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                                                          WATER, H2O what is it?

Water is chunk from Universe. All biological life forms contain water humans contain 60 % of their body with water most of the brain 85% of its volume, most covering portion of our Earth`s environment is water. I like to share it with you that hydrogen and oxygen both are combined with two living non biological forces connected as a molecule that operates according to its purpose that was created. In my blogs I already explained that all atoms are living things and human brain can communicate emotions of hypnosis’s to store influences by helix stimuli circuits irrigation by pulses through synapses that reacts sending any sort of images from the neurons to entire brain and outside communication sound realm that is controlled by hydrogen and oxygen atoms, environment we live in already have its own behavioral patterns by water molecules into sound waves photographic memory detailed with all sort of behaviors feelings organized by spark signals, some scientist refer this communication as unusual chemical properties or structural magnetic field, previously I call it tone reaction. Water contains memory, to prove that scientist done many tests and agree. As atom molecules have to respect theory of expansion when it is hot as all other atom structures do. Water on the hand reverse this process and expend when it is cold, it has own independent molecule properties as sees that it has not to obey like the rest of the elements procedures to solve inconvenience, if water expends when hot all Oceans and seas will be frozen beneath and destroy all living fish and sea living things, because Hydrogen and Oxygen are combination of Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter that are the major force of all living things biological and atomic life forms this two forces can change pattern according what they feel like it they own all forces low of physics in the entire Universe. I will not be surprised if scientist someday realize that water on other planets far from our solar system contain water that expends when hot and shrinks when it is cold.

As water flows in our body same all over the Earth and covers the Oceans and seas also exist in the air as humidity it has an important purpose to function in our physical body, water has great capacity it has personality intelligence with perfect memory and have theoretical knowledge to direct all biological living cells directing in growth by procession codes giving to DNA, all activities happening around water can be recorded to its memory banks. Water has burning fuel capacity it contains hydrogen atoms that can react to fire process same its other part Oxygen but combining together as water molecule H2O they don’t burn instead they don’t burn turn off the fire unless if they are in statuses of great heat and mechanized combustion process, like all atoms hydrogen and Oxygen atoms are combination collections of two invisible forces Dark Energy and Matter.

I mentioned in my other pages, atoms are formed by two supernatural forces, Dark-Matter as protons and Dark-Energy as electrons, especially in water molecules atoms have more easy excess to direct or activate other atoms to participate connecting into other molecules having extensions to operate as cells with DNA formations, entire living organs and beings are operating under directive of two supernatural forces, DNA formations also show the supernatural data that were received patterns to keep data, a single gram of DNA can store up to 215 petabytes 215 million gigabytes of information digital data that can remain stored for hundred thousand of years, also is always clear that individual atoms keep data as long as they live that is 12 billion years, extension data are released into DNA Fountain to release during time DNA sequencing that modern technology can replicate DNA patterns according to their data patterns. Origin of life and knowledge is based inside atoms that are extended into DNA to form living things.

In my DNA lesson I described that atoms specially hydrogen and oxygen trace the activities of DNA and cells collectively form all rest of complex vitamins and all the rest sections of the cell, because water molecules can think and have memory with personality organized compositions they follow all activities of the cell and all biological livings including insects and plants. Existence of water on this planet is to serve other form of life that are biological not atomic life forms that can live 12 billion years or more, humans don’t have atomic way of complexity endurance but collectively are made from atom marbles. Most of our brain is water and most of surface of our planet is water our planet is other form of living thing same with all other matter in the Universe, impulses coming from space that contains life by Dark-Energy and Matter impulse and connects universal sound wave tones with biological life forms, all behaviors people have an effect echoing to water molecules and water molecules can effect humans in their behavioral patterns because water has control of receiving and delivering memory and personality complexes that shows in the symmetry of snow forms, as soon water molecules are active in sperm of dog species they enhance all the particulars in that instinctive with all their certain composite parts of characters to develop as a dog that copycats all behaviors that a dog should have. Same with a butterfly or Bat or any other form of insects, fish plant or tree. Water molecules give their patterned knowledge how to make program biologically to give knowledge to its DNA so certain type of living can grow up according to its pattern or seed amalgamation.

In my other post I described “Atoms are other form of living things” so water molecules as well contain memory and transport into other atoms, in other post also I described electrons contain intelligence and wisdom and collect data from other atoms including Hydrogen and oxygen atoms , electrons are materialized Dynamic energy that also might appear as a lightning, there are potential that an lightning traveling through many water molecules and delivering energy on the surface of our planet and in case strike into a human or animal body lightning might re-establish new performance of DNA inside the biological livings. During centuries some lightning might happened to change or improve quality of life and wisdom inside the habitats of this planet.

Water molecules individually also with immense amount of clouds can express images that is a memory from where and through what incalculable realm they experienced, water can and will amplify the information data of what they came into contact visually captured and audio if the right system can be connected to clouds they will scientifically broadcast figuratively all storing data transferring what they stored information’s previously, each single water molecule also keep data of entire cloud to be declared any moment into Universal Dynamic Energy because each water molecule contains 2 hydrogen one oxygen atoms that function using intelligence equal portions of invisible life form Universal energy, same activities are going on every second inside human and other living organs of other living things specially activities of DNA, every data is stored and amplified in informational data to inform any moment into Universal Grand powers of Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter.

                                                          Ingredient of life

Ingredients of life (CHNOPS) is already everywhere on planet Earth, Carbon hydrogen Nitrogen oxygen Phosphorus and Sulfur, DNA and RNA need acid based affect to bond carbons with amino acids fats plus lipids everything with nucleobases particles, using organic carbon plus carbon dioxide monoxide salts carbonation acids, someone or some intelligent guidance is needed to implementing or collaborating atoms to successfully form vitamins and many variety of molecules to form a cell, also this completed life cells on their own creates disequilibria that must have negative entropy plus isotope fractionation and atmospheric disequilibrium to continue life. Best element for life to be connected is C 12 carbon 12, as I described in my Posts atoms are other form of living things hydrogen atoms are combination of, 1) invisible force field of Dark-Energy life force field that when materialized becomes electrons that can be unlimited fragmented to go into big quantities of helix stimuli later by separated go inside atoms, 2) invisible containing life force field of invisible Dark-Matter Bubbles that act as clusters connecting into helixes that enter into atoms to join forming new particles to change atomic characteristics becoming other form of elements that we call fusion. Two hydrogen one oxygen combination molecules as H2O has capacity to release w wavelengths that will direct elements nearby to form or join into life essentials as some call it chemical elements, operational definition is released sound frequency tone wavelengths from water molecules to feed on negative entropy, all basic statistics are arrayed by orders to knot amino acids with all sort of required molecules to collect compounds forming new cells. When new elements are collected to form cells carbon 13 is neglected because they are radioactive also amino acids that spin from right to left are collected (100 varieties of amino acids 50% spin from right to left 50% spin from left to right, water molecules use only 40 % from the group that spins right to left) there is complex orderly supervision to collect elements that are essential for life, organized implementing successful collaboration, this intelligent directives are released from water molecules frequency that is some sort of perfect harmony individual humming of individual life form that its DNA is formed. Water molecules transport delicate complex sound perfection to echo into the small group of molecules that will form a living cell, as soon orderly personality sound harmony is stopped releasing harmony wavelengths their life process is intermittent, but still all data of individuality wavelength remain inside memory pattern of water molecules, atoms live 12 billion years and keep all data of that happened all their surroundings. Life already existed inside Universe long time before Earth was existed, later on somehow life entered to our planet, one thing I believe atoms are other forms of living things same with planets and stars.

Water is made of Hydrogen and oxygen, about hydrogen. Inside Universe hydrogen might have forms but on Earth Hydrogen is familiar as isotopes as in three forms, simple Hydrogen atom then deuterium and at last tritium. Anytime normal hydrogen mixed with deuterium it forms heavy water. According to human calculation our planet formed 4.5 billion years ago, water existed on this planets starting from beginning of its formation because water can be find inside rocks that are released from deep mantle as any atom water atoms oxygen and hydrogen is available everywhere when this two have to grab each other to form water molecules, core of our planet is made of invisible Dynamic-Energy that direct all atoms to have their procedures to combine and take their position to form liquid and material structures regarding arrangement of this planet and other planets and stars.

Since ages water molecules effect on pattern development on matter, worldwide researchers are studying memory pattern of water molecules, one of them can be seen by geometrical shapes that develop in Nature, after volcano mud runoff when cold weather reaches on the volcano mud you will see mud will take into geometrical forms, water molecules by freezing develop this shapes by directing with their water molecule memory directives. Take a solid hard seed of a plant that don`t contain any activity, as soon some water molecules are absorbed in the seed you will notice the seed starting to live, water molecules are transforming inactive cells into living plant or trees. 

In modern times gemologists can distinguish most variety of soil dust by comparing into their original landscape or location, each group of dust have their own chemical compositions of living microbes or viruses and many other compositions that belong only to private locations on earth and because water has memory capacity it recalls its compositions of the land they brought from, like my ancestors From Western and Eastern Armenia care about their homeland waters very dear because that water contain their originality pattern memories. Somehow water that keep pattern of their historic and National valuation, regarding their geographic origin and terrestrial DNA compositions statistics that by human capacity yet is not possible to measure those indicators.

Scientist done many test that water that are near applicable theoretical music after they freeze show symmetrical pattern of clear geometrically appropriate figure pattern snowflakes, giving loving expressions to plants or to water subdivisions they grew very health, when they gave humiliating shouting to certain plants and pile of waters that will be used to water the other group with same kind of seeds and soil they became inferior quality,   

No matter what religion you have when you pray to superior being to help you or you wish good thing to certain individual whatever you are thinking some of your signal electrical pulses leave the brain and join into volume of molecules of water nearby and deliver your message to their electronic impulse circuit water memory keeps as symmetrical data and try to function or think about what you just have said and they echo this message copy again and again with the rest of electron stimuli by other elements of hydrogen and Oxygen, if your message contained good behavioral patterns it become memory water of nearby class of water, if you wishing bad things to other or giving bad swears bad environment circles in the water molecules, by chance when you use portion of that water and freeze you will notice uneven physics geometrical shapes in the flake if your thoughts are delivered in hate and rage and putting down other with impolite language, but if your expressions were decent and in harmony with peace and love the water recording will show beautiful perfect geometrical  symmetrical pattern flakes when they freeze. Same effect you will see if you make classical Mozart music near a water cup harmonious sound will give memory pattern of water molecules. I am sorry you will be disappointed if the music that playing was some sort of rock with irregular rhythms and banging’s other form of music, I am sorry you will be very disappointed with frozen snow flake disharmonious geometrical symmetrical bundle, that water will not deliver any harmony to brain but probably will give some help to thirst. Same principle will be active when you pray inside any worshiping group community locations or inside your room repeating your words inside your brain, in case if you personally have studied truth and have excellent knowledge about your creator your harmony will be excellent to deliver expression from your body and heart will send electrical pulses stimuli to water molecules to all your water inside your body and all volume of water nearby that on its part will echo your message by harmony tuning to universal tone reaction to the entire world and to entire universe when all other molecules repeat your thoughts in copying pattern. So no matter what faith you have if you are real loving human with all respect and feel with your common friend and strangers that are also production of this universe they also carry all kind of atoms you are formed with, difference between you and other is your behavior that is logged specifically in the memory of water molecules with all important and all Insignificant details.

When transporting messages from brain to water molecules are harmonious just matching to universe sound language they become activated by combination of electrolytes, which will make water molecules livelier same with human cells if they have proper stimuli spark helixes activities they also be livelihood mood are active, in my perception water contains knowledge in two forces energy and Matter forms, because my headline in this blog is “reconciling God with science”, passing through water meant passing through knowledge. We have to keep that knowledge clean we should not pollute clean water with dirt pollution radiation and all sort of inhospitable chemicals and garbage that also will affect and take us to revolutions stress and hatred to each other that is unfortunately good memory delusions already recorded in the reminiscence information functions of entire waters of our planets is carrying hate selfishness greed and all bad things to their fellow human race. Probably you are witnessing all conflicts around the world fish and animals are disappearing 6.5 million people having lack accesses to fresh water and most important of good behavioral memory personality clean water. 

Why do Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico?

Water has to do something with every living thing on this planet. Every year about in October butterflies migrate from Eastern States Rocky Mountains down to south California, some go further flying 2.500 miles to Oyamel fire tress, to spend their winter hibernation in Mexico, while they gather on trees in crowded fashion, at night water dew spots will be collected on the wings and body of the Monarch butterflies, all experiences and data where the butterflies have been what was the nature of progress  plant life in the North is recorded in their cells, water dew that are scattering the butterflies collect all data and later fall to the ground to transform the data frequencies on the soil ground where is continue the frequencies to the core of this planet, Core of the Planet has intelligence and is a living supernatural power that can control everything on this planet, through water in clouds, rivers lakes and Oceans, all water transform data into the core, similar process we see when without seeing each other in far distances all of a sudden seemed synchronizes order they face into the deep ground of the Ocean and release certain sound frequency messages to the bottom of the sea or Oceans.

Entire my potential regarding atoms they are other form of living things combined by two supernatural forces of D.E + D.M as I gave explanation in many of this chapters in this blogs. All atoms can feel, express, communicate connected by covalent bonding also connected together by high and low frequency tone reactions, when atom clusters form molecule they publicize or describe the groups of atoms they contain, molecule cluster by sound distinctiveness tone waves in codes that explain their peculiarity group, receiving to record new memory information and sharing with other atoms in covalent bindings there are more precise and delicate communication means that is not familiar to us, all details of their surrounding including human emotions tensions hate and love gratitude, also temperature in their environmental gravitational changes, Hydrogen atoms have pure proton bubble cores without nucleus's that is another combined particle that forms when smaller portion of core bubbles join with smaller portion from cable electron particle helix and also other particles in atoms can form but Hydrogen atom is separate portions that is not joined with any portions from electron, so this two forces D.E+D.M contain intelligence in memory information invisible panels both forces on their own, water mostly is Hydrogen atoms they give pure guidance to all atoms because are in originality stage both forces of proton and electrons. On the other hand Oxygen atoms already are combination mixing with new particles inside, Hydrogen molecules use the procedure form of Oxygen when fusions forming into six sided crystals as soon water reach into freezing point, same with oxygen atoms contain in outer electron shells six electrons, my perspective is hydrogen contains one large electron cable but every time an atom need in fusion to change their personality into other atomic form they divide their electrons into other portions and still spin on the same element. Of course Oxygen has other two separate electrons helixes that spin inner or under six shells bringing total of electrons into eight, with eight combined nucleus and separated group of Dark-Matter cluster into eight croup of core that has capacity to divide as many times new elements need during fusion, so in general all moods of human personality changes have root communication with other form of life that are atoms and they can live over 12 billion years put most effective to direct human intelligence and record all human and animal behaviors is connected to Hydrogen atoms that are active as soon they form into water molecules, every time people regard concept of life that seeds will start to grow need water is not the wet environments that surround the seed but the directives of hydrogen molecules that govern all DNA process by sound tones that I call it “tone reaction” everything life forms need regularities are perfectly provided by great intelligence beyond our capacity to unknown relationship between other realm or other form of life with biological life forms that are made of cells.

Water can keep good behavioral personality pattern in Nature smooth flow of rivers settled saturated water in plants, all normal activity of water contains good behavioral moods and records in its memory and transforms into other biological living animals, but intense surrounding and unusual furious behavioral progress modern transportation of water with extreme pressure and unusual behavioral from nature give water another character that transfers this behaviors to human life forms to make them also behave furious. 85% of our brain and entire body contains water, somehow we are extension of other liquid that is on earth yes we are part of the greater volume on earth that is water, anything we feel water feels and memorizes anything water feel we sense it in our emotional behavior, probably some might say it is silly but yes when you express thankful fulfillment from a cold clean glass of water that feeling of your will impress waters memory and give you good mood, some scientists tested putting glasses of water around harmonious classical music like Beethoven Bach Mozart, other try to think toward glass of water with thankful emotional feelings with love and gratitude, all this water volume recorded memories because after test in freezing point they show of perfect structure six angel sided crystal patterns. Same good pattern also is shown when they lay around water plates in religious environments where people pray and try to show their gratitude’s and in thankful spirit. One thing I noticed in comparison some faiths that are very strict in their faith and have limited knowledge regarding their creator their freezing crystal patterns are less delicate then other faiths that have freedom of speech and forgiving standards in their prayers. So before starting to feast showing our thankful gratitude before eating can affect our food that also contain water our behavior, in case you don’t believe God you might just mention lovingly thanks to people who prepared the food and worked hard to effort to present it, just mentioning your thanks can effect on emotional memory of water.

Sometimes probably you realize that rain gives you a nice mood smell. In my perspective water molecules exist everywhere on Earth as clusters they communicate between plant cells soil dwelling bacterial cell that one spoon of soil can contain as much as 100 variety of trillion of bacteria microbes in the ground and between all surrounding elements that release aromatic compounds petricho scent, as soon of water drops fall the ground material with all its variety of clusters release more sound communicative tone are released from all the participating clusters, I call it tone reaction that come to our nostrils that are interpreted to our brain as good smell, sometimes during rain lightning might separate oxygen from nitrogen to combine with nitric oxide to form ozone that also release sound tone wave reaction that somehow we can feel in the air, my description is that rain can give us good feeling as pleasant scent in the air that is generated by water molecules. There is so many researching about all other plant forms that how water can react moving living cells to operate in certain way. It has been tested, anytime collapsed bubbles underwater with additional sound waves it has shown light was produced, because water molecules can start separation of helixes from electrons that show in light variations, water molecule clusters form as a bubble, same manner our brain can harvest electricity from water molecules inside our brain.

Water molecules can sense it can collect data on surrounding environment, water molecules direct plants to sense or to see sunlight and growth of leaves planned toward light by a system that can collect more light, it is a prove that plants can see dissimilar than humans but it is active. Apples feel shy from sunlight turning yellow red, it was done some tests by bringing close by wild noises near growing plant other occasions spreading mild classical harmonious music noticing that plants can hear making better growth with tree life, not the leaves but water molecules inside tree have noticed and realize differences their surrounding sound variations and enjoyed the harmonious music working directing plant cells to operate to grow, by the say we can say plants can listen and hear. Carnivorous plants can move or grab with their leave by sensing the touch of insects. As water molecules direct insect activities or animal activities calling that instinct in animals in reality water molecules are the originating directing control in their surrounding same inside plants, water molecules can prepare plants to defense its body form also can fight by manufacturing chemical properties to defense parasites and herbivores, releasing certain time prepared chemical at the right time when parasites are nearby to attack the plant or tree. In case surrounding of plant or tree contains other different insects that can’t be defended against with regular chemical formulas water molecules program plants or trees with great complex preparing new varieties of chemical formulas to be ready when attack occurs, I believe atoms can communicate same with water molecules that are atom clusters any gentle breeze cold or warm rain or dry is all understood by the plant or tree staying same location and doing the job properly by water molecule directives.  

Also some scientist tested laying water in plates that were polluted other cups were surrounding by irregular beat sound music some cups were sitting with people who were  release anger wrath negative hateful emotions, that senses also were recorded in water memory, people who consumed this type of water their emotion behaved very bad, all pollution on Earth with all radiations and unhealthy chemicals are effecting on Nature harmony standards and water is effecting rage and hateful effect on human behavior worldwide “Believe it or not” Water molecules control flow of activity in the brain already most part of our brain is water molecules but is also proven drinking on glass of water can make human brain work faster, activity of neurons and synapses circulation result give sharper thoughts inside the mind as water molecules are directing by sound frequency tone waves to activate building patter alignment in same pattern water molecules direct all activities inside the scull to organize brain activities. Of course consuming water over the limit will not help this progress. During rain fall great number of water molecule clusters fall to the ground as rain drop, as soon the rain drop hit the ground or any other surface it smashes the air portion where is landing at the point of contact, takes in the air bubbles segment of drop data is shared with air molecules and released to the air, this portion of air bubbles are released as aerosol to the environment, probably you have noticed how we sense air freshness in the atmosphere after it rains it is called "Petrichor" process inaction.

Entire Universe contain unseen force field that control Accretion oscillation of all energy and matter quantum theory gravity field as fluctuation of vacuum energy warping all atoms are combined by this two variety of forces Dark-Energy and Matter lurks in Universe, that’s why every formality adopts geometric formalities by connection into warping loop of extraterrestrial field, every cloud you see has delicate formalities or shapes every snow flake has own representation of geometric formalities, all stones take form in the mantle obey crystal ionized formations according to principle varieties of chemicals that I call it tone reaction from cluster of atom frequencies, they all adopt Universal directives that is based on sound frequency wavelengths based with geometrical tone holograms or metrics. Same persuaders also are involved with DNA fluctuation that based on individuality sound harmony wavelengths that body releases to entire physique frame forming finger prints and eye print variations.

What sort of person you are?

Two invisible life form energies (Dynamic Energy and Dynamic Matter) are spread inside the entire Universe including planet Earth connected to all individual atoms that also part of this energy each atom contains portion from two energies that also are other form of living things, one as protons other as electrons and also contain source of life, most direct communication fields goes in between this two supernatural forces with water to behave like living organisms, each atom contain sound harmony individuality tone wavelength pulses. As water flows naturally on normal environment as traveling gently in smooth paths with some curving flow water keep their sound harmony data forming natural musical vertices, I mentioned in my blogs “Mother Nature” so water presides as force of Mother nature as a living substance, as we consume this sort of water our living process continue in harmony directives with nature, in case water from this qualification will form beautiful hexagonal crystal forms when frozen. In other cases when water travels long distances inside high pressure pipes, sometimes going through processing plants or going through unnatural sound noises that has no harmony, water will be damaged, all its harmony variations will be disrupt by receiving static sound, as soon we freeze this sort of water we will deformed disturbed formations of crystals that have no any harmony, as most of our body is water and people say you are what you eat or drink, all atoms have behavioral effect in our biological cells, wherever our food is grown whatever they contain, whatever designated cluster of atoms form our intake, we are that sort of a person.

Some might have experiences disturbing stories because of receiving organ transplants.

Many times I explained single atoms have two supernatural forces Dark Energy and Dark Matter, atoms form our cells inside the body with DNA and RNA and many other protein forms, atoms contain memory everything happening inside and outside your body, whatever you see feel hear or taste, atoms themselves keep private data for 12 billion years. All characteristic taste and personality also is patterned through the atoms inside every organ you possess. If someday you needed a organ transplant, it will be better you consider that you are going to adapt some memories and data from the donor, if the donor is dead still the information that was kept in certain organ that you will borrow also contains memories of the dead person. There have been cases where a organ receiver sow half awake vision who killed the individual body that the organ was donated, in very clear memory who the killer was. A heart transplant recipient noticed how his personality was changed becoming very near to the personality of the heart donor was. Another case organ transplant receiver from a suicide victim, after a short life receiver had suicide in almost same pattern, other individual that receive organ transplant had memories how car accident victims experienced before death. In all cases recipients somehow adapted characteristics from the donor’s personality as when they alive, here are enough experiences that justified that atoms effect on personality characteristics, when body organs transplant into other individuals their behavior with memory qualities pass into the new individual data recollection that are based individually in each portion of an atom procedure collectively in organ forms that was available to be donor to recipients, so atoms can deliver memories through all-embracing organ structure including through blood transfusion. I have a theory in my blogs “Atoms are other form of living things” of course there are more other complex approaches where memories and personality building form of the individual is in pattern by his or her coming offspring through DNA and RNA patterns, not only for the next generation but passed down through generations.

                                                                  HUMAN TEARS

Water molecules are the most volume mass in our brain, water molecules contain memory of all sort of activities they transmit data to brain and also register everything inside our brain circuit by communication figures, salt and potassium with other organic and chemical substances are main ingredients mixed with water molecules inside the brain. Sometimes for special task protein-based water molecules are produced to lubricate our eyes as tears.
Brain releases special sound frequency field wave that has individuality as I mentioned in my blog, any foreign sounds are detected by white blood cell to attack to defend personality sound harmony of individuality that show private finger prints on our fingers and special individuality forms in our eye retina. As soon certain strong emotion rings bell buzzer generated from the body cells to the brain greater interpretation is needed from biological life form cells to Universal sound tone realm communication water molecules release through stimuli into lacremal glands that release fluids tear gland tear fluid deposits that are same pattern mixture after stimuli signals reach to it to release at that moment tear mixture take into special unique redirected pattern form of cluster shape expressions, sound of bang messages, as soon eye covered by tear secretor lubricant outside light will penetrate tear responds that are private pattern neurotransmitter in color collecting data to electronic pulse form to circulate reaction from cells into water molecule data form to copy, very big number of color distends are already based inside iris that surrounds main center pupil of the eye culinary mussel adjust flow of colors enter the retina, tear drops contain organic substance sectors of meibomian glands that mostly is oil to hold tear drops together not to run spilling, lacrimal gland are also in tear drops to protect from infections that are made of water molecules, tears also contain mucins that called conjunctival goblet cells to distribute tears evenly over the eye. When light penetrate through tears to deliver the eye like a microscope will receive electrical spark signals that contain antibodies enzymes messages all suspended in salt water, under microscope tear drops reveal happy fact cluster of water molecules, happy or crying tears by microscope also we can show patterns of crystal forms that are in different variations, emotional tears are different than chopping onion tears same are different in basal tears crying reunion tears or grief tears some differences in laughter tear clusters remembrances hope and so on, they all contain inner emotional feelings expression like sorrow or pleasure through pattern forms to be detected and analyzed by light flow quantum colors through the pupil by helping hand from Iris colors, as Action potential resting potential complex exertion prepared inside synapses by the help of water molecules mixed with salt and potassium close simulations are done by water tear drops to transform messages from sound vibration tone frequency waves from neurotransmitters phonological into light quantum etymological transformation for atomic language communication that control amino acid behavior, major component in water molecules, entire oceans contain salty water molecule that stores all data from water molecules to be kept for safe keeping they echo details to each other working as large brain that Earth planet have to collect data, water molecules are the main control power of knowledge transportation reinstating that is available on Earth.

                                                              HYDROGEN IS ALIVE

In my other blog “DNA” I mentioned plants have no bran yet they grow and add new leaves in directions to not cover leaves that will stay behind from sun light. Entire whole molecule groups direct in collaborating with cells of the plant they make a commotion course of conciseness to reflect this flow is guided by water molecules the way they monitor DNA reproduction by sound waves to produce new cells, sound frequency that cluster of atoms on plants release are analyzed by water molecules and by sound codes have given new directives to all clusters on plants form. As example like to introduce to you insects catching plants other carnivorous plants like Venus fly trap other insect eating plant not mentioning rat eating plants but I like to considers this plant that display Thigmonasty (Touche-induced moments) without any regular reflex motion it thinks memorize and act gradually a new process Mimosa Pudica is sensitive plant that closes its leaves when it is touched shacked or feels any movement nearby to be protected from predators it folds the leaves inward, minutes later as soon it is safe it reopens the leaves as usual, this is not done by any calcium based signals, how does that motion done without any brain? Yes Mimosa doesn’t have any location for brain section in its body complex.

Veracity with atoms they are other form of living things contain intelligence memory and knowledge to direct their surrounding other living cells through covalent bonding with other cells and clusters of molecules in low and high octave sound frequency wave tones, water is most active enclosing Hydrogen atoms that encloses pure form of Dark-Matter core and not divided yet in fusion to be another form of atom, hydrogen atoms also surrounded by encircling one cable of electron that is Dark-Energy and yet it is not divided to other sections. Hydrogen releases codes to Oxygen to use additional covalent bonding parts directing other cluster molecules releasing codes of directives. Plant organism completely are controlled by this sound monitoring to be immerse into patterned root system to the ground if it rains strong plants and trees take in only certain volume of water in, water molecules inside the tree operates oversight what chemical variety that tree has to produce even though it takes great effort to comply its property chemical form different than other variety of plants and trees according to its basic start of its seed or kind. united by sound waves directing growth of new branches leaves flowers and fruits and decide when the leave have to get ready to leave the body of the tree.

As soon something touches the Mimosa pudica plant water molecules sense the sound of other movement of atoms and releases sound to certain location cluster atoms to release also sound to contract the section that holding the leaves so it can fold inward. After waiting memorizing how long it took and nothing happen water molecules release another sound frequency waves to certain locations of atom clusters in the plant to release same code echoing to certain locations to expand and reopen the leave to spread like before. Mother Nature is Hydrogen atom community sound field that control all their surrounding.

In my perspectives plants are living things but water molecules are the ones that operating their skillful reactions and growth until the time to disassemble process, all done by memory of water molecules cooperating also with all other atom forms that also are completely other form of living things, all DNA regulations completions with Amino-acids and all proper molecule accumulation is done under the directive of water molecule that are overseen by DE and D.M. in my other article in this Blogs you can see “Cornerstone of the Universe”

My enlightenment regarding Mother Nature is. First connection of life force intelligence energy field is originated by Dark-Energy, some portions of this force field transformed into Dark-Matter intelligent power field, next linking of this two Force power forces reach to individual slight pieces that complete Hydrogen atoms, third linking get by combination molecule of H2O, next the form of water molecules to communicate and release their sound frequency codes in their environment using intelligence instructions of DE and D.M, their consequence has been seen as power of Mother Nature.

Water molecules direct all principal growth and function on our planet, growth of seeds plants trees and biological growth that DNA supervises to organized and directed by water molecules. All of a sudden perfect order became dysfunctional though many other nature processes was still in harmony by great command how our planet should spin how far should be the appropriated distance between Sun and Earth in Perihelion and Aphelion measurements. According data from the Bible Earth spouse to grow all good produce to human race for enjoyment but after first couple became disobedient to Gods principles Adam and eve became cursed mentioned in Genesis 3:17 “Cursed is the ground on your account in pain you will eat its produce all the days of your life. It will grow thorns and thistles for you. From that point on water molecules that supervise the growth of plants in nature change to inhospitable paraphernalia order, beside plants water atoms that contain pure dark matter cores direct their surrounding being clusters of water molecules that also supervise atom covalent process in near vicinity` for example two pieced of same type atoms in vacuumed space if touching each other they combine permanently wedged into one lump cluster of metallic form, same process on earth water molecules in between same type metals do not allow to be covalent on their own unless great heat is delivered to both metals. Water molecules are in full control in processing all progress reaction between all magnetic procedures in communication frequencies sound tone reactions by Dark-matter that is section of all atoms as cores inside all elements. Any moment theoretical principles of growth in DNA procedures can be changed according any new command from Universal sound tone waves as it happen regarding growth of thorns and thistles or get improved as to be new arrangements into water molecule actions.

Modern science is presenting synthetic polymers technology that are 60.000 times lesser than a strand of hair new methods to store zettabyte that is (~280 trillion mp3 audio files) all this information’s can be stored in a single drop of liquid, this new binary methods with synthetic polymers potentially might be better than DNA aptitude. In my conclusion single water molecules has the capacity to hold trillion times more data than this technology binary methods. In fact each atom has patterns combined from D.E and D.M universal intelligence life force each react as other form of living things, they don’t consume corporeal food like us but they consume energy receiving wavelength patterns from Universe and discharge sound frequency wavelength communicating with their neighboring atoms, they all stand in position like army guards in perfect line trek forms. 

As we consider amino acids they are like bead necklaces that are not locked, they all spin on their own, as seed of a plant that contains genes or any dried vireos they all take life forms starting to grow activity and produce similar cells fluctuations, water molecules direct forming protein to make amino acids together for biological function, regarding formations of DNA RNA replications are also released by signals from water molecules to copy genomes through signals from water molecules, it is a complex stimuli electrostatic mechanism that direct virus cells, tone reactions are released in vibrational subtleties, observing water freeze as snow how they take symmetrical patterns that have geometrically appropriate figures to form crystal shapes snowflakes, same with viruses they take icosahedral symmetrical forms while assembling, we also see symmetrical-based classification in clouds and all other living forms because of water molecule directives to replicate new molecules in same order. Forming RNA and DNA genetic data is released by complex sound tone wavelengths or tone frequencies from water molecules, in the case oversees, additionally structures protective proteins plus lipids that are protective shells to protect viruses, as I described in my other post “Atoms are non-biological other form of living things” and closest living existence between atoms and living organism is the viruses, any time genetic mutation happen is results of variety atom new clusters have in static sound effect mechanism or signals on new forming complex molecules genomes in elasticity of organism replications.  

Smell is tone reaction, atoms can communicate with other atoms by sound frequency tone wavelengths, same with some animals can sense to interpret smell that is tone reactions for example dogs and bees and so on, three hundred years ago is someone tried to describe that cells contain DNA that like open book contain its pass generation with all details no one would believe it, now we do, same approach tone reaction rhythmic complicated wavelengths contain delicate data that transformed by atoms or clusters of atoms from planta trees or other living forms that still is not clear for us fully.

Under supervision of intelligence force inside Universe sound frequencies direct water molecules to command environment elements to biological innovations, some believe that geological or chemical clues provide changes its true but DNA by water molecule directive are the source to collect what elements amino acids to collect to build variety of new metabolic cells pathways making changes in genes from one living bacteria to another by changing genes overtime into new metabolic way, water molecule directives can help to form new viruses and other living forms of microbes, after any biological devastation water molecules can use equisetic large quantity of organic matter into other cellulose eating bacteria’s, capability of nations to get more intelligent ecosystem or violent has been result of water molecule directives in that vicinity that operate sound frequency process into water molecules and how water clusters direct their surrounding living biological living creatures. Any moment in major changes in sound frequency directives into water molecules can change our entire ecosystem and humans have no any power to stop the outcome actions.

Many years we thought that water has three states, liquid ice and steam. Through electron microscopes we found out water has amazing fourth state that is called tunneling state. This last one can form under great pressure to be used inside basis formation of some mineral gems such as emerald beryl aquamarine and others. Chemical process of tunneling forms when five atoms measuring size with water very small six sided channels where molecules trapped within small quantum level, forms as tunneling, that is the fourth state of water. Water molecules direct everything nearby to reflect theoretical principles that is embedded in hydrogen atoms two major forces, Dark Energy and Dark Matter, I explained that in my post “Atoms are other form of living things”

                                    H2CAN CONTROL CONSCIOUSNESS`

Best example to understand conscience is watching spectacular bird flocks how all together dip down go up having quickness to move sometimes fly about 40 miles per hour, roll over marsh swamps, by dense groups flying in fast speed hairpin sharp turns unison accuracy without touching or hitting each other in that dense cluster bird crowd, collectively they all together seems that using telepathy because the leading bird can’t be seen after thousands of other birds but yet the get leading signal in split of a second, react in split of a second though each bird is separate individual soul in that moment all together pulsate their collective organizing thinking into one, same activities fish do in the sea. Similar activity goes inside human and any biological brains. There are billions of synapses in brain that carry billions of stimuli sparks electrical signals or messages, each stimuli keeps own data but can transport great amount of information in split of a second to all neurons as I said earlier you can’t find plant brain location but plants think to organize and protect themselves thou their movements are very slow. Same thing inside the brain we cannot exactly pin point where consciousness is located, greatest volume in our brain is  H2O
 molecules that have memory by two Universal forces Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter which atoms are made off. Water molecules supervise the entire flow of stimuli floating electrical patterns pulses inside the brain just like the movements of spectacular flocks respond bird flow, water molecules are connected to air float circuit that birds are flying their stimuli make birds to cooperate as one individual being in this as birds, sometimes we use the word instinct we talking about this process of water molecules mystical concept that can direct birds thousands of miles in migration routes making them know to know when birds have to eat rest and fly instinct take action intelligence two forces that atoms have Dark-Energy and Dark-Matter, this two forces communicating through water molecules direct all insects mammals fish and other form of animals by instinct making animal brain cells to realize the code messages translating from atom language into cell language, they communicate to atoms in tone reaction of Universal language that is frequency wavelengths of sound tone, each signal spark do not hit into other stimuli signals until they go to reach their destination neurons to unload data, to make it more clear this electrical motion maneuvers release awareness to all neurons at once, neurons echo release their each section in Qualitative differences’ realm data operational definitions’ all together is collective consciousness, clouds of spark signals directed by water molecules give and take echo collective results, continuously give and take in action, water molecules also supervise Action potentials resting potentials Thalamus Ach K + channels all cells that produce Ca 2+ conductance collectively release each pulse with great number of new sparks stimuli, cooperating with Hippocampus ACH where K+ channels close, the entire brain is supervised by water molecule pastoral telepathy mystical concept, collective water molecule memory conductive is give and take expended consciousness by giving awareness pulses receiving or getting echo pulses in consciousness conclusive computation, my give and take, take and give theory of consciousness. Water molecules are connected into all other living things bacteria’s viruses’ fungus's plants and insect, H20 molecules that have memory capacity like the one they show in formation of snow forms are the main force that connect Universal directives to our plant leading all living creatures to work in harmony according to Universal language frequency wavelengths.

Atoms are the basic building block of everything, Each Hydrogen atom contains on lump of invisible life force Dark-matter as core yet pure energy not considered as nucleus and one circuit force of Dark-Energy as electron combining to form an atom, this lumps can be separated still forming an atom through fusion, Oxygen contains six form of core proton that are considered six nucleus's and six group of electron where originally were one group in previous hydrogen form, two hydrogen atom combined with one Oxygen atom form a water molecule H2O that is the basic building block of all biological life forms, water hold together disorganized constantly as fluid effecting tight molecules with two hydrogen’s in slightly positive charge and oxygen play their role in negative charge, this form a field of poles-or dipoles that can control all effect of H2O inside living cells, ferroelectric effect if in cool state liquid form when molecules are very tight close to each, where ferroelectric alignment don’t work out effectively where water molecules don’t pattern in orderly atom forms like army formation, if scientist reach in advanced position using water molecule dipoles they will be able to improve cell formation or eliminate cells by biological warfare. Already some success scientist reached into separating water molecules by overrides of long-range dipole-dipole forces they were able to bringing hydrogen bonding inside emerald crystals trapping water dissolving within nano-scale cavity of emeralds crystal structure. Also scientist are capable to separate hydrogen from Oxygen where both of this atoms can be used as less expensive fuel that can make life more comfortable and clean.

Hydrogen are perfect atoms made of pure Dark-Energy electron cable spinning over Pure Dark-Matter protons that are cluster of bubbles that can be abbreviated or spread out mass size into larger space volumes. Before going into fusion Hydrogen remains perfect completing D.E and D.M, both of this energy and matter forces are from one origin Dark-Energy as I am describing in subject “Cornerstone of the Universe” All atoms communicate in low or high octave sound frequency wave tone codes to control covalent bonding but 2 hydrogen will be more active functioning form when join with one Oxygen atoms into water H2O and more so by molecules adapting other molecules of water join frequency field to communicate as I described in chapters of “Universal sound” and “Universal sound in fire and Quantum” in my Blogs. All atoms individually and by combination clusters of atoms release sound resourcefulness on their own initiative, entire plants have their own personal harmony sound cluster with their slight variance of sound of flowers and fruits, also after fruits are ripen can be distinguished by their sound cluster diversities where insect like fruit flies can sense, particularly bees can hear their sound of flowers and reach to pick its nectar's or pollen's, Hydrogen molecules working as Gods organization work 12 billion years nonstop, as soon weather change into cold environment you can record pattern change of water molecules in freezing environments into crystal patterns just like a plant growing to take shape according to its codding directives, why? Because they are ALIVE they are other form of living thing. My enlightenment regarding Mother Nature is. First connection of life force intelligence energy field is originated by Dark-Energy, some portions of this force field transformed into Dark-Matter intelligent power field, next linking of this two Force power forces reach to individual slight pieces that complete Hydrogen atoms, third linking get by combination molecule of H2O, next the form of water molecules to communicate and release their sound frequency codes in their environment using intelligence instructions of D.E and D.M, their consequence has been seen as power of Mother Nature.

The book of bible mentions word of the lamb regarding Water calling it “Water of life” in Revelation.7:17 Yes water contains life energy memory and all possibility gifts that man can receive. For the time being, temporary humans don’t have directly communication with wisdom of water but indirectly already water is working with all life forms that are living on Earth.

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