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100 years ago human race did not have similar intelligence like today, still they  are not on top of the wisdom mountain yet and exactly what are life forms? What is energy, Frequency, Vibration, light, Gravity? How they operate? Still we don’t know much.  On our planet we have slight differences in gravity, lowest levels, highest level of hierarchy and final velocity, according to physics equations imparts to objects on or near surface is I in SI units acceleration is measured in meters per second per second, symbolic number is (m/s2 or m-s-2) some scientist also give equation F=ma (Force=mass x acceleration) so depending on location on lands gravitation slightly varies, for example from Turkey to Armenia is very strong also in India, some other areas like middle south Africa is very week.

Some might predict that gravity is related to rotation of the Earth saying because Earth spins, but until now they have no definition physics equation about how it works, there are some ideas that downward weight force comes from condense mass of elements in our planet, so we are not sure that is from spin rotation. Not sure that it is from Earth`s mass.

I am just a logician and can do many mistakes but I would like to share my viewpoint in reasoning outlook, in one of my other chapters there are articles Black Hole, there are two major energies that form or combine every matter in the Universe, Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy, they are contrasting energy fields, they can operate by sound covalent bonds, either combining bringing together or separating disinterests schemes, this two energies command by low octave sound frequencies, center of all atoms exist protons that are portion of Dark-Matter, all elements obey every knack given by Dark-Matter, surrounding the atom is electrons that is made from dark-Energy, their greater mass volume also give instructions and all atoms try to be directed by electrons and reconcile the guidelines. If everything done by gravitational attraction to pull everything nonstop ultimately everything will ruin inward by extreme density compression, this is the reason my perspective that in gravitational process there is also limitation and borderline of attraction in static university some connect that to accretion but very close by elements will lose their connection their connection to accretion sooner or later, electrons obey standard principles with sound frequency of protons that is Dark-Matter. Dark-Energy is continuously commanding the entire Universe to expend. But matter headquarters, Dark-Matter is directing producing low octave sound frequencies for atoms to covalent bonds, to gravity force field to keep steady mass. I apologize for my wondering like to cherish the feelings what can I conclude and expect your kindness not to judge in hastily, I think we all are imperfect humans. There are two urbane energies, invisible unknown vigor that reins oversee in intelligence to produce new stars and Galaxies direct atomic order in the Universe. Recycle the matter through Black Holes, expand the Universe, direct all sort of energy fields and keep orderly all data happenings in great details for record, some of these information transferring energy is active and found in human brains, even all rest of animals and insects and living organisms and living atoms. I will explain my logical perceptions in other chapters.

Gravity is quantum distortion of space frequencies from Dark Matter stirring Dark Energy high energy anomalies mutating energetic phenomena in space fields to emission gravity, between two forces of Dark Matter and Dark Energy gravity intuitive is on track, and because this both energies are supernatural intelligent entities they progress everything in order.

For many years Newtonian law was dominant, after new technological space calculation considering plasma that is spread inside 99% of the Universe new assumptions in mathematical notions don’t go parallel to Newtonian viewpoints. Many times we been receiving theoretical principles that are coming to be contradictions like considering biggest misleading theory of Big bang, in our limited point theories were adopted but later based on wider scientific data, former assumptions were lost. 

According to NASA/WMAP Universe is 13.77 billion years old by measuring temperature fluctuation. In my imagination point of view every atom is permitted to locate a position inside our Universe and by sound frequency directives the get connected to other new locations, expansion of the cosmos make the universe locate new special spectral locations that are not permanent, as soon cosmic acceleration take new spectral position on the far ends of the Universe all elements in our Universe radially be directed to locate themselves into new unstable locations hat also later will be variable all this movements prospect are consider as gravitational mechanism. Somehow cosmic acceleration and all local points are connected to exchange positions by new code of low octave sound frequency tone waves radically reaching into special locations.  

My gravity 

Many years later after Newton theory physical interactions modern science except new form of interactions such as Albert Einstein`s basic theory of general relativity, in 1916 that was propagate more it was predicted as basis of the theory of general relativity gravitational wave, since then we have several in variance of general relativity physical interactions, main acceptance rely on gravitational waves that are ripples in the curvature of space time where waves are traveling outward similar to expansion of the Universe. Some connect gravity forces are released from binary star systems from dwarf, black holes, and neutron stars and so on; as time pass new sensitive tools are presented scientist in variance might change as it was the situation in last century. While we are considering so many words are jumping up and down such as singularity, Quantum theory, merging, shift un-shift, bending revolving infinite speed so on. The way I see it gravity have variety atypical form of in-variance, for example generated magnetic activity is diverse kind of gravity such as Earth`s gravity. Monitoring space time gravity we detect some star clusters in galaxies move in unlike speed and also some resonate in different physical vibration interactions, after all in logical sense I feel to predict that is my perspective that entire Universe contains smaller than nano meter fractions of energy dots such as millionth proton in diameter that stress each dot of the Universe to be compel where each atom stands, where a planet, star or galaxy stands and be guided directives according to Dynamic-Energy the entire population (except as Dark-Energy) in other word I believe entire mass of the Universe have to coerce or to exist any position movement in the Entire Universe.

Usually basic accepting about gravity by scientist is gravitation that is hypothetical element particle, one thing for sure is massless, this stress-energy tensor is triggered by sound frequency code that connects matter to quantum field gravitation framework that I described earlier, it is invisible not a particle nor collectible mass its source is universal pin point permissible dots that can be allowed to travel using time seeming inertia is working in reality time is taking lead to dislocate elements to other pin points by sound frequency tone waves.

Later on in my conclusion I will try to present my perspective that per durative explanation of Quantum Mechanics entanglement is not only occurring instance nearby black hole solution as wormholes, influences of gravity is in every atom size points inside the Universe that closely connect as space –time ripples, every directive from Dark matter that is released can direct any nearby element to be connected subjects or disconnected disentangled subject according to tone reaction, interesting aspect is that all dot point inside the cosmos are connected as center points dragging apart or tweak elements by dynamical connection to transport elements inside the Universe. Gravity is connecting each element into space-time ripples that is all around and inside our Universe. Let’s consider first our planet activity first.

Vortex Motion

Dark Matter is the center of matter, but it is not solid matter, it is only pure energy that can shrink to smaller bubbles to fit inside an atom as proton that still can divide to smaller invisible portion to join with smaller portion force from electron to form particles inside atom. Dark Matter can expand large to gulp a galaxy; everything inside Universe is affected by Dark Matter including biological life stars and planets. Let`s consider the heliocentric model of solar system, where our sun similar to a comet swing through space 70.000 Km/hr inside the Milky way Galaxy. In my perspective all movement including deep space is not at random, Dark Matter is in control to effect every move in spiral motion, rational shift of the solar system is not aimlessly, that’s why now scientist are calling this motion a Vortex. It is very clear the effect of Dark Matter, Vortex motion is everywhere, as we see the Milky Way Galaxy it surge in Vortex motion, same with solar system, On Earth have you seen a sunflower rank seed how is line up? Or any flower plants trees, how does a water flow express when falling? How about life of the string of DNA everything no matter how large or tiny they all are effected by Vortex motion that is generated from Dark Matter 

                                    GRAVITY IS  QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT

To make my perspective explainable gravity is embedded concealments force that holds the entire Universe, in an example as water molecules arranged to reach top of sequoia, wooden cells transfer each oration of water (that contains memory) into top of their head top eastward or top westward to make water reach far up positions, this sort of invisible energy field that is not grasped science call it Quantum entanglement flow gear, no matter where atoms are located in the Universe. Unseen entangled atoms are directed to grasp energy warping, this energy direct by sound tone frequency wavelengths from invisible weightless Dark-Matter bubbles, so Quantum does not have particles the idealized springs harmony that are already embed in cosmos that effect in vacuumed energy warping, oscillation fluctuation is generated by connecting vacuum energy warping that can be registered in laboratories to observe during cloud of Rubidium that have ten-millionth of degrees above absolute zero   between two transparent mirrors, during beams of weak pulses of laser, inside pulses single photons will demonstrate how Quantum entanglement is in process of superposition as seeming that they move so fast that they can be located in two or more places at once. So Quantum entanglement is effect of Dark-Matter sound tone frequencies command to order atoms to entanglement simultaneously regardless of distance because entire cosmos is hologram metrics that seems like gravity in reality is just connection into that oscillation fluctuation of extraterrestrial energy field that also is time warping loop wave.  

7 layers of core of planet Earth.

This picture is the top layer of planets Earth’s core, you can see only four layers, similar to sow blade falling pressure go into more volume layers. Upper lane number seven is the less dense portion of Dark-Matter; pressure received from top makes the mass to move to bear leftward. Lower level of Dark matter are more condensed but the top pressure don`t reach into next level or the third on as number seven, only slight effect reaches to renovate lower layers, there are seven layers of Dark-Matter, only the top one has the effect of liquid and still is more condensed than lead other layers have gradually tighter and more supernatural tight density as lower they pervade. Seven layers of Dark-Matter curvature into right and left makes our planet to be connected into space time showing pressurized gravitational waves.

The deference between my approach and others is.

They say. Outer layer of core is liquid, They don`t mention what sort of liquid, my perspective is it is Dark Matter less condensed the lower layers of core where surface core Dark Matter gives the effect as it is liquid but not water.

They say surface water of core stay on the core. My approach is liquid water has no chance to stay liquid in 10.800 0F or 6.000 degrees Celsius, it could vaporized and vanished. My approaches are Dark Matter, even in liquid form does not penetrate heat and light.

They say 10.000 0F temperature that is more hot than the Sun are generated from radioactive decay over the core that is 1.516 miles across similar to the size of our moon. My approach is Core of Earth is Dark Matter like proton of atom on top Dark Energy spin surrounding the core like electrons spin over proton. This create fraction to generate heat as was mentioned by scientific field.

They say inner core is made of solid Iron. My approach is, Earth`s core completely is Dark Matter, it has 7 layers on top of layers, from most condensed form of Dark Matter to lesser dense state of Dark Matter till surface liquid form. This seven layers generate geomagnetic field of magnetosphere that are more than one layers to interact and protect our planet from Sun`s deadly rays and solar winds.

They says Core of the planet spins in speed of two-thirds of second faster, without explain why is that so? My approach is core takes the lead to spin planet Earth, same leading effect we experience with liquid up and down with wavering flaps that directives on plate tectonics that we notice in continental drift. By logical imaginations I came into these conclusions. Dark Matter core has no gravity but can direct by frequency wavelengths all other matter to be connected into Ocean force of string theory inside the Universe that is composed of small vibration strings that are so tiny to register. Or as others call it fabric of space time.

Similarity on Earth`s core surface and surface of planet Jupiter.

The best surface view of planet Earth`s core have similarity to the surface of planet Jupiter, as I explained core of planet Earth is pure layers of Dark Matter, supernatural thick layer is in the center adding other layers that goes gradually thinner layers but still the top layer that is number 7th layer has the condensation of 15 times more thicker than lead. Considering Earth`s core most flat invisible layers have flat standpoint that give similarity to the top picture of sow blade, all top pressure on that blade realm on push the flow into leftward but the landing force move to rightward, on the other hand Equatorial zone of planet Earth North and South equatorial zone are positioned to compel into opposite stance, going upper position till polar regions temperate and belt zones have less plate form Dark-Matter to grab weight heaviness load of the planet, activity of Earth`s core and surface of planet Jupiter create enormous magnetic field, in my perspective all planets and stars have same principle of core that is 7 layers of condensed Dark-Matter. Inside atoms each portion of Dark-Matter that represent a proton have density so condense not the pressure from surrounding but by itself  it contains pressure higher than in a neutron star.

Gravity of the Earth North and south basically are the same flow of electromagnetism field, like a huge helix field that is full of clusters of many gradually smaller and smaller helixes, starting from north go all the way to south, on its way some changes occurs, it reaches to a point to range into its limitation from the original point and turns back in reverse spin unique, starting clockwise it reverse into counter-clockwise, this effect can be seen on liquid water flowing from a faucet down in open air. On North grounds if you discharge glass of water slowly it flows down clockwise but if you try same approach on south of the globe water falls down counter-clockwise, after Earth poles reverse this process on Earth also will be reversed. My theory is take an imaginary large loop of spring movement turning clockwise for certain distance reaching to its range the point of onward movement to returns into backward keeping flow of helix in converse cycle that is counter-clock wise to return in its innovative starting point of energy field to recurrence the spin from foundation to linger continuous process.


It is not comprehended how scientist expect the core of this planet to be block of iron in instance temperature? In my perspective core of this planet is made of condensed Dark-Matter that through it heat can`t penetrate. Scientist analyzes the seismic signatures that are released between core into the lower mantle boundaries and can `t figure out what causes it? They gave a name to it ultra velocity zones (UVZ) over the core-mantle boundary surface, Dark-Matter core has different condensed levels, its top level has liquid formations as dipper level goes the core show more condense levels that is more dense that iron and lead, that`s why by radio imaging waves observe register iron form density, it is invisible supernatural living force field with intelligence qualification, Dark-Matter release velocity directives by frequencies to its surrounding lower and upper mantle up to 1.800 miles upward to the surface of our planet to communicate by invisible giant magnetic bridge into the solar system and other formations of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy that also is supernatural living force, they both pour intelligence into atoms and through atoms into all other form of living things.

Gravity and electricity interaction is based with sound tone energy flow that still is in research, till now we know that double helix structure is functional in many ways starting from DNA forms and amino acids that 50%spin from right to left 50% from right to left in all instances is based on opposite double helix directives similar to Perpetual motion (PMH) by two energy field Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter all natural occurrences are based on Natural Altering Current that can also active in gravity, till now I am the only person that representing the protocol of Dark-Matter core inside the Earth as the active force by sound directives that is operating with our planet and all other form of moons stars and Galaxies.

Gravity is produced when sound frequency wavelengths from Dark-Matter core are released toward certain areas where all elements in that zone be directed to grab Quantum entanglement and move giving effect of gravitational flow, sometimes this directives can be measured only in certain beam like portions of land or water, for example this sort of activities can be seen by underwater wave, Toward Tasmania there is always forming underwater waves to be specific this location is in Macquarie Ridge that is located on New Zealand coast, gravitational wavelengths have their starting point also their dividing invisible walls that can collect to grab time warping loop that is the main entire force of our cosmos that holds everything to move or control by gravity field fluctuation as we see in Tasman underwater wave that hold certain volume continuously forming to operate only in certain location and for certain intelligence activity that we might know someday. For now my conclusion I believe entire Universe is a field of energy every dot of that energy is smaller than an atom as some know shortest distance position or Plank scale, any sound frequency directives to certain pin point location will activate neighboring atom either to be connected to move into new position or halt as they were, this has also similarity values as quantum entanglement where atoms warp themselves into energy warping to oscillators into extraterrestrial field fluctuation each warping loop is a directive from low or high octave sound frequency directives to order to entangle mater into plank scale quantum entanglement. Do not be surprised when someday all of a sudden noticing great numbers in our galaxy beheading into new directions on their own leaving the regular flow directives of the galaxy, because sound frequency directives can change all basic procedures that seem gravity is in order there are other forces that can adjust flow of directions of all matter inside Universe that is our of basic physical principles we know so far.

In 1915 by logical sense Einstein predicted that gravity is some sort of vibration warp as he explained general theory of relativity, in my perspectives entire Universe is emerged inside field of sound frequency wavelengths with tiny interference pattern small size as atoms volume directed by commend patterns to build or obliterate geographical mass locations of stars or planets in far distances, we can sense steady rumble patterns ripples as gravitational waves that is caused by sound frequencies that are released from Dynamic energy (Dark energy) in the entire Universe having space time into interference patterns where the result will show as gravity activity.

In my perspective any sound frequency from core that is released by weightless Dark-Matter bubbles direct great volume of land or water to certain direction, that’s how earthquakes occurs, sometimes the movement is horizontal other times diagonal, certain effects that we see earth moving up and down, all this effect are done with same principle that I am describing, earthquake faults that are previously build is because of constant flow sound frequency from Dark matter that forming this local forms to be separated or push each other, in my earthquake post all action is according to this form of activities.

Newton and Einstein have added great inputs about gravity attraction and repulsion. Tesla brought the theory of Dynamic gravity wraps, but at that time there was no input about plasma physics and Dark-Matter mass anomalies. In 1900 by observation, astronomers noticed that rotation speed of galaxies phenomena is much faster around its nucleus than the outer regions center my outlook is that sound frequency waves were more close directives than the outer layers everything in harmony to prevent any collision as some invisible intelligence guiding all those moving stars and planets including Quarks Quasars all other thing and black holes. As I described dark Matter is in every star formality as core and communicates to the rest of all large scale structural other bubble forms inside the cosmos in intelligent precision's. Sound communication to make connection into quantum time distinct localities it has been considered by scientist gravitational sensing till as space-warping till now. Still gravity keeps modified by researches worldwide.


There are many theories in gravity that still are in research most major portions are Newton`s G and the second one Einstein’s general relativity all are taking into consideration in one word (Graviton) this are gravitational equations, some categorize as Electromagnetic photon carriers that effect gravity but till now never been detected any gravitational photon effect, what is the force that attracts, some hope to consider a convergent force that can be effective also in topologies in a vacuum by energy field that effects on all matters.

Many scientist and researchers bring out their perspectives in this matter, if someday physics prove certain Tetryonic theory they will be the one to be the fountain about that idea, some of this conclusions are, gravitational forces as being the consequence of charged quantum mass geometries and matter pursuing equilibrium.

Most easy conclusions is talking about quantum field theory no one knows where is it how it look like taking into consideration spin-1 and spin-2 photons making indistinguishable from gravitation all this verification are still experimental hoping to be discovered in future.

Only this couple hundred years by sensitive instrument we realized that might exists many other imperceptible radiations and sound process in signaling variations still there is innumerous entity to be discovered. In Tetryonics unified theory there are also many groups as lapllacian interactions & Gravitational forces some might have mass-Energy-Matter equivalence, total gravitational forces or energies, pressure variations in energy, also it is noticeable the weak-Equivalence principle, magnetic field tensor with different ranking, accelerating gravitational fields or constant in close objects or attract action-at a-distance all this fundamental field strength can be observed but not clear what theoretical method is effective. Still we are not sure to adapt Newtonian gravitation or Einstein’s gravitational constant, general relativities.

                                                                 GRAVITATIONAL WAVES

Gravitational wave is a ripple in the fabric of space time, I believe Universe is contained in invisible force field that are considered in Quantum theory, Einstein call it general relativity some add Big bang and inflationary period in our Universe, if someday human race can be detected more close to figuring out how Black Holes operate comparing to other Black Holes they might conclude gravitational wave ripples how it operate, I believe every tiny dot in Universe is ordinance center that can undermine any element matter that is loose in space and basic of all matter starting force field is connected to this invisible pin point entire centers that obey decree under one authority in Dynamic-Energy that is called Dark-Matter. Some scientist prepared in LIGO facility to measure gravity in certain distances, they split laser into L shapes, after two lasers travel up to 4 Km arms laser will bounce back and then measured to detect the differences. They haven`t detected any yet. Now they are preparing new more sensitive detectors called the advanced LIGO schedule that will be fully operational in 2014.

In Space, sometimes we detect gravitational waves, as soon two objects crash into each other new gravitational waves are released, similar to large swarm of birds’ clusters of big mass of atoms that already are directed, in my perspective gravity is generated when dark Matter sound frequency waves release command to elements to grab flow of quantum entanglement force, as soon two large mass of objects crash into each other like the flock of birds that need new guidance release their own sound frequency directives ( in my post atoms are other forms of living things) each atom can express it`s objection, at this point equivalent flow energy from conductivity that are produced from each atom from their core (core of atoms are Dark-Matter) together they conserved during titration to release their own sound frequency directive that will generate a new gravitational wave till other stronger directive overcome their gravitational redshift frame-dragging capacity, so equivalence principle might be adjusted afterward according to surrounding sound frequency directives.

Planet Earth`s heat generator.

On top of the last block of Dark Matter core there is a large jet stream of Dark Energy that wrapped like waves that rises its amplitude yearly about 25 miles on core or as scientist call it “tangent cylinder” This loosely defined geometric structure is wide starting from inner north pole to south encircles the core, it doesn’t cover the core completely but gradually like a pealed orange skin it will during westward current, this process also generates core of the planet  gravity waves we feel. Some scientist calculate of this wave has 7.730 0C or 13.940 0F Dark Energy I call it Dynamic Energy force grinding over force of Dynamic Matter generates heat that we feel inside planet Earth.
 Like Jupiter Planet Earth is experiencing Westward drift

By X-Ray scientist register information about core of the planet that the surface of the core has formation of liquid gyre similar to atmosphere`s jet stream moving westward, some call this Rossby waves. To my perspective, every planet all form of stars and galaxy including black holes has center core of Dark Matter, Dark matter is invisible power force that cane divide into smaller than any particle including light has intelligence life force and is supernatural energy similar to Dark-Energy, Dark-Matter can change density on any moment and is not regulated by any theoretical principles. Core of our planet Earth contains different density layers of Dark-Matter, most inner centre has the most condensed layer, every layer coverage contains less pack reduced density, all together seven layers, starting from center the sixth layer is more condense than lead, the seventh layer resembles into water but still is compressed similar to iron. Regular water can`t endure under tremendous temperature of central Earth, Dark Matter does not generate gravity, it directs all matter to be connected to Universal cosmic web that is controlled by supernatural Dark-Energy, so Dark Matter gears mass to be connected to Universal Ocean of force field the result that we call planetary waves. Geomagnetic field that will created can protect Earth`s living things by repelled.

Opposite to Earth`s rotation, surface of core planet Earth`s dynamic of outer core surface where liquid form of Dark-Matter have slow drift toward Westward 10.5 miles per year, liquid formation rotation will result in every descending formation as we see on sow blades, liquid rotating waves into westward dragging.
                         Surface of the core of planet Earth

                                                                   MY ANSWER TO ALL THIS

In my perspective I see results on planets stars and Galaxies, all moving matter in the Universe I can analyze that there are sound tones low and high octave sound frequencies that are released from Dark-Matter that is center core of all atoms also some parts of all combination particles in atoms, that release joining covalent directives to be linked to quantum Universal field gravimetric new positions in Universe by certain force field slow or fast movements that is complete volume of entire Universe that also represent time energy force field, Entire Universe is entrenched in several variety of unknown force fields that is indistinguishable but results are noticeable all are different equivalence of Dark-Energy force field. So the sound tones are released from atoms and quantum theory takes element to other locations by time interactive force fields. Contingent sound tone variations that will also connect synchronize on the way to make it move to directive preside-rs of Graviton strength either constant or accelerated or instantaneous action effecting far distances. We don’t need wormholes to travel in time sound right directives can connect into interactive time warping  dimension and just move its location to new territories thousand times faster than light travels.

In some situations gravitational theories do not add up in all scales, for example if gravity works as magnetism so long ago already Our Sun had pulled its closest distant planets Mercury and Venus absorbing them but as you see rotations of this two planet around the Sun is faster but not pulled toward the Sun for destruction, inner planets and further object all are kept in their distances, all comets asteroids have separate region to orbit and Sun does not dominate 100% by its Gravitationally on all other objects, so gravity in our solar system show other theoretical procedures that is not spoken yet by the scientists.

In our solar system all planets and moons can effect in subtle motion of Sun, Jupiter alone can slow Suns stellar wobble or causes 13 m/s or 29 miles per hour amplitude wobble inside the sun, Dark-Matter core release sound frequency directives to move elements to be connected into grabbing Universal extraterrestrial field quantum entanglement flow, depending how large or small planets mass can cause different stellar wobbles in the Sun. Like Earth Jupiter’s core also is surrounded by flow of Dark-Energy having also other separate portion of D.M to spin on the surface of the planet. Same force affects Meteorological conditions on our planet Earth.

Core of our planet that is Dynamic Matter (Dark-Matter) control all mass on the surface of planet earth, some locations more intensely than other some locations more slightly, to proof my point I like to mention a mysterious hill in USA located in 1016 County line road Westville Indiana that can be reached from 6 or 20 highway County line passing over a bridge that takes you to tall road north into a Hill. People notice strange phenomena in 1939 with a school bus also in 1940 with other experiences. If you drive to step down road leave your car in neutral gear position you can push your car up hill, some conclude that hill contain great gravity force to pull other matter upward, what I conclude that center core of our planet release directives of other levels to surface of planet Earth, that’s why I came to a new conclusion that is in next title.

In my conclusion Gravity activity is part of entire universe combined with energy of time, time is energy that only apply on limited living beings and matter, many are confused that gravity is released from mass of matter and as soon they collide release ripples in space time similar to stone thrown to pond that shows gravitational waves, those waves, water waves are different than gravitational waves, gravity show its existence when Dynamic Matter ( dark matter)send signals to mass volume to react by making atoms grab themselves into time warping loop quantum entanglement that from outside look like gravity fluctuation in process by massive churns far in the Universe.

So, in my conclusion I only can describe entire Universe is embedded in some sort of invisible energy similar to liquid Ocean that don’t have compositions as fundamental objects because it is made of invisible force field made more smaller portions than light stimuli that activate by command from other mass containing Dark-matter and Dark Energy to provide dynamic triangulation to function through warps space-time to release gravity, in reality gravity is generated from mass command into invisible energy Ocean of the Universe to participate making seem that mass is pulling other mass as gravity force, in reality it is space-time invisible liquid Ocean that is in control of all objects inside the Universe according to the frequency flow commands that are released from Dark Energy and Matter. In the beginning I had non of other scientist that have same perspectives but the time will come probably many others will agree with my perspective.

                                   I BELIEVE THAT GRAVITY IS NOT A FORCE

For many years some scientist teaches us that gravity is magnetic force pull everything toward a mass object, on that false principle they teaches us that the Sun pulling our entire solar system together  to stay an same bends, planet Earth is pulling the moon to stay on same bends rout. In my perspective as I repeatedly mentioned gravity is not a force it does not pull other mass objects explaining gravity is sound frequency directives that command other elements to be connected velocity trajectories into accelerating by connecting to invisible force field that imbedding the entire universe some call it fluctuation of vacuum energy warping, as I explained in the beginning of this article giving example of Sequoya tree moving water molecules on top, the traveling line that we call it bends are already flow of knots that individual atoms or big mass of atoms as planets and moons get connected into invisible force field knots of space-time that make it seems like gravitational lensing, in reality elements are grabbing into extraterrestrial field of warping loop, it has nothing to do with bending line, this particular path are directives from Dark-matter by frequency wavelengths commanding nearby elements to grab into knots of great powerful field that is Dark-Energy that accelerating velocity trajectory, that is cooperation rout between two forces of Dark Matter and Energy to particular orbits, otherwise Earth already grabbed the moon long time ago and Sun grabbed planet Earth long time ago. There are instances where an asteroid or meteorite falls into Earths mass gravity pull if it comes very close but mostly they pass nearby planet earth without being captured, not effecting by Earths pulling force or abovementioned factors. 

Smaller than each atoms particle mass size over entire Universe are collections of inertia force knots or enigmatic lurks that can be fixed into stick position or jump into oscillation into new positions, fluctuation of vacuum energy warping are inside this single knots, this entire Universal vacuum energy is part of Dynamic Energy, as soon Dynamic Matter releases frequency patterns by vibrational sound tones nearby other elements that already contain small portions from invisible clusters of Dark Matter bubbles they correspond to grab portions from quantum entanglement of quantum flow gear to change their position location inside Universe or space, probable you have observed how frequencies on a metal sheet change position of small sands into geometric patterns, Vibrating plate depending their volume and function generational tone frequency Hz catalyzing upgrade of force sands form into geometrical patterns if the level of Hz get higher their pattern modifications into more complex forms, this tiny sand elements are getting connected into knots of Quantum entanglement’s through sounds command from Dark Matter, sound variation inside the Universe make mass grab into unseen force fields that we call it gravity in reality there movements are done by commands from sound tone frequencies to be connected into inertia Quantum time warping loop or harmony oscillations, all fluctuations of patterns are sound vacuumed energy warping into quantum flow gears. As the designs on a vibrating plate show geometric patterns by the effect of tone frequency function same with Hz catalyzing changes collect sand particles into geometrical patterns, this principle is operative inside entire Universe inside atoms our cells and DNA and everything that is part of the entire Cosmos.

Please try one of my tests examples, take a transparent glass filled with water and a few ice cubes to drink, drop tiny 1/8 piece of mint leaves floating inside edge opposite side where you will try to drink and reach the mint as well, now try to spin cup slowly to move the mint to your mouth, you might notice while the cup spinning the water lump with mint edge stay same position while the cup is spinning slowly, somehow gravitational grasp by Centre core of the earth keep water course option to stay certain direction that was pre located spot and not be effected by floating spinning around of the cup. If there was no any other interferences by gravity water in the cup supposed to spin with the cup direction, I am sure there been done many tests about water gravitation flow which still is going on worldwide.

In the future when scientist will have more application test will recognize that acoustically sound waves that can interfere gravity also can levitate matter, sound waves are basic communicational tones in gravitational measures to apply covalent bonding and scientist will manipulate to levitate matters by acoustic waves, when still atoms are complete form Black Hole mechanism in sound acoustic waves can go further than that and also manipulate atoms to their smallest portion of particles till they reach to their originality invisible Dark-Matter and Energy.

Gravity exist not only when mass is nearby, vast areas of nothingness gravity also exists through entire Cosmos singularity field. My perspective Cosmos is controlled by Dark Energy Universal quantum flow in time zone field all rotational movements are controlled on quasars to be synchronized space-time that show aligned rotational axes rhythmic motion they move like one body though in far distance separate locations, somehow gravitational lensing are aligned precisely, according to their extends of balanced portion with Dark Energy and Dark Matter combined spheres as proof pulsars and neutron stars they all fall in their individuality groups categories to spin in aligned precision by space-time flow according to their dense dimensions.  

                                           Mirrors only flip reflection horizontally.

Dark-Matter have bubble shape force fields that can be enlarged or condensed, it releases sound tone directives to all surrounding elements including smaller particles of light neutrinos, all together they are connected to quantum flow, light travels under Dark-Energy supervision that also are connected with Dark-Matter horizontal flow not vertically obeying law of reflection, considering mirror angle of reflection with angle of incident brings into an angle of incident that are equal to the angle of reflection that is in control of D.M field that completes principle into mirror equation 1/f = 1/do + 1/di known as magnification equation that is in controls by quantum cooperating with D.M angle of incident, this D.E helix particles neutrino lights flow always perpendicular to the mirror making light ray strike to be reflected. Image distance effect with image characteristics or focal length to concave that is always round ball bubbles that D.M flow interchange. By Dark-Matter rejects up and down vertically flipping, reflection will always steady horizontally, yes we can see light effect but behind that there are quantum directive are quantum particle flows that are idealized spring harmony oscillations, this tones connected with Dark-Matter unseen time warping loop a theoretical effect that controls all sort of light flow inside the Universe. In my understanding generating sound tone frequencies are synchronized with gravitational flow and light flow edicts bringing everything into gravity field as fluctuation of vacuum energy warping metric hologram, that’s why mirrors reflect only horizontally not vertically.
Theoretical physicists are calculating force of gravity by theory of Quantum gravity and string theory, corresponding lower-dimensional Universe it seems that cosmos is an hologram not to say an metrics’   by calculations give match results by computer calculation still we are so far from reality, still they are not sure if Quantum particles are idealized springs or harmonic oscillators that are attached each other zone field, this last viewpoint is very acceptable to my standpoint, invisible unknown force field that does not weaken its elasticity as spring is intelligent force of life that started everything in the entire Universe is the unknown invisible gravitational power that are managed by sound frequency attachments to particles ordering by covalent bonding mechanism to be connected time zones bringing into new sites into quantum entanglement no gravity or quantum flow gear.

To back up my theoretical concept, considering movements of neutral particles and non-zero magnetic moment of a neutron that can carry no charge yet still interacts with surrounding magnetic field, some consider that parallel to the field moments has tendency to align antiparallel activity but I believe that sound frequency tone wavelengths direct into substructure magnetic moments as can happen with photons neutrons and neutrinos antiparticles, though many call them elementary particles but they are not yes they don’t carry any charge yet still interact with magnetic field by sounds frequencies that are released from protons to be connected into magnetic moments.

Two major forces exist inside Cosmos, that I like to title them invisible Dynamic-Energy and Invisible Dynamic-Matter control everything, this force is in so grand scale and powerful that their title should also be grand designating award, this two forces and matter first start to forming new hydrogen atoms collectively forming stars planets moons and Galaxies. Grand force of the Universe exists covering entire Universe. Astronomers name them Dark Matter and Dark Energy, till now many were discerning that Dark Matter that is inside galaxies holding into each other, in reality there is no visible matter that can grasp into each other to upswing as Universal objects holding each other, galaxies are not flying apart nor the stars inside the Galaxies bonding each other in their appropriate orbit forms. Repeatedly I mentioned my belief that entire Universe is immersed inside space-time field of quantum energy that is in rheostat of Dynamic-Energy in Grand fabric of space-time. Dynamic-Matter releases sound frequencies from atoms planets galaxies influencing the orbit of every matter esoteric open range field directing elements to be connected into the field of fabric of Space-time to be relocated, entire Universe is one body holding all collections of Matter inside Cosmos. The force field that I mentioning is invisible let’s say Quantum particles but really they are portions of that energy force realm that control all elements so called forces gravitational movement or journey in space to idealized springs or harmonic oscillators that are attached each other inside zone field of the entire Universe, they have nothing to do with Galactic-scale electric field nor negative or positive charges. Electrostatic forces are different than opposite charge distributions, gravitational connection into quantum zone fabric field is totally different sort of bond periphery revitalizing propel gravitational electro field charges. Unknown energy specimen relating force surrounds all galaxies and penetrates into each atoms core hooked on quantum flow gear communicate with Dynamic-Matter atomic cores to bind all matter elements within spec time. From side to side in vacuumed Universe all object move or fall in same speed directive command either it is thousand tone of solid iron or 1 gram of feather they together obey same directives from sound frequency sound tone wavelengths to be connected into Universal quantum flow zone field.

Objects so far away are not possible to be 100 % sure that by calculations can be measured precisely when their activity force fields that might be by other force of energies no one is sure, let’s consider theoretically how condense mass is contained in Pulsar Quasar or Neutron star, all are measured according to their surrounding gravitational effect that are released from the star, but a star might have less mass but greater sound frequency command to its surrounding to generate gravity all around like an black hole, today stars are measured by their temperatures using numeric digits or stars are characterized starting (0)hottest to (M) coolest or to their stellar classifications by letters O B A F G K M also some other letters that also are coolest, L T Y we cannot be so precise by calculations what they contain in mass or gravitational mechanism calculations when there is no real certainty what is really gravity? Starting to evaluate Brown dwarfs to red or blue supergiant, Neutron stars, Wolf-Raged stars T,Tauri stars that don’t have pressure or temperatures don’t have fusion, then how come they release great energy of X-Rays that means that mechanisms of so far stars can be in different process than other stars we know, also when T.Tauri have extreme stellar winds that can be proof that Dark-Energy is in control and Dark-Matter is less in balance with Dark-Energy volume. Then you have Protostars (that are large gas stars that also are guided by sound frequency command to generate covalent bonding attachments to keep together all its elements. And then you have Super nova calculations where it will be time to throw away all our calculation notes into the air.

Though it is very hard to reconcile, Science reviewing to figure out what is gravity or what is made of, (Cosmological constant relativistic theory) SVT that also is Curved space time small-amplitude collective excitation mode is one of them another one BEC (Super fluid vacuum theory)  still many researches are trying to measure changes in radiation of traveling great distances in high-energy traveling photons journeys to earth in super-fluid theory considering Aluminiferous Aether as a medium electromagnetic wave as wave fiction relativistic gravity that can contains a drag force by ultraviolet divergences from all directions, theoretical physics quantum mechanics fundamental physics is more complex than calculations of falling of apple from trees, in my conclusion in other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I explained everlastingly there always been invisible Dynamic energy life force with intelligence capabilities that don’t need any space to fit by volume, as soon small portion of that force field transformed into Dynamic invisible matter right away space room was required to fulfill that forms space of the Universe, invisible Dynamic still spreading in Cosmos because Dynamic Matter has the capacity to be condensed million times more dense than lead or expand also is life force intelligence qualification by having transformation from originality life force Dynamic Matter also is living non biological intelligence life force, all atoms contain portion of this forces as electrons and protons in my other post “Atoms are living things” in my perspective entire space adapt warps space time by this two forces by watching its effect as loose energy, we can conclude it is energy that disperse in space time, many still are skeptical regarding super fluid vacuum theory but I accept existence of microscopic structure by Dynamic-Energy that connects all elements force portions complete forms by two energies in atoms electrons and protons that can be connected (we call it gravity) by low and high octave of frequency sound wave tones into embedded space time of invisible microscopic structure that rule as gravity field in space as fluctuation of vacuum energy warping itself everywhere.

I believe entire universe is on large energy like big Ocean metric hologram energy warping expansion and contraction oscillation, it is an invisible complex forceful body it reacts just like a giant crystal glass, large or small all principles work same codes as an atom or star or galaxy forms, already it is known about two forces, dark matter and dark energy create crystal forms inside mantle because the entire universe is invisible force field just like crystal properties, as a strike in one portion of this energy Ocean wiggles sound tones, also wiggling can be sensed during expansion oscillation and contraction, already entire Universe retain one large harmonic sound individuality as I explained in my DNA post each individual also hold individuality sound harmony codes wavelengths, crystal wiggling sound wavelengths continuously travels furthest point inside Universe released also from individuality harmony from each galaxy to another in many variations cycles slowing down or speeding up continuously changing its originality by sound wave frequency wavelength tones crystal ringing. Main force field of this energy is Dynamic-Energy known as dark energy that empowers the entire Universe beside Dynamic-Matter that is known as dark matter releases sound frequencies to direct all matter or elements to be warped to quantum entanglement that is invisible powerful energy Ocean of the entire Universe.

 Einstein’s ripple of space time is secret and excepted no matter what, also if that has no any basic calculative substances of mathematical principles, it was declared that nothing no mass can travel faster than time but yet if someone big told us Bing bang inflated mass stretched procedural waves trillion by trillion times faster than speed of light expended the space and universe many, but any logician express his or her perspectives that might be considered nonsenses from some. Cosmic microwave “Universal sound control” background has nothing to do with gravitational waves as I will explain in other chapters. Cosmic inflation should only inflate and never compress as you see inside Universe you will find areas space expansion and some areas in between galaxies compressed environments.

                                            HOW GRAVITY OPERATES

This several hundred years we were discovering new types of energy that already existed billion years ago we still looking to sense other form of energies. One of them is plain regular gravity but how it functions that’s the question. Earlier I described that entire universe is immersed inside some sort of energy that controls all movements of harmony oscillations and movements of planets stars galaxies. As atoms are unnoticeable small objects there is in the Universe smaller unnoticeable non particle energy knots that connected amalgamated in synchronize fashion, some scientific test already show that light can be strangles into this entangled knots like (in the beginning of my article I mentioned sequoia tree wooden cells) this knots can effect to grab wavelengths from center core D.M of elements particle respond to clutch with quantum entanglement inertia flow of quantum extraterrestrial flow filled that gobbles the entire universe, immediately spread knots responds message of new sound frequency tone wavelengths that reach into the knots by vibrating sound particles from inside atoms to get entanglement inertia flow. This energy field as fluctuation vacuum energy warping is in command directing galaxies and all spin of stars and planets, already scientist getting similar trefoil knot theories that have topological circles linked into each other as Hopf link, but by perspective is totally different than that, the knots I describing consist by unlimited circle flows of circles and this energy forces can twist or bring into entanglement light knots. Any moment these knots also can transform any atom or elements into anti matter by sound fluctuation frequency wavelengths.

Quantum physics considers particles can act to travel as waves or as wave-particle duality in quantum principle that still don’t register to conform how it works that’s why they are calling it uncertainty principle. In my perspective entire universe is a field of quantum knots unlimited energy flow that particles can be connected into moving tense that we call is gravitational pull  in this uncertainty particle duality can be considered as wave behavior that show after sound frequency directives interference's or by sound tones get disconnected from the universal quantum knots, any light form slits can form into two heaps interfering by next close by knots, stripy patterns show by interfering from neighboring knots, entire gravity system is by sound tones getting connected particles duality into Universal quantum knots or to get disconnected or disappears by grabbing into other flow or extent of vacuum space instability.

                                    My conclusive secrete perspective about gravity

There have been some test acoustically levitating portions of Styrofoam, now there have been successful progress to reflect to cancel original gravitational wave leaving into my theoretical perspective space vacuums, in Argonne laboratories using sound wave to levitate or manipulated matter to lift by using high wave frequencies that humans can’t hear levitating simultaneously by sound wave seconds my perspective that gravity is directed by sound tone wavelengths inside entire Universe that connects matter into Universal knots positions or node points, Dark Matter frequency sound wavelengths connected matter into that node points that is my main standpoint perspective in gravity that I am introducing to the world

                                                         TOROIDAL BUBBLES

Dark Matter is invisible force bubbles much smaller than microscopic structures that can be attached into curved space time this tiny bubbles can be expanded into blue whale size or pack itself into condensed stage astronomic scale or any moment it can be stabilized into million times more dense than lead but still having shape of superfluid vacuum theory, surrounding objects or elements have no any disorder effect to its activities. Science might figure out this activities approaching by BEC theoretical physics and quantum theories, atom virtual particles that are connected joints with helix electrons and Dark-Matter portion protons to form particles of atoms, linked portion Dark-Matters have relativistic to all matter forms, also to all in SVT manifestation of all gravity starting connectives into space time model gravity scales is part of this force.
On Earth invisible Dark-Matter is visible by its effect on other objects by bubbles, either by looking into drop of water sitting on flat spot or by soap bubbles can be found everywhere that counteracts the buoyance force everywhere, watching its effect similar to flexible bracelet rings or by Toroidal Bubble vortex that are released by marine mammals like Beluga, Dolphins, Humpback whales release, this mammals do not create toroidal vortex that spins poloidally, somehow they know how to get connected by sound frequency into its stabilizing term into underwater vortex rings, those mammals know how to blow air combined penetrating into connections of sound waves to be attached into Toroidal bubbles, the force that complete toroidal vortex ring that look like the shape of smoke rings it is already available all around in nature and space we and all space time is completely immersed into outnumbered stabilizing vortex field of Dark Matter that are expanded bubble velocity ocean.

Building block of Toroidal bubble ring is collection of many other smaller dark-Matter bubbles that attached to air molecules or gas substances despite holding gravity into certain time period then they decrease their size getting separated from the vortex ring diameter total volume but still keep invisible bubble forms with outnumbered dark-Matter bubble coordination.

                               ALL MASS IS EMBEDDED INSIDE DARK MATTER

Invisible material to form mass comes from Dark Matter that are bubbles inside bubbles they glob everything in their invisible bubbles, in spread form they act as one body and in disjointed small portions they individually, collective atoms in our body though are individual forms each contain portion of Dark Matter bubble as core and collectively they generate realm of larger bubble that clinch all our body in other expression individually react with other atoms, we and all other form of living person or animal insects plants bacterial live in their own form size inside bubbles, every larger mass like our entire planet  fits inside large Dark Matter bubble, same with the solar system is imbedded in a larger Dark Matter bubble also entire galaxies are entrenched inside much larger invisible bubble of searing Dark Matter. According some scientist they assume that “Local Bubbles “exist around solar system some call it “Local hot Bubble” thinking that they are remains from super nova explosions others scientists assume that bubble are scraps from solar winds that take up gas material, one thing for sure Gas and solar wind or particles don’t combine to form as one Bubble and endure to keep their shape distract, always keep their form, one thing I am very positive about Large bubbles are not hot because they made of Dark Matter and repel heat and light.


                                                             GRAVITY IN ATMOSPHERE

Earth gravity center is its core it`s like liquid form of compressed Dark-Matter this invisible bubbles give command to all mass that surrounding core all elements nearby up to above earth’s surface and beyond, distribution command released from core in liquid form is uneven, some areas has 20% or higher discharging persistent commands and some areas slightly less effective, the exact force field looks perceptive but we only consider evaluating by our perceptions, mass of the earth do not generate gravity however gravity is rooted with the core of the Earth, depending how greater volume planets core is condensed it effect accordingly to its activity to generate gravitational command, there might be planets larger than Earth though its gravitation might be weaker than our own planet, so the volume and mass of a planet has nothing to do with its effect.

Earth with entire solar system heading to certain direction also by spinning in their regular spinning routs, any object can be released up from Earths core directives it can have its own slight differences as from the rest of other elements and start an polar vortex effect in Earth’s atmosphere, of course cold weather or warm one make obedient of gravitational command different gravity by expansion of molecules, by principle everything should expend in hot environment but H20 does not obey that principle. However Earth’s core already keeps mist clouds and Breathing oxygen in the level of 31 miles on the surface of our planet including the ozone layer that does not leave higher than 31st miles, up to from 32 miles to 60 miles is protective war zone against falling meteors that falling in Earth on top of that another war zone against elements coming from Sun and space that we observe by Aurora lights, on top of that more protective ionized layers surrounding the planet that contain high voltage of electricity charge.

Atmosphere is short distance from the surface up to 31 miles, core of the Earth can show its operation character by influencing everything how they will spin, for example take a cop of hot coffee pure on surface liquid a few drops of cream gently, you will notice if you doing your experiment in Northern Hemisphere, will realize that cream will rotate counter-clockwise, if test done on Southern Hemisphere the cream will rotate clock-wise, same effect can be seen on all-weather traveling instruments and on all loose elements like clouds or fogs, already as they leave the surface their adaptation in level of gravity varies from other mass particle that are more obedient grabbing Earth mass, we can experience in the atmosphere polar vortex effect, all elements have their own principles to covalent bonding, scientist call it chemical effect in reality it is tone reaction of sound to obey according to tone reaction of Earths sound wave tone reaction, water clouds can obey other new procedures, as soon nitric acid in polar stratospheric clouds meet with chlorines chlorofluorocarbons break ozone molecules then we will notice Ozone depletion, as core effect element to make spin clockwise or counter directives same force give command to clouds water molecules to be directed accordingly generating several classification in weather intensity, in continental USA we experience tornadoes, though heat effects this flows to create  funnels of spiraling air that can be generated by wind flow in low pressure, as much of hot winds come by close to cold wind speed will increase to tropical storm that might have over 30 Km. With160 Km per hour speeds around the eye plus with more cumulonimbus clouds winds can reach up to 300 mph spinning clockwise. All the strength measurements called by scientist is. (F) Fujita, (EF) Enhanced Fujita and the last one (T) as Torro. Atmospheric phenomena are not yet understood because the approach of gravity that is sound command still is not adapted by scientist.  All other theories have extension forms that is in harmony with other principles, theories when moving objects take continuous speed into other gravitational forces join as inertia to moving objects have to be considered when analyzing gravitational principles.

Hurricanes are cyclones, located in the North Atlantic Ocean also in NE Pacific Ocean, sometimes in South Pacific as well also in the Caribbean’s, depending their location of hemisphere can be counter or clockwise, In my perspective everything we observe on our planet has similar effects on other planets and stars in gravitational movements winds and storm, tropical depression, anything leave slightly in different levels of outflows connection effect to core gravity commands that have slight independent or different rotating frame by connecting into other form of inertia fields as cyclones storm develops new anatomy having own outflow Cirus shield that will be border line of its new flow of energy, anything that is in different command of gravity sound wave frequency will adopt slightly different rotating frame or directives all is included in Gravitational and atmospherics phenomena.

Regarding the surrounding energy field in Universe I also can visualize  that whole Universe is dipped in arena of Magnetic intense electrical big field body, people call it “Gravity”  Dark-Energy is the cubicles of that intense electrical field body. These invisible spiral energy force deliver Uniform motion either acceleration or deceleration (negative acceleration that slowing down) A magnetic point of final velocity is not produced from far away center attracting to a body, beginning of the interval. Of course we notice the acceleration and it`s progressive intensity of moving Stars and Galaxies. How it works?  First we need the help of Sequoia tree example to deliberating this section, to compare body trunk of Sequoia tree, regarding the magnetic field body of the Universe field operations velocity.

There is no possibility for the Sequoia tree to pump all that water up to the highest level of hierarchy, but sequoia found the resources. The trunk has tiny floors, each floor are divided with tiny rooms made of wood cells compartments. As soon portion of water reach from roots to one of these booths, lower section absorbs the water in then shuts the plumbing system from the bottom, then opens the pipes to  upper right level compartment, until is empty, same process done with the upper compartment then sending to upper left department, floor by floor it rises up though the floors are unnoticeable size heights with little force to transfer the water movement, making it simple the top section of sequoia that is the (final velocity) do not pull the water by its power from the bottom of the tree (that is the beginning of the interval) but there is a reaction in between this two positions that accelerating the velocity. There is a supernatural force that supervising Tree DNA to prepare itself for the action.

Let`s go back to Universe Magnetic field body Dark-Energy. How it works? Billion Trillion times faster than the process of the Sequoia. Scattered D.E force is everywhere some area more condense than other fields, like inside section of the trunk of the Sequoia tree departments are sections in all Universe, pull moving objects and transfer acceleration velocity to other departments and one more difference those section compartments direct moving objects according their directed goal of final velocity. “Electrons control Matter” Tone-Reaction (Low octave sound frequencies connecting to inertia gravity) control Mass. The entire Universe is emerged in a certain ordinance force field inertia waves distortions in the entire space that can help objects move and ripple all directions link by Dark-Energy invisible frame, all atoms that contain electrons obey that interact through frequencies and travel in this field into all direction, according the sound directive and electrons move the elements in principle of covalent bond variations, gravitational waves are directive by element`s electrons speeding toward the directive command through low octave sound frequencies from electrons and protons. All this processes is done by vibration frequencies that give commands through sound frequencies by Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. Quantum force field realm in Universe by cooperating with Universal sound give chance to all elements a random movement to all directions so they can leap this movements is more easy to show particles presumably contact Universal sound tone wave frequencies constituents of matter, any moment low octave sound frequencies waves or with high sound pitch to connect in covalent bonding to universal magnetic energy field to move or expand the way we see in process of Universal expansion.

Intriguingly gravity exist though we don’t realize, or see only in limited range, if entire Universe have one concentration point of gravity everything all stars and galaxies should make galaxies settle into center of gravity point but we see opposite of that, stars and galaxies all are suspended in gelatinous Universal quantum field that everything mingling motion, if everything will operate by barometric distribution also they will be tumbling into heat point and we don’t see that either, inertia Universal sound language homogenize distributing all galaxies and stars to keep distant from each other keeping far from concentration, Entire Universe is motion tumbling in organize fashion by intelligent guides that don’t operate like the magnets we have in our hands, Entire Universe act like a big dynamic equilibrium like in a pot of water suspended in glutinous liquid every matter has its own route, as much as gravity exist more than that there is another force that make stars and galaxies mingle driving them into proper regions.

Origin of all magnetism is extreme low octave sound vibration and extreme high octave sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter, all cores of stars, planets, moons and black holes are protons or Dark-Matter bubbles. The entire Universe is bedded inside energy field of quantum flux. Any sound command pulses released other elements and particles submit to take action connecting them to the surrounding field rail that indicate quantum flux provides, so protons inside atoms perceive sound frequency waves and attach to the unexplained quantum flux force field that is all around and in the Universe. All the effect of counterclockwise-rotation is some effect coming from quantum flux. In my perspective this is the origin of magnetism in stars and everywhere in the Universe.

It is already proven existence of gravity in the universe, in my perspective Dark-Matter is the source of low octave sound frequency tones that are released from core of planets, stars and moons, those are sequence consignments that reach as far as another sound command is facing other magnetic field that also are directed from other locations that direct all atoms protons into get into connection to Universal quantum force that are rail fields to all directions, there is a hidden magnetic portal magnetic field connected or diffused between Earth and Sun distance of 93 million miles away, protons in principle of bonding process are directed giving, if Earth`s sequences directives flow toward the Sun and Suns core Dark-Matter sequences send Bow shocks to release into elements and Solar winds they face with Earth as portals, depending the volume of the Dark-Matter volume that portal can form travel longer and further to Earth, if Earth` Dark-Matter volume was (But it isn`t) bigger volume than the Sun the meeting point was going to be closer to Sun, as you see is other way around the magnetic field meets close to Earth, Hidden magnetic portal field around Earth is mingling according to balance volume to its core mass of Dark-Matter limit go toward Earth they meet (NASA calls them X-Points)the point where portals edge are formed.

All sound frequencies from stars and planets travel in the entire Universe by low and high octave sound wave tones and frequencies simultaneously middling intersect each other still interfere sounds but they keep their own personality distinct canons though their waves modulate each other. Most scientist agree that space is empty yet there are many gravitational  energy fields, Our entire Universe contain other form of energy fields that still have to be discovered Our scientist did not reach yet to their conclusive discoveries yet, as I described formerly Universe is like a vast Ocean though vacuum but still full of energy field of other phenomena, some scientist give the name a luminiferous ether, some give the name EM-Field  or G-Field still we are in the beginning to analyze the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe, modulated by unknown forces that keep the entire Universe in balanced movement regulation and principles the way atoms complete their task encircling planets stars and galaxies do their chores. Of course some scientist has more supporters than others regarding their theories, but reality do not tolerate sooner or later will be proved the truth of the matter.

Considering Dark-Matter in liquid form as core of our planet react like water level movements, Dark-Matter directs by sound frequency tone reaction wavelengths to all elements that can be connected into quantum entanglement flow gears so movement of gravity gives effect as gravity/fluid duality as some express gravity equals field theory and field theory equals fluid concluding that gravity / fluid`s equals fluids duality. I believe turbulent gravity is not the gravity by fast action with tone wavelengths connection by elements into Universal cirrus extraterrestrial time warping loop waves that are embedded inside all universe by tiny pin point loop waves lasting effect of gravity field as fluctuation of vacuum energy warping, all this cyclical mechanism are done by effect of gravity river or gravity / fluid duality.

                                                  WORMHOLES AND PORTALS.

Gravity lies in same theoretical principle as concepts portals process that recently mainstream science is starting to discover, in my perception the entire Universe is one large field of extraterrestrial environment like our Ocean space that control everything by “Tone reaction” frequency tone field sound waves, gravity is connection of elements to that field back and forth in invisible field space time vortex, entire Universe is one large plate of portal field of X points diffusion regions that drag force frequency to connect element to distorted locations in inertia flow, of course supplementary human nature compulsion can make object relocate in this atmosphere as well. According to Mainstream science wormholes and portals as X-Points are reconsidered very large electron diffusion regions, some are short-lived portals others are giant vast and sustained, also they believe that wormholes are opening connections to other dimensions, scientist already are interested by MMS (Multi scale Mission field) US will lunch new missions to detect electric-magnetic phenomena over Earth’s atmosphere where connect to the point where Suns gravity point reaching of uninterrupted path, two atmospheres come to a point where smash each other, NASA also planning to launch THEMIS spacecraft’s with European Cluster probe to collect additional data in this concept.

In my concept understanding true nature of reality must consider everything to unveil reality, gravity field perception is connected to electric-magnetic charged commands that are released to direct elements to be connected into large field of extraterrestrial flow, already our solar system and entire milky galaxy is obeying this command to move into directives of universal sound frequency waves inside space time vortex, axes gyros to drag is already supreme force field that available in entire Universe, distorted elements to be connected by sound capacity to open and close pin points for element to relocate inside the Universe, magneto portals are like tiny star gate that present sound data to elements and elements on their own releases tone reaction to be connected to Universal atmospheric extraterrestrial environments new continuous locations penetrating into where it leads to, if the object is located in Earth’s gravity zone of course Earth’s magnetic field has the last word on tiny elements to be considered and near Black holes the situation also is the same but sometimes certain properties of gas and wind receive not bull in command but to push away far from black holes gravitational field by Universal space time portals.

Universal cirus extraterrestrial field wave that need great study to verify we can see the effect gravity harmonic oscillations in dynamic equilibrium that might be a field wave still many give the name string theory, expectations of great security of large wormhole theory can be arranged in tiny pin point spots sizes of atoms that we are embedded in there are tiny wormholes that gravity operated intriguingly moving mass elements by time flow from one spot to other perhaps continuously into many other spots in gravitational prove that time had connection with gravity you can check how atomic clocks go slightly faster where are transported in aircraft comparison with other atomic clocks that are stable on the ground, time and Quantum gravity are captivatedly connected to sound frequency tone reaction as I explained in my other posts as we see tiny wormholes are not devouring elements but transferring into new position or continuous locations 

                                                                           BOW SHOCK

My conclusion, by logical perspective similar to our Oceans I see the entire Galaxy is like a other energy force field Ocean that I have to call it inertia field scientist noticed recently Bow shocks in between magnetosphere that is an ambium or deflection angle against Galaxies and stars to collide as typically interstellar boundary force wave boundary against stellar winds that energy field considered as bow shock. The entire Universe is guided by this energy to stop any flow that exceeds the harmony; all movements are permissive except the excess movements in planetary and galactic over supersonic unusual flows are stopped by this inertia field, for example we don’t see Bow shock around our solar system, in case our solar system starts unusual movements from its harmonious flow boundaries right away we can meet probable opposite flow against our solar system to collide our solar system this stagnation point will reform from the energy field of inertia until then we will not see any deflection angle against our solar system.

We can have this test by firing a bullet from a gun, we are emerged also in this inertia field that can make moving object to continue their trip and keep their force if there is no gravitational interference's that can slow down the inertia and also inertia will keep this supersonic angle that continue upstream and build detached shock to reentry into old harmonious balance of flow, in vacuumed universe moving object will continue nonstop and gradually might get more speed whatever the inertia force field ocean permits in the magnetosphere. All atmospheric reentry that can be materialized or visible force out of nowhere in our Universe as Bow shock.

Bow shocks face as a shield against on rushing solar winds in small, short, yearn and stained pulses, this reminds me Binaural beats we receive from the Universe that are also great volume of sound fields of electron diffusion signals according to Dark-Matter magnetospheres’ portals. This process is studied by (MMS) it will be sent four spacecraft that will circle the Earth to study portals, as I described in my perspective we can see the volume of Dark-Matter in other planets, moons and stars, gravity is sound frequencies released from Dark-Matter core all elements take commendation to act connecting covalent bounding that are re energized by same harmony sound echo ( like the example I used in other articles A string note on violin starts to vibrate and make sound when outside note A reach to the violin that have same value tone condensate twitch. Same process I explained in Black hole gravity and in title our Sun.

Core Earth have unknown qualifications that still are not familiar to us. In my logic the core is made of Dark-Matter and releases low octave sound frequency code tone waves to all elements and they apply the commendation to be directed joining to invisible forces connecting themselves to unseen force source field in same principle as bond reaction, some might speculated hypothetical fifth force version of magnetism that does not weaken with distance, the reason is elements they are driving their mass according to surroundings inertia force field bonding, still scientist is looking forward by probe down  many sets of detectors deep in the ground at various of places for analysis to conclude if there are any “Unparticles” from lower mantle and from Universe. The Fundamental force of Nature like in any planet or stars core is Dark-Matter.

Entire Universe adapting same gravitational methods with frequency vibration cycle patterns that steaming from Dark Matter to signal elements to grab magnetic signals by holding into Universal quantum flow of zone field to travel with inertia energy that is inside entire Universe, dense knots of space-time are everywhere to let elements grab that flow to travel only if Dark-Matter direct other dark matter bubbles inside atoms core that also are portion of dark matter to connect into gravitational leasing into fabric of space-time. Earth`s core that is two different dense volume inner and outer layer as core that also is Dark Matter releases magnetic signals into mantle Ionosphere Magnetosphere Crust surface and Oceans, all together as one planet to be conducted by Earths core receiving magnetic signals make our planet harmonized inside solar system.

Core of this planet is invisible Dark-Matter force field, they release high and lower range signals all around the planet, some of this signals go beyond the atmosphere of the planet into other planets and our star releasing signals of communiqué in between other cores of planets and stars that also are made of Dark-Matter, it covers intelligence in other form of dynamism makeup that also encloses life in different sense than ours, this signals release from core are like portals open and close several times, by force of this activity it grabs some particles to send with the flow, between star on Earth there are real bound of boundaries and synchronize pour of portals that will not be interrupted, strong beam of portals are the wavelength directives that Dark-Matter releases to other planets and galaxies, some other less powered portals Earths core releases to penetrate the chemistry of the soil and register what was moved from one location into other sites. 

In my perspective Dark-Matte give sound directives to surrounding elements, the concept of all planets stars and moons in galaxies release sound variation waves from their own Dark-Matter, sound tones according to their periodicity mass frequencies peculiar characteristics, harmony to its Ptolemaic system. All spherical objects in galaxies have their own root to go onward according to connection covalent bonding to inertias’ root to go accelerate the way helix move but in very large scale spinning and going forward at the same time according to its s sound wavelength with comparison to other surrounding mass spectrum frequency levels where inclined rendering to Universal quantum inertia field connection accretions.

Those compartments are force field of wheels inside wheels; they have directive changeable direction or positions any moment to any final velocity. One more force cooperates with Dark-Energy is frequencies from far final velocity sections, ordering to operate accordingly. Plus Scientist already proved the sound pulses or frequencies in lower octaves coming from Black Hole and pulsars and all Galaxies plus radio wave signals from planets they combine in harmony coordination of glide or navigate the Stars. D.E Sectors push acceleration, even all elements produce different level frequency musical signals, and pull close to other elements or reject each other, scientist call it chemical reaction I call it pulse reaction. These sound notes are produced by Electrons  that originally is Dark-Energy serrounding a cluster of proton originally Dark-Matter combine with D.E to form an  Atom. Dark-Matter as mass has more influence with gravity and can produce low octave sound frequencies to order other protons near by to act moving to other locations. Difference between D.E and gravity is the operational line of influence on objects. One portion can surround Protons that are Dark-Matter and develop a Hydrogen Atom, my “Krikor” theory. D.E+D.M=H (hydrogen Atoms) the electron contain life force, they can operate over twelve billion years. And other way of activity with Dark-Energy that originated from, then by speed transformed into  Electromagnetism field then braking to smaller parts form into electrons, regarding these subjects you will find more information`s in other pages, regarding all  the Universe.

                                                         LANGUAGE OF ATOMS

In the Universe there is a great flow of guidance pushing the Galaxies to extensions the entire Universe is spreading, I agree with the scientist who mention that this is done by Dark-Energy forces, this energy or gravitational acceleration flow is allowing or directing everything to distant, this is one of the current standard guiding to outer limits, second opponent energy field  in gravitational acceleration to downward weight force, F= ma (Force=mass x acceleration) in my perception this force comes by directing sound energy frequency vibrations from Dark-Matter, I think maybe I am wrong I don’t know that scientist don’t have yet any declaration agreements about it, this gravity force is Dark-Matter that pulling everything in by different variations, starting with magnetism bringing elements by covalent bonds together addition to that attracting, even nonmetallic object that also are made of atoms pulling in gravity force. Some scientist can describe reciprocal relationship between electric charges and electric field or electrical charge a magnetic field, in my theory electrons contain electrical fields and even other properties that are unknown to us, and there are many variations for electron orbital angular motion and can discharge Para magnetism or Diamagnetisms or Ferromagnetism the point is there are many magnetic dimensions and vibrations can change energy frequencies to other phases giving different responds to different vibration frequencies.

Dark-Matter low octave sound frequency waves also direct the mass of star or Planets or any floating object in the universe to activate their speed to realm force that are emerged inertia and take their own private instruction to speed, some stars might move in faster speed, those stars are called “Ultrafast Hypervelocity stars” they speed depends not as mentioned by ejection from galactic center but because of D.M guidance instructions. One of my other subject title Black hole you will find more details regarding this radio waves and low octave sound frequency waves that Dark-Matter releases projects into other elements in the Universe, all planets, stars, moons, pulsars, black holes and asteroids have a liquid form invisible impenetrable Dark-Matter, none of them contain metallic core at the center, as soon D.M get close to rocky crust elements and atoms pull the gravity to compose the surrounding as mantle rock layering add up by collecting other particles over time,   traveling fragments are called asteroid, when they enter Earth`s atmosphere they change their name into meteorite after we find them laying on earth`s surface they will be called meteor, in our Solar system we have many flying shrapnel asteroids that make the core, when Dark-Matter left the asteroid shaped remains with odd sculpted interior that remains inside the core section stays hollow, the principle someday scientist might find, any chunk might be solid inside but any larger of asteroid because Dark-Matter collected all these particles around him almost all asteroids are hallow inside that`s why when asteroid that have own small gravitational pull entering into Earth`s atmosphere  to become meteorite energy motion Kinetic energy makes the hollow meteorite to explode The way it happened on Chelyabinsk region also in Russian Urals devastating explosion when traveling 40.000 miles per hour.  D.M is the core like all planets and stars and can be scattered as proton size elements, also protons can divide to multiple unknown big number of clusters of bubbles of Dark-Matter, according my calculation`s almost all rock layering asteroids that also composed of the mineral olivine all asteroids are hollow inside or still full of Dark-Matter according my calculations.   

Dark-Matter can be tightly packed or weak in densely packed having shape-shifter according to low octave sound tone waves procedures from other variable mass such as solar or galactic cores. Recently some Dark-Matter bubbles cluster particles have been collected in the international space station but everything kept secret. There are Gamma-ray and neutrino telescopes that trying to collect data about this elusive particles in chok areas that might be Dark-Matter. Like I suspect that bock-globules is one of these condense points

In my representation subject “Black Hole” I represented my viewpoint that Dark-Energy releases vibrational different levels energy Frequency vibration that I call it “Tone reaction” ordering atoms to approach to Black Hole and spate electrons from atoms and also separate all inner particles of atom other particles that are mixture of Dark-Matter cluster pips and individual helixes that are separated from electron cables,(explained in my articles How atoms are made) So this sound command splits the atoms into two group of energy to their original invisible form of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.
Separate than gravitational forces other are universal quantum two other forces that govern the entire Universe, suppose you warm a small pot of water and ad some floating particles like coffee and milk you will notice how the center of the liquid starts to spin like the milky way galaxy, same invisible energy field direct the spin of amino acids depending their variety kind of atoms conferment ordination in certain order put the amino acid into a code that apply in the group of spinning from right to left other facing variety code order put the amino acid to spin from left to right, all particles apply principles that still not familiar to us gradually hopefully in million years we might clasp the real intelligence that exist all around us.

This two sound variations control the entire Universe, those sounds are very complex vibrations too far from our conceptions. In other subject I introduced that atoms are living things also I mentioned that Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter have intelligence. In my subject “How stars are born?” mention my viewpoint the core of star is clusters crowded bubbles of Dark-Matter, there is a field of spinning Dark-Energy surrounding the core, spinning Dark-Energy is also covered by larger area of Dark-Matter walls, twirling between to walls of Dark-Matter scuffling roll through both coiling’s generates chaotic twirl and struggling spin, Dark-Energy hull scrap the core that push D.E upward the backside hull of D.E smash the Dark-Matter cover, according my theory how Hydrogen atoms are made (D.E+D.M=H) this  scuffling roll effect generates between Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter produces Hydrogen, I call this “Rolling Cigar Effect) (RCE) and because Dark-Matter contains intelligence it will take in memory bang of electron of hydrogen communication “Tone reaction” procedure contained in helix flow. Also Dark-Matter will release communication methods with tiny bubbles pips that will form proton in the Hydrogen will contain memory bank together they will complete an atom.

 Both sound elevation of the Universe will be distinguished by atoms, any new directive reaches to them by Universal language to take action regarding covalent tone reaction or gravitational field or acceleration directives, also each atom will release every second energy sounds frequency vibration regarding t age of the atom declaring what stage of fusion are they? and their surroundings by vibrational sound variations, it will be recognized by Universal language to the entire cosmos. In same methods in our brain electrical flashes that can transfer details, memories to other brain cells either emotions or videos, same method atoms will communicate to energy fields that are too magnificent for us to comprehend.

From starting activation of star electromagnetism spin over core center of star like a pulsar, we can see some similarity on Saturn`s monster storm blaster, Dark Energy is the original force of electromagnetism when flow forward as force and can produce light and X-ray when smash to other energy Dark-Matter, that are oceans of proton bubbles they can produce radio waves and low octave sound frequencies waves to command the bonding motion of all elements seem like gravity, in reality elements are connecting themselves into universal field of inertia field that quantum energy operated in the entire Universe according to the command of Dark-Matter.  

Sound frequencies that are released from the core of the Earth as “Chorus” phenomena is familiar to small birds, in another chapter I explained inside the brain of animals electrons can transfer knowledge in data by stimuli inside the brain same communications are used thorough sound frequencies in the Universe between stars and planets and atoms, Earth`s core contain intelligence force by Dark-Matter, early in the morning the changes happening is declared by the core, birds hear those sound frequency vibrations and mimicking same variation of “Chorus” melody that we can realize as sound and enjoy hearing every morning.

Recently NASA Radiation belt storm Probes mission (RBSP) instrumentation captured event of magnetosphere emit radio waves-Phenomena nickname “Chorus”

In another subject according to my perception I represented my viewpoint that Black Hole releases sound frequencies to dismantle atoms by reverse fusion, sound frequencies activate process in gravity and in repelling force field barrier, the protection earth assemble in its surrounding is by sound wave or radio waves in Earth`s magnetosphere sending “Chorus” gravity influences for coming energetic charges particles with atoms by sound wave procedures that earth releases they avoid collision to earth, the sound waves acts energy directive to rearrange their heading of geomagnetic storm in negative and positive wave forms as we notice these warning effect by aurora borealis and in the south aurora australis, floating plasma star wind particles redirected by sound to avoid collision to Earth and by sound all stars and planets are directed by Universal sound procedures that I mentioned in other notes.  

In science QCD (Quantum chrome Dynamics) have close similarities to my logic about the real Universe, to analyze gravity we have to consider the weak force, electricity and magnetism having full reality about Nuclear weak force and its responsibilities and also compare to nuclear force that scientist connect to binding of nuclei then comparing to Gravity and its standard models so then we can compare invisible oscillating strings, some call it “The mystery of missing matter” In my other logical conclusions Everything is created by Dark-Energy Electron cables of outnumbered helixes spinning around protons and Dark-Matter outnumbered cluster proton in the center of soon some helixes go in the atom in fusion and get connected to some of the proton separated from their clusters it becomes neutron particle if another individual proton bubble touch the neutron without being combined completely it becomes deuterium, additional of this process by joining other equal numbers of neutrons and protons individual bubbles they become gradually tritium 3 He  12 C  16 O  56 Fe there are many other particles in atoms that are combination of different measurements in Dark-Energy helixes and Dark-Matter individual bubbles separated from main core Dark-Matter protons. In my perspective as I explained on many occasions Dark-Matter can band coming facing toward D.M by sound frequency waves before the light reach to D.M the gravitational lensing is pushing back by sound waves and light react to move connecting to ocean of force field quantum that governs the entire Universe. It is true that the effect shows that light is not passing through D.M and is bending light, the principle of “scaffolding” that D.M react with other matter like planets stars and galaxies, all cluster concentration react to low octave sound frequencies released from D.M to direct the energy communication of galaxies tone reaction to be connected to ocean force field of the universe that is made of Dark-Energy. Same principle applied to all matter before reaching to direction of Black holes. In my perspective center core of black hole is concentrated pure Dark-Matter.

The main gravitational low energy force is activation of protons responding connection realm force energy that the entire universe is immersed force that move to every direction or make other elements carried out inertia invisible force field to low octave sound frequency waves that are released from other big volumes of Dark-Matter mass. Probably scientist refer electricity to magnetize or weakest force as gravity, in my understanding gravity exist all around similar to scattered Dark-Energy type force field but it don’t activated until Dark-Matter protons connect themselves to its rail circuits listening to command s of other Dark-Matter commands in low octave sound frequency waves YOU DON’T NEED GRAVITATIONAL pulling and holding matter mass for gravity as invisible oscillating strings because atoms can travel by connecting themselves to the flow of the missing matter, this is the emanating Dark-Flow for my perspective for the Scientist it will be still QCD. All energy connections by low energy long distance   g~ O(1)  and  g -->O  weak couplings are done by commands from Dark-Matter protons this is my standard model gravity particle physics by Gabriel Logician Jabrael. The entire Universe is immersed in this force field and all atoms planets and galaxies are travelers on their own connection to force rail of this system Quantum Chrome Dynamics QCD.  


                         Why our Earth and Moon are made from the same material?

As I described in my perspective asteroid belts contain many variety of substantial properties, and usually each asteroid belt have similarity possessions, whatever the material was inside the nearby super nova wracked detonation during an blast lump impact that formed the cluster of the belt. Scientist collected statistics from Earth and our moon same isotopic oxygen identical composition, it show angular velocity exact composition. In My theory it was mentioned that Dark-Matter Bubble is the starting core point to grab most material from the asteroid belt and combine to a sphere shape ball according to its gravitational interaction by releasing low octave sound frequencies waves creating energetic flow of the covalent bonding of all elements that were circling inside the belt volume, so in  my approach the two volume of Dark-Matter that start grabbing the asteroid material they combined different spheres according to their volume and gravitational interaction, that’s why finishing point of the moon produce 1/6 Th. That of Earth having only 1.2% of Earth`s mass. 1.2 %. The new created Earth and Sun kept the belt that asteroid belt was circling only the separated parts were combined into Earth and Moon globes. So the theory of catastrophic collision or planetary wrack between two domains and dividing into Earth and Moon inappropriately don’t fit in my theory.

                                      Will EARTH`S magnetic field reversed?  YES!

Core Of our Earth that is made of liquid like dense Matter is D.E or Dark-Matter is not exactly a spherical shape but more like apricot shape, it is made of separate divisions of portions pushing each other and change positions very slowly and each portion of this D.E is connected by magnetic field to crust lithosphere to plate tectonics. All mining`s and moving different elements from the surface to different locations can make a difference. There is seduction zone on the skin of cores peach shape two lining on one side different reaction from opposite side D.E core, one section is connected to surface of the Earth East of Philippines Pacific plate that lays from north to south Marianas that is 240 Km. Wide in Pacific Ocean in depth of 3200 m, every time two portions of peach shape core cave in trench downslope on the skin connected to two plates effect on Mariana Trough, West Mariana Ark ridge start to trend downslope 2.5 inch every year, lower portions of Earth that is called Zero-age are only 2500 m deep, one side of crust going under the other moving along liquid this seduction sediments activity of Magellan zone generate active Hydrothermal system on opposite side even volcanoes. This process is called Convergent boundaries when one crust is destroyed by going beneath the other. Earth`s surface is 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen, before 80 years ago Oxygen was 40%, there are also 1% of  trace gases on the surface the temperature’s average is 590 F Clouds circulations are guided by the core Dark-Matter bubbles gravity sound tone regulation, but evaporation s are progressed by heat. Molten areas are almost 10.000 F. Internal heat is produced by grinding with Dark-Energy clouds on the Dark-Matter core like we see on Jupiter surface. On top of core it can be found iron and nickel in big quantity. Resent activities show US continent is moving to South 10 meters a day.

Opposite of peach shape core other side of linings also active and connected to surface crust of mid Atlantic Ocean ridges some call them magma stripes like zebra lines some collections of volcanic basalt that behave like magnets like the orientation of the Earth`s magnet field, other parallel linings contain reversed to normal magnet lining shoving that alternating periods existed, for example if we melt some iron and pour it to the floor and cools down it contain magnetic alignment showing where north is located because north side of this metal contains north magnetism and southern side contain negative. This action is called divergent boundaries when new crust is generated when plates pull away from each other. Same principle this Magma striping that was produced show where was North at the time they produced, we find generations of opposite magma ocean ridges magnetic field contain position showing north to north and others showing reversal, showing north as south also the amount that those stripping show by their width that this is occurring once every 300 thousand years adding 2.5 inches every year. In my viewpoint if D.M core flip to opposite side how fast is unknown the Earth also will change its position North to South, Already the magnetic field in the North is moving 0.2 degrees per year. Standing up on North or South pole you will weigh less than when standing on Equator.

All slow movement drives of titanic happens when Dark Matter bubbles that are groups of separated 15 lumps of Dark Matter bubbles, each direct all certain mass that is responsible for certain tectonic plate, sound frequency of 15 Dark-Matter bubbles direct spreading transformed boundaries on surface of our planet. If drive of certain group that direct certain tectonic have to go no matter how hard it is climb over the other tectonic to move great volume up as mountain, for gravitational movement that is not a hard work very easy to accomplish, opening a basin under Ocean and keep water separate from mantle, no problem, so all gravitational spreading over the surface is directives coming from core of the earth that are combination of large bubbles in bubbles of Dark-Matter.

Earth`s core have divided parts but combined each section move they move sections of lithosphere that are 60 miles thick surface but divided accordingly to D.E separate portions of plate Tectonics. As I mentioned there are First Divergent Boundaries. Second Convergent boundaries when crust is diving under another plate like Mariana ark ridge. Third one is Trans-formal boundaries; they don’t go under each other or further from each other but slide horizontally pass each other. Fourth one is plate boundary zones with broad belts and boundaries are not well defined unknown plate interaction. Regarding the Magma stripes like zebra lines volcanic basalt's in Atlantic and reverse convergent boundaries activities in Pacific can relate back history. Earth reaches its maximum tilt on its axis almost 600 because our planet spins on cycle every 26000 years come same place synchronized with the Magma stripes volcanic basalt magnetic change orientations connected to Earth`s magnetic field. Earth wobbles by planetary alignments depending g to its surrounding, Earths surrounding solar system don’t show any planetary disaster proof previously 26000 years, don’t bring the position of our Earth always into Galactic plane and all our solar system wobbles up & and down according to Dark-Matter gravitational equilibrium. Also our lined up gravity to the center of our galaxy is not in switch but Dark-Matter bubbles that regulate the entire Galaxy so aligning have no effect to change planetary order, only probably we might experience some more intense flares from our Sun or Yellowstone introduces itself eliminating about 600 miles surrounding, shooting ashes that surrounds the Earth, survivals will not see the sun for long time. Regarding ancient Mayans calendar and their wisdom could not defend themselves from a few ships of Spanish conquistadors, even when supernatural invisible beings (Angels, some good some bad)) use to always predict the future to some People during history when scientific calculations were not available back in history. It might change our planetary alignments by slow changing process tilts on its axis, so slow that we might think that is just another normal day during its process. 13-calendar.

Ancient Romans were very smart race in mathematics and geometry still they did not have 0. There was no 0 number in their calendars or anywhere else. Mayans on the other hand concluded number 0 but they did not have unlimited number, not even number million or billion their numbers were characters picture signs, so in their conclusion numbers ends at 144.000 days and before they reach to their ending calendar of that conclusion they vanished. If Mayan mathematics survived till our date hopefully were going to invent larger numbers, it did not happen so the conclusion is not end of history but end of calculating numbers that they did not have more numbers that their calendar holds.

Becton of the Mayan Calendar is already considered, but don’t show real panic state as was predicted because it`s more additions of Christian religions fear than its basic contents.  All this are under control of D.E. According to Biblical accounts it is promised to us that worldwide flood will never be seen again I believe in that. Hope that this transaction can take gradually when it will be happening you will know same time when I know hopefully. Still rainbow is with us as a bond that flood never will happen worldwide, still some people are suspecting that during magnetic field reverse there will be no Gravity on Earth for a while, and everything might float there will be nothing to grab for support. If that is the case we have many examples and theories that contradict that, as example. From Oregon George Poinar an expert, reports about preserved in amber, inside “Vampire” parasite fossil from 20 million years ago, By calculating that magnetic field reverse was happening every 300000 years that means that there was life before that dates and in 20 million years it already occurred 66.666 times, if everything floated for a while on every time at least there will be no water now on Earth and no any “Vampire” parasite entombed in amber fossils no any animals that fly away to Universe will be found, So you are on safe ground.

Center Earth`s core that is made of protons collection are 15 portion shards of large Dark-Matter bubbles that propagates and maneuvers surface plate tectonics, as soon core portions extends lithosphere sections , on surface move large rigid and miner plates in harmonize directions to center core shards. Large plate tectonics are. Eurasian. North American. Pacific. South America. African. Australian. The small plate tectonics are Arabian. Philippine. Scotia. Caribbean. Cocos. Nazca. Juan. De fuca. They move starting 2 cm. per year and some move up to 10 cm a year. Probably you have tried on piece of paper dropping some small iron metals and underneath the paper moving a magnet. How the magnet effects on top spreads.

Entire Universe is embedded in some sort of quantum realm invisible force field than is stable unless certain tone sound frequencies are released by Dark-Matter core of all planets, moons and stars that activate to change the positions of elements in covalent bond principle that look like gravity but it is not it is just connection to inertia into flow of quantum realm. There are other theories or perspectives by scientist such as particle physics and particle accelerator, but I will stay with my perspective sound tone wave codes can generate connection between atoms personal field connecting into quantum realm inertia force field, in other instances I also call it invisible vast Ocean of our Universe, all stars, Galaxies with stars, planets moons also smaller object and dust share harmoniously the space field they all are connected under supervision Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.  

I believe that before me no one talk about this issue. I presented that gravity is directives from Dark-matter into elements to be entangled into quantum energy warping, each black hole has its own sound frequency fields that do not interfere with other black holes Planets and stars apply their own sequencer precisions in rotations and applying the rout of directives according to personalized gravity field inside universe, it is known that pulsars have enormous abstract gravitational strength but they do not grab any close or nearby planets pulling into pulsar, that`s why we can see some planets standstill nearby pulsars or stellar remnants that pulsars do not gobble it into its mass.  

 Gravitational and magnetic pulses of the core that complete 7600 miles in diameter Center of the Earth is liquid Dark-Matter generate scrabbling always between opposite gravitational of meted iron that spin mixed with Dark-Energy clouds around the core in 6000 F0 but the core stay cool because heat and light do not penetrate Dark-Matter, this fluctuation in speed generates acoustics waves that core always commend to other molecules all around the Earth and it is same acoustic waves that we experience in regular earthquakes, the principle is based on core communication low and high frequency of waves pulses sound that effect as acoustic variations, that why Earth releases verity Glimpses of gravitational charge. 


Dark-Matter have control over protons behavior by low octave sound frequencies, Dark-Energy have its own effect on the matter surrounding the core, each have variation on all mass on Earth mantle stratosphere lithosphere, plate and layer sediment, Dark-Matter inner core control the level where the plates should be, sending messages to protons to go toward in by activating seduction descending plates in, or opposite action to up welling mantle to push the crust plate upward forming new crust, convection current don’t push or pull the tectonic on their own flow for making even Fast-spreading Ridge. Both D.E and D.M variation balance changes move the material on Earth`s lithosphere movements and each have different effect over Basalt or uppermost mantle or the crust and over the plate, also they regulate the gyration of the Earth by applying signals from the Sun. Excess moving metals by mining over surface or movements of large metallic objects like traffic of cars airplanes boats can affect all these balance of the D.E and D.M variations to activate imbalances to erupt in hypo centers. According my viewpoint convective currents are in balanced variation by D.E and D.M to pull or push tectonic have nothing to by their own ability, relation movements are done with D.E and D.M comparative variations the hypo center is the deep location point where energy sanction matches are done we consider as fault where rapture begins then the vibration and sound are transferred to Epicenter crust depending what direction the repelling spurt blow was originated in Hypo center. On the surface we can analyze each wave that has distinct proliferation physiognomies from type of wave’s primary or secondary waves either body waves or surface waves. Pressure over Divergent plate, convergent plates and Transform plate boundary all had done by Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy measuring balance variations. Either side to side waves or Rayleigh waves that energy rolls the ground up and down by reasoning only low octave sound frequency waves can vibrate for that outcome, like water in the ocean land will go up and down from surface moving to all directions.

                     Who moves the plate Tectonics? The Sea and Air flows?

Pattern of Macquary Ride in New Zealand Ocean flow stands out, as Dark-Matter directs Oceanic waves by sound frequency wavelengths to command all territorial element to be guided accordingly same activity force have been seen with weather flow in meteorological conditions plus all activities with plate tectonics continent-sized chunks in Earth`s crust if caused by sound guidance from Dark-Matter, D.M makes sound tones to that portion of tectonic plate to grab universal idealized spring sole harmony or quantum entanglement to drift slowly has been directed, no matter how dense or how thinner plates they are all been guided to push other tectonics land masses to collide, this plate tectonics have no mechanism push powers unless sound frequency entanglement in process, sometimes we experience thin seafloors push thicker larger mass like Himalayan mountains unceasingly, usually any grand mass of soil pushed each other edge it reaches a point where they stop and reverse but not in plate Tectonic processes, another point of view I present that any plate tectonic that collide with the other they all should raise on the other theoretically they will not shoved under edge all the way to the mantle, colliding masses should drift into mountains but as we see in Mariana trench that plate is sinking into mantle is because the effect of Dark-Matter sound tone wavelength tones that direct atoms to grab other force field flows to be moved accordingly, so in my conclusion flow Oceanic Meteorological and plate Titanic flows all are directed by Dark-Matter Earths core sound wavelengths and always is in constant operational state.

Any location on planet Earth in any moment directives of core can affect the gravity of planet’s surface to make stronger or weaker, for example some areas in Canada have weaker gravity point on the surface, scientist trying to explain that underlying mantle rocks are slowly flowing downward like raft in a rapids that’s why certain territories having less or missing gravity. If I go along with that perspective I might expect same results in Mariana Trench that is East of Mariana Island inside the Pacific Ocean where the land is caving in into the mantle but the result is not matching. So core of the Earth is the control on surface gravity of the planet and any moment it can take new directives of changes with the results to be missing gravity or stronger ones.

In my perspective all geological activities are stimulated by Dart-Matter bubbles that releases wavelengths to all nearby atoms to be connected into gravity fluctuation of energy warping, as many division parts core dark matter splits that many separate lithosphere plate will be detached, all constant state of changes is combined with rigid separation of DM, though they are parted still DM bubbles touch each other, mantle has its own density and weight, when divided lithosphere slide along of their boundaries or collide into each other their weight has no any effect to sink into deep mantle otherwise mount Everest could not stay up that far, mass and weight of any lithosphere plate has no personal choosing where to go eventually how much high or how low plate tectonics form is the effect is effected by Dark-Matter cores wavelengths, anytime if core bubbles form any new separation from the main mass planet Earth will introduce to us into new plate tectonic. Nearby planets in our solar system have no separated lithosphere plate but any moment if its core Dark-Matter Splits we will notice new plate tectonics on their lithosphere as well.

All over the world  we have different gravity force levels by infer meter can be measured, regarding turbulence airplanes experience is not because of air mixed freely or dense location but it happens by “gravity waves” released from earth and in directives in open become “gravitational waves” flying birds know all about this but keep quiet about it by not telling us. Inside the storm clouds in atmosphere the gravitational waves generate more turbulence mixing with invisible inertia dark-Energy, the only similarity waves noticeable are the waves on oceans that show more energy by the shore. One thing we have to get familiarized that airplane rippled turbulence are generated by turbulent gravity and gravitational waves that are generated from core of our Earth. Complex form of liquid core in the center Earth has high and low beam force field elevations because of that on surface we can notice Glipsos of gravitational varieties that are releases by Dark-Matter core beneath the Earth.Alongside the idea that all earthquakes have fixed separating faults linings there might be many other new not characterized faults that will be noted after they rapture, why earth faults are continuously moving? Because Dark-Matter directives are continuously affected everywhere, in soft magma in hard crust up and down or sideways, faults are the consequence flow directives from Dark-Matter.

 Seismology labels two type of waves that are released before any earthquake are called “S” waves and “P” waves, in my calculation “P” waves are released energy from Dark-Energy “S” waves are directive command from core of Dark-matter into section where this conflict of powers will damage by shaking. As soon Dark-matter releases command into atoms that are in certain geological smidgeon point section, Dark-Energy right away sends P waves to keep location in certain conformation line, as soon atoms obey directive command from D.M by S waves to warp into quantum entanglement flow right away P waves from Dark-Energy push back as fluctuation, S wave take first step to make atoms move right away P waves push back S push P push back that will create damaging shaking the ground as far this process continues until S waves stop sending sound frequency tone reactions, some seismologist contemplate that crust is so hard it pushes other rocks to adjust their positions that’s why earthquake happen, but don’t be surprised same earthquakes happen in soft mantle soft location of melting lava. Because p waves can approach faster some scientist might make an early warning system and inform population in advanced technology calling into radio stations and smart phones.      

Dark-Matter changes its size density and volume, it is unpredictable, it has intelligence supervision on all other mass matters because entire Universe is spread Dark-Matter, all in one harmonious rheostat. Considering Yellowstone Park, some scientist estimated that eruption occurred every 640.000 years, calculating that we might be either overdue 60.000 years or eruptions’ happen every 700.000 years, regarding the magma position separately chamber underneath the Yellowstone is three times larger than what they predict, sometimes we might not be definite calculating volcanoes eruptions because during time gravitational flow can take another root in the speedy movements of our planet inside Milky Galaxy.

How decompression melting of the mantle effects on basalt columns.

I recognize earthquakes that are from effect of Dark Matter that are released in low octave sound frequencies to certain locations as X point in the hard crust or deeper in the mantle soft locations, as soon DM frequency spectrum grab element in certain location later on Dark energy comes to divergence this build up that creates earthquakes, repeated process in other times on same locations form special characteristic forming quake fault line, in my perspective all pre earthquakes are based with release of frequencies from Earth`s core that is large volume of invisible Dark matter same invisible force field that atoms core contain, as soon low octave frequencies are pin pointed into that will give effect of slow precursors spectra wavelengths we will not sense it but some ants will gathering into DM signal X spectrum locations, other animals and insects will sense it too before earthquake strikes, everything is based on complex tone reaction in the language atoms can understand I call this communication Universal language, core of this planet like a large bell waves directive sound wavelength echoes that are complex comment to all atoms, in my other post “atoms are other form of living things” you will find additional information.

Earthquakes are not only result of tectonic activities, as we experiencing many earthquakes like Okhotsk quake can occur inside lower mantle over 600 Km deep magma layers where there is no any hard mass tectonics, passing through shallow mantle transition regions or basaltic magma can’t reach to lower mantle in solid form, that explains earthquakes are the product of clashing two invisible forces of Dark Energy and Dark mater releasing light just before the impact, same process is done in very hot and soft layers of magma layers. These two forces are connected with universal sound frequency cod wavelengths that are connected to entire Cosmos, though they are separate forces but united in resonating process to exist.

Much potential came from US Array component of the Earths cope project that shows seismic activity in unusual places temblors been found also across the US intraplate or middle of tectonic sections that are not near fault lines. Many explanations going on regarding earth`s layers there is a section called ferropericlase strength that raises pressure by great strength to upper boundaries, changing from so hot temperatures flowing than rising into cooling position that sinking lands in slow-motion, some areas down welling’s later upwelling’s that effect rock mantle movement rate that results tremors and seismic movements, others add details that upper mantle from tectonic or lithosphere sections contain abundant of minerals. In my perspective if pressure in mantle uncontrollably burst out without limit all hot mantles can come out to surface, I believe there is invisible regulator force in motions in pressure and flow inside our planet that brings into my theory that Dark-Matter core releasing sound frequency tone reaction that will be controller direct all element to stay into certain length in their movement or flow to settle in their border line suppository, as we see the effect later on D.M interfered by invisible force field of Dark-Energy to generate frictions as I described earlier. So earthquakes can take anywhere inside soft mantle or edge of tectonic plates or in the middle safe sections of tectonic plates. Most people are convinced that tension between two plates starts tension boundaries to strike after build up pressure that cant slip fault collide, letting less stuck tension when two plates smoothly pass each other side by side or other changes, What is the major power that moving the plates or controlling their movements, in conclusion all movements or directives comes deep from core of Earth frequency tone reaction core of the Earth contains large formations of Dark Matter bubbles where each portion might give different range of thoroughfare into ferropericlase and later on into plates that settle according to code to bring into range of arithmetic gravity as fluctuation that we call it Earthquake.
Basalt structures

According to my perspective best example regarding sound wave frequency directives we see after active flow of lava cools down where contained great volume of columnar or six angled columnar basalt structure racket side by side, almost same size structures art work laying side by side, starting point is volcanic basalt that are influenced from center core of the earth as I described earlier by Dark-matter frequencies to be formed at surface embedded in a finger grained matrix. D.M directs their structural flow starting from up welling mantle exactly same way light radiations forms this basalt after cooling down reflect the flow of inner gravity push composition to row as lines of six column shape art of rock folding bars side by side, combination of materials inside basalt react more properly into D.M directives when composition basalt's contain  20% Quarts this asphalt is aphanitic igneous rock also it contains iron oxide iron-titanium oxide that makes its mass more magnetic especially it contains magnetite ilmenite ulvospinel olivine pyroxene pigeonite and many other elements mineral textures. Dark-Matter affects all directives of elements but somehow basalt that contains quarts elements and is 10% feldpathold by volume leaves effect of gradation beam colon structures that have six cornered sedimentary layers, this is the exact shape of beams that Dark-matter direct into the surface of the planet passing through decompression melting of the mantle very similar to light beams structural shape, of course all basalt's don’t carry same structural shapes as we see with pillow vesicular or columnar basalt as we see in Yellowstone, it depends what mineral contents embedded. We can’t see frequency code tone radiation flow of Dark-Matter but we can notice effective flow on volcanic basalt. In my other posts I explained that core of every planet or mass there is a core of invisible dark-matter core, the effect that I explained inside earth Dark-Matter directive rays that go through mantles up to the surface works in the same procedures or system on our Moon Venus Mars Jupiter including asteroid vista and other asteroids and stars.

                                                                DARK-FLOW (D.F)

In the Universe we have Dark-Energy, Dark-Matter, the latest we have Dark-Flow, it was discovered in 2008 when scientist discovered that some cluster galaxies that are billions of light years away from our planet for no reason move to certain direction that do not contain any gravity matter to pull to that direction, moving more than 600 miles per second, this affecting have nothing to do with Universe accelerations because all this group of cluster Galaxies oscillations to far unknown whereabouts in procession. According to scientist they are giving the explanation that some energy field matters can be observed, but there are dense patch of space-time or beyond particle, pulling those cluster Galaxies, these movement is puzzling it conflicts with an underlying assumptions of cosmology at large scales in Universe, some cosmologist think Dark flow provides evidence for a relative dense part of the Universe beyond the particle horizon or the Boundary that separates the observable Universe from the rest of the Cosmos. Is there Matter in Universe we cannot see? We calculate the pull that each galaxy in a cluster are moving relative to each other, we come to conclusion that some gravitational power pulling and holding clusters together to keep the clusters in peculiar place. Some astronomers call this energy matter “the mystery of the missing matter” what is invisible oscillating strings?  There is some connection between sound and vibration gravity in other word Quantum can have gravity in different realm of activity by low octave sound frequencies, color sound gravity are ale related in some sort of field levels by other unknown energy fields to bring everything to harmony the way universe operate.

In my gravity Theory I explained that whole Cosmos is in energy field of existing energy invisible force that are wheels inside wheels, they can maneuver any direction or can push any object or matter or sound to any direction that is already going to, plus it can add more velocity into it. These force field networks are used by all matter or mass in the Universe. Dark-Matter core can send low octave sound frequencies to other elements, according to the sound atoms that contain proton that is Dark-Matter, we already know that elements use covalent bonds to attract to other atoms, these same functional properties attract to the force field wheels to move toward the directions that are commanded, atoms can use these networks by tone variations to start to move toward the new direction that was sent to apply as I showed in my subject Gravity. In conclusion Dark-Flow goes parallel to my theories.

According to some Geophysicists Earths geomagnetic reverse or Earth’s magnetic north and south flip-flop happens every 780.000 years otherwise might happen earlier, many can anticipate giving their opinions. In my perspective gravity adopts environmental quantum tone reaction to apply every move that is commanded by Universal Ocean field to apply delivered command to every element, let me give you an example, take two magnetic coin shape metals, bringing close to each other facing “A” side down to other piece “B” side it grab, flopping one piece also into “A” side two metals reject each other, now take a larger flat metal and make tiny holes surrounding many set into round metal magnet all Facing “A” side up, also leave empty round portion in the middle so former coin side can fit in and put inside large coin “B” side up, as soon you bring close the old other piece into this combination large coin it will come close but keep a slight distance it will not grab totally. This large coin have tiny different, like this opposite gravitational commands universe is a large ocean of geomagnetic field and any element by sound frequencies can grab to be directed by this gravity quantum force that all elements stars planets and galaxies already use this same possibilities, core of the earth can generate sound tones to surface of our planet surface of the Earth by self-perpetuating will adapt new geomagnetic reversal systematic switch , they will move with no objections orderly without any complex catastrophe reaction  balancing by energy that invisible microscopic structures as gravity field fluctuation, by sound frequency level to repel or oscillation varies between vacuum energy warping that is spread everywhere inside the Universe, sound frequencies effect on each individual element because they contain tiny portion of D.E and D.M they have to obey inside cirus extraterrestrial pitch, quantum particles by guidance of universal language that is control tone of complex data govern all matter inside the Universe, stars or planets moons come by certain distant of other sphere and keep their distance accordingly. All activities in geometrical reverse or steady, inner and outer core direct surface of our planet without any struggle easy by releasing sound tone that will spark gravitational objectives by each individual element that are combined.

                                         JOSHUA ASKED GOD TO MAKE THE SUN STAND STILL

In my other theories I explain that we are emerged in unlimited space of inertia force field, gravity functions by commands from Dark-Matter to all atoms, explained my theory of “Gravity” to activate grabbing direction to inertia force field the way atoms operate in covalent bonding with other atoms all protons are also made of Dark-Matter bubble clusters have intelligence and be directed by whole field Dark-Matter field energy, explained in my theory of “Black Hole “Dark-Energy also contains own procedures of directing matter and serve as electromagnetic force field of inertia has own intelligence as I am explained in topic “Cornerstone of our Universe” in my theory perceptive this two forces can eliminate and make the activity stop the inertia stop gravity stop the entire solar system and no continuations of inertia will continue by the force that rules in intelligence in the entire Universe all the spinning forces are guided through this two energy fields Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy.


Will the expansion of the Universe continue forever? Thou it is complex system for us but it should have a conclusion. Scientist is observing by (Boss) Baryon Oscillation spectroscopic survey that also bring into conclusion that Universe factor is expending growing larger 67.3 kilometer per second or per mega parsec it was used to be called Hubble constant that showed faster range before. Now the measurements are slower  by WMAP. Some scientist is measuring with measuring the red shifts how fast is shifting moving?  According latest numbers 67.3 kilometers per second mega parsec. Still now we can feel that universe is expending about 10% faster than what they predicted. Using also same mode measurements to extent the distances. Some fantasy descriptions was given that before Universe was lot closer together and some analyze that the attraction was inward like star or planet gravity. In my view neither can big force surroundings pulling out as pull factor can affect from unbearable far distances, no matter how powerful swarms it is. Our universe is spread by invisible Dark-Energy field force they are sections of wheel energy carrying inside another circuit wheel that can move to other direction, wheel inside another wheel that can move any direction in no time. Or energize like inertia pushing any sound tones or mass to make continue their journey that already they are moving to pursuit adding more force to it, their velocity inaction is like sound velocity system. This force field can think and is existing energy dispersed  all over Universe that is lopsided and most provocative details. You can read about conclusion in chapter what is the cornerstone of the Universe? regarding my theory Big-Inning instead of explosion of Big Bang.

The way it works according my viewpoint, there might be Possibility or similarity to sound wave’s frequency, applies same principle as the expansion of the Universe, in my theory “PRJ” used from words (Power, Righteousness, Justice) Regarding sound vibration motion there are S shapes nodes ascending  outward shifting then turning in trough section inward descending nodes going into crest location, leaving a stamp gap between one crest to the other stamp space opening, same with trough leaving stamp difference. The movement that released descending node is big scale of the Universe it might take 6 billion years to pull out and 7 billion years to push in. Same principle when Galaxies are going forward to expansion of Universe this movement will be re tuned back after reaching the crest position in the far side of the Cosmos wavelength submits principle in greatest scale, push and pull factors it will not be contracted shrink to end by big crunch, they call it closed Universe, but only to level of ending the phase of wavelength. Everything in this Universe has identical principles in smaller or larger “Gauge” like sound frequency vibration motion. Principles in atoms round mass apply on stars also. All EXPANSION OF UNIVERSE WILL NOT CONTINUE FOREVER it`s extension “seven miles per second” Hurled upward gravitational or inertia will pull sufficient speed or to escape velocity. Every seven billion years it will return back to contracting as soon it reaches the crest point sound frequency disposition. Ascending stars and Galaxies amplitude through descending direction will come back to trough location not for a large calamity, but for reasonable distance. Universe is still in the phase of expansion now.

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