalized according to their public preferences,   Definitely the Creator of life will make an arrangement to release his thoughts to humans; on the other hand Satan will try his best to confuse true thoughts misleading humankind, that’s why today we have millions of religions, for example the oldest bible the Sinai bible exist in the British museum and was found are over 14.800 differences between this bible and between standard King James version, on top of the differences with the writings nationality partisans are killing other people who have the same spiritual writing because they are not part of their party, addition to that they are killing other nations and different faith groups, all are declaring they own Gods thoughts they are the only true representative of god, trying to teaching God of love but yet killing God`s creations all other people with different faiths, instead of love they are teaching hate and revenge going as far as creating barbarism valence in eliminating others. Many times I hear from some religions who declare “We represent peace and harmony” some faiths that are declaring those comments when they are minorities in different lands as soon they become majority and complete power in their hands no more peaceful for rest of other minorities in their ruling country, forcing all others to except their faith or die. Just in a split of a second somehow peacefulness in their tradition vanishes away.

                                      SPICES AND HERBS YOU FELL IN TO

God has great power, one thing in his capacity is impossible that he can’t do He don’t lie and is not afraid of hiding anything for lie, on the other hand opposing Satan has one defense mechanism principle that is based on lies. Everything bad going on in history of men is recorded and considered as collective data by true God to be kept as information documents so in other everlasting no ending life this harboring offence’s do not repeat having the right to judge why Satan’s way of approach to rule is harming humanity and angelic realm in heaven.
Activities of human toward their fellow friend still been recorded by God since men rebelled against Almighty. By choosing Satan’s way of government men choose selfish tendencies greed and lust, rebelling to be under respectful authority that was based under constitution of love ruling only on animals and not on each other.
Almighty has the power to rule and direct entire Universe moving all object in galaxies orderly, considering of only Milky Way galaxy by just travelling in light speed take thousands of years to reach to the other end also there are as far as we can observe there exists 500 billion of Galaxies in the Universe. All this weight and pressure is handled by Almighty (Jesus said my heavenly Father always work so do I) regarding humans their temperament of characters sometime give weight and pressure on others. As Almighty maneuvers the entire Galaxies similarly He is maneuvering entire world population to see and observe how neighbors will effect in the mood of their fellow humans individually and in groups to see their interest orientation, what values they will search to find in their social role choosing or rejecting expressive role in their life.
Inside atom exist two portion intelligence life energy that are portion from Almighty by invisible Dark Energy as electrons and invisible Dark Matter as proton core, everything happening around atoms are recorded to be connected to entire universal sound frequency wavelengths in control of almighty God. All collections of atoms as molecules and DNA inside cell structure of biological humans can collect intelligence data by non-biological life force especially by H20 molecules that already is proven by many researchers that water molecules contains memory and intelligence in emotional values, biggest volume in operating human brain contains water and indirectly yet we are not to the point how all this miracles around and in us is operating plus all entire Universal complex activities.
In my experience I believe that every other person I met in my life as a neighbor or friend in school or work someone they affected on my emotions that implemented on my personality character, after considering behavior of other people I tried to resemble them as variety of spices herbs and sometimes disgusting odors not mentioning poisoning attitudes in their characters, other occasions I met people with good fragrances in their characteristics, so I resembled them into nice bouquets, with limited human capacity if I can evaluate those differences Almighty also is taking evaluating all personality effect on each individuals noticing how they will react to each other, what directions they will take in their emotional thinking, all this communicational implementation regarding their temperaments are recorded by atoms water molecules to assemblage characteristic that is mixed good with bad in human cultures, Almighty have only Good approach, but this human nature with Satanic conflict against good will register informative role and their effeteness as spices herbs effect in the taste of food. Creation of the Universe atoms stars planets Galaxies and creation of men has a purpose by Almighty, still we have limitations to follow up all intelligence that exist around us, by patience and persistence we might get answer for everything that we did not know today, always there is room to learn and to improve, meanwhile we have to endure all variety of tastes surrounding us with all this herbs and spices, they exist for a purpose and we have to endure and learn experiences.    

After Universe was created and all form of matters existed in all detailed registered in Almighties Video album (Stimuli) for record keeping and watching, activities of spinning all-stars, planets, pulsars and black hole, all accomplishments of insects and humans and everything else existed belongs to the recollection of the Almighty. Any moment God can and is capable to reform the time and co-existence of happening and materialize the beings or matters and refill their emotions and memories to the subject and make it happen again with very simple easy thought, of course this is almost impossible for us but not for the capability of Almighty.

God’s purpose for men will be inheriting everlasting life in paradise for all faithful one that obey two major important commands. This question already rose by intellectual of Law that came asking Jesus in Luke 10: 25-37 “1-You must love God, 2, Love your neighbor as yourself. You will get everlasting life” to make this standard method to selfish world population is great challenge. For example this law intellectual was very rich but he could not share his wealth with fellow humans that are in need.

Almighty will allow 144 thousand faithfully men and woman adopted from Earth to be priests and king to help fellow humans those individuals already show in their life experiences that like to share and help other people. After resurrection of Jesus during two thousand years till now some 12 other faithful individuals will be ordinated to share to be part of 24 elders in heavenly realm with Jesus as mentioned in Revelation 4:4 that will have higher position than all the 144000 priests and kings that will rule 1000 years, then with Jesus they all will redeem that authority to Almighty God that will rule over all life forms. 24 elder, first 12 were Jesus’s apostles that represented 12 tribes of Israel, ancient twelve tribes representative of Faithfull Jacob were already passed away before the resurrections of Jesus who opened the high ruler ship honors of Priest and Kinghood privileges that was to be received, the most higher position in men was received John the Baptist, in Mathew 11:11 “truly I tell you, among those born of woman there has not been raised up anyone greater than John the Baptist, but a lesser person in Kingdom of heavens is greater than he is” (including faithful Abraham and Moses) yet John die before the arrangement of life privilege in heaven that became after death of Jesus and first resurrection to heaven, all those faithful ones had only the privilege to live everlasting life on Earth In Paradise that yet we are waiting. All faithful men and woman understands how to act toward “You must love God. You must Love your neighbor as yourself” also will live on Earth that will be protected by god to establish new Paradise with ancient resurrected faithful men and woman, they will share all their experiences like dramatic show explaining how past history took place.

Everything God created in Universe planets stars Galaxies spin around, Love toward God then toward friends then our friends knowing God and loving him and us will be complete sphere of influence smooth rotation realm of love. To participate in this friendship first we have to know and understand word of God, and the result will be as Revelation of John mentioning 1:3 “Happy is the one who reads aloud and those who hear the words of his prophecy and who observe the things written in it for the appointed time is near”
Unfortunately some facts we see around us is opposite what loving God stands for, gave everything freely life, body, supportive environment water and food and beautiful animals surrounding human, how do people appreciate, some do, on the other hand. Some of those so called God loving faithfully kill others in barbaric way that are also God`s creations God`s masterpiece humans are born popular marvelous complex life forms, treasurable beings, unforgiving faithful killers by their actions show disrespect to God, no matter how much their religious leaders back them up saying continue doing fine work for God kill more, victim families on their part also get revenged and answer by other form of barbaric approach to humans calling them enemies, later on they all return worshiping so called God, killing murdering rejoicing everything under the name of God, one thing I can’t understand to see barbaric criminals dismantling their other human being and the rejoicing happiness with amused face laughing that they accomplish something good for their God. Those individual they have other god that is not the true God, because Satan is the god of this order he is a god who created lies and anguish making humans suffer in torcher and pain. 

Non-Christian faiths also have great tensions in their Nations, already their authorities teaches public that they have the best true religions and clerics are represented from Almighty, when most of their spiritual representing clerics have no high education know nothing about science politics biology, all of a sudden clerics in their worship gathering announces “This is what Almighty wants us to do..” all of a sudden great public go to streets break shops and windows to complain authorities or other religions or faiths, this power have been quietly reining in their clerics bringing on Nations great concerns that preachers could use their influence to stir up trouble and inflame sectarian divisions, we already see this movements worldwide in many countries but this is just the beginning, at a time of more high tension are expected if basic system is not adjusted and left everything the way it is to start bigger crises.

The name God is symbol or title, for some money is their God or their belly, anything that is worshiped term god will be applied. So everyone can have his or her own perspectives regarding word “God” to devotion him, let’s consider some of approaches people view, we humans expect God should follow our cognitive measures depending our logic, that might not be truth but still some want in whatever they ruminate to inadequate with some partial viewpoints, without contemplation believing that their own perspectives is right and have to blame someone else about unexplained suffering or calamity then right away God comes to their minds, same attitude humans can give to their close friends as well, when the is outcome show we are mistaken, no problem we are not perfect and have to be forgiving and so on continue our life. All human standpoints by religious and philosophical representatives can’t reach into a united conclusion in harmonious understanding by common standard belief regarding God, it fails them to be empathetic by ongoing contradictions between million kinds of faiths, also between each other in the same worship community group. Take for example sporting games we see too much uncontrollable zeal by some fans that are willing to harm opposite game and to their fans,

Similar actions are shown with other competition groups; many take side with certain group and wish success and frailer to the other party. All this are generated by emotions that can start like slow running water but later it takes speed as typhoons, emotions of some are uncontrollable regarding faith and beliefs to a point that is leading into hateful crimes and others are counteracting to this hate by revenge.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Many Christians believe that Jesus was a god equal to Grand creator God. Desciples of Jesus never had the thought that Jesus was God. After experiencing seeing many miracles Jesus did front of men and disciples on a occasion in private discussion Jesus ask his disciples written in Matthew 16:13-“you, though, who do you say I am?” In answer Simon Peter said “You are Christ” the Son of the living God. Jesus was very impressed by the answer from Peter because this sort of information only can be revealed by help from Almighty as explained in verse 17. “My father in heaven revealed this to you Simon” Jesus was created by the image of God or the characteristics of the True God. Hebrew 1:13 Colossians 1:15
Entire writing in the New Testament plus many prophetic verses explains the assignment of Jesus to save mankind. Jesus disciples accepted Jesus as Image of God not as a God, also Jesus never asked to be worshiped as a God because he serves’ a mediator between men and true God. Jesus was the greatest men who have complete powerful leadership over humans, no other political or religious leader including all sort of prophet in Worlds history have such power as Jesus did, for example in the bible Mark 4:35-41 when Jesus was sleeping on the boat and his disciples were awake on open sea almost being swamped from violent windstorm or Hurricane started on sea, they panic and wake up Jesus, in verse Mark 4:39 “With that he roused himself and rebuked the wind and said to the sea “Hush! Be quiet!” And the wind abated and a great calm set in” My question is there any world leader or religious leader or prophet that is capable as Jesus rebuking the storm? Jesus is true and capable leader for mankind as soon Gods kingdom start to rule as in Heaven on Earth in the near future, Jesus is the represented king from God. Under the power authority of Almighty Jesus will rule for the benefit of mankind as explained in Matthew 11:25-30 “.... All things have been delivered to me by my father, and no one fully knows the Son but the Father....28, Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down and I will refresh you ”No other political leader or religious leader has the capability as Jesus to save human race from misery. Since Satan`s rebellion against the true God. Humankind is living is miserable life by continuous wars plus immoral life always having selfish men rule by their selfish gain. People killing other people by excuse from their religious or political gains, 100 thousand people are getting killed daily in other lands by shells missiles and bullets, once w while I hear individual violence’s happening on the news, political leaders are very busy to gain more famous names and personal wealth. Ruler ship of Jesus will by love toward human race if human adopt way of thinking that Jesus had one principle toward others. Luke 6:31 “Also, just as you want men to do to you, do the same way to them”  

Many zealous faithful who wrote the Hebrew Old Testament said that these messages are from Almighty God that was given them to be chronicled, people who inter-operated the Law eye for an eye also was considered by Jesus Christ he excepted the entire Old testament but his interpretation was different based on forgiveness and love, Jesus has complete confidence showing that though God is near by anyone who abides by principles of Almighty God ,Jesus became an example and ask others to worship God the way he did, God is invisible but his qualities can be seen on himself by his creations on Earth and God can be found, possible to approach him by true devotion, God is not lifeless natural power I described earlier every atom contains life the entire Universe covers life and active directive in countless intelligence movement of galaxies. That number reaches into 500 billion Galaxies so far.

So far till our time in history we been lectured by many philosophers mediums wizards religious representatives scientists atheist you name it from everybody about God. Did they have any influences on cultures? Yes, By Babylonian Deities, Grecian Deities, Armenian and Assyrian Deities, Egyptian Deities, Eastern and Indian Deity with Good luck God of Destiny, Hebrew Deities, Medo-Persian Deities, Christian Deities, Islamic Deities, Canaanite Deities. On top of that we can add scientific theoretical version of Deities, by all this teachings they tried to introduce their own versions what they know about God, how can true Godly devotion be shown by loyal worship. Some might be noticing that always I introduce Christians’ past not saying much about Islam, so this is some of my notes regarding this subject.

Much before prophet Muhammad was born almighty made a promise to son of Faithfull prophet Abraham that also Isaac his son will be a great Nation, before prophet Muhammad was born there were great number of Jewish trade population in Makkah and Medina of Arabia that already Jews adapted Hebrew religion trying to apply in ten commandment laws? It was common in Mecca to worship many gods that was transformed after Prophet Muhammad to worshiping one God. Before becoming a prophet he visited Egypt where is located the greatest library in the world, probably he get acquainted with Old testaments writings of Jews that was written 2700 years before him also noticing life and death of Prophet Jesus that was written before him 600 years ago, Prophet Mohammad get in touch with this details and we can see many happening that was mentioned in the Bible in the book of Quran. Because some Christian churches introduced old philosophy deities of trinity to Christians that Jesus never introduced such thing Moslems became very zealous to stand up to declare that there is only one God, How you can declare three Gods as one God? Till this day Islam stand by the title declaring “God does not have another God” and only Muhammad is the prophet from God, Muslims also except Jesus as a prophet but because this approach will give chance for Muslims to read the Bible probably some consider it will be better to avoid reading the Bible saying bible was changed to other versions that in original don’t have, but Muslims never introduced a right version of Bible saying here it is you can read this one to avoid mix-ups. In modern days Muslims are divided into different groups though they all share the same Holly Quran but their representatives explain different introductions in devotions. Because Almighty is the life giver, Jesus considers his disciples and himself creation from God, in that sense God is the father of all living. Jesus called the Almighty his father also the father of all faithful ones, by quality purity he considered himself in same quality forgiving standard as his father but he never considered himself equal to God but many Christian representatives teach that theology and this is also against the belief of Muslims. Jesus mediated between Almighty and Men to bring humans closer to God, he is the mediator, he never called Mariam his Mom but yet some Christian beliefs teach to pray to Jesus through Mariam. In reality Jesus always ask help from his heavenly father every time he was going to perform a miracle as you can read about it in my other article “What happens to me after Death”

So regarding many other religions as well their followers are fighting for their faith, but unfortunately many are not fighting to improve their devotions by perfecting themselves from sin, but fighting with others who have different faith, having no patience for God to be the Almighty judge presenting the individuals who have true faith during end of the times in his last judgments.

God has a plan for humane race, according to the Bible he created a garden and names it Garden of Eden that means Paradise of pleasures, so main intention of Almighty to provide surrounding of pleasure and good desirable things all around trees by tasty fruit for men, everything was desirable to have a good time, also by representation fruit stand to make clear how much they appreciate Almighty. Clear border line to let humans show is they obedient to him or not, on the other hand Satan also presented his own twisted way of life of pleasures in the garden of Eden, only in US, yearly spending for pleasure by gambling, entertainments, I pads and phones, video games you name it, total cost is ½ Trillion dollars a year.

The good peacefully life is in the plan of Almighty for humans but confusion and twisting philosophies by many sorts distorting the truth about God. Most damaging attitude is given by religious misrepresenting etchings saying that they represent God, scaring people that god enjoys by torturing people everlastingly Though the Bible is a symbolic book sometimes wheat represents Gods word, sheep represent good people goats represent bad people, good fish bad fish represents men, philosophies should not controverts the truth, very simple way Bible teach Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the (gift) of God (Paradise of pleasures) is everlasting life…” wage of sin is death “finished” owe nothing to nobody as sin or demands, he is gone, he was part of the soil and there he will return as ashes, Only Jesus preexisted before coming to Earth Humans never preexisted they came from nothingness going back to nothingness if not received God`s forgiveness and the gift from Almighty.

God created men in his image his quality and personality preferences only man have quality of Love, power, wisdom and righteousness nevertheless still human brain comparison to vast Universe has the same likeness shape, similar image can be found if we compare the design of human neuron look tiny micro mass comparing large version of Galaxies, in this last 100 years we just find out that electrical stimuli pulses are circulating in our brain to transport information data to other neurons, hopefully in coming 100 years we will discover that stars planets and all moving object in entire Universe communicate with invisible signals in other forms of sound frequencies that are not unspoken yet. We devote great time to analyses thoughts from all intellectual circles but still is not conformed that life was the pure energy that started real Energy and Matter in entire Universe that life form is Almighty. In other chapter in my Blog you might find this article “Cornerstone of the Universe.
Human beings like to have albums that keep them to remember old friend also about themselves, also man like to be entertained that’s why humans spent so much in movie industry and television, this need they have because they have personality of God to be entertained or keep busy to watch happenings around themselves, variety of activities, for example God is watching 100 billion Galaxies that contain billions of stars and trillion of planets and though uncountable other floating parts gases rays and atoms including their all particles and their lifespan in in control and memory of God, regarding our planet all activity of life forms bacteria’s, viruses, fungi, insects birds animals fish and human and all variety of living things are witnessed by Almighty, their data is continuously recorded like photo albums we have only this album of his is condensed like videos in split of second electron stimuli, you know all feelings emotions and pictures travel in our mind through synapses stimuli transfer all data by some kind of electrical flashes, all atoms contain this capability like expressed in the Bible wheels inside wheels surrounded with big numbers of eyes (have the capability to see) Ezekiel 10: 12

After Universe was created and all form of matters existed in all detailed registered in Almighty Video album (Stimuli) for record keeping and watching, activities of spinning all-stars, planets, pulsars and black hole, all accomplishments of insects and humans and everything else existed belongs to the recollection of the Almighty. Any moment God can and is capable to reform the time and co-existence  of happening and materialize the beings or matters and refill their emotions and memories to the subject and make it happen again with very simple easy thought, of course this is almost impossible for us but not for the capability of Almighty.

I am not worried how I would look in this video because I am photogenic. In reality our activity deals we are showing to our human friends and animals will be considered our work will show what kind of judgments or rewards we might get by God depends our record of activities good or bad, are we helpful to others or we are selfish thinking only about personal interest? Do we care about other beings? Or we care only about us, our fame reputation, greed and busy in our treacherous addictions, unfaithful habits, there is nothing secret for God both in dark or light, imagine every atom inside your molecules in your cells and every atom surrounding in the air flows and all matters around you that also are made of atoms are recording your activities day and night continuously wherever you go not only on earth also in the entire Universe, think about that what sort of people we should be?

                                                                                                                                                                            Ancient philosophies tried to explain in their viewpoint what is God? Considering power and everything contain power they stress on that, Some were pretended and explained who is God trying to clarify and show communications with him and how he will protect the ones who believe him make miracles supernatural acts on their behalf, but when those faithful ones were fallen in catastrophes and invaded and destroyed most of their population they went quit about it but later on started to play same tone declarations that God is with them he is their protector they can accomplish anything. History always repeats itself same stories and circumstances come again sooner or later. Some leaders said there is no God it`s just in your imagination false belief. Others went more violent and considered all other faiths and religions unfaithful and if they can force people in other religions to their own original faith it will be holly war God will consider them righteous heroes, their spiritual representative teach that tunes constantly. All peacefulness tranquility religions teach, saying we are religion for peace and serenity but by force and fighting they want to prove that they represent love peace and tranquility.

The way I see religion and human beings many habits good and bad qualities, some tendencies that might hurt others, some have selfish gain habits some immoral to satisfy their need move to act no matter who they harm even some who are involved reading books and studying human behaviors sometime act nonhuman, Animals that are lower than humans in cultural behavior they kill animals to eat and satisfy their necessity, some humans kill animals even other humans for fun. No matter what religion they represent some of their fellow worshippers deal with inhuman acts, no religion allows other religions or government authorities to tell them what to do. Even understanding that they don’t have complete solutions to many problems still, don’t allow other opinions to their audience, Till now No any religion proved that they perfected the human race to true believers loving and considering to others 100%. One of those so called peaceful nation that have a religion that teaches opposition to lay with same sexes or rape other man, but some of those Members did that act torturing and killing other nations, the reason others were unfaithful because even others have faith in another religion. For them it means unfaithful and that gives them reason and right authority to harm even in barbaric way that pleases them to serve their God. Fell them in peace with God. I don’t feel the need to explain what religions have done to other religions all history books have plenty information`s worldwide the happening till our days. My question is when will be the awakening to settle everything in mutual understanding and mutual standard of interpretation of love justice righteousness and peace. If it did not take place till now with same blogs it will never will.

Probably you consider another nation or language enemy, If god created all people from one man they all are brothers, if they speak different languages it`s a temporary punishment that was given at Babylon confusion, all nations are gods creations and he care about them without discrimination. People put discriminating lows not God. Almighty had a purpose when creating man that purpose still on to be achieved? Many misinterpretations about religions add confusions on this subject especially when nations move to eliminate each other.

Let`s do some comparisons what does God command regarding possession of lands on Earth? he allows the birds and animals to move around the lands with no borders. Do religions allow that? What does God say about nourishing people? He give the Sunlight rain water Oxygen, everything free, growing vegetation and fruit trees free. Where do atheist people or religious people hiding to harmonize the need of humankind? You know the answer. In another word people are not applying Godlike attitude to their needy friends? Logically a loving God sooner or later will interfere and settle everything in proper way he already must be planned ahead of time; meanwhile the stage is open for all religious opinion belief to express whatever they please.

Left and right side of the brain have separated by walls on the bottom part of the mind, when two frequencies reach the brain one in 315 Hz the other side 324 Hz tones vibration come in between this opening and vibrate, our couches stimuli are located in these opening and in these space Binaural beats come into activation. Artificial binaural beats have no definition messages only the sound tone pleases the human brain, similar sound ancient people noticed these frequencies and developed instrument simulating close sound of their surroundings, like Vikings, then also Australian aborigines created the didgeridoo and still is used as wind instrument, one sided frequency, the sound can makes us relaxed but it don’t contain message codes in their variation as natural Binaural Beats, Ancient monks also tried to imitate similar sounds to have the same effect, Ancient Armenian pagan clerics 3500 years ago made similar sounds in their temples, inducing multiple harmonic reverberation also continuously repeating the lyrics with tenor tune, later when they became Christians in the first century, those melodies continued in Christian churches, only by adding Christian lyrics to it to emphasize expressions, some listeners feel meditative or deeply relaxed state others might say feel mental alertness, but I feel dazed hearing Monaural beat tones, nevertheless it don’t take natural effectiveness of Binaural coded Beats.

People today also use Isochrones tones also Monaural beats to effect brainwave synchronization as I describes with the Tibet monks example, they all can induce sound in multiple harmonic resonance, many feel that reaching relaxed meditation states, some express that feel mental alertness, all these sound waves have no original Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter consistency codes, that is based on Natures pure energy. Monaural beats consequent to conjunction, coming into same juxtaposition by two different variation frequencies similar to Binaural Beat. Isochoric tones emit regular intervals continuation of pulses.

Our brain receives directions from Universal sound and we are unaware of it. Universal language releases humming sound, in low octave sound frequencies, one section sound beats coming from Dark-Matter. The second section coming from Dark-Energy they both come and reach into our brain, right brain is made accordingly to be sensitive to the sound coming from Dark-Matter and left brain is sensitive to Dark-Energy, both get into our brain from left and right ears these sounds will be called binaural beats low octave sound frequencies that will enter into human right side ears into the human brain, two side wave tones that almost feel similar but they are not the same tone variation, this coordination works in all living animals and insects also in atoms, protons receive beats from Dark-Matter field from Universe and electrons receive sound beat orders from Dark-Energy. Almighty that created everything and gave life in different proceeded to all existing matter, because he is living form and everything is created contains life, also he follows all the presiders of his creations. Any moment we can receive translational language if sound get adjusted by other octave variation from the message center. Back in history some faithful men and women received directions from heaven by sound beats variations. This two variety of sound travel everywhere and in the entire Universe continuously, human brain detect this two concept together for commendable directives, if they receive and use it properly with humility they will have clean sensitive conches they will act lovingly to produce good kind of symbolic fruits of the spirit like love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Faith, Kindness, Self-Control, Conches-ness, Sweetness, Long suffering, Faith, Mildness. Human conches need to be complete by neurons center to collect all data sparks flowing through synapses of human cannot operate unless the cells are active, all details of information travels in the brain and outside the body and return are stimuli that are released from electrons that are wheels inside wheels have all eyes around them, that means that they can see in great measure capacity all directions seeing inside human cells and molecules and transport information to human conches and sub-conches centers. Humans have to obey the directives coming through Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter Binaural beats tones, not rebel against it. Of course good or bad people will act without even noticing it, but their reaction will show in their personality character.

Before last days Core of the Earth that  is Dark-Matter and give directions and signals by low octave sound frequency waves   In my perspective I consider Luke 21: 25 “There will be signs in the Sun” so I am waiting to see signs on the moon and the stars as well, by the way I have been seeing “Distress among nations confused by the roaring of the sea and the waves” this stress already been seen on whales dolphins and squids coming to the shore in suicide mission, this effect will be less powerful on people but nations will feel confused as well.

Always stimuli that flow in our brain can also go further distances from our brain and also communicate with other stimuli twinkles, they don’t gossip but can transfer information, later attracted by formal living sight ,the body of the individual that they are familiar to his or her personality found harmony they can figure out exactly where the person is and return back to their castle “The brain “at the basement of the brain is the headquarter we call it Sub-conscious, this is the place for information’s to be analyzed, usually every night brain evaluation its thoughts all memories try to erase the depressing ones also analyses all other thoughts, process area is done by clusters of neurons chunks that concentrate point in the lower section of brain, will be no any awareness by the individual. Usually at night when they asleep, Binaural beats tones are received by human brain and analyzed by human sub-conscious that always changes its standard according to human life habits, it is compared to directives of Binaural clean standard, when opposite actions show misbehavior by the person, day by day everything reviewed and recorded comparing between two vibrational Binaries and comparing to the individual personality conches already will make clear what judicial verdict he or she must receive, when Bible mentions that  last days the books will be opened that meant all consideration daily activities already recorded and analyzed by Binaural sound frequencies to that conches, all recording of these process is safely kept into elements electrons stimuli memo and will be released using the name “Books” that are recordings.    conscious analyze the indifference while the person sleeping and not aware what’s going on in the “castle” Usually couscous and Binaural. Most of the time it is extended to give the complete verdict but in the end there will com the time where Binary release the verdict and judgment, conscious come into agreement and give also verdict to personality harmony sound of individuality that is human sub-conscious that loses its capability. The argument continue next day when person wakes up being unaware what happening in the “Castle” breakfast goes with a little discomfort hardly digested but before approaching noon, he or she might receive the verdict that he will not be permitted its function, or continue his or her life. Usually many people die before noon, of course some die in other hours probably by big off balance in emotions or health or medical reasons. Some of this kind of judicial sessions takes place yearly like in their birthdays.

Intelligence in the Universe has capability to guide the cosmos, all matter exist in the Universe have no freedom to choose its task, they are under patterned principle actions and regulation, nothing moves unless according to Universal force field guidance, the many outnumbered force field energy fields are known to us as Quantum theory, this multiple force field is in the control of Universal intelligence including time everything in the past and everything in the future can be reached by him in any moment, Almighty has the capability to interchange to other time epochs also this is connection to Quantum theory energy force field. All matter elements and energy fields or gravity is 100% under the supervision of ruling intelligence in the Universe except human beings that have limited 60% and animals have 10% of freedom of chose, there might be practical chance that humans conclude freedom of choice allow themselves to be harmonize themselves to Universal truth of intelligent wisdom for benefit of everyone, humans still are too far from that stage.

According to the Bible, entirety virtuous is the quality of God, that are Righteousness Justice Power the last one Love his personality his nature “God is Love” Though God by superiority can do many things, one thing he cannot do “Lie” is not his character atmosphere. From infinity billions and billions of years he existed as Dynamic-Energy, then the time came he created the first creation in the Universe, Dynamic-Matter to make it join to Dynamic-Energy. The new engineer Jesus, referred word stands” in the beginning” After creation of heavenly Galaxies with stars and planets, all the exploit was betrothed, precision deliberation intelligence of the Almighty, comparable friction stress tension by atoms in the stars, compressions gyrations gravity mass rotations of stars, super nova explosions and all the action in the entire Universe was registering in the memory realm of Almighty Grand Creator, using Jesus to accomplish the engineering in full obedience completions.
                   Why does God permit lawlessness and wickedness?

Almighty created everything on principle of love forgiving loving others as themselves. Unfortunately some came stressing or teaching that their own personal god like to kill and massacre and acted accordingly massacring raping torturing others that they are nod buying their own faith. When almighty created entire Universe plus many spiritual angels that had their own personality thoughts and later on creating men that also carry their own personality temperaments or characters, everything god gave was good, one thing God could not give was bad thoughts or lawlessness and wickedness, in case if circumstances are completed to be always surrounded by perfect environment without experiencing any lawlessness, to explain an individual in that perfect good habitat talking about lawlessness they will never grasp what bad thing is or lie or crime, evil taught s are not part from Almighty, as soon one of the high positioned angel by selfish seek authority on his own desire to criminalize, Satan became the creator of lawlessness Almighty did not interfere right away till the Universal issue can be settled down, What was truth? Satan wanted to be called God and others should worship him, which was wickedness, to turn the point Satan invented the lie (really God didn’t want you to eat the forbidden fruit? No you will not die, you will be like God) as the representative of Universal constitution, Almighty allowed for temporary time so entire living beings universal or on Earth can witness what lie and lawlessness can take along loving races to misery? As a constitution to explain only one side of the picture will not complete to do or don’t. According to Proverbs 6:16 there are six things that God hates also seven things that God detests all sort of lawlessness. It seems already we still are in this time period where this issue should be resolved to be proved what bad lies and lawlessness can bring to mankind, Almighty is not interfering yet not because he can’t but because the issue must be 100% clear to all.

There is a force field Universal power of life with intelligence wisdom love righteous that created all living things in the Universe and planet Earth, no one knows how long ago, Almighty has the honorable obligation to rule over everything. According to Biblical records Satan as individual Angel represented a case that Almighty’s way of ruler ship is not fair and totally iniquitous but if Satan have the chance to rule on humans will prove that there are better ways to prevail human life and harmony to bring appropriate rulers and governments. During history Almighty allowed Satan to represent his case allowing him to rule, in several occasions Jesus mentioned that momentarily temporarily Satan is the God of this planet, other occasions Satan introduced his power to Jesus if Jesus follow Satan hi will be allowed to rule over entire human race but Jesus refused, Jesus did not argue Satan saying “how you can give me something that doesn’t belong to you?” Yes temporarily Satan is the ruler over human race. In family arrangement a husband should be faithful to his wife; a wife should be faithful to her husband, any married woman that having an affair with different man while her husband is alive, that wife is fornicating and be considered as prostitute, when religious men and women have joined relationship with political thoughts to use Satan’s ruler ship ruling on others is also be considered political prostitution, political rulers when are controlled by other rich groups to follow the interest of others than their nation is also political prostitution. Satan rewarded many individuals by power wealth over entire planet earth to participate ruling with him over human race. As an appropriate follow-up to consider where human governments brought their nation? What sort of peace and prosperity? Human race has a spiritual husband figure or force field that everything belong to him trillion billion of atoms in our body belongs to him all matter surrounding us belongs to him life planet Earth stars galaxies and entire Universe belongs to him Almighty has the complete authority right to rule over everything and his constitution to rule is based on love. Without been mislead by so called religious representatives human race should except true theocracy, as soon judgment time come everything will be turned back to normal, all honest people will be resurrected Satan will be no more nor his senseless followers.

Human race is in this period where Satan rules. All this great powers and governments that Satan could give to Jesus still under Satan have controlled authority temporarily on entire planet Earth. Nations are greedy in their disbursements caring their own homeless and poor people but yet they spend great money to go and massacre other nations, only Satan can enjoy this sort of adventures. Almighty considers each person as individuality that will give account someday for his or her deeds. As James 1:13-15 explains. Each one will be drawn out and enticed by his or her desire, which action will follow into committing sin.

How about millions of people that die naturally by old age or by other methods or crimes, can they be restored back to life? For Almighty this process is similar restoring shattered glass bottle back into original shape, as surrounding complex aspects we are surrounded by intelligent high wisdom atoms everywhere forming matter and living things, every progress of growing plant and animals are totally supernatural miracle. Same capacity everything that scan be existed is in the hands of Almighty, when individual die all its building block, growing of cells is based by command from DNA that is directed by DM inside atoms core to copy new cells, all data of individuality is patterned information inside atoms, to restore the former individual is just simple process inside the hands of Almighty, they can recreated with former memories and characteristics after follow up of new behaviors under the principal constitution of The Universal intelligent power. The bible mentions intelligent will cover the planet the way oceans cover the seas. Habakkuk 2:14 “For the Earth will fill with the knowledge of the glory of the Almighty as the waters cover the sea. Our brain now operates only 2 % capacity at that time we will think 100 % our mind will handle also the job of will operate as cellular phones being a perfect human beings. 

Foretelling the future

In my logical perspective what is God? As I described in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” and other post “What is Atom?” I defined the entire Universe is in control of Gods energy force with created force of Dynamic-Energy, together the main force as God Dynamic-Energy with Dynamic-Matter they created everything including atoms keeping in it a small portion of Dynamic-matter as Centre core of atom and spinning around Dynamic-Energy as electron that represents small portion of Gods energy together they form an atom, because Gods energy force can communicate with the Universe in my post “Universal language” and “Universal sound” Almighty energy force communicate with the entire Universe mass of all matter as galaxies and stars beside all other invisible energy forces that we can’t explain. For Almighty time does not control the future present or past all three time periods are in Universal Dynamic Energy control, whatever will happen is already is registered in every single atom that I described in my post “Atoms are other forms of living things” though atoms  but we as humans have no connection to directly communicating with atoms we humans are not interactive with atoms except limited form of communication between neurons in our brains and atoms as I described I n my post “Neurons” it happened some rare occasions where some humans neurons were able to infiltrate into atomic communication that register what will happen in the future, the entire Universe already holds the pattern of time in the future past and present, people that predict future we name them prophets and prophetesses, the only supernatural capacity they have is somehow they were able to penetrate into atomic communications. In my post “Angels I describe their existence power of rebellion Angels that now we name them demons. On many occasions Satan was able to foretell what will happen in future because Satan and demons supernaturally are able to get some sort of communications from atoms but not everything, they can’t collect every detail of information’s. Some believe about many prophets even in modern times someone like Nostradamus and others, it come to my mind an Bulgaria-born prophetess name Baba Vanga that died in 1996 aged 85 and she foretold about 9/11 2004 tsunami Fukhushima nuclear spill birth of ISIS and beyond. She foretell about 44th president of USA will be African American, however hi be the last US president. I might suspect that new world order under supervision of United Nations might bring some light to this incident, who knows? Still she predicted many other things, it doesn’t meant that they all will be happening but entire history already is with atomic intelligent pattern data that we as humans cant penetrate into Gods extraterrestrial power and energy.
Formerly I explained how in our brains electrons can sense happenings in pictures and sense of feeling emotions everything that we can sense electron electrical impulse can sense and deliver same information’s carrying to other neurons through synapse tunnels. First stage of collections that is happenings on the atom also inside atoms are registered on this electrical spark Jolts, anything recorded by the impulse jolts can be delivered right away to the memory of Almighty. Regarding atoms in the stars and planets all the combination collection of information’s that are received delivered to Almighty’s collection rational memory banks that are enormous energy force in the Cosmos containing 73% of the Universe.
When people are not in complete death and return back what they feel? Let me clarify the sub couches mind do not leave the body stays in the lower center of the brain but stimuli flashes that transport data are the circuits that released out of the body register new details and if returned back to the sound wave gravity of the same personality that they are familiar to release their recordings then center sub conches center analyzes that his spirit left the body land returned back his but in reality he has no extra form of spirit only billions electrons that contain stimuli flashes of knowledge and memories and this atoms keep this details to the end of their lifetime that is over 12 billion years and after disassemble still not complete because they are combined by two energies that have intelligence they keep the information and they never die Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.  

Human behavioral emotions and thinking good or bad, comparing with the rational resourcefulness to Almighty. On Gods memory sphere exist only good, when Adam and Eve were created even they were perfect but subconsciously lacking the knowledge to differentiate what is good and what is bad, inexperienced. Almighty could not lie and do Bad, but one of Heavenly Supernatural Gods creation Satan moved by selfishness to seek to be worshiped by men he Satan became the creator of “Lie” and everything that stand for everything that is bad, teaching his followers Adam and Eve also coming generations. Almighty had to allow this unrightfully act to be continued to show the heavenly Angelic audiences and to coming human generations that anything outside Gods arrangement of good, is bad and harmful and witnessing jurisdictions will evaluate and compare the outcome then Almighty will give the rightful verdict on Satan to be destroyed, and this act will be standard prove for all coming generations in the future for any disturbance’s that show same rebellion approach on Almighty’s position and that time the verdicts will be executed right away.

Second stage of collection is located in self-image of Human personality behaviors that are mixed with bad mood. Everything humans sense or plan that are registered on electron spark jolts then sent to 73% force field in to Universe Dark-Energy Gods memory. Let me give an example from my ancestors, my Grandfather who went through in his life, in the turn of this century. End of the 1800 Turks start killing Armenians for National cleansing and for religion. Even when Armenians have Christian faith they were called unfaithful “Gevur” till now, that is a biggest sin. Any revengeful persecution crime done for a “Gevure” was permissible in the culture and rewarded in the Ottoman Empire. For cleanness of their faith, all that were torcher raped beheaded with calamity were received registered in the feeling of Almighty, suffered individuals felt is exactly what god felt because all people are his creations and their senses and feelings are connected to his senses and feelings especially the Armenian Genocide is more personal to God and in his memory. Once Hitler said “Who remembers the Armenian Genocide” that gave him go ahead do act same kind of crimes. All people that act those kinds of crimes thought that they doing a favor for their religion or for their God or for nationality interest, in reality they are inviting full hateful rage of God for inhumane acts. Because all nations are Gods creations, like a parent who feels the pain and happiness of their children, same manner God senses all there feeling and senses emotions and have recorded all misbehaviors and will be executed in the judgment day. Though some people believe that they making material gains and land, in reality a groom future, ahead of them, waiting for them. Even great investors are taking advantage of their wealth and selfishly making more wealth leaving other people emotionally suffering brock, some nations want to rule over the Earth not even considering that a great power exist but everything is registered in Almighty’s memories for judgments.
For the rest of the civilizations also Almighty is watching human behavioral acts. When God chooses a Nation took consideration of 12 tribes or 12 personality differences, same arrangement Jesus picked 12 apostles that represent the humankind and one of them was a traitor as usual. It was found also in Gods heavenly organization one traitor Satan. Quality and behavioral of individuals take great attention to be consideration and evaluation even Adams first most important assignment was to study animal behavior and give their names accordingly. Heavenly wisdom is following watching human behaviors up close right through our cells in our body by electron registering jolts. Characters declare themselves by their behavioral dealings in their intellect, self-image, social role, interests, values, orientations, interest, and language. Some scholars divided the characters into Artisans Guardians Idealists and Rationales similar behaviors like fox, dogs, beaver and owls. Chinese gave symbol character behaviors resembling personalities into animal behaviors. Every individual behavioral personality, even when his brothers and sisters that have same family environment and same teaching each might grow with different person. It is also same principle with the fruit trees, if you cut a branch from a apple tree and leave in water to be root then plant it will produce same kind of apples same taste quality, other instances if you collect seeds from same apple tree and plant to grow same tree all apples of each seed will be slightly different variety of apples not the same even from same apple but the basic qualities and purpose and effect stays same, there are about 800 variety of apples all have same nourishment vitamins, slightly little different in taste. Same with people all have personal differences and all have freedom of choice and expressions also they have logic and reasoning to follow and find the good avoiding the bad that is what God watch in us to see how much effort and honesty we are showing toward the good behavior.


Second phase energy force of quantum contains wavelengths light spectrum that is different sort of energy inside field of main quantum energy, we can see only visual perceptive properties of color, in reality it has higher or lower wavelength intervals that we can’t realize, probably some of scientific tools can analyses certain wavelength intervals nm also by frequency intervals THZ levels but that also is very limited range. Collective atom clusters emanate group of frequencies that affect light absorption reflection emission spectra on its surface of their mass. Scientist give a name of studies called chromatics or colorimetric, infrared show 1000 nm, red color reflect 700 nm, wavelength interval go in smaller numbers of nm starting orange yellow green cyan blue violet that is ~ 450-400 nm same changes in same group of frequency interval changes from ~430-480 to ~670-750 THZ In my perspective two major forces that operate in entire Universe are Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, all gravitational directives are released from dark-matter to direct elements to grab quantum entanglement fluctuation that is expounded in my other posts how two invisible forces join electrons attracted by Dark-Energy protons in gravitational tiny range lensing or dense knot of space time gravitational lensing to spin over forming hydrogen atom. Everything else that we absorb in the Universe are released from Dark-Energy force field including all sort of spectrum colors that are millions and millions varieties, they contain messages in different group of tone reaction frequency wavelengths, D.E can generate Gamma rays radiations, X-Rays, Ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave high-energy radio waves, radio waves, this wavelengths in frequency and wavelength intervals release data to surrounding spectrum, so atoms communicate in this Universal language, in reality small portion from Dark-Matter that is inside atoms as protons and small portion of Dark-Energy that spinning over atoms as elections they receive and release data to rest of entire grand field of this two energy field D.E and D.M 

                                                        End of the world?

To read the Bible need right approach and proper viewpoint to understand delicate expressions mentioned in the verses if not we will confuse and follow wrong outcome. The meaning end of the world can be stimulated to different conclusions, for example end of the world came at Noah’s days but there were 8 survivors and all genetic controlled animals, insects, birds, and mammals, our planet Earth stood firm, plants and vegetables survived and the fish were very happy. God of love is the creator, like an artist does not demolish his masterpiece, there were times that one third of his angelic supernatural beings rebel against him and joined with God of lies Satan against the Almighty, there numbers is close to 333.3 million angels Genesis 6:1 ” at that times men started to grow in numbers on the surface of the ground and daughters were born to them, then the sons of the God began to notice the daughters of men that they were good looking and they went taking wives for themselves namely all whom they choose” New generation came as Nepheilim giants, bad environments grow so unbearable that came to a point God said Gen.6:7 “I am going to wipe men whom I have created off the surface of the ground (intended bad men because he helped to protect Noah and DNA of all animals from destruction) I regret that I have made them”(like an artist draws a masterpiece and some fools make bizarre graphitic on it) angels went down to Earth and took human bodies and intercourse with woman`s on the Earth, Almighty try to get rid of the lawlessness and demolish the bad satanic populations, not bringing final judgment by not killing the bad angels but he destroyed their offspring that were called Nephelims, some angels also joined extorting inside human bodies, angels are invisible energy forms that don’t consume place if are not materialize, after the flood bad angels lost their capabilities to loose materializing capacities so they cannot repeat same actions. Before the flood Earth became filled with violence, the human society was ruined masterpiece was scrawled, Almighty said “I am bringing them to ruin together with the Earth” he get sorry in his experience but did not destroy the world but only the bad mankind or bad people and saved the friendly normal people like Noah and his family. Regarding the biblical prophesies a greater destruction of the Earth will take place, according to Almighty love forgiveness some will survive by two class groups. One group Psalms 37:11 “The meek ones will inherit the Earth.. And live in abundance of peace” Opposite than our modern day world without any peace.     Many religions misinterpret that all will go to heaven (like saying who needs to reserve our planet? it was prepared for no commitments. Our planet in reality was made for persistence to be inhibited forever that’s the goal of Almighty’s main purpose no matter what others talk!) Two class or category arrangements are for survival, some people will go to heaven. Some interpret saying all will go to heaven without giving definite number. Revelation book mentioned precise number that are worthy and proven by persecutions and suffering, they are adopted by Almighty only a small number of 144.000. some bring more confusion to the reality by calling this as musician group or band, Rev 6:3-4 those that will go first are trained by Jesus and Jesus did not pick them but his Heavenly Father the Almighty adopted them as his heavenly spiritual children’s from male and female groups, but in the Almighty’s presence they will not possess a physical body like ours but spiritual invisible force states. The word Israel it means god people. Jesus prophesied the end of Jewish system world and the end of the world two fulfillments by one prophecy two different happenings by same procedures accomplishments that will occur at Matthew 23: starting to read you will see the times of the end of Jewish system and their temple will be destroyed but Jesus will develop a new worship arrangement in 3 days, by death in 3 days and resurrection he developed spiritual temple, the priest were going to be his 12 disciples as Jews had 12 groups of priest serving in the temple and with spiritual worshipers, end of the world of Jewish system will show after rejection by Almighty because they rejected gods commands they were desolated as a nation by Romans in destroyed 1000000 death and by 99 thousand slaves sold to all over the neighborhoods and Europe reported by Jewish historian Josephus in year 70 A.C. though it was the end of their world but not the planet they were survivors after the word destruction of the Jews and their system. Matthew same chapter 24 continues in verses 29 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from heaven and the powers of the* heavens* will be shaken” this those things occurred at that times in the ending world of Jewish system? YES if interpreted by figuratively, in the Bible the word havens represented by *Government* Sun is source of nourishment life growth will lack food surrounded by Romans around Jerusalem walls. Moon is like directing light in dark by representative’s officials to help environments. Stars will fall? Even today we call most popular people stars, religious people in those days also people in high positions were thrown to the ground by Roman army before they were like stars, no more. In case one star falls on Earth our planet will vaporized, it did not happen in the Jewish end of the world neither will going to happen in our days extinguishing the artistic masterpiece Earth that are created by Almighty. God promised that he will have a clean holly people on the Earth, promised to Abraham; to some degree that agreement covenant was miscarried by natural Israelites.   Before Jesus’s death at the last supper he choose new 12 representative Jews to represent all nations and they will be considered bond covenant with Spiritual Israelites (Gods people) using Peter to open the doors for gentiles also, they will be considered Gods people so either Jews or gentiles will be under new covenant that was started with God and Abraham. One grout of small numbers will be taken to heaven to rule over the Earth for 1000 years over inhabited good people until they reach into perfection, then they will receive another arrangement by Almighty that is mysterious to me, heavenly group will except their new privilege to be priest in heaven in the most holly present for God part of the heavenly new Jerusalem holly main and real temple where Almighty`s present is foremost they should serve as priests in that temple, and rule over the Earth with Jesus. Before in their life time even in different centuries, 12 disciples were chosen in the first century, later others were chosen in other centuries until our time, anointed ones already experienced the suffering and pains of the people in their time when living on earth, indeed they understand the need of the people and will be willing to end their suffering into joy and happiness Rev 21:4J
Second group of survivals will be from all nations all languages Revelation 7: 9 J “After these things I saw and, look! A great crowd, which no man was able to number out of all Nations and tribes and tongues standing before the Lamb (Jesus) dressed in white robes (their sins are forgiven) and there were palm branches in their hands crying with loud voices, saying “First Salvation to our God, who is seated on the throne (The Almighty) and to the Lamb (Jesus Christ)” the great crowd is included by those will pass alive from devastation of bad system of things, some call that (End of the World) In Greek language the word resurrection literally means “Standing up again”joining them resurrected faithful’s, numbers also unknown. So end of the world is symbolic heavens and earth. The time of the Noah end of the world came that was only end of bad people, animals were saved two by two and God promised does not contradict himself, all the teaching work with humanity all the promising rewards that was given by Almighty to mankind, sending his most precious begotten Son to be sacrificed to save humankind, all that work for nothing? Earth will always remain as masterpiece, perfect men always will live on it as long they will be faithful and obedient to their creator loving Almighty and his begotten son the King of salvation Jesus Christ.

Time is interminable for Almighty, he is in control over all times, it is not limited the way we cope with time. In the heaven there are no feminine or masculine divisions all are supernatural types of angel’s, representatives of all matter Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) Jesus, and coexisting of everything to be the greatest force Almighty representing Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) Scholars except the name “Elohim” in the text of the Torah is grammatically masculine plural of Hebrew noun, but by many scholars the word God or “Elohim” is used grammatically singular, or by some is considered Divinity or deity, Later on this name was revealed to Moses as Yahweh. That was the God of Arabic Nation of Ismael also but they call same God as Allah. In my Viewpoint god have numerous powers of energy force hi is not singular active force but many variety of force fields, plus his first and only creation Jesus that became engineering designer or give birth for other beings or Matters like stars galaxies and all objects in the Universe to develop and be created, suited part of God that in original the energy force of Jesus already was part of ”Elohim”.

To make it clear that Almighty is variety of energy collection let me give you an example, in the book of Elijah God talk to him and asked a question “What are you doing her Elijah” Elijah was hiding inside a cave as mentioned in 1 Kings 19:9-15 God came to Elijah not by grand wind nor through earthquake or fire but came to him by sound of sheer silence (Binaural beat brainwaves)and asked the same question fourth time “What are you doing Elijah” this conversation show that each questioning as different person who knew nothing from first question and answer and asked again and again four times because God have many different dynamic energy force fields his force field also is in fire, Grand wind, earthquakes but the conversation went through sheer silence sound waves we all seek for God. The person who seeking lifespan to gain everlasting life 1 John 5:20 reminds “..Son of God has come and gave us intellectual capacity to gain knowledge of true God by means of his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and life everlasting” (Everyone that created by God can be called children or sons of God)

John a faithful follower of Christ, he understood the mutual pattern of mental facility to use logical sense with purpose, already we all know our entire Universe is guided by a great force, also large galaxies and stars are guided in precise course, on the other hand in tiny levels atoms also are guided elements obey to principle lows of physics that was regulated by same grand energy force and keep monitoring all the spins and expansions and gravitational lows everywhere. So who can guide us? Psalms 48:14 “For this God is our God to time indefinite, even forever. He himself will guide us until we die”

                                         JOSHUA ASKED GOD TO MAKE THE SUN STAND STILL

In my other theories I explain that we are emerged in unlimited space of inertia force field, gravity functions by commands from Dark-Matter to all atoms, explained my theory of “Gravity” to activate grabbing direction to inertia force field the way atoms operate in covalent bonding with other atoms all protons are also made of Dark-Matter bubble clusters have intelligence and be directed by whole field Dark-Matter field energy, explained in my theory of “Black Hole “Dark-Energy also contains own procedures of directing matter and serve as electromagnetic force field of inertia has own intelligence as I am explained in topic “Cornerstone of our Universe” in my theory perceptive this two forces can eliminate and make the activity stop the inertia stop gravity stop the entire solar system and no continuations of inertia will continue by the force that rules in intelligence in the entire Universe all the spinning forces are guided through this two energy fields Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy.

So when Joshua prayed and asked Almighty to have longer time of shining sunlight or stand still, that exactly what happened, Universal two power energy and Matter stop all activities of spinning in our entire solar system and stop all gravity directives to stop still, yes it is not in our power to do something like that, Joshua didn’t also but asked or prayed for it, Almighty can act in great power he created science and theories and principles, even some people are not obedient to him temporary as long they will be allowed to live but all energy forces are obedient to Almighty, in the same order Dec. 21. 2012

                                                                      DEC 21. 2012

Galaxy alignment do not release excess power to overcome the directives of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, instead the Universe is under command of grand creator and will behave according to regulation harmonious procedure to not demolish what God created and his project to make the earth habitable always stays, and Promises of almighty swore in the times of Noah Gen 9:11 “I established my covenant with you (By rainbow sign), that never again shall all flash be cut off by the waters of a flood, and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the Earth” Almighty is in authority to do anything except one thing he cannot do permanent! HE CANNOT LIE. Mentioned in Numbers 23:19

For human being this force field changes is very powerful. Power of Almighty make billion of galaxies move and unknown trillion and trillion of stars spin orderly is very simple thing to make our solar system behave. There is a limited time for humans to change their behaviors to be loving and merciful, if they are not improve the environment their time will be over, but the meek ones will inherit the Earth. Jesus said nobody knows when I am coming back except my father, people of religions make the false declaration by giving defined period Mayan story is effected by Christian fearing interpretations, if that is so and everyone will know that the end is Dec 21. 2012 then also it will be false prophecy of the time of the end.

                                                            Big CUBIC over the Sun

Recently was seen on our Sun by NASA//SOHO EVT 284 large cubic 3 dimensional object floating around the Sun, This giant black cube orbiting around the Sun, first time it was seen  06/28/2011 another time 07/23/2011 05:30 last time it was seen Dec 21.2012

This story if has any relativity with the Bible revelation 21: 1-4, 7, 9-11, 18-21, 27, about new heavenly Jerusalem, in these verses you will find the measurements of this cubits, 1200 furlongs that is (1500) miles (each side of the cubits each edge) is 1500 miles, much larger than our earth, for example each side of our earth, diameter of earth is about 7920 miles, these new Jerusalem according the bible is 7920000 feet each side.

If we calculate biblical New Jerusalem cubit city it will be 12.000X12000 furlongs it will make 144 million square cubits on each side is 864 million square furlongs. One furlong is 220 yards or (660) feet 12.000 Furlongs X 660 feet = 79200.000 feet. The story in the Bible the city lies foursquare 12.000 Furlongs its length and breadth and height are equal.

In my perspective does it have any similarities with this biblical instance or not? We will wait and see.
Big groups of parrots, stock, or a race of people when lost in our viewpoint, but for Almighty nothing was lost its all in trillions and trillions of memory helix neutrinos electrical flash chart of invisible energy documents with all details reserved even emotions with feelings, that is collected to center aptitude realm of Dark-Energy, as I did described in other subjects. Whatever we have seen in our times and whatever that was existed formerly all are in safe memory existing invisible force files and God can go there and see and experience again thing that already passed by, even go and meet future and experience the future. God is not in Human limitations and capability but in supernatural realm with Jesus the highest name given to him a reward by Almighty, In my theory nothing is lost, it don’t survives to us but it be present to Almighty any time and all the times.

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