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                                              By Gabriel logician Jabrael. Kaprielian`s Radiation.

           I am not a cosmologist; I am a cosmological. I believe God is beyond the scope of science.

Isaiah 40:26 "Lift up your eyes to heaven and see. Who has created these things? It is the One who brings out their army by number; He calls them all by name. Because of his vast DYNAMIC ENERGY and his awe inspiring power" So far our most advance technology can`t provide what lies beyond the edge of the observable Universe.

Open pleads to scientific community, respectfully to all scientist of the world. Labeling word Dark-Energy and Matter is confusing and improper do not suit giving expectation that we should see something Dark in this Darkness, the proper should be reconsidered by scientific authorities, since the cornerstone of modern physics yet is not completed i will introduce my suggestion. “Dynamic-Energy” and “Dynamic-Matter” in Kaprielian`s Radiation theory D.E + D.M = Hydrogen atoms. Many are dreaming to be in space, we as humans already are in space on spaceship Earth inside the Universe, Many are trying to divide lands, conquer other lands the Earth is already one sphere ball of a Land it cannot be divided, unfortunately humans don’t have the awareness in new kind of total unity, enslaved by personal selfish greed and pride, still Earth remains in total unity if you watch the animals and birds, many are blocking the wisdom that created us.

No matter how advanced education person might have, a intelligent person can test validity of other thoughts, there is always room to boost with different perspectives to make additional supposition, because most presentations are filtered with printed patterns that are directly or indirectly crammed into human minds, to preserve other perspectives or just look at it might need great humble approach and wisdom to compare and validate our thoughts.

Watching how limitless enormous is the Universe; intelligent people must have some sort of respect toward space and creation, just consider how far the moon is from Earth, it takes one light year to reach it (Light year is 6 Trillion miles) distance between Earth and Sun is 8.3 minutes or light year minutes, next star centaur i  is 4.7 light years away from our Sun, entire Milky way galaxy is 1.000.000 years across, another galaxy Andromeda is 2.500.000 away from our Galaxy. Scientist try to decode how large is the Universe by Trigonometric Parallax that also is very limited then they try standard candles luminosity system, then they use type 1A supernova almost they reach 40 million light years away but still they did not reach into the boundless end of the Universe, there is no any person who can really conclude inside the brain how immeasurable never ending is the Universe By gravitational Lansing scientist find out that farthest star inside the universe that is 9 billion light years away exists Icarus star that is one million time brighter than our Sun, still there are many other formations of mass that might be farther away, where we should admit the reverence of the Universe? Yes, we should approach with humble attitude. 

The building Block of the Universe.

My interest with description regarding building block of Niels Bohr building blocks regarding quantum physics, also I was interested about De Broglie`s wave/particle-duality equation. Lets not forget cosmological consequence about big bang theory misconception for many years education fields stress as truth but it was inaccurate, most scientific mathematical formulations can stay for a while, but later they might be considered non-intuitive, one thing for sure most theories have no verifiable conformations, diversity with that I believe that combine force of Dark Matter and Dark Energy are the cause of existence of Matter. 

In my Blogs you will see Dark Matter and Dark Energy they both are invisible supernatural intelligent life force that can’t be measured unless in a Femtoseconds (millionth of billionth of a second time) they can transform portions from their force into electron and proton to form atoms. These two forces that complete the existence of the Universe will always remain elusive.

Universe is guided by same principle theory, for example g
ravity is guided by sophisticated invisible energy activating through low sound tone frequencies, the vibration elevate the gear sound level octave variations and sound harmony that all elements can concentrated to act according the procedures of new commands, to program covalent bond regulations of atoms, Sometimes we consider that only Universe is massive large, there are about 200 billion stars in Milky way galaxy and there are over 500 billion of galaxies, in reality hard to penetrate knowledge and wisdom that surrounding us is superior to anything else. Mankind is just taking first steps to analyze the Universe. Chicken first than the egg because egg shell needs protein to form and hen can provide that.
These supernatural energy field thermodynamics directs the entire Universe by sound elevation harmony waves, I call it Universal language. 

By logical terms everything existed by great energy of life energy including origin of space behavior and time all this entities came by greater force volume than the existing’s show, all show up when we were not around in one spatial dimension together with quantum mechanics galaxies with all their variety objects and energies gravity light space acceleration, as we see on Earth everything biological life needs to endure their life to continue reproducing their genes are formed with great precision's everything they need collectively to complete their existence in life forms, life form created everything in Universe by magnificent wisdom power with great intelligence and great knowledge already was there to create everything. Simulations observed or visualized by our scientist unfortunately still in very primitive position to conclude into reality meanwhile we collectively still banging our heads to a big bounce over big bang that is something entirely a big explosion can`t form something new it destroys everything, still we are seeking for research new knowledge. In my perspective Universe formed spontaneously bouncing by two energy invisible forces Dark Energy and Matter. Chicken came first or the egg? With the same principle expectations regarding standard models are not confirmed 100% investigations regarding Anomalies configurations decay of B mason regarding muons and tau particles behave in the same way comparing to B masons results disapprove, Lepton universality does not as expected, that shows 0.0001% standard model is not according to expectation. So regarding Anomalies, something wrong with regarding standard model, if it does not work as we expected how we can be sure with complete calculations in physics specially with decay particle of B mason, in my perspective all atoms and their particles any moment they can be release to serve under the principle of the standard model.

Though I am not an astrophysicist but still it was intended life for me by supernatural circumstances like anyone else I feel the privilege to share my thoughts. By vigilant observations I would try to participate in sharing my logical thoughts to evaluate outcomes about nature of many perspectives suppositions regarding atoms and the Universe. That’s why I name myself an Cosmo-logician.
Some might consider me philosopher of science; I am closer into pseudo scientific approach when especially my intentions are to explain in logical sense about creation science.

Energy from atoms

Before atom contain energy, great force field energy formed each atom, it is astonishing fact to consider through astound knowledge how 7 Quadrillion atoms formed to make up the human body, atoms contain intelligence of D.E and D.M plus how to reflect by sound frequency wavelengths pattern into their neighborhood atoms to react edifice living cells, atom patterns only assemble right group of atoms such as carbon oxygen nitrogen and some other elements of atoms to complete the fundamental ingredients of living things adding to it some energy from atoms Dark Energy and Dark Matter that is life itself, plus directive activities from atoms are released into higher levels to complete printing patterns of DNA RNA and complete living form. The entire Universe contains small tiny packages of Dark Energy and Dark Matter that form all sort of matter inside the Universe including all sort of energy forms, we as human contain some atoms from stars but it does make no any changes because all atoms inside the Universe are small portions from grand Creator Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter, atoms are representative close part of each cells we contain, all activities inside the cells and neurons are registered to inform that Grand Creator in heavens atoms that are on planet Earth or any other galaxy stars planets they all complete the Grand Creator, atoms are other life forms that contain supernatural universal life force and intelligence, so we are small element from the Universe that complete the Universe.

Everything you see in the Universe has same basic principle. May were considering Big bang story as reality but it failed, in our times can be observed new stars are forming inside molecular clouds or stellar nurseries without getting any help from big bang, same with atoms they can be developed in vacuumed space, in many location in this blogs I described all atoms combine two energy forces Invisible Dark-Energy and Invisible Dark-Matter, atom will form into material mass when electron spins on protons that are invisible clusters force field bubbles that are Dark-Matter, together D.E and D.M form one atom, you have heard about gravitational lansing that cover large distances between distance source to observers, lights are capable of bending, same sources in gravitational sound frequency directives create a gravitational lansing in very tiny realm connecting electron to spin over Dark-matter bubbles to complete matter state as element, atoms are forms of tiny gravitational lansing in limited short distance range circle spin continuously, all electromagnetic energy forms like electrons and lights can be produced from Dark-Energy. Entire galaxies stars and planets are directed by same sound frequency tone wavelengths to be connected into the plank constant or quantum entanglement flow that is formulation of holographic principle. Everything in universe applies same theoretical physical constant principle first by two invisible forces converting or forming into matter as atoms. 

Dark-Matter is protons in the core of atoms and in the core of all Universal large body objects like planets stars moons pulsars and black holes, Dark-Matter is invisible condensed force field made of bubbles in bubbles, smallest portion to fit inside atom also is large number of bubbles as cluster in tiny Center of all elements, it releases low or high octave sound frequencies that cannot be heard by our ears and give directives to other protons to activate covalent bonding their connection to inertia force field of Dark-Energy and travel connecting through rail force fields that are all around the Universe and this action effect as gravity in process.

Connecting protons to spinning electron cables of helix's that are from Dark-Energy spins create atoms that collectively forms into normal matter everything we see stars and planets and matter. Dark-Energy existed over 14 billion years ago because is very grand power I give the name Dynamic-Energy; it was discovered by humans 1998 this force field is mysterious enormous powerful Energy field. D.E is not hiding inside us in the form of hypothetical, or " chameleons" Dark Energy is everywhere inside Universe, later on I will try to explain. Both Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter contain intelligence and provide life to all their created body forms, in my other notes I have explained this theories. Many years ago humans did not realize that solid corals are life forms now they do, in my other theories atoms are living things that can live 12 billion years and hear and express by sound frequencies and collect data by electron helix stimuli the way process done in human brains transporting data emotion and memory to other neuron cells, all plants express collectively combining cluster atoms enchaining their personality sound variations. Any moment this particular energy can produce tremendous force that combine into matter.

The entire Universe contains Zero net total energy. Before beginning of the Universe or familiar matter us planets stars and galaxies, in advance everlastingly extraordinary supernatural pure energy previously existed that we call it God. Nobody can create any God because everlastingly by exists to everlasting. When the time came before the beginning started first Dark-Matter was produced by Dark-Energy and they become two most powerful supernatural energy forces that existed until now to form all Galaxies and rest of everything inside the Universe, the entire Cosmos. Original Dark energy always existed as pure zero total gravitational energy that had no mass as zero net total energy, and created entire Universe out of nothing.

 All galaxies have certain flow of maneuvering spins also each star and planet, depending what spot observing point looking from it looks either rotation is right to left or left to right, if planets and stars have rotational axis that explains that galaxies too have their own rotational axis’s, in large-scale with arithmetic gravity each galaxy warping of space orbit has no dependency with other galaxy noticeable in every direction, it is logical to conclude that inside extraterrestrial field each galaxy is adopting into theory of everything, everything is emerging inside enigmatic Dark Matter lurk inside the Universe that is guiding directional guidance to each floating object or energy fields inside the Cosmos.

For many years scientist stress on the theory that big bang made everything to exist 13.798+0.037 billion years ago by grand explosion where no one is able to pin point or showing the center location of the explosion, in case everything was existed in a instant 13 billion or so years ago how come very distant galaxies covey their light that took 13 or more billion years always showing in mature complete galaxy formations fully developed not undeveloped realm, beside that entire Universe is in one temperature state, nearby stars is hot according to their heat combustion degree and far always the temperature are constant not hot or cold inside all directions empty spots of the Universe, so if there was a big bang to form the Universe  the results should not show this results that we have inside the Universe with intelligence life force that we experience on planet Earth.

Universe is older than 13.8 billion years

Astronomers are able to consider stars considering their radius luminosity, considering also their temperature considering how much fuel all-consuming such as carbon hydrogen helium oxygen iron and many other mass of metallicity, the misunderstandings raise when most astronomers pronounce that Universe was created 13.8 billion years ago by a loud big bang that all stars existed since that date and then they find star HD140283 known as Methuselah star that appear to be 14.46 billion years old, how come this star lifespan is older than big bang. Second confusion come when astronomers explain that stars formed when large volume of two properties by mass and metallicity, which formed the elements that are heavier than hydrogen? In my perspective repeatedly I declare that two supernatural forces that formed the hydrogen atom then atom get into fusion to be helium and rest of the numeral elements, so unseen location where two dynamic energy meet (Dark Energy and Dark Matter) they generate grand volume of hydrogen to form the mass of a newborn star, continue to endure Dark-Matter as core of the star and spinning Electrons that are Dark Energy continuing to generate gravity heat all during the lifespan of the star, big bang has nothing to do with it. Plus space Expansion that we observe watching the Universe we can reach calculations existence of the Universe triple times more than we already figure out, so the number might bring 13.8 billion into Universe was created 41.4 billion years ago, concluding big bang as a big lie. 

Life force exist in entire Universe, we can observe intelligent designer that proof by theoretical wisdom everywhere, by sumber system in all galaxies stars and planets vortex based mathematics proof everything contain geometrical patterns that is resulting into angles 9 every time we bisect circles the results stay same, that is regular polygons and entire circle converging singularity come to conclusion of 360 degrees in any circle, all this pattern existed before we did inside the Universe. All basic theories show the power of divine symmetry that composed all forms of mass galaxies arranged by complex rules and regulations in geometrical patterns including 12 billion years life form atoms and us as biological living forms.

In cosmic abstract relationship there are so many mathematical complexities that till now is beyond our grapping head of thinking, using imagination with logic thousands years ago Greek concluded about atoms, though I don’t back up any of this thoughts some physicist still id free world to express everyone their thoughts, some physicists now we are trying to analyze relativity quantum mechanics. Without certain theoretical proof some also lurk about dark matter, not that it looks dark but because is not understood adding that dark matter are particles called weakly interacting massive particles WIMPs also comes with vanilla version adding that are two varieties of D.M an idea called asymmetric dark matter, if two varieties are similar they destroy each other as antimatter counterparts, if they are different kind of dark matter they stay combined together. Also this group explaining that dark matter builds up inside stars causing the pulsar to collapse into black holes. As I described in my other posts dark Matter doesn’t have any particles, two years ago I mentioned invisible dark matter are bubbles inside bubbles they can shrink million times dense or expend million times large, spread in the Universe have memory and intelligent and are not under any theoretical patterns rules. Inside every star and planet dark matter is the core center; every star contains as pulsar in the center that is made of dark matter having dark energy spinning around the core. Tiny portions of this dark matter combine in center of atoms having portions from invisible dark energy spinning as electron, those are my logical imaginary perspectives, if other physicists have the freedom expressing about string knots theory, wormholes, dancing with gravity, whimper eternal relationship, abstract cosmic, God particle and life and the big one Big bang, I feel some encouragement to add my perspectives as well. As soon core of an atom starts inflammation expands breaking circuit of electrons, electrons and protons convert into one large lump and friction of this two forces dark energy and dark matter release great temperatures that we call it nuclear bomb explosion.

Calculating the entire Universe, normal matters as stars and galaxies are 4.9 %  with 3.6 intergalactic Gas original matter of the Universe. Dark-Matter 26.8 % and the largest force field electromagnetism Dark-Energy is 68.3 % of total Universe that contains 500 billion Galaxies or more than two trillion galaxies. Currently Universe might contain from 10 sextillion to 1 septillion stars may stars that we see today probably died till their light reaches to us.

Probably you will not agree with other perspectives right away. In my experiences usually I learn from people who express different things than mine first I disagree because it is something totally new then I learn and agree if it makes sense, regarding scientific methods it works for a time but never provide final absolute. 

For example regarding measuring the distribution of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) who can definitely prove that it is really coming from Big bangs or it might be one of many cosmological delusional fantasies. It is called theory of the quantum origin of structure that unavoidably reinforced fluctuations and formations of entire Universe, geographical locations of stars and galaxies don’t show linings of big bang explosion distribution, some are definitely sure that all galaxies born 13.8 billion years ago, how guarantee is that data?

I believe Universal matter was born you call it big bang or any other starting point, I definitely believe that was happened 33.5 billion Light years ago existing of matter, in reality the energy (Dark Energy) that made matter to exist has no beginning and no ending. 33.5 billion  Light years ago was the starting point where Dark Energy attached into Dark Matter to form atoms stars planets and galaxies including all other things existed inside universe that still with our best technology we can’t reach the end of it to observe.

If we go alone with theory of Big bang, it will be illogical to make travel from 0 point cornerstone explosion to form structures making them travel faster than the speed of light into all the way to great wall, one of them is called the Boss, that is located about 6.5 billion light years away condensed with 200 billion galaxies 1 billion light years across. Inside Universe there are many other great walls of super clusters probably further and larger than The Boss.

Main goal understanding the nature of our Universe
Since we had powerful telescopes to see more galaxies in time, there is chance that could be additional  billions of other large galaxies that are not been seen yet to be identified so far, furthermore some don’t hesitate rushing into conclusive decisions of everything.
Assuming that all stars evolve in a stellar nursery by some interstellar gas and dust considering Pillars of creation do not explain from what stars supernova processed all the particles to combine matter, for example Messier 16 NGC 6611 does not represent the entire Universe if there is gas and dust also they need D.E and D.M to combine into stars, stars don’t need hydrogen to complete their mechanism because stars are the fountain of hydrogen, stars process hydrogen to live. 
Still now evolution of the Cosmos is changing by new perspectives, especially when witnessing 7 billion light years away 5 billion light years across nine clusters of galaxies so massive humongous sizes, no one expecting this details when it can contradict all current models of the Universe that was based on so called theoretical principles, yet we can experience much great data in coming years when telescopes and human intellectual capacity might reach to comprehend.

Under subheading “God” in my notes I already mentioned one year ago that God created man in his own image considering or pointing to our brain, it is our complete functional understanding our brain image is like Universe and stars communicate like neurons to each other in low octave sound frequencies waves, sound can travel in the Universe in low octave sound waves scientist can sense all pulses of Black holes and pulsars, Our sun express by its flares our Earth express by its magnetic gravitational variations to other stars and planets.

There are two urbane energies, invisible unknown vigor that reins oversee in intelligence to produce new stars and Galaxies direct atomic order in the Universe. Recycle the matter through Black Holes, expand the Universe, direct all sort of energy fields and keep orderly all data happenings in great details for record, some of these information transferring energy is active and found in human brains, even all rest of animals and insects and living organisms and living atoms. Brain is pondering solving problems the complicated folding might show more across the cerebral cortex, this is the area that is active in mental leaps and in logical conclusions and memory, but in my theory the conscious is located in between the left and right brain inaugural where the Binaural beat brainwave meet in the opening between two brains. I will explain my logical perceptions in other chapters. We excepting or not Dynamic-Energy “Dark-Energy” is dominating our entire Universe by intelligence accuracy, governing 68.3  % of the Cosmos. While there was only dynamic-Energy power decelerating in condense very small realm as tiny Universe. As the moment arrive Dynamic-Energy transformed small portion into intelligent Dynamic-Matter, from that moment on Universe started to accelerating expansion till our days. These two force fields Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) was speed 26.8 % in the Universe, together add up 96% of the universe. In my other theories I am clarifying how atoms and all matters are established by this two forces joining to make the Galaxies and stars 4.9 % plus 3.6 % intergalactic Gas of the Universe total comes 100% of the Universe is from Dynamic-Energy.

Regarding my instinctive or my logical perspectives they are different from everyone I don’t meant that my models are above others it is a just different approach overview, scientist trying many ways to describe the Universe, some are more appropriate than others and always the principle is to demonstrate that logic with merit mathematical bridges regarding the distinctions to connect with other theories though some after mathematical bridges later on in time was rejected. Regarding my perspectives it might be limited, because my knowledge regarding mathematics is limited, so my approach stay only in logical intuitive. I blame no one; some Nations are very supportive to their countryman than others. I grow up in my Armenian community in Lebanon where education was not free. Armenians highly praise their companions if they accomplished great things in life and they passed away by death, before that the individual hardly receive any recognition or support by their friends, in my case I need the mathematical reversal checkup that are missing to support my perspectives that, so unfortunately all you will have the logical perspective if you have the patience to read my perspectives, I am hopeful that some other sophisticated people that can compare my perspectives to their probe group models and something might connect to Physical Universe.
Categories of science, Earth and Space, Sociology, Astronomy, Social Science, Psychology, Geoscience, Life Science, Cellular Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Formal Science, Mathematics, Logical Philosophies’ In hierarchy of science my standpoint is humble last one Science logician; To study our visible Universe also milky way with the rest of subjects such as Solar system, Earth, Living cells, Atoms, Particles also string theories we need all perspectives to compare to analyze, one firm probably can’t take all the focus for conclusive certainty. Comparing Billion years of existence of Universe with our several thousand years of study will not be sufficient for humble intelligent minded scholars.
I respect all people to bring out their perspectives regarding science and unknown Universe, some believe that Universe began by hyper-dimension considering gravitational theory, others add three dimensional boundary marks “point of no return” or four dimensions with their separate event horizons, respectfully my friends, from where black holes came into existence? Especially, when there were no any stars and galaxies to gulp.

Earlier I described that two major components of atoms are. One, from Dark-Energy materialized electromagnetism electrons that are cables that contain unlimited helix spiral coils of energy that also contain life, some helix get separated from coil electrons and go in the space of atom to be joined mixed with the other component inside atoms that are. Second. Dark-Matter invisible cluster bubbles inside bubbles that can expand or condense into proton core that also are unlimited bubbles and they contain life energy. Bothe force field of D.E and D.M in large volume range or disjointed distinct least particle form all think and act in unity as one individual intelligent divinity. Inside atom according to combine each type of energy and volume they form small particle in atoms or neutron bosons or the rest of the group all in balancing harmony to cooperate to form new fusions, this two separated forces don’t need anything else from outside to conclude fusion except exceed temperature and pressure, they can balance the formality process inside the vacuumed atoms. Life that atoms and major components carry is not biological life that we have but different source of force field, after they materialize and our cells collects all component matter to form into human cell process molecules they all together be connected into biological life form, in same principle atoms inside stars and planet individually are other type of biological life forms together as planet and stars they also combined represent other form of living things that is to early for our advancement to compromise.

It was reached by our ancestors that only biological form of life can be existed; now we have evidence about other electric bacteria’s that can be nourished with pure energy, starting two types we know so far, Geobacte and Shewanella, they are so strange some considering them as Alien electric life forms, life forms and life energy existed inside Universe before we did on this planet, everything based on intelligent energy force flow that reached us to make us other form of biological living thing, now probably it might be easy for us to comprehend that atoms also are other forms of living things that can endure living up to 12 billion years.

I have two perspectives; if you like you can skip the religious outlook and go to scientific methodology first. There is perfection and intelligence behind all this glorious Galaxies in the Universe, some believe Science is the one in the initiative position for existence or God. All have the right to express their logic everyone is free to analyze matters according their perceptive, which makes science God. Other indication is if there is God he must create all these Scientific techniques and complex scheming using Science and calculated theories the way scientist operate and act, this second outlook conclusions brings us into God that he created science, moreover both course go to combine into same conclusions God and science are one perfect intelligent force center conclusion, both guidelines indicates to the same suppositions depends by what approach we observing the circumstances. Dr. Einstein said “Science with religion is lame. Religion without science is blind” He also said “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” Gandhi said God has no religion and I complement “God with Science enlightens the perfection” Nicola Tesla said “Misunderstanding are always caused by the abilities of appreciating one another`s point of views” in reality some people might think that are able to describe others, unknowingly sometimes express themselves well-mannered other times impolite. Of course there is difference between religion faith and god, my compliment also goes to Nicola Tesla. In my conception by reconciling God and science we are niftier to grasp the mystery of MISSING MATTER. History is full of turbulence conflict between religion and science. 
After many years of take and give, Theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking realized that intelligence was actually behind the creation of the Universe. I congratulate him for his standpoint.

Sometimes I see attack, anytime if someone mentioned the word God, on the other side I see people that express without any reasoning saying God made everything the good and the bad, until the right knowledge is available to take a stand knowing approving or disapproving existence of Almighty, one thing sure there is great intelligence in Universe by God or any force field intelligence. The Universe that we observing as far were possible till now is just a portion of the complete portion of larger image in the cosmos. If the portion we witnessing is completed by Big Bang in 14 billion years, we might have more material of Galaxies that it need much more time than that to developed, according to calculations perceptive of scientist with 100 billion galaxies in the universe, now scientist still speculate that by big bang was strong enough to force larger space containing 500 billion Galaxies Universe same short time limitation? As I concluded earlier universe is at least 16 billion years older not mentioning that can be 6.500 billion years  or older. Many do not trust "atoms" probably they make up everything but Universe with all its atoms provided all elements for our formation. Regarding viewpoints of some repeated scientist whatever they stressed on certain way of adaptation in theories, people are connected to those thoughts no matter what, I like great genius of our century, Stephen Hawking mentioned “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” though you don’t with the exception of some other viewpoints but it is proper just to go over it for evaluation, probably that will make your perspectives more secure.

Scientist introduced that everything began by a big bang from a spot, no any mathematician could pin point the right singularity point, so there was no any location, did it happened anywhere, then nowhere and now everywhere. Einstein`s E=mc^2 tried to convince that we can’t locate big bang because big bang cooled down that’s why we don’t have a hypothetical point in the Universe, many uninformed theories come and go we have to blame no one but also be always open minded for new prospects, like I believe that electrons are transformed from invisible Dynamic-Energy instantly can be become visible charged into electromagnetism and electrons (e_s) not from positrons E_s that are clumps of electrons. Proportionally equaling to D.E is invisible Dynamic-Matter that can be proton portion cluster bubbles of core inside atoms and also large scale collective bubbles in the center of stars and planets and stars, first portion of D.E as core second portion as large mass of the entire stars, having limited covering as fiery lava on the surface.

Some physicists make the Subject more complex than ever by bringing out holographic principle that universe is a giant hologram not three but two dimensional holograms, calculations are related to assume making more sense mathematically, they brought this perspective by considering a pair of paradoxes concerning black hole so far away that every week scientific evaluations are changed, I can clarify this theory by biting a rock or hitting the rock on my head, it might be very painful hologram, not three nor two but one big annoyance hassle.

To have great attention or popularity we encounter unimaginably new stories we come across. It is  recognize how science gathers facts to proof its standpoint and religion is based only on beliefs, still human brain has limitations to understand everything, to find the mystery of God inside Universe or inside our brain still not been proven with theoretical facts, my perspective is there is a grand force power and intelligent inventiveness that is still going on in the Universe that make Galaxies be existent give, our thoughts give inner transformation similarity to enlighten spiritual mysterious hopes that do not belong to any religions, but to supremacy of Grand creator. It takes humility to except how tiny dust we are comparable to country we live how tiny dust nations are comparable to planet Earth how tiny dust powder solar system is comparable to Milky Way galaxy how tiny dust is our galaxy comparable to the Universe that we can perceive to observable Cosmos, yet we see only certain limited edge of and it and might take 46.5 billion light years to reach there, also it might be that there might be more and more further vast dimensions. Only healthy modest attitude can analyze the enormousness surrounding we have that comparable to it we are nothing with all our wisdom and knowledge. That’s why I favor to call vast energy in the Universe as Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter.

                                                      Cern Large Hadron Collider

I appreciate all the hard work done in 300 feet below ground Hadron collider at Cern large, they been trying to figure out standard model trying to generate stronger and faster powerful collisions of atoms to explode stronger energetic showers to find much smaller particles inside atoms to figure out important figure of the Universe by knowing how it started, I know they will come into a point where energy has no any particles it is pure invisible holly energy with no particles, the effort Cern to find out as how big bang started, I believe there were no any big or small bangs and universe is in existent billions years earlier that they figure it out. Entire Universe and us are immerged in unknown energy that I call it Dynamic Energy other call it Super or Dark-Energy. This force fills all our space and vacuum space, it is anti-vacuumed energy that is everywhere operates beyond standard model it has own symmetrical characteristic that range into any element or particle inside Universe, all atoms are other form of living things they participate collecting from this energy including illusive molecular behavior, we as biological living things share our characteristic that show on our face or eyes and in our fingerprints by directive of DNA that originate its energy behavior from this invisible Dynamic-Energy, another supportive force that Universe link is invisible Dynamic-Matter, particles inside atoms are made of small invisible portions of Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter.

According to discoveries that science introduced so far is complex knot that contradicts itself. Many names have been given into atom individual particles, so far standard Model explains all the veracity of atoms as all particles can decay some faster than the others such as B meson can in friction of nanosecond, hopefully particles will reach into a point that is my perspective where all particles don’t decay because, they will reach into a point that particle will reach into a smallest portion that is not particle but energy like nuclear energy force, where they will return into their original energy formula form, electrons as invisible Dark-Energy and protons as invisible Dark-matter, so far according to standard model cannot explain all the features of the Universe in theory of everything. Scientist with Higgs Boson are describing, there are six quarks inside an atom (up down charm strange top bottom) also there are six Leptons (Electrons muons tau and their corresponding neutrinos, some particles have carry force (gluons photons Z and W bosons and the higgs boson, regarding the meson energy down quark and a bottom antiquark that can decay in 0.0015 nanoseconds. In my perspective atoms are combinations from two force fields Invisible Dark-Energy and invisible Dark-matter atoms, any calculated portions from each force combining to the other complete a new particle as soon they are released out of an atom by slump detonation those particles decay into their originality state, I believe  Dark-Energy and Matter never decay.
CERN large Hadron Collider trying to bring out facts by breaking down the elements to see what is holding them together to figure out building block of atoms, in other posts I described great numbers of invisible particles as helixes contained inside each electrons that are portion energy form from Dark-Energy spinning around great numbers of cluster invisible Dark-matter as core of the atom, separating portion energy helix from electrons combining with individual or cluster of invisible proton particles form together other new particles inside atoms that change their level by fusion to transform into other elements, atoms think and figure many sort of characteristics during their 12 billion years of lifetimes. In my post “Atoms are other forms of living things” I described two forces that are combination inside atoms Dark-Matter and Energy contain life energy force intelligence, all mental capacities that we own are from this basic two energies including our consciousness, individual atoms contain all intelligence we have plus atoms can transform from one level of hydrogen characteristic into other levels of temperaments as we see in periodical chart, it might be very strange when atoms are smashed inside CERN large Hadron Collider beside individual block particles atoms release electrical sparks that contain emotions thoughts feelings life energy, probably some observers might get in touch into this energy stimuli incentives that can bring some people into hallucination or apparitions it might bring into connection between human consciousness and atomic way of thinking that might look scary that’s why we have to be Con-CERN-ed  about operation of CERN large Hadron Collider as culprit, all this capacities show Aliens we were suspecting are nothing but atoms that are living things, it surprises me that also some considering this sort of communication with colliding atoms emotions considering or resembling them into action of Hindu gods, Sheva “Destructive energy” Vishnu “Preserver energy” Brahma “recreational force”, all this with three pair of arms goddess. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hoping mentioned that CERN Large Hadron collider could cause great danger to our planet. In my perspectives I believe that smashing atoms is a crime killing other forms of intelligent living things, Cern Large Hadron collider can`t trigger Big bang that never ever happened and it never will happen, energy that atoms contains are extraterrestrial supernatural intelligence of creation and they don’t operate randomly uncontrollable outbursts, we as humans obtain intelligence from same source of Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-matter.

Atoms are very complex terrestrial forms that can communicate in tone reaction by high and low octave sound code reaction atoms function in very complex form, but still some will try to smashing them into tiniest pieces to study their formation ignoring that most major energy portions of atoms are invisible force of Energy and invisible Matter. In the beginning LHC test were very limited superconducting punches, then they went into 6.5 Tev or MJ, than is the energy in each beam of a single proton when they punch each other almost range of speed of light, by two counter-circulating force that releases beams, that for me it is not single but clusters of bubbles of Dark-Matter, forceful punches atoms against each other release energy from protons electrons as partons quarks gluons and no one can describe how they look while in active utility inside atoms, only they sense the expurgated particles, during time LHC became upgraded accelerated from 450 Gev to 7 Tev, now they going to try 40 Tev by sending in speed multiple bunches of atoms that each one 115 billion protons inside each bunch, bunches up to 2808 bunch collision rate of 40 MHz, inside collider are used 96 tones of superfluid helium holding magnets that contain copper-clad niobium-titanium, bunch crossing intervals of 75ns that in collision it can release light of LHC reach 10 34 cm 34 cm-2 s -1 [37] also they ar planning to upgrade this heat and luminosity to higher levels that that can melt tone of copper in no time. It looks so strange when many are afraid of something worst might happen as starting a black hole or opening a gate to parallel Universes. Studying atoms I realize that each atom contains intelligence of two forces Dark-Energy and Matter, they contain life energy plus all other physiognomies temperament that we as humans can possess, same with insects other animals and other living things, they borrow their dispositions from atoms, in my perspectives Angels are as tiny as atoms they communicate with us with mental stimuli sparks flow to express themselves the way all atoms planets stars and galaxies communicate as entire living form cosmos by Universal language. WLHC will never have the capacity to start a black hole or opening gates to parallel universes, unusual images that some experienced while working nearby LHC is the painful stress that atoms are releasing during bunch crossing intervals and collision that are released by beams that are multiple stimuli sparks of emotions released from atoms.

1) By Religious perspective.

My goal is to reconcile God and science significant use the name God or any symbol representing existing ideology force that created or started everything. I don’t represent any religion, but personally respect a Creator and I don’t like to impose any beliefs on anyone, this is my viewpoints like to share it with you.

My intention is to bring into reconciliation God and science; I did not say “religion and science” because for foundation it is impossible to bring religion`s together with each other, to take the second step to reconcile with science.

I will not give time to reconcile religions with other religions that never can happen and never trying to reconcile religions with the God that they worship, for centuries and now they been trying to worship their God all the time without obeying Gods commands and guidance’s. Self-praising, making wealth and seeking authority ruler ship is not leaving room to be involve with anything else.

Let’s use reasoning logic, considering an atom how it formed? It is a miracle; developing stars at the same time in the Universe is superior miracle. Considering that everything started to exist in that Universe by a big bang starting from particle sand volume energy force producing all-stars galaxies with intelligence wisdom guided in mathematical intelligence, still people don’t accept to recognize that it takes supernatural energy to form all this, considering similarity with the example story, when a person digging deep in the soil found a Swiss watch in soil for thousand years deep in the ground still was working, he figure out that some layers of metals in certain temperature shaped by themselves, metals combined to definite forms with glass make the band that on both sides, by themselves the parts joined to form the watch, that’s exactly some conclude entire existence of Universe, everything came by itself, wisdom intelligence time Energy Matter and all multiple principle theories that govern the Universe they completed like the Swiss watch. Missing matter developed by itself.

Of course it needs great maturity to grasp the mystery of the missing matter.
God is not a person like us he have thinking ability and controls the entire Universe to move around is an invisible being a force field proficient to create but he is not made of matter but able to produce all sort of energy fields also not effected by any energy forms, time has no effect on him always been existed he made arrangement to set global order in creation, we have evidence in orderly establish by forces around us, gravity, electromagnetism, matter, life and many variety of energy forces, guiding systems of intelligence and perfection. So many years we are living on Earth still we don’t have full facts ongoing procedures of Earth’s bulk composition to determined it 1s interaction dynamic interior, after knowing that we will start to understand rest of the planets, Stars in the Universe.
It is very familiar word of great explosion Hoyle`s Big Bang, we are talking about pure energy center location and there is no any mass matter or substances, the question is what are you discharging or exploding as big bang theory? No any matter yet to be stimulated to any direction in the Universe!

I will introduce to you my theory Big-Inning spreading`s, Definition of inning is putting or getting in, gerund of inning, to get in Instead of Big bang there was Big-Inning that happened in age of re-ionization still is not available answers about two concepts that is not understood “Time and Infinity” in my methodology I am hosting logical concept what was before Big Bang or big bounce. 

Instead as considered today two energy forms needed to develop Matter, has nothing to do with baryonic matter.
According to scientist primordial soup occurred just after Big bang by shattering many body of matter and elements and their releases particles collectively combine into galaxies, in my perspective there was no any substance matter particles before Big bang showers to begin with, only intelligent energy existed and nothing else. E = Mc2 could not transform matter into energy when there was none, in the beginning energy formed into matter in my conclusion Universe formed  spontaneously by Dark-Energy transforming portion into Dark-Matter.

Instead as considered today two energy forms needed to develop Matter, has nothing to do with baryonic matter. According to scientist primordial soup occurred just after Big bang by shattering many body of matter and elements and their releases particles collectively combine into galaxies, in my perspective there was no any substance matter particles before Big bang showers to begin with, only intelligent energy existed and nothing else. E = Mc2 could not transform matter into energy when there was none, in the beginning energy formed into matter.

Scientist reputedly stay with the idea that in split of second from a center point all matter raised and traveled million times faster than speed of light at big bang to inflation, yet saying that there is nothing faster than light we know, if we are looking into theory of everything probably we should rule out some models from Theory of everything, in my perspectives microwaves sound vibrations in cosmos is the quantum mechanics effect of united sound frequency tone in one dimensional energy, but they can change phases into directing 4 fundamental forces inside the Universe, General relativity that decide new locations for mass to be directed and we call it gravity, Strong-force and Weak-force also is generated by directives of certain code frequency directives, Main component of this force we know is electromagnetism that is released by transformation of Dark-Energy into electromagnetism, remaining other realms and objects in Cosmos such as black holes and other objects are formed by balanced and unbalanced variation of two energy fields Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter. In my limited capability leading contenders version conclusion is explained how theory of everything resolves. 

In my conclusions there was only one Dynamic-energy field in out there somewhere before Universe existed, as soon portion of Dynamic-Energy start to prepare into transforming to Dynamic-Matter all of a sudden inflate in energy speed billions of times faster than speed of light still there are no any elements yet, because atoms cannot travel that fast as described in Big bang that I represent to you as Big-inning expansion space of two energy forms of D.E and D.M, in this time did reach present temperature equilibrium release that is same till now. As soon two form of energy reach vast distances, seams together combining forces developed stars by which develop hydrogen atoms as I describing in my other topic “Our Sun” developing as local groups and clusters to form Galaxies, after explosion of stars as Supernova forming all sort of material to be collected to form planets and moons, also habitat needs of elements to form building blocks amino acids, after all variety of Matter was developed stars were formed the speed of elements slow down to modern Universal inflating promptness in the entire Universe, so whatever you call it first second of existence of Dark-Matter stars did not developed right away probably after over hundred years or billions years later stars started to be developed by combination of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, every time flow of electromagnetism went into large bubbles of Dark Matter it spins inside combining pulsar inside the large cloud and heartbeat of star started to beep.

Ideas of experimental physics are collected till now but we still have to learn a lot, low of physics are here, from where they came from? Fundamental energy are here with great precision by detailed properties, there should have an origin of starting point, in reality it is too complex for us to absorb the knowledge but they are available for the individual who have bigger ears, Heart and logic for a start. Just looking at one of the Galaxies
If we take into consideration Sombrero spiral Galaxy that is 50.000 light years across and 28 million light years from Earth, I see by limitation potentials of men is intolerable, but with Gods eternal aptitude is simple as that tiny portion from the great image of the Universe. We all know light can travel about 671 miles per hour or 6 trillion miles per year, considering entire Universe from 100 to two hundred billion galaxies, now they are configuring 500 billions of Galaxies,  let’s not forget very far away Sloan great wall galaxies that are spreader 1.4 billion light years in diameter in reality this is not the greatest also there is Cosmic Conundrum that range 10 billion light-years in diameter, the question is they also are included in this so called big bang theory? This great distances big volume can never be evolved with this imaginary Big bang.

Long time ago humanity adapted Newton’s constant supposition that also evolve Universal gravitational constant 6.675x10-11N. (m/kg)2  gravitational forces between two bodies, then we realize that gravitational field by Isaac Newton’s law of Universal gravitation, then we noticed gravity forces also exist between body and invisible fields, gravity forces exist also when there are no Dimensional units to consider their lengths or mass, there was no other choice it was necessary to considered other form “small g” as gravitational on Earth’s surface that don’t apply for Universe. I believe that entire Universe is a large area of sound wavelength event horizon holographic principle that evolves entire Universe as a big Ocean, it has nothing to do with first second third law, it is only close by zeroth law, it have nothing to do with thermodynamics but only sound tone frequency enigmatic lurk that control all movements of all mass to gravitational constant and also in accelerations, some of this values slightly can involve by the plank constant that proportionality constant, in this situation energy cooperate with electromagnetic waves and sound frequency linked with Dark-Matter invisible bubbles sound tone  directives that entangle mass with quantum flow, scientist calculation only based with C speed of light 299.92458 meter per second, that is only energy flow we can sense but there are so many other forces that might travel billion times faster than light, all activity formations of ions and stones inside mantle that is explained by Boltzmann constant relating energy particle level, all energy is divided by covalent bonding sound tone directives that is released communicative wave dimensions through atom sounds to divide energy and temperatures principles. Major two forces that are no any matter D.M and D.E take the form of atom matter by spinning portion of energy from electron over portion of energy Dark-Matter invisible bubble clusters to complete an element. There is nothing in Universe that is based on entropy or disorder, thermodynamic-ally reversible process is done by directives from D.E and D.M all function and state function as concludes when matter is disseminated into its original form.

In the beginning of development earliest moments of stars there was no any supernova explosions dust particles yet so there was no any ionization yet in my perspective stars form heat after they combine to be go into rapid inflation phase releasing microwave glow by Dark Energy and Dark Matter, approximate life span of stars after big Inning during straight traveling light beams can be seen some lights are polarized about  3 hundred thousand years after the coexistence of Universe, we all know stars` life span is about over 4 billion years, entire Universe first started to be filled Dark Energy giving space to Dark Energy bubbles to lay down all over Universe as cornerstones of matter in the interim entire Universe plunged in Dark Energy quantum energy force field that resistor enlargement or contraction of galaxies and stars this force field is noticeable everywhere also over our planet by inertia misunderstood gears that can balance all spin directives of planets and flow of galaxies, some scientist focus on E-Mode or “Electric” others conclude power from B-mode that is “magnetism” others come to other conclusions that I call them clusters of Dark Matter bubble forms, that also many except that there are Dark Matter spreads in certain spots in the Universe, microwave background or CMB was interrupt by foreign waves that vibrated sending lights to other directions for lights to polarize, we cans experience in the Background of our Universe an quantum energy field that effects to the flows of stars galaxies and movements of all other objects as inertia, it`s true gravity magnetism has certain effects but any object receive a pull over directive in our Universe unseen force inertia continues its direction energy also make more rapid inflation phase to the object as the mass or more weight exceeds universal quantum energy give more dynamic speed to the mass of atoms that are also surrounded by other unnoticeable electromagnetism's that make it spin either to right or left rotations depends what was the regularity of its course, inertia makes it to continue. All objects matter is under supervision regularity principles by unusual inclination.
I am not graduated physicist, modern science handed me a surprising box in it found many fundamental flows in current models as theories, after consuming some found hard to digest “BIG BANG” with some dressings “Nothing travels faster than light” yet created mass matter elements traveled during Big bang 60 Billion in speed of light years? Still I have many other surprises in this “thought” box to digest by logical sense. Scientist are trying to identify Dark energy and Dark matter inside the large pot of soup, in this mas with all sort of gravitational forces trying to analyze their questions. In my blogs, I explained what is Dark matter? By the nature of what they do, by revolving with Dark energy combine into single hydrogen atom, without importing any particles from outside how electron helix's can separated to divide and some penetrate inside hydrogen space realm to be connected with some of invisible Dark energy proton clusters to form nucleus, in same also forming other particles until numbers grow in new particles composing fusion preparing all elements in periodical table numbers of atoms without importing anything from outside. In my Blogs you will find same principle how stars are planets are formed.

Some Physicists communities declare Universe comprises 27% of Dark-Matter, 5% normal mater as stars and galaxies will be left 68% Dark-Energy. They still looking by WIMPS, It is logical to admit that that Dark-Matter like Dark-Energy is invisible not are seen, all agree that Dark-Matter that create gravity also control spinning galaxies except in my perspective Dark-Matter releases sound frequency tone wavelengths to invite all surrounding mass to be connected into Universal wide-ranging energy field Ocean directives from sound frequency sound tone wavelengths to be connected into Universal quantum flow time zone field. Cooperatively, two major forces that exist inside Cosmos, that I like to title them invisible Dynamic-Energy and Invisible Dynamic-Matter control everything, this force is in so grand scale and powerful that their title should also be grand designating award, this two forces and matter first start to forming new hydrogen atoms collectively forming stars planets moons and Galaxies. Grand force of the Universe exists covering entire Universe. Astronomers name them Dark Matter and Dark Energy, till now many were discerning that Dark Matter that is inside galaxies holding into each other, in reality there is no visible matter that can grasp into each other to upswing as Universal objects holding each other, galaxies are not flying apart nor the stars inside the Galaxies bonding each other in their appropriate orbit forms. Repeatedly I mentioned my belief that entire Universe is immersed inside space-time field of quantum energy that is in rheostat of Dynamic-Energy in Grand fabric of space-time. Dynamic-Matter releases sound frequencies from atoms planets galaxies influencing the orbit of every matter esoteric open range field directing elements to be connected into the field of fabric of Space-time to be relocated, entire Universe is one body holding all collections of Matter inside Cosmos. The force field that I mentioning is invisible let’s say Quantum particles but really they are portions of that energy force realm that control all elements so called forces gravitational movement or journey in space to idealized springs or harmonic oscillators that are attached each other inside zone field of the entire Universe, they have nothing to do with Galactic-scale electric field nor negative or positive charges. Electrostatic forces are different than opposite charge distributions, gravitational connection into quantum zone fabric field is totally different sort of bond periphery revitalizing propel gravitational electrode field charges. Unknown energy specimen relating force surrounds all galaxies and penetrates into each atoms core hooked on quantum flow gear communicate with Dynamic-Matter atomic cores to bind all matter elements within spec time. From side to side in vacuumed Universe all object move or fall in same speed directive command either it is thousand tone of solid iron or 1 gram of feather they together obey same directives from sound frequency sound tone wavelengths to be connected into Universal quantum flow time zone field.

Stories of the Bible initiate historical events; I will prove that similarities exist the way it happened, by events already happened long time ago in the Universe before in the beginning existed force field that had no starting point a Dynamic-Energy that is aware of everything and capable to create anything before it is everlasting, That is why we call God, he is a living being, invisible not materialized pure energy and because he is not made of matter can`t be the cornerstone of the Universe, at that unknown time period there were no elements stars or Galaxies in the Universe.


According to scientist physics standard Models, age of the Universe was estimated about 13.82 billion years old all energy field in Universe confusing unclear environments that scientist want to see through the effect of forming new stars all the dust and radio waves in our milky way and we are looking through all this effects permitting, cosmic microwave background can give better results by (CMB) but still universe is filled by other unknown energy field that we are not familiar to it and might give other temperature fluctuations. In my perspective Universe is about 16 billion years old.

Microwave and other radiations existed for 14 billion of years intelligent people found it out last century or so still looking out to find more about communicative fields that still have to be discovered still they exist, gravitational waves are connected to entire mass of cosmos same with expanding exponentially expanding of the Universe as eternal inflation, all cosmic background might be sound frequency codes released from entire mass of all planetary or star form atoms in all galaxies releasing coded directives to be combined to whole body force field of Cosmos, in grand incalculable number of code wave sound tone frequencies that we figure it as cosmic microwave background, they might have characteristic patterns in different density waves that are multiple other groups of codes with sound waves to direct all traffic-able course of all matter inside the Universe.

In logical opinion Dark-Matter is invisible bubble clusters as dense they get than mass get tighter, regular standard form is 15 times dense than lead but it can be expended to thin nothingness or go compressed that lead thousand time, in condensed form it has liquid procedure it is non-biological living energetic thing, scientist are trying many experiments by WIMP bouncing off an atomic nucleus of xenon still not ordinary Dark-Matter that is invisible also impenetrable and same time can pass through solid metal from side to side all other elements resembling wind, all interactive massive particles contain balanced forms of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy. I wonder what the scientist find when it is invisible and can react inversely because it is other form of living thing so no theoretical models can apply on these Matter in any models Dark-Matter nor Dark-Energy both invisible forces with all experiments they can defined by leaving background radiation or nothing at all, can be impassable if it reacts to be compressed because these two are supernatural actualities.

I have mentioned many times that Universe resembles into a large electronic membrane (brain) connected by low and high octave frequency quantum forces, today modern discoveries about Gods particle is not a particle but a relationship between energy fields invisible so called God has no matter mass and invisible boundary has no boundary at all, still so called unreasonable big bang introduced from singularity but grand Universe Dark-Energy can`t be retained in boundary event horizon has no limitations for this grand power in Universe so the latest theory about 4 dimensional black hole takes us nowhere for conclusion also standard physics cannot mark any sense nor the “Braneworld” three dimensional Universe and cosmic inflation. There is a grand intelligent originator that co-existing with his work for billions of years we as humans in short lifetime history that cannot handle ourselves in courtesy to help other being with our limited intelligence for several thousand years, we can`t compete with the grand creator that is apparent with his work in the entire Universe.

All atoms are empty space having in their center invisible bubble clusters of protons that are Dark Matter this based as pillar of creation, after electrons grab this position over empty space of the core to spin over, atom are created. Cornerstone of all individual atoms, core of all planets stars and other spherical forms of mass their center is made of invisible Dark-matter. Main pillar of Universe is Dark-Matter that is produced by invisible Dynamic Energy, this two energies joining together form matter, though both are pure energy and have no any matter form.
So about 16 billion years ago similar action took place the way it happened on Earth. About 6 thousand years ago in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:7 < Almighty collected (amino acids) from the dust soil in the ground and shape to form a human being Adam, blow to his nostrils oxygen so he can inhale and breath in and exhale (carbon dioxide), man became a living soul > he did not have extra soul energy field, he as complete became a living soul, if you take his eyes out and make him blind, there is no other supernatural soul inside him another being to inform Adam to see, or if he became deaf nothing will inform him happenings around Adam.
For example a car has a device to operate as siren but it has to receive electric current to activate, same principle humans have a brain but it needs electrical pulses to activate, electrical current cannot function as a horn or eye or heart they have to come together as body and energy to activate, same principle man can have a body but need energy to act, individually energy cannot function as a man. First man Adam became a complete being, he became a living soul. I will also connect second story happened in Genesis 2:2 the way I understood” Almighty made full deep sleep fall on man; he took one of his ribs and then close up the wounds. And almighty proceeded to build to build the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman and bring her to the man” (Ribs are the only sections in humans that can grow in human.

Every atom contains two powerful energy that has intelligence life in invisible form, this two forces can be materialized any moment, they are not under any theoretical order because they dominate over theories, one energy cluster of electron that is Dynamic energy it contains multi number of individual helixes and work as electron spinning around proton, same manner on invisible proton contains multi number of bubbles that can dense or expand in supernatural scope that can contain tremendous knowledge to direct atoms DNA and everything we see in Nature and the Universe, this two forces have the capability to inform humans why and how they created and why the Universe existed to show the capacity of Grant creator, as a proof the Universe and our existence declare something important, that’s why the bible mentions in the book of Psalms 19:1 “The heavens are declaring the glory of God; The skies proclaim the work of his hands”

human body) Almighty will restore the used energy back.

In my article “SUN” I explained how stars are formed when “Cosmological constant” negative pressure Dark-Energy went through large bubble of “weakly interacting massive particles” when the beginning time came, Dark-Matter like similar example to blow oxygen through Adams nostrils. Negative force electromagnetism start to spin inside large bubble WIMPs like a pulsar generating hydrogen, that’s how a star was born. By the way I don’t call Dart-Matter particles because they are invisible life form bubbles can be condensed into unregistered high form of density or disseminated. Before any beginning expansion of life that was crammed together portion of that energy transformed into Dark-Matter and most part remained as Dark-Energy that produces all matter in the Universe and still is expending with “Entropy” or Arrow of time range life can manage to control of gravity in Wave function realm, all connection distribution of gravity is arranged by sound codes wave frequencies in the entire Universe.

In Scientific methodology. Reconciling GOD with SCIENCE.
The Universe we know till now. Billion stars in our own Galaxies, also having 100 Billion Galaxies far away. Universe might be even 100 times larger than we think it is, that we can`t penetrate. There is intelligence wherever we look at in the Cosmos.

Let`s go to similarity happenings in the Universe about 16 billion years ago, by the way in heaven there are no males or females, all are supernatural energy force fields. As I described earlier only existing force field was Dynamic-Energy that has intelligence (scientist call it Dark-Energy) that exist 74% at that time there was no Universe the way we can experience today because invisible God as Dynamic-Energy don’t need greater space the way we know today. So God this mighty Energy did only one and only creation. Using portion of Dynamic-Energy like a portion of his invisible rib bone transferred that force field into another force field that can take shape of Matter and basics for all matter, that new creation was Dynamic-Matter that also have intelligence (scientist call it Dark-Matter) 22% of the Universe, 3.6 intergalactic Gas and 0.4 % stars and planets ext. all this action take only less than a second developing
elements stars and Galaxies, all the center part is made of Dark-Matter core. Then after a long time, after explosions of super nova’s planets and moons form that also have D.M core. (I have a subject about how planets form in this blogs) Dark-Matter being a core can attract by gravity all particles and debris remainders from super nova explosions and form into planets and moons. Planets do not split, because Dark-Matter core continuously retain all Matter attached to the adjacent sphere range. Only obliteration s may occur like with the stars Supernova. Still core Dark-Matter rests and Dark-Energy spins as Pulsar. So how did universe get its stars? By combination of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter living forces.    

Atoms are made from two forms of energy. First by invisible Dynamic-Energy the work as electromagnetism and electron, Second by Invisible Dynamic-Matter that forms cores of atoms as proton clusters of bubbles. In reality atoms have on mass and hardness to feel until this two form of energy join, electrons spin over space of protons to produce solid form of matter. According my perceptive energy has no begging as ample energy but energy can change transform from and position to other form, first stage is energy then can form into matter stay in that position till evolves or transforms into other form, hydrogen atom do this trick by fusion keeping atoms alive for about 12 billion years then energy returns into its two original invisible form.

Dark-Matter is also a living form has a personality; Dark-Energy is the power of constants of Universe. Before the beginning all energy was crammed together in small space location, because God is life and everything he creates have some form of life, this new matter beside D.E was going to be the cornerstone of the universe and also the cornerstone of all elements that will be D.M. This new matter needed space at that moment space also created and started to expend and continuing to expend till our days. Having nothing to do with "Big Crunch" or " Big Freeze" following "Big Rip" some scientist bring another theory calling "Phase change" This model explain that early Universe was liquid water, later it freeze crystallized to four dimensional space-time analogous to ice as you see this is only another theory like Big bang theory, in reality everything was planned in order, in the beginning God that already existed eternally created at a certain time Dark-Matter that are huge bubbles larger ones are bigger than diameter of our Sun Billion times larger they are collected bubble clusters to contain smaller Dark-matter bubbles contain smaller and smaller cluster bubbles like caviar in each smaller grain also exist cluster of bubbles similar look like pomegranates they can be downgrades smaller to reach sizes of proton cluster of bubbles to fit inside atom to be the cornerstone of elements, those atoms will serve as the cell of our body because they are the cells of entire Universal force field construction. In my Kaprielian Krikor perspective till it becomes a theory or viewpoint am explaining D.E+D.M=Hydrogen. Galaxies are made Combined D.E and D.M are 4, 9 % of the Universe.
I will not surprise when scientist expect to see a demonstration beyond reasonable doubt by math equations and conclusions, they also forget that by logic ancient Greeks discovered atoms by logical sense without mathematical equations, you have the right to call my approach hypothesis or logic or something else. Intelligence in Universe exists and whatever insight scientist has comparable to cosmos is almost nothing. Still some scientist searching for Gods particle with Higgs Boson inside atoms, by logical sense atom pattern show perfection of Gods pattern inside entire Universe we see order and perfection power and great intelligence further than our understanding.

Dark Matter have intelligence to direct into composing super symmetric capabilities to form joining with electron helix into new particles inside atoms also is capable by low octave sound frequency waves vibrations to command always active in developing to super symmetric particles inside atoms and into surrounding in principles of covalent bonds, new physics we know trying hard to collect information in standard model to explain new physics, that will stay new for time being. All equations that describe shattering atoms make more close to understanding that the word decay is the process sending particles into their original form Energy-Matter, D.E and D.M. Our Universe contains two intelligent minds as force field, D.E and D.M like a brain that have their own consciousnesses but think as one mind, same in our brain two parts and work as one.

From Greek word Mass was considered under name (Maza) that meaning barley cake or lump of dough, in physics science use this word explain plank mass gravitational mass solar or planetary mass Quantum inertial that vs gravitational mass, some consider as “Rest” Mass regarding all characteristic mass of matter substances in physics, then also consider “Relativistic Mass” Energy also have mass as consideration of E=mcin my perspective Mass of Dark Matter is “invisible” mass that can vary expand or shrink and only it resolves by combining with Dark Energy surrounding to form atoms as I explained in other sections, so how can anyone measure a mass that changes volume and has no any shape unless by sound frequency it can be connected to Universal quantum field to travel in time and position to register gravitational, in my calculation origin of mass before getting into Relativistic mass while still invisible, after coming together to combine D.E as electron to spins around D.M protons to form an atom. In my other post “Gravity I already explained that gravitational mass is connection by sound frequency waves between atoms and Universal Quantum field of inertia that also can be connected into time.

I already explain in article Anti Matter that atoms are the same look in Matter and Anti-Matter.
In my perspective matter and anti-matter have the same mass almost identical, both are combination of D.E and D.M their magnetite in charge because proton and electrons have balancing the outcome only difference is electron cables are spinning in opposite direction than matter elements major gravity dominating charge is from protons that are Dark-Matter if complete form of Matter and anti-matter meet they annihilate each other, if they instantaneously can destroy each other how come scientist believe that Big bang explosion started by Matter anti Matter mixes Bang  when no any matter exist what is exploding? Invisible Dark-Energy that contains no mass volume. It is invisible and has no body of elements to exploit since there were no any Atoms created yet, I believe that up to major gear changes that atoms transform into anti-matter is guidance by Universal sound command and sub-atomic particles transform into opposite mechanism thou in same quantity mass of D.E and D.M completing new subatomic particles.

All scattered hydrogen fog in the universe is done by Super Nova detonations and until the time that fog in Universe to clear up; it needs more than 14 billion years.

By religious perspective.  Reconciling with Science

All atoms contain protons that are Dark-Matter and all atoms contain electrons that are force field of Dark-Energy Dynamic-Energy is portion energy of Almighty, Dark-Matter protons are portion energy of Cornerstone in the Universe Jesus Christ as the engineer of all matter that exist, by this principles all planets and stars and galaxies are formed. As soon Dark-Matter created in Universal explanation Electromagnetism that is moving force of Dynamic-Energy went into bubble of Dark-matter, separated some portion as core and spin inside under the crust of Dark-Matter to form a star. I have described in title how hydrogen is formed also how stars and planets are formed. All planets and stars have Dark-Matter core in the center. UFO is small portion of Dark-Matter, sometimes combined with Dark-Energy that go in and out showing light effects, make it look bright or dark. It don`t contain aliens.
Almighty gave the privilege to engineer creation of Matter in the universe like stars planets Galaxies and so on, also creating one billion angels, when the time came to create Men God said let`s create man in our image, not invisible but referring that men should have same qualities like God, like power, Love, wisdom and Justice, but that manner later was disturbed by heavenly angel, in another chapter subheading “Angel” I am revealing this complex issues. There is comprehensive intelligence in the Universe and id alive, comprises Dynamic-Energy intelligence and Dynamic-Matter acumen. It has nothing to do with the dynamic duel in Batman.

In my viewpoint if I consider science all atoms are made by two forces, later parallel with two numbers in the bible major consideration is given to two forms of intelligence to enquire, this figuratively in symbolic view was given to the high priest old Israel, in Leviticus 7:8 the high priest placed the breast piece the “U`rim and the Thum`mim” Eleazar the high priest to enquire in his behalf by the judgment of the U`rim and Thum`mime in front of ancient nation of Israel assembly as was mentioned in the book of Number 27:21 to reconcile with science inside atom in my perspective there is two representative intelligence force fields Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter everything completes only by this two forces comprehensive atom Protons are cluster of bubbles detached intelligent force from of Dark-Matter bubbles, electrons are from invisible Dark-Energy that later form into electromagnetism then into unknown big number of helix neutrinos to complete one electron. Humans except or not this two enquiries are in authority to judge and decide. People might oppose that until they die living about 100 years but authority remains in nature and in the Universe forever.

Let`s imagine if several thousand years ago God explained people about Atoms electrons it was going to be stumbling for nations, Almighty made known by his representatives about symbolic phrases about atoms and electrons, because they were truth by scientific means but people were not ready to grasp it, in Ezekiel chapter 10: starting verses 9 continues, Wheels that glow like chrysalides (Catalysts color of electrons sparks)…just as when a wheel proves to be in the midst of the wheel.. They could go any direction…10:12 “And all their flesh and their backs (hard surface to not to be break down) and their hands (Bonding) and their wings (traveling possibilities of electron helix) and their wheels (spinning capacity) were full of eyes all around, it was called out to me “O wheelwork!” Electron cables can see and register information this stimulus is a process in human and all living cells.

Universal language releases humming sound, in low octave sound frequencies, one section coming from Dark-Matter. The second section coming from Dark-Energy they both come and reach into our brain that look like the Universe, yes human neural network is very similar to Universal network. right brain is highly sensitive to the sound coming from Dark-Matter and left brain is sensitive to Dark-Energy, both get into our brain from left and right ears these sounds will be called binaural beats low octave sound frequencies that will enter into human right side ears into the human brain, this coordination works in all living animals and insects also in atoms, protons receive beats from Dark-Matter field from Universe and electrons receive sound beat orders from Dark-Energy. This two variety of sound travel all around and in these Universe continuously, human brain detect this two concept together, if they receive and use it properly with humility they will have clean sensitive consciousness they will act lovingly to produce good kind of symbolic fruits of the spirit like love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Faith, Kindness, Self-Control, Consciousness, Sweetness, Long suffering, Faith, Mildness. Human conscious need to be complete by neurons center to collect all data sparks flowing through synapses of human cannot operate unless the cells are active, all details of information travels in the brain and outside the body and return are stimuli that are released from electrons that are wheels inside wheels have all eyes around them, that means that they can see in great measure capacity all directions seeing inside human cells and molecules and transport information to human conscious and sub-conscious centers. Humans have to obey the d
 directives coming through Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter Binaural beats, not rebel against it. Of course good or bad people will act without even noticing it, but their reaction will show in their personality character.
As I described in the Bible Gods organization that are atoms symbolized circles in circles spinning having all outnumber eyes watching recording everything even emotions sound and temperatures and informing by sound frequency wave vibration to the entire invisible force field of the Universe that is Dynamic-Energy. Gods organization and the principle in all matter elements is based on electrons helix cables spinning around circles as wheels inside wheels, electrons carry force energy different than electricity flashes that register information like they can see surrounded by eyes the way process going inside our brain, those flashes carry information’s through synapses to other locations all impulses of emotions, pictures, feelings, even keep like library or computer impute and transmit later with neurotransmitters qualifications, everything humans sense and feel always can be registered by electrons with complete atom keeping 12 billion years that is elements lifetime and later when atom dismantle electron helix neurons transfer the complete details to Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, in my conclusion ATOMS are living forms and they are portions of Gods organization. In my notes you will find my other theories, what is UFO, No chemical reaction but tone reaction, about religion. And many other logical explanation that I have received by alert dream in 1992 in Pasadena California.

In Scientific methodology. 

 For many years we expected that out of nothing can`t produce something, the during time science explained that strange virtual particles that are not seen by us can combine into new existence of matter, sometimes squeezing of certain particles can produce a mass, still our sophisticated tools cant penetrate to explain nothingness, as we go deeper into squint of nothingness, that doesn’t meant everything to grasp inside nothingness with our modern tools, also it don’t conclude that there are, unexplained fluctuation can be existence in nothingness as pure energy without any virtual particles, some might consider as paradoxical absurdities or philosophical theories, no matter how deep we go one thing for sure by logical conclusion from nothing came out something that existed, there was nothing now we have something, material existence of the Universe with great volume of supernatural forces of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter that contains knowledge wisdom power love and life force. Many call this Energy “GOD ALMIGHTY”

Dark-Matter has intelligence capabilities can pull to him everything as gravity all its surrounding or in any moment can disconnect separate itself all quality of its gravity to non-existence. So Dark-Matter is pile of proton cluster gadgets in the center of atoms operating as protons, individual kernels of protons can join to individual helix coming from cable of electrons to make other particles in atoms, in great volume Dark-Matter bubbles serves as core of every planet and moon and Stars, larger bubbles of Dark-Matter can control all galaxies, and Black Hole is a dismantling process of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy process, every part of existing matter contains different size of volume Dark-Matter. All the stars and the moons and the planets communicate with Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy, although space is totally vacuum but sound frequencies travels by electromagnetic vibrations, Cosmos is not limited, all galaxies are in perfect order by Universal sound memory patterns on electrons. Men can hear only 20-20.000 cycles per second range of human hearing,

By Religious perspective. With Science

Regarding Jesus previously was said about his future privileges and fame. Matt 21:42 "The stone that the builders rejected is the one that has become the chief cornerstone. Time is interminable for Almighty who is invisible to human eyes, he is in control over all times, it is not limited the way we cope with time. In the heaven there are no feminine or masculine divisions all are supernatural types of angel’s, representatives of all matter Dynamic-Matter (Dark-Matter) Jesus, and coexisting of everything to be the greatest force Almighty representing Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) Scholars that came from Abraham, Jewish nation, some except the name “Elohim” in the text of the Torah is grammatically masculine plural of Hebrew noun, but by many scholars the word God or “Elohim” is used grammatically singular, or by some is considered Divinity or deity, Later on this name was revealed to Moses as Yahweh. That was the God of Arabic Nation of son of Abraham Ismael also but they call same God as Allah. In my Viewpoint god have numerous powers of energy force he is not singular active force but many variety of force fields. Electromagnetism and all electron’s in the Universe are portion from realm of Dark-Energy that is part of invisible Almighty`s liveliness energy field, beside that also are combined other arena of energy forms that are still unfamiliar to us mentioned in the book of psalms 68:17 to make people like us to understand it is symbolized as chariots without angels guiding them, (in our times is called obscures or robotic planes controlled by switches or computers) the number of those multiple energy fields are in Almighty`s control are “10 thousand times 10 thousand times 10 thousand, with 14 zeroes, those energy fields are also part of Grand creators dynamism. Plus his first and only creation invisible Jesus that became engineering designer or give birth for other beings or Matters like stars galaxies and all objects in the Universe to develop and be created, suited part of God that in original the energy force of Jesus already was part of ”Elohim” Intelligence in the Universe has capability to guide the cosmos, all matter exist in the Universe have no freedom to choose its task, they are under patterned principle actions and regulation, nothing moves unless according to Universal force field guidance, the many outnumbered force field energy fields are known to us as Quantum theory, this multiple force field is in the control of Universal intelligence including time everything in the past and everything in the future can be reached by him in any moment, Almighty has the capability to interchange to other time epochs also this is connection to Quantum theory energy force field. All matter elements and energy fields or gravity is 100% under the supervision of ruling intelligence in the Universe except human beings that have limited 60% and animals have 10% of freedom of chose, there might be practical chance that humans conclude freedom of choice allow themselves to be harmonize themselves to Universal truth of intelligent wisdom for benefit of everyone, humans still are too far from that stage.

You can find similarity between neuron form that enclose many varieties of atoms and molecules giving same hem in of Universe that is collections of Galaxies and stars, they both have similar appearance just like a human neuron yet neuron is very tiny and Universe very enormous, in the sense that all principles have same procedures atoms like planets and star forms, probably unseen wormholes are playing the row of human synapses by universal force of wormholes that might carry all data from one universe into next Universe, why not probably into other trillions of Universes, energy force field. According to the Bible mane was created according to gods image and main important characteristic data center men has is inside his scull his brain, maybe there is a grand creator that has trillions of cells or Universes just like a brain, for humans grand creator is invisible can’t be seen by his Grand greatness. God is invisible energy and matter is handwork of Grand creator. Men can experience only limited portion of the Entire Universe and been confusion with ideas such big bangs that never can be located its center because universe created all together by invisible two forces D.E and D.M. also men are confusion others with acceleration of the universe that is nor accelerating stars from each other inside their galaxies neither our solar system. Accelerations are happening only between galaxies and space.

Heavenly force field ask Job many centuries ago, revealing that all Matter in the Universe is guided by certain force, asking to see what does Job knew about it? Till our day’s still scientist doesn’t know much about constellation guidance and expansions and gravity, the question was to Job.

Job 38:32-33 “Can you bring forth the Maz`zaroth (Zodiac sign) constellation in its appointed time?” (Also was used as the wagon constellation. In Latin Vulgate

 The light Bearer or morning star, in their seasons. Ash constellation. In Hebrew Sky phenomenon) Assyrian language Mozzaroth is “Station” If anyone raises the question to me “Is there life out there in the universe?” my answer will be Universe is a large life form, is living and everything all matters and Energies include in it contains some other form of lives, probably not having two legs and heart, all atoms are living forms can stay alive12 billion years.

The Entire Universe is guided by precision accuracy by the one who invented physics and science and all elements of Matter and Energies. Just because there is a Book called Bible it does not match some of its versions it doesn’t make us hopeless, because many people who write and interpreted did some mistakes, but in harmony with other verses we can reach into proper and truthful conclusions, Galileo noticed same shortcoming and said “It is very pious to say and prudent to affirm that the holy Bible can never speak untruth -- whenever its true meaning is understood. But I believe nobody will deny that it is often very abstruse, and may say things which are quite different from what its bare words signify” But luckily Almighty can reveal and explain the truth and understanding in appropriate times. Ps 48:14 “For this Almighty is our God to time indefinite even forever. He himself will guide us until we die”

If big groups of parrots, stock, or a race of people might be lost in our viewpoint, but for Almighty nothing was lost its all in trillions and trillions of memory helix neutrinos electrical flash chart of invisible energy documents with all details reserved even emotions with feelings, that is collected to center aptitude realm of Dark-Energy, as I did described in other subjects. Whatever we have seen in our times and whatever that was existed formerly all are in safe memory existing invisible force files and God can go there and see and experience again thing that already passed by, even go and meet future and experience the future. God is not in Human limitations and capability but in supernatural realm with Jesus the highest name given to him a reward by Almighty, In my theory nothing is lost, it don’t survives to us but it be present to Almighty any time and all the times.

Because life existed in energy form long time ago it reached to us through special arrangements as atoms receive life in non-biological other form of living things, atoms have personality characteristics communication and principles to perform according to surrounding effect precisely with great intelligence power and wisdom, all great values of understanding was already existing we only received by some arrangement to be a living thing that have supernatural qualities and life. There was never a big bang grand creator always existed with life energy and power, other matter and energy developed by Dark-Energy that always existed everlastingly. First creation was Dark-Matter invisible bubble force fields, combining small portion of this two energies D.E and D.M an atom completed to exist. Every value of characteristic capacity we humans received because there is out there long time ago, life we received because there was already in great power inside Universe, same with other valuable qualifications already were existed out there unknown years ago we just received it lately. Already D.E and D.M contain all this capacity energies in their invisible formation in unknown time moments.

Greg Kaprielian`s Standard Model

Let’s ask scientist how are people are made? 100% of human body and all other mass or body of plants, liquids, air and other living things and rocks are made of atoms, how do scientist explain single atom? Most advance technology regarding composition of atoms are presented by CERN presenting a standard model with definite predictions regarding observed in the experiment through frequency angle where by friction B mason decays, CERN acknowledges many subatomic in single most crucial theory, that is, There are six quarks (up and down, charm, strange, top. Bottom) Six leptons (electrons, muons tau and their corresponding neutrinos) the particles which carry the force (gluons, photons, Z and W bosons) and the Higgs boson. The B meson is a product of down quark and bottom antiquark, and once made it decay in only 0.0015 nanoseconds. In my perspective in many occasions I described atoms are made by two supernatural invisible forces Dynamic Energy and Matter, after they join together by electrons that is Dynamic Energy into Protons that is Dynamic matter the form hydrogen atom that is first step from invisible energy into materialized energy matter, later on electrons divide go inside atom and form by fusion to divided portion of protons and form particles that are described earlier in this paragraph, when the time comes where B meson particle decay it turns into original energy form with it all memory of that atom contained earlier to join through the realm of greater dimension of energy of Gad inside the Universe with all data about the person or any living form that atom was residing. Atoms keep all information’s up to 12 billion years then release by decaying to return into their original invisible beginning state. This is my personal standard model under the name (Greg Kaprielian)

To be continued.



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