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All living things contain Atoms. Atoms are life forms. They should behave born and having endurance to live and get old and die, change stages in their life cycle assemble or disassemble, have some energy, have ability in communicational effects. God has supremacy entirety of life, in all his creations encloses life in different fashion. Atoms live over 12 billion years, they obey principle order forms, communicate by network connected each other elements by sound tone pulse frequency lower octave sound vibrations pathways, when sound grapple harmony tone they activate stuck to each other, a process done in finding other atoms to clutch complete amino acid group neck-lets line with group of direction spinning. Al Elements without exception produce sound frequencies, any combination of group of elements sound certain sound base ore group keys of notes in minor octave group of sounds, or regular group of sound or major group of sounds. Described by (Semyon Kirklian) 1939. In case element group sound existence of a rotten food differs when sounding harmonious combination of ripe food or unripe food, by the help of some voltage it show release of energy from blocks of food atoms now scientist can do similar test by florescent light beams examining neuron cells, if anyone objects my notes because they are very simple that reminds me one of Albert Einstein’s comments “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough”

A study by Wikimedia commons user Mr. Checker announce “In case scent of ripe and rotting fruits flies called Drosophila melanogaster in the mood by turning on courtship-imitating brain pathways or network of connected neurons.. Fruits release compounds that get flies in the mood copulate” They start mating, my logical view is smell are combined by group of atom clusters that are released from the rotten food vapor is compound that release sound vibration announcing available material and the brain of fruit fly can communicate in same language of Atoms saying food available for you. Same with the Lumbricus soil worms, when  hermaphroditic (Male and female) worms bring forth from their mouth cocoons that can contain 6 or more until 20 soilwormings. Stay in the cocoon until they receive signals from surrounding Atom compound in the soil that food and water is available come out. They come out start to be a living worm with all the details given by order procedures that apply to them. These communications also done by sound frequencies. All brains and cells of living creatures communicate in low octave sound tones, computers have their own languages Atoms or Elements Stars and Planets and our Brain Neurons communicate in this secret language.

Each individual tree or plant according to collection of amino acids from soil including all sorts of nourishment that also clusters of atoms all together release sound tone frequency that is peculiar to that plant or tree, atoms release sound tone frequencies together with other clusters of atoms is born personality harmony sound tones of that certain plant or tree and their fruits, this sound tones are variations similar to Universal language that is 786.000 vibration pulses per millisecond, entire axis of this universe is based on this vibrations, same atoms that are other sort of living forms as children of the Universe release their own personality sound harmony vibration pulses. While caterpillars are feeding collecting same leaves of certain plant they start to generate releasing also same tone wavelengths that plant originating with its clusters of atoms, their standpoint is in middle section mechanism of biomolecules with protein particularities, messages of electron pulse pathways are transported by stimuli and wavelengths vibration pulses. During time caterpillar transformation into a butterfly still continuously they release same originality sound harmony from the tree or plant that formerly they been nourishing, during migrating of butterflies they choose definite pin point locations collectively releasing their sound frequency harmony vibrations to be received by core of this planet that can analyze all sound tone waves progress and deficiency growth of plantations that are living on surface of this planet.

Another example. Some butterflies that have scent-producing scales, the tips on the edge of their from their wings can send frequencies smell compound massages in sound tones by released atom cluster in form of scent signals, electron pulse pathways network this happen. According the book Amazing insects, by Michael Chinery “when female butterflies rub their antennae against the sex brands during courtship and this stimulate them to mate” When they do still electrons continue to give more instructive principle guidance to DNA molecules for guiding production coherence.
Ants also use sound frequencies to interconnect, they have zones that can hear and response, if their communication was only by chemical taste it will not be possible to inform other ants to respond and as other chapters I explained the gland carries sound frequency molecules of the individuality. So ants produce chirping sounds by rubbing their waist “scraper” their body is divided to segments and make chirping repeated frequencies started from the poison glands and continuing the vibration tones to the segments produced sound range from 0.1 up to 10 kilohertz they continue repetition rate from 2 until 20 chirps every second. Any work ants do raise sound frequencies and that united tone make the colony effort is same manner and as one person, when leaf cutting ants function to cut the leafs there abdomen release stridulating sound, starting to scissoring sound raise tone when close the jaws and cutting moment facilitate the cutting process the sound vibration minimizes. When the queen ant gives a new order or she has to sound frequency tone and the rest of colony repeat that sound in same moment all will get the new procedure. All this explain that there are basic instructions in insect to have capabilities transmitted vibration frequencies in their system

Same in our body and brain infrastructure. Neurons are made of Atoms also synapse tubes, they carry information by electrical sparks pulses the language of the Atoms exist energy sparks alphabet, even when neurons and Atoms communicate we don’t feel but notice the effect.

Personality sound of harmony is pattern in all individuals that is in control in the entire body starting from born narrow By personal DNA then also in the brain neurons that transfer this sound signals by helix stimuli that are separated from electron cables on atoms, this incentives carry from each neuron to the other audio and visual messages that can include all emotional aspects that we feel and experience. All personality sound harmony is different but still some other personality sound can be close to our mood for our moment of calibration. For example we all like composers but some individual composition can be more close to our current mood, Mozart`s and Beethoven compositions are very close to me.

Sound have other properties unknown to us, all atoms have rhythmic sound tones symmetrical principal knowledge to adapt and enforce other elements to participate according to their molecular principal structures according to surrounding temperature that will gear into other levels of process in low or high octave sound frequency pitches, for example certain molecules of atoms in close combination in simple geometrical shapes also to form more complex geometrical shapes depending the temperatures, basic structure of matter are released from protons inside atoms as waves flow outward from core of atoms, this underlying vibration sound waves, central sources are from protons cluster bubbles that are Dark-Matter either by magnetic whirls or sound process command to make other protons participate releasing covalent bonding directives and can guide to develop regular hexagonal tessellation sometimes high symmetrical combinations, all atom sound contain generative process vehicles for geometrical structural intelligence to build up triangles or square, similar activities can be seen in weak temperatures how atoms can be iodized forming potassium and sodium formulate. entire Universe is activity of mathematical terms every process going on you will find perfection geometric wisdom by faultlessness designs. Sound waves that are released from clusters of atoms have rippling sound wave I call it tone reaction like radical water ripples, this commands allow to operate covalent bonds between atoms, probably you experienced seeing how soft dust particles take geometrical forms on square plate by producing sound vibration to the plate, sound creates geometric shapes by quality exploit on the other hand designed form of physique can release sound frequency according to its form by racket of cluster atoms in molecules, no matter where you turn you will find geometrical calculations in sound.
Any formation of solid matter have its recognizable effect sound and release by the atom cluster that can give descriptions through sound wave frequency waves to other locations

We can grasp same effect on humans not in fast motion but very slow growth in geometrical forms the shape their inner personality sound harmony is tuned you will see their geometrical image in finger prints of the individual, inner sound frequency vibration will shape or form the linings on tip of your hands your finger prints that is peculiar unique only your own sound harmony that only cells and atoms can hear, every cell adjusted to that sound harmony and white cell detect alien microbes by detecting their foreign sound tone frequency tone waves and eliminating the intruders by sound recognition. Every time person cough in loud sound it also release personality harmony sound and all cells tune up to their main private sound frequency tone waves same with sneezing or using their tong and throat releasing any sound from their body.                         

In my DNA post I already described how water molecules direct all atoms to combine to form other molecules containing certain group of amino acids all done by sound frequency composition tone waves plant cells obey this complex order to form and growth of tree is based on variety kind of leaves trunk stem and branches to be spread because every detail if directed by sound wave tone waves my prove to all show if you cut the trunk stem shape it clear a slice of the tree like a record player and sense the spread rings Ash tree rings you will receive composition harmonious sound tones like classical music sound notes, atoms have their own language to communicate in low and high octave sound frequency wave tones, same sounds data that was registered in begging for the cells to be developed ensured this sound tones to form or collect clusters of atoms that already contain covalent bindings that already is based with sound communication waves, all different plants have their own characteristic in rings according how much moister was available each year to grow, each ring has different thickness of strength completing symmetrical combinations and kind of fruits tree will produce is all inside pattern of sound, seed of fruit contain strong sound tone frequencies, occasionally some birds try to hide the seeds inside the soil and are very sure that they can come back and find the seed to consume because the sound range of the seed is strongly grasped to their hearing inquiry system, birds do not calculate that seeds start to change their sound variation after absorb ground variation tones and gear change sound go to growth procedures, birds come back searching the seed sound waves ensuring the location but their concentration cannot figure out where it was, the advantage is that seed starts to form into a tree that will produce same kind of variety tree, one difference, if we try to plant from same apple many different location to start growth of apple each seed will have slight differences from the other seed tree because surrounding composition of soil and material will effect in sound frequency, It will be an apple tree but slight different assortments that’s why we already have over 750 variety of apples.

Water molecules can sense it can collect data on surrounding environment, water molecules direct plants to sense or to see sunlight and growth of leaves planned toward light by a system that can collect more light, it is a prove that plants can see dissimilar than humans but it is active. Apples feel shy from sunlight turning yellow red, it was done some tests by bringing close by wild noises near growing plant other occasions spreading mild classical harmonious music noticing that plants can hear making better growth with tree life, not the leaves but water molecules inside tree have noticed and realize differences their surrounding sound variations and enjoyed the harmonious music working directing plant cells to operate to grow, by the say we can say plants can listen and hear. Carnivorous plants can move or grab with their leave by sensing the touch of insects. As water molecules direct insect activities or animal activities calling that instinct in animals in reality water molecules are the originating directing control in their surrounding same inside plants, water molecules can prepare plants to defense its body form also can fight by manufacturing chemical properties to defense parasites and herbivores, releasing certain time prepared chemical at the right time when parasites are nearby to attack the plant or tree. In case surrounding of plant or tree contains other different insects that can’t be defended against with regular chemical formulas water molecules program plants or trees with great complex preparing new varieties of chemical formulas to be ready when attack occurs, I believe atoms can communicate same with water molecules that are atom clusters any gentle breeze cold or warm rain or dry is all understood by the plant or tree staying same location and doing the job properly by water molecule directives.  

 After many revisions inquiry my conclusion is that entire Universe is guided by Sound frequency wavelengths vibrations, mathematical or mechanical power inside Universe has life force and can accommodate with perpetual motion intelligence in complex similar to binary codes combinations tones, as I described Dark Energy and Dark Matter determines intelligence life force with their differences of frequency and vibration, all cyclic patterns are guides by this two energies to guide scalar waves. Nonstop cyclic pattern of scalar waves generates portions of elements to grab into Universal quantum flow gravitational lensing by Dark Matter vibration flow and Dark Energy oscillation inertia field. Some call this activity pastiki phasing (process of light flashing similar to energy patterns) Entire universe controlled by this two forces of D.E and D.M directing light sound and vibrations controlling largest galaxies until to smaller volumes of matter including atoms and particles, all elements participate to submit directives from Universal sound patterns to shape or form into molecules and evolving any mass volumes that exist inside the Universe. Some conclude that Gravity started to form all matter in my perspectives sound frequency waves from D.E and D.M control everything including gravitational wavelengths implementation of atoms, putting together DNA and all other biological living forms and other living things, atoms are not biological life forms they are other form of living things, atoms contain two distinct life energy arrangements D.E and D.M. hidden parallel forces release vibration frequency rate by all cycle of Creation intelligence pattern scalar waves that geometrically form all matter.

In musical instrument any harmonious tone sound that reach to another location where a stressed string is stretched on certain sound value coming same valued sound note make this string to vibrate as I experienced many occasions on my violin especially on “A” sound, any car horn sound with perfect “A” notes can trigger my violin to vibrate and reflect back same sound waves, according to molecular configuration of carbon atoms and by certain level of temperatures and pressure the sound vibration code will proceed to combine the certain carbon to form diamonds, graphite, amorphous carbon or single-walled carbon nano-tube. In raw diamond and crystalline and quartz always molecular structure is in specific geometric shape, all that shape is according to gravitational tone reaction reorganization of atoms that are patterns and release same procedure directive code in low octave sound frequency waves.

 All atoms communicate

In my post “Atoms are other form of living things” I explained that don’t have biological life but contain main ingredients of life in every atom Dynamic Energy and Matter. All plants insect and all matter is made of atoms that communicate individually and also by complete form of clusters that release their own personality code messages. Plants can communicate through their atomic cluster into insect form atomic forms also in case of defense, for example Lima bean plants release frequencies that explains what they enclose, butterflies lay their larvae on Lima beans leaves they start to feed on the plant, right away Lima bean plant releases atomic clusters or molecules that as soon caterpillars feed on it they start to release attractive sound frequencies to parasitic wasp, wasp can figure out right away a good environment to make their larva can enjoy and feed to grow, right away wasps attracted to this new combination of frequency they come and lay their eggs inside the caterpillars, this eggs catch into larvae and feed inside the caterpillars destroying ten and saving the Lima bean plant, there is great communication between plants and insects through atomic cluster..

                             How do birds find their hidden seeds in the ground?

Probably you have experienced how birds bring seeds from trees trying to berry in the ground to be collected during shortage of food, considering Clark’s nutcracker that weights almost five ounces it has very tiny brain yet it does astonishing job, they do so precise job that some might confuse that nutcrackers might have memory of ten thousand maps where they buried the seeds to go back to recall the spot markers after nine months when greenery and food effected. Some believe that nutcrackers memories the spot keeping the map view in mind to recall their seeds, confusing part about it yet this birds can pin point their location also after snow covers the ground, in my “DNA” post I mentioned that every living being has own personalized sound harmony complex tone wavelength inside each cell also in the liquid parts inside their body. My perspective is nutcrackers collect two or three seed under its tong where it will be moisturized with their saliva under their tongue that will be deposit with seed DNA, each seed will carry sound harmony complex frequency MHz code that is familiar to each individuality harmony of certain bird, sometimes moister in the ground overpower birds personality frequency inside the seed where the bird will not find its seed but a new tree might grow instead on that spot, I believe that this birds don’t need complex 10.000 thousand or more memory maps to locate the exact spot when they are capable sensing sound frequency Tones from the ground, similar to this some foxes or wild dogs on snow can sense where a tiny mouse is hidden under the snow, when they band their head they trying to sense frequency of the living tiny mouse and directly pin point emerge inside the snow and grab the stalking with great accuracy. We as humans don’t have sensitive feelings of frequencies as much as certain animals or insects and birds.

All insects and birds already communicate by Universal language including all other animals and fish. Subsequently sound tones can transport messages the way is tone enhance activities wavelengths through synapses passing through by electrical sound secretions that I call it tone reaction, many years ago if someone said that human Genes contain DNA that contains many big volume of data and someday we will be able to read it, probably people laugh at us and call us crazy, now same action of transportation is done in great data through stimuli spark signal in the brain between neurons synaptic neurotransmission, atoms release and use tone reaction signals to communicate individually and by cluster groups, all human plant and other living thing cells contain atoms that continuously release communication sound frequency tone wavelengths in multifarious rational functions, each individual life form by individual cell and by collection of entire body represents own sound harmony personality variances like a classical theme composition, billions of note sound in very short moment or a second, water molecules are very active in this sort of communication with human cells as we see water molecules contain great memory patterns that show in snowflakes in my other post “What is Water?” this communications I call it Universal language, our own genes response to sounds that are more familiar tone variations, some great composers were able to pick some of their inner sound harmony and put it as notes in their compositions that we all enjoy listening into their compositions, some of the composers might make us more reachable with their harmony sound variations to enjoy their melodies underling the effects than others that are little far off from our sound harmonies as entire humans are personalize, all cells and genes are harmonized to reflect same sound harmony to cooperate to function by sound through neurotransmitter signals that all cells receive from the harmony tone reaction of the individuality tone reaction. White cells reach to find in crowd of large amount of plasma with red blood to reach static sounds, that other bacteria’s or viruses release that are not harmonious to individuality sound frequency wavelengths. So all cells of human beings release same melody code inside the body except some bacteria’s that mimics the individuality sound harmony, you can find about it in my post “Neurons” In my other post “Atoms are other form of living things” I will explain entire Universe and our planet are in enhanced music activity in tone reaction frequency vibrations. As human experiencing life on Earth is very limited time period comparing to existence of the Universe billion years ago, only this 6 thousand years we have written statements and some measurements about ground Earth.

Life existed in other form elsewhere in the Universe before existing on Earth. Earth is not Center of everything for we are in the Center of our consciousness; Universal communication existed before any other to be orderly for better outcome inside Cosmos Dark-Energy and Dark Matter already were in communication, cosmic winds contain sound pitch messages, same configuration of communiqué patterned inside planets stars and galaxies by sound wavelengths, not only stars release sound frequency tone wave instructions but also they obtain sounds from other stars comprehend the configuration of messages, to take everything into control likewise atoms with small portions of protons that are D.M and electrons that are D.E can discharge sound tone variations to communicate with  Universal sound flow to be everything in control by higher and most powerful forces that make all matter and energy to exist by intelligence. Atoms communicate with each other and with connection with entire quantum space time field using low and high octave sound frequencies that are ripples waves to be connected to entire realm of Universal Dark-Energy realm usually on average every sound pitch atoms release are D notes almost 20 octaves, other type of atoms release different sound tones to express their individuality or community, Human brain is collections from atoms that communicate without making us realize this operation ongoing day and night, to be understood to us it is a not highest sharp point on regular pianos note, sound that are released by atoms are not regular sounds it contains codding informative message pitch that are implicit by other atoms, anytime atoms be collectively in larger form of mass their sound pitch variation change according to their cluster form and whatever they contain in their lump. In other post I will explain how atoms are other form of living things.

In my perspective each living creature has own frequency complex sound tone wavelengths that can be measures by MHz starting smallest atoms viruses to bacteria plants insect all sort of animals fish and human beings. Each cluster of atoms forming one cell of plant or human cells contain special complex variation of frequencies, humans personality sound harmony range about 70 MHz, it might be increased by plant oils such as Frankincense or rose oil but it can decreased frequencies by cup of coffee or according emotional effect or according what they are consuming, because other group of clusters of atoms might elevate or reduce MHZ levels but harmony complex sound tone remains the same only its velocity fluctuates, all plants and atom combination clusters cells have their own complete sound harmony starting from bacteria level MHz about 60 MHz up to complex plants and plant oil into 350 MHz, Myrrh come close to that category. So everything is based by sound frequency effect starting from atoms to all sort of living things Nature Earth moon planets stars and galaxies, I call this communication Universal language or tone reaction.

In my other Post “Earth” I already explained how planets atoms stars and galaxies communicate by tone whistles Jovian chorus that is low and high octave sound frequency waves that are messages to obey according to universal sound order. So all biological system mechanism inside all sort of brains and plants animals works according to directives from sound frequency tone reaction wavelengths the same electrical sound tone circuits that atoms and planets stars and galaxies work with but they individually have different complex lining in tone elevation and complex composition millions of notes done in split of a second that I call it tone reaction.

Ancient Greeks by logic divided these structural variety into four groups Earth Air water and fire, if you leave salt water to evaporated you will see how salt crystals take actual shapes of atom molecules in geometrical crystals, by logic Greek understood architecture wisdom in matter structure base how they form cubes (6 squares) tetrahedron (4 Faces) octahedron (8 Triangles) Icosahedron (20 equilateral or two equilateral Triangle) and Dodecahedron (12 Pentagons) all this geometry is developed in tone reaction sound vibration that translated into gravitational commands and structure in new form molecules, these sound process is in harmonious connection with Universal sound harmony tone waves.

Our brain cells communicate with each other sending messages by electronic catalyst stimulus waves or sound wave frequencies that is part of the Universal language, atoms also communicate with each other by covalent bonding waves, protons that are clusters of Dark-Matter and electrons that are cable stimulus helix's made of Dark-Energy they both can produce Alpha waves as Nikola Tesla mentions “The human brain`s Alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the Earth is between 6 and 8 hertz thus our entire biological system itself-work on the same frequencies” in my perspective atoms in our brains also by electron sparks transfer knowledge information’s and feeling that confirms they understand the content and print save and transfer the data by Universal language. for example dogs can read the emotion anger felt by owners, all os a sudden they feel guilty.
Dogs and wolves and some other animals sense the fear humans release by wavelengths, also they sense each other’s anger, my dog can feel others dog that have anger and start to bark.
Among animals dogs are most close companions to humans ready to respond to human sound frequency waves stimuli communication message release process for dogs and humans work in similar code waves transporting messages, dogs can pick up owners mood on same level tone waves function that are codes released by sparks like the ones neurons send electrical sparks through synapses, that’s why dogs know human mood when to stay away from their owner or when to approach to be cuddled, as we know it is lot of effort for the owner to spend time to massage the dog by cuddling, just that moment dogs sense their owner is in great need to touch some truthful friend so they can feel content realizing that they have trustworthy companion that will do anything protecting their owner as far as giving their life, at that moment owners need their dog and dogs sense it to respond right away. Some humans have different style of character in seeking associates to please their environments expecting that their animal friend should be sneaky on his own very clever and independent not going to extreme in helping others and so on they see on a cat pleases them more then what they see on dogs and that’s why the choose companion cat that soot’s them better according to their character acceptance’s.

Why do dogs go out of control seeing their owner or familiar person they feel very joyful. I believe smell is sound frequency tone wavelengths released from clusters of atoms that individual release familiar odors work as sound tone wavelengths that contain personality harmony complex code that can be sensed through the nose of a dog. Similar to our solar system each planet releases its own sound frequency wavelengths that we can’t hear, animals especially dogs create a system inside their brain finalizing realm of sound circuits concluding their own personal similar solar system by variety of different individual personality sounds that are known as smell in reality is frequency tone reaction, as soon dog meet his owner that smell or sound tone reaction comes and completes its position special place inside his brain, instead of feeling as inadequate puzzle of sound system like solar system dog becomes complete sound as extraordinary collection of relationship as we experience dogs response meeting their owner or other members from the family. Beside that human brain releases stimuli signal messages from collective atoms that dogs sense as well.

 So the Alpha waves from the owner travel into dogs brain and inform the anger. Atoms are made by two energies Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter combinations atoms are portions of Universal communication field and are connected to entire Universe by sound frequency waves. Someday human will grasp the language of the Universe. All sound waves have classification variations pulsates, our brains can receive sound waves by mechanical vibrations and process details, it can amplify vibrations using the fluid that are in the vesicles and carry info to nervy system electrical pulses to travel through synapses to neurons. For a certain level of low sound frequencies, lower than that is the Universal sound frequencies waves vibrations atoms use to communicate in covalent bonding much higher process than our neuron communication, so Universal language do not allow our brain to understand because our mind do not have function 100% complete process.

Inside human brain communication delivered by message circuits that are helix jolts I call them stimuli each carry sound signals pulses from neurons through synapses vesicles to other locations, basic information`s are decoded into universal language the way all languages decoded to computer language (0010011) any moment is coming sound are in High-pitched messages human lose their ordinance in communication and that’s why sound of Nails on a chalkboard might discomfort some and some can be effected if the pitch go higher, basic harmony sound is coded pulses that balance our inter neuron transmitting waves variety on names such as Beta, Alpha, Gaba and Delta brain waves, High-Pitch can disturb our harmony with universal frequency, of course Universal contains High-pitched sound pulses but are in other circuit wave ordinance or Fluctuation in sound rates to reach atoms, humane sound range stay almost between 20 to 200 Hz sound pulses in fluctuations.

Most of scientific progress sometimes done by support of big industrial companies, they invest in new researches, after discovering new hold that pattern right somewhere safe so no one uses to damage personal gains though that discovery might help many in health and other personal income in other communities. So financial investment always connected by tiny ropes to pull over to censorship or other halts. Some call this scientific censorship “Neurodegeneration” most of scientific works are gridlocked. For many years countless industries encouraged neuroscientist researchers to ignore dangers from electromagnetic field pollution using cordless phones all sort of wireless signals regulation, they did not resolute hazards regarding all sort of such devices like computer screens that expose great amount of electromagnetism fields (EMF) Already we know activities inside human brain of Billions electrical signals or stimuli rolling through synapses, all atoms release electrical signals in fusion principles sound tones wavelengths, same sorts of communication is release with planets stars and Galaxies, but all  connected in harmonious course of action, as soon simulated frenzied hindered electrical impulses acquire with new practice of different type electromagnetism they disturb our health our temperament will be effected after receiving other form of man made electrical signals that are contamination with pollution, plus radiation disorder effect that we receive. Comparing to Universal low and high sound frequency tone wavelengths that contain pure messages artificial unrestrained electrical pulses will be unacquainted to atomic communications tone reaction, also with Universal sound that it will defect atomic sound tone initiatives harmony. 

We still in the age where scientist by their studies believe that smell is chemical reaction, small odors go through the nasal passage and neuronal architecture process discriminate variety of odor with their receptors, inside human nasal passage there are approximately 5.500 round tiny balls neural junctions “Glomeruli” as I described in my other notes neurons in our brain can receive information of emotions and many sort of data by stimuli electrical signals and transfer to other neurons through synapses same electrical neurons sense low octave sound frequencies of at molecular combinations of atom clusters and report the data to the brain Glomeruli receptors contain ready to serve stimuli to be send as soon details are available it is like old days process of sending messages by pigeons to headquarters, but in this case the process is in the speed of light, that’s how fast stimuli transform data to the brain. In the case of other animals and insect or other form of biological life forms contain more stimuli sensory neurons this process is more (OSNs) that have electrical signal processes, whatever animals insect or humans distinguish odor is based on sound frequency tone waves that are released from molecule cluster of atoms from food source or any other bacteria’s or microbes, according to some researches some trained dogs can distinguish cancer cells from a person nearby and inform the happenings, because all this details travel by “Tone reaction” not by chemical reactions. All the rest of worms, fungus, and other microbes and living forms distinguish sound frequency waves before seeing anything, so more or less 10.000 odors are sound tones that are sensed by neuronal architecture by electrical signals.

 In this blogs many times I explained there are on chemical reaction but variety cluster groups of atoms release sound frequency wavelengths that make us feel that it is a smell in reality it is complex tone reaction of sound, each person animal or insect carry this diversities of sound frequencies that are released by collective atoms, each person has personalized sound frequency code wavelength tune and releases unique scent that is different from everybody else pomposity, sound complex differs in all individual animals and all living things including category of atoms that I represent the thought in my posts “Atoms are living things, your fingerprint is completed according your personality sound harmony wavelengths. Don’t get surprised probably you might smell armpit of another person that displeases you but your brain waves that register sound of personality harmony wavelengths recognize the massage and without making you notice they communicate with your sound wavelengths to get accounted into each other personality harmony sound frequencies message codes, dogs are expert in this and right away go new areas to track aroma new variety of scent, so their brain can have some homework to canalize.

Brain can change the gear level of its process and central conscious direct to priorities innovated performances, new statistics are released by stimuli flashes that passes through synapses activity areas light up in the brain during improvisation, to do these performance the central brain lowers down the activities in other or departments or turning down other activity shifts to concentrate main assignment and all energy is pressed to increase activity in main circuit, like a computer give new sequence consignment processing to systematic new phases, Our brain has minimum capacity of its percentage to be active otherwise if completely able to function 100% it was not going to shut down other compartment to do its task.

Universal language is like piano complex equal temperament in Universal schematic vibrating wavelengths.

First let`s consider Piano tuning.

Piano technicians recommend that piano be tuned twice a year; inside piano you have 3 cords for each individual note that later might lose their tight standard being different pitches. acoustic sound align the interval notes, for piano tuning technicians use a felt mute a rubber mute some temperament strip and papps, every time hit the key you will receive sound frequencies from 3 strings, pianos contain 52 white and 36 black keys bringing the number into 88 keys, to make piano tuning hobbyists and experts use a level or hammer mute to touch the two cords with a silencer and hit the note so only one cord release the note, the tuning professional adjusts twisting the cord harder or loose to have be released the right tone, after that the other two are silenced to adjust the third and then third is adjusted by silencing the other two so 3 cords match same harmony sound notes, then they do same process with each other note. Human sense can reach to compromise only 88 keys. Let me try to simplify.

Universal language sound frequencies are extended in many level of lower cords, and many levels of high pitch in Hz frequencies, Universal sound communication have more complex schematic vibration wavelengths, in each not that piano have same sound atoms contain not only 3 strings but billion, on piano lower note AO have 27.500 frequency Hz to reach half level up into AO # it should release 29.135 Hz All the numbers in between some atom frequencies might release between the note AO to AO# there are many numbers, when each atom releases individual sound frequencies to same key note their differences might register into codes of schematic vibrating conclusions. Inside a human cell you have millions of atoms all release sound variation differences, though they complete equal temperament of certain note sound but have very tiny differences in Hz scientific note frequencies that represent codes to guide DNA to form cells or send messages to neurons, everything inside the biological form activities, in plants, insects, viruses bacteria and also inside the matter formation atoms they all are guided by sound frequency directive to react and apply directives by sound wavelengths that are received by other atoms and cells. I am not considering only 88 notes on the piano but million levels of keyboard chords and each note contain many complex codes that carry messages into atoms and into the Universe to combine into Universal sound language activities that are not familiar to us.

The sound that atoms release rhythmic sound vibrations collectively by molecules release trillion of sound tones, in human brain trillion of neurons and synapses made of atoms collectively sound trillion X trillion X trillions of separate sound notes, all together complete harmony melody out of our reach to receive and evaluates, human science is too far behind in that expansions also there is no precise gear’s to analyze everything. The low octave sound frequencies released from protons and electrons have their personalized patterns to communicate by sound waves, for example metallic groups stay attached in metallic bonding, nonmetallic keep covalent bonding’s also there is ionic bonding’s that also are nonmetals. So effect of all atom bonding directives come by sound note waves in levels that are foreign to us. Some animals are more sensible than others in receiving sound frequency waves also in releasing sound tones. People felt this advantages and using them in uncivilized harsh full manner, some are using elephant and rhino tasks that are condense sound cluster, others use certain parts of animals, most popular is the fins of sharks, they collecting in big numbers to bring all this animals to distinction levels, collecting all scalloped and smooth hammerheads, manta rays and others, some also use certain birds nest soup and other strange activities because they sense additional certain effect in this substances.


Healthy brain might be impressed by classical music, already inside the brain atoms and atom clusters communicate rhythm with musical mysterious entity, sound and musical tone frequency wavelengths that have values and data where atoms are delivering to each, so tiny atoms have their own autonomous realm, human and animal cells have their own, stars planets and Galaxies with entire Universe have their own separate dimension of music where all matter and energy to comprehend with Euclidean space time that independently inhabits inside the universe by autonomous realm that is spread with intelligence and life energy other musical sound can open the door into floating ethereal medium that we already are emerged in but can’t communicate with the force of entire Universe, because music is everywhere in the universe and Dark Energy and Matter they created music to communicate with between atoms Angels and humans, in my post “Angels” you can see some additional points. For human logic and comprehension it will be impenetrable to comprehend complex music that is eludes in tiny nanoseconds second an entire overture with million times of more notes but each of our individual cell can recognize own personality individuality of the body and fight with all other static sound of music the way white blood cells operate, they attack on all other foreign sound musical vibration that enters the body where all other bacteria and viruses are tracked, in blood vessels foreign objects release their own personal sound statistics frequencies, unless if an bacterial can mimic the personality sound and resides in the body of the individual. Personality sound wave ling is like audible classical music in very fast density charge that each overture covers in portion limit of a nanosecond that will be inaccessible to human conscience, we can’t cope to comprehend all that delicate complex musical flow, but listening to Mozart or Beethoven symphony we get in touch with the personality of the composer, some of them seems close giving us hologram projected it seems like part of our character or taste, some it will be a little difficult to comprehend, in my case listening to heavy metal music me feel tortured I believe supernatural wisdom that oversees on entire Universe is based on 4 D space time, classical music is mysterious entity that communicate to reality not only with planets stars and galaxies but also with each individual atom inside the Universe because each atom contains portion energy from Dynamic Energy as electron and portion from invisible Dynamic Matter as proton.

Atoms are covered with electron cables big number of helix's, some of this helix can be release out or into atom to mix with proton bubbles to produce new particles and to have new personality you can read in the chart of Periodic table, metallic and nonmetallic total until now is 112.

Some of the helix that released from electron cables function as memory data and have inventory, new environments details will be recorded through in audio in my directives they are called stimuli that can register reverberations and record, all this capabilities is from its original force of Dark-Energy, this signals means have been used by all atoms and cluster of elements and all molecules and cells adding on that by all living things carry this sort of communications that I call it the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.

An example, a black widow that is known in sexual cannibalism is not true sometimes the female released her partner alive without making him a nosh, as I described earlier in my notes insect release low octave sound frequencies waves to communicate, the husband of the black widow approaches the females spider web by emancipating that vibratory sound, approaches very carefully plucking the strands and same time sings musical sound vibration that female black widow sense it very romantic and passionate, continuing same overture the male plays and snaps the web strings strands like playing a harp instrument, he does while walking in the web until reaches to the female and continue singing in low octave sound frequencies and starts patter her body, when she is ready she also releases sound variations waves and allow the male to mate with her and get connected to her reproductive abdomen and they mate, after that considering all the performance of male spiders depending how romantic and passionate he was by this melody sound frequencies waves she was let him go to survive, if the sound wave performance was unsatisfactory the male spider will be post-sex-snack. 

Another example, some insect can analyze their mates sperm after it is injected in their body and conform it is quality sperms or not, they do this test after they compare to their body sound frequency, if the male sperm are not in good sound harmony frequency tones with their body tone waves, female ulidiid flies can reject and expel out from inside their fertilized eggs and when it comes out they pick the eggs and eat it and look forward to mate again to prepare more effective and healthy generation of flies, all this communication are bases on tone reaction sound waves that are cooperative with electron helix stimuli command that guides them to act in this order, some call this process “Mother nature”

We consider scent as aroma sense, in my prospective smell is tone frequency of occurrence’s wavelengths occurrence`s that release coded messages that atoms and cluster of atoms communicate. Insect and plants are very close to certain communication in tone reaction that atoms converse. For example you can try, if you have some food on the table and big possibility that flies will gathered on your food try this technique, cut a lemon in half from middle part where you can see all layers, take about one dozen or so dried cloves and push each cloves stem portion into the juicy lemon and make the round portion to stick out of the juicy portion, use about twelve cloves. Lemon juice will be absorbed by the cloves from the stem portion up to the bud area, inside the cloves you have a chemical called Eugenol, lemon juice and this component starts to release low or high frequency sound tone frequencies that seems alarming discomfort for flies to keep them away from your food, in Universal language there are many sort of smell or sound tones that make insect attract or uneasy, we will not hears these sounds but atoms and insects will. 

One of the most extraordinary living thing you can find in very deep oceans, where Zombie worms swim and locate whale bones by sound frequencies, after all rest of fish and sharks eat the meat of the whale nothing will be left except the skeleton this is the time for big party from zombie worms to go in and drill through the bone and eating up everything left. Before considering how they do it we have similar process in our bones while a child growing up sound frequencies do away with the inner chambers unravel blocks of bones into amino acids and build or add up on outer part of the bones, like scraping a wall from inside and adding outer wall from outside, in my blogs I already explained all this process are done by low octave sound frequencies opposite field in atom covalent bonding, but scientist call this process osteoclast acid that break down the bones, in my perspective low octave sound frequency waves create a environs to tone reaction that function as acidic substance presence, scientist connect this process of incidences that zombie worm releases in big quantities to dissolve bone cells, no matter how big quantities the worm release water pressure will mix with the solution, effect of the acid will be lost and make it non-operational, so only chance is to release sound frequencies and tear down the strong bones, regarding the zombie worm have no teeth and no digestion system, after breaking the bones by tone reaction taking in the molecules still tone reaction continues dissolving in its body to break down the hard stuff into amino acids. So far there are 7 varieties of whale bones eating species that can strip skeletons of dead whales and all can reach find out fallen bones deep in the oceans it is unclear how they reach and find their traction So I don’t call this worm’s zombie nonetheless singer worms, with high octave and low octave sound variations.   

All sound frequencies from stars and planets travel in the entire Universe by low and high octave sound wave tones and frequencies simultaneously middling intersect each other still interfere sounds but they keep their own personality distinct canons though their waves modulate each other. Most scientist agree that space is empty yet there are many gravitational  energy fields, Our entire Universe contain other form of energy fields that still have to be discovered Our scientist did not reach yet to their conclusive discoveries yet, as I described formerly Universe is like a vast Ocean though vacuum but still full of energy field of other phenomena, some scientist give the name a luminiferous ether, some give the name EM-Field  or G-Field still we are in the beginning to analyze the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe, modulated by unknown forces that keep the entire Universe in balanced movement regulation and principles the way atoms complete their task encircling planets stars and galaxies do their chores. Of course some scientist has more supporters than others regarding their theories, but reality do not tolerate sooner or later will be proved the truth of the matter.


                                         Planets talk to each other in Universal language.

In my (Cornerstone of the Universe) posts I described that Universe is composed of two invisible complex forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, they are invisible but can be materialized to function to create matter stars galaxies and so on, till year 1800 we knew only about regular sounds but later gradually we found out about other sound forms and wavelengths, regular sound cant travel in vacuumed space that is true but Dark-Energy can transform into many other energy form like electromagnetism, so this energy that is part of all atoms and planets and stars can release other energy form of sounds that is not familiar to us. There are other form of sounds that atom transmit to covalent bonding forms same our planets in our solar system, each planet has its own personalized sound wavelengths tones complex interactions they release uninterruptedly rest of planets and stars can check released wavelengths of each ionosphere order in spinning forms, they release this other form of different sound wave pulsates that can travel in vacuumed space easily without any disturbances. Each planet sounds different; these vibrations can be sensed by many space probes using electromagnetic particles on planetary magnetosphere by other field of Dark-Energy wavelengths that spreads’ on other planets and stars.

All atoms can communicate release frequency sound codes and getting supplementary codes from other atoms they decode the information, only intelligent living forms can do that if if atoms are other form of living things that can live 12 billion years have personality distinctive changes every time they go through fusion by adapting new characteristics, collectively stars planets and moons are collectively great numbers of atoms that combine their communication, men plants insects all have characteristics because of their combination DNA regulative connections in their formalities, they all behave different, during fishing I spent some time with my crickets, some are very bold to try to get out of their bottle earlier than other crickets each have their own constant behavioral syndromes of personality, they displayed either bold or shy tendencies some really connect into their shelter space other try new territories, same with more precocious fish than others, all variety of fish have certain firm behavior and each individual fish have own personality, similar categorical other living things or insect have same tendencies including cockroaches ants and other, some birds are more bold to come near human to get feed others stay long distance if you want to know what I meant try to feed some pigeons inside a parking lot where a hamburger store is nearby. These tendencies make their group to have more survival positions in life. The complex connection forms that DNA complex completions are operated with harmony sound individuality, which affects their behavioral standards. Atoms have life force as I described in my other post “Atoms are other form of living thing” also atoms contain behavioral personality displays, their constant personalities react when forming ionizing semi-precious or precious stone inside mantle depending temperature range and variety of other atoms or chemicals nearby their effect produce certain formality of stones. 

Atoms stars planets and galaxies communicate each other by sound wave low octave sound wave frequencies, if we have to listen our Sun singing we can’t hear through our limited range human ears with special tools like SOHO spacecraft there are possibilities to record all sound waves vibrations speeding up sound wave frequencies few dozens of 10 million echo resonance then we might hear, Heliophysice use special calculation to determine sound tone vibrations, how does Sun sing or communicate with other neighboring planets and stars, not only planets stars and galaxies release sound frequencies they each receive messages from each other that is implicit by each other. All atoms and other form of mass can distinguish the position and location of other heavenly body through wave vibration.

Universal language releases humming sound, in low octave sound frequencies, one section coming from Dark-Matter. The second section coming from Dark-Energy they both come and reach into our brain, right brain is sensitive to the sound coming from Dark-Matter and left brain is sensitive to Dark-Energy, both get into our brain from left and right ears these sounds will be called bin aural beats low octave sound frequencies that will enter into human right side ears into the human brain, this coordination works in all living animals and insects also in atoms, protons receive beats from Dark-Matter field from Universe and electrons receive sound beat orders from Dark-Energy. This two variety of sound travel all around and in these Universe continuously, human brain detect this two concept together, if they receive and use it properly with humility they will have clean sensitive conscious they will act lovingly to produce good kind of symbolic fruits of the spirit like love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Faith, Kindness, Self-Control, Consciousnesses, Sweetness, Long suffering, Faith, Mildness. Human consciousness need to be complete by neurons center to collect all data sparks flowing through synapses of human cannot operate unless the cells are active, all details of information travels in the brain and outside the body and return are stimuli that are released from electrons that are wheels inside wheels have all eyes around them, that means that they can see in great measure capacity all directions seeing inside human cells  and molecules and transport information to human conscious and sub-consciousness centers. Humans have to obey the directives coming through Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter Bin aural beats, not rebel against it. People use their own version of similar sounds by  Monaural beats consequent to conjunction, coming into same juxtaposition by two different variation frequencies similar to Bin aural Beat. Isochoric tones emit regular intervals continuation of pulses. Of course good or bad people will act without even noticing it, but their reaction will show in their personality character. In my theory the two sections in human brain have a separation section is located in between the left and right brain inaugural where the Bin-aural beat brain wave meet in the opening between two brains, and sub conscious is further up where the two brains joins, as much right and left parietal lobes are different in asymmetrical values as much the function is more successful. These invisible explosion of vibration waves echo in entire brain and by sound frequencies review recent activities of all cells activity balance to adjust the production of melatonin imposing through small portion in the brain that operates as gland to adjust the volume of melatonin hormones that could be gathered from food such as meat, grains and vegetables the new measures so the body control all cycles activity to sleep or stay awake, the whole body will be in control also against all health issues to extend life time. Bin aural beat tune up the brain but artificial cellular levels might interfere in that balance to direct to sicknesses. Also misdirecting all life forms functional directives by Nature unknown sound frequency harmonies.

There is similarity to the bee or ant colony and our Earth population, big swarm of birds, fish, grasshoppers, bats all are separate individual living things, somehow they are connected to each other by some sound frequency harmony, same with many atoms inside our complex they all contain life forms in protons and electrons collectively they complete one person or being, in this order our entire planet all collective people together they represent one life form of this Earth, different location of Earth population represent other chunks of the body, same similarities are in each galaxy. Eye compound of bees (ommatiadium cluster cells) also other insects vision differentiated by large number of eyes, shrimps fly’s and other have many clusters of eyes all are similar but slight changes than the cluster eyes of moth, totally different ordinance than our viewing behavior. So all insect eyes reveal through axons to their brain details of images and pictures, in my other perspectives regarding electrons I mentioned that electron helix's also can absorb specifics in pictures and images also inside atom and report all details by universal language printout.

In my concept every person have personal own sound frequency waves singularities, I call it tone reaction, sometime other animal or plants sound harmony overpass the control of personality harmony of the individual and act as its own DNA capabilities, same with tone reaction. Smell is tone reaction, atoms can communicate with other atoms by sound frequency tone wavelengths, same with some animals can sense to interpret smell that is tone reactions for example dogs and bees and so on, three hundred years ago is someone tried to describe that cells contain DNA that like open book contain its pass generation with all details no one would believe it, now we do, same approach tone reaction rhythmic complicated wavelengths contain delicate data that transformed by atoms or clusters of atoms from planta trees or other living forms that still is not clear for us fully.

Every sound wave released from plant cells in coordination according to their cluster formalities release harmonious sound wave frequencies and combination of tree waves grass flowers leaves and barks joined with the ground elements sound frequencies all together make a great masterpiece melody, because our body also functions with sound frequency harmony, walking in the park in green spaces can make tune up our body cells calm down especially the brain neuron cells, probably we think that we are the only one that is exploring, in reality millions of stimuli that are released from our brain go out and have sight see return relaxed and feel part of the harmonious environment giving our entire brain calm down feeling also this process will bring down stress and cortisol levels down. While I walk every day in the street at least watching trees and plantations with other grass or shrubberies, I like to hug the trees to get into contact directly to their sound wave frequencies being afraid of people making them I lost it I just touch them one a while and touch the ground or the grasses with bear feet. Most of our body is made of water hydrogen and Oxygen same other livings and plant life we are part of our environments.

There are less than 5000 varieties of annelids or soil worms live underground and active day and night, when is raining and the ground become too wet soil worms move up and mate, they get on the surface because also the become confused in sensing the vibration tones that were natural for them to concentrate their position inside the ground rain make them feel panic and uncomfortable, they have no problem, they breathe through their skins that also can distinguish light and vibrations of other molecules and fungus in the soil, if their environment is soaked with water they can’t penetrate the sound frequency of other sound clusters that are released from atom cluster groups that are groups of nourishment or other objects.

What do all humans have in common? They all breath the same air in our atmosphere humans participate using same nature of formula in the sky joined with rest of animals and insects all biological living forms on this planet share the same nourishment as definite mandate to share without it they can’t continue their life.

Everything on Earth is well-ordered by universal low and high octave sound frequencies code in regulation and deregulation of plants that were genetically framework coordinating effort between animals bacteria’s birds and animals soil sort of livings that also were monitored daily instruction by sound tones, according the bible at the times of paradise all productions were the best variety agricultural goods. In the book of Genesis chapter 3:18 “thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you and you shall eat the plants of the field” by just sound command or frequency directives new form of plants arise from the ground that was not favorable the quality of agriculture was effected and sound frequencies can do instant changes regarding what the procedures will be.

Many scientist took pictures of frozen waters in different parts of the world and different purity content and realize that the pictures make totally different frame geometrical patterns, they also introduces sound in melodies and different emotional expressions and feeling ward expressions it effected on the molecular structure the pattern turned into irregularity when they gave the sound of heavy music, it is very clear that vibration sound can be effected on molecular structure, the reason that is visible because water is liquid form simply a physical substance and can be noticed easily comparing to hard metal structure in reality all atoms can feel same way of emotional concept and effected in geometrical pattern. I have explained in other chapters the fundamental building block is Dark-Matter and can order geometrical patterns, inside all atoms include protons that are Dark-Matter, by lower octave sound frequency waves transmitted vibrations, they monitor their surrounding other elements that also have protons and sound echo pulsation is repeated by other protons giving same guidance, always keep in harmony by Universal language sound field, so if we see in water droplets variations of fundamental geometrical patterns all are done by directives from protons or Dark-Matter that effects the molecular structure, under same principle they also graft in DNA processes

Some insects have signaling different methods, The Male Ceanothus Moth can detect scent by its receptors, male can detect female moths wavelengths over one mile away by its big antennas receiving frequencies of cluster smell group Atoms. Some monarch butterflies in large groups of swamps migrating every autumn from Canada to Mexico to the same two mile location area, first they inform the agriculture progress valuations, how prospering greenery was in their lands, what flowers growing prospering what is not reporting by sound tones to center core of the Earth`s Dark-Matter. Then receiving from down the soil in that location a new behavioral message to their DNA to fulfill and progress the plants. Same butterflies start to return to Canada;  usually their offspring get to Canada to renew  It takes three generation to make into next trip repeating, usually their offspring get to Canada to renew the same detailed process next year.
Animals and insects developed in excellence complex everything they need is already packed planned and sustained in their dynamics structure, to cope according to their surroundings.

All insects have capability to pronounce low or high sound frequency waves in codes that are not understood by humans, this messages can be messages to their same group of insects, for example if we slow down the sounds that crickets release after recording and listening in slowed forms they sound like great beautiful chorus sound as 100 people are singing melody in harmony but the regular fast version it sound to us regular crickets disturbing sound, in same pattern atoms and atom cluster molecule groups release sound frequency tone waves in different speed and levels they all are releasing messages that is the Universal language understood by other atoms amino acids. Same with planets and stars they are larger group of collective atom forms.  

Every year monarch butterflies migrate or navigates about 1800 miles from Canada to Mexico to report in tone reaction details of progress on land, butterflies are very precise locating the ground to meet center beam of communication that humans don’t have the scale to measure so imperceptible fields though butterflies can, there are unidentified communication system that our world connect with insects fish ( there are moments when whales all synchronize and face to the bottom of Ocean without seeing each other thousands miles apart and release special sound wave tone variations as addressing sending messages to the core of the Earth) animals also (Elephants can sense the frequencies from ground with their feet and Ears, before an earthquake and tsunamis some animals sense and take precautions with human that is not yet clear to us, some insects have so many stronger capabilities that can see not only the view but also signals colors that are release by universal language that all atoms and molecules plant life cells communicate dragon fly is intellect expert in this system it has in every eye 30.000 individual lenses where light go inside the brain and analyze by transformation of knowledge coming from all his surrounding of forest tone reactions into universal language archive on atoms by two group of intelligence Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.  

Some Animals and insects can sense coming earthquakes before several months or less, when Dark-Matter command reflexology go to meet sediment layers Dark-Energy flow also travel to that concentrated plates though it takes time until they meet to encounter. Red wood ants for example sense the released low octave sound frequencies of Dark-Matter and pinpoint where the fault be reached the protons inside atoms in that local district will receive new order of releasing their own low or high octave sound frequencies, elements will release their own covalent bonding tone making a vein of disturbance off balance in sound waves tension signals all lining intersection ants will attract to this sound  to its conveyor-belt before earthquake strikes, sound waves tension signals all lining intersection ants will attract to this sound where later the opposite electromagnetism dark-Energy field will come and meet its disturbance  if the magnitude is tiny so will be the low octave sound tones and ants might ignore the happening but if the signal is strong red wood ants knolls according scale line, before it occurs, some scientist think that those ants probably have chemo receptors and cases from beneath are released underneath the ground and ants sensing the chemical emissions, in my concept ants communicate in sound tones frequency waves I call it “Tone reaction”

 Seismology labels two type of waves that are released before any earthquake are called “S” waves and “P” waves, in my calculation “P” waves are released energy from Dark-Energy “S” waves are directive command from core of Dark-matter into section where this conflict of powers will damage by shaking. As soon Dark-matter releases command into atoms that are in certain geological smidgen point section, Dark-Energy right away sends P waves to keep location in certain conformation line, as soon atoms obey directive command from D.M by S waves to warp into quantum entanglement flow right away P waves from Dark-Energy push back as fluctuation, S wave take first step to make atoms move right away P waves push back S push P push back that will create damaging shaking the ground as far this process continues until S waves stop sending sound frequency tone reactions, some seismologist contemplate that crust is so hard it pushes other rocks to adjust their positions that’s why earthquake happen, but don’t be surprised same earthquakes happen in soft mantle soft location of melting lava. Because p waves can approach faster some scientist might make an early warning system and inform population in advanced technology calling into radio stations and smart phones.

How to communicate by sending messages in code and receiving signals is in capacity of atoms, same principle deviations are also modified by living cells and insects and all living beings, termite’s mounds that are located far distances from each other have no telephones or telegrams but still termites use natural ability using telegrams to long distance termites to communicate. In Africa Savanna there are termites called “Macrotermes natensis” they are farmer’s agriculture fungus in their huge mounds, solders in the surrounding opening of the mounds, listen to sound frequencies, as soon sense ground sound tones they also start to bang their head to the ground to vibrating tones over ten punch a seconds, allowing for in one second wave some bangs are closer or far distances they all meant codes in message communications, by head-banging noggins into the ground solder ants send message to rest of the mound population, right away the entire mound start to head-banging noggins to send code messages far area other termites, messages will be in clear expressions either notices, shortage, weather or anything else, so termites communication principle is modified principle that elements have and cell adapted that processes of communication codes by themselves to send signals by “Tone reactions” in more complex instances all elements communicate by stimuli and protons communicate by low or high octave sound tone frequency waves that generate pulses over one thousand single pulses distributed in one second time to describe code and messages to other atoms. This is the exact feeling that I described in my other post “Dream part one” in my blogs.

Sometimes we get the expressions that like dogs human babies also smell or the fear and emotions of their mother, there are many phenomenon in this regard, in my perspectives is all stimuli flow of electrical pulses I call it "Tone reaction" Human brains communicate release messages accompanied sometimes with loud shout expressions in intense traumas to their children to avoid danger, in their reaction most capable method that reaches into children’s attention is Universal language that human body uses through water molecules expressive stimuli that can travel in air and reach into the intended child.

During the war in Lebanon 1976 when shelling and bullets start to fall all around on our balcony and nearby houses, inside our bedroom my wife was with twin kids that were 3 months old, she put the children to floor and covered them with her body without giving any pressure to the kids, my mom came from the kitchen crawling to our bedroom she took one of the children and covering they took the twins to inner rooms where it was more protected. For many years until teenager years twins felt fear every time hearing airplane sound that made strong intense trauma by reminding bomb shillings. 


White cells in the blood. The immune reaction triggering exists in the body by response of two types. B cells and T cells, they develop in the bone marrow. In the round tube bone almost all other sound frequencies in the body are filtered to only individuality sound of the being, like the finger print and eye pupil image difference variety privacy, in the bone narrow new developing T and B cells only harmonies low octave sound note tone pulse of the individuality, when they released to the circulation bloodstream, it is impossible to notice in that fast outing there is no time to recognize Antibodies, so how they do it? As I explained, T and B cells have memory of the INDIVIDUALITY MEMORY SOUND OF THE BODY to bind into receptors foreign Molecules to trigger the immune Response. Foreign Microbes and Dangerous invading Molecules also have their own unalike low octave sound generating volume. Let`s see the similarity where T and B cell are passing by between volume of a blood mass. Same comparing situation where you are passing into a large room, playing romantic classical soft music, that’s the individual memory sound transmitter of the whole room or all the body. All of a sudden you hear a small transmitter radio playing rock and roll music, can you notice it and grab the transmitter radio? Off course you can. Comparison to personality harmony sound inside the body any other foreign sound seems as static to human main brain. Same thing does your antibodies receptors role recognize the stranger molecules and microbes, yet when still many personal important plasma and red cells are crowded in between T and B cells, threat sound are recognized far away they effort to go that direction. In Canada Alberta university scientist Edmonton declared that Dichloracetate acid can eliminate cancer.  In my perspective Dichloroacetate acid molecular (C2 H2 CI2 O2) completes cluster of low octave sound frequency chattels that help the sound harmony of the body to be separated from foreign sound waves and it will be more possible from white sells to eliminate the presence stranger cancer cells that is camouflage in sound harmony of the individual. The antibody have main structure then have two pairs peptide heavy chains made of proteins, also light chain, they can effect to flow direction, after grabbing the danger activate its mechanism. They neutralize poisonous antigens and destroy the microbes. Universal Sound process is continuously working in our body by Atom variety and group of clusters of atoms that are assembled to sound in varieties that they are combined and formed previously. I give open invitation to Scientist, would you like to know why divided Avocado, one side the seed still embedded in the fruit does not oxidize the other side without the large seed change color and rotten very fast? Because the large seed continuously give tone sound frequencies to keep the fruit in good quality, of course there is a limit for that because the fruit is the open.

                                               HUMMING SOUND NOT FROM BIG BANG

Entire Universe operates as a big hydro thermal sound pattern; it is part of Electromagnetic filament energy riddle field spreading into all directions, like inertia force rhythmic pulses. Some scientist analyze that this humming noise is residue from the Big bang explosion. In my logical view this sound is Universal communications low octave frequency continuous tones, that all stars and atoms produce in harmony with the Cosmos it is the Universal language. Considering helix lines of amino-acid round connected wires like slinky toys. Same principle exist in Quantum light ray spectrum, division patterns Helix also have equal openings in between the slinky shape rolls that are guided by principle energy variation of humming sound velocity. All atoms are under same principle embedded in the electrons all helix rolls are guided rifts in this electromagnetic filament rhythmic pulse. Acoustic slinky sound controls all the activities harmoniously in the Cosmos, according atomic values of series of filaments grabbing other atoms filaments Universal sound controls bonding principles in covalent bonds in atoms. When atoms interact, electrons half integer value is changed in numbers of electron filaments combining with particle of protons in the atoms, developments of atoms change in fusion, sound will change automatically according the harmony Universal language field. We call this sound wave ling that are acoustic fields as humming sound. most communications between stars and planets and atoms are in electromagnetic vibrations not within the range of human hearing that range stays in 20-20.000 cycles per second. Humans receive it daily by Bin aural beats sounds from Universe released from Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

All distant objects in the Universe and close by materials atoms can produce signals in low octave sound frequencies. NASA is working now by making amplifiers that can sense far sound tones by eliminating background signals using Niobium titanium nitrite, coiled into double spiral transmitter amplifiers, that by removing other sounds, can boost faint sound to stronger, have a limited dynamic range, so they cannot operate over large frequency range, their frequency range is from few gigahertz to a terahertz, or (1,000 GHz) that can be similar to 10 times stronger than the radio signal of FM radio. Because all atoms and entire Universe produce a humming noise of low octave sound frequencies by sensitive parametric amplifiers pin-point a certain sound of a star or atoms, the only means should be by eradicating or filtering surrounding sound tones to pin point certain direction. In the future when they create quantum computers they will crack all complicated solving codes. Meanwhile we can use our logic to evaluate or analyze matters.

                                    No Mother Nature . Only HARMONY SOUND FROM GOD

Teacher planet Earth, soil, rock, water, ice, rain sun light, wind, lighting, fire, variety chemicals tone reactions inspecting metals gems fossils gravity waves many type of energies explain us teaches us science, all those matters that are exist super wisdom combined all this ingenuity to develop by putting principle measuring law to develop in scientific manner in perfect and harmonious way. The invisible force that guides to bring the building blocks together is sound tones scientist call it chemical reaction I call it tone reaction, because lower octave sound tones give regulation order elements to each other to be magnetic poses activated to attract or repel, those frequencies are musical notes patterns in every variety of Atoms in variety personal sound tones, some insect sense better than others. Amino acids become chain connections with other atoms by sound command. Science of Human life form cells are under DNA supervision but DNA also is under orders by sound harmony construction regulation principle to perform.


In the first stage of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter are large volumes separated to small portions to form to be joined as elements close together just as larger group of atoms and bond together as cells, side by side to complete plant or tree is uniting together to be connected as Family group and all participate together as one living being, same similarities you can see in large flock of birds or small fish unite synchronize as one individual mass. The tiny fish that is located all the way in the back of the group separated by millions of other fish, right away sense as soon the guiding fish in the front change direction motion the last fish sense it at the same split of second, same with the millions of tiny birds having flight in the air. Regarding join functioning growth in the trees and plants it is done slowly but all electrons and atoms cooperate directives as large brain and body to be directed in their growth by stimuli in the electrons.

Some dogs are more sensible than others but the procedure is the same, low octave sound frequencies work like sense of odor, any smell that left on the road scientist call it chemical reaction smell, in reality even if the dog walking with the wind passing around the dog, grabbing dogs smell taking further opposite direction. Because the reaction of smell is sound vibration, the dog will pick the sense, realism is based on sound tone reaction not chemical smell. Dogs take a piece of bone and get familiar to sound frequencies of the bone and hides it in the ground, after that still it can sense the hiding area where the bone was located by sound frequency not by chemical smell rain or dust or sunlight temperature makes no difference. Sometime the dogs pee on the green grass, the greenery effects sometime and take more nourishment or get damaged after a while the dog returns even a few months later and listen to sound frequency clusters that were build up and give a new personal body cluster tones that the dog do investigates to differentiate the solitary assessment grass that stood up different than its neighbors, they have 1000 times stronger sense than humans.  Every time meet another dog sense the sound tone then compare to the dirt`s it finds on the loan to figure out from who the litter was from? Dog`s main concern to control and improve its capabilities all the time to its isometrics, always learning some new frequency sound tone-Reactions by comparisons.

Other dogs can realize when their owners are close by a few miles away to their residences, in their brain they feel the stimuli signaling connection with their owners stimuli signals that already are pre-adjusted to their signals sound harmony frequencies belong to their owners nearby. Comparing to other animals usually dogs are nearest in their feeling and emotional connection with human mental behavior signaling connections make dogs realize their owners emotional behavior and always try to keep in harmony to not upset their owners, it is proven theory that dogs can sense if human have certain diseases or cancer, all the signaling in DNA directives and disorder can be noticed and realized by dogs when they sense tone reaction of cells that still some scientist refer as smell ordinance’s, recently many try to rely on physics phenomena’s also some go to connect into medium fortune tellers others to supernatural powers to be connected to quantum connections, but already our brain is connected to quantum Universal stimuli communications levels organized with Nature and from directives from Universe, all atoms individually communicate by sound tone waves same with cluster atoms and molecules, there is already connection between matter and energy in everything and everywhere, in my perspectives  everything is made of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter starting atoms to galaxies. Neurons inside human brain already sends electrical pulses stimuli through the synapses delivering all sort of messages the way we see and hear everything, of course Universal communication has certain level or barrier that human logic in can`t penetrate it is too complex, all coming frequency signals and sent out messages do not be pitted against each other they have personal coding that have singularities have their privates, we notice something is going on around us but still for this couple hundred years our equipment’s to measure undetected energy and sound complexes in quantum phenomena’s are not in best capacities technicalities, with our limited instruments we only know this much that is not enough.  

                                                        Why dogs tilt their heads

Dogs are very close to humans in their stimuli connections that humans use to send messages by neurons through synapses, sometime this spark stimuli synapses leave human body and send massages to their surrounding and also far distances, dogs can sense that signals, My dog Noodles she explained it to me, every time I asked her certain question using certain words that is very familiar to her “Karolin” my daughter’s name my dog  tilts her head, or lets go to a walk? How? She freezes and then cocks or tilts her head to sideways, this position makes me think why she bends her head sideways and try to response what I said in different system of communication realm or listen more intently? In reality she could hear me very well; I came to conclusion that she also uses her stimuli communication system in her brain like us as well but when she change her face or head to cocking position somehow is interrupting the connection inside her brain are seeking to grab some of our stimuli messages from our brain to get precise connection with us, also when dogs once a while shake their body when are not wet it also gives me the sense that for a moment they are disconnecting themselves from internal communications of stimuli and to restart again in renewal effort from beginning fresh start of communications. In human case when we cocking our head makes no difference because we have so many synapses that are traveling by spark massages that can’t be interfered no matter what position we take.

In my perspective all insects communicate with low and high octave sound frequency waves and I call it “Tone reaction” not chemical reaction, butterflies that collect all variety of sound atom clusters keep and consume molecules that release sound waves, in courtship from far distances that chemical sent cannot travel that distant like cloud like fumes but sound can travel very easy in the air to the next insect. Australian pygmy moths have mustache-like tufts and use in courtship but the main sound frequencies are released from their front legs and they can receive sound frequency waves by their flattened antennas, these insect can recognize male or female species and also, these advantages help their production of their species, so once scientist called it chemical reaction it seems people are going to use that phrase continuously.

There are some scientist have been studying butterflies and still did not reach into conclusions how butterflies fully operate, the advantage researches have are the electromagnetic microscope’s that can register complete details about basic structures of butterfly wings and continuously it seems getting more complicated after lot of studies and not reaching into decisions, probably you have noticed if you grab an butterfly some dusty textures paint will remain on your hand skin, by microscopy it will show battled nano structure pigments, matrix glitch like hair and some scales leave like flat parts side by side similar to roofing blocks this combine structure though might appear colorful but some portions are transparent, Hair like scales have great numbers of very tiny holes side by side that Glitch in the matrix. Every time flaps its wing some low octave sound frequencies are released from its totally complete whole structure, tiny holes create sound wave flow that release personality harmony melody that will be recognizable by other butterflies, this phenomena is not yet proven but I suspect that the reason for so complex form is for certain purpose, also the coloring on the wings can be changed by volume of pigment that get involved to manipulate color scales for the holes on wings open morphs structures change the look of yellow blue or brown color all holes have other scale surrounding them that might give blue color or pink, some colors can be stronger and strip out other colors, a painter can explain what happens when yellow and green is mixed and the rest of the theories in mixing colors. Inside all white colors exist all other mixed combined colors the way diamond reflect from its white form or you can absorb inside rainbow colors so wavelengths of color might change also wavelengths of sound frequencies that are released to other melody tunes still recognizable by other butterflies, let’s not forget earlier of butterfly’s life as a caterpillar did so many up close observance to many forms of leaves chewing them and getting tone reaction from molecular atom cluster that also release so many varieties of sound wavelengths tones so they are expert in composing and inter operating sound codes that have reflex pattern inside their DNA that is directed by atoms complex tone reaction directive wave pulses. The principle is that all atoms release sound waves collective atom clusters and molecules also have other levels of sound frequencies and this variation changes when forms into part of the plant cell and flowers and pollen so in other fashion plants leaves release sound frequencies that have messages, it happened sometimes if caterpillars start to eat leaves sometimes leaves can release notifying sound tones or signals that make some wasps protection by killing the caterpillar, entire forest have its own variety sound distinguishing diversity sound tone, insect could interpret all sounds coming from plants and flowers and trees also all variety of grass and other insects and worms, they are harmoniously linked to their world.

The dung or poo of a dog produce strong low octave sound of frequencies, because the food they consume are made of Atoms, in their body those elements became compounds molecules that contain sound gadgets of different wavelengths declaring protein to the flies, they feel this vibrations from so far away even if the wind is directing the current breeze going other direction, flies sense the sound right away go on the trash to lay batches, later will grow legless maggots, that can keep DNA of the meat they consume. Situation when the approach was in chemical reaction it will be like atoms are coming and touching to the senses of the insect, that’s not the case here when the breeze is going to separate direction. Same with the sense of the sharks in ocean when current flowing to other direction and there is blood poured to the water several miles away the shark sense the lower octave sound vibrations frequencies of the blood cell, and follow the vibration quivering sound.  Sharks have supernatural qualifications to survive and gradually healing themselves from fatal injuries great ability to survive, some people think if they consume shark fins for healing power so they can have similar abilities to rejuvenate wounds but it is totally different circumstances, First Sharks genetic buildup is totally for its system only, second, all its body is inside salt water its cells respond better than our cells in salt water sharks entire system is in different variety of sound frequency harmony than ours, by consuming some fins soup don’t not make us sharks. Animals have different savage composition in sound harmony levels in their predator cell structure in hearing sensing and communicating.  

My dog likes me very much, in case I been in another home and take stranger`s dog on my lap and the animal touch on my clothes, after coming to home my dog comes and smells my clothes and distinguish that there was another dog close by and usually my dog gets offended and stays away from me for a while until I change my clothes. This prove that my dog not only realize that there was another smell frequency, not coming from a chicken or horse or from a goat, no it came from another dog positive conclusion in my dogs mind. My conclusion is that  low octave sound frequency sound frequencies have certain scale level and can be described by dogs brain to distinguish exactly what it was even can tell the gender of the animal that was effected on the cloths smell frequencies.

Why? As soon you threw a stick or Frisbee dogs follow to grab it in their mouth to bring it back to you.

I wish dogs could talk and explain but they can’t, my logical sense has to analyze to categorization of this natural scenes, perceptional researches already working hard, already earlier I described spark of stimuli released from each neurons into synapses, some of them released out from the scull in fixation pattern moving constant fixation patterns to subordinate condition equivalent to the force of universal language, each stimuli circulate spin on itself into airborne angular momentum curved patterns similar to invisible tiny boomerang force velocity that dogs somehow sense it , stimuli don’t need Aerodynamic lift because they are energy such as electrons and their spinning curved path procession spin accelerate torque into returning path back to the brain, somehow dogs watch or sense this process on humans behavior of stimuli trajectory perception/action, as soon a person threw a stick to hurled near distance, dogs have to go to grab task of catching and return to the person according to individuality behavior that body functions, categorization of natural scene tilt the dig to jump into the action, regarding fixation pattern how to reach and hold the stick is up to the capability of the dog.

Sharks are very sensitive by low octave sound frequencies still embryo; mother shark can carry other genes from different male sharks at the same time. Different sibling can share in the same womb from different male sharks, the capability to sense the sound variations of other DNA distinguishing different sound harmony tones nearby, larger shark still embryo attack other sibling and chew the foreign siblings, if the other siblings are from same father they will be left unharmed. Male sharks protect their offspring to remain in the same DNA pattern by control from stimuli helix from electron cables on elements. So sound frequencies can analyze foreign beings in the same liquid womb and characterize without any difficulty. All animals including human’s assessment intake food they consume by stimuli to inform their brain what sound frequency went to their body neurons compare their personality harmony with new arrival sound clusters to be ready for defend or if it is good variety to process their intake, we can find also strange other living animals do similar information sound process, for example giant squids make their food pass through its brain before sending to their stomach and analyses sound frequency codes comparing directly to its neuron sound wave comparisons.

Sound Clusters of molecules that promote the melody of individuality DNA combinations link with new combination clusters through new cells of the growing plant or tree to be twisted in precise ordinance to grow adjusting the form of variety of that plant or tree, electrons decode that cluster sound of low octave frequencies coming from the seed to impose the new forms according the code of that variety. That’s why DNA code that is in the dates seed or the branch is construed by electron jolts to direct the tree develop according the DNA but the sound procedures are proclaimed constantly by electron stimuli to complete and even the grade of the fruit getting ripped or not is declared by sound frequencies coming from the dates, same with other plants and trees fungi and truffles including the fruits they all announce sound frequencies that affirm their arrangements.

When this sound cluster molecules smashed or grind ed they lose their forms and stop releasing frequencies as before, for example peanuts that grow in the soil have strongest sound frequencies but the thin skin surrounding inside the shell capable as sound filter, when peanuts are collected from soils reaped and smashed the shell and the thin film separated from the peanut, the sound frequencies are released very effectively ask your dogs they tell you, but when peanuts are grind ed to make peanut butter those clusters lose to be effective in sound like before. Certain types of plants roots and mushrooms and potatoes and truffles that grow underneath the soil all release sound frequencies that are noticeable by certain types of animals and insects, most expert in the soil always is the soil worms.

You can be arrested for collecting truffles from a cooperative truffle beds, they cost from 300 to 500 $ for one pound of truffles, 10-14 days after heavy rain if you notice umbrella shaped mushrooms are ready to pick because truffles belong to fungi family, under certain types of trees (Hazel nut, maples and so on)you can find truffles, they have no sticking out plants or growth, under the soil, the hunter farmer walk around pigs or dogs they sniffle the smell that is sound frequencies, when animal locating a truffle they force the pig to back off and dig out the truffle. In the family of potatoes French Bonnotte potatoes all release great delicate frequencies and they are very expensive

In another article in this blogs, you can find Universal Sound. Fire and Quantum additions to this subjects.

                     Thai Chi

In Shanghai they still practice ancient art that is called Thai Chi. They still practice by some; Ancient Thai started this practice because they felt energy surrounding living animals. Earlier times when humans lived on Earth they had more capabilities in sensing smelling comparing to us they were more close to perfection by health wise though they did not have written knowledge like books but had personal more healthy capabilities in reasoning and sensing later generations had written data adding former wisdom and findings but gradually health wise decent lower quality capabilities health wise also we realize that wisdom sensing capabilities in insects and other living small life nature livings have instinct perfection to apply everything that they need on time precisely the wright action even before human life.

When a human never seen a spring sound mechanism, to create one or without experiencing create a flute and drilling the holes in perfect order to sound the wright value notes is impossible, but they did it without computers. Humans watched the insect how they can sense other things that are unseen, how insects communicate? They studied wisdom in the Nature.

In my other notes of "Angels" I explained that there are other living forms of wisdom that can look invisible to us because they are form of energies, some of those energies went and lived with the body of humans, gave to humans more knowledge and technology to operate their lives with science. Some gave humans supernatural senses to feel other energies that surround them. Thai Chi might be one of these experiences, the practice was effected only if the participants had secondary other foreign supernatural energies but the exercise remained and continued it is a good exercise movements for movements of the body even if they did not felt the unseen surrounding energies, in the 19th century Nikola Tesla also believed that something close to that Energy is on Earth and also in the ground, in my viewpoint electrons are Dark-Energy and core of our Earth is Dark-Matter, core is surrounded by clouds of Dark-Energy like we see on surface of Jupiter, anything is formed underground all types of rocks and matter are developed by this two energies D.E and D.M, when studied precious or semi-precious stones we can find out how energy developed and move in this rocks and shaped all the grooves and linings, when the stone cooled down the process like freeze in time and we can see inside the tiger eye and amethyst’s and quarts, in my other notes I tried to explain this process. Single cells don’t have much energy but collectively when they multiply orderly and unit in action represent a being we take into consideration. God is a living form, you going to call supernatural something that’s fine, is a living form by wisdom and ingenuity and power and Judgment with great planning’s same with atoms collectively they form into energy field. Information’s in our mind transfer through ion channels to other neuron cell by electrical signals and rhythmic vibrations, our collective cells all together they can feel this sensation or communications, when our dog is sitting in our lap or too close to us, they can sense our personalities and affections toward them, they are always ready to cooperate and act the way pleases their owners. So this invisible energy leaves from top of our head make circling to our heart and stomach goes through the body from our back out and up to go in the upper head and pass through the same circling, like a aurora lights keep continue the circling, close by dog can sense that energy and some dogs always try to sit behind the owner head like a pillow. This type of dogs adapt the personality of their owners get the habits and respond like their owners react. All atoms in Universe by collective stars and planets and moons communicate by rhythmic pulses low octave sound frequencies, as all individual atoms produce their own sound not reachable to humans even when humans are made of atoms but our brain can sense this harmonious sound frequencies and all amino acids stripe regulations, as are registered in my DNA notes.

Let`s ponder over the most intricate procedure DNA. Starting point the Atom have sound frequencies, by harmonious pulses they function manage to grab another atom that harmonize its sound, active electron hold the other element by magnetic force, then comes another sound frequency grab that one also gradually makes a chain of atoms, different collection bounds amino acid they are called amine. Primary constituents are amino acids, developing variety functional groups like in organic Compounds. One of this clusters are HYDRXYL group they don’t ionize depending its combination of atoms can be its electrolyte solution but not compound. Some groups are bond by hydrogen others attached by oxygen different groups are alcohol, the connection still done by tone reaction that’s the principle by sound tones. Other compounds are hydroxyl clusters. Glycerol group constituents fat molecules or cholesterol. Many vitamins are collection of those compounds like vitamin, protein; also alcohol, sulfur, or acetone clusters some ionize when get in touch with different groups

CARBBONYL is another compound made of carbon chain they are aldehydes, butanal compound. In chemistry those clusters are explained in ketone groups, carbon chains ending by aldehyde section.

CARBOXYLE group is acid, another group AMINO group. Another set, SULFHYDRYL group, collection DISULFIDE bridges and at last PHOSPHATE group. Clusters of these varieties and vitamin collections molecules join with acids separately gathered the Krebs cycle human metabolic cycle develops by oxidation of glucose, made pyruvic acid. Then we must also consider the fermentation process that is also done by low octave sound frequencies tone reaction, fermenting milk produce lactic acid, grapes contain tartaric acid grape juice can be fermented by itself. Amino acid group compounds contain group of amino and group of carboxyl, that are called sulfhydryl group, combination sulfur and hydrogen also called thiol.

Group DI SULFIDE BRIDGES, helps to weaken the bonds when it will be separated also do not allow some sections to be bound when necessary. The PHOSPHATE group they all make not`s and cluster producing sound tone vibrations each individual group sound different but harmonious and part of the concert each play right note at the right time that are commands to atoms and to group clusters. First initiative starts by Hydrogen atom and they are the super glue to connect the blocks of other element, they also participate gluing the molecules and atoms together each in the directive right place. Those clusters also collect to be bodies of Adenine (A). Guanine (C). Cytosine (C). Thymine (T). Outer part of DNA backbone of the chain indicates Phosphate joined to sugar

Amino acid chains look like unlocked bead necklaces, each molecule part is joined be hydrogen atoms or oxygen or carbon and so on, on their own these necklaces have 100 variety of different combination variety in helical structure movement spin on their own let`s say different colors groups. 50 of the varieties turn from left to right, others from right to left. Human cells are developing from only one side turning group using only 40 different color groups. All this varieties are controlled by Jolts that flow with electrons, they are cable of millions helix lines with different sizes, they prepare the order of construction  as DNA still the helical structure spinning movement affect halves together by four different parts of A.G.C.T. Bringing two double helical designated shape are connected to the Universal sound harmony their differences move them to act accordingly. This sound body harmony of Molecules vitamins and protein sound clusters give order to developed Guanine to come and stand its proper place according to the body sound of the individual, the record of directive combination is not in the DNA first, but in the body sound of the individual. Then the procedure settles the principle details in the DNA records where to stand the next Guanine or Thymine or Adenine, Bond Bridge determines the conformation of the proteins. All blocks are connected by atom bonds also join by disulfide bridge that gives great importance when the two halves get order sound to replicate, halves come apart breaking week bonds, Bond Bridge help to easy to open the two halves DNA chains.

To prepare DNA. Sound frequency tones collect many varieties of Atom to combine clusters of protein molecules, alpha-Ketoglutaric acid, methanethiol, 40 varieties of essential amino acids, acetone, trans-fatty acids, para-aminobenzioic acid, pregnanediol, testosterone, proteins varieties of function groups, and many other important body primary metabolic cycles. Bees can recognize in the open fields and gardens that Wavelengths generate different intuitions put give each plant or pollen aroma have its personality identity smell or tone reaction that are combinations of sound breeding clusters of atoms also in big numbers to poised as molecules.

 Consider most insects birds, all communicate by low octave frequencies. Clark-nutcrackers can remember where they hide their seeds in the ground and return as far as about 15 mile areas.
 Wood duck and all bird that are hunting by swimming on water, they also have sense in their beaks that record the frequencies of swimming fish and insect in water. White-faced Ibis required heavy marshes for nesting, and feeding areas, the reaction on their senses of their faces change in breeding seasons. Only possibility to feel the food or swimming fish is low octave frequency vibrations make the bird by its beak feel the tones and grab the producing sound gadgets sound. Their best qualifications to search food are by sense, when water marshes are lost their survival is also put in danger. Of course can`t collect mentioning all the qualification of all animals with abilities let`s mention some, a few feet away, blood drinking Vampire Bats can sense blood veins. Tone frequencies the blood even before touching animal they know where to bite on the body of animals and the victim does not sense the pain. Reaction of sleeping man experienced when vampire bat bite his ear and drank some blood, he felt nothing. Also the saliva of Vampire bats contains a drug that can thin blood and dissolve easily. Most victims almost feel nothing.

   Crocodiles have extra frequency vibration senses on both outer skin jaws surface to sense swimming fish. Hammer head sharks and dolphins sense small sea creatures hiding under sand, Cats have sensible whiskers on the edge can feel vibration frequencies. Humming birds sense the vibrations from nectar of the flowers, the cone shape of the flower maximize the frequency sounds to be reachable farther distances, hummingbirds even sense the nectar sound tones by its beaks. Woodpecker on the other hand forage in trees and shrubs, collect insect and larvae even ants, When they tap on the wood receive back vibrations mixed with frequencies of insect body harmony tones, and cut more wood to penetrate and grab the victim. All by vibration messages that are produced, first by the condense or weak parts of the wood the caving`s and locations of other sound frequencies are figured out by traveling vibrations through the repeatedly banging beak of the woodpecker, and sending the information to the brain.


Some might ask how you know all this information. It is just looking at things by logical perspectives. For example bats, we all know they come at night travel hundreds of miles without colliding into each other sensing by echo sound patterns low octave sound frequencies acts like audio that released and returned back after hitting another object that’s how finding flying insect catching munching them in big numbers all, the logical sensing in this we should know they return back to their cave before sunrise that tells they can distinguish timing, second they return to same location or spot in that cave by echolocation by sound frequencies they analyze matter forms, because all matter shapes of rocks and sand made of atom clusters, all atoms release sound frequencies that humans can’t hear, but collectively this clusters combine into sound melody pulses that describe their shapes and locations and bats can sense the image and location so as soon they reach the location spot touch and grab without colliding to the wall, not only the material cave also they can distinguish the body of their baby bats, they have capability to distinguish other bats and can sense bats that are alien to the cave discriminating and sending them away from their cave, sound tones pulses waves control all their social contacts all bats recognize each individual bath old or new by their relation and character personalities. Bats did not go special schooling to study these capabilities but stimuli that are released from atoms electron cables, helix contain these stimuli that habitually make them capable routinely act as instinct whatever they need for their life nature circumstances it has been available for them consistently.

Bats maneuver in the air releasing sound echoes as sonar signals detection to extract location of insect’s meal in the air to pin point on the target. Every second releasing sonar signals and comparing the speed of their target where and how changing heading position so bats can swing to reach its meal in mid-flight, bats have another enemy to make them fail, their own friends in the group, at that moment  other bats can release countermeasure sonar jamming capacities by higher pitches sound frequencies making detection failed, in human warfare all methods of aerodynamic guidance’s is used by special tool like (aerial infrared countermeasure’s homing’s) but bats have this capacities naturally in their system inside their brain. In mid-flight bats also have to consider the warfare facing all counter measurement to detecting the tiny flying insect against sabotage from their associate bats.

All atoms molecules and plant cells release sound frequency wavelengths, by their personality harmony each have their unique distinctive sound tones that insects and bats can identify, in Borneo one carnivorous pitcher plant that has many other similar plants with same bucket-shape leaves, pitcher plants have cup shape forms it contains liquid nectar in its rim that is very slippery, its sound frequency tone attracts big number of insects fall into slimy fluid, crickets termites ants and all sort of insects fall into the trap, insects sense all language of plants and flowers. When bats are flying nearby pitcher plant sense its frequencies, right away path sends ultrasonic call toward the plant, carnivorous pitcher plant by water molecule directives release a message with reflection ultrasonic pitch to the bat to come and take some of the nectar and poop inside the opening of pitcher plant that will increase digestion process of all insect into the nectar where plant will use as nourishment, all this action make it seems that plant and bat are communicating, in reality bath and water molecules are collaborating, in my post “What is water?” you can find some qualifications about water.

No matter how much skillful bats are still some other insects find possibilities to protect themselves from Bats using defensive blasts or acoustic imitation similar to bats sonic blasts, as soon moth realizes sound frequency coming their defense is releasing mimic sound waves to confusing Bats attack, it can confuse or jam their echolocation giving disturbed acoustic impersonation though bats are so clever and natural in this ingenuity they become confused.  It seems that frogs have no ears however they have some openings through their mouth that register sound delivery into their hiding ear drums, snakes sense vibration by their skin all vibration pulses so they can hear music in vibration tone pulses, some other insects have ears on their arms and dip their ears by their arms into wood cracks to hear what sound of worms or other insect are releasing inside the wood cavity. Mechanism of communication between bats and dolphins are the same using echolocation and reception using same ultrasonic pulses in their brain that is generated by stimuli that electrons release to communicate to process coming and releasing signals to process results, first their genetically can be similar by the effect of process stimuli effect that all animals insects have some stronger and other limited consequence but all communicate by universal sound low and high frequency sound wave pulses, all sound frequencies are received by stimuli electrical delivery circuit then transported through synapses then delivering the codes to neurons to be analyzed and understood, entire communication system is reached everywhere by stimuli circuits that are made of neutrinos to deliver messages by atoms or atom clusters also by planets moons stars and everything found inside the Galaxies to entire Universal organization. 

The entire Universe is in harmony of sound frequency  

communication by intelligence invisible force by Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter invisible combination, starting combination of galaxies and stars planets, as I describe in other page in this blog “Cornerstone of our Universe”  

Flies are very sensitive to sound frequency low octave tones as different wavelengths. Any disposal animal waste contains many clusters of sound gadgets molecules, the fly sense the sound and finds the mushy stuff, when a human dies his body sound, harmonious tones leaves the person in low octave frequency vibration. Flies have 4000 lenses on each eye.
Flies communicate by sound frequencies and deliver new messages in D.N.A patterns. Insects are more capable in sensing tone reaction. When they buzz with their shaking wings during mating moans, pulsation low octave vibration is delivering messages unknown to humans. Flies can travel 20 miles, even a mile away the meat eating large gray fly sense and comes and hatch drop of liquid eggs or lay batches and will come legless maggots. Process of life stages are egg, larva, pupa, and adult so will hatch the fly  to the corner moist eye of the individual so fly maggots can grow and consume the body. This process is accepted to find out how many hours ago the body die, by registering the multiplying growth process of fly worms on the deceased. Sound of mating also can be heard very loud from Cicadas insect that keep berried and resurrect after 17 years for short time to fly and mate and then their offspring stay berried for 17 years, to prepare for coming generation.

 Bees are dying. Bees get disoriented to zombie state by confusing sound frequencies, get weak and inactive first start to dying slowly, these state also produce frequency tone sound that can be received by flies, they operate to reach any caucuses dead animals to fill fly pupa on the body that later will surround the bees to make larvae. Surrounding confusing frequencies damage all the communication of Universal sound. All this process can`t be done by chemical reaction especially if the wind is blowing to different direction, but sound frequencies travel to all directions. That’s why I call it (Tone-Reaction) Same with fish.

All these swarms of fish we see in the oceans are directed as one individual being under water to be partaking in their undertaking the space to be directed in frequency waves, you can notice right away the fishes in the front and the fishes on the right side they make fast curve to new direction without seeing each other, somehow someone in command is one of the fish and release sound frequencies and all obey in a split of a second action. This proves that fish are guided also by low octave sound frequencies.

Digestion system in animals is controlled by principle of sound. Earlier mentioning all Atoms without exception produce low octave sound frequencies, plant are collection of these Atoms gadgets. When directly or indirectly plants are consumed by other animals, sound tones are mixed to the body tones to become personalize. Let`s consider this process in Humans.



Food approaches to the person look of the eye and the odor of the food that I call it tone reaction enters the mouth, the mind receiving information by sound, by tong sense of vibration by the palate inside the mouth and nose vibration low octave tone senses even the teeth bite take the vibration tones and transfer by root canals to the brain, when human unaware of the process brain plans the digestion procedure. Food that is Carbohydrate a compound, go in the mouth. The process just started, brain ordering teeth to crunch and grind the food by the help of the tong rolls the pieces into ball that is called boluses, mixing food with saliva. Human personality sound harmony are registered in this saliva gadgets, one of the main center is thyroid, many conditional effects can be because thyroid is not producing proper saliva so people mighty feel brain fog or fatigue balance of the weight gain goes out of control sometimes it can also make thinning of hair, so the thyroid is center of production of saliva, they can analyze or translate to compare sound tones by other members of the body, during the chowing, tone molecules that jump on the lips are rubbed by the two lips and sent to the brain details as well. The salivary gland located in the mouth that produce saliva are abbreviated detail of the individuality in condense sound gadgets, this saliva is called amylase, this enzyme starts to cut the food structure, breakdown process started known as carbohydrates that crack into (starch) to simple sugar. Now the bolus is well battered is moistened, half done partially digested go back of the mouth through the throat by swallowing, medically called pharynx. On the way down rings force the food by ring muscle to esophagus, these are part of upper digestive tube. Passing the powerful muscle the esophageal sphincter, that act as a valve to keep food in stomach and not letting acid or food to go back upward, acting as jail guard. When all living things eat, some juice from the mouth jump out or pores from their mouth, of course for humans it is not civilized to eat like this holding with their hands and attack on the food, but in the beginning of human history that was the way to nourish and still many living things nourish like that, the principle is the soggy paraphernalia, molecules that flows out contain their own low octave sound frequencies, living being’s feel this molecule gadgets like the saliva, tears, urine and blood contains and report to the central personal sound of the body personality and prepare defense or bout on the coming variety of contains, spoons and forks slow that process and takes the being to be uncivilized and unwholesome, because the communication data of coming nourishment tone reaction was not so vibrant what was coming in. Gynecological problems and control is in the mouth area because of saliva all DNA principles of National family history can be felt in clusters melody personal energy by harmony sound vibration frequency in the saliva.

Major factor of linking agent in atoms are DE and D.M and they function commencing from Hydrogen atoms by sound frequencies waves some call this force Mother Nature. In my perspective Hydrogen atoms are the identify center of activities you can read about it in my blogs subject “Water”


The brain need all this multiple neurons to send code information to all cells of the body and to recollect back massages from entire body, all messages are in codes plus they contain personality harmony sound frequencies, once a while confusions might arise inside cells in distinguishing harmony personality sound waves so the brain send a stronger signal to tune up the entire body to conform the sound variation of its individuality by a strong “SNEEZE” this sound like a tuning bell renovate the right harmony all cells will conform to the personality sound frequency waves and adapt accordingly to fight against nearby strange other alien sounds.

This sound will make the entire body in tune specially the stomach get confused from other sounds that enter in by new variety of food from outside and has to always verify its personality harmony sound waves to compare and conform its original sound waves.  


All variety fruits nuts and seeds have their own personality patterned sound cluster waves, sometimes our own personality sound tones feel attracted to certain sound clusters when our harmony starts to familiarized to other sound frequency waves, for example nobody knows how the Hops taste like but beer brews start to use Hoppies brews people start to get familiarized to the “taste” in my other notes taste is also tone reaction sound frequencies and person might become addictive to Hops tasty tone reaction.

Food mixed with Amylase digestive enzymes go down in stomach start to breaks down to carbohydrates to sugar. On top of food also be added Bile. This is greenish liquid coming from the liver that was sitting in gall bladder, these can dissolve fat. This liquid production has characteristic condense sound gadgets that eliminate wrong tones, harmonizing sound to typical body tone frequency coordination, this enzymes are complex protein that all cells need are gathered by human harmony gadgets. That specific biochemical is tone reaction that has individuality sound melody. Some bacteria live in intestines also are familiarized to the differentiating environment and are part of the body harmony and use the same food as we do. Chyme (partially digested food) passes through the narrow then large intestine process. These digested distinctive molecules collections go by the intestines to the liver and summarize as nourishment, also unique sound tones are collected again to be stored in the bladder for the next usage. The dogs in street or some other animals are typical expert distinguishing the urinal sense low octave frequencies vibration frequency energy to find even the individual owner of the sound tone reaction. All specific biochemical are not collected some leave the body as waste. When animals or humans consume Pineapples the food to be digested loose the control of Octave form of sound frequencies in the body they all are dissolved to silence, even dogs that eat their or other dogs dung when they try don’t feel any sound frequencies and they left it alone because digesting food that is mixed with digesting pineapples don’t produce sound tones.

  Mosquito have two tubes side by side to pinch in like a riddle into other body cells, one tube draws in all the blood the other inserts or releases saliva to keep smooth wet to prevent from inflammation this preventive saliva carries microbes and diseases bacteria’s such as cholera, each process of slurps takes about 4 minutes

Saliva is most condense sound frequency bundle of gadgets that contain combination of digested distinctive biochemical that I call it (Tone reaction) full of proteins all sorts of Amino-Acids building blocks to develop proteins, they have essentials of testosterone, estradiol, carbohydrates and some lipids, same material can be found also in saliva of cave dwelling birds, some call them swiftlets, in China and other countries some consider that these saliva contains healing powers, birds nest collectors boil this saliva into a soup according  to their traditions as medical healing as medicines. Small quantity of lipids is the most condense section of low octave sound frequency gadgets that resole the damaged form of other animals harmony personal sound frequencies, same therapeutic powers can be found in some parts of bears particularly hearts and liver or in sharks fins and also in Rhinoceros horns, but of course people are not specialized yet to get the benefits of these complex sound frequency usage.

Probably my notes can be sound like series of search engine tags, but those are only my notes additional conclusions will not appear until the publishing these information’s, regarding the sensing qualities of some animals or fish, some can feel or grab the wavelength inverse relationship with one another same with insects and they don’t declare their capabilities how they do it, sound frequency velocity= Frequency times wavelength. Shark contain senses on their face to detect any wavelength even some crocodiles and many other animals and insects, this sound frequency I have explained some of these levels in my other chapter in this Gabriellogicianjabrael notes under subheading dreams, communication of cells and atoms is in much higher intelligence level than we can cope with. So if sharks by using their electromagnetic field receptors of corenzinii senses to detect motions through the canals into their head, same manner can reverse and declare messages in reverse electromagnetic fields

                                                                AMBERGRIS AND PEARLS

Regarding the personal clusters of sound molecules, ambergris is a good example, it is the exact origins from digestive system of the sperm whale also contains its own digestive intestinal slurry, personality frequency molecule clusters, as soon a strange or hard substance go into the stomach like prongs of a squid or any hard matter hard or threat irritant to dissolving to be part his body, defensive system of his saliva go in great quantity of intestinal slurry surrounding the object to be formed as ambergris and surround the object laying molecules that are frequency sound clusters to dissolve the matter into harmonized sound harmony. This new greasy substance produced substance contain strong but sweet odor fragrance similar to smooth isopropanol without the stinging harshness, during inside the whale it is jelly like surrounded on that hard object looks gray or sometimes black but when the whale cast it out into ocean and photo- degradation, precursor gradually hardens it floats eventually looking dull gray and always keep the peculiar aroma that is produced from sound molecule clusters, sometimes people find it on shores hard shape rocks that even floating, because construction of sound clusters contain many empty small chambers that are filled with air it is flammable. It`s frequency has similarity to alcohol without vapors.

                                                                      Moeraki Boulders
Many form of animals fish and insect and variety of algae were instinct till our times. Lately you can find some sort of round hallow rocks in south island of New Zealand that are surf in clusters, they are spherical boulders some call it round nodules, lately there have been discovered in England shores some rolling green balls in big numbers as clusters that are called cladophora, also in Japan that are called Marumo, this green algae might come by big group of clusters to the shore if weather change into warmer temperatures, they are filamentous green algae they have no roots so do not attach into sea floor or any rocks, keep rolling underneath water like balls that keep them round, it is possible to find this Aegagropilious living rare species as green algae balls on many seashores on Earth, in my perspective change of Natural circumstance it might be also possible when hoarded in ground for long time it can transformed into petrification procedure like wooden material. During ages larger form of Aeragropilous were living on southern New Zealand territories, some disorder change bring them to instinct and surrounded by mud they might be petrified, having less mass material in the center in time they formed into hallow Moeraki Boulders, there are many other names of round ball shapes that were found some call them cannonballs Blueberries Sand stone cores Apache tears and Thunder eggs.

Atoms have different level activity process in life. Original form is invisible D.E and D.M well ahead materialized combination transport them to hydrogen element with life capacities by combination two formula D.E and D.M this first position make hydrogen atom more capable and direct to pass life dimensions through water molecules into their surrounding by forming amino acids to covey DNA flow gravitational wavelengths with originality data of seed or basic form of the cell that they working on, second and incessant level of atoms transportation is going into fusion in greater temperature and pressure like the environment inside a star to format Helium and so on no matter what tense explosions they go through sill balance their lively existence to keep personality of type of they possess grouping Periodic table elements going into many levels, atoms apply theories with their dynamic layouts using same laws according environments to oxidation release isotopes divide electrons and protons to form new particles, how to react according other chemical elements always use sound communication, they are the only important resources for living cells to operate knowing about it or by ignoring we need their properties to continue trend visualization, after 12 billions of years inevitably or if they reach in early age separation of D.E and D.M by going through Black hole. Both state of atoms solid state or combination collective construct inside vegetal cells or biological livings or compact stone metal form, atoms keep their own particular life form existences. 

                                               Authentic Coffee maker Kopi Luwak
Most smell of animals give us sense of discomfort sometimes human smell of arm pit fragrances that smell awful, can make connection between relationship of male and female by unknown communication in DNA connection between male and female, our cell can attract or reject different molecule clusters that can be harmonious to their personality sound frequencies of individuality this sound cluster assembled in human bone narrows. There is a weasel-like animal that lives in Indonesia that eat coffee berries, coffee passing through stomach of Asian Palm Civet then it digested and in animals stomach while it digests acid enzymes are released by microbes mixes by saliva of personality character of the animal combines special acid enzymes inside the stomach till develops combines to form dung, coffee beans absorb sound clusters of the individuality of Kopi Luwak that show by excess of rich citric and malice acid, this two compounds can deliver sweet fruity aromas. After fallen dongs are collected by people they wash the coffee beans then make fermented and later leave sundry. When the appropriate time comes they roast the beans and make it coffee to brewing, dry roasted coffee can be sold about 160.00 $ per pound, why people like these aromas? Because this sweet musky performance compound like the ambergris give boost to human inner personality sound variations making very active and romanticize, a feeling that the body on its own having difficulty to produce on his or her own, something very special. There are certain rare times when dungs of insect taste great to humans like honey coming from bees, sometimes human and animal dung are irresistible to dung beetles, many insects and animals sometimes consume each other’s waste products, but as we know most of other varieties are not harmonious sound frequencies and are not appealing to us.


Living shelled mollusks produce pearls. Its chemical formula is ( Ca C03 ) formula minerals that are made of calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide and can be dissolved in vinegar.

Scientist consider pears as adaptive immune system-like function, though its substance is mixture of aragonite and calcite but the erections are frequencies of sound frequency clusters forming molecules of different crystal structures, inside the bricks are like horn like assemblies a compound called (Conchiolin) they have systematic spaces to release sound frequencies. Why mollusk does create a pearl?

Any time when mollusk feels irritant either by parasites or grain of sand, so the animal starts to produce a soft tissue made of clusters of sound frequency molecule crystalline forms, to deposit  concentric layers around the irritant until make into metaphor valuable pearl, (calcareous concretions) that also are collections, smooth surface seems comfortable to mollusks, in my viewpoint pears are collective sound clusters of individuality harmony sound of the mollusk, if pearls are remained in a hot environment like a jewelers showcase must contain a glass of water close by to not dry so much until it cracks.

All matter shapes of rocks and sand made of atom clusters, probably you have experiences on large plat how sands can develop into geometrical shapes when receive high volume sound frequencies, the sound tones organize the grain of sand to change their location and harmonize themselves to geometrical figures, all figure collective atoms also release similar sound frequencies declaring their geometrical shape of fashioned figures that another atoms and insects and certain types of living things can sense having capability describing shapes also locations. Same contact of sound frequency that assemble the sand to take figures also sound tones declare their position when settled in place that is out of our sensing qualifications, using same sound principles oyster use same geometrical credentials to develop pearls.

Pearls start to develop when a grain of sand or other particle fall inside the interior shell of the oyster, any foreign object can give irritant, so the oyster starts to build coating material (scientist call it NAY-ker) that are carbonate crystals bonded with chitin and proteins, while the animal penetrating into low octave sound frequencies by sound tones senses, starts to prepare molecules to cover the irritant object, then continues the process to spin or turn every tiny movements collectively all falling proteins mostly attached aragonite material it sit down on the foreign object layers upon layers while rotating till all sides look and becomes smooth to not irritate the oyster. Collected body of the pearl declares the shape in same principle and the oyster continues the process to build more material on the pearl always to keep in sphere shape.

                                                                           MAD COW DISEASES

Mad cow diseases are begin process of dysfunction personality sound harmony inside the mammal. First the brain lose control to verify and complete the right code of print information in saliva tract  development to print the subdivision of data that sound cluster molecules should carry as personal separate and different than surrounding sounds frequencies. Process of harmony gets in peril the brain also give confusing and variation of personality sound order to cell because the base is chaotic bone narrows that have to print precise pattern to DNA electron field unidentified field of electrical jolts sparks to harmonize the personal sound, show other tones that predicts the flow of harmony so the brain and bone narrows catalyst that are the rudimentary headquarters for the personal sound already are uncomplicated. Bone narrow is the department to make white cells that will contain personality sound harmony of the mammal and attract every foreign sound frequency that are mixed with the red cells in the mammal, Harmony personality sound disorder will destroy the nervous system. Other bird or scavengers have stronger sound harmony in their saliva so they will not get affected, but humans that are not in good health will be effected by mad cow disease contains meat in the long run, even if added ammonia-laced in burgers. Only in U.S 2/3 of pre made burgers sold contain pink slime. Contaminated cows in the field are from feeding process and it is very hard to figure how to avoid it because everything is contaminated. Flow of the saliva also effect disfiguring lips of the mammal and the appearance is transformed. Basic dysfunctional process starts from consume plants that contain opposite class of amino acids in the field like pesticide’s and amino acids that the regular mammal cells don not use to process healthy cells and they destroy all muscle system in the body to get disfiguring shapes and movements.

There is a system some use for muscle allergies testing. Like holding left arm some certain food or bread any fruit and screech right arm holding out on sideways asking another person to push the hold arm down using same weight in other tests. Then try same exercise same weight on holdout arm by holding in the other hand different variety food, if individual is allergic to holding food person will feel weaker and hold out hand will go down but if holding left arm food that is not allergic individual hand will stay holding straight on the same weight. In my theory any food that give wrong low octave frequency to the body sound allergic feelings will differentiate the individual it will make difference in capability of the person, like it is shown in allergy muscle testing. Always low octave sound frequencies will make tuned up the individual energy of muscles and thinking capability and operating all the system of the body harmoniously.

Scientist might try in Gene-Editing or engineering nucleases by cutting portions of protein connecting new string protein with linking back to the DNA Double tackle line of helix. Precise changes are expected to treat diseases. Many dangers can be exist in our environments, but there are some are delivered to us knowingly like Fluoride poisons in our water that are neurotoxic contamination in our tap water, they belong in the group of amino acids that are dangerous to our cells, IQ and bones, we expose to this harmful sodium fluoride beyond reasonable safety standards, we will realize someday when it will be very late.

 They are not considering tackle to create substantial`s in many sorts, orders that are embedded through helix that are produced by sound messages to come out the electrons from surrounding atoms, electron helix can be separated from the main line electron rope like group and participate in DNA build up helix principles, addition to that DNA needs the harmony sound frequencies that harmonize the body individuality that are prepared in the bone narrow sound clusters that divide rift all other sound sorts variations that come from outside by foreign cells and plants, bacteria`s and viruses intake to the body.

                Ebola Flue Malaria cholera and other infectious diseases’ and viruses

In my “what is water H20” post I described Water molecules how affect behavior of DNA assemblages, additional information also is in my “Neurons” post. Those mentioning diseases exist since organisms start to live on this planet it can be detected in genomic fossils, big challenge for us to defend ourselves against their capabilities of mutate behavior by taking over the host cell that will make disease long life, giving flue defense almost into intolerable form.
As human cells receive directives from water molecules in DNA accumulations according to human structure needs, same manner water molecules give directives to flu and other diseases or viruses to form orderly, sometime the virus filamentous forms alteration that is not helpful. During transporting these diseases into new location of new host they mutate overtime especially during fertilization reproducing new form of infections viruses, starting to print or develop totally transformed other form of genes structure. Water molecules can give sound tone wave variations into viral envelop that contains couple types of glycoproteins that is wrapped around viruses central cord like in case of H5N1 it has 7 or more segmented negative sense of RNA that contain 2 genes combined hemagglutinin (HA) proteins plus Nucleoprotein (NP) combining to M1 M2 NS1 NS2 it takes three days to replicate into new formation, some flu viruses that reside in bird and pig cells transportation mutation in human genomes, that might be new variety of influenza. Each person has own sound frequency harmony tone wave that operate inside blood cells kidney and liver, for example Ebola virus go into liver and blood cells by new formations of RNA genomes to blunt human immune system. After Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) people might have muscle pain vomiting headache sore throat diarrhea and rash flow. They will feel all this after 42 days or less after infection from liquid particles from other Ebola carrying individual. DNA contains data to copy to reproduce or copy same viruses forms but water molecules can mutate forming new mutation changing DNA single cells change their ordinance, as soon old location is gone and fresh host is available adapt some of the harmony sound frequency of new individual as new characteristic organism that will be different than formal formation, especially during viruses fertilization by new form of DNA single cell formation.
On the other hand each insect and bacteria are developed to do monotone certain procedures to cultivate this planet and twitch vegetable cells and insects passing new activity, for example female mosquitoes carry striking saliva that contains plasmodium class parasitic protozonsos, if humans receive such variety of infection get Malaria, plants struggle to prepare new formation of protein chemical formulation giving great effort that they don’t need to grow as a tree or plant but this verities are done by water molecule directives that might be needed for certain healthy operation for some other plants or insect and mammals, mosquito should carry this chemical microorganism to help other weak plants and leaves to bring improvements but somehow orderly balance of our planetary fragile life has been indirect getting life undertakings obsessed and troubled.


Neutrinos and gravitons would be too difficult to detect. But microwave photons are the most likely means to send messages. S= Search. E= Extra. T=Terrestrial. Already on Earth there are intelligent forces people don’t understand what they are and call it Mother nature, there are heavenly being intelligent creatures or beings that we cannot see them but feel the effect of their intelligence, like wherever are crowded or assembled that are people invent more technology tools and can control the neighborhood as shown in the history of the world, Greeks or Romans or Egyptians and some other ancient world powers are the same people that were before. Now it seems they are not ruling the world in our days like before. So the world might have balancing privileges that cannot be seen more wisdom and technology Intelligence. Scientist is trying to find Alien minds by SETI. 1- It might be a profitable procedure. 2- Inspect the sky carefully for messages or find new Pulsars. 3-even we find a massage might make nothing out of it. 4- If aliens were interested in having us understand them, open for us great deal of knowledge beyond our levels. We are surrounded by intelligent and wisdom only this 100 years we started to grasp in very limited way where we belong and finding our surrounding, we know only 95% what life the oceans hold, we can start learning with more sensitive tools and technology.

Chicken came first or the egg? With the same principle expectations regarding standard models are not confirmed 100% investigations regarding Anomalies configurations decay of B mason regarding muons and tau particles behave in the same way comparing to B masons results disapprove, Lepton universality does not as expected, that shows 0.0001% standard model is not according to expectation. So regarding Anomalies, something wrong with regarding standard model, if it does not work as we expected how we can be sure with complete calculations in physics specially with decay particle of B mason, in my perspective all atoms and their particles any moment they can be release to serve under the principle of the standard model.

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