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                                            BOK GLOBULES    What are they?

                                                  Gabriel Logician Jabrael

I stand up and raise my hat to intelligence in the Universe. As a logician my effort also will try to discern different perspective regarding our starting point in the Universe. First we have to know how the formation of new stars originates.

In 1940 by observing Universe astronomer Bart Bok discovers dark areas in nebula calling them Bok Globules, in 1990 published observations by other scientist in infrared analyst observations figuring out that massive young star clusters were being formed within Bok globules that are located in different Nebulas in the Universe. without any help from Big bang

Though there is different class of Nebulas but all have same energy Matter in their center but their surrounding material and the cosmic emission, ions, concentration molecular gaseous elements make the variations several types of Nebulas,

 1) EMISSION Nebula is made of pure invisible Bubble Dark-Matter it is 15 times more condense than lead, and also thy can be more condensed 100o times more, they are bubbles in bubbles and go to smaller bubbles, their diameter can be as big as a Galaxy but can divide still having shapes of smaller bubbles to fit inside an Atom still as cluster of bubbles having big vacuum surrounding in atom and having spinning cable of helix group as electron that is 1/1836 times smaller mass than the clusters of (Dark-Matter) the hydrogen pattern. Emission nebula is surrounded by ionized gas that emit several colors as we see in fire crackers different elements differentiate to various colors, like hydrogen ionization occurs due high temperatures by red. Bark-Matter don’t need hydrogen to make stars, in my (Krikor) theory in other chapters I explained Dark-Energy plus Dark-Matter make Hydrogen D.E + D.M = H Also by other perspective I explained to form a new star, electromagnetism is fast moving Dark-Energy that penetrates into large invisible Bubble of Dark-Matter gyrating or circling inside to form a pulsar, having cluster bubbles of Dark-Matter as core and itself surrounded by multiple Dark-Matter bubbles like a honey comb all around, this tense environment generate electrons passing one side facing the center and in the back side facing the surrounding Dark-Matter bubbles it gives the effect of rolling cigars, this opposite magnetic scouring conflict ion to new hydrogen atoms, during time these rotation become customary dealings permanent mode, producing hydrogen and by intense friction and high temperature going into cycles of fusions to other over 70 elements in convective zone, when the production of hydrogen slows down convective zone becomes wider and wider back pressure limitations on electrons by widening detachment from chromosphere and photo sphere keep great space from core, at that time production of hydrogen comes to full stop because rolling cigar effect is immobile by not touching both directions, gradually star becomes red giant, after chromosphere and photosphere collapses toward the core other new elements fusion process done in short time period by compressed atoms, back pressure on core Center have no effect on Dark-Matter, the collapse effect comes and leave even in greater tension as Super Nova explosion forming Gold carbon iron and uranium and other extra elements by fusion. Pulsar with its core remains untouched; because the spinning of electromagnetism is shaped measures stay containing same sphere of influence profile, you cannot find any other elements in Dark-Energy, also in the core cluster Dark-Matter that survives, stand not containing any other elements in pure Dark-Matter.

Recently discovery of strange shape of the Sun revealed showing wider diameter in the center sphere section, this discovery also can back up my theory that there is Pulsar inside center of every star even before Super Nova explosion of the star. New pictures of the Sun can help my theory that there are pulsars inside all-stars even before super Nova explosions

2) Reflecting Nebula is another type. It have more material elements surrounding that can be seen due to visible light, so much dust is close by to dark-Matter bubbles that we can see the cloud of dust when light pass by the clouds of dust, but the light cannot pass through dark-Matter neither the surrounding dust with the visible clouds because beside Dark-Energy  force any element cannot penetrate Dark-Matter, in the Universe there is about 500 known reflection Nebula, the gravity that keep together is the effect of Dark-Matter, any time Dark-Energy flow pass through the Bubbles in Reflecting Nebula same star creations can be formed and developed.

3) Dark Nebula is the third type (Horse head Dark Nebula) because is surrounded less dust you can see how it obscures the light that attempts to pass through this id the major effect of concentration
 of invisible Dark-Matter 15 times more condense than lead, through it from emission nebula or its background stars cannot be seen, extinction of light caused by the density of Dark-Matter, in my other chapters I explained that even UFO are made of Dark-Matter, the electromagnetism go in the mass matter takes the light inside and becomes unseen, as soon comes to surface of Dark-Matter the light can be seen.


Scientist call condense dark portion of this Nebula Bok Globules it is located in HII region I C 2944. Described by Hubble space instruments in the Carina-Sagittarius arm, also there is Caterpillar Bok Globule in the Carina Nebula, Scientist believe that formation of new stars occur as the gravitational forces act within clouds, similarity like birth of a baby star born then die. In my theories stars form by speeding Dark-Energy penetrating into Dark-Matter bubble, as I described in another chapter “How stars are formed” any theory in this phenomena still is not reached to its conclusion to discern to find out our origins in developing the Universe, one of my chapters also explain my perspective “what is the cornerstone of our Universe” Dark-Matter always stay uninfected from heat because heat also don’t penetrate, in conclusion of regarding Pulsars, the center core is clusters of large dark-Matter bubbles, it cannot be squeezed more than what happened during Super Nova explosion surrounding him, if all of a sudden a pulsar start to accelerate and rotation increase is not because of additional compression but because a bubble from the cluster find a way to escape from the core so the volume of the core get smaller and Dark-Energy keep rotating faster around the remnant of the cluster.

If you believe Bock Globule is strange, do not be surprised there is larger big Bock Globule, that is located 8 billion light years away from Earth that is 1 billion years across very large black space without any radiation or sparking material like galaxies and its emptiness does not make neighboring galaxies to release vacant gravity to release from their position.

While Higgs Boson is searching to find what accomplished our Universe, searching for gluons winos photinos all the super symmetrical group that are very tiny particles that have to be discover, still have hope to find rare particles as B-s (“B-sub-S”) 105 “Free paramotess” physicist still don’t have complete number of particles, such as Higgs or Higgino gluons bason vice versa W particles that have winos, now already know some about gluons gravitons fermions quarks electron neutrinos bosons

In my perceptive many particles that are register in Higgs probably don’t include in the atom but are combined after the blast in Higgs Boson, these explosions can develop at the moment new particles that don’t exist but form in last second.

Great research going on by big number of physicist worldwide to identify dark matter I call it Dynamic matter because is something supernatural and great but less then Dark Energy that stay in first position of Dynamic –Energy designation. You might find additional input in my “Cornerstone of the Universe” post. Dark-Matter core of atoms without captivation spin of electron stay disseminated as invisible matter bubbles trying to measure the size of measurements in supporting any theory of invisible Dark-Matter is nil, collectively great volume of spread invisible molecular clouds halo globules look in dark range of Bok Globules we can notice only a dark range where the light can’t pass by so dark matter do not contain any particles no matter how long Large Hadron trying to look for it, though it can contain portions of invisible matter but never contain any particles. That’s why till now there have been no any supportive theory regarding Dynamic–Dark Matter also considering name such great energetic power matter as concentration dark-matter is embarrassing. That’s why I presented petition on many occasions to all physicists to consider the name instead of Dark-Matter and Energy into Dynamic-Matter and Energy.

Dark matter is invisible force field can’t be observed by telescopes unless gravitational lensing are used that is observing the empty distance between planet Earth and black hole considering how sideways star galaxies are effecting curving the light between us by curving simulation of the lights effect in space, this distortion can be mass of dark matter force field scattered inside Universe and only by gravitational lensing can be observed until now. Other times inside Universe have been noticed large mass of plasma blobs that can interfere the radio signals that are released from pulsars and quasars sometimes signals from quasars are delayed also signals might be twinkled, between us and far quasars can be covered plasma blobs that might be large mass of dark matter covered by large volume of plasma.

Entire Universe contains invisible energy and force fields, especially by two forces that contain supernatural intelligence that produced all patterns on existing matter inside the Universe. They are Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter, you can find more details in my other post in the same Blogs “Cornerstone of the Universe” Considering one of them Dynamic Matter or Dark Matter. Alacama large millimeter Array (ALMA) telescope capturing a image about 4 billion light-years away a subtle distortions as hidden Galaxy that mostly is Dark-Matter similar to bok Globule, this dark dwarf  Galaxy is surrounded by faint red arcs that might be caused by the gravitational force of the dwarf galaxy. With my perspective it might also be possible the surrounding light from far distance galaxies that reach to the dwarf galaxy and because Dark Matter does not emit heat or absorb any light it releases faint light arcs surrounding the large form of subtle distortions or Dark-Matter.

Still many researched followed about Neutralinos Gluinos gravitations unparticle chemeleon particles.

Dark-Matter can be tightly packed or weak in densely packed having shape-shifter according to low octave sound tone waves procedures from other variable mass such as solar or galactic cores similar to Taurus Molecular clouds. Recently some Dark-Matter bubbles cluster particles have been collected in the international space station but everything might kept secret. There are Gamma-ray and neutrino telescopes that trying to collect data about this elusive particles in chok areas that might be Dark-Matter. Like I suspect that bok-globules is one of these condense points

(To be continued)


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