Sunday, September 4, 2011

D.E.D.M .D.F

                                          DARK-ENERGY, DARK-MATTER, DARK-FLOW          

Open plead to scientific community, respectfully to all scientist of the world. Labeling word Dark to Energy and Matter is confusing and improper do not suit giving expectation that we should see something Dark in this Darkness, the proper should be reconsidered by scientific authorities, my suggestion. “Dynamic-Energy” and “Dynamic-Matter”  

                                                               Gabriel Logician Jabrael

Examining the Universe it seems great unknown energy is in order to make everything else in order. One large scale force has been noticed that is releasing great gravitational effect, already there are many unseen other frequencies such as radiation, infrared, radio waves, gamma rays and many other form of invisible forces that release effect absorption on other exposed matter where most effect can be seen from invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that form each individual atom and entire galaxies in the Universe.
Usually any hard to notice connection transforming power or data we call it filament but there might be other unseen connection that  might controlling between ordinary matter that are totally invisible, so unnoticeable that calling them filaments might not apply. Two forms of energies fall in these categories, Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter and they are pure Universal life form energies with supernatural intelligence and power. In my Blogs (Cornerstone of the Universe) I explained how these forces created the Entire Universe.

Dark-Matter or D.M is the second largest energy field beside Dark-Energy or D.E negative force field, D.M are located different parts of our Universe blocking lights and have their own positive force field, Scientist call it dark not for the color but because they don’t understand clearly. In my “Krikor” theory D.E+D.M=H (Hydrogen Atoms) D.E is allowance of almighty energy to create the Universe. 

Watching scientists keen on Universe noticing existence of two different elements in the entire Cosmos, together they combine to formed stars and galaxies, only 4% is existing matter as galaxies, combination of this two force and matter exist, one part of radiant energy about 74 % of D.E with anonymous light with radiation and electromagnetism flow and second elements there exist in cosmos some undetected forces hides all over Universe thinking it binds all stars and galaxies that is estimated by 27% of D.M, considering this two element force and matter they came to supposition using expressions Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter together they can combine with electromagnetism with matter to form matter atoms stars and Galaxies. Later on to analyses why continuously space is expanding making galaxies further apart and what can be found further away in the darker areas of the Cosmos still are in advance follow up by modern science discoveries. In my perspective in other post I described how “Gravity” works how “Cornerstone of the Universe” formed and how “Atoms” and “Stars” are formed.

Dark-Energy always existed had no starting point that is force field of life. Portion of Life force that I call Dynamic–Energy transformed into Dynamic-Matter (Scientists call it Dark Energy and Matter) still static.

Dark-matter is supernatural invisible force field; it has intelligence and life energy, each atom contain portion from Dark-Energy as proton and portion from supernatural Dark-Energy as electrons, Dark-Matter has gravitational influence to its surroundings, it is very cold because it does not allow light and heat to go through giving effect that it absorbs energy, Dark-Matter is weightless but any moment out of nowhere it can reach very heavy weight, pertinent available force in the Universe is Dark-Energy, Dark-Matter can initiate this energy of relevant gravity to the environment oblige by assistance from Dark-Energy reaching nearby and distant objects.

Dark-Matter is invisible matter without any particles such as normal visible matter, it is unknown supernatural force field, they are not any subatomic particles unless when tiny portion of invisible energy of Dark-Matter (proton) bond into small portion of Dark-Energy (Electron) it forms atoms also additional severance of this two basic energies form additional neutrons and many form of particles inside atoms, all stars and planets are formed by unification of this two Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter partition to form visible matter. In invisible state, Dark-Matter proof its existence by invisible gravitational field inside the Universe, as I explained in other sections in my Blogs Dark-matter is invisible bubbles inside other bubbles, they are very tiny smaller than atom particles force fields and they are also in all other larger shapes of forces as big as they can gulp entire galaxy to direct inside Universe, its effect might vary as we see milky way Galaxy spherical field that stars and planet inside are directed by Dark-Matter force field, each star and planet are also suppressed by same force, as proof anytime two galaxies merge we see each star don`t collide with drop in individual stars, they all keep their conventional distant, Dark-Matter can have unlimited power to condense or spread in no time and it is not regulated by any scientific theoretical principles. Singular separated energy portions of Dark-Matter guzzle each living biological cells also each living thing animal’s insect’s birds and humans. Men are already swig by Dark-Matter before they are born to come to life. These perspectives are my own. The energy that Man call God, is two supernatural energy that make everything to exist inside the Universe Dark-Energy and Dark Matter as I explained in my other post, Reconcile God and science.
Dark matter is not any matter but invisible life force energy that can`t be sensed through so called by our advance tools, no matter how sensitive tools can be still particles of Dark matter can’t be seen because they are supernatural intelligent force same with dark energy. When this forces materialize to combine as an atom, each contain portions from Dark Matter as core and a portion of Dark Energy electrons.Inside nuclear fusion energy machine can be seen Ghostly lightning sparking waves inside a nuclear reactor, similar the waves seen in ionosphere. Still there are many unknown energy forces that is not clear to the scientists

Dark-Matter is unknown to scientist, cosmologist awaiting further clarifications, some are noticing from its light-bending characteristics even scientist can calculate dark-Matter clumps, for my understanding Dark-Matter is like Mercury metal without the coloring, invisible and having 15 times more mass than Lead, light and heat do not penetrate in, it is pure proton made as tiny bubbles gathered in larger and greater bubbles 26.8% of the Universe and is the only mass substance available. It has supernatural mind of its own and is a marvelous living thing of totally different kind and part of the living Universe, we can see it from the living planet of our own Earth. Still people only expect living from other planets should be only in one sort category of bald head and two large eyes, beside that anything is rejected by humanoids. Dark-Energy was discovered from captivating supernova explosions, when stars die and the hidden invisible energy is released. We might be surrounded by elusive realm field of Dark-Matter sprinkled spread bubbles all around us, like the flow of air in liquid soap forms very easy to collected in bubble form all sizes, everywhere can be found invisible bubble form regulation to be adjusted by other matter to be stimulated by their environs we can’t see but the effect occurs all around us and in the entire Universe.

Dark-Matter is protons in the core of atoms and in the core of all Universal large body objects like planets stars moons pulsars and black holes, Dark-Matter is invisible condensed force field made of bubbles in bubbles, smallest portion to fit inside atom also is large number of bubbles as cluster in tiny Centre of all elements, it releases low or high octave sound frequencies that cannot be heard by our ears and give directives to other protons to activate covalent bonding their connection to inertia force field of Dark-Energy and travel connecting through rail force fields that are all around the Universe and this action effect as gravity in process. Dark matter is hiding inside every atom as core and are called proton still scientist are working on Alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS) to find Dark-Matter in the universe watching cosmic-ray particles that come and collide with Dark-Matter bubble clusters, scientist call DM WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, one thing for sure Dark-Matter cannot be seen by telescopes because are invisible and light cannot penetrate through it except Dark-Energy, in my other chapter article about (Our Sun) I been explaining how react Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy to form hydrogen atoms and function as a star.

Smallest portion of Dark-Matter bubbles are single portion part from cluster bubbles that complete in one proton inside one atom. Bubble Dark-Matter can be condensed or spread-out by great distance, in my perspective hundreds of Dark-Matter bubbles can fit inside one hydrogen atom, or one singular Dark-Matter bubble can disburse into one large heliopause bubble to contain our entire solar system. In my other subject “Gravity” I described that gravity is sound frequency procedure to be connected into Universal quantum time locations dots in the entire Universe that all elements can be connected or released by time phenomenon motions, magnetic field of our Heliospause is coordination tone reaction between other loose elements that are harmful to us, they are protective cocoons not allowing entry in the interstellar medium spreading cavity in interstellar space by tone reaction, so other radiation and galactic cosmic rays, all particles can be stopped passing through its layers of shielding, still it isn’t also impermeable wall large bubble Heliopause still can allows anything that should be passing by its intelligence capacity because it contains life and intelligence to not intermix its boundaries that is well defined, has a well-regulated edge that can allow or stop accordingly to its intelligence capacities, somehow it gives me the sensation that solar entire Heliosphere functions as one large invisible planet and Earth other planets and our Star are inside its large Bubble. If we consider distance to the edge of Heliosphere between the distances of our Sun is almost 11 Billion miles. Steel all together we as solar system with our Helospher traveling about 50.000 thousand miles per hour, as I described we already are immerged in greater Quantum force field of the Universe so we are moving through this energy field of time and inertia permisssiveness that is in one command of “Universal language” of tone reaction that I explained in before. How much we know about Heliospher, as scientist send long time ago IBEX voyager one and 2 cannot penetrate invisible force field of Dark-Matter bubbles plus if they can be seen already several instrument on this voyagers cameras are dysfunction, if they can take any pictures they can send to us and be received after 17 hours.

Connecting protons to spinning electron cables of helixes that are from Dark-Energy spins create atoms that collectively forms into normal matter everything we see stars and planets and matter. Dark-Energy existed over 14 billion years ago because is very grand power I give the name Dynamic-Energy; it was discovered by humans 1998 this force field is mysterious enormous powerful Energy field. Both Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter contain intelligence and provide life to all their created body forms, in my other notes I have explained this theories. Many years ago humans did not realize that solid corals are life forms now they do, in my other theories atoms are living things that can live 12 billion years and hear and express by sound frequencies and collect data by electron helix stimuli the way process done in human brains transporting data emotion and memory to other neuron cells, all plants express collectively combining cluster atoms enchaining their personality sound variations.

Calculating the entire Universe, normal matters as stars and galaxies are 4.9 % of the Universe. Dark-Matter 26.8 % and the largest force field electromagnetism Dark-Energy is 68.3% of total Universe

Dark-Matter is protons; inside atoms is big number of smaller proton clusters or individual bubbles, particles radius is 0.84087 Femtometers .  Smaller measurements are considered billionth of a meter that is fathometer, also protons individually separated from their clusters are much smaller also protons are considered 4% smaller than recently accepted by scientists. Electrons are bundles of helix varying length and once a while some are released in fusion to go in and join to individual proton bubbles.

                            Distinctive line between Dark Energy and Dark Matter

In my studies I came at conclusions that electrons contain big number of helix thread that also can divide into smaller portions to ensure many Weyl for other properties, stimuli neutrino and other particles electrons are small portions from electromagnetism field to combine with proton clusters bubbles to form an atom, also electromagnetism derive from Dark-Energy field that exist in entire Universe, some effective portions can be noticed similar in solar winds. Each invisible particle of Weyl can change electromagnetic post expending into a bubble of Dark Matter in same principle of matter and antimatter, Weyl that transforms into bubbles of Dark Matter react totally as new invisible subatomic particles that can expand or shrink in super extraterrestrial levels, follow up of this transformed Weyl clusters are collected inside electrons spinning gage to form Hydrogen atoms. So the separation line between DE and DM is transformation of Weyl into bubbles, origin of everything, everything was created by Dynamic Energy science name it Dark Energy. New form Weyls as DM can either collide to interact with other elements or particles as well it can slip past all particles because bubble form of energy that can react totally different range of theoretical presumed standards that we valued till now. New Weyl bubbles that are now Dark matter communicate because they contain life force energy intelligence and are part of the great volume inside Universe contained inside every atom as core and inside every planet and star as core that also communicate in low and high frequency wavelengths in Universal language that’s how core of an atom communicate with their neighboring atoms binding together also untying Dark Matter bubbles from its cluster position meet detached other Weyl from electrons combining into new particles inside atoms to form new characteristic adding more liveried combination they go into fusion forming hydrogen atom into helium and so on. Dark-Energy is more abbreviate than other locations it is a steady force field that contains intelligence  supernatural life force being dynamism power about DE ability I call this Energy Dynamic Energy some people give title God the most powerful force in entire Universe. Dark-Energy is scattered mixing in massive area in the Universe assorted with clouds this can be seen in smaller portion in solar winds  and large areas like Magellanic clouds located about 200.000 light years away located one side of Milky Galaxy, large and small magellanic cloud as ribbon of gas form spin half way around Milky way.

In logical opinion Dark-Matter is invisible bubble clusters as dense they get than mass get tighter, regular standard form is 15 times dense than lead but it can be expended to thin nothingness or go compressed that lead thousand time, in condensed form it has liquid procedure it is non-biological living energetic thing, scientist are trying many experiments by WIMP bouncing off an atomic nucleus of xenon still not ordinary Dark-Matter that is invisible also impenetrable and same time can pass through solid metal from side to side all other elements resembling wind, all interactive massive particles contain balanced forms of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. I wonder what the scientist find when it is invisible and can react inversely because it is other form of living thing so no theoretical models can apply on these Matter in any models Dark-Matter nor Dark-Energy both invisible forces with all experiments they can defined by leaving background radiation or nothing at all, can be impassable if it reacts to be compressed because these two are supernatural actualities.

Scientist analyzed atoms figuratively calling names giving like colors or spices giving names to particles inside the Atoms, some particles are called Red down quarks, others Green up quarks others Blue down quarks. Other particles called group particles Hyperons Baryons Hadrons Nucleons bosons, then you have Antiparticles Fermions, Other group is called Mesons Hadrons Leptons also antiparticles of Bosons and Fermions and Photons as boson particles, each have different group of charge and mass. In my theory always Protons that are chunk of Dark-Matter contain Positive energy, portions of this matter join and combine with electrons helix negative force that are hunk of Dark-Energy. Uneven portions and quantity of opposite volume portions combine inside Atoms and form variety of particles inside Atoms. In my theory electron cables that contain big numbers of helix strands like human hair bundles, they might be able to separate breakdown to smaller filaments, shorter ones can be serve as neutrinos. Always they carry some energy of Dark-Energy in their helix whirl. Those two energies produce electromagnetic force, only in combination to form nucleuses two forces are in balance of no charge. Dark Matter have intelligence to direct into composing super symmetric capabilities to form joining with electron helix into new particles inside atoms also is capable by low octave sound frequency waves vibrations to command always active in developing to super symmetric particles inside atoms and into surrounding in principles of covalent bonds, new physics we know trying hard to collect information in standard model to explain new physics, that will stay new for time being. All equations that describe shattering atoms make more close to understanding that the word decay is the process sending particles into their original form Energy-Matter, D.E and D.M. Dark-Matter in (SVSY) doesn’t show much, at Higgs. Boson Super symmetry too shy because it is invisible force gets materialized only by trace to electron helix energy. Tests might show in the future that as soon atoms dismantle Dark-Matter return to invisible state, only particles that still have combination mixture between D.E and D.M show on the scale.

Dark-Matter can be condensed or scattered depending surrounding pressure, when it is scattered in unperturbed space it can be react as weakly interacting hypothetical particles or WIMPs though they are invisible sound signal frequencies they generate interactions to weak force or gravity. Variation of sound command can go to different levels; from far away in the middle of milky Galaxy we might receive signals from them as much as 110 GeV to 130 GeV. Dark-Matter is invisible and inactive only after being close to D.E become visible, start to operate when adjacent to Electromagnetism or Dark-Energy that is 10^42 times stronger than Dark-Matter by active spin of electrons. Scientist might consider WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, in my perspective entire Dark-Matter particles in any state are combination of one force field connected and have intelligence however invisible, opposite to this energy is Dark-Energy covering entire Universe react as electromagnetism and electrons have one individual own intelligence and personality, yet invisible.

Dark matter is hiding inside every atom as core and are called proton still scientist are working on Alpha magnetic spectrometer (AMS) to find Dark-Matter in the universe watching cosmic-ray particles that come and collide with Dark-Matter bubble clusters, scientist call D.M WIMPs weakly interacting massive particles, one thing for sure Dark-Matter cannot be seen by telescopes because are invisible and light cannot penetrate through it except Dark-Energy, in my other chapter article about (Our Sun) I been explaining how react Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy to form hydrogen atoms and function as a star.

Two major forces exist inside Cosmos, that I like to title them invisible Dynamic-Energy and Invisible Dynamic-Matter control everything, this force is in so grand scale and powerful that their title should also be grand designating award, this two forces and matter first start to forming new hydrogen atoms collectively forming stars planets moons and Galaxies. Grand force of the Universe exists covering entire Universe. Astronomers name them Dark Matter and Dark Energy, till now many were discerning that Dark Matter that is inside galaxies holding into each other, in reality there is no visible matter that can grasp into each other to upswing as Universal objects holding each other, galaxies are not flying apart nor the stars inside the Galaxies bonding each other in their appropriate orbit forms. Repeatedly I mentioned my belief that entire Universe is immersed inside space-time field of quantum energy that is in rheostat of Dynamic-Energy in Grand fabric of space-time. Dynamic-Matter releases sound frequencies from atoms planets galaxies influencing the orbit of every matter esoteric open range field directing elements to be connected into the field of fabric of Space-time to be relocated, entire Universe is one body holding all collections of Matter inside Cosmos. The force field that I mentioning is invisible let’s say Quantum particles but really they are portions of that energy force realm that control all elements so called forces gravitational movement or journey in space to idealized springs or harmonic oscillators that are attached each other inside zone field of the entire Universe, they have nothing to do with Galactic-scale electric field nor negative or positive charges. Electrostatic forces are different than opposite charge distributions, gravitational connection into quantum zone fabric field is totally different sort of bond periphery revitalizing propel gravitational electro field charges. Unknown energy specimen relating force surrounds all galaxies and penetrates into each atoms core hooked on quantum flow gear communicate with Dynamic-Matter atomic cores to bind all matter elements within spec time.

 I explained that protons don’t have standard stable mass they can be changed into different physique that can vary into relaxed form or more extreme condensed form, like the stage when forms into pulsar cores and defocus into other heavy gravitational stage like black hole, so reduced Dark-Matter protons can be 15 times more dense than lead and go to 126 times than that impenetrable mass and beyond into unknown capabilities. The new elementary particle they found in Higgs boson it contains 126 times the mass of proton sometimes this particle is referred as the “God particle” protons are Dark-Matter they are very tiny bubbles that contain outnumber tinnier bubble clusters, if the volume go larger still it condenses in larger bubbles and larger ones, they can reach volumes bigger than galaxies and divide into thousand clusters to form one proton.

Some scientist brings idea of double-disk Dark-Matter model. A new type of dark matter that forms “dark atoms” may clump into flat disks around galaxies, physicists suggest in a new theory called the double-disk dark matter model. Novel twist on an intriguing concept, that is very complicated and I don’t agree with that high illusions.

From starting activation of star electromagnetism spin over core center of star like a pulsar, we can see some similarity on Saturn`s monster storm blaster, Dark Energy is the original force of electromagnetism when flow forward as force and can produce light and X-ray when smash to other energy Dark-Matter, that are oceans of proton bubbles they can produce radio waves and low octave sound frequencies waves to command the bonding motion of all elements seem like gravity, in reality elements are connecting themselves into universal field of inertia field that quantum energy operated in the entire Universe according to the command of Dark-Matter.  

Electromagnetism and electrons are from same quantifiable of Dark-Energy D.E but different quantity force field, before nothing there was always existed something that have no beginning the Creator, because life form enfold life, everything he created encloses life of some type. His Energy form of dynamic Dark-Energy always existed in stable state is D.M, but when in move and action that force become electromagnetism always existed with no beginning. Creation of dynamic Dark-Matter is Gods first creation that contains mass and can be used as protons in Atoms can be recollected by Black Hole when atoms are demolished to be returned to its original form of energy. Dark-Mater can be contained in center of all planets and stars as core. I will explain in other chapters. Dark-Energy Is invisible vast great space field of Energy; belongs to the invisible All Mighty, electrons are partial energy of GOD. All living creation, even every cell, has D.E portion of the filled wisdom of the Grand Creator, some call it instinct in animals, birds, creational artistic abilities in humans, disposition character or nature. Significance Dynamic DARK-ENERGY is the body of the Universe organization of Almighty GOD. Electrons part of those particles to organize the universe, to Humans and the planet, and everything, Every Element contains part of his Creators serving of Energy. In the beginning there was no Dark-Matter. But Dark Dynamic Energy, always existed, present with God. However Dark-Matter has a beginning Gods first creation, Almighty created Dynamic Dark-Matter and gave a small portion from his energy to Dynamic Dark-Matter this energy field also was a life form and he had a beginning, that’s why it was mentioned from beginning God created Jesus. Everything existed afterward, was by ingenuity and by skill of Jesus. Facility of available unending Energy comes of Dynamic Dark-Energy, provided by almighty, Combine energies with certain collection of mass of that Matter. Deep space is permeated with giant bubbles of D.M. Each one million miles wide and each are collections of smaller bubbles go smaller and tiniest are used to form inside a atom that are clusters of protons they contain other form of life energy. Combining with cables or filaments of helical patter D.E surrounding on D.M protons develop a different personality, or taste of character, other individuality as the volume of combinations inside atom changes by fusion. When particle of proton mix different numbers of helix from electrons form in variety of elements that complete, amino acids are also collected by electron helix to be used inside the cell to form, some call this mother nature but it is pattern of knowledge recorded in electrons and protons to complete the body of individual person, in other chapters you will find how all these activities are patterned by low octave sound frequencies gathering of building the atoms collectively for the individuality. Feelings and emotions of individual differ according to personal sound variation behavior. There is registered in the core of Atoms in the personality individuality. Everything the body wishes for exist in the combination of the D.M and D.E. What to eat, where he or she want to go, wants more freedom more authority or power collective D.M power influence on the opinion of the individual being inside the mind by circuit data that circulate by sound tone personality. According to my perspective Everything existed through Dark-Energy, the energy flow you experiencing is electromagnetism that is Dark-Energy in action as Saturn`s monster storm blaster.
Let`s grasp the pure Constitution. Of Almighty God inscribed in Atoms, in the humans DNA Amino-acids D.M and D.E.

Dark-Energy is as big as 68.3% big in Universe, scientist have very partial acquaintance about the greatest and biggest thing in the Universe, that’s why they call Dark-Energy. Scientist have bad experiences about religions I don’t blame them, those representative of Almighty are not approved so it doesn’t mean that Almighty don’t exist, In the beginning Almighty created Dark-Matter or Jesus. Before the beginning there was something in the Universe Dynamic-Energy that’s the power and effect of him there was nothing else, first creation was Dynamic-Matter the principle root of all Matter (Jesus) and as a engineer he created the stars and Galaxies using the power of Almighty that is great Energy that does not culminate. Contains life everything he allows to exist contains some sort of life even different than ours, he exist on and in every atom the electric sparks or jolts we have in our brain can carry information’s picture seen in action, emotions, memories, all this possibilities are on the electrons and are in function for billions of years registered on pattern data. Electrons can see and record all surroundings everything going on, can feel and sense everything in our brain and all in our cells and all in Nature and space and Universe, because is portion of Dynamic-Energy of Almighty. Our eyes can see only on front of us but those electrons can see what going on inside our cell and brain and everywhere even inside Atoms. People can except or deny it’s up to them, suspicion will continue until someday reality stand out until soon we can have the possibility to realize Grand creator Almighty God. Till then scientist will continue calling him Dark-Energy and his first creation Dynamic-Matter as Dark-Matter
Scientist call it WIMP (weakly interacting massive particles) considering that this particles have own antimatter partner particles, adding that when they meet they annihilate each other to be destroyed releasing one pair of daughter electron particles positron in the process but still astrophysical source have no definite verification regarding this theories an indication that they have something new. In addition AMS experiments acceleration collisions at Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and also many other location they have detectors around the world to find more details about D.M..

In my perspective electrons are short cable form of outnumber helixes not round though many scientist believe without seeing an electron trust that electrons are perfectly round, it is too tiny to observe and in fast spinning flight. There is a new method JILA`s new technique trying to measure the forms of electrons are they round? EDM method involves trapping molecule ions of hafnium fluoride that are (red and blue spheres) to compare spinning electric and magnetic field comparing magnetic energy levels to indicate existing size of an EDM. Still the results are not complete one thing for sure that electron is smaller than were predicted. I believe that electrons can be detached into smaller helix portions to go into sphere of atom to join with other portions of disconnected proton bubbles from the center core clusters connecting completing into new particles inside atoms.

According to my lookout Dark-Matter bubbles are living energy forces they are proton bubbles inside bubbles that can expand and when surrounded by electron shrink still keeping bubble form clusters. Dark-Energy also is living form of energy that also is electromagnetisms and electrons in small volume, Dark matter have no antimatter potentials only the electrons have by reversing their spin by sound tone command, electrons cables can be divided to outnumbers of helix coils and mix with singular or croup counterpart cluster of proton bubbles to form particles inside atoms, in reverse antimatter reaction they too can detonate to new route’s, time will show and new data will clear out all this misperceptions, my approach is just logical presumption’s still scientist approach are not yet definite time will verify the reality.

Dark-Flow (D.F)

In the Universe we have Dark-Energy, Dark-Matter, the latest we have Dark-Flow, it was discovered in 2008 when scientist discovered that some cluster galaxies that are billions of light years away from our planet for no reason move to certain direction that do not contain any gravity matter to pull to that direction, moving more than 600 miles per second, this affecting have nothing to do with Universe accelerations because all this group of cluster Galaxies oscillations to far unknown whereabouts in precession. According to scientist they are giving the explanation that some energy field matters can be observed, but there are dense patch of space-time or beyond particle, pulling those cluster Galaxies, these movement is puzzling it conflicts with an underlying assumptions of cosmology at large scales in Universe, some cosmologist think Dark flow provides evidence for a relative dense part of the Universe beyond the particle horizon or the Boundary that separates the observable Universe from the rest of the Cosmos. Is there Matter in Universe we cannot see? We calculate the pull that each galaxy in a cluster are moving relative to each other, we come to conclusion that some gravitational power pulling and holding clusters together to keep the clusters in peculiar place. Some astronomers call this energy matter “the mystery of the missing matter” what is invisible oscillating strings? There are many other energy forms that still not known to us scattered in the Universe all considered in the group of D.E.

In my gravity Theory I explained that whole Cosmos is in energy field of existing energy invisible force that are wheels inside wheels, they can maneuver any direction or can push any object or matter or sound to any direction that is already going to, plus it can add more velocity into it. These force field networks are used by all matter or mass in the Universe. Dark-Matter core can send low octave sound frequencies to other elements, according to the sound atoms that contain proton that is Dark-Matter, we already know that elements use covalent bonds to attract to other atoms, these same functional properties like shown by atomic spectra attract to the force field wheels to move toward the directions that are commanded, atoms can use these networks by tone variations to start to move toward the new direction that was sent to apply as I showed in my subject Gravity. In conclusion Dark-Flow goes parallel to my theories. Scientist doesn’t know yet how? Dark-Matter effect on other stars and planets, D.M is basic of all matters in the Universe inside planets and stars as core and outside surrounding of stars in invisible bubble forms, some as large as Billion times larger than our Sun, all gravitational coordination is based in principle of Dark-Matter that is noticed even by Dark-flow, this force contains individuality personality and can make decide in all coordination’s to move.

In science QCD (Quantum chrome Dynamics) have close similarities to my logic about the real Universe, to analyze gravity we have to consider the weak force, electricity and magnetism having full reality about Nuclear weak force and its responsibilities and also compare to nuclear force that scientist connect to binding of nuclei then comparing to Gravity and its standard models so then we can compare invisible oscillating strings, some call it “The mystery of missing matter” In my other logical conclusions Everything is created by Dark-Energy Electron cables of outnumbered helixes spinning around protons and Dark-Matter outnumbered cluster proton in the center of soon some helixes go in the atom in fusion and get connected to some of the proton separated from their clusters it becomes neutron particle if another individual proton bubble touch the neutron without being combined completely it becomes deuterium, additional of this process by joining other equal numbers of neutrons and protons individual bubbles they become gradually tritium 3 He 12 C 16 O 56 Fe there are many other particles in atoms that are combination of different measurements in Dark-Energy helixes and Dark-Matter individual bubbles separated from main core Dark-Matter protons.

We can add new element astatine on periodic table. Uranium has 92 protons and 92 electrons, in my perspective electrons are one large cable of millions of helix flows all connected and later the cable can be detached into many individual electrons then into helix neutrinos. Astatine has 85 protons and 85 electrons, proton of hydrogen is big number of bubbles clusters that can be parted also electron cables are big number of helix that can detached as neutrons. If one electron removed from astatine in forms into ion or charged particle, life time of astatine is only 8.1 hours to decay.

The main gravitational low energy force is activation of protons responding connection realm force energy that the entire universe is immersed force that move to every direction or make other elements carried out inertia invisible force field to low octave sound frequency waves that are released from other big volumes of Dark-Matter mass. Probably scientist refer electricity to magnetize or weakest force as gravity, in my understanding gravity exist all around similar to scattered Dark-Energy type force field but it don’t activated until Dark-Matter protons connect themselves to its rail circuits listening to command s of other Dark-Matter commands in low octave sound frequency waves YOU DON’T NEED GRAVITATIONAL pulling and holding matter mass for gravity as invisible oscillating strings because atoms can travel by connecting themselves to the flow of the missing matter, this is the emanating Dark-Flow for my perspective for the Scientist it will be still QCD. All energy connections by low energy long distance g~ O(1) and g -->O weak couplings are done by commands from Dark-Matter protons this is my standard model gravity particle physics by Gabriel Logician Jabrael. The entire Universe is immersed in this force field and all atoms planets and galaxies are travelers on their own connection to force rail of this system Quantum Chrome Dynamics QCD.


Entire Universe is in harmony conformation. Energy-Matter combination prepared the field of existence every matter. Since 70 years there was confusion regarding Dark-Matter even calling it “Dark” because can’t be seen. Latest observation from observatories like Hubble NAOJ` s telescopes and WM Keck observatory also by Gemini observatory they came to evidences regarding Dark-Matter filaments. Also found data came from the Subaru CFHT WM KECK and Gemini North telescopes that are located in Hawaii.

One of the observation show that between all galaxies slowly funneling Matter into clusters, invisible Dark can’t be seen but the effect is noticeable.

Second point gravitational effect can be observed from Earth between far away objects, surprisingly if light travels into these locations of Dark-Matter filaments, light start to bend in large effect, invisible field forcing the light to go into other direction like a wall banding the flow of coming light.

Third point, scientist categorized models of clusters in Universe that can be fitted in lensing features after the experts prepared two-dimensional map of clusters later comparing with 3D, considering measured with spectrometers by data from the most modern observatories that earlier I mentioned.

In my prospective I call Dark-Matter filament Oceans because they are like liquid and invisible structural form, 15 times more dense than lead, when they are spread are more invisible but inside rotational field of electron they turn into more condense form of protons to form big numbers of pips similar to the shape of very tiny version of pomegranate ( in my other title How stars are formed you can find also how atoms are formed) they are great field of energy and only they can be packed in tight stage if electrons have a spin circle rotation around them, so in the Universe Dark-Matter exist in many separate locations as invisible ocean’s that are bib bubbles that contain smaller and smaller form of bubbles that can go smaller to fit inside the Atom but still entire realm of Dark Matter is one individual energy and contains intelligence that allow to pack portion of their intelligence inside every atom (in another title of my Blog you can find the subject ATOMS ARE LIVING THINGS)
Dark-Energy is invisible force can be convert into electromagnetism and the small form of electrons, Dark-Energy has immortality constancy. Another interaction invisible Dark-Matter, that can emerge to protons, combining together, Dark-Energy and Matter form hydrogen atoms. Separately D.E and D.M Electrons are cables with unlimited numbers of helixes that can be separated to go through inside atoms separately to combine from protons cluster detached numbers of Dark-Matter bubbles and form new particles, atoms can live 12 billion years they are the combination of two living forms D.E and D.M atoms become new form of living thing that can communicate covalent bonding by sound wave frequency tones and can change its character into other forms of atoms or personalities by fusion, when atom die the two major component energy and matter return to its original form of invisible state and never dies. In the future they can combine into new atoms cycle.

There is some similarity between electrons and human hair string. Hair is like a cable shape it is included many thinner narrower strings it is connected but also can be separated of single keratin cables also they in their part can be separated to thread of filaments rays disulfide bridges, those portions also separated to amino acid helix roles division and separation can be continued same with electrons invisible Dynamic-Energy, electrons contain variety of other form of energy also still details are not available for us, dividing helix electrons can be produced to light until to its original form Dark-Energy. Electrons travel like 1/10 to velocity of light or about thirty thousand kilometers per second, mass of electron is D.E it is so small comparing to proton, only 1/1836 that of hydrogen protons or D.M or Hydrogen ions. One portion of proton inside a hydrogen atom is like a pomegranate cluster with many kernels seeds or pips. Entire electrons cable do not smash to proton center, only few helix or single ones distract the circulation loose by a hit knock out from rest of electron cable separated filament go in to mix into single proton pips. There is space between D.M protons in the center and revolving D.E electron field of coiled springs surrounding on combination of atom sphere, this nucleus can be added more other combinations of filament particles when loose parts of D.E and D.M join together to make other extra particles inside the atom filling up more space in the empty space that can be noticed by atomic spectra, this happen during fusions to be changed variety atoms the weight of elements so the atomic number and frequency will add up constant increase to other elements as can be seen in periodic table by numbers 1 to over 100. Also the complete hair like D.E electron energy level will be divided to smaller helix lines according the addition of other particles also the D.M proton portions will divide to other smaller strings to mix with smaller helix lines inside the atoms, so the balance in loss and gain electron proton particles will make the difference in periodic table by fusion in this new form of elements the principle of spectrum wavelength will produce new values, if atomic number increase equal numbers of helix will circle around the atom same number structure balance of particles inside as much as can hold its capacity so each additional particle will have its own divided portion of electron helix line to hold its surrounding energy field levels. The electron band start to change into different levels of gap inside atomic space and having own gaps, these new levels also can be seen by spectrum wavelength in quantum theory. Helix lines have orderly adoption to neighboring atom electron helix lines by sharing field energy combinations and harmony sound tones that are considered as chemical reaction I call it Tone-Reaction. Hydrogen have one hair like bundle textile D.E electron circling around 1 round ball of D.M proton mass in between electron and proton a space emptiness, as many portions of these two energy field divide and join portions to each other inside the atomic sphere it forms to other elements. Every time D.M filament helix separates from the main cable D.E electron goes into the center proton area picks his own kernel of proton D.M to create a new particle inside the Atom.

Earlier I described that two major components of atoms are. One, from Dark-Energy materialized electromagnetism electrons that are cables that contain unlimited helix spiral coils of energy that also contain life, some helix get separated from coil electrons and go in the space of atom to be joined mixed with the other component inside atoms that are. Second. Dark-Matter invisible cluster bubbles inside bubbles that can expand or condense into proton core that also are unlimited bubbles and they contain life energy. Bothe force field of D.E and D.M in large volume range or disjointed distinct least particle form all think and act in unity as one individual intelligent divinity. Inside atom according to combine each type of energy and volume they form small particle in atoms or neutron bosons or the rest of the group all in balancing harmony to cooperate to form new fusions, this two separated forces don’t need anything else from outside to conclude fusion except exceed temperature and pressure, they can balance the formality process inside the vacuumed atoms.    

                 COVALENT BONDING.

Atoms have characterized associated jointed in action or relations to bond when developing to be partners in molecule formations, they do it in very organized procedure and regulations and they have patterned categories to bond. Between proton clusters and electrons are great gap some neutrons spin in different layers of circuit’s in that emptiness and obey to variety of low octave sound frequencies Instructive development, according to their instructed forms electrons give command to share or attract sometimes even show repulsive force to other atoms. Most of the time they share by strict regulations and principles in Covalent bonding, they have many variations regulations and interactions, there are Valence bond theory and other covalent bond varieties agnostic interactions. For example, three-center two-electron bonds and others. Though scientist call it as they call everything chemical bonding reaction. But someday they will recognize that all this bonding’s are done by sound tones as I mentioned before “Tone-Reaction” All this activities show that wisdom and knowledge and accuracies are adapted by certain kind of programing that atoms apply in communicating in low octave sound frequency tones, many varieties of covalent bonding still exist like metallic, non-covalent, covalent, Hydrogen, and many others, all this participations activity bring us more close to realize that atoms are living things. In my perspective as I explained on many occasions Dark-Matter can band coming facing toward D.M by sound frequency waves before the light reach to D.M the gravitational lensing is pushing back by sound waves and light react to move connecting to ocean of force field quantum that governs the entire Universe. It is true that the effect shows that light is not passing through D.M and is bending light, the principle of “scaffolding” that D.M react with other matter like planets stars and galaxies, all cluster concentration react to low octave sound frequencies released from D.M to direct the energy communication of galaxies tone reaction to be connected to ocean force field of the universe that is made of Dark-Energy. Same principle applied to all matter before reaching to direction of Black holes. In my perspective center core of black hole is concentrated pure Dark-Matter.


The energy that formed everything is a life form. Every living thing might wary in style and carry on but still a living form, like a coral, fish, plant, animals, insect, humans and many other diversities even unseen powerful energy field Angels without freedom of choice to artistic variation, thinking like a robot, but still sort of living species they can live without consuming food like us and without filling space with their body mass. This secret life form does not have cells like us but principle life form is the same, everything we have by cells they have in unknown electronic force fields, Matter and Energy.

The most capable living thing has been hiding till now, that is Atom. Let`s do some comparison between human birth and atom birth, in other subjects I explained D.E and D.M formation results how they proceed merging to form Atom by my “KRIKOR” theory D.E+D.M=H (Dark-Energy adding on Dark-Matter produce hydrogen Atoms) Now I will compare Human Semen “Sperm” with electrons. Semen is the white or gray liquid emitted from urethra on ejaculation, consist with glands (I explained in another chapter how glands contain personal low octave sound frequencies of the individuality by sound molecule clusters, that separates individuality character of sound vibration of blood and cells in the person) Human spermatognium cells develop 40 million in 60 +days mixed with testosterone fluid of fructose that is essential nutrient for the spermatozoa and only 75 % are alive. Human sperms also have its tail spermatids, to move swimming foreword by beating its tail, same as helix does in DNA and in light rays. Number 40 million represent human category of amino acids 40 kind to combine into human body. But in nature there are 100 variety of amino acid ruckus order, so in my logic I expect that electrons should have 100 million, helix spring coils that are combining but it can be separated.

Like the Hydrogen atom in the center exist proton or fusing shape of ovum, same as plants have pollen germinating embryo that makes translational fusion, ovum gets fertilized, a sperm cell fusing with an ovum. Similarities fusion can be found in all form of fish, animals; plants, birds, even humans use same method of fusion principle as living things. In other pages I explained how protons are dense kernel clusters same like the fruit of pomegranate, surrounded by electrons that have addition another energy force substance that is essential to electrons, once a while some helix leave the group circulation pattern get loose by hit knock out from the group electron great number of helixes, separated filament going the atom and join to one or more kernel sphere and form a nucleus or assemble into particles inside atoms, later elements start to grow up into new characters and personalities starting to be helium and on, in the first form hydrogen atom produced sound note in low octave frequency C and C# when the form element turn into Oxygen it sounds like F and F# . In case element turns by fusion into Phosphorus it sounds like C or C# the capability in bonding pattern change with personality. Hydrogen has one holding covalent bond, oxygen in two covalent bond, nitrogen has 3, and the numbers can change with the personality, Felix filaments that circling the atom bonding patter collected as molecules opening connection bond covalent that exist vacancies in the outmost electron shells, filaments pass through the helix spiral to neighboring elements loose ringlet curl. In conclusion atoms are living things in different nature than our own but same principles in matting them, they can live 12 billion years and die strip and return to their original forms. Positive part protons go back to be Dark-Matter, electron negative field energy returns to be back to form Dark-Energy, atoms are very sensitive to heat that make them expend then melt later start to boil and vaporized, cold can make atoms contracted, liquid form of mercury atoms can demonstrate how they expend and pact like a heartbeat that show they have feelings but hard and solid feel the same without showing any movement by same principle, atoms can knit new molecules interwove DNA by patterned information in their electrons force field gin life. To interweaved biological humanoid cells. Atoms apply gravitational and sound frequency patterns we know what to expect from each individual groups of elements, this communications I call it Tone-Reaction not chemical reaction, atoms can be found in entire cosmos that brings my conclusion into Universe is alive Stars combining great collections of atoms have their own combining personalities like atoms have, communicate in sound frequencies. When god created man in his image that image is inside our brain with trillion of atoms galaxies of neurons and sound communications in electrical pulses, that’s how Universe act in the image of the creator, my intention is to reconcile God and Science, I am trying to accomplish that.
Atoms produce peculiar low octave sound frequencies according to their periodical table and the total mass multiplies the tone, each atom has its describing statement in sound pattern, its age the exploiting permutation laying measures inside will take declaring its serial number by sound variation patterns assumed by other atoms in bonding process, each have also personality eccentricity that is stated by electrons to the surrounding demesne. Atoms have big space inside and echoes travel in low octave sound frequencies, let`s suppose that we are enlarging figure design of an atom into trillion times trillions continuously until that size of atom reaches into eleven floor building in height sphere shape, electrons are circling starting from ground level up to eleventh floor sphere circling down back to the ground level, after multiplying the size of proton according to the expansion to the size of the picture, proton will look the size of grain of sand, similar to sand shape size pomegranate fruit with many clusters of coronel bubbles that all are made of tiny Dark-Matter bubbles, comparing to protons even in this new measures mass of electron comparison to proton will be 1/1836 times smaller mass than hydrogen proton, though hydrogen has the largest size condense Dark-Matter in all atoms. Inside an atom is 99.9 % empty and hallows space around the protons underneath the sphere of electron.
Let`s consider a cluster of atom melted down with many variety of elements, then becoming a piece of metal, each element generating certain variation of low octave sound frequency in dissimilar note tones, cluster of gadgets that have their own melody, besides each atom has its own exploiting permutation laying measures of describing statement, so the sound are produced to combination in each millisecond or 1040 seconds or in one micro second condensing millions of notes of sound variations, then arrangements changing in variations into another group doublet, Triplets, Quartets, Sextets, and continuing in steps thousand levels, each have declarations in sound notes by variation musical notes that we first we can`t hear it, we don’t understand it without interpretations, even though our mind function in this level between cells to cell through synapse stimulus flash sound signals predispositions, somehow this information’s are translated to animals as we call it instinct, electrons carry knowledge that guide all sequencer regulations in atomic behavior to bond or repel transform in certain milieus to fusion, all steps relay program to controvert or consent. All directives are connected to Universal sound frequency harmony of communication by vibration and sound.

My theory Dark-Energy is invisible when steady, contains life, taking to action or move in speed he forms to electromagnetism also small portions of it are electrons, one electron of hydrogen atom includes several thousands of helix that can be disconnected to go in the atom joining other portions of the proton by thrilling stress to form new elements by fusion, when election’s helix brake to pieces it forms light and very smaller pieces into neutrinos, later neutrino’s liquefy to go back into original form of steady Dark-Energy

According to the scientist fundamental nature of D.M remains mysterious that’s why they call it Dark in reality it is supernatural great, has importance filling in the Cosmos it will be very decent to call it Glorious –Matter and the other force Glorious-Energy, in my theory Dark-Matter are the stars in Universe they are holding in certain amount of Dark-Energy that are spinning inside on portion of Dark-Matter separating into core, but scientist evaluations they searching dark matter as a leftover particles from super nova explosions or by cosmic collisions, some are visualizing that Galaxies are residing inside Dark-Matter and looking leftover cocoon in the dust. Till now D.E never detected but they felt the effect how it cannot interact with normal matter and it does not reflect light, only they notice D.M Gravitationally. Some scientists add that D.M dominates the Universe because 98% of all matters are from Dark-Matter. Scientist has expectations from looking into clump of D.M to act according what scientist will be enjoying seeing it, unfortunately some astronomers watching that D.M is not behaving the way they guessing, But D.M clumps was abandoned by Galaxies. Still scientist are hopeful using gravitational technique by Einstein general theory of relativity, observing how mass bends in space, watching if any light can travel along in a curved path around any Dark-Matter bubble, hoping that they are like big clumps that you see when boiling slowly a thick soup, in reality as much closer they are observing D.M it is getting more complicated because the reality still too far away or may be it is too close to see, like may be D.M is the core of our Earth or is inside the Atom under different name “Protons” Someday it will be cleared out hopefully. Basic matter of all matters is D.E and atoms and planets and stars are matter

Atoms are combination of two invisible energy matters D.E and D.M. Portion of Dark-Energy that serves to be an electron is one cable but collective force field with big number of helix lines that can be separated and act individually in action joining or mixing with opposite force of protons that are portions of Dark-Matter only they have mass, they look like very tiny fruit of pomegranate tight clusters of specks, one ball of proton surrounded by one cable of electron that whiz around to develop one hydrogen Atom that have no neutron, Every time by lost helix that lost control from the electron cable fall in an join to eight pips from the pomegranate proton develop into new neutron, other numbers, I am not sure how they combine. Other numbers of particles of helix joining other numbers of pips form other particles inside the atom, this new formed group’s act according to subatomic values give different effects six flavors settled in quarks form inside atoms, they are called. Up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom. Those quarks divided also into two as their beginning material energy force D.E and D.M that is two groups, like D.M protons contain two “up” flavored quarks. But negative D.E electrons divided portions of helix neutron quarks carry two “downs and one “up and one “down” Always more portion balanced particles have mass, electron parts have almost no mass. Those portions are evaluated and registered in Large Hadron collider (LHC) but the result is when they are shattered not when they are operative because when they are broken nothing will show except gravitationally registrations, at atoms destructive event most electrons that are descent of Dark-Energy vaporize because shattered neutrinos also annihilate by it returning to original form of Dark-Energy. So for me we don’t have real standard model to penetrate and divide portions and particles of six flavors inside Atom mechanism their operative method is interrupted by a smash.


In Cosmos, also in our milky Galaxy are dust clouds are mostly 75% hydrogen and 25 %helium including some atoms molecules ions electrons and iron. There is ordinary hydrogen in Universe, but the more massive type is deuterium (from a Greek word for second) or hydrogen 2, by microwaves scientist find out that 20% of hydrogen in Universe is hydrogen form 2. Later iatrochemistry explained that dust clouds can contain also silicates carbon atoms ice and other compounds altogether about thirteen varieties of atoms manage to be formed in the thin near vacuumed matter of space in complex molecules and other more complex groupings. In my theory Dark-Energy (Electromagnetism or electrons D.E) + Dark-Matter (Protons) = Hydrogen. “D.E+D.M=H” Hydrogen to be composed in our Universe by 75% can be done by joining electromagnetism spectrum to Dark-Matter it combines to hydrogen atoms. Dark-Matter is spreader in Universe 23 % most as big bubbles. We can always see change in Helios heath area that is not smooth and it is filled with magnetic bubbles with many repeating units that also agree my theory. Obviously there is no need for Big or tiny Bang for creating hydrogen. Most interesting exists in our Galaxy. Universe solar winds are called Heliopause. Other moving clouds dust or Galactic wind are Interstellar medium or {ISM} they are dilute that can travel up to 52.000 MPH. most the dust in milky way is interstellar gas. Some cosmic hurricane can move in close by Black Hole like Earths 5 category hurricane speed or even more about 20 million MPH. When big solar wind rising escalating from Our Sun traveling is stopped by force of termination shock interstellar medium or (stellar winds) that also contain magnetic force and protons or Dark-Matter even Dark-Energy that the whole Universe is filled of that Matters, they also can produce by collaborating D.E+D.M=H. Probably there are other force fields in the Universe that we are not aware of it, mainly in our solar system exist large heliospher that resembles to a ballerina skirt. According to two voyager probes in June 2011 they registered in situ heliosphere measurements that in these area of Helios heath are thought to be filled with magnetic bubbles “a foamy zone” each about IAU wide. That also back up my theory of Dark-Matter collection. Is there Matter in Universe we cannot see? We calculate the pull that each galaxy in a cluster are moving relative to each other, also all the dust particles and galactic winds, we come to conclusion that some gravitational power pulling and holding clusters together, to keep the clusters in peculiar place. Some astronomers call this energy matter “the mystery of the missing matter”

Size of Dark-Matter are varies so small as portion of proton in the Atoms. Invisible energy Proton center core mass has similarity of pomegranate fruit pushing each other condense bubble kernels or pips, when the volume grows bigger large round mass of pomegranate fruit shape balls combine in same principle as the small one, same principle continues to add up to be larger mass. These big bubbles combine underneath the Sun surface to lower the temperature. Those are extreme portions of protons or Dark-Matter, once a while we notice escape from the Sun in million miles wide diameter. D.E can go even larger by combining into other D.M the way stars combine and join to be Galaxies then clusters then local groups, still when Dark-Matter keeps concentrated the shape of large invisible bubbles, some become as big that they operate as Black-Hole.

Cosmic microwave background sound we receive from D.E that is scattered in motion in far Cosmos. Atoms change personality and character when are changed by fusion into different elements, same with all other particles change flavors. D.M mixing with D.E new particles is formed and gives new distortions inside Atoms scheme, when atoms decay after 12 billion years of life instruction start to disassemble to cosmic rays radiation neutrinos gamma rays X-ray’s and many other forms of energy like cosmic rays and microwave until all mass disappear into two major parts Energy and Matter or D.E and D.M.


As I explained formerly how the star forms in another chapter, showing that there is a pulsar in every star having core of Dark-Matter spinning Dark-Energy surrounding the core adjoining surrounded by greater volume of bubbles of Dark-Matter. D.M are large invisible condensed bubbles similar to pomegranates that are over billion miles in diameter, contain pips or kernels that also contain smaller in sizes other similar bubbles pomegranate clusters and so on continuing the process to smaller and smaller , until reaches the volume of proton inside atom that also are clusters of other kernels
Regarding my theory Dark-Energy +Dark-Matter) D.E+D.M= H (Hydrogen atom) Inside a star in process always continues by conflicting this two energies and producing hydrogen so can be fusion into other elements in instance heat and groping by intense revolving of D.E is also field energy of electromagnetism but in small forms are electrons, D.E rotate around D.M core, this spin patter will be produced in this twirl inside convective zone inside the star by saturation rubbing and struggling spin By D.E on D.M and even later start fusion and great heat will be generated, like our Sun generates 27 million0F. surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles as chromosphere will not allow heat to pass through but some limited portions of heat will slip through some less crowded areas and show the tensed external layers through spots or penumbra loop or some call it dark spot crust, DM bubble will close the hole tight and look dark on the star because heat cannot penetrate D.M and show no heat effect, but portions of trillion tons of matter and gas will show out by flares those cracks will be stopped not by surface crust but inner dense crowded Bubbles of chromosphere. So my question is what will happen before a star ignites as supernova? According my theory, there is always one pulsar in the star, but when the time come that some D.M bubbles separated from the combined cluster core are detached they also become smaller pulsars and create greater penetrating pressure in the convective zone, this process will expend the volume of the convective zone making larger and larger by other new smaller new pulsars rolling over the center core of main greater pulsar, this process will create more cosmic rays and subatomic particles to be prepared as a b red giant to gigantic explosion or stellar blast. After supernova explosion everything over the main center core of the pulsar remains plus connected spin of Dark-Energy that are pertinent to the center clusters of Dark-matter core, almost most of convective zone are lost in the blast by gigantic explosion creating many new elements that are rare and in limited numbers like Gold and palladium uranium and many others

                                                    HOW STARS ARE BORN?

In the Universe there are 23% of Universe is invisible negative mass magnetic bubble of Dark-Matter or D.E that can stop light and heat to go through them composed by individual Bubbles each over billions miles wide collection of billions crowded pushing each other by gravity, similar to the shape of pomegranate, pushing each other like pips or Kernels of pomegranates. Each individual bubble of Dark-Matter is also is crowded Trillion times trillions continuously trillions times of smaller clusters of pomegranates crowded in smaller circles, to make it easier to understand, this latest portion pomegranate shape sphere that will be crowded inside with cluster of pips will be used to serve as one proton inside hydrogen Atom. Divided parts of Dark-Matter spheres that will be included in Atom also are cluster s of smaller pips or kernels pushing each other by gravity. Black Hole is pure condensed Dark-Matter. Generating greater, turbulence spinning Dark-Matter electromagnetism rotating around the core of Dark-Matter while also, revolving reel on itself creating tremendous turbulences. Motion is like rapping a cigar roll. That’s how hydrogen atoms are formed, all hydrogen in the Universe is formed by this precession after that fusion forms, nothing from outside comes to change the personality of atom to other element except heat and pressure provisions supplied when electron cables lose some of their helix to send into space of atom inside to mix with some of cores from Dark-Matter proton clusters and combine into new particles, their variation showing electric field effect depending how much of D.E or D.M is combined into the new formality particles.

Also in the Universe exist opposite field 73% Dark-Energy it is invisible electromagnetic positive energy force field that can be serve as electrons in very small portions, Dark-Energy or D.E can travel in the cosmos as Galactic or Stellar winds. Separated from protons by dismantled atoms by Black Hole, Dark-Energy by opposite values before reaching to Black Hole move sideways by great light effect X-Rays like Heliopause and interstellar medium or {ISM} Dark-Energy go through the Black Hole and collectively join to the big group of other D.M bubble mass.

When Dark-Energy whirl in great speed in the universe and suddenly crash into a great crowd of Dark-Matter bubbles, go in certain notch or indentation and start to twirl inside the bubbles, this reaction push most bubbles whirl around the domain circle create chromosphere the way we have our neighboring Sun all Bubbles separated from core portion Bubbles serve like honey comb organized surrounding as umbrella covering to not allow Dark-Energy to step , meanwhile in convective zone will be tense environment when Dark-Energy spin on D.M center condensing Dark-Matter as core. This rotation will be spin pattern in long period astronomical time D.E will rotate on core like Pulsar, because it is covered by surrounding Bubble chromosphere it will be covered, meanwhile in my theory that is explained in another chapter D.E+D.M=H hydrogen will be produced in this twirl inside the new born star by saturation rubbing and struggling spin By D.E on D.M and even later start fusion and great heat will be generated, like our Sun generates 27 million0F. surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles as chromosphere will not allow heat to pass through but some limited portions of heat will slip through some less crowded areas and show the tensed external layers through spots or penumbra loop or some call it dark spot crust, D.M bubble will close the hole tight and look dark on the star because heat cannot penetrate D.M and show no heat effect, but portions of trillion tons of matter and gas will show out by flares those cracks will be stopped not by surface crust but inner dense crowded Bubbles of chromosphere. Some stars are Billions times larger than our Star that shows how big those collection of Dark-Matters can develop in Universe and number of Galaxies and stars can show us how many stars there are still new ones are created in same process. All this are my logical viewpoints and I have to wait until the scientist for the answer. If they agree to my theories. Meanwhile universe is my limit.

                                                         HOW PLANETS ARE FORMED?

We have several candidates in our solar system to form new planets and new moons. One of them is in the circle of Oort cloud or Kuiper belt. In this belt we can find Billion comets, 200 million asteroid-size bodies plus enormous icebergs covered with coating of frozen methanol, can be found also ice mixed with dust, biggest portion is Pluto, Charon orbit above 11.400 mile every 6.4 days above Pluto as a moon, the two spots surface still face each other. Objects that circle around in Kuiper belt 3 about 35.000 objects or exceed 100 km per hour like Charon. Pluto ranges 2.700 and 4.5000 million miles from the Sun, because it takes Elliptical orbit that for short periods takes it closer to the Sun then Neptune, till 2012 never visited by a space prob. Meteorites also called as shooting stars that we receive are small fragments from asteroids. One iron meteorite impact in Arizona, 50.000 years ago, leaves 0.75 miles wide crater.

Another environment to compose planets and moons is the ambiance in the Asteroid belt with 8.000 large Asteroids largest Ceres 580 miles in diameter; the brightest is Vesta is 310 miles across and others like Polas. There are ½ million with diameters at least 1 mile, 75% carbonaceous type. 15% siliceous.

Another Asteroid already completing its task still has lot of work to add on its planet is Trojan Asteroids that moves along Jupiter adding more material on planet Jupiter. Similar to this system also we find Mars with 37 asteroids and 2 moons; last one in our solar system is Apollo Asteroids with no planets yet, another example we have also Magallanic clouds between Mars and Jupiter.

Stars already are familiar to the matter that are moving in the space no matter what molecules and what periodic scale they belong, formally all matter were part of a star, Basic oh hydrogen elements can be found all over the cosmos, till now we know hard to find theory that unifies all forces with gravity as general relativity. Space is filled with Dynamic Dark-Energy and Dark-Mater, there is no need to search graviton or Super gravity that is already is cleared by electromagnetism, now logical descriptions also have their own ethics in standards. We should not be wedged only in mathematical and technical fields only, vast cosmos is a mirror of harmony from larger mass to smaller atoms and particles that go even smaller and lesser.

In my theory Dark-Matter Bubbles is invisible and located center of stars as core surrounded by clods of Dark-Energy that can energize electromagnetism, later it can divide into electrons still can divide into helix xx and crush into neurons at last it can turn into original form as Dynamic D.E or Dark-Energy. So this cloud of D.E spins over the core and the whole activity is covered by larger Bubbles of Dynamic D.M or Dark-Matter.

Composing Planets or moons D.E bubbles traveling by Galactic wind combines to Asteroid belt collecting all loose matter on D.M magnetic bubbles everything close by in the asteroid belt. Even if there were no  Heliopause winds our Sun explosions release big bubbles of Dynamic D.M in our solar system once a while carbonaceous type or siliceous or all type of dust and iceberg, water, methanol and all loose matter and gases, traveling with (stellar winds also can be found D.E. According to voyager probes in June 2011 registered in SITU heliosphere measurement that is filled with magnetic bubbles “a foamy zone each one IAU wide, this winds also contain Dynamic D.E that create confliction electrical fields to be pulled and push objects to add on the core of Dynamic D.M, the close by field between two energies magnetic disturbances by D.E and D.M start to generate heat, additional meteorites add on the block building up pressure and new mantle, lithosphere and astrospheres develops. If the activity is greater effect of seismic behavior, even molten lava can be developed that will give pattern spherical formation. Same type energy field can be found on Neptune short lived dark spots because of low volume of D.E that surrounds by bright clouds with methane ice

Circling Dynamic D.E clouds can be seen on Jupiter bright bands known as zones in North and South Equatorial belts. You can find great red spot that is a cloud system, three times wider than the Earth. In my viewpoint this is D.E energy force mixed with dust that circulates opposite to D.M, same kind of circulation might exist inside our planet on the surface of the core, if you look from one side of our core you can see all the way to the other side because Dark-Matter is invisible but very dense you cannot push in anything it is very dense proton mass of invisible Matter, inner region of core that is D.M close by surrounding D.E can provide compounds by extension and duration. If you going to call our core of the Earth hallow that’s true but not empty because exist crowded bubbles of D.M and is impenetrable.

Many asteroid belt materials are candidates to be developed, the principle of all planets moons and stars are completed by center core of Dark-Matter according my viewpoint and expectations.

                          Why our Earth and Moon are made from the same material?

As I described in my perspective asteroid belts contain many variety of substantial properties, and usually each asteroid belt have similarity possessions, whatever the material was inside the nearby super nova wracked detonation during an blast lump impact that formed the cluster of the belt. Scientist collected statistics from Earth and our moon same isotopic oxygen identical composition, it show angular velocity exact composition. In My theory it was mentioned that Dark-Matter Bubble is the starting core point to grab most material from the asteroid belt and combine to a sphere shape ball according to its gravitational interaction by releasing low octave sound frequencies waves creating energetics flow of the covalent bonding of all elements that were circling inside the belt volume, so in  my approach the two volume of Dark-Matter that start grabbing the asteroid material they combined different spheres according to their volume and gravitational interaction, that’s why finishing point of the moon produce 1/6 Th. That of Earth having only 1.2% of Earth`s mass. 1.2 %. The new created Earth and Sun kept the belt that asteroid belt was circling only the separated parts were combined into Earth and Moon globes. So the theory of catastrophic collision or planetary wrack between two domains and dividing into Earth and Moon inappropriately don’t fit in my theory.

As a group, combining as one individual, the personality, how chooses another person, to like or dislike the other person is also, another mass of grains of Dark-Matter. Combined D.E, D.M this variety to choose the taste of appetite, also manifest in atoms, variety of different types of Atoms, for example hydrogen atoms when change into helium fusion, same behavior of hydrogen, change into, helium personality. The starting point of all character of atoms are mainly are hydrogen Element. Most scientist believe that atoms are not living things, but when electrons move in action and communicate with other atoms to register a chemical reaction, that`s a process of communication of a living thing. By tone and sound in lower octaves they give suggestions and orders to other elements, they act according to subjection of the force of invisible God, invisible Dynamic Dark-Energy forms into electrons.

Scientist want to know more about atoms, researches are going regarding Dark-Matter, one thing is left out they are not considering that Dark-Matter have intelligence it is invisible and capable to transform from condensed to more impenetrable mass, have gravity directive sound frequency waves and communication with other atoms, only Dark-Energy can go through in some degree indentation space.

Today, scientist want to know more about the unparticle to consider mass-bearings range spin interactions, how far their spin distance can be go. Plus they want to know about radioactive uranium decays finding geoneutrions having confidence in that the radioactive decade is causing to generate driving motion of tectonic plate, not considering the assertive scrub between Dark-Energy around Dark-Matter core in the center core of our Earth. In my notes “Gravity” I have some points regarding this matter.

Also scientist experiments involve necleon rare decay, of course protons and neutrons will be change their performance, sooner or later these particles will be stopped from their activities but not before they dispatch all their input data in right core for continuous memorandum, in my notes black hole I been explaining how all elements and their particles return and transform to their preexistence invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter state.

In my Opinion D.E and D.M were represented in the Bible, that means there are two major division in Power and Energy, this two object did not have a magical characteristics, but whenever was used somehow God help out to show his Opinion or decision through this two Lots, in the Universe also are only two major Matters to deal with Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy

In the Bible it mentions two objects that are used to determine the divine will, when the Nation asking answer of importance from Almighty God. It was called URIM and THUMMIM (Lev 8:8) was used as Lots, frames with two questions “yes” or “No” as mentioned in (1Sa 28:6 also mentioned in Exodus 28:30) Same word is used at Exodus 25:16 mentioned about the two stone tablets in the  Ark of the covenant. Two separate object. In our Universe everything is made of two different elements forces D.E and D.M.

Scientist considers everything not understood it is dark.  Even when it is glorious.
Imagine two kids in mother`s womb are having a discussion, * it seems sooner or later we going  to burst out of here*”if anything like that ever happen and my embryotic cord is Brocken all my serving in food will be stopped even oxygen will stop flowing into my body, we will be doomed” ** no matter what, I am not moving out of here*”I believe life might continue after this stage I always hear mom talking other people talking I hear music and sounds”*Don’t worry I imagine same thing once a while, now I am 8 months old I know everything about our Universe, about all parts of my body about liquids and look like we are living in Dark-Matter


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