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                               NOAH`S ARK

The account of Noah’s ark is mentioned in the bible, precisely they did not located yet by significant proof many skeptics try to argue about acts hard to believe complicated task that was given to Noah, though almost all ancient mankind histories mentioning about great flood one time covered the Earth.

Many written explanations sometimes were transcribed several hundred or several thousand years later, big confusion exist till our days from where all that water came from? Water with land soil do wonders biggest agent diversity of life, sometimes big water mass can bring disasters. Water does not belong to our planet only, in the universe there are so big quantities of water that collectively if joined together all water mass as Oceans, solar system can be lost in water, on the other hand not only milky galaxy then again many other galaxies can be immerse in that water mass. Just considering our solar system we can find more water than our entire planet, some visiting meteorites explain their composition structures portions of water. Over 250 different cultures articulate great flood that covered entire population, because of many dead animals left after the flood we can find almost highest mountains and lands remains of skeletons of all sort of animals and fish in rocky layers of our planet Earth. Noah’s ark was about 500 feet long could carry about 70.000 animals but it might collected less because for example by having only a few breed of dog can produce many other breeds during time especially with territorial domains and food can effect on their breed, birds and insects could go in between the space of other animals, in logical and calculating sense this great numbers of animals could fit in that ark with their food stocks and other necessities. So many cultures with their historical old stories from all over the Earth describe floods that occurred long time ago. I like to discussion account from the bible about faithful Noah that receive an assignment by unknown sound.

Noah received an assignment from God to build an Ark, Noah was told to build the Ark by God that meant God was going to make Noah’s assignment successfully and God was going to help him by wisdom, Material supplies and with angels, God was participating in building the ark he collected gathered the animals he closed the door and he brought the flood over the Earth, according to biblical versions, after men were dismissed from Paradise, man lived around territories where the paradise was located that is under the Persian Gulf waters. One of these habitants was Noah he was living in Mesopotamia, the paradise located in the lower ground between modern Kuwait and Iran when there was no Persian Gulf before the flood, in modern times the satellites can show, one river flow from North West of Iran to Persian gulf coming into Kuwait another river coming from South Arabia to North join together with other three rivers, Euphrates and Tigris, four rivers joining in East of Kuwait where the paradise was located, but as the story show it was prohibited for men to enter the Paradise down in the lower grounds of the valley and after flood old paradise became the Persian Gulf .

To build an ark God gave wisdom to Noah to choose the right location and provisions; some logicians might add that the Ark was probably made of cypress trees because Gopher trees are too hard, Bible mentions that the wood was not cypress trees, in my viewpoint, probably there was a valley that is full of many Gopher trees Gen 6: 14 Almighty that knows everything before the project was started already God prearranged all details and necessary supplies  

Locating a valley that was between at least tree mountain sidewall clefts descend down and crowded by Gopher trees. Probable organized arrange requirements already were prepared for Noah, before Noah received his assignment already God might add substances to the trees by growing vast volume of fungi to cut down the smaller branches and the roots of the Gopher tree, it is known that there are eleven species of Fungi can attack the Gopher wood and bowdlerized some sections of the tree and later it can be pushed down all the lumber stumps that can be tumbled easily to down in that bottom plateau to selected area, in modern times to cut hard density Gopher trees in mills are used tungsten-tipped blade to cut Gopher trees. Also in my perspective theoretically there should be great amount of Tar pit pour extended or stretched in the valley field below, similar small section you can find in Los Angeles California in La Bra tar pits, so this location in biblical times of Noah should have at least a flat area of six hundred ft., long by one hundred feet wide because the Ark that will be build the size should be five-hundred-fifteen feet long by eighty-six feed wide by fifty-two-feet height. 515ft. X 86ft. 52ft, inside the Ark it should be 300 cubits by 50 cubits. Three-stages in the Ark or three levels building that can contain space of 36 tennis courts, windows one cubit from the top, the entrance on its side. Usually people who read Noah’s story they forget God was working with him with his angels.

 At that period of times making ropes was very common. So the stems should be rolled down to add the bottom portion entire long size of the Ark tie with ropes to each other, then rolled horizontally frame sideway of the mountain slops other trunks to top row rolled on former trunks side by side and fastening all by hard ropes then raising Tar pouring on the mass of log plateau. So the bottom levels of were logs all spreader side by side without any nail work, on top a new opposite direction logs fastening side by side by ropes without any nailing. All this was the easy part of the work, biggest part of the work was to gather pair of animals, it was not necessary to gather hundreds variety of dogs because genetically it is possible to produce varieties same with other animals. Some snakes could live one year without food , bears can hibernate long period of times the raw fruit can be supplied from Gopher trees that can be stored many months. If I was a zoo keeper and they ask me couple of elephants to keep in a boat probably I choose two young not large ones, I am sure that God is supernaturally more intelligent than me and know what to choose, regarding the shape of the Ark many scholars or religion professors describe a boat shape Ark, in reality the description in the bible describes rectangular long shape box that do not need to travel, the obligation was only to float raise up on water and drift till the waters come down.

According to the bible ark was built close to ancient city Sherapat Irak later on it landed on Mount Ararat border line of western Armenia at that time area has been called Urardu. Because Ararat is a high mountain with snow there might be great possibility that during time the Ark might be slide down 17 miles south to lower range close to modern Turkish territory of Mesha Naxuan western side of mount Chudi, it is proper to mention that it was found some very large Anker stone that has hole one side to tight a rope. Armenians were the first officially Christian Nation living these territories for thousands of years Anatolia territories belonged to Armenian Kingdoms. Christian Armenian engraved on the Anker rocks a large cross representing Noah small one for Noah’s wife and 6 smaller crosses representing Noah’s 3 boys and their 3 wife’s. Turks as Seljuk or Mongols invaded this territory of Anatolia 1241 AC. Flood instant happened 5000 years before Turks lived in Anatolia. Always people try to explain God as Individual person not mentioning about his powerful force field that control the entire universe, my approach about God is same intelligence force that science and faith refers to, a intelligent force field make all matter to be existed inside the Universe.          

In other chapters I explained that core of our Earth has core of Dark-Matter that contains intelligence, there was not enough water on Earth to generate a sudden flood, there are possibilities that two large comets crash each other close to earth’s atmosphere and gradually poured over Earth, other theory there might be more water settled underground then poured out ground, in the Bible it was mentioned that in paradise steams of vapors came out from the soil and brought condensations of nourishments and moistures to all plants in the paradise, whatever was the case the earth later on sink some areas and left other areas to be raised up and formed according Earth’s magnetic variations. Until our days scientist can prove that all the Earth was surrounded by clouds very high in the atmosphere and never came down and all the planet contained similar temperature in the north and in the central regions, something happened and all of a sudden animals and mammoths in the north froze in a instant while grazing fresh vegetation’s froze in their stomachs, also can be found frozen mammals that can live only in wormer zones.

Second task for Noah was to declare or preach the warning, God does not do anything judicial unless he give warning first to see change of attitude in people, if people ignore the warning then he take judicial action, when he did his work he did not receive money or goods from the people, he gave willingly his time effort investments’ time working diligently not to make a name for himself but to obey Gods command, by preaching also he face many sarcasm and rebuke by skeptical crowds especially it was strange to hear that rain can be falling from sky and never heard any experiences like that.

 probably Noah asked some other people to give a hand in certain type of works by promised all his belongings to some builders that can give a hand, but because their participation was not in volunteer base they did not receive survival outcomes, also they did not believe in the warning message of Noah to repent and be good, Noah did not care about his material because he definitely knew that they will be destroyed, he will keep only the most precious part what he has his life and his householders protection

The major change happened during the flood was disturbing capability for other form of livings Angles to lose their competency transforming into human physical body so they can have intercourse with humans, that capacity was destroyed during the flood all bad angels that already owned a human form lost the body in flood with all other bad people who did not excepted the warning in behavioral change, Satan’s angels restored back to spiritual physics phenomena life form and they cannot again take form of human in physical form except sometimes they can make other people to visualize images of strange beings, also they can penetrate into dreams of human being if they want to do so, there was no other solution beside the flood to eliminate Satan’s physical angels with rest of generations of Nephilims. In my other subject in this blogs you can find additional information under title “Angels” One question always come out why is not possible to locate Noah’s Ark, if people do that right away they are going to use it in their worshiping as tools, body of the prophets and tools they used or used on them. Because God of the Bible does not want physical forms to be used in spiritual worship, though some followers still use images and statues in Christian worship, which does not embrace in Gods will. Question is what might happen if again the entire world again rebels the true God? Many human formed Angels were creation of God and they were part of Gods heavenly family, God did not kept back his punishment regarding unfaithful ones, so hi will again, of course not by flood again as he put the rainbow covenant between him and Human race, but he still has many other capabilities to destroy the bad people worldwide, not destroying the planet he created but only the bad people who are contaminating the nature and civilization by teaching approaches that contradicts Gods low and teachings, in return Almighty will again ruin those are ruining his master piece planet Earth all honest hearted people worldwide will be protected by unknown possibilities, the day and time is unknown as the day of flood was unknown, it will be happening exactly as the days of Noah’s, everyone was busy in their other daily activities including entertainment suddenly it happened, it was surprise to Noah’s family for Noah’s family as well bet they were expecting they did not ignore the warning and act accordingly to be prepared.

Why do we need another major reason to see elimination of bad people? Like the first reason I represented elimination of capacity of Angels to produce their race as half human half men was lost, but in our days invisible unseen Angels are living with people training and teaching opposite moralities than Almighty and teaching people to hate each other conquer each other and bring families in misery, war equipment’s and weapons are used on innocent people, other places making people lose their possessions works and destroying their capacities of income, we can see this reaction also in advance countries number of poor people are increasing daily, they are not receiving any help, they are only receiving chances to addiction to make more disasters in human families, all this are guided by unseen spiritual Satanic influence to make mankind miserable.

The rebellion standpoint angels had against God when they noticed that human forms are different than theirs, Angels operate by electron force field circuit data punctuation angels don’t have human form brain molecules angels have invisible stimuli electrical flow similar to neurons data center also invisible Astrocyte neuron system also have invisible synapse info flow circuits all in complex invisible activity the way atoms operate, but angels don’t have invisible part section of human portion Pseudo unipolar neuron complexes though they have satellite cell fields but entire peripheral neuron system in invisible form to complete all sensor sparks is lacking inside angels. For example electric inside car battery cannot produce light beams if not connected to its light bulb or electric of car cannot produce claxon sound if not connected to horn instrument in the same principle Angels cannot produce consciousness without peripheral nervous system, that’s why they can’t feel or sense cognizance, to combine data into central point of consciences to direct emotions compromise to conciliate other standpoint of others feelings understanding how others feel and feel with them, Adam was so strong in that feeling that after knowing that Eve failed became disobedient to Gods command and going to be punished by death Adam felt with his wife and he also went to die with her, did not use his logic that God gave him Eve and also God is capable to give him another Eva to complete his life, this kind of human behavioral emotional consciousness’ was lacking in angels invisible energy physical forms that humans have in complex molecules combination cells that complete their peripheral nervous system. That’s why angels use their force field to be transformed into human complex having human forms and brain to accomplish human consciousness’s in their system, during the flood they lost their capacity having human forms returning to basic electro field sensors and operate similar to invisible robots and because they are so tiny small as atoms to fit inside human complexes and control from inside out, most conveniently from inside the human brain. Do we need another demolition of the bad, I and you can give only our preferences, you will not be the judge nor can I, but the Almighty will.


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