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Many people experienced life after death experiences, mostly in hospitals, doctors pronounce the individual dead and after a while the patient came back to life and told everyone that he or she felt  that traveling into a light tunnel, the light getting brighter and sunnier as traveling further, possibly telling the truth that’s exactly what they experienced. Some even go further telling that they went to heaven or hell or flying around and even went on top of the hospital, watching the surrounding neighborhood, I will try to explain mostly the first portion of experiences.

                                           FIRST WE HAVE TO KNOW HOW OUR BRAIN OPERATES
Let`s go into the brain of a person. Human brain contain over trillion of neuron cells they don’t touch  each other, but communicate across the synapse they are like library memory  banks, male brain is larger than female brain  but to be large doesn’t make someone wiser or smarter, female brain contain more synapse and nerve cells than male brains, blood vessels length inside brain can spin around Earth four times  principle of our body developments cells live about seven years, brain can store almost 2.5 petabytes of information's. Before a cell get  too old and pass away, more than 50 % of our brain is made of fat, in my perspective smell is low octave sound frequencies and scent make deeper emotional and logical impressions because sound waves tones make more impressive developments in brain activities for example rosemary herbs can trigger make the brain function more accurately, right side of our brain involve with emotional and visually coordination  aspects it also regulate left side of our body same left side control the right side of body activities and control rational, logical thinking activities  transfers all hidden information`s data into a new born neuron cell by a connection wire called Synapse, new thoughts in our brain produce new connections in the neurons and register new data in new memo files, reading out loud make develop more accurate memo in neurons it is not easy task when our brain can make about 70 thousand thoughts or considerations each day  each neuron have about twenty synapses, they are not connected to each other, but up close serotonin sections, information released or transferred through vacuum space to deliver information bubbles called synaptic vesicle that releases neurotransmitters into next, process some are very long go all  the way to the center control in the middle lower sector, of the brain. Certain portion of brain handles different controls like in process of laughing five different areas control the activity. Probably you have tried when you hold magnifying lens and show the light to nearby white paper or the wall coming view print upside down, same with our brain it see upside down and later figure it out for us to clarify our surrounding views. I will explain how brain cells release low frequency electric circuits from atoms for its own use and all its receptors collectively can generate enough electricity to light a bulb, neurons don’t contain any sensing receptors it is possible to operate the brain while people are awake. Neurons need oxygen like all other cells, in case less oxygen enter to brain stimuli circuit will have traffic jam and release disorderly pictures that will confuse the individual consciousness, same kind of less oxygen states can be felt in high gravity like mountaineers feel sometimes weird visions. 
One thing for certain no matter what race is your background may be your language differ from others but you express in the same approach how to cry or lough or show fear, your face muscles react in the same manner in expressions.


Atoms communicate with sound frequencies, cluster of atoms unite into harmony sound dialog to release messages. Inside the human body trillion of trillions of atom clusters have to reach into a conclusion to release harmonious into unilateral message by excepting vowel gradation of echo vowel harmony, according to individuality of DNA atom clusters in vowel harmony progressive or regressive harmony, so atoms already contain multi number synonymous expressive communication lines that we call it language or tone reactions. Atoms keep constant harmony sound frequencies to be connected dialog with DNA of individual person where they represent part of it. In other words, atoms contain many form levels of languages and they feel in control to use what level of communication vowel gradation to use inside the brain, human brain will be recognize atom thought only when atoms are communicating the individuality harmony of integrated way. In my perspective all languages that are on this planet plus all communication activity signals between fish, insects, birds, animals and all sort of thousands variety of human languages and dialog, atoms can interpret all sort of languages that are based in multi layers domains.

In Genesis 11:1-9 biblical verses explain that 5000 years ago people spoke a single language, as Adam and Eve were speaking, fragmentation of human languages started in the city of Babel as soon God commanded confusion of tongues. (Purpose from God was to spread people on planet earth but Babylonians build a large city and try to live only around its vicinity) when confusion of tongues happening the activity was to generate atom clusters of certain groups to use different level of modeling  subcategories of languages from their level domains to particular domain that already exist and are printed inside atom clusters, assimilation of sound vowels became adjacent to some nearby people were able to understand integrating way to specific grammatical suffixes with progressive and regressive harmony, each word trigger assimilation in a vowel, all data are already print out different diagrams in schematically in different diagrams, atoms clusters release sound, hearing some other language you might realize how musical sound vowels play big part in their expressions with grammatical assimilation that are controlled by atom clusters according to individuality sound harmony of the person.

Structure of a typical neuron starts with the nucleus central part of the cell connected five Axons segments and ends with Axon terminals, several synapses that connected to the cell are not really connected, there is a slight opening in connections not touching to each other, but transmitting information`s vesicles with neurotransmitters, that cluster beneath the axon terminal membrane.
Some people who are experiencing last moments of their life when not enough oxygen going into their brain, might imagine other deceased people or angle forms standing by or see other old friends that they care about, their own brain start to do confusing things. Structure of a typical neuron starts with the nucleus central part of the cell connected five Axons segments and ends with Axon terminals, several synapses that connected to the cell are not really connected, there is a slight opening in connections not touching to each other, but transmitting information`s vesicles with neurotransmitters, that cluster beneath the axon terminal membrane.

Some experts consider that brain has three sections, main larger section is the (1) Neopallium also called Neocortex that is two third of the brain some call it rational brain that thinks speak languages, solves problems reasons, other portions is its process, sometimes might overpowered by other two section with emotions and fears before making decisions. (2) Archipallium section that also birds and reptiles have the same function to control body parts in breathing heartbeat so on, always ready to defend itself. (3) Paleopallium Mammalian brain also called Limbic system, that concentrate about mating or food and also thrill to violence, closest to this compartment to man dogs have same similar feeling by their own similar department in their brain.

There are other sections in the brain to configure and adjust to take last decisions after analyzing full details to conclude resolutions. We have to try to understand our brain; the way they work we prepared a tool to operate like our brain that is only a toy that is the computers.

Computers have their own language or alphabet they are numbers 01011010111 they transfer. The brain has own Exocytosis communication system, brain wiring triggered with other cells by inter neuronal chemical synapses Ca2+ signaling electric pulses, or electrical stimuli. Network communications and pictures are translated to this electrical jolts to send information`s to long wiring system, as soon they will be connected to neuron cells first they are translated to chemical signals or molecules tones. Packages that are called vesicles created inside neurons mixed protein and lipids to be delivered, that components of the cell membrane, axon terminals provide translating jolts into serotonin or synaptic vesicle to be received by neuron cells, later again chemical signals tones translated to electrical stimuli. To send back on same tunnel other electrical impulses, or details besides frequencies of elements. In my other post in this block “Language of Universe” and also in post “Universal sound” back up my perspectives regarding other communications between atoms and other electrical energy in D.E  D.M pulses. 

Computational do not contains biological knowledge emotional behavioral consciousness are not enclose in computers though computer contain data plus entire internet on this World might contain 10^19 ten billion computers with many transistors that are not connected permanently can’t integrate consciousness, all active electrical signals are not connected into biological sensing cells, main intelligent force in cells are regulated by DNA that are regulated by water molecules, as we know water molecules have memory qualification and water molecules are basic activity that contains into two major forces inside universe Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter as explained in my other posts atoms contain portion of this basic forces of Universal D.E and D.M Electron helix contain memory metaphysical energy sufficiently releasing consciousness that can be transferred only through connection in complex information-processing system especially with brain cells that contain biological properties. All atoms are interconnected because all atoms contain this two forces D.E and D.M by sound frequency tone waves they all relate data to each other but only water molecules have easy connection of data into insect plants human animal and other form of biological forms as if enough collective cells are joined as complete complex system form Universal consciousness can be expanded through this cells, Universe contains all form of time energy and matter, there is supernatural intellectual guides that formed into all Ecosystem elements, they contain information-theoretical great measures, human brain with complex quadrillion synapses and neurons and other form of cells inside brain collectively get connected into water molecule intelligence self-recognition personal sound harmony and adapt knowledge to postulate  their own personal consciousness initiative comparison with expanded consciousness with water molecules that range the major capacity of human brain. It has been tested, anytime collapsed bubbles underwater with additional sound waves it has shown light was produced, because water molecules can start separation of helixes from electrons that show in light variations, water molecule clusters form as a bubble, same manner our brain can harvest electricity from water molecules inside our brain.

The process in the brain done by its own electrical language first then translated to flesh cells all are done by stimuli. That’s why some people can experience their thought and other of other people conversation before they talk or express because already stimuli’s are transforming information’s and some can also rebased from the brain into their surroundings.

Electron are different kind of electrical stimuli diverse circuit force energy, inside human brains communicate by electrical impulses across the synapse like library memory banks go through axon terminals transmitting information`s vesicles with neurotransmitters by electrical jolts to the entire brain circuit, this circuit carry information motion pictures data about smell temperature feeling and register emotions, everything humans can see and feel can be registered in those sparks electrical jolts recordings in full detail and transform information’s to other locations that have the capability to registering ascribe by same principles pattern jolt impulses electrons have the ability of all those capacities. In reality our mind or brain is fundamentally incompetent without the flowing stimuli to understand it. Whole brain should be active and harmonized to collect awareness but need the wisdom from electrons and protons that complete all cells as neurons and synapses exertion tunefully. Sometimes human feel very bold to analyze our brain in reality we are just opening the first page of a million page encyclopedia  

Our brain operates about 1 % that takes care everything we do, it can store big number of data information’s. There are 7.5 billion people on Earth, if each person collects or adds books from 15 libraries all information’s, altogether total information’s from entire people of the Earth each one adding 16 library information’s all collected into one person brain all data will fit without any problem, that much knowledge our brain can handle inside trillions of neuron cells. That will be over 255 Exabyte’s data.

                                                                            ALPHA BRAIN WAVES

Atoms contain electron cables that contain very big unknown numbers of helix jolts I call them stimuli each carry signals from neurons through synapses vesicles to other locations, some experts call this neuron transmitting waves variety on names such as Beta, Alpha, Gaba and Delta brain waves, but I will present it with my perspective, every signal stimuli have its own separate grouping of messages that Centre of brain analyze and take into consideration. According to experts Beta brain is the thinking ability brain-mind by rhythmic pulses and vibration according to personality sound harmony including meditation and awareness and direct inner awareness controlling sleep cycles messages metabolism relaxing ordinance, in this section habits with addictions are also included group that accumulate into our perspective and personality, stimuli are released to the body from the brain down through the neocortex by jolts cognitive information and receive with same line messages by stimuli from other billions of cells in back to the brain, there is a section in the back of the neck that measuring device certain priority messages to come through into the brain in every second about 100.000 messages are permitted to reach into collective of beta brain waves.

                                                                        BETA BRAIN WAVES

While Beta waves are operative other form of signals that don’t interfere to Alpha waves pulses that also sends through brain into neocortex and receive many big numbers of enteral body sensations under the skin plus other pain sensing centers of course those messages are not clear but Alpha waves interoperate all coming messages, suppose by surgery doctor release sensing portion on top of the finger to the bottom part, after healing every time the person touching the top of his or her finger on top sense that the bottom part is touching. After sensor location is moved on the body still Alpha brain wave keep the location patterns same.

                                                                      GABA BRAIN WAVES

Next we have Gaba brain waves that collect and keep our emotions and moves us to express ourselves according our emotions and feelings it is connected to our heart that is Centre of our emotions can force us to bond with others plus it is our inner personality internal connections emotional foundation that we reflect and become very disturbed if betrayed by people that you focusing your sincere intentions with worm feeling and emotions, second great task that Gaba brain waves control is food intake what goes in and out our diet and appetite to choose variety types of food preferences of taste and likings.

                                                                           DELTA BRAIN WAVES

Fourth brain waves are Delta they also are stimuli and do not interfere with Gaba, Alpha and Beta brain waves. This signals operate with mind awareness sometime you scratch certain part of your arm there is no any pain or happenings but all of the sudden you act to touch, it has separate mindfulness that can be categorized into other form of sensing like consciousness, cognizance, alertness, responsiveness, attentiveness and sentience, regarding the last one wakefulness delta can be in stage where minds awareness is mixed between sleep and alert at the same time, still the mind has many other forms of stimuli activities on their own private personalized level fields that still not recovered but we can see the effect of our mind how complex it is and operates very smooth in harmony of low and high octave sound frequencies connecting to the Universal language that I have described in other sections in this blogs.

Human brain operates through stimuli electrical jolts that transfer information, these stimuli go further far from individual brain and get in touch with other human stimuli thoughts and return; this is how Dogs communicate with humans also babies in younger years that function is more penetrating.

There has been experiences that human brainwave communications become more active when their pet is nearby connections of human stimuli communication with their pets active circuits for example a man in New Mexico that has Alzheimer’s and he lost his speech but whenever his dog is around by he regains capability to speech again, somehow dogs brain paths moves the flow of men`s circuit inside the brain, as I expressed in other times the main brain inside a living thing is the in the volume of water molecules that keep memory and data and transfer into humanoid brain circuits into complex physical cell order with neurons and synapses and rest of cell forms in the scull that we call brain.

Regarding other capabilities human mind might have some scientist call it ESP enigma, there are many basic psychics phenomena that might give ability to access into someone’s else’s consciousness’ another one they call it (psychokinetic) ability to make other objects move physical matters, another one (Clairvoyance) like predicting the future and still many other basic physic abilities by potentials so person might reshape his or her attitudes toward psychic. In my perspective our brain operate only small percentage there might be capabilities to communicate by electron stimuli that is the circulation transportation of knowledge and information in our brain regarding to bring fully in our capability this ability is fainted and lost with big percentage of inactivity of our brains deep brain stimulation . Regarding predicting the future and act over physical matter is out of the question, like Nostradamus stories, this type of activities are supplied to humans by other energy force field beings that I call them Angels, they have no mass and conscious or feelings just like robots and we have over 300.000 of them living on Earth with us, in my other title Angels you will find full details regarding this subject, humans have stimuli  that transport information in and out but those communications is not fully developed in our memory bank centers, only our cells and personal low octave sound frequency waves have communication patterns that are unknown to human comprehensive brain.

How do Alpha Delta Theta Alpha-Theta and Gamma brain wave clusters work together cooperatively?

Water molecules that is utmost volume inside the scull are made of living atoms, atoms individually and as clusters release frequency waves that is part of Universal language because each atom contains portion energy from invisible Dark energy and Dark Matter. H2O obtain the sound wave harmony of the individual body that the brain represents accordingly of wavelengths it releases directives to individual brain clusters of Alpha Delta and so on and instructs by sound tones to reinforce their cluster waves to other brain cells to regulation on other portions of the body, like a composer H2O releases statistics and Alpha Gama Delta Theta Alpha-Theta cluster release brain waves like a conductor, all the parts of human body are conducted by harmonious sound frequency wave tones to complete the task as one individual with state of brains consciousness.
Sound frequency range differs and each cluster has own cycle variation in higher or lower tones as a conductor Alpha brain waves releases (7.5-12 Hz) that helps relaxation of the mind and the body, also switches memory, viewing and visualization imaginations rely with these cycle force tone wave directives your personality awareness functions with Alpha brain wave capacity.
Delta brain wave capacity also directed by H2O molecules, wave range is very feeble levels (0.5 – 4Hz) levels supervise in regenerating the cells as you know all your body renewed an l in 7 years by new cells all are gone and rehabilitation of new cells in the brain to copy all formal memory data into new cells, transcendental meditation completes considering changes your old body is gone totally new body have old data and same personalized harmony sound wavelengths that is your personality consciousness, Delta waves supervise by deep dream sleep healing process, meditation also rely with this same waves circuits in your body.
Theta waves are also directed by water molecules wave range (4-7 - 5Hz) sound wave supervises in light sleep and deep meditation. (REM) dream state that some people can receive special communications from Universal language is connected by this wavelength that is not common capacity. Universal sound waves continuously we receive can reach as echo mixing sound waves to Theta waves to be interpreted.
Alpha-Theta wave clusters also are composed by water molecules releasing (7 to 8Hz) that is in artistic fashion, this wavelengths is different than animals, this sound wave section releases electrical stimuli completing your sub consciousness mind, humans have the capacity to create something new, our mind uses creative power by this waves, before building anything imagining reaching how it will look in 3D complete form of patterns and shapes geometrically or results that will be completed.
Gamma waves is also directed by same principle of water molecules sound tone, Gamma waves release (30-100Hz) that are very speedy frequency, any frequency over 40Hzis too fast, this fast wavelengths also input in our brain cells concluding impulsive insight that comes all of sudden before thinking or analyzing the situation that is also part of Universal language connection.

For many ages human brain is shrinking, still brains are using 20% of body oxygen and 25 %of glucose in the body cooling down the temperatures activity of one hundred billion neurons can have more spreading surface if brain have more wrinkles on surface also some smaller ridges called gyri, adult brain weight mostly 3 pounds that only 10 % are neuron cells the sticky leftover portion is mostly water and immune system other cells and neurotransmitters with proteins all this liquid form is called glia or glue, water molecules control all activities inside brain also bands importing large molecules controlling only certain types of molecules to penetrate into brain through blood barrier as protection system that are assemblage capillaries of tightly bound cells, also controls the water volume in brain just the way bladder releases extra volume of water and keep it in if low in volume inside the body.

Wide-ranging brain cells by means of water molecule composer that releases sound variations according to individuality sound harmony of the person that DNA stands for, accordingly sound waves are directing brain forms to conduct each their section, declaring what they did thorough assumption with sub conscious mind to keep control of life variation endeavors.

It is proven, water contains memory influences by negative or positive reaction, freely running water in nature vaporizing into heaven and by pouring gently on vegetation makes water molecules emotionally relaxed, scientist proven that water in pressure pipes and in dirty environment make water stressful, this differences can be absorbed by turning water into snowflakes watching their geometrical formations haw harmonious they are or how ugly they take other formalities, You can check my other post “Water” Collected water in our brain that is the most large volume inside scull  water alter personality probably even permanently H2has effect on neurons to form consciousness and emotional reaction into giving compliments to others when they do a good deed or seeing compliments they relax thinking simple happens. Usually people take granted when close friends do a good expression to us thinking that this is natural and they spouse to act like that natural, in case they are exiting from Seven Eleven or other stores and stranger holds or opens the door for you right away we thank them that they did something very special. If a bad approach comes to us from others right away we might trigger a reaction agonizing from amygdala, not waiting to figure out what other statistics or reasoning are they? so they blame others faster, reaction that trigger inside the brain has great effect from the water memory behavior, what was the daily routine going on inside communications between neurons were they positive or negative? Usually all date and memos neurons transport into each other are statistics but emotional reactions don’t just happenstance, this trigger come from water molecule supervisions inside the brain either being emotional or labeling to blame other.

                                                    GARDENING THE BRAIN

Brain cells grow just like gardening vegetables, when a child born there will be limited size of his or her brain but until age of 6 years old child will be adaptable to learn faster than older people probably 6 languages or more because child’s brain can produce about 1000 new synapse per second till number reaches to quadrillion connections that is 10 times more than worlds entire internet. Water molecules in human brain guide the activity of growth by sound frequency procedures to develop new activated  DNA directives into new priority encounters that is in need, for example whatever observation child has interest to be involved more participation in all sort of interaction or art or making tools or participation in musical activities to share dynamic process, new neurons and synapses will form according to child’s preferences or priorities, as the child grow up to older age many neurons and synapses that are not in service gardener water molecule comes by and trim all unnecessary inactive neurons and synapses bringing down from quadrillion neurons to 300 trillion cells, while person reach to older years that number go into more trimming harvesting.Some psilocybin mushroom might help to repair or help to grow new brain cells. All activities between central consciousness connecting to information panel of the brain can be switched on or off by electrical impulses to claustrum anile segment inside caudat nucleus connecting to memory data of brain to events that is or was happening like going into coma all consciousness’ will be disconnected from all activities that was going on or bringing back into reality claustrum can be operated as switch.

Individuality sound frequency each person has is shown on fingerprints and eye pattern, all cells contain that personality sound wave, circuit of person sound delivers all activity tones to entire body to reshape the brain, in case a warning alarm echoes high alert into brain cells can be effected to stress rash serious life-long consequences this behavior is called “Toxic stress” if the child is calmed down from the stress  to normal to get rid of the stress , to learn adaptability brain will progress in adaptability having all sort of experiences otherwise permanent hill alert will guide brain cells so always reassurance is needed to all people to feel safe from harm always be protected, sometime they will be lost in control giving priority to selfish greed acknowledgments perusing to have more wealth thinking to be more protected, some other give their zeal to show or feel more beautiful trying to dress more luxury clothes, others go into lot of hard body building exercise training to show more mussels and many open their appetite to eat more delicious food to obesity, many sort of activity give satisfaction to fell protected whatever individual sound tone entreaties either empathy or selfish egoistic values. I will not name all other urging that people have, all are according to their brain preferences what they want to be how will they be protected how famous they should be, individual personality should analyses how and when to disconnect himself or herself from constantly bombardment that taking the person in figuratively river flow of toughs, is time well spent to important matters is it wise to perseveres? while whatever activities they are involve with is just spending time to reach the point with surprise that is end of their life, at that moments religion comes and give other hopes they have to take decisions about something that is unknown, probably will be too late where the brain already is retired to think well but they will take a fast insurance for coming unknown life coming ahead. No matter what activity a person is involved with is process of gardening the brain cells to be trimmed or regrow new branches and leaves blossoms of new growth inside their brains. Human brain contains over 100 billion neurons, Entire human body contains over 7 Octillion atoms that leave the body and new ones get in to be part of the body, the information between neurons transmit information to other neurons and into other parts of the body travels 199 miles per hour.

During lifetime if a female had intercourse with different males all different DNA will be inside her body that release genetically distinct effect on the female cells absorbs many other sorts of certain neurological diseases that stay with the female body. This process happens at least by two methods, one when sperms go into female body they transformed into plasma membranes where rapidloid cells as male gamete copy process, some sperms will flow into other sections of the female body and attaches into other sections of female body; staying there in time they join DNA data to female cells. Second method as the body sound frequencies from foreign DNA releases sound wavelengths by echo neurons investigate strange sounds collecting into their data base that will be harbored male “Michrochimerism” inside the female brain that received through sound frequencies from other sections of female body. By these two methods of the body females absorb and retain DNA from all other men that they have sexual intercourse during lifetime where male DNA will remain in female cells as long they live. My other post “Atoms are other form of living things” Every combination cluster formations in sequence of atoms have their other form of characteristic personalities, genetically distinct male DNA`s are complete personality harmony of individuality theory traits that complete, male DNA formalities that remain inside woman will harbor male “Microchemerism” and slightly effect on female characteristics because all other distinctiveness is effect from atom cluster wavelengths inside the body. During age’s human brain develop into different stages and still is evolving into new advancement my medical sustenance and other advance improvements.

Fat cells rule in the brain

60 % of human brain contains fat cells almost 97% are Omega-3 fatty acids, attached between neurons you will find Omega-3 acids, beside the synapse communication, every time a neuron vibrate code one to one thousand pauses in one second with differed divided time intervals, their messages will be recognized by neighboring neurons, Omega- acids will deliver interim pauses that are emotional creativity also memory of deficits in brain function, half of all Omega acids are called Docosahexaenoic acid or (DHA) the other 3% of Omega-3 acids are called cosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that are very essential for brain growth inside the fetus fatal development inside the brain. All sort of Omega-3 acids are essential for the brain to function properly; lack of Omega-3 acids will result into schizophrenia dementia Alzheimer’s disease and fast aging.

There was a time when expected that neurotransmitters are operative only inside the brain between synapses then researchers add on intermittent myelin that carry data by long axon tracts, axons operate different in synaptic contacts in myelin gaps. Distance don’t make much difference to travel by electrical stimuli sparks distributing messages, behavior of neurons do no operate by only cell structure, water molecules that have own memory to direct their surrounding they also take in data and release data from neurons, tract of myelinated gaps and through thru flow of constant communications is in the reach of water molecule memory distribution to modulate other water molecules to supply neorcotex it does not matter how far or short distances sound frequency tone waves travel. In my perspective the biggest complex neural behavior is not in neuronal cells but as we know 80% of brains water molecules they do the thinking and guiding data of Universal reconstruction language translating into human nature capacities so we and our cell can be guided in our own human capacity procedure, additional information you may find in my “What is water?” title in same blogs.Water molecules control flow of activity in the brain already most part of our brain is water molecules but is also proven drinking on glass of water can make human brain work faster, activity of neurons and synapses circulation result give sharper thoughts inside the mind as water molecules are directing by sound frequency tone waves to activate building patter alignment in same pattern water molecules direct all activities inside the scull to organize brain activities. Of course consuming water over the limit will not help this progress.
It seems normal process every time neurons get more activity when they need extra oxygen, regular flow of blood flow can’t cover their need in boost of oxygenated blood, most biggest volume mass inside brain inside brain is water, H20 molecules contain Universal life process and intelligence wisdom they control the blood flow sometime to increase when neurons get more active other times decrease or leave in normal process in quantity of oxygen in blood cells inside the brain. 

By logical perception I believe that most of brain consist with water also remembering that water has capability to store data as we see on snowflakes geometrical forms, basic first step of memory intelligence guidance with temperament and consciousness comes from water molecules inside the  brain, addition to this standpoint before brain concludes to bring together all data expressions before expressing verbally water molecules by wavelengths (Language of atoms tone reaction) check entire brain and stress all neurons grabbing all considerations and allowing certain portion of the brain cluster of neurons to participate their standpoint in the matter, as you see before conservation already water molecules interchange thoughts with all neuron activity effecting facial expression, great number of muscles on face participate in certain reaction to expression upkeep thoughts, water molecules by universal language direct signals into brain neurons and neurons on their part slightly change shapes by muscle movements, if you like to test stand front of a mirror have a thought in your mind and feel relaxed with facial expression how your eyebrow can open wide or slightly close also your forehead might show change to expression your lips might can twist line, bend the entire head side or shook in certain order, depends your culture or with your DNA this signals could make differences also, for example in India they fell more natural to express their head sideways to say NO but other countries to express No is raising head upward, also there are so many other expressions but the main activity we see how expressions are altered on the face plus hands participate to show additional expression as well, all this activities are first originated from water molecules wavelengths sound frequency tones then into neurons and then through muscle signal concepts they all work together,continuously human brain always evolving, same with other living things.

We usually name certain parts of the body having own perspectives in reality all senses that other parts of the body sent by receptors so neurons can receive to perceived inside the brain to detect and interpreted what was the message, for example human tongue has taste receptors that meant nothing to the tongue, by sending frequencies that tongue are send to the brain where especial regions can recognize the complex echo sound frequency wavelengths inside bitter cortex that checks the sound tone declaring bitter taste, if tongue receptors release taste frequency tones into brain sweet cortex recognizes that tone frequencies echoes and declare the sweet taste, same process goes with salty bitter sour and umami taste declarations the brain understands all variety tastes, ultimately same is with smell varieties that also are frequency code wavelengths, there are already complex code sounds inside neurons, any other similar code complex wavelengths come from other portion of the body echoes vibrating same value notes frequencies, for example on my violin if outside sound are pick up releasing “A” note right that moment my violin A note start to release “A” note echo harmony sound.


Some neurosciences came into conclusion that neurons don`t keep memory data similar to library shelves supposing that only cortex section has storing memory and reconstruct collecting elements of thoughts bringing into cortex process that is called encoding, if that is the case that neurons don’t carry memory data stimuli I wonder why we should keep all billions of neurons, it is true that inside cortex group of neurons take and give data stimuli neural pathway where Universal language of atoms through water molecule senses encode into biological cell language pattern memories, this structure is called hippocampus that is in cerebral cortex, if this section is active to receive translation from Universal energy field communication transform into biological level analytical communique` then human memory patterns will be in good condition otherwise fail of this process might affect into Alzheimer’s condition

In my perspective each living creature has own frequency complex sound tone wavelengths that can be measures by MHz starting smallest atoms viruses to bacteria plants insect all sort of animals fish and human beings. Each cluster of atoms forming one cell of plant or human cells contain special complex variation of frequencies, humans personality sound harmony range about 70 MHz, it might be increased by plant oils such as Frankincense or rose oil but it can decreased frequencies by cup of coffee or according emotional effect or according what they are consuming, because other group of clusters of atoms might elevate or reduce MHz levels but harmony complex sound tone remains the same only its velocity fluctuates, all plants and atom combination clusters cells have their own complete sound harmony starting from bacteria level MHz about 60 MHz up to complex plants and plant oil into 350 MHz, Myrrh come close to that category. So everything is based by sound frequency effect starting from atoms to all sort of living things Nature Earth moon planets stars and galaxies, I call this communication Universal language or tone reaction.

                                          GRAY MATTER AND WHITE MATTER

Probably you have noticed brain contain two different complex color sections that are all around sections of the brain. This two sections also contain neurons axons dendrites synapses everything that exists in white sections, only difference is color and function speed of neurotransmitters are slow comparing to white sectors, inside gray matter signals of ions thoughts that I call them stimuli similar to electrical pulses but they are not electrical sparks that can travel thoughts between neurons .5 to 10 meters per second, comparing to white matter that transport thoughts between neurons in 150 meters per second. Together with all 86 trillion of synapses transport travel of thoughts up to 176.000 kilometers per second inside white matter action potential, empty space opening between synapses is almost touching that transport messages in 30 milliseconds. Youth have more neurons and synapses that are more powerful in transporting data signals through synapses releasing by neurotransmitters. Water molecule directs all activities inside brain as I described earlier, connecting language of atom signals into cell form of communication procedures.Some add that monolinguals have certain volume of gray matter but Bilinguals who speak more than one language their brain contains more gray matter.

White blood cells against bacterial objects

Biological life forms have individual personality sound wavelengths that entire body cells harmonized tuned to that complex sound frequency procedures tone reaction. If entire body has sound melody like classical music any bacteria in the body will be predictable by their different form of sound frequency, tone sound of bacteria will be resembled as static different that entire body harmony, right away though the white cell can’t recognize far of bacteria, inside all that crowded red flow blood white cell can be aware of strange foreign sound frequency as static sound, right away it will go toward that unfamiliar frequency to eliminate the intruder.
Bacteria have mechanisms.

Water molecules have memory and directives to other atoms and cells, water molecules are collective of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, each atom is combined by Dynamic energy as electrons and Dynamic-matter as protons, they contain wisdom and energy of life, atoms can live 12 billion years and can change their personality into other form of atoms by fusion and always communicate with sound sequences wavelengths. Bacterial forms contain nucleus of DNA or RNA patterns, water molecules direct activity to process other cells within the bacteria by sound sequences wavelengths, by H20 signaling bacteria generates protein structures a composition mechanism to form pellets, like a human pushed out hair they grow by force of 150 pn, this pellets have signaling pathways to inform core of the bacteria signaling about their neighborhood molecules atomic cluster that also release sound frequency wavelengths, after a while they shrink back as they retract back, that will make body of bacteria go forward, continuously bacteria process new pellets an reverse the progression make bacterial move forward. Microbial geochemistry is based on sound sequences that contain data as neurons do, if we divide one second into 0.0001 nanoseconds messaging their formation by sound wavelength, divided spaces and tones in nanoseconds can release very complex data that is not understood by humans but our cells specially neurons synapses communicate with this type signaling between atom and cells through bio sensors harbor DnV mechanical geochemistry.

Brain has very complex mechanism plus something is supervising with great astuteness to produce new neurons and synapses, it is very clear that some intelligence design is providing continuous measures exertion. In my perspective each individual has so much acumen; comparing altogether entire human brainpower one atom has more astuteness because any atom contains two major universal forces that have small portion from Universal supernatural life force that are Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter. During baby human maturity each minutes brain produces 250.000 neurons enlargement to reach 100 billion neurons that will work day and night, each neuron will be connecting like some 40.000 synapses, producing inside the brain communication circuit that travels about 268 miles per hour with electrical pulses the also brain generates 12-25 watts of electricity. Let’s not forget already each atom contains tremendous circuit of electricity as well, All this activities inside the brain is supervised by water H2O molecules Hydrogen and Oxygen supervise by sound frequencies the entire activity enhancement inside the brain that contains 10.000 specific types of neurons with all the rest of vines and circuit of blood to supply nourishment into the brain that consumes almost 20 % of entire energy that human body produces.

                                                           Brain folding Phenomena

Brain develops in smooth condition on surface but later on adds walnut shape rapid growth on outer parts some call it gray matter that is constrained by white matter, newly developed convoluted surface is called gyrs and sulci, most volume substance inside brain is water, water molecules contains memory from original beginning knowledge concentrations of proton and electrons that are tiny portions from greater realm of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that covers the entire universe, I mentioned earlier that each individual own personalized sound frequency harmony wave inside the body that all his individual cells harmony themselves with this personalized tone, our finger tips pupil of our eyes differ from other individuals, by an example in my perceptions this new forms progresses can be seen when on metallic large plate some sand is spread and add some frequency vibration to the plate you will notice sand will develop into geometrical forms according to higher or lower frequency changes, developing folded shape on individual brain, also formality of this sort of geometrical walnut shape wrinkles when neurons proliferate and collected by sound frequency wavelengths to migrate in the cortex grow certain destinations forming gyrs and sulci developments by highly interconnected neurons that grow more rise than its adjacent surfaces, water molecules add directives according to individuality personalized sound frequencies to make brain grow according to values that modified sound tone contains, same process water molecules direct into plant seeds to form and develop, water molecules process the growth of DNA complex form to develop into procedure, water molecules are actively higher or stronger personality sound frequency waves Couse polymicrogyria we can see this with people with congenital conditions.

Universe is storehouse of life and energy that can communicate by two forces that are responsible for the sequence recognition by codes, D.E and D.M form atoms, single atoms in their part connection with each other’s also big volumes of atoms as planets and stars, Biological livings don’t receive into their consciousness Universal interconnection but water molecules do inside our body without informing our brain, sometimes this secret line is exposed between DNA and other DNA in other places through water molecules that exist all around and inside our planet, this sort of communication is called telepathic abilities, in reality it is just messaging circuits between water molecules across. Is there a global and Universal connection? Yes but it is not connected into our consciousness. All volume of water in our brain connects universal connection to neurons by stimuli sparks that contain frequency message codes. Day and night our DNA is communicating with water molecules that contain Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms each are formed by two major powerful force fields Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. Brain activity separates two directives from our input, one is Universal atom language persistence and second line is our consciousness that neurons communicating, sometimes first line circuit is more functional in animals and birds or insects that reflect great wisdom that we call it instinct also giving some birds fish insect great intelligence to migrate great distances. Atoms always in action by communicating, cores of atoms participate with intelligence frequency waves and electrons with other smaller particles stimuli sparks that also contain intelligent wisdom.

Stimuli on electrons can provide details by sound frequency tone waves as corresponds the Bible, when Abel was killed and God said to Cain, Genesis 4:10 “… Listen, your brothers blood is crying out to me from the ground” my perspective that atoms in our body and blood also neurons in the brain can send detailed information`s by Universal language all over their environment’s.


Neurons in our mind die and new born receive the old documentary details in their information library, we have hundred billion neurons, each one can reach into other thousand neurons, synapses get connected sending data by stimuli signals by thousand trillion connections (Number one followed by 15 zeros) we call that quadrillion, each signal have its privacy section that don’t make a soup of mixed information chaos all are kept into original signals that can be separated and considered the priorities or secondary data according to mind center of configuration. Quantum mechanics consider radioactive decay, in my perspective Alpha particle is stimuli released from electrons that inside cats brain and flies is more active than any other animals or insects. Life and death are continuous process, in my perspective after death all functioning activities of cells are logged 12 billion years by stimuli that is part of electron helix on atoms. Because sound frequencies lead information’s in code waves through neuron receptive by reading something loud or reading quietly make lot of difference, loud talks or sounds can make more effective figurines in neuron memories and promotes also growth of new neuron cell and synapses circuit moves in great traffic speed in information’s cables.


Thinking emotional behaviors differ from other individual temperaments, I already described in other posts that atoms are other form of living things, characteristic of Hydrogen is different that copper atoms or any other elements, also I believe that each individual has own personality sound tone wavelengths in the system that is different from any other person as well in between twins, sound frequency harmony of the individuality tone reaction give sound correlation to DNA to form cells that carry that characteristics functional implementation, same security follows developing programming the brain, as the baby born inside the brain exist atoms that contain variety of clusters, as I mentioned atoms release sound tones to communicate, collectively clusters join forming different sounds that other cluster formations that generate algorithms, Atoms have more complex implementations in communicating through sound wavelength coding, human neuron cells have less consumption execution comparing to atoms that have no emotions or empathy but collectively neurons form behavioral temperaments that contains sympathy and fellow feeling to be protected from atom way of characteristics.

To make it more simple, implementation of brain programming forms during growth of new neuron cell and forming certain locations or lobe sections with reduction neuron cells, whatever that sound harmony sound variation to confirmed certain programing that contains adapting knowledge applications, according to cell programing sound tone variations they will domain algorithms that will express and act in personal intelligence or in logic.
After many researches neuroscientist reveal that criminal minds have different form of the brain while it was developing certain frontal lobe deformation amygdala in cortex that is 18% reduction that normal amygdala that is center of emotions or empathy inside that also can sense fear or guilt, software development programing is one good example with brain, while brain was developing certain sections were more completed and formed in better detailed specific task than other sections, sequence of instructions into DNA came from sound frequency individual personality of the person that automate DNA sequences to adapt construction of cells that will operate to development in certain advance directives measured applications. Behavioral differences are inside humans because there are many differences collective cluster forms inside cells while they started in biological starting point, atom clusters gave their effect on DNA conditionings, neuron relationship receiving continuous sound frequency of the individuality forms plasticity or flexibility of the brain, any failure activity in that harmony can probably guide into chronic expressions as remitting offenders, most psychopaths who disrespect laws might have some less formed sections in brain that could not formed to do their work, so are big criminals have no full responsibility for their actions? Yes they do their inner personality sound harmony will be considered as complete sound frequency or short flat sound expressions, same thing in musical instruments, always given great attention so sound tones release exact perfect tone values to  reach level of Universal sound tune harmony variations. Till now In psychopathically ethical quandaries still neuroscience have no permanent solution to develop missing proportions inside the brain, this is not the major shortcoming problems human aspect comparing other more dangerous aspects like greed fame selfish Nationality prejudice or enmities between religious and political partiality that is destroying human race.

                                                        PINEAL GLAND

Ancient Egyptian knew something about pineal gland as connection to unknown, pineal gland has shape of an eye inside near center of human brain similar form of pine cone that’s why we call it pineal gland. Medically pineal gland reproduces serotonin derivative melatonin inside the brain. Many researchers and old philosophers’ foresee that pineal gland the third eye of the body that can connect between physical and spiritual world additionally expecting that can connect into other dimensions plus into astral projection in remote viewing, in my perspective pineal gland absorbs all the foreign messages that I call it Universal language the communication between atoms that are released by frequency complex wave tones and pineal gland has the capacity to translate that data into biological cells or neurons through water molecules that is imbedding the entire human brain, I had the experience seeing colors and forms while listening to classical or other melodies and I believe that complex sounds are the effect of complex sound wavelengths and other way around sound can form visualize color and pictures similar to frequency that are spread on metallic plate with scattered dust or sand, frequencies adjustment effect in geometrical images according to frequency variations. Pineal gland is connection contraption between universal language and biological life forms.

                                       FROM WHERE THE MOOD DEVELOP  

Entire brain is in control of largest volume that are water molecules, neurons apply directives from water molecules as memory and conscience’s, all animals as instinct follow these procedures, plants sense light opening their leaves and close, regarding human body most of other parts of the body also contain small groups of scattered neurons, after the brain most larger groups of neurons are inside the stomach, they receive all frequency from atom clusters that foods are made of plus all bacteria that has great participation for gastrointestinal condition balance effect of sound harmony that generated by the body that is personality harmony, bacteria release their own code sound frequencies, as long they live inside the guts they mimic to echo same harmony sound of the body to balance sound wavelength inside stomach especially when relationship digestion is off balanced plus your entire body sections with skin and other sections, obesity can give more complex environment for body harmony sound wavelengths that neurons gather from all parts of the body to send signals into the brain. Regarding big volume of neurons inside stomach all the data that are collected from the bacteria’s, if they are balanced or in satisfactory conditions, in dissimilar conditions as soon all harmonious communication fails it can effect in our emotions bringing into stress being angry, relaxed mood, excitement all sorts of emotions have something to do with the entire reports from neurons all over the bodily functions particularly from the stomach that is connected to your mood how we feel. If you don’t have enough teeth try to grind food with some food processer before eating or swallowing the nutrition’s that bacteria’s can do their job orderly without tensions.  

Gut bacteria at work.

Atoms are the ingredients of life, middle range humans are formed by 7 Octillion atoms that hold memory and life energy with intelligence patterns, first arrivals in our stomach are atoms that embark and later disembarks leaving great effects to our body, their molecular formation present bacteria inside the stomach, it is verified by worldwide community of scientist that water contain memory patterns, same with other elements that carry in into our stomach, each cluster of atom contains own harmony sound frequency that will add brain to process information, as I presented earlier, the human brain contains own self harmony sound frequency, new arrival atom clusters, either have to adapt new territorial sound harmony or reject that will revolt pressuring new control over your mood creating static sound, disharmonious comparing to harmonious body tone wavelengths, as the brain is in communication with our stomach gut bacteria’s that will effect brain function share out with new behavioral feelings happiness or anxiety, healthy memory or unfortunately sometimes with stress. All personality behavior is capacity of function in atoms majority group of revolt effect moods or minority happiness will regulate emotional response in the person, atom bacterial formation can impress on behavioral dysfunctions, most of the time new arrival atoms formations of bacteria`s except new sound harmony mimicking same vibration echo harmony of the individuality if the person has healthy functional sound harmony capability to take in control the entire body, or let down into disorderly functions under the new arrival mobster disorder, that is all type of illness or bad health conditions. More or less entire community we are living in has similarity the way inside our body operates, defeating harmful elements rebuilding damages territories making improvements distributing policeman or white blood cells to stop the criminal viruses and bacteria’s and so on.    

                                             ASTROCYTE ASTOGLIA GLIOTRANSMITTERS.

Informally incorrect data made me believe that neurons are separated by liquid compartments that transmit pulses to communicate in between neurons, then other new input by scientist show that neurons are separated instead of liquid compartments by Astrocyte, collectively they are called Astroglia, this cell form compartments are central synapse complex functional in all direction flow of communicational associated with neuron like synapses in controlling traffic flow data, they have nerves that start from Astrocyte cell and like feet they go and grab all their surrounding other neurons or blood cells and other myelinated axons with many ling arms and feet. Beside neurons there are also other form of cells inside human brain they are Microgla, Perivascular Miroglia, Astrocyte and Microglialcells, oligodendrocyte, astrocyte, multipolar neurons, sharp thin sides of neurons pass through oligodendrocyte that can slow in axon flow of fast stimuli data to be observes by neurotransmitter vesicles to pass to dendrites receptors some other forms also are connected on axons that are many myelin forms also some DRG cells. Properties and form in synapses in slow form regulate neurotransmitters to receptors and neurons will figure out the information’s coming from synapses electrical charges for human understanding coding’s, also it has Enzyme that can destroy neurotransmitters that are not welcome to the circuits.

Astroglia look like star-shape made from glial cells, entire spinal cord is made of astroglia that is the most abundant also inside the brain, their main task is to regulate and connect transmission of stimuli by impulses to all directives inside the brain this form of communications are called gliotransmitters, plus they provide distribution of metabolism support to synapses and neurons barrier. They grab Neurons with their feet provide everything neuron needs and clean the system from unnecessary debris.

Astrocytes control nutrient and lactate distribution with blood and oxygen plus regulated quantities of potassium with ion concentrations plus in activities in repairs of synapses passing through myelinating activity long term potential.

All necessary nourishment of Neuron is regulated and supervised by astrocytes that also consider the mechanism function of neuron how active is it how much competence neuron has is delimited by astrocytes, it check the regularity of activities, in case it enumerated that neuron inadequate dormant, astrocyte program to “decide” feeding order supplies and dissimulate the old neuron cell can continue to live or desiccated to die? Also forming process to go ahead edict newborn neurons by harmonious authorization of surrounding interneurons consent, like sucking milk new baby neurons feed all the information data from the dying neurons so message is not dying only transferring to new location, is this complex process yes but is done very simple way in brains standard activities, central brain is continuing in mood and memory ordinances cell regulations to be organized in harmony frequency programming order tones of personal sound waves codes, we do this as humanly understood for example entire army in the battle field can distinguish the sound of trumpets what is directing to attack or retreat? Sound frequencies is more dedicated complex sound waves and rest of the brain cells recognized the message directives. Atoms release musical hum tone waves that other elements can understand as signal messages memory formation are transported as brainwaves to control anatomical changes inside the brain, atoms can verify all character class of frequencies to comprehend and encode coming messages from the entire circuit of the brain in sound wave tone frequencies

During ages human brain size is shrinking gradually but doesn’t correlate with brainpower, the advantage modern brains have that we can use already printed data of knowledge and add something new on top of that, human brain keep developing until age20 for maturity when they get very old those that keep studying learning new information and practicing to think in mental training, brain structure can prevail to keep active in plasticity ( forming new neuron connections) Human brain is about 2 percent of the body weight most of brain is blood liquid fluid also contain cranium, total contents reach to about 3 pounds that also contains 1.7 litter of fluid. Brain cells consume 20 percent of intake oxygen inside body devour 25 percent of all glucose or sugar from blood circulation.

Some brains are more active intelligent than others, visual differences we can see on the surface of brain it is called cerebral cortex. People who think more have cracks like deep fissures on brain some large other smaller grooves that are called ridges, sulci that are gyri, intelligent brains contains more of this marks or deep fissures, considering human brain with dolphins that have additional sensors analyzing sonar sound messages and other unknown capabilities than human they have more deeper fissures on their brains than us.

Neurons contain only 10 percent of the brain connected to synapses, left over 90 percent of brain is glia or glue like substance that holds neurons by Astrocyte that are the major component of brain cells, also entire spine contains Astrocytes, all connections in brain is supervised by Astrocyte cells, only right size of molecules or certain proteins are permitted to pass into neurons consumption, so there are many barriers to enter into brain activity circulation of nutrients or substances, main conclusion we can have about the brain as much we learn about its complex activity it makes us feel that we know nothing about human brain.

Male human brain is about 1.37b grams or about 3 pounds in 1.260 cm3 (cubic centimeters) female brain is about 1.248 grams by 1.130 cm3 (cubic centimeters) but has same intelligence capacity as male brain, Einstein brain was one ounce lighter than average male brain by intelligence capability stronger than others. Water molecules that were inside and around Einstein brain was not calculated as part of the brain, where I believe water molecules have greater connections with synapses to reach neurons. Atoms can communicate and radiate genome wide screen frequencies in sound tone tunes that are messages through brain arrangements that are collected to compared with personality harmony variances in the brain contemplation as consciousness, my conclusion as more water and more connections brain has with water molecules more intelligent reaction can be generated. Regarding characteristic of behavior and personality temperament I been explaining that in post “Some friends” in this blogs, explaining we receive behavior from variety clusters of atoms. Also in my post “what is water” I been explaining how water molecules contain memory and theoretical geometrical process in creating individually characterized personalized shapes of crystal snowflakes according what memory that water clusters are enclosing.

                      HUMAN SYNAPSES = ELECTRONS

Electrons helixes on atoms are invisible stimuli axon cables, my accepting conclusions, human brain synapses are completed with spinal nerve system that include epineurium, cable synapse are made of Areclar connective tissue it contains many blood vessels and many pascicle that also fill with cables of pernineuium inside that can be found many nerve fibers that also contain many endoneurium cables  allocation the stimuli codes electrical pulses, election is portion of invisible life form complex system of atoms and synapses are human form of lie communication flow system this two cables transform invisible atomic life forms to human cell forms. The speed of the flow are controlled inside schwann cells that surround the synapses when the flow pass through the axons, the main human adaptable converter atomic knowledge that are translated into human form of understanding is inside satellite cells and later into pseudouipolar neurons. All coming data by stimuli don’t need physical forms that why the jump in vacuum of synapse vesicles sending neurotransmitters that are generated by axon vesicles combined with stimuli to jump over into neurotransmitter attached receptors of Dendrites to transform the data from electronic universal language into human form indulgence.

Modern human race has acceptance of logic somehow to star-track receipt style of expectancies’ in my, with that approach I will reason to express here, I seen some scenes Aliens try to invade the Earth with huge spaceships with millions of small spaceships inside the flying garrison. Our brain is a grand communicational center between invisible energy forces with Intuitive matter. As I explained formally synapse lines are be more numerous than anything we know, our brain works like an airport all infrastructures that can receive from electrons stimuli that commute with messages through synapses that are been used as Runways, to be guided runaway designation to aiming point or coming down to landing strip to return to ramp through Apron, but they don’t take the messages directly to neurons on the way to ramp they transform the details cyphers to physical matter codes in the intersection of up close serotonin sections, information released or transferred through vacuum space to deliver information bubbles called synaptic vesicle that releases neurotransmitters into next section of matter, transforming electrical pulse stimuli dynamics into competence for neuron to understand. Inside Vesicles stimuli are detached from ionized salt and potassium and start the parting journey to other locations inside the brain first connected neurotransmitter release data to stimuli everything that we can see and hear also emotions connecting from neuron cells, first they are translated to chemical signals or molecules tones that electrical circuits can carry on. Packages that are called vesicles created inside neurons mixed protein and lipids to be delivered to other components of the cell membrane in different locations, axon terminals provide translating jolts or stimuli into serotonin or synaptic vesicle to be received by neuron cells, when other stimuli carriage arrive from other locations land in synapses they go and reconnect to salt and potassium ions anchored until receive new departure assignments to transport data.
Trillion and trillion of landings of stimuli landing anchorage and departures occurs in synapses simultaneously inside the brain. So our mind is on the edge to deliver between invisible Universal energy fields into natural physics substantial form, all are guided by deep brain stimulation and consciousness for programing the need. Of course I might get lot of detractors to say this prayer criteria is also based on this principle of traveling of stimuli with harmonization of entire sound frequency harmony of the individual with Universal sound frequency wave pulses that cannot present to you mathematical equivalences but only the way human operate by logic.

Synapses connect each neurons and other brain cells together plus synapses connectively complete as pathways to organize all components of brain into whole complete form as entire framework of geometrically related circuits sometimes perpendicular geometrical of pathways other times opposite direction just like a thin lines bowl of macaroni, directed objective part of brain structure, synapses also communicate or receive messages from water molecules to attach messages into neurons, completing and fetching entire brain into single framework. 

It is proven by many scientists that water molecules contain memory of all sort, I also add on they they record and release of all sorts of data into DNA and into synapses to send into neurons, during sleep water molecules release disorganized dreams to escapade usually people who don’t sleep well remember, those who sleep deep also see this sort of dreams about remember nothing, other who have more sleep disorder can recalls dreams, some say creative people remember dreams in reality creativity center comes from water molecules especially from hydrogen and oxygen atoms, inside hydrogen atom core if pure Dark Matter that release guiding sound frequencies and have knowledge and wisdom it is full of life and it is portion of the greater assemblage of Universes Dynamic matter, oxygen atoms contain orderly balanced number of electrons that activates stimuli in human standard more capacity of communicational variances to reactive dreams, together oxygen and hydrogen as H20 collection of water molecules that is the largest volume inside the brain can be activated to communicate releasing data into brain synapses, fragmented dream portions are because connection through synapses were cut off stimuli flow and disorderly inharmonious current was interrupted so no one can recall that sort of dreams, woman are more sensitive to their own feelings and thoughts and might remember more dreams, this approach can help me to understand that there is a electronic force that transport visual and sound data inside our brain that is part of Universal language that atoms communicate then there is biological cell community communications that our DNA process is organized to interconnect with other cells, mingling this two dimensions to our consciousness that completes in gathering composed in our physiognomies wisdom.

You can find similarity between neuron shape gathering by atoms and Universe collections by Galaxies and stars, they both have similar appearance neuron and Universe yet neuron is very tiny and Universe very enormous, probably unseen wormholes are playing the row of synapses by force of wormholes that might carry all data from one universe into other, probable our universe is just one energy force field neuron inside the grand creator that has trillions of cells or Universes, for humans grand creator is invisible by his Grand greatness. God is invisible energy and matter is handwork of Grand creator.

                        LEFT OR RIGHT BRAIN HEMISPHERE

Some scientist studies show that left hemisphere region of the brain is function with logical realm plus with methodical and analytical types, there are many course of experiments by experts showing that creative or artistic types are circulated in right hemisphere of the brain, if we will consider this dominant part right or left as a myth we will be more confused, is this connected to character preferentially?  speech emanates from the left region is their dominant power by this two regions to control the personality? During my lifetime I observed and memorized my way of thinking and priorities either in logical side left side of the brain or right region in creative and artistic realm, in my profession by manufacturing high quality jeweler for expositions I noticed that I am able to program my thinking into certain priorities thinking and practicing my brain by itself like a computer reprogram my priorities it has nothing with right realm or left to be dominant on other hemisphere, there was some times my priorities went to sport also many hobbies like fishing hunting, all of a sudden I pursue in sport boxing, after certain trainings my uncle noticed that in my memo calculation of  bills in business there were some miscalculation mistakes and he brought out this problem to my parents showing something going wrong in my thinking qualifications, A excepted that boxing was harming my thinking ability and stop right after that, later on gave more time in making machinery tools and models, playing chess learned playing violin at age 20 that is too late to concentrate I did 6 hours practice training daily in third month I was able to give a test in conservatory Lebanon front of 25 teachers and they except me to regular courses according my regular age classes while continuing my hobbies and job. I newer like to read books but in my retired age I have love to read and research in logical methodical and analytical way, that show that priorities can be changed. In my conclusion that both hemisphere in the brain are both essential necessities, all neurons don’t think but store information, central conscious structure control the mood personality variances and character after collecting its primacy statistics from neurons exploit resolves, central brain moves left or right section to collect more statistics regarding its primacies of central order in brain. There is some energy tone codes that central point moods the two hemisphere to priority preferences to be specialized to get ironic in that data or knowledge seeking to achieve perfect in that field, some consider this dominance but for me we have one brain with two hemisphere, two eves two ears two arms? They all complete to do their job in creative procedure.

Modern science is trying to use high intensity pulses of microwaves and radio frequency using electrodes to effect other people or go into their thoughts by giving instruction or effect their emotions similar to psychotropic field, they are using frequency segments to send messages to one individual or sending into mass of people by discoveries from electronically engineers’ generating wave form patterns to effect other persons mind making them feel like hallucinations. This signals can effect also on smart bombs rockets and other machinery that are used in warfare, in other subjects I already described the entire Universe function by “Language of the Universe” Universal sound” titles. In my conclusion our minds work by releasing message stimuli that can see and keep all audio feelings impressions everything we sense and feel and transport everything to other locations by neutrinos and many other form of electrodes.

Brain is like a large city full of libraries that are the neurons. All informations have orderly rout of communication that are moves through synapses, in many previous notes I mentioned that mutually every individual has own personal harmony melody code that is personal it is harmonious orchestration by vibrational computation in all microtubules that transform sound data to be collected by central consciousness supposition to conform. If some interference come by some non-essential particles inside the brain or other form of viruses or microbes disturbances formulate harmony code of individuality changes to other sound vibration frequencies, if harmony sound orchestration codes become inharmonic. Sound codes of atoms obey codes in principle regulations same in developing DNA and cell construction, harmony sound resemble like classical harmony sound reputational procedures codes, other form of sound codding in human cell communication can damage the entire harmony vibration starting from microtubules and the entire structure of development in cells. Similar ideas are collected by scientist similar sound vibrations that are called (Orch. OR) meaning Orchestrated objective reduction, 1990 In my perspective signals in electron helix transport messages by stimuli, all signals that participate inside certain individual body they adapt the harmony sound individuality harmony vibrations, as soon harmony disturbed neuronal memory is effected in long term potentiation (LTP) signals will be misdirected to unknown neuron locations additionally the communication will be inharmonic vibrational computation by pre-synaptic excitation.

Every individual has own personalized sound harmony tones different than any other living biological form as we see how white cells can find other foreign living microbes and particles that release from their clusters foreign sounds, in same exemplary illustration large plate with scattered sand take geometrical forms if sound frequencies are released into sand particles on the metallic plate, in same order human personalized sound harmony characteristic arrangement composed distinguish finger print profile eye color and patterns, remarkable consistencies will be seen also in individual veins that will form during their growth that will be different than others, Centre of sound harmony inside human brain will release brain waves that will command to all cells to adapt personalized sound harmony tone waves and that will effect on individual heart beat pattern mood of personality and every tiny detail of the individuality is continuous patterns from the brain that make every individual unique that contain continues messages in electrical stimuli throughout the entire body in sound frequency tone waves that is the complete characteristic personality of the individual harmony of sound.

 In my “DNA” posts I mentioned that all living things have their own personality sound complex frequency arithmetic coding wavelengths that are like melody instead of playing 2 hour long melody with many notes abbreviating all that notes in fracture of a second timing, any song or melody reaches your heart that melody might be close to your personality complex chart in elevating notes, some might be mellow or soft music others Sophisticated or refined, Intense or passionate Contemporary or modern style, other music’s might matches your taste of sound harmony. No matter what group you in they divide into 1) Empathizing or sympathizing with personality that can get alone with others the 2) group is Systemizing that always tries to stay away, not collaborating, sound code of individuality can be noticed not only Humans but also in behavior of animals in dogs cats sheep birds you name it all fall in this two categories because of their complex personality sound harmony they retain.

Life is contained in several levels. First level is in invisible stat contained by Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter, This Grand power that entire Universe is made off of is unexplained to scientist that’s why they use the term DARK-Energy and Matter. Second level of life contained in atoms that also are different form of living than ours, still they communicate to each other go to fusion changing their characters and personality, stars and planets also fall in this group in giant mass formations. Third level of life is collection or combination of elements first by amino acids second combining to ions to form gems and mining materials and rocks or stones, they have their regulations in forming and connecting to complete certain shares or amalgams. Fourth levels are microbe’s viruses and bacteria’s, other forms funguses’ and algae and so on. Latest forms are more familiar to us plants then insect bird’s animals and lastly Humans

According to the Bible, supporter hart also is Center for emotional directives to love or hate and additions all have connections with personality sound harmony that is described in other chapters, heart can love or hate and all the rest of emotional feelings can be involved by the echo vibration in the heart of a human being.  Book of Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is more deceitful than anything” (in my perspective a heart that lost its conscious emotional state is very bad) also Luke 12:34 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

Universal language releases humming sound, in low octave sound frequencies, one section coming from Dark-Matter. The second section coming from Dark-Energy they both come and reach into our brain, right brain is sensitive to the sound coming from Dark-Matter and left brain is sensitive to Dark-Energy, both get into our brain from left and right ears these sounds will be called binaural beats low octave sound frequencies that will enter into human right side ears into the human brain, this coordination works in all living animals and insects also in atoms, protons receive beats from Dark-Matter field from Universe and electrons receive sound beat orders from Dark-Energy. This two variety of sound travel all around and in these Universe continuously, human brain detect this two concept together, if they receive and use it properly with humility they will have clean sensitive conscious  they will act lovingly to produce good kind of symbolic fruits of the spirit like love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Faith, Kindness, Self-Control, Consciousness, Sweetness, Long suffering, Faith, Mildness. Human conscious  need to be complete by neurons center to collect all data sparks flowing through synapses of human cannot operate unless the cells are active, all details of information travels in the brain and outside the body and return are stimuli that are released from electrons that are wheels inside wheels have all eyes around them, that means that they can see in great measure capacity all directions seeing inside human cells  and molecules and transport information to human conscience  and consciousness centers. Humans have to obey the directives coming through Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter Binaural beats, not rebel against it. Of course good or bad people will act without even noticing it, but their reaction will show in their personality character.


100 types of Amino-Acids are in two major groups, 50% of then spin from right to left and other 50 % left to the right, 40 types from right to the left are used to inside cell development to be assembled under supervision of DNA that are under wavelength directive of two form of atoms elements H20 any moment wrong type of amino acid goes through construction material of cells create complications. Any moment by blood circulation wrong types of amino acids can slip into neuron cells that generate mental problems, Human mind can be effected by guidance from atom wavelengths that generate inept personalities plus when unfortunate tasks reach into the person to harm their emotions, for example by stress depression stronger instances by physical and sexual abuse, from young age effecting from ones that bullying, many other unpleasant environments such as competitions racism and many other wrong sort of attitudes will take off balance the harmony of the brain to mental emotional health problems. Because wrong type of amino acids as static tones will off balance individuality sound harmony and the brain will not be able to control entire realm of emotions.

We use about 2% of our entire brain, human brain has more capacity to use the entire brain but then it will need more electrical pulses in traffic overlap inside synapses that are operating now in single message flows if the entire brain pattern flow becomes operational many security flow stimuli will traffic in single synapses, probably you have notices some people are capable in certain arenas of work or are more capable doing certain things than other considering art or music so on. My Grandmother on my father side had a capability to know any moment day and night what time is it. I had a watch she did not, so I tested her all in different times asking the time, she was able to answer not last minutes but like saying it is twenty pass 5 or fifteen to 9 not being precise for last individual minutes but as group of five minutes or ten minutes and 15 minutes so on, but always she was accurate with the hour, somehow her neural computation was capable to present exact time, mechanism overlap on time processions. My grandfather on my father side was capable to social connections with far distant friends, having special acquaintance with friends and relatives, on some occasions he told us who will visit us next day, or we will receive certain type of gifts or fruits, of course we did not have telephones and cables, sometimes friend visited us from far other countries the way he was expecting, on a occurrence my mom warned us to not continue walking on right sidewalk and we crossed to the left to continue walking, a large truck that lost its brakes came down hill and go through a shop on the moment that we were going to be on that location if we continue the old sidewalk, I recall many instances that she warned us and was very helpful, I don’t link this capabilities with witchcraft but our brains has capacity to be connected in echo neural computations using electron helixes stimuli that travel fast as light to meet relatives and friends by personality sound harmony wave tones and connect messages to connect in social distance brain patterns also with Universal sound that atoms release that I have two articles about that tone reactions in title “Language of the Universe” and “Universal Sound Fire quantum”

                                     Action potential and resting potential

Action potential is a process in neuron membrane, it allow positively charged ions negatively charged ions out the charge reaches +40mv, this electrical impulses are the means of language in the brain and is carried out through action potential. Electrons have great enrollment in chemical reaction. Electrochemical signals and neurotransmitter chemicals are nothing but interference of electrons pulses to direct the harmony of the process, because electrons are full of principle physique direction. There is potassium and calcium ions go through the synapses pipes that are round, like a tunnel have small opening on the side walls wall of the channel, they are voltage gates, this potassium channels K+ in diffusion change and sodium ions into the center pipe axons the movement and pressure changes the pore releases potassium and calcium ions into synaptic cleft, generate electrical values, when all electric charges inside the walls are positive it called action potential they move rapidly. Later when K+ moves out of the potassium channel sodium ions get in through sodium channels in, the circuit inside change into negative, and outside into positive. When potassium go in it is called repolarization and Ca2 sodium ions out, it affects synaptic strength and calcium levels are detected. Later when potassium goes out of open gates it is called depolarization reversing electrical charge, so inside the data transferring tube the axon can be negative and outside positive, or reverse positive inside and negative outside. Beside this communications elements also communicate lover octave musical frequencies. Make the whole brain harmonize in one big symphony with million notes ringing harmoniously in good variety. Electrons have memory qualifications because they are other kind living things have pattern geometry principles. Probably you have seen snowflakes particles individually each have their own geometrical patterns they have their own memory to reshape in the same forms that is proof that electrons that are surrounded on hydrogen atoms have memory and geometrical procedures to implement around their surroundings, in reality they are Mother-Nature

All the material the axons bundles the nerve everything in the brain are made of Atoms those cells are made of Atoms contain electrons, this electrons guide this process because they act as chips of computers and deliver order and recommendations to the cells, because electrons speak the same communication language. Chemical reaction is the guiding process of electron on surrounding Atoms, I call it "Tone-reaction" joining millions of them to direct the flow and intervention task, people use the word chemical reaction unknowing the qualification of electrons interference, Elements variety principal directives, even if  the body is uptight positions folding the arms or toss the legs, the flow of the frequencies in the brain activate causes limited circulation and the thinking rational might be effected ,until the person is down relax and comfortable sound frequencies in brain act more tunefully. Even nervous or angry situation the flow will be effected and give poor judgment’s and decisions. If Graphene metals are combined with copper or nickel or other metals it can make 500 times stronger. It is proven data if salty water molecule clusters drew across deposits of Graphene electrons of atoms release conductive helix's of electricity generating about in small numbers of millivolts or up to almost force of AA battery 1.5 volts or more if hauled faster, voltage that surrounds atoms as spin of electrons some helix's that are one Trillionth part portion of electron as stimuli. Inside human brain synapses have a system to release conductive volts inside the flow of synapse tunnels using salt and potassium elements water molecules supervise the activities as we know entire human brain need electrical low conductivity to operate the entire brain communicative spark stimuli communication in between neuron atom transmission line of flow. Water molecules can control all actions as configuration inside hydrogen atoms carry patterns of memory banks and each water molecules has own personality disposition that is shown by manifestation of snow that don’t resemble to any other crystallized snow cluster forms.

 All animals insects borrow electrical volts from atoms electron helixes, Human brain by flow of salt and potassium through synapses not generate but borrow electrical helixes from electrons, same capacity other animals and fishes have, Electrical Eels have three abdominal pair organs that is called sach`s organ almost as large 4/5 of its body can fabricate low and high voltages , inside the vessels push ion channels flow sodium flow nervous system organ called electrocytes that links in sound frequencies through water molecule ordinances (not to generate) but to borrow lined up a current of ions electrical flow from electrons to prepare Eels capable to shock its enemies up to 600 volts or higher voltages. All biological cells have the capability to borrow helixes from electrons by ordinances from water molecules, there is a virus called M13 that can use Piezo-electric effect to borrow electrical helixes from electrons. Another amazing activity is found in Japanese bees that have inch long enemy giant hornet “Osuzumebachi” that meant (giant sparrow bee) in Japanese it has two tiny eyes in between two other eyes, as soon this hornet attack to eat one of bee sisters most of nearby bees jump over holding hornet swarm all over it giving incasing ball of mass bees, in ordinances bees start to generate sound frequency that releases helixes from water molecules circling the giant hornet generating great 118 to 150 degree Fahrenheit, hands and feet’s of holding bees do not effect by circuit of heat raising collective temperatures electrical field that cooks well done roasting hornet, cooking is effective only inside the body of giant hornet not to the body of mass bees, after killing the giant they let it go. So bees have the capacity to use nearby electron helix's by sound frequency to make warm same principle bees use to shape their hive structure process.
Atoms are slightly similar to silk cocoons spinning electrons all around, somehow biological cells have the capacity by sound frequency tones to harvest that cocoons electron helixes extrication the flow to use in their own advantages so human synapses inside the brain, also electrical Eel fish, Japanese bees, M13 Viruses and other living form biological cells can harvest from similarity electron cocoons energy voltage flow not that they can produce electricity but can derive electrical energy for their own use, of course there are many other complex issues still unknown, how can Eels release great electrical 600 volts shock and their body do not be effected, somehow Eels adapted some other form of sound tones that can protect them from high voltages.

                                                          HUMAN TEARS

Each eyes are section of brain that continuous to reach out and see synchronize two eyes as one. 
Each human eye is composed about 130 million photo reception cells inside each cell there are about 100 trillion variety of atoms they all operate under water molecule directives by atom sound variants. Water molecules are the most volume mass in our brain, water molecules contain memory of all sort activities they transmit data to brain and also register everything inside our brain circuit by communication figures, salt and potassium with other organic and chemical substances are main ingredients mixed with water molecules inside the brain. Sometimes for special task protein-based water molecules are produced to lubricate our eyes as tears.

In my post “water” H2O molecules contains memory and memory feelings that human tears are stored up contain all sort of personality feelings inside that are stored inside glands of meibornian Lacimal preparing a formula as mucins that are called conjunctival goblet, all personality pattern are stored in the tear drop, but as soon it reach out as droplets it release the emotions at that moment in patterns that can be shown in teardrop’s crystalline structures, when teardrops are dried in dark room under a microscope small light will show crystallized patterns that will be different from happy occasion tears or sad ones, each shape is one of its kind that contain delicate expressions. Atoms inside the brain communicate with sound tone wavelengths that are messages with vibration, consider dividing one second into 0.0001 nanoseconds, some tones, like a comb some times are crowded other scattered, this sound polarity vibration can form pattern crystallization that are brain signal neurotransmitter data stored inside the human tears but only they release exclusive patterns of that moment when tears are released.

Brain releases special sound frequency field wave that has individuality as I mentioned in my blog, any foreign sounds are detected by white blood cell to attack to defend personality sound harmony of individuality that show private finger prints on our fingers and special individuality forms in our eye retina. As soon certain strong emotion rings bell buzzer generated from the body cells to the brain greater interpretation is needed from biological life form cells to Universal sound tone realm communication water molecules release through stimuli into lacremal glands that release fluids tear gland tear fluid deposits that are same pattern mixture after stimuli signals reach to it to release at that moment tear mixture take into special unique redirected pattern form of cluster shape expressions, sound of bang messages, as soon eye covered by tear secretor lubricant outside light will penetrate tear responds that are private pattern neurotransmitter in color collecting data to electronic pulse form to circulate reaction from cells into water molecule data form to copy, very big number of color distends are already based inside iris that surrounds main center pupil of the eye culinary mussel adjust flow of colors enter the retina, tear drops contain organic substance sectors of meibomian glands that mostly is oil to hold tear drops together not to run spilling, lacrimal gland are also in tear drops to protect from infections that are made of water molecules, tears also contain mucins that called conjunctival goblet cells to distribute tears evenly over the eye. When light penetrate through tears to deliver the eye like a microscope will receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages all suspended in salt water, under microscope tear drops reveal happy fact cluster of water molecules, happy or crying tears by microscope also we can show patterns of crystal forms that are in different variations, emotional tears are different than chopping onion tears same are different in basal tears crying reunion tears or grief tears some differences in laughter tear clusters remembrances hope and so on, they all contain inner emotional feelings expression like sorrow or pleasure through pattern forms to be detected and analyzed by light flow quantum colors through the pupil by helping hand from Iris colors, as Action potential resting potential complex exertion prepared inside synapses by the help of water molecules mixed with salt and potassium close simulations are done by water tear drops to transform messages from sound vibration tone frequency waves from neurotransmitters phonological into light quantum etymological transformation for atomic language communication that control amino acid behavior, major component in water molecules, entire oceans contain salty water molecule that stores all data from water molecules to be kept for safe keeping they echo details to each other working as large brain that Earth planet have to collect data, water molecules are the main control power of knowledge transportation reinstating that is available on Earth.

For many years I was wondering what I had inside one of my eyes sometimes move like a worm transparent blob with dark spot in one of the sections, it was not [possible to see outside the surface, doing some reading about it I realized that is known as “musedae volitantes” meaning flying flies that is not real alive insect or worm that are tiny shapes that are floaters drift protein objects that leave shadow on back of my eye or the retina, also I find out that are other form of moving tiny light dots that are called phenomena of blue field antoptic, the way it happens when large white blood cells stuck in capillaries causing a space on front and stop flow of blood in the backside, passing near retinas surface surrounding light passes easy from white blood portion as front and give darker following tail that are crowded red cells that are stuck behind the white cells. Now I am working to know what is the bright light inside my eyes is when I push my finger into lower or upper section of my eyelash in the dark.

The eye is extension part from the brain to see outside environment, the eye can distinguish 10 million colors, females have stronger eyes than the male, 7octillion of atoms inside the body cooperate with sounds from atoms where neurons inherent characteristics from atoms to function great supernatural task to make sound messages be transmitted in frequencies so directive patterns from open air is received to be analyzing in the back of the brain as complete picture the body, it will be received upside down but the brain can figure that out. The blinking of the eye instants is so short but calculating the number of times it almost blink 10% of our waking activities. Altogether the brain can hold 1 Quadrillion bits in sequences.    

Human eye is complex composite that collects outer light views and sends to the brain, it is brain extension that is in outer side of the scull. Male eyes can sense one million colors; probably you watched a mountain in autumn noticing how variety of colors in the view, male has 3 cone sensing groups that can register one million variety of colors, female has 4 cone sensors that enable them to register four million nuances of colors, slight unnoticeable cam make green into turquoise and slight changes make it look into blue, some can express emotions by light colors and patterns, so eyes are one of major part of the brain that operate by universal language.

Collecting information from Universal language to our brain, ears and eyes collect important data, human eye can see million variety of colors plus infrared wavelengths (that’s part of Universal communications) regarding other wavelengths as X-Rays or ultraviolet atoms can sense that and inform into brain compartment collections, so thru retina brain also receive visible spectrum waves of all color of light particles in certain levels of nano-meter scales that are visible plus invisible infrared wavelengths, all sort of energy that released by Universal language can be sensed through atom molecules and water molecules mediate that information into the brain if they are in priority levels.

                          SOUND AND MUSIC ACTIVITIES

As soon neurons born inside human brain they obtain the sound of individuality of the person sound harmony and that will be their genetic code pattern as long they live, sound tone complex patterns contains supernatural knowledge to learn more sanitization adding on personal sound harmony new progressive amplifications, all other messages that are released from other neurons contains repeated administration of a stimulus electrical sparks of flow of data that will be taken in to maladaptive learning process that all living organism look after, musical sound wavelength are echoes that reflex eliciting stimuli certain can fit into genetics key arrangement to direct response opening of tone safe operant conditioning. As soon new sound codes are received behavioral practice spawns to neurons to learn. Already each individual is controlled by sound harmony melody codes, in case someone hear musical tones brain become more open minded to receive other harmony to compare but if the individual personally playing an musical instruments all of a sudden entire brain wakes up all sections of the brain participates to perform an art form that is superior to any other art creation executive function to make harmony sound that has functional resonance, while playing a melody neurons acquiring new tone pattern because they might repeat the same melody sounds adding skills comparing with their own sound harmony preferences, any time teachers listen any information and having in mind that they might repeat this same subject to others somehow they will memories in details, same process the neurons receive and deliver sound that might involve synthesizing differences. So sound is the key to open doorway of the mind, creating or playing an musical instrument make the individual a conductor and a director strengthening stimulus that evokes reflexive response, something that the brain was capable of doing and was not doing all of a sudden that process comes to life, people who use words stressing on melody form of words remember easier that repeating like a plain tone, plus when learning new words using imagination to visualized the colors of a dress or fruit repeating that foreign name to remember learning new language it might be easier to remember that word, language of atoms is based son MHz sound frequencies, only wide opening exist between biological communications and atomic communication that is the communication between all-stars planets and atoms inside the Universe always receiving behavioral patterns from atoms that are released from two energy forms inside atoms Dynamic-Energy from electrons and Dynamic-Matter from core of atoms. Inside the scull human brain is occupied inside the sea of water molecules that contain own memory connected to Universal Language guides the entire brain to work harmoniously comparing human biological sound harmony wisdom with Universal wisdom by sound tone complex variations.

Man’s best friend

I am the first person who introduced communication of stimuli in my post “Neurons” Stimuli is complex electrical pulse that transports visual and auditory cues inside the brain through synapses and some of them once a while are released out of the brain scull out through their surrounding and return back to the brain, atoms don’t tell everything they know only portion of their data is released to the brain, as I bring it out in my post “atoms are other form of living things” all animals and all form of living things communicate in different tone reaction of stimuli in different sound levels, somehow stimuli radiation of human and dogs are very close range of resolutions, that’s why dogs can recognize or sense if a human person is sad angry or in happy mood, some suspect that dogs are reading human facial expression but no they are interpreting human stimuli signals, somehow when dogs miss the stimuli line intrinsic cues they bend their head right or left to be connected into stimuli wave that travel in other direction to grasp their radiation level. Dogs are capable also to interpreting the messages inside stimuli, sound tone variations contain some static vibration that has complex visual and auditory cues, dogs can sense that, that’s why dogs are very close associating communicating with people.

Our brain is a tiny Universe.

The brain has multi scale communication capacity. One of them is known as synaptic gap junction and dysfunction process where spikes electrical signals or stimuli transports data from one neuron to others, beside that there are weaker signal mechanisms that are effect of vibration waves that electron release complex millisecond multiple pulses that represents messages signals, in each the vibrations can signal 1000 millisecond pulses, any pulse missing from 1-100 for example number 45 93 347 810 904 or sometimes it might be missing from number 240 to 915 all of this milliseconds is noticeable for other neurons that took in between 1000 tones in one second time transmitted by weak wavelengths that contains complex data with signaling mechanisms through the brain with vibration signals that are released and registered through neural waves, entire electrical waves in the bring individuality recognition from each neuron so other neurons can penetrate from where the signal was released can be accompanied in many variety of signaling mechanisms where some of the stimuli might go out of the brain then return back to the bring back data from neighborhood atoms, as I consider that  atoms have communication capacity through water molecules that contain most two elements of atoms that can signal to biological cells are two atoms hydrogen and oxygen, inside the brain all wavelengths are received into water field and analyze the data and released new balancing transmission to entire brain neurons in every millisecond, each atom communicate with electron stimuli that are released from electrons that are small portion from Dynamic-Energy in electrical signals also each atom communicate with center core Dynamic-Matter that release wavelengths complex signals, entire brain is a tiny form of Universe that functions similarly to larger scale of mass inside the Universe. So not only water molecules communicate with individual neuron but also they come in touch with each individual atom that neuron or synapses and all other parts of the brain. Entire Universe is Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter galaxies stars planets and atoms are part of that energy that is inside the Universe.

Now the difficult part.

The most complex system of the brain for humans to penetrate brain`s environmental capacity how to penetrate knowledge or data the way we do to a computer, we can’t, because a brain is not a computer.  Brains do not function as brains, all words or images with computers are patterns (‘Bits’) and smaller chunks as (‘bytes’) 8 bytes make one bits, collective millions of this patterns complete a sentence or an image. I mentioned earlier that brain center commands all data about certain happening that occurred earlier and all neurons send images data to center to be analyzed and visualized in a consciousness realm. If it was a computer you can do that but no one can go by a circuit inside the neuron like entering into a library and copy all information’s from books and come out with data. Reason we can’t do that because all information’s that are available as software inside the neuron cells are inside atoms by two sections that atoms complete, Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic Matter, so by man made computer software can’t be used to penetrate programs knowledge representations lexicons images models knowledge algorithms the way digital computers behave. Because atoms contain two different life form energy that is trillion time smaller than smallest particle that we are acquainted of, plus they are is invisible force containing all the intelligence forms that humans obtain subroutines processors, by wisdom decodes symbols not human brain cells because very small portions from this two basic Dynamic forces participate fully in all conversant wisdom developing process. So we cannot go into the neurons and copy a song already was developed in the memory of the individual, because we have no capacity to communicate with this two energy forces, other atoms can do communicate by paternal behavior the way molecules were developed to influence on DNA and RNA procedure from that we can go back to analyze out background the way we were developed earlier. Same with other differences we have regarding our personality Art Inventions composing music and many other gifts that Humans might collect are released from two energy form from atoms, most basic data transmit through water molecules and 99% of our body and brain is made of water. So the brain is not the neurons or synapses but through water molecules they are only the transmitting stimuli into cell instruments to bring data from hydrogen atoms two supernatural points, bringing wisdom of knowledge, the way personal individual heart condition and consciousness was developed that function as personality sound harmony of that I mentioned earlier. In the case of some birds and animals this flow also releases more complex process to guide their travel or sensing other things than humans cant. In other words, each neuron in the brain is the macrobiotic crossing site for the inorganic Universal energy dimension through water  molecule wavelengths interconnect with neuron`s web, astuteness data of two forces in atoms release directives info and store data between neurons and Universal intelligence, same with animals fish birds and other biological things that works that we call it instincts.

Within neuron cells there are also DNA long twine that can store and release over 70 petabytes of data that can be stored inside DNA one dozen of thousand years, hydrogen within water molecules contain unimaginably billions times more data because they contain two supernatural dynamics energy and matter but to unlock data from hydrogen we have no power over it. Imagine all the collective water molecules contain inside the brain all the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms collectively how much data they can store in their jurisdiction or release any moment they want to, plus atoms can store all that data during atom life time 12 billion years and after atom decompose the dynamic energy continue to store that data for eternity.

Water molecules are basic first level realm that connects into the neurons, it has certain patterns of frequencies, other cluster of atom groups release different patterns of frequencies into the brain and so on other clusters release in different dimensional realm of communicational behavior, some scientist consider this hidden process resembling into multidimensional Universe consider that human brain might have 7 to 11 dimensional patterns (probably people are visiting so many times to 7 11 stores) (just joking) Human brain has too many close similarities into the pattern of our Universe where new neuron structures are formed then disintegrates, 82 billion neurons are webbing with separate form of atom clusters in smaller speck of brain that have lower octave  form of sound patterns levels, layers upon layers other cluster of atoms release private secure higher pitch sound that we can`t comprehend because they are in higher realm dimension patterns where sometimes human neurons don’t concede but other atoms do identify with and respond

 Some might have experiences disturbing stories because of receiving organ transplants.

Many times I explained single atoms have two supernatural forces Dark Energy and Dark Matter, atoms form our cells inside the body with DNA and RNA and many other protein forms, atoms contain memory everything happening inside and outside your body, whatever you see feel hear or taste, atoms themselves keep private data for 12 billion years. All characteristic taste and personality also is patterned through the atoms inside every organ you possess. If someday you needed a organ transplant, it will be better you consider that you are going to adapt some memories and data from the donor, if the donor is dead still the information that was kept in certain organ that you will borrow also contains memories of the dead person. There have been cases where a organ receiver sow half awake vision who killed the individual body that the organ was donated, in very clear memory who the killer was. A heart transplant recipient noticed how his personality was changed becoming very near to the personality of the heart donor was. Another case organ transplant receiver from a suicide victim, after a short life receiver had suicide in almost same pattern, other individual that receive organ transplant had memories how car accident victims experienced before death. In all cases recipients somehow adapted characteristics from the donor’s personality as when they alive, here are enough experiences that justified that atoms effect on personality characteristics, when body organs transplant into other individuals their behavior with memory qualities pass into the new individual data recollection that are based individually in each portion of an atom procedure collectively in organ forms that was available to be donor to recipients, so atoms can deliver memories through all-embracing organ structure also through blood transfusions. I have a theory in my blogs “Atoms are other form of living things” of course there are more other complex approaches where memories and personality building form of the individual is in pattern by his or her coming offspring through DNA and RNA patterns, not only for the next generation but passed down through generations.

As far as I know I am the first person who presented theory of Atoms are other form of living things, so any time atoms from deceased person either 6000 years ago or less, someone from Pharaohs’ family might reach by food or drink into a modern person biological cells and upload data from the former individual also by transplant of foreign body parts, do not be surprised if all of the sudden the receiver start to talk in different accent or having a new characteristic change, in my theory atoms upload data all the time from their surroundings much higher grade best computer system and keep for 12.billion years as far as atoms live. One thing for sure atoms exist also the power they have undeniably exist same with their intelligence communication capacity that effect inside each biological cell to direct DNA and RNA plus all other protein and vitamin formations, atom does not present a different soul into other bodies but only present knowledge of all uploading data that they preserve till someday atoms die and return their complete data to Universal force fields of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter.

Reincarnation by scientific approach

Dalai Lama stated “it will be difficult for science to disapprove reincarnation” concept, but I will try. As I described foreign donor body parts are capable to carry memory into new body. All atoms carry information of their surroundings video sound precise data, some atoms that were left other humans mixing into nature flow either with water system or plant life as particles somehow they can be collected through nutrient vegetation or in liquid drinks into different person, later on some communication can go on between new arrival atoms and the old ones, new guest might transport some memories about former person where he was residing earlier in life. All the so called new data that individuals might receive to except as logical standpoint, having no other choice they reach into the philosophy of reincarnation, some great men such as Plato Socrates believed this sort of philosophies, by sensing certain memory about other people life they concluded that soul of other people are residing in them, many continue to except that have the consciousness of others inside them the word reincarnation means literally “entering the flesh again” I had the chance to get important notes from local resident who also is a great researcher, Karekin Darakjian from Sweida Jabal Druze where great number of Druze live and they believe transmigration, Druze also believe their soul is united with cosmic mind.
I was 22 years old while setting diamante in “Burj” downtown “Sook al Syaghin” Jewelry market Fakkhuri Bld. In Lebanon, a very old man approached politely to my workshop introducing himself in Arabic language with high vocabulary, then offering very large book to me about reincarnation, for a price. I told him that don’t believe that philosophy, after conversing half an hour in question and answer explaining to me that men and animals they soul literary enter to other flesh with their consciousness at the time they born into cycle of existence up to certain numbers of years. At last I suggested to him a point; I said I will be willing to buy the book from you on one condition, if you can answer my last question with logical sense. Then I said “As you remember every year we having more souls coming to life ether animals or cattle of chickens I mean all sort of life are multiplying day after day, If I will except your cycle that souls transform from the dead into new living this number should stay constant always remaining same number not increase of numbers, so how come?” he answered “Yes souls enter to other flash, but there are other extra souls also come from heaven and Universe to live through animals insects and so on” I told him “I am sorry I will not be able to except your book, because it does not make any logical sense to me, plus I can’t go through  imagination that has no limit to conclude” we shake hands with smile and left.

As concluding reincarnation, atoms communicate with each other, they contain Universal intelligent by two Universal life forces Dynamic Energy and Matter that some call it cosmic mind, men don’t have a separate soul that can inform you what happening around you if you close your eyes, but brain neurons release stimuli to communicate and transport data only into atomic communication circuit that will not be recognized from biological cells. 

                                                             PLANT BRAINS

Do plants have brain? Some are very sensitive having movements like a nerve others for example sunflower plants gradually tracking Suns path always facing the Sun to make their phototropism grow using light source. Other carnivorous plants hunt insect grabbing into their trap, other plants can response to touch, this experiences show intelligence with impressive mechanisms and how do they communicate? By collective atom molecules plant cells already have built up with elasticity inclination to jump like a spring into action, atom molecules sensing frequencies release stimuli to other cells to react bringing all molecules into intelligent maneuvering circuit just like synapses transport messages into neurons plants have their circuit centers to contract or stretch their cells to protect themselves doing work in elegant mechanism order, some plants have fast movement to indicate sensing gravity knowing where to spread their roots to presence of water, just like neurons and synapses entire plants sense just like having different sort of brain over collective of water molecule ordinance directives by intricate activity, as you see other form of animals plants and other form of living things have different capacity to activate their mechanism having brains and intelligence in other forms, that’s why atoms planets stars have their own universal language and transmit sound frequency tone wavelengths to communicate, release information and receive directives united through Universe.

There are about 600 species of carnivorous plants, some of the plants produce in their leaves very strange complex form of chemicals spending great deal of energy that they will not use others can develop some chemicals that can protect them to survive so other insect can’t eat their greeneries or stems can know how to be safe from predators, sequoia trees are prepared to protected from forest fires, as I described the way instinct work inside animals birds insect in same procedures water molecules direct their activity to be on their own advantage, same their flagrantly scent of their flowers have special purpose to apply by plant existence, collectively water molecules are plants consciousness prepared for discernment for all activities that may arise in future getting prepared for all action, do we see intelligence in plants? Yes do we see a brain section in plants? No but their consciousness show that is an agent that control all their activities that is in water molecules that is great portion of plants inner temperament. 


My logic is based on data from past how experiences by people using herbs gave them advantages seeing some herbs are effective regarding certain illnesses they preferred certain herbs and spices helping their immune system telling each other during history and it is used till our time, they did not have chemical and medical advanced tools to analyze. Atoms release sound frequencies collectively atoms form a particular sequence sound frequencies as flowers and plants form also dehydrating up herbs and spices can continue releasing their unique specialized sound frequencies that can heal immune system of living cells and also each can help into certain organ or system of the living being. Entire life form on our planet was in harmonious order to direct disorderly health into natural biomedical healing prominence. All herbs spices Fruits Vegetables each have their own responsibility to help living beings to continue in healthy environment mixing with water molecules they connect everything with “Universal language” harmony with amino acids molecular weight of proteins how and what quantity of Glutelins should be formed with all variety of proteins and carbohydrates that also have big number of classifications textiles making natural medicines, taking regular sugar into sugar into hydruxyalehydes or hydroxyketones changing stages of starch cellulose carbohydrates to the point that sugar becomes alcohol, DNA uses cluster sounds from herbs and spices seasonings fragrances to fulfill activity progress of cells, for example as I described in other places bees collect all variety of pollen nectar that are releasing strong aroma sound frequencies, inside row honey, any time if turmeric or ginger spices and other strong tone reaction aroma sound frequencies mixed together they can give better results if used properly, all aromas are based in sound frequency directives by their group of variety clusters that contain releasing sound harmony waves into positive formula for healthy cells.   

Let’s consider saffron, it contains 150 impulsive aroma yielding compounds plus with other nonaggressive compounds lively compounds, grad Iranian saffron are the strongest best quality and most expansive called “Sargul” some of its compounds are carotenoids with lycopene Zeaxanthin and various B carotene, yellow color is from its crocin. Prior to use properly you can worm water not boiling point put some saffron in the water a few minutes, do not boil and cook for long periods its effective sound tone frequencies will dissolve and become ineffective via oxidative cleavage that saffron contains a bitter glycoside picrocrocin flavor. For centuries people noticed many herb as ginger turmeric and saffron can alleviate symptoms of major depressions, some are declaring that it can prevent cancer others are informing benefit from saffron against premenstrual syndromes others are experiencing by this herb how protecting from direct light. As I described tear drops contain delicate messages about emotional expressions, as soon tears are released from same location still they express different feeling in emotion at the time individual felt, as soon outside light penetrate through tears to deliver the eye like a microscope will receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages all suspended in salt water, under microscope tear drops reveal happy fact cluster of water molecules, one thing is common between saffron and human eye they both naturally, saffron contains in (systematic name:2,6,6-trimethyleyclobexa-1,3-dieno-1-carboxalehyde) this is a carbohydrate that are release via oxidative cleavage a glycoside a terpene aldehyde saffron, both inside human eye and saffron enclose “carotenoids” all stimuli signals released from cells through DNA construe to other cells through molecular sounds that are released from variety of molecules that help orderly functions into immunity cells all herbs and spices play major form progress of cell activities in organized manner, DNA through water molecules direct changes in chemical or protein classification changing sugar into many other forms of Protein Histone Globumins Globulins and Prolamins. As I described retina of the eye contains carotenoids that can observe in human when eye covered by tear secretor lubricant outside light will penetrate tear responds by carotenoids sensitive vibrations, based inside iris that surrounds main center pupil of the eye culinary mussel adjust flow of colors enter the retina, that will translate emotions from outside light lubricant to penetrate tear responds that are private pattern neurotransmitter in color collecting data to electronic pulse form to circulate reaction, receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages from cells through water molecule declinations data form, to copy all form of emotions and depictions, Saffron is reach in this sound frequency tone wave and we can use this advantages from saffron aroma and all the rest of herbs and spices using all variety of healthy plants fruits in suitable way. 

                                                               JOURNEY OF CONCEPTION

In other post I reminded dark-Matter are the core of every atom planets stars and black hole, somehow our mind can harvest stimuli from electrons as described as action potential and resting potential process in neuron membrane, it allow positively charged ions negatively charged ions out the charge reaches +40mv, Electrons have great enrolment in chemical reaction but I call it “Tone reaction” Electrochemical signals and neurotransmitter interference of electrons pulses to direct the harmony of the process, because electrons are full of principle physique direction. There is potassium and calcium ions go through the synapses pipes that are round, like a tunnel have small opening on the side walls wall of the channel, they are voltage gates, this potassium channels K+ in diffusion change and sodium ions into the center pipe axons the movement and pressure changes the pore releases potassium and calcium ions into synaptic cleft, generate electrical values, when all electric charges inside the walls are positive it called action potential they move rapidly. Later when K+ moves out of the potassium channel sodium ions get in through sodium channels in, the circuit inside change into negative, and outside into positive. When potassium go in it is called repolarization and Ca2 sodium ions out, it affects synaptic strength and calcium levels are detected. Later when potassium goes out of open gates it is called depolarization reversing electrical charge, so inside the data transferring tube the axon can be negative and outside positive, or reverse positive inside and negative outside. Beside this communications elements also communicate lover octave musical frequencies. In my perspective our brain function somehow harvest from electrons stimuli or come connected to floating Dark-Matter bubbles somehow reach into the bubble, either element can be gradually by sound prerequisites purpose element can reverse its structure proton of atom come out or get in touch from open air to be connected for use, prepared to be deposited every female egg-producing genital glands, brain sends Dark-Matter all the way down to suspensory ligament of ovary (tissue that holds the ovary in place) then dark-Matter move into ovary and take in the female egg to prepare in reproductive tract, as soon the time comes for egg to move to its proper place for ejaculation to meet sperm that can take 3 to 7 hours to reach its target by following sound frequency waves to Dark-Matter sound frequency sound directives already female egg is comfort inside the Dark-Matter bubble that is invisible, as soon fertilization done and chromosomes are created and journey to the journey of conception completed in 3 days the uterus begins still it stay in Dark-Matter bubble that help to reach and connected by fallopian tube, same principle male sperms somehow to be connected to stimuli from electrons to adapt helix shape sperms that move like helix and go to reach into Dark-Matter bubble for conception, always listen to sound waves that work in same principle as covalent bonding and direct itself toward D.M bubble directly. In my other post “Electron” I described my perspective same principles with title “sexy atoms” how atoms change their temperament character as personality to become other form of atoms.

I like to mention about dogs, how come they spin before they poo, some are suspecting that they can connected into Earth’s gravitational poles and release their inner personality sound frequencies with their dirt out. Many other connections with animal cells are connected to Dark-Matter bubbles that are everywhere and each animal is in one of that bubbles, regarding human brain there is a hypothalamus section that produces hormone regulations, it can act as timing control to keep all rheumatic activities when to eat sleep wake up and do many other biological casuals when to do what some name this section circadian clock, every portion of brain suppresses neural activities according to their makeup programing. I had a grandma her name was Mary, she did not carry a watch also in the house we did not have one except my hand watch, I tested her no matter what in daytime or nighttime asking her she replied to me right timing not mentioning individual minutes but she could say close to 8.20 or 4.15. I believe that this connection between Dark-Matter and biological cells are based on sound frequency tone reaction communicational wavelengths like all atoms use to interconnect data, if atoms can do that atoms destined to contain intelligence to analyze code tone sound frequencies.

                                                                TUNNEL OF LIGHT      

When a person experience death the cells still continue living in slow process. For instance if a man die and has a clean shaved face until morning some beard hairs will grow on the departed man`s face. Same is through in the brain of human beings, the through that were electrical Jolts see the bright light going From starting point going into brightness, when a patient pronounced dead all the signal Jolts go through the synapse into central communication center, when those tubes get side by side closer and nearer, the light reflection get brighter. Over one trillion cells never had experienced into the big collective effort of release all electrical impulses or jolts at the same moment to center zone. All emotions feelings, moving pictures can be sense by this electrical signals that are part of the  flow so electrons can see and feel emotions and register everything in their data banks also.

What will the passenger coming back from death remember a tunnel (the synapse) He was traveling seeing the light getting brighter and brighter (electrical impulses going through the channel) like a lighting storm that’s he or she remembering it happened when died? That’s the truth difference is in interpretation. Recollect or vision man`s wedding, and now his brother`s wedding try to compare with the formal one, who was there eleven years ago, who was and wasn`t there, who gain or lost weight, doing comparisons the central intelligence division of the mind, sends the question to trillion cells and want answers right away, all the cell libraries that carry this sound videos send information to central subdivision. Analyzing zone give you the result in no time in a second and you remember with a smile.

Clinically dead back to life

Meanwhile a biotech company in US without asking permission from Dr. Frankenstein, they been granted ethical permission followed by an institutional review board both in India an US to use 20 certified dead patient to inject their brains with stem cells that is a cocktail of peptides to stimulate their nervous system to restart the brain to function, Bioquark ReAnima project will monitor the brains using imaging equipment to reveal details if any regeneration started to reversal of death is the dead person might be brought back from the dead..

Sometimes people that had near death experiences tell stories about going to heaven or to Hell or flying around on their body while in operation room and observe medical staff working over his or her body; after they wake up from this experience they tell even some full facts that are detailed happenings that occurred during their surgery procedures. All this have logical explanations including the tunnel of light experience that they observed.

Can dead person come back to life?

God created man as his image, God created the Universe, to be image of God is more fitting to look like the Universe, main important body part is accurate Image form of the large Universe is our tiny brain where neurons communicate with neurons to each other as stars and galaxies communicate with each other. Brain is so important all the rest of our body serve the brain to carry around and collect nourishments to keep it running delivering oxygen through blood heart pump and so on. When a person die, all of a sudden process of developing memory information senses transforms into new method of communication, while a person proclaimed dead by a physician, 20 minutes or so still the brain functions collecting hearing data and reasoning the happenings, still genes inside the body remains active for couple more days, neurons second process of life transforming activity from biological cell communication into atom life communication begins through sound frequency wavelengths. Having the centre of control the cerebral cortex as memory centre release questioning wavelengths to all neuron cells so they can transmit all data and memories to atoms, inside atoms two supernatural forces that manage the existence of atoms collects memories patterns and history of lifetime of the individual by frequency pathways, then ordering the rest of the body to stimulate inflammation to obliterate the cells, gradually tear down the cells into amino acids and as individual atoms, by all means the individual become disconnected from biological life activity, sending all the history of lifetime memory reside inside atoms having no love or hate to others, no subconscious, trying to explain it will be close similarity to a book that contains letters to describe and video recordings shells of information laid down inside the atoms, Anytime in the future the Almighty can reverse the memory of the individual, also is a possibility as God created Man he also create a new body the reassembles the person who was lost but can be returned in youth age with all his or her memories attached inside, the brain transforming memories from atoms into the neurons that were just created. Also there is great possibility that Almighty forget the ones that were bad as described in the book of bible by Jesus Christ, explaining the power of resurrection, while many people think that they will go up to heaven inside vacuumed Universe, Gods original purpose was to bring men live on the paradise, Gods never change his plans, as was told, planet Earth will turn into a paradise where only righteous people will live on it. Proverbs 2:21”For the upright are the ones that will reside in the Earth and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it” also Psalms 37:29 “The righteous themselves will possess the Earth and they will reside forever upon it” Almighty already supervised to bring forth almost 7.5 billion people to reside on Earth, each medium size individual contain 7 Octillion atoms (27 Zeros) besides plants animals and all sort of living things. God control all activity of biological beings to reassemble or to recreate people that were dead, by atoms that are the organizations of God, he can and will supervise all life forms and activities because God is the spring of life. Psalms 36:0 some translation say “for with you is the spring of life” Almighty`s power of life exist inside every atom of your body. Other translations say “For with you is the source of life. By light from you we can see light”.

As I explained before in brain function of all sort of living things, animals and humans is a circuit of orderly wiring of neurons synapse cablings, synaptic vesicle, neurotransmitter that are released information’s by electrical jolts or signals that can carry detailed pictures sound pictures emotional feelings and collect in the analyzing zone of the brain to make all details available to the individual, some of the transmission sections are synaptic that don’t touch, even in that instances electrical jolts jump in the openings by synapse neurotransmitter released (serotins) in short tense always information’s are carried out through electrical signals that are similar to electricity but different life force supernatural data flow of power that include in electron helix cable, those energy fields can register all their surrounding everywhere they pass by, they contain memory banks they are not noticed invisible force flow that even can leave the body connecting to inertia disturbance and sometimes by original personality sound frequencies are recalled familiar energy flow back to the complete body form individuality brain function, the entire brain works as super computer, it can visualize with emotions and feelings, and the brain composition set can provide action of happening that was done only in the stage studio of the brain without any noticeable disturbance, only the person might vibrate on his eye lid and can see a long story that happened in a few seconds because those electrical jolts move very fast the signals travel very fast but later the brain in analyzing zones interpret the details to be understood to our system, the individual have heard so many stories about heaven and hell that had very strong impressions on the person, the brain can provide sometimes supernatural high class art projections in our brain studio. Regarding out of body experiences adaptations as I mentioned those electrical signals or stimuli encoder that can leave the body sometimes for short distances sometimes even 2 blocks away and return bringing and registering what they registered in their memory banks, also have adaptations of Brain-to Brain interface. Our brain functions about 2% in our body, if the functional capacities changed in the future people might release some of those electron signal stimuli to other locations or persons and transmit information in pictures and emotions and feelings with the details and receive back other information’s  decoder back from other friends and even to the Universe body objects, because all this signals can be carried out by this electrical stimuli flows that are imbedded inside electron cable complex. Scientist trying similar tests by near mind microelectrodes implants brain connection between two animals or brain-to-brain interface that already it is working between people and their dogs in very limited unnoticeable effectiveness dogs sense or feel the emotions of their owners and other animals.

Why? As soon you threw a stick or Frisbee dogs follow to grab it in their mouth to bring it back to you.

I wish dogs could talk and explain but they can’t, my logical sense has to analyze to categorization of this natural scenes, perceptional researches already working hard, already earlier I described spark of stimuli released from each neurons into synapses, some of them released out from the scull in fixation pattern moving constant fixation patterns to subordinate condition equivalent to the force of universal language, each stimuli circulate spin on itself into airborne angular momentum curved patterns similar to invisible tiny boomerang force velocity that dogs somehow sense it , stimuli don’t need Aerodynamic lift because they are energy such as electrons and their spinning curved path procession spin accelerate torque into returning path back to the brain, somehow dogs watch or sense this process on humans behavior of stimuli trajectory perception/action, as soon a person threw a stick to hurled near distance, dogs have to go to grab task of catching and return to the person according to individuality behavior that body functions, categorization of natural scene tilt the dig to jump into the action, regarding fixation pattern how to reach and hold the stick is up to the capability of the dog..

Inside human brain communication delivered by message circuits that are helix jolts I call them stimuli each carry sound signals pulses from neurons through synapses vesicles to other locations, basic information`s are decoded into universal language the way all languages decoded to computer language (0010011) any moment is coming sound are in High-pitched messages human lose their ordinance in communication and that’s why sound of Nails on a chalkboard might discomfort some and some can be effected if the pitch go higher, basic harmony sound is coded pulses that balance our inter neuron transmitting waves variety on names such as Beta, Alpha, Gaba and Delta brain waves, High-Pitch can disturb our harmony with universal frequency, of course Universal contains High-pitched sound pulses but are in other circuit wave ordinance or Fluctuation in sound rates to reach atoms, humane sound range stay almost between 20 to 200 Hz sound pulses in fluctuations.

When neuron get old Astrocyte cell that are feeding the neuron sense failing activities so Astrocyte make new program to make neuron miss its nourishments or direct to show by other neurons new baby neurons that are emulated to new born, the aging neuron releases all its data information’s to the new born neurons, the old one disintegrate its complete neuron cell body with its nucleus and nucleolus plus all its 10.000 junction by cooperation’s with microglial cells getting rid of old synapses to be eliminated and new born baby neuron connected with other new 10.000 new tiny junctions to receive signals in the form of synapses. So let’s consider this all the knowledge of dying synapse relocated and don’t die, cell of old neuron dismantled, same with Schwann cells and Axons.

 In this blogs many times I explained there are on chemical reaction but variety cluster groups of atoms release sound frequency wavelengths that make us feel that it is a smell in reality it is complex tone reaction of sound, each person animal or insect carry this diversities of sound frequencies that are released by collective atoms, each person has personalized sound frequency code wavelength tune and releases unique scent that is different from everybody else pomposity, sound complex differs in all individual animals and all living things including category of atoms that I represent the thought in my posts “Atoms are living things, your fingerprint is completed according your personality sound harmony wavelengths. Don’t get surprised probably you might smell armpit of another person that displeases you but your brain waves that register sound of personality harmony wavelengths recognize the massage and without making you notice they communicate with your sound wavelengths to get accounted into each other personality harmony sound frequencies message codes, dogs are expert in this and right away go new areas to track aroma new variety of scent, so their brain can have some homework to analize.

Let me make it clear neuron by its own complete form do not have any consciousness but only knowledge information’s data. Consciousness center of brain have to collect information by stratum so Hippocampus can analyze conclusive in consciousness to think as human being central brain with substantia nigra, vita, nucleus Accumbens, central brain can’t think without collecting data from neurons, and neurons can’t generate principles on their own. Only complete form of brain with directive circulation of stimuli can generate thinking consciousness. Space and time has no any tools in balancing life and death only if neurons are operational or not. When a person dies all the data information in neurons pass by stimuli electron of atoms, central brain that combines collective data to analyze will be dead and disassemble to non-existing consciousness, can’t think or feel any emotions hate or love in nothingness. If somehow in the future distributed atoms collected by new molecules in that mixture will be atoms that contain old data stimuli are recollected and form a new body refilling all the old data stimuli into the new body and when central brain also can be available same individual thinking mind can be reborn or resurrected, probably can’t look exactly the same but same personality with all the old memories will be combined to this new being that was now is.

How is the connection between brain and the heart?

Before any person is dying, mostly it is clear that the heart stops pumping blood, as soon the heart stops still the brain activity increase to release more stimuli to make cells of heart to go back into same synchronized pulses between brain and the heart, where the heart beats 10.000 times a day to pump 9.000 liters of blood through 9.000 Kilometers of blood vessels,  if there are no responses brain releases more irrevocable or stronger pulses to the point that heart is more damaged that is shown in cardiac arrest, the brain continue to keep consciousness being active but the mechanism process to make movement of muscles remains disconnected, if a living being inhale carbon dioxide or given lethal injection the frequency wave of personality harmony disrupted first between brain and the entire body and later with the entire stimuli circulation of synapses spark field connecting with water molecule directives, this same process can be effected by using EEG electroencephalography or by ECG hocardiography that make individual close into near-death experiences, this is the point where some stress the idea that humans have other form of consciousness that is called soul, because thou the body is dead for a short period but the brain still active releasing dopamine that make brain more emotional with feelings and pleasures, every circulation of stimuli between water molecules and synapses signals make more memorable pattern inside the thoughts that is brain visualize in that moment seems all dreams very real, still the individual is not brain dead and also in process with memory, we call this near death experiences and seems like traveling of conciseness out of the body. Signals that brain releases are based with personality harmony frequencies of the individuality with harmony waves, all other creatures insects worms bacteria’s have their own sound wave frequencies that seems static comparing to other sound harmony completions. Same process goes with plant cells.

So life is not only carbon forms of molecules, electrons contain life some invisible force guides all living cells, for example consider turtle hatchling egg that is incubated has life form but can’t see or think or move as an live turtle, still in jelly form incubated to grow, and left under sand by the turtle. Some supernatural force that atoms contain supervise the growth and mechanisms inside egg to make turtle complete reverse turtle soup turning into real turtle, still the animal don’t need extra oxygen. When the completion time comes complete turtle crack the egg shell take his head out start to breath see smell hear and has the shell strong body to take care of its protection uses its legs to move and try everything has to survive, all that turtle had was some jelly form now transformed into strong complete animal a baby turtle and still has to continue to live to grow larger and stronger. Some unseen supernatural force inside atoms is guiding their surroundings molecular mixtures and developments, scientist call it Biocentrism from Greek word Life-center, in my other articles I pinpoint that Life exist in all atoms in protons as Dark-Matter and in electrons as Dark-Energy, life in the universe made all other matter to exist there are many other form of life that are not biological as I described atoms are other sort of living things.

Stimuli signals that circulate inside synapses they travel through dendrites they are stimuli projections that reach to Centre of neuron cell and center cell sends to certain other axons distributing and releasing electrical jolts that are information’s pictures feeling every emotion and detailed conciliation but in the language of electric jolts that I call it stimuli tone reactions, they receive details from other neurons from tail like chamber of neurons and they release anhidrotic firings, all activity of brain is hippocampal network but during struck or transitory death periods network oscillations go to maximum for neurons, triggering prosecuting electrical signals by excess circuits in axons bringing depolarization to the entire circuit to hippocampal network.

Dog’s brain has neurons and synapses, most of electrical jolts in the brain are active inside the brain of humans and animals but additional jolts are released to spin out, human “Matu” are more wide range spin horizontal and vertical stimuli flow. Considering dogs their stimuli electrical circuits “Matu” is only vertical motion, “Matu” of dogs brain is deferent most of their electrical signals goes vertical from back of its neck spin around the head and enters back to the heart location pass through and excess from the back circling same procedures continuously, by the way when dogs feel that miss something with question mark right away they tilt their head to the side to penetrate rear by electrical signals into their “Matu” flow so they can infiltrate their thoughts that are traveling into near flow electrical sparks with the other location to create in their mind the complete sense what was happened.

                                             HOW I FELT OUT OF MY BODY?

I like to share experience with you that I could not dare to express before. After my I Grandfather pass away and he was very dear to me, after a day of his funeral I went to sleep in my bed. While napping I had an (ECE) “Extra corporeal experience” in my experience I felt floating in the air my imagination make me believe that I was flying and went to my neighborhood backyards so my neighbors backside balconies that I never been there and proved next day by going and checking my neighborhood that was exactly the way I saw that night in my (FMRI) “Functional magnetic resonance imaging” in reality I was able somehow to be connected to stimuli that are released from my brain into outside other water molecules that sense memory that I described in my article “Water” also in this neuron subject I presented how electrons carry data in brain from one neutron to another by synapses in electrical sparks that contain messages emotions feelings and audio-visual of everything we are delimited in, this sparks that were in my environments and neighborhood that time somehow get connected into my inner brain deactivation of my visual cortex releasing all images in that locations like cinematography yet confusing that I was flying in that realm in reality the stimuli spots were flying around I was not floating though I felt like one, stimuli registering all data and delivering to my sleeping brain as kinesthetic imagery, similar experiences some other people might experience also others who having near death experiences, earlier I kept this as secret after knowing why it happened I don’t mind sharing with others.

Inside the brain neurons are different than rest of other cells of the body they don’t have fixed reproductive limitation like the other normal body cells, of course neuron cells also can die but new ones are born and old information data from dying neuron cells already transfers the entire content of data in its library to new born neuron cell. Developing potentials differentiation of body regular cell of humans and animals can die and produce new ones some in 7 years some more or less, from 40 to 60 times reproduce or cultivate new cells, what happens? Hayflick Moorhead discovered that cell division stops noticing DNA will get slightly shortened each time it reproduce until to a critical length, this is a strand in the ending part of DNA strand found correlate length or telomere region in the ending strand of DNA it gets shorter and shorter until to genomic instability, after that cell division becomes impossibility or in error.  In this senescent state it looks like a sin executional punishment just like it was described in the Bible than human life will be limited, some animals like the turtle’s lives longer than us and sequoia trees live 5000 years or more.

In my perspective as I did described in other 31 titles in other chapters of Jabrael notes, electron contain patterns to make DNA active to receive reproducing according to a command to copy other cells. It looks a Universal harmony low octave sound frequency is delivering ordinance to stem cell goldilocks prevention to continue cultivation of cells. This is some sort of punishment executional limitation to stop their rebuilding process. But somehow neurons don’t fall in that limitation category pattern. Human cultivation of cells and all rest of living things on planet Earth is patterned in electrons and protons, as I described before Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter contain life energy that endorsed in all atoms to contain small fraction of that energy in their circulations for their part elements control patterns in all activities of all cells and living things harmoniously to the greater measure realm of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter dimension’s already brains link to other brains by stimuli helix action codes, that`s how they work.

There are neurons in other parts of your body like inside your palms and more than that inside your stomach, every time you consume food neurons in your stomach can absorb and analyze your food up close by stimuli that are released from electrons and registering the sound frequency of new products entering into your body to not harm your own individual personality tone harmony that we all have in our DNA special patterns clusters that release low octave sound frequency, then stimuli return into stomach neuron cell and inform the new cluster forms that are in the stomach. Accordingly certain acid solutions the body releases to contain and eliminate strange sound clusters and make the new invaders combine into new sound harmony of our body. In case we ate some harmful food neurons in stomach sound the alarming sound warning if it is dysfunction then our health will be damaged. Every time we clap neurons in our hands die every time we sneeze brain cells in the head some neurons die. Also some animal’s stomachs contain neurons for instance dogs and cats and any other animals.

Though ancient Egyptians considered the brain dysfunctional fat blob that does not contain any muscles Brain is headquarter of knowledge process in humans. It has defense mechanism not allowing unnecessary molecules to go inside the brain blood vessels, Earlier in DNA article I explained that there are 100 kinds of Amino acids in two groups, category A. 50% spin from right to left and category B. 50% spin from left to left, human life forms need only 40 from ones that spin from right to left category A to process and construct healthy cells, anytime wrong groups or kinds can damage the structure of healthy cells. Starting inside the brain there is hindrance protective developments not allowing the entry into the brain molecules that are not needed to neurons and other cell forms in the brain but the rest of our food intake is not much control, anytime we consume amino acids that are from harmful group for our health that are contained almost all variety of synthetic foods that are used unneeded agents processed food that contain pesticides that are condensed clusters of molecules of category B group amino acids. Also tap water might contain all other forms of chlorine toxic agents. All cancer developments inside the human cells are triggered by chemicals or Toxic agents and pesticides with Category B amino acids, cancer cells need this agents to develop more in their multiplication numbers. If a person stops eating processed synthetic foods without pesticides and toxic water cancer cells will lose their main nourishment to multiply faster giving cognate dysfunctions, whenever there is a disorder of health psychiatrics have to make an conclusion according what they already know especially about cases inflammatory pathway in the brain, in any neurobiological abnormalities is not because of the brain but also might be other toxic pesticides consuming chemicals that are harmful inside the rest of the body, when brains commands to those cells that are effected or distorted agitated to obedient and the brain try exertion to make its command influential giving abnormality pain to the brain such as fibromyalgia . Right away they might consider into neurobiological imbalance. Or they try to find any syndrome and connect into certain host disorder, if nothing left the title goes to stress related processing’s, beside that there are so many other conclusions such as genetic problems, dysfunction and bad habits in eating so on. I already described formerly that each individual has own sound harmony individuality code that is effected if loosed balancing sound frequency code waves to comply order in the entire body.


Another subject in my note “DNA” you might find additional information.


Much smaller number of neurons can work together to think the way computer chips function. Our mind percepts more sophisticated by its hypotheses or endpoints. Also the brain is adapted to control and reprogram its process changes in genomic, electrical, molecular, biochemical, protein and structural changes. Our brain receives in 315 Hz the other side 324 Hz tones vibration come in between this opening and vibrate, our consciousness stimuli are located in these opening and in these space Binaural beats come into activation. In my concept all atoms receive same sound tones from Universe I call it “Universal language” atoms combine as cluster molecules release new harmonious sound follow-ups tones connection All cells first they have their privacy function in sound waves harmony, second they have sound harmony to the entire body individuality personalized sound frequency, there is a united circuit in glia that connects all sounds of cells to brain stimuli path and as combinational unit operate as consciousness living being connected to universal Binaural beats this process we call living person or alive, all cells of our body they are like individual fortress by their private government municipality. They take new commands from our brains, this is the hypotheses or endpoints of brain cells connect to communicate with far away cells and molecular perfectives operating in dynamic state by sound harmony to unite all activities of personality sound, this connection is done by stimuli flow from our brains electrons going through dendrites and synapses in constant changes, when this hypotheses endpoints of neurons circuit is operational, the person is alive always keeping connections between our cells with “Universal language” harmoniously connecting all individual cells of the body in sound of low and high octave frequency waves, by death when this circuits fail to operate individual cells still live only for a while. Recently dead man can grow some facial hair but do not contain complete circuit of stimuli harmony course in the body, only individual cells are operating in a limited time period until they also will be disconnected from action.

Every sound wave released from plant cells in coordination according to their cluster formalities release harmonious sound wave frequencies and combination of tree waves grass flowers leaves and barks joined with the ground elements sound frequencies all together make a great masterpiece melody, because our body also functions with sound frequency harmony, walking in the park in green spaces can make tune up our body cells calm down especially the brain neuron cells, probably we think that we are the only one that is exploring, in reality millions of stimuli that are released from our brain go out and have sightsee return relaxed and feel part of the harmonious environment giving our entire brain calm down feeling also this process will bring down stress and cortisol levels down. While I walk every day in the street at least watching trees and plantations with other grass or shrubberies, I like to hug the trees to get into contact directly to their sound wave frequencies being afraid of people making them I lost it I just touch them one a while and touch the ground or the grasses with bear feet. Most of our body is made of water hydrogen and Oxygen same other livings and plant life we are part of our environments.

Two most powerful possessions exist inside Universe is First and grand power invisible Dynamic-Energy, portions of this force works as electrons with many helixes, second one invisible Dynamic Matter that are contained small portions of clusters as core of atoms. Every core of atom contains knowledge inspirations strength and life force that obtain all info up-to-the-second around atoms, this force from core can penetrate our DNA and our consciousness with hydrogen atoms, that water molecules contain inside our brain and once a while permits some of that inspirations knowledge way of thinking and life to our neurons to infiltrate with that data flow so we can also penetrate into personality variances and knowledge. 

                                             What is missing inside human “Brain?”

There might be more other type of smaller neurons with different shapes as brain cells for example new discovered dendrites have branch forms, they can receive very faint signals from individual atoms also can release stronger signals, all neurons acclimatize signals that helix stimuli are carrying through synapses but dendrites can sense from Universal sound tones circuit flow between atoms and collect to these signals that some of them might be projected through axons into normal neuron cells, water molecules have the capacity to regulate and direct to produce in quantity and quality regular brain cells or other form of cells that brain need in different sizes and shapes, H2 0 molecules can do the job preparing dendrites supporting condensation directives from Universal language, some of this neurons can be found in hippocampus capacity triangular cell structures like pyramid. Programing the brain is continuous process of learning not only by forcing certain portions to learn adapting new art qualities or experiences also new other form of cells can be raised according water molecules according to environment and Universal directives. As we all know our brain operate only in very small % of our brain, complete neuron arrangements is nonfunctional and called for rest, to be active and in full operational state need more electrical power that human head cannot handle, plus if right time and right circumstances arise H20 molecules will direct to manufacture other type and forms of cell different than dendrites or pyramidal cells that will make brain in full function. Scientist admits that old human brains were less smart position than other humanoids, activities of brains can be upgraded to higher levels by this new formation of variety of brain cells, so in new perfection state brain activity electrical circuits competent perfection functional capacity, according new procedures of Universal language command that water molecule will receive and direct additional new form of brain cells. At that time we will not need cellphones to communicate with friends because our brain will do it for us without using any tools our brain will have enterprise operation in perfection level with audio-visual perfection colors. That’s something our brain doesn’t have now.

Why some people are more intelligent than others?

Water molecules that are in harmonious control try to connect universal other form of life that exist inside Universe intelligence bond into biological human brain cells, link Universal language intelligence to human brain, water molecules organize to link collection of neurons into cluster groups that can register small portions from Universal language intelligence into cluster portions that are called M1 and M3 this two kind of clusters exist all around the brain that can direct the entire brain network into reasoning and intelligence, as more active this sectors function that much advantage logic that show in individual capacity to think and reason to configure to intelligence.   

Let me ask same question comparing chimps brain what is missing to be as human? In human brain there is certain human gene that chimpanzees don’t have same with pigs that in genetically cell structure are almost over 99% in similarities with human cells and DNA but this certain human gene program humans to have more neurons and more intelligence, comparing with other mammals like dolphin or whales that have massive expansion inside their brain they also lack of certain additional variety of human gene that not only act in a intelligent way but also make active all neurons to function by 20 watts power, also keeping all neuron cells to not overheat by water circulation conditions. In reality Universal language of tone reaction frequency wavelengths maneuver changes of all habitats on Earth to their capability level inside their brain, though this same Universal language tones help animals to retain instincts to overcome their difficulties in certain way, beside humans all animals lack of human gene.

Furthermore water molecules can effect on human neurons, if Universal sound frequency tone wavelength reprograms new codes to be delivered into brain. Many years ago if you told someone that DNA has lot of details. In same complex capacity stimuli tones can transfer data like they do inside synapse delivering messages in electric circuit spark tone I call them stimuli tone reaction. Recently some archeology biologist found in Siberian cave with Denisovan and their cousins of Neanderthals species that carry a genome or bits of DNA that are unknown suspecting that came from unidentifiable other group of hominid people 30.000 years ago, same gene pools also can be found in modern breed, still some suspect that from unknown archaic populations came unusual snippets of DNA but I believe that probably water molecule new directive were released into brain functions to produce or add new form of genomes that were not in original state.

Atoms are studying themselves

In my other post I described that atoms are other form of living things. Humans are made of atoms, In my logical conclusion atom contains two living forces supernatural energy of Dynamic Energy and Matter (Dark Energy and Matter) each atoms live over 12 billion years, depending what level are in periodical level by fusion they change their characteristics that is atoms have own personal temperaments, atoms communicate releasing sound tones that collectively clusters of atoms release, altogether complex sound melody, atoms collect together to form amino acids and participate in DNA completions and participate to complete biological cell forms, atoms transform their characterizing into other form of animals insect fish birds viruses and bacteria, from looking above on this matter atoms participate in completions of biological life forms adding characteristic to them atoms study living life forms, also atoms study themselves how will they react in large volumes, cluster of atoms collect data of the outcome of their work, the basic center of information collection still will be Dynamic Energy and Matter that form atoms. Atoms release directives to biological cells specially water molecules are so close communicating with living cells, starting from conception of two egg formation of human cell does not contain 210 types of cells with 37.2 trillion nerves but atoms release new tiny complex directives as a tweak into DNA gene constructing multi celled organisms otherwise cells were going to print endless photocopies forms of same cells that was transcribed inside DNA, suddenly evolve into new cell forms by directives of atoms same procedures as atoms also immerse characteristics to cells and human personalities, as I know observing my children their taste in nutrition effects their personality and nourishment are made of clusters of atoms, every construction inside universe inside planets stars and atoms are formed by complex sound frequency wavelengths that are released from atoms and basically from two supernatural life form energies Dynamic Matter and Energy. Basic starting conventional single cellular life and multi cellular organism are all from directives by other atoms specially Hydrogen and oxygen atoms and hydrogen atoms contain complete Dynamic energy in its center as proton core.

Now the difficult part.

The most complex system of the brain for humans to penetrate brain`s environmental capacity how to penetrate knowledge or data the way we do to a computer, we can’t, because a brain is not a computer.  Brains do not function as brains, all words or images with computers are patterns (‘Bits’) and smaller chunks as (‘bytes’) 8 bytes make one bits, collective millions of this patterns complete a sentence or an image. I mentioned earlier that brain center commands all data about certain happening that occurred earlier and all neurons send images data to center to be analyzed and visualized in a consciousness realm. If it was a computer you can do that but no one can go by a circuit inside the neuron like entering into a library and copy all information’s from books and come out with data. Reason we can’t do that because all information’s that are available as software inside the neuron cells are inside atoms by two sections that atoms complete, Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic Matter, so by manmade computer software can’t be used to penetrate programs knowledge representations lexicons images models knowledge algorithms the way digital computers behave. Because atoms contain two different life form energy that is trillion time smaller than smallest particle that we are acquainted of, plus they are is invisible force containing all the intelligence forms that humans obtain subroutines processors, by wisdom decodes symbols not human brain cells because very small portions from this two basic Dynamic forces participate fully in all conversant wisdom developing process. So we cannot go into the neurons and copy a song already was developed in the memory of the individual, because we have no capacity to communicate with this two energy forces, other atoms can do communicate by paternal behavior the way molecules were developed to influence on DNA and RNA procedure from that we can go back to analyze out background the way we were developed earlier. Same with other differences we have regarding our personality Art Inventions composing music and many other gifts that Humans might collect are released from two energy form from atoms, most basic data transmit through water molecules and 99% of our body and brain is made of water. So the brain is not the neurons or synapses but through water molecules they are only the transmitting stimuli into cell instruments to bring data from hydrogen atoms two supernatural points, bringing wisdom of knowledge, the way personal individual heart condition and consciousness was developed that function as personality sound harmony of that I mentioned earlier. In the case of some birds and animals this flow also releases more complex process to guide their travel or sensing other things than humans cant. In other words, each neuron in the brain is the macrobiotic crossing site for the inorganic Universal energy dimension through water molecule wavelengths interconnect with neuron`s web, astuteness data of two forces in atoms release directives info and store data between neurons and Universal intelligence, same with animals fish birds and other biological things that works that we call it instincts.   

Within neuron cells there are also DNA long twine that can store and release over 70 petabytes of data that can be stored inside DNA one dozen of thousand years, hydrogen within water molecules contain unimaginably billions times more data because they contain two supernatural dynamics energy and matter but to unlock data from hydrogen we have no power over it. Imagine all the collective water molecules contain inside the brain all the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms collectively how much data they can store in their jurisdiction or release any moment they want to, plus atoms can store all that data during atom life time 12 billion years and after atom decompose the dynamic energy continue to store that data for eternity.

My undisclosed data about the brain

I believe human mind operates as one absolute universe with all different galaxies with dissimilar stars and planets. According my perspective unknown group of atoms combine to form another neuron, comparing to their neighboring neuron this one might have differences in sound harmony collectively from combination of variety of atoms, surprisingly Neuroscience can prove that comparing all trillion of neurons inside the human head, like the planets and stars inside the universe there is no one neuron genetically alike, so genomes are also have slight differences because individual neuron cells have different compositions of atoms that release diverse sound frequency variances, after that combining all the neurons inside the human brain collectively they form symphony harmony of individuality frequency wavelengths that is the signature of individuality of the person, as I explained in this Blogs group of clusters of atoms have their own personal character, same with each neuron has own personality by their genetically individual genomes that release different sound melodies by atomic sound communications, but collectively they occur to an inference to form personality harmony in sound of individuality. This is where I stress the point that atoms are the starting point of knowledge inside the brain and water molecules are the first connection freeway to connect the knowledge into neurons.

Koren Helmet. Or. God helmet.

Many tried test to find out how to control the human mind. Controversial invention regarding death and Gods deity spirituality activities inside the mind and how to control the human mind Dr. Michael persinges and Stanley Karen invented a helmet calling it Koren helmet, they asked many volunteers to test the helmet in laboratory environment connected into electrical circuits. The participants experiences felt of of their body hallucination near death experiences based on each individual personal faith or beliefs, some felt tunnel of light reaching into God like figure, 20 or so people have felt they reached into presence of Jesus others felt demonic presences, other personal biases and other beliefs felt the presence of their religious so called representative in heaven or thought that they reach to contact the life giver.

Adding together on this thought in 1966 CIA spent big money to control perception and the mind in a program called MKULTRA where two classified documents refer to chemical means of affecting a personal mind. Later on in 2007 when Dr. Persinger gave a talk at Lauentian University suggested that human mind is capable of interfacing with Earth`s magnetic field, this thought bring close into my theoretical perception where in many occasions my perspective is atoms are other form of living things, every cluster of atom groups effect their personality harmony form a individuality circle that can communicate with other group of atoms by pictures audio and delicate acoustic data with each other additionally atoms also can be connected with atmospheric and inner realm of our planet additionally with the entire Universe. Before our body formed with living cells already atoms that form the cells were living for billions of years ago where they came together to complete each cell, do we feel sorry when one dies? Already their atoms are continuing to live.

Healthy brain cells or any cells inside the biological form living things contain electrical circuit’s frequencies. Limited human body is active from 58 MHz to 62 MHz medium range healthy, bacteria and viruses also some sort of foods might bring down frequency levels down that make us lower in electrical, no matter how higher some fruits or herbs make us have Hz frequency elevation, essential oils starting 52 MHz can elevate up to 320 MHz, our body uses to its advantages, most helpful rose oil that can elevate 320 MHz, other herb oils such as Frankincense Lavender Myrrh Juniper German-Chamomile peppermints mint Jasmine cinnamon chamomile lavender and many other plants have higher MHz than our normal limitation of MHz. Some positive thoughts can raise about 10 Hz; negative thoughts bring down our frequencies average 10 Hz activities of, same with coffee after drinking it lowers Hz from 66 MHz into 58 MHz Many. Human can survive after Hz goes lower than 66 but the body does not operates it should be, especially when entire system has own personality harmony of sound and frequency this electrics can`t impose the entire to operate in personality order of the individual 

                                                      BRAIN REPAIR

As water molecules activates all right procedures to be operate genes in the same processes, some gene start to do small repair job regenerating neurons and synaptic process connection. Most of the times during stocks in lack of oxygen many neurons die with them destroy the circuit of synapses center location of gene differentiation factor 10 is calledGDF10 this pathway process is also called axonal spouting. GDF10 genes cant penetrate to see what is the situation behind billions of other neuron cell going on or what was loss in other localities inside the brain, memory pattern of water molecule supervision activate better overall repairs system copying axonal sprouting specific passageways to other sections inside the brain to do new task regenerative process to build new neurons and synapses..

Water molecules carry data memories, during development of neurons this molecules release sound frequencies that effect neuron growth and also their productivity while DNA is unwinding or copying other neurons, this sound tones also intertwined their function of neurons, this is the reason all neurons are not similar but unique because each neuron has about 1000 mutations some more varieties than others by the water molecule memo directives to result in genetic codes of neurons, any moment by incoming foreign sound frequencies influence new genomes can function into new pattern development inside the brain either into batter function or worst. Mutation of brain (mutation that alters a single word code genetic form) makes difference to make neurons capable or dysfunctional. Universal language atomic language release info into biological human cells to communicate and improve quality of activities inside neurons.

                                             STOMACH AND BELLY BRAIN   

Most neurons are inside the scull as brain inside the person, also neurons in second big quantity exists inside the Gut of any individuals in stomach intestines and colon the entire digestive system, also neurons can be found inside the palms.

The brain need all this multiple neurons to send code information to all cells of the body and to recollect back massages from entire body, all messages are in codes plus they contain personality harmony sound frequencies, once a while confusions might arise inside cells in distinguishing harmony personality sound waves so the brain send a stronger signal to tune up the entire body to conform the sound variation of its individuality by a strong “SNEEZE” this sound like a tuning bell renovate the right harmony all cells will conform to the personality sound frequency waves and adapt accordingly to fight against nearby strange other alien sounds.

This sound will make the entire body in tune specially the stomach get confused from other sounds that entre in by new variety of food from outside and has to always verify its personality harmony sound waves to compare and conform its original sound waves.  

In the stomach there are 100 million neurons and 5000 million nerve cells. Neuron are in about 20 types, in the stomach you have nerves, muscles, cell tissues, sub mucosa, mucosa, lumen. As the process in our brain neurons release stimuli from electron cables to register details and return as mechanical sensing to pattern the details in neuron library same process is done by neurons in stomach and Gut. They don’t communicate in chemical reaction but in my theory Tone reaction that I explained in other chapters, the Autonomous micro circuits are stimuli release from electron cables and transported the details to nerve’s system of the body that go through the back spinel up to the brain, every secretion full details about enzymes and development of hormones is in the reach of stimuli to penetrate and inform the process, variety of system in mixing digestive system behavior of the stomach, does it feel hungry? Or is it satisfied? Sometimes the message is sent to the brain but the brain don’t answer back saying yes it is enough, still signals go to the neuron system matrix in the Gut and signals sent to the head brain in full details, those transactions are not conveyed fully to the conch’s alert conclusion of the person but basic information that stomach is hungry or full or whatever you ate must come out as vomit if stomach neurons realize have harmful contents delivered to the Gut.  

Human body always ensures personality sound harmony to entire human temperament sound frequency tone wavelength structure that individuality DNA recognizes. All cells of that individual body recognizes that tone, white cells attract all other sound releasing microbes inside the blood vessels, interestingly inside human gut can be found many variety of microbes that personalized individuality of individual gut they live in releasing similar sound frequencies also with them can be found many other viruses and bacterial communities that became familiar to individuality component harmony, water molecules made this communication possible by releasing personality sound hormone notes to consist inside every new arriving food lump, microbes swim in and they personalized same sound for themselves mimicking and echoing the personality tone reaction genetic DNA colonizing their habitable zone inside intenseness and body structure. All this microbes can be found inside individual persons poop according to personality sound frequencies that differ from the poop of other people with different microbial variations, any individual contain different poop microbes that their relatives parents also from twin sister or brother because the microbes in the gut are fully-fledged according personalized DNA sound tone harmony frequencies because viruses and microbes mutate according to individuality sound frequency temperaments, just the way same sound in the body patterns inside the eye or finger tips. From the poo microbiome can be revealed to whom it belong man or animal or any biological being. Neurons inside the stomach and intensive cooperate with all foreign cell habitats and make arrangement for them to live together inside the gut to operate harmoniously and peacefully. If any gas build ups occurs, out it goes, so big community of viruses’ microbes and bacteria’s live peacefully inside human gut wit neuron cells as well to prepare unique personalized poop. Every portion of human body has a task to participate for entire process of the body function, for example appendix that hanging out there doing nothing it is storage for good bacteria, opening window in the colon controls by sound frequency what sort of good bacteria will enter to storage to be used in the future when it is needed

Let me clarify the sub couches mind do not leave the body stays in the lower center of the brain but stimuli flashes that transport data are the circuits that released out of the body register new details and if returned back to the sound wave gravity of the same personality that they are familiar to release their recordings then center sub conscious center analyzes that his spirit left the body land returned back his but in reality he has no extra form of spirit only billions electrons that contain stimuli flashes of knowledge and memories and this atoms keep this details to the end of their lifetime that is over 12 billion years and after disassemble still not complete because they are combined by two energies that have intelligence they keep the information and they never die, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.  

Neuron cells have like deer horn additions called dendrite, inside the cell located the nucleus. Extension from the cell is soma then join into axon that go through myelin sheath Schwann cell and node of Ranvier, wiring bundles axons carry connections net to trillion and trillion connections. Neurons connect to each other by axons and to specific connections until the central region, under the guidance and principle of Dark- Energy that is electromagnetism that are Electrons. As soon the central zone start to operate and recall first thing will remember traveling in the tunnel of light, that`s the same passageway where the electron pauses were traveling and recording, now the last videos are in the projector of the memory bank to watch. We use this incredible apparatus every second. Plus it has emotions and feelings and sound and habits effects its program. Person who play too much video games start to loose reality, listening type of music`s make great effective impressions on personality. When humanoid  communicate by neurons through electrical sitimuli signals, if  reversing thought into electrical frequency pulses of humans grab that system, can transfer human thoughts into robots.

A girl called Netasha Demkina from Russia has brain that have more capabilities to disseminate stimuli from electron helix cables from cells and obtain detailed pictures of other matter by X-Rays part of her brain is active in this function. There are many other people that can show how their body can generate electricity circuits and release to their surroundings, in my perspective they can untie stimuli energy helixes from atoms of their body and generate extra volume of electricity more than regular circuits that a brain can generate.

Left and right side of the brain have separated by walls on the bottom part of the mind, when two frequencies reach the brain one in 315 Hz the other side 324 Hz tones vibration come in between this opening and vibrate, our couches stimuli are located in these opening and in these space Binaural beats come into activation. Artificial binaural beats have no definition messages only the sound tone pleases the human brain, similar sound ancient people noticed these frequencies and developed instrument simulating close sound of their surroundings, like Vikings, then also Australian aborigines created the didgeridoo and still is used as wind instrument, one sided frequency, the sound can makes us relaxed but it don’t contain message codes in their variation as natural Binaural Beats, Ancient monks also tried to imitate similar sounds to have the same effect, Ancient Armenian pagan clerics 3500 years ago made similar sounds in their temples, inducing multiple harmonic reverberation also continuously repeating the lyrics with tenor tune, later when they became Christians in the first century, those melodies continued in Christian churches, only by adding Christian lyrics to it to emphasize expressions, some listeners feel meditative or deeply relaxed state others might say feel mental alertness, but I feel dazed hearing Monaural beat tones, nevertheless it don’t take natural effectiveness of Binaural coded Beats. Monaural beats consequent to conjunction, coming into same juxtaposition by two different variation frequencies similar to Binaural Beat. Isochoric tones emit regular intervals continuation of pulses.

People today also use Isochrones tones also Monaural beats to effect brainwave synchronization as I describes with the Tibet monks example, they all can induce sound in multiple harmonic resonance, many feel that reaching relaxed meditation states, some express that feel mental alertness, all these sound waves have no original Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter consistency codes, that is based on Natures pure energy.

Brain can change the gear level of its process and central consciens direct to priorities innovated performances, new statistics are released by stimuli flashes that passes through synapses activity areas light up in the brain during improvisation, to do these performance the central brain lowers down the activities in other or departments or turning down other activity shifts to concentrate main assignment and all energy is pressed to increase activity in main circuit, like a computer give new sequence consignment processing to systematic new phases, Our brain has minimum capacity of its percentage to be active otherwise if completely able to function 100% it was not going to shut down other compartment to do its task. All sound waves have classification variations pulsates, our brains can receive sound waves by mechanical vibrations and process details, it can amplify vibrations using the fluid that are in the vesicles and carry info to nervy system electrical pulses to travel through synapses to neurons. For a certain level of low sound frequencies, lower than that is the Universal sound frequencies waves vibrations atoms use to communicate in covalent bonding much higher process than our neuron communication, so Universal language do not allow our brain to understand because our mind do not have function 100% complete process.


Entire brain neurons collect data pattern memories, by a grand complex circuit they transmit data through synapses into other sectors of brain neurons, Water molecules contain hydrogen and oxygen and these two atoms contain Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) as electrons and Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) as protons. This two energies are super natural life force that direct to influence entire thinking force as our holographic projection of our conciseness, human consciousness is effect of theoretical Universal authority that water molecules remind us as data, in case rebellious individual keep rebelling to Universal high moral behavior gradually the effect of clean consciousness becomes ineffective or dull, so indirectly when Universal power source is the pure consciousness that regulate us giving reminders, we don’t have separate soul being that is rest inside our body but trillion billion of atoms that are formed by this two form of energies contain two portions of Universal force of God Dynamic Energy and Matter. Entire brain cells are alarmed by water molecules to consider Universal consciousness inside the brain that we don’t own it is power of Almighty in is that operates. When person die this consciousness that we don’t own it become silent, all memory cells transmit their data to Universal intelligence creator also. In case someday according to promises person regain life by formation of collective atoms into amino acids and biological cells, later on the Universal energy will transform memory into the body with berthing process, Almighty will start to make water molecules inside the brain to transmit consciousness into operational effect. So my thought is Consciousness’ do not belong to us it is a gift communication between men and Universal creator. Some neurologist do agree that center of consciousness and conscience is located in the reagent that is called claustrum, I believe this center release stimuli signals received from Universal language from atoms that contain Dynamic Energy an Dynamic matter making the portion of claustrum to be used as on and off switch but in stronger or weaker capacity depends how healthy claustrum is, during life time of individual is consciousness continually was ignored the activity of conscience is less active to transmit signals to penetrate messages to the rest of neurons inside the brain.  

Consciousness is located in Claustrum

Between the two hemisphere of the brain is located a thin layer that is called Claustrum, most scientific minds believe that there is no specific centre of consciousness, many test have been done when left hemisphere of the brain split or disconnected from the right brain   thought he cord of the brain remaining brain will forget the existence of the right brain, the person will see everything half and the left brain perception will not notice any problem, this test proves that individual brain hemisphere can walk talk see and think, individually having no consciousness, but together right and left brain hemispheres can sense consciousness in between the opening of the brain in the layer of Claustrum operated through the binaural beat frequencies that are received from the Universe, right hemisphere brainwaves receives corresponding 315 Hz and left brainwave hemisphere receives 324 Hz in my perspective they oscillate variety of frequencies all pulse tones of two hemispheres and lay over  irrelevant signals Claustrum to activate sense of cognitive dissonance wave that is Universal conclusion with human brainwave consciousness, if any of this two hemisphere is missing or two binaural beat are missing human consciousness will not be able to conclude into conscious conclusions.  

Best example to understand conscience is watching spectacular bird flocks how all together dip down go up having quickness to move sometimes fly about 40 miles per hour, roll over marsh swamps, by dense groups flying in fast speed hairpin sharp turns unison accuracy without touching or hitting each other in that dense cluster bird crowd, collectively they all together seems that using telepathy because the leading bird can’t be seen after thousands of other birds but yet the get leading signal in split of a second, react in split of a second though each bird is separate individual soul in that moment all together pulsate their collective organizing thinking into one, same activities fish do in the sea. Similar activity goes inside human and any biological brains. There are billions of synapses in brain that carry billions of stimuli sparks electrical signals or messages, each stimuli keeps own data but can transport great amount of information in split of a second to all neurons as I said earlier you can’t find plant brain location but plants think to organize and protect themselves thou their movements are very slow. Same thing inside the brain we cannot exactly pin point where consciousness is located, greatest volume in our brain is H2 0 molecules that have memory by two Universal forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter which atoms are made off. Water molecules supervise the entire flow of stimuli floating electrical patterns pulses inside the brain just like the movements of spectacular flocks respond bird flow, each signal spark do not hit into other stimuli signals until they go to reach their destination neurons to unload data, to make it more clear this electrical motion maneuvers release awareness to all neurons at once, neurons echo release their each section in Qualitative differences’ realm data operational definitions’ all together is collective consciousness, clouds of spark signals directed by water molecules give and take echo collective results, continuously give and take in action, water molecules also supervise Action potentials resting potentials Thalamus Ach K + channels all cells that produce Ca 2+ conductance collectively release each pulse with great number of new sparks stimuli, cooperating with Hippocampus ACH where K+ channels close, the entire brain is supervised by water molecule pastoral telepathy mystical concept, collective water molecule memory conductive is give and take expended consciousness by giving awareness pulses receiving or getting echo pulses in consciousness conclusive computation, my give and take, take and give theory of consciousness. Some believe that human is centered of consciousness is located inside brain that is called claustrum, as they stimulate or activated this neurons section of Claustrum some additional consciousness was shown in the individual thinking of the individual 

Usually brains contains complicated folding on the surface or across the cerebral cortex, as much as the folding’s are more noticeable show mental leaps connections to other parts of the brain it explain that person is more capable either in science, composing music or other forms of art creativity, usually when a child born he or she can have complicated folding on the surface of the brain or by growing up and use the brain harder in pondering solving problems the complicated folding might show more across the cerebral cortex, this is the area that is active in mental leaps and in logical conclusions and memory, but in my theory the conches is located in between the left and right brain inaugural where the Binaural beat brainwave meet in the opening between two brains, and sub conches is further up where the two brains joins, as much right and left parietal lobes are different in asymmetrical values as much the function is more successful. Traveling of stimuli released from electrons that contain detailed information’s about our thoughts can be directed to other human brains and develop information to the other persons stimuli and return back from other brains to the sender, inside humans taste are preferences of communications, that’s why they want to use the cellular phones, it is already in human brain those capabilities exist but because they use only small parentage of the brain they can’t function far communications without a tool of cellphone, in reality some scientist are testing distant communications using Telepathic electronic two way communication outside their ideological boundaries and far away, in the test some are presented to see first time pictures after seeing it they send the image far away to another person in sealed room, incitement by telepathic electronic stimulus signals they been describing what was the picture that they received in their brain. I heard some call this Blue Beam project but I am not sure the details.

                                                            Forgetting information

Learning adaptively has also reverse process only with information’s that discomfort the person, claustrum section is effected by Universal language tone reaction that electrical synapses stimulate conscious trigger brain to conserve energy by erasing unnecessary data information’s only in certain neurons that contain discomforting information’s that make the individual stressful with tension, H2O wavelengths oversight on cells by stimuli and other individual stimulus these two distinct conditional adaptively start to be controlled starting from water molecules concentrating stimuli inside claustrum to trigger or activate forgetting process to wipe away discomforting thoughts, this process happen during time that is also favorable to comfort our way of life.

Beside being forgetting there is also something called smart or stupid, I explained my perspective that each human being or any other biological living form has own sound harmony tone wavelengths that guide all its cells to perform harmoniously, bacteria’s and viruses also have their private tune of sound wavelengths where white blood cells hear and attack foreign sound conductors inside blood flow. Any form of static sound by extraneous viruses or bacteria’s can affect human thinking. Considering green algae also have own personal sound tone wavelengths, unfortunately algae virus inside human brain releases disturbing static sound that interrupts the harmony of individuality making the brain stupid also effecting reasoning functions also human optical dispensation, Sound harmony has a major role in each individual personality harmony that is connected to its DNA comprehensiveness.  

                                                                    Cognitive abilities

In my perspective each individual person has own personality temperaments sound harmony frequency waves that entire his or her body cells are equated to, each individual sound harmony has own capacity to overlook on moral issues or consciousness behaviors in cognitive abilities as moral reasoning that are reflected each individual brain structural architecture as sound harmony entrenched inside entire cells forms of the entire body system, that is why neuroscience except the complexity that humans have in social behavior that reflect in their recession making, plus their moral volume and strengthen can be changed by gray matter each person has into several stages during time concluding in their moral reasoning’s. Already, Neurosciences having great struggle to analyze everything about human brain, additionally making more complex now neurosurgeons are trying to transplanting totally different heads on other human bodies. There is international organized human body spare parts business, using war victims accidents, some countries already using people from their prisons and armies. Changing into new younger body forms is very tempting for some without considering moral values that each person has and that might conflict between major two individual people in one body. Neurosurgeons might head transplant of an individual cutting from spinal cords that has multiple big numbers of tiny vessel pipes plus they will cut major blood vessels connecting to the brain, keeping everything in very cool state several weeks in coma, I believe that this sort of head transplants will create more complex behaviors by unbalancing personality sound harmony in individuality as we see in blood transfusion but this process elevation add more disturbance in moral reasoning that a mature person necessities to have as harmonious life. 

in my theory the two sections in human brain have a separation section is located in between the left and right brain inaugural where the Binaural beat brain wave meet in the opening between two brains, and sub conches is further up where the two brains joins, as much right and left parietal lobes are different in asymmetrical values as much the function is more successful. These invisible explosion of vibration waves echo in entire brain and by sound frequencies review recent activities of all cells activity balance to adjust the production of melatonin imposing through small portion in the brain that operates as gland to adjust the volume of melatonin hormones that could be gathered from food such as meat, grains and vegetables the new measures so the body control all cycles activity to sleep or stay awake, the whole body will be in control also against all health issues to extend life time. Binaural beat tune up the brain but artificial cellular levels might interfere in that balance to direct to sicknesses. Also misdirecting all life forms functional directives by Nature unknown sound frequency harmonies.

                                                                (NDE)  Near-Death Experiences.

I support this outlook believing that Synapses continue to transport electrical stimuli that continue to carry information details regarding everything our mind register, some people call this transcendental “sixth sense” in my perspectives the sixth sense is the circuit of stimuli that don’t need oxygen to live or other nourishments that brain cells need to continue living these files of information are part of an atom and atoms live about 12 billion years, so NDE remarkable impressions that are collected worldwide their impressions are vital no mater they were clinically dead, it is a state that relationship between mind and brain was disconnected for a while suddenly finding themselves outside their body sometimes reaching a few miles away is not ghostlike human figure their human figure don’t exist as complete form but the electrical circuit of stimuli move and record happenings, when body cells restart to function and mind and brain reconnect all details are delivered from stimuli atomic perception to human consciousness. This principles in stimuli are active and orderly in their supervising recordings, it has been experiences where a person born blind living all their life seeing nothing in NDE near death experiences they experienced images during transcendental state that is considered as sixth sense. Scientist considers this as “holonomic” theory of consciousness. In this method of stimuli communication I am the first science logician that represented this approach as personal perspective.  

 During cardiac arrest the heart might stop pumping the blood flow to the brain, like other cells in body they also do not stop operating right away for example skin cells of deceased male person can produce face hair for certain hours after the person was dead, same with neuron cells, instead neurons cells start to give more effort activity sending signals through synapses in panic attack to restore livelihoods of total body, sometimes by bright life or old memories imagining talking or seeing dead relatives or old friends, hyperactivity the elevated activity might leave some strange illusion after his return to life and conscious perception will be confused to figure out all the excess activities that was conducted during death of the heart because brain activity still was operative in higher or elevated level of hyperactivity, any operative brain have 256 Exabyte’s. Characteristic of conscious cannot handle that level elevated activity at once to restored confusion memory need regular regulated flow, after settle down still will be confused what he or she experienced something that never experienced before was it real, imagination or dream?

Stimuli signals that circulate inside synapses they travel through dendrites they are stimuli projections that reach to Centre of neuron cell and center cell sends to certain other axons distributing and releasing electrical jolts that are information’s pictures feeling every emotion and detailed conciliation but in the language of electric jolts that I call it stimuli tone reactions, they receive details from other neurons from tail like chamber of neurons and they release anhidrotic firings, all activity of brain is hippocampal network but during struck or transitory death periods network oscillations go to maximum for neurons, triggering prosecuting electrical signals by excess circuits in axons bringing depolarization to the entire vertebrates circuit to hippocampus network. This panic attack inside trillion neuron cells create vision of light tunnel humans experience in the time of death plus all rehearsed memories they had in their lifetime.

I gave my perspectives In “Dark-Matter” post that it is bubbles inside bubbles that complete proton clusters inside atoms, they can be very condense also can be very inflating state and they are everywhere in inflated state also in dense state, there is similarity in collection of stimuli of an individual for safekeeping data regarding a person and between a human ejaculation journey of conception, all individual cell of human contains enormous number of data that are collected by stimuli, as soon sperm  travels to meet to fertilize egg it takes less than 8 hours, female egg is already hidden inside tiny invisible bubble of Dark-Matter as complete part nuclei of the male and female cells meet making new chromosomes to complete fertilization later activating cell division, to be connected by fallopian tube it might take 24 hours, all data that collected in stimuli electrical circuits for good, as the numbers of cells grow and multiply Dark-Matter bubble grows or inflate harmoniously with the embryo going into many phases process of ejaculation in journey of conception, completing amniotic sac, invisible Dark-Matter bubble grows, end of the pregnancy when the time comes birth of the child though disruptions by amniotic sac still Dark-Matter holds as invisible amniotic sac the child inside the gravitational field that other matters can pass through but invisible field wave always surrounds the baby. Some of the production details can be released through the embryo by stimuli but still it will be kept All data is saved in this invisible bubble field. Until the child grows into maturity and later to old age continuously pattern detail in every stage of growth is kept safe in growing invisible Dark-Matter bubble field, when the time where the individual pass away complete detailed pattern all through his lifetimes and memories also the process of all DNA and cell production and detailed molecular structures are kept with collection of stimuli inside Dark-Matter bubble force field waves.

So this information data is not recorded at the last moment of death but all during the lifetime of the individual starting from journey of conception all the way to his last day of living all recording data about cells productive process dying cells molecules coming new cells everything by full details are recorded during her or his lifetime.


Same process is with plants and trees, as soon the seed starts to grow all collection of nourishment and amino acids become harmoniously part of that plant, when flower pollination time comes pollens like human sperm or like stimuli transports data to stigma then to pistil until it reaches to ovule to start growth of the fruit that can produce. Pollen grains gametes either abiotic (Pollination without other  organic forms)or Biotic receptive process (Carry from other kind of plant organs to its receptive) My main effort is trying to compare the function in electrical impulses through stimuli that can carry data to living organs and keep data with the electron circuits as long that atom lives that is about 12 billion years, as soon stimuli are separated from electrons to be connected to personalized living being inside a plant or animal or inside a human being, these stimuli contains harmonious sound harmony of that individuality and always belong to that living structure that still living or it was living. You can find additional data in my “Sound frequency” or “Universal language” post.

If we take into consideration other perspectives for example Biblical standpoint in Daniel 12:1-2 it is mentioned “… everyone who is found written down in the book. And there will be many of those asleep in the ground of the dust who will wake up, these to indefinitely lasting life and those to reproaches to indefinitely lasting abhorrence” also in book of Revelation 3:5 mentioning “…by no means blot out his name from the book of life” In my perspective somehow everything we do and our cells operate are written in full details that can be reviewed and it is called the book of life. Also in book of Revelation it is described in Rev 21:27 “….Lambs scroll of life”

                                                                         ARE THERE GHOSTS?

Some believe that the force field that leave the person or the ghost or spirit have cloudy figure shape of the individual who died, as I explained earlier I don’t agree with that thought because there is biblical input in this matter. On one occasion ancient King Saul wanted to talk to the ghost spirit of deceased prophet Samuel, this story is disclosed in Book of Samuel 28:7-25 in this story Saul went to a spirit medium or foreteller some call fortuneteller. King Saul “Disguised himself” asking from the medium to bring spirit ghost of Samuel so he can have a conversation with him. The way Saul could disguised himself Satan is more clever and supernatural actor that could also “Disguise” himself with similar sound effect a looking and sounding like dead ghost spirit of prophet Samuel. So in my perspective this drama and action is represented by Satan not by God because dead ones don’t see and feel or talk as the book of Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 “For the living are conscious that they will die. But as for the dead they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages because the remembrance of them has been forgotten. Also their love and hate and their jealousy have already perished…” so all stories that back up existence of spirits or ghost are pseudohistorical dramatized by satanic influences not by God. Man has to keep and use his brain to think, he need eyes to see eardrums to hear so human body is essential to operate like any car that has the body form and made mechanical tools to function but also need electricity to make light or horn sound and machine function, all need electrical force connected to the parts to function. In same manner without physical body humans don’t operate just with electrical pulses. In Case you close your eyes you're so called ghost or spirit cannot see your surrounding you have to open your eyes and see.


In the Biblical time there are histories that some dreams were meaningful and have some effect in prophetic process of the history also in private life, regarding the community Nation that they live in, according to the writings those dreams were from God, Almighty gave interpretation wisdom to his representing people like the dream that king of Nebuchadnezzar sow and David explained what it meant. One thing for sure our brain have supernatural capabilities but are dysfunctional because only 2% of our brain is in operational. Plus mind activities that we interpret and reason is only surface information, deep inside how atoms and electrons cooperate how electric stimuli signals function and how low octave sound frequencies circuit conversations in Universal language is not reachable to us to penetrate, in scientific communities they suspect that nightmare and violent dreams might mean starting brain disorders that in future they might experience like Parkinson disease and other disorders.

 My father use to walk in his sleep, on one occasion he went to the edge of the balcony swear to some people in his dream that came to burglarize us, five years later he became a policeman in nightshifts in Bourj-Hammoud Lebanon. Some philosophers made notes of dram records what people saw and what happened next day and dream encyclopedias telling what dreams might mean. All people have different process to analyze and it will not match with other people dreams in meanings. In my case three occasions when I saw fig fruits next day earthquakes happened but the fourth time it did not. Over two dozen important instances that will take place was happened precisely according to my grandfather, he was a good dream interpreted he told my parents about me before I was born that I will be a great discoverer calling me Armenian spiritual representative that introduced Christian religion to Armenian (Krikor Lusavoritch) but nothing that sort happened, my father and mother died disappointed, I mean they like me in every way but hopping that my grandfather dream will be realized fulfilled and it did not.

Still many people believe that their dreams might have meaningful insights, if there are people they hate or instances that give them depression, I expect and felt in my body that somehow my brain does work even when I sleep and go over raising those thoughts that give me depressions, people that I don’t like it is erased their names from my mind, my mind tells me don’t go and meet people who give you bad feelings and I program my database accordingly. Human mind obeys commands by cell production cell protection against sickness and body regulations sins I borne till now all the process going on in my body I am unaware who is giving the command, who is telling my cells that’s it no more staying young, you will get older and older, most of these procedures are not in my control but something does have the last word, searching every day I like to meet him and will keep trying no matter what.


Some scientist believe existence of Tachyon, any particle that can travel faster than of light, is not proven yet, regarding gravity we can see that it affects very far distances either pulls or repels. Like Dark-Energy can surround a body of moving or traveling stars and galaxies and add speed to push further, that’s how Universe is in continuous expansion actions. If the pushing force is acting on the body of a moving star 40 million light years away, and steel that energy commanding that far away to send the object to go faster, that means there is a communication some sort between the center point of energy, to the far distant object or star. When pulsars, black holes and all the cosmos make musical tone sounds, those are detailed suggestions to other atoms and stars to apply, atoms and stars can join into close by other bodies in weak gravity according to musical overtures and they act. The Sun repeatedly give suggestion to Earth and our moon to synchronize with each other in gravity, also to our nearby planets and loose objects, they apply the propositions, so gravity is produced out from the other bodies to apply according the musical tone overtures. If humans know this octaves, able to produce this sounds tones, they will be able to make other bodies weightless those sounds and move around without force, even help in traveling moving very large buildings with little effort.

This last 400 years science and logical conclusions recorded many details regarding to  history and everything around us and Galaxies, regarding the idea that Earth existed 4.5 billion years was accepted,  after verifying now we can record all new details, unfortunately we don’t have the capability to study 60 billion light years happenings in ten thousand years research. This last one  hundred we found out invisible new energies we knew nothing about. In my Logical studies find out that everything in Universe apply same principle either the object is large or small, if you consider the sound wave vibrations can start from a tiny movement but the sound exceeds to a great force, take example of cricket, make a tiny hall on the leave stay behind for amplification and push the wing into other side of the hole to make communicating sounds, and make the vibration sound. Strange crickets don’t have ears on their head, but on their front legs, far away female crickets, turning their bare legs toward the coming sound figure out from where it is coming from and go to meet the male. Each species has its own song of vibration romantic recital. His presentation is recognizable by female, if a male hears the some romantic call he just ignores the nonsense. But the birds appreciate, by knowing where the food is located. So consider how tiny legs can make this detailed distinguished  sound. There are so many other animal have other skills we don`t. We can`t do it does not mean that  other beings can`t also. When tiny insect have capabilities that sort, imagine how greater capabilities might exist up there in Universe.

Electrons, can rotate add or subtract the series of numbers of electrons into dividing into particles. They spin and by expressing vibrating sound unexplainable to us, this rhythms are same like radio waves they don’t need air mass to travel by vibration sound waves, they travel better than radio waves and faster, in music octave there are lower sounds we cannot hear, Elephants can by vibration, far distant elephant will hear the message, the bars on the piano one side goes sharper sound, if we go higher we cannot distinguish it, on the left portion of piano the notes go lower and lower, it come to the end, we can’t differentiate lower octaves because we can`t understand, we cannot add this tones on our piano and humans will not enjoy it. So sound procedures can elevate sharply inestimable way, lower immeasurable way, we don’t have that luxury to assess yet. Universe operate high-volume edifices, Atoms can send messages to other elements; we notice their feedback by calling the process chemical reactions.

Same musical notes vibrations is used in the growth of human bones. From inside some note vibration sent on blocks of bones to dismantle into breaking pieces, on the outer side other note sounds are sent, so new developing of bone structures are developed, electrons have the force to implicate geometrical edifices principles to develop. You can find communications in everything, between molecular proteins. Hormone, like computer language brains have their own complexity dialectal, among trillion neurons and by 20 trillions of synapse, electrons discharge unnoticeable very small portions of energy transferred to the circulating potassium and sodium ions during Action and resting potential process, some call this response also, chemical reaction.

The way atoms communicate to each other, stars can communicate to each other in the Universe. This is my approach to the gravity network. When group of electron vibrate unknown note of sound, can be heard by Dark-Energy in Universe in a distinction way, giving other sound note procedures to electromagnetic field, they on their part sound rhythm notes to traveling bodies to obey actions to get connected to other magnetic fields to pull themselves toward that far distant or close distant objects.

When the Earth turning around the Sun, the command sound by the Sun by variant sounds rotate and spin. Moon receives same sounds to synchronize with Earth. The Sun receives musical vibrational sounds from the center of our Galaxy. Dark-Energy sends procedures sounds to all universe physiques. Electrons are part of D.E they know what it means. All harmonize for same music with different variations they all distinguish who have to take the initiative, when and how. The wisdom that is generating this unknown force of communication is teaching users how relating to apply and use the force even regularly.

Entrance doorway for communication of different sort among stars and in our brain, our cells can interpret electron communication in certain level, this language is all around universe, when we will be available to communicate it will be coming into connection with our Creator, we as his subjects, receiving them as instinct and behavioral pattern, the way already the insect and birds are receiving the force, it is musical tones and electron pulse connection, not electrons themselves but energy flows with it, that is faster than everything and anything. According to the Bible the name of this active force is Holly spirit. Is not individual person or living being with personal Opinion, the force of God? Can be poured out like water on people, Jesus said to his followers you will be baptized with holly spirit, at the same time this force can generate energy can be activate other places, realizing the order from all mighty, no questions asked. Jesus ask this force from his God to perform many miracles, Jesus could not generate this force, every time he used, he have to ask to be renewed with this force to do the next miracle. This force can be generated only by God. 

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