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I am Gabriel logician Jabrael (Greg Kaprielian)

                                                             I am  Gabriel logician Jabrael   

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Greg Kaprielian, Born July 4 1949 in Beirut Lebanon, his family survived from Armenian Genocide by  Ottoman Turks, had  limited education, studied in Armenian and Arabic middle school. My parents did not register my birth until four years later to avoid penalties they register me four years younger. This was very possible in that country at those days with just a small note from the priest and from the notary they call him “Mchtar” with a tiny fee. So officially I am 4 years younger by incorrect month and day.

Determined self-educated. During civil war in Beirut immigrated to Australia with wife and twins babies. Three years later move to US, he is a US Citizen. Study the Bible 44 years self-educated in science as well. I gave many different Bible discourses of biblical subjects, always situate about science because science was too close to  heart, conducted many study meetings, some in English mostly in western Armenian and a few in Arabic. He done many funeral services also many happy wedding services also have directed 3 dramas in conventions all done voluntarily. To sport his family work trade was Diamond setter Jeweler 45 years. Because experienced unusual incident 1991. Now during his early retirement years  writing a book to bring science and religion together. He`s Hobbies are chess,  gemologist, playing violin and many others.

Regarding my instinctive or my logical perspectives they are different from everyone I don’t meant that my models are above others it is a just different approach overview, scientist trying many ways to describe the Universe, some are more appropriate than others and always the principle is to demonstrate that logic with merit mathematical bridges regarding the distinctions to connect with other theories though some after mathematical bridges later on in time was rejected. Regarding my perspectives it might be limited, because my knowledge regarding mathematics is limited, so my approach stay only in logical intuitive. I blame no one; some Nations are very supportive to their countryman than others. I grow up in my Armenian community in Lebanon where education was not free. Armenians highly praise their companions if they accomplished great things in life and they passed away by death, before that the individual hardly receive any recognition or support by their friends, in my case I need the mathematical reversal checkup that are missing to support my perspectives that, so unfortunately all you will have the logical perspective if you have the patience to read my perspectives, I am hopeful that some other sophisticated people that can compare my perspectives to their probe group models and something might connect to Physical Universe.

Dark-Matter or Dark-Energy is only a theory and has not been proven since 70 years as premature equation but the scientist go inside the atoms jump over parallel Universes and swim inside wormholes to check around all based on logic not by equations. Thousand years ago when Greek introduced Atom, they could not see it by magnification. This last 5 hundred years people did not know what is radio television waves or MRI Gama ray sand many other effects we know now. Only by logic we can grasp the values that tools are not available yet to analyze. Matter exist may billion years ago our so called advance civilization don’t look that advance yet so first we ponder to consider in logical sense to have ambition to go after knowing more by more advance sensitive tools to analyze our surroundings. Albert Einstein figures it out saying “Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.


In my science logician perspective I am introducing that atoms can communicate by low and high sound frequencies. Change their personality characters by fusion, obeys directive physics principles and live 12 billion years. We can recite their character but they have much other proficiency since 14 billion years or so that with the knowledge we have are not adequate to analyze their full progress in physics.

Atoms are made of from two supernatural invisible forces, as we see entire Universe is made of Dark Energy + Dark Matter and less than 5% real matter such as Galaxies and so on. Dark Matter can change its compactness density from unexplained bulk dense condition into loose imperceptible strewn state almost like clouds, though invisible it is, no matter what state Dark Matter appearance form they don`t contain any particles. In my perspective profile of atom form when very tiny portion of Dark Energy force materialize into electrons and grab very tiny portion from invisible Dark Matter, that materialize into proton, this two forces together form a Hydrogen atom. These two portions of electron and proton can allocate into many smaller portions of portions energy to go in with to bond particles, by fusion every time a reforms new particles to form neutrons, every time proton divide in such procedures it transform into new atoms as we can add in periodical table, atoms don’t divide such as biological cells but in their vast emptiness the form into additional structure of particles, because atoms are other form of living thing, six variety of quarks are complex mixture scheme of Dark Matter and Energy, any moment proton split ration can be condensed into heaviest element, Other section of this blogs I tried to explain in logical sense that every centre core of any planet or stat is located great volume of Dark Matter, same with each individual atom in my theory D.E + D.M= H (Dark-Energy plus Dark Matter equal hydrogen atom)

My philosophy is. Small Human brain is similar to the large Universe in action. Atoms and stars Pulsars Black Holes and Galaxies produce musical tone sound frequencies, to communicate. Our Sun has a heartbeat once in every 24 days and 43 minutes, also other planets and stars faster or slower. God said let`s make man in our image, regarding to the brain similar to Universe, rest of the body, legs arms are resources to protect and serve the brain to its task move around, Human brain can communicate with neurons in electrical pulses, atoms in the brain thousand trillions of them, produce overture of harmonic symphony in a small scull Universes. Language of the brain is same language waves of the Universe musical frequencies. Human knowledge is unaware that Mother Nature is the electrons with us. We are guided by this intelligent guidance on humans. Before DNA are develop invisible energy coated with electrons pulse signals they form the molecules in low octave sound frequencies also smell is sound atom clusters, all atoms plants flowers produce also pollens are same form of clusters, returning bees scatter some by shaking their bodies surrounding sister bees pick some of the sound clusters and follow the imitating sound center of amplifier shape sound producing flower. My notes will explain fire is not oxidization but reverse process of building electron field opposite field to build to disconnect Call it Fire-Reaction. The lights produced Quantum theory divided measuring light are the individuality of elements containing details in sound frequency values. I will explain Black Hole are Dark matter also all core of the planets and stars are protons that are Dark-Matter, Sun contains a field of Dark-Matter to minimize the heat on surface. We have Aliens on Earth they are the Angels. Finally. There is no Big bang theory with me. Stars are creating even now, everything formed by Dark-Energy, they are electrons, Surrounding Dark-Matter protons, outcome is hydrogen by fusion change elements, developed in the stars condense pressure and heat. My theory Krikor “D.E + D.M = H”  I don’t use the expression chemical reaction but my theory Gabriel   (Tone-reaction) because elements grasp or repel by frequencies the way in amino acids connection helix ties. It is the main Principle in all Cosmos. Gravity is guided by sophisticated invisible energy activating through low sound tone frequencies, the vibration elevate the gear sound level octave waves variations and sound harmony that all elements can concentrated to act according the procedures of new commands, to program covalent bond regulations of atoms, these supernatural energy field directs the entire Universe by sound elevation harmony, I call it Universal language.

When I introduced myself as self-educated person and don’t have any grade from University, some so called educated individual tried to put me down saying if anyone has no highest education has no right to analyses Universal studies. Well in many circumstances I hear convincing calculation that Big bang existed something never happened yet almost everyone teaches that plus seeing standard model of particle physics can no longer be called standard when it is changed completely.

My Theory DE+DM=H

Theories of some astronomers about creating stars elucidated that remnant from nova explosions leave particles and great amount of big volumes of hydrogen then gravity collects all the remnant to form a new star, my perspective totally is different, starting stage of star there is 0% of hydrogen invisible Dark matter is gathered to a entirety, as soon Dark-Energy meets they engagement forming nonstop hydrogen atoms, that’s how star to form, I believe that not only single stars but also big number of galaxy clusters reside in a expanse where great amount of Dark-Matter exists, starting point fluctuations form where denser or heavier volume of Dark-Matter resides, as soon Dark-Energy meet them they start forming stars and galaxies, it is not surprising when we observing galaxies already are in areas where Dark-Matter is more heftier inside Universe, this is where I present my “Kaprielian” theory DE+DM=H  (Dark-Energy + Dark-Matter = Hydrogen atoms)

My other theory is "PRJ" recorded in Universal sound section. Core of the stars are Dark-Matter,when stars loose outer portion left inside section a pulsar, Jupiter surface explains inside surface of core, and many others.


Entire Universe operates as a big hydrothermal sound pattern; it is part of Electromagnetic filament energy riddle field spreading into all directions, like inertia force rhythmic pulses. Some scientist analyze that this humming noise is residue from the Big bang explosion. In my logical view this sound is Universal communications low octave frequency continuous tones, that all stars and atoms produce in harmony with the Cosmos it is the Universal language. Considering helix lines of amino-acid round connected vires like slinky toys. Same principle exist in Quantum light ray spectrums, division patterns Helix also have equal openings in between the slinky shape rolls that are guided by principle energy variation of humming sound velocity. All atoms are under same principle imbedded in the electrons all helix rolls are guided rifts in this electromagnetic filament rhythmic pulse. Acoustic slinky sound controls all the activities harmoniously in the Cosmos, according atomic values of series of filaments grabbing other atoms filaments Universal sound controls bonding principles in covalent bonds in atoms. Only possibiliteis to hear this tone reaction can be done by new amplifiers that can filter other sounds and  boast electrical signals and pump up the volume the weak signals of elements and far away stars and Galaxies. When atoms interact, electrons half integer value is changed in numbers of electron filaments combining with particle of protons in the atoms, developments of atoms change in fusion, sound will change automatically according the harmony Universal language field. We call this sound wave ling that are acoustic fields as humming sound.

Nikola Tesla said “If you wish to find the secret of the Universe, think of energy frequency and vibration” also Nikola Tesla continue” My brain is only a receiver in the Universe (that means he believed in Universal Language and communications) there is a core from which we obtain knowledge strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secret of the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists

In my dream experience I believe that  for a certain time. I received kind of inspiration,  that was not in me before, my understanding regarding life take major barrier to better indulgent and knowledge into secrets of this core. And I know that it really certainly exists. Gravity is guided by sophisticated invisible energy activating through low sound tone frequency waves, the vibration elevate the gear sound level octave variations and sound harmony that all elements can concentrated to act according the procedures of new commands, to program covalent bond regulations of atoms, these supernatural energy field directs the entire Universe by sound elevation harmony, I call it Universal language.

My perspective in Gravity.

Gravity is quantum distortion of space frequencies from Dark Matter stirring Dark Energy high energy anomalies mutating energetic phenomena in space fields to emission gravity, between two forces of Dark Matter and Dark Energy gravity intuitive is on track, and because this both energies are supernatural intelligent entities they progress everything in order.

What is the origin of magnetism?

Origin of all magnetism is extreme low octave sound vibration and extreme high octave sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter, all cores of stars, planets, moons and black holes are protons or Dark-Matter bubbles. The entire Universe is bedded inside energy field of quantum flux. Any sound command pulses released other elements and particles submit to take action connecting them to the surrounding field rail that indicate quantum flux provides, so protons inside atoms perceive sound frequency waves and attach to the unexplained quantum flux force field that is all around and in the Universe. All the effect of counterclockwise-rotation is some effect coming from quantum flux. In my perspective this is the origin of magnetism in stars and everywhere in the Universe.

I described in my post “Atoms are other form of living things” that can live 12 billion Earth years. Each atom has its own personality and characteristics, traits of atom clusters effect on human behavior the way they react over distinctiveness. So if a person is rood or kind you looking at their cluster of atoms uniqueness according what sort of atoms were collected through sustenance from what variety of lands into the body during lifetime. In case they had family behavior it might affect but personality remains according to collective 7 Quadrillion atoms inside the body complex.

There are two urbane energies, invisible unknown vigor that reins oversee in intelligence to produce new stars and Galaxies direct atomic order in the Universe. Recycle the matter through Black Holes, expand the Universe, direct all sort of energy fields and keep orderly all data happenings in great details for record, some of these information transferring energy is active and found in human brains, even all rest of animals and insects and living organisms and living atoms. After all this strange logical evaluations my collection sense pondering physics I realize that whatever I know comparing the knowledge, I did not have 1 % of that knowledge before, I was just plain Diamante setter all my life, somehow in my assumption I realized that this must be some calling and the only choice must be to dedicate my life to declare this perspective, it might be false or true I don’t know, but I cannot keep it for myself only. I will explain my logical perceptions in other chapters. Please take time to visit my new blog. Thank You.

                                                                             My History

 This is a postcard from Zeyt`un to Spain I have with me that was printed in 1875 City of Zeyt`un in Turkey north of Kahraman Marash.


1956. Ohannes Kaprielian from Zeyt`un with his wife from Marash Mariam, 3 Sons Avedis, Hovsep and Harout, my mom Koharig standing left side with my father, standing on their front my sister Mary, me on the right beside my Grandfather with school costume to dance.  At that day in school of (40 Martyred Children) on stage platform group of boys and girls dance as married couple, each girl carrying a doll baby in their laps, 20 years later I married my couple they choose for me in the act.
1963 left 5th grade in 40 Mangants ( 40 Martyrs children) Not only 40 but 1.5 million Armenians were martyred by Ottoman Turks at  Armenian Genocide Martyred is a state that can`t be forgotten. At same school my future wife was my classmate from kindergarten till I left this school. Next year graduated elementary 1964 High school of life in Hajen Lebanon continued next year 1965 to High school of Life Evangelical School in Dbaya Lebanon, before end of year I was rejected from school because could not pay my monthly wage to school in 1965. Year 1966 attended Muslim school in Arabic language area called Dahr el Jamal. One year later in 1967 attended another Muslim school in Nabaa (Sabtiyeh) 8th grade. My graduation was 8th grade education, could not attend 9th grade and went to work 2 months only in (Garage Sahruri) crank shaft machinist then went starting to learn Diamante setting since then 1968 in Beirut Lebanon. One year later had my own work shop in Dana Bldg. In Jewelry market Beirut on second floor.

Mangants ( 40 Martyrs children) not only 40 but 1.5 million Armenians were martyred from Ottoman Turks at Genocide of Armenians. Martyred is a state that can`t be forgotten. In the 

Greg Kaprielian is in Bab-El-Dris in Beirut Lebanon 1973. Worked 7 years for Najib Tabbah as a diamante setter for princess and Kings, largest diamantes I set 28 carat another one 32, many rubies, one emerald bezel I set 53 carats. Also the company I worked for many expositions in Monte Carlo and all over the world.

For one wedding in Arabic royalty, jewelry order  to Tabbah company worked all in handcraft 150 jewelers for two months, merchandise was delivered by special flight 1 hour before the wedding ceremony. On some occasions film crew came and reported the style and crafts that while I was working. Before joining Nejib Tabbah, I worked with “alti” settings that are not available at modern times because diamonds are cut in proper way now. Later I worked elision setting in Australia and invisible settings in USA, and most delicate platinum works for great jewelers.

                                             My parents. Avedis and Koharig Kaprielians

It`s always nice to have parents or other friends in our life that makes us smile even when they are not around

March 3 1975 in Dora Lebanon, Noyemi and I Married when there was official curfew all over Lebanon same night, all the restaurant’s and traffic was closed in Lebanon.  After wedding arrangement. Friend of mine makes arrangement for us to dine a popular restaurant. My group was the only customers; they kept the restaurant door closed. Somehow we made it. With presence of, about 50 family witnesses and friends. Because I married that night Lebanese civil war started next day. (I am kidding) the war started with other political purposes nothing to do with me.


Last several hundred years Osmania rule over Middle East, about 90 years ago, eastern counties US, England, and France with some Jewish representatives made a verbal agreement with King of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt regarding Jews to come and reside in Jerusalem. Arab Kings said that they have no objection they are Semites like the Arabs and both are decedents of Abraham, like they are cousins, so permission granted under one condition, Jews should reside in peace in Jerusalem and surrounding areas, buy homes and receive legal citizenship from Jordan and always be under Jordanian ruler ship, without seeking independence. They all agreed and started to land in Jerusalem without any conflict ions and in peace. World War 1 removed Osmania ruler ship over Middle, East 3 Eastern countries made a map and divisions legalizing territories for Arabic countries, then secretly Jews trained and get weapons and gain independence from Arabic countries, Arabic countries rejected, so conflict started in Middle East. I lived in Lebanon Beirut, her was no war, one day Israeli army attract to Beirut airport Meddle East Airlines flaming all Lebanese airplanes to ashes, only income of Lebanon was its tourist attraction no any  other resources, so the economy was destroyed, Some Lebanese officials permitted to allow Palestinians refugees excepting financial help for the country from some Arabic countries, Palestinians gradually armed themselves in Lebanon and conflict with authorities, citizens joined to help other Government in trained army for defense themselves. From oversees some countries A, B, C, D, E, F, secretively invested giving weapons cannons shelling’s and ammunition prepared their groups and armies defending their own rights, normal people who have nothing to do with war suddenly recruited by separate organizations and join the civil war, they brought hired warriors from other countries, normal civilians that know nothing about army training became soldiers. One day group A receive message “Start shelling group B, 50 rounds” Then another massage go to D group “go and kill so and so villages that belongs to E group” and so on. And then you know the rest of the story. After having the twins I decided to leave the country because there was no end of War, after living Beirut more fearful War continued 17 years, 200.000  civilians killed in fighting between 14 different armed groups by many snipers and shelling`s.

                                                               WAR in LEBANON

My Father worked in police force night division, Arabs call individual person accordingly giving the name of fathers trade “Son -of-Watchman” in Arabic is “Ibn-El-Harres” so they call me as (son of Watchman) During the civil war in Lebanon in 1975 my life with my wife changed and move into 11 places apartments and houses to live. Our first location apartment in Jeitawi beside the Armenian Catholic church was 5 flour building, my wife was pregnant with twin babies. when shelling started we went to the basement of the building, heavy shelling of bombs demolished the top two floors, then we move to Bekfaye at winter rent a house, my could not cope with the cold having worries of the pregnancy we went back to Nor-Marash. To my wife`s parents location on third flour, one shell bomb came and fell under the apartment and cave out the flour underneath us, but our place still was holding on so we stay and had the two babies twins born in a nearby hospital Saint Joseph, one week later after we left hospital operating room on top was demolished by shelling. We moved on and one with no Water without electricity or food and gasoline, changed many locations doing many small works to survive. Went to my father`s apartment in Araxs street, anti-government forces were on the line border line with against us, suddenly they start shouting to our bedroom apartment`s direction with heavy machineguns, when I am not home my wife and my mom each hug a baby an crawl laying on the ground to bring the babies into the side of the kitchen where is more walls protection, one time they shot my mom on her neck in the sitting room the bullet scratched my mom`s neck and bedded in the wall, another occasion my sisters mother in low get the bullet from here stomach, with poisoned m 16 riffle bullet, she pass away after an hour later. 
As family me and my wife and two children by boat we left from Beirut at night to Larnaca Cyprus, without official passport, the boat was lost but later the Captain managed to find the location, we drive by taxi cab to Nicosia to my wife`s relative home, all I had only 100 dollars in my pocket.

Next morning went to the Jeweler district to find work, asking in English language for job opportunities, all shop owners refused me, in one occasion one of the jeweler smile at me after listening to my offer he said “Do you now the regulation in this City ? In case the officials find any shopkeeper hiring illegal Alien they will put into Jail the business owner into six months in Jail” I left but that did not stop me looking and asking other jeweler shops, in one location, the business owner listening me, my name, where I am from and where I live now. He call one of the employer from the tope flour and talk to him in Greek, I did not understand a word, then the other man took a pencil and paper write a address, then took extra key from his pockets and handle to me with the paper shake hand with smile and left back to his work upstairs. Business owner said to me,” These is my employee, so and so, he`s apartment is very close where you live, at daytime he works here, the apartment is equipped with jeweler bench and tools, you will work to me daytime in there, every job you finish you will bring to me, then he opened his safe and hand to me a few pack of diamonds and bunch of gold ring mountings and said, there is a scale in the apartment, pick the stones weigh them and set for me and finished jobs hand them to me, the value of the merchandise was about 100.000 $ worth of diamonds. I worked for him 2 months and made good income. While working for him we went to apply tourist visa from Canada then US Embassy in Cyprus we were refused, the officer said we might give you immigrant visa if you apply, asked him how long the process take, he said couple years. So we left without applying. Next day we went to apply to Australian Embassy, a Armenian secretary ask some questions find out my situation, and knew that I have no close relatives in Australia she said don’t vast your time, even if you apply for immigrant visa it will take 4 year process, I insisted to have interview with the Consulate, she schedule me with imitation smile. Two days later went to interview by the Consulate, my wife and me with twin babies 10 months old. He interview me by asking questions and was taking notes, find out that we speak several languages and other information`s, then he asked me when there was no jobs in Beirut how did you have income to live? Did you participate in war? My answer was no, because there is no electricity in the city I went and bought candles in big quantity filling my car, went to the stores in the village on the mountains, exchange candles with boxes of fruit and vegetables, and because refrigerators not working in the city pick clay jars that can cool the water naturally brought to the city on one sideways to passing cars and could sell everything in one hour. The counsel said then if you don’t find jeweler work you willing to do any work, I said I will. Of course I did not tell him the experiences had when driving in the mountain road some  people with heavy weapons stopping me once a while in nowhere deep forest warriors with mask on their heads searching me and my car for weapons. Then they let me loose to continue my trip after finding out in my identity card that I was Christian, I seen live people drag with a rope behind cars with screams until they die. In Muslim areas where I never vent in the ware they were doing to the Christian with proof of identity, said nothing about those experiences because he did not ask. But he`s last question for me was. Why you want to go to Australia? My answer was because I WANT ME AND MY FAMILY TO LIVE IN CIVILIZATION. And my wife added, to give a better life to our children.

When my wife turn for questioning came, she even gave better answers than me, about same occurrences with different prospective. During my interview she handles both children to not go around. During her turn I handle the children.

In conclusion the Counselor spoke to us saying. In your both position there is no possibilities that you can go to Australia because you both don’t have very close relatives. Even a few weeks ago 2 Armenian jewelers came her in my office showing to me million dollars in cash money that they will invest in Australian business if I allow them to go, but I refused, In my Government regulation each Counsel have the privilege every year to give 5 immigrant visas to anyone he wishes or pleases to. Guest what your family will use 4 of this privileges. This kind of big chance happening don’t occur even in big lotteries.

  I gratefully shake his hand being so thankful, left the office, 2 days later we had the physical checkup, one week later we receive our emigrant visa that suppose was 4 year process. Thanks to God we had established in one week. Before leaving the big question was reminding me continuously, so I went back to the jeweler store asking my wonderful boss. Please let me know “what made you trust me, gave all that merchandise with no questions” this was the answer. “First, I am very old and experience man, when I look into the eyes of a person know who the inside individual is. Second if those people who teach you setting diamonds trusted you, I will also trusted you” that was very impressive conclusion for me, by a nice gifting to him I farewell.  

 I lived two years in combat in Lebanon civil war did my part time job selling different goods to shopkeepers whatever I could find from the manufactures, once had an experience I like to share it with you to show the character of some Lebanese shopkeepers, probably you will not believe it. One day I was selling light candles by weight, went to a grocery store the owner was sitting on a chair near a table and having lunch, there was a Russian machine gun Kalashnikov on his side, I greet him, he gave me very uncertain weak greeting with smile on his chicks hardly you can see him in half feet mustache, then I told him that I am selling candles so on, explaining the price by kilogram, and asked him do you want some? He gave me same unnoticeable smile, I brought a box of candles put on his large measuring scale and put the merchandise on his side saying that will be 200 Lebanese pounds, he looking at me gave me again that hard to notice smile, weighting one minute I said what do you want me to take from your cashier shelve ? He gave me same weak smile, so I went open the draw took two hundred Lebanese pound brought to him wiggle the money put in my pocket and thanked him and left. You don’t believe it? Me too, I can’t understand it till now.


My ancestors are Armenians came from Eastern Turkey city of Zeyt`un Cilicia Providences.

                                    Greg Kaprielian with his Grandfather Ohannes Kaprielian

According Turkish faith in 1860 Turkey starting to take excessive taxation from people of Zeyt`un by March 26 1918 Turkey decided to repel again Armenian citizens out of all Turkey. Zeyt`un was the last protected city in Eastern Turkey. Unless if Armenians took Muslim religion. Turkish Government made an official agreement with Armenian representative Christian Orthodox Church leader (Sahag Katoligos) in the city of Sis making agreement (If the city of Armenian Zeyt`un surrender their defensive all sort of knifes swards and rifles to Turkish authorities, they will be allowed to live peacefully in Zeyt`un, Turks will not give any harm and even no more access taxes than regular Turkish tax, Sahag was convinced and order his naïve faithfully Armenian people to adopt this agreement so they did. Next day Turkish army went into the Zet`un city forcefully throw all residents out of the city surprisingly unprepared they were thrown out “Surgun” Armenians were Butchered, my grandma was pregnant carrying my Father, and my family was in the  Genocide of Armenians was one of the worst atrocities in 2th Century. Armenians were living in Cilicia since 2500 years B.C. After Mongolians invasion that became Turkish government still Armenians had princes that manage their own territories under Turkish supervision each Armenian was accepted as native citizenship ownership to their land and belonging. Massacre of Armenians happened before the word Holocaust existed so Armenians could not use that word but it does not mean that it is less effective, Armenians call it “Medz-Yeghern” that means Calamity/Catastrophes. In Turkish language it is “Büyük felaket crime catastrophe. Turn of the century Osmania exploratory became under control of young Turks mostly Jews that convert into Islam but more extremist than other Islam’s forcing Armenians to renounce their Christian faith if or slit their throat or leave their lands houses out of Turkey, all young Armenian children’s that became orphans were forced to except Islam religion or die hungry, many Turks get young girls as 12 years or so as wife to holly Islamic regulations,  many children survived and ran out of Turkey and survived many organizations worldwide came to help the  new  generations of children that survived became orphans, my mother is one of the many, most of them were taken by Turkish and Kurdish families to evolve in their community and they were lost.

Armenian Genocide was not labeled at 1915 because the term Genocide was not existed yet, it was the most barbaric crime ever in entire human history and getting more barbaric when Turkey tries to hide the term Genocide, more strategic part when Turkish allies just mention the name Genocide temporarily to pressure Turkey for a deal, after Turks except the offers of their Allie country they close up the subject temperately, until new political challenge to bargain with Turkey in the future. Turkish representatives always keep trying to convince their people that Armenian genocide never happened; it was just instant misfortune for both sides. On one occasion famous American writer Mark Twain visited Smyrna somewhere in Turkey where he describe Armenian populations and their civilization in (ALLINNET.INFO)

Some Armenians in 1862 had prince titles in city of Zeyt`un, like Prince Mgrditch Yaghubian. Prince Iskhan Showoian. Prince Yenidunian. And leaders like Nazaret Surenian. After Turks put new order that all Armenians should change their religion into Muslim. Those who were pretending that changed survived and stay and Kept their properties and lands, though after 30 years some of these Muslim Armenian renounced their faith as Christians in Turkey, but 10 million Armenians were dissolved in Turkey.  Some Armenians survived under protection of some good Turks, most of them pretended they are Turks and convert to Islam to stay alive. Osmania Turkish government massacre 1.5 million Armenians many children were adopted by Turks, survivor Armenian on the border of Turkey and Iraq Syria were looted by Kurds and many females and children were kidnapped.
If you have the chance to read Turkish invasion in Europe you will find their method to killing the father of the family keeping their mother and mixing those children as part of Osmania Muslims religion and use the captive children to fight after they grow against their formal country, Talaat Turkish General that has a respectful place in Turkeys History did so Barbaric things against Armenians I don’t have the exact wards but whatever my Grandfather said that Talaat Pasha said “For what we Turks hurtfully did violence to Armenians, No Armenians ever can be our friend again" Personally I don’t have any revenge against Turks, because revenge belongs to the Almighty. He said “Vengeance is mine” but as an offspring from my ancestors listening to my grandparents sufferings  daily till I grow up, it  can’t keep me silent at least as an obligation to them to bring my share to declare the injustice, even so if International Mafia stepping over all Armenian human rights since 200 years. Heavenly Justice will come soon.


One thing I can`t Understand about Turks. They declare that they have no any problem whatsoever, most of their reporters are in jail plus many politicians, civilians and others, so called Turkish advanced civilization cant realize to except that no matter what, martyred people cannot be silenced, no matter how much time pass by. Over 1.5 million Armenians stand up as martyred to give declaration what Turks did in 1915

Of course I need lot of courage to bring out all this facts, is that say that fear is absence in me? no not at all but the truth about my history that happened with my ancestors that to be informed to the World is so important that my fear or my decrees to stand back defensive is not important, priority is to inform. We are living in times when sometimes big powerful Nations have great fear to declare the truth of happening exactly the way it happened. There is big attraction to ignore reality truth by many  no matter how inhumane act or crimes done by friendly allies, some powerful Nations cover up moreover they might step forward to smash hearts of ruined suffering victims. Usually those so called allies based on some form of temporary permanent friendship objectives but that is based only in permanent interest that can be changed on any moment in future. Now Powerful Allies start to resonate in different refrains.

My Grandfather was adult when departed from Turkey in 1921 by force of Turks leaving all their belongings from 1000 years generations farms homes by the new regulation (SURGUN) first he came to Marash with his wife then soldiers force them out. He came from road of Syria West of Der Zor, married in the journey, my father born in the wilderness; he was so hungry crying for food, My Grandfather said throw get rid of that hungry all time crying baby into the Ephrata River. My grandmother said I throw you in the water but not my baby and kept the baby, in Beirut they bought a land and build 2 floor houses, earliest home; later that street was called Rue Arax. My Grandfather was a skillful carpenter hand engraving on woods, but for also did carpentering in Lebanon.

According my Grandfathers reports and listening to elders from Zeitoun that my Grandfather meets regularly every week hearing very attentively and respectfully their stories as 8 years old boy about details what happened in the old country.  Jews immigrated from Spain to Turkey 100 hundred years before Armenian massacre, Jews were already receiving opposition in almost all European countries that were all Christians who was considered as persecuting them, Regarding Armenians in Turkey there were no oppositions from them but Armenians were a competition in financial and industrial field and they occupied major firms in the capital Istanbul and rest of Turkey there were ministers and developers.
Happened in the old country. My parent originally came from eastern Turkey. In the turn of the Century, late 18th Century Some European countries put out Turks out of Europe. They came back to Turkey. Osmania Empire was losing badly in economical way and war fares, Turks get very upset of Christians, they had some Armenian Christians in Turkey. Big colony of Armenians in ANADOLIAN GILIGIA was invaded many ages ago by Mongols and SELJUKS. Then after Armenians were legal Citizens of Turkey under new regulations. They own lands houses and pay taxes as any regular civilian. New regulations were proclaimed. Armenians should pay more percentages of taxes than Muslims because they were Christians, until they change their religion to Islam. For many generations Armenians were great asset in Mongolian Turk Empire in agriculture and many other industries and engineer developments buildings and other monuments, Mongolians who came from Mongolia did not bring with them recipes that Turkish use in modern time, neither musical instruments and songs that Turkish sing today don’t resemble to Mongolian cultural music modern Turkish music is taken from neighboring countries Greeks, Armenian Arabic and Persian Other Armenians in the East under the rule of Russia as regular citizens were serving Russian army, and Russia was in war with Turkey and Armenians were  serving Russian army, and Russia was in war with Turkey and Armenians were obliged to serve under the rule of the Czar. On the Western side in Turkey Germans were with the Turks against Russian and who care about minority Armenian even thou they were Christian regular Turkish citizens, before 1850 there were no conflict between Turks and Armenians, in 1800 many Jews started to move to Turkey coming from Europe and Spain, Jews were hopping to go back to their origins in Israel to take over the land most of them have control in Mason organization, Turks did not kill any Jews, some Armenians naively were members in that organization so they were reporting everything Armenians have, and whatever strategies they ensure, this members’ report the authorities whatever don’t hurt the Jewish interest but unpopular to young Turk revolutionists that later were going to permit the Jews with their allowances to live in Israel, young Turks needed the cooperation of Masons. Jews did not have any massacre in Turkey  nor they were evacuated from their homes, there were unknown protection for them. Turks build more tensions by hearing Armenian financial successes in the country, Mason Jews reported most collected information’s about Armenians. According to my Grandfather heard from Zeyt`un elders massacre started in 1893 reports in many occasions Turkish government collecting Turkish  Armenian Citizens of young men to recruit in the army all together 200.000, were massacred by rape and vicious Turkish methods the way they kill chickens. Turkish Government stated” look Armenian are our enemies because they fighting against us with Russian army, let`s desolate them, let`s get rid of them and they did, Turkish  religion and pride was behind them,. Armenians were send for training in Turkey they were massacre by Turkish soldiers, some were also raped then killed, over two hundred thousand boys according to my grandfather and his friends stories, One occasion 700 educated Armenians returned home from Europe to their families, some poets graduated scholars all best educated in those days successful field Turkish Armenian citizens, they all were brought up to town center for hanging, some were killed the way cut the chickens, Turkish soldiers collecting Armenian heads and taking celebration pictures, for good memory, the sin of those educated group they were Armenians, and the worst part they were also Christians, Turks consider Armenians who were Christians and all others without faith or different religion than Muslim faith were called very humiliating expression GEVUR that meant without faith or belief, that was the worst humiliating swear in Turkish language at that times. Whatever worst act Turks can do against “GEVURS” were permitted and considered faithful good deed to go to heaven it showed that Turks were authentic in their religion, Turkish official government ordered For Armenian Turkey resident to put out of their homes and lands by Genocide. Many Armenians fight against Turkey to defend themselves, in one of the fighting  according to my Grandfather stories about Gara Derri “Մութ Ձոր” fighting’s. Enemy soldiers Zeyt`un soldier was cut up from his belly in fighting all his intestines poured out, he collected and pushes back to his stomach wrapped tightly and continues to fight. According to some research by Capt. Ajit Vadakayil ( Christian Armenians were massacred in 1885 300.000 Armenians massacred in Istanbul and in 1915 1.6 million Armenians were dead by crypto Jews.

Before first World war there was a secret organization in 1862 by Italian Jew founder “B`rai  B`irth” his official name was Emmanuel Carasso that were Zionist masonic lodge called “Macedonia Resurrection” all young Turks army Jewish officers were members in this organization that had goals over creation of Israel in Palestine, another alliance to this masonic lodge was Giuseppe Mazzini under leadership of  Emmanuel Veneziano who had great power in Turkey, Many individual of his masonic lodge participated in major changes in the new government and in 1917 Russian revolution bringing Lenin into Russia. Major commitment to massacre Armenians came from Talaat pasha who also was grand master of Scottish Rite, US ambassador Oskar Straus (1st Jewish minister of Labor of Theodore Roosevelt) Abraham Elkin Henry Morgenthau all were friends of Simon Wolfe and they were officials of B`nai B`rith, Masonic lodge prepared Sephardic Jewish group ( Jewish archives documents p 150) convinced Turks campaigned to organized first massacre Turkish Armenian citizens youths army reservist in Constantinople in 1893-1895 before big Armenian Genocide 1915. Jews considering themselves as chosen race from God, imagine wherever categories other nations collapse comparing to most precious real human form chosen race as long Jews keep their chosenities, watch what they will do to Palestinians in the future, all other Nations will be considered at the same level because they are not chosen according to their cultures. I will not surprise to see someday Turkey rule again on entire Arabic lands indirectly bringing ruler ship under Elite bringing all the wealth of Middle East to Israel.

Genocide and Evacuation of Armenian Children from the Ottoman Empire during 1915-1923
Photo: Routes showing the evacuation of 8000 Armenian orphans from Turkey by J. Küntzler, 1922

April 24 1915 under young Turkish Jews in Turkish army “ Dunme Khazar Jews into Islam” issued a Fatwa as Islamic sacred duty as Ottoman Caliphate to massacre non-Muslims that they use to call them Infidels, religious representatives explained the rewards with great afterlife promises in Heaven is they kill the infidels no matter how. In modern times great number of Muslims can’t read the book of Quran, old times it was less educational possibilities, whatever the spiritual representative announces it stays as great promise Unfortunately Islamic State with young Turks resumed the Armenian Genocide.

As a personal witness to the atrocities U.S Ambassador Henry Morgenthau declared “I am confident that the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this” regarding to Turks he said “a carefully planned scheme to thoroughly extinguish the Armenian race” this article is from 1918 Red Cross Magazine. Today in modern Turkey Armenians that had conversion to Islam since 1915 to survive still are not protected and live in fear of another Massacre to them. Any Turkish reporter try to speak about true reality goes permanently into prison, or Turks kill him on street as they did to reporter Hrant Dink.

Modern Turkey say young Turks were doing those crimes on their own opinions but in our days that revolutionist are considered heroes and have their own monuments in Turkey. Till in our recent years Turkey ongoing massacre the name Genocide that really happened. Armenians at that time were sensing  at those times knew that Young Turk Generals who  are close connections with rich Jews that had the banking ownership in entire European countries. Armenian Magazine “Murch” or Murj” that means Hammer in Armenian language. On Jewish activities in the Armenian periodical press, “Murj” regularly covered the activities  in the period from 1897-1907 in Tiflis. “Murj” had a liberal-reformist direction; some of their famous writers were  G. Aghayan, P. Proshyan. Tumanian, D. Demirchyan and many others.

According my grandfather stories, there were a French army close by to their territories, they repeatedly promised that always will be with the Armenians to protect them. One night French army rapped clothes on the wheels of cannons to not make any sound while retreat from their fields, same night Turkish army sense their plan and directed running water to the valley where French army will pass, French stuck in the mud, Turkish soldiers came and catch the French army by hand, I will not give details what Turks did to Young French soldiers, several weeks later they release them to French Government On Mediterranean sea they embarked to French Boat to return to France. That boat was not shot by any enemy forces, did not make the trip, it was destroyed on the way when going to their country, some officials survived keeping confidential what happened, and all the details was obliterated till now. French know up close the approach of Turkish people by experience. Another story according to my grandfather stories that I have no any proof he sad “Hitler needed lot of money and for hundreds of years in Europe Jews had the banking authority because there were no control they did all clever tactics to make more money, Hitler threaten some of the rich family and warning that will harm their race, also Hitler showed some executions the way that will be done, it did not effected the big banks and their kept what they had.

                       Zeyt`un History drama by the people who survived the massacre in Turkey

They did this drama in 1956 in Lebanon, they presented in Zeyt`un native mountain language that all Armenians do not understand. One canon tablets that was written in Zeyt`un year 1256 Gospel is  kept in Paul Getty museum in LA. According to some historians, people of Zeytun were habitats from old city of Ani under the kingdom king Leon, after the destruction of city of Ani surviving 7 ministerial families settle in mountains of Zeytun.

Young boy in picture Ohannes Kaprielian with his 11 brothers and friends in Zeyt`un city 1862. If you see 4th person from top left have family resemblance look like my father Avedis kaprielian, they call themselves in their own village dialog “Keghatsu” in Armenian language is “Kughatsi” it meant villagers.

( 1956 My Grandfather with his friends that serve as elders in Zeyt`un community in Lebanon represent a drama about the life in Zeytun Turkey, my Grandfather Hannes Kaprielian they call him (Gara-Gun) because he used to say we born in a black day that`s what it means in Turkish language. Hannes is standing behind a rifle in these picture second from the right side, I remember the names of two others, Norashkarian and Nokhudian, and the rest of the elders all gave the history of Zeyt`un`s. 4 (Agha) or princes family representatives who manage over Zeyt`un even though they were under Ottoman Empire. Their responsibilities were to provide oil money to enlightening the Aye Sophia monument as a tax plus the surrounding vicinity. Also they presented the story how Zeyt`un listen to their religious leader from Sis, made agreement with Turkish government with Sahag Gatoligos of western Orthodox Church, My families returned their weapons to Turks to receive free independent without tax, permission to stay on their land, but declined by Turks instead pushed out of their lands. ) This is the contract Osmania government declare.

This is the official amnesty Turkish Ottoman Empire promised to Armenian city of Zet`un and after collecting the weapons Turks committed the Armenian Genocide starting murder from Zet`un, until our modern time Turks steal the properties of Armenian allow allies to use some territories are air base and other uses and bully other nations to ignore using that name Genocide that also is barbarism eliminating that word Genocide. Only people who convert by force into Islam they were allowed to stay. The word “Gene” ocide meant elimination of genetic factors inheritable factors including DNA segments total elimination destruction.The word “Gene” ocide meant elimination of genetic factors inheritable factors including DNA segments total elimination destruction. By bribes if any other word is used including word like massacre or Atrocity crimes, that only will serve the big barbarian criminals who committed Armenian Genocide.

Population of Zet`un came lont time ago from city of Ani West Armenia, people of Zeyt`un become under authority of Ottoman Empire in 1517, later on Zeyt`un people received declaration (Ferman) allowing Zeyt`un Armenian to have their territorial rights and limited leadership under Zeyt`un Governors or with control with 4 Armenian prince privileges, everything went smoothly until Ottomans under “Deonme” Young Turks that were Jews that adapt Islam directed the Empire into anarchy, all this political conflict bring city of Zet`un into rebellion against Ottoman totalitarian authorities in 1895, after big fights Turks send this announcement Governor treaty pact to city of Zeyt`un that later on Turks did not kept their promises.

Turks are expert to gather all merciless fighters from all around their neighborhood especially Kurds and formed forceful barbaric warriors against Zeyt`un Armenians that also are residents in Turkey for thousands of years, Turks gave command to slaughter Armenian. People of Zeyt`un already heard that in that all around Turkey cities like Istanbul and Ankara many Armenians were suffering unspeakable brutality and murdered, by treasonous telling others that some Armenians in Russian territories are used to fight against Turks, In Russian territories Russian Armenian had no choice to obey their government, young Armenian children had no any control in this warfare, when Turkish soldiers open the tummy of pregnant Armenian woman to play a game so soldiers gamble to find out the unborn baby is a girl or a boy torturing the mother alive is unspeakably brutality of barbarism, and then till now Turks are declaring it was a war and both sides suffer, How Turks suffer when they steal the houses and lands and young Armenian girls and massacre objectors in the Genocide, How did Turks suffer? If a few Armenians rebel and object and sacrifice themselves against Turkish inhuman aggression killing a few thousands of Turks and Armenian losing one and half million public men and woman and children’s, Turkish logic  call this as suffering both sides. Until now by international Mafia New world order Turks don’t teach in their schools the reality truth of Armenian Genocide, any Turk hearing about it in overseas they get offended considering as lie, in their stubborn attitude Turks also ignore all the rest of governments that except Armenian genocide happened in 1915 punishing them by calling their ambassadors and then by lowering their noses down they return them. Turkish attitude to murder and do other genocides is part of very natural, especially when others don’t worship the God they worship. Same with Jews they consider other nations as Gentile “An inferior form of living thing”

Why Israel rejects the expression Armenian Genocide?

Why Israeli government once a while deliberate on the word Armenian Genocide? Just to bargain with Turkish government, later on keep quiet, they pass over the subject.
Israelis refuse or reject that Turks commit Armenian Genocide, because most high ranking Young Turk officers were Jews that converted to Islam, if Israelis declare Armenian Genocide, Turkish Nation might reveal entire criminal activities that happened all the proofs what free Mason Jews did in Turkey in the turn of the century.

Turks feel honored when say sharafimize (Turkish Pride reputation or Honor), but being afraid confessing their crimes committed against Armenians in Genocide, killing Turkish Armenian citizens stealing their land raping slaughtering innocent children burning them in churches in barbaric ways. What kind of Sharafimize (Honor) is that? In normal terminology that is called “Dishonor"

Why Turks don`t admit their political faults?

Turks believe they had strong army, they concord many lands in Asia and Europe. Turks teach their children in school to say “I am proud to be a Turk” not being aware that not admitting mistakes is very childish, Unfortunately it looks if Turks don`t admit any faults by their Government considering that weakness, Every time I have conversations with Turkish people I notice they don`t know their history about Armenian Genocide no matter almost entire World population know all the crimes Turks had against all their foreign residents except the Jews Turks massacre Greeks Assyrians Armenians and others” 

Let`s ask the Historians

Every time the articled Armenian Genocide mentioned the Turks say let`s bring out the International historians perspectives to avoid the subject but they never bring out any International historians testimonies to the subject. I have many testimonial witnesses such as Lewis Einstein as American Charge D`affairs in Constantinople. American Consul Jesse B Jackson in Aleppo 1908-1923. Abram Isaac Elkus United States Ambassador to Ottoman Empire from 1916-1917. Henry Morgenthau Sr. United States Ambassador 1913-1916. George Horton, American consul in Izmir 1911-1917. James Habord, Lieutenant General in United States Army. George E White, head of Anatolia College in Merzifon 1913-1933. Walter M Geddes American businessman witnessed deportees in Syria Desert (Aleppo) we have many missionaries that their existence in Turkey might firm the standpoint of Christian Armenian; Turks did not eliminate the Missionaries but executed Armenians who follow Christian fait by invasion to eliminate Armenians in Genocide. Those testimonies from the missionaries also stand as witness by their own account, some of this missionaries are from, Ruth A Parmelee. Clarence Ussher also Floyd Olin Smith Physician and Missionary in Van and Diyarbakir in 1913-1917. Other missionaries were Elizabeth Ussher in Van. Grace Knapp in Van. Tacy Atkinson in Harpurt. Ernest Yarrow in Van. Marry Graffon in Sivas. Henry H Riggs in Kharpert. A Physician in American hospital, Fred D Sheppard in Antep. Os course there are many other testimonies from other nations as well. Converted Jews to Islam and Free masons under the supervision of New World Order, I call it New World Disorder) enforcing United States and Israel to not formally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

As you observe symbol of Turkish flag is mostly dark side of the moon. Turks feel comfortable representing more Dark side of the moon as they always keep truth of Armenians in Dark side. That’s why put your focus to inform worlds other countries about the crimes of Turks in Armenian Genocide. This word was invented by Arthur Lemkin combining Greek word “Geno” (Race) with the word “Cide” (Killing) together forming word Genocide. Ehen Turks totally exterminated Armenian from their possessions of lands and history leaving only some Armenians who pretended for a while that excepting Turkish religion, their process is totally Barbaric and still Turks are trying to murder the name Genocide, considering Armenians as Evil and all that talk the truth considering them standing with evil.

In Turkish schools till our day teacher teach, Armenian killed Turks, yes some very small group of Armenians took revenge by seeing the massacre of their relatives, here is some of the scene where Armenian that were Turkish citizens did not convert to Islam. they were raped and killed in barbaric ways. Background of Turks are Mongols, as in any race there are good or bad people, descendants of Turkish Empire came from bloodthirsty terror leader Genghis Khan that lived in 1206 and killed 40 million people, his followers invaded lands all the way to Europe, Impersonators spirit introduced to continue with Turks that is unlawful enemy combatants against anyone or any faith that is not in their control, modern terrorist follow this unlawful enemy combatants attitude in many countries. In Armenian Genocide by Turks many Armenian girls were raped then asked them you do you still want to follow Jesus? Here you go on the cross go follow him.  

Bible writing started by Moses that were been told verbally much more earlies time periods, Muslim religion writings basic historical details are taken from the bible same with Christian writings, during time great stress was left over this writings to personalized according to their public preferences,   Definitely the Creator of life will make an arrangement to release his thoughts to humans; on the other hand Satan will try his best to confuse true thoughts misleading humankinds, that’s why today we have millions of religions, for example the oldest bible the Sinai bible exist in the British museum and was found are over 14.800 differences between this bible and between standard King James version, on top of the differences with the writings nationality partisans are killing other people who have the same spiritual writing because they are not part of their party, addition to that they are killing other nations and different faith groups, all are declaring they own Gods thoughts they are the only true representative of god, trying to teaching God of love but yet killing God`s creations all other people with different faiths, instead of love they are teaching hate and revenge going as far as creating barbarism valence in eliminating others. Many times I hear from some religions who declare “We represent peace and harmony” some faiths that are declaring those comments when they are minorities in different lands as soon they become majority and complete power in their hands no more peaceful for rest of other minorities in their ruling country, forcing all others to except their faith or die. Just in a split of a second somehow peacefulness in their tradition vanishes away. 

Centuries Armenians lived in Turkey paying their taxes, it came to a point that Turks noticed that Armenians are not dissolving with turkey fully because of their Christian religion, especially in 1800 century Catholics, protestant Church started to go in Armenian civilization and having new members. Some Turkish representative became more attentive to their religion of Islam and starts to think how to take actions. Some verses from Quran start to be considered especially Turks had the authority to imply their beliefs. Verses like Qur`an 9:29 “Fight those who do not believe, until they surrender, paying the protective tax in submission” so they start asking more tax from Christian Armenians unless they adopt Muslim religion.

Another verse Qur`an, 2:191 “Kill them wherever you find and catch them. Drive them out from where they turned you out, for Al-Fitah (Polytheism, disbelief. oppression. Gevur) is worse than slaughter” Turks believed that as fundamental right for their faith they are allowed to massacre Armenians in vicious way, afterward even after many years if they deny the Genocide it will not be inadequacy for them because they did that according to their faithful beliefs, and that was the right to do at that times, if times permit “Insha-Allah” (Gods willing) they are always ready to repeat their actions, as long teaching of their religion encourage that to do as authentic Turkish citizen.

On many occasions it is explained how the word of Islam means peace. Islam also means submission. Anyone leaving Islam religion conviction leads to guilty verdict into death by the Islamic faith, usually are executed cutting off their head, as it was suggested by law of Quran 5:33 Quran 8:12 Quran 47:4 every time when so called Muslim individual is leaving religion of peace. In conclusion Islamic faith is total annihilation of other religions. Sometimes Muslims that are in different group or party of Islam don’t be so lucky by their belief, where both groups follow Quran principles. We Armenians understood very well that Islamic Osmania Turks have one principle that based on their Muslim faith. As Soon Turks get complete power a symbolic puffed up position of authority like sitting on a horse, they don`t have a live and let live policy, their sting out policy is convert or be viciously massacre. Almost all Kurdish people convert into Islam in Turkey, but that was not enough, Kurds have to declare themselves Turks and talk only Turkish language in Turkey, I am sure you know what`s going on between Turks and Kurds in Turkey now.

Some of Islamic belief is to total annihilation other faiths, Armenians had Christian faith but that meant still part of polytheists, In Beirut Lebanon I went 1 years in Islamic school in “Sin-El-Fill” one year in “Sabtieyeh Nabaa” One of the Mullah teachers “Sheikh “discourse about faith of Islam, reading and explaining how to participate in Islamic religion. Very advance Muslim faithful’s some were very peaceful and understanding but others very strict in applying word by word the writings.

Surat At-Tawbah (The Repentance) – سورة التوبة ... 9:5. فَإِذَا انسَلَخَ الْأَشْهُرُ الْحُرُمُ فَاقْتُلُوا الْمُشْرِكِينَ حَيْثُ وَجَدتُّمُوهُمْ وَخُذُوهُمْ وَاحْصُرُوهُمْ وَاقْعُدُوا لَهُمْ كُلَّ مَرْصَدٍ 

Surat At-Tawbah [verse 5] - And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and ...

The name Muslim meant peace, those who follow this principle work to act peacefully, some of them probably think that to be peaceful it meant to do nothing or do not blame the wrongdoer if the crime done to other religions, so by quiet stand they are showing peace with everyone, major Muslims that have the authority to comment regarding crime’s against mankind by Turks that are also have Muslim faith is gone without any comment.

Additional verses from the book of Qur`an teaches how to damage hurt and kill non Muslims, you can check and read Qur`an  3:23 9:5 47:35 48:29 9:73 35:50 70:22-30 2:106 9:111 fornication is considered a sin in Qur`an  4:24 but this what it say if you capture families or married couples as captives or slaves, the Qur`an 4:24 give Muslims to feel free to rape because they are slaves. So Ottoman Muslims in Turkey they applied or those direct words in Qur`an from Allah against Armenian to Genocide 1914. Since then Armenian keep telling all occurrences to the World, All Nations as an Allie to Turkey they all covered their EARS but for sure when someday great harm done to Europeans and other Nations in same manner, probably someday they will understand what we were talking about.

Tabari IX :126 Ishaq 389 “When Muhammad saw Hamzah he said “if Allah gives me victory over Quraysh at any time. I shall mutilate thirty of their men!” When the Muslim saw the rage of the prophet they said “By Allah if we are victorious over them. We shall mutilate them in a way which no Arab has ever mutilated anybody”

Many years earlier American sixth president John Quincy Adams said “The natural hatred of the Mussulmen (Islam) toward the infidels (those who don’t have Muslim faith) is in just according with the percepts of the Qur`an”

This is the declaration to exterminate Armenians in Turkey by criminal Tallaat
Abdullahad Nouri Bey subsequently issued the following order­;
 "N0 official will he held responsible for any severities connected with the deportations of Armenians.” In accordance with the foregoing instructions, .all the deportees in Bab were to be driven out within twenty-four hours. The number of deaths was reported to Constantinople by cipher-telegram once a fortnight. The Government demanded that the life and honors of the Armenians should be destroyed. They no longer had any right to exist. Talaat Pasha wrote­ “It is necessary to punish those who wish to ensure the existence of the Armenians, who have for centuries been an element of danger to Turlu~y, and have r€e cently tried to inundate the whole of our country with blood. Send secret instructions to the Officials.”
 " … A cipher-telegram from the Ministry of the Interior, sent to the government of Aleppo; “Dec. 1, 1915. In spite of the fact that it is necessary above all to work for the extermination of the, Armenian Clergy, We hear that they are being sent to suspicious places like Syria and Jerusalem. Such a permit is an unpardonable delinquency. The place of exile of such seditious people is annihilation. I recommend you to act accordingly. 

"Minister of the Interior, "TALAAT.”  

Almost all Armenian Genocide organizers in Turkey were Crypto Jews of the “Donmen”, outwardly appearing to be Muslims still they were Jews, following the custom of Jewish occult “Kabbala” so secretly they were part of Zionist vision to invade Jerusalem, All in History Jews and Palestinians who were decedents of old Phoenicians lived on same location Jerusalem. Many Genocides holocausts happen in History but Armenian Genocide by the hand of Jews Turks and Kurds were definitely undeniably unequivocally GENOCIDE. Still Turks and Jews are denying the Armenian Genocide that happened. Not only that in modern times Israel is helping to assign leaders in Muslim countries members from occult kabbala members of Crypto Jews in Turkey Azerbaijan so on to depress and execute Armenians in their territories till to our days. Openly Israelis call Azerbaijanis and Turks “Our friends” Also in entire world. New world order, are assigning their agent to take over representation to guide entire population of the world, every time I watch the TV for example to see Turkish president Erdogan meet President Barak Hussein Obama of US under a rainy day under the umbrellas in the white house, I can’t hear what they talking secretly but I know what they were deciding word by word by watching months later news the events that are taking place between Turkey and their neighbors. Then I could figure out what was the discussion were all about.

Today many civilizations blame all sort of Genocide they want the guilty to bring up to justice. Even big political governments believe so unless if the criminal is a political ally, all their sins are covered, the way some have political interest, where all human rights can be stride. Or another way to receiving bribe between ally governments, it’s a bad habit but they enjoy it for political gains, large financial firms make big contributions to representatives to make bigger investments in a different arena. Very rich representative sacrifice themselves for governmental positions spending millions. They make even bigger prizes when up there. What will happen to regular people? If you unaware about it you can look around and find out, there are many forms of killing and death some people who always have hates to other Nations might cherish their hearts to enjoy seeing their enemies reaching that torchers death stage that is slowly torcher from hunger slow death where every second passes makes their pain unbearable, Armenians were sent to Deir-El- Zore by Turks to exile without food or drink to make them reach into torchers stage.


I grow up inside both Muslim and Armenian orthodox neighborhoods also having some evangelizing communities; two years attended Muslim school where I met many imams Persians call them Ayatollah, in middle east they are called mufti mullah in Muslim Imam “Khatibs” speakers, spend sometimes with also other group from Muslim faith as Sunnis Shia Mutwalis Druze’s Allawi`s and so on. Major group of Islam are Sunni 85% and Shia 15% they both consider Quran to be divine but as different opinions over collective teaching reports from Ancient Prophet Muhammad “hadith” quote (collections of reports) their relations became as two denominations as you see the oppositions they have against each other. In my experience with Muslims I met three different level of relationship, first they are very honest peaceful friendly with their neighbors and helpful to others they hate immorality and crimes, this first group is more close to spatiality, of course it is known there is differences between spirituality and religion (Religions guided by principle rules and declaring punishments as from God and representatives of religions, they say God will punish bad people after they die) so first level of Muslims still obey rules but also they are close to spirituality and keep peace with their neighbors. Second level of Muslims live very close to morality that the word offers secretly as possible they participate in everything the world offers bringing them further away from spirituality, Third level of Muslims are the ones that give their ears to certain type of imams muftis and mullahs, in Lebanon depending what lecture the Imam gave that day we might see either demonstrations in streets or people go quietly into their homes, religion can stress  law to punish unfaithful, as Gods representatives speakers can deliver execution to clear all other religions to stay in control, third level has no any connection with spirituality feeling friendly with nature and all people and all other Nations, this is what we Armenians experienced from Turks in 1915 in Armenian Genocide) fanatic people go on and take the challenge doing Gods Judgment by their own hands killing many) when this crimes were happening in Turkey most other Muslims worldwide did not blame Turkey, same with Christian Nations they went quiet about it to keep Turkey as an alley for her geographical position, One unfortunate happening I experienced same when any Christian can go into different level of spirituality it is same with Muslims any moment they can go into other level of spirituality. The barbaric crimes the world experienced is almost nothing comparing the new generation of teaching training preparing very young warriors to be used for coming Massacres that are planned for other faiths. Most danger on top of that when Zionist know this characteristics and they will use weaknesses in different faiths and Nations planning to massacre each other, the way Zionist did to Turks and Armenians in 1915. Making Muslims hate Christians and Christian hating Muslims.

How can a Muslim change his or her stand toward individuals from other beliefs or faiths.

Any Muslim who is not aware all quotations from Quran will not be strong with considers other religions and then some imam might explain the Muslim, understanding Quran book 37 Hadith 1. 3971 or Grad-Sahih (Darussalam) learning obligations as Muslim, The prohibition of bloodshed “I have been commanded to fight the idolaters until they bear witness to (La ilaha illalah) “God don’t have God” there is none worthy to worship except Allah and Muhammad is slave and messenger of God and pray as we pray and face to Qabalah and eat our slaughter animals” so non-Muslims excepting Allah one God will have same rights and obligations as Muslim. Or lose everything they own. Anyone do not obey Allah calls them “Nudges” as feces urine filthy or contaminated a filthy impurity those are the ones that worship other Gods a “Mushrik” someone who worship another than Allah, Mushrik life holds no value in the state of jihad, taking by force, all property of non –Muslim becomes halal (officially allowed by Sharia) as prophet Muhammad said quoted the Hadith “I have been commanded to fight the people until they say (La illah illalah” all unbelievers are Kafirs or Kuffar najasa spiritual filthiness that only be purified by excepting Allah and Muhammad as his prophet. Any damage by true Muslim destroying kaffar houses occupies all their belongings are rightful Hallal by law not a crime. As long Muslims holding Quran in their hands can’t sit down in peace with other Nations with different faiths. Jews are too close to Islam in the sense that they worship one God plus many prophets Jews identify also acknowledged by Islam, but Christian have faith in Almighty and Jesus as one God also some other Christians excepting trinity as one God, there are other non-Christians who have many Gods, sooner or later it might bring them into conflict with Islam, this is the major differences with Islam and other religions.

In conclusion, according to Quran and Muslims those Armenians that did not declare “La illah illalah” are people are victims without dignity, any massacre that have been committed to people who are not Islam might be seemed protection military interest, so as I see, Turks can drive out locals to kill and make public cleansing as ethnic cleansing will be fair punishment, targeting victims that are not Islam, it is halal to Genocide and take their belonging because victims were “Nudges” but if in case any moment Islam’s or Turkmens are occupying neighboring country and locals drive out Turkmens Ohh that is ethnic cleansing but if Turks are driving Armenians from 4.000 years old lands their houses that were also paying their taxes when Ottoman empire took over Armenians became naturalized citizens paying their taxes still Turks were massacring Armenian children, considering not a crime or ethnic cleansing because Turks are following their religious principles, unfortunately still the Word community expecting that they can regulate or observe Genocide prevention when the flame still in blaze when dignity of the sufferers have no any value as human being because non-Muslims are not declaring “La illah illalah wa Muhammada rassul Allah” (God has no God and Muhammad is prophet of God)

After Turks started to eliminate under Zionist plans, Armenian had no other choice but to defend themselves with neighborhood people selling their stock of cow’s sheep buying a rifle to protect their family, first organized, first political fighter groups were called “Hnchag” that meant (ring-bell) to provide protection of Armenians, because most Armenians were Freemasons so all their activities were reported to Young Turk Leaders that were planning the Genocide, after that another Armenian organization formed under name “Tashnak” that meant piano (Harmonist) the word (ner-tashnak) meant (Harmonious) sound to protect civilians from Turks and Kurds. Turks call it Armenian and Turkish clashes were civil war where both sides suffer, in reality Turks kept Armenian lands homes and churches and raped the villagers slave them to except Islam religion, in 1909 Turkish city of Adana 100.000 Armenian citizens put out from their homes were rape slaughter and tortured by Jewish young Turks, others throw them into desert with no food and water to be destroyed, till now once a while Turks shout loud in street (Best Armenians are Dead Armenians) Excuse that Turks bring out that Armenians were backing up Russians at that time against Turkey, Communist Russians? Jewish Rothschild wanted to abolish Christianity in Turkey Rothschild’s were friends of young Turks Donmeh, Jewish banks supplied Atheist communist Karl Marx was a Jewish part of Israel and the Jewish-run Anti Defamation league ADL

                                         FAITH IN MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS

Many religious writing reveal that Satan seeks to be worshiped as God, in simple calculation 1) God is love all men and women are Gods creation and children, life generating force engendered from Almighty God who dearly care about his creations, God supplies all necessities of life to make life enjoyable, any moment God can limit life range of a person or any second he can stop a person from life energy, every second one lives is a gift from God. Second perception 2) Satan cuckolded into some of worlds philosophical religious minded leader who seek power and wealth to control others, convincing many that God met with them (Satan or true God not clear) and have an assignment from God to kill innocent people who don’t have same beliefs of philosophies like their faith, by creating conflicts creating massacres Genocides many killings of other innocent people, if they do so they will be rewarded in heaven for killing Gods creations Gods family his children’s on Earth. What logic? Number One or Number two? If someone is with Number 3 (Atheist) or other group standards we all together should respect life as a great gift to respect and appreciate.

 Many respectful people tried to clarify the mind of other people to make them awaken do decide on the truth of this matter. Nikola Tesla is one of the great intellectual scientists that gave right suggestion about the value of human life, saying “everyone should consider his bods as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, as a marvelous work of art of indescribable beauty and mastery beyond human conception and so delicate and frail that word of breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it” Animals kill other life to get nourishment, men kill animals and people for entertainment and fun to show his power.Tesla wrote about his life and European life what Turks did in Europe you can give a look in his writings.

Some modern Turkish politicians that still are connected with Young Turks are trying to go back to older memories of Ottoman considering killing Genocide with pride of accomplishment, they want to keep themselves in illusion some sort that they are superiors, real mature people think about future, all crimes that they accomplish only the sufferer asks for compensation and have the right to do so, but people who feel proud with crimes they committed and denying their inhuman criminalities, yes it is very strange they keep themselves in old criminal illusions that make them happy, anytime, this sort of people will commit other crimes and Genocides to keep themselves in the same illusions.  

My ancestors are from old Armenian community that were in the western side of Armenia, having several thousand years of history and kingdoms, location was dangerous because all the great invaders had to pass through continuously this geographical location to invade other lands, Armenians were the only nation during Crusader war with Salah El Din and received great hospitality by Armenians, later on Armenians were left alone under Muslim invaders and forgotten by Europeans. Western Armenians became citizens of Turkey and kept their obedient to Turkish nation giving Art and cultural up building advancements.. Armenian Genocide was so devastating crime done against Armenians, was in term lowest form of crime in the century, Wilson Churchill first called it crime without name but thinking hard about it decided to call it Armenian Genocide.You can find information about the Armenian Genocide in Wikipedia “Armenian Genocide”

 Turn of the century 1890 Turks notice that Armenians were in good state by educational and financial fields as all the time during Turkish civilizations but the loss of Turks in eastern Europe and hate toward them many Turks came back to Turkey and start great tension against Christianity by analyzing that they were treated against their faith, many immigrant came back and in great need to survive, same manner. 

                                                                                                                                                                           Turkey started throwing out those Armenian citizens, during the massacre by Osmania Turks. Even though Armenians living in that locations for over 3000 years, From sea to sea, Black Sea Mediterranean and Caspian sea. Many generations of kingdoms, but the location was a passage to other concourses. When Osmania Empire rebuild Jerusalem, big numbers of Armenians engineer participated were used to rebuild old Jerusalem City, as a reward they received respectful property inside the city of old Jerusalem till now. Before I was born in Lebanon my ancestors lived in Turkey as citizens in that country.

                           Armenian Religions

4000 years ago Armenians worship the Sun as Grand Creator until the first century where they became Christians by the order Armenian king Dertad who excepted christianaty from  Krikor the Elightener "Lusavorich", right away people except the religion before understanding what Christianity really is, they kept all their formerly pagan holidays and some of their ceremonies as throwing water on “Wartavar” holiday, making big piles on fire spinning around and jumping over the fire in “Derndess” or “Deanterarach”. (During my youth I participated in “Derndess” ceremony in many occasions) after Armenians became Christians they add the motion to bring the starting fire from nearby churches. Another holiday they were not to eat grapes until the pagan priest sing a ceremony on the product, after Christianity Armenian priest gave a ceremony on the grapes to be legal to eat. Jesus disciples did not adopt formerly Jewish mass and dress code of the priest and using holly instruments to ceremony but Armenians adopted some of Jewish methods in their own personalize fashion in their worship and many other participations. During history Armenians became divided by invaders to Became Eastern and Western Armenia, so in Cilicia region did not had high priest represented, in Western Armenia in Turkey they anoint second high priest on behalf of Cilicia Armenian. Later on some converted into Born again and Catholics and many others Christian groups, but Turks always wanted for Armenians to convert into Islam.

Year 325 A.D. Imperator Constantine (He was not a Christian) invited all Roman Empire first association all the representatives’ Christian church through on assembly in Council of Nicaea. Armenians were also inviting with Greeks and Russians. Armenian did not join into Roman Catholic membership or authority to pay church taxes and announce their own personal “Catholigos” most high representative in Eastern Armenia “Etchmiazin” Church that was established by a Persian or “Bartev” that adapted Christianity in the first century and became first church representative his name was “Krikor Lusavorich” his name meant “Elightener” who became first high priest for the Armenian Nation.

Regarding moral values that so called holly books teach in Armenian community The high priest “Katoligos” and high clergymen’s prevent themselves to marry not according the bible but according the church regulations to stay holly, But the bible allows priest to marry instead having affairs with others, forbidden to marry principle in Armenian church secretly brings many so called holly ones to lure for immorality of course there might be exceptions but more or less they are humans and need physical needs that sometimes there is no control over it as long they have complete physical body. Though they have privacy in monasteries men living with men, but in worldwide news we always hear instances where their relationship in almost all religions are published happenings that are totally immoral.

Religion under governmental rules always cooperating to the low helping their directives in return receiving allowance to religion leaders to have permission ruling over people, worldwide governments need religious organizations to have more order ruling over people in return spiritual leaders are willing to give what governments want of them, sometimes they bargain but always they obey for privileges that they will receive as rewards from the authorities.

In the case of Armenians and other Nations in worldwide and in communism countries, the police gently ask the priest under what governmental authority you are living. You have responsibility to cooperate with whom? In case you keep secrets from us what will happen to you? So the interest of your community is important or your personal interest or destruction. You better inform us everything going on in your community and smile them keep on the good work, do you understand? Religious shepherd understands so do we!

In Cilicia because Armenians had to pay much more taxes than Islam Turks My grandparents’ town Zeiytoun rebelled against the Osmania government to pay for equal taxes and they were refused, probably the world does not know how angry Turks act if anyone oppose or question their authority. Turks can act uncontrolled anger to their own Muslim population imagine how they might threat or react to Christians that were called by Turks “Gevur” that is the worst blasphemed that they pronounce. So in 1862 city of Zeyt`un stop paying any taxes to Turks, Zeyt`un, 3 men with prince titles represent uprising, they were Ghazar Shavoian, Dermovses Khachugents, and Prince Asdvazadur Yeniduniaian. In the uprising in many occasions Turkish army representative made some meeting with Zeyt`un 4 religious groups and 4 family and political representatives, Asdvazadur Yeniduniain did not attend any of them. In 1915  Armenian Genocide turks  take over Armenian lands homes and all their belonging and throw them away out of Turkey because Armenians did not convert into Islam, Armenians became nomads only for two or three months or so. As soon they went into a city right away their cultural wealth made them to struggle to find work, education, right away they learn to speak new language, neighboring Arabic Greek Persian and many other languages, very soon some of the accomplished into high position in businesses and why not also they accomplished to build schools factories trades churches high position inside government as ministers and governors, Armenian are 5 thousand years old Nation that had kings that`s why they know the skill of Jewelry art making, also they have  many scientific professors.

My grandmother, my mother`s last name Mardirossian but later was recorded on aunts last name Alabashian , she married to Minas Mardirossian Orthodox Christian preacher in Ker-khan Village. My mom born in Kerk-Khan may 13 1932. Their parents owned large property 18 acres land of vine and gardens area called Bunduk. My father side grandfather was the youngest of 11 brothers, their village of Zeitun, 700 years ago it was a Greek town with great hot bath halls and had many springs of water on hillsides, thousands of cave tunnels some were home for bears , gradually Greeks sold their properties left the town to other locations, Zeyt`un hade hospitals University and factories of smelting and making weapons, some mining and they prepared their own powder for ammunition and many industrial workshops and farming manufactures in every sort. Good horseman and trained worriers to defend their territories. Zeyt`un city is now called Sulleimenli. My grandfather’s family had very larger property of vines and fruit trees. They had four small springs of water in their property, side of their property line been my mother’s side parcels separate locations very fruitful land; properties were attached to my father side properties. All were lost but never forgotten. Grandfather lost 11 older brothers in Alabash town war in Zeit`un. After all their parents die my mother lived, first in a German orphanage Chimlan, under supervision of Missbill in Lebanon. When she was older, they send her to Syria to live with her aunt Abla and had good Armenian language education that made her capable to write letters to educational school charity arrangements helping hundreds of families to educate their children who cannot effort school expenses. Having that capability. My father side lived in Bourj- Hammoud Beirut, they bought very small property in orange orchard 1929 and built a 2 flour house, this was one of earliest buildings in that location that time, and they received Lebanese citizenship. Relatives and friends suggested that it will be a good choice, if my father marries to my mom; my father was 12 years older than my mom at that time. Older friends suggested “someday if you two go back to Turkey; two families will be neighbors again”. Now they are buried in Pasadena California in up close to each other. 

They get married in Lebanon, about a year later my brother Garabed born 1948, couple weeks later my brother became ill, the doctor recommended penicillin, and my parents could not effort the medicine. One night in my mom`s dream that she was in a train station, one black large train came and stop one old man with very long white beard came down from the train, he pick from my mother`s hand her baby, went back to the train and, left with the train. Suddenly my mom wake up check the baby, he was already dead. One years later I was born 1949, Fourth of July in Hotel DIEU (Hotel of GOD) a French hospital located in Beirut. One day before my birth, in my mom`s dream, same train same old man came, give the baby back to my mom and he left with the train. I was born one day father registered me legally 4 years later after some changes in birth certificate, jobs like that was so common those days, so they registered me, four years younger and different date and month, if others will check they could not compare to avoid bigger penalties. After I born my parents decided to call my name John, to my father`s dad like my grandfather`s name. But he object because, one day before my birth another mysterious man in his dream came and ask him to call his grandson KRIKOR and this boy will be a great man in his nation, like the other long time Patriarch “Krikor Lusavoritch” who introduced to Armenian faith of Christianity, changed religion of Armenians from pagan Sun worship to Christianity in the first Century. Our relative friends accepted my grandfather`s suggestions. With my younger sister Mary we lived in Beirut. When I rise up with that hopeful name still being a kid my father made special appointments to introduce me to Armenian intellectual`s poet`s authors and heroes, even to officials that I was going to be a popular individual in the future. My Grandfather insisted to name me Krikor same as the Armenian Patriarch (Krikor Lusavoritch” as a light bringer or light worker. When I grow up I became a regular guy nothing more than others, slight difference I noticed after growing older taught I have no high education I started to research about cosmos somehow I felt that I could express myself about Universe in logical sense with many perspectives, especially I tried to merge dualities into oneness choosing mu topic of my Blogs reconciling God and science considering many subjects that only well educated people feel to express their perspectives, still I am looking forward to find secrets of life and Universe by continuously thinking about it.

Jews had great effect on Armenian life and history. Source of that culture came by some Mongols.

Richest families of Jews came from north of Black sea in Russia from Khazars (Khazaria in Georgia) that originally are Mongols and converted into Jewish faith in 740 A.D. one of this families are Rothschild they also were called Ashkenazi Jews with other popular families that have worldwide positions financial fortunes control over media news and global political representing, economic social and religious organizations, illuminates, Freemasons then masonic lodges and put basic educational starting Universities worldwide. Important efforts were given to their family education by illuminati’s for coming generations to prepare elected appointed representatives. One member from Rothschild descendent in 1743 Amschel Bauer adapted hexagram 6 angles 6 vertex 6 corners 666 as Rothschild star hexagram sign, many years later it became national flag sign in Israel. Khzars mixed with Russian then into Turkish society by converting into Islam; some later converted into satanic religions and later into many other,  in modern times you can see Jew Christians also many educated Jews in our days converting to atheism, long time ago they adapted the name of Satan from the Bible that was “Lucifer” in  1770 also they were called Luciferian (Keepers of light) this families did not own a country as government but had effect on all regimes history, they developed Bolsheviks and damage some in Europe, Russia, Asia middle East and many other places, also they plan to make strong governments for their purpose, always use for their advantages being opportunist, as soon USA had nuclear bombs right away they make arrangement for Russian to have all the secrets to build their own so they can balance the power for their advantage. Politically always active like Bilderberg, that has extensions into Globalization and Trilateral commission. Some of these details can be found in Jewish encyclopedia 1905 edition volume 10 pages 494 


In 18 century many educated Armenian tempted to become members in Masonic organization hoping to have individual advantage unfortunately they became tools together information that was important to masons. All criminal representatives that regulate Armenian Genocide were masonic young Jewish Turks. Turn of the century still great numbers of Armenians accepted Masonic membership including government officer’s high rank religious leaders and so on till our day, like a puppet Armenian leaders stressing more about Holocaust rather than Armenian Genocide as faithful agent to Israel that totally denying Armenian Genocide. New world order has great numbers of other organizations where individual naïve Armenians are members being active servants. Proper Armenians can’t see still carrying this infection that is damaging Armenian interest worldwide.

All educated Armenian student returned from Germany 1915 into their hometown Istanbul Turkey, most of them were in Free Mason organization didn’t know that those free doom is disaster to Armenians, free masons got all information from Armenians and then report sent Armenian educated class into barbaric execution of Armenian Genocide. In modern years Armenian not learning from their mistakes big number of Armenians is still members in Freemason organization in Turkey and all over the world. If you talk with such Armenian Freemasons they say “No, Free Mamasons are not Jewish” that true Freemason Armenians are not Jewish but head counter of that organization that collect all information to new world order are Zionist Jews of New world disorder accomplishment. So future of Armenians is still in same consequence as it was in Turkey before the Armenian Genocide.Young Jewish Turks reached to high positions inside Ottoman empire, young Turk Free Masons organized to arrest all Armenian Dignitaries by false accusations to Genocide Armenians, then gradually destructed entire Armenian communities, after accomplishing their plans they continue their activities as peaceful Free mason organization helping everyone to collect all new information from everywhere to be used accomplish new Israel Government objective in Middle East.

Young Jewish Turks planned and orchestrated The Armenian Genocide during 1915 also other Genocides earlier against Armenian still continuing by denying Armenian Genocide by their organizations that also is continuation of Genocide name or the right of acceptance that happened so they can be protected, not to punished for their crimes till now, before 1915 young Turks Jewish minority convert into Islam, in any moment they can convert back into their original religion and also for their political gain can convert into Christianity or any other religions only for temporary task, this same group that following to accomplish New world order “I call it new world disorder” are doing many other political surprises that bringing entire Human race into great suffering and misery day after day until complete annihilation of human race, by just hoping or relying over into their religious prophesies that they will rule the entire World, because of this procedures during history so many time their Nation came into great suffering, but the same mentality still rules.

This free mason rule continued later on in Turkey and elsewhere on almost entire World in every rich country developing fifth column to build new world disorder, the word fifth column was from Spanish civil war in 1930 the involved activist guerrillas controlled by intellectuals either in open or secretly to bring all wealth and power into international mafia organization. The most important figure of Turkey was also free mason ethnic Jew a Donmeh Mustafa kemal Ataturk his real name was Moshe-Samuel Yahuda ( you also “ M-Kemal. BlogSpot .com” after Turkey economically was broke Illuminati org help Turkey so stand up financially through Kemal to follow Future Israeli accomplishments. Together Turks and secret Jewish societies such as Crypto Jews accomplished the Armenian Genocide, still naively many Naïve Armenian serve in these organizations. Still Ataturk stays in highest position in Turkey for your honor. "size uygun şerefinize" 

This worldwide organization are represented by 3 symbols represented in city of USA by the name District of Colombia, they have their own independent constitution with separate low and identity systems, they pay no taxes and control more than 70 largest banks in America. Second headquarters is located inside London England that by the name Corporation of London with Crown Lord Mayor own 385 banks World’s most largest financial powers corporation societies. With Rothschild there are also other representatives are Warburg, Oppenheimer and Schiff. Third largest World power headquarters is also located as Government inside another Government Rome that is Vatican City. These three World power financial organizations are independent governments inside the lands of other government they combine control on the entire new World order. Main control of these corporations is upon Canada Australia and New Zealand but financially they have power over the entire World corporations.

Armenian Genocide was accomplished through manipulation by Jews using Barbarian Ottoman Empire Turks as a tool to massacre Armenians, for Jews Armenians “Goy” "Gentiles" were no human beings as Jewish superior chosen race. In the future Zionist Jews will use other barbaric nations to eliminate the Entire world population directly or indirectly, by using or hiring fanatic criminal fighter trained to kill they will wipe out Middle East to have vacant land punishing all Nations that during history damaged Israeli progress, they will destroy all historic monuments arising cultures of old enemies, if you as neutral individual don’t believe that, just wait and see what will be happen to your race in future, all non-Jewish race will follow to criminal annihilation process by same criminal minds all over the world. Left over by only holly chosen Jewish race in the new world order. I call it New World Disorder.

All the world economic markets and banks are controlled by Rothschild and other many close families like intimate Rockefellers and many others, many other political groups world conspirator organizations and financial dynasties, political establishments in every field worldwide like Bilderberg group, they have representatives also in other religious cultures that are also Encouraged by their ruler ship as you see in Northern Africa up to Turkey, to complete their task of new order worldwide global development, when the time comes through religious power all the Christian nations led out of Africa, always we hear from their representatives what is the approach to rule worldwide, when they say emboldened by West in reality is the international mafia is guiding their decisions. In 20th Century there was a struggle tactics to rule the Earth by East or West by assigning leaders that back up their interests, but as historical proof Socialism was presented by Lenin and Leon Trotsky both were Jews and Illuminate’s. U.N. Bld. Was contributed by Rockefellers and Rothschild`Zionism, if you research you might find the whole picture of control worldwide, So two group of people will clatter someday, the king of the north the Illuminati’s are most powerful seed, their opposes have no power to stand against them, it will come the time when another unknown Universal power will involve and exploit true judgments worldwide. Historians should inform their populations who are considerably spend time with entertainment to show experiences how some religions emphasizing their beliefs to other nations pretending that they have the right to be considered specially chosen race and all other nations are create to be slaves for their race, all those historians will lead their nation into disaster, Armenian Genocide is ultimate example what some nations might to rest of the nations, my pledge to World historians please do not fail your own Nations.

Denial is continuing, America England Australia Israel and some other countries are selling their moral soul to hold on to an “ally” that contravenes all decency by steadfastly denying the historical fact of the Armenian Genocide.


Founder of the modern Turkish Republic in 1923 and revered throughout Turkey, in an interview published on August 1, 1926 in The Los Angeles Examiner, talking about former Young Turks in his country…
These left-overs from the former Young Turk Party, who should have been made to account for the millions of our Christian subjects who were ruthlessly driven en masse, from their homes and massacred, have been restive under the Republican rule.

 Ottoman warriors were very barbaric people, but who organized them to commit Armenian Genocide? They were young Turks that were Jews, pretending to be Islam they were called Dönme. They represented Free Masons, all the leaders committee of Union and progress (ittihat ve terakki cemiyti ) 3 Organizers ministers were Jews like djemal enver and talaat pasha were free mason Jews who organized Armenian Genocide to eliminate Christians in Turkey. They are following long generational family of Rothschild`s Illuminati Zionism that worship the” Lucifer” and any moment for their imminent gain they can call themselves as Christians or any other faith, they have continuous plans to eliminate Christians of the world and why not start in Turkey, indirectly they will reach to invade Jerusalem in the future, take full control of Turkey under the leadership so called Jews that are called Sephardic Jewish groups, in Turkey they were called Khazar Jews, almost all modern representatives of Turkey like president Erdogan and others are invited to most Jewish memorial to participate signing their partitions in fame guest book of Holocaust because long time ago Turkish ancestors young Turks issued a Fatwa as Islamic sacred duty as Ottoman Caliphate to Eliminate Christians, till now any moment when some honest Turks try to accept that Armenian Genocide history Jews and Israel jump in to deny the Armenian Genocide that ever happened.  Nation of Israel should be the first to understand what does the word massacre Holocaust or Genocide meant, unfortunately they come first to deny, why? Probably a wise man can conclude why? Additionally Free Masons have planned to produce representatives in all other countries Organization also planning to assign leaders of other countries like USA Canada Australia Africa Europe and the rest of this planet, they already own most great powers of banking bringing to their goal New World order, they invaded Russia by communism leaders that were Jews Lenin Stalin and many others. Indirectly Free Masons are guiding certain religions to eliminate Europe by several goals using infiltration moving non Christians to Europe to have many children’s to eliminate European countries, using consolidation of power asking accommodations to find jobs, opening warfare in courts and social services, bringing totalitarian other religions theocracy with other form of religious lows, all the planners for terrorism and wars are the representatives of the New World order using certain religions to follow their plans according to their faith putting more stress on certain sentences from their holy books, for example this last 1.400 year history under Global Caliphate Islam was able to kill 270.000.000 in other faith populations, as long Illuminati agree. When all this religions demolish each other then Zionism will start to demolish the rest already religious totalitarian theocracy killed 60.000.000 Christians including 3.000.000 Armenians 120.000.000 Africans 80.000.000 Hindus 10.000.000 Buddhist and New World order Zionism planning to eliminate 6.5 Billion population in near future, because they feel difficulty to rule over big populations, they believe half billion population is good number to control of course most of them will be Israeli Jews who are experts Architects of denial Armenian Genocide but at the same time very expert to stress Jewish Holocaust, continuously reminding the world about Israelis lost in history. 

I have additional information in my other topic “Israel” in this blogs starting “Sacred secrets of God” you might find additional information regarding this family.

The intellectuals Armenians that met with me by recommendations from my father, the old men explained to me that thousands of Jews became Islam willingly and were called “Donmeh” that word in Turkish it meant “Convert” in 1717 many Jews were immigrated from Spain, 1890 became a political group as committee called young Turks, Jewish bankers like Rothschild from Europe supported them and this new group were also freemasons, Talaat Pasha the finance minister was Jew, Talaat organized all plans to eliminate Armenians, Only Turkish Armenian citizens who converted into Islam were permitted to stay the rest were raped or took their children and rest were thrown out to starve from their homes that they were living for thousands of years, There were also many Armenians in Baku 1921 they were also persecuted and gradually thrown out by Mustafa Kemal Attaturk that also was a Jew, One of my Teacher said Jews cannot except Armenian Holocaust in Turkey and can’t admit that because all the young Turk revolutionist in WI were Jewish that plan the Armenian Massacre. For some time Bolsheviks also supplied Turkey ammunition and weapons to Attaturk in 1920 and big wealth, it is well known that Baku is rich by Oil. In our days there are 10 million Armenians in Turkey that don’t know their origin but genetic test can prove that. Many centuries Armenians gave unselfishly their technology, labor and Art in Turkey living peacefully all that was interrupted. In our times if any Turkish reporters try to bring these truths, right away they thrown into jail or they assassinate the way it happened to Hrant Dink. This is almost all reports I collected from Old survivor Armenians from East Turkey that were living in Lebanon. I never became and don`t like to be popular.
Somehow my parents were disappointed, because I was nothing like that, having sense of humor who doesn`t like to read having some fun with chemistry, making homemade firecrackers, played chess and violin and hunting became a jeweler married, had many hobbies and he study religions. Look nothing like the real “Krikor” that were expecting. Before that until the age nine years old, I spent important valuable time with my grandfather, he took me everywhere he went, when he was discussing history with his associates from the old country, old country struggles they went through, mentality of Turks and Armenians, and now Arabs.   In Osmania culture the king use to have great number of woman that were bought to be part of his “Harem” some of this girls were also from different nations. Usually Sultan died early because of his life luxuries, as soon he died the second in command was his most loving son, the mother of that young boy was still under the supervision of the mother that was not even Turkish, and she had authority to pick the new bride for her son the Sultan, who was the lucky future bride? Someone the mom prefers why not someone from her old civilization. Many times new cultures were adopted by Turks indirectly, the Queen used her formal cultural food recipes, musical instruments and Art. Songs were added in Turkish lyrics, Food recopies were named by Turkish words. During the times when my grandfather took me to association with his old countrymen from Zeytun, I used to listen all the discussions intently, in one of my grandfather`s stories about him when he was very young. One time my grandfather had argument with God. He`s 11 brothers went to fight and defend Armenian villagers from Turks, they did not took him with them because he was too young, after they left saddle the horse went after them to help them, he was lost and didn`t know what direction to take, so with a loud voice he shouted to God or talk to him. Is this a right time to confuse me and to joke with me? When my brother is in need for my help? After my grandfather died, until teenage years my father took me special sessions in our community to make me meet Armenian educated figure representatives in the community, to have important discussion sessions with them. My father like politics all my relatives had responsible positions in Armenian community except me, Never been active member or politician.

 Long time ago my from father`s side my grandma came from Turkey city of Marash, today they call the area as Kahramanmarash, after Turks authorities send the army to civilian Armenian home to invade their housed company of her husband my grandfather was also with her. Before Turk invade their homes put them out, they as family were shelter hid out in a neighboring Turkish family first floor, only with whatever they can carry by hands, my pregnant grandmothers brother name was “Chitirik Manug”, he stand up against solders rejecting to leave his own paint business, the material they use, soldiers beat him then throw him in his paint pond a big pool, full of water and powder of lime and gypsum mud, Turk soldiers throw him in that pool alive, to drown and die. All the relatives witnessed the violence. Later on solders came to the hideout and ask to Turkish family “you have any Armenians up with you? They replied “In the name of “Tanri””God” no Armenians here” Later they left by night. That’s how they survived from death by the help of Turkish families. My family don’t deny that there were many Turks could not except the injustice there government gave to Armenians, but during ages Turkish culture in schools teach different history to not blame themselves, first thing a student learns in school is to pronounce to say “I am proud to be a Turkish” even Turk teach in school that they were the victims not the Armenians. My grandma speaks fluent Turkish I learned from her. Every day I enjoyed the company of my grandfather, he teach me many things, show how to plant vegetables prune trees, take care of ill trees, and many country life methods they had in the old country Zeyt`un. My grandfather passes away when I was 105 years old. Turkey in the days of Osmania Government committed a murder against Armenian Turkish citizens. Until year 2012 Turks denied it because as a nation Turks did not grow to maturity to apology, mentality did not change and prejudices still ruling in Turkey, as long Turkey denies and does not apologize the crimes they stay in guilty state as criminals, because they still face the realities of its past when denying will not solve the problem, Turks can never be inquisitive society as long they don’t have the apology state. Some Turkish allies knowingly the true reality ignores the injustice and cover up to gain political benefits.

Turks are continuing their crimes against their Turkish Armenian citizens till 21st century, personally if as expression, I can walk through me to forgive Turks, not because Turks deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve peace of mind. Comparing to a musical composition in Middle East there is a great power alignment that has its own Composer of power that is (Israel) and director who apply the regulation that is (Turkey) this two powers work together, someday many will agree with me about this duel power control in Middle East that going to take place.

There is great competition Between Turk culture and surrounding countries, about food recipe`s and music styles and art. Turks say all neighboring countries learn from them, and others don’t accept that approach. I can speak some Turkish, once in US watching TV about Mongolian life it surprised me when I was understanding most the words they were using “Attan endim” that’s Turkish jumping down from the horse, yes the language almost the same, Turks bring all their culture from Mongolia to Turkey their Art and music does not exist instrument that were borrowed from Greeks and Armenians, the style of songs and musical instruments in Mongolian culture much different than what exist in Turkey today, about food, all the variety of foods Armenians Greeks Arabic have same recipe`s. Turks have same method recipes they are called by Turkish names and they saying that was introduced by old Turks or Mongolians, but Those recipes don’t exist in Mongolian barbecue recipes. The Osmania rulers kept many women in their palace some of them were other Nationalities, the Sultans mother had to decide which girl had to be carrying the offspring, most of these girls indirectly affected to the culture of Turkey during ages. The advantage of old Mongol soldiers had to invade middle East Caucasian countries (modern Turkey) also big portion from Europe, because there cavalry solders were able to throw their arrows beyond than others, made of bamboo bows while riding the horses, and the arrows were capable to throw farther, solders use to manage horses well, they even used the milk from horses as food, animal meat they cooking in their shields as pots. Home construction methods, they were equipped with portable bamboo homes, that are used even now, some areas in Mongolia, Easy to pack and move to other location according some historical news there was a great agricultural advantages for long period of times in Mongolia many years ego that make flourish and multiply nation of Mongolia before the times of Genghis Khan. So for warfare transformation they had advantages than other nations, and also Mongolian were trained in endless wars with China for many years, Until China had no other choice than to build the great wall in between two countries for defense.   

Always I use to jock with my mom, don’t allow the old men of the train to pick me up, we use to laugh. My grandfather on my father side, use to predict future, foresee substances going to happen next day. Most of the time it did, usually people in the neighborhood talk each other`s about my Grandfathers many predictions, one occasion he tell to one of his friend, I see that someday our families we will be related to each other. 30 years later, grandson of his, married to my sister Mary. Personally I am against Tarot card readers or fairy tales or magic. My grandfather did not use any such tools but all of a sudden say something and then it happened next day or later in life. One time he climbed a tree when he was close to 105 years old fell down injuring himself, doctors did not take chance to do anything because methods of surgery were not available that times, pain killing drugs were not available also, when very hot in their room my grandma call me to their bedroom and ask me to fan by a large cardboard to give some air to my injured Grandpa and I did, for longer hours. Without any stressful pain expressions from him after three days he passed away. I felt so deeply sad because of the big lost.

 Several days later, when I was sleeping in my bed, supposed imagined that I was flying in my neighborhood territories. There was open area behind our house, next to that another building and vast area of open space between two building that face each other by chicken wires fence. Both buildings stairways go up facing each other`s stairways, I never been there, but her looking at the stairs flying like angel, all of a sudden I felt that might fall down, and wake up. My dream was so crystal clear and so natural, made me so confused, because I have seen many other dreams, this was peculiar unordinary. Next morning went the area experienced in my dream; the details were precisely accurate even in smallest facts. Explained to family my story, they said probably I was too emotional by the death of my grandfather. His lost made me think about down flows of life, starting in a very early age. My mom was educated and a good writer with German discipline, and a good cook, capable giving good lectures.

Used to study in school, French Arabic and Armenian, when I was fourth grade, school district exchanged French studies with English in the country. My pastime spend to inventing toys and tools, even did limited chemistry as hobby, books were limited did some reading whatever was available, read many comic books from US, only the top cover sections were missing, went into Armenian Orthodox school, my future bride was in my classroom in the school by the name (40 Children)she were used to express poetries every week in school weekly sessions, also she wrote some articles in Lebanese Armenian newspapers, leaving (40 children) school later on went into Nazarene American school, my reverent teacher was from Texas, and my Armenian teacher was a poet Jaques Hagopian. Later to pay less for schooling went to Arabic Muslim schools. My teacher was Imam, after having some arguments at the studies, I was allowed to not attend when study religion on. One sumer school break I worked mashinist working on pistons and crank shafts 3 years later start to work Jeweler. Learned to play the violin my hobbies are fishing hunting painting playing chess. 1969 the map of our city, because it was not available to public in Bourj-Hammud. Six months walking around I completed to draw territory map. 5 years later when maps were available by authorities, comparing. Mine was more precise, because it contained smaller alleys passages and paths side roads back streets, mine was more detailed. Also while I was walking, took black and white 2000 pictures of the streets in 1969 before Google was around. After that most of my time until today, my interest was about science and religion. Even they both cannot get along, always trying them, to not dispute, calm down and dialog in all discussion that was my approach to bring everyone in peaceful understanding.

My mother`s father Minas, was a farmer in Turkey, did not care about religion, fell enjoinment whistle tossing comment`s on passing ladies. One time going long trip with a few friends desert area they were out of food and water, some died, he fell down and fainted, deep sleep in his dream received suggestions by Angel and also where to find food, when he awakened he did found a loaf of bread on a rock, when he later explained a vision similar to Apostle Paul, he experienced a Bright light. One month later he became visionary and a capable preacher in the Armenian community, some of his songs written in spiritual songbook Armenian Orthodox Church 1948 spirituals sisterhood org by Massiss publishing. Minas have a well preserved burial tome in Syria by his name Holly Minas. My mother was also a visionary woman, some occasions she predicted things that took place. One my father side my grandfather also was a Visionary but not a pastor, many stories people mentioning about thing he predicted and happen. I experienced many of his predictions that happened. When I grew up never thought to be visionary, and I avoid any practice of that sort, as sorcery. So to be a visionary is not in my character. Only one person in my ancestor`s line I became a Bible student and deep researcher in the Bible. Also in scientific information`s researches and nature. By the way I am not a Visionary.


           Sydney Australia 1979 with my wife Naomi with the twins Karolin and Avedis (Avo) having later in USA  another daughter Alice, and 2 years later having George.

Before traveling to America I used to live in a house at waters road in Sydney New south Whales’, my landlord was Croatian man lower than my resident he had a vegetable garden and another section for ducks, I paid extra for my rent to pick fresh eggs and vegetables 11 feet away from my backyard.

My wife with my kids went applying tourist visas to USA and she get for the family, the reason we wanted to move to America because my wife’s family two sisters father and mother in Lebanon living under bombs shelling’s they applied visas to Australia and refused because her father don’t speak English and there is no possibility to apply second time. Therefore we planned to move to America. Several months ago I applied for government loan to buy a house in Sydney, so an agent call to my home and nu wife answered, after the agent reported the good news that we are accommodation receiving 2 floor houses with 4 bedrooms surrounded by nice garden, all we had to pay small amount of rent without any interests. My wife said “Thank you very much we don’t want it” the agent said “do you understand what I am saying to you?” she said yes I do the reason we want to move to USA for good.

My parent, father and mother already went to USA to my married sister’s family in Pasadena California. I sold my car get the full amount the buyer ask me to leave the car in the airport parking and leave the key in the drawer and extra key I gave it to him. Another man bought all my furniture and kitchen appliances and I left the key out under the floor mat, at the right time I traveled out of the country in organized way.

Emigrated from Australia to USA in 1979, Mexican jeweler Carlos Villarreal filed application to hire me as diamond setter Downtown LA. Being a legal alien start working for Carlos Villarreal because he sign for my application for green card work permit, then I worked for George Mahroukian 8 months later worked for couple years in Beverly hills for George Hoffman on Beverly drive, then for M and L jewelers firm, then as a Citizen self-employer, had a Jewelry store 550 S. Hill St, under the name Hiram`s. Worked as employee in some other companies when business went slow, always Keep up with new diamond setting styles when came to market, when Invisible set was introduced I closed my shop temporary and went as a employ to a company that manufactures invisible setting style sets, later same outcome I learned the platen setting engraving fashions on the ring bands then I worked for George Barmash in Downtown LA, George Hoffman in Beverly Hills, George Thompson in Camarillo and many other jewelers, some were not even called George, last place working and  having a car accident, it seemed my work insurance agents ask my boss to release me from my work, paying me some extra bonuses after that I could not work and fell in great material depression since then I never could find a work spending lot of money and great difficulty I get disability, now I have early retirement, and always once a while people sitting in high places enjoy to cut portions of my limited income.
Long ago  my beginning style setting in Lebanon was called “alti” diamonds were flat ovals with facets on top capuchins , we set in the center of the stone in bezel closed from the bottom side we lay a shiny foil paper underneath in the bezel push the diamond on top tap from all around that water and humility don’t pass and finish the job with some engraving bead shape scattered around the bezel to give the effect of a setting, I lived in that trade seeing and learning so many changes done in setting the diamonds setting till I early retirement year 2006.

To be continue

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