Sunday, September 18, 2011

When I die

                       What will happen to me-? When I die

                                                                 Greg Kaprielian

                                                         I am Gabriel Logician Jabrael

Regarding religious views one might thing because his environments have great faith they are willing to show proof how strong conviction they have. 24 hours a day more than 140.000 people die, if there is war more than that. life after death is invisible wall nothing can be seen except by faith hope and beliefs, all nations face the same front opening that are not seen by physical eyes but by mental eyes and faith. So as much excessive act they might demonstration will be considered that their group have the utmost true religion, many showed to the point of sacrificial death, others by preaching and even some through wars, in Philippines some go on cross and suffer like Jesus to show their faith how strong it is, all nations without exceptions facing same unknown reality same invisible room other put their faith in on science or even, some rely on emptiness, all come to same conclusion “What happens to us after death?”

Most of my body is water H20. They will be disjointed leaving amino acids necklace form and break up into separate atom forms. As I explained earlier in my book, Atom is formed by the invisible force of God, Electrons are made of Dynamic Dark-Energy and they contain life and knowledge and record all the details around at local potential look up close to structure of Atoms. Electrons in our body is coexistence of Gods Energy generating us as living creatures, God is Life form and everything is created enclose some sort of other variation of life forms. So similar to our brain cell operation, that they can contain register data and later on transfer knowledge to other cells, communicate to each other on different octave levels of sound notes frequencies, some give the name of process chemical reaction, I call it tone reaction. At same principle Electrons work, they are Gods Organization in us all individuals and in all characteristic life forms. 100% of the Universe is in control of this supernatural D.E or Electromagnetism energy, Scientist already prove existence of 73 % of universe contain Dark-Energy. Our brain cells communicate with each other sending messages by electronic catalyst stimulus waves or sound wave frequencies that is part of the Universal language, atoms also communicate with each other by covalent bonding waves, protons that are clusters of Dark-Matter and electrons that are cable stimulus helixes made of Dark-Energy they both can produce Alpha waves as Nikola Tesla mentions “The human brain`s Alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the Earth is between 6 and 8 hertz thus our entire biological system itself-work on the same frequencies” in my perspective atoms in our brains also by electron sparks transfer knowledge information’s and feeling that confirms they understand the content and print save and transfer the data by Universal language. Atoms are made by two energies Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter combinations atoms are portions of Universal communicative field and are connected to entire Universe by sound frequency waves.

Protons also in us are different form of invisible force is represented by Jesus, it is used as corner stone building block of construction of all elements, they exist in all life forms by trillion billions bundles of Atoms in us, this protons have the geometrical erection development directives to reassemble us any time God permits or allow to be existed again through the great Engineer Jesus Christ. We are in Gods memory. He thinks and acts much different than us we don’t know all his procedures up front.

Experiencing plants biological animals’ insect die we realize also human mortality, figuring out the concept of terror management theory where human determination has to follow, it is unbearable awareness, as much as we love life that much we hate death, we come to conclusion somehow that intelligent arrangement brought us into existence and probably have other plans to make us continue to live in another realm as we are existing inside the universe somehow we are part of this Universe, previously when we were living inside our mother’s womb 9 months or so with trillion of cells we thought that was our limitation realm we were in a tight environment, knowing nothing about the life outside surrounding, transformation into world still did not give us complete picture of our environment the planet stars and Universe. As we grow we came into the conclusion fact that as we born someday we will die and unknown realities are still secret to us about our future in life.

 In my "Krikor" theory. Energy of Dark-Energy plus Dark-Matter equal Hydrogen Atoms. D.E+D.M = H Also I explained life in Atoms, so we humans are collection of billion life forms. Individual elements join and make variety of balancing Knott inside Atom to combine neutrons or other particles in the same force of frequencies directives in new principles. Same energy will direct all substance in the Universe. When a person sleeping for a long time will not feel where he or she was. We will not be dead, but lone grip in the shelves of Gods Memory, with the possibility to coexist us whenever He pleases. We are materials to be kept in Gods memory and be used for grand purpose unknown to us. We are collections of trillion and trillions of atoms that register data every  action we take all are registered in memory banks of electron stimuli communication banks.
My belief. The Grand Artist Creator God has only one Master piece Jesus. Rest of everything through new grand Artist Jesus was created, all the Planets Stars and Galaxies Angels and Men. As a Artist Jesus cherishes his masterpiece the Humans. When one of them Lazarus lost in death, Jesus cried very sad. As a Great Artist he will always keep in touch with his creation Man and cherish theire coexistence lovingly, considering Men as his Grand valuable Masterpiece.

You are temple of God

As I described in my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” God is amalgamation of two supernatural form of force fields Dynamic Energy and Matter DE DM, each portion of atom contain portion from this two invisible force fields, 100% of your body is made of atoms, each individuals contain trillion billion of atoms to complete form their biological cells and organs that work altogether under supervision of DNA that also are guided by supernatural wisdom, only our brain have own way of thinking with individuality personality of our own, by freedom of sensing or ignoring our consciousness, so your body is great collection of Gods force field, as a result of all atoms combine to form a person, that’s why the bible mentions about us in 1 Corinthians 3:16 “Do you not know that you yourselves are God`s temple and that the spirit of God dwells in you” regarding those who kill other people for sake of religion or world domination this is the standpoint of God regarding such behavior at 1 Corinthians 3:17 “If anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him; for the temple of God is holy, and you are that temple” the difference is that in this temple you have freedom of choice either rebelling of respecting God`s order, but the complete construction you temporary are using that makes you stand up as a human being, is Gods force of collective atoms as Gods temple. We have to realize main point of our existence that is described in 1 Corinthians 6:19 “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? Also you do not belong to yourselves” As I understand every atom temporary you borrow to complete don’t belong to you, and most important Holy Spirit stands for Gods active force that makes active each atom to operate to complete your body. So when the bible mentions God created men in his image is that your entire body each atoms contain Gods supernatural force fields.

Atoms contain holly force.

Each atom can live 12 billion years and they contain portions from Universal supernatural forces, first. Electrons come from Dynamic-Energy known as Dark-Energy and second protons come from Dynamic-Matter known as Dark-Matter. These two supernatural energies using their own volition power unity are the bases of Universal life form force that guides the entire universe, we as humans contain Quadrillion of atoms in our body that also are holy force that physically spontaneously shapes reality. Everything we do with emotion happens by surrounding data from nearby atoms or something we heard or felt other expressions from others our Quadrillion atoms echo that emotions and we feel, instinctively applying in our moods after DNA reach emotional patterns from our surroundings, try to avoid hearing bad news and information that stress you with sadness, Entire Quadrillions of atoms have characteristics and you should be the conductor to harmonies intake news and information that either sadden or make you happy. Enjoy the holly supernatural force in you even when you don`t feel direct connections with the Universal holly supernatural force field, still you have impulsively control by Quadrillion atoms in you.

As a logician in my chronicles tried to blend harmonizing God and Science explained my purpose to Reconciling God and Science, God never oppose Science, because God design the principles in and theories in Science if everything was existed by God Science should be in harmony concept by the Grand creator, same in reverse position provide the same results. I explained my theory D.E+D.M=H  Hopefully all misunderstandings come into truth conclusion someday.

Funeral of my grandfather Ohannes Kaprielian, Elder priest DerHmayag Derbedrossian and his helper DerKrikor

                                                                       ARAX st.

                                   My grandfather’s funeral corner house is the one he has built.

Since my grandfather died most question continuously I had in my mind, what happen to people who die? Many religions teach many teachings about death. Christians Muslims Hindus Taoist Buddhist Jews Zoroastrians and many other Inter-faith groups, all disapprove other beliefs. Religions fight and move nations to fight to prove that they are the peaceful ones, some consider other faiths without fait if others don`t have their same religion, oppose others giving explanations, but it should be  only one that is  right teaching or truth reality, when all are opposing thoughts all cannot be truth, somehow I believe that the wisdom behind the reality truth is capable to express genuineness someway to show reality for those who he approves or likes. Science also will be considered a religion by me if scientist continue saying you cannot talk about God or Creator that will be also some kind of religion.

Our brain receives directions from Universal sound and we are unaware of it. Universal language releases humming sound, in low octave sound frequencies, one section sound beats coming from Dark-Matter. The second section coming from Dark-Energy they both come and reach into our brain, right brain is made accordingly to be sensitive to the sound coming from Dark-Matter and left brain is sensitive to Dark-Energy, both get into our brain from left and right ears these sounds will be called binaural beats low octave sound frequencies that will enter into human right side ears into the human brain, two side wave tones that almost feel similar but they are not the same tone variation, this coordination works in all living animals and insects also in atoms, protons receive beats from Dark-Matter field from Universe and electrons receive sound beat orders from Dark-Energy. Almighty that created everything and gave life in different proceeded to all existing matter, because he is living form and everything is created contains life, also he follows all the presiders of his creations. Any moment we can receive translational language if sound get adjusted by other octave variation from the message center. Back in history some faithful men and women received directions from heaven by sound beats variations. This two variety of sound travel everywhere and in the entire Universe continuously, human brain detect this two concept together for commendable directives, if they receive and use it properly with humility they will have clean sensitive conches they will act lovingly to produce good kind of symbolic fruits of the spirit like love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Faith, Kindness, Self-Control, Consciousness, Sweetness, Long suffering, Faith, Mildness. Human conches need to be complete by neurons center to collect all data sparks flowing through synapses of human cannot operate unless the cells are active, all details of information travels in the brain and outside the body and return are stimuli that are released from electrons that are wheels inside wheels have all eyes around them, that means that they can see in great measure capacity all directions seeing inside human cells and molecules and transport information to human conches and sub-conscious centers. Humans have to obey the directives coming through Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter Binaural beats tones, not rebel against it. Of course good or bad people will act without even noticing it, but their reaction will show in their personality character.

Always stimuli that flow in our brain can also go further distances from our brain and also communicate with other stimuli twinkles, they don’t gossip but can transfer information, later attracted by formal living sight ,the body of the individual that they are familiar to his or her personality found harmony they can figure out exactly where the person is and return back to their castle “The brain “at the basement of the brain is the headquarter we call it Sub-conscious, this is the place for information’s to be analyzed, usually every night brain evaluation its thoughts all memories try to erase the depressing ones also analyses all other thoughts, process area is done by clusters of neurons chunks that concentrate point in the lower section of brain, will be no any awareness by the individual. Usually at night when they asleep, Binaural beats tones are received by human brain and analyzed by human sub-conscious that always changes its standard according to human life habits, it is compared to directives of Binaural clean standard, when opposite actions show misbehavior by the person, conscious analyze the indifference while the person sleeping and not aware what’s going on in the “castle” Usually couscous and Binaural. Most of the time it is extended to give the complete verdict but in the end there will com the time where Binary release the verdict and judgment, conscious come into agreement and give also verdict to personality harmony sound of individuality that is human sub-conscious that loses its capability. The argument continue next day when person wakes up being unaware what happening in the “Castle” breakfast goes with a little discomfort hardly digested but before approaching noon, he or she might receive the verdict that he will not be permitted its function, or continue his or her life. Usually many people die before noon, of course some die in other hours probably by big off balance in emotions or health or medical reasons. Some of this kind of judicial sessions takes place yearly like in their birthdays.

 Some might have experiences, disturbing stories because of receiving organ transplants.

Many times I explained single atoms have two supernatural forces Dark Energy and Dark Matter, atoms form our cells inside the body with DNA and RNA and many other protein forms, atoms contain memory everything happening inside and outside your body, whatever you see feel hear or taste, atoms themselves keep private data for 12 billion years. All characteristic taste and personality also is patterned through the atoms inside every organ you possess. If someday you needed a organ transplant, it will be better you consider that you are going to adapt some memories and data from the donor, if the donor is dead still the information that was kept in certain organ that you will borrow also contains memories of the dead person. There have been cases where a organ receiver sow half awake vision who killed the individual body that the organ was donated, in very clear memory who the killer was. A heart transplant recipient noticed how his personality was changed becoming very near to the personality of the heart donor was. Another case organ transplant receiver from a suicide victim, after a short life receiver had suicide in almost same pattern, other individual that receive organ transplant had memories how car accident victims experienced before death. In all cases recipients somehow adapted characteristics from the donor’s personality as when they alive, here are enough experiences that justified that atoms effect on personality characteristics, when body organs transplant into other individuals their behavior with memory qualities pass into the new individual data recollection that are based individually in each portion of an atom procedure collectively in organ forms that was available to be donor to recipients, so atoms can deliver memories through all-embracing organ structure including through blood transfusions. I have a theory in my blogs “Atoms are other form of living things” of course there are more other complex approaches where memories and personality building form of the individual is in pattern by his or her coming offspring through DNA and RNA patterns, not only for the next generation but passed down through generations.

As far as I know I am the first person who presented theory of Atoms are other form of living things, so any time atoms from deceased person either 6000 years ago or less, someone from Pharaohs’ family might reach by food or drink into a modern person biological cells and upload data from the former individual also by transplant of foreign body parts, do not be surprised if all of the sudden the receiver start to talk in different accent or having a new characteristic change, in my theory atoms upload data all the time from their surroundings much higher grade best computer system and keep for 12.billion years as far as atoms live. One thing for sure atoms exist also the power they have undeniably exist same with their intelligence communication capacity that effect inside each biological cell to direct DNA and RNA plus all other protein and vitamin formations, atom does not present a different soul into other bodies but only present knowledge of all uploading data that they preserve till someday atoms die and return their complete data to Universal force fields of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter.

Can dead person come back to life?

God created man as his image, God created the Universe, to be image of God is more fitting to look like the Universe, main important body part is accurate Image form of the large Universe is our tiny brain where neurons communicate with neurons to each other as stars and galaxies communicate with each other. Brain is so important all the rest of our body serve the brain to carry around and collect nourishment's to keep it running delivering oxygen through blood heart pump and so on. When a person die, all of a sudden process of developing memory information senses transforms into new method of communication, while a person proclaimed dead by a physician, 20 minutes or so still the brain functions collecting hearing data and reasoning the happenings, still genes inside the body remains active for couple more days, neurons second process of life transforming activity from biological cell communication into atom life communication begins through sound frequency wavelengths. Having the centre of control the cerebral cortex as memory center release questioning wavelengths to all neuron cells so they can transmit all data and memories to atoms, inside atoms two supernatural forces that manage the existence of atoms collects memories patterns and history of lifetime of the individual by frequency pathways, then ordering the rest of the body to stimulate inflammation to obliterate the cells, gradually tear down the cells into amino acids and as individual atoms, by all means the individual become disconnected from biological life activity, sending all the history of lifetime memory reside inside atoms having no love or hate to others, no subconscious, trying to explain it will be close similarity to a book that contains letters to describe and video recordings shells of information laid down inside the atoms, Anytime in the future the Almighty can reverse the memory of the individual, also is a possibility as God created Man he also create a new body the reassembles the person who was lost but can be returned in youth age with all his or her memories attached inside, the brain transforming memories from atoms into the neurons that were just created. Also there is great possibility that Almighty forget the ones that were bad as described in the book of bible by Jesus Christ, explaining the power of resurrection, while many people think that they will go up to heaven inside vacuumed Universe, Gods original purpose was to bring men live on the paradise, Gods never change his plans, as was told, planet Earth will turn into a paradise where only righteous people will live on it. Proverbs 2:21”For the upright are the ones that will reside in the Earth and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it” also Psalms 37:29 “The righteous themselves will possess the Earth and they will reside forever upon it” Almighty already supervised to bring forth almost 7.5 billion people to reside on Earth, each medium size individual contain 7 Octillion atoms (27 Zeros) besides plants animals and all sort of living things. God control all activity of biological beings to reassemble or to recreate people that were dead, by atoms that are the organizations of God, he can and will supervise all life forms and activities because God is the spring of life. Psalms 36:0 some translation say “for with you is the spring of life” Almighty`s power of life exist inside every atom of your body. Other translations say “For with you is the source of life. By light from you we can see light”.


How much pain a human can endure? There is a pain tolerance Dolorimetry unit tool to measure pain; it is standard that a human male body can endure up to 45 Del Units. At last day of pregnancy Labor Female can reach up to 57 Del units, which are like getting 20 bones fractures at the same time. One bone fractures might register 2.85 to 3 Del unit of pain. There is a extreme point of pain where a human feel nothing, because pain slow down the heart beet decreases amount of blood flow to the brain, less Oxygen to the brain results fainted and feel nothing. Cells are made of atoms and can be pass out, atoms can adapt all sort of pressure and pain, after woozy state human cells come up or evolve through different pitches from atoms that are capable in Universal wiggling to make cells stand up to begin to their former state. 

A calm and modest life

Before death after the heart beat stops oxygen delivery to the brain halts, which will make neurons stop to operate, even so after pronunciation that person died neurons continue to live at least 10 minutes or more, during this time entire brain takes a new task new operating to organize entire memory process into the atoms that are in the cells by a fast  surge of electrical activity going forth and back inside the brain collecting memories that were very important emotional moments that have experiencing people in their lifetime, some that survived this sort of moment tell how they experienced their life story passing by inside their consciousness or collecting through a region in the brain where data will be delivered transmit into atoms so they can keep for 12 billion years in atoms lifetime. Lacking oxygen into neuron circulation will generate a new course of track inside the neuron to be new form of urgent situation. Some experts using EEG or electroencephalographic sensitive instrument that just after death register activates inside the brain of the person, according to characteristic of the individual each person experiences different emotional personality characteristic memory flow that, also brain cells start to operate for a while to generate forming new cells as they can endure to operate, dead person might generate growth of hair after shaved faces, some cells such as cancer cells stay longer to operate after death of the individual, so some genes can be operated till couple days after the person dies. Each individual have a record of activity during their lifetime and certain individuality characteristic standard, excepting the tough that a creator created him or her and he feel humble person. How they lived their lifetime?

On one occasion when scientist Albert Einstein visited Tokyo Japan, as a tip he wrote the theory of happiness it says “A calm and modest life brigs more happiness than the constant pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness” that note was sold in a auction for 1.56 million. This form of lifestyle is very much higher treasure if a person can experience really in the lifetime.

Reincarnation by scientific approach

Dalai Lama stated “it will be difficult for science to disapprove reincarnation” concept, but I will try. As I described foreign donor body parts are capable to carry memory into new body. All atoms carry information of their surroundings video sound precise data, some atoms that were left other humans mixing into nature flow either with water system or plant life as particles somehow they can be collected through nutrient vegetation or in liquid drinks into different person, later on some communication can go on between new arrival atoms and the old ones, new guest might transport some memories about former person where he was residing earlier in life. All the so called new data that individuals might receive to except as logical standpoint, having no other choice they reach into the philosophy of reincarnation, some great men such as Plato Socrates believed this sort of philosophies, by sensing certain memory about other people life they concluded that soul of other people are residing in them, many continue to except that have the consciousness of others inside them the word reincarnation means literally “entering the flesh again” I had the chance to get important notes from local resident who also is a great researcher, Karekin Darakjian from Sweida Jabal Druze where great number of Druze live and they believe transmigration, Druze also believe their soul is united with cosmic mind.
I was 22 years old while setting diamante in “Burj” downtown “Sook al Syaghin” Jewelry market Fakkhuri Bld. In Lebanon, a very old man approached politely to my workshop introducing himself in Arabic language with high vocabulary, then offering very large book to me about reincarnation, for a price. I told him that don’t believe that philosophy, after conversing half an hour in question and answer explaining to me that men and animals they soul literary enter to other flesh with their consciousness at the time they born into cycle of existence up to certain numbers of years. At last I suggested to him a point; I said I will be willing to buy the book from you on one condition, if you can answer my last question with logical sense. Then I said “As you remember every year we having more souls coming to life ether animals or cattle of chickens I mean all sort of life are multiplying day after day, If I will except your cycle that souls transform from the dead into new living this number should stay constant always remaining same number not increase of numbers, so how come?” he answered “Yes souls enter to other flash, but there are other extra souls also come from heaven and Universe to live through animals insects and so on” I told him “I am sorry I will not be able to except your book, because it does not make any logical sense to me, plus I can’t go through  imagination that has no limit to conclude” we shake hands with smile and left.

As concluding reincarnation, atoms communicate with each other, they contain Universal intelligent by two Universal life forces Dynamic Energy and Matter that some call it cosmic mind, men don’t have a separate soul that can inform you what happening around you if you close your eyes, but brain neurons release stimuli to communicate and transport data only into atomic communication circuit that will not be recognized from biological cells. 

Left and right side of the brain have separated by walls on the bottom part of the mind, when two frequencies reach the brain one in 315 Hz the other side 324 Hz tones vibration come in between this opening and vibrate, our couches stimuli are located in these opening and in these space Binaural beats come into activation. Usually at night when they asleep, Binaural beats tones are received by human brain and analyzed by human sub-conscious that always changes its standard according to human life habits, it is compared to directives of Binaural clean standard, when opposite actions show misbehavior by the person, day by day everything reviewed and recorded comparing between two vibration Binaries and comparing to the individual personality conscious already will make clear what judicial verdict he or she must receive, when Bible mentions that last days the books will be opened that meant all consideration daily activities already recorded and analyzed by Binaural sound frequencies to that consciousness, all recording of these process is safely kept into elements electrons stimuli memo and will be released using the name “Books” that are recordings. All cells first they have their privacy function in sound waves harmony, second they have sound harmony connection to the entire body individuality personalized sound frequency, there is a united circuit that connects all sounds of cells to brain stimuli path and as combination unit operate as conscious living being connected to universal Binaural beats this process we call living person or alive. Any moment when this connection is disconnected circuit as whole body the person becomes dead at the same time a dead person will continue having living cells in the flesh for a while but not living person, recently dead man can grow some facial hair but do not contain complete circuit of stimuli harmony course in the body, only individual cells are operating in a limited time period until they also will be disconnected from action.

Whereas a person is living his or her memory bank keeps most of old day’s happenings in the memory circuit inside the brain to remember everything that pass by earlier through electrical pulses that is the language neurons communicate through synapse tunnels inside the brain, same stimuli signals resides inside the atomic communication circuit that remains during all the lifetime of an atom that is about 12 billion years, atoms communicate to each other by sound tone frequencies wavelengths. 4 years ago I commented to Kirk Kerkorian who is a Great Armenian hero. I described in one of my remarks. “Kirk Kerkorian have many monument buildings and places, most important and vigorous museum he has located in his symbolic wall inside his mind of exclusive private museum with many trophies and portraits are on the showcase, they all can express feelings and memories that occurred in the lifetime of Kerkorian Kirk, every time he remembers those same instances in his lifetime feels additional feelings according to life progressive experiences advantages, all human race have their own mind similar memories to recalled the stories, but Kirk Kerkorian our friendly Lion of MGM personal museum is the most ecstatic” Every human being has own memory and heavenly gifts such as art and creating new ideas because of intelligence of atoms that supervise their DNA and all the rest of the activities inside the cells and the brain, after human is passed away his or her memory remains as pattern inside the atoms, especially when atoms are made by two supernatural invisible forces Dynamic Energy and Matter, they both contain power intelligence and life force to keep all memories intact.

Artificial binaural beats have no definition messages only the sound tone pleases the human brain, similar sound ancient people noticed these frequencies and developed instrument simulating close sound of their surroundings, like Vikings, then also Australian aborigines created the didgeridoo and still is used as wind instrument, one sided frequency, the sound can makes us relaxed but it don’t contain message codes in their variation as natural Binaural Beats, Ancient monks also tried to imitate similar sounds to have the same effect, Ancient Armenian pagan clerics 3500 years ago made similar sounds in their temples, inducing multiple harmonic reverberation also continuously repeating the lyrics with tenor tune, later when they became Christians in the first century, those melodies continued in Christian churches, only by adding Christian lyrics to it to emphasize expressions, some listeners feel meditative or deeply relaxed state others might say feel mental alertness, but I feel dazed hearing Monaural beat tones, nevertheless it don’t take natural effectiveness of Binaural coded Beats.

People today also use Isochrones tones also Monaural beats to effect brainwave synchronization as I describes with the Tibet monks example, they all can induce sound in multiple harmonic resonance, many feel that reaching relaxed meditation states, some express that feel mental alertness, all these sound waves have no original Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter consistency codes, that is based on Natures pure energy. When person stop consciousness 7 Octillion atoms in the body can go into connection tone reaction with the Universe, and I don`t call that the soul.

After a person dies process activities of cells go into reverse, sound frequencies of molecules start to release different sound frequency. In my other post “Universal language” I described that sound and smell are based on same energy of high frequency tone reaction, so the smell dead persons release are result of variety cells human have that generate during decomposition, human have 200 different types of cells that contained by also in 20 different types of organelles or structures, they all are derived from primarily endoderm like neurons tong liver kidney and many other variety of cells and mucous liquids, each variety of atoms has own personal sound frequencies same with cluster of atoms and then molecules that are big quantity of atoms, as soon a person dies Flies so far away sense the scent esters, no matter what direction the wind blowing flies sense the scent as frequency sound wavelengths that combine about 452 variety of organic compound sound frequencies, type of gray flies come right away and lay down larvae maggots on deceased person eye moisture section, sniffing flies or dogs are nothing but sound frequency that released after human death by the collective hormones each releasing their message code into open releasing all data about their individual body of the deceased person as a unique scent. Long time ago I met a very old lady who lives solitary in her house, she said if I die I trust on my death scent, people will find me for sure and take care of me, she was depending on her smell scent after her death.

Human body is made of matter and energy. Scientist trying to figure out how Matter existed how life started then they will also consider what happens to us when we die? The main issue about death is the question how was asked there is a more proper way to ask the question because death is a subdivisions level in the process to be born and die is complete one process in different segments section levels, even before a person develop and born there are intelligent reminders smart patterns of intelligence that cultivate the buildup process of the cells and DNA even before they occurred. Invisible energy some sort control the building process of forcing amino-acids to construct DNA, I will explain about these subject later. Individual atoms already is a composite development that contain great skill and wisdom intelligence to assemble that is trillion element in our cell, and already we comprise trillion and trillion of these cells, we are a supernatural composite with great value for the one who provided all the courtesy to craft us.

Ask yourself, if you had a chance to make a delicate handwork practice form building a machine with trillion billions of atoms, positioning each one in certain setting to implement certain delicate tasks to make it walk talk think better than an computer reproduce itself and have emotional feelings continuously controlling trillion billions of cells with so many complex details to keep continuously detailing to see how to continue their activities, to follow and manage their task it need great influence  task to keep them running lot of effort, how much attachment you suppose to need to be connected into your creation of that machine? How much you should car to be involved dearly to make them running? In same reaction God or supernatural intelligent force field of the Universe feel emotions with every creation he has great connections for their well being unless if Gods creations rebels against him not accepting Gods as the supreme authority on them.

In my other notes, opposite reaction to death I have new subject in post has been explained (ORIGIN OF LIFE) by comparison of this two stance we can grasp more evidence about cycle of life and death that is continuing in Our Universe, how we are small portion acumen particle of Universal life.

Human body that is made of atoms is connected with the entire Universe because our body contains same products of elements that stars are originated in my page “Cornerstone of the Universe” you might find additional information. Average human are 92% made of Oxygen Carbon and Hydrogen, mostly human body contains about 50 trillion cells if you add after 50. 12 zeroes, each cell operates as great machine factory respecting all law of physics and chemistry because water molecules that contain life force in their Oxygen and hydrogen atoms they direct the process to make DNA register their data to produce making proteins food process prepare new building blogs, cells have own personal communication flow that is constant state of transition plus they receive outside communication reaching to the brain they can send messages and apply new orders how much to except food how many times to multiply and when cells have to suicide, 7% of our body contain atoms that can be found in the chart of periodical chart so our body might contain 0.5% metals that in my perspective also contain other form of non-biological life energy. 60% of body is water molecules that direct to give sound frequency tone pulses to DNA codes that all together can be overextended into kilometers containing data that connects to every living source of that contains life because same life force that water molecules contain all life form existence that were available on Earth and entire Universe. In my other post “Atoms are other forms living things” you can give a look. Human being contain 7 octillion Acids that is 93% of your body weight if a person is overweight the number will jump higher, 7 0ctillion is 7 billion times 7 billion billions, every month entire skin renews. During one year also almost 100 % of atoms are replaces leaving out of our body and bringing new other collections of water and other atom elements to be complete our body, almost in 5 years every atom that was included in our human form body was left out and new atoms took its place in building materials that we contain in all sort of cells bones muscles brain cells you name it everything was renewed by other atoms, usually cells die but atoms live 12 billon years, after atoms disassemble as Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy they return to their original life form energy position that never die but recycled to new hydrogen atoms that during time will go into fusion process to change their characters to other form of atoms.

According to scientist range of organisms considered by. Prokaryotes Protoctista Fungi Plantae and Animals. Every living organism is are combined by polyatomic ions in certain organic chemistry by organized molecular building blocks with great intelligence so the main aptitude already is contained inside water molecules to organize bionic a biogenic properties ready to adapt photosynthesis active in plant life order capacity incomplete chemosynthesis. Group characteristics of life of life is only the ones that we been able to add till now according to researching knowledge but it does not meant that we have complete chart of all variety of living things, before single group of ionic bonds are collected there is intelligence that governs the order either in bionic properties and all rest of living forms adaptations all metallicity characterization obey command of principles that atoms contain that are released by low and high sound frequencies tone waves to fulfill covalent bonding. According to the biblical notes there are other form of energy life that are field forces that contain intelligence, they function according to their complex combination that humans or plants don’t have, beside the bible many centuries ago some philosophers like Bhagwat Geeta 3000 years ago try to convince others about proof of heaven, in my conclusion plants are formed to live as a plant same instances Animals are completed to live as an animal, human forms to operate and think need their biological form with their brain to think, some add expressions as telepathically or spirituality realm inside the human body, one thing for sue our body need to operate by all our brain to have intelligence thoughts, anyone who take that mechanism apart human body cannot operate in other form of supernatural spiritual realm on his own energy capacity, but as other energy that exist inside Universe that some call God can be arranged to transformation of individuality beliefs to into other form of living that will be heavenly afterlife it might be a possibility but not with human capacity intelligence. So in my perspective human forms don’t have on their own the ability to think or feel after death they will be disassembled by all their amino acids and molecular structures, all their memories will remain through molecular data inside hydrogen atoms, in any moment Universal intelligent life force has the capacity to collect all their memories and collect in portion of supernatural force field if he decide to do that, it is very complex to make people understand this rewords when some think that this privilege is restored only for certain people or Nation others have totally opposite understanding in this matter, some consider themselves as the chosen race, after excepting that their God is morally holly one and hate immorality crimes and misperceptions, confused personality will continue living immorality life with all other kind of sins still excepting that their God still will choose them for heavenly life rewording for something that their God hate and do not want them to have that certain activities. Other religions teach to stone and kill females for immorality act but yet look forward that in heaven they will live immorality life with many other woman, this is a subject of mixing pot with all uncertain thoughts and confusions result of wars and damaging societies with war crimes hatefulness.

 Every atom leaves our body contains data of memory in, my other post “What is Water H20?” you will find additional data. Somehow we all are part of the entire Universe force field that existed to develop all matter stars and planets that are made of atoms in same material we are made of, we as humans have our position to stand by same with plants and other animals insects and fish also many other life forms, why we are here? It should be a reason we like it or not we are going through the process to participate sharing in time period that we are in same with all other galaxies inside our Universe that we are part of it. So our consciousness do not exist in another dimension but data of every small detail starting activities in each cell of our body how they multiply what they accomplish and how each cell of our body dies all memo data exists in realm of Dark-Matter bubbles that are contained in each atom and entire Universe, let me ask same question does our consciousness exist in another dimension? No our memories always remain in a precious safe box of Universal language.

 Near death experiences are (biologically synonymous with death) clinically dead for more deeper death experiences, some go through this stages and return but don’t remember anything, reason might be from sedative drugs in the hospital that will slow down memory circuits. Many talks about this subject, those who had cardiac arrest, some express their hallucinations other about illusions you name it, but some go into deep enigma feelings with quantum mechanics that guides the entire cosmos. Inside In my (dream) article I explained what I felt angelic sound like angelic quires and in unordinary music, which is a sound tone that unknown trillion by trillions of atoms communicate with each other sound frequency wavelengths, I was able to distinct each sound notes isolate tones in trillion of sound of musical notes. Imagining hearing atom communication I sensed that our biological can send images and sounds from helixes that can be detached from electrons big number stimuli and carry data through synapses, so atoms can store data as H20 molecules restore memory same atoms do collecting information all about us from each individual cells. Human consciousness can’t comprehend atomic codes and tone frequencies but atoms that are (In my other posts) are (other form of living things) can grasp everything biological cells declare, for us to determine all data with reasoning we should have most of our brain cells to complete our consciousness, atoms do not collect our conscious supposition but only memory data of happening that occurred, like in coma some cells are working in a realm yet consciousness is sound asleep, so atoms can register sound and tones while a person is in was pronounced clinically dead, but usually most of experiences people tell events that happened either their heart stop from pumping or happenings just after heart restarted to function, we all know all dying brain neuron cells transport data into new born neurons, each individual totally dies with all group of cells each 7 year periods and new cells take their positions and memories, only one thing presence remain to endure is their pattern in DNA directives and personal sound harmony sound tone frequency wavelengths manifestation belongs to earlier  nature temperament of the being. Atoms can collect memory information from biological cells, but we humans can`t interpret Universal language to compromise. When humans unquestionably die, their entire memo except their consciousness is kept data with atomic forms collectives especially most of our body contains water molecules, some researchers announcing that at the moment a person die body wight loses 21 grams, they are estimating that can be human soul weight, in my perspective each individual born is inside invisible Dark-matter bubble that can shrink or expand as large as possible, as soon Dark Matter bubble released from the living that is its weight not the human soul.

 How is the connection between brain and the heart?

Before any person is dying, mostly it is clear that the heart stops pumping blood, as soon the heart stops still the brain activity increase to release more stimuli to make cells of heart to go back into same synchronized pulses between brain and the heart, if there are no responses brain releases more irrevocable or stronger pulses to the point that heart is more damaged that is shown in cardiac arrest, the brain continue to keep consciousness being active but the mechanism process to make movement of muscles remains disconnected, if a living being inhale carbon dioxide or given lethal injection the frequency wave of personality harmony disrupted first between brain and the entire body and later with the entire stimuli circulation of synapses spark field connecting with water molecule directives, this same process can be effected by using EEG electroencephalography or by ECG hocardiography that make individual close into near-death experiences, this is the point where some stress the idea that humans have other form of consciousness that is called soul, because thou the body is dead for a short period but the brain still active releasing dopamine that make brain more emotional with feelings and pleasures, every circulation of stimuli between water molecules and synapses signals make more memorable pattern inside the thoughts that is brain visualize in that moment seems all dreams very real, still the individual is not brain dead and also in process with memory, we call this near death experiences and seems like traveling of conciseness out of the body. Signals that brain releases are based with personality harmony frequencies of the individuality with harmony waves, all other creatures insects worms bacteria’s have their own sound wave frequencies that seems static comparing to other sound harmony completions. Same process goes with plant cells. 

Consider an apple fruit, big round shape juicy sweet with nice coloring nice aroma soft in a certain level good to eat, comparing the apple the seeds are much smaller they contain the pattern intelligence to regrow another tree in the future to produce same kind of apples, what is the apple thinking about death? Vegetation`s and trees are different form of living things but behind them stands same intelligent mind that constructs building blocks (in my notes Sound, I have appropriate information`s regarding this matter) So to continue in our discussions the knowledge and memory of the apple pattern is registered to the seed, what month it has to bloom when to produce leaves how to grow the tree what direction how big should be the fruits all the details and to produce again seeds to continue the process, Does the apple tree die? Intelligence behind the apple tree remains continues, the pattern memory how to develop and act remains nothing is changed. We cannot apply the example of a apple tree with a human being I agree there are big differences. Humans talk and express different than apples they can walk around make relationship with other human beings friendship creativity art, good memories love and spirituality, humans have even advantages over the animals because God created men in his own image (in his own qualities, like having love wisdom power and Justice) something that can`t be found in the apple trees and in all animals. 

On many occasions philosophers and religious people try to convince others that certain soul energy exists in men. Recently it might be also some researches in scientific field might agree on that not by all scientists. Using bio-electrographic cameras similar to Seymon Kirlian aura demonstration, some concluded that moment of death unusual energy leaves the body. Professor Kirlian took pictures in dark registering that all mass including plants and lifeforms release light around their mass especially when Kirlian added lower voltage on fruits before taking pictures, by same range of electrical connections unripe fruits ripe fruits and rotten fruits they all showed different level intensity of radiation or aura around their body, by their aura you can tell what sort of developed condition fruit is developed. Regarding some staggering photographic energy aura demonstrations that a soul leave the person probably in blue aura, people start to mislaid those men have a ghost soul or other worldly entities. In principle of Seymon Kirlian aura principle any plant cell is unripe ripe or rotten they all show aura patterns in different colors or range, same with human cells, when cells are guided by complete of harmony of individuality wavelengths all cells participate echoing that tone reaction of individuality range, as soon moment of death take place regularity flow stops, showing different aura range because atoms combined in molecules they release their own harmony melody that Kirlian aura still register in different demonstration, continuously atoms release their own sound frequencies, by combining with other cluster atom molecules they release new form collective aura flares, nonstop this process continue changing their levels in aura variations. When person dies though it might show that brain waves are shot down but still water memory molecules and atoms communicating inside neurons and entire brain, circuit of memory flow expands on the dead body in wider range and register everything, in some instances if person return to life by unexplainable instances they might recall everything that was happening on their dead body, because brain stimuli signals was still working and registering, stimuli circuits are not soul of the body but memory of molecules that continuously gathering all activities of the person. In my “What is water” post you might find additional perspectives.

Definitely there is energy force that represents human being life form when he or she is alive, I describes in my other post “DNA” before conception of filtered human eggs are formation of new babies, already Dark-Metter inflated bubble holds the inseminated egg inside and stay with the being after birth and remains covered all the years until human being pass away, there will remain electrical flow inside the body until death but that is not a separate soul of being that has own consciousness realization’s its only collection of memories condensed in electric flow inside electron of atoms that are stimuli, soul does not have any temperament or character but just collective data about the individuality to form and react it need a body or to operate, same example is a light bulb that operates as a body it need electrical flow to give light, both way light bulb or electric can’t operate as light giving bulb in operation on their own, so soul is not a living being at all stay an energy data in stimuli’s proton particles records.    

Faithfull Job said in the Bible book of Job 14:14-15” If an able-bodied man dies can he live again? All the days of my compulsory service I shall wait. Until my relief comes” (the Creator will answer to you)” You will call, and I myself shall answer you. For the work of your hands you will have a longing” because death was never natural for men it was punishment and death newer will be Natural!


We are billions and trillions of atoms, every molecule is living thing in reality electrons on atoms they are the living things that live 12 billion years and die and transfer the information’s to other electron helix cables and in the end to Dark-Energy, every second trillions of electrons shattered helix lines pass through our body that come from the Sun also from far galaxies they submerge to deep Earth center and join to Dark-Energy clouds that is power energy of Almighty. When we become inactive that some call it dead, still trillions and billion trillions of atoms inside us are still living and all statistics about our past and sentiments are listed to assured and dependable records for a reason when we die

It does not mean that our consciousness continue live as a person, only recording of our memories pages of details in variety of chapters kept as memories, but the consciousness is fundamental of  entire collections all detailed things in the brain headquarter. But individual story block can be kept in individual electronic flows of our helix paths.
 Every seven years our cells including inside brain cells regenerate they die and new ones born, all the ones that expire as molecules elements convey detailed emotions videos of happenings that happen when they were active process in their departments, as soon they discontinuities up keeping all the lifetime of atoms 12 billion years, memory banks of brain cell copies some detailed registrations to the new born cells but the main data gen’s is located in formal amino acid individual elements that are separated from the person.
Stimuli on electrons can provide details by sound frequency tone waves as corresponds the Bible, when Abel was killed and God said to Cain, Genesis 4:10 “… Listen, your brothers blood is crying out to me from the ground” my perspective that atoms in our body and blood also neurons in the brain can send detailed information`s by Universal language all over their environment’s  

                                                         Are men immortal?

Similar to religions some physicists might also believe certain fundamental concept that a person may possess a body-soul duality that is an extension of wave-particles duality of subatomic particles as spiritual quantum field physique form that as long memory remains so do their consciousness. Human beings are allowed to exist by supernatural force that also created the Universe; it was permissible men to live as a human being with biological form. The Supreme Being has created other living form as atoms and as supernatural spiritual beings as Angels, each live in their own permitted formational existence, all their way of thinking communication data that are collected is also collected by atoms to transport into core of atoms that is Dynamic-Matter and in electrons that are made from Dynamic-Energy this two forces contain most intelligent wisdom power and life energy, men by himself or herself cannot transform into spiritual quantum field or spiritual force field unless if Dynamic-Energy and Matter allows to allow formerly dead individual to be restore into new spiritual quantum field to be allowed to born into supernatural being plus adding to their memory everything that was recorded by atoms in the formerly being that was renewing every seven years, all total participant atoms collectively stored their memo into core Dynamic-Matter that also called Dark-Matter will be transported into new created spiritual angelic person is that individual was allowed by supernatural being the Creator. Consciousness doesn’t exist unless the creator allows complete energy function to be restored inside the spiritual quantum field of new individual supernatural force field. Humans don’t have in their position body-soul duality to be transformed into heavenly or other supernatural transformation capacity to be restored back with their consciousness unless Grand creator grants as a gift to certain individuals that the creator was pleased with considering their record of wellbeing works they showed during their lifetime toward their follow neighbors and other human beings. After that the existence of new supernatural spiritual quantum field still will not be everlasting or immortal, like atoms live only 12 billion years but the two energy forces that atoms are formed are immortal Dynamic Energy and Matter. Before flood fallen Angels took form of men to have intercourse with earthly women, that privilege was not granted to Angels, they took something that does not belong to them, their offspring became Giant Nephilim’s and later on Angels and their offspring’s devastated in flood but angels returned into their original supernatural Angelic subatomic quantum state duality and waiting for judicial judgment’s. As soon the verdict comes they will be prisoned one thousand years and later they will be eliminated totally, that shows that Angels are not immortal, Immortality highest honor already received by Christ and some of chosen disciples additionally in future many others will be selected adopted by Almighty, that number will be limited those who will receive great prize gift of immortality. So it is not in control of men to be chosen to that privilege but it will be a grand gift from Grand Creator Almighty God.

Always new ideas might immerge in subjects that interest us all, some use illusion Biocentrism that is taken from Greek word “life center” hiding philosophy under the name of quantum theory time, trying to explain that death and immortality are a digital simulation, having linear boundaries to connect into afterlife. Many time there have been educated people that use quantum uncertainty as proof, my idea this remind you of using empty envelop filling or hiding quantum theories, inaugural envelop will contain nothing to prove. Quantum theory remains an empty envelop theory.

                                                                       WHO ARE YOU?

You are a living form that is dying slowly about every seven years all cells are not dying at once but gradually recycling into new cell your body particles leave your figure and new atoms come and join you by the food and water you consume, the cells you hade when you were born don’t exists any more they are gone, new atom clusters and amino acids came in took over all old information’s and input from other cells into DNA record, all the memories from old brain cells patterns printed in the new neurons by circulation of electric circuit stimuli all your old memory feelings videos emotions frame of mind and tune harmony developing in new brain cells. All cells are made of atoms trillion ant trillion and billions of them they complete you as one individual. According to my viewpoints they are some sort of other forms of living things, bee or ant nest contain many big numbers of individuals but all the colony operate as one individual living being, also large group of bird flocks migrate as one individual but all are separate individuals, if one duck get weak and land down to rest two other ducks go with him and watch for a while, if the bird can overcome its injury all together fly again but if can’t make it back for several hours if the birds can’t make it two volunteers ducks go up and continue the journey to meet the main flock can’t continue the migration, many other living group work together as one individual. One thing surprises me whatever you see on in me it is 99.9999 % emptiness, why? 99% of human body Hydrogen Oxygen and carbon atoms, a person who weight 150 pound might have about 1127 atoms, twenty zeroes following number eleven, because 99.9999 % of atoms are hallow and almost 99% of the individual is empty.

I already explained about atoms that are made in stars also explain how stars develop, describing that atoms are hallow 99.9999 % empty in the med center as core exist protons in my perspective they are many clusters of Dark-Matter bubbles that have intelligence and radiate sound to direct gravitational activity with other atom that is called covalent bonding, outside part of atoms there are spinning electrical force that are cables of many helix electron lining that can be separated and some go in the atoms to change the personality of atoms by joining to some Dark-Matter bubbles and combine new particles in fusion process to change hydrogen atoms into helium atom and synthesis into other over 100 type of atoms, without borrowing any particles from outside surroundings. You are done in your mom’s belly complete with 46 chromosomes, but atoms that your mom used to cultivate you are made in the belly of other stars. Before you born still in the watery amniotic fluid and Sac there will be no any microbes in the baby’s cells pure complete without any infection, as soon water breaks and baby get in touch outside of Amniotic Sac receive many variety of microbes bacteria’s and viruses starting from first second, babies white cells will learn to fight and defend the body but the microbes and bacteria will hide inside the cells and viruses will hide inside the bacteria’s also many other living stuffs will live using our body as reservation guesthouses.

In my perspective all cells and biological life plant life and others operate by personal harmony of sound frequency wavelengths that directs amino acids to combine with molecules to form knots that will be portions of new forming cells structure, as long sound frequency are releasing frequencies the molecules cells remain intact, as soon a person lose procedure harmony of knots or trigger to death, some  cells of the body already are not receiving personality sound harmony from the brain cells start to go into putrefying order where personality sound is lost and out of control. All of a sudden dysfunctional cells start to release a scent or odor as I described in my post “Universal sound” and “Language of the Universe” other cells of the body will realize the new odor that I believe is also sound frequency vibrations will be notices by human nose senses, of course we are not as powerful to sense as animals but animals insect have greater capability to sense scent, for example the gray fly notices makes immediate response to dying sent or putrefying odor several miles away, right away they fly to the dying body to drop their eggs on the edge of the eye where it contains moisture of the person, by the progress activity of the maggots on the eye police can be sure exactly when the person was dead, if the wind flow is opposite direction, still the fly will get the message because scent is not a vapor but a sound frequency that are release like radio sequences all around the body in all directions. So insect’s animals and we feel that dying scent that is called “putrescine” or putrescent, so our body can be affected by sound harmony frequency “Scent” some call it right “Fragrance” either if odor is deadly on under arm sniff, it might be a stink or perfume aroma, we be effected prompting to react accordingly, not realizing that our DNA is making an comparison our personality sound harmony that is in all cells of our body.

While people are living regularly death is happening in molecules and atoms. amino acid knots are getting disconnected until the molecule dissolve but still atoms are in the same shape as before have possibilities to remain as atoms 12 billion years and getting connected to new constructed cells and molecules vitamins etc. Still disconnections are continuing inside human body in different levels and areas millions of cell are dying new ones are born while we continuing our life, no matter how much disconnection are effected still there will be left always some vigorous connections in the atom structural memories these memories of the formal being keep intact and can be rearranged to reappear by other atom amino acid knots only by memory directives by forming DNA and building new hormones and cells, is it so complicated? At present billions of people have activity by normal behavior in living cells and can be guided into new measures anytime by Universal intelligence of Dynamic Energy and Matter. According to the bible people will be resurrected this is the process I already described all memories and feelings inside the individual is recorded in stimuli signals inside electros helix spins as explained about this in chapter “Neurons” certain environment can regroup all new amino acids that in human process is revolving course and electron stimuli pattern the DNA and DNA will guide the construction order pattern copying itself and new cells if Universal intelligent supervise and allows this activity to take place. In our capability accepting we call the growth of a baby miracle but for Universal intelligence this is just regular activity all kind of growth of plants and life all form of atoms all form of planets and stars and galaxies is just normal successful activity, our limitation is not a conclusive expectations that men cannot live again, we will not decide that but the Universal intelligence has the authority in that conclusion, all the scientific wisdom around us is so great we as humans we only penetrated till now one in the trillionth of that knowledge yet and still busy to compete with each other that we know better than others our knowledge still is so insignificant comparing the Grand Universe and by the Grand intelligence all around the Universe and us.

There was a time when humans were perfect in sense that the body was 100% capable to eliminate all microbes, viruses and other pests in the body, if by chance humans have sagacity to eliminate all harmful matter in the body will reach the into complete perfection? NO

If we ask fellow friends or relatives to inform us what there is after death, after they die they won`t reveal their secrets because they can’t, how can an individual reveal information when their normal expressional awareness is nonfunctional or is lost, also scientist already discovered that our brain receives binaural beats from Universe, when we sleep this binaural sound beats become more effective in our brain to inner peace or melancholy by what message codes are delivered into our body, same messages are also received by other animals and fish or birds. The binaural beats we receive can bring codes or messages, if someday the codes come to our brain reprograming to develop DNA`s that have to live continuously without getting old, there are additional in my other titles DNA and also in Neuron activity. All our nature living things receive coded messages by binaural coded beats to bring into activation, everything we know and remember is also registered in electrons helix stimuli that continue to stay all lifetime of an atom 12 billion years, also they can transform this knowledge into new born atoms that will be produced in the belly of other stars everything will be collected to the main group of two life form energy and matter life forms Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that I call them Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter.

In another page in my blogs you can find subject about DNA also in Neuron activity and plants in Universal sound communication subjects where I explained that Electron have pattern to direct and construct molecules according to the originality of sound harmony of the seed or Human Genetic order, electrons direct and copy the DNA procedures, so all details regarding physical (Color of eyes height skin color ext. Is directed to copy and print into new growth of molecules adding also and copying storing memories being stored inside the cell and inside the neurons and with characteristics. Electrons release sparks that copy and record information and transfer to other location, subject title Neurons in this blogs.

Atoms are studying themselves.

In my logical conclusion atom contains two living forces supernatural energy of Dynamic Energy and Matter (Dark Energy and Matter) each atoms live over 12 billion years, depending what level are in periodical level by fusion they change their characteristics that is atoms have own personal temperaments, atoms communicate releasing sound tones that collectively clusters of atoms release, altogether complex sound melody, atoms collect together to form amino acids and participate in DNA completions and participate to complete biological cell forms, atoms transform their characterizing into other form of animals insect fish birds viruses and bacteria, from looking above on this matter atoms participate in completions of biological life forms adding characteristic to them atoms study living life forms, also atoms study themselves how will they react in large volumes, cluster of atoms collect data of the outcome of their work, the basic center of information collection still will be Dynamic Energy and Matter that form atoms.

2000 years ago Jesus Christ mentioned comprehensive detailed about human body, that was detailed, it was mentioned in book of Mathew 10:30 also in Luke 12:7 “But even the hairs of your head are all numbered: Have no fear you are worth more than sparrows” 2000 years ago a thought like that could be illogical to some.  In our time as scientifically I explained this atomic communicative possibilities not only the hairs are numbered but also numbers trillion of atoms inside each thread of hair that a person contain on his head so on the body.

Greg Kaprielian`s Standard Model

Let’s ask scientist how are people are made? 100% of human body and all other mass or body of plants, liquids, air and other living things and rocks are made of atoms, how do scientist explain single atom? Most advance technology regarding composition of atoms are presented by CERN presenting a standard model with definite predictions regarding observed in the experiment through frequency angle where by friction B mason decays, CERN acknowledges many subatomic in single most crucial theory, that is, There are six quarks (up and down, charm, strange, top. Bottom) Six leptons (electrons, muons tau and their corresponding neutrinos) the particles which carry the force (gluons, photons, Z and W bosons) and the Higgs boson. The B meson is a product of down quark and bottom antiquark, and once made it decay in only 0.0015 nanoseconds. In my perspective in many occasions I described atoms are made by two supernatural invisible forces Dynamic Energy and Matter, after they join together by electrons that is Dynamic Energy into Protons that is Dynamic matter the form hydrogen atom that is first step from invisible energy into materialized energy matter, later on electrons divide go inside atom and form by fusion to divided portion of protons and form particles that are described earlier in this paragraph, when the time comes where B meson particle decay it turns into original energy form with it all memory of that atom contained earlier to join through the realm of greater dimension of energy of Gad inside the Universe with all data about the person or any living form that atom was residing. Atoms keep all information’s up to 12 billion years then release by decaying to return into their original invisible beginning state. This is my personal standard model under the name (Greg Kaprielian)


 At last we are living in 21 century still scientist know nothing to what happens to us when we die where do we go? If we have this question to religions they can entertain us to the point to lead us where we have contributed to their church. Other religions have their own interpretations by men. It is certain approach to read and understand the bible if it is written by one Divine Author using group of men in different centuries they have to harmonize the thoughts by using original Aramaic Hebrew and Greek scriptures, because some symbolic verses have figurative meanings, if two explanations that can contradicts each other we have the correct discernment to distinguish the true analysis in the meaning for the idea in the verse to bring into one conclusion to bring to the harmony for the same Authored values. For our spiritual advancement dynamism, first we have to identify the definition of death. Most of us we never experienced death to talk about it, some who think that they have that’s only the brain dysfunction completely and electrical impulses that thing still operating inside some of the billions of synapses that are like tunnels, person waking up, the electrical information’s transferring snaps force, transferring back whatever data containing that they were carrying to the conclusion center of the brain, so the person thinks that he went through tunnel, in reality the electrical sparks traveling in tunnel synapses in the brain returning their memory. One thing for sure our brain have also a section where can analyze in some level to have worship needs that makes for some humans so natural to have worship qualities, but human nature never except death because in our nature we always want to live. Definitely the Bible verifies saying in Ecclesiastes 9:10 “All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work no developing nor knowledge nor wisdom in the place to which you are going” You can be busy thinking to figure out to understand the value of life always with open toughs or go by short suppositions allowing hectic fear of death steal your daily life. You have to decide to enjoy your life, Healthy body is very sad thing that only young ones have who don’t know the real value of health and don’t know how to appreciate. Some are finding new ways to make deceased relatives to be remembered, for example using the vinyl record, using cremated ashes mixing with vinyl making audio recording registering in 24 minutes audible memorial, each side contains 12 minutes voice messages or favorite songs date of birth and death, so on, memories of the deceased printed on own ashes.

People used their imagination and expended consciousness to choose possibilities to make many remember them after death, science introduced to freeze human body or their head keep it secure till someday medical field might be more advanced to make them back to life. Other people made pre arrangements after cremation giving to special furnace to make their remains into cluster like shiny stones so their relatives can wear them as jewelry pendants or rings. In some Latino countries people are buried in special caskets that have speaker headphones and deceased person can hear his best melody or songs day and night. It is also surprising to know that there are companies that are preparing small packages biodegradable URN that made from coconut shells, inside you can find compacted peat and cellulose in the center seed of a tree person prefers, cremated powder of deceased are placed in the Urn and planted, gradually seed will germinate and grow to become a tree of choice, All particles of old body amino acids will be collected inside that living tree, some prefer this position rather than being behind a tombstones. Still there might be many other methods regarding this subject. 

According the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3: ending verse 19 mentions until verse 22 “As the one dies so the other dies; and they all have but one spirit, so that there is no superiority of the man over the beast, for everything is vanity. 20 All are going to one place. They have all come to be from the dust and they are all returning to the dust. 21 Who is there knowing the spirit of the sons of mankind, weather it is ascending upward? And the spirit of the beast whether it is descending downward to the Earth?”

How human life did started according the Bible? Genesis 2:7 mentions that God collected dust from ground (that contains Amino-Acids) shape into a human form, blow into men’s nostrils the breath of life (Oxygen) and man came to be a living soul. Man did not receive a living soul he became a living soul or a person. First condensed version of the creation of Adam and Eve later God added in Geneses chapter 1: verse 28 “Be fruitful and become many and fill the Earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the Earth, there was no deadline but these assignment was going to take great life span thousand centuries. Almighty did not mention anything about death because that was not in the schedule unless if they were punished to not being obedient, that arises after they rebel against god joining into Satan’s rebellion stand. So God did not mention anything about death and death is not in the nature of humans and they cannot see death very pleasing life was going to be a continuous reword as long they were obedient. Even after Adam and Eve rebel by disobedient did not die right away, they started to get older and their cell production came into timing limitations new process order to stop renewing the body and age to die.

Unfortunately philosophical people and contradicting religions make people confused to figure out what is the real answer. Some teach saying that humans have another invisible energy force of spirit that leave the body and that’s how they die, let`s consider that verse in Psalms 146:4”His spirit goes out he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish “In the original writings this word used is “RUAH” that in Hebrew it literally means” BREATH”. That’s what it happens to humans when stop inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, they dysfunction to operate. To continue to live after death, the Bible gives a new word that can be possibility the word is resurrection. What we should conclude or expect by this meaning? In the Biblical volumes 9 cases was mentioned for resurrection instances, one of this instances can be found in John 11:38-48 friend of Jesus Lazarus was dead for four days and was in smelling state. Jesus did not say to the crowd why you are sad? He is in heaven, in paradise, nor did he say God took him to his presence. Jesus call “Lazarus come on out” The story is true because even Pharisees in Sanhedrin could not mention this resurrection as fake or lie because they witnessed with their own eyes. For us the happening in these 10 verses are proof that there will be  resurrection arrangements men will come back in complete health, Lazarus die he was sick at resurrection he was healed also. Everything mentioned her is the future possibilities that humans should expect.

Photographs of the soul or Spirit leaving the body

Religion is backing up philosophical thoughts that humans might have supernatural other living energy Soul or spirit that lives after a person dies. Unfortunately recently individual scientist are backing up similar thoughts that humans might have essence or soul, for example Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov gave some studies with bio-electrocardiograph camera taking pictures at the moment of death of the person how they are losing their body soul duality life force, believing that spirit is surfing or same energy might return to the dead person as phantasmagoria infinite energy surplus is leaving the body later on might revisit to the person. Konstantin used theory of Russian Armenian scientist Seymon Kirlian who previously charged object wit low level of electrical charges into apples also other fruits and took picture in dark room, noticing aura light is released from objects, unripe apples release different aura than ripe apples, med flies can sense the aura released from fruits by frequencies and mate with other med flies noticing nourishment's are available, same dead person releases different aura than alive individuals.

I did too many studies in this field and came into conclusion that human body has personal harmony monaural bet a sound tone frequency, entire universe and all our surroundings already contain monaural beat tones Binaural beats, brainwaves of an individual has personalized harmony sound beat, all bacteria’s and versus have their own bin aural beats frequency, inside the veins blood flow all white cells contain their personalized individuality sound wavelength of their human individuality, when they feel a static sound in the blood flow that is coming from a microbe right away they swim to it grabbing to destroy the intruder, all humans are governed by their individuality sound harmony melody complex frequency that react as collective Aura varieties, this is what Konstantin discovered by his bio-electroencephalographic camera, showing Aura is the effect of bin-aural beat wavelengths as Aura leaving the body, first from the head then gradually from the rest of the body and heart,
I described earlier, according to the bible Hebrew word Ruah is the spirit or soul breath, according to Ecclesiastics 3 without breath or soul breath person is dead. My perspective is that humans don have body soul duality to be transformed into heaven that I explained in my other posts, if you are not sure about it close your eyes and ask so called spirit other person in you what there is behind you, he can’t inform you anything when hi doesn’t exist at all. When time comes whatever will leave your body is the sound harmony wavelengths frequencies that will radiate as Aura leaving the body by collective Aura flares changing their levels as Seymon Kirlian discovered difference between a unripe and ripe fruit or vegetable of body.


One thing for sure looking according to Christ Jesus and the bible writings dead ones are in temporary state like sleeping if they will be considered faithful or they will be resurrected for judgment, this reminds me word Jesus spoke after Lazarus died he did not consider Lazarus dead as totally lost. In bible, John 11:11-14 is mentioned “Lazarus our friend has fallen asleep, but I am traveling there to awaken him” and in verse 14 Jesus explained that he already knew that Lazarus was dead. Though Jesus went into grief give way to tears in John 11:35 not that Lazarus will not resurrected but because he felt with the emotions of relatives, feeling their pain moved Jesus to give away tears. Beside Jesus there was not one person who believed that Lazarus can be revived, live again, reading this chapter you will not find Jesus telling to Lazarus’s relatives (listen to me my friends do not grief about Lazarus he is in paradise having better things than milk and honey, he is a good pleasurable state. Neither Lazarus complained after resurrected saying listen my Lord Jesus I was having good time in paradise why did you bring me back to Earth to suffer with pain and hard life) Dead people are in state of sleep no one can come back to life, many have same approach in our times almost everyone don’t believe that there will be resurrection for death people that they will live again.     

Today even some Nations are in bad state of violence disobedient to Almighty if they change their attitude and repent doing bad deeds they will be forgiven and continue to live according Biblical knowledge you can read about this in the instant of Jonah chapter one until end of chapter four.

When we pronounce the word Almighty or God we should have the proper understanding who he is how he thinks and acts, If I say I know God and have no details about Gods personality probable I might confuse myself and worship Satan, so the proper true knowledge is very important, even when starting from ancient Greek philosophers confused what the real meaning is after death telling stories that man has unusual soul and many other confusing stories, people are desperate to find the truth from the Bible, its difficult but possible as long we seek in proper way and search for it. Regarding future of mankind Psalms 37:11 mentions “And just a little while longer and the bad one will be no more, and even if you look for his place, and he will not be. But the meek ones themselves will inherit the earth. And they will indeed find their wonderful enchantment in plenty of peace”

 Second nub that confused people are tied up it`s the philosophy of Hell, you can find this answers in my other chapter where is Hell?

If I look at the nature Galaxies and stars all turn in around principle to start assemble mature get old disassemble and dissolve but the individual blocks that hold the cells and the electron`s precision to develop by low octave sound frequency (in other sections of my notebook) commands development energy remains unaffected to renewal itself in a new start beginning process, information is not effected knowledge is not disturbed. Consider a human sperm has a mission to carry details of information`s to the female egg that is producing low octave frequencies, the sperm follows and guide himself to that sound tone egg, unseen wisdom pattern behind is operated in low frequency sound process, big knowledge bundle are connected to electron activity that cells are made, electrons contain life and they can register all memories and pictures and details surrounding their environment. Zhitomirskiy said “ Being part of creating stuff for the Universe is awesome” Special gift I received from God in Knowledge regarding this subject, unfortunately at this moment I cannot share it with you, I am borne 1949 probably can live 10 years more if it`s God`s will I will share it the most important part of my knowledge. What happens to us when we die and how to be written our names in the book of life to replete?

                                                    AFTER DEATH EXPERIENCES

Sometimes people that had near death experiences tell stories about going to heaven or to Hell or flying around on their body while in operation room and observe medical staff working over his or her body; after they wake up from this experience they tell even some full facts that are detailed happenings that occurred during their surgery procedures. All this have logical explanations and can help us to understand better the presider of death including the tunnel of light experience that they observed.
In my other subject about neuron or brains I explained that our brains are like small universes, all neurons are like stars and planets and galaxies and there are continuations of information by unseen electrical jolts like electrons helix the way our stars communicate by unseen low octave sound frequencies.
Our brain functions about 2% in our body, if the functional capacities changed in the future people might release some of those electron signal jolts to other locations or persons and transmit information in pictures and emotions and feelings with the details and receive back other information’s back from other friends and even to the Universe body objects, because all this signals can be carried out by this flows.
Inside the brain of have sensitive electrical jolt flows that are imbedded inside electron cable complex that can transfer communication with universal low octave sound frequencies or communicate with heavenly almighty wisdom get downgraded but still working in lower percentage level through these electron signal jolts still was possibilities to go through secret doorway to heaven and send or receive messages, those energy field are so tiny as neutrons, they already now are passing trillions of them every second through human body and we feel nothing about them.
 In subject neurons I explained how our brain functions, same as about all sort of living things, animals even insects and humans is a circuit of orderly wiring of neurons synapse cablings, synaptic vesicle, neurotransmitter that are released information’s by electrical jolts or signals that can carry detailed pictures sound pictures emotional feelings and collect in the analyzing zone of the brain also I explained humans have their own personalized sound frequency tone individuality that can be differentiated than others, those are the energy sound frequency tone clusters that can show when the doctor rub cotton to your saliva, those unseen sound forms order the DNA molecules to form according the individual chattels natures, also same character forms are developed in the bone narrows, in my title DNA I am explaining this activities also.  to make all details available to the individual, this electrical pulses are released or separated but still contain memory of personalized sound characters from electrons as helix addition flow of invisible energy that have properties to collect data and images very complicated data bank some of their jolts carry details to transmit in brain sections are synaptic that don’t touch, but that instances electrical jolts jump in the openings by synapse neurotransmitter released (serotins) in short tense always information’s are carried out through electrical signals that are similar to electricity but different life force supernatural data flow of power that include in electron helix cable, those energy fields can register all their surrounding everywhere they pass by, they contain memory banks trillions of them all in action can leave the body circle the body upper part vertically in round sphere, some can be loos and separated by getting connected to inertia fields because of inside volume of disturbances and later can come back and join the same environmental cloud in the brain, generally those electrical signal jolts cannot think or add additional wisdom or make to move to apply something, n they are just alphabets that can record and keep pattern of feeling and personal data, to go back for real activity they need to be back into modified sound tone frequency individual brain of the person and have a active body to operate otherwise they are nonexistent, cannot think or low or do something good or bad to others just they are recordings, and by the order of consentient of the Almighty they can be connected to preexistences that will be happened in the resurrection of humans, when new bodies will be formed by new quantity of amino acids to form like the old being by the memory bank of these flow electrons and the flow will join into the brain to set all the specifics as they were properly. sometimes by original personality sound frequencies are recalled familiar energy flow back to the complete body form individuality brain function, the entire brain works as super computer, it can visualize with emotions and feelings, and the brain composition set can provide action of happening that was done only in the stage studio of the brain without any noticeable disturbance, electrons have greater competencies that are unknown to us.

                         (NDE)  Near-Death Experiences.

I support this outlook believing that Synapses continue to transport electrical stimuli that continue to carry information details regarding everything our mind register, some people call this transcendental “sixth sense” in my perspectives the sixth sense is the circuit of stimuli that don’t need oxygen to live or other nourishments that brain cells need to continue living these files of information are part of an atom and atoms live about 12 billion years, so NDE remarkable impressions that are collected worldwide their impressions are vital no mater they were clinically dead, it is a state that relationship between mind and brain was disconnected for a while suddenly finding themselves outside their body sometimes reaching a few miles away is not ghostlike human figure their human figure don’t exist as complete form but the electrical circuit of stimuli move and record happenings, when body cells restart to function and mind and brain reconnect all details are delivered from stimuli atomic perception to human consciousness. This principles in stimuli are active and orderly in their supervising recordings, it has been experiences where a person born blind living all their life seeing nothing in NDE near death experiences they experienced images during transcendental state that is considered as sixth sense. Scientist considers this as “holonomic” theory of consciousness. In this method of stimuli communication I am the first science logician that represented this approach as personal perspective.  

Most people that go through in situations where they are considered technically dead after they revive start giving similar experiences, I will mention some of them.
#1They sees unusual clear bright light where they feel that are directed (neurons inside body and water molecules have memory registration, entire brain function are directed into one circuit at that point, most of cells and atoms contain electrical circuits, all together projects the light common occurrence, after they wake up it was not their body that was floating into the light but entire path brain projection pattern that registered the instant)
#2 You can float and see your body (if your body floats you don’t see your body but when electrical stimuli course that also register audio messages they register the view where you are lye down, as soon you survive this circuit returns back into your brain and declare into neuron memory banks what they register, you were not floating electrical stimuli that sends messages like sparks they were traveling not your physical body or your so called philosophical spirit.
#3 Life-flash, your mind is reversing all your life history special moment rewinds in your memory.   #4 you is visited by your mother. Number #3 and #4 happens, as I explained in my DNA post, (entire life energy inside the universe is by Dark Energy and Matter. Dark Matter bubbles can shrink or expand, human sperm joining female egg are enclosed inside dark matter bubble that expands as baby grow till persons last day individual is enclosed inside invisible dark matter bubble that has intelligence and life forms also it has connectional memory with the mother of the child or person, DM rewinds old memories pictures connecting into the mother and also memory of dead parents connected Genetically to the individual during his or her priory totally death periods, probably 50 70 years of happening memory is running in half or one hour period executes in short period of time) this moment Individual also experience #5 that feels with deceased relatives and friends or famous historical individuals that was impressed the individual during lifetime.

#6 #7 #8 and #9 if your consciousness is not bothering you feel relaxed calming sense because all connections between brain activity and the body is halted brain does not have same hard task to control the entire body and neurons feel revived, otherwise if the individual during all his or her lifetime was impressed effective scary stories feared about hell fire the mind with the help of religious speakers repeatedly make imagination and individual also try to imagine hell fire horrified circumstance, or about spirits or heavenly guardian angels and paradise, some experience Angels are near by watching over him so individual don’t want to return back to prior civilization. In my perspective as most cells keep life force in their compositions, same with brain neurons and water molecule memory banks that keep alert traffic memory circulations, as soon they revive they bring all collection data back into main memory flow as usual.

My solution results of after death stimulation.

Recently some German scientist went into studying to find out how people feel after death, trying experiment on big number of people from all religious groups bringing this people into clinically death conditions about 20 minutes, in experiment the injected to individuals mixture of drugs called Epinephrione and Dimethyltryptamine, this drugs brought the volunteers into temporary dead stimulation, after 18 minutes scientist filter the blood of volunteers with ozone during to bring them into reanimation process, it is surprising almost all volunteers had almost same memories to remember. They described similar sensations, absolute dissolution, some sort of clear security, warmth, they felt levitation serenity and most they remember overwhelming light tunnel where they were levitating into. This sort of experiments verify my perspectives as I mentioned in my post “Neurons” and “DNA” inside the brain atoms communicate with the neurons at the same time atoms communicate with Universal language into Universe, human brain cells are unaware of it, as soon function of the brain is distorted atoms be full in charge inside the brain, at that time neurons record activity of atoms, as soon biological activity is restored they hold all the sensation of atoms as experiences, the body did not levitate but the atomic communication realm did and returned the data into the neurons and brain memory. I have read many topic in this subject and did not meet anyone that has same perspective that I am introducing.

 During cardiac arrest the heart might stop pumping the blood flow to the brain, like other cells in body they also do not stop operating right away for example skin cells of deceased male person can produce face hair for certain hours after the person was dead, same with neuron cells, instead neurons cells start to give more effort activity sending signals through synapses in panic attack to restore livelihoods of total body, sometimes by bright life or old memories imagining talking or seeing dead relatives or old friends, hyperactivity the elevated activity might leave some strange illusion after his return to life and conscious perception will be confused to figure out all the excess activities that was conducted during death of the heart because brain activity still was operative in higher or elevated level of hyperactivity, any operative brain have 256 Exabyte’s. Characteristic of conscious cannot handle that level elevated activity at once to restored confusion memory need regular regulated flow, after settle down still will be confused what he or she experienced/ something that never experienced before was it real, imagination or dream? Is there a Hell?

Koren Helmet. Or. God helmet.

Many tried test to find out how to control the human mind. Controversial invention regarding death and Gods deity spirituality activities inside the mind and how to control the human mind Dr. Michael persinges and Stanley Karen invented a helmet calling it Koren helmet, they asked many volunteers to test the helmet in laboratory environment connected into electrical circuits. The participants experiences hallucination near death experiences based on each individual personal faith or beliefs, some felt tunnel of light reaching into God like figure, 20 or so people have felt they reached into presence of Jesus others felt demonic presences, other personal biases and other beliefs felt the presence of their religious so called representative in heaven or thought that they reach to contact the life giver.

Adding together on this thought in 1966 CIA spent big money to control perception and the mind in a program called MKULTRA where two classified documents refer to chemical means of affecting a personal mind. Later on in 2007 when Dr. Persinger gave a talk at Lauentian University suggested that human mind is capable of interfacing with Earth`s magnetic field, this thought bring close into my theoretical perception where in many occasions my perspective is atoms are other form of living things, every cluster of atom groups effect their personality harmony form a individuality circle that can communicate with other group of atoms by pictures audio and delicate acoustic data with each other additionally atoms also can be connected with atmospheric and inner realm of our planet additionally with the entire Universe. Before our body formed with living cells already atoms that form the cells were living for billions of years ago where they came together to complete each cell, do we feel sorry when one dies? Already their atoms are continuing to live.


So there is no Hell? Yes there is Hell, let’s take a tour to the hell. It has been on so many occasions people who are intoxicated by religious. Filled with pride and greed mental attitude of most people have is to prove they are better than others more important, if they don’t have wealth or education to compete try to go philosophical competition trying to stress that he is chosen one will go to heaven you will go to hell, that makes him a more important person than others, most of the competition humans have leaves other humans in sorrow and sadness.  Kathleen Taylor from Oxford University mentioned during Hay literary festival in Wales that Religious Fundamentalisms could soon be treated as mental illness, other forms of ideological beliefs potentially harmful to society as a form of mental illness. Probably you heard many thoughts from people went imagining how hell, is seeing in their imagination or misinterpretations expressions from religious books and concluding different conclusions some also dream visiting Hell and came back to tell the story about it, collection too many courtesies by others, our visit to hell will be in logical sense. Let’s go to Hell for a moment, they said it is a hot place, inside our planet there are hot spots large mass of molten mantle rocks from 1.6000F to 9.0000F some areas on top of Earth’s core there are tremendous levels oh heat up to 8.7000F to 10.3400F some estimate that it might reach into 360. Gigapascals. Other hot location nearby is the Sun, it has 7.0000F to 11.0000F some estimate that heat inside the Sun might reach up to 142 Kelvin adding 32 Zeros.
Human cells cannot endure in this sort of tremendous heat range, Atoms can stay in very heat environment, our body is made of atoms that can survive to endure in this environments, in my post “Atoms are other sort of living things” I explained that two major elements of atoms are dark-Energy and Dark-matter energy fields that contain intelligent capacities, atoms specially water molecules supervise all activities of biological cells process, atoms release directives and receive data from human cells in stimuli electric sparks same jolts that neurons send through synapses into other neurons inside the human brain, One thing people are confused that as soon entire brain dysfunction by death all circuit activity between neurons halt consciences’ by death inactivity of message instabilities environments, I explained in my post “Neuron activity” that when entire brain functions in supervision of individuality sound harmony wavelengths the entire brain neurons all together analyses consciousness’, otherwise human brain cant analyze comprehensive conclusion into assumed summarize consciousness. Still some confuse others saying that men has immortal soul that continue living after death, if that is so close your eyes and ask your immortal soul what is happening around you, he will tell you nothing because nothing can tell you nothing, in simple calculations if you have no eyes you can’t see no ears can’t hear no brain you can’t think, God told men you will return from where you came from, soil that contains atoms and amino acids, that’s exactly you will return to the ground into soil atomic elements. Same theory goes for cars, if your car has electrical circuit in battery and don’t have a lamp it can’t produces light, energy inside you and inside your car can’t operate if there is no body forms of matter to be activated through circuit field force. Humans as complete form can’t remain or stay in tremendous heat surroundings. Biological humans don’t have invisible soul imagination to be kept as prisoner inside hell atmosphere as I explained earlier in this post humans had to breathe to be activated as living things if their breath stops sooner or later their life activity tilt stops. 

My post “Angels” show how Angels are very tiny energy fields that also contain intelligence, mentioning their number 333.333 million of bad Angels are rejected by God because they rebelled Gods Theocratic order in New Testament book of Hebrews 1:7 mentions that Angels are like flame of fire. Mentioning in Psalms 104:4 Gods ministers are a consuming fire, as we see it refers by figurative expression,   Angels can be kept in Hell of fire not referred to humans because fire definition is total destruction, in many occasions’ the bible express symbolic things including fire. Rev 19: 12 mentions Gods eyes as fiery flame, also in 2 Thessalonians 8 mentions fire as totally extermination judgement. On this planet Earth any moment where ideological beliefs potentially harmfully to society that also might be considered a hell where humans society are living making this planet into mentally disorderly state all harming and killing each other in the name of God.

Hell in scientific sense.

You can find a large section of hot layers mantle outer and inner core of our planet, while we are walking over the crust of this planet feeling the atmosphere the extensive hot environment is hidden under the crust, some suppose that core of this planet is 1.800 degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius hotter than the Sun or difference of (10.800 F0) estimated of the surface of the Sun is 6.000 C. Same expert suppose that inner core of this planet might be 2.700 degrees F0 between the inner core and the mantle and the mantle to stimulate, techniques are used to direct X-rays into the core or bursting different variety of light energy to hit the core, as a obstacle lights will bend as “Signature” showing diffuse ring on pinpointing target. So according to scientific conclusion hell or hottest place on Earth is inside mantle and deeper levels.

In my perspective biological cells can`t endure inside hot levels of fiery environment, in my post “Atoms are other form of living things” by logical sense I explained how atoms have characteristics intelligence communicative capacities and memory bank. Also in my other post “Neurons” I explained atoms release meticulousness stimuli sparks that leap in very lower lever of electrical sparks that transport audio and exactness video with detailed high class precision with on special details that I stand with that though trillion times trillion clusters of atoms that complete a biological person their atomic memory don’t contain their collective human consciousness but only detailed memory recordings. All characters human have are expressions from their collective atomic wavelengths as I explained in my post “Friend”

Core of the Earth core, in my post “Earth” I tried to explain in logical sense Core of the earth is made in different density of invisible intelligent Dark-matter inner layer is most density stage adding each layer less dens than the original pure form inside the center, there are seven layers of Dark-Matter. The last layer is still seven times more dense then lead but it is in like liquid form, Dynamic-Energy spins over core of the Earth and creates tension heat by chafing, result heat tension will be hotter than the Sun`s surface, center core always is in cool state because heat and light don’t penetrate into Dark-Matter density.

Atoms can live twelve billion of our planetary year, all atoms that were sometimes completing portion of any biological living things atoms still keep their memory details, atoms that somehow trapped with minerals sinking into soil with water moister down into mantle of the planet, on this planet you can find many other possibilities not mentioning Mariana trench seductions of soil down into mantle, same way there are many other ways where water molecules carry multiple clusters of atoms down into the mantle of the planet, Atoms stay inside the mantle for twelve billion years. This is the real “Hell” state consciously where people don’t be tortured in but their memory stay inactive package state for billion for years, this is the Hell I distinguish with, beside that there are no any Hell states that can to tortured people by their sub-consciousness state. Any moment Almighty has the possibility to recall that atomic stimuli memories of the individual and make him live again by creating biological or energy form of body and refill all their memory adding to it their consciousness.. 

I gave my perspectives In “Dark-Matter” post that it is bubbles inside bubbles that complete proton clusters inside atoms, they can be very condense also can be very inflating state and they are everywhere in inflated state also in dense state, there is similarity in collection of stimuli of an individual for safekeeping data regarding a person and between a human ejaculation journey of conception, all individual cell of human contains enormous number of data that are collected by stimuli, as soon sperm  travels to meet to fertilize egg it takes less than 8 hours, female egg is already hidden inside tiny invisible bubble of Dark-Matter as complete part nuclei of the male and female cells meet making new chromosomes to complete fertilization later activating cell division, to be connected by fallopian tube it might take 24 hours, all data that collected in stimuli electrical circuits for good, as the numbers of cells grow and multiply Dark-Matter bubble grows or inflate harmoniously with the embryo going into many phases process of ejaculation in journey of conception, completing amniotic sac, invisible Dark-Matter bubble grows, end of the pregnancy when the time comes birth of the child though disruptions by amniotic sac still Dark-Matter holds as invisible amniotic sac the child inside the gravitational field that other matters can pass through but invisible field wave always surrounds the baby. Some of the production details can be released through the embryo by stimuli but still it will be kept All data is saved in this invisible bubble field. Until the child grows into maturity and later to old age continuously pattern detail in every stage of growth is kept safe in growing invisible Dark-Matter bubble field, when the time where the individual pass away complete detailed pattern all through his lifetimes and memories also the process of all DNA and cell production and detailed molecular structures are kept with collection of stimuli inside Dark-Matter bubble force field waves.

Same process is with plants and trees, as soon the seed starts to grow all collection of nourishment and amino acids become harmoniously part of that plant, when flower pollination time comes pollens like human sperm or like stimuli transports data to stigma then to pistil until it reaches to ovule to start growth of the fruit that can produce. Pollen grains gametes either abiotic (Pollination without other  organic forms)or Biotic receptive process (Carry from other kind of plant organs to its receptive) My main effort is trying to compare the function in electrical impulses through stimuli that can carry data to living organs and keep data with the electron circuits as long that atom lives that is about 12 billion years, as soon stimuli are separated from electrons to be connected to personalized living being inside a plant or animal or inside a human being, these stimuli contains harmonious sound harmony of that individuality and always belong to that living structure that still living or it was living. You can find additional data in my “Sound frequency” or “Universal language” posts.

Still some scientist speculating that CERN large Hadron collider might open gate or door to heaven penetrating into multi-dimensional portals (passageways to different dimensional plane) During test at CERN they believe that accelerating protons 99 9 % speed of light can burst atoms into particles and into subatomic fine fractures as gravitons, in conclusion they believe that loose gravitons might escape into parallel universe or parallel of everything including you and me. I mentioned earlier that crystals are liquid formations the reason they stay solid is the effect nonstop overlaying sound waves. Cern also believe that the reason atoms inside our body don’t get loose to separate it holds everything together by gluons that are overlaying sound waves. In my perspective in other posts I call it tone reaction. In this new descriptions that still are viewpoints right away, besides Brahmas “Recreational force” many other sort of religious philosophers jump in adapting CERN Hadron collider new discoveries trying to convince others about hell fire that is in the inner part of this planet also mentioning about keys of the belly of the Earth mentioning from the bible expressions such as belly of the Earth, this sort of expressions are say a way to use or express in historical times, new discoveries at CERN mentioned about strange fear scary sounds that are released from atom collisions, I believe atoms are non-biological other form of living things. In case if we try to believe that this scientist were able to reach supernatural dimensions or penetrate strategical position Jacobs dream stairs opening doorway gateway to heaven or descending into demonic world, some American Indians in Arizona believe that mount Sedona is the spot to get connected into portals or into hyperdimenssional space travel, other mention about Devils triangle. Judgment is not reserved into authority of imperfect men that are controlled by greed and selfish desire seeking fame and power.


Entire brain neurons collect data pattern memories, by a grand complex circuit they transmit data through synapses into other sectors of brain neurons, Water molecules contain hydrogen and oxygen and these two atoms contain Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) as electrons and Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) as protons. This two energies are super natural life force that direct to influence entire thinking force as our holographic projection of our conciseness, human consciousness is effect of theoretical Universal authority that water molecules remind us as data, in case rebellious individual keep rebelling to Universal high moral behavior gradually the effect of clean consciousness becomes ineffective or dull, so indirectly when Universal power source is the pure consciousness that regulate us giving reminders, we don’t have separate soul being that is rest inside our body but trillion billion of atoms that are formed by this two form of energies contain two portions of Universal force of God Dynamic Energy and Matter. Entire brain cells are alarmed by water molecules to consider Universal consciousness inside the brain that we don’t own it is power of Almighty in is that operates. When person die this consciousness that we don’t own it become silent, all memory cells transmit their data to Universal intelligence creator also. In case someday according to promises person regain life by formation of collective atoms into amino acids and biological cells, later on the Universal energy will transform memory into the body with berthing process, Almighty will start to make water molecules inside the brain to transmit consciousness into operational effect. So my thought is Consciousness’ do not belong to us it is a gift communication between men and Universal creator. Some neurologist do agree that center of consciousness and conscience is located in the reagent that is called claustrum, I believe this center release stimuli signals received from Universal language from atoms that contain Dynamic Energy an Dynamic matter making the portion of claustrum to be used as on and off switch but in stronger or weaker capacity depends how healthy claustrum is, during life time of individual is consciousness continually was ignored the activity of conscience is less active to transmit signals to penetrate messages to the rest of neurons inside the brain.

If we take into consideration other perspectives for example Biblical standpoint in Daniel 12:1-2 it is mentioned “… everyone who is found written down in the book. And there will be many of those asleep in the ground of the dust who will wake up, these to indefinitely lasting life and those to reproaches to indefinitely lasting abhorrence” also in book of Revelation 3:5 mentioning “…by no means blot out his name from the book of life” In my perspective somehow everything we do and our cells operate are written in full details that can be reviewed and it is called the book of life. Also in book of Revelation it is described in Rev 21:27 “….Lambs scroll of life”


In my description in article water molecules showing the capacity of memory water molecules keep as long atoms live about 12 billion years, probably you might ask how come huge data can be stores inside atoms, if 200 years ago person explained about 64 GB flash Drives that can hold great information as much several bible like literature volumes in that tiny piece of equipment they will not believe it but in modern times it is reality, also complex water molecules and atoms have capacity to collect information that we still studying to penetrate their intelligence behavior lately science acknowledge that neuron cells contains great number of memory data in their remembrance libraries inside the brain, it is proven that water molecules also keep memories and data; during Earths history of life many of the memories that other insects animals had inside their body or dinosaurs memory in its collection of water molecules still surrounds us sometimes those memory bank molecules get into our collection of molecules inside our body, sometime I feel surprised why I reacted to something that not to be happen in that manner, then I realize dinosaurs in me taking the lead with memory inside my brain that react different then my body harmony, probably we all remember some of the reactions we react back in our lifetime saying why did I react like that? Yes it is a test why my temper was not proper; the test I am or you are going through in lifetime will prove how personal harmony individuality harmony will react to strange outburst inside brain comparing to surrounding foreign tone reaction tone reaction frequency to control and direct the proper step to react according my personality feeling, many amino acid types that is not essential other heavy metals like aluminum lead chlorine carcinogens that entre into our body leave damaged effect to individuality tone reaction, our individuality personality will react as a judge in every action individual is taking, because in their time when living on this planet effected by surrounding other memories that are extraneous but still will be accounted how they reacting with distant feelings or personality conflicts, that will be true record of their behavioral pattern top score to be considered by Universal sound frequencies about where do we stand in our temperament disposition. As human being sometime we cannot realize who our fellow friends are enemy or friend? Unfortunately we might meet some shrewd people who are too clever to hide their cunning badness other that have rebellion attitude to Universal harmony and only feel satisfied if they harm other that gives them zeal to react with more impairment to other human being, when they lie in their bad their satisfaction is to ruminate new systems to harm others. All this surrounding bad attitudes should not make us behave like other greedy selfish bad people anyone go through their level will find himself or herself reacting to eradicate all each other to death, that is no good. Good approaches should always stay in our high goals to pursue not letting bad effecting us then we will be passing through test all this tension heat will make us prove what sort of substance or position our individuality personality character feel right The Higher Judge will be the Almighty with his Universal sound harmony perfection perfect honors, then Almighty will reward all individuals according how they reacted in every instant collections of their behaviors to be reworded by continuation of life in better circumstances that is presented but not on yet. 

According to DNA form human conception as certain elements surrounding water molecules make new originality patter formation to a body new living being, that will contain secluded sound tone frequency individuality, after they born each individual will react according to their own standards of sound tone waves that monitors their entire body anything different than their sound will be attacked by their white cell defensive force excluding to certain other microbes or viruses that can mimic individuality sound origin individuality of the person they are in. During entire life activity of individuality sound tone wave variation frequencies are registered into data of water molecules and then into each atom collection in the body to main two forces that have life energy Dark Energy and Dark Matter, all activities during person lifetime is recorded continuously to verify what effect will build according to their composition elements to generate sound frequencies, all data will be kept into unknown force field that the major life forces enclose, memories and data will laying around in all capacity of water molecules but only complete form of brain cells pattern needed to can analyses grasp to use its own individuality consciousness equal to consider standard of resurrected consciousness, without combination of brain cell and memories it don’t complete as resurrected individuality living being, Almighty is promising this might happen in near future. 

                            ARE THERE GHOSTS?

Some believe that the force field that leave the person or the ghost or spirit have cloudy figure shape of the individual who died, as I explained earlier I don’t agree with that thought because there is biblical input in this matter. On one occasion ancient King Saul wanted to talk to the ghost spirit of deceased prophet Samuel, this story is disclosed in Book of Samuel 28:7-25 in this story Saul went to a spirit medium or foreteller some call fortuneteller. King Saul “Disguised himself” asking from the medium to bring spirit ghost of Samuel so he can have a conversation with him. The way Saul could disguised himself Satan is more clever and supernatural actor that could also “Disguise” himself with similar sound effect a looking and sounding like dead ghost spirit of prophet Samuel. So in my perspective this drama and action is represented by Satan not by God because dead ones don’t see and feel or talk as the book of Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 “For the living are conscious that they will die. But as for the dead they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages because the remembrance of them has been forgotten. Also their love and hate and their jealousy have already perished…” so all stories that back up existence of spirits or ghost are pseudohistorical dramatized by satanic influences not by God. Man has to keep and use his brain to think, he need eyes to see eardrums to hear so human body is essential to operate like any car that has the body form and made mechanical tools to function but also need electricity to make light or horn sound and machine function, all need electrical force connected to the parts to function. In same manner without physical body humans don’t operate just with electrical pulses. In Case you close your eyes your so called ghost or spirit cannot see you`r surrounding you have to open your eyes and see.

Let me clarify the sub conscious mind do not leave the body stays in the lower center of the brain but stimuli flashes that transport data are the circuits that released out of the body register new details and if returned back to the sound wave gravity of the same personality that they are familiar to release their recordings then center sub conches center analyzes that his spirit left the body land returned back his but in reality he has no extra form of spirit only billions electrons that contain stimuli flashes of knowledge and memories and this atoms keep this details to the end of their lifetime that is over 12 billion years and after disassemble still not complete because they are combined by two energies that have intelligence they keep the information and they never die  atoms are made of  Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.
 Quantum mechanics consider radioactive decay, in my perspective Alpha particle is stimuli released from electrons that inside cats brain and flies is more active than any other animals or insects. Life and death are continuous process, in my perspective after death all functioning activities of cells are logged 12 billion years by stimuli that is part of electron helix on atoms.

Stimuli signals that circulate inside synapses they travel through dendrites they are stimuli projections that reach to Centre of neuron cell and center cell sends to certain other axons distributing and releasing electrical jolts that are information’s pictures feeling every emotion and detailed conciliation but in the language of electric jolts that I call it stimuli tone reactions, they receive details from other neurons from tail like chamber of neurons and they release anhidrotic firings, all activity of brain is hippocampus that is located in the medial temporal lobe in human brain central network but during struck or transitory death periods network oscillations go to maximum for neurons, triggering prosecuting electrical signals by excess circuits in axons bringing depolarization to the entire circuit to major component hippocampus network. This panic attack inside trillion neuron cells create vision of light tunnel humans experience in the time of death plus all rehearsed memories they had in their lifetime.

Continuous process inside human body to die and new ones born is constant yet death don’t have a consistent meaning, it came to phase when that process is interfered by a blurred line between life and death till required determination is presented as circulatory death, there has been cases when some were erroneously declared dead it’s sad to say some were put in morgue even some were buried yet they re-energized, I recall a case in Lebanon, berried man had certain documents that were left in his suit pockets so the relatives asked the graveyard to bring the coffin up next day, it was very sad seen to relies that the deceased revived after berried but later revived and strangle himself down under and then in prodigious panicked struggle. Modern words for death are used these terms such as brain dead clinical death that don’t have a constant meaning, is a person in coma that is not yet dead state where medical advent ventilators keep blood and oxygen circulation flow continue, sometimes the electric pulses do not function inside the brain at that time they have to make a choice to intervene making a conclusion to consider patients as brain dead state, if all neurological performance discontinued to irreversible function state where all electrical activities stop to regulate the body stopping blood and oxygen circulations the body individual pronounced as dead person, in this state still most of body cells contain life and can be used if pre-donated to other patients, in my post “Water” I explained water molecules have memory that can be considered when freeze crystallize. As medical field explains the entire body has an electrical flow starting point from water molecules connecting to brain cells that control all activity to continue life process inside the body that might be interfered or disconnected somehow but all data of memory in individual thinking still is recorded with water molecules inside oxygen and hydrogen atoms that contain memory atoms are non-biological living things that keep data because atoms contain two separate kind of life force Dark-Energy electrons and Dark-Matter protons (I call Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter) entire body lived his or her life by this pulses that governed all DNA directives and cell communication through synapses to neurons, all data was transported by electrical spark communications that atoms use to communicate in covalent bonding I call it Tone reaction as the entire Universe rule in this communication between all atoms planets stars and Galaxies, life that humans received is a privilege gift that Universal life force extended into biological form of life that we enjoyed.

Someone might say if humans lived forever they were going to overcrowd the population, in logical sense is true but as we know life is provided to us from other source that is Universal wisdom, I am sure you will not pour water in a cup that already is full, in the same manner Almighty provides life to new born will not add more living humans if the number is full. life already exist everywhere in other forms as atoms temporary we are borrowing life from main source of life, all data of our existence is recorded data inside atoms that will be collected into Universal grand power of energy Almighty, while living we already transport our DNA into our children, they will be different individual to prolong life they carry survival renewed life force fulfilling continuation of Nature realm process that later all will be returned into Almighty, as I explained earlier already our cells are fading then renewing themselves in seven years or less keeping data from the past memories and temperament inside new renewed body that also are made by new arrival atoms that also will record all process in data collecting as new cells are doing, no matter how long human life is prolonged in the end their complete data of progress starting to grow inside womb to last day of complete eradication of cells atoms will survive by every data of that individual conveying into Universal life energy center of assemblage memories, so memories and data kept as long as if there will be any project to revive that individual with same characteristics and memories by new formation of cells made by atoms or other form of energy circuits, no one knows except the Almighty that is prevailing inside Universe as Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter DE and DM.

After clinical death the human body majority of cells still keep life function to have awareness that continues specially inside brain neurons and synapse circuit activities that we name consciousness. Memory inside cells remains and if their life really discontinued they transport all memories to atoms specially to water molecules, atoms keep living 12 billion years, real source of intelligence and life energy is inside each atom two forces that form atoms DE and DM they contain all miracle energy forces about life and intelligence, Entire Universe is existed by this two forces and keep continue to exist. Human life forms and all other creatures insect and so on their life is connected to D.E and D.M.


Let`s go into the brain of a person. Human brain contain over trillion of neuron cells they don’t touch each other, but communicate across the synapse they are like library memory banks, male brain is larger than but to be large doesn’t make someone wiser or smarter, female brain contain more synapse and nerve cells than male brains, blood vessels length inside brain can spin around Earth four times,    principle of our body developments cells live about seven years, before a cell get too old and pass away,   more than 50 % of our brain is made of fat, in my perspective smell is low octave sound frequencies and scent make deeper emotional and logical impressions because sound waves tones make more impressive developments in brain activities for example rosemary herbs can trigger make the brain function more accurately, right side of our brain involve with emotional and visually coordination  aspects it also regulate left side of our body same left side control the right side of body activities and control rational, logical thinking activities transfers all hidden information`s data into a new instinctive neuron cell by a connection wire called Synapse, each neuron have about twenty synapses new thoughts in our brain produce new connections in the neurons and register new data in new memo files, reading out loud make develop more accurate memo in neurons it is not easy task when our brain can make about 70 thousand thoughts or considerations each day they are not connected to each other, but up close serotonin sections, information released or transferred through vacuum space to deliver information bubbles called synaptic vesicle that releases neurotransmitters into next, process some are very long go all the way to the center control in the middle lower sector, of the brain. Certain portion of brain handles different controls like in process of laughing five different areas control the activity. Probably you have tried when you hold magnifying lens and show the light to nearby white paper or the wall coming view print upside down, same with our brain it see upside down and later figure it out for us to clarify our surrounding views. I will explain how brain cells release low frequency electric circuits from atoms for its own use and all its receptors collectively can generate enough electricity to light a bulb, neurons don’t contain any sensing receptors it is possible to operate the brain while people are awake. Neurons need oxygen like all other cells, in case less oxygen enter to brain stimuli circuit will have traffic jam and release disorderly pictures that will confuse the individual consciousness, same kind of less oxygen states can be felt in high gravity like mountaineers feel sometimes weird visions. Some people who are experiencing last moments of their life when not enough oxygen going into their brain, might imagine other deceased people or angle forms standing by or see other old friends that they care about, their own brain start to do confusing things.
What happens to the person when he dies, the brain shuts of almost 100 % of information center of the brain stops operational even surrounded by trillions of memory electron flow data force, that instincts the penalty that was put by God on him as calling the individual imperfect sinner, that moment the dying individual pays back the ransom wage of forgiveness to God, no more the individual owes God anything, according Bible book of Romans 6:23 that say very simple way ”For the wage of the sin is death, (that means he paid what he owed to God, but if got wants to) But the gift God gives is everlasting life, by Christ Lord”
In case this individual premature dies in the hospital, some of his flowing electron bank energy particles can leave and find on this Earth by Family line personal sound frequency properties the collections of the ancestor electron flows that are unseen to us, they are not spirits because they cannot activate harm or help anybody by are energy details of individuals and try to join that collection because that individual memory bank is not a sinner anymore, somehow if the premature dying person survives and reactivate his living process, the memory detail cluster particle flow return back into the same brain and also be considered again a sinner so it cannot go back into the same experience that he had and stick to the individual until someday he really dies. Same feeling experiences some might have and reawakening back to life might add to other capabilities that they did not have before because they became forgiven from their sins only for a moment, those type of experiencing persons will not fear from death no more.
Alike to the sea or ocean that fish live, we are living inside a force field that is not noticeable by us but some scientist notice it in very weak force field that are registered under the name quantum theory, every detailed registration of movements happenings are sensed registering all sound waves that all atoms generate in low octave sound frequencies, this quantum force energy transforms sound into colors waves same detail in different translational flow that are parallel energy lines and information’s, they are directed to next wall of lines and continuously to next line reaching into the farthest section in the Universe.
In our body all molecules and DNA collections release sound joined to sound of clusters of elements that generated continuously, those are data, the stimuli that is part from helix of electrons contain memory of all action surrounding that catalysts taking with them knowledge of all your body cells life projects , their starting from the day they existed how they worked as a tiny factory programing all molecules  rescinding sorting out some constructions and restructuring new molecules vitamins communicating by sending messages to the brain and receiving and applying new mew messages, inside the cells are trash collector system also security, energy generators, headquarters, factories hospitals, army and many other departments, how many times cells have permission to divided ? Every section inside the body generates different type of cells, starting from hair cells, bones muscles and many other varieties. Some in 4 years other cells in 7 years, how many times they produced other cells? All individual project of cells all thoughts inside the brain every smallest detail was recorded and they were collected to be transferred by quantum force field to central data center in the Universe that is unknown to us. Stimuli ravel in our brain through synapses they collect this low octave sound frequency to be part of the flashes into part of electrons that continue to spin over 12 billion years, some people wonder is there any memory about my history? Yes there is plus memory about every cell in your body that each one of them is a tiny city of action in multi variety of happenings in that will be hard to a University professor to describe exact details how and why done in what intelligence source command are done? The knowledge data inside your body is so precious that we cannot figure it out but still we wonder that they are lost, yes is disconnected as a certain point into tiny details but they are never lost and vanish, by electrical force field flashes that are kept for a purpose by the intelligence that programmed all this wonder marvels that we are and surrounded by other phenomena’s which is very hard for us to analyze and comprehend or recognized.

There is a thread like part in DNA that counts the number of copies of new cells, each time new cell develops that thread shortened a little until it reaches its limitation. DNA stretches to regulate copying new cells, electrons contain stimuli that contain all variety of codes to assemble directives they order the transposase to move transposons code, this assignments are given through directives of stimuli to DNA for mobile machinery that are considered “H smar 1” some scientist consider this as basis for printing codes in DNA that originated from “Marine” ancestor transposase.

The thread part that I mentioned is called Telomerase; every DNA has rope like endings of strand rope endings, every time new cell is developed and new DNA are copied, new DNA do not take its beginning for in the length of Telomerase but they go slightly shorter, each time production occurs gradually this ropes get shorter until to a level where they do not allow DNA to continue like youthfully times that passed by, some researchers are working on Telomerase enzymes that is trying to add more certain protein to make Telomeres strand as a protective caps to grow longer. I believe personality sound frequency codes effect on DNA to limit continuation by obeying Universal sound directives that human life should be limited into about 80 years or slightly over not into hundreds or thousand years. Universal sound principle theory is described by the bible mentioned in Psalms 90:10 “The span of our life is 70 years. Or 80 if one is especially strong. But they are filled with trouble and sorrow; they quickly pass by and away we fly” Atoms can live 12 billion years functioning operation can last that far but it is regulated to put limitation on humans, probably by medical advancements improvement prolong human life but later on it will stop no matter what.
As soon body gradually cold curbing happens death condition arrives that is called “primary flaccidity” limb of the corps tissues becomes stiff hard to manipulate, stiffness is caused by “Rigor mortis” that is chemical changes inside the body different sections of tissues with lactic acid level glycogen levels in muscles. After death for several days if corps is moved to other position investigators can determine that body was moved to other location.

Individual atoms each releases own personality sound tone frequency wavelength Hz When biological living is operative cluster of atoms join to elicit one harmonious personality sound tone wavelength, as soon the harmony of life is not secure harmony sound echo connection is disturbed, that is atoms recognize that their unity inside the body is disturbed, with theory that atoms in two different places 2 feet apart breaking of fatty acids continuously release sound frequency echoes simultaneously as they were doing all the time releasing sound harmony tone wavelengths that will change into reverse mechanism sound frequencies releasing other sound variation, this will be the time when gray fly scent and right away come to lay eggs or larvae on the deceased putrefying tissues especially in moisturized eye section of the body. In my perspective smell is complex sound tone frequencies in this case the sound or scent that are released are Putrefying tissue scent close to ammonia sent. Similar active scent also has been released from biological cells as in sexual pheromones that cells of opposite sex can feel the elicit responses scent when the individual don’t even notice that are released from under the arm peat, this case participation of atoms vary scent positively to form but putrescine scent release activity to breakdown the process of harmonious wavelength of the individual.


Everything that exists as matter has first construction then recycling process. Major groups of recyclable materials are trees plants animals everything we see around us, second group recycling involves atoms that live 12 billion years then decay to their original two force groups Dynamic Energy and Matter. Human body all sort of molecules and cells can demolish including bones, but amino acids remain for a long period then separated to individual atoms and at last after 12 billion years they be recycled to their original forms of energy. Not looking into it by atomic version, after death biological body human body goes from human point of view into disgusting process, up to mortician activities they remove all the bladder and bowels, some remove the brain as well, all functions of urinary sphincter any body part that contains liquid forms that can generate gas pressures to push everything that can make unpleasant sounds are removed from the body before laying into the coffin, in middle East I watched deceased ones in burial that have cotton in their mouth and nose and their eyes and all under the corps cotton bed to collect all bleeding from the deceased.
In United States morticians use grave wax for “saponification” process similar wax materials can be found in obese individuals. As soon someone die their tongue start to swollen, their eyes remain open with exposures strips of black or brown buildup on the eyeball that are called black spot, eyes might deflation effect, some funeral homes using eye caps placing on the eyes were flattened, so the eyes can be inflated by their liquids then deflated. Already there are great numbers of bacteria inside the corps that are active and not dead, their start to tear down consumption of the hotel bacteria’s and viruses` were living ingesting every available molecules and dead cells that was available producing bad smell gradually changing the color of the corps to green purple and later to black, layers and parts of the body will fall or slippage especially bodies that left longer times in water or had second degree burns can torn down faster, usually if not touched the body will dry on the bones for longer times. As I said from human point of view it will be considered as disgusting process but by atomic view atoms are operating in theoretical tone reaction effect to dismantle cell erects. In my post “Atoms are other form of living things” Lets return to the dead body.

Dead people have to be taken care in proper way. Many arrangement in organized way is already have been taking care of plus there are many other arrangements by offering new perspectives promising that after deep freeze after science is more advance they can bring to life after death in the future. Cryonics is one of them where corps go into deep freeze probably cost about 30.000 There is another for burial arrangement where corps turn into particles as burial Pods alternative to coffin they prepare the corps into small biodegradable burial capsule, enclosed or plant in it with tree seed making complete burial organic pod that will hinder to echo friendly tree forest, in many lands already are used as cemeteries. Another method is where certain variety of corps is eliminated in certain variety of mushroom farms. There are many other different process, another one was discovered by Swedish biologist that can freeze corps with liquid hydrogen down to -196 degrees Celsius or -321 Fahrenheit then releasing strong vibration to the corps that powdered into millimeter-sized fine tiny pieces, if this material is berried 30 to 50 centimeters deep in the soil it transforms into new soil during 18 months.

There is another way called green cremation without using fire, flame free cremation. Pouring about 280 liters of alkaline water solution on the deceased with some pressure and limited electricity flow they dissolve the body into coffee colored effluents leftover liquid probably some might take proper elimination system or unfortunately pour the liquid into sewer system, all the prior surgical equipment remain unharmed in the liquid such as surgical hardware and heart stents, later on dry the bones can be grind into fine white powder into 3 to 5 kilogram of calcium phosphate, under the name green technology.

One more new process, some funeral homes are introducing, for about 300 dollars they initiate to save portion of the cell DNA for preservation in a small pendent or small stone shape jewelry piece that keep your DNA to survive for 40 years, of course your DNA will not contain any sort of your consciousness memories. 

There are many other ways to keep memorizing the departed. 

Of course cremated can be used in many other artistic possibilities, some are compressing remains in tremendous hot pressure to from the dust into diamante, there is possibility to cast into musical vinyl record players that can play musical sounds, some tattoo artist might blend the ashes with tattoo colors and use as tattoo paint that will stay on other relatives or friends. It can be mixed with firework explosions and spread the ashes into air, some mixed the cremated ashes with cement creating statues or small homes for marine life and deliver in underwater locations, no matter what they do with the departed possibilities are atoms inside the cremated remains a keep precised specific memory details within of course atoms contain data without ant consciousness.

Clinically dead back to life making able to resuscitate people whose heart stopped.

Meanwhile a biotech company in US without asking permission from Dr. Frankenstein, they been granted ethical permission followed by an institutional review board both in India an US to use 20 certified dead patient to inject their brains with stem cells that is a cocktail of peptides to stimulate their nervous system to restart the brain to function, Bioquark ReAnima project will monitor the brains using imaging equipment to reveal details if any regeneration started to reversal of death is the dead person might be brought back from the dead..

This section is too graphic for some readers, please do not read it.

(Every day over 150.000 people die, some are buried cremated or with other forms respectfully, but many other are taken with many other way of investment as properties to make tests and selling parts of the body parts disrespectfully. There are no regulations with body brokers where they can sell human corpses 3000 to 5000 $ those that are neglected in hospitals. As soon a person die blood circulation stops gradually temperature of the body decreases to room temperature, with no blood circulation stage is called Algor mortis, where carbon dioxide are blocked inside the cells that gradually make the cell expend to open inside out, meanwhile still inside the brain some activities continue through synapses for a while because communication between atom clusters in water molecules still operate. Most effective dissolving cell inside the body is the pancreas where it is full of many bacteria that will release many enzymes spreading other parts of the body. Collectively all gases from cells will release hydrogen sulfide collectively forming fluids with gas that eventually burst out from the nose mouth anus and so on releasing terrible smell. Body might decompose faster in water, If the corps is on open ground many form of insects swarm on the corps especially gray flies, as the body burst gradually flies release their larvae where eventually only the skeleton will remain longer, so all decomposed body and intake of the larvae the cells will dissolve into smaller parts until it reach where amino acids were, it is very clear that all the atoms that once were part of the person survives atoms remain with all former data as they were observing inside the cells of the person, if microorganisms with natural orifices are consumed by insects and larvae accumulation still atoms remain unaffected and in complete form passing inside the larvae as dirt but in complete form as indestructible atom forms that can live 12 billion years. All decay of cells and the smell of hydrogen sulfide will be over)

When the body was alive, flow of tone code harmony connection between water molecules and complete form of DNA was effective by personality sound frequencies, as soon it was troubled to be disconnected calcium ions trigger contractions in muscles and gradually ATP molecules control all glycogen levels, revers of death cell devastation varies between other living forms, for example worms annelids cells melt down to nothing, plant wood and bones all have other nature to be devastated. No matter what happens surrounding water molecules keep all data happenings to be kept for 12 billions of years.

Copying process are given to develop order codes and there is confusion why transposase are directing everything to develop in right standard but avoiding to make themselves shorter and shorter not regular sizes for their own mobile machinery, this proposition is great mystery, as I compare to biblical account Universal sound theory directives was send to all human complex existence to adjust production variety and limits interval of their life spans, all this analysis by logic it shows Universal sound language changed the development quality dimension, according to the bible people use to live one thousand years or so that extension reach into their limitation, same way someday it can be returned into new scale transposons codes that will make human live longer.
Personal sound harmony frequency waves of every individual are dissimilar from others. Our own identity is patterned with DNA in our saliva and same sound in our brain, blood, bone narrows and in our entire body one personal identity sound wave all the clusters of atoms in our body play that tone harmony, any foreign sound cluster hormones will be salivate from the body if the being is healthy to take care itself. If foreign living viruses, bacteria’s, hormones are in the body the balancing will be lost to misconception of individual identity low octave sound frequency waves, the circling energy field of the body contain same sound in its (MATU) force that is invisible force field of stimuli spinning from the brain in the size of small car tire go in through the chest spin upward back to the head, this circle of energy spins as long the individual is alive. Personality identity is recorded in electron helix stimuli field qualifications, this process also included in all animals, for example a group of dogs born same parent have individuality character of identity in their minds sound harmony that recorded in their saliva all their muscles tensions and brain activity is part of that personal harmony, you can notice that the way they walk or run each have slightly different mechanism of muscle movements and reactions, this sound effect have its own identity in all insects animals and living things, when the animals move they also drop some sound cluster atoms behind and the dog can sense the sound frequency waves that I call it Tone reaction (Not smell) and figure out who passed by from that locations while ago or days ago.

Variety of our sound frequency tone reaction is our personality to synchronize the movements of our brain. Muscles and entire our body activity that slightly is different from other persons, all details are in our saliva harmonized with white blood cell and all other cells in our body they contain same low octave sound frequency waves.
In my other posts stairways to the heaven I am explain that through this electron flow memory cluster particles Almighty can communicate with us even when we are unaware of it. Like ancient times Moses could hear and talk to almighty through this flows and surrounding people hear nothing. Sound carry data Sound flow can carry along geometrical vibration that can deliver structural manifestation for everything, entire mass of Universal objects are shaped by sound frequencies including plant life and all other form of living cells to complete proteins function forming DNA. So, geometrical structures can be delivered far distances through sound to function in other far away functions.

Inside the brain neurons are different than rest of other cells of the body they don’t have fixed reproductive limitation like the other normal body cells, of course neuron cells also can die but new ones are born and old information data from dying neuron cells already transfers the entire content of data in its library to new born neuron cell. Developing potentials differentiation of body regular cell of humans and animals can die and produce new ones some in 7 years some more or less, from 40 to 60 times reproduce or cultivate new cells, what happens? Hayflick Moorhead discovered that cell division stops noticing DNA will get slightly shortened each time it reproduce until to a critical length, this is a strand in the ending part of DNA strand found correlate length or telomere region in the ending strand of DNA it gets shorter and shorter until to genomic instability, after that cell division becomes impossibility or in error.  In this senescent state it looks like a sin execution punishment just like it was described in the Bible than human life will be limited, some animals like the turtle’s lives longer than us and sequoia trees live 5000 years or more.  Still many other animals live more than humans like large Galapagos tortoises over 250 years, Bowhead balloon whales over 200 years, Tuatara lizards with 3 eyes 200 years. American lobsters 140years and jellyfish that always regenerate new younger cell always live and the best of all freshwater polyp called hydra FoXO 1-6 always regenerate cells and don’t die.


In my perspective as I did described in other 31 posts in other chapters of Jabrael notes, electron contain patterns to make DNA active to receive reproducing according to a command to copy other cells. It looks a Universal harmony low octave sound frequency is delivering ordinance to stem cell coldilocks prevention to continue cultivation of cells. This is some sort of punishment execution limitation to stop their rebuilding process. But somehow neurons don’t fall in that limitation category pattern. Human cultivation of cells and all rest of living things on planet Earth is patterned in electrons and protons, as I described before Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter contain life energy that endorsed in all atoms to contain small fraction of that energy in their circulations for their part elements control patterns in all activities of all cells and living things harmoniously to the greater measure realm of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter dimension’s.

                                                        THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE

Before you existed or all people existed, values that we see around us and inside the Universe already existed before us long time ago. Most part of atoms are 99.99999 % emptiness, two forms of energies Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy as electrons and protons combine to form an atom. Since life existed in energy form long time ago it reached to us through special arrangements as atoms receive life in non-biological other form of living things, atoms have personality temperaments or characteristics communication and principles to perform according to surrounding effect precisely with great intelligence power and wisdom, all great values of indulgent was already existing we only received by some arrangement to be a living thing that have supernatural qualities and life.
There was never a big bang grand creator always existed with life energy and power, other matter and energy developed by Dark-Energy I rather call this grand force field Dynamic-Energy that is the source of life intelligent wisdom power and righteousness, his qualities can be expressed with one word “Love” most grand supernatural force that existed everlastingly and has no beginning, always existed everlastingly. When the time came long time ago probably more than 16 billion years ago, Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) created Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) invisible force fields, giving to this new force energy creation a beginning transporting same supernatural life wisdom and good qualities that he has giving also intelligence temperament qualities, every matter existed inside Universe are based on this two energy forms that complete entire Universe, scientist estimate that there is 72% of Dark-Energy and 23% of Dark-Matter 5% real matter forms as Galaxies and other forms of visible matter in our Universe.  Starting with atoms formed combining small portion of this two energies D.E and D.M most of it is vacuum emptiness but completed to exist supernatural forces. Every value of characteristic capacity we humans received the source that generate all qualities is inside the Universe in great volume life and intelligence long time ago until now, life we received because there was already in great power inside Universe, same with other valuable qualifications already were existed out there unknown years ago we just received it lately. Already D.E and D.M contain all this capacity energies in their invisible formation in unknown time moments. Atoms contain small portions of this intelligence life force, probably you have noticed how water molecules show variety of crystallized shapes or formation with snow forms that contain intelligence memory. Watch the clouds always composed in different formations as a grand artist drawing on a canvass, clouds contain precise characteristic formation, different atoms react different in their temperature environment and in chemical circumstances, we know what to expect from each group of atoms what to do plus atoms can change their personality characteristic to form into different variety of atoms by fusion.
Consequently starting point of life originated from non-biological Dynamic-Energy then Dynamic-Matter received same treasure qualities, this two forces made matter to exist, atoms that form mass galaxies also contain this original intelligence life forces, we as biological living creatures contain big numbers of atoms that register our emotions and categorize our orientation self-image interest values intellect social role and language all our implementation are collected later on into one large memory bank inside the Universe by this two grand life force control. We humans and insects animals birds fish and all living creatures indirectly participate to send data about our emotions same with other forms of living things atoms. There is so Grand power inside universe that formed humans (scientist rather call this supernatural treasure Dark-Energy) humans can be reformed any time after death if Grand Creator wants us to recreate them just like in the hands of ceramist or model potter forming clays giving each different characteristic in face formalities, Grand creator can give men variety temperament characteristics bringing into an environment to see how they react then all happening will observed to registered precisely by atoms, In other post Angels I described how atoms are Gods organization that have wheels inside wheels and they can see with many eyes all around inside and outside of atoms and everywhere.

In my perspective I believe that we are very imperfect living beings that have limited time to live as humans, we been observed day and night to be considered and rewarded for our behavior that we have as freedom of choice but later on we all have to answer for our behavior. If individually we are considered as loving characteristic group helping our fellow human beings and animals we will be rewarded even we die, just like a shattered glass bottle how it can meted down to reform into originality form additionally as a reward Grand Creator will reprint original behavior characteristic into new life in better environment as an individual who analyze life the way a blind man searches his or her environments and had that right conclusions about moral values and realizing how precious is life acting accordingly by rewards from the source of life Grand Creator. By the way original life that spring from the source of life is eternal, life we receive now is disrupted by imperfection, when everything restored life that we will be receiving as gift will be eternal life.  

                                                               Ingredient of life

Ingredients of life (CHNOPS) is already everywhere on planet Earth, Carbon hydrogen Nitrogen oxygen Phosphorus and Sulfur, DNA and RNA need acid based affect to bond carbons with amino acids fats plus lipids everything with nucleobases particles, using organic carbon plus carbon dioxide monoxide salts carbonic acids, someone or some intelligent guidance is needed to implementing or collaborating atoms to successfully form vitamins and many variety of molecules to form a cell, also this completed life cells on their own creates disequilibria that must have negative entropy plus isotope fractional and atmospheric disequilibrium to continue life. Best element for life to be connected is C 12 carbon 12, as I described in my Posts atoms are other form of living things hydrogen atoms are combination of, 1) invisible force field of Dark-Energy life force field that when materialized becomes electrons that can be unlimited fragmented to go into big quantities of helix stimuli later by separated go inside atoms, 2) invisible containing life force field of invisible Dark-Matter Bubbles that act as clusters connecting into helixes that enter into atoms to join forming new particles to change atomic characteristics becoming other form of elements that we call fusion. Two hydrogen one oxygen combination molecules as H2O has capacity to release w wavelengths that will direct elements nearby to form or join into life essentials as some call it chemical elements, operational definition is released sound frequency tone wavelengths from water molecules to feed on negative entropy, all basic statistics are arrayed by orders to knot amino acids with all sort of required molecules to collect compounds forming new cells. When new elements are collected to form cells carbon 13 is neglected because they are radioactive also amino acids that spin from right to left are collected (100 varieties of amino acids 50% spin from right to left 50% spin from left to right, water molecules use only 40 % from the group that spins right to left) there is complex orderly supervision to collect elements that are essential for life, organized implementing successful collaboration, this intelligent directives are released from water molecules frequency that is some sort of perfect harmony individual humming of individual life form that its DNA is formed. Water molecules transport delicate complex sound perfection to echo into the small group of molecules that will form a living cell, as soon orderly personality sound harmony is stopped releasing harmony wavelengths their life process is intermittent, but still all data of individuality wavelength remain inside memory pattern of water molecules, atoms live 12 billion years and keep all data of that happened all their surroundings. Life already existed inside Universe long time before Earth was existed, later on somehow life entered to our planet, one thing I believe atoms are other forms of living things same with planets and stars.  

                                                                             WHO IS GOD?

God created men in his image his quality and personality preferences only man have quality of Love, power, wisdom and righteousness.
In human history many tribes tried to grasp fame and power for themselves and their Nations using many tools to accomplish that, best tool that gave great consequence and has been used till now is the name God, of course God has nothing to do with their selfish gain but those entities used religions positioning name God in the center of their discussion so whatever has been said have been promise by God, anytime their representative say something guarantees to followers God spoke with me this is what you should do to go to heaven. Not any single faithful customer who died can come back to complain “Hey I did not go to Heaven, you were lying to me!” so business goes smoothly. Every attribute and suggestion representative teaches saying go kill, do not have any mercy, conquer other lands, those who don’t have our religions have no right to live. This teaching do not match with a loving God who gave everything to humans, free water free products free lights, loving God created everything with love all nations and tribes are his beautiful loving children. People who are very busy with their entertainment and fun have no time to analyze with all this teachings, as soon they come close to end their life start having limited interest to know where they are heading spending some wealth to religious staff to guaranty insurance to go into a nice location after life probably into heaven where everything they like will be there.

Looking into heaven we see uncountable galaxies stars and planets, like all matter in the Universe matter is made of uncountable atoms same as Earth, in my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I explained that Gods supernatural power exist in every atom as a life force, he created men in his own image, the way Universe is scattered by billions of Galaxies and trillions by trillions of stars and planets, similar small form of that Universe can be seen in our insignificant brain. Gods brain fills the entire Cosmos, every portion of mass or material of stars and Galaxies contains portions of that grand power as entire Universe, in other posts “Language of the Universe” and “Universal sound” “Atoms are other form of living things” and other post I described that all elements communicate with each other collectively they represent part of the great energy force that we call God. 

Human beings like to have albums that keep them to remember old friend also about themselves, also man like to be entertained that’s why humans spent so much in movie industry and television, this need they have because they have personality of God to be entertained or keep busy to watch happenings around themselves, variety of activities, for example God is watching 100 billion Galaxies that contain billions of stars and trillion of planets and though uncountable other floating parts gases rays and atoms including their all particles and their lifespan in in control and memory of God, regarding our planet all activity of life forms bacteria’s, viruses, fungi, insects birds animals fish and human and all variety of living things are witnessed by Almighty, their data is continuously recorded like photo albums we have only this album of his is condensed like videos in split of second electron stimuli, you know all feelings emotions and pictures travel in our mind through synapses stimuli transfer all data by some kind of electrical flashes, all atoms contain this capability like expressed in the Bible wheels inside wheels surrounded with big numbers of eyes (have the capability to see)

After Universe was created and all form of matters existed in all detailed registered in Almighties Video album (Stimuli) for record keeping and watching, activities of spinning all-stars, planets, pulsars and black hole, all accomplishments of insects and humans and everything else existed belongs to the recollection of the Almighty. Any moment God can and is capable to reform the time and co-existence  of happening and materialize the beings or matters and refill their emotions and memories to the subject and make it happen again with very simple easy thought, of course this is almost impossible for us but not for the capability of Almighty.
I am not worried how I would look in this video because I am photogenic. In reality our activity deals we are showing to our human friends and animals will be considered our work will show what kind of judgments or rewards we might get by God depends our record of activities good or bad, are we helpful to others or we are selfish thinking only about personal interest? Do we care about other beings? Or we care only about us, our fame reputation, greed and busy in our treacherous addictions, unfaithful habits, there is nothing secret for God both in dark or light, imagine every atom inside your molecules in your cells and every atom surrounding in the air flows and all matters around you that also are made of atoms are recording your activities day and night continuously wherever you go not only on earth also in the entire Universe, think about that what sort of people we should be? More information you can find in my writings

When neuron get old Astrocyte cell that are feeding the neuron sense failing activities so Astrocyte make new program to make neuron miss its nourishment or direct to show by other neurons new baby neurons that are emulated to new born, the aging neuron releases all its data information’s to the new born neurons, the old one disintegrate its complete neuron cell body with its nucleus and nucleolus plus all its 10.000 junction by cooperation’s with microglial cells getting rid of old synapses to be eliminated and new born baby neuron connected with other new 10.000 new tiny junctions to receive signals in the form of synapses. So let’s consider this all the knowledge of dying synapse relocated and don’t die, cell of old neuron dismantled, same with Schwann cells and Axons.

Let me make it clear neuron by its own complete form do not have any consciousness but only knowledge information’s data. Consciousness center of brain have to collect information by stratum so Hippocampus can analyze conclusive in consciousness to think as human being central brain with substantia nigra, vita, nucleus Accumbens, central brain can’t think without collecting data from neurons, and neurons can’t generate principles on their own. Only complete form of brain with directive circulation of stimuli can generate thinking consciousness. Space and time has no any tools in balancing life and death only if neurons are operational or not. When a person dies all the data information in neurons pass by stimuli electron of atoms, central brain that combines collective data to analyze will be dead and disassemble to non-existing consciousness, can’t think or feel any emotions hate or love in nothingness. If somehow in the future distributed atoms collected by new molecules in that mixture will be atoms that contain old data stimuli are recollected and form a new body refilling all the old data stimuli into the new body and when central brain also can be available same individual thinking mind can be reborn or resurrected, probably can’t look exactly the same but same personality with all the old memories will be combined to this new being that was now is.

So life is not only carbon forms of molecules, electrons contain life some invisible force guides all living cells, for example consider turtle hatching egg that is incubated has life form but can’t see or think or move as an live turtle, still in jelly form incubated to grow, and left under sand by the turtle. Some supernatural force that atoms contain supervise the growth and mechanisms inside egg to make turtle complete reverse turtle soup turning into real turtle, still the animal don’t need extra oxygen. When the completion time comes complete turtle crack the egg shell take his head out start to breath see smell hear and has the shell strong body to take care of its protection uses its legs to move and try everything has to survive, all that turtle had was some jelly form now transformed into strong complete animal a baby turtle and still has to continue to live to grow larger and stronger. Some unseen supernatural force inside atoms is guiding their surroundings molecular mixtures and developments, scientist call it Bio centrism from Greek word Life-center, in my other articles I pinpoint that Life exist in all atoms in protons as Dark-Matter and in electrons as Dark-Energy, life in the universe made all other matter to exist there are many other form of life that are not biological as I described atoms are other sort of living things.

Great men from Russia Seymon Kirlian in photographing fruits and object by small electrical field and without, noticing that mature fruits release more lively light beams than very ripe, unripe fruits released less light beams or aura in photographic pictures, in my perspective every individual or cluster of atoms release sound frequency that can show metric holograms when passing through quantum entanglement or through gravity field fluctuations. One expert using theory of Seymon Kirlian took some photographs GDV technique describing they he was successful in photographing soul leaving the body of a person when seeing light similar to human aura, I believe that already all individual atoms contain sound frequency wavelengths plus flow of electromagnetism that are connected into sound personality harmony of the individuality inside anybody or living person or any other biological living being, whatever was recorded in the picture was just same Seymon Kirlian technique of sound frequency that starting to operate as it shows with ripe or unripe fruit, last moment of body human aura will be recorded as an expert did, that is no any soul humans can’t live without their complete brain consciousness and human circulations. Human brain contains stimuli electrical signals that transport data from one neuron into other neurons and also to other atoms specially to water molecules.    

Stimuli signals that circulate inside synapses they travel through dendrites they are stimuli projections that reach to Center of neuron cell and center cell sends to certain other axons distributing and releasing electrical jolts that are information’s pictures feeling every emotion and detailed conciliation but in the language of electric jolts that I call it stimuli tone reactions, they receive details from other neurons from tail like chamber of neurons and they release anhidrotic firings, all activity of brain is hippocampal network but during struck or transitory death periods network oscillations go to maximum for neurons, triggering prosecuting electrical signals by excess circuits in axons bringing depolarization to the entire circuit to hippocampal network.

In many ages all sort of people with all backgrounds give their perspectives that what will happen to people after death using all religious books, scientific and philosophical viewpoints to explain sometime they argue to the extent that many wars took place as history books recall. After many researches I also derived into a conclusion.
Recently many test has been done with water molecules how they contain memory regarding their surrounding environments how water can show pattern in geometrical shapes of flowers and good or bad expression by sound variations, you can read about it in another article in my Blog subheading “Water H2 0 What is it” Water contain two living energy forces in every hydrogen atoms non biological life force, core of hydrogen Dark Matter as proton invisible bubble clusters and Dark-Energy as millions of invisible group of helixes to form as one electron that later can be separated in fusion to complete other elements, in my article same blog “Neurons” I explained that the main brain that functions in our scull is the lump of water molecules that contain life force, memory, and data to guide biological life forms connecting Universal language in Universe and all sort of stars and planets and atoms connecting into physical cells and monitor to activate their flow of knowledge and developments. Signal electrical pulses leave the brain and join into volume of molecules of water nearby and deliver your message to their electronic impulse circuit water memory keeps as symmetrical data and try to function or think about what you just have said and they echo this message copy again and again with the rest of electron stimuli by other elements of hydrogen and Oxygen, if your message contained good behavioral patterns it become memory water of nearby class of water, if you wishing bad things to other or giving bad swears bad environment circles in the water molecules, by chance when you use portion of that water and freeze you will notice uneven physics geometrical shapes in the flake if your thoughts are delivered in hate and rage and putting down other with impolite language, but if your expressions were decent and in harmony with peace and love the water recording will show beautiful perfect geometrical  symmetrical pattern flakes when they freeze. Same effect you will see if you make classical Mozart music near a water cup harmonious sound will give memory pattern of water molecules. I am sorry you will be disappointed if the music that playing was some sort of heavy rock with irregular rhythms and banging’s other form of music will develop frozen snow flake disharmonious geometrical symmetrical bundle, that water will not deliver any harmony to brain but probably will give some help to thirst. Same principle will be active when you pray inside any worshiping group community locations or inside your room repeating your words inside your brain, in case if you personally have studied truth and have excellent knowledge about your creator your harmony will be excellent to deliver expression from your body and heart will send electrical pulses stimuli to water molecules to all your water inside your body and all volume of water nearby that on its part will echo your message by harmony tuning to universal tone reaction to the entire world and to entire universe when all other molecules all water molecules and all atoms can contain emotions of hypnosis’s to store influences by helix stimuli circuits irrigation by pulses through synapses that reacts sending any sort of images from the neurons to entire brain and outside communicative sound realm that is controlled by hydrogen and oxygen atoms, environment we live in already have its own behavioral patterns by water molecules into sound waves photographic memory detailed with all sort of behaviors feelings organized by spark signals because the main effective force that operates all this is Dark Energy and Dark Matter in the atoms that contain life force, some scientist refer this communication as unusual chemical properties or structural magnetic field, previously I call it tone reaction. Water contains memory, to prove that scientist done many tests and agree. As atom molecules have to respect theory of expansion when it is hot as all other atom structures do. Any data that water molecules register in our body can transfer to greater groups of molecules in the air and water inside the sea and Oceans. As water flows in our body same all over the Earth and covers the Oceans and seas also exist in the air as humidity it has a important purpose to function in our physical body, water has great capacity it has personality intelligence with perfect memory and have theoretical knowledge to direct all biological living cells directing in growth by procession codes giving to DNA, all activities happening around water can be recorded to its memory banks. Water has burning fuel capacity it contains hydrogen atoms that can react to fire process same its other part Oxygen but combining together as water molecule H2O they don’t burn instead they don’t burn turn off the fire unless if they are in statuses of great heat and mechanized combustion process, like all atoms hydrogen and Oxygen atoms are combination collections of two invisible forces Dark Energy and Matter, no matter what activity each individual done in his or her lifetime, including all animals and insects and smaller living forms of bacteria or viruses and plants. In general all moods of human personality changes have root communication with other form of life that are atoms and they can live over 12 billion years put most effective to direct human intelligence and record all human and animal behaviors is connected to Hydrogen atoms that are active as soon they form into water molecules, every time people regard concept of life that seeds will start to grow need water is not the wet environments that surround the seed but the directives of hydrogen molecules that govern all DNA process by sound tones wave frequency code directives that I call it “tone reaction” everything life forms need regularities are perfectly provided by great intelligence beyond our capacity to unknown relationship between other realm or other form of life with biological life forms that are made of cells. In my perspective all data that a person leaves after death will be just data information in life force collectives that will be composed inside Dark Energy and Dark Matter, as long that person don’t carry a biological brain will not be able to have consciousness to use his or her collective memories, what does future will behold them by non-Biological life forces only all mighty knows as I explained his supernatural Universal power include Dark Energy, All I can do in my limited capability asking Scientific authorities “please name Dark Energy to Dynamic Energy”

Every tiny detail in our individual cells body parts thoughts are recorded continuously to be stored in water molecules then into atomic non biological life force, as we know atoms live 12 billion years and also energy in atoms that are the main flow of knowledge is restored in Dark Energy and Dark Matter, both are everlasting non biological force and Mater.

                              Why does God permit lawlessness and wickedness?

Almighty created everything on principle of love forgiving loving others as themselves. Unfortunately some came stressing or teaching that their own personal god like to kill and massacre and acted accordingly massacring raping torturing others that they are nod buying their own faith. When almighty created entire Universe plus many spiritual angels that had their own personality thoughts and later on creating men that also carry their own personality temperaments or characters, everything god gave was good, one thing God could not give was bad thoughts or lawlessness and wickedness, in case if circumstances are completed to be always surrounded by perfect environment without experiencing any lawlessness, to explain an individual in that perfect good habitat talking about lawlessness they will never grasp what bad thing is or lie or crime, evil taught s are not part from Almighty, as soon one of the high positioned angel by selfish seek authority on his own desire to criminalize, Satan became the creator of lawlessness Almighty did not interfere right away till the Universal issue can be settled down, What was truth? Satan wanted to be called God and others should worship him, which was wickedness, to turn the point Satan invented the lie (really God didn’t want you to eat the forbidden fruit? No you will not die, you will be like God) as the representative of Universal constitution, Almighty allowed for temporary time so entire living beings universal or on Earth can witness what lie and lawlessness can take along loving races to misery? As a constitution to explain only one side of the picture will not complete to do or don’t. According to Proverbs 6:16 there are six things that God hates also seven things that God detests all sort of lawlessness. It seems already we still are in this time period where this issue should be resolved to be proved what bad lies and lawlessness can bring to mankind, Almighty is not interfering yet not because he can’t but because the issue must be 100% clear to all.

Human race is in this period where Satan rules. All this great powers and governments that Satan could give to Jesus still under Satan have controlled authority temporarily on entire planet Earth. Nations are greedy in their disbursements caring their own homeless and poor people but yet they spend great money to go and massacre other nations, only Satan can enjoy this sort of adventures. Almighty considers each person as individuality that will give account someday for his or her deeds. As James 1:13-15 explains. Each one will be drawn out and enticed by his or her desire, which action will follow into committing sin.

How about millions of people that die naturally by old age or by other methods or crimes, can they be restored back to life? For Almighty this process is similar restoring shattered glass bottle back into original shape, as surrounding complex aspects we are surrounded by intelligent high wisdom atoms everywhere forming matter and living things, every progress of growing plant and animals are totally supernatural miracle. Same capacity everything that scan be existed is in the hands of Almighty, when individual die all its building block, growing of cells is based by command from DNA that is directed by DM inside atoms core to copy new cells, all data of individuality is patterned information inside atoms, to restore the former individual is just simple process inside the hands of Almighty, they can recreated with former memories and characteristics after follow up of new behaviors under the principal constitution of The Universal intelligent power. The bible mentions intelligent will cover the planet the way oceans cover the seas. Habakkuk 2:14 “For the Earth will fill with the knowledge of the glory of the Almighty as the waters cover the sea. Our brain now operates only 2 % capacity at that time we will think 100 % our mind will handle also the job of will operate as cellular phones being a perfect human beings. 

In my conclusions regarding life I discovered how to get connected to Universal sound harmony, whatever I spoke about this subject is only 1% what I know, I will keep confidential main conclusions. Let me give some small explanations. Probably you have seen on large plates scattered sand start to move and take form of geometric shapes by low or high octaves sound frequency vibrations that forms reshape when level of wave tones elevated, in same principle each human body has own personal harmony individuality sound frequency, each cell of the body repeat this sound code waves By DNA procedures that atoms regulate by covalent bonding principles, your finger print show your geometric sound frequency code by certain marking that belong to your inner personality sound tone harmony also marking inside your eyes, I will explain later in this article. White cells attack all other noises that are released by alien microbe sounds and bacteria’s. What should a person think to reach into universal harmony frequencies be connected to tune up his individual harmony sound wave tones and by collecting and using what his body will be guided to harmony wave I already have the conclusion and will be kept safe till the right time.

What does prophet Ezekiel`s vision mean?

When we discern that it will lead to the conclusion next question, what is resurrection?
In the Bible book of Ezekiel mentions his vision. Almighty God wanted to describe imperfect Ezekiel to understand explaining what is the building blocks of living things and entire Universe, God did not use a magnifying glass, God gave Ezekiel see in larger perspective how atoms look like. Mentioned in Ezekiel 1:15 “As I watching the living creatures, I saw one wheel on Earth beside each of the living creatures with four faces” (I believe life forms have connection with this visualized atom vision) it is mentioned wheels connection with the living creatures. 1:16... “The wheels and their structure appeared to glow like chrys`o-lite” (atoms glow like that) and their appearance looked as though a wheel were within a wheel. (Electrons spin around atoms like wheels within wheels; wheels don’t leave the formation of atom it sticks to it continuously 12 billion years) When they moved, they could go in any of four directions without turning as they went. (Medium weight humans have over 7 Quadrillion 21 zeros following number 7 atoms, every time a person moves they carry this large number of atoms) Their rims were so high that they inspired awe, and the rims of all four were full of eyes all around. (atoms don’t have literal human eyes but can see trillion times better within great number of angels inside the atom and outside nearby atoms, cells and all environment, everything occurring it register with great accurateness, what the person who carrying him is thinking, planning, feeling, all their characteristics in video and audio capacities that remains in the atoms memory truthfulness as mentioned in the Bible the book of life Rev 3:5, everything about any individual who living or dead the information characteristic remains printed inside atoms. for 12 billion years, atoms also can transmit this data into other atoms then into Universal two energy forms of Dynamic Energy and Matter) (If we enlarge an atom into 15 floor high building, the core will look big as a sand particle on 8th floor and electrons spinning surrounding all around that large 15 floor high balloon shape ball, their rims were so high that they inspired awe, they were the electrons as a large wheel)
Lets requisite, another question, within this question. Watching an egg what do you expect someday it might deliver? Of course a living thing, a turtle or fish a bird and so on, atoms are formed by two universal energies of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter, atoms don’t hatch a chick but they can deliver sound pattern directives resonant frequencies transmitting to DNA or into any living cell or other atoms releasing inherent characteristic frequencies. In my Blogs many times I connected the universal energies with humans reconciling God with science.


It is very strange to speak about resurrection where we don’t experience any in our surrounding daily life. The Bible mentions 10 instances where resurrection happened. According to the Bible starting point where people existed came out of nothing, each atom contain emptiness electrons and protons are invisible force field but yet atoms joined by supernatural directives form amino acids they come to form the first men and later with the first female, form me that is special achievement as a resurrection might process. In the bible there are 10 instances where people get resurrected, two instances God used Elijah to resurrected, one was Zeraphaths widow son in story was mentioned in (1 Kings 17: 17 -) the second one in 2:Kings 4:32 -)about Shunammite woman’s son. One instant was mentioned when a dead body touched Elisha`s bones in (2 Kings 13:20) Jesus Christ in preaching work for example the widow`s son from Nain town (Luke 7: 11-15) another one Jairus`s daughter (Luke 6:41-) most impressive resurrection was about Lazarus by thousands of witnesses (John 11: 1-44) The resurrection of Jesus is the basic root of Christianity where many witnessed Jesus after death, except Jesus all resurrected ones later die because the real resurrection that will keep individuals alive will happen in the future in Gods Kingdom. Later on deciles of Jesus performed resurrections where Peter raised Dorcas from the dead (Acts 9:36-) Paul raised from death Eutychus when fell from third story window down to the street (Acts 20:9,10) There is a instance when Jesus Die a big earthquake happened making ground to tremble where some dead was seen out of their cemeteries, usually people were not berried too deep. Many believe that those also were resurrections but it is not strongly proven. The case was mentioned in Matt 28:5-8 Luke 24:27 50-53 Mark 16:6) Humans have the capability to collect sands and make a bottle after the bottle was broken men is also to reform that bottle, for God almighty is the same thing where by supernatural force can perform resurrections where his prophets participated in resurrecting others same with  disciples. Jesus Christ is the way and truth of life, after death Jesus will open the door to eternal resurrection for the faithful ones in the future.

There is no assurance that animals will have resurrection, according to the bible some people might have revivification mentioned in John 5:28, 29 Luke 23:42,43, Acts 24:15 “There is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and unrighteous” They will live. God Almighty will judge the people; unfortunately we see many so called peaceful faiths killing other people because they don’t have their same faith killing many people over heading Gods judgments considering themselves that they know better, giving themselves permission to be executioners, killing Gods creation beings. All people are allowed to exist under permission of Almighty. God can take away living force from any individual any moment and don’t need others to kill different people with distinctive faiths. Bible mentions there are group category of resurrection results. First group are the dead in Christ shall rise first in invisible force form as mentioned in Revelation 20:4 that second death has no authority over them.
Revelation 20:13 “And the sea gave up the dead in it, and death and grave (or Hades, in Hebrew means a common grave) gave up the dead in them, and they were judged individually according to their deeds” after that the name death will be eliminated in next verse 14, Hades and death will be hurled into fire that will not be ever ongoing, no more death for people, animals will still die. Of course the Bible also mentions that some will not have any resurrection.
7 Quadrillion atoms that form human body, during lifetime some new ones add in the body some others leave the person taking with them all data of individuality memory characteristic and data about individuality consciousness, new atoms go into the body by food and drinks other atoms inform individual history into new atoms, everything about the person remains with atoms. After death if also including cremation atoms don’t die they keep all data unattached.

Regarding a person after death when Almighty consider memo of individual atom as mentioned as book of life that is not a literal book but data inside the atoms when the individual was living, Almighty as he did with creation of Adam collecting amino acids from dust God have capability to collect 7 Quadrillion of atoms transform information from one single atom with entire characteristic to other atoms into the new form person that will have same outlook when he or she was live in young age with same memory and characteristics, I don’t know what will you call this, I will call this RESURRECTION.

This is some of my conclusions

Come travel with me into Speed trains of death invisible Tran’s rapid and return back to Earth.

In conclusion let’s repeat to complete our thoughts what might happen to us after death. As soon we become a passenger to after biological life activity going through invisible force field flow like fast train, as humans that have capability to make bullet trains railway technology Almighty has more supernatural technology to carry his precious living people memories and thought during their life time into a memory bank vaults, as soon we are considered to be a passenger. Most clinically dead passengers embarking into death train experiencing
A) seeing their own body as someone else looking at the body. As I explained earlier (yet neurons cells still are alive and stimuli electrical jolts are traveling inside the brain and outside the body and they have recording data possibilities to hear and view, after they return into the brain they transport all data into the neurons as the person imagining that thy were outside watching themselves) if you are seeing your body they are water molecule flow.
B) You might float going into bright light tunnel, as I explained (as soon brain activity are disconnected with synchronized pulse between brain and heart extreme flow in panic of the brain electrical stimuli jolts go to extreme activities, one part leaving connection directives into the body stimuli tries to be connected with bin-aural beats that are coming from the Universe) this activity can be disturbed any moment if the person returns into normal heart beat biological life system activities connecting flow of directives between the brain and the body.
C) You might meet Angels looking over you. (As I described in most of my posts atoms are other form of energy field living things combination of life Dynamic –Energy as electrons and Dynamic-Matter as clusters of invisible life energy of protons, your stimuli electron helixes recognizes them interaction into communication with supernatural energy fields that we reflect them as Angels, for us humans average 5 or 6 feet person is complete adult height for a tiny Nano atom expects other atoms as complete height of maturity. Though they are very tiny atoms but their assertion of images are wide spread depictions recollection as large human proportions entities as humans to each other’s, in my other posts I defined “atoms are other form of living things” they communicate by sound wavelengths, I experience once their sound Angelic quires as designated in my post “Dream” all other hallucinations illusions human experience is result of unorganized dysfunctional process between biological life field with Universal energy field)
D) Your mother will come to meet you (Each individual has own personal sound harmony code that is part of your DNA, most close person to your sound individuality harmony tone is your mother, inside Universe and all around us there is a field of Universal supernatural energy quantum field that is control of Almighty that is Gods energy field keeping all memory of happenings all records where all dying biological cell recordings are kept, your brain memory stimuli electrical jolts might meet right away to your moms electrical jolts that are range inside the nature, even before connecting into them they are already close to your zones that you retain as your dimensions connected to each other as force field family tree)
E. following to your mother in line as family tree you might also see by stimuli perception rest of other families or relatives that died long time ago their memory patterns that atoms carry and already nearby vicinity or by water molecule memory communicative field many memories of dead relative faces will come through atom data minutiae as being close to your individuality sound harmony tone wavelengths in your DNA order that can tel-port itself in data.
F) Life flash (All data of panic neurons data through synapses at the same time extreme fast activity will lighten you up, very fast your entire life happening just will pass by as video or slights show speedy fast ford (our brain library of atoms contain all library contents what happened during all our life time and already that fast forward activities happen every time neuron die and transfer process data to new born neurons, now after somehow you hour heart starts to function and survive all activities that you will be reminded after you come to elite your consciousness back everything you will be remember will be according to tiny atoms data communication not by human mind or logical sense procedures but by D.E and D.M forces)
G) You will see and hear everyone around you inside hospital bed or the place you were dying (after been biologically synonymous with death or clinically dead some of your brain spark stimuli haste leave the brain out and return their spinning flow takes a longer wider range than limited brain size and register vicinity around where your body is located, and because electrons can register data in their surrounding they bring all information’s back to neurons` brain center and when you survive from death you will remember all data from the neuron library what people were talking near your body who were there near you everything that was going on you will remember what electrons registered in your brain)
H) Peaceful contentment (Entire brain activities now is disconnected by the entire body all the messages coming and going tones wavelengths process is incline, neurons have nothing to worry about all neurons are disconnected with the body, this stage give the brain relaxation that they never had all their lifetime)
I) you don’t want to return back to life (Not you but your brain really enjoy this new environment vacation. As soon brain activity that was connecting biological life process into energy field life process disconnected they will mix with Universal language process, all of a sudden our neurons feel freedom and feel like in vacation but somehow the energy wavelength that surrounds us as Dynamic –Energy restarts the biological life process and all of a sudden we start to breath and our heart start to breath)

J) Anytime if we die completely by biological sense all our memo of atoms that we carry in our body include data that other atoms carrying about us that were left from our body maximum every seven years, all their collective data are collected by this two supernatural life force that are everywhere all inside the Universe our actions and activities in every tiny detail are registered if not by consciousness but by memory details invisible manuscripts the same data as DNA receive Teleport from atoms itself to registers to copy.

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