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ELECTRON particles can divide and Quantum



                                                   Avedis Kaprielian my father

 Symbol e- and have a negative electric charge of 1 elementary charge, it is materialize DE, electron is generally has a mass approximately 1/1836 that of the proton, with intrinsic angular momentum (spin) is half integer value in units +n which means fermion is the  antiparticle of electron is called  positron. Electrons are the first generation of the lepton particle family they are part of gravitational  or gamma ray or light, main source of energy is materialized Dark-Energy before it was connected to electromagnetism or it was part of Dark-Energy that materialized to electrons they are like coiled spring. Electrons can move at 1% the speed of light or two angstrom units.

In 1940 physicist John Wheeler came up theory that electrons are identical, all have same sort of charge and same mass. Personally I believe protons have opposite charge than electrons and same mass but they are invisible supernatural forces each contain part from two different forces of the Universe Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter, Electrons bounce backward to form an normal atom or matter, any moment electrons are capable to bounce foreword to form Antimatter.

My theory electromagnetism also small portions of it are electrons, one cable of electron of hydrogen atom includes several thousands of helix like human hair bundles some helix can be disconnected from the bundle and go inside the emptiness of the atom in thrilling stress to form new elements by fusion, when election’s helix brake to pieces it forms light and very smaller pieces into neutrinos, later neutrino’s liquefy to go back into original form of Dark-Energy.

In my perspective electrons are short cable form of outnumber helixes not round though many scientist believe without seeing an electron trust that electrons are perfectly round, it is too tiny to observe and in fast spinning flight. There is a new method JILA`s new technique trying to measure the forms of electrons are they round? EDM method involves trapping molecule ions of hafnium fluoride that are (red and blue spheres) to compare spinning electric and magnetic field comparing magnetic energy levels to indicate existing size of an EDM. Still the results are not complete one thing for sure that electron is smaller than were predicted. I believe that electrons can be detached into smaller helix portions to go into sphere of atom to join with other portions of disconnected proton bubbles from the center core clusters connecting completing into new particles inside atoms, also electron cables can divide to individual spinning separate smaller electrons to be portion of new other formed atoms by fusion as they continue to form into other kind of atoms.

It is true, when atoms are lined up like marbles can by pushing each other can make clicking sound but I am explaining the sound that trapped in causal loop echoing 10 second intervals from underneath the electrons from atom hall and sounds that go harmonious with the sound of another atom standing beside the element attracting between oppositely-charged ions or built repulsive force between atoms. All those connections are done equally by characterized sharing of pairs between atoms on the basic of low octave sound frequencies that are released from atoms and electron cables transform their circulation helix field forms to get share and attracted or get opposed to their neighbor element according to the principle of atom groups it can make Ionic or covalent bonds in reality they should act more differently if gravity is in control, like all electrons have negative charge electronegativity should act in same manner but this elements have different action according to changes in fusion principles. When atoms get regroup to combine being building blocks, clusters of variety of atoms electron cables listen the masses of nitrogen, Hydrogen, cobalt and carbon and other elements amino acids, atoms by sound notes harmonize in sound variations to combine into molecules or protein in the body of the living human, animal, or plant cell. Some clusters are for example liquid like water that is polar covalent bond, or metal ionic bonds, electrons can disconnect this bonds by sound variations according the need to the molecules, in only one atom electron can be found thousands time more knowledge than the best computer is available and this knowledge get in used to inform atoms and amino acids to shape up combine to form DNA or other molecules, protein and everything a body needs to form, some call this unknown force as Mother nature.

Electrons are cable of big number of helix, their character is too bound on protons and can move ahead quantum tunneling and they can penetrate anything in any volume always using same principle patterns. Electron are different kind of electrical flickers diverse circuit force energy, inside human brains communicate by electrical impulses across the synapse like library memory banks go through axon terminals transmitting information`s vesicles with neurotransmitters by electrical zaps, this circuit carry information motion pictures data about smell temperature feeling and register emotions, everything humans can see and feel can be registered in those sparks electrical spurs  recordings in full detail and transform information’s to other locations that have the capability to registering ascribe by same principles pattern stimuli impulses electrons have the ability of all those capacities. Plus as I explained before in brain function of all sort of living things, animals and humans is a circuit of orderly wiring of neurons synapse cablings, synaptic vesicle, neurotransmitter that are released information’s by electrical jolts or signals that can carry detailed pictures sound pictures emotional feelings and collect in the analyzing zone of the brain to make all details available to the individual, this electrical pulses are released or separated from electrons as helix addition flow of invisible energy that have properties to collect data and images very complicated data bank some of their jolts carry details to transmit in brain sections are synaptic that don’t touch, but that instances electrical jolts jump in the openings by synapse neurotransmitter released (serotins) in short tense always information’s are carried out through electrical signals that are similar to electricity but different life force supernatural data flow of power that include in electron helix cable, those energy fields can register all their surrounding everywhere they pass by, they contain memory banks trillions of them all in action can leave the body circle the body upper part vertically in round sphere, some can be loos and separated by getting connected to inertia fields because of inside volume of disturbances and later can come back and join the same environmental cloud in the brain, sometimes by original personality sound frequencies are recalled familiar energy flow back to the complete body form individuality brain function, the entire brain works as super computer, it can visualize with emotions and feelings, and the brain composition set can provide action of happening that was done only in the stage studio of the brain without any noticeable disturbance, electrons have greater competencies that are unknown to us.  Our brain functions about 2% in our body, if the functional capacities changed in the future people might release some of those electron signal jolts to other locations or persons and transmit information in pictures and emotions and feelings with the details and receive back other information’s back from other friends and even to the Universe body objects, because all this signals can be carried out by this electrical jolt flows that are imbedded inside electron cable complex.

Standard model of particle physics in scientist mind still only 200 years old, perspectives regarding the age of Universe is 13.7 billion years old captivatingly to penetrate all knowledge about Galaxies in precise order existence is still very limited by us still we don’t know everything about Earth and our Sun yet we still in the access way to study atoms and their smaller particles, also about life and intelligence. First stage of electrons are eternal invisible Dark-Energy that is a force invisible has intelligent and is a life form, in movement stage becomes electromagnetism, in small portions of them are electrons that contain helix fields with stimuli that can see record data and direct other atoms by Universal sound frequency wave tones directing elements in precise covalent bond order. Small portions of helix are divided into photons and neutrinos also light their masses are too small for current instruments to measure, the movement of Dark-Energy can be quintillion times faster than speed of light. In this blog, in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” it is mentioned my perspective regarding two major energy and matter that combine for all existence in Universe.

Electrons are sum of multiple clusters in great numbers of smaller electron fields that can be separated into helix later on they can form smaller energy portions of Weyl Fermions forming massless particles, as soon Weyl are separate from elections carrying charge as well and they go randomly faster than electrons 1.000 times faster. Electrons spin one certain spin direction as soon certain coding sound frequencies get trace they spin opposite direction to transform atom into anti matter, any moment electron hit into other mass they can’t overcome obstacles but Weyl can go around every obstacles before touching foreign object they escape with intelligence behavior traveling through or around obstacles, there is a scientific field called “Weyltronics” random movement cannot generate opposite force as electrons do to complete changing from matter into anti matter, Weyl activities can be observed only inside wonder-material graphic or inside crystals because they don’t have mass but crystals can help to make patterns visible.

 In my studies I came at conclusions that electrons are big number of helix thread that can divide smaller portions of Weyl to ensure many other properties stimuli neutrino and other particles electrons are small portions from electromagnetism field to combine with proton clusters bubbles to form an atom, also electromagnetism derive from Dark-Energy field that exist in entire Universe, some effective portions can be noticed in solar winds. Dark-Energy is more abbreviate than other locations it is a steady force field that contains intelligence yes as supernatural life form being force power about his ability some people give title God the most powerful force in entire Universe. Dark-Energy is scattered mixing in massive area in the Universe assorted with clouds this can be seen in smaller portion in solar winds  and large areas like Magellanic clouds located about 200.000 light years away located one side of Milky Galaxy, large and small magellanic cloud as ribbon of gas form spin half way around Milky way. In my perspectives Electron can divide into unknown great number of helixes, recently some scientists trying to figure out quantum coding discovered a new “Quantum spin liquid” explaining that electrons fracture into pieces that are called “Majorana Fermions” still their studies will be continued. This approach is very convenient to my approach that I described long time ago fractures of electrons going inside atom to be connected into portion from core Dynamic energy bubble form a new particle that atoms need into fusion into fusion process to form other type of atoms.

                                                                       SEXY ATOMS

The energy that formed everything is a life form. Every living thing might wary in style and carry on but still a living form, like a coral, fish, plant, animals, insect, humans and many other diversities even unseen powerful energy field Angels without freedom of choice to artistic variation, thinking like a robot, but still sort of living species they can live without consuming food like us and without filling space with their body mass. This secret life form does not have cells like us but principle life form is the same, everything we have by cells they have in unknown electronic force fields, Matter and Energy.

The most capable living thing has been hiding till now, that is Atom. Let`s do some comparison between human birth and atom birth, in other subjects I explained D-E and D-M formation results how they proceed merging to form Atom by my “KRIKOR” theory D.E+D.M=H (Dark-Energy adding on Dark-Matter produce hydrogen Atoms) Now I will compare Human Semen “Sperm” with electrons. Semen is the white or gray liquid emitted from urethra on ejaculation, consist with glands (I explained in another chapter how glands contain personal low octave sound frequencies of the individuality by sound molecule clusters, that separates individuality character of sound vibration of blood and cells in the person) Human spermatognium cells develop 40 million in 60 +days mixed with testosterone fluid of fructose that is essential nutrient for the spermatozoa and only 75 % are alive. Human sperms also have its tail spermatids, to move swimming foreword by beating its tail, same as helix does in DNA and in light rays. Number 40 million represent human category of amino acids 40 kind to combine into human body. But in nature there are 100 variety of amino acid ruckus order, so in my logic I expect that electrons should have 100 million, helix spring coils that are combining but it can be separated.

Like the Hydrogen atom in the center exist proton or fusing shape of ovum, same as plants have pollen germinating embryo that makes translational fusion, ovum gets fertilized, a sperm cell fusing with an ovum. Similarities fusion can be found in all form of fish, animals; plants, birds, even humans use same method of fusion principle as living things. In other pages I explained how protons are dense kernel clusters same like the fruit of pomegranate, surrounded by electrons that have addition another energy force substance that is essential to electrons, once a while some helix leave the group circulation pattern get loose by hit knock out from the group electron great number of helixes, separated filament going the atom and join to one or more kernel sphere and form a nucleus or assemble into particles inside atoms, later elements start to grow up into new characters and personalities starting to be helium and on, in the first form hydrogen atom produced sound note in low octave frequency C and C# when the form element turn into Oxygen it sounds like F and F# . In case element turns by fusion into Phosphorus it sounds like C or C# the capability in bonding pattern change with personality. Hydrogen has one holding covalent bond, oxygen in two covalent bond, nitrogen has 3, and the numbers can change with the personality, Felix filaments that circling the atom bonding patter collected as molecules opening connection bond covalent that exist vacancies in the outmost electron shells, filaments pass through the helix spiral to neighboring elements loose ringlet curl. In conclusion atoms are living things in different nature than our own but same principles in matting them, they can live 12 billion years and die strip and return to their original forms. Positive part protons go back to be Dark-Matter, electron negative field energy returns to be back to form Dark-Energy, atoms are very sensitive to heat that make them expend then melt later start to boil and vaporized, cold can make atoms contracted, liquid form of mercury atoms can demonstrate how they expend and pact like a heart beat that show they have feelings but hard and solid feel the same without showing any movement by same principle, atoms can knit new molecules interwove DNA by patterned information in their electrons force field gin life. To interweaved biological humanoid cells. Atoms apply gravitational and sound frequency patterns we know what to expect from each individual groups of elements, this communications I call it Tone-Reaction not chemical reaction, atoms can be found in entire cosmos that brings my conclusion into Universe is alive Stars combining great collections of atoms have their own combining personalities like atoms have, communicate in sound frequencies. When God created man in his image that image is inside our brain with trillion of atoms galaxies of neurons and sound communications in electrical pulses, that’s how Universe act in the image of the creator, my intention is to reconcile God and Science, I am trying to accomplish that.

                                                                  PARTICLES CAN DIVIDE     

In my line of work, as a goldsmith, use to melt Gold, then throw in water, right away melted gold form into round      solid pebbles, as hot the melted Gold was, that much the pebbles be smaller. If continually divide Gold pebbles, you will find single round form of gold atom. Same principle with Dark-Matter is. In Universe,when saturated Dark-Energy connected to spin on Dark-Matter both become one element matter and form into visible atom. Many tiny Pebbles of protons develop, depend the amount mass of the invisible Dynamic Dark-Matter Hydrogen Protons form, Alpha particles and new form of neutrinos, D.E change into electrons form. New particles can be formed according, anode and cathode function in nuclei. Those particles develop into several different properties, with different charge of electricity values. Same principles work in the nuclei of atoms. Smaller fracture of proton link to a smaller splinter of full size electron particle, they produce variety of  different new form of particles. And change the balance in the nuclei, and atomic pacts arrangements.

Only Hydrogen (-3) 3H is radioactive isotope of hydrogen, H+ positively charged hydrogen ion. Hydrogen atom combine one proton one electron, H-a negative charged hydrogen ion contain one proton two electrons, Deuterium atom contain two atomic mass one proton one neutron one electron principal, Deuterium (D) is hydrogen isotope with one proton and one Neutron, Tritium (T) is another hydrogen isotope with one proton and two neutrons, so when they combine the results are D+T = (Helium) That has two protons two neutrons, one free neutron. Individual proton 1 +electron 1=H (hydrogen) when the   number of protons add by divisions in the neutron, Electrons divide into smaller fractures. Atomic weight  will be changed, to new element. Note sound of hydrogen atoms in lower octave to reveal their presence  by tone E, harmonizing with others is. Considering Appendix periodical table when in proton mass of atom one proton fraction D.E notch into D.M, will be in position to function as Anode, receiving from electrons Cathode form will be changed, when the balance change. There are over 1000 portions; protons can be divided into sections and particles they are revitalized all the time by outside electrons, that directing the   balance of deviations. New ones can be even manmade.

                                                                                      MUONS AND TAU

In my perspectives Dark-Energy is the source of everything, before creation of Dark-Matter as I describing in post how Dark-Matter formed in the post of “Cornerstone of the Universe” invisible Dynamic-Energy center force of life and intelligence but the world recognize under the name Dark-Energy, first transformation of this energy is electromagnetism then switching identities into electrons, each electron is a bundle of surpass quantity helixes and stimuli, then helixes can be separated into singular threads, later they can break down into clusters of neutrinos later smaller particles of muons and tau still they can break into light and X-rays. This is not the last break still can be divided to reach in original form of Dynamic-Energy that is not under any limitation in power and principles to adapt because this energy directs all quantum physics principles regulating everything, this energy is overpowering on time regulation order of the Universe creation new stars and atoms plus antimatter of everything, directing Universal sound, gravity, all the energies that we know plus the force fields that we don’t know. Where do we stand next to the Dynamic-Energy? Well everything existed through Dynamic-Energy comparing us with Universal Galaxies stars and planets, our entire solar system stand like dust particles compare to our own milky Galaxy and where do we stand in that dust particle? You know the comparison.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Neutron is subatomic hadron particle which has the symbol n or n0 , has no electric charge and is slightly larger than a proton, as much the periodical numbers get bigger more neutrons are collected to be formed Neutrons are the nuclear glue magnetic properties, they are in the circle of electrons like the proton with one difference, protons are clear Dark-Matter, accordance with the Pauli exclusion principle, two electrons can same quantum state, but they can divide into smaller parts until they look light or gamma rays, so smaller splinter electron go in the center and continue to spin, like a scatter as the circles become smaller turn faster it come to a point that rotate like a star or planet. At that point portion of proton surrounds the electron splinter and develops into a neutron round like atom like atom, these new development is equally balance in charges like Diodes principle, anode and cathode in a zanier Diodes rectifying properties current flow of D.E in reverse and build in potential barriers. Defuse from cathode into anode extracted from D.M. In between isolated electron rotation of D.E fixed state and increase the internal depletion layer field balancing   the current flow, so from outside the charge register no charge on surrounding particles of protons. As many   the number add up become collective in the nucleus. When a spark of electron jump inside the vacuum zone of atom, occupy a new center surrounded by separated proton. Another neutron is developed. Working not  as quarks but working as anode and cathodes principle definition. Smaller particles of D.E and D.M have voltage zanier. When the balance change and the circle of neutron dissolve new particles arise and produced.                 

Single electron particle D.E, can be divided into over thousands of particles, when invisible D.E Materialize to be Electron, still so small particles almost looks like invisible. Some smallest splinters of Energy inject in D.M protons, marginal electric reactions, burst into new specks of new neutrons. Also the division of electrons resulting new particles, rays, gravity, light are developed depends how much percentage of D.E and D.M are combined. The activation, baryon, fermion, lepton and boson (some might call them W- particles) all are formed by the energy of combination of D.E and D.M, the consistency purified proton is only found in Black   Hole. Same is true with lasting of rare hard to find elements that were advanced in Supernova excessive stroke explosion. Variety of complicated Atoms formed. Shown on the Appendix periodical tables they are. Others might add in the future on the list. And have variation of density frequency tones. Hydrogen E tone, Phosphorus C# tones, Oxygen F# tone, carbon E tone, sulfur G# tones, Nitrogen F# or G tones and so. All in lower octave they want to be revealed, always some are extremely in very strong resonance bonded.
21,39,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,103,104,105,106,108,109,110,111,112,114,115,116, 117,118, some of those elements are manufactured in laboratories, in very limited numbers

In laboratories all over the world Scientist trying to pull together new “super heavy” elements or Transuranium like Livermorium Lv and Flerovium FL those elements are so large and unstable, International Union have to conform to add in Appendix periodical tables.

We can add new element astatine on periodic table. Uranium has 92 protons and 92 electrons, in my perspective electrons are one large cable of millions of helix flows all connected and later the cable can be detached into many individual electrons then into helix neutrinos. Astatine has 85 protons and 85 electrons, proton of hydrogen is big number of bubbles clusters that can be parted also electron cables are big number of helix that can detached as neutrons. If one electron removed from astatine in forms into ion or charged particle, life time of astatine is only 8.1 hours to decay.



 German scientist Planck`s constant theory, the color of the light is measured by its frequency.  Explaining the frequency V of the light is related to energy loss by (E=hv) Quantum laser cryptography and computing are still in an experimental stage, in Quantum, scientist describe the energy is lost in form of light saying Atoms and molecules can change energy only in discrete lumps or QUANTA.  Electrons are cable of big number of helix, their character is to bound or suround on protons and can move ahead to quantum tunneling and they can penetrate anything in any volume always using same principle patterns.

My Experience lifetime research and study noticed. Electrons are invisible energy; they are so powerful that only small particle is noticeable to us invisible matter is perceptible in form of electrons. This force have contradictory energy field. One side is to develop new forms directing protons to complete their task, develop cell build up orders commanding how DNA should inline to develop, before DNA forms there is intelligent presider to connect all atoms orderly to form DNA and cell construction. also how atoms should react in process of fusions into other forms of atoms, Electrons work hard to construct Atoms as I explained my KRIKOR theory D.E+D.M=E all molecules are directed to be constructed by electron pattern guidance to make it more meaningful. Electrons are Mother Nature to develop and process everything we see around. The opposite side of this electron energy is Fire-Reaction that dissolves molecules and vaporizes matter. Fire-Action reaction dissolves the matter as electrons on atoms and shows displays the energy of an electron bound in elements, to be quantized so we can categories the infinitesimal level the nature of certain element what was in appendix periodical table. All the regulation patterns are imbedded in electron, because they don’t act individually but harmoniously communicating Universal sound discordantly by tone frequencies, in my wards by (Tone-reaction) made of Sound pattern tone frequency energy, this energy is the guiding presiders that was developed before element was formed, by the constructing energy of electrons and light patterns in spectrum are the sound patterns that are part of the principle in formed atoms before, now when they are in extreme heat they show the measured light proportionality by divided frequencies in color, they are gover by quantum electrodynamics the way light and matter interacts all have connected to main two elements Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

Light divisions in the beam filament of fire quanta in plural are energy forms released from electron pattern imbedded in atoms that are intense heat environment; this energy was absorbed when electrons were formed spectrum discrete unit Quanta they are in process of breaking apart into photon. All the light lit light bulbs show rays when you squint or askew your eyes will notice quantum lines. And each line ray or spectrum waves line is divided to multiple color discrete units, divided red violet brown yellow verity colors in different lining telling what sort of atoms are glittering in the hot environment.  the colors vary if the light you receiving from very red Iron or Gold or Aluminum, dividing lines show privet property colors, from far distance rays or spectrums scientist can analyses details what metal is shining even too far away stars can tell the contents of its volume on the surface. Same principle metals that glow in raised very hot temperature according to their encompassed content within the Atoms of that metals by cryptography.

Till now scientist have complications to measure or define quantum and quantum theories, everything is based on principle theory except quantum, Universal supernatural force is quantum that do not apply any principles, universal power conducts and directs by two energy forces Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter this forces also contain life force and intelligence through invisible non material force flow, according to science Electrons can’t go whatever direction they are released, they can go either states or orbital forms, any electron helix separated from the flow from high to low state can generate light as photons. Regarding smallest particles of electrons some say they are waves other guarantee that they are particles some determine that they are both as duality wave and particle that are smallest form particles called Quantized Quantum, regarding concluding calculations about quantum flow it does not add up mathematically it gives more picture that probability wave is in control, no one can explain what reason  or what force was the origin to effect that flow of Quantum, this is so confusing that any measurement don’t add up taking scientist into uncertainty principle, because two supernatural forces are not regulated by theoretical principles they create theoretical principles as invisible Dynamic Energy and Matter yet the entire universe is guided by Quantum so called theory.

                                   GRAVITY IS QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT

To make my perspective explainable gravity is embedded concealments force that holds the entire Universe, in an example as water molecules arranged to reach top of sequoia, wooden cells transfer each oration of water (that contains memory) into top of their head top eastward or top westward to make water reach far up positions, this sort of invisible energy field that is not grasped science call it Quantum entanglement flow gear, no matter where atoms are located in the Universe. Unseen entangled atoms are directed to grasp energy warping, this energy direct by sound tone frequency wavelengths from invisible Dark-Matter bubbles, so Quantum does not have particles the idealized springs harmony that are already imbedded in cosmos that effect in vacuumed energy warping, oscillation fluctuation is generated by connecting vacuum energy warping that can be registered in laboratories to observe during cloud of Rubidium that have ten-millionth of degrees above absolute zero   between two transparent mirrors, during beams of weak pulses of laser, inside pulses single photons will demonstrate how Quantum entanglement is in process of superposition as seeming that they move so fast that they can be located in two or more places at once. So Quantum entanglement is effect of Dark-Matter sound tone frequencies command to order atoms to entanglement simultaneously regardless of distance because entire cosmos is hologram metrics that seems like gravity in reality is just connection into that oscillation fluctuation of extraterrestrial energy field that also is time warping loop wave.  

Origin of all magnetism is extreme low octave sound vibration and extreme high octave sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter, all cores of stars, planets, moons and black holes are protons or Dark-Matter bubbles. The entire Universe is bedded inside energy field of quantum flux. Any sound command pulses released other elements and particles submit to take action connecting them to the surrounding field rail that indicate quantum flux provides, so protons inside atoms perceive sound frequency waves and attach to the unexplained quantum flux force field that is all around and in the Universe. All the effect of counterclockwise-rotation is some effect coming from quantum flux. In my perspective this is the origin of magnetism in stars and everywhere in the Universe.

Someday scientist will have more sensitive measurements and express fully Quantum experiments results; meanwhile our logic will work hard to measure the possibilities of light frequencies. Comparing the probabilities exist in our nature and gripping knowledge all around us also from the stars, but already we are imbedded in great acquaintances and don’t know how to take in to publicize.

                                         Mirrors only flip reflection horizontally.

Dark-Matter have bubble shape force fields that can be enlarged or condensed, it releases sound tone directives to all surrounding elements including smaller particles of light neutrinos, all together they are connected to quantum flow, light travels under Dark-Energy supervision that also are connected with Dark-Matter horizontal flow not vertically obeying law of reflection, considering mirror angle of reflection with angle of incident brings into an angle of incident that are equal to the angle of reflection that is in control of D.M field that completes principle into mirror equation 1/f = 1/do + 1/di known as magnification equation that is in controls by quantum cooperating with D.M angle of incident, this D.E helix particles neutrino lights flow always perpendicular to the mirror making light ray strike to be reflected. Image distance effect with image characteristics or focal length to concave that is always round ball bubbles that D.M flow interchange. By Dark-Matter rejects up and down vertically flipping, reflection will always steady horizontally, yes we can see light effect but behind that there are quantum directive are quantum particle flows that are idealized spring harmony oscillations, this tones connected with Dark-Matter unseen time warping loop a theoretical effect that controls all sort of light flow inside the Universe. In my understanding generating sound tone frequencies are synchronized with gravitational flow and light flow edicts bringing everything into gravity field as fluctuation of vacuum energy warping metric hologram, that’s why mirrors reflect only horizontally not vertically.

Till now all we have is human mind. Scientist speculating Anti-matter Universes theoretical particles are responsible for Fundamentally D.E Electrical and magnetically properties Matter and antimatter annihilate each other on contact; my theory antimatter is the same matter in protons, by selected particles of, D.E (Dark-Energy) where they exchange position with particle of protons, different functions arrangement of atoms convers. Electrons are part of condensed qualification of Electromagnetic properties, they take direction according to tone frequencies in lower octave note pulses and Atoms act accordingly, when sound command changes the rectifying properties change of direction of Electrons backward circulation to anti matter. The position of protons or Dark-Matter and the position of Electrons that are Dark-Energy, like diodes principle repel anode and cathode principle definition, this reaction build tremendous energy annulation. Inside all atoms comparison to the protons exist vast space, for example when we enlarged billions trillions times an atom in our mind making an atom as large as 10 floor building, protons still will look as big as an one sand dust in the fifth floor and electrons as one particle of white sugar dust, circling up from the top of the building down to the ground level spinning around, by other subject I explained that from great numbers from inside electron cable helix braze separating singular helixes go in and join with one or two parts from Dark-Matter pomegranate cluster pips from the proton to form a new particle and act doing its part in that great emptiness it releases sound notes frequencies that echo in the round ballroom that covered by the electrons all around, the sound might seemed as emergency sirens with difference that coming sound have its vibrational divisions by great precision accuracy relating declaring the forms that included inside the atom hall, some might that the sound that a metallic wire can produce when tightened and hit to it by a scratch like the Spanish guitar, even the violin wiring does make sound notes. By the way if the violin is not playing by anyone and equal value of “A” sound tone reaches the violin from far away and the wood of violin sense the sound tone value note the wire in same extension position of the same value ”A” sound note start to be happy and start to vibrate on its one and start to produce same sound on the violin you might thing that someone pinched the wire, but no, everything done by itself atoms that consist the wire they start to vibrate making beautiful sound “A” Entire Universe make sounds in low octave sound frequencies because stars are made of atoms. Still they ask the big question where all antimatter is. Certain studies might help to other finding. We don’t know yet.

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