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                                          ORIGIN OF LIFE  WHAT IS LIFE?

When life started? We as humans are studying in our environment and hoping that some sort of life started on Earth in Headean time referring time period of 4.5 or less billion years ago. Some referee this expression as first hour and fifty minutes of starting time of life creation on Earth. Other philosophers consider this name to be turbulence time of heat explosive volcanoes gravitational imbalances and collapses others consider this Headean name as Hades or Hell as underground mythology, in 2005 some scientist have been proved by some evidence that Headean time Earth already was getting cooled off this time period and possibilities of some sort of life started to show like Akilia Island (Southwest Greenland) surrounds some oldest formation of rocks that contain living bacteria, similar life forms rocks can be found also in South Africa cells prokaryote fossils that were living 3.5 billion years ago. Many other forms of cyanobacteria microbe fossils have been found elsewhere on Earth.  About 4 billion years ago still found Fossil proteins can be located in Western Australia in shark bay they are called sromatolites that are tiny microorganisms, they can produce Oxygen, in our times we see how unseen energy directives make amino acids to comply to form complex molecules to complete DNA same force that exist inside atoms covalent bonding variety of developments brought together molecules to generate life forms by stimuli. Amino acids are active proof that covalent bonds represent intelligent alignment between networks of elements. To produce complex molecules first required complex amino acid directives. Also it has been found fossils that lived 2.2 billion years ago called Diskagma buttonii they are close to fungus families, many variety of life regarding similarities between sea horse and dolphins and other living animals the principle guidance to grow and reproduce is the same all life patterns already exist on Earth in atoms some portion in protons that are Dark-Matter and mostly in electrons stimuli that are connection data from Dark-Energy, different form of life exist in entire Universe inside galaxies stars planets and moons by tow energy and matter forces D.E and D.M as I explained earlier in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe" Oldest stone tool discovered in river Gediz Western Turkey by Quaternary science, in reviews they mentioned about humanly-worked quartzite flake 1.17 to 1.24 million years old. Also it was found in so called Kocabash (Big head) area.

There are two categories of perspectives people have, if you ask someone can you hold your right ear by your hand? One group holds right ear all the way by left hand and traces the left ear; the other group holds the right ear with right ear by close and simple approach. Regarding following the start of life people also have two determinations, some expect that Aliens came or living molecules from space or Earth reproduced itself with living organs and so on. Greater life power already exist in the Universe not in human or biological form but it exists, in my post “Atoms are other form of living thing” Our planet existed less than 5 billion years ago, now we can find on Earth very old microscopic fossils in Western Australia living bacteria about 3.50 billion years ago, their collective fossil clusters can be shown by trapped glue substances on sand textures. Already carbon exist everywhere in other stars and planets but living microbial mat contains organic carbons, in my post “What is water” I informed that water contain first group of Hydrogen atoms that are in pure form without any additional complex group of particles in their elements, water molecules contain memory and directives to their surrounding elements that contain basic two energy and matter of the Universe D.E and D.M that also contain life, so each atom as made of this forces that also contain life. Water molecules can direct the way it directs DNA to complete new molecules to form microbial mats that are composed of photosynthetic cyanobacteria that also produces oxygen, this molecules combination is necessity food for bacterial that also water molecule memory banks formed by low and high octave sound frequency grasp wavelengths to nearby other elements to combine in tone reaction fusions, this living organism bacterial textures forms on Earth about 3.50 billion years ago, but life energy existed not any recorded numbers in everlasting years ago

Energy from atoms

Before atom contain energy, great force field energy formed each atom, it is astonishing fact to consider through astound knowledge how 7 Quadrillion atoms formed to make up the human body, atoms contain intelligence of D.E and D.M plus how to reflect by sound frequency wavelengths pattern into their neighborhood atoms to react edifice living cells, atom patterns only assemble right group of atoms such as carbon oxygen nitrogen and some other elements of atoms to complete the fundamental ingredients of living things adding to it some energy from atoms Dark Energy and Dark Matter that is life itself, plus directive activities from atoms are released into higher levels to complete printing patterns of DNA RNA and complete living form. The entire Universe contains small tiny packages of Dark Energy and Dark Matter that form all sort of matter inside the Universe including all sort of energy forms, we as human contain some atoms from stars but it does make no any changes because all atoms inside the Universe are small portions from grand Creator Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter, atoms are representative close part of each cells we contain, all activities inside the cells and neurons are registered to inform that Grand Creator in heavens atoms that are on planet Earth or any other galaxy stars planets they all complete the Grand Creator, atoms are other life forms that contain supernatural universal life force and intelligence, so we are small element from the Universe that complete the Universe.

Dark Matter is regulating gene expression

In my prospective atoms contain two major invisible intelligent life forces, in our genomes Dark Matter I call it Dynamic Matter has the capacity to contain basic genetic code of every sort of microorganism to regulate gene expression according the basic variety of protein coding, Dynamic Matter releases genetic sequences for nearby atoms to participate forming molecules in vast amount of genetic code to form cell formations, when other genetic pattern exist such as microbes viruses animals plants and other form of living things, Dynamic Matter influences to regulate gene expressions in different forms living things, because basing life formality patterns are contained inside Dynamic Matter invisible force fields. Some Scientist believe that genetic codes in our genomes contain Dark Matter, in reality each singular atom of any sort contain Dark Matter but to influence regulating gene expressions happen when certain formality of genomic sequences by codes s to activate expressions biological genetic material.

Let’s consider a few birds from four thousand kinds of birds, they all sing according to their variety, they all make nest according to their variety, mocking birds can imitate their surrounding sounds including car alarms, some birds sing romancing melodies to invite a mate, some can sing thousands of notes, some can release two pitches of notes at same time, some conclude that birds learn from their parents to sing or make nests and so on, in reality Dynamic energy express to the brain of the birds genetic code and regulating expressions, is you grow up a singing bird isolate from its kind, you will notice they will react exactly as other bird of same kind, because Dynamic Energy will guide by genetic sequences making know them what to do how to react, same with all other insects microbial living things plants and animals.

Energy from Amino Acids

Very tiny portions from two universal forces are presented into constructing one atom, this two powers release guidance to adapt their surrounding and apply all pattern principles into nearby other atoms to form new formations, singular atom release frequencies to clusters to work together to form a chain that are called amino-acid sequence to make proteins synthesis a process that mRNA molecules rely as messengers into RNA carrying frequency that are released through wavelengths from DNA into organelles or ribosome’s, inside variety of amino acid each one characterizes a given protein. Sound frequencies construct sequence to fulfill protein structure chains of genomes always adding new membrane protein structure and extracellular structures.
Who or what force is guiding the primary structures sub units, if you look into amino acid charts 4 structures the primary secondary tertiary and Quaternary all contain alpha helix formations of amino acid sub units.

Who is guiding orders of protein structure formation? Let`s make a review into amino acid groups with hydrophobic chain.

Group A. is positive contains Arginia R (Arg) Histidina H (His) and Lysine K (Lys)                     Group A. is negative contains Aspartic D (Asp) Glutamic E (Glu)                                                Group B. Serin S (ser) Threonin T (Thr) Asperagin N (Asp) Glutamin P (Gln)                            Group C. Cytein C (ys) Selenocystein U (sel) Clycine G (Gly) Prolin P (pro)                              Group D. Alanin A (Ala) Isoleucin I (Le) Leucine L (Leu) Methonin M (met) Phenylanin F (phe)     Tryptophan T (Trp) Tyrosin Y (Tyr) Valin (val)

All helix form activities are guided by atom frequency wavelengths that are released from individual atom to present orders of protein structures through patterns to apply in amino acid sub units, Alpha helix and beta sheet, the spin amino acids contain specially A group positive and negative formation makes collects new clusters of atom to form other protein segment structures and other new membrane, amino acids join with other formation of protein segments by their pipeptide bonds to connect one group to other until they form new biological cells. In my perspectives atoms are other form of living things and they work day and night to construct patterns that they receive from their surrounding directives that are connected from Universal intelligence wisdom send by Dark Energy and Dark Matter that each atom already contains part of that energy in them.

All helix form activities are guided by atom frequency wavelengths that are released from individual atom to present orders of protein structures through patterns to apply in amino acid sub units, Alpha helix and beta sheet, the spin amino acids contain specially A group positive and negative formation makes collects new clusters of atom to form other protein segment structures and other new membrane, amino acids join with other formation of protein segments by their pi peptide bonds to connect one group to other until they form new biological cells. In my perspectives atoms are other form of living things and they work day and night to construct patterns that they receive from their surrounding directives that are connected from Universal intelligence wisdom send by Dark Energy and Dark Matter that each atom already contains part of that energy in them.

In my perspective all atoms as other form of living things communicate with each other because they contain two major energy forces that release continuously vibrations, one of them is the proton that is portion force from invisible Dark-Matter and the second on electrons that are portion from invisible Dark-Energy, combined generating frequency wavelengths command to their surroundings to put together or construct ions inside mantle plants and seeds on the ground biological cells, as soon major opponent of DNA cell is identified neighboring atoms release wavelengths to direct assemble according to recognized patterns, so sound tones wavelengths fabricate constructions in cells and in stones build up including precious or semi precious stones, everything we see around us also in the entire universe is result of two major energy forces, not only atoms fabricate their surrounding but each individual atom activated by two forces electrons and protons split portions of energies to construct new particle to transform by fusion into other form of element. Result of atomic activity makes all things to happen result of existence of atoms is this two major force field is D.E and D.M

Life occurred billion years before Earth established into a planet it will clarified later. Benzene ring compounds some adding with oxygen and nitrogen atoms. Before plants and other life forms to existed oxygen producing living rocks worked very hard to fill Earths environment with oxygen then plants add this process to its maximum state. In our time still we can find Oxygen producing prehistoric rocks that still producing high amount of Oxygen, you can find this bacteria along visible Exuma Sound in Bahamas Elisabeth Harbor, also in Australia there are Stromatolites bacteria that are trapped with sand and sediment, they are secreting bacteria’s and continuously produce oxygen active till our times. Kind of microbes Gunfinta digest other bacteria`s, all microbes start consuming each other producing bad smell like rotten egg and DNA under supervision of stimuli helix directed from atoms to become more complex with algae life always giving new directives to living life.

According to fossil findings first cells that originated 3.8 billion years ago that were prokaryotes single cells that have one nucleus with other internal structures that is called organelles, bacterial 1/3 size smaller of human cells, human body with 200 types of different cells are in a group called eukaryotes, they live about 120 days, great number of skin cells die each day combinations with other numbers of dying cells according to size of the person can reach up to 70 billion each day total as a normal process because new cells come and take their positions and work field, animal cells size are about 0.001 to 0.003 all have individual personality and needs, they send electrical signals I call it (stimuli tone reaction frequency codes) that also should be harmonious with the body personality sound harmony tones to the brain and later receive back instructions to be absorbed accordingly to take new action. All variety of cells of bacterial or viruses plant humans and all variety of cells are controlled by water molecule signals that contain memory intelligent directives, main force guidelines on living cells, life forces that are inside all atoms are invisible Dark-energy transformed into electrons with millions of helix energy invisible flows on atoms, second intelligent life force invisible dark-matter that are transformed as clusters in protons as core of an atom. So original life forms before Universe was existed were Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter as you can see in my other post (Cornerstone of our Universe)

Still recently many other form of unknown biological life is harvested on Earth; mysterious red fluid has been found running water in Mohawk River. According to authorities sampling they said “Numerous volatile organic compounds of unknown origins”

It was reached by our ancestors that only biological form of life can be existed; now we have evidence about other electric bacteria’s that can be nourished with pure energy, starting two types we know so far, Geobacte and Shewanella, they are so strange some considering them as Alien electric life forms, life forms and life energy existed inside Universe before we did on this planet, everything based on intelligent energy force flow that reached us to make us other form of biological living thing, now probably it might be easy for us to comprehend that atoms also are other forms of living things that can endure living up to 12 billion years.

Though we have life and call ourselves being’s enchantingly still we can`t make perfect classification defining life. Some consider life only is metabolism included other say as long they have self-sustaining system bionic a biogenic or with organic compound plus many minor advantages needed by special properties or ecological properties to get compartmentalization if they need adaptations like photosynthesis and much different variety of chemicals to complete chemosynthesis like plants restore energy to continue to live.

Many thoughts still is collected regarding origin of life like primordial soup perspective then panspermia thermos dynamic force of nature probably many other theories as well. everything we see in life is orderly procedures in living organs and animals have intelligent behind their existence, I believe Atoms also are other forms of living thing that can live about 12 billion years and water molecules are collections of many personalities that shoe in the crystals of snowflakes.

Molecular astrophysics search to find life originality from complex organic molecules to discovery about right composition of living cells from dust thorough prebiotic chemistry, concluding that life can exist only with complex forms by Oxygen nitrogen methane hydrogen water molecules and amino to produce glycine that is the building block for proteins without considering what is that electrical pulses stimuli that connects into glycine, also many search through the dusty far away gas buildups in space as planets formed expecting that same principle cells will form by accident magical precision without any guidance from atomic covalent bonding precision, to bring the right organic material proteins building blocks together is only portion to form living cells before that other forces that need additional input are missing, if there are group of cells that living by complete methods that need wisdom still they need additional complex essentials to continue as living cell, there is great wisdom and unseen directives behind all this that I think that might be guided packed memory in water molecules. In my perspective molecular astrophysics also must consider invisible helix flows that flow in the entire Universe and communicate by tone reaction as I explained in my posts “Universal Language” and other posts in same blogs.

Comparing to us there is expectation that living organism should stay alive only by consuming oxygen, one species called Loriciferan genus Spinoloricus can survive without any oxygen, other forms of livings sustain in certain level of heat or cold conditions, every year discoverers show organism that can live inside hydrothermal vents for example near Papua New Guinea Thermo coccus microbes live in that environment that show they did not immigrated from somewhere else but were released from inside the vent they can live inside boiling heat under big pressure from the Ocean. Same heat challenging bacteria “Aquifex Genus” could be found inside springs of Yellowstone Park so hot that reaches into 205 degrees Fahrenheit, probably some could be found also deeper inside in higher temperatures. Many other form of bacteria algae other organisms and microbes such as Dunalielle algae also. Endoliths organisms live inside rocks or inside animal shells down to 2 miles deep or more under Earth’s surface feeding on potassium iron sulfur, some other hpertermophies species other bacterial live inside hard rocks can stand great heat or radiation. To describe level of radiation intake humans can’t survive after 10 gray radiations but cockroaches stand in 1000grays Deinococcus bacterium stand alive inside 15000gray of radiation plus can survive in coldest environments or inside vacuum state and dehydration, so other form of living things might endure surviving in strangest environments that don’t apply our standards. Microbes called Pschrophiles fungus or algae can live beneath ice blocks at Antarctic in 5 degree Fahrenheit in polar ice glaciers. 100 years ago we knew nothing about these discoveries that gives expectations that are many other life forms that could be illogical in a sense but they can exist by tougher capacities. Probably someday other might agree with me that atoms also are other forms of living things.

Accumulation of all computerized knowledge of the entire world all together, to compare with  total data  intelligence with one water molecule, water molecules surpass with intelligence data because each hydrogen atom is portion from combination of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that is part of entire Universal force field that contains life. Some go to describe complex molecules that forms biological chemical soup that produced breathing organisms, in reality water molecules are in charge to function nucleotides together, all elements that exist is also done by Universal sound frequency communicational tone reaction that are complex information codes in witch atoms communicate with sound wavelengths that is known so little we call it fusion tone reaction, three chemicals that needed to start life biology are in same direct formation as amino acid linings are formed as knots grouping sugar then phosphate groups plus all elements needed oxygen nitrogen hydrogen, all together come together by directives from water molecule sound tone variation codes to be molded as RNA molecules continue to shape also proteins so all function properly, everything sent from water molecules are guided by code wavelength that other cluster of atoms comprehend and take shapes in collective formation. Atoms already have the habit formation army procedures lining formations to apply any new directives to obey and react to new measures. All this complex particle is called chemical soup that living cells need. To organize specks to function properly continuously forming cells copying new one DNA come in action that also are formations complex linings guided by water molecules, after cells are produced in big numbers each cell is connected to entire individuality sound harmony tones to be portion of the entire source flow that has to be guided as moving and living as individual being.

In my DNA post I referred that the energy directives force behind DNA is electron stimuli that direct to molecules and inline metabolism to cell dimensions to use energy and store for some time all genetic order are developed behind what we see in DNA, for example human are in Eukayata group with animals plants fungi are different form of life still they have relationship in metabolism genetics they, then we have Archaea group with bacteria and so on, they all need each other’s adaptations. So scientist try to see in complex chemical system particular reaction trajectories that can be directed to oscillation and chaotic behavior, all cells have molecular memory in DNA let’s not forget what started this DNA to be completed, in my perspective it is stimuli in electrons and low octave sound frequencies tone waves released from protons inside atoms.

Life and intelligence go hand in hand, many agree that life force some call it soul is invisible electrical realm unseen force but yet defining reality many consider coexistence of life only in biological mechanism, to unfold life from illusion perspectives must be taking everything that is available old and new concepts. Atoms are living things life force is everywhere inside the Universe that made available expended awareness merging life to be existed on Earth, our biological cells are just small portion in extension of main life source that resides in the Universe. Some scientist are trying to prove that life came as extraterrestrial form into Earth considering an single organism size of 10 micron microbe that also can be smaller than its size called “Dragon Particle” but still there are in Earths Ocean 90% of microbes and other biological life forms that still are not known.

In my posts “Water” “Cornerstone of the Universe” concluded also that Life already exist eternally inside Universe in non-biological form, in my conclusion life already exist in all atoms, water molecules direct collections of amino acids to be form also water molecules direct to bring elements to construct completion into building blocks to form living cells, life force field that are packet inside atoms as electrons and protons are tiny per potion of Universal two major energies Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy.    Most scientists try to figure out when building blocks were available in the Universe always trying to conclude that life started on planet Mars or elsewhere then moved into Earth or there were some availability somewhere on this planet starting point always trying to figure out certain date, latest data is available now 3.8 billion year starting point in Isua Greenland, still scientist trying to find where life originated considering that living forms must be available only by biological forms but as you see human intelligence has far journey to penetrate intelligence of entire Universal complex unspoken order and we are comparable to the cosmos humans are tiny particle on our planet then Earth is just a tiny dust particle in our solar system then still will be considered just dusty grain in our Galaxy and so on our entire milky Galaxy is considered a dusty grain in entire Universe.
It is essential to figure out how life continues with cells, we are continuing process of life and death is going on inside our body. Human body that is made of atoms is connected with the entire Universe because our body contains same products of elements that stars are originated in my post “Cornerstone of the Universe” you might find additional information. Average human are 92% made of Oxygen Carbon and Hydrogen, mostly human body contains about 50 trillion cells if you add after 50. 12 zeroes, each cell operates as great machine factory respecting all law of physics and chemistry because water molecules that contain life force in their Oxygen and hydrogen atoms they direct the process to make DNA register their data to produce making proteins food process prepare new building blogs, cells have own personal communication flow that is constant state of transition plus they receive outside communication reaching to the brain they can send messages and apply new orders how much to except food how many times to multiply and when cells have to suicide, 7% of our body contain atoms that can be found in the chart of periodical chart so our body might contain 0.5% metals that in my perspective also contain other form of non-biological life energy. 60% of body is water molecules that direct to give sound frequency tone pulses to DNA codes that all together can be overextended into kilometers containing data that connects to every living source of that contains life because same life force that water molecules contain all life form existence that were available on Earth and entire Universe. In my other article “Atoms are other forms living things” you can give a look. Human being contain 7 octillion Acids that is 93% of your body weight if a person is overweight the number will jump higher, 7 0ctillion is 7 billion times 7 billion billions, every month entire skin renews. During one year also almost 100 % of atoms are replaces leaving out of our body and bringing new other collections of water and other atom elements to be complete our body, almost in 5 years every atom that was included in our human form body was left out and new atoms took its place in building materials that we contain in all sort of cells bones muscles brain cells you name it everything was renewed by other atoms, usually cells die but atoms live 12 billon years, after atoms disassemble as Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy they return to their original life form energy position that never die but recycled to new hydrogen atoms that during time will go into fusion process to change their characters to other form of atoms.
 Every atom leaves our body contains data of memory in, my other post “What is Water H20?” you will find additional data. Somehow we all are part of the entire Universe force field that existed to develop all matter stars and planets that are made of atoms in same material we are made of, we as humans have our position to stand by same with plants and other animals insects and fish also many other life forms, why we are here? It should be a reason we like it or not we are going through the process to participate sharing in time period that we are in same with all other galaxies inside our Universe that we are part of it.

There are Prokaryote Eukaryote Animal plant and Biological human cells that contains life forms, humans collect non biological life sources are in need of other non-biological life energy that contains the originality of life, human cells sends signals in sound frequency tone wave scale to atoms this tones are the communication means in covalent of atoms, cells depend only on certain atoms and group of amino acid according to harmony tone of its DNA in 100 variety of amino acid 50% has right to left spin and other 50% left to right spin. Human cell use only right to left spin amino acid groups same like spin direction of our Earth but only 40% of that group variety, regarding construction of building blocks also DNA collects certain kind of metals or atoms to make exist in our system, if we consider periodical table of atoms human use certain elements this are in number form of elements, (1 3 6 7 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 34 35 38 42 53 82) complex activities in formalities resources are based only with certain collections of elements if other form of elements invade human harmony genetic code instruction it complicates health activities. Earlier I mentioned big number of human cells it is also important to consider that each human cells contain 1014 trillion atoms (One hundred trillions they all have their own circuit s in communication sound tone waves and principles. Water molecules make tis connection into Human cells through DNA, they belongs or feel at home to environment of our Solar system realm, if we entangle our DNA to make overextended it can reach as far as kilometers that reach to farthest Oord belt in our Solar system and returning distance, somehow there might be possibilities that our DNA sound frequency have some connection into complete form of Solar system individuality realm and Solar system also contain data that connects to every living source in the entire Universe that contains complete force field of “Universal language” in my other post
Let me ask some questions, if living molecules thrown in fire or extreme cold do they effect to continue their life? How about metals? They change forms. Can atoms sustain their existence to stay same developed order? Yes they can. Do they store energy? Yes they can so do elements have self-sustaining system? Yes they do. So atoms continue to keep their form by energy force that is non-retraceable trajectories and they have memory to adapt proper magnetic covalent bonding in variety order of other elements, they release sound frequencies, they can change their temperament to become other form of atoms by fusions and apply principles that apply to their variety character, I see intelligence in their behavior and undeniably they are different life forms that are included not by molecular organic compounds but by energy fields that still are not in our considerate capability form. So when question arise what is life? Still we are too far in defining life. In my other post “Cornerstone of the Universe” might enhance some light to this subject as well”

Scientist predict that Matter arrangement Universe formed over 14.7 billion years ago and our planet formed about 5 billion years ago, according to scientist Abiogenesis life we know started on our planet after the planet cooled down about 4 billion years ago. In my perspective intelligent existed before complex galaxies and atoms formed, in my notes cornerstone of our Universe you can consider some of my notes. Life energy forms and intelligent preexisted before any matter was existed. Milky galaxy, compared to our Universe is like a small tiny dust, our planet compared to our Milky Galaxy is like a tiny dust, each one of us compared to our Earth are like a tiny dust, then we can look downward to cells microbes viruses and atoms then particles inside atoms and then and there to energy invisible forces that combine now into particles. But like politic, unfortunately science became philosophical scuffle attraction to other opinion’s bringing into personal preferences.

Let’s consider life forms such as wood plants coral insect fish bacterial microbe’s viruses’ bird’s reptile’s humans and many other forms of living things that don’t have all the same similarities. In one of my notes I added that atoms also are different life forms and can operate for 12 billion years. Because there is so many confusions regarding life movie industries jump in with their many imaginary action thrills and people start to reach into degree of acceptance according this movie sensitivity about Extraterrestrial life.

Oldest human genome was found inside a cave in North central Spain is called Mayor-Cueva del Silo or Sima de los Huesos, translation “pit of bones” some paleoanthropologists estimate oldest human genes from this caves genome bones sequenced 430.000 years old, inside this cave have been found 6.500 fossilized bone fragments, more than 500 human teeth, other researchers estimate that humans lived 700 or may be 900.000 years ago. Others are finding human footprints those one million years old, On the other hand Humanity is traceable back to one woman and one man that originated East of Middle East South East of Iraq.  

By modern researchers, there are other possibilities to trace DNA inside hidden mitochondria from Africa where trace can be reached into concluding numbers of 135.000 years into one Woman and one Man; other experts come into winding up analyzing male chromosomes Y chromosome that human lived about 50.000 or 60.000 years ago. Considering biblical calculation 6.000 years might be figuratively 10.000 years standing for each 1.000 years. Other researcher’s calculation make human life existing 200.000 years ago others suggest 581.000 years ago that humans lived on this planet. According to my perspectives one single atom combining by two intelligent energy forces Dark Energy and Dark Matter with force of life, atom became other form of living thing, collective of billion of atoms into one  particularized living cell, collective trillions of cells come to form one individual biological living form. All the principle formation that we see in our time might be different inside cells chromosomes in back history, yes we can trace male sex chromosomes and woman hidden mitochondria into DNA trace that might be embody slightly other composition than having last 5.000 years. Invisible building block force energy inside atoms is very unpredictable in changing their path erection bases inside other life forms. So the reason of different elements inside environment of fungus alga and microbes that effect on organisms genes that explain why, because other elements have life force energy to effect on growth of organisms with basidiomycete influences, starting point to influence health to humans start from atoms then from microbes that are made of atoms, atoms effect on Symbiosis as a concept to mitochondria and their part they effect activity complex of human cells

Other researches bring out story about fibers that are related to fungus's that have higher dimensional capacity that are like parasites, proliferate in the air to damage people, others are mentioning about stone oil that is called “Black Goo” as mysterious substance that have mind of its own with lot of energy of life that might start new life on earth.

One year ago in my notes (The language of the Universe) under subheading White cells can listen. I described that all atoms and clusters of atoms release sound clusters, also microbes release sound like transistors, different than the harmony sound in individuality harmonious sound symphony, so all this unfamiliar different microbes and molecules release other form of sounds like transistors and white cell go reach that tones and eliminate. I am very happy that other scientific researchers using similarity of DNA as Biological transistors “transcriptor” positive approaches make me happy. Like white cells all cells and DNA and RNA structure forms of portions of the body they all release their own sound forms slightly alienated unique low octave sound frequency waves that cells and atoms can recognize by DE and DM intelligence capability. In another subject Our Sun I already describe before how intelligence of Dark-Matter and Dark-Energy are in each atom that we have.    

Origin of life can be divided into many categories; human cells have the capacity to self-replicating molecules or compounds in organized procedures by directive DNA mechanism regulations using “The building block of life” in many complex geochemically synthesized conditions. DNA operates by ATP to synthase rotary membranes of mitochondria and NRA chaperones for DNA translation into RNA all operated by sequences of four types bases of DNA. A C G and T the information that are stored or recorded into this process from another source, DNA and RNA are called transcriptor ( Biological transistors)  In my perspective the radio waves or signals are released from electron helix that are part of electron cables, so main information’s are released from atom protons that are visible or materialized Dark-Matter and from electrons that are  visible or materialized Dark-Energy, those communications signals, some consider this chemical reaction, in my other notes I consider them tone reaction sequences, based on same principle of helix that combine amino acids some turn from right to left other amino acids turn left to right, DNA uses this rotation principle of double helix structure of DNA. In my notes about neurons I explained atoms contain stimuli helix that are released from electron cables that adjust the arrangement building complexes of living molecules and cells to direct DNA function in irreducible complexity to put in order 482 protein coding genes through 580.000 letters that we have 3 billion of them in every cell nucleus. Probably we are confused by this grand intelligence complex process in reality the energy life form tone reaction behind DNA guiding system is much more complex for us to apprehend, all double helix contain this flow of energy that is like photographic negatives invisible directives structures to prepare molecules and all other vital properties vitamins structures, four vital properties in “A” pairs transmitted to combine in DNA not by chemical reaction in my perspective by tone reaction sequences, bases of the sets is like a tread or stride on a spiral stairway. All atoms have covalent bond communications in my notes (Atoms) also in (Universal sound) (Universal language) (DNA) (Mother Nature) and many other notes.

Geologist and Archaeologists try their best to collect data to stop arguments about how old are any parts of bones or matter, to figure out how old they are, guess what unfortunately they generate more arguments. Unfortunately sometime the results are not precise or absolute. Especially, when they show unequal results, reaching results in their laboratories, such as considering basalt in Hawaii as 22 million years from volcano eruption that happened in 1801. Similar results they show from Mt. Etna basalt Sicily potassium argon, they dated 140.000 to 350.000 thousand years when basalt material was from year 1065. Most strange calculations sometime they give from radiocarbon determinations from same animal separate parts such as one frozen baby Mammoth reporting different results, from 20 to 30 thousand years differences. One thing for sure stable isotopes are carbon 12 and 13. Carbon 14 also is an isotope of mast elements but it is unstable that contains very weak radioactive effect, counting carbon 14 also in liquid scintillation also in acceleration mass spectrometer, results might go high or low unequivocal results . Radiocarbon can give or take in every group of cluster molecules of atoms depending their surrounding and what they passing through such as pressure or heat environments, till now considering carbon 14 that can never give Absolute date, it always varies.

According to biblical data men was created 6000 years ago according to calculations from biblical scholar’s descriptions but scientist do not approve that according to carbon 14 dating measurements. Carbon 14 decays in certain time perimeters though every substance do not contain carbon 14 but salty water can speed the pace of carbon 14 decay, if you have noticed some plant life do not grow in salty water. Till 5000 years old articles usually show precise carbon dating measurements but the scale changes in other matters that contain carbon 14 if they were much older than that measurement in some instances it show millions year variances, if we add the case of flood story that bible introduced happened 5000 years ago I have an article about “Noah’s flood” on all articles or objects on soil adding salt to mass that containing carbon 14, this carbons are going to decay in faster scale showing millions of years.

                                                       Ingredient of life

Ingredients of life (CHNOPS) is already everywhere on planet Earth, Carbon hydrogen Nitrogen oxygen Phosphorus and Sulfur, DNA and RNA need acid based affect to bond carbons with amino acids fats plus lipids everything with nucleobases particles, using organic carbon plus carbon dioxide monoxide salts carbonic acids, someone or some intelligent guidance is needed to implementing or collaborating atoms to successfully form vitamins and many variety of molecules to form a cell, also this completed life cells on their own creates disequilibria that must have negative entropy plus isotope fractionation and atmospheric disequilibrium to continue life. Best element for life to be connected is C 12 carbon 12, as I described in my Posts atoms are other form of living things hydrogen atoms are combination of, 1) invisible force field of Dark-Energy life force field that when materialized becomes electrons that can be unlimited fragmented to go into big quantities of helix stimuli later by separated go inside atoms, 2) invisible containing life force field of invisible Dark-Matter Bubbles that act as clusters connecting into helixes that enter into atoms to join forming new particles to change atomic characteristics becoming other form of elements that we call fusion. Two hydrogen one oxygen combination molecules as H2O has capacity to release w wavelengths that will direct elements nearby to form or join into life essentials as some call it chemical elements, operational definition is released sound frequency tone wavelengths from water molecules to feed on negative entropy, all basic statistics are arrayed by orders to knot amino acids with all sort of required molecules to collect compounds forming new cells. When new elements are collected to form cells carbon 13 is neglected because they are radioactive also amino acids that spin from right to left are collected (100 varieties of amino acids 50% spin from right to left 50% spin from left to right, water molecules use only 40 % from the group that spins right to left) there is complex orderly supervision to collect elements that are essential for life, organized implementing successful collaboration, this intelligent directives are released from water molecules frequency that is some sort of perfect harmony individual humming of individual life form that its DNA is formed. Water molecules transport delicate complex sound perfection to echo into the small group of molecules that will form a living cell, as soon orderly personality sound harmony is stopped releasing harmony wavelengths their life process is intermittent, but still all data of individuality wavelength remain inside memory pattern of water molecules, atoms live 12 billion years and keep all data of that happened all their surroundings. Life already existed inside Universe long time before Earth was existed, later on somehow life entered to our planet, one thing I believe atoms are other forms of living things same with planets and stars.  

This last 6 thousand years of human history we started to figure out some understanding about life and Universe that existed before we came to the picture, there are many other energy fields that still are not familiar to us, we can never figure out ourselves equal in the level of intelligence surrounding we are in this Universe so it needs lot of humility to know where we stand in time and in complex existence. Plus it is possible to find microbes in the clouds on top of that higher area above our planet also can be found some form of bacteria’s or other form of life forms, basically I believe that earth was surrounded outside its atmosphere by vapor water all around outside our planet 5000 years ago and all atmosphere of the Earth was similar to other geological territories because sun rays hit not hit directly to the ground.


It is not ordinary yet we find many fragments of human bones or skeletons worldwide still some contain genetic codes. One of previously unknown species found in Siberia Russia inside the Denisova cave inside Altai Mountains, those remained bones specially a tooth is considered as remains of Denisovan they lived 41.000 years ago species that have genes tied to modern day people in New Guinea. Genetic materials can be analyzed in modern times; also there has been Archaic species that were living in Parts of Asia. One thing for sure all human species can interbreed together but not to other animals.

Siberian Actino bacteria’s were living since over half a million years ago until now, some trees in Utah called Pando clonal Quaking Aspen were living since about 80.000 years till now, other varieties of bushes in Mojave desert called clonal Creasote and clonal Mojave yucca living this last 12.000 years till now. There are many varieties of animals live 5 times longer than humans same in water creatures, Life already exist in core of hydrogen atoms contain knowledge; water molecules continuously penetrate their directives into living cell order. By the way atoms live 12 billion years as non-biological other forms of living things.

Plus it is possible to find microbes in the clouds on top of that higher area above our planet also can be found some form of bacteria’s or other form of life forms, basically I believe that earth was surrounded outside its atmosphere by vapor water all around outside our planet 5000 years ago and all atmosphere of the Earth was similar to other geological territories because sun rays hit not hit directly to the ground.

 Inside solar system also entire Universe contains floating cosmic rays some of the rays keep deleting constantly on Earths soil all the way far from space. In my other titles I explained core of atoms are made of clusters of Dynamic-Energy (Dark-Energy) separated single bubbles from this clusters contain high energy and life, this heavy particles can be from any element when atom totally not only to take to bits but also proton clusters by themselves were detached from being complete proton cluster, first step is by separating from electron helixes also all other particle of proton single bubbles from other helixes as particles to stop being complete atom, this zapping particles that bombard Earth contain life high energy, every time this subject comes some can add saying life came from alien planets, I can’t believe why the world cant realize that the entire Universe contains life Dynamic Matter and Energy are the source of life, also after individual being or living thing forms on Earth still this two energy forms continue to direct the cells by DNA directives the this two forces commend. Let’s not forget the value for example if person getting trained to learn driving a car should know most of regulations involved with driving methods. Same thing when there is suggestive commands by DNA already everything life form go through environs maintenances to exist intake molecules vitamins breathing radiations microbes that surrounds us and the total principle theories that exist that many of them still we are uninformed of sound frequency tone codes to standardize all atoms gravity and other laws that we are unaware. This two life forms control all details to progress.

In my logical perception all details in living beings are packed patterns of genetic material that can be directed through electron helix stimuli to form DNA signals to combine DNA molecules to collect atoms by amino-acids by covalent bonds to form genetic materials. The entire Universe contains life energy that is supervised by Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter that I previously presented in post`s “Cornerstone of the Universe” all standard activities are directed by Universal sound frequencies by Universal language in my other posts. All activities on our planet and in the Universe can be guided are reprogramed by that unversed Universal language.

Atoms can communicate by low and high sound frequencies. Change their personality characters by fusion, obeys directive physics principles and live 12 billion years. We can recite their character but they have much other proficiency since 14 billion years or so that with the knowledge we have are not adequate to analyze their full progress in physics. They have great supervisory on DNA structural regulatory we ignore atoms or not they exist and they are living things other method than ours.

in my perspective as explained in other posts Atoms are other form of living things based from same life source of Original Dark-Energy and matter magnetic interactions that govern electricity  that is based on opposite directives with double helix also can be seen in same principle with DNA also with 50% opposite flows by amino acids all life forms invisible electromagnetic flows and matter forms up to living cells are directed in same principle of sound frequency wavelength pulsates facing double helix oppositions, between the invisible life force elements and biological life form cells is the main pure spreader that is contained inside water molecules having major ordinances Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms combined by water molecule clusters that direct all DNA directives in all sort of biological life forms Persistence current. All life is controlled by Universal sound magnetic wavelength pulsate interactions that controlled of invisible Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter.

Some Scientist believe life on earth started from alkaline hydrothermal vents in Atlantic Ocean or somewhere else on Earth, in my standpoint as written in my other posts life already exist in all atoms. DNA is organized by sound frequencies released from protons and electrons life already exist in the universe by two major powers Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, I believe only on this planet there are human forms and kind of animals and living things according to harmony of material with nature gravity and warmness, everything is in the right suitable order as much as seems someone in great wisdom predetermined everything harmoniously for continuation of our kind of livings to continue life and generate same sort of seeds as our own breeds.

As soon harmonious life that operate in us is stopped to endure still in our cell’s DNA operates but total life activity is stopped, I have another notes (What happens to me after I die) is described

 opposite reaction to life has been explained, by comparison of this two stance we can grasp more evidence about intelligence life, how we are small portion acumen particle of Universal life.

 Many other people listen to religion entrpetations about life because science has not much about life, in my notes you can find also about (Religion, Hell, Angels, God, friends, Gravity, DE DM, Israel, Bock globules, UFO, Dark-Matter, Electrons, Hydrogen atoms, Sun, Earth, all this articles in Gabriel logician Jabrael, early dismissed from high school, self-educated, all my ability to have this bold expressions I received in a experience in my notes (Dream part one)

In my notes I explained that how 95 % of Energy and Matter fill the entire Universe, in my Sun theory I explained how atoms are created DE+DM=Hydrogen, all the stars and galaxies we witness are only 5% of blend to combined DE and DM all the Matter we see in the entire Universe, in my Sun theory and black hole notes it was explained how DE and DM have intelligence and they are life forms in energy field state and also contain life, everything that bring from this two energies for example atoms also contain life and in developing other life form collectives the principle life has guided all the complex details in other chapters, in this important subject regarding importance or carefulness in this salutations about life is depended according our individuality personality character, for example a cow that nurture on the ground eating all the green grass and vegetables stepping on the soil don’t car to ask the question who planted the grass or watering them, put real human being’s always like to know who plan to develop all good things and for what purpose, they will be really interested to know and never ignore this important realities especially about life. If life originated from Aliens as some think that way also is important to know from where they received life, if by reincarnation some walking fish started to walk on the seashore 1 billion years ago now after passing 4 billion years we should see more walking fish in bigger numbers transforming into rabbits and human habits, we should be considering all angles and all possibilities with great humility and respect who created life? For what purpose life existed? And where do we stand in that arrangement?

                                                                   WHAT IS TIME

When we try to solve the secret of life there is another secret also waiting solutions to find out answers, Gravitational quantum theory and expansion of Universe is not yet clear how it works, same still there is no available answer about two concepts “Time and Infinity” in my methodology I am hosting logical concept what was before Bib Bang or before everything, since 200 years humans start to calculate to define periodic events that has billions times trillions years past history, motions figuring out standard units of time. Entire Universe is guided by accurate pattern standards, like gravity and light time travels  during process perceived indefinite flow all happenings that are in their period of endeavors are enclose in their era all reactions enjoying, love, hate, decisions all have their effect in their epoch dimension, for example I grow up in same block where my future wife lived we went to same school then married when grown up 38 years living together as married couples and traveling together living on the same planet steel I see my surrounding by my perspectives and logical interpretation and she see by her own viewpoint though we are living in the same house relativistic time we are in different dimension a period that was permitted to us as possessions to share, similar other people had their own permissiveness in time to experience lifetime during past history other believe in pre-destiny, Philosophers considered time as fundamental structure of the Universe or a dimension that events will occur in sequence some disagree this thought, other believe that everything happens in time already pre-arranged events, scientist done many test showing that periodic events can be changed in periodic motions.

                                                                       COLLECTIONS OF FACTS

I observe to life with different perception from all angels what everyone has to say disregarding their background standpoint in processes about evolution results or religious beliefs in community or faith comparing with theoretical science. In First entity, I relisted that human society getting more tensed gradually increasing in their attitude to react more in violence same with our Universe accelerating to expended. If we gather inputs from collective physicist colleagues in either Neurobiology Chemists Pharmacology or molecular biologist to give their combined viewpoint in Astrobiology regarding what is life? As soon they try to express it will be time to track away for fresh air but we force ourselves to attend and listen carefully about something that they really don’t know much what to be life?

Second entity, many years ago people did not know that wood contains life, neither some hard shapes rocky corals, after having comprehension still many knew nothing about microbe’s bacteria and viruses and other inconspicuous living things that we know now still there are many other things that we have to reach that degrees to understand more.

Third entity. Watching and studying atoms, beside pressures and temperature elevation, they don’t need substance gears from outside to fusion into having more particles inside for hydrogen to become helium and so on. Atoms get joined to amino acids by covalent bonding, complete molecule forms, obey principle theories regarding gravity and all other physics process’s systems, they keep their operative forms 12 billion years, release sound frequencies, some of its electrical flares helixes inside our brain as electricity transports full detailed statistics from a neuron going through synapses and delivering messages to other locations, in my other article Sound frequency, and Universal sound, I explained how bees sense collective sounds release from molecule cluster body of flower that advertise their belonging and material qualifications by fitting sound frequencies and bees are directed into sound tune melodies of atom sound waves, I declare atoms contain life and I stand behind my declaration in very convinced standpoint, I feel sorry for some that have no courage to stand up to admit the reality about life, yes atoms direct DNA forms to complete to function inside cells to govern the mechanism of all living cells.

Atoms have covalent bonding principles neutral group of two or more atoms combine to make a molecule, some intelligence lay this value principles inside atoms to communicate in language of high and low Metallicity than included many variety form of characterizations though it can be seen regularly around us minerals in our planet and in the Universe molecular bonding included gaseous particles either single non-bonded atoms and other forms of homonuclear single atom bonding with oxygen or water also all single ionic bonds that also are single molecules except in solid metallic bonding does not form molecules by the great density of solid block of the metal combinational, on Earth we have many minerals that make up crust mantle the sea and oceans and Air all is based on molecule components of matter, starting point to develop, regarding developments for atoms to combine in covalent bonding they apply principles of tone reaction sound frequency tone waves by communicating held together scientist call it chemical bonds, all molecular bonds adapt to control distinguishing from ions by balancing their electrical charges that is supervised by electron helix separated neutrinos with their neighbor atoms,, some can explain great details in quantum physics, polyatomic ions and more important to using terms of organic chemistry, biochemistry the word molecules are used that are building block of living organisms, after molecules are formed by unidentified intelligence living cells by super molecules all class forms of molecules has been considered  if there are any definable molecules or about their repeating units all has been considered to class of characterize groups then it is used properly, DNA adopts to use variety of molecules in their building block forms that also conducted with mysterious great intelligence, unseen intelligence is adopted transforming from atomic principle order covalent bonding communication into DNA directives to control and manufacture cells with all supervisions that realized in biology field, all communications are the result of sound vibrational codes that are released from atoms in combining to molecules also considering their transition density of molecular before site into building block projects inside the cell, regarding organic substances as components in biochemistry and other living forms all directed by this mysterious great intelligence.    

 Scientists measure flow of time many things can be investigated by time to register heavenly bodies atomic activities considering space time finding international unit of time that is the second, Atomic time (TAI) Loordinated Universal time, Barycentric Dynamical and Terrestrial time and many other systems in physics theories. Now scientist knows earth spins by 365.24219 days a year. Lunar time is 27.2-29.5 Since Plato, Aristo, Heraclites, gave their perspective regarding fundamental structure of the Universe definition of time, still in modern time there is no definite answer for time and infinity but we are not desperate still we enjoying time no matter what it is also we are aware how limited time is for each one of us but still abundant for the Universe. Generation (17-35) will come and go men might live 100 years or so, that is the personal belonging that he or she shares viewing according their experience in dimension that existed, what they taking with them nothing physical only probably collected memory stimuli without any consciousness’ that will be saved with supernatural intelligence that I have been explained in my “Neuron activity” post, Atoms save all detailed happening about individuals for 12 billion years, if atoms near to die they can transport all their data into new atoms, this collections don’t think love or hate they are only memory details that can be function is a body is prepared for them to make memory flow into reasoning’s into private consciousness.

In my perspective I see some sort of shares to actions everything happens somehow there is permissiveness to happen connected in entire Universe that can also register all motions and happenings or halt anytime anything that can destruct the balance in our Universe, Life, same with gravity, expansion of Universe like time and infinity, force field that control time is not under supervision of time but is over guiding effects that can happen, as for us walking on a street walking in for a few blocks north then coming back one block reverse is the same effect that guiding force can handle time events and happening that is supernatural force field of intelligent super beings that has not any of our limitations. To explain all what I said by Theory in my limited vocabulary and education there is no possibility only I respect my own logical reasoning, how you look at it you have all the freedom to decide the way you analyze this subject.

When you wake up Monday morning, what will be your expectation for that day? No matter how looking at it from all angles probably you will experience things that were no t expecting that day, there might be times when you enjoyed life in full, other times probably you experience suffering and harsh time happening to you that was passing is the same phenomenon that was passing through same value of time occurrences, you were the same person observing good incident experiences of time and other times bad experience incidents, you are the same person time has the same value but how you feeling enjoying or panicking is related from the way you handling the matter, how did you handle the mime of enjoyment? How did time pass? Bad experiences are going to pass as well; some don’t alarm but remain steady, if going through panic by terrifying our mind we will not maneuver logically to handle the situation with serenity. Time is energy and you need energy to carry on time. So as good times are reserved for us other instances bad times are held for us. I was watching planet channel once and sow how this sea animals sea lions penguins and so on were enjoying life, all of a sudden in other moment I saw killer whales came biting and throwing their victims to the air, sometimes whacking their victims with their teeth other times tails to the air, poor animals that enjoying certain time, other time were devastating for them. It the same time of observable fact with different results, so time will and can decide the spectacle diversity. We and everything around us including entire stars planets galaxies and the entire Universe is inside the power of time that operate with many variations and we have to obey every incident either confrontation or enjoyments with persisting endurances, we have no other choices.

Modern science is trying to use high intensity pulses of microwaves and radio frequency using electrodes to effect other people or go into their thoughts by giving instruction or effect their emotions similar to psychotropic field, they are using frequency segments to send messages to one individual or sending into mass of people by discoveries from electronically engineers’ generating wave form patterns to effect other persons mind making them feel like hallucinations. This signals can effect also on smart bombs rockets and other machinery that are used in warfare, in other subjects I already described the entire Universe function by “Language of the Universe” Universal sound” titles. In my conclusion our minds work by releasing message stimuli that can see and keep all audio feelings impressions everything we sense and feel and transport everything to other locations by neutrinos and many other form of electrodes.

No matter what level life organism is still all atoms to bolt combine amino acids and molecules they apply to handle principles in flexibility to continue process to volubility, sound waves can make them communicate to recognize every protein or prepare environs to evolve biological forms latch onto molecules, all this operation is still in research by scientist to diagnose the mechanism how they work?

Earlier I described that two major components of atoms are. One, from Dark-Energy materialized electromagnetism electrons that are cables that contain unlimited helix spiral coils of energy that also contain life, some helix get separated from coil electrons and go in the space of atom to be joined mixed with the other component inside atoms that are. Second. Dark-Matter invisible cluster bubbles inside bubbles that can expand or condense into proton core that also are unlimited bubbles and they contain life energy. Bothe force field of D.E and D.M in large volume range or disjointed distinct least particle form all think and act in unity as one individual intelligent divinity. Inside atom according to combine each type of energy and volume they form small particle in atoms or neutron bosons or the rest of the group all in balancing harmony to cooperate to form new fusions, this two separated forces don’t need anything else from outside to conclude fusion except exceed temperature and pressure, they can balance the formality process inside the vacuumed atoms. Life that atoms and major components carry is not biological life that we have but different source of force field, after they materialize and our cells collects all component matter to form into human cell process molecules they all together be connected into biological life form, in same principle atoms inside stars and planet individually are other type of biological life forms together as planet and stars they also combined represent other form of living things that is too early for our advancement to compromise, additional information can be found in my "Water" subject.
When we look at the heaven there are so many stars and Galaxies, by our view angle to the heavens only I millimeter diameter can cover about 10.000 galaxies all directions from Earth and only our planet contain biological living things but the entire Universe contains non biological energy force field intelligence unfamiliar to us all around including atoms and planets stars.


 Because life existed in energy form long time ago it reached to us through special arrangements as atoms receive life in non-biological other form of living things, atoms have personality characteristics communication and principles to perform according to surrounding effect precisely with great intelligence power and wisdom, all great values of understanding was already existing we only received by some arrangement to be a living thing that have supernatural qualities and life. There was never a big bang grand creator always existed with life energy and power, other matter and energy developed by Dark-Energy that always existed everlastingly. First creation was Dark-Matter invisible bubble force fields, combining small portion of this two energies D.E and D.M an atom completed to exist. Every value of characteristic capacity we humans received because there is out there long time ago, life we received because there was already in great power inside Universe, same with other valuable qualifications already were existed out there unknown years ago we just received it lately. Already D.E and D.M contain all this capacity energies in their invisible formation in unknown time moments.

Life is contained in several levels. First level is in invisible stat contained by Dynamic-Energy and Dynamic-Matter, This Grand power that entire Universe is made off of is unexplained to scientist that’s why they use the term DARK-Energy and Matter, plus spiritual invisible angels. Second level of life contained in atoms that also are different form of living than ours, still they communicate to each other go to fusion changing their characters and personality, stars and planets also fall in this group in giant mass formations. Third level of life is collection or combination of elements first by amino acids second combining to ions to form gems and mining materials and rocks or stones, they have their regulations in forming and connecting to complete certain shares or amalgams. Fourth levels are microbe’s viruses and bacteria’s, other forms funguses’ and algae and so on. Latest forms are more familiar to us plants then insect bird’s animals and Angels, lastly Humans. Everything we see around us is not mere a coincidence but delicately has complex synchronicity.

Atoms are studying themselves

In my other post I described that atoms are other form of living things. Humans are made of atoms, In my logical conclusion atom contains two living forces supernatural energy of Dynamic Energy and Matter (Dark Energy and Matter) each atoms live over 12 billion years, depending what level are in periodical level by fusion they change their characteristics that is atoms have own personal temperaments, atoms communicate releasing sound tones that collectively clusters of atoms release, altogether complex sound melody, atoms collect together to form amino acids and participate in DNA completions and participate to complete biological cell forms, atoms transform their characterizing into other form of animals insect fish birds viruses and bacteria, from looking above on this matter atoms participate in completions of biological life forms adding characteristic to them atoms study living life forms, also atoms study themselves how will they react in large volumes, cluster of atoms collect data of the outcome of their work, the basic center of information collection still will be Dynamic Energy and Matter that form atoms. Atoms release directives to biological cells specially water molecules are so close communicating with living cells, starting from conception of two egg formation of human cell does not contain 210 types of cells with 37.2 trillion nerves but atoms release new tiny complex directives as a tweak into DNA gene constructing multi celled organisms otherwise cells were going to print endless photocopies forms of same cells that was transcribed inside DNA, suddenly evolve into new cell forms by directives of atoms same procedures as atoms also immerse characteristics to cells and human personalities, as I know observing my children their taste in nutrition effects their personality and nourishments are made of clusters of atoms, every construction inside universe inside planets stars and atoms are formed by complex sound frequency wavelengths that are released from atoms and basically from two supernatural life form energies Dynamic Matter and Energy. Basic starting conventional single cellular life and multicellular organism are all from directives by other atoms specially Hydrogen and oxygen atoms and hydrogen atoms contain complete Dynamic energy in its center as proton core.

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