Sunday, October 9, 2011


                            SOUND FIELD

                                                    Gabriel logician Jabrael

Sound vibration force is inside field of functional Metaphysical energy connected principle order, can be connected pattern to inertia and gravity, harmonize to entire cosmos. Sound flow can carry along geometrical vibration that can deliver structural manifestation for everything, in plant life and all other form of living cells to complete proteins function forming DNA. So, geometrical structures can be delivered far distances through sound to function in other far away functions. Gravity is guided by sophisticated invisible energy activating through low sound tone frequencies, the vibration elevate the gear sound level octave variations and sound harmony that all elements can concentrated to act according the procedures of new commands, to program covalent bond regulations of atoms, they are different wavelengths but these supernatural energy field directs equal intensity, the entire Universe by coral sound elevation harmony, I call it Universal languages pace in the Universe is a virtual vacuum but sound can travel in electromagnetic vibrations, we as humans say sound does not exist in space because we can hear only 20-20.000 cycles per second as the range of human hearing, insects and atoms have their own range of communication levels some in frequencies others by electromagnetic vibrations. In the field of sound you can find l magnetic properties that can activate other location, low octave sound frequencies contain vibration waves that can transfer energy from on point to other locations, all in different levels of sound variations and variety of sound values. For example. All these swarms of fish we see in the oceans are directed as one individual being under water to be partaking in their undertaking the space to be directed in frequency waves, you can notice right away the fishes in the front and the fishes on the right side they make fast curve to new direction without seeing each other, somehow someone in command is one of the fish and release sound frequencies and all obey in a split of a second action. This proves that fish are guided also by low octave sound frequencies.

Already it is proven that sound pulses can travel in higher velocities than light and don’t stop it travels into infinity whereabouts. This explain that sound is unique force where, sound carry intelligent formation constructional data structure patterns to make other atoms respond by obeying the configuration procedures including of formation DNA RNA plant and cell growth. Sound force or energy can generate light, figuring out that our planet Earth by its core release sound frequency force that initiate gravity, in same fashion small test have been shown that sound also can disturbs or contradicts Earth’s gravity making small object to levitate or manipulate in air. Other tests called “Sonic boiler” have shown sound can boil water, inside entire Universe sound carry energy inside by personality tone pattern characteristic naturally vibrates by themselves, some call it “resonant frequency” As I explained in my Blocks individual have their own personality sound harmony frequencies as all atoms, cells, bacteria’s, viruses have their own personality sound values, certain variation of sound frequency tones can eliminate viruses. So atoms release sound, all matter generate sound, making everything in their surroundings to be naturally in vibration activity.

There is several system of communication, in sound field, naturally animals insects use possibilities we like to consider some process activities in insect world, first scheme we are living in a field of line sound beams like electrical bar lines. Those lines are noticeable to humans when looking into a developed smoky quarts polished gemstone with star made of golden-yellow rutile needles going all directions, when the quarts formed and cool down and became solid the effect of line movement freeze in time. Similar stories you can analyses in all precious crystal stone formations. Same lines exist in marine when fish follow the lines that`s noticeable for them like a road wall and take same presides routs to travel in the Ocean Sea, this are very narrow beams going all directions with different colors and properties, sometime very condense other time scattered. Railing is like beams of bar banister and is part of the invisible Dark-Energy, we are submerged in that field, we are surrounded by D.E fence and they can go through us and metals and rocks everything everywhere, by Binaural beats that are released from Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.
By instinct insect use the Electromagnetic filament that are available. Dark energy is that energy field in the Universe on and in planet Earth in sound can go to a limit through D.E to sift, light go further away but stop in the cosmic water everywhere, anything must pass through it have to obey the physic of the energy D.E. Natural  dust to sift , radio on the other hand can continue, so all moving objects and moving field of energy have to go through sift D.E like passing through a transferal modification or to riddle.
The body of insect is processed DNA accomplished the field because already DNA use same available communication fence field. Developing insect data is occupied with all the means of the instinctive communication field. Bees can look around and find flowers that have good pollen. Collect some and take to the hive play some dance and others will follow the location. What and how it happened?

Testing strong vibrations sound frequencies releasing to a pile of sand you can see it takes to figures shape in geometrical forms; same process is done in low octave sound frequencies in patterns of growing cell structure. Electrons cables contain stimuli of helixes that give and take with proton gravitational standards and develop structural forms. 

Inside the Cosmos there are many different variations of sounds, recently and last hundred year scientist were able to detect weak signals of other sound coming from space that has cosmic background radiation also the Big bang theory sound plus variations of radio signals and recently we are sensing sounds 6 times stronger than anything is or other sounds from space it is called “The Space Roar” totally unknown to Physics cosmologists. Entire Universe is based on high concentrated energy mechanism and human sensor tools still are not equipped to analyses all this flows in cosmos, this sound frequencies also back up my perspectives that gravity is controlled by harmonious force field directives connected to time that is organized by “Universal Sound” in my  blogs.

Light waves that are lapping toward an object is already radiating semicircles and Quantum archaeology into other matter from other superposition’s as soon they meet an object they will distribute or wave function transporting electrons as sound pulses in low octave sound frequencies and effect to denote their geometrical forms by density, in some sands that sound vibrates can be seen new patterns of dust according to tone variation and sound frequency levels it will take variety of geometrical forms, because gravitational and covalent bonding in all atoms have vibration communication patterns, atoms understand each other so do the insects bats fish birds and some other animals can visualize coming sound frequency wave function getting the whole picture by collecting rise interference's wave distribution to complete structural pictures.

On these principle bees and insect feel wave function from plants and flowers and nectar and guide into coming superposition interference that are released from atom cluster of molecules giving harmonious sound patterns, because any form collective molecules that were completed by other sound variations and took a certain structural form formed clusters also like echo generate same wave function in light tones and their pattern source directed lapping distribution and the insect will be ready to interpreter the outcome.

Separate than gravitational forces other are universal quantum two other forces that govern the entire Universe, suppose you warm a small pot of water and ad some floating particles like coffee and milk you will notice how the center of the liquid starts to spin like the milky way galaxy, same invisible energy field direct the spin of amino acids depending their ordination conformant variety kind of atoms in certain order of ordination conferment to put the amino acid into a code that apply in the group of spinning from right to left other facing variety code order put the amino acid to spin from left to right, all particles apply principles that still not familiar to us gradually hopefully in million years we might clasp the real intelligence that exist all around us.

Everything is made of Atoms plants and flowers are included. All atoms produce low octave individual, Hydrogen produces C to C# notes in lower octave 324.8 all other atoms in different variation notes, Oxygen F or F# Phosphorus C or C# Some plants grow better when listen to good classical music sound is part of all atom communications they communicate in covalent bond characterizing by sharing to be joined partners or go into repulsive force, atoms have many kind of interactive personalities. Also trees plants animals and our neurons all activated by Universal sound. When plants grow the communal atoms in the plant cell produces collectively sound frequencies joint mixture of different tones variations. Harmonious sound frequencies make plants and trees happier it doesn’t mean that we will notice a smile on their face, they don’t have same muscles as we have but their functional ways flow of harmonious activity will improve I heard so many occasions when people test giving pleasant-sounding melodious tones to plants and gardens they nourish and grow better healthy than plants that received sound of banging in unharmonious noises, principle of melodies are patterned in all atoms and molecules that oversee by electrons Dark-Energy that is electromagnetism. Lower the sound tone octave goes down becomes more distinctive individuality tone by other Atoms and insects and some animals, also our brain barrier that comprehend the language of sound. All proper activities around the universe
At the time flower is mature and pollens are ready to be collected also the sound frequencies song the harmony overture saying in Universal language we are ready come and pick us. The bee can recognize the process automatically by its instinct, sit on the flower collects as much it can returns to the hive drops the load. Now it has to explain from where he collected the merchandise. A regular tango folklore dance has no means at all to articulate the location. Distance, direction and height of the merchandise, so it uses the Universal language to express.  Electron of collective Atom clusters are vibrated by the bee by its shakes and tapping the wings and vibrating the insect body, the sound cluster Atoms frequency undertones are released, rest of the surrounded bees have to pick a few of that tones and follow the harmony sound already continuously coming from the flower that still singing the overture, even two miles away. Come, come and get me her I am. Rest of the bees knows exactly where is the location by distinguishing sound tones and follow the frequencies to the plant flower. The sound body center is bedded in the Queen bee, she represents the hive, each individual bee have her own personality sound low octave tone frequencies unique sound atom clusters. Probable you notice the bees are dying. When bee`s colonies collapse, 4 years later there will be no productions in the field worldwide. There are two reasons for their disappearance. One, the chemicals and toxic exposures to  herbicide, pesticide`s. Scientist use the name chemicals, in my theory I use Tone-Reaction, disturbed vibration atomic clusters confuse the bee to monitor sound procedures, also all other sound monitoring insects like butterflies, soil worms, ants beetles and even sound tone professional bats and humming birds. This sound disturbance and divert balancing harmony sound to disaster of alarming function new kind of low octave sound frequencies. It is misdemeanor to kill or threaten butterflies under city ordinance  No  35 in Pacific Grove California   For example these type of disasters causing bird flu virus. Viruses already function in damaging monitoring harmony sound of Universal language, adding new damaging sound tones the virus becomes H5N1      

Insects can hear sound that coming from atoms, some of these sound can be enjoyably grabbing also it might be disturbing to flies. For example take a plastic bag and fill it half with water add 4 pennies and close zipped shut hanging or rapping an area that you don’t want to see flies, flies come back later the sound released by  H2 O atoms and copper atoms discomfort the flies and they leave the vicinity. When water balloon bag dangling or hanging around the hydrogen and oxygen might give different type of covalent bonding sound that can disturb the flies. In other post I am describing how water vapor effect the geometrical forms of snowflakes that have same principle, electrons give directives to their surroundings by stimulus flows that released from electrons and can be return by other surrounding data.

Before hearing about, Semyon. D. Kirlian. Or about Nikola Tesla or about George Christopher Lichtenberg about “ Kirliangrafi” My observation regarding sound cluster atoms already was represented by me, as far as I know I am the only first person who gave representation sound frequencies of plants pollens sound cluster adding on that there is no Chemistry about smell my theory of low octave sound frequencies develop sensible feeling of smell but they are only sound tones felt by insects and animals also felt by our brain. Kirlian developed pictures of apples that are perfect to eat and connected with low charge electric and then photographed, comparing other pictures with cooked apples or rotten apples they gave lower and weaker radiant Aura surrounding the picture, they call it collected bioelektromagnetiske signals before more radiant Aura. Other scientist call it electromagnetic and gravitational or biological and molecular field, others call it invisible structure that correlates its activity by unique and united system. In my viewpoint as the” first statement I call it Cluster tone reaction” and not odors smell chemical reaction.

Universal set up of stars and galaxies have highly similarity to our neural network in our brain.
Our brain secretly from us communicate in low octave sound frequencies and their atomic cluster stimuli communicate with other persons even when we are unaware what’s going on, of course later on we will sense the conclusion. Whales communicate in synchronize way in same moment facing the ocean floor and transmitting messages to the core of the Earth. Insects communicate same principle, pollens release sound clusters to inform bees what they have, same the ripped fruits because electrons can send coded sound wave messages the way they operate inside the brain the can penetrate outside frequency beams of inertia sound communicational field that is connected to entire Universe, Dark-Matter on one field mixed also with the field of Dark-Energy, we humans are just experiment beings watched and studied by two intelligent forces D.E and D.M and even can be rewarded later on, always good expectancy is satisfying. Humans are just studying their surroundings and still do not know much, but will keep trying. Let me give some examples.

While the turkey vultures normally pass through a city while migrating birds normally pass through experiencing changes for the winter, the vultures can be sticking around later year, probably they will receive new commands from the core of the planet new sort of messages regarding migration swarming lawns and making residents nervous. Because the custom to flock or evening will be changed, some customs of other variety of birds and insects will be changed when they receive new stimuli messages that their brain interprets new directive stimuli that some call it Mother Nature, we will be experiencing changing habits in birds, fish, squids, whales and dolphins and many other live animals also indirectly people behaviors will be changed by unexplained effects on the planet. 

Apples that are suitable to consume generates low octave frequency sound that is identifiable by insects that is right to eat, other insects prefer rotten apples that sound on that apple varies and fruit flies run for it sound clusters radiant aura is perceptible the sound coming the food to insects and birds and some animals receive all this different wavelengths same with pollen low octave sound frequencies that bees find and bring to their sisters by shaking drop these pollen clusters, sister bees pick the cluster sound reaching direction coming acceleration harmonizing sound location, that keep rolling melody from that original flower with more same sound cluster pollen.

Animals communicate with low octave sound frequencies and their brain analyses the sound and explain what it intended. In the Bible Adam was perfect Man and he communicated with animals in Sound-Tone reaction by vibrations, understanding them certainly, he also creates sound in same levels animals could get responded, Adams brain work 100%, different than our brains that function about 2%, other instances in the Bible was mentioned King Solomon received supernatural gift from God or Universal sound message, accordingly Solomon he started to understand and talk to animals and have infrastructures with them in low octave sound frequencies that already animals communicate in that manner and understand fully the process. As a gift god willing to give same present to some people who are worthy and know how to ask him. The original basic communication in the Universe by stars, Galaxies, pulsars, planets, black Hole, all elements, and in our brain neuron activities also all animals, plants, insects, bacteria’s, cells and atoms are based on low octave sound frequencies, only Humans have additional or secondary language, even that language is divided to thousand other variety of languages but the basic is all levels octave sound frequencies, chemical reactions in smell also is tone-reaction in diversity complex cluster, activities in our body cells blood circulation DNA and bone construction hairs skin and smell all directed in tone reaction frequency method.

Major factor of linking agent in atoms are DE and DM and they function commencing from Hydrogen atoms by sound frequencies waves some call this force Mother Nature. In my perspective Hydrogen atoms are the identify center of activities you can read about it in my blogs subject “Water”


                                                              COSMIC DISEASES

Every human being has a personalized sound pattern by modified clusters of certain combinations in lining to continuously tune low octave frequencies individuality that is developed in bone narrow, also animals plants insects fish birds have their revised individuality sound chattels, helix slinky shape springs connect this clusters bonding in together in covalent bonds like vitamins and molecules.
By same pattern, all living organisms have qualification differences in combination of low octave sound frequencies; some are opposite swatted composition to humans and orderly living plants. Insects, birds, fish and humans, because the variation sounds compositions are objective to regular sound procedure order.

Personalized harmonious sound of function inside the human organisms also contain altered variations of sound pattern changes, tones of different body parts can be revealed by different muscle functional means of sound patterns, the spot or portion of the body collective group of clusters pronounce there frequency and it will reach to the human brain perceptible way, message variations be sense traceable passing from the spine to the brain every second trafficking millions of messages, in the connecting part of the spine and the brain there is the checkup point that analyses and release only about 200 thousand messages per second to pass through only the priorities. Variation of sounds comes from inside the body to the face of the person each having their own first arrival position spot. Then continuing to the brain, those positions we can find, on the center of the forehead connected to the intestines, beside forehead center 2 positions spots for the bladder, between the eye can be found the spot for the liver, between the ears and the eyes position of Gallbladder, underneath the eyes the kidney, underneath that the position of stomach, 2 chicks for the two lungs, between the chick and the mouth spot the colon, surface of the nose the Pancreas center, thin portion on top of the mouth and top of the eyebrows represents the human heart. All frequencies that come from the body parts have the same harmonious sound melody but with slightly different tone variation changes but still represents same personalized combination overture. Same procedure connection variation spots are also located bottom of human feed different spots representing and connecting to different parts of the body that release low octave sound frequencies regarding their functional harmonious perceptible process. In ancient Egypt, the doctor allows the patient to walk on the sand, then on hard surface and some other walking tests on different matters, then watching and analyzing configures what the patient is suffering from? All animals while walking release low octave sound frequencies to the ground that is received by energy fields in the soil until reaches to the core of the Earth that is Dark-Matter. Sound frequencies are everywhere, some even inharmonious. Bacteria`s viruses carry these sort of combinations that cause mutation, sound dysfunction can change their properties to worsen the effect, this new sound can disturb covalent proper bonds of sound clusters to many illnesses by neurological diseases in trillions of varieties viruses and bad bacteria`s, all diseases are disturbed tone frequencies and effect orderly low octave sound variations of other orderly proper life forms. In my viewpoint all this are natural phenomena but effected of misleading sound order. Possibilities will remain that all this disorders ailments can be solved by strong sound tuning to harmonize order in cells bacteria`s and viruses. From Cosmos we can also receive by comets like the scientist call it (alien life forms, or diseases in planetary origins) they are only other sound disorders of low octave sound frequencies and they also can make big changes to life form bacteria`s viruses and all other form of living biology which can effect new epidemics in the future. Same sound frequency determine the cancerous cell development inside the cell lockups intermingling because foreign to the harmony of the individuality sound, malignant cells sound clusters, raise sound tones as variety of different regulation of inharmonious sound frequencies. Some Dogs can sense these sound clusters tones, that are spread-ed like metaphysical energy, supposedly if the cancer cells were chemical reaction of smell no way that it could penetrate all the walls of the cells and smoke like clouds to travel around the dogs nose, but sound frequencies can and the dogs will sense the malignant, if it is a trained dog it will give its warning signal to humans. When dogs keep slamming the tong to their tip of their noses they push in the nose holes by banging in lots of air portions , group of wind combined atom clusters that are releasing low octave sound frequencies with the bang they echo the vibrations to be more sensible to dogs molecules surrounded in the nose tunnel, by repeating this skill and moving their head other directions they can distinguish changes of pulses coming through the clusters sensing it makes them capable to sense the flow of low octave sound frequency vibrations traveling through the flow of the current.

 Man’s best friend

I am the first person who introduced communication of stimuli in my post “Neurons” Stimuli is complex electrical pulse that transports visual and auditory cues inside the brain through synapses and some of them once a while are released out of the brain scull out through their surrounding and return back to the brain, atoms don’t tell everything they know only portion of their data is released to the brain, as I bring it out in my post “atoms are other form of living things” all animals and all form of living things communicate in different tone reaction of stimuli in different sound levels, somehow stimuli radiation of human and dogs are very close range of resolutions, that’s why dogs can recognize or sense if a human person is sad angry or in happy mood, some suspect that dogs are reading human facial expression but no they are interpreting human stimuli signals, somehow when dogs miss the stimuli line intrinsic cues they bend their head right or left to be connected into stimuli wave that travel in other direction to grasp their radiation level. Dogs are capable also to interpreting the messages inside stimuli, sound tone variations contain some static vibration that has complex visual and auditory cues, dogs can sense that, that’s why dogs are very close associating communicating with people.

Dog’s brain has neurons and synapses, most of electrical jolts in the brain are active inside the brain of humans and animals but additional jolts are released to spin out, human “Matu” are more wide range spin horizontal and vertical stimuli flow. Considering dogs their stimuli electrical circuits “Matu” is only vertical motion, “Matu” of dogs brain is different most of their electrical signals goes vertical from back of its neck spin around the head and enters back to the heart location pass through and excess from the back circling same procedures continuously, by the way when dogs feel that miss something with question mark right away they tilt their head to the side to penetrate rear by electrical signals into their “Matu” flow so they can infiltrate their thoughts that are traveling into near flow electrical sparks with the other location to create in their mind the complete sense what was happened.

 This prove that DNA order is collected and combined by sound procedure frequency order from electrons and helix lines of electrons same with amino acid lines order to gather sound harmonious atoms to develop molecules, Human body need only 40 type of amino acid groups  coordination to develop a healthy cell, whenever loose foreign chart amino acid penetrate to cell construction the balance is disturbed. Basic structure of cells is correct group of amino acids that turn positive helix reaction to combine into molecules and protein. Basic directives come by sound waves from core of our Earths Dark-Matter that produces low octave sound frequencies. Of course most damage to bees comes from insecticides, but they are also opposite proposition’s molecules with harmful tone reaction that disturbs DNA molecule forms.

Contact animals and insect to different type of amino-acids that should not be in our system roundup herbicide will dysfunction our system, even induce physical changes to the shapes of these animals' bodies. Hormone-altering power and exposure to this highly-toxic chemical drink can have devastating health consequences. DNA`s combination processes, also dangerous and irregular cells yield inharmonious sound frequencies that damage to the harmony of body individuality blend. 100 Variation of amino acids 50% helix turn from right to left, 50 % from left to right, only ones that turn to right 4/5 varieties are used to developments of human and animal cells, all others are damaging in human body and give genetic complications, because amino acids are statistics of processes that are embedded in order of electrons inserts and instead being constructive it will be bad information coding, in other word we are what we consume, artificial coated synthetic molecules will disturb  coordination of our healthy order in the body because they are wrong sound of low octave sound frequencies damaging to the body, all artificial wrong tones are to pastes ide and kill insects and fungus will be embedded in us when we consume those chemicals probable our body start to produce also pastes ides and genetically we will dis junction, insecticide’s will direct our cells producing cancer cell and then grow in tumors in our body. Everything that is not natural and artificial will damage the harmony of body sound frequencies inside the person.


Cancer starts inside confusion of unclear messages that are not understood received from brain, usually cells should contain 40 % amino acids that spin certain direction, it is available in the soil of land 100 variety of amino acids 50 % spins left to right 50 % from right to left, human body need only 40 % certain category of amino acids, when some opposite form of amino acids reside inside cells sound frequency wavelengths messages coming from brain will be misunderstood by human cells, entire group of cells in body belong to individual sound harmony balancing tone when it disturbed defensive mechanism also production of cells go into chaos confusion this the point where cancer cells show up, produced new strange cancer cells go into locations where sound frequency variety is week locations that they can be camouflage there they settle down to start tumor. There are less than 200 variety of cancer.

Caner existed during history of mankind, it was very extremely rare in days of Old Egyptian civilization, archaeologist found very limited case of cancer in mummies, Old civilization have effected by carcinogens that contain wrong type of amino acids through make up of ancient technology, comparing to their environment in our modern time we have gone to second stage harmful environment by more industrial revolution that is bringing to great effect by cancer effect through the years 1900 to 2005 Now we are in third stage of harmful Cancer in greater number of people by the effect of organized elimination of mankind to bring the population from 7.3 billion into 500 million, additional activity is added to harm human race by GMO and Monsanto and many other industrial food packaging that might contain carcinogens and radiation already entire Pacific Ocean is full of radiation plus many more harmful will be added also in drinking water of the world a and many other chemical and other dangers effecting the air we breathe plus many new types of pharmaceutical substances, unfortunately fourth level of Cancer rates also might be exploded from the Sun from our planet and other Universal bursts in the future.

Some say. Big pharmaceuticals organizations stand to build big investments to corporate, building big hospitals chemical companies and training employees and doctors as investment. Pharmaceuticals are presenting three methods to cure cancer that can bring great wealth to their corporations. First one is surgery that can release cancer tumors from body but individual cancer cells stay untouchable, migrating malignant cells move into other locations to fabric colonies process of new tumors. Their second method is chemo-therapy that will illuminate cancer cells and also destroy human immune system but some chemical bottles will cost to patients thousands of dollars. Third stage is radio therapy that can confuse cells more and later they will produce more cancer cells.

It is proved that many variety of nutrition’s and spices herbs can fight cancer but that studies always are neglected by pharmaceuticals because it will not bring any income to their corporations anything they introduce should be something that it is manufactured in there chemical plants so they can charge it.

Some came into conclusions that cancer cell is effect of some fungi in human cells, usually fungus always have white color same with cancer growth, usually human immune system fight back all foreign activities in human body by special defensive system, natural medicine.

identified 75.000 of different fungi but there can be as much as one million or more varieties, inside human there are 210 different type of cells each one have 46 chromosomes, all are govern by water molecule directives by DNA tone reaction according their personal individual harmony codes that is different from person to person, their tone balance can be misled by extraneous sound harmony that effects water molecules by poisonous chemicals detox agents making different command into regular cells misinforming into foreign operational growth, this is the process where cell fungi takes over for growing remote fungi cells that are cancer cells, surprisingly also there might be some mushrooms that can destroy cancer cells as well. Damaging activities can be starting point dysfunctions in certain part of the body then it sends cancer cells as primary starting point to other parts of the body. Magnet can effect on cancer by misplacing punch to cancer cell removing iron from cancer cells like exploding an air balloon by sharp needle touch from inside out when iron atoms are misplaced by magnet out of the cell, because the number can be big of dead cancer cells body should remove all shattered cancer cells right away from body otherwise it will add clothing into body form that can destroy certain functions inside the body, the main goal to treat cancer is not by tumor removing or chemotherapy or poisonous chemicals all this 3 methods are temporary solution that will not heal permanently, main tactic is to stop the body to get confused and built only right type of cells.

Many scientists admit that Cancer is Fungus and is curable. In my research I collected names of many ingredients that help the cure of Cancer. This is some of the names many people talk about it. Cur cumin or “Turmeric” Ginger kills ovarian and prostate cancer. Fenugreek (Large portions result hammer age) Ginger, Fennel, Gloves Anise, Basil. Caraway, Rosemary. Sage, Best results you can get is B 17 (Apricot kernel, use only if you are a patient, in small portions) after informing a medical Doctor, Virgin oil, Avocados with vinegar, Nuts, Grains, Beans, Mustard, Garlic, Cayenne pepper also Capsaicin pepper (preferable hot) Cannabis oil still illegal but can cure skin cancer also other forms of cancers also Iodine Tincture 7% solution help to heal skin cancer, Sodium Bicarbonate, Baking soda destroys cancer also fights back radiation and flue. Ginger root, Oregano, Lemon-Grass, Noni, Cinnamon, pomegranate,
 Australian berries from Blush wood trees under the name Hylandia dockillii can eliminate cancerous tumors,Cucumber honey, tomatoes, Mint leaves, Colloidal silver, Vitamin C, very helpful is sour-soap-fruit, Kanamatsu-Sugivra seeds. Grape seed abstracts against prostate cancer. Some Mushrooms also are helpful like maitake, Shiitake, Reischi and others such as sea buckhorn berries Acai berry mangosteen cannabis oil Goji berries cannabis oil apricot seed

such as onion cocoa powder Apples and apple cider nutmeg sesame seeds cabbage thyme Fennels collard greens sweet potatoes olive oil soy sauce grape seed oil, chocolate. Papaya leaf extracts.
Apple seeds contain small levels of cyanide same as apricot kernels, they should not be used more than once a week they contain vitamin B17 also same vitamin B17 can be found in Garbanzo sprouts whole nuts Bamboo sprouts, beet root, watercress and spinach, some also recommend eggplant peels broccoli and tomato to fight  cancer. Garden cress extracts is against breast cancer nor expensive and can be available in vitamin stores.

Major fighters against all bacteria’s versus funguses and flue`s protective forces are Vitamin C sour-soap-fruits Colloidal-silver baking powder D17 Oxygen and no GMO nontoxic supplements right molecular biology in food. If everything that was mentioned used in skillful way it can eliminate almost any illnesses, as soon immune system is out of its track liver will not operate properly, fermented vegetables can boost your immune system only every morning before drinking any other thing you should drink first at least one or two cups of water to keep healthy immune system, skillfully check lists of Alkaline foods that control PH levels, if you have deficiency in magnesium it can cause cancer. Other necessities are to have right nutrition’s Sunlight proper exercise fresh Air and water always keep right state of mind not depressing being always thankful for the positive things we have.

Distressed sound static frequency can damage orderly sound harmony also inside plants and trees harmony generating Uncontrollable different cells that are effected by fungus in a tiny spot forms new uncontrolled growth in the leaved that are called “Gall” also inside the logs that are called “Burl” cell mutation generate divisions to metastasize confusing spreading of sap inside the plant absorption and all new form growth of cells in effected area will show as wood cancer forms similar to tumors. In Nature there are principles of harmony in sound tone reaction and sometimes with unnatural combinations of amino acids and static sound effect natural growth is disturbed.

Additional useful spices are Nigella sativa (black cumin) Rosemary Onions Garlic (after smashing garlic very smooth do not use for ten minutes then it will be more helpful to use) Hemp oil that is also protein oil Cur cumin Korean Ginseng vitamin E Sylvester Berberino Chard Bitter lemon red vine Siberian ginseng Marjoram row Brazilian nuts Sweet wormwood Artemisia Annua Green leaves of carrots Turnip Mango Raspberry Cherries Blood root Dandelion Ginger root Grape seed Goldenseal Fennel Guava Liquorish root Red cloves Medivinal mushrooms Strawberry Blackberry Plums, Turmeric can produce 200% more effectiveness when mixed with olive oil ginger and some black pepper. Watermelon Nectarine young plant of Aloe Vera (Less than 3 years old) Ginger roots Agave Graviola Gravola Pineapple roots Bromelian Wild artichoke Sesame seeds Galangal roots Melatonin cherries Blood orange Oregano Black flax seed Asparagus Green vegetables Garcinia cambogia Persimmons Sweet potatoes Bock choi Brussels Sprouts broccoli Leek Pumpkin seed Figs Common mustard Echinacea Goji berries bearberry leaf stinging Nettle leaf Wheat grass anything you can’t find use extracts in proper way, always try to find out what deficiency of vitamins and minerals is short or missing in your blood, Big pharma no matter how much medicine they introduce their main objective is slash poison and burn, in the end give many pain stoppers that will be used shutting down of immune system feel painless till death.
Drinking Cilantro in water helps to remove heavy metal like Mercury Aluminum and Mints fight against radiation in your body, you can keep a jar of clean water in refrigerator with some rosemary and other greenery filled inside and keep it at least two days drinking the water and refilling with new fresh water in.

Lower dosage of electric current can heal cancer, Potatoes boiled less than 10 minutes contain electricity, after reach proper temperature to consume eat without skin as you eat as complete lunch or dinner with nothing else, the charges in your Collins generate electricity and can help the colon cancer to heal. Also strawberries and bananas contain electricity; many varieties of nonpoisonous berries, silver elements separated silver atoms in small portions with water can clean the colons as well as remedies also sweet wormwood combination with minerals like iron can give great help adding some herbs called Artemisinin. Bromelain in pineapples kills cancer cells without harming you, one such compound is bromelain, an enzyme that can be extracted from pineapple stems.

One more method some are using wheat grass juice to fight cancer, most practical way to have wheatgrass is planting on your balcony or in your backyard some wheat seeds and collect stems with green leaves and after washing put in blender and according your preferences mix with something else and eat or drink it. Benefits of wheat grass are it raises body oxygen, cleans liver cancer and all other harmful bacteria’s, cleans toxins from waste matter in stomach and Colon helps digestive system fevers bronchitis coughs fights infections in mouth inflammations plus skin infections and constipations.

Additional helpful fruits are mangos, of course anything that not available in market you can get instead some extract for example dandelion extracts parsley extract garlic oil 80 % prevents pancreatic cancer,   chives avocado kernels avocado oil boiled parsley steams flax seed flower white long radish wild artichoke mangosteen kills 97% bladder cancer and many others, oregano peppermint-oil, mandarin paw paw fruits bitter melon, red cabbage juice mixed with orange juice, cannabis lady fern Tansy mint Alfalfa Sage Red clover Basil Green tea, From certain variety of tea plants bees collect nectar to make Manuka honey from New Zealand, Australian berry that produced by Hylandic dockrillis tree and blushwood tree, licorice roots Nuts-Almonds Brazilian nuts, Frankincense, Seaweeds, Many Chines medicinal plants can protect from cancer that are 18 different varieties plant extracts available in some stores. Balancing income is similar to balancing cancer, very important to gain some income and as much is important how to spend the money, almost everything sold in markets food and drinks have some sort of cancer causing effect, same time to help immune system to overcome bad effect the person need more preparation to protect their health against cancer. before I did not care about source of food or controlling how much I can consume as long looks well presented, but now I am very picky to find out what that food source contains, red meat consumption raises cancer risks, for example meat contains Neu5Gc that is incorporated to human tissues also in whole milk, fish eggs or caviar contain Neu5Gc but fish meat don’t, grilling meat can form carcinogenic chemicals, grilling or charbroiling will produce these dangerous chemicals, sugar also is dangerous if in big volume like one can of soft drink. Black salve, Broccoli sprouts, using combination of tree nutrients, curucumin from turmeric + ursolic acid from apple peels + resveratrol from red grapes.

Ginger tea, Olive oil, Cannabis oil, many sorts of herbal oil is helpful. Avocado seeds almost all fruit seeds contain D 17 that is poisonous but small amount can heal cancer. Hydrogen peroxide Backing soda Removing all toxins from the body might help, a plant called Paw paw graiola are non-toxic cures, American Indian tea Rene, Magic mushrooms, purslane or Verdolagas (Pirpirim) has lot of omega 3, Blushwood berry, Sweet Wormwood homemade Sauerkraut, Spirulna, Chia seds, Sambuca herb, kaeng son, Dal herbal, Tamarind, Lemon grass wheatgrass. Vitamins can stop aging process Nicotinamida riboside rejuvenates stem cells. Fountain of youth in pomegranates and Flax oil contain slow down aging drug Rapamycin and Metformin, Papaya seeds, Aloe Vera plant. Potato juice can heal some diseases, also you can look for (Medicinal herbs over499 healing herbs) Artagalus herb, always remember one man’s food might be another man`s poison but always try to make your body Alkaline because cancer thrives in an acidic environment list of 92 Alkaline foods that fight cancer inflammation diabetic and heart disease in ( Always keep your Magnesium in balance.

                                                   UNHEALTHY CANCER FOODS ARE

Fluoride that is multi system poison, also GMO that is (Generically modified organisms) all this disturb the harmony of cell development connecting opposite spin amino acid groups inside the building block of cell developments. All processed meat hot dogs cold cuts can food with nitrites, all soda drinks diet or regular beverages, refined sugar, Microwave warm up milk and especially microwave popcorn. Tofu raw Kale. Unwashed fruits, Hydrogenated oils, Refined flowers, Burned meat on surfaces, Farmed Salmon. I used to like very much sea food unfortunately entire planet salt water contains mercury poison on top of that in Pacific Ocean we got radiation poisoning insisting to make me diet in all variety of sea food, we can notice many fish also sharks getting Cancer, other fish getting suicidal and throwing themselves out of Oceans.
In our modern times we have chromium toxicity poisons in our Oceans plus high concentrations of heavy metals mixed with radiation soup; eventually all of this toxicity is going to reach us. we have to avoid shrimps, lobsters’ clams fried potatoes, in case you find green under skin of potato cut that portion out, doughnuts can start cancer hot dogs soda pop refined flours Farmed salmons and Tilapia. Many years ago I never think before consuming any nourishment, all sustenance’s are food that’s it, but now, after knowing so much about nourishment results I have to research and study before eating anything to get prepared beforehand so we all have to be serious what we munch.

Telephone frequencies radiation, HAARP has damaging effect on all form of life on our planet, there is a sound cannon called "Tesla Howitzer" and many other harmful things for World War 3 that are not publicized. Wash your clothes using less toxic chemicals, hospital beds must have very toxic content in the house the toilet paper is toxic, almost all sort of cosmetics Always keep in your mind people don’t die by cause of cancer but cause of chemotherapy Avoid Heinz Ketchup, Vaccines, Worldwide population control now is in action, canned tomatoes contain (Bisphenola a carcinogen)

Now worldwide there can be one in every three persons that might have cancer one million in USA and 7 million people die other parts of the world, usually those who have cancer they might live three to five years but there has been exceptions when people try to find what is their personal genetic tool barrier because origin of cancer also might be genetic nature that personality harmony balancing was troubled molecular structure in cells was disturbed by wrong type of amino acids that humans take by manufactured feign chemicals in as nourishment that can trigger malignant cancer cell growth. Many tried to find introduce Natural medicine and always they were stopped to continue their assignments people like Ren`e Caisso and many others worldwide by pharmaceutical organizations and FDA, of course I don’t represent any authority do decide what to but as logical perspective I go alone with Natural medicine keeping human immune system, defensive system that is unharmed.

How about Cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco? There are. Bleach, Tar, Arsenic, Acrolein, Benzene, Cadmium, Chromium, Nitrosamines, Polonium-210, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are very dangerous for DNA, 1.3 butadiene that is used to make rubber tires. Water bottles left inside cars can get hot or cold, activating plastic chemicals to be released, many chemical particles will mix with water, when we consume water from plastic bottles we get unhealthy chemical substances that can start cancer cell in our body especially breast cancer.

There are big list of people who tried to introduce natural medicine but they were stopped by pharmaceutical corporations, one of them is a Greek doctor in Canada another one in Italy Simonicini`s therapy express solution Iodine Teintur 7 % solutions for skin cancer and the rest of the body with sodium by carbonates, some other suggestions are ISCADOR M 50 mg Mistletoz therapy D 17 vitamins might help. In my perspective cancer is effect of opposite amino acid spinning groups inside the cells that introduced by chemicals in food plus radio signals that disturbs human individual harmony sound that are send from neuron cells personality wavelengths tones into trillion of cells in human body, these messages come and penetrate each cell membrane crossing into cell pores reaching into deep inside  Nucleus membrane passing from nuclear pores then from chromatin reaching into nuclear membrane, the cell has to operate according to commands sound frequencies coming from neurons in brain and nuclear has to program giving command to DNA after cooperating with Nucleolus, when chaos sound command sounds disturb communication between brain neurons and body cells. New form of uncontrolled new form of cancer cell appears.

Scientist are Appraising the Cancer.

This reminds me a story. Blind Men in dark are appraising an elephant.
We heard many perspectives and theories about cancer to learn what it is, each one feels a different part of the elephant and all are in complete disagreement. One of them is shouting “Cancer is a fungus” No it happens from Viruses, no from Carcinogens’, no from acids, someone is describing something else so on and on. We all are talking about the same thing but from different boundary. This is my Blogs so I feel free to present my perspectives. In this DNA post I described humans and all individual living things have their own harmony sound frequency complex tone reaction tune elevated by the language and sound of atoms that we are made of, each cell of us contain same melody complex musical sound wavelengths, each other microbes bacteria’s and viruses in our body have their own personal tone frequencies, white blood cells can distinguish the static sound of an virus and rush into the great number of blood cell flow to grab that foreign static sound screech from the virus to eliminate it. Other bacteria’s that have own sound harmony have the capacity to mimic the sound frequency of the living body they are residing in specially inside the gut, so the white blood cells don’t categorize some bacteria’s as intruders, in my post “ What is Water?” I described water molecules guide new form of cells according to their originality make up according to DNA and RNA, if any static come to confuse the harmony of sound growth of the cell get disturbed into foreign form of growth in the body, as fungus and yeast that are foreign on living plant cells, fungus variety disturbs the growth of complete orderly cells into anaerobes fungus cells that don`t like oxygen, any disturbance with individuality self harmony can effect on immune system that lose their balance, including diabetics, cancer, tumors and many other form of sicknesses. In my case I am holding the trunk of the elephant that is releasing sound, inside universe everything is connected with complex sound harmony wavelengths, two invisible supernatural forces Dark Energy and Matter direct every movement and action through sound tone guidance to be form or suspend as we see in the Nature.

Life created energy and Matter and the entire Universe, atoms are combination of two forces Dark-Energy electrons helix cables and Dark-Matter bubble proton clusters. All 118 elements or more are communicating continuously to complete atomic form complexes. Many of this elements are stable and don’t try to degenerate into other forms, continuously there is great effort by D.E and D.M to keep atoms in perfect forms, sometimes the communication in atoms take different direction starting to be degenerated and start to release ionized radiation, invisible force field of atoms react almost same principle of human or other forms of living cells to keep steady or get ionized like fungus's ailments releasing radiation, other forms of metabolic disorders will be twisted in new other forms of isotopes with irregular hemoglobin. Main damages cells might receive if radiation reach to its complex communication behavior an interrupts its harmony function, this ionized radiation are like fungus to atoms as cancer becomes fungus to cells. Disorder is harmful gearshifts to life harmony. In my other Blog I explained Dark-Mater and whole atoms are other form of living things, everything contains other form of life the entire Universe contains life as all stars planets are made of atoms, cancer is damaging in biological cells, radiation is harmful for all assortment of life forms.

We have to keep in mind that consumption of certain combination herbs or spices with prescribed medicine might give side effects for example, Turmeric or cur cumin might form insoluble calcium oxalate, making kidney stones, also it might change the balance with blood thinner medicines (Plavix or aspirin) resulting risk of bleeding. It is always wise to have the directives of medical professions. Always work hard to learn how to eliminate toxins from your body. Balance acidic state to lower your PH level, try to regenerate our immunity, find out how to fight against radiation chlorine and rest of harmful chemicals, always try to find additional helpful nourishment such as red wine, mangoes, turnip greens, Mung beans, Graviola, artichokes, watercress, red pepper lentils Frankincense oil, oregano oil, coconut oil contains luric-Acide that protects from colon cancer, Philippine local bean stew peppers {Siling Labuyo} Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raw potato juice and other.  

                                                       DO NOT FEED THE CANCERS.

Earlier in DNA article I explained that there are 100 kinds of Amino acids in two groups, category A. 50% spin from right to left and category B. 50% spin from left to left, human life forms need only 40 from ones that spin from right to left category A to process and construct healthy cells, anytime wrong groups or kinds can damage the structure of healthy cells. Starting inside the brain there is hindrance protective developments not allowing the entry into the brain molecules that are not needed to neurons and other cell forms in the brain but the rest of our food intake is not much control, anytime we consume amino acids that are from harmful group for our health that are contained almost all variety of synthetic foods that are used unneeded agents processed food that contain pesticides that are condensed clusters of molecules of category B group amino acids. Also tap water might contain all other forms of chlorine toxic agents. All cancer developments inside the human cells are triggered by chemicals or Toxic agents and pesticides with Category B amino acids, cancer cells need this agents to develop more in their multiplication numbers. If a person stops eating processed synthetic foods without pesticides and toxic water cancer cells will lose their main nourishment to multiply faster, for example check cancer causing chemicals inside tobacco. (Tar. Bleach. Acrolein. Cadmium. Chromium. Arsenic Benzene. Nitrosamines. Polonium-210. From rubber manufacturing 1.3 butadiene. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that make sound frequency directives from atoms to confuse DNA inaction to develop. You can consider other drinks and can foods by reading their labels, wrong type of amino acids can mutate and multiply very fast to destroy the healthy cells until reach to uncontrollable stage to cancer buildup in all cells. 

Soft drinks contain unhealthy excessive amount of sugars some in caramel based many cancer causing chemicals but watching on TV beautiful people drinking it we oversight the concern, most soda cans are based plastic oil acids that causing cancer a poison that is called Endocrine Bisphenola {BPA} almost all aluminum cans contain this poisons and plastic bottles that we buy from grocery stores also have similar dangers too. Also a preservative Potassium glutamate E 621.

There is unexplained order of Covalent bonding stages that form in my DNA Blogs; atoms contain intelligence unknown to humans to command only to proper group of molecules and vitamins to form accordingly, cancer is false form of chattels that is different from harmonious cell precision. Cancer stands for disharmonious uncontrolled undesirable wrong type of cells.

All type of poisons are different wavelengths variety of sound frequencies clusters some in molecule base to disturb the established cells and DNA and impairment the harmony of whole disposition order and destruct the building of human body. They usually contain opposite amino acids that spin reverse direction to animal cells living organ forms.

Avian flu, influenza virus. Plus if scientist potential adds some changes on the virus that could unleash disasters, because might be deadlier than anthrax. So Sound frequencies can build blocks or can destroy the environments in alarming way. Second Dangers for bees and insects is the communication system that scientist operate by TV. Satellite signals microwaves satellite dishes and other short and long excessive radio waves and cordless communications. All unnatural exposures of interference effect to rhythmic harmony sound frequencies of the nature. Unknowingly we are destroying our World, and enjoying doing so for our selfish gains. We will suffer for that by continuing producing bad atom sound clusters with low octave frequencies. By disturbed the queen bees that get affected in the rhythmic pulses to control the colony, we are destroying abolishing our colonies. Still Universal sound is operating now in low octave frequencies, for example.

Parasites that bite Caribou and all sort of animals, is essential because female mosquitoes discharge gadgets or implements in low octave sound frequencies to the soil, that is data that circulate to unknown flow of inter Earth tone frequencies, this process is done for a reason that is still unknown to scientific arena

 One of largest flowers in the world is in Malaysian Raffesia flower can grow almost a meter is good example of its shape to maximize collective atoms that body of the flower contain the shape maximizing the low octave sound frequencies produced by the Raffesia pollens to attract insects.
Mechanical communication producing sound by insects substrate vibrations. Insects make sound by wings and behind legs, beetles, larvae all make frequency sound vibrations. Beetle sound impulses produced from bone gaster that has file shape parts and scraper part that grind very fast back and fro, each individual gender have its wide-ranging tone differences and varieties sounds have familiar vibrations to Atom sounds under harmony of Universal music. The vibrations they produce low octave sound productions. First start`s with very tiny tremor sound then get larger and larger then gradually to tiniest, this is only one pulse, its broken then another one is followed slightly larger, pulse then another one, this broken signals sound. The continuation of this pulses are connected to D.E Electromagnetic filament energy field riddle, like inertia, it carries the sound into far distances.  And the other insect can recognize the gender then the message it says a calling song, or courtship, or aggression. And they have different phase note message wavelength. Grasshopper`s different intensity sound than crickets or Gryllus Campestris or chorippus parallelus or Omocestus Viridulus. Each has different vibration size, length and stops in between. The massage is carried away with order precision to other locations.

Humans have limit hearing. Lover octave hearing next go with the birds and lower to dogs, bears.  Some can hear even wing beat, smell that dogs notice is sound atom cluster chorale. Dogs can feel the fear coming from humans and also can read human anger. Ripe food smelly garbage, good or bad smell they all are barber shop groups. Sound frequencies in lower octave sound notes by a small group of Atom chorus that are somehow close by attached to each other as a chorus. Other sounds activity can disrupt the coordination and will be noticed by others.

Some flowers have the shape of phonograph amplifiers, they increase the collectible frequencies. Humming birds, insect`s small mammals can hear this projector music and move toward the flowers that intensifying atom sounds regarding the condition of pollen or nectar and fruit

On the wings membrane of a butterfly are some groove depressions along with the veins. In this depression you will find like grass build up that scientist call them Androconia, each grass like straw starts from interval as a fixed tube and raise upward, gradually get flexible and material inside the tube like powder stays on top edge of the pipes. Scientist call them scent producing pheromone transfer particles like dust. This multiple pipes grass like is hidden under the scale of butterfly wing surface. When female butterfly rub dusty deposits, with their antennae against the sex brands during courtship and this stimulate them to mate. Those Dusty deposits are Tone reaction clusters of Atoms. Many other course also is sent with the sound tones to DNA procedures in the butterfly, butterfly communities are often sensitive to larger changes in climate also they can notice all progress plants have in producing goods, some  butterflies travel from Canada to Mexico every year to a certain location. By vibration sound frequencies sent information to Earth`s sensitive valve or receptor sections. All the development action of plants and growth by sound messages are reported, they receive back new details and return to Canada, only their offspring made the return. The data is printed in the insects and they repeat the process every year. Once a year all whales in Pacific Ocean go to the deep Oceanic and produce mysterious humming sound, all at the same time whales from California to Japan making humming sounds, that are not understood to humans because tones are lower octave sound frequencies that are sent by the whales in synchronize rhythm to the center of the Earth`s core. Proton collection that is big bubbles of Dark-Matter core receive information’s, all the details whales have collected all year around and what they pending in return, all are part of their composition delicate communication frequencies. Same principle is used by butterflies in Mexico and other immigrating animals.

Some plants contain more atom clusters sound gadgets than others and the producing sound vibrations can eliminate the harmony sound of individual bugs, Insects are more sensitive to these frequencies and their receptive are quick to response. One example of these extreme gadgets are contained in Cordyceps Fungus they carry strong measures of Universal sound frequencies and inside the brain of ant cannot handle the extreme vibration sound frequencies and they die but the sound frequencies keep multiplying to fulfillment of their aspect.

Insects or bees find food and navigate. Find there hive by watching and listening to low octave sound frequencies that atom clusters contain, sound frequency vibrations contain Helix lines Tone reaction giving diversion in beam filament by releasing polarized light or discombobulated beams (the light that reaches to the bees eyes realizing from where the light helix line are coming from) ripe food or rotten food , pollen and all plants produce variety of atom cluster  sound vibrations that also produce vibrating Felix lines of quantum light rays spectrum, I call it Tone-Reaction, these sound helix lines give details to bees  they supply food to their Queen, ants also all other insects even to some humming birds and Bats and fish. Scientist yet doesn’t have sensitive instruments to sense the complete surrounding of Tone-Reaction.

Vortex mathematic

Entire Universe is guided by supernatural Quantum entanglement flow gear with random precisions that might be called vortex mathematics tone reaction, this force is extension from Dynamic-Energy, starting from particles of atom or light and to larger object of Galaxies they all get attached to fluctuation vacuum warping in coli shape invisible flow or movements, for example tiny amino acid curls they spin on from left to right group or right to left groups, same with DNA also same thing with solar system inside milky way galaxy, we can see this patterns with basalt, after cooling down they remain in polygonal patterns, we can see one large six angled form north of planet Saturn, on Earth coil movement patterns flow can be seen inside tornadoes, also bee are affected by this wavelengths to drop their saliva waxes in polygonal six angle hive patterns, similar geometrical patterns can be seen with snowflakes, water that contain tone reaction of Universal pattern guide freezing snow to form in polygonal shapes, all matter is directed by mathematical vortex that is generated by harmonious vibration frequencies that entire Universe, all forces are tuneful of oscillation that is complex energy of Dynamic -Energy holds, this force penetrates with vibrations to direct all matter by mathematical order tone reaction. Every living thing or every matter is in control of Universal quantum flow time zone field by D.M  

Probably you have noticed how seriously dogs can whiff smell of pees from other dogs locate the precise location and study the smell very carefully. The pee of other dog contains DNA chattels released from sound clusters of molecule of atoms that can detect differentiate to analyze from what dog was the marking smell or low octave sound frequencies to recognize if dog already is familiar with that physique tone waves of sound that has a copy in his mind to compare the accuracy, as soon the investigator dog did smelling test he or she also pees on same spot with its urine that contains also sound clusters tones belong its disposition distinctive in DNA. After that takes one step turning its back and buffs the soil with its legs throwing dust and soil particles on its urine to make atom molecule sound cluster frequency mixing soil cluster properties with his or her urine sound cluster molecules so next visitors can locate the spot remembering where it was the urine and from what individual dog pee on that spot that is also declaration that he or she owns that territory by marking, same right declaration the act by chafing their body hair on furniture and couches inside our houses that it belongs to them they are the approved owner of that stuff. After dog returns home in its mind memorizes the territory where or what location was marked with certain marking and who are the intruders, as soon meets another dog passing by wants to get close and feel the individual properties of sound frequencies that belong to other dog to connect the variety of sound frequency tone waves that already is patterned in its mind.

Every brain Animal or Human form is guided by personalized sound frequency tone that each biological living form contains in its integrated complex information-processing system pattern contains by sound frequency harmony tone waves, dogs can recognize their sound harmony in their body like self-recognition regarding their body or poop or, if you try to mix any dog poop with other dogs waste your dog will not spent long times to smell its own poop, dogs also have limited consciousness and character that are connected by water molecules that have memory to be connected into biological cells and all form of DNA connecting cell wisdom process, each atom contains portion of Universal metaphysics data of Dark-Energy and Matter energy field that Universe combine by this two energy fields each atom contain a small portion of D.E in electrons and D.M in protons, each living cell contains its own sense that can be registered through sound frequency wavelengths that’s the possibility that human white cells use to find strange living microbes and viruses in the blood and attack to defend its self-personalized sound harmony order, same possibilities animals have and by smell that are sound tones, of course the real self is not considered friendly to others but once a man or animal recognizes his or its real self then he or she or it becomes distinguished individual having own personalized sound harmony characteristics as Animal Person Insect Vegetable or any form of living thing form.

All insects have their system to announce their environment, let’s take crickets for example with their nonsense chirps there method of singing to express their environment temperature can be counted by number of chirps in every 13 seconds time, if it is cold number of chirps should be 15, cool will be 25 chirps if warm 37 and hot 49, by certain measuring calculation of time crickets chirps can be measured to individual exact degrees in temperature, hearing chirps other crickets can figure out what temperatures are in other location spots, beside that also in their sound tone are other messages to invite other crickets and by the tone they sound can be figure out its gender and health statements.

                                                 BEESWAX COMBS and HONEY

Bees are very beneficial to man and the environment to prepare honey  and pollinate farms flowers
Only Queen bee can lay per day from 100 up to 5000 bee eggs, most of them will be female working bees but some will be Drones (male honey bees and they have no stings their behavior is different and don’t work like female bees) During her lifetime Queen Bees leave the hive once to mate flights in the air mating with drones 15 times or less in 29 feet in air during her flight then lays eggs in many hexagon cones. Queens are longer than others 45% and heavier 60% the eggs she lays are 3 times of her weight one a while if she leave the hive is to mating in the air, 4 years she is active. Another 2 years she wants to retire but other female bees prepare another Queen.  Regular bees lifespan is almost 8 weeks, if they allow former Queen dies. Only the Queen control the colony she give the orders either to make female bees are the best pollinators also they build hexagon comb very active in pollen gathering or to attack enemies or collect propolis (a resinous mixture from tree buds sap flowers, used as sealant material in the bee hives) to close unwanted opening’s, it can give allergic reaction, bees have 5 eyes. Three are small on top of the head and two larger eyes in the front they can see the green and blue colors and also can see ultra-violet, but red color looks like black, beside the bees only animal is the goldfish that can see infrared and ultraviolet light. Bees can`t see their back only rabbits and parrots can see behind. Probably you appreciate eating honey knowing that bee must visit 4000 flowers to collect one tablespoon of honey but don’t worry they can collects pollen from 500 flowers in a single trip. Bees can recognize in the open fields and gardens that wavelengths generate different intuitions, put  or give each plant or pollen aroma have its personality identity smell or tone reaction that are combinations of sound breeding clusters of atoms also in big numbers to poised as molecules.

Queen bees and rest of the bees have qualifications to characterize by sharing sound tones of atoms from electrons and analyze the stable balance in between attractive and repulsive forces that plant contain, this new pesticides sprays are damaging the sense of sound frequency and bees renowned ability to navigate home are lost making unable to return  home after foraging  pollen, but usually bees collect this material Propolis that can improve their capability but these material also is effected by pesticides, molecules that gathered from plant raisins some humans consume as medicine to be protected from harmful bacteria’s, Fungus and viruses Female bees also produce royal jelly (Honey bee secretions to nutrition the larvae) it is thick milky substance same very allergic material for some individuals. Bees feed the larva for starting 3 days later they continue to feed larva mixed honey and pollen but the special individual larva that they choose feed her 10 days this royal jelly thick milk that larva becomes the new Queen, this process effected  in production of  Queens less of this substances also making dramatic decline in the numbers of Queens . Some humans also buy this substance from vitamin stores considering that it helps anti-aging and anti-depressant, I never tried but bees are enjoying it. Bees collect pollen from all types of flowers to make honey, pollen are two category, first one contains more sound frequency clusters and can leave the flower by wind it is called Anemophily that give allergic reactions to humans by blowing with the winds or give hay fever, second category is Entomophily that insects love to eat and this substance make flowers to pollinate in better results. Some humans also consume pollen by vitamin stores containing over 20 variety of nutrition, vitamins and over 5000 different enzyme’s bees eat this powder and becomes honey in their stomach, bees fill it up in six-sided wax bee hive or combs openings (six sided) using natural capability civalency electromagnetically interactions, controlling angular relation between atom in polyatomic molecules by analyzing low octave sound frequencies to form cells,  bees prepare hexagonal structural holes, using wood and saliva. The shape is very economical to store either honey or growing in the empty tubes single egg to larvae to grow into a bee, or grow same hexagonal structural to store pure honey a complex substance that is sweet deposits collected by bees from plants and flowers main source is pollen and are under direct predisposition genetic control, also bees collect other materials from trees nectar and then modified to primary sugar glucose or fructose. Because this fluid is swatted composition and orderly urbanized, honey does not be effected by bacteria or fungus's even stored in normal temperatures, longer stay in shelves or in hives it can crystallize but still don’t get damaged and is good to eat, qualifications bees, pollen, the Queen and hexagon combs have secret that are unacquainted to us. Pollen contain nutrients especially anti-oxidants  that is bioflavonoids pollen granules also sold in containers giving capillary strength benefits some believe that it can benefit the liver plus adding bone density, honey bees use in their saliva caulk propolis to cover their hives, it depends what variety of food they consuming it makes a great difference, in eminence propolis caulks tonics to fight cancer already everything bees produce are antioxidant and anti-microbes even van fight viruses, when bees consume tea herb plants territories they can produce better quality medicines to fight major remedies people need. A good productive orchard tree or field requires at least one normal size bee hive to pollinate all crop approximately half Acres, and bees always need flowers constantly. Bee wax and honey both are biological complex constituents primed inside the abdomen of the bee, molecules are formed first by pollen that are sound clusters as I explained earlier and second those molecules are systematized to crop certain formula products, the bee does it without thinking about it as instinct directive some sound frequency direction that released from electrons to the bee Queen and the rest of the colony they all perform perfectly acting by way of whole hive as one individual body. Bottom side of bee cells have separate zones for honey cells and deposit egg cells, some room are reserved for pollen storage later when pollen are used the empty cells also are used by the queen deposit eggs without confusion all in orderly manner. The bottom part of the hexagonal shape cells start with flat spheroid, like rhomboids later adding to the upper levels bees adjacent to circular tubes until extending to final length, bees can produce 40 0C temperature whenever they want, so when thy do the round walls gradually expended to hexagonal shapes even when the base is hemispherical, also bees have possibilities to control by sound frequencies how to generate heat by collaborating into electrons some secret qualifications that they can penetrate by sound frequencies. Sugar in honey contains 6 atoms of carbon. 12 of hydrogen. 6 of oxygen and the molecular weight is C6 H12 O6    when bees generate heat somehow electrons effect adjusting cell until they form into hexagonal. A water molecules is H2 O. When electron cables divide into separate parts of electrons in fusion as we see on Oxygen, Oxygen has six share of electrons spinning outside the Oxygen atom and under it has two other portions of electron spinning underneath the other six portions, geometrical forms in cells also in DNA as I presenting in subject “Water” in my Blogs, somehow this principle sound frequency wave tone effect to direct and complete six angle or hemispherical hexagon shapes of the bee wax. There has been found some beeswax unpretentious inside coffins of mommies in Egypt several thousand years old not spoiled and good condition, because ancient Egyptians use to carve and shape bees wax to form molds then covering clay and drying into molds to cast by melting copper or gold pieces.
        Many scientists were explaining that bees communicate by dancing several vibrating moods to explain dancing, for me all that fancy figure dancing leads nowhere, this is not reasonable or logical. Earlier I explained that atoms release sound tones in low octave frequencies and plants are made of atoms, certain melodious tuneful buildup sound tones in flowers gen, pollen contain also low octave frequency clusters or gadgets, main condensed sound gadgets are collected with pollen like broadcasting continuously pattern of their individual plants or flowers essence. Bees come to the interior hive  turn her back to her sisters and she waggles turning slightly to left then to the right but always keep the behind to face the group and again waggle her body vigorously, all the sound clusters that she was carrying by pollen she drops around the sound frequencies bees sense and collects the pollen of certain flower and return to their  hive resounding those small transistor like music tones to home, as soon the bees inside the hive wobble out this pollen by vibrating and circling around it drubs this so called transistor gadget`s, sister bees pick a few and directed to the major sound spring center of flower because they fallow the sound orientations comparing to the so called transistor sound clusters that are carrying until they find the location with no difficulty, later repeating same process to their sister bees performed a moment ago.As far as I know I am the first person that described how bees relocate position of their sister from what flower they collected the pollen. By connecting matter or plants into low electrical circuit Russian Armenian genius Dr. Seymon D. Kirlian discovered “Kirliangraf” where fruits flowers can show some sort of radiant Aura to their edges to their surrounding, I analyzed that atoms release sound frequencies and invisible some sort of glow, when atoms form cells then flowers and pollen they all release sound variation personality harmony of some sort of melody that combination from trillion of atoms combine with their frequencies, so the bee that is carrying portion from flower pollen into the hive her sisters get a tiny portion and follow to search from where the center of that melody is coming and listening to the sound and searching for the variety of light glowing pollen they reach to the target to collect more. It is already proven that ripe fruits and unripe fruits have different kind of frequencies where fruit flies go directly to the ripped fruits and same moment the activate themselves to bring new generations of fruit flies. Every object has some sort of glow with sound frequencies, any moment if sunlight is spread on it they will release additional different variety of lights such as ultraviolet or florescent and many different variety of glows that atoms release for communicative behavior. Inside the honey there is many complex data of the flowers pollen that been used and all healing provisions that plants released to their neighborhood.


Viruses in bees

In my other Blogs I explained how sound frequencies are released from individual atoms then collectively from cells plants flowers and trees, right type of harmony sound frequencies help healthy plants insects birds fish and all sort of living things, bacteria and viruses release static sound frequencies that damage all living things by effecting normal harmony frequency of living biological and plant cell sound harmony, some sort of viruses that are collected on certain plants flowers and pollens can be traveled by some bees into their hives and other agricultural crops, more or less bees might be collecting 27 different variety of viruses, bees can enter prate sound frequencies in great scope but can`t control with static sounds from viruses, in modern times, bees and all sort of insects and other form of living things are effected from manmade light and noises that pollute our environment.

Most supermarkets sell honey that was treated with process that is called Ultra filtration that removes all sort of impurities bee wax so on but it also removes some essential traces of pollen inside honey that are very essential for human health, 76% of honey goes into this process, plus some variety of artificial honey that mostly contain sugar. Research in this field study are called Melissopalynologist, honey contains many variety of health beneficially 18 sorts of amino acids 20 kind of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B 2,3,5,6, Magnesium also minerals like calcium sulfur phosphorus chlorine and sodium.

Eye compound of bees (ommatiadium cluster cells) also other insects vision differentiated by large number of eyes, shrimps fly’s and other have many clusters of eyes all are similar but slight changes than the cluster eyes of moth, totally different ordinance than our viewing behavior. So all insect eyes reveal through axons to their brain details of images and pictures, in my other perspectives regarding electrons I mentioned that electron helixes also can absorb specifics in pictures and images also inside atom and report all details by universal language printout.

Bees collect variety of pollen, pollen of tea plant add great advantages in the honey to become more unique in fighting bacteria, usually all types of honey kills almost all kind of bacteria’s.

      Some variety of plants or trees are male others female variety to the flower of variety pollen to transport to fertilization like the pistachio trees and almond trees which leads to development of seeds. Bees work hard in their social life to feed and make pollination of all sorts of flowers but they should be healthy to do so, year after year bees don’t get enough nutrition or their health affected from chemicals and other sound frequency tone disorders, today the bee colonies suddenly are dying they are wiped out each year because malnourished bees are more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. In the fields there are many varieties of plants and flowers the modern agriculture farms are establishing only one type of plant or tree for many miles in this kind of environments bees cannot get other nutrition’s such as Royal jelly that they need beside the pollen.
100 years ago scientist introducing DDT damaging agricultural food that never lose their harm, still new form of crop pesticides that damaged most living beings, still many other forms of crop new neonicotinoid pesticides that is very harmful for to bees also for humans, some of this toxicological groups are AOEL ADI ARfD that are very effective in killing bugs but the damage will not stop there. Main danger is when people ignore toxicological reference values, these warnings while waiting for bringing to the point when if they stand up absolutely to stop all this pesticides it will be already too late.

 Big banks and investors control most new scientific discoveries and new patterns, most of scientist have no control to express themselves, big farm are owned by big investors and they do the talking, some know very clear that chemical Pyrazoles and Neonicotinoid are killing all honeybees but still this pesticides are used in great quantities. Not only in agriculture but with total scientific discoveries sometimes are effected by censorship, word for that is “Neurodegeneration” that controlled in scientific censorship to keep investor bank accounts always in untouchable state.  

 US bees are decedents of European bees and getting extinct faster than other locations on Earth, usually all other countries the animals and insects also all plants are connected somehow to special sound frequencies that I described in other post (Earth under subheading “Earthquake” usually bees are effected by the Varroa mite disease they carry that effect on bee larvae determined wing virus, there are also many variety of agricultural chemicals, parasites and other reasons that I explained, sound waves makes great difference by atom clusters, whenever some fungus get tangle with the growth in pollen release different sound frequency that is not harmonious with bees familiar sound harmony, many different parasite that get in touch with fungicides it contaminate pollen, main food of bees are these pollen if it is contaminated bees will suffer and die, as soon the harmonious sound frequency waves are in balance all natural life of bees will be harmonized with nature Universal language otherwise food consumption of bees will remain poor nutrition and effect their life.

                                                        BEE STINKS SOUND ALARMS

Queens and female bees and wasps have stings in the rear of their abdomen, small reservoir of venom, the tip is very sharp continued 3 triangular sharp blades like saw blades, in between the blades are tiny opening’s where the poison flow from the mussel venom pump through thin pipe or tube to distribute from 3 deep holes that are opening’s to deliver into the enemy, before any attack those stinks and their reservoir sac are in rest and inactive harm no one.

Female bees have suicide stinger because she is ripping herself away by leaving the sting behind as a last choice for the security of the hive and colony, so the stinger is connected also to venom pump that is surrounded by muscles pump start to activated like heart as soon it is released continuously and it pumps constantly till the venom bag is emptied, while doing that flow from the pump in every push the isolated sting release alarm sound frequencies from their sac, so other bees can hear to come and hit other rounds to the predator and join the attack. So the other bees don’t start dancing and vibrating to locate the enemy they just follow the alarm warning sound frequencies that are released by stink pumps. Bee sting carry venom toxins that might help someday to cure Aids because bee venom attack hive Virus, but keep intact other human cells if it is mixed with right proteins.
Some Bald-fenced hornets are the strongest bees, they can sting even through protective clothing even can shoot venom through the  protective netting covering into human eyes.

In Lebanon city of  Eshtorra village at summer, my family had the custom to spend 3 months’ vacation, we were living in country house with garden, I was 9 years old city boy inexperienced with the bees, took a long stick one day and try to scratch a muddy look bump on the tree, that unusual bump was wild bee hive, I realize that when I felt the bite of sting on my arm then on my face and head and ears, started to run toward home, humming sound and cloud of bees following me yes they were bees! 100 meters away was my living place went in and closed the door behind me, tried to keep myself cool so nobody can realize my foolishness kept myself calm. My mom noticed right away and said what happen to your face? I smiled and told her it was a bee attack, right away my mom cut pieces of garlic and push the stings off from my face and arms and rub the wounds by the gently rub with garlic to bee stings, they were 27 locations on my body, I felt so relaxed and the garlic smooth the pain, after couple hours I felt like nothing happened.

In middle East some older generations of Armenians that came to Lebanon from Turkey, use to go to close to bee hive once a year covering their faces and hold the bees by hand and touch to their behinds to sting, after a few other bees come and join the action on their own, after dozen a bites or more they run into a safe place, they said that it can help them to feel more healthy, it does not work to everybody because some are very allergic to bee stings, still I heard that some people use to be sting themselves with the supervision of experience people even in modern countries.

In the Nature there are many prearrangement are systematic on behalf of men and well being, modern science are grasping how numerous advantages men have in plant variety and food and chemicals that benefits our nature some call it Mother Nature and pass on, still there was main consistency we did not see yet, there was some unexplained harmonious gap intelligence matter that was administrating what insects like the bee has to eat what variety of chemicals if the bees nourish what sicknesses of men will be healed? For example lately they found about bees surrounded tea leave and gather their food in that environment can heal many diseases, the plants do not need all the hard work to produce individual separate kind of materials to just grow up as a plant, why all the complexity to prepare different form of chemicals? Because that will be for the medical use of humans, in many variety of diseases, that is not clear yet from the scientist standpoint Dark-Matter of the Earth`s center is a intelligent function to guide life forms on the surface of our planet that is not operative in full charge, I have in my mind no operative gap system like this, mosquito go check the blood of animals, later lay the content of information by waste on soil, electron jolts memories pick the disorder of animals and even some variety of plants, then Nature provide to exceed the production what they need providing the lacking essential necessity and heal the gap to improve the health structure of living order on our planet, some functions still on but not complete, like butterflies declare the growth of the surface plantations to a peculiar spot in Mexico informing the progress of results the growth of plants having all around the domains, still migrating animals are operating in some similarity ways but not in great dominion operational harmonious completions that we don’t have completely.

One of my experiences, all night fishing in Lake Elsinore till morning I sating on my chair, one coyote came to drink another time a mountain lion, they did not come close to me fro the tiny light I had, before morning the light was off it was very dark, very early morning I noticed that raining on the lake very strongly but one meters from the lake I felt no rain it was very strange, then later I realized that a cloud of some kind of insects were going onto the surface of shiny reflecting off sparkling water, all the new hatchery fish were glopping the insect and giving the glowing  pattern effect that water bulbs hitting the waters, just like raining pattern weight, there was noticeable harmonious effect by some intelligence arrangement to feed this new fish that need all the nourishment they can get.

Humans use in their system glans Gadgets or saliva that are called amylase to break food, bees have related enzymes and down in the stomach either it prepares create quantity of wax or honey depends what order is programmed by the Queens sound frequency buzzing their digestive system works accordingly. Beeswax is secreted from the abdomen of bees, molecules that wax contain also release diversion beam filaments releasing polarized light or discombobulated beams inside the wax (that reaches to the eyes of the bee and it can verify from where it coming and what direction it moving) scientific form we call it quantum light rays spectrum.  as soon bees start to generate heat thermoplastic building material start to melt to expend to back openings, even the bees can adjust the increasing or decreasing the temperatures. When bee use the wax quantifiable to organize the geometrical comb always try to build horizontally not vertically, forming and adding building parts in cone the bee calculate the spectrum dividends parts and colors to monitor in building the comb hexagon shapes because the principle of wax chemical formula is. C 15 31 CO 2 30 61 

Beeswax is made of carbon and Oxygen. Atomic number for oxygen is 8 but carbons atomic number is 6, bees are very sensitive to atomic sound tones that are released by atoms, crystal hexagons probably are guided by carbons regulation that have 6 Protons/Electrons 6 Neutrinos 6, the crystal construction is guided by electrons of carbon atom to the sagacity of the bees instinct, bees work like a robot but the activities are guided electrons some call it (Mother Nature) because the wax also contain sound clusters atoms by the bee molecules that’s why wax does not deteriorate over time same with pollen. So all wax patterns are the same shape done by supernatural unseen wisdom that are patterned in electrons.

I felt very close to beeswax because 40 years in diamond setting business I hold diamonds first by beeswax then drop inside settings or metal openings by, so these small short pencil shape wax was part of my body all workday at least I used several hundred times every day, I had to keep in right temperature otherwise it will be too sticky if the wax too cold will not be pasty. First I had to worm the wax and it became soft above 35c to 40c and mixes like dough some charcoal powder so the density is not too sticky, give to it to shape up like a short pencil look, after wax get cold below 18 c could use it. Wax is insoluble have density 0.95 but melting point 65. Some use the beeswax as

It confuse everyone how bees can build hexagon shape? Before 3D computer machines were available I tried to make gold Jewelry in several occasion trying to make one inch hexagon shape combs with gold, believe me it was very challenging to give perfect shape, some experts were saying that first the bees make round wax tunnels according to their length after it dries they heat is up and mechanics push to neighboring limits shaping give the cells flat walls that together form hexagon shapes. Many practices I did worming round burs and passing through round wax pipes, wax always melt down into round or bubble shape forms never into flat wall, In my perspectives bees have other qualifications that are not known to us, for example Japanese honey bees have an predator Asian hornet and the bees can generate from their edge of their tips extreme heat that can toast the hornet till cooking them like in microwave. Bees have qualification to generate heat in levels that make the wax soft and later they form the wall shape according inner flow of energy that is stimuli released from their brains and directed to the edge of their feet do direct heat into specific six points per cell and shape to the form that everything their mind coordinates with directives of stimuli wisdom, in my other post “Neurons” “Sun” I described that atoms contain intelligence


My logic is based on data from past how experiences by people using herbs gave them advantages seeing some herbs are effective regarding certain illnesses they preferred certain herbs and spices helping their immune system telling each other during history and it is used till our time, they did not have chemical and medical advanced tools to analyze. Atoms release sound frequencies collectively atoms form a particular sequence sound frequencies as flowers and plants form also dehydrating up herbs and spices can continue releasing their unique specialized sound frequencies that can heal immune system of living cells and also each can help into certain organ or system of the living being. Entire life form on our planet was in harmonious order to direct disorderly health into natural biomedical healing prominence. All herbs spices Fruits Vegetables each have their own responsibility to help living beings to continue in healthy environment mixing with water molecules they connect everything with “Universal language” harmony with amino acids molecular weight of proteins how and what quantity of Glutelins should be formed with all variety of proteins and carbohydrates that also have big number of classifications textiles making natural medicines, taking regular sugar into sugar into hydruxyalehydes or hydroxyketones changing stages of starch cellulose carbohydrates to the point that sugar becomes alcohol, DNA uses cluster sounds from herbs and spices seasonings fragrances to fulfill activity progress of cells, for example as I described in other places bees collect all variety of pollen nectar that are releasing strong aroma sound frequencies, inside row honey, any time if turmeric or ginger spices and other strong tone reaction aroma sound frequencies mixed together they can give better results if used properly, all aromas are based in sound frequency directives by their group of variety clusters that contain releasing sound harmony waves into positive formula for healthy cells.   

Let’s consider saffron, it contains 150 impulsive aroma yielding compounds plus with other nonaggressive compounds lively compounds, grad Iranian saffron are the strongest best quality and most expansive called “Sargul” some of its compounds are carotenoids with lycopene Zeaxanthin and various B carotene, yellow color is from its crocin. Prior to use properly you can worm water not boiling point put some saffron in the water a few minutes, do not boil and cook for long periods its effective sound tone frequencies will dissolve and become ineffective via oxidation cleavage that saffron contains a bitter glycoside picrocrocin flavor. For centuries people noticed many herb as ginger turmeric and saffron can alleviate symptoms of major depressions, some are declaring that it can prevent cancer others are informing benefit from saffron against premenstrual syndromes others are experiencing by this herb how protecting from direct light. As I described tear drops contain delicate messages about emotional expressions, as soon tears are released from same location still they express different feeling in emotion at the time individual felt, as soon outside light penetrate through tears to deliver the eye like a microscope will receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages all suspended in salt water, under microscope tear drops reveal happy fact cluster of water molecules, one thing is common between saffron and human eye they both naturally, saffron contains in (systematic name:2,6,6-trimethyleyclobexa-1,3-dieno-1-carboxalehyde) this is a carbohydrate that are release via oxidation cleavage a glycoside a terpene aldehyde saffron, both inside human eye and saffron enclose “carotenoids” all stimuli signals released from cells through DNA construe to other cells through molecular sounds that are released from variety of molecules that help orderly functions into immunity cells all herbs and spices play major form progress of cell activities in organized manner, DNA through water molecules direct changes in chemical or protein classification changing sugar into many other forms of Protein Histone Globumins Globulins and Prolamins. As I described retina of the eye contains carotenoids that can observe in human when eye covered by tear secretor lubricant outside light will penetrate tear responds by carotenoids sensitive vibrations, based inside iris that surrounds main center pupil of the eye culinary mussel adjust flow of colors enter the retina, that will translate emotions from outside light lubricant to penetrate tear responds that are private pattern neurotransmitter in color collecting data to electronic pulse form to circulate reaction, receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages from cells through water molecule declination data form, to copy all form of emotions and depictions, Saffron is reach in this sound frequency tone wave and we can use this advantages from saffron aroma and all the rest of herbs and spices using all variety of healthy plants fruits in suitable way. 

                                             SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION
            Japanese honey bee neural activity is similar to Spontaneous human combustion

Japanese honey bees face a formidable foe in the Asian giant hornet, a fierce predator that can reach 40 mm long or larger, but the bees have developed a novel defense mechanism: they create a “hot defensive bee ball” swarming around the hornet and literally cooking it. The researchers, including Takeo Kubo of the University of Tokyo and Masato Ono of Tamagawa University, actually sampled honeybees as they were engaged in a hot defensive bee ball, plucking them off the ball at different time points to investigate the brain function behind this unique adaptive behavior.

Spontaneous human combustion is very rare but is reality in many solitary cases worldwide, in my perspective this has nothing to do with wick-effect or fat of the body as fuel source by itself igniting to start combustion. I believe all our cells are completed by order from electron helix stimuli of atoms by low or high octave sound frequency waves this flow organized the structure of our cells in the body delivering sound tones through DNA assembly arrangement of cells came by sound tone codes same opposite effect demolishing cell can also come out of other conflicting sound tone variations, scientist explain principle of fire as “Chemical reaction” In this post under subheading Fire reaction I explained atomic composition to control combustion is effect of  “Tone reaction” not “Chemical reaction” the sound code management can direct the cells to be structure or demolished according to Tone reaction, is coming code to DNA is demolish right away atomic composition start reverse covalent zones field and cell of body seems that are ignited but they are not just decompose into ashes, any moment such process can accelerate on entire human residence if from Universe code of converse low octave sound frequencies are delivered to entire civilization on our planet. In my conclusion regarding spontaneous human combustion is in control of Universal sound language that is no adequate explanation yet regarding the source of Universal sound language.

It is very rare to hear about SHC ( Spontaneous human combustion) Last 3 centuries already there been about 200 cases of this cases where people been found burned into ashes including the bones where normal fire can’t consume bones, in this cases bones were demolished totally with spontaneous combustion. Some old historians mentioned about, we have cases such countess of Cesena in Italy on April 4 1731, another one in 1966 Dr John Irving in her bathroom in Pennsylvania, only small portion of her lower leg remained unharmed, many instances are described that fire consumed their body without making their furniture or other flammable furniture’s unharmed. In my perspective trying to be as logical as possible, fire is reaction of sound frequencies that can be generated from atom clusters exactly the way Japanese honey bees deliver on their predator Asian giant hornet that are 40 mm long, the reaction that Japanese bees task is generating sound tone reaction, not chemical reaction, atom frequencies by sound frequency wavering flow generate unexplained combustion on the Asian giant hornet, In my other post “DNA” I mentioned that each living being is embedded inside Dark-Matter, as soon D.M released from living being sometimes unnatural instances happen where sound frequency of individuality lost its harmony with the rest of sound from entire complex molecule sound harmony generating spontaneous combustion that is tone reaction..

Stimuli around atoms that are part of the electron helix some can separated and generate heat to burn the surrounding molecules, same principles are used by human cell atoms in spontaneous human combustion; they do not engender bursting fire but demolish all cell and molecule structure by noble defensive ball mechanism that literally cooks to reach into ashes.

In many instances people have been found in their houses on the floor or in bed and their body was burned to ashes without any combustion to start fire in the bad or in the house, totally erection structure of the cells burned out, usually human body do not burn so easily even when thrown gasoline on the body, I have seen many flesh on open in Lebanese civil war, people tried to burn the deceased frame so do not stink still the body stays very long time until totally burns, but the  spontaneous human combustion is totally in different level operating to demolish molecules subatomic particles by electron helix stimuli without generating total composition fire process.

I meant all atoms communicate in covalent bonding this new sound variation of low octave sound frequencies release disconnection codes to water molecules hydrogen is released from connection of oxygen molecules all water molecules are disconnected from the construction cells and demolish the body construction giving effect of spontaneous human combustion and most of the body of humans are water.

Using a novel marker gene to detect the neural activity evoked in the brains of the honeybees that form the bee ball, they found that neurons that make up the higher brain center are active while the bees are part of the hot ball. This neural activity differs from that seen in European honeybees. Regarding other insects for example the fireflies. Energy that produces from bees are vibrations sound waves that activate spark shock from electrons inside the hornet and literally cooking it, more unusual when we see electric eels produce a shock of about 650 volts that does not effect him.

Somehow fireflies also have capability to this Japanese honeybees by produce moderns reflects of light, scientist call them bioluminescent organisms. In my viewpoint fireflies also produce low octave sound tidy clusters forming into molecules keeping oxygen separate, as soon the molecules join into oxygen atoms sound start to activate glow remits to electrons to release some very tiny portion of  energy from Oxygen atoms some electron helix that spin around the sound molecules start oxygen atoms to glow electrons also give command to the whole insect body to act. combined molecules cluster sound vibration also synchronized with the whereabouts of the firefly with specific rhythmic pulses and flying maneuver`s that mating fireflies can recognize the gender and even the species. When fireflies get older and don’t need to mate also this light effect maneuvering gets in halt. Even though the scientist call this chemical reaction but as e you noticed formerly in my logic I call them Tone-Reaction that this insects use to activate elements and all atoms take command by low octave sound frequency procedures, same principle also applies to deep ocean creatures that release lights in deep waters. When Humans can study the skill of these fish and insects, somehow they might be capable to use energy from elements by releasing proper low octave sound frequencies according to understanding of Universal language.   

In my studies I suspect that Bees have more capabilities to use sound frequencies to move energy from electrons and direct heat in circular disposition and circulate energy activity of electrons in spherical  flow pattern using electron activities to extend a small force supplementary to surround the Asian giant hornet , that will be cooked in very short time, no harm will done to the honey bees because the circulation activity is short distance from their body even doesn’t reach their legs, the heat infiltrate heat only inside the body of the hornet. By sound low octave frequencies that elements can adjust activities in command are transferred the information’s by sound in which it is in the stink of the honey bee’s complex behavior thinking about it by marker neuron gene then activate the sound to form the heat ball in the hornet by the element electrons that hornet is made off electrons, sound harmony of hornet is in emergency sound wave dysfunction and electrons are directed to opposite form to build as I explained in my other title fire tone-reaction, it is explained in more details.

                                              CARCINOGENS AND THE BEES.

We have bee colony collapse disorder since 25 years but this last winter 2.4 million colonies die only in US. Also very big numbers in the overseas. Some blame acid rains others blame Varro a, and Tracheal mites, others blame pesticides even electromagnetic radiations that are from our cellular phones, I agree with the last one. Since last 30 years us of cellular phones are enormous, the effect of low frequency electromagnetic field is vaster we can see many new cellular tower antennas all the time. Unknown energy field directives as mother nature level the balance of all living things on land and sea all around Earth, regarding bees they consume in their diet beside pollen fungus and all types of viruses as secretions to nutrition larvae to produce royal jelly, these viruses don’t effect the bees if command from electron keep the balance to benefit the bees, but all of a sudden carcinogens appear manufactured by humans disturb the balance and bees become victims to viruses instead to be part of their die diet bees become food for the viruses, five different varieties of mite carry viruses like DWV also Varroa. Bees in their diet eat the viruses and in their intestines usually that must be consumed stay alive and they consume the bees inside out until the bee start to look deformations and die especially wing virus is destroying many bee colonies by disorder in genetic health complication of bee DNA. Same with Butterflies. There been a survey past 20 years and it shows gradually Monarch butterflies number in decreasing from 5% to recently 59% usually monarchs live in north America in summer at winter they migrate to a town Michoacan state Mexico, it is proven that Monarch butterflies consume milkweed. Modern farming’s using Herbicidal in cornfields and soybean that destroys milkweed, so unfortunately do not expect to see the Monarchs to appear in Michoacan from now on because chemical industries are in full control to make good profits.  

Recently, it is very clear bee hives are collapsing, the name is called (CCD) colony collapse disorder, 30 % a year, recently it is proven that chemical called Clothianidin is responsible and is very harmful toxic to bees, it can act on the central nervous system of bees butterflies and almost all insects, beside that there is also neonicotinoids that also is very lethal to bees because it can weaken bees immune system and other bacteria’s or viruses invade bees system and bees become more vulnerable to pathogen, this chemicals can also sets in the ground and when dust leave they ground carry this chemicals on plants join into moisture source and bees drink this harmful chemicals. If bees demolish totally only we will have harvest of corn rice and wheat they only pollinate by wind, rest of fruit flowers should be pollinated by bees or other insects but they will be gone if pesticide lobbies that are very strong organizations ignore this massif problems the entire world population will not survive. These chemicals disturb ability of the bees to navigate returning to their home boxes or hives, that’s why we can see the impact, bee colony collapse disorders in bee populations some areas we already 85 % reductions in bee hive collapses.

Without hearing or reading about how bees can hear pollen octave sound I was the first to declare this viewpoint explain how grass, plants tree woods and pollen all release low octave sound frequencies some very low others very high pitch both of them cannot be detected by human ears, but insect use this communications they hear and release their own sound tones, insect can distinguish the sound of male or female, insect communicate to each other, sometimes they cut holes in the leave and release sound frequencies from the center using the leave as amplifiers, they can sense where water located in the plant, and some plants cluster act and think what to do and react to defend themselves, bees can fly to pollen to the sound they releasing bringing home by shaking drops the cluster sound other bee sister pick some of the cluster that still releasing sound vibration and comparing to the sound they will be directed to the big volume flower pollen location, I explained this theory before anyone. So leaves make sound ground, all sorts of roots release alert sounds if there is danger and can receive tone vibrations, atoms and living microbes, fungus, bacteria’s and everything that made of atoms have their own individuality personality sound frequencies, if you nail thick sharp piece of wood to soil and make chafing or rubbing vibration sound soil worms will jump out from their hiding places coming out of the ground. Human mind can detect this language as I described in my other title “Neurons” showing the capability of stimuli that carry information’s from one neuron to the next, these incentives can sense universal sound frequencies but do not release this details to our brain center it is not operational yet.

In nature there is harmony of low octave sound frequencies everything is planned accordingly but this new form of cell tower microwaves radiation give carcinogens. Carcinogens increase the probability of DNA changes. DNA is controlled by synchronization low octave sound frequencies. Electromagnetic field of cellular phones confuse that coordination, almost all pesticides DDT, Nitrite, with the rest of harmful chemicals contain Amino-Acid compound that are damaging to co-ordination composite directive that mammals and insects need.

Let`s put this in open, cellular towers are damaging close by people by electromagnetic fields that produce also radio frequency radiation by cellular antennas, some people are having short term memories, inability to focus, confusions, slow reactions, brain fog, Verdugo, migraine headache, slow reaction time insomnia, even infertility, Bees are effecting too by infertility and the rest of the symptoms, after they lose their balance and get week very easily the mites overpowering the bees.

Electromagnetic field is generated around us by detoxifying devices, many telephone antennas are installed all around the world people using microwaves cordless cellphones and computers and communication signals are effecting human and insects health, because electromagnetic exposures coming from every direction to us, of course till now we don’t have any solution helping the bees maybe we can help ourselves, I have found a method to release my build up electromagnetism out of my body. 

Cordless phones release continuously low range radiation, if their battery are low they release higher volume of radiation, same with computers microwaves and other sort of equipment’s, you can test filling in two plates equal amount of seeds wit same volume of water in same temperatures keeping in two rooms, one with no cellular phone near by the other room leave a charged cellular phone next the seeds plate, after 15 days you will notice the seeds without cellular phone will germinate in healthy growth, that other plate will seem lifeless, cellular or mobile phones computers are damaging you slowly by radiation.

The ground soil or sands are part of Nature everything around us is for our benefit, but wearing shoes or plastic shoes and living up inside houses disengage our touch to the ground, if I walk bare foot a few steps daily on the soil or on the short lawn grass what happens? The atoms of the soil collectively in the sand get my weight and make frictions to each other this rubbing process invite the circulation of Earth to my body, this force field collects all my electromagnetism harmful electric field discharging releasing to the ground, this will help me to relax and feel more vigilant. Personally I feel this benefit daily.

New advance communications cellular apoptosis computer wiring Wi-Fi eliminates cabling has signals that connects internet from anywhere by certain signals, also studies show that this energy contains radiation that is generated by wireless routes, many articles already published that human brain can be effected by magnetic flux Ac current, regular computers contain about 200 milligauss down to 2 milligause, comparing 400 MHZ that travels 150 million times longer than 635 nm that is can be flowing in DNA wavelength signals replication directives, everything is operated by frequency sound flux proliferation by atoms molecule of atoms cells that are big number of atom clusters and molecules they all release sound variances waves to communicate, for example when people are living in wild nature and men reach their territories build houses streets shopping halls and sewer systems they invade living environments of wild animals habitats, same procedures we are disturbing communication nature of forest insects and animals. Many test show that growth of seeds plants and communication of bees are disturbed by Wi-Fi signal routes affecting on our environment also usages are growing in time, I came to this conclusion when I sensed in my “Dream part one” article in my blog. All atoms release coded complex sound notes variation tones, thousands of notes in one millisecond, as soon Wi-Fi joins in this sound wave flow some of the complex frequencies will be jammed that comparatively is much weaker nm, DNA replications that are sound waves are disturbed through flux frequency proliferation, also it is noticeable Wi-Fi signals generating radiation by their wireless routes, all this negative effect on all  biological life and plants, most danger is just to ignore and continue the process for our own temporary comfort benefits, in reality we are harming ourselves, no one, no any life form will get any benefits in this outcome. Most effective pesticides that are commonly used to kill insects and fungus are (NMO) or N-Motheyl- 2- Pyrrolidon, 4 pesticides are coumpaphos Fluvalinate, chlorpyrifos and chlorotalonil, all this pesticide might not kill bees right away but will destroy larvae, also if this pesticides are mixture it can give same results in toxicity.

DDT that was sprayed many years ago in the fields where bees live, still cows are eating the grass and delivering us the poison in whole milk. Scientist preparing carcinogen found in Para dichlorobenzene to clean our toilet bowls also in carpet cleaners and pesticides, tobacco smoke deodorant bar soaps,  beauty shampoo, all the remaining chemicals circulating to the environment, some are using Nitrite poison in food products, it`s up to you to do research and protect yourself, but the bees need your help, if they are gone after 4 years or so civilization also will go down the drain, someone should do something about it, all will say not me. What can anyone expect from a human being seeing the dealings to a close friend like the bee, that give all that labor and most effective and important benefits to human`s and Nature, to neglect by ignorance in handling the task of all faithful friends let to be perished. It is unreasonable and inhumane.

Fish also produce low octave sound frequencies in aquatic life. By sensitive deep water hydrophone can record limited sound Grunts and Quacks. This is typical communications of the fish to express themselves by producing low-frequency sounds tones. Fish can release acoustic sounds. Some Mink whales can produce sound like ducks, it sounds like duck but it isn`t a duck, some other identifiable sound might mix with the fish, those tones are the Universal sound tones of communication of the Cosmos, even the Earth produce its own sound frequencies once a while to join these community sound of atoms, planets, moon and stars, Galaxies, pulsars and Black holes even the entire Universe is harmonious in Universal language unidentifiable sounds for us. People will call it mysterious death when 100 pilot whales comes to shore to suicide death or when millions of fish swamp come to shore and die, some give conclusions that there were no oxygen in water or other excuses. Humans close their eyes because they don’t have sensitive measurements to record the links of low octave sound frequencies that are unified from the bottom Earth giving orders to the fish, by logical reasoning I can figure out that Earth`s Core Dark-Matter, also the surrounding Dark- Energy can interconnect order to be applied by the fish and all animals and fish even insects and electrons so forth the new procedures are. 

Humans always will be inside their fictional limitation bubble and don’t look to adjacent subtle reality, they can`t come out of it. Let’s consider an individual cell that can`t talk to us but collective billion and trillion cells when complete a body can stand up and act as a actuality and all other beings except this body as lives, same principle lies with protons and Atoms, each proton is other form of life that we don’t understand, collective trillion times trillions times trillions continue trillion times collection of protons as combination of Dark-Matter come to comprehensive body of bubble D.M, it can think act and decide to react in the center of our Earth as core of the Earth. Same exploit we see in swarm of birds, Fish, an fungus in the wild, jointly they represent something lively achievement.

                                                 GRYFINO (Poland) Crooked Forest

As I explained in my theory, Sound vibration of low octave frequencies also are produced from the center of the Earth. Energy beam fields move in structures veils guided shape like invisible Aurora borealis flow coming from the center of the Earth and effecting the growth of forest near Gryfino (Poland) it is the force that curvatures all trees making crooked and bend continuously while it is in growing process, it is located in small suburban area, where the direct hit reaches the bent trees and a little further area surrounding is healthy normal trees. The effect seems a little effect like gravity anomalies but the root of the effect is coming sound frequencies from inside the earth in limited point of location. Some other field of low octave sound frequencies move from outer portion of the Earth to submerging in the ground like the area in Mexico where every year certain location, butterflies gather to announce the progress of the agriculture to the Earth and return to their homes, their generation will continue the process every year, that location also is effect beams like Invisible Aurora borealis fields of sound frequencies that our Earth operate and function in communication with entire Universal language sound vibration coming from inner parts of the Earth where the core is located that is pure protons or Dark-Matter in other section of my notes I also explained that DE can affect the plates on the surface of the Earth. Collection of protons as core in the center of the Earth  or in the moon can effect on the surface plate tectonics all by D.M effects.


On our moon also are noticed effect of (Graben) Dark-Matter core activity is extending some crust areas on the moon and seduction zone shrinking crust in some areas. This also explains that crust of the moon are connected to more than one Dark-Matter bubbles that are in action very slowly effecting surface lands. All geological activities are connected to grabbing of individual Dark-Matter bubbles propagates and maneuvers surface plate tectonics of the moon as well.

                                     OUR BRAIN AND UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE

Only our brains now work 2% remaining senses that can translate the Universal language is dysfunctional. Animals can sense if a tsunami coming or if earthquake will hit the ground soon we have those abilities too. But temporarily brain function remains defective 98.5 %. Insect`s brain function fully as vas developed to its purpose. Flow of frequencies should be always in smooth circulation, When the body is uptight positions folding the arms or toss the legs, the flow of the frequencies in the brain activate causes limited circulation and the thinking rational might be effected ,until the person is down relax and comfortable sound frequencies in brain act more tunefully. Even nervous or angry situation the flow will be effected and give poor judgment’s and decisions.

We relish sound of melodies and birds singing and all good environment of the Nature like we enjoy water; we found out that water is a molecule two hydrogen atoms bond with oxygen atom, how about sound what is it? To determine and start from a point let`s consider utility piano set up. Even though octave means eight in Latin, piano have seven octave volumes plus a minor third note. 36 black keys and 52 white keys total 88 notes. Old pianos have 85 note keys. From C0 to F8

Human ears can differentiate all this 88 sound notes scales that are divided in seven octaves, middle section is a natural phenomenon some refer as (basic miracle music) because the occurrence give us sensation to enjoy the harmony, there is a certain connection with our brain, because our brain already process the sound facility in lower octave tones with all sort of elements  with harmonically related frequencies, that are not understood yet by scientist, but higher notes sounds strange to cope, same with lower notes than piano have sound like noise, not like music, uproar low blast discomfort. Almost middle portion of the piano key is (A) note A 440 the scientific octave name is 440.000. On the piano vibration frequencies that are sound vibrations start from the lowest key note on the piano 27.500 highest C 8 note 4186.01 Human ears can distinguish those notes.
Sound waves have direction of moving molecule frequencies. In direction of propagation there are vibrating pitch by musical scale and expressions in between the tune is also noticeable compression wavelengths, the strength of strain by sort of instrument of torture, rack, when the tension force is elevated the note tune scales also are raised in reflection of sound and loudness, is excepted 7 pitch musical scales variety octaves also can be added or lowered changing the size of the restoring force. Chart of reflection of sound vary. Note  A= 220  B=247.5  C=264  D= 594  E=330  F=352  G=396     raised by one octave wavelength tone  A=440   B=495   C=880  D=594   E=660  F=704  G= 792 But it does not mean that our limitations will decide the standard of limitation of sounds. Some bats can see in the dark by sixth sense of high-frequency Acoustic vibrations, in their mind the complete picture develop by the re-tuning echo development they can process so fast that can comfortably fly in dark surrounding.

Velocity sound wave ling are Merilee, Fellows, and acoustics. We can differentiate musical sound by duration its pitch intensity how loud it is? Then we can judge the timbre or the quality. On the violin the exact value of the notes are produced when you put your finger in the proper spot on the board if a little short or up it don’t give the right note frequency. On the piano all are already tuned to sound right sinusoidal and can be periodic with other harmonically related frequencies but on the violin you have to differentiate where to push your fingers for right related note sound. From Note to note the next not there are many frequencies that make difference. If it is one octave higher difference internal from 800 Hz scales up will be 1200 Hz, if lower difference internal will be to 400 Hz, main significant issue regarding the sound is not yet clear how it works, what energies are elaborate to trigger and controlled this orderly energy? Advanced in age great composer Beethoven lost his hearing capabilities. He found a system to hear the sound of his piano. Before playing grand piano he took about one feet flat wooden stick into his mouth and bit one end touching the other end of the stick to the piano while playing, the frequency tones that touching the piano vibrating and transferring the sound into his teeth then sound traveling through the root canals to the brain, all our bone structure is a good conductive to transfer tone frequency vibrations, Beethoven was playing hearing everything that his piano was producing.

We know for certain by scientific discoveries Pulsars make sound frequencies also Black Holes and Stars some planets make radio wave sounds, even there are very low sound frequencies that are hard to feel the impact here on Earth. Any metals wire stretched and hit a pitch it give sound that we can hear, already atoms give sound even when they are not strained on their own, produce notes according to their varieties sound frequencies as I explained before. How sound travel?

Earth environment works out to transfer sound frequencies by air, if you clap your hands, your friend will hear you 10 feet away, if you are in water and your friend is diving and you clap your friend will sense the vibration in different way, if you clap in open ground your friend inside the house behind the wall will not hear you but if he put his ears behind the wall will hear the vibration. Children play telephone line, extending a thread from one cup to the next one prolonged 20 feet away, they will hear a conversation clear that extended from strand to another cup. In case a sound that released come and hit a wall stops there but its frequencies enter the solid wall in vibration form and continues, when the wall mass is ended the sound frequencies do not form into formal sound frequencies stays in latest form energy that was shaped. In the Universe sound that reachable to our ear octave level do not travel lack of air molecules in the cosmos. But lower octave frequencies can. Even on Earth an elephant can hear couple miles away a vibration sound low octave frequency by the vibration from its feet, because this type of waveform tones travel in different level, some other invisible force carry them far away.

Scientist discovered that in the Universe there is Dark-Energy that extends the movement of moving objects to go faster; on Earth we have inertia unknown energy that does the same thing on moving objects, but the gravity of the Earth effects the continuation of the process. This unknown Energy-Matter affects all sound process that has a principle and activated same way in the Universe and elsewhere. Many test have been done after scattering some dust or sand on flat plate hitting with sound tone frequency waves the dust take form of geometrical forms, after settling still in insensible octave waves erect sand release its echolocation form, Universe also is directed by this sound variations including stars and planets, it is very strange but can be seen hexagon-shaped cloud pattern that form the ground on Saturn that are done in same principle sound frequency waves on the plate we do on Earth.

                                                         BLACKBIRDS are DYING

There are veins of sound frequency flows around the Earth different locations like the butterfly spot in Mexico, other locations also are center in tense frequency flow invisible veins that go in the Earth, some area flows come out the Earth, some flow sideways that is noticed in the waters by the fish and they travel according this flow of energy that is mixed with electron flows and sound frequencies. Birds have capabilities in piloting,(Familiar landmarks) orientation (Like compass directions) and navigation (combination of both) also they can differentiate seasonal temperatures but their most qualification that is unknown to humans sense of recognition low octave frequencies of vegetables, seeds and other vegetables sound tones that cluster of atoms produce, some scientist confuse with Jays saying birds remember where food was available last time memorizing to go back using a cognitive map using sense of environment, this qualification fall in my theory of Tone-Reaction. Blue Jays holding seed with their beak can sense the low octave sound frequencies of the grain and very boldly try to dig in and hide the kernel in the soil being convinced that he will be able to recover it by sensing the vibration tone sound of the kennel in low octave frequency, after a while the combination sound frequency of the seed get averted by mixing in humidity and sound frequencies of other bacteria tones, the cluster of the seed start to germination sound difference clusters starting to sprout, sad for the blue Jay but fortunately we have a new tree is growing to provide more food in the future. Also rats are very sensitive in sensing smell or low octave frequency sound tones.

During unnatural situations for this sound sensitive birds and fish that live close to this vein flow circulations. In 2011 Dec 30 7.PM. When firework sound are spread in this locations the frequencies magnify to damaging disturbing communication to this animals the instances happening yearly in Little Rock Arkansas, when fireworks are used in this sound energy field, thousands of blackbirds rained down dead, some go and crush into homes or cars, same happened in last new year celebrations. Because the flow go into Earth and water fish also get bombarded by excessive sound frequencies mixed with fireworks, many drum fish died and washed up on the shores of Arkansas river. In my view surrounding sound tones of lower octave sound frequencies get energized to magnitude damaging levels to drum fish and blackbirds. Similar disaster happened Dec. 30. 2011 in New year`s Norwegian beach. 20 tons of herring fish wash up on Norway beach, we experiences similar instances in California in other dates. Scientist thought that fish have been in deprived oxygen environment and died. In the oceans when the sound personality in the body of whales and dolphin with all the rest of fish family get unstable, first the stress hormones will go lower levels because the adrenal glands that prepares sound individuality is ineffective and dysfunctional, that will gradually bring the fish to suicidal moods.

Many other strange thing can happen. While ago about 1000 apples falling on English town. Apples that are great combination of clusters atoms that combine in low octave sound frequencies, we don’t know why? This energy flow move vertically or horizontally, like beams like little structures veils, form of rays. This flow of sound energy shapes similar to Aurora borealis. Flows into low octave sound frequencies, part of Universal language that communicates between all stars and planets and atoms. Beside the Drum fish and Blackbirds, I wonder if insects are destroyed in the same manner because they are in the same group of sensitive sound receiving candidates.

Lady bugs might dye under same principle of frequencies. Because they are very sensitive, they gather same portion of lands gathering in big numbers locations that Universal harmony sound waves are traveling through the soils. Gradually in these sensitive groups are insects all types a bird, bats, more or less comes to all animals, and for last humans.


Almost every type of energy has diverse unsteadiness in opposing field stimulation, in electricity, magnetic, light, and many others. Same is with fire. My logic calls the fire (Fire-Reaction) Negative side of this energy is creativity by sound effect. We already discussed Tone-reaction sound frequencies (Scientist call it Chemical reaction) how they manage to develop to build molecules, using atomic com positional principles that are bedded in electron line of helix single keratin connected with disulfide bridges or hydrogen bonds contain principle guidance tackle approach to create substantial`s in many sorts, like wood, animal cells, every sort of molecules also tertiary and Quaternary structure and vitamins everything that have advantage by creativity and others. Electrons are living gears, because God is a living Heavenly Energy; everything he created is collective in some sort of living scheme, the pollen of the Flowers are dried hallow chambers of echo vibration tiny tunnel collections made of molecules where sound frequencies harmonize in certain overture tone vibration, precedes continuously, all obey the sound procedure variations in positive stimulation. On the other hand Fire is a rapid exothermic combination negative permutation than tone reaction.

Negative tone reaction, in continuation of Fire combustion, three things is needed. When asking to a caveman, how can you start fire? Without explaining the scientific process what he is doing, takes a dry piece of wood as fuel rubes into another dry wood to generate heat, oxygen is all around and a fire is started. Scientist know to start fire combustion they need oxygen fuel and heat also gravity can give some effect. The processes in the fire spontaneous combustion instead of building assembled blocks they tear down bonds in collected molecules and lump atomic blocks that are connected by bonds are disconnected. Molecules start to rearrange themselves in negative process. Scientist call this combustion oxidation in chemical process, this is also called when very slowly process changing iron into rust. The hasty process we see in fire is very rapid incineration that is different than water and carbon dioxide oxidation. Molecular concentration disassembles and need more Oxygen Circulation, sound tone frequencies from fuel elements call by gravitational means to continue combustion. Fire-Reaction has other different condition act different Dissemination to structures diffusion. All muscle activity in universe is guided by low octave sound frequency waves tones, in this principle fire also is part of that equation process of sound variations, it needs sound clusters of oxygen, heat and hydrogen and combustible material to clatter from molecules or combinations into separating action the necessary sound clusters are needed to imitate and echo same tone variation command to enunciate repeating same sounds like someone is clapping and others join to clap and the number increase and multiply the pat till goes out of control. Tests regarding extinguishing fire that are done in vacuumed universe can show different behavior forming in the spot large fire bubbles of Dark-Matter effect that is everywhere in the Universe. Some consider it result of micro gravity ball but in my perspective that is effect that comes from multiple range of Dark-Matter that spreads everywhere we can go inside the Universe.

I conveyed in other blogs that there are two major opposite energies and matter in Universe Dark Energy and Matter together they form collaborating all mater in the cosmos; they both have directive sound tone waves to direct their surroundings. Dark-Matter is in level of releasing frequencies to elements to pulling magnitude or gravity by connecting element structures into field that resides in the Universe Dark-Energy moving into time zone transportation by inertia pitch. Dark-Energy exploit by its own directives that is based in electromagnetism energy. Inside the Sun I already explained my perspective on the surface of the Sun D.E clouds also like a cloud is spread over chromosphere, temperature of photo sphere that is the thin layer of the Sun 300 miles thick, upper portion of sun is warmer than the lower parts, starting from bottom about 7.500 degrees F to upper levels in 11.000 degrees F. but far away from the sun surrounding contain more temperature atmosphere because spreader Dark-Energy activates its fire reaction that can generate greater temperatures some call this difference energy “Del-eat” supposedly by getting in touch by great volume of plasma in upper atmosphere of the Sun, basis of temperature and light and time is based with Dark-Energy force. In conclusion fire process mechanism be incessant by Dark-Energy sound frequency tone waves and with intelligence force, fire-reaction inaction is in control of Dark-Energy. 

I believe that fire is based on frequency hypotheses of sound tone wavelength reaction, complex tones that make atoms communicate and echo sound to direct function or process of blaze to advance when there is right material and oxygen to operate, in my theory because fire included in sound tone frequency variation it also can be eliminated or clogged by opposite sound or other frequencies that stops the flow of fire activity.

 Fire-Reaction or fire inaction flames give frequency spectrum is noticeable by flame coloring in ultraviolet or infrared lights, if combustion is complete the spectrum look dim blue if very strong, atoms get excited metals will melt down in photon emission gradually according the temperature tension color change to yellow or orange or blue with some rhythmic sparking sounds, other fir environment give red-orange luminosity fire produce exhaust and gases, some are half used fuel smoke, evaporated water molecules, unburden molecules and carbon dioxide, and in the end fire give afterglow. some exhaust gases are invisible unguent particles of carbon dioxide gases become ionized and the process is continuing chain reaction as called tetrahedron, combustion continues if fuel heat and oxygen is available in right proportions it propagate. This process is totally opposite to positive tone reaction where everything was collected to be combined continuously, her in fire opposite reaction; everything is separated apart and disconnected. It is very clear that the regulation of atoms and electron frequency enforce principle in Fire-Reaction in one occasion God called himself a combustion able fire. As example that’s how God introduce himself to Moses in the Burning of the tree that was not demolished. Heb 12:28 "God is Consuming Fire"

Fire-Reaction is the opposite process of energy other side of the coin with electron. But also is part of it. As magnetic two side energy field. Acumen intelligence all in Cosmos share of all the Universal Energy-Force guided part of the Dynamic-Energy decisive process with Dynamic-Matter.


Fire-reaction has different cycle inaction process. Another coordination of this experience has been seen on dead human body. Disintegration process turning the body cells into ashes in several hours, usually starting from the feet, without heat burst surrounding materials wood or clothes are not burned in the location of the corpus. As I describe earlier, there are 100 varieties of amino-acid helix lines, they rotate 50 % of them revolve from left to right, other 50 % revolve opposite direction element bonds are in lining according to electron composition low frequency sound bridge principles Element-Bonds. Observing fire-reaction flames frequency infrared lights can describe sound pulse frequency to recognize Atoms in the burning process fuel building mass of molecules. Situations where unusual combustion on human body disintegration that happened in low concentration sound tone procedure variations very rarely around the world is the second process of Fire-reaction that disulfide bridges of Atoms structure, we know that work like oxidative metabolism that activated by other molecules different human, like shoes made of animal cells made, and fabrics that made of clothes stockings, blankets or sheet of beds. They composition is in opposite form amino-acid helix order, opposite to creative electron procedure start the process in very rarer instances where dead humans started to burn and decompose without fire-effect process, sometimes in their beds and not starting a fire with the surrounding materials.


German scientist Planck`s constant theory, the color of the light is measured by its frequency.  Explaining the frequency V of the light is related to energy loss by (E=hv) Quantum laser cryptography and computing are still in an experimental stage, in Quantum, scientist describe the energy is lost in form of light saying Atoms and molecules can change energy only in discrete lumps or QUANTA

My Experience lifetime research and study noticed. Electrons are invisible energy; they are so powerful that only small particle is noticeable to us invisible matter is perceptible in form of electrons. This force have contradictory energy field. One side is to develop new forms directing protons to complete their task, develop cell build up orders commanding how DNA should inline to develop, before DNA forms there is intelligent presides to connect all atoms orderly to form DNA and cell construction. also how atoms should react in process of fusions into other forms of atoms, Electrons work hard to construct Atoms as I explained my KRIKOR theory D.E+D.M= E all molecules are directed to be constructed by electron pattern guidance to make it more meaningful. Electrons are Mother Nature to develop and process everything we see around. The opposite side of this electron energy is Fire-Reaction that dissolves molecules and vaporizes matter. Fire-Action reaction dissolves the matter as electrons on atoms and shows displays the energy of an electron bound in elements, to be quantized so we can categories the infinitesimal level the nature of certain element what was in appendix periodical table. All the regulation patterns are embedded in electron, because they don’t act individually but harmoniously communicating Universal sound discordantly by tone frequencies, in my wards by (Tone-reaction) made of Sound pattern tone frequency energy, this energy is the guiding presides that was developed before element was formed, by the constructing energy of electrons and light patterns in spectrum are the sound patterns that are part of the principle in formed atoms before, now when they are in extreme heat they show the measured light proportionality by divided frequencies in color.

Light divisions in the beam filament of fire quanta in plural are energy forms released from electron pattern embedded in atoms that are intense heat environment; this energy was absorbed when electrons were formed spectrum discrete unit Quanta they are in process of breaking apart into photon. All the light lit light bulbs show rays when you squint or askew your eyes will notice quantum lines. And each line ray or spectrum waves line is divided to multiple color discrete units, divided red violet brown yellow verity colors in different lining telling what sort of atoms are glittering in the hot environment.  the colors vary if the light you receiving from very red Iron or Gold or Aluminum, dividing lines show privet property colors, from far distance rays or spectrums scientist can analyses details what metal is shining even too far away stars can tell the contents of its volume on the surface. Same principle metals that glow in raised very hot temperature according to their encompassed content within the Atoms of that metals by cryptography.

Quanta energy field pattern completes the entire Universe that is just continuation or linking effect from Dynamic Dark-Matter these force takes into control every movement entire elements and energy fields of our Universe, have ability in time vigorous dynamic patterns in all surroundings, when Earth’s atmosphere is observed by low frequency Array radio telescopes the aurora light starts to appear by introduction of other particles coming from the Sun into earth as soon they meet to combination of Earths quantum field that is already combined with Earth’s gravity frame it show the difference in other fields of atmosphere combination as soon they meet into each other, quantum field start to clarify the new patterns of elements showing their principle spectrum light variations, the reason that spectrum ray line divided to multiply because to go along with multiple outnumber elements join to analyze the combinations of material that is in action by glittering colors as violet or yellow, brown and red, all atoms according to quantity dimensions of electrons effect in spin show their properties in sound and quantum energy translate that into colors, also all metals glow in very insensitive modulations but quantum multiplies that effect of all elements to maximum so it operate as extreme natural reflex cryptography and reports all analyzes sending to the greatest field intelligence in the Universe that control all actions in the cosmos. Quantum field is alive in continuation energy field that nonstop continues to move into all directions in the Universe and every beam can report the results to parallel beams and so on continuously in the entire Universe. There is some connection between sound and vibrational gravity in other word Quantum can have gravity in different realm of activity by low octave sound frequencies, color sound gravity are ale related in some sort of field levels by other unknown energy fields to bring everything to harmony the way universe operate. .

Someday scientist will have more sensitive measurements and express fully Quantum experiments results; meanwhile our logic will work hard to measure the possibilities of light frequencies. Comparing the probabilities exist in our nature and gripping knowledge all around us also from the stars, but already we are embedded in great acquaintances and don’t know how to take in to publicize. Quantum realm light beams describe the combination of the element. All atoms have frequency sound properties in low octave tones to relate energy loss and show these values by light spectrum discreet unit Quanta, while these spectrum are in action meet other sources of same harmonious quantum spectrum can be entangle by sound tuneful resemblance by leaning to be connecting in quantum entanglement even if the other spectrum is moving to other direction. Also subatomic particles that also are guided in the same principle of frequencies, attracted to same low octave frequencies V of light. If the combination of the mass of elements change or any other measurement combination changes the frequencies change also the color to other variety spectrum or slight change in inconspicuous unit Quanta. Every time frequency in lower octave frequency changes the color values change accordingly.

Intelligence in the Universe has capability to guide the cosmos, all matter exist in the Universe have no freedom to choose its task, they are under patterned principle actions and regulation, nothing moves unless according to Universal force field guidance, the many outnumbered force field energy fields are known to us as Quantum theory, this multiple force field is in the control of Universal intelligence including time everything in the past and everything in the future can be reached by universal force field and Quantum is part of it.


Second phase energy force of quantum contains wavelengths light spectrum that is different sort of energy inside field of main quantum energy, we can see only visual perceptive properties of color, in reality it has higher or lower wavelength intervals that we can’t realize, probably some of scientific tools can analyses certain wavelength intervals nm also by frequency intervals THZ levels but that also is very limited range. Collective atom clusters emanate group of frequencies that affect light absorption reflection emission spectra on its surface of their mass. Scientist give a name of studies called chromatics or colorimetric, infrared show 1000 nm, red color reflect 700 nm, wavelength interval go in smaller numbers of nm starting orange yellow green cyan blue violet that is ~ 450-400 nm same changes in same group of frequency interval changes from ~430-480 to ~670-750 THZ In my perspective two major forces that operate in entire Universe are Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, all gravitational directives are released from dark-matter to direct elements to grab quantum entanglement fluctuation that is expounded in my other posts how two invisible forces join electrons attracted by Dark-Energy protons in gravitational tiny range lensing or dense knot of space time gravitational lensing to spin over forming hydrogen atom. Everything else that we absorb in the Universe are released from Dark-Energy force field including all sort of spectrum colors that are millions and millions varieties, they contain messages in different group of tone reaction frequency wavelengths, D.E can generate Gamma rays radiations, X-Rays, Ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave high-energy radio waves, radio waves, this wavelengths in frequency and wavelength intervals release data to surrounding spectrum, so atoms communicate in this Universal language, in reality small portion from Dark-Matter that is inside atoms as protons and small portion of Dark-Energy that spinning over atoms as elections they receive and release data to rest of entire grand field of this two energy field D.E and D.M 


All details are registered on electron helix that are portion of invisible Dark-Energy also all details are recorded by Dark-Matter bubbles that are located inside atoms as cluster bubbles as protons, also Dark matter inflated bubble portions are surrounding all living things they can coding all date by stimuli registering everything by sound low and high octave frequencies, this statistics in sound wave codes can pass all around us and through us, because our brain functions in same principle spark stimuli communication flow sometime some data passing by can register data into attach stimuli blasts statistics outcomes making us feel that for example we might just smell cucumber or something else or we just heard a sound of friend or someone, looking around there is nothing like that, this proves that stimuli sound code waves frequencies passing by connected into our own sensors of stimuli, the entire Universe operated by quantum sound frequent data and supervised by great acumen to fully apprehend that, still we are far back to grasp everything.


Will the expansion of the Universe continue forever? Thou it is complex system for us but it should have a conclusion. Scientist is observing by (Boss) Baryon Oscillation spectroscopic survey that also bring into conclusion that Universe factor is expending growing larger. Some scientist is measuring with measuring the red shift how fast is shifting moving? Using also same mode measurements to extent the distances. Some fantasy descriptions was given that before Universe was lot closer together and some analyze that the attraction was inward like star or planet gravity. In my view neither can big force surroundings pulling out as pull factor can affect from unbearable far distances, no matter how powerful swarms it is. Our universe is spread by invisible Dark-Energy field force they are sections of wheel energy carrying inside another circuit wheel that can move to other direction, wheel inside another wheel that can move any direction in no time. Or energize like inertia pushing any sound tones or mass to make continue their journey that already they are moving to pursuit adding more force to it, their velocity inaction is like sound velocity system. This force field can think and is existing energy dispersed r all over Universe.
The way it works according my viewpoint, there might be Possibility or similarity to sound wave’s frequency, applies same principle as the expansion of the Universe, in my theory “PRJ” used from words (Power, Righteousness, Justice) Regarding sound vibration motion there are S shapes nodes ascending  outward shifting then turning in trough section inward descending nodes going into crest location, leaving a stamp gap between one crest to the other stamp space opening, same with trough leaving stamp difference. The movement that released descending node is big scale of the Universe  it might take 7 billion years to pull out and 7 billion years to push in. Same principle when Galaxies are going forward to expansion of Universe this movement will be re tuned back after reaching the crest position in the far side of the Cosmos wavelength submits principle in greatest scale, push and pull factors it will not be contracted shrink to end by big crunch, they call it closed Universe, but only to level of ending the phase of wavelength. Everything in this Universe has identical principles in smaller or larger “Gauge” like sound frequency vibration motion. Principles in atoms round mass apply on stars also. All EXPANSION OF UNIVERSE WILL NOT CONTINUE FOREVER it`s extension “seven miles per second” Hurled upward gravitational or inertia will pull sufficient speed or to escape velocity. Every seven billion years it will return back to contracting as soon it reaches the crest point sound frequency disposition. Ascending stars and Galaxies amplitude through descending direction will come back to trough location not for a large calamity, but for reasonable distance. Universe is still in the phase of expansion now


When we will speak to God, how loud do we have to shout, Jesus said go into your private room. Doesn’t matter how low whispering sound you express or even by thinking you can express and communicate with him. One occasion Gods prophet Elijah was waiting to see God passing by close to him in 1 Kings 19: 12 Elijah expecting to hear God by the passing sound of earthquake, it was not. Then expecting to see the sound in passing fire, it was not. And after the fire came and pass a gentle came like a gentle whisper. God spoke to Elijah through the gentle whisper. Because God can communicate with all the Atoms in you that are made your cells of your body, even with low octave sound chattels or  frequencies, like atoms and amino acids do to each other. All your views and feelings are recorded on the Atoms in your body even with all tiniest value information`s with no exceptions details.
1991 the dream experience I had was not coming from a radio or recording. In uncertain effect my brain activated and starts to function in the section 98.5 % that was inoperative. The music field or frequency field that we are immersed and continuously produced was able for to me to be recognized. Millions of notes coming and were not confusing me, I could distinguish each separate note tones. By the way any other changes were coming also was considered in balance view and recognize the difference in the overture, like you have millions of green marbles and a few are red or blue you can go to it and pick them up. Other sound frequencies gave to me same effect in the big chorus sound philharmonic that was all around me. This privilege capability continued till morning and as soon stopped my mind did other operatives the way I described in my other section “Dream” kept this information secret to everyone except my wife and children until now.

The principles to take guidance from Atoms frequency sound tones is operative in all insects plants bacteria`s birds and animals by instinct they follow. Human minds operate the same Universal language but our neurons don’t pass the details to us unless with new art and new creation and lowing quality, plus we are equipped with potentials that animals and other living things don’t possess. Those are only my note portions, if I write a book will inform the full details.


The possibilities that we can have insects are enjoying now. Termite mounds can feel or detect magnetic differences of Earth`s magnetic field when building their masonry. Some scientist test termite sensations with other magnetic affect and was verified their senses. The way termites build their masonry accordingly sunrise and sunset where the Sun strike in the morning they like that side and make the flat wall to be wormed up in the morning, the center portion of the nest is up and gets narrow midday Sun strikes to the narrow north to not warm excessively. If we study other insects like wasps the paper they manufacture themselves by chewing wood mixing with saliva preparing like engineer hexagonal cells, saving room and efficient in economy space and material in perfect size measuring the cells by their antennas to make the job perfect. Insects eat one third of all planets food corps, butterflies toss with their hind feet, and male organs of spider located at the end of its legs, some other insects ears also is in their legs, some of the insects have very sensitive feet. Like ants do not cross over chalk line or on dust of backing soda. Mosquito have 47 teeth and are attracted to blue color they prefer children to adults also feel sense of dirty feet, they like blonds to brunets. For every person there are about 200 million insects, all communicate in sound waves frequencies.

Atoms are other form of living things, most easy to communicate between biological or plant or insect cells is the water molecules that contains Oxygen and hydrogen atoms, this two elements direct through DNA using sound frequency wavelengths variation codes, on all biological and other living cells over this planet, when we use the name cod that explain that there is intelligence behind it, snowflakes can prove that contain many variety of crystal formations according to their grouping cluster atomic characterizations, inside human cells and insects we can see their cooperation to direct living things, human brain is mostly water and always supervised by water molecules, probably you have noticed sometimes ants can demonstrate how as colonies in great numbers flow like fluid that is directed by water molecules, if you drop a pile of ants in one location they spread or flow like body of water showing same adhesion characteristic of water because water molecules are effecting into ants flow, in my “What is water” post also in “neuron” post you can find additional information’s in this regard.

There are over 11.000 varieties of different ant species they can live about 30 years you can find some in Australia that are very venomous, some don’t need males because are asexual to produce workers solders and queen, queen does ant production, ants have one stomach for themselves and one to safekeeping food for friends that can grow up like balloons, all ants leave frequency clusters sound waves by their saliva to direct other ants to follow the pads, main enemies are different gang ants, they can carry 90 times more than their weight, if we gather all the ants of the world their weight exceeds the weight of all populations on the world, some are stronger than navy seals they can endure 24 hours under water, sometimes they lay on each other to form a bridge so others pass over them over the water, they are like combination of atoms in our Universe though they are single but act together like one individual. Same with our stars and Galaxies are scattered and separate but somehow all are connected in higher intelligence that we comprehend  .

Some people right away bring the issue of “Aliens” They came and help other nations in history to do amazing arts works strange happenings and talk about it without draining one story after another. Look at those insects, we are surrounded by knowledge by Universal knowledge animals are using it without any help from “Aliens” we are immerged in this knowledge. Let`s try to grasp

In my experience by studying Animals plants insect all the Nature and Galaxies. My mouth will speak things of wisdom and the meditation of my heart will be of things of understanding.


Heart is more complex with gravitational communication than our brain. Neurons communicate by stimuli that are released from electrons is the means of covalent bonding of electrons with other electrons, regarding the heart communication is done by magnetic field released from inside portion protons of atoms, this communication is based Dark-Matter covalent bonding messages, we can’t compare heart and brain in same value to communicate, one is based on electromagnetic stimuli pulses in brain, inside heart is based on magnetic field these circuit inside heart contains thousand times stronger than in brain, but the brain snaps electrode spark communication through synapse are million times stronger than what happens inside emotional heart they both have totally different means of communication, for me collection of trillion billions of atoms inside human body distinction in atomic and electromagnetic valuation make unique metamorphosis in behavioral and communication temperament of the individuality and our heart is the center of collective emotional spot inside the human body, for me each galaxies with trillion of stars and planet utility as other life forms wit complete communication system that is anonymous to us. Without science evidencing any of this by emotional state people sense sensitive heart is the center of our emotion center and the mind is in logical reasoning art and other skills in operating the human body each have different task and always they try to have switch on future divisions to be considered emotionally or logically.

 Human heart functions by signals through the brain to the heart by pulses, but first let us considers how other HEARTS of different animals living things activate low frequency sound tones, the Universal Atom communication works also in the heart, by blood pulse. The Circulatory system features how vertebrate Heart. Animals, Insects and Humans they all use Universal low octave sound notes. Fish hearts have gill capillaries, blood are collected in atrium organ then send to the ventricle, work like heart pumps blood, drops carbon dioxide and picks up oxygen through gill capillaries, when blood circulate delivers oxygen and pick op carbon dioxide. This complex operation can be done by distinguishing Atom sound frequencies by blood cell cluster of atom cells by opposite command, the low octave sound varieties are recognized and adjusted by blood cells to figure out what to pick and what to dispose of also the gill capillaries cells and atrium organ conduct the variation giving sound commands to blood cells harmonized under Universal language communication. The DNA monitors the sound expectancy and recognition tone values, and cell block release Atom cluster accustomed molecules that will recognize the need of the process at the right time.

Annelids, earthworms have 5 or more hearts one end side, if the worm cut from the middle portion, on other side end other 5 new hearts develop plus also new complete body form. Earthworms don’t have eyes nor lungs or ears or smelling nose, they absorb water from the outer skin also smell see hear and inhale or absorb oxygen through the skin. They don’t see clear picture like us in condense soil (who can see anything there) but when come to surface of the ground or someone dig out they feel the bright, they detect light changes, the sound they sense by vibrations, if you nail a stick to the soil and rub that wood like filling crunchy brittle noise, the earthworm sensing the danger and jump out of the soil. Variety of processes is done by the skin. There is a circulation of blood material get in touch with outside segment section. All atoms have their individual pattern of low octave sound tones, worm skin by touching and absorbing the humility in the soil grabs the oxygen atoms by recognizing the sound value note pattern and mixes through the blood and circulates inside to the worm body doing process of the lungs. Also it can taste chemical verification changes: in actuality are sound low  and high octave frequencies that it recognizes. Same principle applies through sensitive sound tones of fibers fungus and bacteria, fungus particles of atom clusters generate. Regarding hearing or sound skin sense it very clearly. They have Hermaphrodic segments male and female organisms at the same time, all this multiple function process is controlled by DNA low octave sound notes to process.

Amphibian hearts have lung capillaries, and have to adjust the cold outside by worming the skins, because they are cold-blooded animals, their tissue don’t use much oxygen, after breathing for a while when there is enough oxygen in the blood can dive long time under water. Blood in the their heart has two atria, left one receive rich oxygen to the flowing blood from the lung and deliver to the ventricle, but both atria empty into a single ventricles that is divided by a partial wall in between. Amphibian hearts receive delivered command when to empty the nourishment to the cells when going through the narrow artillery, cells communicate, communication in cell already is continues process, messages from the brains, and return messages to the bring in millions of memos in electrical pulse code, already this is procedure started when there was only two cell, Universal tone sound communication is the base of all living cells and Atoms by meandering low octave frequencies sound tones, also sensing the reptiles the sound produced by plants and other food sound Atom clusters molecule tones. Difference in humans when they see a differing gander, and think about mating, they use their entire vision for consideration multiple values, the look how attractive is the individual or the age, what are the bad or good results in this action, what are the benefits or the adversity, how does the environment look, is the person someone already met before? What are the stories or actions might follow? Countless points to evaluate. Inside the brain of a person neurons can communicate process by low octave frequencies, but allow the individual to consider and decide on his own free will resolutions different than the animals. Comparing to the reptile they move and take action by their instinct, is like winding a toy and naturally sound frequency tones give action process to express and act.

Birds, have two separate pumps hearts like mammals, they prevent deoxygenated not to mix with oxygenated blood. Birds that are more active require more oxygen content and nourishment, helpfully some humming birds can sense a flower that have phonograph shape peddling, because the flower produces low octave frequency sounds variety that plump the quality maturity of the nectar or the fruit by its atom molecules cluster sound gadget (smell). They pick the sense tones by understanding the Universal language: they feel the sound tones of all plants flowers, sound of insects inside the tree, even they can feel a worm in the ground or seed sound frequencies, some birds can penetrate seeds hidden in soil by detecting the seed Atom cluster sound gadget.   

                                                                     HUMAN HEART

Mammals have two separate pumps they operate as separate chambers, washed out from oxygen blood goes through right atrium collected then blood pass by valve into same side right ventricle and push up by valve to pulmonary artery circulation blood sending one to left another to the right lung to receive Oxygen atoms, blood. Returning oxygen-rich blood from lungs pass through. Cardiac cycle is controlled by electrical impulses coming from the brain to the heart chambers for muscular contraction. Everything in our body is directed by personality sound melody by low octave sound frequencies, they are collected in the glands that contains condense atoms that are aligned to produce low octave sound frequencies that represent tone of individuality personality harmony sounds that are developed in the bone marrow. Religions can’t but someday science will explain these complex issues, in my blogs

In our mind we can give command to our lungs to breathe faster or slower, but to our heart, everything done by body secret function Universal language, our alert thinking cannot interfere with that. In case portion of our heart muscle by tiny veins is not receiving blood circulation, our mind do not give conversational outline, all we receive a constant pain in our chest, during cardiac cycle our heart cell each one can send sound low octave frequencies tones to the brain, that will not interfere with the electrical impulses that coming from the brain, two different circulation of message circuits with different realms, that means three way of communication is in process. One our conscious mind, second electrical pulses from brain to the heart and third one low octave frequencies sound tones. Our cells use two of this arrangement. First the cells send low octave frequencies to the brain messages unfamiliar to humans, second way nerve cells send Electrical impulses, all are figure out by the brain function.

There are other energy field that come out from the body and reenter to the body, similar to the heart function but by electromagnetic unfamiliar field. It starts as a circle from middle section of our back two meter diameter cloudy balloon shape energy, goes on top of our head surrounds us going down to the stomach enfolds and get out from our back, encircles s continuously. This energy field (Matu) carry the pulses from our cells and brains low frequency sound tones harmonizing our sound field of our body. By chance when we carry our baby or hug someone this circulation also hug other circulations and low octave frequencies also get encounter to each other. There are stimuli disconnected from electron cables as helixes and this energy unknown flows can transfer information in pulses and feeling to other regions or sections and while traveling record new messages and return back to original brain information circuit and most of this new specifics will be kept with the atom circuit data and our conscious will receive nothing from this new details because human brain is only 2% active.

Some animals are very sensible with this field especially our dogs, when they are too close to us they pick (Matu) mix with their brain sound and interpreted what we like or dislike .our character. How far they can go with us, what are our feelings toward them, in other words humans (hardwired to respond to animals, some scientist do Amygdala and Brain evolution) theories for these sort of understanding, one thing for sure usually dogs have similarity in personality expressions like their owners act accordingly, somewhat they pick the (Matu)  

Universal language is message by the pulse sound of Atom, produced in low octave frequencies. Amino acids exertion done by sound grabbing or repelling with other Atoms. When you stretch a metal wire and hit the wire it vibrates and give tone sound all atoms are capable producing sound. Hydrogen yield C notes and C# in 324.8 octaves, Oxygen pulse in F or F# and so on each have individual value sound tones. Now let`s figure out, if atoms produce sound tones what will be the case with a plant situation that is combination of billions of atoms collectively what they are going to do? Keep in silent?

As I explained before there is no smell chemicals but combine Atom group as molecules I call them (Atomic cluster sound Gadgets) known as “smell” because this collection group can represent the body they came from they carry the identity sound of the body either a plant or a flower or a living organ. The shape of the flower sometime help to release sound like a phonograph shape or radiated in wheel revolving movement as in sunflower. All grass steams, all variety of plants and seed contain these sounds. Even seeds, some birds hide them and returning search the seeds depending on their sensing quality, but sometime they lose that moment and the new tree gain new life.

As example let`s take apple tree seed, there is over 800 different selection of apples, when you collect a certain variety apply and plant their seeds. Their variation will be different. Same with pomegranate do not surprise if you see some yellow ones. Same principle applies to all other trees.

The seed of tree has its own identity that is its own atomic cluster Gadgets by its strange and new introduced pollen gadget, so genetic mutation give slight change of its body sound frequencies, when printed in developed seed it remains in new mutation sound Gadget, sound tones of slightly different body sound pulse. In case when you cut a branch of the apple tree, leave in water couple weeks then plant the branch. When it grows and produce apples, it will be exactly same assortment as the former one, because the harmony sounds pattern energy still in same tone in the body.

                                                          WHAT ARE THE POLLEN

They are sound atomic molecule cluster Gadgets, they represent the sound harmony body they completed from, they are very tight and not separated representation the harmony sound in them is energy field that keep them together do not be separated for ages. Wherever they go the release sound tones patterns, we can`t hear them but insects and other atoms can, even some birds can hear them when pollen in certain number, regarding Tulip cultivation they derived from Tulipa Gesneriana. Their pollen is like tiny grains and they carry the genetic sound body mutation, the slight mixing with other atoms in the air or moving insects or mixing with other Gadgets the variety of tulip will differ. All new Liliaceae or tulips differentiation of sound tone diversity, there are over 100 assortments. The color will be altered pedal patterns, bulbs, stems that lack bracts, the height and shapes, will be unalike.

TULIP DISEASES what are they? Also they are confused miss formed not harmonized (Atomic clusters sound Gadgets) that confuse the development procedures of the plant, this sort effected by diseases are called (Broken tulips) Can be by Mosaic virus. Most diseases contain contrary ailments not harmony to the plants by their unsolicited amino acid different group combination, unwanted by plants growth harmony sound.

                                      DOGS HEAR AND SMELL IN THE SAME PRINCIPLE.

Dogs hear only in certain variation octave notes higher than humans and are 1000 times more  sensitive  in smell sensing than Humans. Regarding their nose even they smell but that is only distinguishing lower octave sound tones of atomic cluster sound Gadgets. Our Tongue can verify only four sound Gadgets that we can taste, but they are low octave sounds that our brain registers by vibrations, smell is only low octave sensors that register and vibrate to the brain that can translate the Universal language, probably you have noticed some dogs go and chew in sanitized unsterile dirty paper napkins of the householders. They don`t eat it but chew, chop and tear it down break to slit or to cleave, it doesn’t consume, why? When the paper is break to cleave it scatter low octave variations of Atomic cluster sound Gadgets of his owner and he want to listen also by his mouth vibrations senses, sending to the brain that can distinguish Universal sound language, there are other unpleasant activities the dogs do to the neighboring dog poo. To memories and record the sound variation sound gadgets, its discussing but for them is just another listening procedure sound formula. The urine from a dog or animal pours on the loan contains low octave sound frequencies, after a few months you will realize that on the loan extent dropped made the grass growing more wildly because atoms in the plant get eager by sound, covalent bonds between polyatomic molecules were more active receiving more low octave sound frequencies, that provoked the growth of the loan in that mess, electrostatic interaction was more excited in that spot. so all excess droppings and urine contain clusters of low octave sound frequencies

Dogs are controlled by the brain, suggestions are given through instinct that are unknown energy directives rolled with helix electrons, this process some call it mother Nature, these directives inform the digestive system of the dog that there were not enough saliva in the food that the dog consumed earlier warning setback mechanism make the dog to throw out, prepare into new spittle and repeat to consume the food second time adding more split to slobber to change the balance personal sound molecule frequency clusters, sound cluster monitoring numbers should add up multiply in that mud of food composition and sent through the digestive system second time. Because shortage of regulatory  numbers give dog perception, once a while balancing sound individuality is effected to uneasy by so many selection sound variations that dogs keep in their reminiscence to follow up other sound frequencies in their memory adjustment.
Low octave sound frequency is the real penetrating smell qualification, one of the most popular experts is the Dung beetle, there are about 15 varieties of those creepy-crawlies their main nutrition values come from consuming droppings. Some dense dung is not as much priority to the dung beetles but human droppings or other meat eating smart animals also are priority group because there exist more complex sound frequencies, beetles prefer that droppings with competitions from parasites and flies, those are very disgusting subjects for us but for some other insects all these variety are sound frequencies necessity as nourishment. Try to give some peanut to dogs, take the hard shell out and give the peanut to the dog with that smooth brown thin covering, the dog removes that paper like skin from the peanut not eating it and only consuming the white peanut, because the skin don’t carry much low octave sound cluster molecules but the peanut does. In my conclusions smell is low octave sounds.

That’s why some dogs can sense a person who have cancer, the cells of the person and his field energy (Matu) surrounding the person like the Earth`s magnetic field advertise the individual body sense sound in lower octave variations, same is true if drugs or narcotic are hidden inside a bag, dogs sense the sound cluster gadgets, so dogs like to remind and familiarize the sound tone of their individual house members because they can forget after a while, they need to be reminded, regarding the activity of blood hounds, they pick the sound Gadgets left on the road, sometimes the wind carries to the other side walk, but still the sound is left advertising. Some old activities done in Asian countries like touching the wind, making slow movement exercises give the feeling that they communicating with that surrounding force of the body (Matu) There is major changes in sound frequency of cats rabbits and other animals, the pelicans distinguish with low octave sound Gadgets cluster in the middle of thousand other babies because each body retain peculiar sound frequencies and (Matu) Of course the Bears are the most capable in sensing process but they don`t like to be with humans, they can climb mountains and sense moths under rocks even in windy places, because they are not sensing smell but sound Gadgets, Even when moth don’t move cells produce distinguishable low octave sound frequencies.

Personal sound harmony frequency waves of every individual are dissimilar from others. Our own identity is patterned with DNA in our saliva and same sound in our brain, blood, bon narrows and in our entire body one personal identity sound wave all the clusters of atoms in our body play that tone harmony, any foreign sound cluster hormones will be salivate from the body if the being is healthy to take care itself. If foreign living viruses, bacteria’s, hormones are in the body the balancing will be lost to perception of individual identity low octave sound frequency waves, the circling energy field of the body contain same sound in its (MATU) force that is invisible force field of stimuli spinning from the brain in the size of small car tire go in through the chest spin upward back to the head, this circle of energy spins as long the individual is alive. Personality identity is recorded in electron helix stimuli field qualifications, this process also included in all animals, for example a group of dogs born same parent have individuality character of identity in their minds sound harmony that recorded in their saliva all their muscles tensions and brain activity is part of that personal harmony, you can notice that the way they walk or run each have slightly different mechanism of muscle movements and reactions, this sound effect have its own identity in all insects animals and living things, when the animals move they also drop some sound cluster atoms behind and the dog can sense the sound frequency waves that I call it Tone reaction (Not smell) and figure out who passed by from that locations while ago or days ago.

                                                          MATU FORCE

There are many unknown energy forces that should be discovered, already we heard about consequent zero point energy absolute energy vacuum energy electromagnetism energy Dark Matter energy field quantum field fermionic field gauge filed Higgs field and many similar other theories and energy fields. I like to consider also Matu force field, all biological livings have some sort of energy field that have stimuli circling energy size of small about car size sphere roll leave back of the person go up pass over the head go down to emerge the body under the heart section and continue circling same flow repeating the movement till someday the person dies, in my “DNA” post I mentioned that every living creature including insects and animals and human beings have their own Expansion enlarged  Dark-Matter bubbles that entrenches the living being, collectively entire atoms of a person are connected with personality harmony sound tone frequency wavelength that are contained in their own private Dark Matter bubble, (Matu) force is free of electrons leaves out from the bubble and be connected or touched the Universal language of atoms and Universe go back into the body encircling inside the person inner realm. I have a post considering “Atoms are other form of living things” is very clear that not only atoms communicate and change their characteristic being orderly like army soldiers on line they can live 12 billion years and apply all principles that is expected from their characteristics. Same manner all-stars planets and galaxies have own life form personalities birds group of bird big swarms cloud wavelength of birds act as one person. Atoms molecules cells all are collective of two energies D.E D.M portions to form all elements all particles and complete human beings, they all contain life force that is originated by DE and DM. Human beings have(Matu) flow also our planet has its own (Matu) ripples flow magnetic field lines not exactly the same but similar to aurora inclinations, some scientist have been noticing calling it field of plasma structure that made of layers of positive ions (D.M is positive DE is negative) this flow come out from our planet like human(Matue) and go back into Earth in range of ionosphere top of Earth’s atmosphere, this maneuvering also back up my theories that Our planet Earth also is another other form of living thing as atom contain two major force fields DE and D.M all stars and Earth is collection of this atoms plus center of all mass of matter is made of pure D.M and surrounded by D,E energy fields, in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” I described that all life energy started from this energy flow.

Variety of our sound frequency tone reaction is our personality to synchronize the movements of our brain. Muscles and entire our body activity that slightly is different from other persons, all details are in our saliva harmonized with white blood cell and all other cells in our body they contain same low octave sound frequency waves.

All variety fruits nuts and seeds have their own personality patterned sound cluster waves, sometimes our own personality sound tones feel attracted to certain sound clusters when our harmony starts to familiarized to other sound frequency waves, for example nobody knows how the Hops taste like but beer brews start to use Hoppies brews people start to get familiarized to the “taste” in my other notes taste is also tone reaction sound frequencies and person might become addictive to Hops tasty tone reaction.

There are neurons in other parts of your body like inside your palms and more than that inside your stomach, every time you consume food neurons in your stomach can absorb and analyze your food up close by stimuli that are released from electrons and registering the sound frequency of new products entering into your body to not harm your own individual personality tone harmony that we all have in our DNA special patterns clusters that release low octave sound frequency, then stimuli return into stomach neuron cell and inform the new cluster forms that are in the stomach. Accordingly certain acid solutions the body releases to contain and eliminate strange sound clusters and make the new invaders combine into new sound harmony of our body. In case we ate some harmful food neurons in stomach sound the alarming sound warning if it is dysfunction then our health will be damaged. Also some animal’s stomachs contain neurons for instance dogs and cats and many other animals. 

As I explained in my other blogs all life forms contain sound communications through cells, some call it smell at the same time it is sound frequencies that contain coded tones, music you hear can contain emotional happy or sad mood that is understood Universal sound tone in between life forms and atoms are more complicated but transfer data into other cells, every animal or human being contains own personality sound harmony to distinguish other life cells if intruded into the body, if an individual loose his or her sniffing capacity or become enable to distinguish smell that explain that inability to identify to identify making comparison to personality sound harmony in sound tone wave lings some call this loss of smell disorder “olfactory dysfunction” of course it might happen from old age or toxic environment that we are living in, any individual that reached into this stage that cannot sense smell should consider that this will be an link or early warning about loos balanced of tone reaction that govern the entire body life order.


                                REINDEER DYNAMIC ASPEN SAPLING

Reindeer speaks. Universal language. When we study Elk or deer we find very delicate facts. They communicate with scents rubbing antlers on the tree for deer attraction. Their social attraction is full of specifics that low octave frequencies are used to communicate to each other. Genetic make-up of this species get advantage of reproductive fragility in the plant World, as mentioned earlier all plants are made of Atoms and all elements produce sound notes, so the plants are condense collection diversity of this sound, digesting this nutrition food the cluster atom gadget formation don’t dissolve stay put in the manure and urine base scents. Some plants seeds have more stronger sound notes heard by the buck, elk or deer, especially sound (smell) of peanuts butter, vanilla, deer`s curiosity arise if are nearby scent (low octave sound frequencies Sound) Antlers are used for gaining social dominance, but the nourished highly vascular covering are present sound gadgets frequencies, presider followed to rest of the body and the effect will be printed in the sweat in the cells and even in the antler coated with aspen sapling, those are like cotton shrubs from browsing, before mating the deer rub the antler on trees especially the upper inside section of the antler it`s called Lasso loop, these section contains more condense sound gadgets, with left in the aspen sapling will stay on the tree bark or branches. This sound low octave tones carry sound genetic scent cloud and will be heard by the cow deer activating their some call it scent tactics to bring the female deer to heat. Haphazard scraping activity brings female deer into the estrus cycle in November, because fresh up old scrapes and rubs attention in opposite sex in the ducks brain. Deer`s feel very aggressive at this times. This small rubs can be seen on trees all around saplings will appear, some birds collect this saplings to build their nest, all together the activity of the deer is activity to pass his genes as many as possible.

Genetic makeup of the deer contains sound of plant gadgets by surrounding abundance of, pollen, some are dispersal golden cloud of pollen or male reproductive cells drifting even by slightest breeze, they also contain atom clusters that produce sound, all nature is immersed in variation variety of sound tones not reachable to humans but understood by animals and insects, they can hear the sound of the germination of seeds, figure out the genetic make-up and even hear the seed dispersal, in conclusion these dynamic frees saplings are sound Gadgets low octave frequencies deer use to communicate in Universal language


Have you seen freezing water crystals or single snowflake up close? They have always six-sided geometry shapes crystal form of hexagonal lattice. Why snowflakes have always six-fold symmetry? Also it has structure of crystalline axes ice crystal angles texture and color.

For scientist this is a great mystery but it go parallel to my low octave sound frequency principle, in a  humble way I will like to introduce to you my viewpoint regarding Snowflakes. Basic structure of water is H2O two hydrogen’s one oxygen. As I explained in my other chapters Electrons have different form of life energy extraordinary to us, also I introduced to you that all atoms produce sound frequency tone variations infrastructures. Water go everywhere on land trees plants ant get trace contact with all other matters that are made of atoms and all these plants have their own personal sound tone clusters, all have their individual tones, these interaction tone sound are registered in the memory of hydrogen and oxygen electron statistics, when water evaporates and become clouds still all sound Contacts are registered in electrons of H2O when it gets too cold and water vapor freeze it expends the principle water atomic molecules is opposite to other molecules, Snowflake basic start as water contain six Oxygen each one connected to two hydrogen so 12 hydrogen 6 Oxygen, this six number automatically make the starting plant ultimately derives to six-folded symmetry hexagonal crystal lattice, so let me repeat myself they are not freezing water but freezing vapor molecules, clouds. Always snowflakes have its peculiar shape, brings out angles textures and color, start to branches sprout, something organize to form cones it give variety shapes basal facets, Snowflakes branching have principle order to apply the endorsement comes from electron variation sound infrastructures frequencies, electrons contain other sorts of life forms from their basic starting electromagnetism Dark-Energy, some call this unfamiliar force on Earth that makes unidentified order they call it Mother Nature, in my imperfect human approach I link all this to the energy force that is design in all electrons that we are collection of this forces and retain protons in order for 12 billion years, that’s the lifespan of the Atoms. When some snowflakes have designable varieties of pattern is the effect of vibration frequencies each molecules hold different symmetry snow crystal lattice with different shapes of branches and cones but all are based on harmonious structure principles different than the rest of the snowflakes.

                                D.E  ELECTRONS WATER

The principle order of electrons have values of information pattern they can register new information or release former information’s that are embedded in electric charge circuits that contain registered data to apply the endorsement comes from electron variation sound infrastructures frequencies, electrons contain other sorts of life forms from their basic starting electromagnetism Dark-Energy, some call this unfamiliar force on Earth that makes unidentified order they call it Mother Nature, in my imperfect human approach I link all this to the energy force that is design in all electrons that we are collection of this forces and retain protons in order for 12 billion years, that’s the lifespan of the Atoms. Some metals like mercury can show how sensitive they are when you touch the metal it moves and show activities, all metals can sense emotions and feeling but because they contain hard structure it don’t show, softest of atom like hydrogen and oxygen combined to water when it touched show waves and transfer information data from one side to another then in return direction the water mass informs what it sensed, considering several activities, we can realize that water have memory because the electrons of hydrogen and oxygen and all sort of atoms are circuits of structure of information banks.

Electron information data control the order of amino-acids DNA structural construction and all activities that surround in us and around us, many confuse with the word Mother Nature, electrons provide that missing unknown force though it is very small but it is everywhere and it is storage of big information center connected into Universal low octave sound harmony. So wherever the water molecules been they remember the environment and have memories of images in every drop. Even when same water vaporize into heavens to form clouds and when gets too cold and take the shape of snowflakes six folded symmetrical hexagon crystal lattice always same peculiar shape but deference in form of branches sprout basal facets, the memory in the water electrons make adjustments to form new detailed developments slightly different than rest of the snow flak the shape vary according what there is in their former environment. Probable before that water molecule was section in a strawberry plant or cactus tree or anywhere but the memory is registered pattern on the electron force field, electrons are living thing but much complicated and different the way we accept what life form means. Sound commands ar the procedure. To give an example that generating growth is connected to heavenly sound low octave sound  frequencies, we can read Genesis chapter 3 verse 18 “Thorn and thistles it shall bring forth for you and you shall eat the plants of the field” by a command agricultural produce made an adjustment by Genetic command through electrons that can receive sound sequencer to manufacture and process more certain kind of plants that have thorns and thistles, this order can be adjusted and scheme and even stopped by sound frequencies without us hearing about the procedure sound.

Water is made of two hydrogen one oxygen in my other chapters I explained protons are Dark-Matter  bubbles and have gravitational directives to their surrounding in bonding principle also it is capable to guide vortex shapes as loops in many shapes as elongated hydrofoils because the surrounding electrons also have their additional guidance in changing configurations of shapes that that can be developed either in small portion of water or giant form explosions flares over the Sun apply same guiding process by Dark-Matter bubbles and Dark-Energy force explained in subject “Our Sun” environment of gas bubbles and water with electricity that are active hydrofoil wings can show vortex loops elongated and circulated movements colliding into charging configuration like we see on the flare loops over the Sun, always energy acceleration force to develop according the volume of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy, these energies have their own mind or wisdom to untie itself because they carry intelligence to act and develop structures or break into shards. If we try to freezing water it will be only freezing vapor molecules, clouds. Always snowflakes have its peculiar shape, brings out angles textures and color, start to branches sprout, something organize to form cones it give variety shapes basal facets, Snowflakes branching have principle order to apply the twisted hydrofoils endorsement comes from electron variation sound infrastructures frequencies, electrons contain other sorts of life forms from their basic starting electromagnetism Dark-Energy, some call this unfamiliar force on Earth that makes unidentified order they call it Mother Nature, in my imperfect human approach I link all this to the energy force that is design in all electrons that we are collection of this forces and retain protons in order for 12 billion years, that’s the lifespan of the Atoms. All patterns are kept intact and can be received information from it if we can have the possibilities someday in far future.

                                                        BIBLE PROPHECY

Prophecy in the bible stands to be fulfilled, in Habakkuk chapter 2: verse 14 “For the Earth will be filled with the knowing of the glory of Jehovah as the waters themselves cover over the sea” We are already in this position immersed in that glory of Dynamic-Energy, but don’t have the means to grasp and communicate with the force field. The way animals and insects are doing, our brain is functional 98.5 % to grasp that Universal language that is available but unreachable to us for now. Someday that ban will be removed hopefully and we all speak the Universal Language in peace.

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