Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Secret door to Heaven



Computers communicate with certain signals 0 0 1 0 0 1 our brain has own communicational pointers distribute thru synapse by axon signals neuron cells. Electrons have same treasured communicational resources, they accumulate same exploit in the brain system to communicate. Much different than computer system we have, if we will capable to personalize, penetrate resolve digital inter connection with atoms and stars, planets and Galaxies why not even with black hole. It`s top secret door to heaven. Someone should open it, when he or she has the procedure means. Communications might be possible. Let`s try to consider the brain neurons. They have to distribute electrical axon signals, they are not like electrical wires, and they are made of tubular cell membrane. Electron helix is effective and can be used some unnoticeable portions into flow of power to carry information`s by its stimuli the synapse contains potassium and sodium ions, they go through channel tube, borrowing from helix stimuli that can register data very capable but still unknown to us, this circuits have gated opening response to very low electrical signals, the fluids of ions travels in axon in and out. They can concentrate or vacuum the space inside, depends how the fluid develops, if small negative charge different than the charge outside the tube that will role like making  a cigar by rolling in between two electrical gravitational flows, it give different reaction that will be used the break ups us printing new letters or information`s. Electrons provide order guidance how to operate trillion of cells, transferal data like our language and thinking and pictures into charges of electricity, record information`s, make available when needed.

Some people give after death experiences, when a person stops breathing and die, still his or her cells function in a regular way. Well shaved man suddenly die, his beard grows up till morning. Same process in brain cells, when in hospital doctors verify that the person is dead, but in the brain of the temporary dead man, potassium and sodium ions, flow with axon signals, circulate the voltage charges that transfer information still running, available memory goes through the tunnel of light, that is specific detailed information`s diverts into electron massages by synapse axon, reach to the end of the tunnel of light, is brighter and brighter. When a suddenly the heartbeat of the individual returns normal. Process of the brain go usual, whatever stayed recently with the axon signals, still impressive dream, data circling through synapse voltage, electron language specifics in details. Axon signals experienced going through tunnel of lights. Not you, synapse axon signals experienced it happened in sound tone memory bank registered info banks and delivered to you when awakened. There are many form of radioactivity energies that must be analyzed, long or short lived radioactive elements produced in variety of atoms, in human brain potassium and sodium ions are very effective to release some of the energy from the electron cables some helix spark flows that can carry emotions feelings pictures and data all sorts, even same energy can imprint data for other uses in the future, because atoms can live over 12 billion years and keep information`s in its flows

The New York Times reported, some scientist to speculate that the entire Universe, may have been created by a spontaneous quantum fluctuation-a “twitch in the nothingness that proceeded it” When we vacuum a test bottle, thinking nothing left in it, but there are many other elements particles radiations gravity Gama rays radio waves x rays you name it. Possibilities can be in the Universe. We have proven Dark-Matter, Dark-Energy, 95 % of the Universe.

There is a story, what came first. The chicken or the egg question remains. According Albert Einstein, first energy came, but from where? Energy came first E= Mc2 My theory by Krikor DE+DM=H

(Hydrogen) or DE+DM=H Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Protons made of Dark-Matter, electrons made of Dark-Energy it is a cosmological constant. My theory, Dynamic Dark Energy + Dynamic Dark Matter = Hydrogen atoms.

Gradually pressure and heat develops in stars, more electrons and other particles add on element by fusion change into helium, and so on developing to other more complex elements. Reproduced also Plasma other gaseous dust and Tachyon. Boost elevation heat in stars, and by explosions of super nova. And by gyrating around Black hole. Where, Dark-Energy is separating from Dark-Matter.

There is a occasions where the Bible mentions a communicational means between heavens and Earth at Genesis 28:12- in a dream of Jacob he mentions, “there was a ladder stationed upon the Earth and its top reaching up to the Heavens and look there were Gods angels ascending and descending on it” to compromise this story if it had a meaning, showing that there is a message dispatch system by God with all his creations, it can be result of progress in greenery vegetation`s birds and animal life activities atoms or element order, DNA electron procedures and communication receives statements regarding his creations and give new process in order to make things develop with human beings. God continuously is interested with all means between the Earth and God to know all the occurrences. Of course the exposed scene presented here is not the real portrait of God but it is a means to make Jacob to grasp the meaning of involvement of God and angels activities regarding the Earth, other occasions Gods angels are represented by large wings so people can understand that angels can fly.

Humans try comprehensive angles to expound life by religions and philosophies why not even by scientifically theories. In reality in universal time period we are too far to explain what really happened so far in history, if we will describe time periods as a long train rows of stages we are almost in the last wagon reality is, it’s true we are living beings feeling lively experiences but still we are in that last stage of life wagon that still is traveling in great speed, still we know nothing about what knowledge was carried out in former stages that already conceded. Biggest portion inside any atom is great space emptiness having unnoticeable size volume of invisible Dark-Matter bubbles a protons that contain life in different form starting from time stage of existence until reached us, in case we leave all empty spaces of atoms collecting mass of protons and electrons everything will shrink into the size of a cherry that contains the entire world population of nations, that is the volume of matter that we share in this stage. Time is reality since beginning of all matter long ago before we existed and it will lead us into main purpose why we existed what it will accomplish our survival.

Our brain functions about 2% in our body, if the functional capacities changed in the future people might release some of those electron signal jolts to other locations or persons and transmit information in pictures and emotions and feelings with the details and receive back other information’s back from other friends and even to the Universe body objects, because all this signals can be carried out by this electrical jolt flows that are imbedded inside electron cable complex. Neurons, subject I explained the brain function, about all sort of living things, animals even insects and humans is a circuit of orderly wiring of neurons synapse cablings, synaptic vesicle, neurotransmitter that are released information’s by electrical jolts or signals that can carry detailed pictures sound pictures emotional feelings and collect in the analyzing zone of the brain to make all details available to the individual, this electrical pulses are released or separated from electrons as helix addition flow of invisible energy that have properties to collect data and images very complicated data bank some of their jolts carry details to transmit in brain sections are synaptic that don’t touch, but that instances electrical jolts jump in the openings by synapse neurotransmitter released (serotins) in short tense always information’s are carried out through electrical signals that are similar to electricity but different life force supernatural data flow of power that include in electron helix cable, those energy fields can register all their surrounding everywhere they pass by, they contain memory banks trillions of them all in action can leave the body circle the body upper part vertically in round sphere, some can be loos and separated by getting connected to inertia fields because of inside volume of disturbances and later can come back and join the same environmental cloud in the brain, sometimes by original personality sound frequencies are recalled familiar energy flow back to the complete body form individuality brain function, the entire brain works as super computer, it can visualize with emotions and feelings, and the brain composition set can provide action of happening that was done only in the stage studio of the brain without any noticeable disturbance, electrons have greater competencies that are unknown to us. During human history Adams brain was perfect because he was perfect 100%, only was missing experience, he need to learn to be obedient to God to find out what is good and what was bad he supposing was going to learn that in time but he failed, he was downgraded in program of his brain by God the way people upgrade their computers in our time but Adams bran became downgraded, let`s suppose became 40% functional bane, his offspring continued same level intelligence, some of his offspring lived close to 1000 years. In the paradise when humans became disobedient Genesis 3:17 mentions that even the ground became cursed, in pain people will eat its produce, thorns and thistles will grow and later even were going to die by old age that was not in the first plane. Even the soil sequencer programmed to downgrade formula with less sustenance. After the flood everything was downgraded again by God, he changed their sustenance intake because Earth was not going to supply or provide good sustenance like before, because before starting in paradise as mentioned Genesis 2: 5-6 mist came out up the surface ground with all sort of nutrition’s for the plants and cultivate the ground. That was lost as downgrade as well. After the flood most of good compensations were lost, before the flood animals that live animal could live in Northern and Southern sectors because countless amount of water clouds use to circle up around our planet hemisphere and Sunlight was not use to come directly to the earth, so northern and southern or central parts use to have same temperatures. At the flood all surrounding water around our planets came down and sun light started to reach Earth directly to the ground, after a while upper zones freeze and all the mammoths eating grass froze and left in freezing water some animals that were adaptable in cold survived until today, Noah had the habit to collect and juice the grapes to drink, but in this new environment that sunlight comes directly to the leaves and the grapes gave more alcohol content, Noah drank same volume that he use to but this time it was different and he became intoxicated as mentioned in Genesis 9: 20-21.
Inside the brain of Noah have sensitive electrical jolt flows that are imbedded inside electron cable complex that can transfer communication with universal low octave sound frequencies or communicate with heavenly almighty wisdom get downgraded but still working in lower percentage level to communicate with the secret door to heaven

Noah lived 350 years Genesis 9:12-13 it look the life cycle and brain function became downgraded and gradually that cycle went down during history. Genesis 25:8 Abraham lived 175 years. Genesis 23:1 Sarah lived 127 years she dies before Abraham. Inside the brain of Abraham also had sensitive electrical jolt flows that are imbedded inside electron cable complex that can transfer communication with universal low octave sound frequencies or communicate with heavenly almighty wisdom get downgraded but still working in lower percentage level through these electron signal jolts still was possibilities to go through secret doorway to heaven and send or receive messages. Abraham was able to hear Almighty talk to him.
Gradually during history programing minds of people became downgraded even gravity of our planet lost one gram for every 100 grams every year. If we consider people today with 300 years ago, on a occasion there was a dispute about new type of music that was immoral and big protest came in Europe because folks could imagine more and feel more about the melody that was played and get the sense of it, if we played same type of music today probably many even not notice what the melody expresses. No matter how depressed downgrade reaches, Almighty has the competence to raise the functional level of human capabilities to upgrade to 100% perfection, he is talented to improve and change our brain dimensions in the appropriate time according Almighty promises.

Still in our days electrical jolt flows that are imbedded inside electron cable complex that can transfer communication with universal low octave sound frequencies or communicate with heavenly almighty wisdom get downgraded but still working in lower percentage level through these electron signal jolts still was possibilities to go through secret doorway to heaven and send or receive messages. Always is active in some way. The Supreme value in communication is grasping in the hands of the instigator of lasting communications. Though tis activities are going on in great range but still is concealed from many who have no coincidental to gibe in details, and timing will relieve the grant where humans can be allowed to use these capabilities, meanwhile there is a great wall of intolerant break order of authorization.

The great communicator that arrange for all communication field in entire Universe is proficient to allow or prevent potentials to any direction, probably for appointed time humans can’t use this capabilities values now at this moment or latter in the potential could be permissible.

There are some logical reasons that humans don’t carry the knowledge and possibilities to unknowns about the life after death, In my observation I realize that man were created by free will to choose any life they are pleased for, but somehow the freedom that man have to choose the way of life is not harmony to the determination of the originator. So is there a secret door to heaven?

Most people hop for a life that is complete in all sorts of satisfactions the best of everything top of everything higher and higher. Probably heaven might do it? Usually on earth we almost have everything we need but surrounded sometimes by shortages of good things especially continuation of our life by being old and then death stops everything. There is no any human that except the reality of death all consider it not Natural though somehow is natural. Rest of details is kept by the Universal communication knowledge that are hold by greater values that we don’t have at this moment.

Universal language releases humming sound, in low octave sound frequencies, one section coming from Dark-Matter. The second section coming from Dark-Energy they both come and reach into our brain, right brain is sensitive to the sound coming from Dark-Matter and left brain is sensitive to Dark-Energy, both get into our brain from left and right ears these sounds will be called binaural beats low octave sound frequencies that will enter into human right side ears into the human brain, this coordination works in all living animals and insects also in atoms, protons receive beats from Dark-Matter field from Universe and electrons receive sound beat orders from Dark-Energy. This two variety of sound travel all around and in these Universe continuously, human brain detect this two concept together, if they receive and use it properly with humility they will have clean sensitive conches they will act lovingly to produce good kind of symbolic fruits of the spirit like love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Faith, Kindness, Self-Control, Conches-ness, Sweetness, Long suffering, Faith, Mildness. Human conches need to be complete by neurons center to collect all data sparks flowing through synapses of human cannot operate unless the cells are active, all details of information travels in the brain and outside the body and return are stimuli that are released from electrons that are wheels inside wheels have all eyes around them, that means that they can see in great measure capacity all directions seeing inside human cells  and molecules and transport information to human conches and sub-conches centers. Humans have to obey the directives coming through Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter Binaural beats, not rebel against it. Of course good or bad people will act without even noticing it, but their reaction will show in their personality character.

One time a fisherman said to his friend " I know a secret good spot for fishing" his friend asks < please can you tell me the location? > the fisherman answers " if I tell you it will not be secret any more" in reality we as individuals have to search the unknown, some direct 90% of their energy to certain goal and it will be left only 10% for perusing other goals, what comes first priority in life to go after? Each one has to decide how he or she invests the best for the outmost importance goal.

To make it clear that Almighty is variety of energy collection let me give you an example, in the book of Elijah God talk to him and asked a question “What are you doing her Elijah” Elijah was hiding inside a cave as mentioned in 1 Kings 19:9-15 God came to Elijah not by grand wind nor through earthquake or fire but came to him by sound of sheer silence (Binaural beat brainwaves)and asked the same question fourth time “What are you doing Elijah” this conversation show that each questioning as different person who knew nothing from first question and answer and asked again and again four times because God have many different dynamic energy force fields his force field also is in fire, Grand wind, earthquakes but the conversation went through sheer silence sound waves. Also you can consider my other subject in this blogs "Water"

                                                    STEP BY STEP TO THE DOOR TO HEAVEN

Now, let’s start taking a few stairs up to on the stairs that can take us into heaven. Centre point that divide heavenly intelligence life force and life on Earth have a wall to be connected between primitive levels of life into supernatural perfect life in the Universe; repeatedly I explained by many posts in this blogs that atoms contain two major life forces of Dark-Energy and Matter. Atoms communicate with other atoms to form amino acid threads, filaments that formed react according to their order in line of variety of atoms that individually release low and high octave sound frequencies, collective atom cluster formation inside water molecule drop releases directives to form DNA plus making know how to react according to their completion to release intelligence of connection between wisdom of Universal life aptitude into biological life forms, making all organs to form according personalized sound harmony of the individuality that started confinement. Same with plants all data that contained inside seeds water molecules direct copy of cells to grow to maturity in plants until new production representativeness. 
Complete living forms receive from atomic frequencies to thorough their assignment of cells and body completions formation, considering humans to start climbing that stairs to heavenly wisdom, there might exist unknown big numbers of stairs to reach into heaven, human body received first five steps that are 5 senses that are known everywhere plus adding Kinesthesia and Synesthesia that also are other form of senses and many unknown senses that we might consider, all together steps we will take climb upstairs with other senses to seek knowledge and connection to intelligence of the Universe that we might reach in the future.
Most of us know well about Hearing, human hearing can reach up to 20 KHz using smallest bone inside human body to use hitting the drum mechanic-sensation, as we take first step on the scale dimensions probably we can’t cover as much as other living forms do we reach hearing 20 KHz by advance technology men can hear far away galaxies, already there is supernatural intelligence that can make a moth that can reach 300 KHz, greater possibility is available not one our side to reach perfect understanding that is relied by intelligent force field from Universal aptitude, to reach the door of knowledge  into heaven, each step has its width size and probably still we can’t cover complete extent of each step. There are other living beings that can sense wider range of sounds, but the basic point in sound wavelengths are normal relations in atoms that release and receive low and high frequency sound tone wavelengths to communicate with complete Universal communicational flow potentials. Let’s move up to second step.
 Sight. Vision is original duplicate of matter that reflect to transportation data that travels inside the Universe and sense by atoms, in human forms sight is sensed by nervous system of cells that are connected into the brain, all image in Universe is facing upside down spectrum of direction, if our brain get any image it will be also upside down, focusing action is translated by human cells all images that retina receives, as the light might be stronger to brain that try to obscure protecting from light exposer, plus human eyes has certain defense from ultraviolet infrared frequencies that are spreader on the second steps that go to heaven, some birds can penetrate higher compactness in visual perception.Octopuses have sensitive cells to feel light and change their color according to their surrounding that explains their skin can see their surrounding color and copy the scenery, same with cuttlefish squid and other living things that change the color of their skin according to their surrounding, sother living things that change the color of their skin according to their surroundings.
Our qualifications to adapt to light and colors depends how sensitive we are for certain colors, the reason we see a blue sky is because human eye retinas have limited violet photon receptors to register other colors than certain quantum effect of Rayleigh scattering, in case eyes of cows cant sense red color, so it looks confusing blurry unknown image cows want to attack on red, in hunting colors that we see in far distances orange or yellow, animals don’t sense it in their mind. Our sight or other living things in their erection makes great difference how they see.

We usually name certain parts of the body having own perspectives in reality all senses that other parts of the body sent by receptors so neurons can receive to perceived inside the brain to detect and interpreted what was the message, for example human tongue has taste receptors that meant nothing to the tongue, by sending frequencies that tongue are send to the brain where especial regions can recognize the complex echo sound frequency wavelengths inside bitter cortex that checks the sound tone declaring bitter taste, if tongue receptors release taste frequency tones into brain sweet cortex recognizes that tone frequencies echoes and declare the sweet taste, same process goes with salty bitter sour and umami taste declarations the brain understands all variety tastes, ultimately same is with smell varieties that also are frequency code wavelengths, there are already complex code sounds inside neurons, any other similar code complex wavelengths come from other portion of the body echoes vibrating same value notes frequencies, for example on my violin if outside sound are pick up releasing “A” note right that moment my violin A note start to release “A” note echo harmony sound.

Let’s take the third step up. Taste. Human tong basically can sense only salt bitter sweet and sour taste, all the rest of sensed are result of smell frequencies that cells translate tone reaction wavelengths indo taste, in my other posts I explained tone reaction is translated into smell that we taste same with dogs that can distinguish thousands variety of smell through sound frequency tone reaction. In my perspective sound is other level of tone reaction that explained smell and color. Some insects have capability to taste nectar taste from the air distinguishing taste of the fruit how much it is ripened, as soon they approach the fruit their function in production of eggs started knowing they have food in abundance, same with bees receive taste by tone frequencies retention from their sister bee when reached into their hive delivering certain sound frequencies when package was releasing in sound tones other bees follow to find same melody in the open space to reach the flower that releasing same sound tone frequencies.
For me sense and taste are in same step in different elevation density. Till now biology don’t have the knowledge to explain what is vomeronasal organ inside the nose tunnel that can receive through its receptors that can distinguish sound tone frequencies to characterize with tone reaction wavelengths additional taste through smell that I call it tone-reaction to add data on tongue taste collections, all clusters of atoms release their collective variety of sound frequencies to declare their ingredient by sound tones, receptors in humans can classify their formulary, this particles cluster can fly by wind elsewhere, some fell on ground, dogs can smell their sound frequency tone wavelength next day and find out where individual smell or sound tone reaction went through, in my conclusion sound is higher velocity of taste sense formulary that atom cluster release.
Next step up is sensing by touch. Atoms can do on open without touching any object but human cells need to sense by nerve ending that will jolt with sparks from cells to release stimuli to the brain, the entire human brain works similar to entire Universe with all atom forms planets stars and galaxies that send signals frequency sound wavelengths but humans need stimuli to travel through nerves to transport tone reaction messages into the brain, to have additional sparking messages fingertips contain greater number of sensors to collect as soon they touch something to worm, also additional absorptions of sensors are located in with sexual organs that has large concentration of new endings to send data into the brain, it might lost certain concentration by circumcision process.
Humans have many other capabilities that also have its own advantages as raising another step that is awareness of balance, when you hear great sound or vibration of earthquake already extra attention your body gives to balance yourself to stay firm. Also if you walking very close to fire temperature or a valley or certain locations that you might fall all of a sudden you’re muscles get tight and take precautions, you might feel dizziness, there are additional sensors in your muscles that can stretch or spring back.
Another sense is Kinesthesia. Entire body of a person when eyes are close can touch any section of their body, anytime certain locations of body is confused with communication or receive strong hit from somewhere they release extra volume of signals in greater degree that as soon brain sends back signals they are not open to receive directives, this portion of cells get tightened, personality of individual effect on their body, for example as a question to individual right away they ask you another question, they have the custom to not allow stimuli circuit to pass by, this is my perspective that back side of the neck feel tension and muscles propagate up similar to a demonstration, neck tension in cells are not cooperating with messages that are released from their brain. If you have similar situation it is free you may try it, change your personality expression, anytime something said to you don’t jump with many questions, this might effect on your personality and your body to be relax.
Another sense to go higher with sensing is Synesthesia. I received hereditary gift that I received from my ancestors, noticing thousand people on my right side and thousand people on my left side had lacking this sensation, only one in every thousand person might have this Synesthesia sense. Sometimes when my eyes are closed I see very strong sensation of colors that take forms out of this world nothing that we can see around us, I expressed some of my experiences in post called my “Dream part one” all my researches I did after having this unique dream that effaced my way of thinking about life and everything around me, searching to open locked doors that signified true meaning that life stands for. Searching, I found many other steps to reach the door to heaven that is a secret, if I share it with you it will be no more a secret.

My mother and from my father’s side grandfather they both had Synesthesia probably I inherited from their genes, there are so many instances happened  with them and they expressed without knowing what additional senses they possessed, it has nothing to do with enchantment or witchcraft.

Let me give you an example. My parents tell told me, once they both were walking on a curb, as a new born child baby I was wrapped in a little bundle my mom was carrying me, right away my mom insisted to change the walking rout to other side of the street, my father was confused there was no any other reason for them to move to other side of the street, as soon 5 minute passed while they were walking, a heavy loaded truck that brake was dysfunctional download and crash into a T intersection shop destroying the whole closed shop. My parent was almost corner of the intersection, if formerly they did not cross the street that will be exact location of the crash they avoided. Is this a paranormal experience or a sixth sense? Probably they thought it was; now I believe different what they thought.

In my other posts I explained that atoms are other form of living things based on energy capacities they can live 12 billion years, they can communicate renovate Universal language into human cells into human brain neurons through stimuli or jolts that travel inside synapses, of course sceptics have right to conclude anything they want to say, I believe inside human brain pour many messages are considered as reasoning, thinking, decision making, thoughts, together all conclude in perspective visual conclusion to differentiate future danger or eventually other choices to contemplate. Please consider my other post “Water what it is?” Most of human brain is water molecules, H2O molecules transport Universal language into different masses of brain neurons to focused on concluding choices to operate, in a split of second neurons interpret that and conclude to operate accordingly, sometimes humans take unusual results seems to be sixth sense vision, detecting instances that seems to be paranormal involvements.

Seeing blind folded

Many try practice to implementation sensation with unordinary possibilities like to see when their eyes are blind folded, it is popular in India and other countries they call it “third eye” or inner awakening concerning in telepathic communications commonly known as thought emotions collective evolution. As I brought out Energy that can make possible to see without using eyes is already active energy inside the brain that move through all synapses inside the brain electrical impulses, as humans all senses that we have is based with biological life classification. There is other form of life that is invisible universal life form that covers entire Universe as different dimension, atoms contain two combinations of this energy and matter and can transmit from invisible life energy sensor into biological life cells that we contain, oxygen and hydrogen atoms as H2O molecules have sense to observe their environment communicate going in between through sound frequency wavelengths sending tone reaction by electrical circuit that is vigorous with stimuli inside the brain and develop audio-visual and recordings about out of the body doesn’t affect blind folded circumstances, that many call it third eye other form of activity that we call it, some humans have more activity with their biological cells to be connected with language and communications to atoms especially with water molecules..


Another sense capacity philosophers and yoga manuscript point out is chakra as a human cense according to the tantric text symbolizing different nerve plexus inside the body first as endless rotation of shakti second a circle of people in rituals third the term chakra is used to denote yantras in human diagram as some present a trikona- cakra astakona-cakra probably you have seen picture where seven points on human body starting from top of the head then on the forehead continue another point on the neck and continue gradually down to the stomach, other philosophies, according to my studies I agree that all atoms release sound frequencies additionally every group of human body parts collectively with their hormones release sound wavelength plexus but the entire body contains own personality sound harmony wavelengths that circle out on top of the head an energy flow that enters to the chest then through the heart out of the back to the top then spin continuously, those are electrical stimuli flows that our brain sense into outer other brain flows the atoms release continuously to be attached into universal language flow but human biological senses communicate in genetic language that is different than Universal language as I described in my post “Universal language” also in “Universal sound” so in conclusion I don’t believe about any non-physical energy that might have consciousness, I believe there are flow of energy that are transmitted from neurons as electrical sparks or stimuli that travel through synapses and some of them trespass human brain and spin around the head to the heart then back by vibrational interact outside flows registration of all data that atoms grasp specially by water molecules. 

Some people believe that they can benefit from MHz of quartz stones and other crystals might give them healing. Can we benefit by wearing or keeping quartz crystals under our pillow? Inside their body each human being has own harmony ton wavelength sound frequencies MHz in biological genetic values of MHz Atoms are other form of living things and their communicational field varies in different source of universal language, still the land people live on or walk on the soil chemical varieties grown plants and trees fruit consumptions effect their not their health but their temperament habits they accumulate, how fast they get furious what sort of religions can make more sense to them what sort of family life they want to live? All this effect can be received by variety of atoms that I am explaining in my rest of posts. Living atoms have characteristic values that effect on all nearby biological living things. So I believe that individually semi or expensive precious don’t effect as much as combinational chemical elements over the ground they are residing which enhance physical emotional or spiritual balances the sort of religions they prefer, chemicals inside ground might affect elusive energetic changes. Probably we hesitate to except that atoms can contain so much supernatural complex behaviors, just because or mind is limited comparing to intelligence of grand Universe, yet many other things might be too early to comprehend by human wisdom.

                                                       PINEAL GLAND

Ancient Egyptian knew something about pineal gland as connection to unknown, pineal gland has shape of an eye inside near center of human brain similar form of pine cone that’s why we call it pineal gland. Medically pineal gland reproduces serotonin derivative melatonin inside the brain. Many researchers and old philosophers’ foresee that pineal gland the third eye of the body that can connect between physical and spiritual world additionally expecting that can connect into other dimensions plus into astral projection in remote viewing, in my perspective pineal gland absorbs all the foreign messages that I call it Universal language the communication between atoms that are released by frequency complex wave tones and pineal gland has the capacity to translate that data into biological cells or neurons through water molecules that is imbedding the entire human brain, I had the experience seeing colors and forms while listening to classical or other melodies and I believe that complex sounds are the effect of complex sound wavelengths and other way around sound can form visualize color and pictures similar to frequency that are spread on metallic plate with scattered dust or sand, frequencies adjustment effect in geometrical images according to frequency variations. Pineal gland is connection contraption between universal language and biological life forms.

Men was created in perfect state some call it man existed by evolution, whatever you believe brain function in better environment and healthy conditions, there are many other senses some people have that other might not, each individual might be better in certain senses than others, our surrounding with technology and with many chemicals and variety of entertainments makes us slow in penetrating with our emotions and senses, like the one that hade several cups or bottles of drink, similarly human nature is not alert. Sense of time, you might find people like my grandma that can tell you what time it is without using any watch also in the middle of the night, she did not have top education but she could sense the time, others might be having other capacities that rest don’t. So let’s do some review about our senses that is additional on our six senses. Some can sense if others are showing fake smiles, let me mention other senses, equilibroception that we need in activities, some can be better athletes if know how to balance their positions. Some can sense if other person fells cold or worm temperature. Tetrachromats, usually people see in tree cones color shades some see in four color shades, there are art painters that can feel the emotions with the picture and express it on their drawing probably we all might not explain. Proprioception, a sense that your body make you feel where are located your elbow or your feet, I remember a dog that lost this perception was spinning to bite its tail. Ovulation sense, you might know that you impressed someone who getting attractive to you, many people told me they had first look on other gender and get hooked up. Nociception, you can feel pain on your skin when nothing is touching you or other organs in your body. Magnetoception, some people have this sense that usually birds have sensing magnetic field, dogs always spin before the poo, in the morning facing their heat to West and afternoon to East. Blind sight, blind people can sense their surroundings. Sense of food that you need to consume or keep away from food that makes you overweight sensing the fat in the food, many people have lost this senses. Usually normal function in brain activates in regular pace but as soon alert comes in to make function more actively brain consumes more sugar and oxygen to produce the required data that the person need at that moment and later on brain neurons slow down their activity to run in regular pace, also supplies of oxygen slows down with demanding procedures, any moment certain individual might receive additional knowledge if communicational tunnel is transmitting into any individual, it is a possibility, in that case it will be additional senses. As humans we are extension above life force from universal wisdom and knowledge, we are permitted into certain level of intelligent capacity that we might get advantage of it.

All this perceptive are limited stimulant observance about our surrounding when you are somewhere in super complex Cosmos that has billions of light year traveling distances all around you yet still some give prominence about sixth sense as high grade of intelligence dimensions. Let’s reason for a moment, atoms came from somewhere, some force completed them in order and precession to behave and act according extraterrestrial theoretical principles, behind it exist grand intelligence and life energy, somehow all atoms collectively joined to be building blocks of cells completing energy gravity proteins DNA directives to form us, life already is a force that existed and somehow reached to us and temporary become part of us, this life extension reached to us to make us living things, capability observant to all our surrounding is impossible with limited human possibilities that yet we cannot get rid of human greed and pride to bring humans together respecting all sort of life, we as humans failed appreciating life values and still barbaric attitude is going on. So how many senses you have? Those are gifts for you to use by grand two energy forces that formed the Universe, by this two energy forces DE and DM in any moments insightful capacities might be removed from you, similarly any moment it can be added over your qualifications to absorb much greater values as soon we learn to respect significance of our senses appreciate greatest gift that is Life. There is grand intelligence already exist in the Cosmos, as you received your gifts of limited insightful perspectives to analyze your surrounding by your senses, additional more gifts you might receive from DE and DM, this additional intelligence are already exist as you received life you will be also receiving knowledge and understanding to have unlimited insightful privileges, the knowledge already exist only it must be opened to flow on you. This communications are the Door to the heaven, it is not totally in our hand but we can work toward keen sensitive awareness to behave to be selected to find the door to heaven. 

Many faith groups introduces themselves that have communication with God already they are the real state to take you up there is you obey them and throw contributions on them then you will be the chosen one to be a member in heaven holy city. I have some post that elucidate about “Religion” “Life after death” “Israel” and “Angels” while talking about stairs it came to my mind the Holy stairs that is located in Rome near Lateran Basilica “Scala Santa” this is considered a figurative 28 white marble steps that can make you reach only into the celling, idea of this steps are that it represents the stair that Jesus Christ went up to his trial to meet Pontius Pilate, Pope Sixtus made this project started in year 1589 and took one year to be complete objective was to give stairs symbolic nine figurative senses inspired by Hebrew testament, it does not take you to the heaven nor add anything supernatural knowledge to yourself, regularly it has many participant on their knees climb those stairs to keep as an Catholic tradition. In my approach about the senses stairs that will take people into figuratively to the door of the heaven should be first to have approval of the Almighty where everyone says mine is the true one, people are hesitating in their expression not allowing the Almighty to speak saying who he Approves, then they will be informed how to climb with additional senses into the figuratively door into the heave, before God approves them they already approving themselves without having all the qualifications they need. Some religion saying do this and you will be saved, others telling no here you have more difficult task for you to volunteer then you will have Gods approval and some other religions are going into extra measures telling if you do this you are already in the Heaven on the lap of God. In sermon on mount Jesus said Mathew 7:7-8 “knock the door and you will have answered” before that we have to ask seek find the door and Knock and keep knocking the door, we have to know what to do to reach there what sort of characteristic we are building to climb that figuratively stair to heaven, in this blogs I have a post “Some Friend” can be considered for additional information.

All complex tools that human technology went advance opens possibilities to sense the steps into heaven, no matter how advance humans go to reach final door of wisdom 100% is not in human competence, if not allowed to them by Universal intelligence humans will not reach conclusion goal.

(To be continued)

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  1. The door must unlock by many keis to fix one.. goodluck to try