Sunday, September 4, 2011

Black Hole

                                                                 BLACK HOLE

                                                                          Gabriel logician Jabrael

                                                                               BLACK HOLE

Origin of all matter and elements is combination of two forces Dark Energy and Dark Matter, Black hole is just disassemble process to undue element structure back to their original invisible form, two forces re-utilize to start renew their new creations.
Black holes are secluded in territorial regions because, each have its own dimension influencing its surrounding distances, center core is Dark-Matter that is invisible and surrounded by doughnut shape electromagnetism that is electromagnetism that are Dark-Energy also invisible, they release sound frequencies that force all nearby adjacent vacuum space to be connected into force field of Universes quantum field and in theory of covalent bonding all atoms and all other particles obey the procedures, light is also very tiny particles parts from electron neutrinos also obey the procedures it cannot escape the order in connection by inertia covalent bonding connection like all other elements. NASA is giving great effort to observe with telescopes like Chandra X-Ray observatory but many other scientist and student daily presenting different perspectives about Black hole that we can compare to reason.

Usually all sort of bald teachings and philosophies including physical principles might be changed might need refinement after more advanced assertions but still majority thought go along with basic physical principles assertions ignoring the unending enormous scale of giant Universe and almost we know nothing about it, so no matter who say what it needs refinement, it might come into standpoint that basic physical principles might not match as I explained “Gravity” post how it was changed the original principle that we were teaching for a long time, it is changed. Many other forces inside Universe should be taken into consideration.

Scientist call them black hole, in reality entire 99% of universe look black in most location, except where some shiny stars and so on are located, in my Block I will explain that black holes are combination of two supernatural two forces of Dark matter as in the centre and where Dark energy circle in gestational orbit to shred or dismantle atoms into their original invisible form of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, when energy that obliterate can be sensed into their surrounding that are released black hole presence detected when nearby their presence are detected when passing light bend into that spot that black holes are detected in reality they are invisible, some of black holes are as large if measured up to size of large watermelon match up to our entire solar system as a grain of sand contrast to black hole. 

Some electromagnetism forces D.E can go even faster than the cosmic hurricane it moves almost close to speed of light with light and X-Ray force. Before going in the Black hole they hard pressed back way. If portion of the star go in the black hole also disassembles D.M go to in and out from bottom, the D.E go sideways before even entering to Black Hole, in great speed both D.E and D.M will be invisible state at this point eventually when the time is factual, when in the future from invisible energy form when materializes materialized and moving action it acts as electromagnetism and small portions will operate as electrons, in different location. Black hole have their extinguish sound of melody repeatedly announce to the Universe and give command to other Galaxies and stars to behave orderly to swirl toward the black hole, as part of the big family. In my other chapters how the stars are made, you will find my viewpoint how billions of D.M bubbles joining with D.E form into atoms. The principle of atoms stars planet and Galaxies are the same. Atom center is portions of Dark-Matter protons, centers of planets moons and stars the core is collection of Dark-Matter, center of galaxies are located big mass of Dark-Matter warp space rotating and dragging all rest of the Galaxy, by producing low octave sound frequencies that harmonize even far away to communicate and combine collective stars and planets to its central rotating harmony procedures. One of the Black-Hole Sagittarius A* that is 4.3 million times more mass of our Sun, located 26.000 light years away from Earth in Milky Way galaxy. Can gobble and devour stars and even vast cloud. Any cosmic feast will matter will be dismantle into two major beginning substances Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, sending D.E away to surrounding space and storing Dark-matter to its mess, this energy burst will be felt to its surrounding by releasing infrequent amount of light that is D.E including radio waves some flares and even on Earth we can hear the circulation field heartbeat of the Black-Hole, always ready to feed and dismantle the excess matters in the Universe. During Black Hole era in our time, some scientist gave misinterpreted consequences regarding Black Hole using rampant speculations, by giving own thoughts as theories, this explanations are so much stressed that even if someday right outpoint show up still people will not let go the old consideration. Innermost Black hole diameter is about 6 % of the large accretion flow that swirling around black hole, anything that pulls in is by sound order from D.E energy inside the accretion tube and always keep boundary edge, generating event horizon so this disk release all the sound frequencies to activate revers disassemble all matter that are combination of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. Closest black holes we can find in our galaxy is located in center of the Orion Nebula, 1500 light-years away from Earth and have 100 times the mass of our Sun, some black holes are larger to a degree they are called intermediate mass black hole.

So far we noticed there is a large black hole in the middle of any galaxy plus much other location inside the galaxy, Milky Way galaxy has Sagittarius A in its center that can contain 4 million solar mass. Center section of Phoenix cluster contain black hole that has volume of 20 billion of our Sun. Gravity of black holes are so tremendous that can grab time into nothingness transforming regular dimension into unknown dimension, each has different level energy of Schwarzschild radius to grab its surroundings, it might be easy to name event horizon instead of Schwarzschild radius. Some fantasies that there might be also white holes opposite of black holes that might be condense realm of dark matter.

Some are skeptic about black hole. In 1958 American physicist David Finkelstein was the first to release the true nature of large space boundary surrounding black hole that was called event horizon that is a process they referred to as speghettification, as matter scratched into spaghetti form. Large super massive intangible force field surface enscapsulating a sphere where nothing can be returned including light, al are pulled in by black hole. Many add their perspectives about black hole; in 1963 New Zealand mathematician Roy Kerr solved the equation for the realistic rotating of black hole. In 1949 additional equation was introduced by Austrian-American logician Kurt Godel. American physicist Robert Fuller added perspective of worm hole, that a window is opened through black hole into invisible supernatural tunnel, transporting atoms or all matter and energy into other realms inside the Universe or other Universes. In 1911 Armenian- American logician Greg Kaprielian introduced Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter (dark matter and dark energy) in action inside black hole, this two invisible energy forces process to disassemble all matter into their original pure state of Dark Matter and Dark Energy beginning state of force dimension. Beside unlimited perspectives diversity energies additionally this two forces have intelligence and life force that make entire Universe to be created including all matter that we experience looking into it by telescopes, that are only 4.5% of the Universe and remaining 95.5 % of the Universe is the invisible two forces as I explained.

According to some Scientist version Black holes are developed after super nova explosion of one star and yet they explain that black hole can contain energy of several billion super nova explosions, if that is so from where billions of super nova energy contained in one black hole, some add on this version that after super nova explosions what was left in the core of the star a Quasar that release radio waves and light, it meant, quasar-stellar radio source, in my perspective there is a condense Dark-Matter core in center of the star at the time it develops surrounded by Dark-Energy, some observatories declare that new star forms has been discovered and whit light clouds are gathering to a center point and those clouds are collected to develop the star, my view point those dusty clouds have no difference the center diameter will remain same no matter how much clouds of dust collected because the starting point of the star is combination of D.M core having D.E spinning around that complete to be an Quasar later the confliction of this matter and energy develop hydrogen and gradually all the rest of atoms and functions as a star. It seems closest pattern stage of a star and black hole is a Quasar, Black hole collects by sound all other matters near event horizon, if there is another black hole near to its event horizon it does not interfere its sound frequency tone waves as magnetic field to other black holes, because they all have their unique individuality of sound tone energy waves that releasing command of covalent bonding does not grab other black hole comparable gravitational fields because each accretion tube that is Dark-Energy electromagnetism and center core that is proton bubbles of Dark-Matter has his own command directives collecting all elements dusts radiations, light plutonium’s, and also collects unseen Dark-Matter other black Globule sections, that’s why black hole continue growing by invisible other energy field and matters that we are not able to absorb to collections that bung up the plug.


My presentation, black holes are condense center of Dark Matter that are invisible bubbles inside bubbles that can be separated or crowded in variation of different form of mass that has no physical forms, cannot be observed by microscopic devices don’t contain any particles mostly imperceptible, entire universe constitute 5 to 6th % of all matter in universe only way to detect its presence is by close by other elements gravitational pull dark matter exerts, in my perspective atoms have condensed clusters of dark matter as proton. There is another viewpoint scientist presenting that there might be smaller black holes that formed in early universe and call them Primordial black holes, lately by observances of NASA`s Kepler space telescope was not detected any sign of Primordial, still some scientist have not ruled them out completely from their programs. Doing many research all agree that black hole have great gravitational field, 3 years ago I already described that center of black hole is pure dark matter also every sphere planet stars and moons have dark matter core and all dark matter have intelligence energy forces and we can see them as spaceships of UFO once a while and I have special subject in other chapters of this blogs, all scientist agree that black holes can warp light around them with gravitational field, so how about the light that are released by frictions that Dark-Energy as doughnut shape is spinning around black hole and releasing great light fields that also are pulled with their gravitational field phenomenon that is called gravitational lensing, that might be most of the light released by black hole are absorbed reversed back to its center.

Of course I have to go with the excepted version of black hole, in reality it is center of Dark-Matter that is about 15 times most condensed vast area that also is not black but invisible, somehow there is no light activity or X-Rays inside the center that can be permitted to pass by. Large spot center that is invisible liquid form is Dark-Matter. Black-Hole is active breaking apart planets and stars even individual atoms and dust, it has intense force of gravity to ripped apart all matter that are combined proton electron combinations, even particles in atoms are proton electron helix constructions, this operation starts even matter not that close to the event horizon then to center innermost black hole center that stays in the center, surrounded by circulation of spinning accretion disk that is combined Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy still have some connections together. Material from an companion star by low octave sound unknown command that starts a gravity some sort making all elements to move into direction toward the black Hole, some of the material go forming an accretion disk but from combination atoms as soon Dark-Energy released fully from Dark-Matter it can be jet fly to the upward position shooting from black-Holes magnetic pole firing X-Rays and light its energy released, the opposite force Dark-Matter is go through the hole downward to long lobe that can show traveling thousand light years. Very far away from Black-Hole also is located a tube shape ring form called accretion disk around the black hole that contains much smaller energy and particle dust and prodigious amount of radiation that are not separated from each other values of D.E and D.M, until these opposite matters are divided they circle gestational orbit around the Black-Hole with turbulent winds till separation of materials particles energy rays. Inside the circling tube are about 10 light-years across. Same observation by scientist can give different conclusions, all except that big or small object reach Black Hole to be dismantled, some analyze that there might be friction inside the disk generating powerful jets that radiating away and sideway from Ergo sphere.

To understand Black Hole we have to analyze all discernments available for us. According my acumens Dark-Energy have phase stages of activity, first phase is steady force field that known as Dark-Energy (in my viewpoint Dynamic-Energy) second stage when moves very slow levels or in great speed either slow movement or higher stage acting as electromagnetism can adjust all other speeds accordingly, movement phase it transforms into electromagnetism and can go as faster than trillion-billion light years in a second. To cover all the area in cosmos to verify all galaxies can’t be done by limited light speed.

By logic ancient Greek prospected Lambda ^) universe and intelligence in Cosmos existing over 14 billion years in 20th century some scientist concluded the value of energy density of the vacuum of space by Einstein many people agreed then theory of general relativity to hold back gravity, when everybody with no exception of that if nothing else was available to be introduced till Hubble discovered that Universe is expending, in reality we need lot of patience to follow up to compromise intelligence that has been existing for billions of years, still 100 % we are not sure exactly what is gravity. Cosmological constant is based on mathematical equations that are based on this time majority discernment what does preordained constant is based on majority on non-zero cosmological constant by patience open minded attitude we can overcome many misperceptions.


Activity in and around Black Hole is done by two sound variation commands coming low octave sound frequencies from, releasing sound activates to disassemble all electron helix coils and separate neutrinos that are also helix coils disassemble all particles separate into two major class, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. First, Dark-Matter that can control gravity and expansion of Universe by its own covalent bonding energy communiqué sound tone system that monitor all Galaxies maneuvering capabilities and second force is by chattels Dark-Energy, I already expressed the first one, second main effect role of the Black-Hole is the circulation accretion disk magnetic pole that is 10 light years across, Ergo sphere divides this two energy forces as border line, this energy field is mainly Dark-Energy combined with many radiation and rays and other dust like particles from atoms in great speed circling around the foundational of Black Hole giving its own gravitational command to stars materials to be guided into the big primary complex main energy in butterfly life spin similarity that Black-Hole have in absorbing transformation comes from that great surrounding circulation of accretion disk of Dark-Energy to be transformed life cycle similarity to become cocoon into original state of Dark-Energy as well, so both force materials return by dismounting process and energy transformation process done in and surrounding of Black Hole, Dark-Matter go in the vacuumed gravitational field that is generated by Dark-Energy collecting all protons to be considered as original state of Dark-Matter, and other collection is by similarity example picture of butterfly life cycle of spin into pupa absorbing energy process to its own original state of Dark-Energy. The entire Universe works by same theory sound frequencies, like consider "Gravity" is guided by sophisticated invisible energy activating through low sound tone frequencies, the vibration elevate the gear sound level octave variations and sound harmony that all elements can concentrated to act according the procedures of new commands, to program covalent bond regulations of atoms, these supernatural energy field directs the entire Universe by sound elevation harmony, I call it Universal language.

When sound frequencies wave tones released from Black hall reaching to extreme end of event horizon whatever light beam that exist in that area are not bend by gravity force but sound variation frequency command direct the light neutrinos their course seem is bend by gravity but is not. So the light bend itself, same with all elements they not dragging by gravity from invisible black hole but are connected to universal ocean field of inertia in covalent bonding principle by sound frequency wave commands and they take speed.

 Though the scientist view by logical conclusions that black holes are stars that lost their nuclear fusion fuel, after stars collapse under their own gravity they form a black hole. In my perspective they are formed from beginning as black hole they don’t produce any singularity or any quantized loop quantum gravity, black hole release sound frequency tone waves that activate complete covalent loop not only for the atoms but also for the tiniest segments of particles in atoms to be dismantled on their own.

Other scientist watching a few glimpses of sights thousand light years away try to figure out the material that directed into Black hole accretion process is shredding matter or ejecting particles away? Intimate gas cloud accretion methods or mechanisms are more than one and all are not based on theory but logical conformations contradicting each other, main confusing story is about light that are not released while particles abrupt transition to be shredded as soon start to fall in event horizon and attract into spinning accretion wheel where ejection is not a constant, because many said nothing escapes black hole so it might be contradictory to other theories or figurations, as I mentioned spinning accretion flow can keep many particles in its spin for longer time then after transitions atom particles into original form of Dark-Energy and Dark Matter they will separated to their own separate fields. NASA Chandra X-Ray observatory is promising to record new glimpse from Sagittarius A* in the future.

About my ideal of sound frequency communication waves inertia scientist have theory of Quantum gravity. In my model these force can quantized moreover in little bits sections can uninitiated large scale loops dimensions, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter can release sound waves that can give effect of space-time loops. D.E and D.M are living forms intelligent force field energy that is describes in my other posts.

Scientists is able to detect gravitational waves in measurements barriers from empty space calling quantum tone waves, fluctuation that are released from black holes, in my model as I will describe in this post, gravitational waves are effect of sound variation commands that are released in our Universe also by black holes, sound frequencies that released from protons inside atoms, also electrons on atoms release command to react covalent bonding principle command to be connected into space time loops, Entire Universe is entrenched in this grand invisible Ocean inertia field or quantum fluctuation where all elements can be connected to its flow of movement into all directions according the procedure sound wave tone command it seem gravity but is not it is connection to reactive fields into all directions by joining into space-time-loops, in this process releasing low or high frequency tone waves black hole comes number one in effective forceful demand. All stars and planets, moons have center core Dark-Matter and all release same principle frequencies to hold into Universal realm and be absorbed by grand intelligent power that guides the entire Universe by Universal language that is sound “Tone reaction” that gives the effect of gravitational waves.

Low and high octave sound frequency waves of a black hole varies from other sound waves of black hole they all have individuality sound variation tone codes either can reflect or grab levitate other matter or pulling in, if humans with limited scientific theories and qualifications can work with reflectors to reflect waves how much more the supreme energy force that also contain wisdom manipulate or control all its environments. In my other posts I described that sound have power to effect the surrounding forming to geometrical construction and atoms that develop any form stay same position and reflect same value sound waves to inform its borders and figure that also bats can read by sound image all their surrounding scheme or structure, also I described the energy of parallel sound reaction of harmonizing waves, for example any moment when you pluck the string of a violin other violins nearby same string at same variation also starts to create reflecting waves, any moment can black hole pull elements and energy or it can reverse into levitation system all done by Acoustic all generated by multiple numbers in Kilohertz on different level codes that can affect their surrounding or their event horizons, so sound have up and down points and can be fixed with other sound variation to slam as a wall to levitate or grab as gravitational values. In my perspective, Black holes are Acoustophoretic conductors in musical performers in variation sound frequency tone waves.

There is great effort by scientist around the world to connect observatories in other locations on our planet to combine observation telescopes like the one (EHT) that combine USA. Mexico. Chile. South Pole. France. Greenland. Also many great difference will make by 64 radio dish of ALMA observatory in Chile when it is completed.

If Black Hole pull other stars by gravity should also incline or leans toward the coming object, probably I did not hear that Black hole slightly tends to coming star because there is a gravitational build up in between and no attack whatsoever like going around in space to devours stars, only they command by special effect of some kind of sound vibrational command ordering object to bull toward the Hole and before reaching to destination atoms are breaking up from their combination of differences and dismantle even the shreds disassemble to their original invisible form of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. When all elements and gases get closer to Black Hole accretion disk command to all elements to be connected inertia force that exist everywhere to immerse into gravitational variation into Black-Hole, falling compounds release all gravitational potentials energy that is controlled by protons that are spiraling inward toward the hole and accretion disk electrons release their energy by X-Rays, all these released energy is less than tenths’ of the rest mass of falling from donor elements, sound frequencies reach from Black Hole to nearby stars, sound tone is similar to micro quasar radio signals that also the effect can produce X-Ray binary. As I mentioned earlier around foundational of Black Hole doughnut accretion disk shape spiraling round cloudy tunnels in sound coordination circuit, this energy do not squeezes the coming matter substances it don’t pull by magnetic pull but by sound command forces to dismantle all elements. From this tunnel Ergo sphere direction elements release electrons it look like X-Rays binaries that are released is from electromagnetic field of electrons and also is Dark-Energy, inclining all coming objects are done by this activity, center black hole is just storage for Dark-Matter, from our point of view it might look relentless squeeze by gravity effect, in reality it might be something else as I described earlier. In my conclusion Black Hole have no standard sizes they combine starting close to my “Kaprielian” theory how Hydrogen combined beginning form (D.E +D.M =H) When intelligent electron cable that is Portion from Dark-Energy coordinates with Portion of intelligent Dark-Matter cluster to act as a proton can form any combination sizes depends the volume or mass of the combination can release sound of dismantle all the surrounding to reverse covalent bond sound tone vibrational frequencies and the surrounding obeys depending the circulation extensional border of command, so we have Black Hole in any vibrational sizes.

As soon sound frequency command reach from Dark-Matter center large clumps of black hole and sound tones from Dark-Energy imbedded in accretion disk are released tone waves reach into elements or matter objects to reactivate atoms gravitational distortions like covalent bonding in extreme level, this stage or will be operational as soon objects reach into far-flung distance event horizon quasi-periodic oscillation (QPO) elongated atoms start in spaghettification to follow different trajectory to absorbed  or disassemble some particles D.E go into the circuit of accretion disk, other particles that contain Dark-Matter bubbles or protons into center of black hole, all elements will dissolve into particles first during spaghettification then particles also disconnect from their building block arrangements returning to their original form of invisible Dark-Energy and invisible Dark-Matter. If certain particles fail to do so they mix with accretion disk flow almost close to light speed until separated D.E from D.M totally detached to return to their originality, both of this forces contain life and intelligence to recreate new atoms and Galaxies as I explained in my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe”   


In my discernment view, all matters are combined by Dark-Energy and Dark Matter enclose opposite fields chattels, Black Hole that is Dark-Matter order the matters by supermassive control panel covalent zone for all atoms to immerge into direction of Black Hole, Electrons that are opposite field to Dark-Matter restrain without big splash. Before elements approaching into the Hole opening disk leave atoms taking with them also smaller particles of same property Dark-Energy in variety forms of particles inside all elements and leave generating heat radiation and X-Rays, they don’t leave by any friction and all matter particles that directed into the disk of Black Hole tucked by Dark-Matter that do not accept any heat or light, yes without any frictions opposite forced dismantle on their own by low octave sound frequencies timing arrays that subtle gravitational waves that result in bobbing covalent bonding first sound directive reach the event horizon then pass through an array to grab into universal quantum entire realm that is spread all around in our Universe sound travels becoming dismounting before reaching into inner event Horizon in the Black-Hole.


Usually basic accepting about gravity by scientist is graviton that is hypothetical element particle, one thing for sure is massless, this stress-energy tensor is triggered by sound frequency code that connects matter to quantum field gravitation framework that I described earlier, it is invisible not a particle nor collectible mass its source is universal pin point permissible dots that can be allowed to travel using time seeming inertia is working in reality time is taking lead to dislocate elements to other pin points by sound frequency tone waves.

As we watch line of sight in the center of Milky Way Galaxy and compare to far end arms the bulge and the disk, we notice almost all the Black Holes formations are in the center part and most of them have growth mechanism of objective is to be a supermassive one, all this clumps are surrounded by innumerable star clusters, so question might arise why black Holes lurk in the central molecule zones?

These molecular zones are compact densest and crowded. The way it looks the entire Galaxy work like a nest of honey bees though each individual bee are separate or each stat or planet are separate but act as whole body, some energy forces that is active have unseen invisible gravitational effect some body mass of stars and planets have noticing effects all together are part of this great combination complete  crowd region effect, some scientist believe that stars combine by pressure from density of clouds of gas and dust coming together to form a star, that is entirely different outlook than my star formation theory, in my perception in the beginning there were no any dust of seeds transitional mass neither visible light or infrared light or any radiation, all this substance appeared after stars start to exist later with great explosions of super nova explosion then plenty of scattered materials formed planets to completed. The entire Galaxy have generated new two energy recycling process of matter and energy operating in mid-section with large clumps growth of Black Hole is growth of Energy building block to make new atoms stars and planets later spreading this two Material, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter scattered all around the Galaxy and beyond to other locations to form new stars. Milky Way Galaxy force field surrounds the Galaxy the way Earth is covered its defensive umbrella Earth`s magnetic field in high latitude regions protecting from the sun that we can see by aurora borealis, that’s the effect that entire our milky Way Galaxy have around its surrounding by greatest Dark-Matter Bubble that control the complete form, except only Dark-Energy can penetrate and maneuver around these great force, so there is no any turbulence inside the Black Hole like there is inside the stars, if in the center zone of Milky Way Galaxy is not penetrable because visible light or ultra-violets and infrared light cannot pass through Dark-Matter not because of density clouds, Dark-Matter is invisible and 15 times more dense than lead its pure protons.

                                                               BLACK HOLE

This is Black hole. I am not expert in drawings, Black circle is storage depot for Dark-Matter it is located innermost stable circular orbit collecting D.M. Mass (ISCO) Blue gray long lines are particle Jet, flow of Dark-Energy separation field contains electrons helix coils neutrinos, all transforming into their original invisible form of Dark-Energy, upper portion direction to Earth. Brown circle is source of quasi-periodic oscillation (QPO) First gobbling up matter that separate Dark-Matter from Dark-Energy separating electrical charges ripple outward across the Universe. Red circle represents Accretion have angular momentum disk it is huge doughnut shape tube contains large mass of electromagnetism cloudy tunnel in 50 % speed of light signaling in low octave sound frequency vibrational process to separating particles still in course to be detached from opposite values D.E D.M, of course we know the basic development of atoms starts first by forming into hydrogen without nucleus then by fusion develop one then more to be new elements, this process is totally reverse fusion or reverse back formality, from complex elements like uranium go back all the way to be a hydrogen atom, proof of that we have great condensed compact hydrogen atoms nearby at the corner center of the milky way Galaxy, about 10.000 hydrogen molecules per cubic centimeter nearby “Sagittarius A” that is in the center of Milky Way Galaxy those are my perception collecting some data from our respectful scientist that are giving great effort in Galactic physics to comprehend and simplify matters to us. Still there are much bigger black holes one of them is RXJ1532 that is 3.9 billion light years away and have quadrillion times larger than our Sun, though are in bigger volume mass still they all operate in same principle. One of the two pointed jets is blasted pointing to Earthward, this if pure Dark-Energy that has intelligence and don`t flow random it can be directed in proper order to complete a mission. Sound variation vibrations that are released from Dark-Energy reach as far as event horizon and the sound frequencies generate the action of far elements to be directed toward black Hole into Frame-dragging steem, this distance is considered as Scharzchild radius gravitational clutches that patterned by sound frequency of D.E and D.M rotation action can generate the sound variation vibrations to gobble we can notice all the action by watching the indirect indication how sound energize  gravity force as Frame-dragging.

The distinctive X-Rays released by Dark-Energy that exhibit black hole is also energy released from elements is also electromagnetism to reach Gravitational distortion, all activities are done by event horizon quasi-periodic oscillation (QPO) that devours or disassemble atoms it happens when elements are gobbled by sounds coming from accretion disk, once a while also can be seen gamma-ray bursts, that also are  shreds breaking up energy from Matter dismantle particles that releases radiations from elements. Dark-Matter is very condensed by quasi-periodic oscillation and has 125 times more mass than steady relaxed condition Dark-Matter. Black Hole is condensed Dark-Matter in center.

The accretion disk is Dark-Energy clouds that is mixed with dust particles of crumpled atoms that still have some sort of combination between proton bubbles and electron helixes dust and gas and sooner or later they will be detached to go to their original forms proton bubbles into Dark-Matter and into center of black hole dark area also electron helix will emit flow of accretion disk and released as X-ray binary into original form of Dark-Energy. The big round tube surrounding black-Hole is Dark-Energy but you can find addition wave of activity also big volume of electromagnetic state Dark-Energy that spin on its own speed vertical regulatory direction traveling through the accretion tunnel disk.

There are other predictions that black hole are time conversion period from present into past or to the future. They consider accretion movement comparing to event horizon exaggerating details grounded on the holographic principle considering past holographic screens and their local boundaries from all this far distance that is almost impossible to complete full details, according to this conclusion saying that black hole is turning point from present to past or time runs backward inside black hole. In my conclusions only atoms return into their original invisible form through black hole returning into Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter or, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

 Simultaneously Dark matter is in the center position of black hole, doughnut shape disk frequency surrounded disk is collection of grand of material from stars and planets that are pulverize into atoms mixed with pure Dark Energy that digests atoms breaking to into formerly two original energies of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, scientist watching from observatory, nucleus spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) they noticed launching of the corona to the flare. I consider, always excess Dark energy is in action to separated inside from Schwarzschild radius or the accretion disk triggering a sparkle light that is condensed Dark Energy released by gigantic pulses but usually they continuously always released but we can’t notice from so far distance that released from black hole, and other released force of Dark energy we can’t see it because it don’t contain any light and also rejects light.
On the other hand some scientist analyze that black hole generate wind in gas very hot temperatures after gas might subsequently cool down to form new molecules, difference in my perspective everything that released from black hole are starting formation of energy that formed atoms, not molecules, because molecules are formed inside atoms by fusion.

I believe that most the pure energy inside the Universe is supernatural Dynamic Energy after that second most pure energy is Dynamic Matter they both are the original powers that make every other thing or force to be existed, when matter or light and any other flow of force field approaches into singularity event horizon all will be curving right into the black hole, warping energy from black hole attracts any mass or energy to be tilting into singularity event horizon that invert matter into doughnut shape flow of Dark Energy that spins almost close to speed of the light to breaking up all energy forms including light and atoms to upturn particles slanting into pure Dynamic Matter that will be collected to be condensed into the core of black hole that is pure dark matter.

In my perspective, gravity field is generated by sound frequency and individual elements far distances they generate connection to Universe`s inertia field rail to be connected and travel to sound pause center of black hole starting to decay particles separating D.E and D.M from individual particles even before reaching to source of the sound, this decay has been called photon decay that happens in this circumstance considered as strong magnetic field some consider this process elusive force evidence of a chameleon particle in reality original force of D.E and D.M returning recycled into their original invisible beginning state, in my theory structure of D.E +D.M = Hydrogen is the beginning and black hole recycles to original forms of neutralinos all elements and particles 105” free parameters, X-Rays that are released from Dark-Energy when doughnut shape portions of spinning doughnut shape portions go into center Dark-Matter core. X-Rays seems very intense energy, Dark energy is the source of electromagnetism neutrinos and X-Rays. gravity, gravitons, the unparticles, energy, gamma rays also light, recently scientist are preparing new telescope “Malisse” that will bring more information’s in near-and mid-infrared surrounding materials of Black holes. My perspectives are different than other theories but I am very convinced that have logical outlooks.

Oval shape dusty doughnut appearance clouds of Dark-Energy release heat almost 2.000 Fahrenheit and electromagnetism to separate protons electrons in the dust particles this process releases simultaneously strong radiations. Center of black hole is Dark-Matter that does not contain any heat and it pushes out all sort of heat and radiations out of its mess if by strong flow Dark-Energy throws in the core electrons that are still connected to protons, this surrounding dusty particles continue the competition until all particles totally are separated from opposite electrodes between Matter and Energy similar to “Paradigm shift”

Black hole cosmic behemoths lurk center of almost all galaxies, they release sound frequency waves sucking up to elicit the gravity protons in the atoms to move toward Black hole all elements and galactic matter eliminated elements before reaching in to return into original form of Dark-Energy and Matter.

                                                      Variety of black hole

Till now most black hole are existing in the center of galaxies or someplace inside the galaxy, some have massive large volume and larger gravitational range (Event horizon) that can contain 9.7 billion solar masses there are larger like NGC4889 inside brightest galaxy of coma clusters is, some of black holes are named Bullet-shooting black holes because they can pull in other mass but also burst or spat of it mass volume of particles in very intense kick out about quarter the speed of the light, others are called Cannibalistic black hole such as NGC3393. Some are brightest and most powerful and luminous others are called oldest black holes such as ULASJ1120+0641, some believe that this one born 770 million years after big bang that they predict it happened 13.7 billion years ago, that’s why oldest black hole get so massive and old, in my perspective big bang never happened and no one can pin point the center  locality of such a burst inside the Universe, some visualize that when galaxies collide black holes inside galaxies get kicked out to be flow freely becoming Rague black holes such as SDSSJ0927+2943 that is traveling solo in space5.9 million mph there are big numbers of Rogue black holes wandering inside milky way I hope they do not come close to Earth introducing themselves., if any colliding galaxies black holes might grab more mass from the surrounding than roam freely as they calculate, I believe black holes are combined by to major forces of the Universe Dynamic-Energy and Matter. Variations of black holes can be found in small medium and large that we call them middleweight black holes, others are called Tabletop black hole that are too far very difficult to notice them except we can notice their gravitational pulls, all matter mass of atoms and particles of elements are matter and can be effected by gravitational pulls including light that also are particles including boson fermions type I and II weyl. Fastest-spinning black holes are such as GRS 1915+105 inside constellation Aquila (The Eagle) 35.000 light-years from Earth, its event horizon spins in 333 million mph. Probably mankind will find more variety of black hole inside Universe, I believe that they are other force field forms of mass different than stars and planets yet they exist in harmony with other forms in balance and for a reason that still is unknown to human race.  

In my perspective as I explained on many occasions Dark-Matter can band coming facing toward D.M by sound frequency waves before the light reach to D.M the gravitational lensing is pushing back by sound waves and light react to move connecting to ocean of force field quantum that governs the entire Universe. It is true that the effect shows that light is not passing through D.M and is bending light, the principle of “scaffolding” that D.M react with other matter like planets stars and galaxies, all cluster concentration react to low octave sound frequencies released from D.M to direct the energy communication of galaxies tone reaction to be connected to ocean force field of the universe that is made of Dark-Energy. Same principle applied to all matter before reaching to direction of Black holes. In my perspective center core of black hole is concentrated pure Dark-Matter, in the future when scientist will have more application test will recognize that acoustically sound waves that can interfere gravity also can levitate matter, sound waves are basic communicational tones in gravitational measures to apply covalent bonding and scientist will manipulate to levitate matters by acoustic waves, when still atoms are complete form Black Hole mechanism in sound acoustic waves can go further than that and also manipulate atoms to their smallest portion of particles till they reach to their originality invisible Dark-Matter and Energy.

                                                                    M60-UCDI, my witness

Origin of all magnetism is extreme low octave sound vibration and extreme high octave sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter, all cores of stars, planets, moons and black holes are protons or Dark-Matter bubbles. The entire Universe is bedded inside energy field of quantum flux. Any sound command pulses released other elements and particles submit to take action connecting them to the surrounding field rail that indicate quantum flux provides, so protons inside atoms perceive sound frequency waves and attach to the unexplained quantum flux force field that is all around and in the Universe. All the effect of counterclockwise-rotation is some effect coming from quantum flux. In my perspective this is the origin of magnetism in stars and everywhere in the Universe.

In my perception entire universe contains gravitational quantum limitations or border lines in gravity discrepancies they are not limitless force field without border line, when I described Black hole cosmic behemoths lurk center of almost all galaxies, they release sound frequency waves sucking up to elicit the gravity protons in the atoms to move toward Black hole, so gravitational field of a black hole reach only as far as its sound frequencies reach into frame-dragging stem as far as it can control its Scharzchild radius or event horizon after that black hole is powerless in variation sound vibration command patterns to gobble elements in its sound directives, in my understanding all black hole dragging force have not comparable in limitation to their event horizon frame, to prove my point let me bring out another galaxy that stars are 25 time closer to each other than Milky Way Galaxy, 300 quintillion miles or 54 million light years away there is this super crowded cluster galaxy called M60-UCDI of course there are also many black holes in that galaxy but their Scharzchild limitation was parallel like our Milky Way there will be no stars left decentralize by black holes but as it seems radius of sound frequency from lurked center to event horizon variation range should be 25 times shorter than our black holes in Milky Way galaxy,

Probable there can be found in future other galaxies that are more scattered or more condensed harmonizing gravitational sent variation vibrational tones to generate ton reaction between elements can very according to its surrounding of galaxy harmonious quantum limitations. In case abundance of X-rays are released from galaxies it might be also because it has much more black holes in M60-UCDI`s cluster galaxy or my viewpoint is wrong their black holes are gobbling all their surrounding stars in their territories grinding into larger and larger black hole, if that is the picture center portion of cluster galaxy should look dark black contrary center of M60-UCDI is brighter than our entire Milky Way Galaxy. If the effect was by only X-Rays we should see collective black holes as X-ray binary released lines.

Separate than gravitational forces other are universal quantum two other forces that govern the entire Universe, suppose you warm a small pot of water and ad some floating particles like coffee and milk you will notice how the center of the liquid starts to spin like the milky way galaxy, same invisible energy field direct the spin of amino acids depending their variety kind of atoms in certain order of ordination conferment put the amino acid into a code that apply in the group of spinning from right to left other facing variety code order put the amino acid to spin from left to right, all particles apply principles that still not familiar to us gradually hopefully in million years we might clasp the real intelligence that exist all around us.

              PROBABILISTIC POTENTIAL of Atoms nonstop energy phenomenon   

I am the first logician that has certainty transferring information about Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. they both are immortal always everlasting existing forever their energy force does not stop, to combine together first they materialized D.E to electron D.M into Proton and form an hydrogen atom a new form of life that can live 12 billion years, D.E is a Quantum phenomenon, already all scientist except that electrons has constancy nonstop behavior this two have equal balanced interactions each can be separated to smaller particles and connected to new developed many other forms of particles inside atom. To the end of the Journey as new life form combined energy and mater duality that is a living atom reach its maturity and die or undo but each separate energy form of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy is immortal force field dimension phenomenon can continue forever. At the starting moment probabilistic potentials disassembling or dissolve through pulling force of black hole, that also are separated density acceleration of D.E and black-hole center of Dark-Matter, this original constancy interaction pulls connected elements to be separated into their original invisible form of living energy that never dies.

Sagittarius A*

Center of Milky Way Galaxy is located Sagittarius A* black hole that is 25.000 light years away across 15 million miles about 17 times bigger than the Sun. Fortunately there is new telescope system called (EHT) Event Horizon Telescope. Many telescopes distributed around the globe data from each telescope from all over the world are sent to Massachusetts MIT Haystack observatory that is super large computer 800 CPUs to analyze all data together day after day, until year 2017 they will be able to collect on grid computer about black holes event horizon activity. How does black hole operate? What it is? How its gravity operate? We have many questions. Unfortunately every time new data arrive scientist will open a new page of big numbers of new questions..

Recently scientist are noticing that black hole with its ISCO and QPO is more oval shape. According my perspectives major energy forces of Black hole are two generating charges. Dark-Matter that is the center core is clusters of bubbles inside cluster of bubbles that continues like Russian matryoshka dolls toys inside toys continuously bubble sizes starting small as 10 thousand bubbles that combine cluster of one proton that is inside the atoms, and combined inside other larger bubbles continuing to combine to larger bubbles and reaching the sizes larger than Galaxies. They are intelligence life energy forms. Dark matter can be scattered and be abbreviate as the core of all planets and stars 15 times more condense than lead but it might change more dense to complete the core of pulsar also there is possibilities to be more condensed, Dark matter have qualifications to release radio waves and low octave sound frequencies waves in billion variety levels that make other far away protons of atoms to activate their sound frequencies to be connected to rail from inertia field that fills the entire Universe. Dark-Matter gives the sound order into far accretion angular momentum. Dark-Energy surrounding the core of D.M activates as electromagnetism cloudy tunnel charges to multiply the effect of D.M sound releasing waves to tremendous strength by accretion. Dark-Energy is intelligent life force when moves in speed transforms into electromagnetism in small portions of this energy become cables of different lengths that are electrons that spin to form atoms. Each cable contain unknown multiple numbers of helix that can be separated gradually to go into the atoms vacuumed realm to join into cluster bubbles of Dark-Matter to form particles. Dark-Energy surrounding black-hole tunnels releases X-rays oscillating D.M activity to produce more radio waves and low octave sound frequency waves continuously.
Considering Dark-Matter in liquid form as core of our planet react like water level movements, Dark-Matter directs by sound frequency tone reaction wavelengths to all elements that can be connected into quantum entanglement flow gears so movement of gravity gives effect as gravity/fluid duality as some express gravity equals field theory and field theory equals fluid concluding that gravity / fluid`s equals fluids duality. I believe turbulent gravity is not the gravity by fast action with tone wavelengths connection by elements into Universal cirrus extraterrestrial time warping loop waves that are imbedded inside all universe by tiny pin point loop waves lasting effect of gravity field as fluctuation of vacuum energy warping, all this cyclical mechanism are done by effect of gravity river or gravity / fluid duality.

Observing indirect indication of event horizon or (Schwarzschild radius) is the effect of sound frequency command Dark-Energy and Matter releasing from black hole singularity tones that move into extreme bond reaction of atoms to bring into spreading apart to particles then process continues to return everything into original form of D.E and D.M, space time is result of gravitational directives to compact of these two energy force and Matter. There is no heat in black hole dismantling course releases radiation that is pure Dark-Energy electromagnetism and small form of electron helix catalysts, iron or ionized iron is already shredded inside event horizon before closing gap distance into black hole, after reaching into spin frame-drag in leftover particles that still contain joining form of D.E and D.M also disjointed to original form. Until all this is proved scientist will call this process singularity of space time.

In my article at same blog “Dark-Matter” I explained that Dark-Matter is bubbles low and high frequency sound spins with life energy, they don’t bull in gravitational order but give command to elements around them and also to far distance elements to make themselves attached into Universal quantum Ocean (UQO) of energy time space and relocate themselves into other reposition locations accordingly, same with Black hall that contains Dark-Matter center, sound command from black hole into event horizon give precision command to activate covalent bonding to be attached into (UQO) it has nothing to do with massive body, “”Black hole do not pull everything to themselves”” everything else in event horizon is directed to be connected to (UQO) some light might be effected slightly and pass away or escape, some elements disassemble totally inside event horizon before reaching to Black hole, for other elements might take longer to undue and mix with doughnut shape flow until they also return into their original invisible form in two different parts that atoms are made Dark Energy and Matter.

We can study the activity low octave sound frequencies considering the portals that are formed by (MMS) by the four spacecraft that will circle the Earth, sound field mechanic on black hole have same principle shaft yawns released from Dark-Matter core our Sun and Our Earth. It is already proven existence of gravity in the universe, in my perspective Dark-Matter is the source of low octave sound frequency tones that are released from core of planets, stars and moons, those are sequence consignments that reach as far as another sound command is facing other magnetic field that also are directed from other locations that direct all atoms protons into get into connection to Universal quantum force that are rail fields to all directions, there is a hidden magnetic portal magnetic field connected or diffused between Earth and Sun distance of 93 million miles away, protons in principle of bonding process are directed giving, if Earth`s sequences directives flow toward the Sun and Suns core Dark-Matter sequences send Bow shocks to release into elements and Solar winds they face with Earth as portals, depending the volume of the Dark-Matter volume that portal can form travel longer and further to Earth, if Earth` Dark-Matter volume was (But it isn`t) bigger volume than the Sun the meeting point was going to be closer to Sun, as you see is other way around the magnetic field meets close to Earth, Hidden magnetic portal field around Earth is mingling according to balance volume to its core mass of Dark-Matter limit go toward Earth they meet (NASA calls them X-Points)the point where portals edge are formed

Bow shocks face as a shield against on rushing solar winds in small, short, yearn and stained pulses, this reminds me Binaural beats we receive from the Universe that are also great volume of sound fields of electron diffusion signals according to Dark-Matter magnetospheres’ portals. This process is studied by (MMS) it will be sent four spacecraft that will circle the Earth to study portals, as I described in my perspective we can see the volume of Dark-Matter in other planets, moons and stars, gravity is sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter core all elements take commendation to act connecting covalent bounding that are reenergized by same harmony sound echo ( like the example I used in other articles A string note on violin starts to vibrate and make sound when outside note A reach to the violin that have same value tone condensate twitch. Same process I explained in gravity and in title our Sun.

When black hole generate low octave sound frequencies into a certain vast distance in same principle that protons are directing atoms to variety levels in fusion and covalent bonding all these process make matter to react to the sound waves vibrations to connect themselves to entire inertia field to be directed in magnetic effect either to declaring or accelerating depends what was the command from the black hole level, usually in black hole process is only deceleration command, intelligence of black hole can be changed after gobbling up matter separating Dark-Energy from Dark-Matter the new filtered force  deceleration to other far distances in the Universe. There are great interest about Black holes, many scientist add data that contradicts other thought’s to confuse everyone, in my perspective all atoms entering into event horizon and later into black hole, elements should come out in their original invisible form or any other forms that are not noticeable including light energy and Matter.
2 Billion light years away you might find galaxy SDSSJ120136.02+300305.5 Contains two binary super massive black holes side by side as big as our solar system, 2 thousand light years away, in my theory each black hole contains own private level of wavelength that might not interfere by other black hole wavelength they have their own event horizon gravitational limitations otherwise they might merge into single black hole, as you know Our tiny Sun comparing to last two black hole can effect farthest Ord in its gravitational effect how come mentioning two black holes don’t merge. Because, they continuously repel ripping their surrounding event horizon range of gaseous clouds and loose particles that are nearby.

                What effect has Black hole on our Solar System? METEORITES. ASTEROIDS.

In our Solar system all planets are connected with our Sun, sometimes we experience comets other times meteors or asteroids, their content are specimens extraterrestrial material we experience passing close to us and sometimes falling into Earth or to other planets in our Solar system, they come from different directions and velocities, some come from Kuiper belt or from Orion arm from milky way or from other belts, when passing by us, can give friction of the atmosphere showing meteor shower other times they hit the ground. All this activity it might meant nothing to most of people in reality our Universe all Matter and energy fields are connected to each other, that might have a signal or procedure that gives to our planet, nothing in our Universe move without intelligence guidance from D.E D.M They contain in their friction lights codes directives to our planet, Our solar system is one tiny spot, under control of milky way galaxy and then under control of entire Universal sound frequency waves vibrational instructions, central guidance to our solar system comes from the Black hole some release jets of light that are blasted opposite direction in and out of black hole one of pointed jets is blasted pointing to Earth, center black spot of Black Hole is condensed Dark-Matter that releases guidance geometrical guidance to all matter including our solar system.

 Previous existing compilations in fusion produced by separated helix coils from electronic cables and immersing in vacuum of atom could (D.E+D.M=H) be combines by singular proton clusters, this individual kernel pips combine into new particles in atoms, this process can be reversed, already there is slow movements of this process by binary decay and radiation but the most thrilling process is seen in black Hole Accretion tube collecting all the Dark-Energy and releasing out and collecting all the Portions of Dark-Matter to the innermost stable circuit orbit Center. So in conclusion my theory is that quasi-periodic oscillation is the main process of reverse fusion dilemma delimit in the Universe and any starting new process might be happen almost anywhere as soon reverse sound frequencies start to release their command from Dark-Energy. The entire Universe is emerged in a certain ordinance force field inertia waves distortions in the entire space that can help objects move and ripple all directions link by Dark-Energy invisible frame, all atoms that contain electrons obey that interact through frequencies and travel in this field into all direction, according the sound directive and electrons move the elements in principle of covalent bond variations, gravitational waves are directive by element`s electrons speeding toward the black hole there is no turbulent pressure. In my perspective in case there are more than one Black hole nearby it will not damage other thermodynamics and structure gravitational to collapse, keeping isolated charges by sound frequency vibrations released from accretion disk that tends to directed direction, in my concept if there would be another black hole nearby will not be effected to grab the other black hole because each have their own personal ordinance of sound vibration frequencies that will keep separate event horizons, to not disturb activity of other Black hole and survive unscathed in case they are too close by. Event horizon is active Dark-Energy in form of rotating spin of Electromagnetism, the magnetic field is generated by sound frequency waves frequencies and elements in close by Schwarzschild radius, dragging is by sound command.


Sound frequencies that are released from the core of the Earth as “Chorus” phenomena is familiar to small birds, in another chapter I explained inside the brain of animals electrons can transfer knowledge in data by stimuli inside the brain same communications are used thorough sound frequencies in the Universe between stars and planets and atoms, Earth`s core contain intelligence force by Dark-Matter, early in the morning the changes happening is declared by the core, birds hear those sound frequency vibrations and mimicking same variation of “Chorus” melody that we can realize as sound and enjoy hearing every morning.

Recently NASA Radiation belt storm Probes mission (RBSP) instrumentation captured event of magnetosphere emit radio waves-Phenomena nickname “Chorus”

In another subject according to my perception I represented my viewpoint that Black Hole releases sound frequencies to dismantle atoms by reverse fusion all in electromagnetic vibrations, sound frequencies activate process in gravity and in repelling force field barrier, the protection earth assemble in its surrounding is by sound wave or radio waves in Earth`s magnetosphere sending “Chorus” gravity influences for coming energetic charges particles with atoms by sound wave procedures that earth releases they avoid collision to earth, the sound waves acts energy directive to rearrange their heading of geomagnetic storm in negative and positive wave forms as we notice these warning effect by aurora borealis and in the south aurora australis, floating plasma star wind particles redirected by sound to avoid collision to Earth and by sound all stars and planets are directed by Universal sound procedures that I mentioned in other notes. 

                                                      WORMHOLES AND PORTALS.

Gravity lies in same theoretical principle as concepts portals process that recently mainstream science is starting to discover, in my perception the entire Universe is one large field of extraterrestrial environment like our Ocean space that control everything by “Tone reaction” frequency tone field sound waves, gravity is connection of elements to that field back and forth in invisible field space time vortex, entire Universe is one large plate of portal field of X points diffusion regions that drag force frequency to connect element to distorted locations in inertia flow, of course supplementary human nature compulsion can make object relocate in this atmosphere as well. According to Mainstream science wormholes and portals as X-Points are reconsidered very large electron diffusion regions, some are short-lived portals others are giant vast and sustained, also they believe that wormholes are opening connections to other dimensions, scientist already are interested by MMS (Multi scale Mission field) US will lunch new missions to detect electric-magnetic phenomena over Earth’s atmosphere where connect to the point where Suns gravity point reaching of uninterrupted path, two atmospheres come to a point where smash each other, NASA also planning to launch THEMIS spacecraft’s with European Cluster probe to collect additional data in this concept.


Many scientist with good reputation have some sort of permission to present science fictions as theory, some consider entire life forms and entire Universe as a hologram including black hole with its dark spot considering fuzzballs, they predict that center spot of black hole is impenetrable, for example if your  body reach into black hole you might be transform bodies into copy of yourself, from one form of hologram to another hologram that will stuck forever embedded into the surface of the fuzzball, this pesky paradox fuzzball was originated in 2003 probably by Hawking or Hawking theory. Some others added more interesting theories on that talking about strings of fuzzballs, because black holes are so far away many fuzzy perspectives can be presented as theories but still will remain under umbrella of science fictions.

In my concept understanding true nature of reality must consider everything to unveil reality, gravity field perception is connected to electric-magnetic charged commands that are released to direct elements to be connected into large field of extraterrestrial flow, already our solar system and entire milky galaxy is obeying this command to move into directives of universal sound frequency waves inside space time vortex, axes gyros to drag is already supreme force field that available in entire Universe, distorted elements to be connected by sound capacity to open and close pin points for element to relocate inside the Universe, magneto portals are like tiny star gate that present sound data to elements and elements on their own releases tone reaction to be connected to Universal atmospheric extraterrestrial environments new continuous locations penetrating into where it leads to, if the object is located in Earth’s gravity zone of course Earth’s magnetic field has the last word on tiny elements to be considered and near Black holes the situation also is the same but sometimes certain properties of gas and wind receive not bull in command but to push away far from black holes gravitational field by Universal space time portals.

                                                              LIGHT HOLES

Central collective point of Dark-Matter inside the Universe might be collected in large spherical blob that has about 1.8 billion light years across that look emptiness because Dark-Matter is invisible force field bubbles, Astronomers call this location “Supervoid” that is cold blob and Dark-matter do not consent heat to pass through its force field the light passing through, Dark-Matte can change its density any moment so whenever lights are passing nearby forms of longer wavelengths lights effected from the  cool territory, corresponding to cooler temperatures some call the cold spot. Inside entire Universe all atoms with its particles dismantle especially inside black hole, Dark-Mater that is one of the major component of atom collected through invisible spherical flow, like going through wormholes all portions of Dark-matter are collected in Supervoid center large structure inside the Universe. 


Black Hole can transform into extremely luminous Quasars, which are redshift electromagnetism that is Dark-Energy, with radio signals as Dark-Energy as speeding electromagnetism energy build up around the Black Hole and continue by an accretion disc, Dark-Energy transformed into an Quasar extremely luminous redshift source, the operation as Black Hole will be interrupted as transforming into new Quasar and continue to operate until the Dark-Matter gradually disappeared through opening of the bottom opening clumps,

Deterministically there will not occur any two sided hull of chafing for Dark-Energy on both sides, only one sided scraping will not produce any new hydrogen the continuation of process Black Hole is interrupts because of Dark-Energy low octave sound frequencies scheme will be changed by new radio wave signals in new practice of communiqué far away stars and surrounding elements. Operations of D.M sound variation and D.E sound tones will take into new levels that will give different results.

                                                          PULSARS AND NEUTRON STARS

Regarding some scientist viewpoint they describe that pulsars is the remnant of exploding stat or Super Nova. In my perspective pulsar already exist in star even from beginning of its existence of the star, that’s how it is formed, as I explained before Dark-Energy when move in speed become Electromagnetism, when crash into Dark-Matter clusters of bubbles, immerse in and start to swirl over portion of Dark-Matter splitting as core, spinning force is natural action of Dark-Matter that small portions serve as electrons, so they are born with spin characteristics. If we consider spinning Dark-Energy gyration after Super Nova, it will not make any sense, the rotation is there before anything and this principle theory exist in all Universes atoms, Black Holes, Pulsars, Neutron stars and everything is spinning characteristics. So in conclusion gravitational collapse before Super Nova explosion will not remain Neutron Star, will not start spectra flow of electromagnetism over Pulsar, that still containing core of Dark-Matter and was not affected by the great explosion, regarding the rotation of electromagnetism over Dark-Matter core can verify as the mass size of the core, starting with pulsar when gradually bubbles of Dark-Matter divide to tinier bubbles dispersion from the core, variation in volume of the core and categorize the Neutrino from Pulsar, as the core start to shrink the electromagnetic spin exceeds faster observation of spectra get intensely.

Depending the stage form of invisible Dynamic-Energy if is in invisible state or materialized form of electromagnetism same with opposite force Dynamic invisible matter that can release perplexing gravitational clutches from their soft touch form going into dense compressed form that might be millions times more dense than Lead density, combination of this two and different volume balancing quantity can give a position to be called either Planet Stars Massive stars Pulsar Neutron star stellar corps Diamante stars that are carbon and oxygen Super stars Quasar and many other forms of mass objects Black holes invisible Black holes Grim reapers, as I explained originality of all matter and forces are from origin state of Dynamic-Energy and Matter (Dark-energy and Matter) any Enigmatic explosion as super nova reverses some of the volume of the star into its original form of D.E and D.M but black hole is the one that reverses totally matter into originality into invisible D.E and D.M some atomic particle can show the stages of returning to first form Gamma rays X-Rays Sterile Neutrinos and helix's are portions of electron before totally returning to their originality existence forms. Many other subjects still is measured, like invisible Black holes all matter in the entire cosmos have two ways in by D.E and D.M forming Matter and reverse out returning to their originality D.E and D.M

                                                      KAPRIELIAN`S RADIATION  

Gravity exist not only when mass is nearby, inside vast areas of emptiness gravity also exists through Cosmos singularity field. My perspective Cosmos is controlled by Dark Energy Universal quantum flow in time zone field all revolving movements, all planets that have equal combination variations of Dark Energy and Dark matter they rotate in same manner no matter where are their location inside Universe same with star composite forms in combinations of matter energy variations same with other star formations including black hole energy formations of sound frequency powers, regarding other forces that are controlled with quasars to be synchronized space-time that show aligned rotational axes rhythmic motion, synchronized they move like one body though in far distance separate locations, somehow gravitational lensing are aligned precisely, according to their extends of balanced portion with Dark Energy and Dark Matter compositions, planetary and star formation spheres as it shows with pulsars and neutron stars they all fall in their individuality groups categories to spin in aligned precision by space-time flow according to their dense dimensions.   

D.M is invisible force, spread in the universe. Black Hole inaction starts, when other large bubbles of D.M multiplying force of Matter concentrated as Black hole state. Like the exemplary caterpillar. Similar Silk worm rotating, cocooning phase, billions of years, swirls; the mouth is Black hole. Unfamiliar situations, inaction stage clarification. Two kind of invisible forces join in Universe process pure energy. Blend of D.E and D.M. Produce (hydrogen) Einstein theory, E=Mc2.  Where did E originate? We know DE+DM  exist 96% in the Universe. By Kaprielian`s Radiation theory DE+DM= hydrogen, extreme pressure in the star, E develop to helium and so on. Momentarily atoms start as hydrogen. Once big quantities are develop, still big volume of separate D.E, and, D.M Bubbles exist in the stars magnetic energy, to create dense physique. Continuing to process E, Energy. For billions, of years, production of hydrogen continues. And as soon developing, E slows down helium fusion start to produce carbon. D.M collapses to combine  as core. D.E combining all atoms separate from D.M and Stars develops into big red giant Star around  space of D.M. D.M collected in the center core area, Repels surrounding D.E. Match dimensions DE. By surprise DE collapses to pulsate in with all force reaction on D.M the blast is called supernova. Some portion of, D.E left over the D.M core, since particles of D.E still embedded on the surface area of D.M. D.E circles around the core, this state is called, Pulsar. D.E mass like a small bubble spin around the core, pull everything with tremendous gravity force. Later on pulsars also demolish when D.E is totally left D.M core this state invisible D.M peculiar new form, Black Hole. following to the example of a earthworms, Black hole collects all particles on location area (warms collect nutrition`s it slurps then digest, same with black Hole. By Super Gravity force collect more D.M from neighboring stars, pulling them into the Hole. Spinning like a cocoon, disassemble atoms, the particles are the grain of D.M invisible Matter, send through the hole. On the other hand, Electrons D.E of the atoms separated and run to opposite gravitational direction of black hole, blown away. The consumption takes time and the produced frequencies can be registered by the sound of pulse tones from Black hole waves depending its digestion of mass elements, Some in the form of X-rays, energies D.E go to join to other location or stars in Galaxy, D.E separated sideways, to unknown location. They never die. Change forms to different energy. Two directions are the following. From the Black-Hole released production of pure Dark-Matter continue to flow downward like a beam connecting all the way to other Galaxy like a vast bridge D.M invisible cloud like unseen Dark-matter bubbles. Hydrogen is closest form to D.M because it contains only pure D.M in the center core of the element and can give the effect that vast bridge between Galaxies might be hydrogen but is not. Only pure Dark-Matter, And likewise from top of the Black-Hole separated Dark-Energy flows to other locations of same substance  to be united by same original energy assets D.E

This two energies can create their own new scale theoretical principles and they but always under control of Dynamic-Energy, it has for many years we learn that black hole can only draw things in and never emit things out but this don’t apply on black hole because they are unpredictable, already black hole gulp all matter nearby in range of event horizon separating all atoms and their particles into original two forces that everything is created, actually separate mass of energy either invisible Dynamic or Matter energy can flow out in pure lump either in massive pulses of X-ray energy released from Dynamic-Energy or to be collected into center of black hole as Dynamic-Matter. In future we might register great outputs from telescope array called NuSAR, NASA always is active to spot new details about black hole. All existing matter or force is under supervision of grand Dynamic –Energy Vortex mechanics making all movements into coil form starting from black hole movement all the way into galaxies stars planets atoms amino acids DNA tornadoes snow flake you name it, all are moving in coil shape orderly mathematical vortex form in same supervision extraterrestrial energy directives that is Dynamic-Energy that is starting point of everything including life that also atoms have different form than biological life forms in other energy field circuit and atoms operate communicate with sound frequencies change their characteristics apply principles and live 12 billion years.

In many occasions I presented that atoms are combinations forces of Dark-Energy as electrons and Dark-Matter invisible bubble clusters as proton, by behavior Dark-Energy reflect through electrons, for example considering similarity between Exciton and black holes, if electron in smash to engagement unfastened loose keep the flow somehow around tiny bubble of invisible D.M keep the center as hole in this form is called quasiparticles or Exciton since electron and proton combine together forming very tiny event horizon and center black hole combining as a single particle, this tiny model is small scale of gigantic scale of black hole, two major forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter react in the same behavioral synchronicity inaction. 

Black hole operates in a mechanism that is very strange to us plus it is too far away to analyze all the details, sound gravitational effect between event horizon borders up to Accretion disk elements are directed by perplexing gravitational clutches, in my concept elements diffusion region happens inward migration of atoms into doughnut shape to be dismantled in quasi-periodic oscillation or Accretion tube sound frequency wave tones by D.E and D.M generate diffusion region, after everything return into original state and go through black hole the light that D.E produce that light bending general relativity has no effected by Black hole heart core of D.M will be released in strange light shift as spotted emissions of X-Rays they will be released, if we can use the word corona like the one we see on Sun in same approach on black hole can be seen lighting material are released by coronas from the center core that is not effected by Dark-Matter black hole core and escape to other direction than inward to the core, so Dark-Energy is detached at released to original form and Dark-Matter is collected as core of black hole. In my assumption black holes can orbit as any star or planet keeping great space of its capacity pull accretion region and do not merge with other black holes keeping their personalized sound frequency pattern to grab only certain regions that are fixated with their sound tone wavelengths’ that also might be apparent horizon, it does not interferes to merge into next nearby orbiting black holes, keep orbiting one each other always keeping safe distance locations.

So black hole center is not infinite density singularity, and never escapade for new big bang, as we see there are no any new big bangs inside Universe and never was any. Dark matter can generate from center of black hole sound frequency tone reaction to guide all particles nearby direct into quantum entanglement flow time zone field making seem that gravity is at work being connected into vacuum energy warping oscillation to be directed into event horizon accretion then into center part of black hole.

I believe that Black hole gravitational command can pick or release mass according to volume and whatever star enclosing releasing to be left out, any passing by star that is in varsity to grip first star or planet meanders toward the black hole at that moment it can be excluded released or pulled in into black hole to be shredded into elements later into subatomic particles in the end it reach into last stand separating Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter invisible state, so according to variation of individual frequency tone reaction of Black hole nearby star can be slurp some of its gas volume but later can be released encompassing from sound directives from the black hole.

Quasars are quasi-stellar-radio sources with extreme light projectors that can contains more light than entire galaxy, as we know black holes do not allow light to escape that will make more easy for us to figure out if quasar is near by a black hole event horizon or boundaries. I believe black holes are not center of extreme gravity pull-ups, they only command by sound frequencies to make elements grab into Universal Cirus extraterrestrial fields connecting by a knot each proton and electron into Dark Energy of entire Universal field lensing. As I repeated myself several times two or more probably many clusters of black holes can be near each other orbiting side by side twirling around each other and never combine into one black hole. Hubble research data shown about 600 million light years away inside galaxy called Markarian 231 where is located two nearby twirling black holes or double black holes where nearby quasar is revealing precisely their boundary or two event horizons, are they going to collide? No as far as million light years enduring their distant separately though they are very close to each other, also I described that black holes are the center where dark matter are condensed separating protons from atoms returning protons to their originality invisible dark matter coexistence, released from dark energy spinning electrons, where electrons also return into their invisible originality as dark energy leaving black holes as X-rays or lightning’s, regarding paradox that black holes probably is a way to escape into other dimensions, that impression will make mystery straight into more confusion. Nowhere I read or heard that black holes can be each other without blending into each other, this is based totally in my perspective probably someday we might find great numbers of black holes side by side without disturbing each other, regarding the fear some bringing out about Cern Hadron Collider that will create an tiny black hole that will swallow our planet, I don’t believe that because Dark Matter and Dark Energy or other form of life in reality they have the originality of life making everything else to exist also they have intelligence to react in practical by divine behavior to keep harmony in our surrounding to preserve all this precious planets we have in our solar system.

                                  I BELIEVE THAT GRAVITY IS NOT A FORCE

For many years some scientist teaches us that gravity is magnetic force pull everything toward a mass object, on that false principle they teaches us that the Sun pulling our entire solar system together  to stay an same bends, planet Earth is pulling the moon to stay on same bends rout. In my perspective as I repeatedly mentioned gravity is not a force it does not pull other mass objects explaining gravity is sound frequency directives that command other elements to be connected velocity trajectories into accelerating by connecting to invisible force field that embedding the entire universe some call it fluctuation of vacuum energy warping, as I explained in the beginning of this article giving example of Sequoya tree moving water molecules on top, the traveling line that we call it bends are already flow of knots that individual atoms or big mass of atoms as planets and moons get connected into invisible force field knots of space-time that make it seems like gravitational lensing, in reality elements are grabbing into extraterrestrial field of warping loop, it has nothing to do with bending line, this particular path are directives from Dark-matter by frequency wavelengths commanding nearby elements to grab into knots of great powerful field that is Dark-Energy that accelerating velocity trajectory, that is cooperation rout between two forces of Dark Matter and Energy to particular orbits, otherwise Earth already grabbed the moon long time ago and Sun grabbed planet Earth long time ago. There are instances where an asteroid or meteorite falls into Earths mass gravity pull if it comes very close but mostly they pass nearby planet earth without being captured, not effecting by Earths pulling force or above mentioned factors.

Black hole can pick or release on sound command connecting volume mass into quantum entanglement. Any approaching matter elements or gas clouds, first get closed by pre destined speed direction swing nearby event horizon, black hole sound frequencies can generate connection of the elements to give new connection of remaining compact position or send it away by difference connection into quantum entanglement, so every object that reach event horizon does not have same conclusion they can swing away leaving event horizon changing its velocity going away from black hole to other locations in space. For myself I don’t mix or except the theory that black hole only pulls in gas clouds or planets stars when they approaching into its center, it might also repel in some instances and effect matter with new speed directives according to sound frequency tone reaction wavelengths.

I believe that before me no one talk about this issue. I presented that gravity is directives from Dark-matter into elements to be entangled into quantum energy warping, each black hole has its own sound frequency fields that do not interfere with other black holes Planets and stars apply their own sequencer precisions in rotations and applying the rout of directives according to personalized gravity field inside universe, it is known that pulsars have enormous abstract gravitational strength but they do not grab any close or nearby planets pulling into pulsar, that`s why we can see some planets standstill nearby pulsars or stellar remnants that pulsars do not gobble it into its mass.  

Inside Cosmos there is a larger invisible volume of quantum entanglement hologram spring harmony that is everywhere probably you notices no matter how much more bright stars are entire universe look black like the bright light is disappearing after a certain distance somehow during their trip neutrinos  dissolving to be consumed by other unknown energy as we feel on earth continuous sound like microwave in the entire Universe, this is force effect of Universal time warping loop that is part of quantum entanglement fluctuation of vacuumed energy that’s why universe look dark.  

Not only large mass are penetrated by sound frequencies to grab time warping loop as fluctuation inside Universe but also tiny individual atoms and molecules in space, we can call this molecules celestial object that are enigmatic molecules that also cooperate with sound frequency directives and have nothing to do with greater volume mass of galaxies and stars, those molecules can be detected looking into star lights that gradually diffuse into interstellar bands that are called DIBs, in standard method of atoms theoretically in space they grab and form one mass when same kind atoms are very close nearby, same with gas molecules in small difference this molecules on their own can be found dense in certain regions or scattered to be lonely far away from stars and planets or galaxies in space. The complex form of celestial object react according tone reaction of sound frequency wavelengths that atoms contain, second other sound frequencies that reaches them to direct connecting into Universal Cirrus extraterrestrial field, atoms are other form of living things same with stars are collections of atoms and two major energy fields of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, life is everywhere inside our Universe.

As I expressed in many occasions center core of any star is a pulsar or neutron star depending variation balance between force level of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. To prove my perspective try to look into black hole in a time where a star is pulled into oscillation limits to be disseminated, you will see peeled stars or planets going into this process will become bright as soon material on surface pared, at that moment pulsar or neutron star will be seen before star getting into supernovae stage level or explosion. During devastation of the star when drifting close to black hole surface portion of star begins to leave earlier than star core to be snacked by black hole to devour completely. Before remaining portion of that star reach into same position it bright neutron or pulsar brightness will be seen in the space vacuumed atmosphere, is such action occurs I will be more positive that center point of all stars and planets exist a neutron or pulsar or quasars or other bright forms as core, but the brightness is not for the reason of Dark-Matter but because Dark-Energy is spinning over core Dark-Matter creating friction wave frequencies sound tone reaction.

                                              GRAVITY /FLUID DUALITY

Sound frequencies direct all elements near event horizon to be connected into Universal Cirus extraterrestrial loop or idealized spring sole harmony, as soon each particle get connected to Quantum entanglement each release tiny turbulence, collectively like a great mass of fish moving into this directives waves splashes, all elements collectively release fluid-dynamic duality a great holographic turbulences, as I described in my perspective gravity is a field theory that connected by sound frequency conjecture wavelengths showing Fluid-Dynamics that bring, so does gravity is a river? No, connection of elements to Universal timing, warping show effects so close to example of salmon fish, how they demonstrate coming to shore t flap waves to the shore making wave oscillators, same effect elements create through Universal warping loop entanglement inside event horizon field of fluctuation vacuum of black holes. This is my conclusive standpoint theory.

In case any moments two black holes reach too close it might be possibility to emerge or swallowing or swinging away into Universal quantum flow time zone field, dense complex individual structure of dark matter knot is twisted and release sound frequencies in twisted forms wrap spiral action in sound tones wavelengths, so center twisted core of black hole either can release sound lensing effect to other objects to swallowing or slinging away process called frame dragging and center core contains eyebrows smaller group versions of dark matter bubbles, repeatedly I stated that invisible Dark Matter bubbles are force flows that can expend or shrink and complex form just like cosmic set of Russian dolls one inside the other and so on. Also I described that not by gravitational force from Big bang but from entire expending Universe is connected into a field of gravity process by dense knot of space-time, all sound tones that are released by Dark Matter can connect elements into lensing effect of high gravity system that we experience in inertia movements right on Earth, all process of frame dragging in black hole converging binaries are the effect of sound tone variation in frequencies released by bubbly eyebrows of Dark Matter.

All the light that is registered by some astrophysicist have chance that might be misleading, estimated calculations regarding volume of light from Pulsars Quasars Neutron stars release light or photons. My potential by same principle that as intergalactic hydrogen there might be also spreader Dark-Energy force field in the cosmos that also produce light independently materializing redshift electromagnetism, some predict that decaying Dark-Matter can also do that in reality proton Dark-Matter do not decay but can only return into original form by disassembling atom particles into original Dark-Matter bubbles, atom particles can decay but not the original two forms of D.E and D.M, so we will find extra light in the Universe beside the light that other heavenly bodies produce. Science calls this short form of photons underproduction crisis and waiting for new data to keep them out of confusion. 

At present it`s too hard to analyze planet Earth that we are stepping on, still we can’t determine 100% everything involve with our planet, to analyze strictest form of Quantum determinism too far away about Black holes is complex issue. Respecting all combination theories of quantum mechanism also considering general relativity hardly reach far away any black hole in physical sense. Wave function that I reach into far as possible to event horizon only front side and sideway of black hole leaving behind black hole no any gravitational activities introduced will grab by sound frequency function of tone waves as far from the, till now everything I heard a fundamental postulate of quantum mechanics of wave function collapse are referred quantum sense was only from one side and sideway, starting point from stationary limit surface we reach into ergosphere then into event horizon till it reaches in distance of Schwarzschild radius into singularity that is surrounded by Accretion disk coming from the  surrounding realm of black hole and was said nothing about backside black holes pulling unitary operation, in my viewpoint collected information’s are implied to conserve new quantum sense that gravity is generated sideways and front to event horizon because the sound tone procedure was directed not to back side of black hole or as we call it Gravitational spacetime distortion, so surrounding this portion that is called Quiet region negligible gravitational influence does not pull in gravitational effect by space time Distortion into any random directive procedures, because the gravity effect is through sound wave function to postulate quantum mechanics, as soon leftover particles disassemble through Accretion disk after traveling almost in speed of light in dusty Torus passing through thin hot Accretion disk Dark matter mix without any bang to singularity Dark-Matter collections and Dark Energy force is released by X-rays with radio lobe into two opposite direction to front and Back side of black hole, pulled in atoms and particles don’t collapse or snow crystals fall as clouds in Broad-line region (BLR) to flow inside Accretion disk, any already dark matter bubbles that are separated can go into singularity section, inward falling particles either output particles or parent particles have to go through same rout line into disassembling. Accretion disk because they already have disassembled as elements, just like clouds fall to din into other matter except some tiny portions of atom particle flow in spin inside the doughnut shape Accretion disk will be the last process to separate this main life force energies D.E and D.M till atoms are totally pulverized until particles dissolved to their original form of invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

Collectively till now all theoretical versions by science about Black hole is not matching we can hear many skeptics about event horizon Quantum mechanics that do not match with theory of general relativity, Black hole cant gulp certain croup of wind dust as I will explain in my next article NGC 5548 nothing should escape from black hole Quantum fluctuations leaving potentials for wind dust to escape repelled and yet is powerful to grab light beam rays into its gravitational attraction only on front side event horizon, in my perspective sound frequency tone waves direct each black hole by individuality sound codes to form demand on far away elements to be connected to Gravitational space-time distortion that don’t effect into nearby other black holes and the effect is only frond and sideways of the black hole not to back side or behind. In between any other Black hole to a major big size Black hole do not combine together sound frequency originality command do not interfere to other sound command keeping their boundaries until to the end of their Schwarzschild radius to invisible sound walls have wavelength spikes that keep other sound tones into their borderlines until up to the edge of their own oscillation, so in my perspectives Black holes do not intermix to combine with other black holes.

In my conclusion entire cosmos is one energy field of Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) anything moves or exists is in control of Grand power Dark-Energy that can bounce into dominant dynamism, science mentions speculative Quantum theory, regarding mechanism process of Black holes in my perspective there is no equal size of black hole by White holes the entire cosmos is one large widespread force of Dynamic-Matter, black holes do not store extensive volume to release their innards’ of Dark-Mater and Dark-Energy and releases as soon atoms are dismantled by doughnut shape accretion disk disassembling all elements in the end elements will be released in invisible form pattern, light fluctuation patterns will show all effects of the flow of energy, uncompleted atoms will continue to spin inside accretion disk almost close to light speed till they also return into their originality invisible forms of Dark-Matter and Energy, as soon elements are swallowed by event horizon region till end of disassembling process, preliminary atoms fall into event horizon till they reach accretion disk spinning flow of electromagnetism after separated protons (Dark-Matter) go through Black holes and Electrons return to their original form showing light X-Rays returning into invisible Dark-Energy.

Directives of gravitational flow cannot run alone it need sound directives that is based on electrical current, Black holes also contain Natural altering current that operates with sound frequency wavelength pulsates like Perpetual motion holder (PMH) gravity length is connected to event horizon by helixes current screwing  opposite current to direct all far away elements to dissolve their particles into original form of energy sound and electrical energy are based with double helical structure the one we see with opposite flow of amino acids same with DNA an and sound frequencies collectively generating magnetic current and gravity.

In my conclusion that entire Universe is guided by Sound frequency wavelengths vibrations, ordinance exists on all matter and mathematical energy by invisible mechanical power inside Universe including life force that can accommodate including black holes with perpetual motion with complex intelligence similar to binary codes combinations tones, as I described Dark Energy and Dark Matter determines intelligence life force with their differences of frequency and vibration, all cyclic patterns are guides by this two energies to guide scalar waves. Nonstop cyclic pattern of scalar waves generates portions of elements to grab into Universal quantum flow gravitational lensing by Dark Matter vibrational flow and Dark Energy oscillation inertia field. Some call this activity pastiki phasing (process of light flashing similar to energy patterns) Entire universe controlled by this two forces of D.E and D.M directing light sound and vibrations controlling largest galaxies until to smaller volumes of matter including atoms and particles, all elements participate to submit directives from Universal sound patterns to shape or form into molecules and evolving any mass volumes that exist inside the Universe. Some conclude that Gravity started to form all matter in my perspectives sound frequency waves from D.E and D.M control everything including gravitational wavelengths implementation of atoms, putting together DNA and all other biological living forms and other living things, atoms are not biological life forms they are other form of living things, atoms contain two distinct life energy arrangements D.E and D.M. hidden parallel forces release vibrational frequency rate by all cycle of creational intelligence pattern scalar waves that geometrically form all matter. Invisible Dark Energy and matter without exertion or any demurral conditions they comply order either working as atoms or energy or as a big force field of black hole. Inspiration ordinances unspecified D.E and D.M switch all activities inside cosmos for time indefinite. 

                                               MY WITNESS NGC 5548

In my perspective Black Hole operate by sound frequency directives generating all other elements and particles to be connected to Quantum Ocean field of inertia gravity space time, some call this concept as worm hole, if black hole is uncontrolled gravity it should pull everything matter or wind, when astronomers record data from NGL that lies almost 245 million light-years away inside constellation Bootes where the center portion as large mass 65 million times of Our Sun, Galaxy located, this Black hole is blocking 90% of X-Rays that should be emitted by this super massive Black hole, observing the view surprising data shows that not only all matter were pulled in at the same time some winds were blowing out, according to scientific collection Black holes should not blow and suck at the same time, scientist are concluding that those gas inside the winds are so powerful that NGC 5548 cannot pull in, if that is the case NGC 5548 should not be called Black hole but it is. So in my perspective NGC 5548 is releasing command only to certain elements inside its range event Horizon and skipping messages to other portion of elements inside its even horizon, this is very harmonious to my theory of space time command by black holes releasing frequency tones as command so other elements take action to be connected to Universal space time giving effect pull of gravity. Regarding Dark-Matter that is the center portion of Black holes in condensed form is also center of all galaxies are based scattered or expended form of Dark Matter bubbles as core

                                                            Radiation Belt

All atoms combined represent field of gravity like bow shock of solar system or in galactic forms each planet or star contains radiation belt move very hard to notice, regarding Earth`s encircling belts you will find doughnut-shaped rings similar to black hole accretion disk around our planet this flow is generated by two poise forces, as I described in other articles core of the earth is made of positive energy Dark-Matter in variety of condense form inside the core D.M is hundred times more condensed than surrounding form of D.M that has the form of liquid they generate sound frequencies spontaneous way in physical process that always follow to guide all elements in our planet in covalent bonding sound frequency regulatory, sending into planet and its surrounding, wherever Dark-Matter exist her is surrounding balancing procedure by Dark-Energy that have negative energy doughnut shape radiation belt ring positive ions of high-Energy electrons that are Dark-Energy and they travel almost close to speed of light, this rings are two or more that surround the planet reaching from 1.000 to 50.000 kilometers overhead Earth`s atmosphere. Sun is 93 million miles away too far from this radiation belt but sun also have his own radiation belt that is also Dark-Energy mixed with high electron particle positive ions, as I described earlier in article “our Sun” center of Sun is pure Dark-Matter surrounded by spin of Dark-Energy that also is surrounded by grand volume of Dark-Matter as the sphere of the star. In same process those rings also have 3 levels in radiation belts, the belt that surrounds our planet the middle ring is not very clear to only briefly might appear once a while in many years, always radiation belt contains negative ions as Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter always contain positive force field. Earth follows in fast orbit 108.000 Km/h. Our planet spin 940 million Kilometer during each orbit, during entire trip, when Earth is far from Sun it is called “Aphelion” in early July, when Earth is closest to Sun during “perihelion” some that happens every January energetic positive ions can be exchange with Sun`s radiation belts move, entire our solar system is connected by their radiation belt move process, in 365.242199 one solar day all radiation belts adjusted according to Bow shock of rest of solar system and our Galactic bow shock measures

Entire Universe is embedded in some sort of quantum realm invisible force field than is stable unless certain tone sound frequencies are released by Dark-Matter core of all planets, moons and stars that activate to change the positions of elements in covalent bond principle that look like gravity but it is not it is just connection to inertia into flow of quantum realm. There are other theories or perspectives by scientist such as particle physics and particle accelerator, but I will stay with my perspective sound tone wave codes can generate connection between atoms personal field connecting into quantum realm inertia force field, in other instances I also call it invisible vast Ocean of our Universe, all stars, Galaxies with stars, planets moons also smaller object and dust share harmoniously the space field they all are connected under supervision Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. Border line of event horizon there might be found its own radiation belt, all planets stars galaxies also our solar system has its own radiation belt, with black hole it is different variety bely that contain high energy particle some sort that will not cave in into black hole this energy belt gives effect of a firewall invisible particles on the border of event horizon that is its own radiation belt zone.

There might be supplementary energy procedures that are not familiar to us, works like low octave sound frequencies and response or put into action protons from elements to attract like gravity but is not gravity is other magnitude form of pull influences and direct the mass nonstop into the direction of Black Hole, even before reaching the entry of Black Hole access the electrons already escape from surrounding atoms to sideways and parting protons to continue decent into Black Hole.

Sometimes we receive from intergalactic radio burst as far about 9 billion years ago or less in a few milliseconds, if our sun try to release such powerful waves into radio waves across the Universe it should collect all its collected energy during 300.000 years and release in few millisecond. Some might object to permit me to express myself evaluating happenings without mathematical number equation to consider a theory but scientist have all the consent to evaluate matter without mathematical equations, in this situation some scientist envision that probable an neutron star that are called Magnetars have falling into an black hole and releasing those tremendous radio-wave burst through intergalactic distances. In my perspective Magnetars don’t contain any neutrons they are not neutron stars but Electromagnetism that can be generated from Dynamic energy burst that is also called Dark-energy force field spin other force field principles that are not yet familiar to us. It can be frequency force field cores that don’t exist in our vicinity local groups and cluster of Galaxies; still we are not familiar to all Universes.

As I overlook earlier in this post, any substance matter elements disintegrate before reaching into black hole, they don’t explode as big chunk, elements already demolish or disintegrated or separated, atoms that are collective of D.E and D.M combinations are released from joining together in my theory from electron and protons by sound frequency dialog revers activity in covalent bonding and separating Dark-Energy from Dark-Matter before reaching into the core of black hole, so in my conclusion large form of stars and mass never reach directly into black hole core but before reaching there dismantle by sound frequency waves directive tones until they reach much closer to black hole. Any elements that completely still are not separated as particles of atoms they are directed to doughnut shape tube around the mouth of Black hole for final process of alloy purity composition of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy amalgam.

Dark-Matter was created in the beginning; you can read about this subject in the title Cornerstone of the Universe in my Blogs. Dark-Matter is located everywhere In the entire Universe there is circulation of starting points for Dark-Matter from coalescing as protons in atoms besides other combination of particles, then undone by Black-Hole later reviving into new stars combining with Dark-Energy fabricating hydrogen. Because it is a large flow movements of activities entire Universe is grouping of attachments all matters and Dynamisms like cooking in one large boiling pot, that give more potentials that by sound frequencies they all are connected to each other, all we collect is just a humming sound. 

I described earlier black hole dismantles Dark Matter from Dark Energy into their original beginning structure by energy force field from of Dynamic Energy, according to viral thread two of NASA`s space telescopes including the Nuclear spectroscopic telescope Array observation shows massive pulse of X-rays energy spewed out Markarian black hole 335`s corona. The energy that is released is from doughnuts shape event horizon not from dense core of black hole that is pure Dark Matter invisible bubbles but in surrounding flow still many portions of Dark-Energy still is connected into particles of atoms that have to be separated, when the phase come to that point they are separated and released. Other moments released X-rays are not much noticeable in limited action but it is released constantly.

                                                           HOW STARS ARE BORN?

In the Universe there are 23% of Universe is invisible negative mass magnetic bubble of Dark-Matter or D-E that can stop light and heat to go through them composed by individual Bubbles each over billions miles wide collection of billions crowded pushing each other by gravity, similar to the shape of pomegranate, pushing each other like pips or Kernels of pomegranates. Each individual bubble of Dark-Matter is also is crowded Trillion times trillions continuously trillions times of smaller clusters of pomegranates crowded in smaller circles, to make it easier to understand, this latest portion pomegranate shape sphere that will be crowded inside with cluster of pips will be used to serve as one proton inside hydrogen Atom. Divided parts of Dark-Matter spheres that will be included in Atom also are cluster s of smaller pips or kernels pushing each other by gravity. Black Hole is pure condensed Dark-Matter.

Also in the Universe exist opposite field 73% Dark-Energy it is invisible electromagnetic positive energy force field that can be serve as electrons in very small portions, Dark-Energy or D-E can travel in the cosmos as Galactic or Stellar winds. Separated from protons by dismantled atoms by Black Hole, Dark-Energy by opposite values before reaching to Black Hole move sideways by great light effect X-Rays like Heliopause and interstellar medium or {ISM} Dark-Energy go through the Black Hole and collectively join to the big group of other D-M bubble mass.

When Dark-Energy whirl in great speed in the universe and suddenly crash into a great crowd of Dark-Matter bubbles, go in certain notch or indentation and start to twirl inside the bubbles, this reaction push most bubbles whirl around the domain circle create chromosphere the way we have our neighboring Sun all Bubbles separated from core portion Bubbles serve like honey comb organized surrounding as umbrella covering to not allow Dark-Energy to step , meanwhile in convective zone will be tense environment when Dark-Energy spin on D-M center condensing Dark-Matter as core. This rotation will be spin pattern in long period astronomical time D-E will rotate on core like Pulsar, because it is covered by surrounding Bubble chromosphere it will be covered, meanwhile in my theory that is explained in another chapter D.E+D.M=H hydrogen will be produced in this twirl inside the new born star by saturation rubbing and struggling spin By D-E on D-M and even later start fusion and great heat will be generated, like our Sun generates 27 million0F. surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles as chromosphere will not allow heat to pass through but some limited portions of heat will slip through some less crowded areas and show the tensed external layers through spots or penumbra loop or some call it dark spot crust, D-M bubble will close the hole tight and look dark on the star because heat cannot penetrate D-M and show no heat effect, but portions of trillion tons of matter and gas will show out by flares those cracks will be stopped not by surface crust but inner dense crowded Bubbles of chromosphere. Some stars are Billions times larger than our Star that shows how big those collection of Dark-Matters can develop in Universe and number of Galaxies and stars can show us how many stars there are still new ones are created in same process. All this are my logical viewpoints and I have to wait until the scientist for the answer. If they agree to my theories. Meanwhile universe is my limit.

Theory of Black-hole is fundamental physical constant. If science penetrates all information about Black hole entropy it will be like knowing everything. It is too far away to analyze all the details but scientist can measure Plank1s constant or reflecting the size of energy in quantum mechanics all the energy between proportionality constant that are released sideway from Black-Hole, also the electromagnetic radiation charge plus the X-Ray crystallography measurements related to Planck constant. Noticeable facts are the speed of light vacuum going through Black hole direction also it swallows matter in the neighborhood even whole stars. Matters before reaching to Black hole atoms basic properties dismantle. Brocken-down atoms are called “degenerated matter” Tiny invisible bubbles of protons dismantle to basic properties then return into original form of invisible Dark-Matter Electrons basic properties are energy matter filament cables that stripped into light then take down to helix strings later intricate to original form of Dark-Energy oscillating string theory can explain the energy that separated by holographic principles. Possibilities of thermodynamics can be available. Usually many occasions scientist commented noticing light reflecting from Black hole in photoelectric effect that can be emission of electron separation from protons that shone sideway from Black hole molar volume. Continuously big mass of matters are cleared the area around itself. It`s spiraling produces X rays and release sound tones constantly.

                                                                  HOW DOES A STAR BORN?   

My study about Black-Hole explained how Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Atoms became degenerated turning back to invisible D.E and invisible D.M big cloud bubbles. Dark-Energy that also is electron cables are accelerated as electromagnetism through space. In the vast Cosmos when traveling Dark-Energy dynamism wavelengths hit into big mass of Dark-Matter it penetrates almost to the center of magnetism force take control and surrounds the opening, inside it might resembles as indescribable large pomegranate fruit shape sphere with bubble D.M each several thousand million miles big. Electrons circle in the big bubbles circling in the sphere center portion photosphere will be created by separating big mass of bubbles of D.M from the center core. Electrons are trapped in extreme and cannot leave the surrounding layers of D.M bubbles, so D.E circles around the core like a pulsar, rubbing to each other two matters produce hydrogen as I mentioned in my “Krikor” theory ( D.E + D.M = H ) (Dark-Matter + Dark-Energy = Hydrogen) Under the surface of star photosphere many bubbles of Dark-Matter push each other to not allowing heat to penetrate by making a fence similar to order like inside the pomegranate fruit orderly raw of kernels or pips, but each bubble pips several thousand miles wide holding and pushing each other tight clustering together several layers. Inside the sphere inner part of convective zone. D.M do not penetrate heat or light that’s why 2 million 0 F lowers down to 6.0000 F until heat reaches to the surface. Flair explosions on the star are leave 50.000 miles dark spots darkest patches because Dark-Matter bubbles come to the openings and block the exit and looks cooler than 6.0000 F because D.M don’t penetrate heat and light, cooled down elements scatter around the surface of star as a skin covering but that portions have nothing to do with protecting release of Dark-Energy to scatter just lays on surface of the star (observation by NASA`s solar system probe also reported that even big invisible bubbles jets out of our Sun) in my view they are Dark-Matter or D.E that might leave out if the dark spot hole is not big enough to cover the exit hole so they are gone out. This filtration of D.M allows small level of heat and light on the surface of the star, deep inside the star pressure builds up and more by fusion even more variety of elements are produced, Life cycle of the star continues as long it can produce basic hydrogen first then to fusion to new elements if not it goes to be a red giant.

                                                           SUPERNOVA STELLAR BLAST

As I explained formerly how the star forms in another chapter, showing that there is a pulsar in every star having core of Dark-Matter spinning Dark-Energy surrounding the core adjoining surrounded by greater volume of bubbles of Dark-Matter. D.M are large invisible condensed bubbles similar to pomegranates that are over billion miles in diameter, contain pips or kernels that also contain smaller in sizes other similar bubbles pomegranate clusters and so on continuing the process to smaller and smaller , until reaches the volume of proton inside atom that also are clusters of other kernels
Regarding my theory Dark-Energy + Dark-Matter) D.E + D.M= H (Hydrogen atom) Inside a star in process always continues by conflicting this two energies and producing hydrogen so can be fusion into other elements in instance heat and groping by intense revolving of D.E is also field energy of electromagnetism but in small forms are electrons, D.E rotate around D.M core, this spin patter will be produced in this twirl inside convective zone inside the star by saturation rubbing and struggling spin By D.E on D.M and even later start fusion and great heat will be generated, like our Sun generates 27 million0F. surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles as chromosphere will not allow heat to pass through but some limited portions of heat will slip through some less crowded areas and show the tensed external layers through spots or penumbra loop or some call it dark spot crust, D.M bubble will close the hole tight and look dark on the star because heat cannot penetrate D.M and show no heat effect, but portions of trillion tons of matter and gas will show out by flares those cracks will be stopped not by surface crust but inner dense crowded Bubbles of chromosphere. So my question is what will happen before a star ignites as supernova? According my theory, there is always one pulsar in the star, but when the time come that some D.M bubbles separated from the combined cluster core are detached they also become smaller pulsars and create greater penetrating pressure in the convective zone, this process will expend the volume of the convective zone making larger and larger by other new smaller new pulsars rolling over the center core of main greater pulsar, this process will create more cosmic rays and subatomic particles to be prepared as a b red giant to gigantic explosion or stellar blast. After supernova explosion everything over the main center core of the pulsar remains plus connected spin of Dark-Energy that are pertinent to the center clusters of Dark-matter core, almost most of convective zone are lost in the blast by gigantic explosion creating many new elements that are rare and in limited numbers like Gold and palladium uranium gold and many others

So first state of Dark-Matter is scattered bubbles that are not condensed, as soon as Dark-Energy go through large cloud of Dark-Matter giant and stay in center section of the matter start to spin on portion surrounding Dark-Matter it becomes core and form into star it don’t have a internal structure because Dark-Matter is invisible bubbles in bubbles like the description Russian toy I gave in the beginning of “Our Sun” post, this center position is a Neutron star hidden inside all-stars, by processing first element hydrogen it generates nuclear fusion into other elements, when star expends into red giant and claps it makes no any effect on neutron core, only by losing other field of Dark-Matter that was surrounding spinning Dark-Energy the core of the new form neutron get denser by faster spinning excess pressure of Dark-Energy and neutrino hidden star on open now becomes Quark star by getting denser by faster spinning of surrounding Dark-Energy that is helix condensed lightweight particles as light, as I described earlier by additional pressure from D.E. Dark-Matter can change its dense form to more denser state  becoming constituent quark, when the time comes to make faster spinning supernatural state quark becomes a black hole always having no any internal structure in all form of core and later as neutron star, quark and latest black hole.

Smallest fraction of force, can be noticed between the, fermions and boson. The gravitational field started when DE notch saturated into DM, and all rest of particles, products, excess force of DE and DM. integer spin particles are result of, continuation energy produced. Particles of photons can be affected by gravitational changes with DE produce new forms, like gluons the W and Z particles all kind of particles. Even radioactive radiations, X-rays radio waves, when Radiation is like the effect of kind of fermentation energy. DE gives different type off excess particles than DM. During dismantling process of atoms, searching realistic on natural laws some can reduce to mathematical equations. All do not match in numbers. In my Theory “Electrons control Matter” Tone-Reaction (Low octave sound frequencies connecting to inertia gravity) control Mass, It will be explained in other chapters. Obviously too complicated, and we don’t have the complete picture. The way scientist look to a matter differs, same view can give different prospective. As example; two people watching, a fast running train. Witness number one in a flying airplane, watching through the window, hardly noticeable. Second witness is watching up close to the rail track. Train is passing by with thunder vibration. He feels great horror, with great, emotional sense. Same action, give other sense of feeling to the person far in the airplane. Since 500 years, humans started to be able, to look around Universe. Still very limited, short sighted and black Holes are too far narrow way, and inadequate assortment of information`s. A game children play telephone lines, whispering to each other ears, don’t end exact.

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