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The Bible

                             THE BIBLE

                                                  I am  Gabriel Logician Jabrael

                                                                  “Greg Kaprielian”

I have no right to change any word from the Bible and I believe each person have his or her own capacity of interpretation to figure the meanings according personal taste character or temperament in the bible, the contents that are written has the oscillation capacity to make each individual to receive the statistics according personal intelligence taste character for configurations, but also there is possibility from the intelligence force that kept this recordings to enlightens our perceptions.

First Books of Bible was written by Prince Moses starting in the desert of Sinai Peninsula East of Ancient Egypt. At those days there were no public libraries TV or radio stations to hear about history except most family heads kept a record of markings from their ancestral representative pattern marking on the rod or stick that once their great grandfather feel safe to trust or subjective to certain grandson, the markings relate about instances occurred in back history, new young ones listen how the rode statistics have to be summarized and read to the whole family, anyone who is more capable in memorizing and pronouncing the instances were called at family gathering to read the story of their rode in the family.

Moses was fluent in Pharaonic Hierogiglypth writings but he had no any information about ancient history through the viewpoint of Israelites, first information’s about back history was given to him from Moses became son-in-low in law of Jethro who was a priest of Medians. Exodus 3:1 so Moses continuously every night listen to old history of mankind while Jethro read on his personal rod of documental history. After Moses get his assignment to free Israelites from Egypt going to desert of Sinai he call for the ancestral representatives to bring their stick or rods that was also used as weapons, in our times we use expression of family tree. Hebrew letter “shevet” literally meant a tree and read to him and mosses recorded the details in Pharaoh System writings on dried sheep skins. If you read Genesis 5:1”This is the book of Adam`s” other location also Genesis 10:1 “This is the history of Noah” in many other sections all happening done before Moses`s lifetime was collected by him and written as early history after death his rod was kept in the ark of the covenant Nu 17:1-11 Ancient Abraham had one all ancient Biblical figures had their rode of history Moses made his own in the desert and in the most holly. Also in many occasions the rod was symbolized authorities that were unrighteous Mica 5:1 also many occasions counsel from bible was referred as rode of discipline Proverbs 13:24

Additional information can be found same blog under subheading “Israel” sacred secret of God in.


I believe presence of grand intelligence in the Universe somehow this energy field that some call him God has the capacity to inform why he created all this countless numbers of Galaxies stars and planets and why only on Earth you can find biological life, only life can form other life. For example someone that will develop tape recorder radio should first have the capability to hear and make sound should know the value of this dimensions, same with life human beings the one that created men has the capability to feel and sense everything human organism does and put this qualities inside human existences.

The word bible derived from Latin word Byblos, first old form of paper started in “Jebeil“ old Phoenicia in modern times is Lebanon I been on so many occasions in the fortress of Byblos almost all chambers, some artifacts and literature and caucuses are found in separate large many clay Jars concealed in the ground, Greeks call this form of books “Byblos” this intelligence will make somehow aware by a book record why he created men, where does men going, what is the purpose of men to live on Earth, what does the creator expects of us? Many similar questions might arise and there should be an answer for that.

Then question arise, does God talk to people face to face? Where and how those people who recorded masterpiece bible, from where get those information’s? Of course there are many other religions and their books, other so called holly books don’t contain prophecies the bible don’t imitates others biblical scriptures is in great circulation in many languages have the antiquity to be the oldest history book.  Other books don’t have personal divine name but only title, the bible contains Gods divine name over 7000 times, though the bible went through violent controversy but overcome keeping its contents by unseen protection to keep up existing against all its enemies.

Bible writing started by Moses that were been told verbally much more earlies time periods, Muslim religion writings basic historical details are taken from the bible same with Christian writings, during time great stress was left over this writings to personalized according to their public preferences,   Definitely the Creator of life will make an arrangement to release his thoughts to humans; on the other hand Satan will try his best to confuse true thoughts misleading humankinds, that’s why today we have millions of religions, for example the oldest bible the Sinai bible exist in the British museum and was found are over 14.800 differences between this bible and between standard King James version, on top of the differences with the writings nationality partisans are killing other people who have the same spiritual writing because they are not part of their party, addition to that they are killing other nations and different faith groups, all are declaring they own Gods thoughts they are the only true representative of god, trying to teaching God of love but yet killing God`s creations all other people with different faiths, instead of love they are teaching hate and revenge going as far as creating barbarism valence in eliminating others. Many times I hear from some religions who declare “We represent peace and harmony” some faiths that are declaring those comments when they are minorities in different lands as soon they become majority and complete power in their hands no more peaceful for rest of other minorities in their ruling country, forcing all others to except their faith or die. Just in a split of a second somehow peacefulness in their tradition vanishes away.

By many the bible is considered the holy Scriptures, but problem starts when certain teachers or church representatives come forward saying only they understood the meanings and only they have the knowledge how to interpreted the bible, politely saying all other religions and bible representatives are false, I have other chapter in this blog you may consider in subtitle “Hell religion respect”

Some consider religious books and the bible as reliable source of evidence some don’t but most Hebrews Islam and Christian except Moses as great prophet, especially with the instant conversation with God encounter conversation near burning bush on Mount Sinai. Moses lived with high society of Pharaoh family, recently archeologist are finding trace of drugs in mummies this drugs were not familiar to other Middle Eastern people but pharaohs family were acquainted with this psychedelic compounds. Moses was familiar to nature of desert living with his desert pries and marrying his daughter, also Moses grow up in High society of the king Pharaoh, in those days some tribes had ancestral ceremonial using oral ingestion or brew from leaves of Acacia trees that contain DMT Dimethyltryptamin that are Psychoactive Alkaloids that can give lasting vision quest giving vivid hallucination internal brawls, old times many have considered themselves experiencing revelation visions experiencing that are connected with divine source. Burning bush on Mount Sinai was on from variety of Acacia trees that contains inside their leaves stems and roots, Acacia trees are particularly rich with serotonin and melatonin 5-MeO-DMT that is “drug” In Middle East some continued to use this substances as ancestral ceremonial brew. You will except as reality or false, you will decide.

                                                         TIME OF CREATION

Did Almighty created Earth star men animal’s fish birds and plants in six days? Considering each day 24 hours? With the solar system and the Universe we as humans are under control of concept of movement time process. As scientist of this world mentioning extended about space-time worm holes, space-time warm stages that men might have possibilities of time traveling’s, also supernatural wisdom through bad or good Angel’s men were reminded that time travel is a possibility. For example Japanese story of “Urashimar Taro” Buddhist pali canon time moving in different times. Hindu mythology Mahabharata, traveling into backward time travel. Let’s not forget the bible Joshua 10:13 though mentioning that the Sun stood still in reality space time stood still but living activities on planet Earth was in process of paradoxes. Maneuvering of Earth`s spin did not stopped, only time, not in mechanism rotation temporary extended space-time otherwise entire oceans can flow hard over land destroying the entire planet’s surface structure. This miracle is too complex for the time being, the time will come that knowledge will cover us like the Oceans covering the lands Habakkuk 2:14 “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Jehovah. As the waters cover the sea”

Creator of the Universe is not under theoretical law he is top of all laws including theoretical physics mechanics, God is not under obligation to stay under regulation of time because Gods is most supernatural being that can control block Universe theory modeling time as dimension of physics, forward and backward in time dimensions quantum entanglement, considering my perspective logical paradoxes showing this reality by an example, realistically in my spare time while I was writing on the computer several pages or articles that took probably several days, as soon I go into the blogs to print my chapter, guest what it takes only several seconds, I realize that all of a sudden my article is right there. By human concept yes Universe was created in 24 hours or other daily creations that happened on planet Earth, in reality for Almighty time that has no border lines secure timing as we know by theoretical physics mechanics quantum entanglements, God is not under ruler ship of any being or force including time. Almighty created heaven and rest of the creational mater in 6 separate timing processes, delivery for us to comprehend is 6 time 24 hours limit to except, if we can’t understand that it is fine we already don’t understand many other things including about our planet and other galaxies and stars.

According to scientist Milky way galaxy has six major arms, we are located in in one of our milky Galaxy arm that is local spur arm, supposedly someday if we can faster than speed of light and be in location of Norma arm section of the sun when our solar system was in that position we had been travel back in time. By mathematical theories time can be manipulated. Still limited human advancement are too far to reach that achievements, Regarding the Creator that formed the entire Universe where everything in it is under his control, somehow God has to be in control to reach all this territories beyond speed of light and whatsoever Angels are tiny energy forces with intelligence that can travel incomparably faster than light to reach furthest locations inside the Universe in no time limits. Almighty can send his Angels further than light speed to reach selected whereabouts of galaxies or stars, same in logical sense any person that own great lands want to be able to reach his or her own belongings no matter where they are.


Atoms communicate with sound frequencies, cluster of atoms unite into harmony sound dialog to release messages. Inside the human body trillion of trillions of atom clusters have to reach into a conclusion to release harmonious into unilateral message by excepting vowel gradation of echo vowel harmony, according to individuality of DNA atom clusters in vowel harmony progressive or regressive harmony, so atoms already contain multi number synonymous expressive communication lines that we call it language or tone reactions. Atoms keep constant harmony sound frequencies to be connected dialog with DNA of individual person where they represent part of it. In other words, atoms contain many form levels of languages and they feel in control to use what level of communication vowel gradation to use inside the brain, human brain will be recognize atom thought only when atoms are communicating the individuality harmony of integrated way. In my perspective all languages that are on this planet plus all communication activity signals between fish, insects, birds, animals and all sort of thousands variety of human languages and dialog, atoms can interpret all sort of languages that are based in multi layers domains.

In Genesis 11:1-9 biblical verses explain that 5000 years ago people spoke a single language, as Adam and Eve were speaking, fragmentation of human languages started in the city of Babel as soon God commanded confusion of tongues. (Purpose from God was to spread people on planet earth but Babylonians build a large city and try to live only around its vicinity) when confusion of tongues happening the activity was to generate atom clusters of certain groups to use different level of modeling  subcategories of languages from their level domains to particular domain that already exist and are printed inside atom clusters, assimilation of sound vowels became adjacent to some nearby people were able to understand integrating way to specific grammatical suffixes with progressive and regressive harmony, each word trigger assimilation in a vowel, all data are already print out different diagrams in schematically in different diagrams, atoms clusters release sound, hearing some other language you might realize how musical sound vowels play big part in their expressions with grammatical assimilation that are controlled by atom clusters according to individuality sound harmony of the person.


Most worshipers believe in prayer that is devotion, sometimes they requests or pleads seek for help or favor, other occasions people pray in praising to bless God. Like dialing a number prayer should be directed to right course, in the days of Elijah there was a contest behalf of petitions guided to false god Baal and between God Jehovah 1Kings 18:22 In this important showdown the result was eminent but God does not continue to entertain people with this sort of entertainment in our days. There are many people who believe in the power of prayer, scientifically approach how does a prayer work? Chapter by title “Neurons” I represented my perspectives to explain that already human brain transmits by electrical sparks stimuli everything we sense hear and see also all sort of emotions can be sent into other neurons as code messages, this stimuli are invisible current of force that contain and preserve messages to deliver to other locations, some scientist were succeeded to show that humans can use their capabilities to send messages to other humans using this stimuli energy pauses, still human brain functions only 2.5% of the brain other sections are inactive because humans are under punishment to be imperfect when this load is detached and they be perfect many qualifications that are missing will function in full realm 100% of our brain will function. In my other title subject “Universal Sound” and “Language of the Universe” in my Blogs I have explained that all stars planets atoms bacteria worm’s insect’s animals also our brain is using Universal Language communication.

Each atom inside your body is combination of two force fields DE and DM they contain life force and intelligent capacity that we borrow from Universal force-feeds that some portions are included inside atoms, atoms register all procedures activities inside human cells, growth and eliminations of cells, so as we try to express and talk prayers or think our prayers all data are registered by atoms and then by complex sound frequency wavelengths are delivered to united universal force field of DE and DM though we don’t sense it but the messages are delivered first into atoms inside our cells then to entire cosmos force field that some consider appropriate to call Almighty God or Creator.

One of the stories of the bible starts Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth” he does not talk about his beginning into life form because God is something different than any other form he is not created and always existed, so referral beginning her is about material objects stars in heavens and Earth, so life existed through God before any biological life forms existed, in one of my other subjects I represented my perspective regarding existing of Matter under subheading “Cornerstone of the Universe” in my blog. Because God is life form everything he created contains some other form of life energy that still is implicit to us, we believe the life forms are only biological beings but according to bible there are also electrical form energy supernatural beings that are called Angels special toping regarding this subject you can find in my blog “Angels” that live inside heavenly ordinance and some are rebelled against God and live with us I explained how I know their group total number 333.333 million disobedient angels with their leader god Satan, anyone that reach into position that is respected and worshipped reach into that title some people make themselves their god others consider wealth as god so depends what they consider top in their life but all of this titles does not bring to the position of Almighty God. Some people took the name God on themselves, unknowingly they are under the influence of Devil they think that own full authority and have no any obligations to give answer for their mistakes to anyone furthermore they are contaminating the Earth`s oceans lands sea and the clean air drinking water everything, that is important need for all livings to continue their life, our planet is poisoned, human race is polluting our planet and plundering all the continents’ on Earth, in Isaiah 33:1 this is what God of the bible declares “Woe to you who are despoiling, without you yourself being despoiled…..As soon you have done with dealing treacherously, they will deal treacherously with you” deceitful life will newer be rewording.

There is two offspring of people and are growing living together on Earth that are opposing to each other, this contradictory individuals can be living in the same family or race or go into the same worshiping location but they belong into certain characteristic group that will be contrasting to each other Genesis 3:15 mentions about them One of them contain genetic of human people the other type also contain human genetics plus some Satanic gens, during human cultural history always has been characters out of nothing damaged their environments kill for no reason (animals kill to survive and support their food) but those people kill for fun greed pride and entertainment like their father Satan the Devil.

                                                                        JUDAH ISCARIOT

Let’s not forget Satan was a family member in Universal serenity that rebelled against God, to this rebellion joined the first family couple Adam and Eve first born Cain joined to rebellion later big group of heavenly living assemblies as Angels joined to this revolt, many living people and nations joined to this revolution and brought human race into sufferings and genocides still we are experiencing till 21th Century, this is a universal revolution this issue still is not solved, 12 tribe leaders, 10 of them sold their brother into slavery to Egypt, for example one of Jesus’s disciple one of the 12 greedy Judah Iscariot believed to his teacher followed him many several years best thing in life for him was wealth also National interests was more important for him though he liked Jesus and his capabilities but it was not satisfactory for him the way Jesus approach regarding Nationality interests so he gave up on Jesus and choose making second best money his first choice. Worldwide there are some people like Judah Iscariot spiritually they seek God for wisdom and knowledge also for protection but inside other emotional needs like addictive greed controls their life to be better than everyone else, Iscariot had love toward God but did not have the patience to wait to understand what is Gods own personal standpoints regarding certain issues or happenings so Judah Iscariots disappointed from Jesus his expectancy from Jesus’s heavenly father`s directives was not satisfactory, Judas wanted type of Jesus the sward in his belly sitting on the horse and killing as many Roman army as possible to save the Jews from slavery  from Romans to provide victory. There are many other faiths in our days that take executions in their own hands killing others believing that their god is in need of their own personal help to make all matters straight believing that their God is not capable handling his difficulties, after doing some crazy heroic killings they might be considered also heroes from other people who think like them. That has nothing to do what Gods perceptions, they only are pleasing another person who also is called God and Jesus called Satan as the ruler of this world Ephesians 2:2 and 2 Corinthians 4:4 the God of this system.  Matt chapter 4:9 Satan the Devil presented all kingdom power of the world to Jesus, the circumstances was if Jesus try to make one time submission to him Matthew 4:9-10 and the devil said to Jesus regarding big prize of all the ruler ship of the world “…All these things I will give you, if you fall down and do an act of worship to me….” Then Jesus refused the Devil because he can give submission only to his heavenly father to Almighty God the Grand Creator.

As long human being don’t know how far they can go to act up to their own personal choices and when to stop looking for true supervision and act their own philosophy needs or desires they might pleas the devil because that’s how devil want us to think regarding his own group of chosen race. Directly or indirectly that approach will bring many under accepting Satan as God, there are only two Gods the true and the false, so on you choose spontaneously one, you are deleting the other.
Rest of the history of the bible till Noah’s flood is written on rods of family heads to revers tell to coming generation their history, those family heads were respected because the revue the history with all details and that’s very important for humans to know, for example the cow braise the grass step on the grass and pass by doesn’t thing who planted their greenery who is cultivating watering who cares because he has cow character but mature humans have questions why they existed what is the meaning of life what is the purpose they were created and who created them? In the heaven God has one billion heavenly angels as I explained before one third of them joining to Satan rebelled against god and mixed with men bringing everything out of control. In my subject Noah’s flood you might find some details how Noah obeyed the command of God to renewed world population and transformation of bad angels into humans was disrupted no more bad angels could take human forms to intercourse with females after flood on but they still live with humans because they don’t take space having no mass but they can effect on human thinking entertainment and daily chores and plans making war loving nations enjoy killing other for no reason plus prepare more arsenal’s so they can kill in bigger numbers in the future

Creator Almighty was seeking acquaintance with men, Gods intention was to visit them every day and associate as a close friend as long they stay obedient keeping their perfection Genesis 3:8  God was calling Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. First couple joined into rebellion of Satan after that everything bad happened not that God wanted to happen but because they choose new bad outcome to control their life, there was needed time to be proven what Satan introduced “your eyes will be opened you will be like God and you will not die” time already proved that men did not became like God and they died, but as everyone knows to cover a lie sometimes ten times more lies are needed and Satan provided that through his followers “Though men dies but his spirit do not die and live forever” and so on many other philosophies till our days. Almighty that is represented by love “God is love” planned to open the road for human generation special arrangement to adopt them back and train to prepare them back into perfection. Satan wanted to rule over man presenting King Nimrod Genesis 10:8-9 in Babel opposition before God to make entire world population under one government under puppet Nimrod that will stay under Satan command ultimately God disrupted them by confusing their language Genesis 11:5-9

Almighty continue to search someone to choose and introduce himself to him to be his friend but he must be proven that is obedient to extreme extend, that man became Abram later change his name into Abraham, after Abraham proved his faith God make with Abraham covenant also promises toward two boys Ishmael and Isaac. Later the promises’ after that chronology continues regarding Isaac`s generation having offspring of twins Esau and Jacob, Esau first born did not appreciate gods arrangements and sold his first born right for a plate of lintel soup proving that he has genes of Satan, Jacob received the blessings of family rights from his father Isaac. Then continuously 12 sons of Jacob received 12 tribal covenant promises of God they received gods commandment especially after Joseph took them out from Egyptian slavery to purify Israeli Nation as holy but history shows continually they could not apply Gods standard neither the ten commandments by their activities Israelite disobey God continuously, God amazingly protected them from enemies astoundingly fed the on many occasions continuously god gave them 5 scriptural books by Moses, Deuteronomy, Joshua Judges Ruth Samuel and so on with many other chosen representatives. Almighty wanted to be Israel’s God The word Israel meant “Gods Nation” to make them a holy Nation, they disobeyed. God wanted to assigned judges to explain theocracy to the people it did not work, God wanted to be their king of Israelites, they refused they asked the Judge give us a human king 1Samuel 8:6-9 “Now appoint for us a king to judge us like all the Nations” God said to Samuel “it is not you whom they have rejected, but it is I whom they have rejected from being king over them”

Starting 1050 BC Israel had their own kings starting Saul then David and later Solomon and continued by dividing into two kingdoms Judah and Israel kingdoms about 48 kings. Last king was Zedekiah that was taken as prisoner to Babylon 597 BCE with the entire Nation of Israel in 607 went to exile under ruler ship of king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, this was a big punishment for Israel for 70 years in exile to Babylon until king Cyrus released Israelites from Babylonian bondage, year 455 BCE they totally returned from exiles so they can repent to worship God in right and orderly way in their faith, the main temple of Solomon that was made of ciders from Lebanon was allowed by God to be destroyed, returning back to Israel they tried to restore the true religion but not with great success, though they had many scriptural counsel and pure healthy directives from God Almighty until the days of common era when Jesus born in Bethlehem.

Almighty always kept his promise starting to Abraham under the arrangements of 12 tribes till they killed Almighty`s representative savior, before Jesus was sacrificially died he collected 12 representative from same Nation of Israel and gave the new covenant in the same memorial day of Nisan 14 to keep the covenant continued but in this group of arrangements not only privilege to Jews but from all other Nation individuals that except god as their creator, Romans 9:8 “that the children in the flesh are not really the children of God but the children by the promise are counted as the offspring” Only through mediator Jesus will introduced this new spiritual Israelites to Almighty God as foster children in the new compliant mandate covenant, sacrificial death of Jesus represented figuratively the blood that was strike upon the two doorposts of entrances of their houses Exodus 12:23 “… blood upon the upper part of the doorway and upon two doorposts” protection of this New Nation of God new Spiritual Israelites chosen from all Nations and Languages. Mentioned in Galatians 6:15-16 “For neither is circumcision anything, nor is un-circumcision, but a new creation is; as for all those who walk orderly by this rule of conduct, peace and mercy be upon them, yes upon the Israel of God. Additional information’s can be found in my blog “Israel” someday it will come perfection possibilities to men and God will communicate with perfect people as friend.

Greek scriptures or new testaments bring out the activities of Jesus on Earth and work of his disciples and many activities of the followers. In the Hebrew Scriptures was already mentioned that a greater than Moses irreplaceable prophet or representative from God will come on Earth written by prophet Moses before Nation of Israel entering to promised land year 1473 B.C.E. Moses mentioning in Deuteronomy 18 15, 17-19 about the great prophet, many years later in new scriptures of Hebrew 3:1-6 the disciple refers the high responsibility of Jesus to lead his Nation. Many Jews had expectations where hi will born there were many details about Jesus where he will live what he will do as Israel`s consolation, Many instances of prophetic instances apply on Jesus’s life that pre-told and fulfilled.

Born of a virgin. Isaiah 7:14 compare to    Matthew 1 18-23  After Jesus born babies will be massacred Jeremiah 31:15 compare to Matthew 2:16-18  People will see a great light in his ministryIsaiah 9:1,2 Matthew 4:13-16  They will not believe in him  Isaiah 53:1  John12:37,38    Zealous for pure worship  Psalms 69:9 Matthew 2: 13-17  Have assignment duty from God  Isaiah 61:1,2  Luke 4:18-21  Entering to Jerusalem instances.  Zachariah 9:9 and Psalms 118:26  with   Matthew 21: 1-9  Jesus will be betrayed  Psalms 41:9 109:8 Acts 1:15-20   Betrayed price 30 pieces of silver Zechariah 11:12  Matthew 26:14,15 Gambled over his garments Psalms 22:18  John 1:23,24  False witnesses against him Psalms 27:12 Matthew 26:59-61 Enemies mocked his death Psalms 22:7,8  Mark 15:29-35  Offered him vinegar as pain killer Psalms69:21   Mark15:23,36    Pierced     Isaiah53:5 also Zechariah 12:10  John 19:34,37  Buried with rich people  Isaiah 53:9  Matthew 27:57-60 Jesus body did not decay  Psalms 16:8-11 Acts 2:25-32  13:34-37  

Everything that happened over Jesus cannot be planned by him or others to happen precisely unless God knew before it was going to take place all details regarding life of Jesus on Earth.

Luke chapter 2:25, 27-38 Simon and 84 years old widow called Anna gave thanks to God to receive the privilege seeing the promised savior. Before Jesus has born Angel Gabriel foretell the news to Zachariah priest father of John, same angel speak to Mary mother of Jesus, astrologers informed about his birth, some try confuse telling lies that at 12 Jesus went to India to learn magic, Jesus became a good teacher before he was 12 years old and he could teach older theologians in the temple of Jerusalem Luke 2:41-50 Jesus became a carpenter by trade most of the villagers knew him. Main assignment for Jesus was to tech love of his father to Mankind, because he came from heavenly realm Jesus was the best individual to know the personality of God, everything he did and react was exactly how his heavenly father will do to help mankind, also Jesus wanted to tech his disciples they also will be called adapted children of God,  Jesus came at the right time did all the prophecies that was referred about him and he was the first resurrected person who open the way for future resurrection did all his best to bring Gods Nation and many adapted other individuals from other Nations closer to heavenly  pure devotion. Jesus explained clearly what was the message of the bible that our first perfect parent lost their parenthood right in 4026 B.C.E. Jesus as perfect person exchange his life by pouring his blood by sacrificial death as ransom to adapt the human family as his children, in 1943 B.C.E all promises that was given to faithful Abraham stay complete by descendent of Abraham to be the offspring, list of the families are mentioned in the beginning book of Luke. Jesus received his assignment fully Galatians 3:16 He die an sacrificial death 1 Corinthians 15:21:22 still many promises Jesus spoke that are recorded in the bible as prophecies will take place in the near future.
                                     Another secret message from the book of Genesis

Almost all historic names in the bible had meaning Jesus in Hebrew as title son of God, Salvation of Yah or Yahveh. Also all names of important ones in the beginning verses of the bible meant something. I will connect this name to make a story. Adam=Earthly man or mankind. Eve=Living one. Abel=breath or vapor. Seth=substituted or appointed one. Enosh=man. Cainan = possession or enjoy. Mahalalel = praise of God. Jared= Descent or origin. Enoch = dedicated or initiated. Methuselah = guided man like an arrow or dart. Lamech = strong youth. Noah = rest or consultation.

“Earthly man as living breath was selected man to enjoy and praise God who will decent dedicated like an directive arrow, his purpose to bring youth strength rest and consultation” for mankind    

This was the purpose of Almighty to complete human back into perfection and letting him enjoy good life but Satan had another plan for humans, let us consider the new generation race after the flood sons of Noah and human ancestors to the meanings of their names. (Shem) RENOWNE FAME OR CELEBRITY. (Ham)TANNED SUNBURNT HOT  (Japheth) MAKING WIDE TO EXPAND  (Gomer) ACHIEVEMENT  (Nimrod)  REBELLIOUS. (Elishah) GOD OF SALVATION.
Human race adopted the second plan or purpose that belongs to Satan. Search for fame swarthy man always magnify invade always steady to rebel against good principles against God of salvation. This two plans will continue until honest people can figure out who is right and who is wrong.

Before flood Earth was almost flat great volume of water standing as clouds the edge of Earth’s atmosphere sun light did not penetrating directly to the land that’s why entire Earth had almost same temperature Noah had the habit to juice grape and drink before flood that did not make him drunk, after flood water filter was down from the atmosphere direct sunlight made grape vines to contain more alcohol that mad Noah drunk after he consume some grape juice, because nations start to live under scorching sun name Ham stance for that meaning (Sun-burned swarthy and hot) previously in paradise Eden was no rain ground watering mist like vapors or haze go up watered the entire ground. Underneath crust ground there was great volume speed all over the surface of the planet similar to small area that contain like in Yellowstone Park, because water was spread all over underneath crust of the Earth there were no potentials for craters to push mountains up that’s why planet was almost flat, during flood most of that water released from the ground up to the surface meeting to all waters that fell from upper atmosphere to form the floods.

 Satan teaches mankind to seek fame to be celebrity rich powerful whatever is needed to reach that goal, to reach to that position need to do improper activities in case of showing nudity they try to go into extreme if that act can make them more famous, other instances to seek riches if they have to break regulations so what important they are reaching into riches and fame. To accomplish their goals, is needed doing inhumane acts? No problem the goal is to be famous. Sometimes people like a sport considering his or her team ready to cherish all their victories. Any team that team wins him or she also feels famous, some extremist go and harm so badly those who are fans of other teams. Physiology of Satan is giving humans bate of fame riches and popularity so comfort of others may be disturbed and others also go into same competitions to antagonisms, do you want to see the results read daily newspaper that shows the harvest of Satan from field of mankind.

Ark of the Covenant. Additional with some non biblical perspectives.

We already know what the bible mentions about the Ark of the Covenant that was made by acacia wood, overlaid by gold with two cherubs, entire form was overlaid by gold, it symbolized the presence of Almighty inside the tabernacle that was a place of worship for Israelis. Before Ark of covenant existed in the desert yet Israelis were in Egypt.

Till now there are many pyramids in Egypt, largest Pyramid is called Khufu. It has large stones each weight 25 to 80 tones, 5.5 million tones lime stones 8.000 tones of granite and 500.000 tones of mortar. Modern scholars believe that under the building there were underground water channels to flow that transmit electrical energy upward, known as Aquifers energy that is known as physio electricity pyramid was plaster by polished crystal limestone, on top of the pyramid was covered by gold plates, inside the pyramid were shafts made of granite also contain some metal parts, granite has slightly conducting radioactive flows that permits ionization's. Similar negative ion to ionosphere to grab electromagnetism field to the ground by Aquifer was tested by modern scientist Tesla. Most of the king’s mummies don’t lay inside the pyramids. The granite coffer inside the Khufu pyramid was form of coffin without any corpse in the coffer called sarcophagus , it was carved from a single block of red Aswan granite that needed tremendous task to be carved in big volume of space that even in our modern times will be difficult to carve using diamond drills, it was 6 inches thick on the four sides and the base 7 inches thick. Inner dimension has 6.47 ft length or 77.83 inches, 2.22 ft width and 2.86 ft depth. I am just imagining it might have two flat piece of material that combines to fit on the bottom of the coffer that contains some unknown energy dynamics. Moses was familiar with these granite coffer and its potentials.    
After the 10 plagues on Egyptians, Moses and Nation of Israelis took out anything that could grab from the hands of ancient Egyptians, gold and all valuables including something that was hidden in Khufu granite coffer that some examiners assume that was moved out to be carried into the desert with the Israelis under the command from Moses.

When Moses said that God told him to built an tabernacle with most holly section where Ark of covenant must be made from acacia wood, bible mentions that Noah’s ark used in the flood was also made of acacia wood, Ark of covenant in the Sinai desert was wooden chest very similar to the granite coffer of Egypt pyramid 2.5 x 1.5 cubit rectangular wooden chest that can contain two plates on the bottom of the chest, biblical verses explain the ark of covenant was empty. Many years later it contained the two tablets of 10 commandments a golden pot of Manna Aaron's rod that formerly was Mousse’s rod, the Ark contain a floating smoke pillars Shekina glory or cloud that can be seen over the tabernacle, sometimes the cloud was transformed into pillar of fire.

During the trip to Middle East some energy helped Moses to confuse stop Egyptian army by pillar of fire, divided opening the Red so the Israelite's can cross to other side, and demolished Egyptian chariots in crossing, later on after the Ark was build it was used to stop the flow of Jordan river helping water crossing through supernatural powers, destroying the city of Jericho by great earthquakes, bringing plagues with piles on Palestine cities and many other interference's 1 Sa 5:1-6,12, Ark of the covenant was not a magic charm but had supernatural energy. Moses was able to communicate with the Ark and hear sounds.

Conquest of the land was completed in 1467 B.C.E. King Solomon made the Temple where the Ark of covenant kept. After many wars Ark was disappeared 2 CH 33: 1,2,7 it was not taken into Babylon, when Zerubbabel rebuilt the temple neither was replacement nor was mentioned anything about the Ark. 2 KI 25:13-17 Ezra 1:7-10 7:12-19 2 Ch 36:18

Additional information about pyramid Khafra, it has 144.000 stone blocks, same number of people will travel into Universe similar to biblical number mentioned Revelation 7:4 and 14. A chosen number into gateway to heavens. Another data about the pyramid number days of the year, perimeter of the square base 4x440=1760 Rc radius length of the Earth, related to the speed of the light 299 792 458 m/5 royal cubic standard for the great pyramid encode fractal value of the speed of the light, also measuring distance between the Earth and the Sun all are related with pyramid cubit standard calculations, location of pyramid is aligned to north pole at their tie (now north pole is changed 3/16 also it lays East and west exactly to center of the planets radius lengths, some estimate that pyramids were made much earlier than biblical calendars’.

                                                     WHERE RELIGIONS CAME FROM

Before flood there was Satan’s influence on civilizations on Earth, all other supernatural beings as bad angels join with him taking wife’s for themselves with everything went out of hand, most of those bad angels were considered mystical gods for their name received reputation also the names of their offspring that became Nephilims they were large human forms or giants, Nephilims could not have their peculiar offspring, after flood they were dead also angels lost their capacity having children again but survived the flood in becoming as formerly were invisible energy force forms, after flood they joined with people who survived particularly with those who contain satanic DNA code gins, before flood people resided west and East side of the Persian Sea that formerly was the location Paradise located, new survival race became effected by new kingdom that was run by Satan and had its own poppet government king Nimrod as highest position with many demons as ministers and leaders who also been having their puppet representatives and religious interoperates with philosophers. Center of civilization and all religions started in the plain of Shinar south of modern city Baghdad in Babel formerly called Babylon triangle shaped city on both side of river Euphrates, it was beginning of all cultures in local Language “Bab” is door “ilu” is God together is “Gate of God” the center to meet God by all centered religions. There were about 50 temples for many idols or false gods main god was called Marduk or Merodach all forms of immoralities and deities were permissive Jeremiah 50:2 “…Merodach..Her dungy idols have become terrified” Tower of Babylon was the center of all false religions.

In about third millennium after the flood, true God for punishment confused there language, Genesis 11:9 their tongues became many different languages but basic mythology remains in their cultures, all the names of former legendary demonic names reused as important locations in myths, scientific representative and knowledge was presented those days by philosophers and religious mediums, all teaching they received in Babylon they carried wherever they went, all names of bad Angels that had formerly reputations were used in Babylon and nations took this names with them in new languages, Greeks used name Aphrodite, Romans calling Venus, same procedure in Roman names most planets were called by this characters like Mars Pluto Mercury Saturn Neptune Jupiter and so on, also all pagan history heroes reputation heroes or powerful men derived by this names and their stories for example.  Greek Gods Zeus Hermes Ares, Apollo, Artemis, Hades or Pluto, Hera, Athena, Hercules. Some Armenian names of ancient gods are Aramasd, Meher, Anahit, Hayk or Vahagn and Asdghik. Many other nations have this similar other names that still are part of their deity. Those entire names continued based from teachings in Babylon. In Greek mythology there is god of shepherds, goat-men Capricorn “Pan” those characteristics might be the result of bad angels with animals, all strange stories were continued to tell from generation to generation that are based on mythology, because of that some people consider all religions as myth including one that can be true. False religions continued through entire generations in human cultures having same Babylonian origins.

                                                            WHAT IS THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE

Roman leader Pilate said to Jesus in John 18:38 “What is the truth?” Truth is one expression but the answer might take volumes of details and specifics to understand the truth, many scholars studied many scriptures from the bible for many centuries till our days researching continuously, because it contain tiny details in many pages of the bible. In the beginning of this article I mentioned Moses used several rods that contain former history about creation and Noah’s flood also history from Faithfull Abraham from family scripted rods, somehow intelligence from Universe preside this details to reach Moses in safe conditions and gave assignment to record in full facts, all this true information are been considered information about truth exactly what happened previously with many counsel to apply toward other people at that times, some of these suggestions might not be acceptable in our community in our days but people at those times had this kind of means to be governed by law and order to compromise low and order, writings from Moses was also considered as bit from the truth during time by new counsel gradually Gods people were going to have more amounts of other new laws to improve their thoughtful directives that also contains truth, many centuries later it will be perfected by Jesus, mentioning from John 1:17 Because the law was given through Moses, the undeserved kindness and the truth come to be through Jesus Christ” Jesus said about himself in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and life. No one comes to the Father except through me” stating about truth writings of the bible chapters praying asking from his Heavenly Father John 17:16, 17 “…Sanctify them by means of the truth, your ward is truth” (Truth = Word of God)

Hence if someone reads the entire bible will grasp the truth? Psalms 119:150 “….And all your commandments are truth” How about adding on that if he or she witnesses all the miracles of Jesus, will make to understand the truth? 12 disciples were in this both level and situations, yet they did understand the truth completely. In Luke chapter 24 He then said to them “these are my words that I spoke to you while I was yet with you that all the things written about me in the law of Moses and the Prophets and Psalms must be fulfilled, after Jesus explained step by step everything about the truth, did they understand the Truth? No then Jesus by special powers ensured something to his disciples, Luke 24:45 “Then he opened up their minds fully to grasp the meaning of the Scriptures” Did they understood the Truth? Yes. Yes. Yes. Only then they grasp the meaning of the Truth. So to grasp the truth we have to receive great information about the scriptures by reading and studying .then we have to receive precise interpretations about the prophecies, time periods and the meanings why these things take place, why we are created? Who is God? What is his will regarding humans, how we have to react to behave with other fellow men? We have to know in full details what scriptures designate, how capable to sense and avoid false religions, Sins, bad habits, bad addictions corrupt standards not disliking it but to hate all bad habits to avoid it, continuous healthy teachings will prepare us to be taken into consideration to open our minds fully to grasp the meaning of the scriptures and most important the truth that will set us free from being part of this world and its teachings and practices’ in conclusion as Ephesians 4:21 mentions “… We thought by him, just as Truth is in Jesus”

Let’s take some upbringings of stories that are told as truth by much individuality by scientist’s religious figures philosophers and Artist, for example what is the truth about last supper picture of Jesus by Leonardo Da Vinci? Of course if the world takes the painting portrait as any regular mood sentiment nothing will change but when some signify this as historical fact about Jesus’s daily life, it will be wrong.

Leonardo Da Vinci represented his painting year during 1494-1498 in artistic way the reaction of 12 disciples at last supper of Jesus that happened 4460 years earlier, he never met Jesus nor his disciples, he never been in Jerusalem at the upper feast chamber. At that time Leonardo did not knew how Israelites don’t sit on chairs and tables but on floor at old days, still many old native residents in Middle east keep the same practices’ Leonardo did not know that long hair as ornament was used, Jesus hair was like enhancing attractiveness that was for woman hair ornament style, it was not permissive for Christians to have long Hair as women hair 1Corinthians 11:14 mentions “Does not nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair it is a dishonor to him” only Samson was allowed to have long hair as certain assignment but they were had braids, so Jesus did not look different than regular men in his hairstyle and priest hired Judas Iscariot to act to kiss so they can find out who is Jesus in the group at Gethsemane garden in Passover night. Jesus in portrait of Leonardo resemble to women hair style that is dishonoring expression, Leonardo did not know appearance how did Jesus look, Skin color of Israelites look at that time like Middle Eastern but he figure out a blond or brunet look, almost everything in the picture was visualization permitting point view of Italian artist on extreme scopes according what he heard from people in his community. But the utmost false equivalent was presenting Mariam Magdalene as one of the representative of 12 tribes of Israelis one of the disciples as a woman, plus adding a symbol of V singe in between.  Strange outcome is almost many Christian houses and worshiping areas you will find this portrait that is not Truth but totally false, I don’t look for authenticity of real stage the way Leonardo presented the last supper.

There are many promises in the Bible, that the meek ones will inherit the Earth, people will live peacefully on Earth in the new order of messianic kingdom government on Earth, those will not create hard time to others, Under this new government Isaiah 2:4 they will learn to beat their swards into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears, Nations will not lift up swards against nations. Nor will they learn war anymore. Jesus gave assurances for three different category crowd of people giving  separate promises’ in Matthew 5:5 “Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the Earth” (are you mild-tempered) for the second category group that includes his disciples plus some small group of individuals chosen in this last 1980 years adapted by God as his children’s during last 2000 years, those who were faithful men and woman, they protected to make the bible literature survive also in the dark ages many were murdered by many vicious judgments by the church, they will inherit kingdom of God in Heavens they will be considered holly ones by God to rule over Earth`s populations in the new world order with Jesus as priests and kings Matthew 5:3 “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs, since the kingdom of the heavens belong to them”

During many ages some faithful ones were also persecuted in symbolic way stabbed from their back by so called friends in the same faith, this emotional stumbling bring individuals why God did not interfere one thing for sure God will judge everyone no exactions, one who was suffered from his fellow friends in faith might say “you know what I don’t want to see those who stabbed me now nor in Gods Paradise, I don’t look forward for this groups association because some of the bad behavior individuals. If we remember from history in the Bible God used many kings and priest that also were sneaky in faith, God used them for a while for certain purposed, that will not guarantee that God will forgive them and bring those bad sheep in Gods Kingdom, they all will be judged, if God allows them then will be in paradise, if I personally can see how bad they are so can Almighty who knows everything. What group we fall in? First one or second otherwise we will fall inevitably in the third group, that is “Rejected” group. Many people in spiritual faith that live today all their life will convinced that they belong in the best category group, they might be disappointed as mentioned by Jesus in a parable I propose please you open your Bible and read to get complete comprehension of this sensitive issue in Matthew 25:31 to 46 “…..verse 41. For I became hungry but you gave me nothing to eat and I get thirsty, but you gave me nothing to drink” All their life still some will be convinced that they are pleasing Jesus, they might be wrong. So they will join group number 3. Jesus already prejudge them in Matthew 23:15


Miracles are magic but they are not magic. Unexplained phenomena but it happens every day by child is born, Universe existed with all stars and planets is Miracle I will now use the word “created” because some wise people can consider me that I committed a crime using the word “created” or “God” since we are not in the era where people will be executioner because they used the word God or creation I will continue to express them. Some in Science studies field that some of them us absurd cursing language and phrased feel comfortable personally I consider moral high standard mature conversation respectful, same I consider scientific principles and theories but for others cursing might be considered nothing is wrong using low character swearing language but if the word Bible word usage illustrated God or creation? Oh what a crime? Of course all people who cherish science are not like that and I represent one of them.

Anytime someone describes something should verify that people have to concern with that subject might be expected for their apprehension, for example people who are interested with subject UFO searching new data about that subject keeping in mind all the TV sessions movies they saw and their expectation will fulfill only when they see really those guys landing shaking hands with our civilization and they will have conversations with them as classmates in school, anything beyond that do not content their hopes and expectations. They already made their mind the outcome of UFO stories; same wit fans of certain sport activities who will win “Our team” if not you can observe their rage after the games.

Ultimately explaining some data requires lot of patients and being ready to forgive to overcome those who flint with rage right away about our comments, personally I don’t get offended, they hate the name God that’s not my problem they are lacking variety perceptions and afraid to give a look at certain ranges, nobody will force them to except it will be very easy to supervises their levels in discernments.

Regarding Miracles the bible details explain many individuals and prophets who performed miracles, people that was witnessing happenings and also some who were opposes to those many miracle performing prophets or holly men and woman, did not come and rejected that they were scams, as was described opposes in John 11:37 saying, but some of them said “Was not this man that opened the eyes of the blind man able to prevent this one from dying?” in john chapter 11 was mentioned the entire story about Lazarus how he was raised from death. Before Jesus performed the miracle he asked power energy to compete this miracle and also after that no opposing individual against Jesus brought out who raise Lazarus from the death no one claimed that was a trick. Those miracles did not occurred by personal capabilities, all miracles that was mentioned in the bible were not performed by personal power they all used the power of the creator including Jesus Christ he also performed miracles by the power of his heavenly Father. Big crowd gathered surrounding the grave, explained in John 11: 41-42 Therefore they took the stone away. Now Jesus raised his eyes heavenward and said “Father, I thank you that you have heard me, True I knew that you always hear me; but on account of the crowd standing around I spoke, in order that that they might believe that you sent me forth” later called the name Lazarus and the dead man came out of the tomb bound with wrappings.

Miracles happened in a time where there was needed great proof to be declared for people to have faith. When Jesus did miracles healed the blind crippled and resurrected the dead, after that witnesses did not reject the idea that miracle occurred, but the argument was to discussed “By what authority did Jesus performed those miracles? (John 7:15  Mark7:5) After the miracles of Jesus many people that witnessed brought big number of other patients to be healed by Jesus, they were convinced that Jesus can heal by miracles. At first miracle of Jesus, Miriam already was convinced that Jesus can solve any problem. Many people came to get meet with Jesus who not invited to the wedding gathering. His mother Miriam bring into Jesse's’ attention that there was a problem to be solved, there was not enough wine, Jesus performed his first miracle in the city of Can`a by transformation of water into supreme quality of wine in John 2:1-11.

The reasons those miracles were happened so people might be natural phenomena positively sure that were supernatural occurring like any energy field we experience in our universe and on earth various physiological and biological science, after many witnessed in many years of ancient biblical writing times that gifts were not continuing to entertain public. Main verse that make many too interested to find out was told only to his disciples, mentioning in John 14:12 “Most truly I say to you, he that exercise faith in me, that one also will do the works that I do and he will do works greater than these, because I am going my way to the Father in my perceptions (All the miracles Jesus did was the help he received from his father so boundaries can be elevated if the father give more power, it is boundless) with certain requirements, Jesus said “He that exercise faith in me” this is not one time deal daily attentions and participation to practicing analyzing going deep into study in God’s word connection with the activities that took place so many years ago and applying counsel to except our friend that we don’t know who is he as Jesus gave the parable of good Samaritans, helping and assisting those who are in need. Of course that is very simple that entire human race can do if they are not very busy watching entertainments and making money to make fame to them. According to scriptures there will come in new order on Earth under Gods theocracy where faithful men will serve as prince on mankind they will make greater works than Jesus according to his promises. Revelation 20:6 “Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection, over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ and will rule as kings with him for the thousand years” Psalms 45:16 “In the place of your forefathers there will come to be your sons, whom you will appoint as princes in all the Earth”

Before we reach that times today some miracles might be happen by the force of the second ability after God, that is the God of these system and he has great authority and power, once disciple John brought to attention to Jesus saying, John 9:49-50 “Instructor, we saw a certain man expelling demons by the use of your name and we tried to prevent him, because he is not following with us” But Jesus said  to him “Do not you men try to prevent [him], for he that is not against you is for you” In my perspective demons are afraid of God’s name and from Jesus’s name, definitely demons were afraid of that name, there has been occurrences where Saran use great powers in book of Job 2:13-20 14,Jobs messenger come saying “the cattle themselves happened to be plowing and the donkeys were grazing beside them, when the Sabeans attacked and took them and they killed all the servants with the sword..” in verse 16 “Fire from God fell from the heavens and blazed among the sheep and the servants and consumed them, I am the only one who escaped to tell you” on all this disasters Satan kept on individual survive so he can deliver the heart breaking message to Job, and imagine the fire from heaven that Satan is capable to use great forces of Heaven that men couldn`t do at that times. Verse 17 another servant came saying “The Chalddeans made up three bands and made a raid on the camels and took them and they killed servants” one escaped to tell, verse 18, another slave came saying “your sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their oldest brother`s house” Verse 19, “Suddenly a great wind came from the wilderness and struck the four corners of the house, so that it fell on the young people and they were killed” So Satan is capable controlling the winds also he can force Influence other nation to apply his command to kill others.

Satan was able also to damage Jobs health, in other chapters in this blog I mentioned hoe each individual have personality low octave sound frequencies to harmonize system of their body, somehow Satan was capable to send messages to manipulate and damaging health control of Job 2:7 an hit him with many sicknesses viruses or microbes with lot of pain, “struck job with painful boils, from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head” This show that Satan also is capable to damage health of people or Nations, in our times he is using his energy harming many families with health problems.
Many years ago I had the privilege to visit the ruins stone house of Jobs children in South East Damascus Syria, starting from Suwayda we went to Shaba and Qanawat there are many ruins of temples and old stone houses in Jabal Arab, the villages in certain location showed us the grave of faithful Job where he was buried covered by grand volcano smooth rock on top.

Satan still have same capabilities in our times and you can figure out what is he doing today on entire world. You can find out when you read newspapers and watch the news on TV and other sources.
How do Miracles work? It is scientific phenomena but I will try to explain by logic. Exodus 16:19-24 mentions instant about Manna bread a fine flaky substance called Manna, also God gave them instructions how much to collect and not on Sabbath or Saturdays, other occasions God brought big flocks of quails on Israelis to consume. Through Moses they did not listen to Gods command. Regarding manna bread if they collected bigger volume until morning maggots’ show out of nowhere grow in the bread pile and consume the food. God raised the question to Moses in Exodus 16:28 …“How long must you people refuse to keep my commandments and my laws?”

In my other toping DNA in this blog I explained my logical perspectives that atoms contain intelligence with unlimited helixes by electron cables some of them entre to space of atoms and combine with individual or group of bubbles from proton clusters to form new particles, inside the atom there is great space comparing to particles they formed, almost 99.9999% of atom is empty, Atoms communicate by sound to form groups have principle where stay what form depending the temperature to mixes itself with other elements that we call it covalent bonding, can change its character to other atoms we call it fusion, without borrowing any material from outside they have intelligence and can live about 12 billion years or so, they are non-biological other form of intelligence living things that contain other form of life. electrons also have stimuli that can give orders together with proton gravitational sound frequency sound tone waves to direct surrounding other atoms to covalent bonding also completing molecules variations and forming amino acids, electron stimuli also direct DNA principle structures that are inside atoms many variety of pattern the growth manufacturing inside cells forming human or animal and plant body potentials always active to copy themselves by transporting messages in electrical pulses the way they operate inside human brain traveling through synapses. So probably God used his invisible forces of quantum physics first to form Manna from invisible 99.9999% unseen elements implementation into atoms and molecule in operation of Manna pouring from the sky like rain, after they did not obey to laws and commandments atoms that are Gods creations can direct DNA groups inside the cells to form eggs of maggots to start consuming the Manna bread.  I have two other subjects in this blogs “Language of the Universe” and “Universal sound” to understand how atoms planets and stars taking directive commands including our brain that is described in article called “Neuron activity” in my Blogs.


Bible mentioned about rapture, many have confusing explanation about “Rapture” that certain time of revealing in presence of Christ some anointed ones physically will assent to heaven as Jesus visibly assented into heaven, unfortunately many spiritual teacher always consider some verse neglecting other important data regarding certain reality to bring their explanation into a track that they are trying to reach, no matter is truth or false they are right using wrong connotation regarding the word “Rapture” especially considering 1 Corn 15:50 “But I tell you this brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit Gods Kingdom, nor does corruption inherit incorruption” also in 1 Corn 15:40 “And there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies, but the glory of the heavenly bodies is one sort, and that of the earthly bodies is a different sort” When Jesus resurrected by the help from his heavenly father he did keep his physical form in certain level yet still he did not transform into heavenly body, many other dead individuals resurrected like Lazarus, Jairus daughter yet they did kept literally physical forms, as we know Jesus appeared on manty occasions to reveal himself as resurrected, he visited to assured followers showing wounds during his death to the disciples, on one occasion he prepared breakfast at the shore cooking some fish to his disciples, other occasion he walked with them and so on. Till elevating into heaven Jesus Kept some physical body form to be appeared into his followers, at the first glance followers did not recognized him because he use different looks of body or face appearance but later they grasp the situation that Jesus was forming himself into several physical forms but his characteristic remained the same. When time came for Jesus to transport into heaven where flesh and blood cannot enter into heaven and survive in presence glory of Almighty, by a miracle Jesus changed or transformed in a moment in the blink of an eye into spiritual being, of course other faithful ones are going to be resurrected also as mentioned in 1 Corn 15:50-53 We know that human body is made of atoms each cell contains billion of atom molecules, when atoms are separated from each other they can’t be seen by human eyes but yet “atoms are other form of living things” as I explained in my post, Angels are as small as atoms as I explained in my post “Angels” but yet our mind can receive projections from Angels through our stimuli electrical sparks that traveling inside our synapses to deliver messages into neurons as I described in my Post “Neurons” Just before Armageddon the class of Jesus’s faithful chosen group after the last trumpet sound they will be resurrected some yet are not dead while they are still living they will transformed into heavenly realm leaving back their physical biological body in a blink of an eye. No one can hold from their relatives hand to pull them up together. Almighty chosen them already, they don’t have the privilege to choose other to take into heaven. Matthew 24:40-42 “Then two men will be in the field. Will be taken along and the other abandoned. Two women will be grinding at the hand mill, one will be taken along and the other abandoned. Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know what day your lord is coming” In the heaven they will not be called man or women because they will not have biological forms Physical body without flesh or blood. 

                               Why does God permit lawlessness and wickedness?

Almighty created everything on principle of love forgiving loving others as themselves. Unfortunately some came stressing or teaching that their own personal god like to kill and massacre and acted accordingly massacring raping torturing others that they are nod buying their own faith. When almighty created entire Universe plus many spiritual angels that had their own personality thoughts and later on creating men that also carry their own personality temperaments or characters, everything god gave was good, one thing God could not give was bad thoughts or lawlessness and wickedness, in case if circumstances are completed to be always surrounded by perfect environment without experiencing any lawlessness, to explain an individual in that perfect good habitat talking about lawlessness they will never grasp what bad thing is or lie or crime, evil taught s are not part from Almighty, as soon one of the high positioned angel by selfish seek authority on his own desire to criminalize, Satan became the creator of lawlessness Almighty did not interfere right away till the Universal issue can be settled down, What was truth? Satan wanted to be called God and others should worship him, which was wickedness, to turn the point Satan invented the lie (really God didn’t want you to eat the forbidden fruit? No you will not die, you will be like God) as the representative of Universal constitution, Almighty allowed for temporary time so entire living beings universal or on Earth can witness what lie and lawlessness can take along loving races to misery? As a constitution to explain only one side of the picture will not complete to do or don’t. According to Proverbs 6:16 there are six things that God hates also seven things that God detests all sort of lawlessness. It seems already we still are in this time period where this issue should be resolved to be proved what bad lies and lawlessness can bring to mankind, Almighty is not interfering yet not because he can’t but because the issue must be 100% clear to all.
Human race is in this period where Satan rules. All this great powers and governments that Satan could give to Jesus still under Satan have controlled authority temporarily on entire planet Earth. Nations are greedy in their disbursements caring their own homeless and poor people but yet they spend great money to go and massacre other nations, only Satan can enjoy this sort of adventures. Almighty considers each person as individuality that will give account someday for his or her deeds. As James 1:13-15 explains. Each one will be drawn out and enticed by his or her desire, which action will follow into committing sin.

How about millions of people that die naturally by old age or by other methods or crimes, can they be restored back to life? For Almighty this process is similar restoring shattered glass bottle back into original shape, as surrounding complex aspects we are surrounded by intelligent high wisdom atoms everywhere forming matter and living things, every progress of growing plant and animals are totally supernatural miracle. Same capacity everything that scan be existed is in the hands of Almighty, when individual die all its building block, growing of cells is based by command from DNA that is directed by DM inside atoms core to copy new cells, all data of individuality is patterned information inside atoms, to restore the former individual is just simple process inside the hands of Almighty, they can recreated with former memories and characteristics after follow up of new behaviors under the principal constitution of The Universal intelligent power. The bible mentions intelligent will cover the planet the way oceans cover the seas. Habakkuk 2:14 “For the Earth will fill with the knowledge of the glory of the Almighty as the waters cover the sea. Our brain now operates only 2 % capacity at that time we will think 100 % our mind will handle also the job of will operate as cellular phones being a perfect human beings. 


Archeological skeleton findings display Nephilim’s had 6 finger on their hand and 6 toe fingers plus double rows of teeth, some skeletons had horns as well. Some give this creature’s naming them fallen angel, in reality they are not angels but offspring’s from Angels, their father was a fallen Angel and their mother was picked females from human race, Satan and demons or rebellion spiritual beings against Gods heavenly theocracy. Angels were fallen from their heavenly privileges. Nephilim’s were 6 times heavier than an average person starting as big of 7 feet up to 36 feet’s 100 % than average men, Angels have supernatural power and intelligence but they used their capacity to achieve bad work because their rebellion attitude. I am Just guessing that our first parents Adam and Eve had 6 fingers hands and six finger toes but their offspring’s had only 5 fingers, it is very rare sometimes it can be found men or woman that had 6 fingers, Armenian Genocide survivor “Abla” my mother’s aunt she had 6 fingers, first humans Adam and Eve had the capability to communicate with their mind far distances and with animals wavelengths that communicate with animals, demons tried genetically to form human offspring, but Nephilim brain wavelength miscarried growing horns from their heads, super power they transfer to Nephilim let grow in hysterical sizes it went wrong. According the bible Genetic form of human is based with number six, it is very confusing to see why authorities are trying to conceal the existing proofs about Nephilim by great cover up, probably they have a reason I don’t know why.  I have another post "Angels"  



The bible is a book of prophesies starting the first chapter. Many characters came and used by God to announce patterns of prophecies by faithful men and women’s. In ancient Israel there was less impressive weight about witnessing by woman than about men, but first witnesses that brought news about resurrection of Jesus were women’s. In competence of God time has no borders, he can go back or forward and regulated time also almighty can make some individuals to write it down every aspect revealing the message or to be announced everywhere; some have been used in this precious revealing effort and lost their spiritual delinquent people like King Solomon. Sometimes the messages were declared by Angels or supernatural force field living energy forms. If a story will be told as a movie the director and producer already knows what will happen till the end of dramatize session in the story, same is the story of mankind connected to the stories in the bible it is true people write it down unknowingly but some supernatural force guided them to register all this detail that never contradict the scenes of happening to follow. Sometimes the prophetic messages stood for symbolic acts like the expression in Armageddon stars will fall on Earth, by the time only one star get too close to Earth, it will demolish Earth. Symbolically people that have high positions are refers to stars, another occasions the sea symbolized by unsettled Nations that cannot be controlled, fire represent destruction it does not intended only to make it burn.

Since this type of prophesies took place it happened before some fake or false representatives used this approach to put people in fear pronouncing other Judgments so can receive contributions from public, in anticipation of our time many contributions has been collected so they don’t go to Hell or their sins might be forgiven or they can send those people to Paradise.

Jesus did most of miracles and signs; still some people keep asking from him more signs miracles and prophecies. In Matthew 12:38 people said “Teacher, we want to see a sign from you in 39, Jesus replied “A wicked and adulterous generation keeps on seeking a sign, but no sign will be given it except the sign will be Jonah the prophet 40, “For just as Jonah was in the belly of the large fish for 3 days and 3 nights, So the Son of man will be in the heart of the Earth for three days and three nights” Jesus referring about himself that he will be buried three days and nights then resurrected, this sing or prophecy was also accomplished. One more think Jesus adding here that he will be in the hearth of the Earth that might be theoretically Dynamic energy in the center core of our Planet; in another chapter on same blog “cornerstone of the Universe” I explained how Jesus represents and he is Dynamic energy.

To be continued.   

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