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Anti-Matter and Our Universe, Gods mind


Till now all we have is human mind. Scientist speculating Anti-matter Universes theoretical particles are responsible for Fundamentally D.E Electrical and magnetically properties Matter and antimatter annihilate each other on contact; my theory antimatter is the same matter in protons, by selected particles of, D.E (Dark-Energy) where they exchange position with particle of protons, different functions arrangement of atoms convers. Electrons are part of condensed qualification of Electromagnetic properties, they take direction according to tone frequencies in lower octave note pulses and Atoms act accordingly, when sound command changes the rectifying properties change of direction of Electrons backward circulation to anti matter. The position of protons or Dark-Matter and the position of Electrons that are Dark-Energy, like diodes principle repel anode and cathode principle definition, this reaction build tremendous energy annulation. Inside all atoms comparison to the protons exist vast space, for example when we enlarged billions trillions times an atom in our mind making an atom as large as 10 floor building, protons still will look as big as an one sand dust in the fifth floor and electrons as one particle of white sugar dust, circling up from the top of the building down to the ground level spinning around, by other subject I explained that from great numbers from inside electron cable helix braze separating singular helixes go in and join with one or two parts from Dark-Matter pomegranate cluster pips from the proton to form a new particle and act doing its part in that great emptiness it releases sound notes frequencies that echo in the round ballroom that covered by the electrons all around, the sound might seemed as emergency sirens with difference that coming sound have its vibrational divisions by great precision accuracy relating declaring the forms that included inside the atom hall, some might that the sound that a metallic wire can produce when tightened and hit to it by a scratch like the Spanish guitar, even the violin wiring does make sound notes. By the way if the violin is not playing by anyone and equal value of “A” sound tone reaches the violin from far away and the wood of violin sense the sound tone value note the wire in same extension position of the same value ”A” sound note start to be happy and start to vibrate on its one and start to produce same sound on the violin you might thing that someone pinched the wire, but no, everything done by itself atoms that consist the wire they start to vibrate making beautiful sound “A” Entire Universe make sounds in low octave sound frequencies because stars are made of atoms. Still they ask the big question where all antimatter is. Certain studies might help to other finding. We don’t know yet.


Entire Universe is composed of Normal-Matter. Basic starting matter for Dark-Energy is invisible energy of some sort not understood completely by humans, after it materialize to electron or electromagnetism matter and be mixed with invisible Dark-Matter materializing the force also combining to complete hydrogen atom in my. D.E+D.M=H “Krikor theory” after atoms live 12 billion years and go through fusion later on get old and die or become “Degenerated matter” cable electrons can divided or separated into anti-particles if they misdirect the flow direction into filaments releases radiation and gamma-ray and light X-rays and many other energy forms to return to beginning starting point. When atom dies, normally electrons become invisible Dark-Energy and Protons become invisible Dark-Matter. In my sound tone reaction theory I explained in Universe all matters lined and directed by Universal low octave sound frequency tones. Starting helix guidance to amino-acid combination DNA linings helix and atomic bonding patterns are guided also in pressure fusion transitions all by sound tones, even the molecules are collected and held together by lining electron circulations that obey principle of sound keeping together in covalent bonds. What will happen when atoms disobey or group of electron helix linings go opposite direction? and oscillations strings gravitational power misdirected producing other form of energy matter. For physics this is an unsolved problem handling antiparticles that developed is called baryogenisis.

Scientist call it WIMP (weakly interacting massive particles) considering that this particles have own antimatter partner particles, adding that when they meet they annihilate each other to be destroyed releasing one pair of daughter electron particles positron in the process but still astrophysical source have no definite verification regarding this theories an indication that they have something new. In addition AMS experiments at Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and CERN (European Organization for nuclear research) also many other location they have detectors around the world to find more details about D.M.

Also in South Dakota 4850 feet underground scientist trying to collect neutrinos checking how they are changing into double decay, as I described my viewpoints. when Universe start developing there was only regular matter without counterpart antimatter, all operations inside atoms are done by low octave frequency of Dark-Matter that is the core of atoms as protons also other sound frequencies that range all mass of Universe to directed one part of recommendation sound waves, second balancing dimensions comes from Dynamic-Energy that which the small part of it is electrons, any moment when the sound wave pulses are receive opposite spin directives either from D.E or D.M the electron transform whirling principles and all particles circuit sectors inside atom to change their spin of new diagnose balancing chattels to become antimatter.

Still some believe that Anti-Matter is totally from other world because as soon people believe that big bang was and will remain as a theory that is based on fairy tales that originated matter and anti-matter without consuming each other at starting point to confusion point that regular matter survived anti-matter, more confusion is added by Fermi telescope considering “twisting” of gamma rays signals that were showing left hand magnetic orientations far inside Universe. It is defined that inside universe many galaxies and stars have been developing at this point of time without any help from so called fairy tale big bang. My perspective Matter and anti-matter asymmetry are the same concluded two forces energies of Dark-Matter and Energy that form an atom guided by low and high octave sound frequency tone wavelengths to balance their formalities and communications as atoms also release same sort of tone reaction, matter become anti-matter in any split of second when sound frequencies change their spinning directives to opposite injunction volume remains same only spinning form with magnetic field twisting is changed to become anti-matter, electrons on matter spin right to left changing into left hand orientation makes matter into anti-matter, Entire Universe is imbedded inside extraterrestrial field gravity field of fluctuation that apply all principles of hologram on metrics that also effect in warping loop that connect particles into quantum entanglements, everything I mentioned here is effect of Dark-Energy, Dark-matter send frequencies to matter to apply connecting into vacuum energy warping or into harmony oscillation. This entire body of energy is in command of Dark-Energy some naming primordial magnetic field.  

According to my lookout Dark-Matter bubbles are living energy forces they are proton bubbles inside bubbles that can expand and when surrounded by electron shrink still keeping bubble form clusters. Dark-Energy also is living form of energy that also is electromagnetisms and electrons in small volume, Dark matter have no antimatter potentials only the electrons have by reversing their spin by sound tone command, electrons cables can be divided to outnumbers of helix coils and mix with singular or croup counterpart cluster of proton bubbles to form particles inside atoms, in reverse antimatter reaction they too can detonate to new route’s, time will show and new data will clear out all this misperceptions, my approach is just logical presumption’s still scientist approach are not yet definite time will verify the reality.

In my perspective matter and anti-matter have the same mass almost identical, both are combination of D.E and D.M their magnetite in charge because proton and electrons have balancing the outcome only difference is electron cables are spinning in opposite direction than matter elements major gravity dominating charge is from protons that are Dark-Matter if complete form of Matter and anti-matter meet they annihilate each other, if they instantaneously can destroy each other how come scientist believe that Big bang explosion started by Matter anti Matter mixed Bang , when no any matter exist what is exploding? Invisible Dark-Energy has no any mass? It is invisible and has no body of elements to explode since there were no any Atoms created yet, I believe that up to major gear changes that atoms transform into anti-matter is guidance by Universal sound command and sub-atomic particles transform into opposite mechanism thou in same quantity mass of D.E and D.M completing new subatomic particles. There is a particle called Marjoram fermion that are exotic particles can reverse the volume of matter into antimatter, in my perception atoms have in their possibility to reverse atom into anti matter the key process relies in sound variation tones from outside to order activity of atom to transform into anti matter.

Other partickles are called Weyl. Electrons are sum of multiple clusters in great numbers of smaller electron fields that can be separated into helix later on they can form smaller energy portions of Weyl Fermions forming massless particles, as soon Weyl are separate from elections carrying charge as well and they go randomly faster than electrons 1.000 times faster. Electrons spin one certain spin direction as soon certain coding sound frequencies get trace they spin opposite direction to transform atom into anti matter, any moment electron hit into other mass they can’t overcome obstacles but Weyl can go around every obstacles before touching foreign object they escape with intelligence behavior traveling through or around obstacles, there is a scientific field called “Weyltronics” random movement cannot generate opposite force as electrons do to complete changing from matter into anti matter, Weyl activities can be observed only inside wonder-material graphic or inside crystals because they don’t have mass but crystals can help to make patterns visible.

Regular matter or atoms contain Dark-Energy electron helix cables that spin swirling around the protons; they create new particles inside atoms form by coalescing with protons that are cluster bubbles of Dark-Matter. According to malleable combination all particles produce electrical currents and magnetic bonding flows according to balancing combination between Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, the spinning helixes are considered neutrinos when divergences or separated from electron cables released to their own path or any course, regarding antimatter the electron cables take into opposite spin swirling on protons any separated helix from antimatter electrons act as positron, when they take their individual path flies away until it collide into any other atom that is regular normal matter, the normal matter electron rejects coming positron by counterbalance jerking and eliminates the positron equally destroying opposite spin regular neutrinos, releasing their polarities. This two opposite field forces can release more energy than usual atomic detonations. We will not see beyond of the spectrum of our eyes, or notice this singular potential but by sensitive instrument can notice the crash by gamma ray flash that are released in the field. So in my conclusive only opposite spin electrons that separated from the cable electron becoming positron are the main energy disturbed opposite to normal matter is antimatter. Opposite spin electron helixes become antimatter positrons.      


Atoms combine main to energy and matter forms of D.E and D.M electrons spin on the vacuum of protons with electromagnetism chattels once a while some of the helix that helix separated from other millions of energy form cable electron and go inside the vacuumed space of atom they always spin itself as helix and spin form the way procedure was done in electrons, they go in and contact with separated from cluster protons some bubbles of Dark-Energy and complete an particle to be adding on other balancing particles to be directed into fusion, all helixes spin and circle like spring to regular Swirling, as soon new sound frequency are released either from Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter or from both forms the spin helix that are part of all other forms in atom they all start maneuvering and spring form is reversed to opposite directives, same atom or same particle right away forms into Anti-Matter of that material particle or atoms.

                                              WHO PREPARES ANTIMATTER?

Usually scientist refer matter of atoms calling particles, customarily entire atom is invisible two main combination forces Dark-Matter bubbles as core that is invisible force field, surrounded by invisible forces of Dark-Energy that also in action can be act as electromagnetism and electrons, as soon electron spin around dark-Matter they form matter atom. This two energy forces contain intelligence and life plus those portion of electrons can divide into smaller portions from electrons we call them helix portions go into the empty space of atoms and join into separated portion smaller bubbles of core protons combining form another form of particle inside atom either neutron or one of the many names science uses that are particles of atoms, any smaller particle that form either inside of bubble of Dark-Matter or surrounding portion of particles electron helix spin from left to right as outer spin form indicates of atom to be same spin matter form normal atoms we know. As soon by sound frequency new tone wavelengths command either by Dark-Matter or Dark-Energy the spin of electron can be reversed and that certain atom become Antimatter, not only outer spin of electrons change spin directives but also all other smaller portions of helix follow to make particles inside change reverse commands, just by kick of sound tone frequency wavelengths any matter or atoms can transform reverse flow changing also all other smaller particle to use the same wavelength personality directives. By volume of two energy forces of atom Matter or Antimatter have same volume of energy difference in between one have reversed root of electron not only around proton but also with every individual particle functioning standard behavior flow directions making entire atom to react as Antimatter counterpart against normal atom that they can eliminate each other forms but the energy of Dark-Matter and Dark Energy are not destroyed they just return into their starting original invisible form, yes the entire Universe is made from this two form intelligent life form energies can control how much Antimatter is needed or less.


All atoms can live about 12 billion years and all are operated by Universal low octave sound frequencies, invisible Dark-Matter have aptitude can be separated to smaller bubble portions in cluster bubbles, after materializing they transform into proton bubble clusters packing some small form of their intelligent capability to the center core location of atom that will be operate as big number of bubbles clusters as proton. In another topic our Sun I have explained in my perspective how atoms form inside stars and inside our Sun.

Electrons are invisible Dark-Energy force field, first step change he can transform into electromagnetism, other form can be transform into visible electron cables of helixes that have contain intelligence and life force energy, can see and record data and spin around proton always keeping a great distance in between, once a while by fusion helixes might separate from electron cables and go in to join with one ore group of proton bubbles to form a new particle inside atoms can go in charge of protons.
Electron helixes always by outside sound frequency waves have directives spinning on itself and the whole cable electron spinning around protons, any moment new sound frequency waves can code to change the directive into opposite charge and quantum opposite direction of helix spinal movement and form that atom into antimatter counterpart with the rest of atoms that are in matter state. Electrons keep their e+ symbol. But it will change when it forms p- when forms into anti hydrogen. Main difference in matter atoms and anti-matter is the direction of quantum spin by electrons directives according new codes of low or high octave sound frequency waves. In one of my other articles (black hole) I am explaining how all particles of atoms can return into their original invisible state. In my other article (Cornerstone of the Universe) I am explaining how all matters existed.

 Scientist notice in Universe once a while elements in cosmos act as anti-matters and degenerate releasing gamma-ray flashes it happens daily noticed from Earth about 500 terrestrial flashes daily. Some elements tired almost warned out elements that are released from the Sun come close by to Earth most of the exhausted Atoms that become anti matter are those elements we experience. Explode and release gamma ray in extreme power.

We know if we warm the metals by fire they soften up, loose their tough hard standards, and when give more make them happy they start to dance, more heat they jump around and fly away, but we don’t know how to make the metals weightless. Back in history people move 1000 tons of stones rocks for construction purposes, no one knows, in our time recently someone builds the stone garden. Ancient coral stones called the coral castle. By Edward, a Latvian immigrant lived in Homestead Florida. Moving transforming stone as wait less objects, working by night alone, took his secret with him. Look at ruin in Baalbek Lebanon, also in.  

Ancient history in Egyptian arts can prove they move thousands tons without using modern tools. When we Heat Atoms they liquefy, loose their tough personality, by giving more heat, metals rejoice jump and dance happy, more heat they fly away. What stipulation can make float, we don`t discern yet, how to make matter or stones drift, or float. It is a practice has been used before. To find answers is not preserved for one nation but for all. Contrary to belief, nations are not the enemy indeed discriminations and nationalistic greed selfishness object stop good outcomes. Nations oppose act of genocides but if the criminal is an allied nation, and geographically they hold a strong position and still deny the Genocide, politicians cover their eyes and ears and mouths soundless. Silent like a rock to show their feeling of their hearts.


Surveillance the Universe, creation or existence, discovering everything, preliminary point of history, till our present-day, by men of religions, philosopher, theorist, dreamers ,logician, all have their own views as well. They studied the Atoms and quarks the planets, observation and viewing the Galaxies, even happened by watching wrong end of telescopes. We like to know how they existed, or build. One way to look, is to break them to see what`s inside, values make sense. The one, who made tape recorder or musical instrument, is very possible that he can hear, and has the competency to create instrument, feel the necessity to make it available. Delicate Cartier watch cannot be designed on its own. When we study a human cell or a plant cell, are more complex than the Swiss watch. Watching everything, by scientist prospective, from present to past backward, the potentials to find principles and theories Masons protons electrons how they exist, and started to operate, calculating from present back to history, how did it all started? Truth seeker uses all wisdom comparing to logical viewpoints, analyzing with principles of physics. Albert Einstein following theories base standpoint stand many years. E, energy started to produce E=mc2  Now several scientist don`t favor. Albert stress dominant force week gravity, he did not say much about electrical structure and electromagnetic forces. Albert Einstein concept of gravity is wrong; gravity becomes repulsive instead of attractive, in far distance. Certain theories were accepted up for many years. Like Big Bang, various consider it so confusing; even right now new stars are developing, without Big bangs. Of course we can try to calculate nuclear architecture without seeing what inside atom really exist. Use our common sense. Scientist noticed DE in 1990. When Scientist studying Supernova explosions and brightness. They noticed everything in space expanding, every object moving increase its speed, by 73 % in Universe uniformly affecting the Universe by Dark-Energy. All agree expansion galaxies in Universe, Stars receive accelerations some sort, similar on Earth we have inertia, reinforced by DE. Also they detected, less mysterious substance Dark-Matter 23 % in the Universe, stops reflecting, and block the light of the Galaxies. Scientist approve this two forces, exist, we all backing those discoveries. Gases and Galaxies are only 4 % of the Universe.

                                                    NEW STARS DEVELOP

There is some similarity between electrons and human hair string. Hair is like a cable shape it is included many thinner narrower strings it is connected but also can be separated of single keratin cables also they in their part can be separated to thread of filaments rays disulfide bridges, those portions also separated to amino acid helix roles division and separation can be continued same with electrons invisible Dynamic-Energy it return to be light until to its original invisible Dark-Energy D-E form. Electrons travel like 1/10 to velocity of light or about thirty thousand kilometers per second, mass of electron is D-E it is so small comparing to proton, only 1/1836 that of hydrogen protons or D-M or Hydrogen ions. One portion of proton inside a hydrogen atom is like a pomegranate cluster with many kernels seeds or pips. Large scales of Dark-Matter are Bubbles are each one are Thousand million miles wide round collection of millions are clustered in different locations in Our Universe. When a flow of Dark-Energy land by force into these large bubble mass go in and start to circle around a  very small portion of mass bubbles that becomes core as pulsar activates, other bubbles of Dark-Matter surround the Dark-Energy as spear shape prison forming a new star, mixing DE and DM develops Hydrogen atoms and start fusion process inside the star. Excess matter elements inject out to be covering the star. Similar to shape of pomegranate fruit inside condense of bubbles fences layer upon layers same with Dark-Matter bubbles in a star, my notes how a star is born explain this section

                                                                     Who is GOD?

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